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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 9, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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probably and unapologetically. ♪ ♪ fans take over, every sport loudly, proudly and unapologetically. please set your dvr. let not your heart be troubled. t laura: glad you're doing that every night because that is america. we see, everyone hating on the flag, that's not where most people are, don't care what they are teaching in schools, that is not what most people want to hear. >> baseball, basketball, football, hockey, you name it. laura: proudly love your country knowing no country is perfect and we always have to work on a lot of stuff but that's the
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evolving experiment. laura: awesome show, thank you for playing that. this is the into the graham angle from washington. classmate anthony fauci took to the airwaves and told americans to get over it and still get the shot. one woman did just that, she is here tonight to share her harrowing experience, a store you will not see anywhere else but first hide your kids, that's the focus of tonight's angle. it is often said that the children are our future and that is exactly why the left wants to take them from parents who don't buy into their twisted agenda. everywhere you look in myriad ways forces are working overtime to undermine parental rights and their judeo-christian values from teachers unions to gender
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activists to biden vaccine pushers we are seeing a concerted effort backed by the biggest financial interests out there to indoctrinate our children into a dark mindset of anti-americanism. this new normal requires the undermining of american history, teaching concepts directly at odds with the ideal of the nuclear family. on the covid issue government and public health experts are trying to force your kids to get injected with an experimental covid vaccine whether you want them to or not. the angle revealed last might the biden administration is about to take their pressure campaign to your doorstep. >> they will press to get 12 to 18-year-olds vaccinated, to work with communities where there are lower vaccination rates, one of the reasons we initiated strike forces to work with them to determine what they need.
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>> strike forces? xi must be very proud. h h s's secretary took it to a more sinister level, biden's vaccine militia will be asking household adults questions about the family's vaccine status and god knows what else. >> we should point out the federal government spent trillions of dollars to keep americans alive during this pandemic so it is absolutely the government's business, taxpayers business if we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting covid and helping reopen the economy, knocking on the door has never been against the law. >> it's not your department after all to find medical
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decisions of americans. the economy is reopen has been for a year in red states. third we trust parents, not the bureaucrats who misled us consistently to make important family health decisions. republican officials are already pushing back, mike parson politely told the fence to take their vaccine evangelization older and arizona ag raised the issue of medical privacy writing i will not tolerate such intrusions in arizona. of americans are on the fence about taking the covid 19 vaccine it would be most inappropriate for bureaucrats to single them out regardless of motivation or intention. the white house is claiming it is not going to keep vaccination database and door knockers are just volunteers, don't worry about it but given their raw obsession with vaccinating kids who rarely get ill from covid no wonder if you trust them. things are so bad in my old home state of connecticut that parents there are suing to
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enjoin a new law that in -- kindergartners to be vaccinated even if it violates parents religious beliefs but when it comes to directly violating parents parental rights dc takes the cake. in the story were brought us my new legislation there allows children as young as 11 years old to get any vaccine including covid 19 without parental consent. the attorney representing the father who is suing dc appeared on the ingraham angle last night. >> the law actually requires the doctor, the school, the health insurance company and the health department to all actively concealed from the parent that the child has received the vaccine. this law is not only encouraging but mandates by law an elaborate scheme of lying to their own parents. laura: not just connecticut and dc subverting parental rights
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but alabama allows 14-year-olds to get the vaccine without parental consent. oregon allows 15-year-olds to get it and rhode island in south carolina you can get it at 16. this is unacceptable was in the states allow tattoos for those under the age of 18 without parental permission but they are allowing minors to get an experimental drug, a brand-new study out of england revealing tonight the children are even more resilient to covid than we actually thought. some 99.995% of the 469,982 children in england who were infected during the year examined by researchers survived but that doesn't matter to the
