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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 9, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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mode after the h h ss secretary claims it is the government's right to know your vaccine status. we are live in dc. todd: georgia police arrest a man in the murderer georgia golf pro. what do we know about that? carley: tom brady, don't even think about it, he gets a stern warning after another championship trophy heads to tampa. ♪♪ ♪♪ oh my god ♪♪ it's the weekend ♪♪ todd: beautiful orlando. rachel used of the -- play with will, pete and rachel. filling in, helping us out this morning. it is on the ipod.
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x oh. carley: it is quite the earworm. 24 hours a day. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. carley: let's get straight to it. h h the secretary xavier becerra backing off of earlier comments in which he stated is the government's right to know of americans have been vaccinated. >> a new study shows vaccinations for kids and teens may not be necessary. >> the study suggests kids are likely to survive a covid 19 infection with or without a vaccine. the health and human services secretary is facing backlash after he said it was absolutely the government's right to know if your household has been vaccinated.
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>> the federal government has spent trillions of dollars to keep americans alive during this pandemic so it is absolutely the government's business. knocking on the door has never been against the law. >> reporter: the government has no database tracking who is vaccinated. we are encouraging people to step up to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated. it is the best way to save lives and end this pandemic. missouri has a lower rate of vaccination and the governor requested federal help to deal with a surge in cases in springfield that is firmly against vaccine door knockers tweeting sending government employees or agents door-to-door to compel vaccinations would not be an effective or welcome strategy in missouri. the white house is pushing back. >> the thing that is frustrating to us is when people are critical of these tactics it is in the service of the country and the doctors, faith leaders, community leaders and others who are working to get people vaccinated.
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>> the debate continues whether kids should be vaccinated, in at least five states those over 18 can get a covid 19 vaccine without a parents permission. new research says data from the first year of the pandemic suggests death scene infected kids are rare. according to the study, 99.95% of children and young people in england who tested positive for covid 19 survived. those with underlying conditions had more issues but it was rarely fatal. according to the cdc, 158 million americans have been fully vaccinated. 67% of adults have gotten part of the vaccine, that is just shy of the goal of 70% by earlier this week. carley: thank you. todd: chief of staff under donald trump, mark meadows says the door-to-door vaccine pushes another failure of the biden administration.
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>> where we need a help wanted sign is 1600 pennsylvania avenue. they need some help and some decision-makers because they are not in control the border. they are not in control the job market. they are not in control of international relationships with china and russia and they are not in control of their own narrative. congresswoman rashida to leave talks about shutting down dhs but they are talking about we are going to hire new irs agents or send people door-to-door to check on vaccines. it is beyond belief that progressives would go this far to the left of that quickly. todd: a couple months back the face of the progressives, aoc, said president biden was exceeding progressives expectations. carley: a manhunt underway after four prisoners escaped jail in illinois. the sheriff's office says three of the men had been caught after an extensive air and ground search but one is still on the run.
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zachary heart is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him police they don't approach him, call 911 immediately. todd: police say this man is in custody for the drive-by shooting of undercover law enforcement agency in chicago and in indiana police charged this man for ambushing and killing an fbi task force agents. authorities say he threw a molotov cocktail and an fbi facility. the officer was killed in a shootout and charged with the murder of a federal agent. as for the alleged chicago gunman, eugene confessed to shooting 3 undercover agents, reportedly mistook the agents for rival gangs members. he is charged with assault of federal agents, he was released from the hospital. jillian: overnight the man police call loan shooter in the georgia golf club triple homicide is arrested and charged with murder. todd: actually strohmeyer tells us what police are reviewing about that suspect.
