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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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"fox news sunday" he will have exclusive interviews with texas governor greg abbott and pentagon press secretary john kirby much to discuss on both the domestic and foreign policy front. that is it for "special report" tonight. "fox news primetime" hosted by the one and only mark steyn starts right now, have a great weekend. >> mark: what was the word the nice lady won with murraya. >> shannon: this young woman nailed it knows every word on the planet apparently. >> mark: that is very good. my kid was eliminated in middle school because he couldn't spell eel. he spelt it eal a national humiliation i told him he should have told the teachers that was the canadian spelling. what a family humiliation a tragedy that was. thank you, shannon, we will see
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you in a couple of hours. midnight. thank you very much. welcome to "fox news primetime," i'm mark steyn. ♪ the line up for you. starting with tucker carlson and wrapping up with pete hegseth. with all the news you need before you head to have spend the weekend dog sledding or clog dancing or whatever floats your boat. the msnbc unamerican activities committee is in session and the aforementioned tucker is in the dock. nicolle wallace convened the usual msnbc panel of deep state propagandists, first up was frank the former assistant director of counterintelligence at the fbi not to be confused with peter strzok. the former deputy assistant director of counterintelligence of the fbi. he needs a longer business card. mr. as a crack counterintelligence g man isn't buying tucker's cockamamie story. >> i am not convinced at all that this whistleblower actually
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exists. in other words, what better way for tucker carlson to cover his rear end because he has called a russian intelligence officer or intermediary for the kremlin he gets worried about it he decides i'm going to go on the offensive. i'm going to announce that the nsa is listening to me and have them try to deny it. and so i think it's good cover but, as you said, there is something much larger going on here. it's another page in the playbook of folks like tucker carlson and folks in the g.o.p. who simply want to continue to erode the public's trust in their institutions. >> mark: oh, my, i like the way he painted all those wiley coyote calculate tie behind him so we wouldn't know he is in the uconn. that's your counterintelligence deep cover right there. is this guy sees it, the main problem with tucker revealing that the national security agency is reading his emails is that it might erode the public's faith that the name of the
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national security agency suggests it has something to do with national security. if therefore were an institution in which the public's trust should be eroded, it's these guys. but don't even entertain that thought because that will make you just as anti-american as tucker. here's the second member of msnbc's deep state propagandist panel andrew weissman. if that name rings a vague bell he was a member of robert mueller's russia, russia, russia investigation and managed to parlay that into a book deal and cnn gig. mr. weissman thinks that tucker of all people, should know when you discover that big brother is reading your emails the appropriate response is to fill in a ministry of truth comment card and set up an appointment to come in and see the come sar general so he can explain to you all the safeguards that are in place but if you are still not totally reassured, he will ask for a budget increase so he can put some safeguards on some of the safeguards. >> you know, what i'm concerned
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about here is not that there was incidental collection when i am calling a foreigner, including, of course, if you try to reach out to vladimir putin, can you pretty much be sure that your going to be high risk of being intercepted, he could have said, look, there is a first amendment issue here and i want to make sure that there are safeguards at the department of justice. but he didn't take that route. he did, as you said, and as frank pointed out, he wanted to use this really for his own purposes and to sow distrust which is so anti-american instead of raising legitimate issue about safeguards in the system when you are dealing with journalist. >> mark: tucker sowing discuss nothing like taking attitude takes some emails. it was revealed in the edward snowden leaks back in 2013 that
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the nsa collected the communications of over a billion people. that's a seventh of the world's population. whatever do you think it's up to a billion on a billion and a half, two billion? meanwhile one guy, just one guy, just the one is taking over the planet. big b b hermine moth of the national security agency collecting the emails of 27 b will -- the nsa has claimed that its surveillance program prevented from 13 terrorism attacks in the united states failed to prevent many more than that taking that claim at face value that would mean preventing one terrorism attack for every 76,923,076 people under collection. and, in fact, there is not any evidence for the prevention of those 13 attacks. quote: from the days when nbc's
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news division wasn't quite so gung ho. panel on nsa surveillance said he was absolutely surprised when he discovered the agency's lack of evidence that the bulk collection of telephone call records had thwarted any terrorist attacks. it was hello, what are we doing here said jeffrey stone a university of chicago law professor in an interview with nbc news. one question the white house panel was seeking to answer was whether it had actually stopped any terror attacks that might have been really big. we found none, said stone. but presumably, that could all change now that tucker's emails are in the system. there is a fine line between secret police the former intelligence the lat err is a lot easier we have given these guys powers that incentivize any
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inclinations that they in that correction. tucker carlson joins me now. tucker, we are a couple weeks into this thing how are you feel about it? i don't watch a lot of television. lectured by patriotism who think america is systemically racist is beyond belief. the fact that andrew weissman is on television and apparently paid a corrupt prosecutor which he is ought to be facing charges during the russia investigation, he is waxing on about what patriotism is and how if you complain about the corrupt system then you are unpatriotic, submit to unjust system or else you are a bad person. at the very beginning, the former, the fbi, i think the fbi stooge in the first clip said something that really does reveal a lot. he said really this is cover because carlson was emailing
