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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 9, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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fox weekend. jesse watters, tammy bruce, mark levin, dr. ben carson, mike huckabee, john duffy, that's a big show. >> they could be diving into cpac. >> do they have an early out at? >> at such a long show, at some point we'll get to see them all. >> are we done right now? >> it's like a half day for you. >> dana: the biden administration waking up today to two big stories on its plate on the white house saying there is no mission accomplished in afghanistan. also telling americans or vaccine status is absolutely the government's business. good morning, i'm dana perino. bill is off today. >> good morning everyone, i'm trace gallagher. this is "america's newsroom." wherever you come down on afghanistan, it certain that the taliban is gaining ground in that region. >> dana: that is absolutely true. >> trace: in the meantime the white house was defending its
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decision to withdraw from afghanistan saying america's longest war cannot be won it militarily. >> dana: just as they seize more territory claiming 95% of the country is under their control. fox news is on the ground in afghanistan and we will bring you a live report from kabul where those fighters are advancing. we will bring you that later in the show. >> trace: at this all comes as president biden's hhs secretary is trying to clean up his comments on back vaccines. save your becerra saying that the government does not keep a database tracking america status. marco, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. want to get the white house vaccinated and that much is clear but how it delivers that messages facing a lot of criticism. his with the hhs secretary had to say to cnn earlier this week. >> the federal government had to spend trillions of dollars to try to keep americans alive during this pandemic so it's absolutely the government's business. knocking on a door has never
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been against the law. >> now secretary becerra is walking most comments back saying some of them were taken wildly out of context. the government has no database tracking who is vaccinated but they are encouraging people to step up to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated. pfizer said it plans to ask the fda to approve a booster shot of its vaccine. pfizer says it believes people may need this within 6-12 months of being vaccinated but the government is not signing off on this yet. they are riding "americans who are fully vaccinated do not need a booster shot at this time. the cdc and national institutes of health are in a science-based process to determine whether a booster might be necessary. meanwhile the white house is facing plenty of criticism for its foreign policy plan including the decision to pull most troops out of afghanistan at the end of august. the president defended his decision on thursday. >> president biden: we did not
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go to afghanistan to nation build and it's the right and responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run the country. >> critics argue that withdrawing u.s. troops now could be a great mistake and leave afghan people struggling against the civil war. the president insists that u.s. troops have been training the afghan army. as for the president today he will be focused on the economy and signing an executive order focused on encouraging more competition in the u.s. workplace. he also said there would be a new white house counsel focused on competition to rein in some of the power of corporate america. trace and a day not coming back to you. >> trace: mark meredith live at the white house, thank you. >> dana: if the president getting into an a heated exchange with the reporter yesterday who appeared to suggest that the u.s. is leaving the african people high and dry. >> do you trust italo mansour? >> president biden: is that a serious question?
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>> absolutely serious. do you trust italo van? >> president biden: do i trust italo man, no. but do i trust the capacity of the afghan military who's better trained and more equipped and more competent in terms of conducting. >> dana: take a listen to what he said back in february 2020 about this very issue. >> don't you bear some responsibility for the outcome if the tile man ends up in control? >> no i don't. do i bear responsibility? is their responsibility. the responsibility i have is to protect america sought national self-interest and not but women and men in harm's way to try to solve every single problem in the world by use of force. that's my responsibility as president and that's what i will do as president. >> dana: and a lot of people in america agree with him on that point. >> trace: when he spoke yesterday we talked to general jack keane right after that and he was kind of upset saying the mission that we attempted, that we tried in afghanistan was absolutely concluded and secondly, the
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president at first said the taliban was at its strongest point ever but later said it's not strong enough to take over the country and the general had a few little problems with that as well. >> dana: as he waited, absolutely. >> trace: it more on this in just a few star wife jane horton was a fierce advocate for the afghan translators who served alongside american soldiers including her late husband. why she says those brave men and women deserve a home right here in the united states. and some sad news this morning as we learned that a teenage passenger who was shot in the head on the way home from a houston astros game has now died. police are investigating the attack is a suspected case of road rage. william la jeunesse has the story from los angeles. william, good morning. >> this kind of thing is happening in every state, basically almost every day someone is shot at, injured or
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killed in an incident of road rage. it begins with aggressive driving and escalates within i've seen the hand gesture and then gets worse from there. so tuesday in minneapolis, jay bowed and was driving home with his son harrison from a baseball game when there was some sort of altercation. involving the driver of a white suv to shoot him, who lost control of his car and crashed. harrison tried to revive his father but cpr failed and he held his father as he lay dying. >> he was just your typical all-american boy. he grew up as a boy scout. >> good father, good family man, he was uninvolved, very involved dad. >> also in houston on thursday a gunman shot a teenager as his
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driver mike bentley was driving home from an astros game. police said the teen's father exchange hand gestures with the driver of a white buick sedan, and the car followed the family for several miles before firing several shots at the truck pulling 17-year-old david castro. and in detroit a 55-year-old a firefighter and another man got into some sort altercation on the road. both men pulled off into a parking lot and they argued, the driver was charged with murder with a concealed weapon. >> and such a violent manner. >> after risking his life for three decades, there are no words to comfort or console someone after that. >> so if you are looking for an answer here, some call it code
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it rage. a combination of road rage and covert rage. people are back on the roads, traffic is heavy and the common thread here is a middle finger. some drivers take that as a challenge and not acceptable and things escalate. after that case in minnesota, jay bowed and leaves behind a wife and two children. b1 william la jeunesse, thank you. >> dana: the next witness says the killing of jay bowed in one of the most tragic things he's ever experienced in policing. chief, could you please expand on that for us because you are obviously there on the ground, and you see this is one of the worst you've ever experienced? >> good morning and thank you for having me. in my short time as a police chief in my 20 year career policing here in the metro area, this was one of the most tragic and senseless things that i've had to witness in my time as a
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police officer. i was there that night when it happened, along with most of our staff. there are no words to describe what happened that night, and to put into perspective the amount of work that goes into solving something like this, there is a lot of work going on this week to find who did this and find a suspect for the senseless act. our hearts go out to the family, that's for sure. >> trace: you know chief, this is clearly happening in places that we never expect them to happen, like in your area. can you point to anything -- a lot of people talk about the defund the police movement. is it data? is it the delegitimizing of police? it so that criminals don't have to comply with the law? what do you make of all this? >> i don't think there's one thing that we can point to, that
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we can contribute to the increase in violence that we are seeing. in our community here in the western twin cities, we aren't seeing this high level of violence that our neighbors are seeing. now we can't say that as much. we do see an increase in street racing and an increase in just general lack of cooperation and people not respecting our officers and there is a trickle down effect from the downtown area in minneapolis. we do see that ripple effect here. i don't think there is one thing that we could .2 right now that we can say is the factor that he is leading to this but it is concerning. >> dana: chief, what is your advice for people who are in a car who may be get cut or something happens on the road that they don't like, and
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another driver gets aggressive. what do you recommend somebody do? >> you just have to let that stuff go. the events that happened here in plymouth on tuesday night, this is simply a father and his son coming from a baseball game. from all accounts the victim, they were just driving on the road. there was not a big ongoing road rage back and forth, it sounds like it was a brief traffic altercation. the best advice i can give, if you think something like that is escalating, just take the next exit. it's just not worth it. so mama so life are really no reason on tuesday night and it's just tragic. >> trace: i want to put this quote on the screen if i can come this is a friend of jay boughton who said "i've had friends die, but i've never had a friend murdered and to have him die in that manner is shocking and hard to wrap your head around. and it really is.
