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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 8, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

11:00 pm right now and we think it's a good that's it for us tonight, we will be back tomorrow. by the way, friday we have an interview with the one man thate silicon valley does not want you to hear from, evolutionary biologist brett weinstein in an amazing conversation. we'll be backk tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. in the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. sean hannity takes over the 9:00 p.m. right now. >> sean: yes, we will be watching tomorrow. i'll come to the "hannity." tonight, all is not while the white house. inflation record levels andmo businesses can't find employees. more lock downs are imminent even supported by the administration and a southern border is an unmitigated disaster. of violent crime is rising in almost every major city in this country. russia is hacking critical supply lines each and every month. china is now threatening the united states, our military and ournd allies.
11:01 pm
iran is back to enriching uranium at an alarming rate and the withdrawal from afghanistan is a poorly planned debacle. if now we are leaving behind tons of arms and munitions for the taliban. this administration is unraveling far faster than we ever expected. and worst of all no one knows who's in charge. 57% of americans, they see what we've been talking about and few others have and that is, by the way, 58% of independents and even a third of democrats see it and so does america's enemies. the one thing that must agree on, definitely not joe biden running the show. and today yet again, he struggled to get words out during his one and only publicly scheduled events. take a look. >> we went for two reasons.
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one, to bring usama bin laden to the gates of. as i said at the time. the second reason was to eliminate al qaeda's capacity to deal with more attacks on the united states from that territory. we accomplished both of those objectives, period. >> sean: they will keep counting, 11,000, 21,000, 31,000, for 1,000. maybe when we get to that point he will speak. i honestly can't laugh or joke about biden's cognitiveiv struggles, everyone can see he is in really bad shape. the majority now of the american thpeople are seeing it, and it's downright dangerous. now things are so bad that joe needs the help of note cards
11:03 pm
even after briefings with the staff less than an hour prior. joe is not calling the shots, is not making decisions but instead it appears that he is just trying to barely, barely get through that one scheduled event aa day. it's pathetic. and here's the next obvious question, it was making the and who know what and who knew what when about joe's condition? for reference, let's take a look atm joe biden. don't notice two things in this upcoming clip. one, joe biden brags about being against the bin laden raid that took out the world's worst terrorist and two, joe biden was, let's put it charitably, in a completely different cognitive in 2012 that he was today. you decide. >> he said, you have to make a decision, what's your opinion? he started with the national
11:04 pm
security advisor of the united states and ended with me. every single person in that room hedge their bets except leon panetta. lyons said to go. everyone else at a 40, 51. it got to be, joe, what do you think? n'let i said i did know we had o many economists around the table. we owe the man a direct answer. mr. president, my suggestion is don't go. >> sean: at my suggestion is don't go. that joe biden is gone. today's weak and frail joe biden is getting steamrolled by america's enemies. we showed you china'sby hostile rhetoric and threats against american and japanese military bases. china is now openly talking about reunification with taiwan, if america dares to help our ally.
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it covers many in the latest cyberattacks from russia, and we showed you how russia and china have now aligned themselves and teamed up to fight iranians. it clearly none of these hostile actors fear or respect joe biden and neither does the taliban. as america draws no forces from afghanistan we have taliban extremists, they are moving in andov moving in quickly and nowe see they are seizing u.s. weapons and supplies ind the process and now the question is why on earth would we ever leave munitions and weaponry behind like this knowing the taliban would get a hold of it. it's simply madness. they know they will be no consequences for their actions under this administration.dn it's so bad that today biden was even asked if you trust at the
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taliban. >> mr. president, do you trust the taliban? >> president biden: is that serious question? no, i do not trust the taliban. >> mr. president, what you say your answer? >> president biden: that's a silly question, the answer is no. >> sean: the messaging today is even worse and she said there would be no celebration for the troops coming home because the war had not been won militarily. okay, take a look. >> in terms of plans for the men and women coming back, i don't have anything to preview but we won't have a mission accomplished moment.
