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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> dana: is my deep fryer coming? >> geraldo: did i ever tell you the story when john rich came to my house? [laughter] >> geraldo: true story. >> jesse: paris hilton was there, too. not going to tell any more of that story though. that's it for us. "special report" is up next with shannon bream the evil shannon bream. >> shannon: jesse, really jesse watters vs. reese witherspoon. i don't know elle wood is a scrapper. good luck on that. >> jesse: thank you very much, thank you very much, reese. shan have a great night. good evening, welcome to washington i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. breaking tonight president biden says taliban takeover of afghanistan is highly unlikely. the comments come as the president promises to maintain personnel and capacities in the country after the large scale u.s. military withdrawal. congressional correspondent jacqui heinrich starts us off tonight from the white house. good evening, jackie. >> good evening, shannon.
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president biden rejected the premise that a taliban takeover of afghanistan is inevitable as a thai group makes rapid advances amid the u.s. and now also british withdrawal. >> i will not send another generation of americans to war in afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome. >> the u.s. mission in afghanistan will end august 31st, 12 days sooner than the 20th anniversary of 9/11. president biden's first deadline. biden says he trusts the afghan military can defend itself from the threat of a taliban takeover and at this stage it's the responsibility of the afghan people, not the u.s., to nation-build. >> they have the capacity. they have the forces. they have the equipment. the question is will they do it? >> the president highlighted the strengths of 300,000 afghan troops versus some 75,000 taliban. but brittled at this question. >> you trust the taliban, sir? >> is that a serious question?
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>> followed by a fuller answer. >> do i trust the taliban? no. but i trust the capacity of the afghan military. it was better trained, better equipped and more -- and more competent in terms of conducting war. >> biden made the case for turning the u.s. counter-terrorism posture elsewhere. >> today the terrorist threat has metastasized beyond afghanistan, significantly higher in south asia, the middle east and africa. >> but lawmakers on both sides have pressured biden to ensure the safety of afghan people who helped the u.s. military, like translators and drivers now facing death threats from the taliban. >> they are being hunted down as we speak, and this administration, president biden will have blood on his hands if he does not act now. >> the president says the visa process needs to be faster but kicked the issue to congress. >> why can't the u.s. evacuate these afghan translators to the united states to await their visa processing as some immigrants at the southern
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border. >> the law doesn't allow that to happen and that's why we are asking the congress to consider changing the law. >> the president said since january some 2500 afghan nationals have received visas and for those waiting, the u.s. can guarantee safety in third party countries. shannon? >> jacqui heinrich at the white house. thanks, jackie. >> thank you. >> shannon: now to america's crime carnage in chicago. it was a bloody holiday weekend there the unrestrained violence has been going on for some time. today further evidence of the tragic events. senior correspondent mike tobin reports tonight from chicago. >> i know he has touched all these people. >> a funeral was held today for max lewis, he was a university of chicago student who, on july 1st, was commuting home from his internship when a stray bullet burst through the window of the l train and killed him. >> lori lightfoot had the nerve recently to say that crime in chicago was on the decline.
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that's a blatant lie. crime is not on decline. homicides and shooting rates are up. >> an arrest has been made for the shooting of a chicago cop and two atf agents. they were under cover. the complaint says the shooter thought they were opposing gang members. a 28-year-old chicago man has been charged with using a dangerous and deadly weapon to assault a special agent from the atf. that attack coupled with the unrelenting blood shed overshadowed the visit between president biden. the meeting between biden and chicago mayor lori lightfoot was brief with promise of strike force to depro-to chicago as well as other violent cities. >> from our end, what the president conveyed to mayor lightfoot is that he will continue to work with her in partnership and work with cities around the country to address the rise of violence and specifically the rise of gun violence predominantly the driver in chicago. >> one chicago alderman says a brief chat won't stop bullets. >> this much i know is clear, lori lightfoot does not have a
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strategy in place that's going to keep chicago safe. >> national level 1600 more gun deaths, 3200 more injuries than the previous year. in terre haute, indiana, a 30 year veteran of a police force greg was ambushed shot and killed. 10 year member of fbi task force on gangs and violent crime. although the suspect was shot, subsequently arrested and charged with murder, police cannot say if the ambush was personal or he was targeted simply because he wore a badge. >> it's not a good time to be a police officer in america. this is an example of someone that would i do because of who we are. we are not bad people. >> in late june, a u.s. marine was shot in the middle of times square while visiting new york. typical of modern gunfire. he was not the target. he was hit by careless gunfire. a teenager has now turned himself in for that shooting. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: all right. we will follow that. mike tobin in chicago. thanks, mike. the ethics chief under president obama is blasting the current
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administration's plan concerning the sale of hunter biden's artwork. the white house says the president's son will not be privy to who is buying his artwork to try to avoid ethical pit falls that's according to a report by "the washington post." with you walter shob says on twitter the biden administration is trying to, quote, make sure we will never know who the buyers are he says the white house has outsourced government ethics to a private art dealer. the administration declined to respond but has said the rules ensure the sales are ethical, asking price for some of hunter biden's artwork ranges from 75,000 to a half million dollars. gun right supporters are trying to derail the nomination of president biden's pick to run the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. they say david chetman wants to ban guns. chetman says he is a proud gun owner. correspondent david spunt has the story tonight from the white house. >> david chipman quit his job at the atf and went to go work for the gun control lobby instead.
