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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 10, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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joining us for "hannity." american marxism. book stores everywhere. out july 13th. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes over from here. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is a special edition of the "the ingraham angle" from laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is a special edition of the ingraham angle from washington. new guidance for schools this fall and a lot of parents fuming. rand paul has reaction to that and will tell us what he plans to announce when the senate comes back in session. fans as well as olympics and romantic new push, raymond arroyo explains that in friday follies and the focus of tonight's angle.
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how sharpton is a fraud and always has been. he pretends to care about the plight of people living in urban america while supporting the very policies that helped destroy urban america. he pretends to promote love and unity but his bread and butter is fomenting racial unrest because without it he has no identity at all. yesterday he and other liberal activists spent almost 2 hours at the white house meeting with president biden about the so-called horrors of state voting laws that target corrupt lecture practices with commonsense rules. >> we will create a movement on the ground to protect the right to vote. this will be a summer of activism, a summer of getting back to the streets. >> getting back to the streets worked out so well last summer for poor urban americans.
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>> you said black lives matter, i am black, look what you did to my store. that is alive. >> he and his racial claim third-party don't care about the damage and destruction left behind after this so-called peaceful protests taking to the streets happen because it is all about them, keeping and maintaining their power, their purchase of power. >> that is what we told the president were going to do, turn up the street heat and we hope the end of this will do what they do in washington but we cannot sit by and allow them to the road our voting rights which we are on the precipice of. >> no one is eroding voting
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rights, he is lying which is a common trait among those who think that anyone with a thumbprint should be able to show up and vote on election day, no rules at all. the rhetoric built to a new low when urban league president mark memorial took the mic. >> when we look at what is happening in this nation we see an effort to impose a system of american apartheid. you suppress the vote, you elevate the filibuster, you use the electoral college, you use the nullification of the supreme court to try to thwart the power of this grand and glorious multicultural nation. >> you have been telling us this
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is a systematically racist nation so how can it be grand and glorious. by using the word apartheid for laws require voter id you lose any shred of credibility you may have had and third, it is not nullification just because the supreme court handed down a decision you don't like. fourth, obama and clinton and biden won under that electoral college you referenced so derisively, or didn't they win? while he urged a peaceful approach to the supposed that summer of action we know false claims of racism have ignited the streets going back to michael brown in ferguson and remember freddie gray in baltimore and the george floyd killing. no evidence in court ever showed that derek chauvin's murderous actions were motivated by race yet you never would know that based on the media coverage.
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race was only used to inflame and only caused more harm to the law abiding good people in those communities. given how democrats have lied and covered up he facts about everything from kids in covid to the border there is no reason most americans should trust them to administer elections fairly. there's a long history of political corruption in this country. chicago was ground 0 for this. back in 1982 the illinois gubernatorial race, incumbent republican governor james compton against advice stevenson iii, thompson, the republican, won the race by 5000 votes in a historic sweet. that prompted one of the largest voter fraud investigations ever conducted by the dha and it resulted in 62 indictments and 58 convictions, 100,000
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fraudulent votes in chicago. in one case develop punched with democratic plated been tabulated 198 times. you have a right to vote but you don't have the right stuff the ballot boxes to cheat or to bribe people to vote. the gop bills that have the left so riled up, fermenting all this concern, they seek to end things like unsolicited mail in ballot apps, tighten the mail in ballot verification process, improve the role of full watchers and prevent illegals from voting so how does any of this strip votes away from black americans? the answer is that it doesn't, same deal with the voter integrity laws in place like georgia and florida but biden sent out his untalented vice president to do her best. >> these laws make it harder for you to vote because they don't want you to come. your vote is your power.
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isa don't let anybody ever take your power from you. >> notice they never mention any specific aspect of these voter integrity laws they so vehemently oppose? but then again why facing convenient facts when you can make outlandish claims with impunity. >> and make sure the vote gets counted we will never have one man one woman one vote and vote for the candidate of our choice. >> laws that mandate the cleaning up of voter rolls and tend to increase transparency and ballot counting, just like the laws that require clear voter id, not racially biased in any way, they have no racial component whatsoever, they apply to everyone across the board. to say otherwise, which the sharpton charlatans are doing is alive.