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i'll give you ten seconds to explain, what do you tell your residents? >> if you see something with this happening, don't try to get involved. call us and just try to be as safe as you can. plymouth is a very safe community, we don't see this sort of stuff happen. we haven't had an incident like this in my memory, and my history here involved in the city. it's just tragic. we just have to be aware that this sort of thing happens throughout the metro and it's happening through out the country. >> dana: you care for the community comes clear loud and clear. especially going into this next weekend. trace, there are still some
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statistics right now about the homicide rate in america. already in 2021 as of july 8, it's 10,000 and we've been covering it all week. they both ran on top on crime policies, and the crime has gone down. >> next fox news alert here, police in georgia have me made an arrest in connection to that triple murder that killed golf pro jean siller. what we are learning about the suspect. >> plus "the new york times" is taking heed after highlighting a controversial sex education session taught to youngsters at a prestigious private school.
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deleting it. so break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. >> dana: disgrace lawyer michael avenatti has been sentenced to two and half years in prison for attempting to extort two main dollars from
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nike. he rose to fame and in the lawsuit with was stormy daniels in her lawsuit against president trump in 2018. democrats and members of the mainstream media were quick to fawn all over him. >> we got lucky tonight, we are back with attorney michael avenatti was a main player. >> sitting beside me right now and i won't let you cheat, you have to guess. hence, his name is michael avenatti. >> is donald trump's worst nightmare come up michael avenatti. >> to me you are like the holy spirit, you are all places at all times. >> looking up 2020, the reason i'm taking you seriously as a contender is because of your presence on cable news. >> dana: and david lee miller is live in our new york city newsroom. >> he went from possibly going to the white house to the big house. the only thing faster than his rise to fame was a stunning self-propelled fall from media darling. at the height of his popularity he had nearly 900,000 twitter followers, considered a run for
6:21 am
president and was ubiquitous on tv news. >> i think it's more serious by the day, traveling around the country the last three weeks and i've been very surprised and humbled by the outpouring of support. and how enthusiastic people are. >> is on order rowdy sword when he represented stormy daniels, an adult entertainer who accused president trump of paying her $130,000 to keep silent about an affair, which he said never took place. his undoing was his plan to publicly accuse nike of making improper payments to college basketball players unless he was paid $25 million to conduct what he called an investigation. avenatti was convicted a year ago of multiple criminal charges including extortion and his sentences wasn't repeatedly delayed because of covid. he told the court, "i've earned all the fame and notoriety in the world, everything else is meaningless. everyone wants to ride in a limo with you but very few are willing to sit next to you on the bus and even fewer are
6:22 am
willing to take your calls from prison. "he faced the federal trial and one for allegedly enough when $3 from stormy daniels and, but first he goes on trial in california for bank and wire charges. if the judge in the nike case ordered him to prison during sentences and said "mr. avenatti has become drunk on the power of his platform." >> trace: concerned parents are ripping "the new york times" after article showcasing a public school teacher -- a private school who and her sex ed curriculum. the paper is pushing an inappropriate message for the children. i want to put this "new york times" tweet on the screen so we can get a better idea of how it went on. were not good free literacy classes are supposed to teach students how to critically assess what they see on the
6:23 am
screen. the question many media critics are asking today, instead of explaining the teacher's goal here, shouldn't we get the asking why we are doing this to five and 6-year-olds? >> i think the absolute should be. it shows that "the new york times" thought that this was appropriate and thought the explanation of this exhibit were appropriate which i read and were absolutely disgusting. but a u.s. senator thing we should have law and order in our streets is completely beyond the pale. this is part of a huge trend in american media event earlier this week of "the washington post" published of former take and how children in elementary school ages should be exposed to the sexually explicit and imagery to uplift them. in order to fight racism they announce this week they would be handing out free to fifth-graders. there's a whole thing going on in this country and there's people who are calling it uplifting and tender positive and sacks positives, even people on the right to say this is just part of living in a free country.
6:24 am
but normal people would say it's child predatory behavior, and the same vein as the the cross-dresser's hour, but children shouldn't be exposed to. but not in children's classrooms. >> trace: i want to move on now if we can come up the crime rate we talk about shoplifting, and in san francisco you pointed out in your column is one of them we have target stores that are limiting hours and you have walgreens, 17 of them that have shut down in recent years. and you say quoting, while it's insane that crime is so severe and so nonexistent in the prosperous city that businesses have to close their doors or shut them entirely, it's far more ominous than the sign of things and it reveals just how much worse things are getting. it's astounding to think that you just don't have to comply with the laws anymore.
6:25 am
>> exactly. and in washington, d.c., that columbia heights neighborhood were people fought for years and years to turn a violent place where people didn't want to be around to make it a safe and prosperous community, the coming of a target superstore brought foot traffic there. even a temporarily closed and shuttered place with there's no more foot traffic and no more legitimate reason to be there is going to be prone to more crime. it's going to continue itself, basically crime begets crime begets crime and not having people there legally means this is now a very dangerous place and it spells urban blight. like you were talking about earlier, a return to the 60s and 70s in our city which is brought on by the exact same liberalization of criminal laws that we saw in america in the 50s and 60s when new york had less people per capita in prison back then in sweden has now. despite the murder rate, we turn that around and that's where we had to get tough on crime in this country. >> trace: talk about the fact
6:26 am
that california has these under a thousand dollars where it's not really a crime anymore, you can steal anything from a store. but we saw a video of people going into neiman marcus and stealing thousands and thousands of dollars in merchandise with no consequences. chris, always good to see you, thank you, sir. >> dana: many parents are about to get more money in their pockets thanks to a temporary child tax credit. because this plan actually hurt the economy? our friday panel debates. and is president biden doing enough to maintain the game made by our troops in afghanistan? we will talk to a wife whose husband made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan.
