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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 9, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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intelligence community are saying we may have to, what local allies will we have to fight with on the ground if they have all been hunted down. not just the interpreters, female politicians, judges, journalists, everyone who stood with us. carley: such a good point. todd: peecht your insight on this tough situation. with that "fox & friends" starts right now have. a good weekend. carley: you too. have a good one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: i think you need to steal this open this morning because we are taking a shot of dallas where you are from down there in the beautiful state of texas. will: that's ainsley talking to me will cain along with brian kilmeade and ainsley earhardt. shot of dallas as they show a highway as everyone wakes up. ainsley: everyone commutes right
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there? brian: also the music is appropriate too. ainsley: it's country? brian: and? our last guest is going to close the show. i think it's also important to point out that ainsley lived there for a while. unlike what she did yesterday, adopting my area as her hometown, you have not said my state of texas. ainsley: it depends on the story we are talking about. because i have lived in texas. i have lived in massachusetts and i have lived in new york. brian: just adopted and rolled. ainsley: everyone adopted me when i moved to texas they made me a part of texas. resident there, paid taxes there they welcomed me. texas is so fun. two things i love to have fun. [laughter] and i love god. brian: you are pro-fun. ainsley: i am pro-fun and love god. both of those big part of texas. will: both of those make you unique in the state of texas. who else loves texas and happens to be in texas is our lawrence jones who is having breakfast with friends in fort worth cpac.
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look at that he has a cowboy hat on. lawrence: i traded in jordan for cowboy boots. i'm back at home. i'm enjoying it already. i got hug my mom and dad. it's beautiful, guys. great to be here with friends old south fort worth, texas. talk to them about cpac. conservative political action conference. this is where stars are born and careers are broken. this is where the movement wants to hear speak the former president is going to be there a lot of conservative leaders are going to be there the movement is going to be here. this is where the energy, the base of the movement is. i'm going to be talking to them this morning as well as the conference all this weekend. i will be giving a speech saturday talking about crime in america. we predicted this was going to happen three years ago. so it's just so interesting to see how this is manifesting. and we cannot let our american family down. they need help. will: all right. we look forward to hearing. take the hat, give me a little
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bit lower on the eyebrows. there you go. now look at me. oh, that's what i'm talking about. that's it. [laughter] will: that's the look right there. brian: do you have to go a saloon when you have that hat on. will: clearly not he is at the pancake. lawrence: this is regular wear. ainsley: lawrence, coming up in the show i want to hear about your mom i heard you talking about "fox & friends first." they said she looks like your sister. lawrence: we grew up together so there you go. she is pretty young. she is a beautiful lady. she has made my dad a happy man. ainsley: that's so sweet. she did a great job with you. we will check back in with you later. brian: go collect some cattle. ainsley: collect? will. brian: collect or wrangle. can we look that up? anyone from texas here? ainsley: we will ask dana perino she was making fun of someone on the channel. brian: dana is not up yet.
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wrestle the buffalo. brian: she has a problem with my lingo. they are going to knock on your door and demand you take it and give you a third shot. these are some of the things banging around in washington about you and taking this vaccine. it's unbelievable how offensive this administration is getting with a pandemic that is clearly on the run. we are doing better than any other country. basically almost 60% to 70% of this country has taken two shots that are adults in america. get this, administration is panicking and they are infiltrating our lives. ainsley: the hhs secretary xavier becerra says it is the government's priority. the government does have the right to find out if you are or are not vaccinated. brian: really? ainsley: listen to. >> this the federal government has spent trillions of dollars to try to keep americans alive during this pandemic, so it is absolutely the government's business. woe want to give people a sense
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that they have the freedom to choose. but we hope they choose to live. we hope people make the right choices. we want them to have the right information. but, we are america. we try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible. but, clearly, when over 600,000 americans have died, the best choice is to get vaccinated. brian: and she eventually talkss about but we don't know how that ends. will: he says it's the government's job to find out who is and is not. now they are in clean up mode. he tweeted some comments i made today taken wildly out of context. to be clear the government has no database tracking who is vaccinated. encouraging people to step up to protect themselves and others by being vaccinated. it's best way to save lives and end this pandemic. ainsley: they are saying natural immunity if you have had covid. maybe they will when they get tested for antibodies and not found in their blood anymore.
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56% of the americans, of the adult population are fully vaccinated. 57% have received at least one shot. a big percentage of people that aren't getting the vaccine that did have covid. states that tend to vote republican have lower vaccination rates and polls show that republican voters are less likely to receive the vaccine than the democrats. brian: couple things. he said that in the same day. he said that had to quickly walk that back. number two, they are thinking about a third shot for a delta variant which our vaccines seems as though perfectly capable of stopping. in fact, one doctor warned overreaction to the delta variant. she went on to say there's no evidence the delta variant is more deadly for any individual who becomes infected. and what happens is if you find -- if you do test positive currently now with the vaccines that we have out there, the symptoms are so low you beat it. and, keep in mind, nobody ever talks about and certainly anthony fauci never brings up the fact that people who have had it have natural immunity.
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antibody tests as common as covid-19. they should be considered vaccinated. and when you start looking at some of the people that have had negative reactions instead of running from it or condemn people that bring it up, we would feel better about taking it. will: what's happened is the conversation, and this has been going on for quite some time, and now the policy following the conversation is that the vaccine is 100 percent appropriate forker single person in this society whether or not you have had covid and the numbers you give us, ainsley, are pretty staggering when you factor in how many people have had covid where are we on this chart of herd immunity not people that have conditions or legitimate concerns about whether the vaccine is right for them. when you are talking about going door to door. you are not talking about just persuasion. you are talking about a real pressure, a push. brian: haranguing. will: this is right for you. have you done it? have you injected this experimental vaccine in your arm because it's right for everybody they are saying. now this, brian, you are talking about. it's not right for protecting
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you indefinitely into the future. what comes next? "tucker carlson today," his fox nation show, he talks to evolutionary biology weinstein has a podcast dark horse podcast. he has been asking questions from the beginning about whether or not the vaccine is right for everyone. for that, by the way, youtube has almost at this point, almost kicked him off. we talked about where we go from here, what's the future. as brian mentioned, a third booster shot? what's next for us? here's what he told tucker. >> is there a long-term plan? >> not as far as i can tell, unless the long-term plan is more or less a series of updated booster shots, which i think most people have not understood may be in the offing. in general, young people tolerate covid very well. >> tucker: yeah. >> to vaccinate them for epidemiological reasons, to protect those most vulnerable is
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really to take health from young people in order to give it to older people. for example, people who have had covid, those people have effectively been vaccinated by the disease itself and their immunity is likely to be much broader than that created by these technologically remarkable vaccines. ainsley: then he shares that he has been censored on social media for sharing his concerns about the vaccine and, tucker asked him about standing up to the mob. they called it the mop. he said there is very little to gain in standing up against such a mob because the mob does have tremendous power to ruin your livelihood, damage your reputation, and it doesn't take very much or a whole lot of signaling that you're on their side to get them to move on to the next person. brian: what the government doesn't understand and every administration makes a mistake we have a vote in this when you run from the swelling of the heart. when you run from people partially paralyzed on with laura ingraham last night you say there is nothing to see
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here. we are looking. we're going to adjust our behavior. and you are not going to force us to do stuff. you are going to get backlash. also, if you actually think people are laying out on this because they don't trust for president biden and voted for president trump. maybe president biden could bring up the fact that warp speed was created under donald trump. and then it was implemented under president biden after averaging about a million shots a day. that would maybe get people on the right that might be not taking it for political reasons to decelerate and say wait a second maybe i should reconsider this. he does not want to do it. he does not want to give any credit to the previous administration for anything. ainsley: i think a lot of it, we talked to a doctor yesterday, dr. nesheiwat, she says a lot of the patient she is seeing it's not because they don't know where to get vaccinated which was biden's argument for the door-to-door thing. she said people haven't had the time to do it. they are going to get vaccinated. most of her patients say they will. they just haven't had the time. the problem is do you trust the federal government when one minute they're saying it's our
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business to know if you are vaccinated and next minute is saying i didn't mean that you are taking those comments out of context? will: absolutely. we will talk more about this throughout the morning. for now president biden is accelerating the u.s. says from afghanistan and plans to combat -- plans to end combat there by the end of next month. we have a live report on the ground in afghanistan next. brian: and michael avenatti stardom over big time sentenced to serve two and a half years behind bar. remember what the media had to say about him. >> like the holy. >> you are all places at all times. >> look at the 2020 one reason why i'm taking you seriously as a contender because of your presence on cable news. brian: more of the gushing and now disgraced attorney tearful apology coming up. ♪ nothing but a good time ♪ how can i resist ♪ it's nothing but a y for what i need.
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] now yo ♪ me and you just free. singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪
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♪ carley: back with your headlines starting with a fox news alert. a manhunt underway after four prisoners escaped a jail in illinois. the fulton county sheriff's office say three of the men have been caught after extensive air and ground search but one is still on the run. zachery hart is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him, police say, do not approach him and call 911 immediately. a live look in cape maine, new jersey as tropical storm elsa heads towards the northeast. the entire coast now bracing for impact. new york city already suffering major flooding from thunderstorms yesterday. this subway station flooded with waist deep water creating chaos for commuters. flooding highways leaving several cars stranded.
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more severe weather is expected as elsa moves in promising a messy morning commute. the storm packing winds of up to 50 miles per hour with heavy rain. new york governor andrew cuomo touts his own growth from the pandemic. take a listen. >> very few people were going through what we went through. and speaking for myself, it was a tremendous personal benefit. carley: he made the comment in a speech to fellow governors. it comes after he scored a $5.1 million deal for his memoir about his handling of the pandemic despite being under investigation -- investigation for underreporting covid deaths in nursing homes. tom brady gives a warning ahead of tampa bay lightning stanley cup victory parade. the cup's official page tweeted at brady and buc's teammate ron
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gronk it's too heavy to throw and catch. the impossible lombardi trophy during the buc's super bowl parade. he admitted to having one too many tequila drinks during that celebration. he tweeted none everything feels a little lighter after some at this quillla. those are the headlines. >> i didn't see tequila on the diet. ainsley: if you do drink at this we'll la and vodka a few wines. i have just been reading a lot about it i do feel so much better. he says if he wants to eat pizza he will eat pizza the best pizza ever. it is very rare he does that he doesn't deny himself. carley: love it. brian: little tubes of electrolytes. can you have any flavor. my arm is so much better now and i feel like i can evade tacklers
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like i never could before. meanwhile 18 minutes after the hour. will: i was already thinking you were the great of all time fully withdraw from afghanistan. ainsley: now set for august 31st instead of september 11th. brian: greg palkot joins us live from kabul with more as troubling now new data shows the taliban is making serious gains, probably right as we speak. >> absolutely. hi, folks. yeah, we have been on the ground for just a couple hours here in kabul and we can feel the tension of the taliban offensive. military at that particular time officials for the group claim today they control 85% of the country. that is an exaggeration but they certainly are on the move. for example they just seized a very important border crossing between afghanistan and iran. here's a bit of what we saw and heard today. >> kabul 2021 is a relatively modern bustling city. but there are fears here about
3:20 am
the taliban and concerns about the loss of u.s. support. >> in our country, everybody, every second, every minute we are in fear. we live in fear. >> you live in fear. >> yeah. we live in fear. >> before we had experience people, before [inaudible] now there are more than before. >> this is something that happened suddenly in afghanistan because of the withdrawal of the u.s. troops. >> in fact, we heard from a lot of people upset about the rapid withdrawal of u.s. troops. president biden defending that and also saying is he clear-eyed about the taliban. take a listen. >> do you trust the taliban, mr? do you trust the taliban, sir? >> you -- is that a serious question? >> absolutely a serious question. do you trust the taliban. >> that's a silly question. do i trust the taliban? no. but i trust the capacity of the afghan military. >> the hitch with that, too, guys is the afghan military
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hasn't been doing too well either. they have been surrendering and fleeing and were trained by the u.s. and other nato forces. a bit of a mess here now. back to you. brian: can you imagine the fear there, greg. you have been there so many times throughout the last 20 years. appreciate it. ainsley: greg, many of us don't know what's happening there because we don't live there u. brought that to life. that's pretty scary. great job. brian: he went on to say one of the great quotes from joe biden yesterday. obviously the same joe biden chairman of foreign relations felt the sameway, the same joe biden vice president felt the same way. no doubt about it he actually contradicted by all reports every one of his advisers in pulling out as precipitously as he did. those who say donald trump put it in motion. since when has joe biden had a problem reversing any one of donald trump's policies. i think he list for it day one signed 26 executive orders to stop it. as lindsey graham said he doesn't understand the conditions existing in afghanistan. this isn't about afghanistan.