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you want to know what this fear mongering and hyperbole was really all about? i will tell you. the democrats want to stay in power no matter what happens to the country, no matter how bad the country gets under their leadership. the last thing they want to do is go to the people to defend their record on immigration or rising gas prices, schools or crime. what they prefer is to create a system whereby they can always stuff the ballot box or harvest enough ballots to guarantee victory which of course they will get covered from their media lapdogs and all those donations to carry out a harvesting effort from globalist plutocrats so by naming their voting rights bill they are proposing the for the people act democrats insult the intelligence of the american people. it is just another oxymoronic scam by corruptohcraps gone wild.
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byron donald, congressman, all the republicans are trying to do here is increase transparency and make voter fraud harder to commit especially with all these illegal immigrants coming to the united states this year so what is going on with all of these hyperbolic reactions that we saw yesterday and today? >> quite simple, democrat agenda absolutely sucks so if you have nothing to run on, you can't run on the economy, rising wages, energy independent country, can't run on secure cities and secure borders you have to ferment outrage about voting, jenna people in the black community to turn out and vote but the truth is the voting laws in arizona, georgia, florida and many states like that give more access to the ballot. i've been voting in florida for 20 years 10 years before got
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into politics, nobody stopped me from voting, never had an issue with voting, go on election day, it was never a problem. the truth about voting in the united states it is not a problem for black people to vote for democrats ideas suck so which they talk about the voting systems. laura: when you hear our sharpton and others say take to the streets, nothing wrong with taking to the streets, our constitutional right but when you claim what the republicans are doing is akin to apartheid in south africa and you are not going to be able to vote if these laws are allowed to stand, the your vote counts act isn't allowed to pass, things could get really hot really quickly, could they not? we've seen this in other
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racially charged protests. >> absolutely right and that is why what they are saying is so disgusting. the vice president of the united states to that as well. this is getting people upset for no reason. i will challenge any citizen of the united states including black america, read the arizona election bill, read the georgia election bill, read florida's election law which i voted on as a member of the florida legislature. those bills give you ample opportunity to vote. they do not strip away the ability for black people or hispanic people to vote but i will tell you this, the one thing at the strip away is third-party activist groups that want to ballot harvest and chase down votes any possible way. wanted to stop our outside groups that jan up the vote. stops them from being able to go out and spend millions and millions of dollars from billionaires in our election, stops them from doing that.
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>> they don't just want to go to old folks homes to run of the vote and put them in a sack and take the without any chain of custody at all to the vote counting centers, i also for c going to sporting events, concerts, that is what they want to do, same day voter registration without any real check, that is their goal. >> they want to bring a chaotic collection environment to the entire united states, they want to turn the rest of the country into the way california operates in california's elections are disaster, such 1-party rule is like one party rule so we all know the republicans can't win because there aren't enough republicans. they want to take that everywhere. >> if you like the way they counted the votes in the mayoral election in new york wait until now to what has become the new ground 0 in the fight over voting rights, the state of texas, the state senate and
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house proposed bills to protect your rights and make it harder to commit fraud and for that texas has come under withering and false attacks, george also endured during the spring. >> states across this country, voter suppression laws, texas is one of 8 states currently targeted. >> we call this jim crow 2.oh, voter suppression. >> not going to force voting suppression bill down our throats and expect us to take it. we will fight. we will fight. we will fight. >> is that the only phrases democrats know, jim crow 2.oh? new voter id requirements for voting by mail adds extra hour of voting in most counties, ban on spending unsolicited mail and ballot applications and limiting third-party ballot collections. joining me is texas was in the governor dan patrick, did i leave anything out?