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>> second amendment proponents are spending millions on an all-out ad blitz against the president's nominee to lead the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. >> now joe biden wants david chipman to lead the atf so he can ban guns. >> the national shooting sports foundation is running its first ever television attack ads in maine and west virginia viewing senators joe manchin persuadable to vote no. it's the first time the group has opposed an atf confirmation. the nra is also opposed. >> mr. chipman is singularly positioned to lead atf and tackle the gun violence epidemic facing our nation. >> chipman is a 20 year atf veteran. he worked in the bush and obama administrations. he supports expanding background checks, limiting high capacity magazines and more. >> do you believe in banning assault weapons? >> i do, sir. >> okay. define assault weapons. >> um, assault weapons would be
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something that, um, members of congress would define. >> well, how do you define it? you are going to be running the agency. >> chipman left public service to work for a group founded by former congresswoman giffords shot in the head in 2011 and since become gun control advocate. chipman defended his reputation writing in op-ed last year i'm also a proud gun owner who has sometimes been mischaracterized as a gun grabber. first in my career in service to my country and now as an advocate for gun safety. >> his confirmation vote is not yet scheduled. the white house is standing behind david chipman. official says it's ultimately up to the senate to make that final decision. shannon? >> shannon: david spunt at the white house. thank you very much, david. stocks were down. the dow off 260, the s&p 500 dropped 37. nasdaq fell 105. ♪ >> shannon: breaking tonight, pfizer says it will seek authorization for a third dose
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of its covid-19 vaccine. the company says another shot could dramatically boost immunity and possibly help ward off coronavirus mutations. research from multiple countries shows the widely used covid-19 vaccines offer strong protection against the highly con take just delta variant. but virus-fighting antibodies naturally weaken. wane. antibodies jump after a third dose. calling on u.s. olympic committee to call out athletes who get political. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates arranged the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york: michael avenatti has been incidenced to 20 and a half years in prison. the controversial lawyer found guilty last year on charges he tried to extort up to $25 million from nike. avenatti will also face unrelated fraud trial in los angeles as well as a separate trial next year in manhattan where he is charged with cheating his former client adult
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film actress stormy daniels of hundreds of thousands of dollars. fox 11 in los angeles where a man leads police on a wild chase jumping from roof to roof after he was apparently lighting a church cross on fire late last night. the suspect was eventually taken into custody. no word yet on a motive. and this is a live look at dallas from fox 4. one of the big stories there tonight, a baby giraffe makes her public debut. the calf stepped into her new habitat at the dallas zoo earlier this morning alongside her mom crystal. the unnamed giraffe was born on the 4th of july. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. >> shannon: breaking tonight the death toll from the south surfside condo collapse risen to 54. recovery effort know longer a rescue mission. phil keating joins us tonight.
