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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> shannon: all right panel thank you so much. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. join me fox news at night. we have report on hunter biden's artwork sales and questions about that. but "fox news primetime" hosted by mark steyn, the one and only and he starts right now. hey, mark. >> mark: hey, thank you, shannon. great show. they all stretch those headlines but i like mollie's for its shear viciousness. i give her the fully loaded tesla for tonight's round. manufacturing license plates. we will have some avenatti a bit later. shannon, good evening. welcome. i'm mark steyn this is "fox news primetime" and it's all identity politics now. america has an hispanic community, a gay community and an intelligence community. and if you think the lgbtq plus community is getting way too many initials, try swimming through the alphabet soup of the
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intelligence community. cia, dia, nsaitibir and over 1,000 other affiliated government agencies with even more obscure acronyms. by the time your intelligence bureau get big enough to be a, quote, community, you may have a problem. insofar as most of us ever think about intelligence agents we think of 007, ie, it's supposed to be a very low number, which suggests that this is an elite activity for a small number of persons. when you have, as america does, some 5 million people with a security clearance, that's equivalent to the entire population of immediately to all running around thinking they are james bond. you have a dark, bloated bureaucracy with massive powers to violate the privacy of anyone they want to. they should be using this
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against foreigners, the massive expansion of 24/7 surveillance state since 9/11 has done nothing for america's position in the world. we know so little about afghan adversaries that we have taken 20 years to lose the goat heads with fertilizing. china knows everything about us. we know nothing about them. we have been bleating russia, russia, russia for four years, five years and claiming that everyone from donald trump to tulsi gabbard is an agent of the kremlin and, yet, the russians still hack into american corporations every friday afternoon just for a laugh. according to hillary clinton, so it must be true, her triumphant 2016 election victory was stolen by macedonian content farmers. but if the world's most lavishly funded intelligence community seems largely impotent in the face of macedonians, it does regard surveillance of foreigners as a useful means to
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back pedal your way into illegal surveillance of american citizens up to and including the ruling party's political opposition. we saw that in the sabotage of the incoming administration by obama officials with their unmasking continuing up to the stroke of noon in january 2017. we have seen it in the corruption of the five is intelligence sharing agreement lion cubs on stuff that matters two of the five is, immediately to, canada have been neutered by china and the two remaining anglo australian and get outsourced the dirty work on george papadopoulos and other interference in american domestic politics that u.s. intention doesn't want its fingerprints on. and we have seen it in recent days in the nsa's surveillance of tucker carlson, which is illegal is the leaking of details of their surveillance which was supposedly over
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tucker's efforts to land an interview with vladimir putin. which i would like to see. >> tucker: i was in washington for a funeral last week and ran into someone i know well. said i have a message for you and then proceeded to repeat back to me details from emails and texts that i sent and had told no one else about. so it was verified and this person said look, you know, the nsa has this, and that was proven by the person repeating back the content of the email. and is going to use it against you. they do have my email. so i knew they were spying on me, and, again, to be totally blunt with you, as a defensive move, i thought i better say this out loud. >> yeah, and that was a good move. congress shall make no law abridging freedom of the press says the first amendment. but you don't need to make a law if you have got a security state the powers the nsa has. it seems pretty obvious their plan was to leak emails and telephone transcripts select tialy to suggest that tucker was
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merely the latest kremlin asset. the threat to america is not primarily from foreign government agencies but from domestic agencies with unlimited budgets and unaccountable in any meaningful way to the american people and their elected representatives. with me now is glenn greenwald, author of the book "securing democracy" and, glen, you said something rather extraordinary to me to tucker last night. you were talking about the way dianne feinstein and other powerful politicians who are supposed to be in charge of democratic oversight of the nsa and their like, are actually under surveillance by these agencies themselves and so are actually scared of them. >> yeah, this has been going on since the end of world war ii national security state was created on purpose to be outside
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of the realm of democratic accountability. the argument was we need to do this deter threat no longers exists soviet communism. even then they were constantly interfering in domestic politics. j. edgar hoover had dossiers. they were petrified of him. he could do whatever he want. after dwight eisenhower left after 8 years no leftist he chose one topic to warn the country about which was he called the military industrial complex it was growing so rapidly it was becoming more powerful even than elected leaders and that was before the vietnam war. before 9/11 and now before the hysteria over january 6th and so you have these agencies, mark, that do whatever they want, including collecting information on the members of congress who are the only ones who can exercise oversight of them. so you can see why there is really no oversight at all. they do whatever they want and pose such a grave threat to
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democracy. >> mark: but when you are talking about the j. edgar hoover days. in fairness to those guys they actually had to get into somebody's apartment and stick a bug in the wardrobe. it's the combination now of technology again, insane huge number 5 million people with security clearances any low level bureaucrat can basically switch on his computer and be inside the emails of whoever he wants. >> i think that's a key point. the internet, when it first emerged, the idea was it was going to be this unprecedented tool of human liberation. tawas going to enable us to communicate without centralized corporate and state power. and, in fact, the opposite has happened which it which is it has been turned into the greatest tool of coercion and control ever known in history because the nsa secretly, which is what edward snowden came forth to reveal to his fellow citizens had decided to use it to spy on everybody.
