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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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4-year-old should. jumping up and down on the stage. i love it. >> the spin at the end. congratulations. thrilling. sandra, a great pleasure being with you all week. >> sandra: you too, benjamin. >> thanks nor everything. >> sandra: thanks for being with us. thanks to our viewers for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> i'm benjamin hall. "the story" starts with trace gallagher in for martha. have a great weekend. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. right now on "the story," a major moment to mark the post covid era. the cdc issuing a new batch of guidance encourage ago full return to the classroom this fall and giving a green light to students vaccinated to ditch the masks. dr. marty makary and former teamer leo terrell are here on that. the white house is breaking response to this question moments ago. watch. >> i'm wondering what are the president's thoughts on
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anti-racism curriculum in the classroom. >> that's where we find correspondent mark meredith. he's live at the white house. mark? >> trace, good afternoon. hard to believe but in a matter of weeks so many students will be heading back to school. now the cdc has new guidelines out that will certainly be good news for a lot of parents that say they're ready to see the classrooms reopen, even if many of these students will be ineligible for the vaccine at this point. now, the cdc says the latest guidelines is that in-person learning should be a priority and masks should be worn for kids and those kids that are vaccinated won't have to wear them. they're also encouraging schools to use physical distancing of about three feet for the students and staff not vaccinated. here's the kicker. if schools are not able to do that, they don't have all the room in the world, they can use implemented later prevention strategies. hand washing etiquette, making sure ventilation is in good shape and covid testing. they're not expected to be major
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changes for most schools. those that returned last year realize this has been going on since the beginning. the cdc will give parents a sigh of relief here. we heard from the white house about this late this afternoon. >> if somebody is vaccinated, they're safe. if they're not, there's good lines in place. how they will be implemented has been be purview of local school districts. >> what do the teachers unions think about this? the american federation of teachers says they're on board that this is based in science. there was one noticeable part of the statement. it says -- >> so you almost see the teacher's union there hedging their bets saying the guidelines are a good thing but also
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closely watching the variants. you know we've been talking about the variants. a major factor with what happens next with the virus. a lot of people eager to see the guidelines out. for a lot parents, good news. >> trace: the teacher's union says yeah they're good but -- we'll get to that. thanks, mark. here now, dr. marty makary from johns hopkins and fox news contributor. also leo terrell, civil rights attorney and a fox news contributor. welcome to you both. dr. makary, you'll have some kids wearing masks, some not wearing masks. teachers in charge of keeping track of this. what do you think? >> a good step in the right direction. 15 months overdue. no science has changed since february in jama. the cdc wrote there's no transmission in schools. but it's all local approach. restrictions recognizing if you
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can't do everything, the schools need to be open. it does acknowledge the harm of virtual learning. some kids do okay, others struggle. some kids do okay with virtual learning, some struggle. >> leo, first, i want your take on what mark meredith was just saying there about the american federation of teachers saying this is a good step but we're very concerned about the delta variant. so you clearly get this whole yes, but maybe we'll decide in a month or two if we're going to make the kids go back to school. >> let's be very clear, trace, the unions have done everything possible to keep the schools closed to detriment to kids and parents. the cdc came out with the guidelines. the union says they're going to raise some type of argument later on. the response is a quick lawsuit
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if the schools are closed. the doctor will tell you there's no basis for them to be closed. you have the teachers vaccinated, the bus drivers vaccinated, 90% of the kids are vaccinated. the cdc says open the schools. if the unions are trying to keep them closed, lawsuits immediately. >> trace: the cdc, dr. makary says we want three feet of social separation. if you can't do that, get the kids back into school and jennifer knutson said -- >> trace: it's the patch work of things, right in some districts will have different rules than other districts. you're concerned about that dr. makary? >> the cdc is not saying because they don't know. we know air flow is the most important aspect. there's no evidence that some of
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this stuff matters. as a matter of fact, we've imposed a tremendous amount of restrictions on kids in the united states over the last 1 1/2 years, over 1 number. that is 326 reported deaths among people under age 18 during the entire 1 1/2 years during the pandemic. that number is not verified. so 500 kids die from the common cold, which is rsv each year. we have not looked into the deaths to see if it's causal or identifiable to covid. >> trace: yeah, teachers unions might want them back to teach critical race theory. here's a question given to jen psaki moments ago. i'll get your thoughts on the back side. watch. >> the president believes that in our history there's many dark moments. there's not just slavery and racism in our history. there's systemic racism that is still impacting society today. so as of the spouse of an educators and somebody that continues to believe that children should learn not just
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the good but also the challenging in our history and that's part of what we're talking about here even as it's politically charged. >> trace: of course, the unions are reframing this, leo, not calling it critical race theory, calling it honest history now. your thoughts. >> trace, call it whatever you want. it's government-sponsored racism and i asked jen psaki, the white house press corps to identify systemic racism. it does not exist. it's a lie. you can't talk about ancient history and apply it today. systemic racism doesn't exist. i'm a civil rights lawyer. i did it for 30 years. it's a lie. i know it doesn't exist. >> trace: i had no idea you were a former till today. leo terrell a man of many talents. leo, dr. marty makary, good to see you both. thank you. >> you too. >> trace: chicago faith leaders set to hold an emergency leading to address the crime crisis.