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horrific anti-voting rights legislation you guys are pushing, just shocking. >> i'm happy to debate any democrat any time on senate bill one, we passed senate bill 7 throughout the senate but it failed in the house. we have our hearings beginning tomorrow and we will pass this bill tuesday or wednesday next week on the senate floor and there's nothing in this bill that has anything to do with voter suppression. i'm offended when any democrats is to me the republicans are trying to stifle their vote, just not true and you never hear this but here are the facts. when we pass photo voter id in 2011 i was one of the authors of the bill, they said the same thing. what happened to 2011? texas had increased voting turnout more than any other state in the union.
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we have increased gubernatorial turnout 76%, presidential elections, 41% and in 2011.58% of registered voters voted. in 2020 nearly 68%. we are leading the nation 95% of all texans, democrats are independent, republicans that it is easy to vote in texas. beto o'rourke lies about it, julian castro lies about it, these are lies, this jim crow 2.oh nonsense, if there's anyone who understands jim crow it is the democrats because they are the ones who held african americans in the south down decade after decade after decade. laura: what they say is if it wasn't broke why are you trying to fix it if you did such a great job why do you feel you have to put these new provisions in place? your answer to that? >> one of the provisions that
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everyone wants is a paper trail on the electronic machines. everybody wants that. that's anything we are adding. that settled suppression, making sure the count is right. the second thing we have in the bill is the voting machines will not be connected to the internet so they can't be hacked. that is not voter suppression, everybody wants that. the two wishes they bring a 24-hour voting and drive in voting. it was never in the election in texas. we have 254 counties. one county owned their own. created their own law. that's not how it works in texas or any other state so we are not rolling back anything. we have two weeks of early voting, we added hours, there's nothing in this bill that suppresses votes at all. laura: what they are trying to do is set it up so republicans take the house next year they will call it illegitimate or if republicans take the presidency in 2024 and they haven't gotten their way on the voting stuff they will say it is a legitimate and that is what they are doing,
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you set the record state for us tonight, appreciate it. was the cdc just announced about schools this fall is a disgrace. senator rand paul is here on that close has an announcement to make and jesse waters is here in the media's creepy efforts to amplify mandatory covid measures and he will play a game of this or that with us.
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change the cdc do the right thing, they are saying schools should be open for in person full-time instruction in the fall. we can do that and we can do it safely for the right measures in place. i'm really glad to have said the masks are going to be required for unvaccinated children of the age of 2. that is essential. >> that was doctor weiner trump putting the newest insane guidelines from the cdc suggesting unvaccinated teachers and children over the age of 2 have to wear masks in school and outdoors this fall. this despite this landmark review of studies we brought you last night from the uk finding that 99.95% of the 469,982 children in england infected with covid during the past year for survived covid.
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joining me now, kentucky senator rand paul. science does not matter to these people. it has long since been about science. your reaction to the cdc recommendation and concern about the fall? >> it is about submission. there's never been evidence of spreading events in schools, the kids do very well with this. the idea were going to put masks on the kids and punish the kids from medical decision-making or their parents decide not to submit to this mandate to meet is the biggest advertisement and richmond to get out of the government schools, go to private schools if you can afford them, teach your kids at home but don't submit to the state, don't submit to the government. not only do they -- they are going to indoctrinate you with critical race theory. it is a win/win if you leave the school if you're able to them there's been more of an exodus from the government schools this year than any of the year
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because they are not following science, they just want -- your part of the collective, do as you're told, don't think, your kids don't belong to you, they belong to the state. these are all arguments for trying to flee the schools. >> the chief scientist on bloomberg international for the who said with 500,000 new cases, 9300 deaths this pandemic is far from over. they don't want this thing to be over, they don't want this to be done because the powers are curtailed. >> if you watch some of the networks into the fear mongering everything is the delta variant, the delta variant, they had 53,000 people in england that got the delta variant and the death rate was less then the death rate with vaccines from vaccinated folks so the thing is yes, it is transmissible but it turns out it is 10 times less deadly than the disease was a