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hi, phil. >> hi, shannon. the priority is no longer digging for survivors but finding the remains of those who perished for the families to have closure that they want and also for them to arrange for proper funerals. the evening update just ended as you mentioned 64 confirmed fatalities and potentially 76 people still to be found. the surfside mayor just reiterated that all of the work on that pile of rubble will not stop until every last victim is pulled out. >> the speaker further said that i can assure you we are not stopping and your missing children are coming back to your families. >> after yesterday's conclusion that it is next to impossible do find anyone still alive, there were multiple tears at the pile of rubble. searchers with helmets off, family of the missing, and local leaders shared a sovereign moment of silence for the victims last night. as the search and rescue mission transitioned to search and recovery. there were more tears and prayers at the memorial wall,
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sadness and the tragic reality that officially after two weeks the hunt for survivors is over. now, that this is a full-on recovery mission, everything on the scene has accelerated. more heavy equipment there, and more than 7 million pounds of concrete has been hauled away. the mayor said task force 1 members were told they could now go back home. they declined. the county has ordered an immediate review of every building 30 years and older. all residents at this one, crestview towers in north miami beach, forced to evacuate friday the building deemed structurally and electrically unsafe in january. well, today, city officials say it still must remain empty for now. and this morning at 1:20 a.m., all work on the pile of rubble stopped. marking the moment in silence that two weeks ago half of the crestview towers south plummeted down to the ground at 1:30 in the morning while most residents
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were sleeping. shannon? >> shannon: phil keating, still a tough road ahead for so many people there thank you so much. resident along the east coast are either experiencing or preparing for more rain from tropical storm elsa. the system has already caused damage in the southeast since coming ashore. at least one person died in florida. a tornado at a georgia navy beach flipped recreational vehicles upside down and blew one of them into a lake. about 10 people were hospitalized. california democratic governor gavin newsom is asking residents to cut their household water consumption by 15%. newsom is expanding his regional drought state of emergency to cover 50 counties more than 40% of california's population. newsom is facing a recall election in two months. there will be no spectators at the olympics in tokyo. the international olympic committee announced a total ban after japan's prime minister declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus. fans from abroad were banned
3:18 pm
months ago. a group of house republicans is expressing concerns about the political statements of american olympic athletes. congressional correspondent chad pergram tells us what is forcing the issue. >> olympic trials were a warm-up to see who may stand atop the podium for the u.s., but also a dress rehearsal for potential protests by american athletes. hammer throw specialist gwen berry turned her back on the flag during the national anthem. >> the third paragraph slaves in american our blood being slain and pill terred all over the floor. it's disrespectful and it does not speak for black americans. >> the bmx freestyle rider wanted to medal at the game so she could, quote, burn a u.s. flag on the podium. she later told fox that anyone is sorely mistaken if they doubt she cares about the u.s. >> the general public is tired of people who utilize the platform that the united states has created for them to then
3:19 pm
turn right around after they have been able to excel by taking advantage of that and to protest against us. >> that's why three dozen house republicans are pressuring the u.s. olympic committee to enforce olympic prohibitions against political displays. the politics in the olympics are always intertwined. >> i have notified the olympic committee that with soviets invading forces in afghanistan, neither the american people nor i will support sending an olympic team to moscow. >> jesse owens saluted the american flag capturing four gold medals at the 1936 berlin games as germans saluted hit ler. american raised their fist at the podium in mexico city in a turbulent 1968. >> new to the country very similar 1968 very fragmented. i think it's a natural outcome of what's been going on politically. >> former senator ben competed judo 1964 games also in tokyo.
3:20 pm
>> respect for other teammates and nation to do it. rein that in somehow and get back to the original concept of what the olympics are all about. >> the olympic creed says winning isn't important but to have thought well. still, for some athletes that fight might not be limited to the track and the field. shannon? >> shannon: chad pergram on capitol hill. thanks, chad. up next the summer heat not stopping the illegal immigrants crossing into the u.s. we will go live to the border we come back. beyond our borders tonight third attack in less than 24 hours targets american diplomats and troops in the middle east. iraqi security officials say rockets landed near the u.s. embassy in baghdad early this morning. that follow twos separate attacks on bases housing american troops in western iraq and syria. two unregistered russian combat jets forced an abrupt ending to a news conference with littian i
3:21 pm
lithuania's president. speaking he at air base when jets sighted over the baltics. serving as back drop pulled to monitor the aircraft. an elephant wandering alone near cities in southwestern china is now back home. the 10-year-old male separated from his herd more than a month ago, he had been staying near populated areas since early next week. they tranquilized the elephant and moved into home nature reserve to reduce risk to the public. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> shannon: two men believed to be haitian americans have been arrested in connection with the assassination of haitian president jovenel moise. deciding elections minister. he says five other people have also been detained. police say four other suspects have been killed and two are still missing. the president was shot to death at his home early wednesday. his life was critically wounded. the brutal summer heat is not stopping or even slowing down the steady flow of migrants crossing the southern border into the u.s. at la joya, texas. that means huge crowds at one detention facility. tonight, a look at how that has happened. correspondent bill melugin has our update. >> for the past several weeks, fox news has reported from the rio grand valley where scenes like this play out like
3:26 pm
clockwork. every morning in la joya, texas hundreds of migrants spill across the border. most apprehended by overwhelmed and undermanned border patrol placed on the buses and taken away but to where? many of them are coming right here to the federal detention center in donna, texas. the facility was infamously overcrowded with migrants in march. 16 times over capacity at its worst. this is what the facility looked like on february 2nd shortly after it was built. essentially a small grouping of tents in a dirt field. fast forward to today, and you can see it has exploded in size as the border crisis has only gotten worse. our fox drone overhead showing the property has turned into a tent city significantly expanding with more tents, massive lots and an entire health and human services tent compound added to house migrants for longer periods of time. local media and the rio grande valley reporting the hhs tents are set to close later this month.