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with people or talking to people he shouldn't be talking to and he was worried about that and you think who thinks like that? i'm an american. i can talk to anybody i want. i can have any opinion i want. i'm not embarrassed about my opinions or who i talk to. why would i be? again, if you think i'm committing a crime, charge me with one. that's the kind of totalitarian way to think and i hope it hasn't infected the country. just to recap as an american citizen, you have the right to talk to anyone you want to about anything you want to and reach any conclusion you want to. those are the rules. >> mark: that's absolutely true. if you recall, major hasan, way back at the time of the fort hood attack. he was being monitored by three different intelligence agencies money no object in our quote intelligence community he said, it was determined by all three agencies, but when he was speaking with the terrorist guy alacky in yemen he was in
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contact with that guy that didn't matter because that was consistent with his research interest. why don't you get the pass major hasan got by those three cockamamie useless agencies a decade ago? >> tucker: because they weren't trying to control and silence hasan. and that's really the story here. it's not simply that my emails were collected by our inpell inintelbureaucracies my name was unmasked and someone had to request that and that would have been signed off on by the director of the n is a and then that information was located to news agencies in an effort to discredit me. i'm not speculating about this. and just to say, once again, this is not the kind of point that you would make lightly. i have zero interest in talking about myself or who i email and making the story about me. there is no up side for me, obviously. but it happened. it's an outrage and if it continues to happen to others and we know that it is, then
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democracy really does die. it's worth findings out how they did this with the justification for it was and it's worth punishing the people who did it because if they continue to do it again, you can't have a functioning democracy. >> well, i would be interested to know whether they have actually done this to other people who then found out about it and decided not to do what you did. i mean, those two fbi stooges, department of justice stooges, complaining that you had the cheek, the nerve, the less man to say to go public with it and so i take it from that that they have done this to other guys who decided just to go all quiet and start doing, instead of talking about counter affairs start doing ballet reviews or something. >> tucker: we know for certain that they have. it just so happens that, you know, i don't have anything to hide and so i'm not embarrassed to say hey, back off, it's illegal what you are doing. don't do it. i know plenty of people who are
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too afraid to criticize them, including sitting members of congress who are supposed to be overseeing them. so, what does that tell you? if you have an intelligence agency with, as you pointed out, massive funding that operates independently of political control, political leadership, then that undermines the very idea of democracy. they are not their own country, they are bureaucrats who work for us. they are outraged when you ask them questions. they refuse to answer them. they act like, you know, where do you get off questioning me? really? i mean, i just think if we allow that attitude to persist, then all is lost. no, the proper posture is hey federal bureau accurate, you work for me, i pay your salary, answer the question now or you are fired. like, why wouldn't that be your attitude? >> mark: absolutely. i would love to hear a republican candidate, a republican office holder actually say other than rand paul and one or two others say these guys are out of control, they do nothing for national
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security. it's totally misnamed. and they just using it now systemically to back door their way into the lives of american citizens they want to take down somehow. >> tucker: well, that is exactly right. and, of course, none do and over in the senate, i mean the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell of kentucky, ask anybody who works in the united states senate they will tell you freon light whatever they want. they endorse this stuff. i think republicans have been very slow to understand that what these agencies are doing and i would include the fbi in this as well which. >> mark: absolutely. >> tucker: huge intel gathering operation not just a law enforcement agency. what they are doing is totally corrosive of our system. if you are worried about our democracy and i think we should should be this could be something. i wish the last administration had fixed it they were afraid too. that tells you how powerful they are. i spent 35 years in washington. i know exactly how it works and
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so do these morons on tv do, too. they know how it works and they are lying. >> mark: one of the reasons why we are losing the war on terror, tucker, actually, is because we don't fight enough of it in public with civilizational confidence. we are doing it all with the secret surveillance state where we are now effectively bringing the strategy that's failed in afghanistan onto the home front. that's what we're doing, tucker. >> tucker: you know, we would get a lot farther if we had values that we could espouse in public, be proud of. i mean, you can't be a powerful country if you don't believe in the ideas that undergird your society. and that's, i guess, another irony being lectured on patriotism by people who really don't believe in our founding documents and the basic principles of america. it's head spinning. [laughter] >> mark: there speaks truth from the anti-american folks. we will see you in 40 minutes or so, tucker. up next, speaking of republican
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>> mark: is the party of trump trumpism or reach across the hands attempt to follow the democrats third gear with the occasional tax cut or is it headed some place entirely different? this weekend is the annual cpac jamboree. this year it's in dallas. and we have a general wine texan keeping an eye on things l.b.j., no, not that linden bains johnson l.b.j., he just spent six decades warming up the acronym for the real l.b.j.