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6:32 am
>> police say there was only one shooter in this and they got them last night, 23-year-old brian anthony roden, charged with three counts of murder, aggravated assault and two counts of kidnapping but more charges could be coming. police say they he killed golf pro jean siller, they found his body shot to death at the tenth hole on saturday. henry valdes and paul pierson were also found dead in a white dodge ram pickup truck on the same course. police took him into custody by asking him to come to the police station on some other charges. right now, very few answers as to why he allegedly shot these men, but police believe siller was not targeted. he had no relationship with the suspect but he may have witnessed a crime and was perhaps caught in the aftermath as the suspect tried to get away. police are still trying to piece together though the traits
6:33 am
between he and these two other men who were found dead. >> trace: senseless. thank you. >> they are transported to the united states to await the processing. >> that's why we are asking the congress to consider changing the law. but in the meantime we can guarantee their safety, but hopefully while they are waiting there, to be able to bring them back to the united states. >> translators will be welcome in the united states of the administration sets in august 21st deadline to pull troops out of afghanistan. joining us now is jane horton, cults are wife of army specialist chris horton killed in afghanistan in 2011. i'm sorry for your loss and i'm grateful you are here. let's get your thoughts as you reflect on the news yesterday
6:34 am
that the administration will have all of americans out by august 31st. >> it's been a horrific couple days for my community overall and for the military community. and i'm thankful for the warriors who fought and died for us and that's not the right way to do it. >> you travel to afghanistan, tell me what you heard from the people they are where their concerns, especially any of the interpreters. >> yes, ma'am. i've been on six different occasions, just got back a month ago for my last trip over. people love america over there, we have that moral responsibility to take care of those who have fought alongside us on those who have helped us with our international mission. these are the most wonderful, kind people that i've ever met in my entire life and i know we can do more to get them out, we
6:35 am
just need to do it because they are addressing is on the international community is watching. at >> dana: what else would you like people to know about your feelings on this? at the is been 20 years, and i'm sure this is an interesting reflection about 20 years for you and others in your gold star community. >> thank you very much, mama, forgiving the chance to speak on that. i would like to turn these questions back to the american people. what has been on my heart is, so many people have been asked was the sacrifice worth it? i would like the american people to ponder these questions and think about them as well because my husband was the hero. these warriors who volunteered during wartime to serve for us are these policies worthy of their sacrifice and i would just like us to ponder that as a country and how can we do better and how can we continue to
6:36 am
support our afghan allies, how can we continue to leave the world? but we have to do better. we can continue to lead and honor their sacrifice is by being engaged in the country that they fought, bled and died for. >> dana: and iowa, we have an afghan interpreter. he's been here for several years, and the department of homeland security has told him that because he had an interaction with the towel band when was nine years old, that is grounds for him to be deported. what would you like the administration to know about that? >> i have heard of that case and i hope the best for him. he's done some lunch for our country and his fellow translators and those who have served alongside us, i hope they make the decision to help him and look further into his case. >> dana: jane horton, thank you for being such a great american compatriot and coming on and telling us how to think about things, gives us food for thought. thank you. >> thank you ma'am.
6:37 am
>> trace: at more free money from uncle sam. next week tens of millions of american families will receive monthly checks from the tight child tax credit program. one looming question, as the president's plan the first step towards universal basic income? robert wolf had the same job with president obama. gentlemen, welcome to you both. steve, didn't we kind of find out over the past six months that given away free money is not great for the workforce? your thoughts? >> you better believe it. the good news is the economy is in a recovery, no question about it and i think robert and i are very happy about that. the economy is growing fast and we are getting a lot of jobs back but we do have a problem in terms of getting people back to the workforce. 9.25 million jobs openings according to the report yesterday, talk to employers across the country and they say they can't get their workers back and i believe that is because we are paying people so much money with all these
6:38 am
credits and unemployment benefits, food stamps and all the benefits that it's difficult to get people off the couch and back into jobs where we need them. >> trace: robert, a bloomberg op ed back in april read the following. by distributing the child allowances a monthly income of the government would encourage parents to stop thinking of it as a tax break. instead it start to feel like a monthly income, might start to feel like you get a little of this every month from uncle sam and uncle joe. >> first of all, none of this is accurate how you are depicting it. the child tax credit, if you make 75,000 or less you get $300 on it a monthly basis as opposed to waiting for your annual filing. that's a good thing. i'm surprised person who is at the committee first prosperity all of a sudden doesn't like a tax credit, when he loved it when it was the upper class. this is a good thing and it actually allows to make sure we have child care and allows
6:39 am
everyone to actually get back to work. this is a good thing putting money in everyone's pockets, this is not a monthly check for forever. with respect to the mismatch on jobs and the number of unemployed, there was a great article in today's "wall street journal," there is 9.8 million people looking for jobs. there are ten plus million jobs available and it talks about the real skills and mismatch that we have today. and as a way that's changing. so i think we have to make sure that we are paying the right wages but there's a lot to do with mobility right now. >> trace: and steve, you want to respond? >> i'm all for providing people with the benefits that they need but we had a a study done by casey mulligan and we found with all these on employment benefits, all of the tax credits we are giving out, all of the food stamps, rental assistance, all this, you have families for
6:40 am
four with two unemployed parents that can make 75 or 80. i have a problem with that and i think we need to get people back into the workforce. i think these benefits should be tied to work and right now we are basically subsidizing people to stay unemployed. a lot of these jobs that are opening, you are right, a lot of them require very sophisticated skills but restaurants, stores, construction companies and manufacturers, we have a million manufacturing construction jobs open and the companies can't get the people back to work. >> i just want to move on to this thing, what do you think about president biden cracking down on this, the monitor is how big tech uses consumer data. is it a good thing, robert? >> as you know i ran a large banking and i'm a capitalist at heart. i do think monopolies and oligopolies are bad for our
6:41 am
country. they are approving these mega-merges, and when we look at pharmaceuticals and advertising, and it is stalling out their competition. i think it's good that we look at it and it's not surprising because the head of the ftc is obviously someone that is pretty much antitrust with these behemoths. >> i'll give you ten seconds to wrap us up here. >> i'm all for privacy but i love the fact that the five greatest most profitable companies in the world are american companies are companies like google, microsoft and apple. >> steve robert, thank you.