3:22 am
this is about do you want an american base in the middle of all our enemies, china, russia, and iran? do you want to lose influence there? and do you want to leave a country that clearly welcomes our presence at a time in which we were in a supporting role, not an offensive role, which just demanded 2500 troops. they said they would have come under fire. i'm pretty convinced our military men and women would have gradually understood that the turnover would take place but we are gaining from the location in which we built in kabul and in kabul and bagram. will: really quickly, brian. i ask this out of pure curiosity. would your contention that we maintain a presence afghanistan indefinitely in the future like we have in places like korea or germany? brian: that's a great question. do you know what my answer is? how long do you want to avoid al qaeda and isis attacking here? the taliban is not a danger here. so how long do you think that china having access to the
3:23 am
railroads while we didn't. how long that they most of it. how long does that work for us as long as we use computers we will need some that they have. what we should have done stopped pakistan from building up the taliban, forcing our troops to even suffer casualties that they shouldn't have. ainsley: and jen psaki said we have not met our mission. this is not a mission accomplished moment. it's been 20 years of a war. it has not been won militarily. but then biden came back and struck that down. he said the u.s. has accomplished its goal in preventing future attacks from al qaeda and killing usama bin laden. you heard the people on the street there. two things come out of that. they are scared now that we are leaving and how wonderful is our military? they are protecting all of those innocent victims innocent individuals now fearing for their livelihood. will: coming up later in the show we will talk to former secretary of state mike pompeo about this very issue that's 8:00 eastern time. meanwhile, we need to get to this. michael avenatti, you remember michael avenatti he was sentenced to what was final sentencing yesterday? ainsley: two and a half years.
3:24 am
will: two and a half years for a conviction or a guilty plea of extorting nike from. ainsley: for $25 million. will: $25 million in his statement yesterday before the court, avenatti said the following: i betrayed my profession. driven by things that didn't matter to my life. i often asked to myself why did this need to happen i have learned all the fame notoriety in the world mean nothing. everyone wants to rise in a limo with you but very few will to sit with you on the bus few are willing to take your calls from prison. brian: no kidding. ainsley: you don't want to sit on the bus with him because he has just been convicted of lying and he betrayed his client. the judge said he betrayed his client. he was representing a small basketball team. a youth basketball team and nike dropped them. then he threw them under the bus and extorting nike saying i will go public, i will hold a press conference and tell them what you have done and i will do that before your quarter earnings
3:25 am
call. will: unless you pay me. hire me. ainsley: may me $25 million. that's why people don't want to ride on the bus with you. that's why people don't want to visit new prison because of they don't trust you. brian: i hope he is safe with that mask on. a short time ago and wolf blitzer co-hosting with michael avenatti basically a permanent fixture on "the view." he was a fixture everywhere except here. remember this. >> you got lucky tonight. we're back with attorney michael avenatti. he is a main player. >> sitting beside me right now, i'm not going to let you cheat. you have to guess. a hint. his name is michael avenatti. [laughter] >> look, i think you are doing a hell of a job. i don't think you are in this for money. >> to me you are like the holy -- you are all places at all times. >> he is out there saving the country. >> is he a rock star, i think. it will be interesting to see his next chapter. >> absolutely. >> michael avenatti for president in 2020. >> is he donald trump's worst nightmare, michael avenatti. >> existential threat to the
3:26 am
trump presidency, please welcome attorney michael avenatti. >> looking into 2020 one reason why i'm taking you seriously as a contender is because of your presence on cable news. i wrote about this saying you are currently leading the pact among 2020 contenders on the democratic side. >> what do democrats value most? if they decide they value a fighter most, people would be foolish to under estimate michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti is a beast. >> okay that's true he is a beast. >> he is a beast and keeps popping donald trump and all of his folks in the mouth repeatedly. he's a beast. will: it is so fascinating not just the way he was embraced but the way he was elevated. underscores a final, simple point no lie needed to go untold and no villain needed to decline being embraced. they were going to do whatever it takes for the simple path of taking down donald trump. that's all it was about. ainsley: even said he was a legitimate candidate to go against donald trump in 2020.
3:27 am
brian: feel the awards of people he won cases for like stormy daniels took $300,000 from a porn star. it's unbelievable the lack of ethics and how everyone was to blind to him and was captured by his charisma and fake tan. hard to maintain in prison. ainsley: the judge says he was drunk on power. he fell really fast. it's 6:27 here on the east coast. coming up next, authorities in los angeles county seizing $1 billion in illegal marijuana. as officials warn their county is turning into the wild, wild west amid the threat of drug cartels. former acting dhs secretary chad wolf is here to react next. ♪
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will: police in georgia arrest a man they say is responsible for shooting and killing golf pro-gene siler and two other men. ainsley: ashley strohmier joins us live on this case. evan is talking about that in georgia and now we are talking on the national news. >> right. police are not revealing much into the investigation into the triple murder that took place on a georgia golf course. but they have arrested
3:32 am
23-year-old brian roden, cobb county police say he surrendered yesterday. is he now faces three counts of murder. three counts of aggravated assault and two counts of kidnapping. >> the arrest in this case was due to the tireless investigative efforts of the men and women of the cobb county police department. we literally had detectives that have worked around the clock and some have literally slept in their offices since july 3rd. >> roden is accused of gunning down 46-year-old golf pro-gene siler on the green of the 10th hole. police say siler was shot in the head because he just happened to stumbling on to a crime taking place. those who knew him are headquarter the husband and father of two. two other men found shot to death in the back of this white pickup truck you are seeing on your screen that was abandon on the golf course. that truck belonged to one of those victims. police are not saying anything about possible motives and the murders were held. roden was apparently tied to them. police didn't specify details about the two counts of
3:33 am
kidnapping either. but say more charges could be coming. so far there is no word on any funeral arrangements for gene siler. brian? brian: thanks so much, ashley. 28 minutes now before the top of the hour. let's talk immigration. southern california authorities cracking down on drugs seizing 18 tons of marijuana in what is being called the largest marijuana bust in los angeles sheriff's department history. >> estimated street value of this entire operation was $1.19 billion. what we want to do is send a clear and loud message to the cartels and anyone doing illegal operation in the high dessert. your days are over and we're coming for you. brian: here now is acting dhs secretary chad wolf. chad, first off, if marijuana is legal in most of these states and people are getting licenses, why are they growing it illegally? >> well, i think what this is telling you, brian, that the crisis that we have on the border is not just about illegal migrants coming across. it's also about illegal narcotics. left of center the illegal
3:34 am
contraband that they are funneling across that border. so, every day that the crisis goes on, every day that we're facing these historic numbers along that border, we have got to think about the criminal element and criminal activity that goes along with that this is just one twample. but we see illegal narcotics up across the border. not only with individual states like california, texas are finding, but also, what federal authorities are finding as well. brian: unbelievable there is a few other things going on at the border. that is with these minors, unaccompanied minors, they are being housed in military bases. we don't really hear much about this exleaks say they are psychologically traumatized don't know when they are getting out. stark conditions. having psychological breakdowns. chad, compare that and some of the falling children over the wall and some of these unaccompanied minors that we have seen walking aimlessly, compare that coverage to the coverage you guys to the. >> well, absolutely. i would just say it's night and day. obviously we had a crisis in 2009, where we have had a lot of
3:35 am
families as well as a lot of minors coming across. we had to house them and care for them as well. the media coverage that we had at the time was night and at a to what you see today as well. but what we were trying to do in 2019, we were actually putting policies in place that stopped the flow, which is very different than what you see today. we have policies by the biden administration that are encouraging more and more families and minors to come across that border today and that's what you see. you see historic numbers. you see the system breaking and you see more and more facilities having to come online to care for those individuals. but, the lack of media coverage that these facilities have and the number of kids that are in custody today, minors that are in custody today have far outstripped what we saw back in 2019. brian: billions have to redirect from pandemic aid to help these illegal immigrants here might be fine people but it's the american people first i thought. and the other thing is, you guys are transparent. you were telling us this is failing. you said we could come and watch and take pictures and you would be available for interviews.
