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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 9, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> and fox is going to have to figure out where the litter box is going to go while i host the show because if i don't have my cat who is going to be a real problem. emotional support cat. >> we canadians always have to have at least three litter boxes. that will do it for less peer and here comes tucker. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" coming to you live as we always do come alive is more fun but tonight, a special inside the issues addition of the show. an awful lot of issues in the news right now, a lot of them are pretty depressing so we thought we would start with something that amused the hell out of us. back in 2015, our governance so-called intelligence community announced it was embarking on a new five-year mission we had the
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goal, according to the obama administration, was to funnel far more resources to every spy agency in this country and there are an awful lot and so on. under normal circumstances, an announcement like that would set off fear and trembling among our opponents around the world, the chinese might think twice before bribing harvard professors before sending eric swalwell a new secret agent to have with and he needs one. but in this case on a day of this announcement, they just laughed. they knew that money was not going to buy more drones, that money was new platoons of equity and inclusion consultancy, hr administrators.
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american spies would look different and that is essential if you want to -- we are not sure why. what do the race and gender of intelligence agency employees have to do with keeping america safe? they never told us. instead, they repeated something we had heard once or twice before, diversity is our strength. >> knowing our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power. i say to them our diversity is our strength. >> our diversity, her patchwork heritage is our weakness, it still and always will be one of our greatest strengths. >> our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. >> i think this is an opportunity to establish by that
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measure we are now officially much stronger. the office of the director of national intelligence has released this proof of it all the annual demographic report for fiscal year 2020 hiring retention of minorities, women, and persons with disability, and you're going to want to get a copy in time for christmas, not to read it, it's unreadable but for the pictures, the pictures are amazing, we now have conclusive photographic evidence that our spy agencies employ several people with different color skin. even a woman in a wheelchair. how do we know? in this case, he's got ray charles glasses on, a cane, and a seeing-eye dog.
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it seems a lot for one man, the best spies have a backup plan. let's say russian assassins come for our spies, somehow they managed to take out a seeing-eye dog. it's okay, he can manage because he still has both the cane in the ray charles glasses and we assume they have darts, but what is a blind guy's job exactly? what does he do when our fabled intel community, how was he keeping america safe? we don't doubt that he is, but how? we don't know because the report doesn't tell us note as it's fixed and where there seems to be a dark halo around the lower part of the blind man's body in the picture. what is that exactly? another question, where all the old people? a lot of americans are pretty old. the intel community said its diverse, senior citizen with a
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80-year-old superspy you would hate to think that for all of its famous sensitivity, the biden people fell prey to ageism, a class action suit and while you're at it, didn't see any trans women, nonbinary pansexual to spirits or a single person so that picture which we greeted with joy is strength is starting to look problematic and in fact, it is problematic. according to freelance intelligence analysis on twitter, that image on your screen is not real. those people were never in the same room at the same time, some of them don't even work for the federal government, maybe none of them. the whole thing is a disinformation campaign, we are serious. apparently the american intel community spent some of its diversity budget not to increase diversity but to buy a stock
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image from the web site shutterstock. the picture you just saw is entitled "portrait of multicolored cultural office staff standing in the lobby. he could buy that picture and put it on your next christmas card and maybe you should but apparently, the stock photo of multicultural office staff wasn't multicultural or diverse enough for the biden people so they inserted two other stock images into the picture. one of those also available is called quite literally blind young men with guide dog on white background which is what it is created from the other is entitled quite literally beautiful businesswoman with tablet computer in a wheelchair on white background. so those aren't really intel agents, they are stock photographs from the internet. at one level, this is good news, you can make fun of it, but
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honestly, the intel community hasn't outed the identity of its most attractive wheelchair-bound spy boards blind 007 so they are safe, they won't get nabbed, but there are a lot of other episodes from this lesson, lesson is that we honestly are ill-equipped to divest ourselves because we haven't thought deeply enough about it that's why we are proud tonight introduce adam corolla, a comedian, one of the few people who can understand exactly what's happening in our community. good to see you. you want to make it diverse, you go on shutterstock and you buy a picture of a blind guy with a dog. does that achieve the objective? >> it gets you close, but i think we've even gotten closer because i blew a call into my agent, he knows some of the people from that photo and he
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informed me that the dog is gay so there isn't that much more welcome. >> tucker: i'm not even going to ask how he knows that but i want you to know that that's what strength looks like. do you feel safer knowing our intel community is represented by stock photos? >> no, when it comes to the intel community, i want the best and the brightest, not the least lightest. >> that seems fair. so stepping back three steps, why would you care what your intelligence analyst for example look like? is that related to job performance in any way, do you think? >> no, has nothing to do with job performance but make me
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think as i was watching the opening monologue, those people who know world war ii history know that in 1944, the japanese government sent over incendiary bombs that went up to the jet stream and they were going to float over to the pacific northwest and they were going to come down and start fires in the pacific northwest and the idea was we would have to identify our own fires on our own soil and we couldn't fight them in the pacific theater and this is analogous to that. this is us fighting ourselves, this won't culture, the diversity, the racism cries, the gender, homophobia, this is us fighting ourselves, the russians and the chinese must be divided that we have a self-induced civil war on our own nation -- five years after our first two-term black president that