6:42 am
>> dana: britney spears' family is speaking out and control of her life and finances, what her father is saying now. and as parents fight back against a critical race theory the department of department of education is freeing up covid relief money for schools to push controversial programs. senator mike lee is here with more on that and the less opposition to parent protesters.
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>> dana: the teaching of critical race theory in american schools has been meeting fierce resistance from parents all across the nation, but now approving plans for some states to use covid relief money to promote controversial programs based on far left curriculum. republican senator mike lee of utah as a member of the senate judiciary committee and i wanted to ask about this. when you helped pass that initial covid relief money and there has been more since then, did you ever think it will be used for something like this? >> heavens no. but it's tragic when this does happen and when it does happen we have to push back on it. the federal government should have very little role in the first place, on anything having to do with primary and secondary education. k-12 schools really are creatures of state and local governments, not the federal government. we certainly shouldn't be stepping in with critical race theory.
6:48 am
look, we should be celebrating diversity, critical race theory doesn't celebrate diversity, at weaponize is that and that's bad for america. it doesn't help heal the wounds that need to be healed. >> dana: this is joy reid of msnbc, here's what she thinks. >> of the ongoing hysteria over race conscious education, what they are seamlessly and falsely misrepresenting as critical race theory. the goal now is to terrify those white voters into voting for a party that is offering nothing on policy. a >> dana: quick thought on that? >> quick thought on that is, this is a lazy attack on those who have raised legitimate concerns with teachers coming to class friends and talking about how bad america is. look. there is no question, people in our history, even through our governments have done things that were bad. we have always aspired to higher ideals in this country and generally speaking, the arc of history has shown us that america is unique and it's
6:49 am
devoted to identifying flaws and fixing them, and -- >> dana: when we introduce you as at the senate judiciary committee. chuck schumer just wrote a letter to his caucus, and he said, dear colleague -- it basically says that's a two track plan on infrastructure, and as always the democrats stand ready to expeditiously fill any potential vacancy on the supreme court should they arise. that one justice will see if he can resign and give the democrats the chance to replace him. what do you know about that? >> i in no about the rank speculation out there, typically
6:50 am
one would expect to see any retirements come at or about that moment. we will keep things interesting for a while. >> dana: do you think that chuck schumer is trying to suggest that justice breyer move along? >> yes. really, poorly kept secret, but there has been pressure among democrats on justice breyer to retire. and i'm not sure whether that pressure campaign would make him more or less likely to step down and i suspect with many justices it would make them more inclined to stay longer. >> dana: was just curious, i followed pretty closely and i know you do, too. senator leahy, have a good weekend. >> trace: a britney spears' father is saying he's very concerned about the dangerous rhetoric surrounding his father
6:51 am
like daughter is 13 year conservatorship, acknowledging his family has seen an increase in death threats. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. good morning. >> jamie spears, according to his own daughter britney, it is the toxic ongoing villain in the conservative's mike conservatorship battle. but now he says he's the victim. she has been for years one of those leading the conservatorship that controls her financial life and according to britney, much of her personal life including her decisions over contraception and marriage. that made jamie spears the target of much of the anger outside of the court last month when britney gave an emotional statement to the judge about her father's role, talking, among other things, about how he forced her to work. force her to tour and forced her to go to a rehab center. she said simply because she argued with some of his
6:52 am
decisions. and it spears said it, and this is a quote, a cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it, the control he has over someone as powerful as me, he loved the control to hurt his own daughter 100000%. now, jamie spears says he is the one in danger of being hurt. his attorney is telling the court and his latest filing that the rhetoric around the case is dangerous and "mr. spears himself has been the subject of innumerable and ongoing threats as well, not just recently but for years. now the conservatorship fight seems to run for some time yet, even though britney delivered that to the court demanding our father and others stop controlling her, as well as to end the conservatorship once and for all.
6:53 am
>> jonathan hunt, live in l.a. >> dana: and a stunning rescue caught on video. watch this. >> hello. it's okay. >> we will talk to the two police officers who say that little girl from a suspected kidnapper. plus the biggest names in conservative politics g for cpac. we will stream it live on fox nation. - grammarly business helps my company build higher performing sales teams. since simon's team started using grammarly business to sharpen their writing, we've closed more deals. (upbeat music)t - [narrator] this is kate. she always wanted her smile to shine. now, she uses a capful of therabreath healthy smile oral rinse to give her the healthy, sparkly smile she always wanted.
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two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. >> trace: a tropical storm elsa drenching the east coast including new york city where folks had to wade through waist deep water at some subway stations. the storm has caused one death in florida and multiple injuries in georgia as well as damage there. many are under a flash flood watches as elsa makes its way up to canada. >> dana: american conservatives are gathering in dallas, texas, today for his cpac as they look to regain control of washington and tackle hot button issues.
6:59 am
this year's theme, america, on canceled. >> good to see you. fox nation as you know is a proud sponsor of this event. let's give you a sneak peek behind the scenes, you can see broadcast row, many studios with various show guests and folks are coming on to push content out to fox platforms. this is a rare conference in the sense that it usually only happens once per year and it rarely happens outside like beltway. at the chairman of the acu says he wanted to reward texas for being deep red and for being one of the first states or among one of the first states to reopen during the global pandemic. so clearly, this is a conference that has a lot of importance and is going all weekend long. thousands expected to descend on dallas here in the next couple of days in addition to various workshops that are going on regarding canceled culture and handling yourself on social media.