3:36 am
these guys are running for the hills. they don't want to talk about it, which is incredible. now tom cotton says they have a -- they are going to put something in the budget from massive amnesty for this upcoming year for almost everybody that's been here so people should look out for that and ready to fight for that tonight, cpac, one of the things you will do is participate in a panel called can cancel culture be canceled. i remember for new particular people didn't like your policies, so they were protesting at your house. >> right. well, that's exactly right, plain. we had -- we dealt with a variety of different things over the trump administration, including trying to be canceled ourselves. a lot of the cabinet members and a lot of the other officials and i had folks outside of my house protesting almost on a weekly basis. but that's fine. look, what we were doing was for the american people at the end of the day. and the vast majority of americans agreed with what we were doing and policies and particularly when we talk about the border. the results speak for themselves. we had a secure border in 2019 and 2020 with the policies that
3:37 am
we put in place. so i'm happy to be here in dallas. happy to be at cpac to talk about the great work that we did. the challenges that we have going forward. and what are the right policies to tackle those challenges? brian: it wasn't broke and they broke it and that's what you are going to be talking about today. secretary wolf, thanks so much. >> all right. thank you. brian: can you washington secretary wolf's cpac panel live this weekend along with speeches by former president donald j. trump and many others go to fox nation got come to sign up and see cpac live today through sunday. meanwhile, speaking of cpac, lawrence jones is gearing up for this weekend. but, first, he's having breakfast with friends in fort worth, texas. lawrence? lawrence: what's up, brother? back here in texas at old south, look at this. this is what we do with -- look at that come and take -- come and take my pancakes bro. i have some food right here. omelets, just little custard. biscuits and gravy. we got so much coming on "fox &
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headed to texas this weekend for cpac 202 is. the theme america uncanceled. ainsley: we are having breakfast with friends in fort worth, texas this morning, close to where that conference is going to take place. will: lawrence jones is live at the old south pancake house talking to diners. he has his cowboy hat on. had a little energy and breakfast. i know he did. lawrence: cowboy belt. the boots, i traded in the-jordans for the boots, guys. when you come home you have got to do the right thing. let's talk with some folks because these are the number one fans of "fox & friends." let's talk to judy. judy, tell me about "fox & friends," why do you love watching it every morning? >> i just love it because i feel like i get the current news each
3:43 am
morning. i love all the ones who are on "fox & friends" it's a thrill to get to be here and meet you in person. i'm a loyal, loyal republican and very conservative and that's why i watch "fox & friends." lawrence: you love the flag as well. >> i love the flag. >> i'm going to get you in trouble. who is your favorite on "fox & friends." is it ainsley, brian, steve? >> ainsley has been my favorite for a long time. lawrence: she has been a favorite for a while. >> a long time. i always have to say hi ainsley. we love you here down in texas. lawrence: so we have doug. doug, you have a message of kindness and this is what texas is all about showing kindness. you have these cards pass out be kind and these are for the law enforcement, for the military and then you have one for the firefighters. tell us a little bit about it. >> well, this is the original card because when i first moved to fort worth 50 years ago, the
3:44 am
kindness, the friendliness of the people of fort worth was what was differentiated. this card says you receive this card because you are friendly. keep it up and pass the friendly card to someone who is friendly like you. then we just passed the anniversary of the assassination of the five officers in dallas. and so we developed this card to hand out to police officers. it says thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. you are appreciated. lawrence: thank you, brother. as you guys know, that was the deadliest police assassination in american history on american soil. one more person i want y'all to talk. to say george, you say you are fired up about the schools. what's your concern? >> my concern is how we came, they have changed all of that. they are trying to teaching our young people supposed to be.
3:45 am
that's the parents' job to do that. may concern is the teaches, i think they are more concerned in forming their unions and not really paying attention what the parents want for the kids. i think the parents need to start a new organization called parent students association. get away from the parent teachers association. lawrence: get rid of the pta and start a new organization. >> yeah. put parents and students together. lawrence: that's the sentiment i have been hearing in texas. they are fired up about that guys. we will be talking with folks all morning leading into cpac. as you know i will be speaking at cpac on saturday. until then, we will be talking with some friends. they are nice here in texas, guys. will: watch lawrence's speech on fox nation along with speeches by former president trump and many others. go to fox and sign up and stream cpac live today through sunday. lawrence, always judges me, kind of when we are in the building here because i wear jordans and
3:46 am
i can see the passing judgment in his eyes. i want to get a better look at his cowboy boots so i can judge him. brian: really? two can play this game in. will: exactly right. the kind of leather he is wearing and identify the brand. brian: he had that swagger since he got enterprise reporter. just like when we gave janice dean i ultimately signed off on it senior meteorologist. right? janice: you did. you signed it, too. brian: i know it's a little bit of change. janice: i get in to discount movies with the senior title. [laughter] janice: and i love that they love ainsley. isn't that cute? ainsley is our favorite. ainsley: buy judy breakfast on me. i will pay him back. janice: very nice. she is good for that deal. you always buy breakfast. brian, not so much. they are telling me to do the weather because we have elsa coming up the east coast bringing the potential for heavy rainfall and strong winds. we have tropical storm warnings from atlantic city all the way up to boston.
3:47 am
so winds in excess of 40 miles per hour. flood advisories are posted here. we could -- several inches of rain in a very short period of time. bottom line is we are not done yet it will be out of the way by later this afternoon. severe threat for the midwest this has nothing to do with the tropical storm. large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. >> and then we also have very heavy rainfall across south texas. we haven't been focused on that story. but it is a story. it's not a tropical storm. it doesn't take a tropical storm to bring tremendous amount of rainfall. and flash flooding to some of these areas. so we'll keep you up to date on all of the above. brian and will and ainsley, back to you. brian: thank you very much. will: across the way with carley shimkus for headlines. carley: good morning, guys. we begin with this. families mourning the locals of loved ones in the florida condo collapse as crews search through the rubble for 76 people who are still missing. >> the miami-dade fire department will not stop working until they have gotten to the bottom of the pile and recovered
3:48 am
every single one of the families' missing loved ones. this is exactly the message the families wanted to hear. carley: 64 people are confirmed dead. authorities say they are using d.n.a. and fingerprints to help identify their remains. tense body camera footage captured the moment kentucky police rescue a 6-year-old after she was snatched off her bike. watcher this. >> open the passenger door. [shouting] [baby crying] >> hello, it's okay. gosh, officers tracked down the little girl in less than 30 minutes after witnesses followed her alleged kidnapper until cops arrived. the man has been arrested and is being held on $1 million bond. hilaria baldwin reflects on spanish heritage. she lied about being born in spain. she was actually born in boston with the name hillary thomas.
3:49 am
she wrought it up again in an instagram post yesterday calling the scandal painful saying, quote, when you are multi, meaning multicultural it can feel hard to belong. people will try to find reasons to invalidate you. we all get to curate our individual expressions of our cultures. then that is her story, guys, and she is sticking to it. brian: why would she bring it up again? carley: good question. will: if you use the words trauma or painful you are automatically a victim nobody can question your story anymore. story over. brian: that was my answer. will: freedom isn't free that was a veteran's patriotic message onen independence day. he says he was censored by twitter. the message for the tech giant next. ♪
3:50 am
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♪ ainsley: a veteran is call out twitter after the social media platform flagged a picture of him saluting the flag as sensitive content. retired army captain and nevada g.o.p. senate candidate sam brown tweeted this photo out on independence day with the words freedom isn't free. brown was burned by an ied in afghanistan fighting for our country. is he accusing the tech giant of censoring him since he had just filed for his senate run.
3:54 am
purple heart recipient sam brown joins us now. good morning to you, sam. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you. ainsley: good morning. i'm doing well. thank you. thank you so much for everything that you have done and gone through and sacrificed so much for our country first of all. tell us your story. >> you know, ainsley, i was wounded in afghanistan as you mentioned. and since then i have been married and raised three kids and live in reno, nevada and just recently americans have been through a lot. and we have suffered as a nation. and i just wanted to take the fourth of july as an opportunity to send a message of not just hope but reminding myself and others that freedom isn't free and it comes with sacrifice. and great people before us knew that sacrifice was necessary for that freedom. ainsley: that's right. why do you want to be a senator now? >> well, you know, that's a great question. and part of the answer is we
3:55 am
have individuals and companies, people are supposed to be leading and serving americans that are frankly crushing us. they have a mindset of that they know better. and that there is censorship and enforced policies that aren't reflective of what americans really truly want. ainsley: you know better than anyone. this happened to you. you were censored on twitter. what was your reaction that when they took down your post and said it was sensitive content? >> you know, it was honestly disbelief. there is nothing about that tweet that was supposed to be partisan. and it just -- it struck me that there was -- there must have been a couple things that was going through twitter's mind. either my face and my scar were sensitive. or the fact that someone would salute a uniform or american flag. or, most likely, this came just
3:56 am
a few hours after i filed to run for senate. and as a republican, we are very used to seeing censorship happen on platforms. ainsley: i have a friend in florida she tweeted the same message out freedom isn't free and she flagged folds of honor. they flagged her. i don't know if it's the phrase or what it is. we did ask them they said because it was sensitive content. god bless you, thank you for everything. you deserve to be tweeting whatever you want after everything you have been through. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. we wish all the best. >> i just would encourage people that we can't take communication for granted. please visit me at captain sam so we can stay in touch and whether or not twitter shuts us down we can continue to have this conversation. ainsley: that's right. thanks, sam. more "fox & friends" coming up. >> thank you.
3:57 am
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4:01 am
niece was shot pleads for help as the city's crime rate spikes. >> i know people say they care but you have to be boots to the ground. >> $1 billion directly tied mexican drug trafficking organizations. >> we see numbers up across the board. >> when the border is in chaos like it is, criminals won't come in this country and open up shop. >> championship to win the 93rd. >> naryn. >> that is correct. [cheers and applause] ♪ stays in a small town ♪ ♪ will: welcome to "fox & friends" on this friday july 9th. duet with brantley gilbert and lindsey say ell who is coming up on the summer concert series. i don't know what you guys are talking about. i have observed. ainsley: is he going to out us.
4:02 am
will: not the gossip that you were engaging in while i was trying to bring us into the show it's the way that brian lourdes over us before we come into a segment. i don't know how to deal with it he stands right until the last moment. he stand like this and waits and then i don't know what he is doing. ainsley: he is reminding you who is in charge of the show. he likes to be the leader. brian: it's called leadership. and it's called if i don't move, i have a problem. i have to keep moving all the time. ainsley: are you a leader or dictator? brian: i just like to be supple. and if you are interpreting this -- if you are interpreting this -- if you are interpreting this as louderring over you, maybe you feel as though i am the leader that you are looking for and pete isn't able to give that you leadership over the weekend. will: literally having to look up to you. ainsley: pete is always standing up asking if he can do his interviews in front of the interview. brian: tight hips. ainsley: lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends down there in fort worth because
4:03 am
that's where cpac is going to be. hey, lawrence, i know you are speaking tomorrow and talking to the folks this morning. lawrence: we are at old south in fort worth, texas. i don't know what brian is talking about. they miss ainsley. they want her to come down here in texas and experience the joy. ainsley: everyone have breakfast on me. ains. lawrence: ainsley said breakfast is on me. brian: take this credit card down visa 3767-819. ainsley: lawrence, buy it and i will pay you back. lawrence lawrence i will put it on the card and you will put it on your account, ainsley. you know they give you everything. she has the biggest contract. ainsley: you want me to expense it now? you want fox to pay for it. brian: left credit card on private jet. ainsley: right. lawrence: anyway, guys. we will be talking about cpac. the state of the country. how do they feel joe biden is doing? guys, i have been receiving gifts from these folks all day. this is how texas is.