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we've decided to use race hustlers and start a war on our own soil so they are with their homogenous population just freed to usurp technology to shut down our pipelines and hack into our infrastructure while we are using our technology to photoshop. >> you make a really serious and deeply sad point that i know historians will spend their careers writing about and why did this happen? this kind of what you're saying, seems like at the moment where he proved that the country was not the country it was 150 years ago, we decided to attack ourselves for leaders decided to attack our country. why do you think that happened honestly? >> i think it's a combination of too much time, too many people, not real problems, people not working with their hands, people
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living in a digital world versus an analog world and we have become rich troubled teenage girls just cutting on her inner thighs now because we don't have chores to do. >> tucker: i think you're exactly right. and i would say we are not hiring the best and the brightest, it's just low standards. we've got another picture apparently from the intel community that just pulled stuff off the internet, here it is and you can see these are people that are claiming they are currently working and they pulled a picture of you right off the internet. do you have legal recourse here? they are saying he worked for the cia. >> i'm going to lawyer up as soon as we knock off this cross chat and i'm going to get back with my agent and find out just how he knew that dog was gay.
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>> tucker: text me. adam corolla, great to see you tonight, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: recently, the united states capitol police had a pretty straightforward job protecting the united states capital but now they have a new job, hunting down extremists. he'll be happy to know that members of congress have made absolutely certain they have more protection than ever and you'll pay for it, that's next.
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>> tucker: earlier this year, we told you about an atf agent who was fired for being at the capitol building on january 6. didn't do anything wrong, didn't commit any crimes, would have been charged if he had, he was attending a political rally which last we checked was constitutionally protected. it is america, isn't it? now two seattle police officers have been filed though mike fired for the very same reason for being near the capitol building. alexandria ocasio-cortez was near the capitol building and hasn't been fired. why is that? the seattle radio show host joins us with more. just to be clear, want to make
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sure we get the facts right, these guys have not been charged with destruction of property, were charged for writing, where they? >> no charges at all. the only thing we have now is an investigation by a civilian led oversight group that says two of the six officers who were at the rally were near the capital. they were standing on the grass outside of the scaffolding where they believe some folks were at the time that the photo of these two individuals were taken were actually scaling it so saying you clearly saw that this was an insurrection, they say that 11 times in this report and now as a result, the chief of police and it's almost a certainty that two of these officers are going to be fired. again, no charges whatsoever, no allegations that they broke the law other than trespassing which they say we didn't know we were trespassing. >> tucker: used to be that civil service rules prohibited people from being fired for
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their political views, exercising their first amendment right to express their political views. is anyone defending these guys? >> the police union is defending it and if a few media members are defending with the officers stated only in that you shouldn't be fired for going to a political rally and what was very clear during this investigation was they had no due process rights. they were compelled to turn over private documents including text messages, photos, atm receipts, hundreds of threats of being fired so if they said no, they could be fired. so we are not going to pretend this was a fair process, this was a politically driven process going out there looking for reasons to go ahead and shame these people and ultimately fire them. one of them by the way, we said we couldn't prove that the officer broke any laws but we also couldn't clear him, so it's inconclusive. that's not how this is supposed to work. >> tucker: and civil liberties
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are evaporating not like in american history was seen anything like this. i appreciate. violence is way up all around the country, cities in chicago are setting records for violent crime every weekend, so you are in much more danger than you have been in a very long time, decades. what is a government doing to protect you? nothing. but they are protecting themselves, you'll be happy to know. just announced they are opening regional offices, no one in congress seems to be objecting to this, they defined your police and then make you pay for more police for them. ron johnson is a united states senator from wisconsin, one of the bravest people in that body and happy to have him on tonight, thank you so much for coming on. it's hard to miss the contrast here. people are going without police protection but congress has decided it needs more? >> you are right, i support
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law enforcement the fact of the matter on january 6th, did an exemplary job of protecting members of congress but their leadership, congressional leadership utterly failed those line officers as well as their mission so now they want to expand their mission, but they ought to focus on what they failed to do on january 6th and focus on the mission of in the capital, protecting members of congress to be a state responsibility. we don't need another federal agency doing what is outrageously being done to you, surveilling and snooping on american citizens. >> tucker: the imagery is
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making people radical so they tell us you are not allowed to have a wall to protect the national border because that's racist but then congress builds a wall to protect it from american citizens? i wonder if people inside the building can see what this looks like from the outside, doesn't look good at all. we make a lot of us do but the democrats like that narrative. that fence should have been taken down the day of the inauguration but it was allowed to stand because it perpetuated the false narrative that 75 million americans voted for president trump or suspected domestic terrorists in the capital needed to be protected against them in your experience right now is what i've been delving into for the last six years, the deep state, said that power corrupts absolutely and what we are finding is these agencies by and large are populated with people who support the democrat because, more than happy to support these
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agencies, i've had intelligence operations performed against me, false intelligence products created, classified and then leaked, this is beyond outrageous. i want to help you because i appreciate your courage in exposing and it's the only hope we have a fixing this problem. >> tucker: it is criminal and terrifying. appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. so you've heard people allege there was fraud in the 2020 election and then you've seen them punished for saying that, so one thing thing you can't say. was there fraud in the 2020 election and can you feel good about the election results? we will discuss that after the break.