4:20 pm
lawrence b. jones iii take it away, lawrence. >> i like that brother. it has a nice ring. speculation on what this conference is going to be about. big man former president trump is going to be here on sunday. going to probably give a speech. he probably won't announce he is going to run for re-election. the crowd is fired up. so many people is focusing on trump they are missing the point of this cpac. this movement is not looking for one leader. they are looking for multiple leaders when you have inflation going up. when you have crime out of control, the border is not being secured, they want people with a backbone and so this is the opportunity for legislators to make their case, rising stars to make their case, and it's not just about pandering to this audience. >> they want results. so you can't go out here and just complain about the democrats. they already know that they know what's getting wrong. what they have gotten wrong in the past. they want to know what the solutions is and how are you going to move the country forward? and so this can either help your career, if you want to be a politician because that's what a lot of these folks want to do.
4:21 pm
they want this aspiration of becoming that next big leader. so either this can make your career or it can harm it you have got to make the case to these folks. >> what do you make of the decision of governor abbott and ted cruz who are both right there in texas steer clear this weekend? >> well, i think it was a big mistake. look, i understand i think the governor, i like the governor. i think he is on vacation or something like this. but this is your state. and the movement, if you want to become the next president of the united states, which both of them want to be, you got to speak to this audience. and you can't just say because this is your state that you can just leave-people from all over the country that are here that want real leadership. and, again, i think the thick that people miss about the former president they don't like the politician. even if you get the endorsement
4:22 pm
of the former president, it can sway people, but they want to hear from you. this is a movement of people that we're so tired of the same politicians saying the same thing over and over again. they want new fresh energy. it's true. >> mark: well, if you find some guys aren't ho aren't saying the same things over and over again, make sure you let us know, lawrence. have fun in dallas. we will be watching all weekend long. thanks for joining us. he looks like he is having a great time there. after two weeks of flatten the curve turned into a year and a half to flatten everything, americans are taking it out on the 1997 doing 29 in a 45 zone just ahead of them for mile after mile. 2021 is on pace to be a record-setting year for deadly road rage with increases in everything from flipping the bird to soccer moms to shooting them to cutting you off.
4:23 pm
here now is mcdonald author of the war on cops and senior fellow at the manhattan institute. heather, the conventional wisdom is that this is covid-related stress. do you buy that. >> i don't buy it at all, mark, this is the product of the delegittization of law enforcement. welcome to the total breakdown of law and order. cops are not enforcing traffic laws. the department of transportation has long documented that when cops back off of traffic enforcement now they're being told it's racist to enforce traffic laws violent crime goes up. the crime that we have been seeing terrorizing inner cities, the law abiding resident of inner cities is pleading outwards not roadways. people feel they can get away with anything. you look at the condition of city streets where anarchy reins, nobody is will enforcing the law. that sends a message that nobody is in control and people act out on worst impulses.
4:24 pm
>> mark: that sounds as if you put this in the same category as all those cities that have set we are not going to prosecute property theft under 900 bucks or whatever. so you see people openly looting walgreen's in front of the manager and the -- in other words, when you decriminalize petty crime, you shouldn't be surprised it leads to other crimes. >> that's absolutely right. last september, a principal in north minneapolis gave a heart rending video saying we are a city completely and literally out of control. the cops were not enforcing anything. she complained about the speeding people running red lights and they are not enforcing any of those street level crimes. again, it sends sends a message that we don't expect lawful behavior and a certain number of people are going to say okay, i'm just going to give into my impulses. we have got to stop demonizing the cops. stop demonizing law enforcement.