11:07 pm
it's a 20 year war that has not been won militarily. be when was only one reason and it's a political one. blame joe and your boss. the brave men and women that fought in afghanistan and decimated al qaeda and heroically fought to maintain order in a failed state for two decades, jen psaki can't be bothered to take the time to give the appropriate credit, to her after tour that these men served and women served. how does this make the families of soldiers that died in afghanistan feel tonight? you might need to circle back and do something called an apology at the very least. the biden administration as totally and completely botched the withdrawal from afghanistan just like they are botching america's economic and political response to covid and under
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biden the u.s. is now printing money faster then at any point in history, is causing massive shortages, a massive financial burden on every single american, now thanks to joe's agree new deal. the cost of a gallon of gasoline is $3 or above per gallon, nearly double what it was under donald trump. the cost to heat and cool your home is also going through the roof. the cost for goods and services is costing more and that's being passed on to you as well. now come as a nationwide shortage of even part patio furniture. beef shortages, chicken wings, lumber, gas. and don't forget the historic shortage of workers. generous, never-ending, shut down the draconian handouts, and
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there are right now 9.2 million openings in the united states and that would be an all-time high. the restaurant industry, and according to one report a third of the industries workers, they. refused to go to work. larger cities were also having a hard time higher police, and a soccer after all the local democrats have spent more than a year vilifying the police and a stripped their budgets defunding and dismantling entry mentioning law enforcement. many policema department's are operating now at reduced capacity and those that are working, they are kind of afraid to do their job because they know they can't get support from their leaders, their elected officials. can you believe it? what a shock. as a result violent crime is now spiking in all of the cities and it's so bad that some democrats
11:10 pm
are trying to pretend it's republicans responsible for the d found thebl movement. are those just doubling down on their defund dreams? m >> their answer to that question is we must eliminate funding. time after time we have seen it as advocates on the ground, as human agencies on the ground and we continue to see over and over again that these agencies are inept. >> sean: defund the department of homeland security, i ask all of america tonight, have you forgotten? radical islamic terrorists. i have you forgotten what they did that day? we just stop enforcing laws of the southern border and this crisis will magically end. and they really be that dumb and that radical? many illegal immigrants, guess what, they are testing positive
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at a very high rate for covid so we have open borders and overcrowded cages that biden and aharris have built in the midde of a pandemic and then free transportation to the states all across the country. and by the way the crisis of the border is get another unresolved disaster and that's only getting worse. without a doubt this administration is an absolute -- while rule after the great adam schiff, whoever is in charge at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, wherever you are, you are doing a pretty a terrible job in the american people are suffering at all levels as a result. here break the reaction, mark meadows along with former senior advisor to to president trump. socialism always fails, the new green deal will always fail, open borders and amnesty will and now you see how the world is
11:12 pm
not showing any respect. at that scaring me. >> is scaring me, too. i talked to president trump this afternoon and i can tell you where we need to able help sign. it's at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. they need some help and some decision-makers there because it's not in control of the border, not in control of the job market and not in control of our international rate relationships with and russia. they are and control of their own narrative and congresswoman tlaib, they are talking about hiring new irs agents or sending people door to door to check on vaccines. it's just beyond belief that progressive would go this far to the left that quickly. >> sean: and what is the net
11:13 pm
result of this? >> no president in history has been dealt a battle, but her hand on day one and president biden. think about what president trump left him. he left him at the middle east which was the dawn of a new piece. energy abundance, we had more energy than we knew what to do with. we had an economy that was primed to war. all of this, we have cities out of control with crime, we have open borders, we have the middle east in tatters. we have afghanistan falling to pieces and we have an economy with massive inflation and runaway spending and we have jobs that should be filled but this unwise policy is keeping workers out of the workforce. where is it leading to? it's leading to an era of malaise, suffering at economicnd stagnation.