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>> tucker: the u.s. presidential election took place a little eight months ago bear they have reason to feel that
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way. there was some misconduct at some polling places and on the show, we will consider the evidence in full detail, but it wasn't just the way the votes are counted with the voting machine that shook people's faith, it was the preceding four years and the way our ruling class behaved. yesterday in a story, podcast or wrote a remarkable series of tweets in which he tried to explain why so many trauma voters believe the last election was rigged. we like to read some of it now. "here are the facts, confirmed facts. the fbi spied on the 2016 trump campaign using evidence manufactured by the clinton campaign. we know that all involved and it was fake from day one. the type who give their kids a pocket constitution for their birthday and have founding fathers memes and their bios.
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using fake evidence including forged documents is a big deal to them. trump supporters no in was a scam and then watched as every institution gas let them for another year. worse, collusion was used to scare away good people we knew their entire lives would be investigated, many quit because they were being bankrupted by legal fees. destroyed lives and active lease subverted an elected administration. this is where people were defined by a naive belief began to see the outline of a regime that had crossed all institutional boundaries. that regime stepped out of the shadows to unite against donald trump. a lot of trump supporter's understand this regime is not
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partisan. the same institutions would've taken opposite besides. it's hard to describe the people on the left how shocking and disillusioning this was for conservatives, people who encourage their sons list in the army. they could have managed this if it only involve the government but the behavior of the corporate press is what really radicalize them. they hate journalists more than they hate any other public official because they feel most betrayed by them. the idea that the press is driven by ratings and sensationalism became untenable. that were true, they'd be all over the epstein story, but they are not. the propaganda arm of the regime, nothing anyone says will ever make them on see that. this is profoundly disorienting. many trauma voters don't know for certain whether their ballots were fake but they know for absolute certain they would
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like to them they were. they watched the press behave like animals four years, people will see breck kavanaugh based on nothing because of cnn and cnn seems proud of that, let a lynch mob against a high school kid, cheered on a summary of riots. they still thought the press would admit the truth of they were cornered, very different thing to watch the media invent stories out of whole cloth in order to spark mass violence. "time" magazine told us that there were weekly conference calls involving leaders of the protest, local officials refused to stop them and media people who framed them for political effect. in ukraine, we call that a color revolution. throughout the summer, democratic governors took advantage of covid to change voting procedures, wasn't just mail-in ballots, lowered
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signature matching standards and that it was hunter biden's laptop. ran a campaign to protect a political candidate. everyone knows it. all the tech companies admit it was a mistake but the election is over, so who cares? it goes without saying "the new york times" had done jr.'s laptop which has pictures of him smoking crack with lots of little red family drama and emails describing direct corruption, "the new york times" would not have. they were promoted as facts. the only evidence was a document paid for by his opposition and disavowed by its source for "the new york post" was banned for reporting untrue information. the reaction of trump people to all of this not know fair, this is different. now they see correctly that every institution is captured by
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people who use any means to exclude them from the political process and yet they still showed up in record numbers to vote. from scott million more votes than he did in 2016, 10 million more than clinton got. they allowed themselves some hope but when the four critical swing states went dark at midnight, they knew. over the ensuing weeks, got shuffled around and latched onto one, then another increasingly obscure theory as they tried to put a concrete name on something very real. everything about the election was strange, changes to procedure, unprecedented mail-in voting, delays, et cetera but rather than admit that and make everything transparent, they banned discussion of it. everyone knows that since don jr.'s laptop would've been
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the story of the century. suspicions about the outcome would have been take very seriously. see 2016 for proof. they understood and understand. what judge will stick his neck out knowing he will be destroyed in the media is a violent mob burns down his house. it is a fact according to "time" magazine that mass riots were planned in cities across the country of trump won. sure, they were protests but plan by the same people as during the summer and everyone knows, judges have families. forget the ballot conspiracy, it's a fact that they used covid to unconstitutionally alter election procedures, something only they can do to make up for a massive enthusiasm gap gaming the mail-in ballot system. it's right there in plain english and the constitution.