4:25 pm
it is not racist. police officers are the one government agency that cares relentless black lives. that's why they are in inner cities save black lives. phony narrative by biden the justice department that the entire system is racist is giving people license and you are absolutely right the flash mobs you have been seeing in chicago and san francisco, the looting, the people stamping on cars, it's falling apart very quickly, mark. and it's going to take a massive change of ideology to turf it around. >> mark: i was astonished i flew back into the country and landed at big city airport and i couldn't get any of my minions to come to that big city and collect me because they just didn't -- they didn't want to go to lawless american cities. i thought that was a little bit crazy but i have talked to all kind of people. and they, too, are giving the bums rush to american cities. >> this is why the pandemic explanation for the crime
4:26 pm
increases the media loves because they do not want to acknowledge that policing matters is so phony. everybody had these insane existive hysterical lockdowns throughout the western world. the only place where violent crime increased was in the united states, only after the george floyd riots. can you go to -- you can go to, you know, ireland and france and not have to worry about drive by shootings. it is only here and it's not due to the pandemic because the press now says well now that we have lifted thelikedowns now that we have had crime. we had crime before lockdowns now crime because lifting the lockdowns. they don't want to talk about policing. >> mark: yeah, that's true, france and a lot of other places had curfews and they didn't have crimes like this. that's an excellent point, heather, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> mark: tonight. lots more to come on "fox news primetime." deep state photo shopping. pete hegseth warming up your weekend on "fox news primetime" straight ahead. ♪
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>> mark: it's billionaire summer camp in sun valley, bill gaetz, jeff bezos and the other big tech wokesters are flying in by private jet to discuss why you need to travel by bus and beat your clothes dry on the rocks down by the river. that's just the global warmongers business as usual. the only surprise is they didn't make those poor cows climb into the flatulence restraints. if you think they will remain only for cattle you are being very naive. no the only surprise this week came in from a story from politico opposing china's plans for world domination is now apparently a form of climate denialism. quote, as a new cold war takes shape between the u.s. and china, progressives fear the result will be a dramatically warming planet, over 40
4:33 pm
progressive groups sent a letter to joe biden and lawmakers urging them to prioritize cooperation with china on climate change and curb its confrontational approach over issues like beijing's crack down on hong kong and the detention of uyghur muslims. say what you like but chairman xi is certainly reducing the uyghur's carbon footprint very dramatically. still it's a surprise to find even american progressive groups quite so openly on board with that marc morano the author of the book for which i wrote the forward don't worry that's only a couple of pages. after that the pace of the book really picks up and is quite excellent. mark, tell me, if you can, the precise connection between facing down china and global warming. >> well, these activists and by the way, make no mistake biden
4:34 pm
is going to cave, right now the white house is posturing themselves as they are not going to give. in essentially the earth is facing such a climate catastrophe that it doesn't matter what china does. it doesn't matter what china does and any human rights violations and any other party all all that matters is that we save the planet. so, in doing so, we are going to completely recap the united states by continuing to shut counsel our energy and then turning it over to china who is boy the way is building the equivalent of one new coal plant a week as america shuts down our energy. this is bonkers but this is going to the american foreign policy pause the sunrise movement, union scientists. what's going to end up happening is they will get some kind of verbal or written concession from china to do better and they will say well, we held strong. and then they are going to go through and kneecap the u.s. on this climate agenda with china. >> mark: so they don't actually care that the yankee is a color
4:35 pm
no river color human history been polluted more than anything. their theory is who cares if hong kong becomes a prison state because if biden focuses on china, there isn't going to be a hong kong because it will be fried or submerged or whatever so even if china does take over the planet, it will only be for 72 hours or so. >> that's right. even as we go to the solar and wind mandates and electric car battery coal bolt won by chinese companies human rights abuses allegations of under age labor. not just human rights abuses in china but looking at them in africa as china essentially is buying up africa now. >> mark: absolutely. >> china has become -- it's bonkers, i want to say that again, because there is no way you could look at this. he is co-opting donald trump's
4:36 pm
phrase and twisting it to make china great again because that's all joe biden is doing here is he literally going to hand them everything on the silver platter china is poised to benefit even the paris climate. the united states is now falling all over ourselves to cut our energy. >> mark: you know, i'm glad you reminded me of africa because i'm basically a 19th century imperialist, a century past my sell by date. they used to talk about the scramble for africa. the fascinating thing this time no scramble. china just took over the whole thing basically in nothing flat and none of these lefty activists going on about colonialism at every american campus has a word to say about china's neo colonialism in the service of polluting the planet. they say nothing. and, again, we are going from under president trump, this is
4:37 pm
important. the first time harry truman was president we had american energy dominance more energy exports than imports, more energy production than consumption, now, for the first time ever, russian oil imports have gone record levels. bind is imploring opec to increase oil production. he is shutting us down so we can get more foreign sources of energy and be more reliant on china the whole renewable energy thing is going to give china complete mining monopoly on all these rare earth minerals. it is just incredible that we are all sitting back here and watching this happen six seven month since january i don't see any real opposition to this in washington at this point. >> mark: i can't get past that word you just used opec because i don't think i have heard it in the last decade. >> thank you. >> mark: thank you so much, marc, that was great stuff. have a terrific weekend.