7:00 am
there are speakers too numerous to mention. however, one of the biggest names speaking happens to be donald trump jr. and he will be speaking and kind of kicking things off here on day one. we will be here and what got you covered both on-air and online all the way through. >> dana: casey stegall, thank you. fox news alert, taliban fighters are rapidly beginning control in afghanistan, making key territory across wide parts of the country as president biden rushes to get u.s. troops out. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i dana perino. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher, bill hemmer is off today. islamic militants are thickly taking advantage of u.s. troops pull out. meantime, president biden is moving the final pullout date up from september 11 through augusa that the u.s. mission has failed. speak to the united states did what we want to do in
7:01 am
afghanistan, to get to the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and deliver justice to usama bin laden. we did not go to afghanistan to nation build. >> trace: greg palkot live on the ground in kabul, afghanistan. you just arrived on the ground. give us an idea on what's happening in the latest on the fighting. >> trace, it's day one for us here in afghanistan and we are already feeling the tensions of the style of offensive. today, unofficial for the militant group claimed they had taken over 85% of this country. now the government flatly rejected that but they certainly are on the move. they see the key province in the western part of the country and they clashed in the south. the afghan military continues to underperform from 300 soldiers more, like today into iran and that's after a key border crossing to iran was taken
7:02 am
yesterday by the tele- band. there's more and more talk of a militia getting caught in the fight and that spells civil war chaos. >> trace: we should note that at 6:30 p.m. in the evening and i know you went out on the streets today in kabul. what exactly did you find? >> so far there has really not been any kind of fighting here in the capital of kabul, but a whole lot of nervousness about what the taliban is doing all around and not too far away. take a look and take a listen. >> kabul 2021 is a relatively modern bustling city but there are fears about the taliban and concerns about the loss of u.s. support. >> everybody, every second and every minute is fearful. we live in fear. >> before dangerous, now more dangerous than before. >> this is something that
7:03 am
happened in afghanistan because of the role of u.s. troops. >> that is a comment, trace, that we have heard time and time again. especially looking at the very rapid and unannounced final withdrawal from the bagram air base by the u.s. troops. they wanted the u.s. troops to stay just a little bit longer. we've been hearing that complaint and also complaints about the afghan military which the u.s. and nato allies spent so much time investing in training and they are not doing too well right now. it's a big mess, back to you, trace. >> trace: that's an understatement. >> dana: michael avenatti was crying in court yesterday as he was sentenced to 30 months in prison for something to extort nike. but three years earlier the celebrity anti-trump lawyer was the darling of the left-wing media. watch. >> we got lucky tonight, we are back with attorney with attorney
7:04 am
michael avenatti cup the main player. >> to me you are like the holy spirit. all places at all times. >> the democrats could learn something from you. you are missing, commencing with trump a whole lot more than they are. >> the reason i'm taking this seriously as a contender is because of your presence on cable news. >> the next taxpayer is written. katie pavlich is the editor of town hall and fox news contributor. i have three topics i want to get with for you today. check it out on the board. cnn 122, msnbc 108, and it goes down from there. the media must be sad today. >> i think they are sad because they may be can't do any interviews from present day now. the focus has been on michael avenatti's work against president trump but i don't want people to forget that in 2018, michael avenatti was referred
7:05 am
for criminal prosecution at the justice department by the senate judiciary committee for bringing false claims against now justice brett kavanaugh on the supreme court. he claimed that julie swetnick had a bunch of accusations against him and, this is a well-rounded person in the scheme of extortion and lying about people trying to ruin their lives so it's not just a matter of politics, it was a matter of that supreme court justice nomination as well. >> a good reminder. the health and human services secretary javier becerra with a little bit of hot water and trying to walk things back. it's what he had to say. >> the federal government has spent trillions of dollars trying to keep americans alive during this pandemic so it's absolutely the government's business. you don't have to answer, but we hope you do because if you haven't been vaccinated, we can
7:06 am
help dispel some of those rumors that you've heard and hopefully get you vaccinated. >> dana: he later tweeted this, some comments i made today have been taken out of context. we are encouraging people to step up to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated, it's the best way to save lives and this pandemic. i imagine they will continue having to talk about that today katie. >> they not, at the white house's goal is to get more people vaccinated, they are trying to target the group of people in america who are hesitant for whatever reason they may have and if the idea that now the health the health and human services secretary first was lecturing americans about how the government has a right to know because the government is paying for it, while american taxpayers including those trying to get vaccinated are the ones paying for this global response to the pandemic. and they shouldn't be forced to get a vaccine if they were waiting for the government to come knocking on their door just
7:07 am
because they were "paying for it. the other idea is, if you are targeting a hesitant population, the rollout of the vexing hesitancy has been a total disaster, starting with then vice president elect kamala harris saying she wouldn't take the vaccine if it was done under trump. that started way back when so if their idea is to get more people vaccinated to, say you are going door-to-door without specifics about them being volunteers as a white house try to clean up yesterday rather than government employees and then having the health and human services secretary saying the government has a right to know about your vaccination status, i think the roll out on that has been pretty bad. >> dana: hunter biden is now an artist and there's some question as to how he's going to be selling this art and there are some ethics questions being raised. the white house has said it will block hunter biden from knowing who is buying the art but walter scott said this. instead of disclosing his paying
7:08 am
outrageous sums for hunter biden's artwork and so we can monitor whether purchases are gaining access to government, the white house is making sure we never know who they are. we are supposed to trust a merchant and an industry that is fertile ground for money laundering as well as unknown buyers who can tell hunter white house officials no thanks. is this amateur hour for government ethics? this story does not go away for them as they continue to try to grapple with it. >> the first of all, why is the white house using government resources to block hunter biden who is not working the administration, from knowing who is purchasing these items? it's almost lot as if they are acting as an agent for hunter biden and using taxpayer dollars and government resources. the other thing is we have evidence now that hunter biden has used the biden family name to gain access to meetings with government officials. we know that former vice president at the time, joe biden, he flew on the plane with him to china and came back with the number of business deal so there is evidence that hunter
7:09 am
biden has used these situations to his advantage to gain access to government officials to make himself and some allege his family, rich. the ideas of the white house is going to cover it up rather than being overly transparent about it, especially in the name of, since we saw the censorship last fall, it really does smell pretty bad. it's not republican saying this, it's warmer obama staff as well. >> dana: have a good weekend. trace, he said this whole thing is a really bad idea. the initial reaction that a lot of people will have is that he's capitalizing on being the son of a president and wants people to give him a lot of money. those are awfully high prices, we are talking at least up to $500,000 or more for blow art. >> trace: an art dealer a couple weeks ago so the idea of him getting five or $10,000 and now he's getting $500,000, keep in mind that picasso was just
7:10 am
unearthed in new york a couple weeks ago that sold for $175,000. hunter biden is looking at 500k. >> dana: were you over there betting that up when you were here last week trace? >> trace: i was, but i will tell you that picasso is worth more than that if hunter biden is getting 500k. president biden will sign an executive order this afternoon tackling corporate consolidation and antitrust laws within the industry which is a move that administration says will boost competition across the board. good morning to you. >> competition, the word you just use it as the word we keep hearing from the white house. they say that's what we will see today and that's what's behind at these executive orders, or this large sweeping executive order that we expect from president biden. they argue the lack of competition is, and look for greater scrutiny of mergers as part of the executive order. look for a move to have some
7:11 am
language at least that puts an end to what they see as unfair methods of competition. also look for more regulation rules on data privacy. as part of a wider effort from the white house, not just technology come up that's part of it but not just tech. it is a total of 72 initiatives but you could argue that tech crackdown is the most bipartisan potential in some ways. remember former president trump although he had his own motives, had to be kicked off of twitter and facebook. but these companies he's suing, he writes about the allege censorship from big tech saying it should alarm you no matter your political persuasion, it's acceptable, unlawful and un-american. that's what the former president and to be clear that current president will go in a different direction but in many ways has the same target in his sights. more later from the white house. >> trace: connell mcshane, thank you. >> dana: does a break in the case of a mysterious killing of a georgia golf pro and two other men last week. what we are running this
7:12 am
morning. >> trace: and another stunning drug bust on the border as agents grapple with the staggering influx of narcotics. but how much is actually slipping through the cracks? >> no, i'm not surprised at all, i've seen it through my career. they are going to create partnerships to make money and like i said this board is veryde honorable. e whome,t or you've been the spouse at home, you understand what i'm talking about. your spouse has earned the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday 100 loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so, if you're in a situation where you need some help financially, give us a call. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan.