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what judge is going to toss millions of ballots because the governor broke the rules? the threat wasn't implied, it was direct. and he goes on. in the end, darrell cooper writes, not every theory is true but they are absolutely right that the government is monopolized by a regime that believes they are beneath representation will go to no lengths to keep them from getting it. that is true in every honest person knows it. so hunter biden is an artist now selling his paintings for half a million dollars apiece and helping him hide the identities of the buyers. corruption, anyone? who is buying this art? we will take a guess after the break.
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>> tucker: since the coronavirus pandemic began,
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since it was unleashed from ohana, executives in silicon valley have censored any discussions about the origin of it and bans anyone who talks about drugs that can treat the virus, can't treat the virus, a ventilator or vaccine, those are your choices. what is going on here? and evolutionary biologist and first met him when he had to leave evergreen in the wake of a mob. he is an amazing person to listen to and has been censored because he is so effective at speaking and thinking and was censored for talking about drugs that can treat the virus. we spent over an hour talking in a recent episode, absolute winner because he is an absolute winner. here is part of the conversation. >> not only were the accusations against me not true but they
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were the opposite of true. i have been a champion for racial justice and things like this and therefore was not afraid to explore my background. i think my background puts me in a pretty good light with respect to such questions and we spent a couple of years then battling in public over whether or not the evergreen riots had been a bizarre anomaly at a weird liberal college or whether they were a cautionary tale about what would take place elsewhere. >> tucker: and what did we conclude? >> i told congress they misunderstood the situation, they had cast it as a question of free speech and thought the crisis was on college campuses and that speech was impeded as a last resort and that was just the place of initial dramatic
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battle and unfortunately, i turned out to be right about this, it seems to have spilled out everywhere and lots of people have had the experience i had now and all kinds of venues. >> tucker: but so few have stood up and resisted it on the basis of the core principles like freedom of inquiry, freedom of conscious, the right to go to work without being beaten up and i'm struck by what you said. he said i'm not a racist, i know that i'm not, not insecure about it, i know who i am. why have so people -- i feel the same way but why haven't more people taken that position? >> unfortunately, that's a simple question to answer but the answer isn't useful. the answer is that there is a feature of what we call game theory basically looks at human interactions and describes them in terms of wins and losses and tries to figure out by certain dynamics unfold and the problem is for each individual, there is
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very little to gain in standing up against such a mob because the mob does have tremendous power to ruin your livelihood, to damage your reputation and it doesn't take very much -- doesn't take a whole lot of signaling that you were on their side to get them to move onto the next person so the problem is against steam because people are legitimately frightened. i think most people don't have a long history as a champion for racial equality that they can point to him so they fear that the accusation may land and if that happens, what will they do next? so when each person makes that decision and each person decides i can't risk it and i wish they would risk it but i also understand we are talking about people who have families to feed. they have an obligation not to lose their livelihood in order to make a stand and some
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five-minute confrontation that will soon be over so i think if we want to stop this, we have to figure out how to back each other up. >> tucker: one of those people, seen him on podcasts from a kind of interesting. much more interesting than we realize. very impressive. that full conversation is on tucker carlson today and well worth it. so what he really wanted to do was paint and turned out and now he has, hunter biden selling his paintings and they are so good, so unbelievable that people are paying up to half a million dollars by just one. according to "the washington post," the white house is helping him, they helped hunter biden reach a deal to hide the identities of people who bought those paintings and that doesn't sound corrupt or anything. miranda devine has reported
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extensively, we are happy to have her now. so the white house is helping the first son keep his -- he is now an artist and has been for the last couple of weeks keep his half million dollar art transaction secret? that just seems like flagrant corruption to me. >> just wanted to say first that i express solidarity for you with these nsa spying problems, i think every journalist in the country should be up in arms, absolutely outrageous almost as outrageous as hunter biden's little art scam that the white house is trying to cover up for him. it's crazy that they think somehow making the transactions less transparent, keeping the buyers of hunter biden's paintings and their countries of origin, somehow that is going to resolve the problem that someone