11:14 pm
high unemployment and staying in our cities. >> sean: let me ask you this, the trafalgar convention of states poll that came out this week. 58% of independents and a third of democrats don't think he's running thehes show. pretty amazing because outside of this little one hour we have here and a couple of other hours on fox and some of us and talk radio, the rest of the media is hiding joe's cognitive struggles. what with that number be if the media did their job actually showed america how about this is deteriorating? >> i think the economy is already showing the size that no one is in charged and, the broader perspective of the media, what you see is the tough questions failed to get answered by joe biden and when he tries to answer him he really stumbles
11:15 pm
all over his words. if it's something more difficult than his favorite color or actually, the flavor of ice cream, he has a real tough time answering it. so what we do know is that stephen is exactly right. all you had to do was sit in the oval office and allow much of this to go on autopilot and instead what he has done is put progressive socialist policies in play that is harming the american people. >> sean: and steven, you got china talking about reunification, i can imagine them saying this with taiwan right now. they had -- they feared donald trump and they respect him. >> i'm talking about that is how a man or the drug cartels or the
11:16 pm
communist regime in china? they are all on the run, because they don't respect this administration and they know that no one is in charge and they know that these socialist marxist policies are going to lead to a steep american decline if not reversed. >> sean: liberals don't believe me. mark meadows, i wish i was wrong and pointing out the sky was a cognitive mess. i really do come for the sake of the country and the sake of the world. but onward donald trump i can imagine that chinese would be talking about reunification with taiwan. i can't imagine the chinese and the russians, i can't imagine h under donald trump that iran would have the guts to start the enrichment of uranium once again. i think they feared donald trump. >> they did fear him and they have every right to because he was willing to call them out. we'd gone on this apology tour once again a product, this appeasement to wear.
11:17 pm
appeasement never works. our enemies respect power and that's what donald trump would show them and they are getting a at two love and a carnation instead of tough rhetoric. of course they were all afraid but donald trump would lead us into a war, and we had a more peaceful middle east as you pointed out. >> we understood peace throughst strength, and we could bring our boys back from overseas because we were strong. we need to be welcoming that as men and women that are coming home from l afghanistan and we need to say welcome home. and we need to make sure that we welcome them home. >> sean: maybe we shouldn't logistically plan to take our weaponry out of their instead of giving it to the tile band. that's about as dumb as the nuclear deal with iran.
11:18 pm
defunding the police and open borders, giving up energy and independence come another staple of the radical democratic party which is their love of mixing politics with sports. unfortunately this includes major league baseball and i have some friends in georgia that shared,, this is an ad and georgia that will be run by a new super pac launching next monday. look at this powerful ad. >> tonight's all-star game is supposed to be in atlanta but democrats will oppose voter i.d. lied about our election law. >> do you absolutely agree that it's racist? it is a redux of jim crow. >> some people don't want somet people to vote. >> baseball decides to move their all-star game out of atlanta. >> president biden: i would strongly support them doing that.
11:19 pm
>> aren't you tired of democrats pushing politics? >> sean: at major baseball's commissioner is now getting called out for i guess taking a knee or staying in the locker room. >> rob manford, why is he making baseball political anyway? because of its terrible record. your ship is way down, sketchy deals in china. been so bad that bernie sanders agrees. maybe he should pay taxes like everyone else. rob manfredi, major league baseball. there, can serve your customers, not local politicians. >> executive director of consumer research, here we have george's new law and it is far
11:20 pm
less restrictive and more inclusive with more accessibility to voting then joe's state of delaware. how did he get away with the nerve calling it jim crow 2.0, that's a $100 million hit to the economy of georgia. >> well i can't speak to stacy or president biden but what i can say is that the commissioner manford got it wrong and he betrayed the fans of major league baseball, a secret port and part of our natural pass time, he did so to distract. the one and you are planning on going after the corporations that went along with the lies or the false narratives and you are holding them accountable? >> absolutely. this is part of the consumers first initiative, an ongoing seven-figure add the campaignoz
11:21 pm
delivering the message to america that he needs to stop cozying up to what politicians and serve your own customers. >> sean: if you dana, my entire career i've never called for people to be fired or canceled, people get mad that i don't but i don't. so here you have sports. you have a common passion, people from all races and all backgrounds. coming together their share of passion in their home team, high-fiving strangers, sharing or food and popcorn or whateverd and now politics, i find personally my interest is waning more and more. thoughts? >> you are right, and you and i think the same boycotts. i'm so antiauthoritarian that it's difficult for me to get behind a boycott. all of these companies and the major league baseball commissioner, if they wanted to
11:22 pm
be really consistent and they wanted to show america that they do believe in what they are saying, they would leave everything will state with the laws, even i don't agree with because i think they are too lax. georgia voters and georgia lawmakers, they get to make those decisions. and if anyone else has a problem with it, they can pick up and explain and try to reconcile how it's not racist for them to leave the state like georgia and to leave cities like atlanta where you have so many black businesses and black voters and try to reconcile that along with the rhetoric. don'tn' let the door hit you whe the good lord split you. if you they went along including the corporations and if we compare george's law with joe's home state that i think he's represented for 5,228 years, delaware one of the most restricted states and he had the unmitigated gall to lierg about
11:23 pm
georgia and then these companies that are woke go along with it, major league baseball goes along with the line? that's infuriating to me. and what an insult to the people georgia. >> i think you're correct on that. two things, i think was the national bureau of economic research that did a study that showed if you are incorporating voter i.d. intoin a study, there was a study that came out from university professor that showed even after voter i.d. was implemented for absentee ballots et cetera in georgia that actually minority voter turnout increase. there's a lot of data that goes into the claims that they are making. you hit it on the head to, there are a lot more estates that have stricter laws, blue states that have new jersey, delaware, colorado as you just said, they have way stricter laws than georgia does.