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year ago so we need to quit the fear mongering, let people go back to school. europe has been in school for over a year. we still have schools in california where they are not teaching the kids in person. it is a crime against these children. more children are dying from suicide and covid. you are more likely to be struck by lightning. you need to have lightning protectors on your child if you are concerned about covid. >> one of the mothers online today said putting a mark on the child and trying to shame that child on a medical decision is got to be unconstitutional. i can't think -- >> it is all based on doctor fauci's ignoring the signs, 100 million people have had the
12:26 am
infection naturally. if you read those people to the vaccinated people we are at herd immunity. every day you look at rates going down because we are at herd immunity but doctor fauci refuses to acknowledge natural immunity. it is what vaccines are based on and he ignores it but by doing so now he wants to force every newborn to have a vaccine that every newborn and everybody -- there's no science behind it. it is all conjecture. laura: when the senate returns to session you will challenge these mask mandates. tell us briefly about that. >> i'm introducing legislation that will get rid of the federal mandate, this happened by executive order by president biden. i for one and a frequent traveler, sick and tired of getting on the plane, instead of thinking committee for buying a student buying a ticket they tell me i could go to jail for not wearing a mask with and they told me i could go to jail if i'm unable to open the door, then they say god for bid you
12:27 am
brought a drink on board so you could relax because all the mandates it will put you in jail for that too. i want to get on the plane and somebody thanked me for buying a ticket instead of telling me 3 different ways they are going to send me to jail if i don't submit to some mandate but they hide behind a federal mandate, they've got to act like it is not us, airlines are doing this to you but your federal government, they baked for this, the airlines and the thing, they quit flying airplanes another baking to continue these mandates, the mandates need to end, they are not working, you're more likely to get it in your house than on a plane. shannon: good to see you tonight. if you thought it was just the government mounting this medical pressure campaign you can think again. the corporate media is there to lend a helping hand too. one cnn political analyst demanded mandatory vaccines and argued there's been too much focus on your individual rights and not enough on the good of the collective. msnbc's chief doctors says there
12:28 am
needs to be a more dedicated campaign to shame. >> i think. pressure can work. we all including myself -- have to be people others relate to. if they are not getting the vaccine they have in many ways made up their mind and it will take something incredible to change that thinking. >> something incredible, someone incredible, joining the jesse waters, cohost of the five, author of the brand-new book how i saved the world, very modest title. like the media don't want the medical bureaucracy to have all the power at this point, they want to institute their own mandates for behavior and coercion. >> the media mob often to the medical mob. obviously not happy with just
12:29 am
having the army going door-to-door they have to kick it up a notch. i remember last week, my body my choice and now my individual rights don't matter. who was the cnn person who said that, sounds like lenin, the collective good? do we pay this person in rubles, never seen anything like this since another pressure campaign. i'm so sick of it. close your business or we are going to find you, don't say that, don't do that, firearm, censoring. i'm tired of being negative. at a certain time you reach an age when the only people that should be able to boss you around are your boss and your spouse, not necessarily in that order. i got vaccinated, that's fine, not everybody needs to do, we are killing the virus, did you know on july 4th weekend more people in this country died of bullets than of covid 19, president biden used to carry
12:30 am
that little card and i think we should start carrying around the street violence card because there is more of a pandemic in terms of a threat to life than covid looks like. >> a card with the adverse effects of certain vaccines on certain individuals as well. that might quiet down. your new book is titled how i saved the world. it has an entire chapter dedicated to one of your favorite segments on the five. i want to read a few real quick, this one in, stop talking about your hair but another one said your hair looks great longer, i noticed you cut your hair. is this rebellion against your mother now? >> i did cut meyer, thank you for noticing but i don't want to talk about my physical appearance, too narcissistic. those were all in caps meaning that was a very forceful text.
