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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 8, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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blessing in life will be here in just a week or so. >> gillian: i have the same baby stroller is you judging by the graham. >> kayleigh: it is a good one, awesome, congratulations again, thanks to everyone for being here. "america reports" now! >> ahead of one of the country's biggest teacher unions claiming republicans are bullying teachers saying culture warriors are labeling discussions of race, racism or discrimination as critical race theory try to make it toxic. congresswoman nancy mase here on that, also a mother to school-age children. >> war veteran and republican congressman michael waltz joins us on the drawdown in afghanistan, larry kudlow with gas prices, and a purple heart recipient who says twitter unfairly flagged his patriotic tweets.
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>> sandra: we begin first, gunfire erupting in chicago the same day president biden meets with lori lightfoot, coming in the wake of the most violent weekend in the windy city so far this year, it is not a good situation in chicago, hello, everyone, i am sandra smith here in new york city, hi, benjamin. >> i am benjamin hall emperor john roberts, in the shootings across chicago yesterday say that that includes two atf agents and the police officer hurt in the morning. >> sandra: president biden briefly met with lori lightfoot after it was supposed to crack down on the spike in crime, the city is doing absolutely everything they can to stem the violence. chicago police data showing that 100 people were shot and 19 killed over the july 4th weekend. and today a funeral for 20-year-old max lewis, the college student he was struck by a stray bullet through the window of a train while he was
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commuting home from his internship. >> benjamin: senior correspondent mike tobin live from the streets of chicago with more on all of that. mike. >> well, gunfire erupted on the day that the president came to town because gunfire erupts every day in chicago. the president came to town wanting to get out a message of what he calls investment in human infrastructure, but any message was overshadowed by the unrelenting bloodshed, coming off a deadly weekend, two federal agency and a chicago cop work shot. 36 officers have been shot at or shot for so far this year, the gunfire and gangland is careless, so the victim is not someone targeted. one example is max lewis, a university of chicago student sitting on the l train commuting home from his internship and a stray bullet came through the window and killed him. people who knew him, they don't have any confidence of the brief meeting with the president may or lori lightfoot will do anything to stop the bullets.
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>> my fear is that yesterday was just more empty platitudes, more promises that won't be kept. i mean, lori lightfoot had them nerve recently to say that crime in chicago is on the decline am. that is a blatant lie. it is not on the decline. homicides and shooting rates are up. and as we have seen, chicago had its most murderous weekend of the year. if she meets with him, saving the city of chicago wall not to creating safety on our streets. >> there was two federal agents, they survived and were released from the hospital. and they do have a person they are questioning. back to you. >> benjamin: mike tobin in chicago, thanks so much. >> sandra: from chicago to indiana, police in terre haute say that police officer was shot and killed in an ambush outside
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and fbi office yesterday afternoon, detective with a 30-year veteran of the force, the fbi says the agent shot and wounded the alleged suspect in custody while being treated at a local hospital. indiana governor eric holcomb calling the attack senseless. no word on a possible motive for that shooting. >> benjamin: a 16-year-old suspect in police custody's facing several charges including attempted murder for a shooting in times square. the incident happened last month when a gunman opened fire in broad daylight hitting a 21-year-old marine visiting new york city. shot in the back and taken to the hospital in stable conditions, sources tell "the new york post" that the suspect has five prior arrests all of which have sealed. >> sandra: president biden set to speak this hour on the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan with the deadline for all american service members to leave afghanistan by september 11th. the central command says that
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the drawdown is more than 90% complete now, but as the u.s. leaves, while the taliban for the right grow. congresswoman nancy mase joins us now a member of the veterans affairs committee, and the surge in afghanistan as the u.s. continues to withdraw congresswoman and what we expect to hear from president biden bottom of this hour as he speaks from the white house is a diplomatic solution, he is expected to pitch, how do you see this going so far, and what is your criticism of the white house with this withdrawal? >> i want to praise the administration for the withdrawal in afghanistan, because this was a policy that president trump supported. i came from a family of veterans, and serving to date that get deployed frequently, one of the things that i think it's a forgotten fact and figure in the troop withdrawal is that we have the department of defense has 16,000 contractors
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still in afghanistan, and they will remain there. 634 of those are american citizens, and that is more than double of the number remaining troops that are in afghanistan today. so we are not going to have a completely blank footprint over they are. those individuals have been contractors that are training afghanistan law enforcement and soldiers to protect themselves and their country as well. >> sandra: the criticism from your party i should say is the vacuum that this weaves and the surge of the taliban what happens next and what ultimately we see happening as that environment is replaced. john kirby speaking from the pentagon suggested this is not us turning our back on that region, listen to this. >> we are going to continue to assist the competency and the capability of afghan forces going forward after the drawdown. it will include some financial and logistical support, some technical support, some aviation support to include the provision