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>> trace: breaking right now a man hunt after the road rage killing of a 17-year-old in texas. police say david casper was on his way from an astros game when his father exchanged hand gestures with another driver that followed them and opened fire. one shot hitting castro in the head. his father said the hand gesture was to signal that he already let three cars go ahead of him. he let the driver in any way. the reward to catch the suspect, $10,000. an undeclared state of emergency
12:13 pm
in chicago. that's the message from a group of faith leaders taking action to stop the crime crisis. in a moment, we have a reverend that says it is more of a threat than the virus. 51 violence activists darius randall. but first, mike tobin with breaking details on the investigation of the shooting of an officer and two federal agents this week. mike, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. most of the gun violence we see here in chicago goes back to this fractionalized world of gang disputes. something as simple as an insult or trespass in a rival's turf can generate a death sentence, this fits into that mold. wednesday morning, two atf agents and a cop were in a white chrysler, which was their
12:14 pm
undercover vehicle. a chevy malibu pull up and opened fire. the two officers were hit, but not killed. 28 eugene mcclaren has been arrested. he waived his miranda rights and he said he thought it was a gang dispute quoting from the after davis. he stated that by following the chrysler was a driven by a rival street gang. >> we will not relent in our fight against gun violence protecting the people of chicago. i want to acknowledge the hard work, the bravery and courage it takes to -- in the most challenging time to be a police officer in law enforcement. >> the complaint says the malibu was found at mcclaren's
12:15 pm
resident. he dumped the gun down a storm drain. trace? >> trace: thanks. reverend akrey is here and darius randall, baptist minister in chicago. joining me now. reverend, you told the "chicago sun-times" that obviously your summer camp, your mentoring program, your men's group is not enough. quite frankly, i'm tired of the blame game. don't just blame, do something. reverend, when you say "do something", what exactly are you referring to? >> actually when you have children being killed, a 1-month-old baby being shot in the head and a police commander being shot, clearly we're in a state of emergency. we have a state of emergency here in chicago, undeclared. 104 people shot. somebody has to do something. that's why my group, the leader's network of chicago, we pulled together pastors, called
12:16 pm
pastors and said since nobody is accepting responsibility, we must do something. some have summer camps, some have men's groups. some have different safe haven initiatives. clearly it's not enough. because people are dying and 19 blood -- 19 people's souls are crying from the ground because they've been shot down on our watch. we're hopes that as pastors stepping forward saying we have not done enough. hopefully others will do the same. we need all institutions involved. >> trace: that's the whole thing. reverend acree talk about doing something. kim fox pointing fingers at police officers. she said the following here. "one of the things we need to talk about and address are the number of people that are pulling triggers that are not arrested and brought in for prosecution. we can't charge someone who is
12:17 pm
not caught." is that fair in your estimation, reverend randall? it's not fair but look at the words of dr. king. have misguided missiles and misguided men. we have to deal with the lack of mental health institutions where -- where a lot of them are foes in the city. a lot of one-on-one walking time bombs ready to explode any given minute. you never know who will be next. >> trace: you know, mayor lori lightfoot, speaking of blaming, she says -- we're all fighting a losing battle. if the guns keep streaming over the border from indiana and from southern states, except the homicide rate in indiana, other states like michigan, wisconsin combined, reverend acree are not nearly what chicago is and you have people like the alderman,
12:18 pm
anthony napolitano saying it's not a gun problem. it's a people problem. what are your thoughts on that? >> you know, the truth of the matter is, i go back to this. we need every institution to hit reset. it's going to take a collective investment. we need investment from all groups. he's right in the sense that faith leaders have not done enough. the police department needs reforming. families are fragmented and fathers must step up. that's why we're having a meeting with men saturday on the west side. because when you see this mayhem going on, of course we know that political leaders have fumbled the ball. the blame game, it's a shame. we really need something substantive to happen. we also know that when men step up, little boys will sit down. so on the west side, saturday at 3:30 p.m. central, we'll have a meeting on this side of town. faith leaders will ask them to
12:19 pm