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horrible situation. >> reporter: they are not giving much to what is going on with this. the investigation is still ongoing. they say 23-year-old brian rogan was arrested after police asked him to come to the station. he is facing 3 counts of murder, aggravated assault and two counts of kidnapping. take a listen. >> the arrest in this case was due to investigative efforts of the men and women of the cobb county police department, we have detectives who have worked round-the-clock, some nearly slept in their offices since july 3rd. >> reporter: rogan is accused of gunning down golf pro jean stiller on the green on the tentpole. police say stiller was shot in the head because he stumbled on a crime taking place. he was the father of two. those who knew him are honoring his memory. take a listen. >> i just pray that through all
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of this it brings everyone else together. take a step back and realize how precious our life is. >> reporter: two others were shot to death in the back of that white pickup truck that was abandoned on the golf course. police said the truck belonged to to one of those victims and police are not saying anything about possible motives or how rogan was tied to them. police did not to specify details about the two counts of kidnapping but charges could be coming as detectives interview him. there is no word on funeral arrangements for james stiller. todd: president biden bumping up the plan for us troops to withdraw from afghanistan. >> military mission in afghanistan will conclude on august 30 first. for those who argue we should stay 6 more months or one more
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year, 20 years of experience has shown us one more year in afghanistan is not a solution but a recipe for being there indefinitely. todd: troubling data shows the taliban is making serious territorial gains across the country. the president insisting a talent and take over is not inevitable. congressman michael walsh will join us to discuss. todd: pfizer is working toward a booster shot that target the spreading delta covid variance. they say a third shot could serve as a complement to their current two shot vaccine to promote high level of protection against the strain and other variants. clinical trials could begin as early as august but american health officials sending a strong message about all fully vaccinated people are very much protected against covid. in a joint statement the fda and cdc said, quote, americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster shot at this time.
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todd: out sharpton calling for a voting rights in police reform for african-americans. he and other civil rights leaders met with president biden and vice president harris at the white house to discuss these issues. here's what he had to say after that. >> this will be a summer of activism. a summer of saying to the senate and the congress you may be going home but it is going to be warmer politically than you think on the ground. todd: activists to march on the national mall on august 20th, the anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s to famous i have a dream speech. carley: overnight the spelling be champion is crowned. >> reporter: that is correct.
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>> she celebrate her victory becoming the first african-american contestant to win the competition in its 96 year history. the 14-year-old is from harvey, louisiana and a basketball fan, playing for the wnba. she holds 3 guinness world records for dribbling multiple balls simultaneously. this is far from her first victory but seems like a cool kid. todd: going back to the spelling be i misspelled the word recommend in fourth grade. i lost 2 media. i hope this -- carley: you and she were the only people standing. that is a victory. todd: my parents told me it was two seeds. you are on my you know what list. carley: we can get over that. the time is 10 minutes after the hour. a virginia parent is set up with lack of accountability on his
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local school board so he is running for a seat. delia schapiro explains frustration with the welcome aboard next. todd: black lives matter chapter attacking the american flag calling it a symbol of hatred. how they are defending the massive insult coming up. ♪♪ rocking in the usa ♪♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you?
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>> controversy over curriculum, pandemic school closures and woke ideology, school boards under fire, parents doing something about it. one virginia parent running for a seat on local school board calling them, quote, unaccountable. joining me at the center for constitutional studies, ely a schapiro. we've had you on the show
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before. this is something different. what was your breaking point that led you to run? >> my oldest son is starting kindergarten at the end of next month, kind of scary. my wife and i started paying attention to local politics, local school board politics. a lot of controversy about reopening. our school board in virginia while the schools were closed the board kept referring to the superintendent to move the goalpost and pushing reopening back and back and back. finally they opened partly in february and truly in april after spring break but while they were closed in december they decided to rename thomas jefferson elementary and george mason i because they were slaveholders and voted unanimously despite a public poll that they commission that went 3 to 1 against renaming. this is a jurisdiction that voted 80% for president biden. this is not an inherent ideological division. that plus lack of response over