12:31 am
>> she sounds like a favorite type of person. one of the funniest parts of the book. it is time for this or that. it is really simple. i am two things, there's no right or wrong answer but it gives our audience a chance to get to know a deeper part of jesse waters. 30 seconds on the clock and try to get through as many of these as we can, you ready? we start now. crt or blt? >> blt. >> is a or j. lo.? >> j. lo.. laura: jersey shore the hamptons? >> the hamptons. laura: pocket square or popped collar? >> pocket square. laura: harry carrier will indicate? >> will and kate. >> joy reed or joy behar? >> neither.
12:32 am
laura: gutfeld are ingraham angle? >> i have to go with you. you are much better looking. laura: thank you. everyone by this book, it is a great read for the summer and it will be a bestseller, congratulations, thanks for coming on, see you soon. i had the newest vaccine push includes a vulgar rap song and children's toys. raymond arroyo explains it, friday follies next.
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12:38 am
>> juvenile refashioned his 1999 hit, bang up, which is on your playlist, turned it into a vaccine ad, partnered with an african-american dating apps to encourage vaccination. ♪♪ want to vaccinate ♪♪ when we get the shot ♪♪ we will be romancing ♪♪ >> very romantic. a dating apps might be better served by encouraging std tests which the covid vaccine will not protect against. my favorite was the working healthcare worker. juvenile. on m s nbc to explain. >> some of these lyrics are pretty creative, i know you can't stand it, no holding and, when we get the shot we will be romanced. tell us about the process of writing the remix. >> it was a fun night.
12:39 am
>> lookout called porter. this reboot is an improvement, the original lyrics are so filthy i can't read them on air. they feature regular use of the n-word, girl looks great, it is a mess. why are you using illicit and ridiculous risky health outcomes to encourage purportedly positive health choices? it is like go get the vaccine so you can indiscriminately hook up with everybody in the neighborhood. laura: they can't get rid of this vaccine. they have always vaccine and at some point it expires. at some point of the hard sell raises everybody's antenna. the point was made this pushing and aggressive you've got to do it, shaming people, i think it
12:40 am
backs that thing up, backs people up. explain your process in writing friday follies. >> reporter: it would be more interesting than that also being encouraged to get their vaccination, the teletubbies posted there vaccine card even if their birthdates were off by a few years and not to be forgotten, light of your hell hound, animals are being vaccinated whether they want the shot or not. the oakland zoo is going full fauci and others are about to follow suit. >> it is safe and effective and always different species, we are headed out to the zoo today. the tiger will be first, chimps and bears and of course our mountain lions and other big cats will be getting vaccinated right away too. >> this is so absurd.
12:41 am
it is a different vaccine but started at the san diego zoo because they had an outbreak among gorillas but no gorilla died. with animals according to all the science research we've come across it says they are asymptomatic and get mild symptoms. i'm waiting for people to vaccinate the ferns and oaks in front of the house. laura: there are some pesky gray squirrels in our front yard. they mess around with the dogs. i could be chasing them with covid vaccine needles just to keep them at bay. olympics are not going to have any live audience, no attendees or spectators. >> no spectators. some are urging more restrictions. >> from all over the world, this
12:42 am
is going to create this crucible of covid 19. i don't see how this goes well. it would have been better to cancel or postpone for another year until we can get the world vaccinated. >> now the athletes shouldn't even show up. where do you draw the line considering these protests we are seeing from our athletes maybe we should postpone this for another year, take it back from beijing and hold it in tokyo. that might not be a bad idea. laura: one person in the world is not vaccinated none of us are safe and none of us -- >> vaccinate the iv. laura: 15 years to flatten the curve. unbelievable. i'm trying to get over the lemurs and those the brands running from their shots. one of the most shocking undercovered stories we've ever
12:43 am
seen, international cartels operating 200 miles inside this country, our country's borders. a cartel member who showed up to a residential townhall and he is armed next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: nearly 200 miles from the u.s. mexico border
12:48 am
laura: nearly 200 miles from the us-mexico border one of la county's major problems is drug cartels. it is being described as the wild west with residents fearing for their lives. one couple telling my next guest the cartels have pictures of us, we they know where we live, showed us a truck with 3 bullet holes in it and the guys are still in it and he says this is what is going to happen to you if you come back out again. we are always followed and they are always watching us. they watch us all the time. joining me now is's senior writer, coolio, this is so disturbing i almost feel like americans are getting numb to this reality that our border is completely open and people are just coming across, criminals, non-criminals, families, individuals, but this idea of