step up. families, we're asking them to step up. certainly we need political leaders to have the will to do something other than just point fingers. >> trace: right. a good point, reverend randall. what do you make of that? what do you make of the mayor? what do you make of the decisions being made at the top saying they should bring congress in when really some say it's what is being done on the streets? it is what is being done in these key neighborhoods? >> i think the major made a huge mistake bringing in an outsider from texas and head the chicago police department. she should have brought in a rank and file that knows the streets, knows the gangs and we would not -- we would have more progress than we're having problems with. >> trace: it's amazing to me. lastly, reverent acree to you. what would you say the biggest thing the police commissioner and the inspector can do and say
12:20 pm
what is the big thing we need to do? what is your one piece of advice? >> i say we'd have to improve the police and community relations. because here in chicago, we have homicide rate at an abysmal like 18%. that means like 82% of the crimes, the murders are not being solved. there's something wrong with that. and that has to be fixed. but you know when you have police officers saying let's end the snitching, a pattern of no snitching, you have to look internally. because they have that issue within the police department as well. so, you know, the pot can't call the kettle black. we have to end that game all around town. >> trace: reverend acree and randall, you're doing great work. best of luck to you and your city and thanks for coming on. >> can i say one more thing? >> yes, sir. >> i appreciate it.
12:21 pm
i calling upon all faith leaders in these urban communities in america, please come together. it's time we pray with our feet. actions speak louder than words. blood is being shed on our watch. we can't just point fingers like others are doing. >> trace: yeah. exactly right. go ahead, reverend randall. 10 seconds. >> i agree. we need more than just african american clergy. we're just a different ethnicity. we need you guys, too, to stand with us. we need you guys. >> great words. >> trace: ten children under the age of 15 killed in chicago so far this year. thank you. reports just in. the president biden state department is considering whether to reduce staff at the embassy in afghanistan as security on the ground worsens. the breaking details are next.
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>> trace: the taliban claims that they control 85% of afghanistan with u.s. troops leaving the country. fox news cannot confirm that. reuters report that afghan officials are calling it propaganda. they say taliban fighters are making gains as the u.s. winds down its longest war. our senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot reporting on the ground in
12:26 pm
kabul, afghanistan. greg? >> hi, trace. yeah, it's late here in the afghan capitol of kabul. the city is still tense after these reports about a taliban offensive. the correct number that we're seeing is about 1/3 of the country now held by the taliban. that is still a massive amount. many areas are contested and they're on the move. seizing of provence to the west of the country. as the afghan military continues to underperform, 300 more soldiers fled into iran today. they're surrendering and handing or and giving ground. the speed of the exit of the u.s. troops, especially bagram, the move widely seen as that trigger for the taliban gain. meanwhile, the neighboring countries like turkey, iran, china and russia are trying to put their own imprint on things
12:27 pm
here. the u.s. says it's out in the wings. back to you. >> trace: thanks, greg. let's bring in k.t. mcfarland, former deputy advisinger in the trump administration and author. k.t., great to see you. i was interested to play this sound bite for you, this is where president biden was asked if he trusts the taliban. it's an interesting back and forth and i want your response. watch. >> you trust the taliban, sir? >> is that a serious questions? >> absolutely serious. do you trust the taliban? >> i do not. i do not trust the taliban. it's a silly question. do i trust the taliban? no. i trust the capacity of the afghan military who is better trained, better equipped and more competent in terms of conducting more. >> trace: military experts like
12:28 pm
rob o'neill, k.t., who shot and killed bin laden said the afghan soldiers are hesitant to fight was they're not being made by the americans anymore. what do you make of that? >> it's a matter of time. it was always a matter of time. the united states would eventually love. when president biden says i trust the afghan military, good grief, they haven't fought for 20 years. they haven't fought effectively. i remember being in afghan san francisco 15 years. the argument is that we have to teach the afghan military how to read so they can read the instructions on the weapons we're giving them. wait. you think the taliban guys know how to read? it's just really always been a hopeless thing. nation building never works. didn't work in vietnam, iraq and won't work in afghanistan. will the taliban eventually? i think sooner or later they will overrun the country.