4:04 am
they love "fox & friends." they love the country. but they are concerned about the state of the country. crisis after crisis. the spin. who said defund the police? we know the democrats ran on that. and now they are saying republicans are responsible for that we are going to be talking a little bit all morning long. i will send it back to you guys in new york. will: what did you get? you are talking about your gifts. what did you get? lawrence: listen, will, if when you become the enterprise reporter. [laughter] lawrence: i'm not going to show you my gifts. brian: the enterprise franchise. ainsley: he is being polite. might get jealous. will: i will get jealous. i will check in later with lawrence later in the show. bring in now republican governor from georgia brian kemp. good morning, governor, thanks for being with us. ainsley: good morning, governor. >> good morning, guys. will: we want to get your take on this while we have you here this morning. xavier becerra head of hhs is walking back comments he made yesterday. first on cnn he said the
4:05 am
government absolutely has a right to know who is and is not vaccinated. here's what he had to say yesterday that he has since begun to reel back. in first, his afferents. >> the federal government has had to spend trillions of dollars to try to keep millions of lives during this pandemic it is the government's business. we want to give people the sense that they have the freedom to choose. we hope to choose to live. we hope people make the right choices. we want them to have the right information. we are america. we try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible. but, clearly, when over 600,000 americans have died, the best choice is to get vaccinated. will: when everyone hears their saying we want to give people the sense to have the freedom to choose and the government definitely has the right to know whether or not you are vaccinated. what's your reaction? >> well, listen, i think that's the wrong approach, especially right now in the pandemic with mixed messages that have been coming out of washington lately on a lot of things, including
4:06 am
the vaccines. you know, i think the people that haven't gotten vaccinated just don't have a lot of trust in the government. and i certainly understand that what i have been telling people is we don't need a government mandate. we need people to talk to your doctor. talk to the folks at your hospital. ask them, you know, of covid patients that are coming in now, are they vaccinated or not? do you think the vaccine is helping? ask your doctor that. ask your local pharmacy that ask your family members that have been vaccinated. or your faith leaders or other people. we don't need, you know, a tyrant in government that's going to go around and do this. that scares people. i think it personally runs them off from trusting the vaccine. so that's my message back to them. ainsley: especially when he changes his tune. originally he is saying it's absolutely the government's business, and then he tweeted out later in the day yesterday afternoon, some comments i made today are being taken wildly out of context. to be clear, government has no database tracking who is
4:07 am
vaccinated. we're encouraging people to accept up to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated. it's the best way to save lives and end this pandemic. is that why you think people don't trust the government? they say one thing, we know what they actually mean but then they correct it later? >> no doubt about it lots of mixed messages out there. we're not going to be tracking anybody in the state of georgia. you know, my home family has been vaccinated. i feel very comfortable with that but that's an individual choice, especially for the people that are left that have not been vaccinated. they have got to get comfortable making that america decision for themselves. and i believe they can do that if they will simply take a few minutes and talk to their medical professionals. brian: i don't start giving medical advice all of the sudden i say i got vaccinated you can take from that what you want. it's up to you. i might choose to go cliff diving. i don't want people telling me i can't. dr. jonathan reiner has a different take on that, governor. listen to this.
4:08 am
>> i do think it's time to start mandating vaccines. and i think that private industry and private organizations will do that 75 million adults have chosen not to get vaccinated. and that choice has consequences. now, we can't force you to take a jab in the arm, but there are many jobs, perhaps, that can prevent you from working if you decide not to get vaccinated. brian: you comfortable with that? >> no. listen. that's a decision that i believe individuals need to make, private employers need to make. i don't always agree with those decisions, but i have always been consistent. we don't need the government mandating these things on a person or a private business. i have been a small business owner for 35 years. i don't want the government telling me, you know, whether i need to vaccinate my employees or not. i just don't think we need to be in that business. i think if you see that happen, you are going to see people revolt, you know, like they have been doing on airplanes on
4:09 am
whether to wear a mask now or or not and people are fighting over that i can't imagine what it would be like if we start doing something like that with vaccines. brian: k through 12 get vaccinated there will be a war there will i will i hope you will forgive me for a bit of a windup. i have been watching a documentary on edward benet godfather of propaganda and p.r. control people's choices through manipulation and propaganda. vaccine effort part of that push to control what choices we make. it's also how you push a message. vice president kamala harris suggested democrats are going to invest $25 million in painting republican laws like your georgia law to increase voter integrity as voter suppression. this is a full-on push, a propaganda push. and you know this very well because it's been somewhat successful, a push to characterize your law, i want you to listen to vice president kamala harris very quickly on this new push. >> in 2020, you were heard,
4:10 am
america. you were heard loud and clear. but, there is another side to this story. so far this year 17 state legislative legislation lay temperatures enacted 28 new laws that will make it harder for americans to vote. these bills now, be clear -- these bills have already become law. they are now on the books. this all is designed, i believe, to make it harder for you to vote so that you don't vote. will: make it harder for you to vote, call it voter suppression. call it racist. governor, you a propaganda war. how do you win this? >> hey, we got to fight like hell. that's what i have been telling people. we had the truth on our side. now the vice president is lying like the president has been about georgia's law. we actually add the amount of days that people can vote early on the weekends in the state of
4:11 am
georgia. we have got many more opportunities for people to vote early than president biden's own state of delaware and a lot of other states where the democrats are in control. they are just not being truthful to people. and, listen, this is just part of their playbook. their legislation failed at congress to have a federal takeover of elections, which is unconstitutional. now they had the department of justice, when we have, you know, violent crime, killings in major cities all over the country, a crisis at the border, and the fight they are picking is suing us over our elections integrity act. they realize now after the arizona ruling that's not going to work. now they are moving to the democratic party at the national level trying to spend $25 million to cancel us. my message is, look, we are going to stand up and fight. we have the truth on our side. but you need to be aware they are going to try to cancel you. they are going to try to boycott your business, move your ballgame just like they did the all-star game game in georgia.
4:12 am
they are going to come after your way of life. this isn't a fight just in georgia. this is a nationwide fight. it is one worth fighting. and that is what i'm going to continue to do. will: propaganda worked. it influenced major league baseball to pull their game as you mentioned out of georgia and part of that tight back clearly is you guys have put together an ad slamming major league baseball for that decision. let's take a look at the ad really quickly. >> this week we should be celebrating baseball. instead, stacey abrams and the liberal mob forced the all-star game to move despite the fact we made it easier to vote. ainsley: so, governor, we want to talk about crime which san issue that i know your folks are really worried about, atlanta area especially and then right outside of atlanta kennesaw, georgia. the golf pro-was killed on the golf course and i know someone who lives on that golf course and he says the golf pro-actually lives there he has two little kids. there is a memorial for him. crime is going up everywhere. how do you -- how, as governor,
4:13 am
can you combat this? >> well, first of all, our thoughts and prayers go out to the siler family. i mean, that is just a tragic event, wrong place at the wrong time to a good man and a great family and we'll continue to have them in our prayers. i appreciate the cobb county police department chief cox for getting this terrible person off the streets to protect all georgians and other people arranged the country. but, look, this is happening in major cities. number one, because we don't have the democrats supporting local law enforcement and standing shoulder to shoulder and behind them to back them up. putting boots on the ground works. i got so fed up with this almost three months ago now i asked colonel wright with the georgia state patrol to come up with a plan to help us assist the atlanta police department. they are working with their hands tied behind their back but they are doing everything they can to support us. we have made a lot of headway going after street racers. violent criminallers. the speaker ralston georgia
4:14 am
general assembly holding hearings to see what else we can do. not only support law enforcement but go after as a state these individuals when local governments won't do that we also passed a bill this year to keep rogue local governments from defunding the police. we have got stand with our law enforcement personnel and take the fight to these individuals and show them that we are not going to put up with this. we also have to hold those bad actors accountable, which we should do and that's exactly what we're going to do in georgia. brian: that's so typical it seems like states are at war with their own cities. how do you feel about buck head spinning out and trying to get their independence from atlanta and have their own police force? are you supporting that? >> well, i certainly, you know, going to be an interesting fight there, if you will. the studies are going on now. there is a group that's very passionate about that. there is a lot of things to consider there which i certainly will do and see where the
4:15 am
legislature ends up on that. but the fact of the matter is i understand why they are doing it they are fed up. i mean, just two nights ago there was somebody that was literally blocked from the governor's mansion in the heart of buck head doing home invasions. i was -- had breakfast with a group the other day at an establishment up the street from the governor's mansion. they have armed security guards, two of them, in the parking lots. they have had so many cars broken into and stolen and other things. i mean, people are fed up. they are outraged. but, even worse, they are scared and they want something done. and i think they are sending that message to the mayor and the city of atlanta that they demand that and that's what the campaign for the mayor's race this year is going to be about in the city of atlanta. ainsley: we also want to ask you about tropical storm elsa. i know that 10 were injured in georgia at a navy base. what he was the latest on that? >> yeah, we got -- listen, we had just a really spotty storm that hit king's bay down there.
4:16 am
thankfully no one had loss of life as of yet. there is one critically injured person. the rest of them were, i think, fairly minor injuries, which is a blessing and our prayers go out to all of those that have been affected not only here but in the state of florida as well. but, we have got a lot of state resources down there helping clearing roads, the power companies have made great headway getting power restored. and all in all, compared to what happened in florida, we got very lucky the other night in georgia. but we have a lot of folks on the ground responding as we speak. will: governor brian kemp of georgia. we appreciate your time and perspective this morning. ainsley: thank you, governor. >> thanks guys have a great day. brian: a lot on his plate. will: head over to carley. carley: we update on story we have been following. police take man in custody for drive by shooting for shooting of undercover law enforcement agency eugene mcloren confessed to shooting two aff agents and chicago police officer. he reportedly mistook the agents
4:17 am
for rival gang members. is he charged with assault of federal agent, injured officers have been released from the hospital. meanwhile the uncle of this one-month-old baby shot in the head in chicago is speaking out about the city's violence saying people need jobs and more resources. >> if we had something to do to keep these guys motivated and lifted up, some of the shootings we could down crease. >> he also said his niece is doing better and is able to eat and breathe on her own. thank god. vice president harris is holding police accountable in a bet news interview. it airs tonight and addresses several issues exacting the black community including the pandemic and voting rights. a bet press release says the v.p. also talks about the policing acts legislation it comes as a "u.s.a. today" poll finds that 77% of americans want
4:18 am
more police. well, right now, the entire east coast is bracing for impact as tropical storm elsa heads north. parts of new jersey were already pelted with intense hail and then new york city heavy rain. look at that flooded subway stations with waist deep water. one commuter even using a trash bag to protect himself as he tried to catch his train. elsa is expected to create an even messier commute this morning from new jersey all the way up to new england. will and listen to this: the new script national spelling bee chopper i don't know is crowned overnight. watch? >> nurrayn. >> that is correct. [cheers and applause] carley: she celebrated her victory. first african-american to win the competition in 96 year history. the 14-year-old from louisiana is also a basketball standout.
4:19 am
she holds three guiness world records for dribbling multiple balls simultaneously. what an impressive kid. how cool is that? ainsley: i would just like one of those talents. two of them. carley: spell, sports, smarkts athletic. ainsley: did you see her whip around dancing? carley: good job. will: very nice. president biden is accelerating u.s. exit from afghanistan and plans to end combat there by the end of next month. county region be left safe and secure? we're going to ask general jack keane next. ainsley: still ahead lindsay ell performs on summer concert series on "fox & friends." ♪ by the way ♪ hey, by the way ♪ guess who's going out tonight ♪ ♪ so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal!