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might be buying access to the white house by spending half a million dollars on one of these paintings, it's crazy but at least the good thing is the white house is talking about this, only nine months since "the new york post" broke the story about hunter biden's laptop and the ethical infringements that are apparent there and have been reported on but it sort of beggars belief that the white house thinks that they can smoothly go along and outsource their ethics policy to some manhattan art dealer, supposed to somehow that these buyers and somehow, he knows whether the chinese guy, a member of the high ranking member of the chinese communist party or the russian
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associated with the former corruption, some ukrainian energy corrupt oligarch. he's not a foreign policy expert or an intelligence operative, but hunter and his mates have decided that they have set the prices of these paintings and put them at half-million dollars which is outrageous for a first-time painter. as beautiful as hunters art is, there was a picasso sold this week we had been sitting, that went for $150,000 and hunter wants three times that. so don't think it will work. >> tucker: there is nothing sleazy or. we get a more straightforward
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deal with drug cartels. the whole thing is unbelievable. miranda devine from "the new york post," not jeff bezos but just want to be completely clear, see you soon. so it turns out we have a unified theory of everything. an explanation for all bad events in the world. kamala harris has discovered it's called climate change. blackouts in california, forest fires, whatever, all of it. we know someone who studied all of these problems and doesn't necessarily think they are connected by climate change. we will explain why next.
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>> tucker: a lot of bad stuff happening around the world and we mean all of it. forest fires, covid, the syrian civil war, illegal immigration,
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the fight you just had with your wife. the cause? climate change. otherwise, it's your fault, you did it. we like barbecues, you are responsible including the syrian civil war. one journalist has looked into these claims and decided that may be climate change doesn't explain all of them and maybe not all. the author of apocalypse never, why environmental alarmism hurts us all, he joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. so you're telling me all bad things aren't caused by my suburban? >> it's pretty crazy the list of things contribute to climate change these days. i point out in my recent pieces they've been blaming blackouts, power outages in california, blaming huge fires we've been having on climate change even though we know the reason we had power outages is we didn't buy
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enough power and energy and we recently had the big fires because they failed to properly manage it for us but i pointed out donald trump was right about this, use the an artful word of raking the forest but leering and managing the forest is what prevents the high intensity fires, a small difference in temperatures is not. >> tucker: so what you're saying is turns out they have no idea how to run a power grid rather than admit that, they blame it on you for consuming too much for being american or whatever, climate change will blame you for their failures. >> even worse than that in the sense that this is a group of people saying civilization is unsustainable, that we can't all have reliable electricity, civilization is doomed and then put in policies that make electricity more expensive, make air-conditioning more expensive and point out that gavin newsom
5:58 pm
cut the budget for fire prevention and our forests which resulted in half the area being treated for fire prevention at the very same time the governor was attacking president trump as a climate denier so they are both creating the problems they are then blaming climate change for and turning around and criticizing their political opponents for having created climate change. >> tucker: they would starve to death without hoover eats, they don't go outside. they don't know a palm tree from a pine tree. they all live in cities. >> they thought when there was a healthy fire in the redwood forest because some fires in the forest are needed, they thought there was -- "the new york times" claimed the blackened bark was evidence that climate change was destroying the forest. it's a sign of a healthy forest. it's what forests need for the seeds to germinate.
5:59 pm
these are people that never hike, never get out, they don't know the environment at all. >> it used to be the people who founded our big conservation groups but they actually spent a lot of time outdoors, where those people? >> they knew we needed modern energy and cars to get to these beautiful parks and today's environmentalists have nothing to do with those, they were about punishing the civilization, undermining the fundamentals of civilization, well-managed forest, air-conditioning and things that we take for granted. >> tucker: let's destroy the environment with wind farms, it's one of the most perverse things i've ever seen. thank you so much for coming on and for the work you do, which is great. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: you can watch all kinds of interviews on fox nation of course, are one with brett weinstein we
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previewed earlier was particularly great. we will be back every night 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness and groupthink because we are entering into a weekend and we hope you have the opportunity to take a break from all the craziness and enjoy what really matters with the people that you love. see you monday, sean hannity is now. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of hannity now for the hour, we will explore the deeply concerning rise of marxism with the great one marco live in, his big brand-new book american marxism is out this coming tuesday and it details how this malignant far left ideology has now infiltrated every part of our society and is now being force fed haven to your in american s


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