11:24 pm
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♪ just follow your favorite sports and get your updates ♪ ♪ all of this innovation could lead to some inspiration ♪ ♪ and you might be the next one to represent our nation ♪ ♪ this summer on your tv, tablet, or any screen ♪ ♪ xfinity is here to inspire your biggest dreams ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: another day and another controversy for >> sean: another day, another controversy for zero experience hunter because today the obama administrationma ethics chief walter schild blasted the white house in "ethics plans surrounding thean controversial sale of zero experience hunter and his new artwork to anonymous buyers." instead of releasing the names of people that might pay half a million dollars for his art,
11:29 pm
he's not a trained artist from what we've heard it, the white house said to make it ethical, hunter would not know who was purchasing his art,e either. the media refuses to ask questions about the countless controversy surrounding biden including any concern, the knowledge of joe and what he had in regards to hunter's shady business dealings which we all know that joe outright lied on at least five occasions despite mounting evidence of his direct involvement with hunter's business, and hunter whining and complaining about paying joe's bills. that includes photos of joe as vice president with hunter's foreign business associates. you know, the ones he said that he and hunter had at one time discussed. he denied any knowledge repeatedly, take a look. >> how many times have youve spoken to your son about an overseas business dealing? >> president biden: i've never spoken to my son about overseas business dealings. i've never discussed with my son
11:30 pm
or my brother or anyone else. >> do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your sons overseas business dealings? >> yes i stand by that. >> sean: we have gregg jarrett, fox news contributor joe concha. we got the big guy, we have hunter complaining about paying daddy's bills as vice president and we actually have something called a picture, it's a great new invention. you take photographs and in the photographs are joe biden, vice president, and then hunter and his foreign business associates of which would be contrary to what we justew play. in the world we grew up in, my father would have called it aa lie. >> let's be clear, this is not -- to feel what looks like hunter biden's latest influence peddling.
11:31 pm
no surprise in the pantheon of scammers, swimmers and scoundrels, hunter biden is a rock store. he's a greedy pet predatory hustler who built a lucrative career running collins and capers and joe biden has always protected hunter biden and joe is doing it again. obama's ethics chief should be committed to calling it what it is and his argument is this. by shrouding these arts sales and secrecy, and that is to say people paying absurd and ludicrous prices for artwork from a rank novice, probably to gain access or influence to joe biden. in a truly ethical policy, it would be just the opposite, it would be transparency. this is a shameless cover-up, masquerading as ethics and nobody should be surprised.