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and it really hasn't been reined in since then. so you are exactly right. it's the ease with which all of our activity that now take place digitally, especially after the covid pandemic, can be collected and stored and monitored and analyzed and then weaponized with very little safeguards. >> mark: yeah, basically they start from the premise, which is an orwellian premise that they monitor everyone. it's universal. 100 percent. and then they pick and choose the bits they need. why is the left at ease with this? is it just because they think well it will afflict tucker carlson and our other enemies and that's more important than any of the darker implications of total control? >> you know, it's bizarre. i worked on this issue for 15, 20 years. it used to be a more or less left wing view that the security state agency shouldn't be trusted it was more the right wing and conservatives who kind of venerated these agencies in
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the name of fighting communism and terrorism. it was really through the trump years where everything reversed because the cia and the fbi became rogue agencies of the government operating to subvert and undermine the elected president to whom they are supposed to be answering. so, liberals, not necessarily the left, but liberals viewed the fbi and the cia as their allies and conservatives finally realized if we allow these institutions to operate in the dark, they can undermine our democracy and so everything is kind of reversed now where it's the right that disrupts all of these agencies and liberals who revere them. >> mark: well, we have got another example of that for you, glenn. stick around if you don't mind, because this next story is one that you have been following unlike almost the entire american media. julian assange is the wikileaks founder. he is australian, so he is the subject to the queen. so he owes no allegiance to the united states whatsoever.
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and if the bloated buffoons of the u.s. intelligence community are too incompetent to keep their own secrets, that's hardly his fault. but he embarrassed them. so they have spent the last decade trying to get him into jail. after losing on beings tradition a couple months back in the westminster magistrate's court. they are now appealing by promises that oh, don't worry, we are not going to bang him up in the super max but, please, please, please extradite him. we will handle him with all the care and attention we gave to jeffrey epstein. julian assange son and father join us now from sydney. gabrielle, you are julian assange's brother. you are worried about this appeal, i take it once he gets to the united states and he is under the custody of the federal bureau of prisons, you are actually concerned he is not going to make it out of there
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alive, whatever happens. >> that's right. that's why the extradition was rejected back in january. now the prosecution has given these assurances that julian won't be held in florence, colorado, super max prison. he won't be held. caveat in that in that basically they can change their mind as soon as julian gets into the u.s. it's up to the cia, the director of the cia basically to say whether julian ends up sands or which prison he ends up in. there is really no assurance at all in his appeal. it's just a way to keep this court proceeding going and keep julian in a maximum security prison in london where he has been now third year in prison there. >> mark: yeah, as you say, as we all say, the process is the punishment here. he has lost a decade of his life
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even though he has never been convicted. of anything already. john, what do you think the u.s. government is do this. in the australian government trying to put an american in prison for leaking australi . u.s. -- arresting and jailing and pursuing 12 years a publisher and journalist who commented upon the national security information. so, won't stop any comment by any journalist anywhere in the world including the united states on national security matters of any matter that the cia or department of justice --
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liberty and liberty depends solely upon first amendment free speech. it's completely wrong. >> mark: yeah, ought to be an american issue. i mean, they don't in america like you do in london and in sydney where there are restrictions on these things. in theory, it ought to be a freer climate here. but, gabrielle, you know, when you read the indictment, it's a really weak case they have got against your brother. and it's a pathetically weak case against the foreign national that you are trying to get extra died. are you confident that whichever judge in london this lands up in front of will actually stick with the decision of the westminster court in january and reject this from the americans.