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to the aviation fleet, and not turning our back on her afghan partners. >> sandra: what do you expect to hear when the president speaks at the bottom of the hour? >> i do believe that will be the message coming out of president biden that we are not turning a blind eye to this. we have had our men and women in uniform that have served the aliens he plea almost 20 years to avenge the deaths of over 3,000 people and literally crush al qaeda. and one of the things i don't want to be lost in all of this by anyone on either side of the aisle right now is that we have over 16,000 department of defense contractors over there that are still working and training afghan soldiers and department police. so not totally out of the woods, but the soldiers need to come home, it is time. we had men and women that are serving in afghanistan they were not even born when 9/11 happened. and i want to ask the american people today how many lives more do we have to lose on foreign soil in afghanistan? we have done a remarkable job
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and will continue to do so. >> sandra: fair enough, top of the hour we come to you as a mother of two when we look at what is happening in our nation's schools, critical race theory as a congresswoman as well, i will ask you about to this statement by randi weingarten, head of the second largest teachers union in this country and her criticism of the g.o.p., listen. >> there are legislators mostly from the republican party who are currently bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching kids honest history. look, maybe they are just trying to raise the temperature on race relations because of the next election -- election. >> sandra: your party bullying teachers over this in our schools? >> the last time i checked bullying would be arresting a parent at a school board hearing was exercising their first amendment rights, and it was on fox news earlier this
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week when i heard about the father of a student in virginia who was arrested for speaking out against critical race theory. and i myself as a republican have been a victim of political violence, my house was just graffiti it four weeks ago. so we are seeing divisions on both sides of the aisle and political violence ratchet up and to point fingers and continue to label the left or the right that way is wrong. we need to take a responsibility and be accountable as a parent particularly on a marxist ideology being shoved down the throats of american children teaching them they are inherently racist and that is wrong. >> sandra: it seems some parents feel and you listen to the board rooms across the country it seems that some parents feel they are being removed from the equation that it does not matter what they think or if they are critical of this being taught in our schools, that this ultimately is a decision by the teachers union. speak about teachers, teachers
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unions, and school boards should be accountable to parents, that's the whole purpose. i remember a few years ago my kids were in elementary school at the time and they had a government assignment and they told me that socialism was better than democracy and communism. i had a poll over the car on the side of the road and get off the exit and have them explain it to me and then push back on them and say, you know, that's not true, let's talk about your $5 allowance, i get four of it, and the $1 you get, i get to tell you how to spend it. and they quickly change their mind after that. and i thought, what are we teaching our children these days. >> sandra: that's remarkable, and it sounds like you nip to that one in the bud with your own children. >> they are fiscally conservative now, trust me. >> sandra: when it comes to their own dollars how you can really make them listen, congresswoman, thank you for your time, i appreciate it. >> thank you as always. >> sandra: when it comes to
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"wall street journal" this morning, the teachers unions go woke the editorial board writings that aft get behind progressive political indoctrination. this is not a debate and not a fighter that seems to be ending anytime soon as they seem to make a full on push for this in america's schools. >> benjamin: absolutely, we will hear a lot more about this, we have been covering it a lot. and what amazes me is these parents standing up for what they believe is right about the ideology, it's about facts. we have had on our era, people and parents of all skin colors, black parents who say they don't want our children being taught to that they can't succeed because of the color of their skin, and white parents that say they don't want to their children being told they are systemically racist from birth. it is a widespread debate and we hear more and more apparent speaking out and that is maybe what will change the debate. >> sandra: it's really unique when you dial it down with a
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congresswoman who is a mother on school-age children to get their thoughts on all of it. >> benjamin: at least ten people were injured after the tropical storm barreled through georgia, a tornado tore apart a destruction through an rv park on the naval base. in kings bay georgia where that tornado touchdown, steve. >> benjamin, this tropical storm has generated multiple tornadoes, one touchdown right here at a naval submarine base and came down about 6:00 p.m. yesterday and tore through an rv park on this large base flipping at least 12 vehicles and homes, injuring ten people, several of those ten have been hospitalized, but none of them have life-threatening injuries. when we have gone through the wreckage in the ruins today, you see people really stumbling and staggering through it looking for what they can find especially sentimental items. we spoke to one woman who said that she hoped to find her parents wedding rings. >> some rings that belonged to my parents.