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4:24 am
had. >> taliban takeover of afghanistan now inevitable? >> no, it is not. >> why? >> because you have the afghan troops have 300,000 well-equipped, as well as equipped as any army in the world. brian: really? is that the truth? president biden defending his decision to remove u.s. operations in afghanistan next month after 20 years of fighting. but, top military and intelligence officials are sounding the alarm taliban gains are extraordinary already retired four star general jack keane. general, i wish i was sitting next to you during that press conference since i have you now. what do you think about what he just said specifically first about they are the most well-armed army in the world? >> well, that's certainly not the case at all. listen, they -- we have trained
4:25 am
them. there was -- they topped out at 300,000. they have less than be that now. with u.s. air support and the afghan security ground forces, they are capable of dealing with the taliban. they don't have sufficient capability to defeat them but the taliban also cannot overthrow them. and that's a fact. and that's why that situation was stalemated. you pull out u.s. air power, they tonight have an air force like we have, they have some black hawk helicopters and c-130s but not the precision fighters that we have. you have take that away from that ground force there. and it becomes vulnerable to the taliban. and you are already combining to see that evolve and it's something that we have predicted would actually happen from a military perspective. brian: so i'm going to can you this question. he asked yesterday at the press conference. joe biden, let me ask you those who want who stay how many
4:26 am
more -- how many more thousands of americans, daughters and sons are you willing to risk? i will not send another generation of americans to war in afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome. general, what would you say to him? >> yeah, see, he doesn't see this as part of the multigenerational struggle against radical islam. this is where it began for us. and it hasn't gone away. in fact, over the 20 years, i think the united states policy makers, whether they were democrats or republicans, has evolved over those two decades. i think it's pretty mature and sophisticated. what am i talking about? there is 40 or 50 radical islamic movements going on in the world. five have aspirations to attack america. that's the primary focus iraq, syria, yemen, east africa. i believe and as does our military and intelligence people believe that afghanistan is number 5. it's part of a multigenerational
4:27 am
war against radical islam. why? because al qaeda and isis are already there. taliban takes over. there's no absolutely no doubt in our mind that there will be a significantly resurgence. even if there is a civil war as there was in syria, that enabled isis to grow in syria because of the chaos of the civil war. that can happen also in afghanistan. so, many of us believe as a guarantor, that that is not going to happen. a very modest presence of troops in afghanistan can ensure that. just as we are using modest troop presence in those other four countries that i mentioned. brian: also, you mentioned, too it's located right between china, russia and iran who by the way wish us nothing but harm. speaking of that pentagon is now warning that the world is moving closer to a nuclear war because suddenly russia and china are modernizing and developing new nuclear missiles, bombers and submarines. does this come as a surprise to you and do you agree with that assessment? >> yeah, i actually do agree with the assessment. and certainly the trump
4:28 am
administration had huge amount of concerns here. they wanted to get into negotiations with the russians over this. they were negotiating new new start.russians had developet of the strategic nuclear agreement. but the biden administration came in and just signed off on it without those negotiations over the new conditions. the second thing is, we need to bring china in because russia and china are modernizing their nuclear arsenals. the trump administration tried to do that. and were unsuccessful on it. biden has got to get that to the top of his priority list. nuclear proliferation and nuclear arms race. we can't go back to that and so there is concerns about the developing nations that are actually rogue states like north korea, their arsenal is increasing, their ballistic missile program is increasing. we all know that the mullahs in iran want. they want a nuclear weapon. they have got ballistic missiles
4:29 am
already. and this is potentially the most dangerous situation that we have. iran with a nuclear weapon will get an arms race in the middle east. all the arabs will have it and the potential for nuclear exchange there for the first time in history is very, very real. brian: absolutely. explain that to the american people and they will get on board. don't put it in extraneous articles in the "the washington post" that no one understands and then you just won a big payoff. thank you so much general keane for breaking it down for us. appreciate it. >> have a great weekend, folks. brian: you got it lawrence jones is getting ready for cpac this weekend. but, first, he's having breakfast with friends. he's contractually obligated as enterprise reporter in fort worth, texas. lawrence? lawrence: hey, brian. i'm with friends here. and so they are putting me to work here. got a lot coming up on the show. be talking to folks all morning. i'm going to pour some coffee because that's what they told me to do ♪ roll my window down ♪ ♪ baby a song make me want to
4:30 am
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carley: good morning, back with your headlines. 17 people detained including two u.s. citizens for the assassination of haiti's president. police say the other 15 suspects are all from colombia. they are seen here handcuffed on the floor during a police presser. three suspects killed by police. 8 others are still on the run. jovenel moise was shot and killed at his home earlier this week. his wife was also shot. she is currently receiving treatment in south florida. the "new york times" defends the teacher who played this sexual education video to first graders. she showed it while she was at a health and wellness director at the dalton school in new york city. parents became outraged and she ultimately resigned. but the "new york times" defended the lesson tweeting pornography literacy classes are
4:35 am
supposed to teach students how to critically assess what they see on the screen. a powerful 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocks hillsides and mountain tops along the california-nevada border. officials say the epicenter came south of lake tahoe people as far as san francisco and las vegas felt it the quake sent boulders flying in the middle of an interstate. some cars were hit but thankfully no one was hurt. guys, send it down to you. will: thank you, carley. conservative from across the country are headed to texas this weekend for cpac 2021. the theme? america uncanceled. brian: fort worth ainsley to introduce who we are talking to. ainsley: lawrence jones, our good friend. is he live at old south pancake house talking to the diners. hey, lawrence. lawrence: hey, guys, thank you so much. you have got meet the lovely
4:36 am
couple. they have been married 50 years. they met in church how has it been? >> perfect. >> good. it's great. lawrence: some of the topics today. your family immigrated here from mexico. you all mcallen. the way they are doing it right now is the wrong way. they are not doing it the legal way. >> no. they need to do it the right way. it's illegal. lawrence: what concerns you about that? do you think that the biden administration is doing this intentionally? what is the strategy here? >> you know. there is a lot of crime. they come up here. you are not safe yeah and biden is not down here to look at anything like that or check us out, you know, work with us at all. so, we have to do it all ourselves and i'm thankful for governor abbott. do the wall again and that's great. i hope that everything works out and protects us. lawrence: you say you are upset
4:37 am
with the anti-american sentiment. >> definitely, i cannot stand to see them disrespect our flag. that's the way they do on tv. no, that's not right, no. lawrence: that's the thing that we continue to hear in texas. i want you all to come over here me and my friend jerry. you say democrats never let a crime go to waste. you say crisis after crisis. >> yeah, that seems like was that rahm emanuel who said never let a crisis go waste? well it seems like they have fabricated several crises right now and trying to elevate them up to a point where only the federal government can come in and solve. lawrence: he says that the ultimate plan is for the feds to take over and you have been hearing that a lot as well. sow chaos and have the feds government. lastly, you talked about biden you said you don't feel like he is fit. it was upsetting to you the other day when the russians attacked us and he had his note card? >> yeah. one of the things, i mean, is he
4:38 am
pulling note cards out. he doesn't seem cognitive. he doesn't seem to have a command of the country. lawrence: you said we look weak on the world stage? >> i think we do. i really do. i think the russians are making fun of us. i think the chinese are and i think the world stage is. and, you know, biden just doesn't seem to have a gasp on the country. he doesn't seem strong. lawrence: we have been hearing a lot about that, guys. you know the former president is scheduled to speak on sunday. a lot of people here saying maybe some people in the country having buyer's remorse. we will be talking with the some other folks soon. will: do you want to ask hit and miss his question? ainsley: lawrence, i'm serious ask. will: no she wants to know what everyone is up to. [cheers and applause] ainsley: are until 9:00. lawrence: i'm going to tell you this, ainsley. the food is cheap in texas. it's not going to be like a new
4:39 am
york mill. probably going to about be about 300 bucks. ainsley: i can handle that. lawrence: let's put it on brian's card. brian: all right. good job, lawrence. ainsley: good thing not new york prices i can't handle. will: you can watch lawrence's cpac speech on fox nation and many speeches by former president trump and others. sign up and see cpac live today through sunday. brian: meanwhile, the white house forced into clean-up mode after the hhs secretary said the government has a right to know if you are vaccinated? really? ronny jackson, the doctor in the house, coming up soon. he also works in texas full time ♪ ♪ [narrator] this is steve.
4:40 am
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4:44 am
>> we should point out that the federal government has had to spend trillions of dollars to keep americans alive during this pandemic so it is absolutely the government's business. it is taxpayers' business if we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting covid. knocking on a door has never been against the law. you don't have to answer, but we hope you do because, if you haven't been vaccinated, we can help dispel some of those rumors that you've heard and hopefully get you vaccinated. will: that was health and human services secretary xavier becerra defending the biden administration's door-to-door vaccination push going as far as to say it's absolutely the government's business to know americans' vaccination status. here to react is former white house physician dr. ronny jackson. thank you so much for being with us. you know, look, it's the government's business to know whether or not you are vaccinated? let's make a door-to-door push? you combine this with recent
4:45 am
comments and pushes to have private businesses mandate vaccines. what's the role of the government and for that matter private businesses in dictating the health decisions of americans? >> well, absolutely, will, not the goal of the government or the job of the government shouldn't be the goal of the government to mandate whether or not we get this vaccine. let's not lose track ever the big picture picture. i got the vaccine. i looked at the risk benefit and got the vaccine. other people should be a personal choice for every single american. let's not lose sight of the fact that this is still experimental vaccine being used under emergency use authorization. the federal government does not have the right to tell americans they have to get this vaccine and none of their business who has had it and who hasn't had it. it's another government overreach that fits right in the narrative that the democrats do everything else. socialist marxist communist way they want to control your lives. i'm absolutely opposed to that. will: yeah, you made it personal, congressman, risk reward analysis for your own health, your own cost benefit
4:46 am
analysis. it doesn't make you anti-vaxer for saying other people should be able to go through the same cost benefit analysis. by the way basara clarified his comments. some comments i made today taken wildly out of context to be clear the government doesn't have database tracking. we are encouraging people to step up to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated. best way to save lives and end this pandemic. this pressure, congressman, it's not just a cycle but seems to be never ending trail we are headed down because pfizer is now seeking a new authorization for a third covid-19 vaccine dose saying it could boost protection against, of course, the delta variant. okay. is this a yearly thing? new variant? new boosters, year after year, this is the pressure, this is the push. this is how we stay healthy? >> that's the wish we don't know yet. shouldn't be making recommendation third shot until we know the answers. quite honestly, will, i'm not comfortable with the pharmaceutical companies and the
4:47 am
company manufactured the vaccine decide that we need the fda, the nih, cdc, other independent academic institutions to do the research and studies and find out how long we are immune after we get the two shots. and all indications early on is that we might have lifetime immunity from this. i do not want the people that profit the most from making in vaccine to decide whether or not we are needing boosters. i don't think that's a good way to go. there is a lot of problems with that i don't see any evidence right now a a booster or third shot is needed. i doubt we will really see that. will: that profit you mention there that's not highlighted enough how big a business come big pharma who has complete liability protection as well. so, congressman, doctor, you have titles, i don't know which one takes presence dense here py jackson you are speaking today at cpac. what do we expect to hear from you? >> well, we are going to talk today a little bit about who is really running things in the white house. i think that's a big question. i will probably hit a bit on
4:48 am
some of the cognitive issues that we are seeing with president biden. but that's going to be a part of what is going on behind the scenes in the white house. who is pulling the strings and who is really making the decisions. we will talk about that and then tomorrow we are going to talk about the culture and how we can become advocates and how we can get out there as conservatives and really make a difference in this midterm election and train ourselves as conservative activists since we will have a discussion about that strategy for that. will: i want to hear that i think the culture is definitely where everything is -- the battleground where everything is being fought. we will be listening. >> absolutely. will: thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you, will. appreciate it. will: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean who has our fox weather forecast. hi, janice. janice: pouring rain in new york city. tropical storm elsa 15 mile-per-hour sustained winds. still bringing rain and wind all along the northeast coast. the i-95 corridor not a great morning for traveling in, i'm afraid. good thing we don't have any
4:49 am
tornado warn storms. we did have reports of tornadoes in new jersey. this one will lift north and eastward and should be out of here later on today. see potential for very strong wind. i wouldn't be surprised to see power outages here. trees down. there is the latest track. still 50 mile-per-hour sustained wind storm and eventually up towards atlantic canada. quickly want to mention still very hot, dangerous heat across the west. we also have flooding across parts of texas and the threat for severe weather for the midwest today. will, we will keep you up to date on all of the above. back to you. will: okay. thanks, janice. janice: you got it. will: straight ahead how does $10,000 sound. tom shillue tells you how you can make it yours. with the fox bet super quiz show coming up. ♪ ustomizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need.