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>> i think so. in the case it just keeps getting weaker and weaker. you know, a couple of weeks ago, one of the key witnesses in the prosecution's case recanted a lot of their accusations against julian, icelandic man, he recanted his accusations that formed part of the judgment from january 4th. so, this one section of the case commit computer intrusion. under pins the whole case totally unraveling now. so the case is getting weaker and weaker day by day. so, you know, i expect in the next hearing we will just hear more about, you know, the lengths that the doj has gone to to try and, you know, game the espionage act and u.s. laws to go after julian. so, i think eventually, this will have to be dropped.
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>> mark: well, thank you for joining us from sydney, john and gabrielle. i'm glad you mentioned that, this icelandic witness who has since recanted because i only read about that in the icelandic press. i don't remember reading about it in the "new york times" or "the washington post." so let's go back to glenn greenwald, glen, you think this should be a great freedom of the press story for the american newspapers and, yet, it only seems to be of interest to icelanders and australians and other people. >> and to fox news which is the only place that is willing to cover this. and that's the key issue, mark. remember for the last five years the u.s. media program that bone grantly pranced around intrepid defenders mean treats from trump about wolf blitzer now you have a all civil liberty groups pose a great threat exceeds and because it's the biden justice
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department pursuing it they are basically moot if not supportive. it's disgraceful watch them doing that. >> mark: these assurances they are giving to the english court are completely worthless as we know in every case from jeffrey epstein to bill cosby, this land is rife with prosecutorial misconduct in which they basically tear up agreements they have entered into that basically suits them. >> and, remember, that the democrats hate julian assange probably more than any single individual on the planet. not only did he reveal their war crimes under obama but much worse in their eyes did he reporting in the 2016 election that reflected poorly on hillary clinton. they blamed julian assange for helping trump get elected. do you think they are going to treat him humanely or justly or fairly if they get their hands on him? >> mark: no, i do not think so. and i tell you this, if i were the relevant cabinet minister in
4:17 pm
london, whatever the judge says, i would not extradite this guy to the united states, i don't like the way they are treating -- i don't like what happened to jeffrey epstein, they can't keep the most valuable prisoner in america alive. the bureau of prisons is either is either incompetent or evil. you shouldn't be transferring this guy into its tender care. thank you so much for joining us on this glenn greenwald and for sticking around. >> great to talk to you, mark. thanks for having me. >> mark: thank you. and glenn is worth reading on this subject as on many others. does joe biden have the right to know if your vaccinated? his health secretary thinks so. we have michele bachmann, janice dean, hunter biden single-handedly popping up the new york art world and a lot more still to come on "fox news primetime." ♪
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♪ >> mark: well, joe biden is promising to go door to door needle at the ready like a corona witnesses mission. the health and human services secretary xavier becerra says it is the go. 's business to know whether or not you have been vaccinated. >> the federal government spent trillions of dollars to try to keep americans alive during this pandemic so it is absolutely the government's business, it is taxpayer's business if we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting covid and helping reopen the economy and so it is our business to try to make sure americans can prosper and americans can freely associate and knocking on a door has never been against the law. you don't have to answer but we hope you do because if you haven't been vaccinated we can help dispel some of those rumors that you have heard and hopefully get you vaccinated.
4:24 pm
>> mark: we have spent trillions of dollars on you and so, therefore, it's our business, the state of your healthcare. with me now is michele bachmann, former presidential candidate and the dean of reejt university's robinson school of government. some of us actually during the debates on obamacare says this is what happens in canada and britain and all kinds of places is that when the government pays for your healthcare, there really isn't any hipaa or medical privacy. >> that's true the government's priorities are the priorities. of the individual's priorities are no longer the individual's priorities. so what you have just been describing is the enactment of lawlessness in the united states our system of government in america is ruled by the cone
4:25 pm
census of the governed. what you heard from health and human services is law and government is what we say it is. so whatever their dictate at the moment is. that's false. it's absolutely false. the viewers need to know that. >> mark: interesting thing is it's continually shifting. i was interested a couple of months back when everyone was talking about mandatory vaccine passports. even if you had one it doesn't make any difference. for a u.s. citizen who can't legally be denied entry into the country is the right to come in. but if a u.s. citizen is landing at jfk or boston and he is doubly vaccinated he additionally has to show a covid test result from the last three years and sign attest station that he has had a covid test and came out negative. so he has three passports right there in addition to the actual passport. there is no end to this.