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>> trace: an arrest has been made in the murders of three men in georgia last week. the police took brian road and into yesterday afternoon. >> detectives from our unit secured an arrest warrant for the loan shooter who has now been identified as brian anthony roden. he has been charged with three counts of murder and three counts of aggravated assault,
7:18 am
two counts of kidnapping. be one of the arrest comes six days after the bodies of 46-year-old henry valdes and paul pierson were found in the bed of a truck that was parked on the green of an upscale golf course outside of atlanta, both men shot to death. 46-year-old a golf pro jean siller was also shot dead, police believe he was not targeted but was killed when he went to investigate the truck. >> dana: day number two of a manhunt in illinois after four prison owes prisoners escape to jail late wednesday night. three of the four men were caught yesterday after an extensive air and ground search but 36-year-old zachary hart remains on the loose. lycee residence should stay inside their homes as he is considered armed and dangerous. >> trace: we have been reporting on the dramatic increase in smuggling, customs and border protection see a massive haul of 758 pounds of
7:19 am
liquid math hidden in the fuel tank of a bus coming into the united states. this comes after officers intercepted lanes in fentanyl, cocaine and meth in just eight 2-day period. joining us now is david maltz. i want to put if we can that picture back up with part of the 758 pounds of liquid meth which was found, brought in by a male driver who is applying for entry into the united states which i'm assuming is a good indicator that the cartels are using that as a crush of migrants at the border to get drugs into the country. >> traits, thank you very much. first of all, the mexican cartels have made a business decision to make as much money as i cannot only for the drug smuggling but the migrant smuggling from migrants around the world, not just central america. but let's make it clear.
7:20 am
they have made a billions of dollars from flooding our country, there is a tsunami of drugs hitting the streets. methamphetamine, fentanyl, but the end result is what i'm concerned about. these are the kids that are dying from the poisonous drugs coming from the cartels and they are working with the chinese transnational criminals, and that's another thing that no one is really talking about. we have a national security crisis like we've never seen it, just talk to the families that are losing their loved ones from the poisonous mental and methamphetamine. you look at the dea and cbp and hsi seizures, 2500 pounds, 1900 pounds in dallas, 2,000 pounds of meth in l.a., but the thing is, what people don't realize is that chinese lab operators are producing the precursor chemicals, sending them to the cartels, making this stuff in labs and then bombing our country with poisonous drugs. the other thing, while the
7:21 am
liquid meth is coming over there are conversion labs all over our country, too. >> trace: you put up all the pictures of the kids that have died of overdoses and i want to put these numbers on the screen because i find this kind of astounding. in 2018 they found 1 pound of fentanyl. in 2019, 2 pounds. look at 2021 so far, we have six months left in the year. 41 pounds and it's important to point out that 2 milligrams of fentanyl can be lethal. if 41 pounds was found, how much got in? >> first of all, cbp does a great job at statistics. this year so far 7450 pounds of fentanyl has been seized and that's a 306% increase from last year in eight months. 1 kilogram could kill 500,000 people based on the medical analysis of fentanyl. the dea lab has determined that
7:22 am
26% of the pills they see is in america that they've analyzed have a lethal dose of fentanyl. in phoenix dea alone, 2015 there were zero pills and in 2,020 there were 6 million pills. that's one dea office of the maxi oxley pills that are killing kids at record levels but nobody us talking about it . >> trace: i got ten seconds left, do you have a remedy or solution? >> one thing would been trying to do is declare the mexican cartels as terrorists and get the unity of effort going with the best and brightest in america took after these labs, go after the money and go after the chemicals. we need china to regulate the chemical flow into mexico and that will help with the disk supply. then we have to deal with the demand obviously. we have lots of people addicted that need help. >> trace: that is a problem. great job he you on sir, thank you. >> dana: a little girl was kidnapped and it was all hands
7:23 am
on deck. >> keep walking back, keep walking back. get on your needs. get on your knees. stay right there. >> dana: police quickly tracking down a suspect and what he said after the girl was saved. plus we will talk to the brave officers who rushed to the rescue and as parents fight back against woke education, the feds are curbing states the green light to push curriculum on kids. former education secretary bill bennett with the action, next. ♪ ♪ two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year.
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7:29 am
one showing an injured man being carried to safety. jonathan serrie is live on the border of la jolla, texas. >> we saw just a handful of migrants being rounded up by border patrol, voluntarily going along with them. also, here's the drone shot to show our porous border, the border fence which began construction during the trump administration and immediately seized when president biden took office. the pentagon says about 3,000 national guard troops will remain at the border through next year. their mission which began during the trump administration has largely provided logistical support to the border patrol. at republican governors from several states are preparing to send additional national guard units and law enforcement personnel to the border. chad wolf, the former department of homeland security under president trump says it's not just a humanitarian crisis, you also have to look at the potential for crime spilling over the border. governor greg abbott of texas
7:30 am
says illegal border crossings have increased to more than 800% over last year, and he worries about cartels, drugs and human traffickers exploiting weaknesses in our southern border. trace, back to you. >> trace: at jonathan serrie live along the border. >> dana: the biden administration using really fun stoop pay for controversial programs. while we have you, if we could start with something, traces going to interview with former dea agent talking about the amount of liquid meth, and how they found it i don't know but the amounts that are being found is stunning to me. given your experience and background i thought we would get your take on that. >> i was very interested to listen to mr. maltz talking to trace.