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this is bob minetti and his wife wendy. on the 2021 rx 350. in 2016, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. bob participated in a clinical trial that included
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cutting-edge radiation therapy and surgery. he's been in remission since completion. i am so glad i learned what was possible for me stand up to cancer and lustgarten foundation are working together to make every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a long-term survivor. visit pancreatic cancer will: the fox bet super 6 app is giving you another opportunity to win $10,000 in a quiz show game, all you have to do is answer six questions correctly on a wide variety of topics. brian: fox nation host tom shillue is the host of fox nation happy hour, he drinks on the air, but is streaming is allowed sign up for fox nation to get exclusive access to other original content events and your favorite personalities on any device. ainsley: good morning, tom. >> good morning, ainsley.
4:54 am
we got good questions today. ainsley: what are they? >> here we go. question number one, how long is trump going to speak at cpac? is it under 60 minutes, up to 68 minutes, up to 75 minutes, 84 minutes, 92 minutes? brian: i'd say 75 minutes. ainsley: i'd say under an hour. will: i'll take the big numbers then, the biggest number. >> 92 or more. way to go. okay, question two, who will win the 2021 award for best team? many different teams here, tampa bay, baylor alabama, los angeles dodgers or other? will: that's going to be the bu ccs. ainsley: definitely. brian: i'm going to say the dodgers because they were good for so long, plus it's la and they are la centric, am i right? will: no you're wrong it's the buccs. brian: we'll find out won't we? >> which of the states will have the most expensive gallon of regular gas on saturday?
4:55 am
florida, massachusetts, maryland , delaware, minnesota, virginia? brian: i'm going to stay with the people. ainsley: the people are down at the bottom you're right virginia all right >> everyone goes with the majority. how about this? ufc 264. mcgregor versus pourrier, mcgregor in 1, or decision or draw? brian: if they say mcgregor burns out so it's not going to go distance, it won't be him, he lost the last time, so let's go with mcgregor and 2. will: that's where i'm going. ainsley: whatever brian said because he follows it. >> one more question here. which of these books is going to be the highest on amazon's best seller list on saturday? american marxism, speechless, body keeps the score, last thing he told me, it ends with us or
4:56 am
magic treehouse? brian: where is jesse watters book? what's going on? ainsley: tom? will: going to be a problem tom. >> i'm going to be in trouble there. you want to go off book and say jesse? brian: i'm going to go american marxism. ainsley: what did the people say the one in the middle? i couldn't see it. >> he was top. ainsley: i'm going with mark, mark is our friend. brian: how did we do last week, tom? >> well right now, with you guys, you got you and steve are tied and ainsley is one behind so it's very close. will: does this count for steve? does that help steve? brian: you're a brilliant host tom shillue. thank you. i've got to tell you what's straight ahead, if our prompter is right, mike pompeo, caitlyn jenner, and one of them has a great thing, ainsley. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after vaccination with shingrix. the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. >>hhs secretary claims it is the government's right to know, your vaccine status. >> it is absolutely the government's business. >> we don't know government that scares people. brian: defending his decision to remove u.s. operations in afghanistan next month. >> absolutely no doubt in our minds that there will be a significant resurgence of the taliban. ainsley: a veteran is calling out twitter after the social media platform flagged a picture of him saluting the flag as sensitive content. >> it was honestly disbelief. this came a few hours after i filed to run for senate. as a republican -- >> heading to prison, media
5:01 am
looking very foolish after praising this creep. >> to me you're like the holy spirit. people be foolish to underestimate him. >> maybe the saviour of the republic. will: lawrence jones in fort worth ahead of cpac. >> i'm back at home. will: give me a little bit lower on the eyebrows i want to see how, there you go. oh, that's what i'm talking about. brian: right that's the look right there. >> [laughter] >> ♪ brian: countdown to lindsay ell , 57 minutes away, it's an exciting hour, and i do have an announcement that's really, i have two things that bother me most about news. we kept covering rich people and balloons trying to go around the world. i hated that. that gradually faded away. the number two thing that we do that i don't get is we cover pandas. we cover pandas every time there's a panda we stop everything. the panda had a baby, the panda refuses to breed, we always talk about pandas.
5:02 am
today, this is true. giant pandas are no longer classified as endangered, still vulnerable, therefore, we can no longer feel obligated to cover pandas. they are no longer endangered. treat them like every other animal. no more zoo specials. i don't want to borrow from china. we have plenty of pandas. ainsley: what do you say to the kids? they are the cutest little babies when they are born and all of the kids love them. brian: so are grizzly bears, other bears. will: i see where you're going. brian: right. too much emphasis on pandas. will: panda privilege. ainsley: from penguins now it's the panda. now it's pancakes. brian: now they say well brian they are endangered, rare, we might not see them again because they are lazy and don't want to breed. so imagine being so lazy you don't want to breed? i can't imagine that. ainsley: there are a lot of people out there. brian: i'm just too exhausted every day, all the time?
5:03 am
so no longer do we have to feel news-obligated to cover pandas. will: you make that transition to pancakes, you do that. ainsley: lawrence jones is having breakfast with our friends in fort worth ahead of cpac, he's speaking tomorrow but he's talking to the folks close to where will grew up, right? will: that's right. about an hour 15 from where you are. sherman. ainsley: hey, lawrence. >> hey guys did brian have breakfast this morning? ainsley: what in the world. >> it's out of control. maybe i need to bring some of this texas food back to new york brian: maybe. >> maybe he will be a little happier. brian: it's ainsley's anyway. >> i always try the biscuits and gravy because it's essential , and i just had an epiphany. i used to be heavier and the reason i was heavier was because of texas. i lost all of the weight in new york because they don't have the good food like this. i've been sampling a little bit of everything, with this omelette right here, this biscuits and gravy, and the
5:04 am
seasoning is to perfection i'm going to talk with friends later and talk about cpac, the president is going to be here on sunday, we'll send it back to you guys in new york. will: 100% identify with what you're talking about on that food selection. just give in and get yourself a chicken fried steak and eggs to go with that. >> i'm doing it. treadmill tomorrow. will: we'll talk to you later turning now to washington the white house in clean-up mode after hhs secretary bass era said it was absolutely the government's business to know if americans have been vaccinated. ainsley: but he's backtracking that statement saying it was taken out of context. brian: mark meredith joins us live to make sense of it. reporter: as you mentioned president biden's health and human services trying to clarify some comments that he made to cnn earlier in the week basically suggested because the government is spending so much money on his pandemic response, it should know more about whose vaccinated and where >> the federal government has spent trillions of dollars to try to keep americans alive during this pandemic so it is absolutely the government's
5:05 am
business, knocking on a door has never been against the law. reporter: now the secretary is tweeting following up from that interview saying some comments i made are being taken wildly out of context. to be clear the government has no data-based tracking which is vaccinated, we're encouraging people to step up to protect themselves others by getting vaccinated, it's the best way to save lives and end the pandemic. we'll watch the fall diabetes out, meanwhile pharmaceutical giant pfizer is working to get a third vaccine dose approved the fda. the so-called booster shot could provide immunity against the virus and maybe within six to 12 months after getting the vaccine. the cdc says americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster shot at this time fda, cdc and the nih are engaged in a science-based rigourous process to consider whether or when a booster might be necessary. changing subjects, this week the department of education also doling out close to $6 billion of pandemic relief funds. the money going to a handful of states that have submitted their
5:06 am
spending plans, education officials saying it's going to provide critical relief as schools get ready for the new school but critics are worried this could go to fund things like critical race theory as well as some unorthodox diversity training methods so will, ainsley and brian, we'll see if the fall out continues as that money is sent out and brian i'll let you know if there's any panda news. brian: please remember it's not an emergency, we got 1,800 panda s. no longer an emergency. got plenty. ainsley: just be prepared to break in, mark. if there's any news about pandas brian: if we lose one. let's bring in the former secretary of state, mike pompeo himself, former cia director and former congressman from kansas. mr. secretary, welcome back. >> good morning, brian great to be with you, hope i don't have any tough panda questions this morning. brian: there will be none, but there are questions that i could not wait to talk to you about. i remember the plan was in place and president biden mentioned it yesterday because suddenly he doesn't want to break into plans that donald trump had.
5:07 am
it's accelerated, we're going to be totally out of afghanistan august 31. do you like the way we're leaving, do you agree with the decision? >> we were working really hard, brian, to do two things. one was to get our young men and women home. we were on the way to doing that and second was to making sure america was safe and secure in the region not just in afghanistan, but from al qaeda and isis, everywhere so we worked on it. we took down the caliphate. this is not a singular problem in afghanistan. we took down the caliphate in syria, we did great ct operations in southeast asia, and then we made real progress in securing our capacity to understand what al qaeda was doing in afghanistan. there were, brian, fewer than 200 al qaeda left in afghanistan , the day we left office, this was an enormous success. it's time to get our folks home. we've got to watch for al qaeda and the rise of radical islamic terrorism everywhere. there is still thousands yemen, the fight is not going away but time to reduce our force posture
5:08 am
in afghanistan and make sure our global ct footprint was exactly right. brian: to zero? >> to zero in afghanistan, brian, i doubt it actually gets to zero. there will still be some residual forces on the ground to tok preserve our capacity to have an embassy there but we have to make sure we have the force posture right and i know there's folks worried about taliban and resurgence. the taliban are one of the ethnic folks there, it's many different people in afghanistan, the afghans need to step forward, they need to get this right. we provided billions and billion s of dollars in resources to do that. we were prepared to continue spending some of that money to help them with the institutional capabilities and their military capabilities, but our kids, our young men and women, it was time to bring them back home, brian. ainsley: it's an interesting story kind of very scary story out that the pentagon is just released says it's saying we're moving closer to a nuclear war, with our enemies and they name russia, china and north korea and iran.