3:27 pm
thursday morning, we saw vans and buses with migrants leaving the donna facility over and over. their destination unknown. this, as democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib says dhs should be defunded. >> we must eliminate funding for cbp, ice, and parent organization dhs. time after time, we have seen it as advocates on the ground human services agency on the ground to continue to see over and over again that these agencies are inept, they further continue to terrorize migrant communities. >> frankly, it's very disturbing when you hear a sitting member of congress referring to people who are keeping our nation secure as terrorists. >> and shannon, the hhs at the present time compound here at this facility primarily meant to house migrant children. fox news spoke with hhs and they tell us as of last week out of the 1500 beds they have available for those kids here, only 196 of them were filled up. so they have some room here. we asked them today are those
3:28 pm
reports true that they're closing their side of the facility. we didn't get an answer. i also reached out to border patrol to get their numbers for their side of the facility. we didn't get an answer from them. we will send it back to you. >> shannon: thanks for staying on it. >> bill melugin down at the border. thanks, bill. north of the border texas state lawmakers are addressing several controversial measures that did not make it into the regular legislative session that ended in may. many democrats who staged a walkout that prevented a vote on one of those measures earlier this year are fiercely opposed to these bills. senior correspondent casey stegall has the story tonight from arlington, texas. >> the texas lawmakers were back in austin, thursday to convene a special legislative session called by republican governor greg abbott to address a long list of issues abbott has identified as a priority. >> i was a little surprised that there were so many items put in the initial call. >> they have up to 30 days to tackle everything from critical race theory in schools, social
3:29 pm
media censorship, border security, plus bail and election reform. >> there are no voter restrictions. we are not rolling back anything. we simply are making sure we have secure ballots. >> the changes to the voting law became so controversial for house democrats they staged a walkout during the final hours of the regular session back in may so the election legislation didn't pass. democrats argue the governor is taking on partisan issues that could bolster his re-election efforts not ones that impact all texans. >> fixing the grid. working on our highway system. working on our justice system. these are things we need to be focused on not just the politicizing and wasting the million dollars that every special session costs. >> texas' independent power grid is not on the governor's agenda this session despite its vulnerabilities, exposed by february's winter storm when millions lost electricity for days. abbott says most of the problems have already been fixed.
3:30 pm
critics argue that is not accurate. >> i personally believe we're no better prepared for the next freeze than we were the last one. >> if all of the work does not get done in the next month, the texas constitution allows the governor to call additional special sessions, as many as needed, until the agenda legislation is passed. shannon? >> shannon: casey stegall in texas. thanks, casey. federal regular glarts have approved new prescribing instructions that will likely limit use of a controversial new autonomous zone drug. alzheimer's drug.big change frol instructions which said the drug was approved for alzheimer's disease in general. school is out most of the country parents enemy districts are very busy trying to get rid of school board members. there are more than 50 efforts like that going on right now.
3:31 pm
much of it has to do with the teaching of critical race theory, which links racial discrimination to america's foundations and legal system. here is correspondent anita vogel. >> we live in a dangerously, racist society. >> crt is the opposite of good teaching. >> two polarizing perspectives about what is being taught in classrooms across the country. it's what is leading many parents to run for their local school boards to change things. >> cr. >> it is poison news it teaches to us look at kids by the definitions that they come in with. where they were born, what race they are. who their parents are. that's wrong. >> we have seen with covid the local school boards have so much control over what happens in our children's daily lives. and it is really our last line of defense against the indoctrination of our children. >> a movement to recall school board members is also growing around the country. up 54 so far this year from 29 last year.