4:38 pm
>> thank you, mark. >> mark: deep state photo shopping straight ahead on "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> mark: as we noted yesterday american taxpayers pay a fortune for the money no object intelligence community and what do they get for that money? the very pinnacle of the intelligence community, the director of national intelligence avril haines has just released a report on quote the hiring and retention of minors, women, and persons with disabilities in the united states intelligence community. i know diversity is my priority when you are putting together a team to go into and figure out where al baggedy is lurking that certainly looks like one diverse team they have over in america's intelligence community alas as the left craven media quickly figured out that is not, in fact, the cia's elite diverse network unit but a stock photo you can download from free from shutter stock with the title portrait of multicultural office staff standing in lobby.
4:44 pm
unfortunately that picture wasn't sufficiently diverse for the director of national intelligence because the report is also supposed to be about persons with disabilities the lavishly funded diversity community found a couple other stock pictures of a lady in wheesh wheelchair blind guy with a dog wings of the group not terribly well if you zoom in to the bottom right hand corner you will see the blind guy's feet are casting a shadow but the lady's feet behind aren't. that's because the guy is actually walking down the to buy calf cafe au lait and 1977ened the gal in the wheelchair is garden party in immediately to princess margaret in 197. however, the photo shop experts of the intelligence community did change the color of the guy's suit to fit in with the intelligence community dress code. this is exactly the sort of attention to detail i would want if they were sticking me in a false beard and putting me under
4:45 pm
cover in a suit in jalalabad. why they didn't just photo shop into the diversity pick trump's director of national intelligence ric grenell who was an actual authentic intelligence community gay. but, according to the left, seriously, he doesn't count as gay because he wasn't confirmed by the senate. got that? america is now so credentialized you can be a practicing homosexual and doesn't count unless confirmed by the senate does that need the filibuster or just straight up and down? you know it's always a depressing thing for me about these diversity report, muslims, transgenders, whatever, but where are the canadians in the supposedly diverse u.s. intelligence community? oh, no, wait, we have just got the new edition and looky there in the back row, oonk be are oh, and nowonder, tucker neededt
4:46 pm
ahead of that nsa story, there he is me tooing the gal at the immediately to garden party in 1978. does any hostile foreign power need to be scared of a u.s. intelligence community lacking the photo shop skills of your average middle schooler or is that what they want the russians to think? debra is the host of the dr. deborah sew podcast and author of the book you should get the end of gender. all about sex and identity. debra, are you quaking in front of the photo shopping skills in front of the u.s. intelligence community? >> well, thank you so much, mark, for having me. oh my god, i love this i have to say i thought this story was absolutely hilarious. and i could have probably done a better job of photo shopping on the original photo with a pair
4:47 pm
of scissors and a glue stick. >> mark: absolutely. >> regarding your point on the director it on the podcast this week i talked to andrew sullivan a conservative journalist who is also out as gay. and we talked about how, according to the far left, gay men do not count as minorities anymore because they are doing well in society. so makes absolutely no sense whatsoever but apparently that's the logic. >> mark: what i loved was this shutter stock picture which was captioned group of multicultural employees standing around in a lobby. and i can't believe this is the first actual entity to tell a employee tell assorted multicultural employees standing around in the lobby. in other words it's cheap virtue signaling. the fact that it extends up to the deepest of the deep state
4:48 pm
bureaucracy in the u.s., just, i think, is really testifies to how ridiculous this whole thing is. >> yeah. it's a little bit worrisome. i do think that representation matters and that people with disabilities deserve to be represented. but, i'm not sure that this is the way to go about doing it. and i would also think that an intelligence agency would be more focused on the security of the nation as opposed to diversity mandates. but, maybe that just makes me a little bit old fashioned. >> mark: it probably does, debra. and i agree with you. on representation of minorities. but the idea that you just go and pick a stock picture and say, okay, that's our minority quotient. debra's podcast is call the dr. deborah so's podcast. come up, four stories, four minutes, one fox news favorite. pete hegseth on the clock. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> if you've headed with the ramblings slower than molasses base of the show, you are in for a treat next week because pete hegseth will be in this chair to close out today's show only to help you get his feet wet and you will marvel at how he leaps from headline to headline with deranged frenzy skimming the lily pads like a frog on ecstasy. let's go, pete. topic one. republicans really don't want voter i.d. because there are no kinko's in flyover country. >> and some people's mind, that means they're going to have to xerox for photocopy your i.d. to send it in to prove you are who you are. there are a whole lot of people, especially people where there is no kinko's, there's no officemax
4:55 pm
near them. >> take it away, pete hegseth. >> and some people's minds which means in our strawman characterization of what voter i.d. represents, people are going to be completely devoid of all the resources to prove who they are even though i have not met a single black person who have looked in the eye and asked whether or not they are able and capable to get voter i.d. that hasn't been wanted to punch me in the face. of course, this is all a farce and people have plenty of ways of proving who they are and i think that makes a lot of sense. >> to be need government regulation constitutional amendment on this?
4:56 pm
>> normally, i wouldn't. in this one, i am. first it was a coincidence, it's been a collusion ever since. you want ten hot dogs but you can only get eight bonds are 12 funds for five hot dogs. i went into my fridge to do research for this, i didn't know what would be in there. here it is, a hot dog package. do you know how many hot dogs are in this package? seven. have you ever seen a bun package with seven buns? i haven't even thought about it which means i have to buy eight buttons which is a waste or seven more hot dogs which means i actually have to buy three more packages of hot dog buns, this is an outrage. >> you are right on that. a public service announcement in alberta is under fire for putting a real wiener dog and entire hotdog bun slathering him with mustard and labeling it a cougar snack to warn hikers of
4:57 pm
the dangers of unleashed dogs. >> i love this. what they are trying to show -- first of all, the lady who was most offended in the article i read about said i've never been offended by characterizations of dogs and what's the name of the business? it's the crazy dog ladies that are offended by the fact that the wiener dog has a nice garnish of mustard on the back and it's going to get people to remember in this area, cougars are dangerous. you don't keep them on a leash, they might be lunch and that's exactly what the cooper sees. >> everybody knows real canadians put putin on their wiener dogs and finally, after 15 months, it's all dogs. after 15 months of america's
4:58 pm
working from home, a new study found some most don't plan ever to go back to the office if it means leaving their pet behind narrative tell me about it. we are out of here. >> where did you get that in your contract, mark? that's amazing. i envy that. apparently the show is mine for the next 35 seconds because mark has the enviable position of deciding whether or not his pet gets to decide his employment and as for me. >> no, my doc complains. she says you don't compare to hannity. oh, no! >> yes, mark. in my contract, taking to fox and friends to host the show and last box doesn't allow me at which point i might see you. >> everybody knows you need to
4:59 pm
get -- they've done all the research, that's three times higher than the host. that isn't going to do it for you. this is almost like we are auditioning to be dana perino's understudy. >> and we are all failing. >> badly wrong here. he looking forward? i get the feeling it is jesse watters, the whole quality of the rotation is sliding off the cliff right here. >> it's going downhill with me. i will say, you are on the hook. my guest of course is mark steyn so i know we are going to figure it out but we will continue the great work you've done, always a joy, great work this week. >> i'm grateful to you for joining me and it has been a terrific time this week. you are going to have a hell of
5:00 pm
a week next week. >> and fox is going to have to figure out where the litter box is going to go while i host the show because if i don't have my cat who is going to be a real problem. emotional support cat. >> we canadians always have to have at least three litter boxes. that will do it for less peer and here comes tucker. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" coming to you live as we always do come alive is more fun but tonight, a special inside the issues addition of the show. an awful lot of issues in the news right now, a lot of them are pretty depressing so we thought we would start with something that amused the hell out of us. back in 2015, our governance so-called intelligence community announced it was embarking on a new


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