11:32 pm
it's not so much clever as it is devious. >> sean: joe concha, you are not part of the twitter and blue check mark cold out there known as the media. i've been saying i hope you get your own tv show with us here on fox because you stand apart. and thank you for doing that. i know it's a cliche question and avast it many times but if the last name is trump and it deals with, let's see, millions with no experience with burisma, joe leveraging a billion, the first lady of moscow millions, chinese national shop shopping sprees, and to replace the name trump with biden, i don't know. i'm guessing that your friends in the media are not part of the blue check mark vehicle up on twitter but i would imagine they would be feigning outrage
11:33 pm
every second, minute, hour, i've every 24-hour a day. >> apocalyptic is what comes to mind as far as what the reaction would be if this was donald trump jr. and by the way, what first-time artists and eventually got $5,000 for a painting? this is an example of selling off the family name and the media yawning, and what's happening here, he said it looked. the purchasers are gaining access to government on the white house tried toth make sure we will never know who they are. the white house outsources and that's fertile ground for money laundering. think about that. how does china look at this and how does russia look at this? think about what and emboldened to china means the world? we talked about it, and thinkr about what emboldened russia means for the u.s.
11:34 pm
major companies are being hacked time and time again and the president does nothing. >> sean: joe lied to. he met with foreign business associates. i'd like to know the degree to compromised. and we were just showing some of hunter's, portraits of a, art. i have zero artistic talent and if you see that artwork, i could actually do that. it is not going to go for a half a million dollars? >> you know i've been painting landscapes for a decade and my best work might fetch 15 bucks. the one if i can do it, it's not art. >> mind looks like h. pylori bacteria under the microscope.
11:35 pm
he has no real skills or experience, yet he has pocketed millions of dollars from foreign entities, leveraging the name biden peddling access and influence. look at the millions of dollars derived from the very countries where his father was involved in the u.s. foreign policy. >> sean: and lo and behold, vladimir and hunter made money from russia. vladimir is now basically doing a cyber attack per day. the chinese are talking about reunification of taiwan and other territorial ambitions and threatening our military. i think it's a fair question. are the bidens compromised and is that whyni joe can't stand up to them? joe concha, thank you. the less anti-american agenda continues. on blm chapter, black lives matter are now declaring the
11:36 pm
american flag is a symbol of hate. we have at larry terrell and the videotape for first graders and 6-year-olds? we have an update on the uplifting story, straight ahead.
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>> sean: it looks >> sean: it looks like blm, black lives matter is just the latest far left of radical group to wage war on the american flag. they have a utah chapter and spent the fourth of july trashing the u.s. flag condemning those who display it and even clearing it a symbol of hatred. take a look at this facebook post from sunday which reads "when we black americans see this flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around. when we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist
11:41 pm
and when we see this flag we know that the person flying it lives in a different america than we do. when we see this flag, we question your intelligence and we know to avoid you. it's a symbol of hatred. they go on to talk to those in comments section. you know, let's compare that to come up the tampa bay lightning won theta stanley cup last nigh, congratulations to them. i hope this now becomes the norm. fans taking over the singing of the national anthem, and it like they did last night in tampa. congratulations to the ♪ ♪
11:42 pm
>> sean: i hope this becomes the norm. loudly, proudly, and here's larry elder and fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrel. is there a chance that a cemovement has begun here? it started with the islanders and now tampa did it, to their credit. i'd like to see every sporting event start this way. let the people take over the singing of the anthem. let's see what happens. leo? >> i will tell you right now, i've got mixed blessings on us. black lives matter utah is imploding andd showing america how racist black lives matter, so i'm happy they are off there, and i'm glad they are doing this. it's tearing the country apart and black lives matter utah is a very small group.
11:43 pm
like here is the point. when they say we black americans, they don't speak for me. i love this countryan comes outf the american flag. they don't speak for all black americans and i'm sick of organizations like black lives matter or al sharpton trying to speak for black americans. 99.9% of black americans support the flag, love this country and it do not associate with black lives matter utah. >> sean: i mentioned this to dana loesch earlier in the program. i love sports, i played sports my whole life. you go to games and i don't care if it's football, the nba or nhl, whatever the sport is, major league baseball. you go and you have a group of people, all socioeconomic background, all races, all creeds, everybody united by a common passion.lo and that is, the love of their home team. i think this is one way for fans to take their sports back and
11:44 pm
get rid of the politics that is poisoning what should be the most unifying moment with strangers of all backgrounds. >> absolutely. as leo often says, these people do not speak for all people. i just saw an article in "the wall street journal" that only 77% of black people say they are not part of their country. shawna come as you know, my dad was a staff sergeant marine, and congress gave the marine areas of the congressional gold medal. and back in the 90s, and in courting the mic including all of those of africa.