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>> their wedding rings. are you going to get that? >> i don't know that we ever will, praying for a miracle. >> what does that case mean to you? >> it's pretty much the only reason we are out here today. but were okay, so we are thankful. thank you. >> officers say there was no damage to any of the submarines based here or sensitive military material, benjamin. >> benjamin: steve, thanks very much, sandra. >> sandra: a fox news alert, the search operations at the condo collapse in south florida how rescue teams are shifting the focus of their mission two weeks after that disaster. >> benjamin: also the cost of gas on the rise and drivers could soon seen prices climb even higher. why they are blaming biden economics for the pain at the pump. a larry kudlow coming up. >> sandra: looking forward to that and an army veteran called
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>> sandra: a somber update from surfside florida as there are six more bodies in the rubble of the collapse condo as of today 60 people are confirmed dead, 80 others unaccounted for. two weeks since the 12 story building fell to the ground. rescue crews do not believe they will find any more survivors. benjamin. >> benjamin: an army veteran and a republican senate candidate blasting twitter for plugging his july 4th tweet. retired army captain sam brown who was severely burned in an iud explosion sharing a video of
10:19 am
him saluting in uniform saying freedom isn't free. july 4th 1776 america was born on july 4th 2021 and we are still the best country on this planet, but he said his patriotic post received a warning from twitter for "potentially sensitive content" fox news contributor and immediate political communist from the hill, thank you for being with us today. this is quite a story, this man is fought for his country and been wounded in the defense of his nation, a purple heart recipient running for senate -- senate, the image across the billboards, but twitter deciding not to show that image, what do you make of it? >> these are the people we should be inspired by, and smacked down by social media once again, i wonder if he had a d next to his name if this will be happening in terms of that post, but the post will actually benefit him, because the number one rule in politics is to attack unpopular institutions, irs conga congress, the
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establishment swamp, media and social media which has become a parody of itself in terms of its political activism, as far as what twitter has done over the last couple of years in terms of censorship, there was nascar's haley deacon that posted a photo of yourself with then president trump at the time in 2020 and that was flagged for potentially sensitive content, kathy griffin who apparently is a comedian tweeted out about assassinating trump when he was president, still on the platform, and trump of course is not, then you mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader tweeting out a video of threats made a grab and stand by antifa outside of his home and his account got suspended for doing that, because apparently criticizing an tivo is big no-no. >> benjamin: not to mention the ayatollah and iran, and the hezbollah beliefs as well, here's the tweet that captain brown responded with, he did not take this lying down, he said hey, twitter, i did not realize
10:21 am
my face was sensitive content, ironic thing that i only have three tweets and enrolled for the senate, was it was my scars or at the fact that i salute the flag? neither going away and neither am i. is this the part of the bigger picture? the social media giants overstepping the mark and what can be done to rein them in? president trump ringing for that case yesterday against the big three, but what will change this? >> i hate to disappoint while watching at home, but nothing can be done at this point, because you have a democratic house, democratic senate, a democrat in the oval office, why would they do anything to injure or break up their greatest super packed at this point? you look at the donations between facebook and twitter, 90% of them went towards democrats and the situation and then you look at the money, facebook up 100 points from the same time last year, twitter has doubled its stock. there are no mass boycotts against these companies and as a result the money will continue
10:22 am
rolling and as long as that keeps happening, we will continue to see facebook and twitter just act like this with no due process whatsoever in terms of the decisions they make biface lists all faceless oligarchs in silicon valley. >> benjamin: what is it that overwhelmingly leads these big companies, social media company is and even corporations to the left? why are they inherently on the left when they don't necessarily reflect the views of the majority of americans? why is that? >> they are based in silicon valley, the most liberal environment outside of new york and washington in younger people working there that tend to go more to the left. and once i started to get away with certain things at hunter biden in the censorship around "the new york post" story and his laptop and the fact that they got away with it completely because traditional media is not calling them out, newstead, i did, sure, but not "the washington post" in "the new york times" and the traditional outlets like cnn stood there and said, well, we are okay with us and that was a
10:23 am
problem, anyway, england, italy, on sunday, at wembley, i am rooting for you guys, you have not won in a big time, so hopefully they can pull it out. >> benjamin: 1966 is the last, it's coming home, joe, it's coming home, lovely to see you, thanks for being with us today. >> lovely to see you as well, i don't say that to another man very often, but it is. >> sandra: record numbers of migrants across the southern border, at one facility in texas also a growing number of migrants bringing in covid. we will take you there live. >> more americans hit the road this summer, gas prices are on the rise and experts say it make it worse. larry kudlow joins us to explain what's to blame and how long the surge could last. ♪ ♪ ghs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows.