12:29 pm
the afghan military will put their arms down and they're going to run and hide so they're not singled out once the americans leave. >> trace: if or when as you say the taliban does overrun the country, what then? you think china and russia and i ran even would have this sense that they would want a stable afghanistan. >> no. no. i think what will happen is that iran will sort of carve out its part on western afghanistan. pakistan will carve out their part on eastern afghanistan. the chinese will want the rare earth minerals and build a infrastructure to create -- afghanistan is the old trade route. the russians have a lot of scores to settle. i don't think any of these countries have an interest in a strong afghanistan. they want weak afghanistan. i think they're going to fight
12:30 pm
forever. >> trace: k.t., victor davis hanson thinks this is going to be saigon, a bloody version of saigon, 1975. what do you think? >> i was in the white house situation room in april of 1975 when we had to evacuate the american forces by helicopter. otherwise, they would have been slaughtered. that's why it's important to get all americans out now. >> trace: k.t., great to see you. thank you. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: now an up date on a story we brought you last week. families of fallen heros waiting for military records that can be crucial to getting government benefits. the agency that handles them says covid caused a backlog of a half million requests and it's not working to process them. let's bring in anita vogel following the story life. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. the wait grows long or every day for the veterans and surviving spouses.
12:31 pm
every second counts. 89-year-old susanna, the surviving spouse of frank malinson. the two fell in love on ham radio after world war ii. now a widow, she's barely making ends meet on less than $1,000 a month while she waits for military records to prove her husband was in the service. >> it's very stressful time. i cannot sleep. thinking why is it so hard. something that belongs to me, something that is fair. >> she's already been waiting a year. once she gets the records, she gets to apply for the benefits. that could take another few years. expedite the process for elderly veterans and their spouses. >> if she can receive this additional money, it will help her with food, with rent increases and get transportation
12:32 pm
to and from her medical appointments, daily living expenses. >> the national personnel report center says they're failed veterans with a backlog of 500,000 requests. while they were piling up, the national archives found time to conduct a massive internal study on racism and determined the rotunda itself had elements of structural racism and was too favorable to the white founding fathers. in the meantime, mrs. malinson waters her husband's military dog tagses and across around her neck to keep her spirits up. today happens to be her 90th birthday. it's her hope this year to see her husband's military records arrive in the mail. trace? >> trace: anita vogel live in d.c. thanks. $100 fill-ups becoming the norm. the white house responding to how high your gas prices could
12:33 pm
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at the kitchen table. if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make! >> trace: toyota doing a 180 on political donations. they said their political action committee that won't contribute to republicans that voted against certifying president biden's election win. they said it was wrong to judge lawmakers based on that one vote but they said after input from stakeholders, the pact will stop supporting those members of congress. it cost nearly $1 more than a year ago. the national average of $3.14. demand is driving the spike as vaccinated americans hit the road and aaa says prices could keep climbing. jeff flock is live in
12:38 pm
romeoville, illinois. hello, jeff. >> trace, hello to you. from a refinery out here. one of the nation's refineries that is cranking here. this is citgo in chicago. trying to keep up with the demand and high oil prices are over $74 a bail for oil today. put that together, addition some issues with the refineries being able to turn out enough gas, you have high prices. our oil guru at fox says it's not going to get better any time soon. >> the u.s. gasoline inventories are the tightest that they have been since the beginning of the pandemic. that means higher prices. >> you know, usually works when you get over $70 a barrel for oil, the producers really ramp
12:39 pm
it up. take a look at the numbers on u.s. shale producers that have been behind making the u.s. oil independent. they typically pump nine million barrels per day. right now we're well below that. they can't seem to get the investment to increase -- the investment that they need to drill more wells and get more oil out of the ground. i'll leave you with another piece of interesting information that came out from bp. they size up where the world's energy comes from each year. here's what they found this year. this is the world picture. 31%, by far the most of any other source of our oil in the world -- of our energy in the world comes from oil. 27% comes from coal. 26 from natural gas. that means the large majority of where we get our energy. nuear power, 10%.