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left and it is not going to stop the anti-parental trend which perhaps most pernicious in our schools. of kids are not being bombarded by nonstop hectoring on race and white privilege they are being forced to read sexually explicit books with little to no literary value. chicago takes things a step further from reading assignments focused on sex to encouraging students to have sex. free condoms for fifth-graders. forget this also means encouraging fifth graders to violate illinois law that prohibits sex with minors but parents say don't worry because the experts say condoms in elementary school. the bad stuff from happening. those who relish pushing the sexual envelope and redefining gender have 0 respect for parental boundaries. conversations best left between parents and their children are being short-circuited in states like california and new york. one of new york's fancy us to schools is teaching first graders about masturbation was
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when adults cry foul as we have against things like critical race theory being taught in schools the elites and their activist base moving to smear mode and don't hesitate to live. culture warriors labeling any discussion of race, racism, or discrimination as crt to try to make it toxic. they are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history. laura: accurate history. topping the list of suggested reading for teachers and high school students is of course the book how to be in antiracist filled with historical inaccuracies and totalitarian policy ideas. he writes that capitalism is
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essentially racist, and racism is essentially capitalist. i guess that means anyone is racist. your parents are part of the problem and those parents of yours need to begin their never-ending reeducation in antiracism and even raise the slightest doubt about white privilege or the concept of systemic racism democrats state media will defame you. >> followers of q1 on using the battle cry to similarly target school boards with many of espoused q1 on theories melting their own conspiracies with lies about critical race theory. laura: parents of all races and ethnicities are raising concerns about the kids education which by the way they pay for, is like q1 on? sure. totalitarian societies depend on
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propaganda and their leaders ruthlessly enforce its dissemination was give me four years to teach the children and the seed i have sown will never be uprooted. that was from vladimir lenin. we can't afford to give our would be cultural totalitarians four weeks with our kids little own four years and that is the angle. joining museum pryor, executive director of fight for schools and senior counsel for him silenced majority and harmeet dhillon, founder and ceo of the center for american liberty. you are on the front lines of this fight in the schools. i want to ask a simple question. are you a member of q1 on? >> i don't know much about q1 on other than what i've seen on nbc news but i will tell you this whole thing about going after parents because they may have worked in politics or they may be republicans is laughable and all it does is fire up people. i have been a lawyer. i have forked in politics but
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those things are jobs. when you come for my kids, for our kids, it becomes personal and i will take every skill, every lesson i have ever learned throughout my career and fight to ensure our children all have an educational future that guarantees that they will be successful in life. laura: the supreme court jurisprudence on parental rights is very strong on the side of preserving him. at some point the left is going to run into a buzz saw of legal claims against what is being done to teach this hatred of america to our children against the wishes of the people paying the salaries of these teachers and education administrators. >> what the left is using is not good jurisprudence on the schools and cutting that the doctrine but using different doctrines.
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for example talking about covid and vaccines they are using the doctrines of the emergencies, the jacobson doctrine and doctrines that have been used to sterilize people with low iqs in our country, that line of cases has a dark history in our country and what we have is really americans on both sides of the political spectrum having seated authority to our schools, we had republicans preside over the expansion of the department of education of the federalization of it and we have gone down that path where schools are turned to for safety, feeding children, pooling in the wall of the parent. it's not a surprise that the left and the establishment of the teachers union is overreaching in this regard but what they are really doing is substituting themselves for the parents, parents are absent or in many cases the parents are not absent, they are right there
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but virtually helpless next to the power of the teachers union and how politicians are in the pockets of the school infrastructure. that is where push comes to shove. when i went to court to open california schools, it was not part of an issue, democrat parents, people who voted for governor newsom were with us with other parents who were deeply concerned but we are reaching a turning point in our country because people, parents care more about their children than anything else. you are creating an army. laura: dave crawled out on the end of the branch and that branch they are on is really weak and the wood is kind of old and about to snap. i sense it when i travel with people coming up to me who are not big fans of mine on other issues but on the school issue and on the teaching of basic good curriculum and general love of the country we are blessed to