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all sorts of issues as i began to learn about all this my oldest son starting kindergarten, that made me throw my hat into the ring. todd: i have two major issues, bad guys should remain in jail and locked up an education should be simple, preparing kids for the world of work that awaits them. why have we gotten away from that? >> i don't know. i think the pandemic and all sorts of public policy areas showed certain weaknesses in our governance from the federal government down to the local. my day job is engaging with constitutional issues, that is not what i'm doing with the school board. i'm talking transparency, responsiveness, accountability, school, people move here,
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property values are high and taxes higher than our neighbors in arlington and fairfax and elsewhere. we have excellent public schools. i want to maintain that part of that is having a school board that is responsive to the needs of parents and my parents alike. todd: the critical race theory controversy, teachers union chief family legal action to defend teaching of, quote, honest history. take a listen. >> mark my words. our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history. we have a legal defense fund ready to go and preparing for litigation as we speak. todd: that is randi weingarten. put on your reading the tea leaves in court hat for a moment. how do you see the legal battle playing out? >> depends how it is framed was i want to get out of battling for critical race theory because it is hard to define. if all we talk about is teaching
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better history i'm all for that. if there's a public school district not teaching about slavery or the tulsa massacre, the one hundredth anniversary of which past this your juneteenth or the debate over slavery, absolutely that should be expanded and taught but racially sensualism or teaching little kids blackness and whiteness is how they should see their friends or 30 public school district in 15 states, derived from one of the leading marxist critical race theorists about whiteness being a deal with the devil, these things, this is poisonous. it is not true. it is anti-american and not what kids should be taught. i don't know about legal action but parents need to be involved with the school board. school board set curriculums, state legislatures set curriculums. reading, writing and arithmetic, actual history absolutely. these poisonous stories that
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view everything through a racial lens is not good. todd: pickup supreme disorder, judicial nominations at the highest court, thank you very much. carley: intense moments as a kentucky police officer rescued a young girl kidnapped off her bike. the quick action the officer took to save her. plus hunter biden's art show raising red flags and ethical concerns. we will have all that next. ♪♪ money money money ♪♪ money ♪♪ money
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪
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♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ >> have you got have 1 million bucks for a painting on your mantelpiece? this data or this run large or
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this pic cause so. you can buy a genuine, wait for it, a genuine under biden. carley: up to 500,$000 for a single piece of artwork by the president's son and the art exhibition opening this fall. ethics watchdog say the sale could pose serious problems. richard peter, chief ethics lawyer for president george w. bush joins us live. what are some of those serious ethics problems we are talking about? >> first of all i don't know why he needs to sell the art right now. i thought he made enough money off of that ukrainian gas company. he could perhaps paint the art and sell it after his father leaves office. the prices are extraordinarily high for someone who does not have an established reputation in art.
2:24 am
there's all sorts of crazy stuff being sold as modern art these days at high prices but these prices are quite outrageous. third, the agreement that was reached with the art dealer who sells art for silver stressed alone, the deal the white house reached with the art dealer where they are going to keep the buyers secret and we don't know who the buyers are and this doesn't work because people can imagine and it might be true that this art could end up in some palace or sheik in saudi arabia, nobody is going to know. as justice brandeis once said, sunlight is the best disinfectant and wanting you don't want to do in the ethics arenas teach something secret, have all the cards on the table and if he is going to sell the art which i don't think he should be doing, people should
2:25 am
know who the buyers are to make sure senior administration officials aren't doing any favors for those buyers so this entire situation doesn't look good. i was hoping the white house would persuade him to stand down and not sell his artwork at this price certainly not at those prices. carley: the white house has apparently come up with a plan where no one, not even hunter biden will know who is buying his artwork and they say that will alleviate any ethics issues but the concern is people will find out who is buying his paintings and then they can use that to carry some sort of favors or influence among the biden administration. how likely do you think that is that that could happen? >> somebody paying that kind of money for artwork are likely to hang on the wall in the living room. they are not going to put it in the closet. people have parties and invite
2:26 am
other people over, a purchase by some for in dignitary and then the american ambassador, you've got an original hunter biden. this is great. i can't imagine word isn't going to get out who purchased the artwork. that doesn't seem to make sense. it will get out just the american people won't know. that is where we don't want to be. jillian: if you have 500,$000 for a hunter biden painting you are probably throwing some parties. his book that he wrote and did heavy media promotion for didn't even do very well. i don't think people are clamoring for a piece of hunter biden but he's doing art now which is a more productive use of his time, he gets credit for that. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you.