5:09 am
how serious is this? >> so actually i read this report very carefully yesterday, ainsley. most of it was very well done. there were a few things i thought they had wrong but the point is well taken. the united states is one of the only nations that refused for so long to modernize its nuclear capabilities and to make sure its nuclear strategies were right. we reversed what the obama administration was doing. i've been pleased so far the biden team has allowed a particular set of nuclear modernization programs to continue to go forward and congress has funded it. i think it's a really good thing if you go through the list of names you just identified, ainsley, those were the countries if you look at the file that i had on behalf of president trump, iran, north korea, china, russia, all nuclear powers, we were very focused on this issue of proliferation, and making sure we had the right strategy, the right military strategy, the right diplomatic strategy and certainly the right nuclear force posture so that we could deter those very adversaries that you listed there. will: i've heard you mention the term force posture several times when it comes to withdraw
5:10 am
ing troops from afghanistan. brian asks us if that leaves us in a position to continue to influence that area as other world powers rise like china and russia. ainsley talking about them ris ing even to the level of advanced nuclear capability and then there's this. there is jacqui heinrich, pressing jen psaki on russia's role in ransomware attacks. let's take a quick listen and i'll ask you my question on the other side. >> in the conversation with russia about enforcing this red line that the president drew at the summit, what concrete acts have we made of russia in terms of cracking down on actors that are within that state and clearly are attacking us? >> sure i would say the president hasn't minced words and should he speak with president putin again he will convey the same message which is we, if you do not take action to crackdown on criminal actors in your country, even if the government didn't know, we will. we reserve that option to, and that continues to be his clear
5:11 am
message. will: reports are they are going to bring up climb all change with russia but back to this force posture thing though, mr. secretary. so, you think it is the right posture to take in afghanistan to withdraw troops. we have this worry about nuclear capabilities with some of our greatest adversaries and we see these ransomware attacks. what is the right posture to be taking when it comes to these global adversaries? >> well you began the question with this issue of cyber risk to the united states of america. we took this seriously when the bad guys whether it was north korea or russians attacked us we responded, we had begun to establish a model for deterrence. it doesn't bear that president biden is going to live up to the promises he made a few weeks ago in geneva. i hope i'm wrong about that and the united states responded these massive ransomware attacks on the united states. this is dangerous and only going to get worse. we know what happens when red lines are violated and the united states doesn't pushback against the promises its made. we've got to do that.
5:12 am
more broadly, our posture has to be to make sure that we're prepared to challenge the chinese communist party in the entire region that it plays. that's everywhere today so that was the aim that we had begun to build-out. we've made enormous progress in uniting the world against this threat. this is the serious challenge to the united states for the next five or 10 or 15 years. got to be ready to do it. we increased the defense budget every year in an aim to do just that, to fight this great power challenge. brian: mr. secretary, then how do you make a complete circle? why would it be our best interest to allow china to have influence in afghanistan, and access to their rare earth materials, which the other place that has the rare earth to provide all of our computers, is china itself. so we pulled out and lost all of that influence and the location right between iran, russia, and china. how is that in america's best interest, after we put billions into those bases? >> well, brian, i don't think
5:13 am
we're abandoning the region at all. we've supported lots of countries in the region. we've developed close relationships with the indians, we worked hard with pakistan to deter some of their worst behaviors as well. brian: they're the worst. >> the other point about the region is exactly right. i second your motion. we worked hard with the central asian countries, kazakhstan, all of them, these were an important part of what the trump adminitration was doing and it didn't get much attention but i spent a lot of time working with those countries to build-out a capacity for the united states to have influence in that very region you're describing. afghanistan does sit in a particularly important place, we're not abandoning them, there will still be tens of billions of dollars flowing to afghanistan in 2022 and 2023 that may well be appropriate, and as for rare earth i promise you the trump adminitration was working diligent. we had a plan to make sure that we would have access to the rare earth materials that we needed. i hope that this administration will continue to move down that path. ainsley: mr. secretary, thank you so much for coming on with
5:14 am
us. brian: appreciate it. >> thank you, ainsley, brian, will, thank you. ainsley: carlie has headlines. >> good morning guys and let's start with the weather. right now tropical storm elsa is barreling up the east coast. high winds and heavy rains threatening new jersey, all the way up to new england. new york city already dealing with major flooding. you can see water pouring down the stairs of a subway station and commuters walking through wa ste-deepwater trying to catch their trains. heavy rain turning highways into rivers stranding several cars. elsa is expected to create an even messier commute this morning. >> new york governor andrew cuomo counts his own growth from the pandemic. take a listen. >> very few people were going through what we went through, and speaking for myself it was a tremendous personal benefit. >> well he made that comment in a speech to fellow governors, it comes after he scored a $5.1 million book deal for his
5:15 am
memoire, about his pandemic response despite being investigated for under- reporting covid deaths in nursing homes. >> the head of the american federations of teachers, the second largest teacher's union, earns nine times more than the average teacher salary. irs documents show randy winegar ten made over $560,000 in 2019, while the average salary of a public high school teacher is just over $62,000. public elementary and special education teachers only about 58,000. >> a police officer goes the extra mile to deliver a doordash order after arresting the driver. watch this. >> is there a sherry here? you don't have to get out. you're sherry? >> yes. >> your doordash guy got arrested so i brought your food to you. >> all right, thank you! >> [laughter] >> that is unbelievable. the officer dropping the food off at an arkansas home, after
5:16 am
booking the driver for not having valid insurance, and for driving without a license. usually, when a cop knocks on a door and says is there a sherry here or whoever it is, it's not because they are trying to deliver the food. brian: absolutely. >> i'm sure she breathed a big sigh of relief. brian: people throw their pot plants out the window, quick there's a cop at the front door. ainsley: i'm just delivering your hamburger. brian: thanks, carlie. ainsley: still ahead caitlyn jenner is joining a lawsuit over california governor gavin newsom 's recall, what she's fighting for after the break. brian: plus, michael avanati is over as he's sentenced to two and a half years behind bars but remember what the media had to say about him then? >> they are like the holy spirit. >> [laughter] >> all places, at all times. >> looking ahead to 2020, one reason why i'm taking you seriously as a contender is because of your presence on cable news. brian: remember that, matt and mercedes schlapp were not among
5:17 am
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brian: california gubernatorial hopeful caitlyn jenner joining a lawsuit to stop governor gavin newsom from having the word democrat added next to his name, after newsom claims a filing error removed his party affiliation from the ballots of this upcoming recall. why is that in a left-leaning state? joining us is california gubernatorial candidate former olympic gold medalist caitlyn jenner. why is that important? >> well i'm joining in on his
5:22 am
lawsuit as a intervening party. the reason it's important, gavin newsom keeps changing the rules. he's like a dictated or out here, changes when the recall election is going to take place, how the ballots work, he's doing everything to try to get it in his favor, but i entered this lawsuit because in 2019, he put in a new law sawing that you could put your party affiliation in on your recall ballot, so when his lawyers put his application in, they forgot to put down his party affiliation, so it wasn't realized for months and all of a sudden he realized wait a second, i didn't put down my party affiliation, i want to change it so he went to the secretary of state, shirley web er, and said i want to change it and she said no.
5:23 am
so we personally sued her and i'm entering into that lawsuit. why, because i want transparency i don't want shirley weber, our secretary of state, to cave to the pressure of gavin newsom to keep, you know, he didn't fill out his application right. the fight for california starts now, if we got to do it in the courts, wherever we have gavin newsom has been the worst governor this state has ever had brian: so far, pick-up the la times this morning where it gets sent to me and it says california, you don't need a recall. vaccinations are going good, cases are way down, gdp is going up, they are creating jobs and they have a surplus of $76 billion. what's the problem in california they forgot everything else, but maybe you want to refresh their memory. >> well, honestly, gavin newsom has done the worst job when it comes to shutting our state down over the last year. as you know, different governors have done it different ways, and
5:24 am
he's a great example is disney world in orlando opened up over a year ago, last july. out here in disneyland opened up just like two months ago, okay? just to california residents. he shut our state down. he shut our schools down. our kids were deprived of a year of education, and it didn't have to be that way. he used coronavirus out here and this pandemic as a political tool, to shut the state down. people are not going to forget that. of course now that he's in this recall, and actually just changed the date so now it's going to be september 14, in this recall, he's trying to look like he's the greatest governor of all-time, and the people of california are not going to forget that. he's been a disaster on so many levels. its just been horrible, and there's no common sense in
5:25 am
california when it comes to government, and we need somebody to come in there with some common sense to be able to run this state. brian: so your other area of expertise is sports, olympics especially, tokyo is not going to have any fans which is definitely going to affect things and change what we see but we're kind of used to that after this pandemic year thanks to china, but now the u.s. olympic committee is getting a letter from house republicans. they're concerned about americans embarrassing us on the podium by protesting and violating ioc rules. are you worried about the same thing? >> well, you're talking about our hammer thrower mostly, and i don't think we have to worry about her because she's not that good. the girl actually who won that event is phenomenonally good. she will be on the podium, we don't have to worry about that but i've been around the olympics obviously for a long time. i was the first one in 1972. i loved my country.