12:49 am
the cartels terrorizing american citizens 200 miles inland, what else are you hearing? >> this isn't -- in los angeles county, other residents, the fact that the cartels in order to grow the marijuana plants they steal water from the communities so these are remote areas and they depend on this and once it is gone it is gone -- >> an american outrage that this is allowed in our country and americans permanent residents are terrorized every day. >> no coincidence this is gotten worse at the same time the border crisis is ongoing. when we have these issues at the border it does go farther north and this is just one example and there are people in los angeles county who are afraid for their
12:50 am
lives. at the same time this is happening the sheriff's department is dealing with the filing crime rates. on top of the fact they are operating on a smaller budget than previous years. laura: thank you. my next guest represents the area and made a stunning remark detailing what this issue is now representing. >> these are not legal mom and pop shops but transnational criminal organizations in the form of cartels from several countries literally living in our backyard. laura: california congressman mike garcia. i want everyone to understand this is what an open border delivers into the interior of the united states. people think it is a texas problem, an arizona problem,
12:51 am
these tentacles of crime and disunity, this is going national and affecting us nationally. >> truly a national problem and thanks to fox news for helping us shine a light on the problem in our backyard. when you see the video you can't believe it. you can't help but think this is happening at the border but the reality is hundreds of miles, a symptom of national policy right now where we have no security at the border. laura: do you think biden and company to be close to people crossing the border, will they affect the problem? >> know. laura: we are wasting our time talking about what should happen. it is not going to happen.
12:52 am
>> we've got to keep messaging on this, bright light on the implications of this, it isn't just the border problem. is creeping into every town and state nationwide, illegals and their children are being sent to cities around the country. risk for all of us. laura: you participated in a townhall with la county residents and said there's an arms cartel member there. >> you wouldn't believe it unless you sign it, the local sheriff's department to survey it, hundreds if not thousands of illegal nurseries on the ground, with local residents and in the front row of arms cartel member in a nice outfit with a 9 millimeter on his vest watching me talk the whole time, didn't necessarily intimidate me, you
12:53 am
were there to intimidate local residents and make sure they are watching them. laura: this is the way for republicans to take back the state of california. i don't believe they want to live this way or this is what they wanted. this is the moment for republicans to galvanize. you took the seat back in part on these issues. >> that is right. it is all about security. don't care if you're republican or democrat you want to feel secure in local neighborhoods, the lights and the water turn on when you ask them to and you have law enforcement show up when you call them. it is not unreasonable to ask we don't have cartels growing illegal marijuana in our backyard. americans deserve better. republicans are leading this fight in california. we will reclaim our state and prevent our nation from becoming california at the national level. laura: thanks for doing what you are doing, stay on it and shine the light on it.
12:54 am
is president biden know who's have health and human services secretaries? the last bite attempt to answer that difficult vexing question.
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[crunch] >> laura: yet again president biden struggled to remember the name of a pretty important cabinet laura: president biden struggled to remember the name of a cabinet secretary. >> mister secretary, i have been watching you on television. you are really good. laura: was that better or worse than how biden originally announced his name? >> for secretary of health and education i nominate xavier becerra, xavier becerra, excuse me. laura: perhaps next time he will address them as that guy who want to go door-to-door. go to,
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t-shirts, hats made in the united states, all proceeds go to the horatio alger association for great scholarship opportunities for disadvantaged kids. go to it looks really cool. awesome hats, awesome t-shirts, all different colors, freedom matters and i will see you monday, greg gutfeld takes from here. have a great weekend. here. have a good weekend. >> all of my fantasies -- fantasies involve handcuffs. >> are you the one putting on the handcuffs? >> to be clear, i'm always putting on the handcuffs. >> greg: not this time.


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