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todd: that segment amused me so much. 26 after the hour, drug cartels taking advantage of the border crisis as authorities seized 16 tons of marijuana. julio said the crisis is getting worse and joined us next. rain flooding new york city as tropical storm elsa moves up the coast, janice dean has the latest forecast next. of king'r and hotdog buns for a chance to win a flavortown-inspired hawaiian getaway. can i get another restock on king's hawaiian bread? again. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at
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the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. ask your eye care professional about restasis®. now to trick out these lights. visit to learn more. ♪♪ >> officials in southern california cracking down on the cartel at illegal drug operations fueled by the border crisis with the authorities seizing 16 tons of marijuana. carley: julio rosas spoke to residents who feel their lives are in danger. tell us more about what you heard from residents who feel threatened by members of the mexican drug cartel. >> they were concerned. their livelihoods are affected. a lot of these are farmers and
2:31 am
ranchers and in order to put these in the desert the mexican cartels have to steal water from local residents. on top of that the environmental impacts they have a very bad because the chemicals they use to facilitate these operations are extremely harmful to groundwater residents drink and use. this is such a multifaceted problem. what is happening gained steam in the past year. the sheriff says they saw 150 illegal farms when they did a survey and it was in neighboring san francisco. todd: for those not familiar with california and the need for
2:32 am
water, water is life out there in a way that you couldn't believe. they made a movie about a call china town but it is so vital to everything. la is a desert point blank. who do the residents blame? >> they blame the local officials who didn't take it as seriously as they want us to because there was this idea it is just marijuana, not that bad a drug. the drug isn't the issue but the people behind the drug. they are not mountaintop hippies, these are mexican drug cartels who have no problem flexing their muscle whether it is against civilians or law enforcement. that is why it is a huge problem. this was a problem for a while.
2:33 am
obviously they are channeling more people. >> the story is so important, it should be getting more attention of talking about members of the mexican drug cartel threatening us citizens on our soil. thank you for bringing our attention to it. you will be speaking at cpac this weekend, you can watch julio's speech along with speeches from donald trump and many others. thank you for joining us. >> he is doing amazing work on so many topics. 33 after the hour the utah chapter of flak wives matter declaring the american flag a symbol of hatred, the group rating on facebook, quote, and black american see the flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around. we know the person flying it is a racist.
2:34 am
when we see this flag we question your intelligence, we know to avoid you. it is a symbol of hatred. the blm chapter founder telling fox news this highlights how they use it as a symbol of hatred but never get criticized for it. >> body camera footage captures the moment kentucky police a rescue a 6-year-old after she was snatched off her bike. watch. >> open the door. hello. >> officers tracked down the little girl in 30 minutes after witnesses followed her alleged kidnapper until cops arrived. the man was held on $1 million bond. take a look at this, new york city subway station with waist deep water, thunderstorms bringing heavy rain creating chaos for commuters.
2:35 am
todd: a man using a trash bag, don't know if that works, water pouring down stairs, this happens a lot. >> major flooding on highways leaving several cars stranded. >> things get worse as tropical storm elsa moves in. it was a wild day yesterday. >> why would you do that? >> i would walk, i would get a hotel. people don't have an option. there are other things, the video is incredible and that wasn't even this. that was before. i could go on but this is the weather forecast. tropical storm elsa still
2:36 am
wreaking havoc across the i-95 florida, reports of tornadoes in new jersey, coastal new jersey so the storm is not done yet. 50 mile-per-hour sustained winds interacting with the trough, it is becoming like a nor'easter type of deal and we will see potential for heavy rain, strong wind, the morning commute will be a mess in new york city and up to boston and maine and atlantic canada will see damage from the storm and heavy rain fall so tropical storm warnings in effect from new jersey to new england so we will see that throughout the day and by tomorrow it is out of here. peak rush-hour for some of the season reports of tornadoes in new jersey. if you don't have to be out there, don't listen to your local officials. >> there was a number that shook the us, this was before.