3:32 pm
and a brand new nonpartisan organization called free-to-learn aimed at helping parents navigate relations with school boards is besieged with phone calls. >> in the short time since our organization has launched just two weeks ago, we have heard from thousands of parents in all 50 states with various examples of activist curriculum that is not focused on academic achievement and academic outcomes. and parents are frustrated. >> in loudoun county, virginia, 6 board members are facing a recall. in san francisco three others are likely to be ousted this fall. reasons range from pushback over critical race theory and woke ideologies to school boards not doing enough to reopen schools closed during the covid-19 pandemic. >> so this is not a conservative or liberal issue this is a parent's issue. >> parents may have reasons to be worried. according to a recent study by the program for international student assessment, u.s. students rank well behind
3:33 pm
countries like canada and estonia when it comes to reading, writing and math. shannon? >> shannon: anita vogel, thank you very much. up next, president biden says he doesn't trust the taliban, but he is pulling out of afghanistan anyway. we'll ask the panel about that. >> do you trust the taliban, sir? >> you got -- is that a serious question? >> it's absolutely a serious question. do you trust the taliban? >> no i do not. follow me. ♪ (realtor) so, any questions? (wife) we'll take it! (realtor) great. (vo) it will haunt your senses. the heart-pounding audi suv family. get exceptional offers at your local audi dealer. my psoriatic arthritis pain?
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and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal. >> is the taliban takeover in afghanistan now inevitable? >> no, it is not. >> why? >> because you have the afghan troops have 300,000 well-equipped, as well equipped as any army in the world and an air force against something like 75,000 taliban. it is not inevitable. >> here's what will happen is
3:38 pm
the taliban will begin to mass at some point to take down the major cities in afghanistan. they are holding back now until the united states is pretty much all gone and then we will see that. >> shannon: let's bring in our panel to discuss that mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist," harold ford jr., former tennessee congressman and ceo of empowerment and inclusion capitol and bill mcgurn columnist for the "wall street journal." let's start right there, mollie, the president said a couple of things he does not trust the taliban. he also says, listen, they are a smaller force, only 75,000 versus possibly hundred thousand in the afghan army. but they have been very effective even with their smaller numbers. >> this is really about so much more. it's about how we fight wars and what we're thinking. almost 20 years ago that our friend charles krauthammer gave a speech in which he said it would be good to spread democracy from north africa to afghanistan. he noted that many conservatives
3:39 pm
thought it wouldn't work. he said it might not work but he thought we should give it a try. we have given it a try. we have given it a very long try. it has cost trillions of dollars. thousands of people's lives have been lost. and the nation of afghanistan might not be able to make it even after we have invested so many resources. but, really what is important is that the united states understands the way that we fight wars, we have to have clear metrics of success. we have to understand why we are there. we have to move away from nation-building into fighting wars that are solely in our national interest. laser-focused on our national interest. all these questions about how things are going to go in afghanistan i think, miss that point that we tried this experiment and it did not work. >> shannon: and the president was asked today about whether this was a mission accomplished moment. that's what i think people across the world and certainly here at home and america want to hear did. we accomplish something? what did we accomplish? here's what the president said on that point. >> is this a mission accomplished moment?