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live in, that is not really debatable in most homes. they are making a huge mistake. >> absolutely right. we did polling in fairfax county and loudoun county, virginia, republicans and independents are overwhelmingly against this overreach from the schools, this is not liberalism of the 1960s or 90s where the government says we know what to do with your money better than you. this is a new kind of radical left that says we know what to do with your kids better than you and we got a foia last week that fox digital reported on the talked about loudoun county public schools instructing teachers saying it is the teachers job to inculcate morals and students and the parents had to respect that authority. not on my watch, not on anybody's watch, a government body inculcate morals in our children is not what schools are
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therefore, they are math, science, reading an accurate history but what they are saying now is anything but accurate history. laura: cnn doctor and for planned parenthood head said this today. >> it needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. it is kind of the opposite. it is fine, easy if you're unvaccinated. at some point these mandates by workplaces and schools, it will be important to say you cannot doubt but if you want to opt out you have to sign these forms, get twice-weekly testing. laura: if she could she would put the unvaccinated americans in camps. honestly she creeps me out more than anyone else on tv and that is saying something. the singling out of people who made their own medical decisions. >> a long line of cases going back to the law but recognized privacy rights of american citizens, some conservatives
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haven't liked these doctrines but have been allowed for example the state cannot stand between a husband and wife taking birth control so we have many many cases that say the right to privacy, the right to be let alone that has been talked about by supreme court justices going back a century is a fundamental american right and it is unique and if we reach the point that the government telling us that either you do what we are telling you with this experiment of drug or even when it is not experiment all or you lose your privileges that will be subject to legal challenges. i am already there looking at those so we will be fighting these. laura: great to see you. an administrator at a northwest elementary school in manchester, new hampshire. like so many school employees he was forced to participate in critical race theory training. instead of remaining on the job,
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he quit. in good conscience he decided he couldn't take part in this ongoing race fraud. his resignation letter and in this way. i wish them nothing but failure in their ongoing quest for civilizational degradation. i leave you with the only verbal response befitting any attempt at antiwhite indoctrination. daniel, i understand the temptation to give a big salute to schools that are doing this but you say you needed the paycheck. as a practical matter couldn't you have just played along to get the paycheck? >> sure, and then i could live to recent myself having not
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stood up on this civilizational antiwhite campaign that these tyrants are on the constitutionally incapable of hating myself and if they want to show that down my throat i will turn it around on the man shove it down their throat. laura: any time an individual open those this constant belittling of the united states from 200 years ago to today, nothing is good, it is all bad, racism is defining everything we do. anytime you raise a question about that today you are called racist. i am sure that is what a lot of the woke people are calling you tonight watching this show. what do you say to them? >> what it does it sets off all of these cretins crawling in from their sewers and they begin their campaign, they are
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pathological, they project their venom and their hate, they attack you for not hating yourself, they can't stand seeing someone stand their ground, stand up for himself. they are in a revolt against nature. anybody that stands like i did this is how you will be treated, just remember they are the insane ones, you are the normal one. defend your self for being normal. laura: i had the privilege of talking to people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, races about this approach to education and even in the sports world and haven't found a single person who thinks this is a good idea and i keep asking you know
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people who think this is a good idea and other than the pundits on other cable networks, editorializing in newspapers i don't see it. this is like college campus stuff infecting the whole country but people from different backgrounds just want to learn and work and occasionally take a vacation and try to get along with each other. >> the response that i have seen just with what i have done, the bottom line is if everybody just responded to me positively, if they all came out of their houses on the same day this entire cultural revolution, revolt against nature, it would stop. they wouldn't even be a fight because it would collapse under the weight of the normal, decent
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people that rightfully load of it. >> the golden rule, treat other people the way you would like to be treated and if we all did that things would be a lot better, content of your character, not the color of your skin. thank you. up next a woman who listened to doctor fauci's vaccination please shares her life threatening reaction to the shot. you only see it here. prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up.