2:37 am
>> i thought it was also. elsa didn't help with the moisture but the thunderstorm. todd: tom brady getting a warning. brady saying -- don't do it. >> he tossed the lombardi trophy in february and there it was. he admitted to having one too many drinks during the celebration. brady tweeted back if he does have bums, don't know, everything feels a little 8 or. >> the best deception of that when it happens, tom brady was overserved a. 37 after the hour the military testing and antiaging bill to improve human performance. tell you about that next.
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>> a federal judge sentencing michael avenatti to to have years in prison for attempting to extort tens of millions of dollars. jillian: the judge said the disgraced anti-trump lawyer had, quote, become drunk on the power of his platform. cheryl casone joins us with more. a pretty big story yesterday. >> reporter: the lawyer infamous
2:42 am
for representing stormy daniels convicted for threatening to extort nike for $25 million over alleged payments made to the families of college basketball prospects, nike denied wrongdoing in this. it is a spectacular fall for a man, once a media darling when his target was donald trump. >> we are back with attorney michael avenatti, he is a main player. >> you have to guess, his name is michael avenatti. hot donald trump's worst nightmare. >> you are like the holy spirit, you are all places at all times. >> looking at 2020 i'm taking it seriously as a contender because of your presence on cable news. >> prosecutors say he was count on a big payday and faces war trials in california for alleged theft and tax fraud.
2:43 am
>> that is amazing, the compilation of clips is so amazing, the definition of stupid in the dictionary just plays over and over and over. more controversy for the olympics. >> reporter: 39 republican house members concerned about fears athletes might get political. writing a letter to the olympic committee we are concerned by the growing trend of american athletes taking advantage of the international platform reported by the lipid games to perpetuate divisive, hateful and anti-american ideology. they mentioned gwen barry who turned away the national anthem was played last month. congressman matt rosen dale said euros will turn all of this off. >> folks don't want to see those games politicized. for every one of our athletes
2:44 am
who stand on that podium we want them to be as enthusiastic about representing the united states as all of us are in congress. >> barry held up a t-shirt that read activist athlete. their concerns are justified. >> what is this about an antiaging pill? >> reporter: the secret to the fountain of youth found with the us military, special ops command testing and antiaging pill that could slow neurodegeneration and decrease inflammation which can improve the lifespan in general of humans, working with leading industry partners and clinical research institutions developing the pharmaceutical in the form of a pill for a variety of uses for civilian and military members, might include improve human performance like increased endurance, faster recovery from injuries, trials will begin next year. it is not really antiaging but
2:45 am
injury prevention. that is a big benefit which would help the us military in particular. carley: sound like a sci-fi movie. i am kind of scared. >> reporter: of anybody wants me to test this. >> have a great weekend. coming up, more or less your hometown. >> lawrence jones live in texas ahead of the pack, having breakfast with friends. ♪♪ you decide fast... is never fast enough. you put muscle over matter. and you make horsepower... a superpower. ♪ welcome to the brotherhood of muscle.
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jillian: welcome back. lawrence jones in fort worth, texas having breakfast with
2:49 am
friends, you'll be speaking at cpac this weekend, you have a big weekend coming up. >> it will be a lot of fun. these people are considered activists, part of the conservative movement, this is where careers are born and die, they are critical people, they want to hear an agenda. in fort worth, texas, let them know what they think about the president, taxes going up, a lot of stuff about race relations, talking with them all morning. todd: what is it like playing a home game? >> your cowboy hat too. >> yes. it is good to be home, the new york smell. we open and say thank you to each other, we see each other.