7:31 am
trace asked him at the end what could be done and he got it exactly right. declare the cartels foreign terrorist organizations is just like we did with al qaeda. this fentanyl is poisoning our children, killing our children. declare them that and then you don't have to wait for them to come to the united states to deal with them, you can deal with them there. governor abbott who was just mentioned has written president biden to suggest that man ask for that. others should, too. the increase is enormous and it will be consequential in the lives of our children who are going to die, a lot of kids will die because of this. >> dana: do you know why they haven't done that in terms of declaring them a terrorist organization? i've never understood that. >> i don't know why they haven't done it, perhaps discussions of mexico but i think mexico would be very pleased to hear that. they may not say that but i think they would be very pleased to hear that. >> trace: like to move back to critical race theory if i can. i talked to an educator this
7:32 am
week who's had, make no mistake, the teachers union held our kids hostage during covid and wouldn't let them back in school, and a won. now they are reframing critical race very calling it on his history as they will win again. what do you think? >> well, the forces are joined, aren't they? it's interesting during covid to come up parents looked over their kids his shoulders and said wait a minute. what's this about it, why aren't we doing math? why aren't we doing what we are supposed to be doing? now it comes out that we'd seen it in loudoun county at those enormous school board meetings were people are protesting. parents are saying we don't want this in our children's schools. the teachers union have now said we're going to support this in the schools. ultimately, i think the parents are going to win. politics, that's very interesting. the nea and aft are now saying this republican sponsored uprising of parents, but it's not republican sponsored at all. this is parents, this is
7:33 am
grassroots and by the way, i think half of liberal democrats don't want the kids are educated in this often. this is a fight is going to be tough, is going to be intense but i think ultimately parents will as they should win. note, the federal him and has no role in ordering curriculum in the nation's schools, that's what they do in the soviet union with russia, china, but that's not what we do here. >> dana: let's quote joy reid. she set a reminder of the earlier persons of these anti-steaks crt parents also children as water and pulse full-screen cries of communism to force ultraconservative, white supremacist version of america. hashtag on cancel history. it reminds me of randi weingarten in her speech who said she wants to defend people who will teach honest history. bill? >> yeah, no. honestly she would be great but crt is not honest history.
7:34 am
crt is based on the premise that america started in 1619, that's not true. it started in 1776. so right from the beginning, this notion is wrong. honest history, yeah. parents are also saying, let's teach math, while this is going on. let me tell you, the chinese are not teaching critical race theory and talking about uighurs, they are teaching math and they are number one in the world. we are 26th in the world. it's not just the damage that the studs by itself, it's what it does in terms of neglecting other subjects and other important matters. >> dana: indeed. bill bennett, always good to see you. have a good weekend and thanks for being >> thank you. >> trace: a hero police officer arresting to the rescue saving a 6-year-old girl after she was kidnapped by a stranger in the car. police arresting the suspect shortly after the girls apparently grabbed while riding her bike. joining us now are officers of jason burbach and sergeant joe
7:35 am
keeling of the louisville metro police department. what a great job you did. these kidnappings, let's start with you first sergeant, these kidnappings are very rare. we talk a lot about parental objections, sometimes these are rare but this is a good reminder that stranger danger is still very valid. >> yes, yes, it is. the stranger danger is definitely there and it's something we need to be educating our kids about. it's extremely rare that these incidents happen but on the small occasion that it does happen, they need to have the knowledge to hopefully prevent something as tragic from happening to them. >> dana: what was it like when he reached into grab her? we can hear a little bit of her crying. i know she was unharmed but anything else you could tell us there? >> she appeared unharmed, she was visibly upset like any child would be in that situation taken
7:36 am
from their home. she was glad we were there and willing to allow me to pick her up and take her away and she was more than glad to get her out of the car and we were glad to get her out of the car. >> dana: that's an interesting thing, we talk about stranger danger but she recognized u.s. officers that she could put her trust in. any reaction from the parents? >> yes, ma'am, they were obviously very, very shaken up by it. everyone was scrambling around, neighbors and family, lots of people coming over trying to help look for this girl. of course they were afraid they were not going to find the child so they tried to get as many people there to help us look. but we have to credit the callers, the people who called 911 and gave great information, gave a vehicle description at a partial tag. the witnesses calling in and being willing to call in and try to get as much information as they could, we have to credit that because that is ultimately how we ended up finding it.
7:37 am
we found the car, ran across the car because of the description they gave us so while we were in route to the call we were actually able to run across the car and found of the car and we knew what we were looking for and got to the car pretty quick. >> trace: we've been watching this riveting video, i want to pause for a second. this is the actual second that you took the girl out of the car. watch this and we will get your reaction on the other side. >> hello. it's okay. >> trace: imagine how captivating it is for the parents on this thing. sergeant, you call this overwhelming and officer burbach, you said the seconds felt like hours. >> it's time like these you call from police mode to parent mode and we are all parents so you have to learn to adjust and adapt and try to comfort that girl and make sure she got back to her family okay. >> dana: is acts like this that encourage you to be police officers in the first place.