11:45 pm
we've had troubles and struggle through it, and reelected in america for crying out loud. >> sean: are we as a perfect country? no. that's the goal. we can have people with a shared passion and a natural togetherness and unity and you are just ripped ruining it. >> 90% of those american athletes will parade around the stadium, and this country is a
11:46 pm
land of opportunity. >> sean: and my wrong saying i want them to win at the olympics? >> when he sees an actor, we find it difficult. when i see an athlete oh, i has trashed the american flag it's difficult for me to enjoy his or her achievements. >> sean: by the way, larry, where as leo was for governor? it doesn't say larry for governor.e are you going to make him a hat? >> yeah, i'll make him a hat. >> sean: i've been waiting for larry 1.04 a year. remember that woman responsible for showing explicit content to 6-year-olds in first graders at one of new york's very expensive, elite private
11:47 pm
schools? well now it's a subject of a "new york times" article that actually tries to defend the behavior. we will remind you of the controversy. kayleigh mcenany ways end. by the way, your discretion is advised in the next segment. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: a while >> sean: all right, a while ago we first brought to light a graphic video about reportedly shown to first-graders, 6-year-olds, and one of new york city's elite and expensive private schools. here's a reminder. i've got to say it, to be honest theyvi make me, your discretions advised. >> how come my penis gets big
11:52 pm
sometimes and stands up in the air? >> that's called an. >> sometimes i touch it and it feels good. >> you have a dash of there that probably feels good the same way keith's -- feels good when he touches it. but heap you ever noticed that grown-ups don't touch the private parts in public? >> they don't? >> it's okay keith.ou it's okay to touch yourself and see how different body parts feel but it's best to only do it in private. >> sean: okay, i'm glad my kids are older. now we are learning the older students at one of the schools were also treated to a special porn literacy course which included discussion of electro-porn. your discretion is advised. >> so these are all behaviors that people are into. so electro is like actual
11:53 pm
electrocuting. people are actually attracted and aroused by it. so even if it's actually safe and hopefully protected, we get to have people that are searching for that because that's what they get off too. my goal as an educator is that my students ages one through 100 have safe, fulfilling and pleasurable lives. >> sean: the woman responsible for all this is sacks educator justine fonte who left the school after parents expressed their outrage but now she's back as the subject of an extensive puff piece in "the new york times." here with reaction is cohost of "outnumbered," kayleigh mcenany. you have a young child, i don't,
11:54 pm
thank god. i don't envy you having to deal with this as a parent. >> goodness my daughter is sleeping right now or not attending a private school. you can save $55,000 a year and send your child to adult or go to columbia prep where you are taught about waterboarded electro torture porn. i've never even heard of that. if you are a junior you know exactly what this means. she also taught about an app of some sort. this is disgusting and led one student to text another and say, i'm missing my two advanced courses for this? it's disgusting. >> sean: what would you advise parents to do? >> i used to say parochial schools, public or private, but now you have to look at these
11:55 pm
catholic schools and of the things that are being taught in the catholic schools. you have to have a hard diet, you have a hard diet, but i will tell you this, i want to scrutinize the curriculum and the faculty and everything being taught to her lesson lesson. >> sean: and parents are stuck because their options are the failing public schools for example in new york or become a it's expensive. they can't afford to pay that because of tax dollars are already being spent on schools yin new york city. for example, they are averaging $27,000 per student. all right, thank you.up more after this. alks.... that's how you du more, with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types
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♪ ♪ >> sean: our video of the day, let's see it one more time. tampa bay lightning fans singing the national anthem, takin >> sean: our video of the day, tampa bay lightning fans taking over. play it. i want us to be the normal, fans to take over every sport loudly,
12:00 am
probably and unapologetically. ♪ ♪ fans take over, every sport loudly, proudly and unapologetically. please set your dvr. let not your heart be troubled. t laura: glad you're doing that every night because that is america. we see, everyone hating on the flag, that's not where most people are, don't care what they are teaching in schools, that is not what most people want to hear. >> baseball, basketball, football, hockey, you name it. laura: proudly love your country knowing no country is perfect and we always have to work on a lot of