2:50 am
it was good yesterday. it is great. >> i was on instagram & your mom, she is beautiful and looks like your sister. unbelievable and your niece is beautiful, so good that you are getting some family time. what do you have in store for folks? what are you talking about? >> three years ago when i first joined the channel, we have the initiative of me covering crime, liberal cities that are in crisis and now we see the results of that, that they cannot get through that together, there is poverty going on and to see that turn in the country i will talk about that and what the response should be
2:51 am
from the movement. i highlight these stories on "fox and friends" and show the brokenness but we have to do something about it. we cannot abandon other american family members and seems like they have been forgotten. >> i'm sure the folks at cpac will love it and appreciate it. nobody knows close better than lawrence jones. jillian: look at that. thanks so much, see you later. former green beret and congressman michael walsh reacts to president biden bumping up our withdrawal from afghanistan. . we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, like through our venture capital group. backing technologies like electric vehicle charging, carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead,
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the united states did what we went to do on 9/11 to get the terrorists on 9/11 and get justice usama bin laden. those who said we should stay six more months or one more year nearly 20 years of experience has shown us one more year of fighting in afghanistan is not a solution but a recipe for being there indefinitely. todd: president biden bumping up the date for u.s. troops to fully withdraw from afghanistan to august 31st. jillian: data shows the tall ban gaining ground in violence kicking up in the region. former green beret and former congressman michael waltz joins us now. congressman, you are very familiar with this region. you served several tours of duty
2:56 am
in afghanistan. you just heard president biden there. he also said that the taliban takeover of afghanistan is not inevitable and afghan troops are well-as well equipped as any military in the world. is that true. >> i disagree with so many aspects of president biden's justification there. you know, i would ask him did he think it's worthwhile that we have been in south korea for 65 years. we have been in germany and japan 75 years. soldiers down in colombia for 40 years helping train and advise their militaries, providing assistance and support and then, also, in our national interest, having a presence that we can take care of business when we need to. so, i do think it's in our national interest. i pushed for a small presence that can provide
2:57 am
counter-terrorism where half the world's terrorists still exist and the intelligence community is clear. they do intend to hit the united states again. but, oh, by the way, the base that we have there that biden just closed was sandwiched between china, russia and iran. it was a strategic base. thanked was the only one that we had in the region. that said, what i was looking for yesterday, he doubled down on his withdraw policy. what's the plan, president biden, for the day after american troops are home? al-qaeda will come roaring back in the wake of a taliban takeover, much like isis did when obama pulled out of iraq. and we saw what happened there with the attacks across middle east, europe and the united states. and that's what i fear is about to happen again. todd: following up to what you just said, does that make our homeland more vulnerable to an attack? >> it does. we have no other bases in the region. so, you know, president biden is
2:58 am
talking about over the horizon counter-terrorism. that is incredibly dangerous and difficult. when our military leaves, the cia and our intelligence community leaves, so we will, if not be blind on the ground, we will be legally blind, and the important part is that all of our contractors have left, too. and our contractors were providing maintenance for the afghan air force. not only is our air support left, pretty soon the afghan air support is going to be grounded. that was our biggest advantage on the battle field against the taliban. and now they are out on the ground. the afghans are doing the fighting. we were in a supporting role but that support was critical and now it's gone. carley: yeah, congressman, the other issue is that of afghan interpreters. the taliban wants to kill these people and they helped save american soldiers' lives. president biden addressed that yesterday. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> our message to those women and men is clear, there is a
2:59 am
home for you in the united states if you so choose and we will stand with you just as you stood with us. carley: so i'm sure that you think that is good news. he says that the u.s. is going to work towards getting these people out within the next month, possibly next month. is that soon enough? >> time has run out. these people are being hunted down as we speak. i was glad to hear the president talk about it, mention them and including the american hostage who the taliban have been holding a navy veteran now for a year that we should have gotten out months ago, before we even agreed to this withdrawal. i was glad to hear the mention and the happy talk. let's see action on the ground. those people need to have been evacuated months ago because the taliban are hunting them down and, again, it's not just the moral thing to do, the right thing to do to not turn our back on these folks that stood with us, but from a national security perspective, if we have to go
3:00 am
back. todd: right. >> and the military and intelligence community are saying we may have to, what local allies will we have to fight with on the ground if they have all been hunted down. not just the interpreters, female politicians, judges, journalists, everyone who stood with us. carley: such a good point. todd: peecht your insight on this tough situation. with that "fox & friends" starts right now have. a good weekend. carley: you too. have a good one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: i think you need to steal this open this morning because we are taking a shot of dallas where you are from down there in the beautiful state of texas. will: that's ainsley talking to me will cain along with brian kilmeade and ainsley earhardt. shot of dallas as they show a highway as everyone wakes up. ainsley: everyone commutes right


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