12:40 pm
solar 6%. you don't want to get too far out in front of your skis there when it comes to wind and solar when the world is still using fossil fuels. >> trace: fossil fuels dominate the date. thanks, jeff flock. let's bring in the fox business host, david asman. he joins us right now. i want to read part of this "wall street journal" editorial board. mr. biden knows surging gas prices hurt middle americans and could hurt his presidency. now he's urging opec to open their taps while they want to shut down u.s. oil and natural gas production. if the same guy put his hand up in the first day in office and said mr. president, maybe we stop the wall and shut down the keystone pipeline, what do you think? >> it's crazy. we have one of the craziest energy policies i've seen since
12:41 pm
jimmy carter. we know how his one term in office ended up. the biden administration is cutting off supply at exactly the time when demand is booming. that is a direct violation. if there was a law against going against the supply and demand equation in economics, people would be in jail right now. there's no successful economic policy on earth that has ever defied the laws of supply and demand. so he's going against something that has -- that invariably comes down on against the consumer. it can't continue for long. we just saw what jeff was talking about. we have this great capacity by shale oil to make us energy independent. we had energy independence. we lost it specifically because of the fact that they're cutting off the pipeline, our ability to move that oil and because investors are drying up because they don't think there's anymore more exploration for oil and
12:42 pm
fracking and so forth. so he's cutting -- he's killing the goose that laid the golden eggs and that is america's energy producers. >> trace: we mentioned $3.14 a national average. $1 higher. it's like $5 in california. i want to play this very quickly. jen psaki spinning this her way. watch. >> gas prices do historically rise in the summer that is particularly true in moments like this when there's a spike in people traveling and more people are hitting the road now because of our success if defeating the pandemic. >> trace: rise in the summer? they've been going up six months. >> there's a denial with this administration. we can go to a lot of different issues where there's denial, crime in the streets, the border being open when they say it's closed. this is just a direct denial of the obvious. every american, maybe just the people on the border know what is happening at the border but every american has to fill up with gas. every american realizes their
12:43 pm
prices are going up 30, 40% and it's not stopped going up yesterday. i suspect the average will be over $4 in a year. >> trace: probably $6 in california. >> probably. >> trace: thanks, david. good to see you. brian kilmeade is here on the upcoming blast-off in the billionaire's spa nation's abby hornacek after this. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe
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during an emergency. ets. but it will help you and your family stay safe >> trace: attempted murder, child molestation, some of the crimes that people were convicted of before crossing this southern border. agents have arrested more than
12:48 pm
900 undocumented migrants with criminal convictions, an increase of 400% compared to the same time a year ago. jonathan serrie live in la jolla, texas. jonathan, good afternoon. >> hi, trace. good afternoon to you. the border patrol says that these people with criminal pasts are trying to elude detection by crossing the u.s.-mexico border in the more remote areas. we take an aerial view from our fox flight team drone. you can see america's porous southern border. when the biden administration came in, they stopped construction. the pentagon announced 3,000 national guard troops sent to the region during the trump administration will continue to assist the border patrol into next year. experts say the problems go beyond the obvious humanitarian crisis. >> the crisis that we have on the border is not just about illegal migrants coming across. it's about illegal narcotics and
12:49 pm
the illegal contraband that they funnel across. >> many of the women, children and families come across turn themselves over to authorities trusting the process will provide them a legal path to reside in the is -- the u.s. earlier we saw two migrants wearing life preservers near mission, tax. today a new policy was announced where women will no longer be detained that are nursing or pregnant. policies say it's compassionate. critics say if you ease back, it will only encourage more desperate people to make that very treacherous trek across the u.s.-mexico border, trace. >> trace: it is treacherous. jonathan serrie live. thanks very much.