4:26 pm
pfizer is now talking about a third shot. >> that's right. and they are also warning us down the road that it could be in six months, maybe a fourth and then after that another year. another one. it's just whatever they come up with. and you have got to remember what this relationship is we're talking big pharma and they're connected to the federal government because they are paying the trillion dollars for all of this. so we have no say. we are the guinea pigs with a jab in our arm. we have no say. they are doing this, no consideration whatsoever of deaths from vaccines, injuries from vaccines. that's not taken into account. everything is mandatory, mandatory and everyone's hair is on fire got to do it now, got to do it now. what people need to do is go out and buy a no trespassing sign, no solicitation sign. put it on your front door. do what you want to do when they answer the door, you are just nonchalant and say go away. quietly shut your door. under no circumstances have a
4:27 pm
conversation. you're not required to. they are just there to acquire your information that's it. >> mark: yeah. and you mentioned trillions of dollars. pfizer how many big bucks from the first two shots. they are saying oh yeah, unfortunately, g come up with a very interesting double mutation of the ukrainian variant and we think we should have a third shot for that and the government says yeah, sure, what do you think this one will be 40 bucks per shot? 70 bucks per shot? name me a price. this is actually worse that the military industrial complex we have been talking about a couple minutes ago. >> yeah. because the lab experiment is your body. it is your body and meanwhile, they have an umbrella of liability protection so that if the lab experiment, my body,
4:28 pm
goes horribly wrong, i have nowhere to go. know where to turn to. i can't do anything latest version. the first version doesn't work whatever the latest version is. it's so bad you can't even make it up. >> mark: i'm surprised the way you go about it it's your body and everything. i'm surprised the way all these feminists who have been telling us half a century have suddenly fallen silent on this particular thing. well, don't worry, michelle, there will be a new variant along in the next 48 hours. they are working. >> i see it coming. >> mark: they are working the night shift at the wuhan institute of virology putting it on the flight to italy tomorrow morning. thank you, michelle. up next, are you looking for a really solid investment that will survive the collapse of the banking system after beijing yanks the rug out from under the u.s. dollar? you can't do better than what many big time art collectors are
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rinvoq. make it your mission. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. ♪ ♪ >> mark: have you got half a million bucks to spare for a painting position go over your man tell piece? there are bargains galore to be had out there. this 1600 portrait of the longest raining magnificent recently sold for under 500 grand at south buys in london. that guy certainly knows how to do noses. or for half a mill picked up this lorenzo painting of saint catherine of alexandria with the six virtues and christ the redeemer above. if your feyess incline elsewhere for 500 gs could have got this daga orrin war or picasso but
4:35 pm
probably thinking for half a million green backs i don't want some lousy picasso or post impressionist girl with a dress sliding off her bosom or downer old dude hung up on saints. i'm looking for a real bang for my buck. ladies and gentlemen for a mere $500,000, you can now buy a genuine, wait for it, a genuine hunter biden. if you are wondering what that is? it's the surviving strip of hunter's ty i do shirt from his seventh birthday party in 1977 next to some valve lien 10 w 30 he huffed out of his rental car and blew through art pipe. yes, usually you have to be dead to fetch half a million. hunter is not dead. is he just sleeping it off. he has only been a professional painter since, oh, let me see now around about lunchtime on january the 20th. before then, his art fetched a 1.79 from the last day grab bag
4:36 pm
table rummage sale. since 20th he has caught one picasso and leonard dough at his heels. the art critic reacted to this master piece by saying oh my god that looks like covid. he is not wrong. here's the coronavirus, and here is hunter's version. the coronavirus stuck on the end of his crack pipe. but hunter's covid painting is an art world super spreader infecting everyone in sight. do you remember a couple years back when impressionable catholic oligarchs and saudi princes were mysteriously eager to pay the clinton foundation 2 million bucks for a speech by chelsea on diarrhea in africa? well hunter's half million dollars corona escape is the diarrhea speech of temporary art. do you have a reubens, sell them all. don't bother selling them. give them to undocumented nanny,
4:37 pm
she'll will be able to get a couple of bucks for the frame. the peerless art critic raimondo arroyo. he doesn't know much about art but he knows what he doesn't like. what do you feel about mysterious explosion in hunter biden's art prices? >> mark, you nailed it. the clinton foundation that was their proxy to get influence and favors. the biden family has hunter's art sale. but the problematic thing is here you have the white house that has come out with it own ethical protocol. they say, look, nibbing hunter's art will be kept anonymous. no one will know so, therefore that will absolve us of any influence peddling, the truth here you are relying on the guy at the gallery selling hunter's art, that's the ethical benchmark. that's the fire wall. i'm not all that confident that