7:38 am
thanks for all you did. >> thank you ma'am. >> dana: president biden's as our troops will be coming home sooner rather than later, pushing up the deadline for the u.s. withdrawal in afghanistan to august 31st but it's raising some concerns as a tele- band gains ground in the region. >> we are also focused on transitioning to a new relationship with the afghan forces, we are not walking away from that relationship with them where the idea that we have to help them with their capacity and capability. to all time highs. ve clid and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash
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>> dana: president biden defending the end of the military operations in afghanistan and rejecting the notion that a taliban takeover there is inevitable. this comes as a terror group makes rapid advances in the country with the presence of at least two-thirds of afghanistan's provinces but the president is insisting that no amount of american presence would sell the country's problems. watch. >> how many thousands of american daughters and sons are willing to risk comic risk. already we have members of a military whose parents fought in afghanistan 20 years ago. with no reasonable expectation of outcomes. >> dana: is also the former
7:44 am
nsc for george w. bush. there's a lot of people in the country that would agree with what president biden just said. how might you frame it differently? >> we have reverence for the truth and the veterans, and i certainly understand the blood and the treasurer that we put into afghanistan but i think biden is going about this all wrong. it's sloppy and didn't give us enough of our of our allies a heads up. for me it echoes that president obama and because the rise of isis. what's good for the united states, and why were we there in the first place and it was to prevent another al qaeda grant attack on the united states. that's why we need to see this and provide and continue nation-building or anything else or just read hearings. >> dana: one of the things that's been an issue is what we
7:45 am
are going to do or not do to help the interpreters that are -- of the afghan eight that are targeted by the taliban, or many that are targeted and killed. >> two the processing with immigrants and that's why we are asking to consider changing the law. >> dana: do they have to wait for congress to change the law michael? >> i don't think so. the president has tremendous power is it comes to per rolling people into the united states are bringing people into the united states but certainly when it is related to wartime power. i think he can do it and i get that he probably wants to go through congress, it's safer. but we have a moral duty to get them out and he's got to do it one way or the other. >> dana: another thing i wanted to ask you about, there
7:46 am
are 48 progressive groups that sent this letter to president biden urging him to abuse china's abuses, human rights abuses, to help in the climate change fight. to ensure that dominant and antagonistic approach to relations and instead multilateralism and diplomacy with china, to address the existential threat that is a climate crisis. your thoughts on that? >> will they have the wrong frame. what we are doing here is a recognition that we are in a great competition with china. there is the economic dimension, and i don't have a problem in the climate negotiations thereof being part of my negotiations with china, after all they are greater greenhouse limiters than we are here in the united states but it shouldn't be the prime driver of our relationship with china especially when it so clear that china is trying to overtake us and dominate the world. >> dana: do you think the bite on administration feels any pressure from these groups, or
7:47 am
is this just basically letting some air out of the balloon? >> no, i feel like they really listen hard to the progressive hard left. i do believe that the end of the day the biden administration will be as tough on china because they are looking to induce some kind of cooperation on climate change and other issues. from them, we have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. we got to be tough on china and to compete with them, while at the same time trying to get them to do more in the climate realm. speak with ohmic >> dana: we will see what happens on that, thank you, michael. >> trace: new york governor andrew cuomo discussing the pandemic and very personal terms. did he strike the right tone? plus, we are live from cpac in dallas, you can watch all of the action and the biggest names in conservative politics streaming on fox nation. deployments, and you've been the wife at home,
7:48 am
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7:53 am
>> very few people are going through what we were going through and speaking for myself it was a tremendous personal benefit. >> dana: that's governor andrew cuomo given thoughts on leaving new york during the pandemic. his comments perhaps not coming off as intended, especially in light of the $5.1 million book deal that he scored. carley shimkus is here, what do you see? >> he deliver that speech should not follow governors because he is the chair of the national governors association and if you listen to the whole speech, i think what he meant to say was having a good working relationship with other governors was a personal benefit to him. but there are several things he said during that speech that i think show an even greater lack of self-awareness, and one of them that he said was during the early days of the pandemic. governors had to make hard decisions and if you made the wrong one, people would die. well, that's true. but for him to say that while he is under investigation and being accused of covering up that wrong decision is quite
7:54 am
something. the other thing he said is that governors have a new credibility, and that's a fact, and i'm proud to say we use it well. there is no governor in america that his credibility has been called more into question, and going back to what we heard him say, he did benefit off the pandemic personally because of that $5.1 million book deal. >> dana: tracy alvino, her father died in a nursing home and heat that mike tweeted that "if that's him at his best i'd hate to see his works. many were killed because of his fatally flawed decisions that were not based on science. his personal benefit was 5.1 million in his bank account from his book." >> i think that's true. i think a lot happened. a refresher, is under investigation for the nursing home scandal, sexual assault and harassment. whether or not he gave preferential treatment to his family for covid testing as he
7:55 am
used state resources to get a book. you remember while he was writing his book, you remember the onslaught of allocation after allegation that he went through in the spring and now i think this is what he was hoping for. the pressure is really off of him now. it's becoming sort of old news. things will change when the investigations wrap up, and also on this front, it's not like his political future, his political future is still very uncertain. there is our recent siena poll that came out that's says that 60% of new yorkers would rather he resign or not run for reelection. >> dana: and a fourth term would be a lot and this siena poll is a really good one. we will stay on top of it, you're right, he's just trying to ignore it. good to see you, i like your choice of yellow. >> thank you, i like yours, too. >> dana: check this out.
7:56 am
>> that is correct. [cheers and applause] >> trace: it yes indeed, that was a magic moment last night when did the next guest became the champion of the 93rd scripps national spelling bee. joining us now is the champion. i know your friends call you a z, and your first love is basketball, you've won a number of basketball awards and the spelling is a side hobby. your coach said it, usually to be as good as zaila you have to be connected in the community. is this person even real? and how did you do it? >> how did i win scripps? i that it basically just studying a lot, i did about 13,000 words in seven hours and i had a lot of tutoring.
7:57 am
my main tutor, and also over the last few weeks, or maybe months, the runner-up at scripps, and her mother, have been helping me out and that's a lot of luck involved in that. so it's a little bit of everything. >> dana: i don't know about luck, i think it's an incredible amount of skill. also you hold several guinness book world records for basketball dribbling, four balls at a time or six balls at a time. i had a question and i have no idea, does your capabilities when it comes to juggling help you in your mind when you are studying for spelling? >> i wouldn't be surprised at all, they meant strength it takes, and i don't know how i do
7:58 am
my basketball juggling skills and stuff because as i always tell people, to ask me how i do types of stuff like spelling and all this is like asking anil pete how it walks with those legs because then it gets confused and tangled up and it will just fall down. so i don't really know how i do any of the stuff i do but i'm pretty sure that the juggling and keeping track of all the balls helps with spelling. >> trace: it's phenomenal. her last name, avant-garde, which is new and individual and the power to spread ideas, and she certainly is, she certainly exceptional. among the way she had to spell all kinds of words, it was their word that almost tripped you up? >> yes, no patella. that word, it's very sad because if i had gotten that
7:59 am
word wrong, i had seen it many times before and recognized it but it's a word for me where i know it, but like i don't know it. like i know all about it but i don't know how to spell it. and that's the one problem where, if you know how to spell it, you're okay. that i wasn't quite sure how to spell it. >> dana: zaila, you made history as a first black spelling bee champion and congratulations they are. i have a feeling that we will be seeing you a lot more in your life making history, breaking records. do you know now what you think you want to do in the future? >> i don't know for certain but i have a lot of different interests. i could maybe be an nba basketball coach, work for nasa, and/or, maybe find a way to
8:00 am
treat things, like further treat things like bodily conditions, and understanding how the brain works. >> dana: it's going to be fun to watch you would do all of those things. thank you so much, congratulations to you. you have made our day. trace, thanks for being here with us today on "america's newsroom." it's been a busy week, we have a great one coming up >> this is a fox news alert, health secretary suggesting thee biden administration says they have the right to know who has been vaccinated and who hasn't and is making moves to clarify that claim. this is the "faulkner focus," i am gillian turner in for harris today. the white house facing pushback over plans to have volunteers go door-to-door around the country to urge americans to get vaccinated. this comes amid concerns they have about hesitancy in certain


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