5:26 am
i'm so proud to be an american, i was the first one ever to put a flag up at the finish line, so i've been a patriot for a long time, and i don't like using the olympic games as a political tool. i was in the village in 1972, when the terrorists came in and took the israeli athletes. we lost 11 athletes that day. i don't like that. i think the olympic games has the greatest potential for good in the world. it's the largest gathering of countries in the world. there's over 200 countries there there's only a little over 150 countries in the u.n. it has so much potential for good. i don't like people today in this society that we're living into use the one great thing we have, to bring the world together, the olympics, and use it as a political tool. i don't think it's right, and i think the international olympic committee, the united states olympic committee should do everything they can to stop it. brian: it be another
5:27 am
embarrassment on the world stage and i think these republicans are worried about it and let's keep our fingers crossed we just get to see good clean competition. caitlyn jenner best of luck running to be the next governor from california. we'll find out in september and talk to you in between. >> i certainly hope so, caitlyn, join in, donate, help this cause, we've got to get gavin newsom out of there and take the state back. brian: you've got it thanks so much for joining us always good to see you. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, we're getting ready for cpac, matt and mercedes schlapp are here to preview the jam packed weekend they put together which you can catch on fox nation. >> ♪
5:28 am
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5:31 am
ainsley: disgraced lawyer michael avenatti falling as he is sentenced to prison for two
5:32 am
and a half years after his attempt to extort nike leaving many in the media to now eat their own words. >> you got lucky tonight. we're back with attorney michael avenatti. he's a main player. >> sitting beside me, you have to guess, hint, his name is michael avenatti. >> look i think you're doing a hell of a job. i don't think you're in this for money. >> to me you're like the holy spirit. you are all places at all times. he's out there saving the country. ainsley: joining me now with the american conservative union, matt and mercedes schlapp. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning, hey! you have a big weekend we'll talk about cpac coming up but first let's get your reaction to this michael avenatti story. mercedes i'll start with you. >> i think the district judge said it right. michael avenatti was drunk on power on his platform, and i think using his platform, and i think that it's just so telling that these individuals who tried to become famous with their job of trying to destroy donald
5:33 am
trump, they are having their day of reckoning right now, and you know, he, at this point, obviously he sounded like he felt very remorse about what had happened, saying he's destroyed his relationships and his friendships through this process , and i've got to tell you with what the liberal media did to make him into a dem igod backfired. ainsley: matt, let's move on to the acu joining this lawsuit. donald trump launched this class action lawsuit against big tech and i know your organization has joined too. why is that? >> yeah, that's right, and the thing that is concerning, ainsley, they have disagreements should we breakup big tech should you have the ability to sue big tech there's a lot of libertarian leaning conservative s and these are private companies you have to leave them be. what we have to understand is they don't have the right to call themselves private companies when they are colluding and acting as agents of government officials. all these democrats who have been putting posts out there
5:34 am
demanding that jack doors it, for instance, cancel donald trump or stop some conservative or some great american from speaking, they are basically taking their marching orders from democrats in the regulatory state and on the hill, so they can no longer claim that they are private actors just making private decisions of who can be on their site and that is the fundamental thrust of this lawsuit which by the way is a trial lawyer's dream in a sense that we have the best trial lawyers on this suit. they are going to use the tactics at the left to take down big tech acu and cpac are proud to be on that lawsuit and we'll take the fight to them. ainsley: did they censor you guys? >> absolutely, all started at cpac in 2015 when facebook refused to allow cpac to trend because the conservative movement was really popping, donald trump was beginning his run for president, so we have witnessed this over and over again and you know this , in orlando, donald trump gave a speech that had something like 31 million views you can't even
5:35 am
find that anymore, because they just cancel us left and right. ainsley: and mercedes nick name, she goes by mercy in washington. >> lord is mercy that's right. ainsley: i love it. give us a preview of what we can expect with cpac. president trump will be there, governor kristi noem, rick perry , who else? >> we've got dr. ben carson is coming, robert o'brien who was the nfc advisor, we've got governor bill lee, it's just a whole group and then we've also got the grassroots activist like ian prior and one of the women, one of the moms who spoke against critical race theory, someone who survived chinese come communism and is speaking out against this radical leftist agenda in our schools, so it is about not only our conservative leaders but also, this organic grassroots individuals who are really making a difference in their community. they will not be canceled, we're going to be fighting against this leftist agenda, because we're here to save america.
5:36 am
ainsley: the theme, "america un canceled" and you took it to texas this year. we'll be watching you can watch it live on fox nation. thanks so much matt and mercedes we appreciate it so much. >> thank you. ainsley: along with all of the speeches watch on fox nation speeches of president trump and many others just go to foxnation .com to sign up and stream cpac live today through sunday. 8:35 here on the east coast, coming up it's a busy morning at the old south pancake house in texas where lawrence jones, whose also speaking at cpac, is having breakfast with our friends, hey, lawrence. >> ♪ >> talking to folks all morning of course but first i've got to deliver food. who ordered the hot cakes? all right, more "fox & friends" coming up. we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today,
5:37 am
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5:41 am
for cpac let's check back with diners having breakfast with friends in the lone star state, with one of our friends. brian: lawrence jones joins us live from south pancake house in fort worth. lawrence? >> hey, guys i'm back with friends, talking about issues of the day. i've got emily right here, she's very passionate. the president of the united states addressing the crime problem. you say he's going after the law abiding citizens. >> yes, i think that's the biggest concern is not addressing the actual issue of crime and, you know, resolving the underlying problems that going after being able to protect ourselves and going after gun guns doesn't resolve the problem and then certainly, by defunding the police and not putting law enforcement in a position where they are actually able to do their jobs and protect people. i think that that's a very big issue and i am really concerned about how this is all going to play out. reporter: a lot of folks feel the same way, guys. in fact the crime is going up,
5:42 am
citizens can't defend themselves and then the cops can't go to protect them. listen you've got to meet these two, this is lou and this is sylvester and he is a veteran and a postal verse worker and they created this shirt back back to support our menace they go out for battle. >> it was created by a co- worker and she decided we would wear it every friday, wear red every friday to support the troops until they came home so we've been wearing them ever since, so it inspired a lot of people. we have a lot of military and retired military who work at the post office. reporter: sylvester how does this feel to meet someone that created this that supports you? >> this is fantastic. the support that we get here is unbelievable. i mean, welcome here, by the way , and talking to lou, it's like making us all feel really well and still supporting our troops and we hope they all come home soon. thanks for making it happen for us.
5:43 am
>> this is like right here. you talk about the prices of goods and the economy. >> sure. yeah, this administration always tells us about a couple of cents going up, gas, $0.06 or $0.04 or jen psaki said a picnic for the 4th of july be about $ 0.16 so we need to make sure to realize the price has gone up exponentially in the last year but our wages have not so we need to take care of the american people. reporter: that's the theme we continue to hear all this money spent, inflation going up, the fact that prices are good, they are going up is being passed down to the consumer, and then that goes back to the former president, talking about middle america, and the forgotten men and women. i've been hearing a lot about that, guys its been a pleasure to be with you, in texas, my home state in dallas. i'm going to send it back to you guys until cpac tomorrow. brian: i don't know if you're downtown, fort worth, head downtown, if you're not, go to m
5:44 am
l etti, crack open a coors light, draw your foot and get custom boots while it happens, lawrence, go do it. reporter: custom boots? will: yes, sir. >> got to make it happen. ainsley: lawrence say hi to your parents. brian: so lawrence by the way if you want to see more of lawrence and who doesn't, tomorrow, cpac, he'll be speaking on fox nation, he'll be on stage fox nation will cover all of the action. will: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> hi, good morning we are tracking elsa let's take a look at it moving through new york city up towards boston, getting heavy rainfall and winds in excess of 50 miles per hour along the coast. we did have a report of a tornado in new jersey earlier on this morning and with some of these heavier bands we could see , you know, some weaker structural damage with potentially tornadoes across the coast, up towards new england, so there is the latest track and as you can see , still remains a tropical storm tomorrow, as it gets up towards
5:45 am
atlantic canada so we have tropical storm warnings in effect just know that you have the potential for heavy rainfall, very strong gusty winds, and that will be ongoing throughout the morning, and into the afternoon and then by tomorrow, it is gone. gone. but it is tropical season so stay tuned. we'll keep you updated, will, ainsley, brian, back to you. ainsley: thank you, janice. coming up, next, the all-american summer concert series is back with a performance from country singer lindsay ell. >> ♪ i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor.
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5:49 am
dana: president biden moved up his timeline for removing u.s. troops from afghanistan. our reporter is on the ground as the taliban continues to expand its territory, and a baseball coach killed in an apparent road rage incident. we will talk to the police that are asking for your help to find the killer. we have a new spelling bee winner and she's going to join us, coming up we'll see you at the top of the hour. back to you, will. will: thank you, dana. you know her from her number one hit "what happens in a small town" and now country singer lindsay ell is opening for super star blake shelton on tour, but
5:50 am
lindsay joins our all-american summerer concert series on fox & friends. good morning, lindsay we're happy to have you. >> good morning, will it's so good to hear your voice. will: i love what you said about nashville, small town, everybody supports each other so first you have a hit duet with brantley gilbert and now you're about to hit the road with blake shelton. >> well i'm so excited i've been such a fan of blake and everything he does and he's so supportive of me and so we are so excited to get back on the road obviously its been a challenging past. year and a half for a lot of artists and musicians so we cannot wait to get back out there and see all of those smiling faces in the crowd it's going to be a really good summer. will: it's not just the two of you either right? country music extravaganza? >> yeah, blake is so good at bringing out like country music mecca extravaganza as you said, so we're opening the show and then in his show, march tina mcbraid, trace atkins and tracy bird make appearances, and
5:51 am
there's a round in the middle of his show it's going to be something that you're not going to not want to miss. will: get your tickets at lindsay ell live on tour, coming up in just about one minute, you're going to have a performance for us, lindsay. tell us about this song, its inspiration, tell us about how this came into your life. >> you know, it was the first song that started off my record that i released last year and releasing an album in the middle of a pandemic i think a lot of us artists didn't know if the music would get heard by anybody and yet we released it and it just started engaging with fans, you know, we were on the top 10 charts of bbc radio in the uk so it was just crazy to see even in the midst of a global pandemic when you couldn't travel that music can be heard by people around the world, and seeing it do so well in the uk, being on the charts next to bruno mars, i was like what is going on, this is crazy! so its been just amazing to see
5:52 am
an album actually get heard, i think that we've needed music this past year and a half more than anything. will: no doubt and it has resonated to your point and i'm sure its changed your life pretty dramatically as well. okay, so you told us about how it's being received. why don't you show it to us, let's take a watch, "hit me" here. ♪ ain't supposed to be going out , i'm supposed to be crying at home, ain't supposed to be having this much fun, when i just got my heart broke, and it might look like breaking up is easier for me, but you can't always believe what you see. ♪ ♪ i'm happy until it hits me, we're nothing but history, it's too late to go back there again,
5:53 am
we're better off as friends, and i can say distracted, like nothing ever happened, but that's until it pulls me under, wondering if you miss me, i'm happy until it hits me, hits me, hits me, i'm happy until it hits me, hits me, hits me ♪ ♪ i ain't looking for a rebound, i'm just trying to do me now, oh , and honestly i'm trying to learn to live this life without you, it might look like breaking up is easier for me but you can't always believe what you see ♪ ♪ i'm happy until it hits me, we're nothing but history, and it's too late to go back there again we're better off as friends, and i can stay distracted, like nothing ever happened, but that's until it pulls me under, wondering if you miss me, i'm happy until it hits
5:54 am
me, hits me, hits me, i'm happy until it hits me, hits me, hits me ♪ ♪ so you know i'm going to turn it up, i'm going to dance all night, so you know i'm gonna act like you're the last thing that's on my mind, until it hits me, and i turn on the radio, and i can't help but listen, and admit it, i miss you ♪ ♪ i'm happy until it hits me, we're nothing but history, it's too late to go back there again, we're better off as friends, i
5:55 am
can stay distracted, like nothing ever happened, but that's until it pulls me under, wondering if you miss me, i'm happy until it hits me, hits me, hits me, i'm happy until it hits me, hits me, hits me ♪ ♪ so you know i'm gonna turn it up, so you know i'm gonna dance all night, so you know i'm gonna act like you're the last thing that's on my mind, until it hits me, i'm happy until it hits me, hits me, hits me ♪ >> [applause] [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
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♪ ♪ >> that's ell lindsay who was just playing here. you know what's exciting?
6:00 am
fox weekend. jesse watters, tammy bruce, mark levin, dr. ben carson, mike huckabee, john duffy, that's a big show. >> they could be diving into cpac. >> do they have an early out at? >> at such a long show, at some point we'll get to see them all. >> are we done right now? >> it's like a half day for you. >> dana: the biden administration waking up today to two big stories on its plate on the white house saying there is no mission accomplished in afghanistan. also telling americans or vaccine status is absolutely the government's business. good morning, i'm dana perino. bill is off today. >> good morning everyone, i'm trace gallagher. this is "america's newsroom." wherever you come down on afghanistan, it certain that the taliban is gaining ground in that region. >> dana: that is absolutely true. >> trace: in the meantime the white house was defendi


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