4:38 pm
he won't tell hunter or what's to stop, mark, somebody sauntering up to joe or jill biden or a member of the biden administration and saying, you know, i paid $2 million for the hunter's baby momma collection. i expect a little access this afternoon. i mean there is very worrisome or should be. this sounds like the same hunter biden without the frequent flier mile. >> mark: better react than the clinton administration as you explain no need for the relevant oligarch who decides he is going to be an art collector. his name ever to emerge, is there? >> no, no. and i love these art critics who are saying well, this is a little bit like kurt cobain's sweater. everyone will want to own this
4:39 pm
because of its historic value. wait a minute, kurt cobain was a pop culture icon. hunter biden, god bless him, his only accomplishment is being joe biden's son, running up a tab at strip clubs and some diamond status points at the rehab clinic. let's be honest, when you look at the art as you showed earlier, mark, it's not georgeer is rot. this looks like rorschach splatter or as you said covid under the glass. it's not edifying. >> mark: no, i think someone called it bad hotel art. and i certainly am never going to check in at any hotel that is hanging hunter biden in the lobby. thank you for that raimondo, we raymond we will see you with laura tonight or as the week goes on. >> tomorrow. thank you, mark. >> mark: friday. i lost all time. cnn one time favorite democratic presidential candidate is now a
4:40 pm
jail bird. davis will try not to gloat too much. that's coming up next as "fox news primetime" continues. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> mark: here on fox michael avenatti the creep dr. porn lawyer to the rubies the colbert show "the view" he was heroic anti-trump crusader and a credible presidential candidate. >> you got lucky tonight. we are back with attorney michael avenatti, he is a main player. >> sitting beside me right now, i'm not going to let you cheat, you have to guess, a hint, his name is michael after that they. [laughter] >> look, i can think you are doing a hell of a job i don't think you are in this for money. >> i have never seen anyone pander to an audience like you just did. i dare you, sir. >> you are something else. michael avenatti i would like to meet you over a dinner. >> i would like to meet you like the holy spirit. you are all places at all times. >> michael avenatti for president in 2020? >> he is donald trump's worse nightmare, michael avenatti. >> all of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs.
4:46 pm
>> oh. >> mark: well, not fantasies any longer, today the creepy porn lawyer weeped in court as he headed to the slammer for two and a half years for attempting to extort 28 million bucks out of nike. kira davis is the host of the just listen to yourself podcast. kira, i may not get everything right, but tucker and i looked at this guy and instantly thought creepy porn lawyer. how can you actually look at him and believe any of the stuff all the cnn guys said? >> you read my mind. that was exactly the first thing i was going to say to you about this. just look at this guy. if you look at this guy, he has grifter written all over his face. and as a woman, i mean, the way he presented himself from the beginning actually had my instincts, my hairs raised. so this guy was up no good from the beginning. i mean, it's just -- it's just
4:47 pm
desserts and i don't want to be the person that's kind of like ha ha i told you so. but, ha ha i told you so. >> mark: yeah. the interesting thing is though, it was known at the time that he was like stiffing his clients. evidence was wearing, you know, $10,000 suits and flying on his own plane and poor stormy daniels, his most famous client was trying to raise money to pay her legal bills by dancing on a bar somewhere in virginia and having the patrons stick dollar bills in her garter belt. that was all known and, yet, they still were cooing over him. >> yeah, that just goes to show you like the level of obsession with donald trump that the left has. and that's the real story here tonight, mark. it's really not avenatti. the story is theland. the story is for four years the media has been referring to trump voters as nazi zombies who are so blinded by their worship of trump that they would just
4:48 pm
let him do and say anything. and that is exactly who they turned out to be. that is exactly what they did to after that they. they blindly held him up as somebody who was going to be their savior they worshipped him. they became exactly what they claimed they hated. and they were wrong. and we, on the right, were telling them that they were wrong. not just that they were hypocrites but that they were deadly wrong about this man. this man was not your savior. i'm sure, as you have already noticed and commented on today, mark, it's been exactly contradicts from the left wing media today. not a peep. >> mark: yeah, they don't want to say his name. and you make an absolutely excellent point there, care raft. that when they -- their whole critique of the trump supporters is that their mindless some buys just eating up every word he says. there is no mindless zombie like a creepy porn lawyer zombie over at cnn or msnbc hanging on every word this guy says.