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♪ ♪ >> you've got to ask, what is the problem? get over it. get over this political statement. just get over it and try and save the change you've got to ask what is the problem, get over it, get over this political statement, just get over it and tried to save the lives of yourself and your family. laura: my next guest is having a little trouble getting over it. barbara listens to fauci and the expert skill think americans into getting the covid vaccine. no matter what their preconditions by the way, she received her second dose of moderna on march 3rd and what happened to her after word is deeply disturbing. barbara joins us along with her daughter, carrie quinlan. tell us what happened after you got the second dose. >> on march 3rd i got my second dose, woke up on march 4th, i got a horrific pain in my right i. it was so bad. the next thing i know i'm on the
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floor in my bedroom, my husband says let me try to get you on the bed, i couldn't get up. my left side was so bad, that is the last i remember. the next thing i am told is my son came and he saw that i was really bad, started vomiting, he called my daughter, my daughter called the emergency and they came and took me to loudoun hospital. >> you had to go to fairfax county, what was the diagnosis. >> they took me by helicopter and they were letting me die. i'm going to tell you they were letting me die. if my son was not in the er with me, they said to my son there's nothing we can do. she is comfortable, just let her go and my son went ballistic and
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he was yelling at them to get a brain doctor or a brain surgeon and they said no, they got the brain surgeon and the brain surgeon told my son if we don't operate, she's dying, mice and said what if you go in? i will take may live. they had to get my husband who was en route and he had to get permission over the telephone for them to operate and i had an emergency cranial economy. thank god i had a massive brain bleed, massive. it was one third of my brain was filled with blood. and >> did they want -- did they -- immediately saves this was related to the vaccine or we are not sure? >> no one has admitted that.
12:29 am
i'm a biologist, i am pro-science. my suspicion is that the inflammation from the vaccine cause the artery to rupture and like my mom said, a third of her brain was filled with blood and she suffered hemorrhagic stroke. laura: this is how long after the second dose? >> 18 hours. laura: i want to play video from your mom around christmas. >> 173, still rocking the fish for an italian christmas. >> this is how your mama rolls. >> can you still do that, use your hand like you were in that video? >> know. my whole left side is gone. my eyes down to my feet, totally gone.
12:30 am
i have no hand here. i can't lift my arm, my soldier, my leg, my foot, my eyes. i lost eyesight on the left lower quadrant of both eyes, even my right i. i can't -- laura: they are saying there are going to be adverse reactions to the vaccine but they are extremely rare and you heard what fauci said, get over it, your vaccine hesitancy, get over it. >> they say they are rare. i don't know. their percentage of the population getting these adverse reactions and the message is these adverse reactions need to be made public, they need to be transparent so that they can learn from it. we have reported severe, fda has been notified. my mother's primary care physician contacted moderna.