3:40 pm
what is it? >> no, there is no politician accomplished the mission was accomplished in that we got usama bin laden and terrorism is not emanating from that part of the world. >> shannon: but, harold, how concerned should would he be now that some of those forces can reconfigure there it's not just the u.s. leaving other good actors leaving a very troubled area. or bill, i think harold is having a little trouble -- okay, harold, go ahead. >> sorry. i can hear you. i agree largely with the predicate that mollie has articulated. i think it is, you know, 20 years, $4 trillion. we have made progress there. i do think we have found that culture and persistent history of tribalism has undermined our efforts to bring about the kind of unit or centralized government in afghanistan that we want. but, also consistent with mollie's point 20 years later technology has grown,
3:41 pm
satellites, drones, we will be able to prosecute this effort. protect our interest and ensure the one thing we don't want to see happen which is that -- those grounds there in afghanistan, the taliban, again, becoming a haven for terrorist organizations. if that happens, i would imagine this administration would follow the lead of itself and general keane and others who urged we get back on the ground there because, at the end of the day, our focus has to shift. china presents itself as graphic call economic and military threat that we're going to have to focus on much like we focus on russia during the cold war in the 20th century. >> shannon: the president today did not, as you noted, say that we would never go back, american troops would never be called back into that arena. "the washington examiner" writing about that said this: the implication, should the taliban fight their way back to running the country, washington might conclude that it is acceptable so long as it does not harbor extremist groups such as al qaeda, the slack state
3:42 pm
islam mic stategroup, throws use calculations we are always having to make how much we let the quote, unquote, bad guys have a say or, you know, a hand in running the country when we have worries about things that will impact our interest or those of our of a lies. >> yeah, look, shannon, i was in afghanistan with the huge gentleman dean way back before this war in the first war in afghanistan when they were fighting the soviets. i'm old enough to remember vietnam. i'm old enough to remember the reformation of like isis after we left the area. i wish i could on mystic but i can't. the last time we thought afghanistan didn't matter, you know, they came and knocked down two of our buildings in manhattan. and attacked the pentagon. and i just don't believe that the air capabilities are going to be sufficient. look what happened in benghazi
3:43 pm
because our flight -- it took hours for flights to get there. i just don't think you can substitute for troops on the ground. we h i believe, three casualties this year. none of them combat related. we are still in germany after defeating hitler. and we are in korea and japan after world war ii. and that's been to our benefit to help stabilize the region. i just think this is going to go down as a terrible mistake. >> shannon: the president did talk, too, about these caucuses about why to get out and when to get out. i will play a little bit more of what he had to say on that front today. >> the u.s. military mission in afghanistan continues to the end of august. let me ask those who want us to stay. how many more -- how many thousands more americans, daughters and sons, are you willing to risk? i will not send another generation of americans to war in afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome.
3:44 pm
the united states cannot afford to remain tethered to policies creating a response to a world as it was 20 years ago. >> shannon: mollie, that gets to your point about trying an experiment, seeing whether it works, what our role is there. do you think the president has articulated well about the reasoning for leaving now? >> i actually think he did a great job with it i want to commend him for staying strong after so much pressure from the military industrial complex. also that president trump set that deadline which helped get this going is very good. more than anything though, it's a reminder, too, about how that same military, how the brass did not do a good job of preparing for exit. one of the ways they kept us there for so long was by never really developing a strategy for how to leave and it would trap presidents into staying and we are seeing some of the fallout of that now. but president biden is doing a great thing you by not allowing that to continue and insisting we stick with this plan and hopefully things will go well
3:45 pm
from here on out. it was long fought for by many people so kudos to him. >> shannon: the whole idea is getting tours and getting political peaceful solution to this whole thing, but, haired, when a lot of people say they can't trust the taliban as, you know, a negotiating partner at the table, how does that resolution eventually come about? >> right. if we stayed indefinitely or stayed a longer period of time. i don't mean to put words in bill's mouth. if we stayed, the taliban is not gradually becoming a more trustworthy organization. what we are finding is we have other priorities. we can manage the situation with new technology and hopefully we don't have to find our way back there but i think this is the right thing to do. it's a painful, it's a tough decision. and i expect the military to counter the president some on this. but hopefully they reach an agreement in our military and white house that if there is a problem we can get back and get back quickly and let's hope we don't have to go back and we are able to manage the situation and
3:46 pm
get on to dealing with china and our other foes. >> shannon: quick closing comment to you, bill, on this topic? >> well, weren't the south vietnamese reassured if something happened the u.s. would be back there to do it. i'm not sure of the new technology helped much in benghazi when those guys were out of reach of air support. i hope they are right. but i, again, this looks to me like it has a lot of wishful thinking behind it. >> shannon: all right, panel. thank you. up next, crime in and the atn. ♪ ♪
3:47 pm
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>> i think what worries me biden it's going to be used as a back door bailout to save the city of chicago while not increasing safety on our streets. >> what the president conveyed to mayor lightfoot is that he will continue to work with her in partnership and work with cities around the country to address the rise of violence and specifically the rise of gun violence predominantly the driver in chicago. >> chicago had its most murderous weekend of the year over the 4th of july. over 90 people were shot. and i fear that that was just an opportunity for a photo op. yesterday with president biden.