12:50 pm
let's bring in abby hornacek, host of fox nation season 5. mentioned 900 migrants with criminal records captured by customs and border protection. because defund the police worked so well, rasheeda talib has a better solution. listen to her. >> we must eliminate funding for cpb, ice and their parent organization, dhs. these agencies are inept to humanely guiding my gants through our system and instead they further continue to terrorize migrant communities located within our community. stop the wall and get rid of the annoying agents. >> yeah. doesn't make sense at all. nearly 400% increase in apprehension of migrants with previous convictions. that's a huge judgment.
12:51 pm
when you handle the border like the biden administration has, you're not just letting in people trying to build a better life for themselves. you -- you're letting in everyone, right? the criminals that have these past convictions and really dangerous to some of our communities. i talked to bill that spent time at the border. he said that they know what they're doing. they're sending big groups across the border so the agents use their time, energy and resources to process though migrants. meanwhile, we're seeing the more dangerous ones coming through our remote areas. then you have people like rasheeda talib saying that we need to defund cbp and ice and dhs. these people are just trying to protect us from the dangerous people coming over and not to mention the drugs. the increase of drugs, a staggering stat earlier today.
12:52 pm
i mean, fentanyl has been a massive issue. look back at 2018. the amount of fentanyl found was one point outside ports of entries. 2020, 9 points. 2021, this year alone, 41 points. it's only july. if we see keeping these numbers trend, we're in for a world of hurt. >> trace: and it takes two milligrams of fentanyl to be lethal. abby hornacek, thank you. thanks, trace. >> trace: a billionaire with big toys rockets himself into space this weekend. that is next. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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12:57 pm
richard branson trying to win the billionaire space race. he is set to blast off sunday, nine day ahead of jeff bezos. let's bring in "fox and friends" co host brian kilmeade. looks like branson will beat bezos. a former nasa flight director is a little concerned saying he hopes they're not sacrificing safety for speed. he said he hopes nobody cuts corners. branson is a competitive guy, bryan. >> there's no doubt about it. he moved up his time line to get the space plane in to space, which is 50 miles above the earth. he beats jeff bezos who goes up on the 20th. they're quick to say there's no rivalry. but he says he's going up with
12:58 pm
spacex. maybe it's not him going back and forth to the space station. he will do that later this year. with bezos, he says our windows are bigger, we're going longer and higher. branson will be first. one of six seats. he owns the things. he's going 50 miles above the earth and sunday hosted by stephen colbert and streamed. it will start on a plane, propel off of that into the upper echelons of space. >> trace: richard branson says i'm itching to go and they wanted somebody to properly test the astronaut experience and i was damned if i was going to let anybody else take that seat. for virgin galactic, space tourism is their future. >> no doubt. they think they can get 250,000 per seat. they said in ten years this could be a $4 billion industry. once the 70-year-old owner goes up there, that will give the go
12:59 pm
sign to rich people, young, old, others to say if branson can do it, if elon musk can do it, bezos can do it, it must be safe for me if it works. he's tried to do a few things in hot air balloons and both pun intended blew up. >> trace: so branson calls neil cavuto and says i can't make it sunday. kilmeade, is he available? can he go up? does brian kilmeade say i'm him, take me. yes. >> i would like to go in space. i have no interest of being first, tenth or 20th. i'll let them get the bugs out for ten years. i tonight want to go up and down. i want to stay, go somewhere and stop. i don't want to just go up and come down. i don't look good in unitards? it makes no sense. >> trace: makes no sense. i was the other side. i covered space when i worked in orlando 30 years ago. i said yeah, send me up.
1:00 pm
kilmeade, if they called you, you'd say yeah, i'll go. leotards and all. >> depends if will cane or pete hegseth could fill in. >> trace: thanks. that's "the story" of friday july 9, 2021. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> neil: we're on top of two big storms. elsa heading out and a big storm that could be heading in nor big business. we have alex hogan on the storm front and what she's leaving behind and then of course, connell mcshane on the white house front and what they're hoping to do. we begin with alex on elsa in new york. alex? >> hi, neil. this storm causing flooding, storm watches, even tornado warnings. elsa has


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