12:31 am
no one has reached out, they need to follow up with these victims so that they can learn from it, make modifications to the vaccine, better treatments, postvaccination. laura: you have immunity so you can't sue them. anyone else you know have an adverse reaction? >> my nephew, my 20-year-old healthy nephew ended up with perry myocarditis after his second moderna vaccine as well. laura: i could talk to you for an hour about this. it is important for everyone to hear these stories. more vaccine news, pfizer announcing filing for emergency use authorization request for a third booster shot to fight the delta variant. you just heard that horrific story, she is paralyzed and can't move half of her body, significant hemorrhagic event in
12:32 am
her brain and now we are going for the third shot. what is going on? >> it is a public health failure when you're trying to pull the people into doing what you want them to do. this should never ever bully people. we should tell people the truth about for instance such a sad story about barbara. people who are older are in a tough position. covid can cause strokes but so can the vaccine. it is difficult to track when you have a common side effect, common condition like a stroke, harder to find that the vaccine causes an increase risk of it statistically, we found it because it is rare in children and you see it against the low
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background noise so we have to be honest with people, these vaccines are still under experiment will use authority in these vaccines do have side effects. for older people it is worth the risk but you don't believe people, you tell people go talk with your doctor, talk over the risks and make your own decisions, that's the right way, what we're doing now is wrong. it will create vaccine hesitancy, not aluminate it. laura: the wall street journal came out tonight with this new report on studies out of england about children under the age of 18 and covid as we thought it was rare for children to die from covid before but is not even a question now. 99.995% of those who they know covid and many more survives covid. 25 kids under the age of 18 died
12:34 am
of comfort, 19 and serious underlying respiratory and other issues. so social distancing, masking, pushing the vaccine on the kids with a disease that won't affect them except them minute number. >> it is really sad. we took away a year and a half of schooling in the united states, like california where i lived for a disease that harms kids at very low rates but we kind of knew that for a long time. mortgage died last year of the flu last year, more children died of the flu than died of covid and yet we treated children as if they were factors in a disease that low risk for the trees, they don't spread the disease comments we make up the schools open all year long with basically no effect on the kids and the teachers actually have
12:35 am
lower disease rates than the rest of the population. it was incredible. laura: in chicago the teachers union said they want 80% of the kids to be vaccinated at a holy ventilation system before they come back to work. this is criminal at some point. i'm going to say it is child abuse. what they've done to the kids on this issue is child abuse. you've been so far ahead on the facts and the science, appreciate it so much. is democrats push forward with their january 6th committee, who might have shot ashley babbitt, will that factor into the investigation, is it worth it to the republicans to be part of it. kevin mccarthy is your next on where things stand, stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> they are trying to strike a very delicate balance to ensure that anyone they have come before >> they are trying to strike a delicate balance to ensure that anyone they have come before their committee doesn't devolve into a political fireworks game.
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this will depend on who mccarthy appoints to the committee with nancy pelosi making it clear she's trying to make it as bipartisan as possible. that is why she appointed cheney to this committee. laura: is jamie make this bipartisan? minority leader kevin mccarthy said he will that republicans to the committee that nancy pelosi can still have veto power over any additions including any of the gop congressman who voted against president biden's certification. this puts democrats in a tricky spot, two members that nancy appointed to the committee previously voted against certifying republican presidents? house minority leader kevin mccarthy, do you have any doubt that pelosi is going to veto anyone at this point you put up who is a strong conservative? >> pretty much yes. one thing about that clip you just showed this is the least
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bipartisan committee you can find. think about the structure. it's not an equal number of republicans or democrats, she appointed adam schiff and raskin. this is an impeachment committee. only democrats have subpoena power. the speaker has control over anyone who is appointed. she appoints everyone just with consultation with republicans. the real question, those who want to really find out the truth didn't waste 5 months playing politics, the senate had two bipartisan committees study and put a report out. you had the fbi arresting people, the architect of the capitol appropriated $10 million to secure the capitol any way they can but why did the parking attendants know more about
12:43 am
january 6th been preparing for the capitol police? the parking attendants wouldn't let you park on the capitol that day but where was the national guard? the national guard couldn't be at the capitol but they were doing crosswalk duty and street work somewhere in the city. did things happened during the summer, did someone make a decision and tell the sergeant at arms not to have the national guard at the capitol prior to that? if you look at the senate report, there's a lot of failures, they had information ahead of time, the capitol police, the leadership failing those officers because the riot gear some was stuck in buses that were locked away from it, you should have had the national guard there so people could have never entered. griff: this is being used for political purposes. anyone with a brain sees that but real clear investigations had the name of the person who allegedly shot the only person who ended up dying during this riot, ashley babbitt.