3:51 pm
>> shannon: we are back with our panel to talk about surging crime across the country. bill yesterday the focus was in chicago. they may have discussed it privately but the president did not talk about it publicly in his remarks. >> yeah, look, it's a big problem in -- it's a huge problem in chicago. and no one is really addressing it honestly. you have the police chief complaining that the judges and so forth let people back out that they have caught and it's not just chicago's problem. it's cities all over the country where we would rather talk about gun violence as though guns get together and decide we're going to go out and be violent rather than bad guys shooting people. and when we had stop and frisk, for example, in new york. that was gun control for bad guys. it look a lot of illegal guns off the streets and saved a lot of black and latino lives. and we just -- we don't have that now.
3:52 pm
i'm hopeful that the vote for eric adams means that we are rethinking some of the policies of the last year. >> shannon: pro-police anticrime candidate risen to the top of the mayoral primary there in new york. harold, we do have bill alluded to this, we are having a lot of back and forth now between police and prosecutors. police say we're arresting people. you guys aren't prosecuting them. we so he a lot of measures in different cities that are going soft on crime by a lot of estimations about, you know, disbanding gang units and all kinds of other things that seem to be, to the critics, exacerbating the crime problem. >> look, i want to harp on the point that bill made there i agree with him. i think the election -- the nomination of eric adams whose call today for precision policing and the use of marrying up data with good policing on the streets and the reintroduction of gang units in new york, i would also add the second place finish in new york also wanted to be smart about
3:53 pm
policing and not -- was not for defunding the police. i think the most important voice in policing over the last 40 years, 50 years has been bill bratton. he has a great book out called a great read the profession if you have a few hours on your hands. he talks about ways in not only professionalize even more the vocation of being a police officer but you take on bad elements in police departments and you reach out to communities and you give cops the funding and the resources and the tools they need. i would add, bill mcgurn my buddy bad people use these guns and bad people flooding communities where kids can't get fresh fruit, a good education let alone a doctor's visit let able to find firearms. >> shannon: let me get mollie in for the quick final word. >> we have for the last year experimented with defunding the police which is something that is happening in a lot of democratic cities.
3:54 pm
we have will districts attorneys not prosecuting crimes. we have also been letting a lot of people out who have been convicted of crimes. and this is not, you know, rocket science. we know why we have an increase in crime. we also know what it takes to fix it. it does require policing. and particularly policing in those neighborhoods where crime is a particular problem. it seems like democrats want to move the conversation into guns. they have some big plans to restrict second amendment rights and they are trying to put in people who want to do that. that and federal law enforcement. that's not the answer. the answer is to move away from some of these really disastrous policies they put forward. >> shannon: all right, panel, stick around. when we come back, we will get your predictions for tomorrow's headlines. ♪ ♪ i order my groceries online now. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble.
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the miracle-ear advantage for yourself. try one a day 50+ multivitamin gummies. with vitamins c, d & zinc for immunity support. plus 8 b-vitamins for brain support. one a day and done. >> shannon: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines. we will kick it off with will.
3:59 pm
bill. >> the short headline is joe biden strengthens u.s. dependency on opec. he does this by pleading with poo peck to expand production of oil because at home he is trying to constrict it and the reason he wants more supply from opec is because gas prices are rising at home and he is worried about the political backlash. >> shannon: mollie, your prediction? >> yes, michael after that the at this is set to embark on a new career. he was known for manufacturing hoaxes such as the lies he told about supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and now he's going to be manufacturing license plates in a federal penitentiary. >> shannon: ouch. harold, you wrap us up tonight. >> mine is a headline for tomorrow, bucks bay tied 1-1. the winner of the national spelling bee finals wins by spelling the last name of the buck's super star who goes by the nickname the greek freak
4:00 pm
hint his first name is yanni. >> shannon: all right panel thank you so much. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. join me fox news at night. we have report on hunter biden's artwork sales and questions about that. but "fox news primetime" hosted by mark steyn, the one and only and he starts right now. hey, mark. >> mark: hey, thank you, shannon. great show. they all stretch those headlines but i like mollie's for its shear viciousness. i give her the fully loaded tesla for tonight's round. manufacturing license plates. we will have some avenatti a bit later. shannon, good evening. welcome. i'm mark steyn this is "fox news primetime" and it's all identity politics now. america has an hispanic community, a gay community and an intelligence community. and if you think the lgbtq plus community is getting way too many initials, try swimming through the alphabet