4:49 pm
that's actually -- that's actually a brilliant distinction. however low we have sunk it hasn't been as low as that guy. >> called him the holy spirit. >> mark: i know. that's right. that's one church i don't want to belong to. if gavin newsom needs another church to shut down, he can start with the church of creepy porn lawyer. >> amen. amen. >> mark: preach it, sister. thank you, kira. >> thank you, mark. >> mark: coming up. four stories, four minutes, meteorologist, my fellow and next governor of new york, janice dean on the clock. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> mark: if you had it with the sludge-like pace of the show this is where we put the petle
4:55 pm
to the metal. janice dean on the clock. new york's mayor adams said he was pressured into getting his ear pierced because a group of voters said they would only trust him if they had a stud. take it away. >> [laughing]. >> i don't know. if the words of another favorite canadian twain, that don't impress me much. if he got a tattoo that said we the people, i would be more impressed. >> mark: okay. with his face this would not on his arm he would get that
4:56 pm
tattoo. >> you won't touch that. i am not going there. >> mark: no, no. apologize. okay. >> ding, ding, ding. >> mark: topic 2. a police officers completed a delivery route after arresting a door-dash driver. >> i brought your food to you. >> thanks. >> mark: [laughing]. >> my favorite story. >> mark: what do you like about it? >> yes. literally going above and beyond the call of duty. i do the dean's list and this police officer makes the dean's list. >> mark: i think that's fantastic. normally like if you think they
4:57 pm
just take it back to the police precinct and eat it all there. they didn't. admirable. >> exactly. amazing. i love this story. best story of the night. >> mark: okay. you can check that out with janice. what is the website for the dean's list? >> fox news radio is on every hour on the hour. they play it in between commercial breaks can brian. >> mark: topic 3. synchronizing swimming. it's never the most exciting sport to me, but it is if you throw in a shark. >> i could not believe this video. it makes the phrase jumping the shark not as impressive. i don't know what to say with this video. i think he deserved to be jawed.
4:58 pm
do we know what happened after the video stopped roling? >> mark: no, i don't see him giving interviews. perhaps you got your wish. >> i don't want anyone harmed in the making of that video. i am a kind human being, but if you are playing with the shark you might get eaten by a shark. >> mark: it's way better -- i mean synchronized swimming with the shark is better than jumping with the shark. i hope that's the new expression. finally which would like to live next door to joe biden. the adjoining property in delaware is on sale.
4:59 pm
hunter did a listing. >> i love it. any hunter paintings inside the home? >> mark: that would increase it to 18.7-million dollars and no one could afford it. that's the problem there. >> i guess if you are next to joe biden, then you are gog going to run the risk of him knocking on your door asking if you need a vaccination. i am not sure i would love living near any politician. >> mark: if he does that, i recommend calling the cops and having hem arrest joe biden and them performing the rest of his vaccination route. that's brilliantly done. thank you very much. we will see you on fox and friends tomorrow. your fabulous book "make your own sunshine." did i get the title right? >> you did.
5:00 pm
you always make my sunshine. >> mark: i apologize for the vicious stories because you are the nicest person on this network. you will be right back tomorrow on fox and friends. we will see you then. i will be back here tomorrow night and as you already know, if you are on the nsa list, hering's tucker. -- here's tucker. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." this show specializes in the obvious. that's what we do. tonight we would like to begin with the most obvious observation of ail. -- of all. force works. if you make people do something, if you demand they do it and punish them in they don't, they will comply. they don't have a choice. if you tell them they have to take a dose of experimental medicine or they can't have
5:01 pm
a job


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