12:44 am
those details are being withheld but there is reaction from the top democrat on the intel committee. watch. >> very specifically dangerous when the president is trying to reveal the identity of a police officer that he knows may put their life in jeopardy of the person's identity becomes public so it is very serious as well as fanning this right-wing talking point. laura: are you surprised they want to keep this hidden, other incidents across the country, hidden police officer involved in a controversial shooting, demands made by most people including democrats to reveal identities. >> i don't have enough information what transpired at that moment. if we did an investigation, the capitol police did an amazing job that day. adam schiff to be part of this committee, the individual who said he had proof about russia
12:45 am
ahead of time, lied to the american public time and again, just goes to show that this committee is not serious, it is a political committee, nancy pelosi trying to carry something out instead of getting to the bottom, the fbi investigating what is going forward. laura: this is all they have going into the midterms, they have to keep this going or people will talk about how bad critical race theory and how high gas prices are. >> let's talk about the open border, terrorists coming across, inflation which is making life -- laura: it has got to be republicans fanned the flames of an insurrection. that is all they have. good to see you. as president biden set a final exit date for the final combat mission in afghanistan where do we stand in the war on terror? ingraham angle reality check next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: president b laura: president biden did the right thing and standing by his decision to withdraw american troops to afghanistan, something trump wanted to do but was blocked by his generals but it
12:51 am
was when biden tried to sum up the entire 20 a quagmire in afghanistan that things kind of went sideways. >> the united states did what we wanted to do in afghanistan, get the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and deliver justice to usama bin laden and to degrade the terrorist threat we achieved those objectives. that is why we went. laura: former secretary of defense joins me now. did we, quote, achieve our objectives q >> no, i don't think we did. like you i am happy we are shutting down or planning to shutdown the pitfall in afghanistan but the truth is we went there and created more enemies than we had when we went in. we were narrowly focused at the beginning on the al qaeda group which was for 500 people and rapidly expanded the operation
12:52 am
to make more enemies taking on the taliban and everyone else in afghanistan that we thought had hosted al qaeda so it was kind of a disaster and things got worse from there. laura: people shouldn't begin to think leaving afghanistan thinks we will stop this. 's >> we will provide civilian and humanitarian assistance including speaking out for the rights of women and girls. i intend to maintain our diplomatic presence in afghanistan and we are coordinating with international partners in order to continue to secure the international airport. >> the troops are coming out but we are still spending money there. is this wise? is it better than having troops there? >> we still have 18,000 contractors at least for the next couple months.
12:53 am
to bring in special operators from the united states and the united kingdom, and putting military headquarters in the embassy in kabul which is a very dumb idea, it turns our embassy into a legitimate target for everybody but ultimately it will fail, all of it will because the countries that surround afghanistan have had it with us and the afghans are fed up with us. we will try to keep our fingers in the pot, the russians, chinese, iranian's and indians, pakistanis, republics north of afghanistan all want us out. laura: in the end it is a tragic story, so many incredible young men and women deployed there, thousands lost their lives, families shattered. final listen to sum it up in 15 for us.
12:54 am
>> i remember sergeant tillman when he was killed, kept a record of everything that was going on and he was disgusted. he knew the war wasn't what it was cracked up to be. this is another lesson, we don't go in anything but the narrow purpose of eliminating a specific enemy, we stay out of nationbuilding and occupation business. occupations turn soldiers into jailers. laura: thank you. a twisted claim, the last bite explains it.
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>> it's really reminds me of that reaction an >> really reminds me of the reaction in the response to the brown versus board of education when there was widespread fear the desegregated schools with black children are going to be harmful to white children.
1:00 am
laura: racist flames, wants to take us back a generation because without that type of hyperbole about present-day america, people who disagree with his vision of it, his money dries up, gone. they always have to take it to the next level. don't forget to set your dvr to never miss us. greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> the federal government spent trillions of dollars to keep americans alive during this pandemic so it is the government's business. todd: it is friday july 9th, the white house and cleanup of mode after president biden's hhs secretary claims it is the government's right to know your vaccine status. jillian: georgia police arrest a man in the murder of a georgia golf pro that happened in broad daylight. what we ow


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