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10:28 am
of the country coming is as vaccinated individuals may want to exercise caution and wear masks in some places on their risk tolerance. unvaccinated people should continue to wear masks. >> benjamin: a coach shot dead while driving on a minnesota highway and a possible case of road rage, the man's son who he was driving home from a game giving his dying father cpr until an ambulance arrived according to a local police station, the shooter sped off and is still on the run. >> sandra: britney spears mother speaking out saying the pop star should be allowed to choose her own lawyer as she fights to remove her father from her conservative ship. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app, scanned the code on your screen or go to benjamin. >> benjamin: migrants braving the harsh summer heat to across our southern border with hundreds of people coming into our country daily and now border agents say more and more migrants are bring in the with
10:29 am
them. live in texas for us, what is the latest? >> benjamin, good afternoon to you, in front of the detention city here in the rio grande valley where migrant children and families are housed on a temporary basis and also where it was severely overcrowded completely over capacity earlier this year and the facility has really exploded in size, we are going to show that to you in a moment, but first take a look at the video we shot in la jolla, texas yesterday. reporting for the past several weeks, we witness hundreds of migrants just spilling over the border illegally, they mostly get apprehended by border control and packed on the buses and then sent off somewhere, the question is where are all of them being taken? well, a significant majority of them are likely being taken right here to the donna facility. and i want to show you this photo, this is a bird's-eye view from february 2nd, shortly after the facility was built, back then it was basically just a
10:30 am
grouping of a few tenths on a dirt lot. nothing to bake it, take a live look at the fox drone over the facility right now, you can see the facility has completely exploded in growth, significantly expanding in all directions, tents have been built up all over the place, it is a full on tent city, their locks with vehicles, we have been watching buses constantly, and going with migrants on them, keep in mind that covid cases have been surging in these holding facilities, more than 7,000 and border patrol facility is all across the country just since april, hhs has built its own tent compound here as well, you can look from the drone, the crisis as it gets worse they've had to keep building and building a building on this property. i've asked border patrol how many migrants are in there? what is the current capacity and not an answer just yet, but listen to what democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib had to say, calling for dhs, i.c.e., and cdp to be defunded.
10:31 am
>> we must eliminate funding for the cpp, i.c.e., and the parent organization dhs, time after time we have seen it as advocates on the ground as agencies on the ground to continue to see it over and over again that these agencies are inactive. >> i can tell you that all morning long we have been watching as vans and buses both come in and out of the facility with migrants loaded onto them. it's unclear where the buses with the migrants on them are going off to you, but i can tell you every time we have flown out of mcallen airport at the end of one of our trips, those flights back to dallas are full of migrant families. we will send it back to you. >> benjamin: every single day you are there you see this same site, streams of people coming across the border, it's remarkable. inc. you very much. >> sandra: americans feeling pain at the pump here at home, gas prices up 40% since january, the average cost for a gallon of gasoline now at $3.14. and that is up almost a dollar
10:32 am
from a year ago, experts say it will keep climbing throughout the summer. larry kudlow, economics counsel, if you're not paying for this when you fill up your gas tank, because you don't have a car for whatever reason, the people that are transporting the goods they could buy every day, they are paying more for it, they are passing it down to the consumer, so it hits us at all angles paired here is my question to you, larry kudlow, formerly of the trump administration, is this because of the policy is organized prices going up because we have an economic recovery that is happening. >> we have an economic recovery that is happening, but it is not happening in crude oil production in the usa, that is the key point. we are producing 13 million barrels a day, we were the leading world energy producer of energy independence and the swing producer that dominated the market. now throughout the pandemic, the drop-down to 11 million,
10:33 am
11.3 million currently, there has been a huge recovery and demand and a global recovery in the economics, but mostly here in the u.s. no recovery in the oil production, why is that? because texas oil producers, the shell producers, the crackers, the independent guys are completely chilled out, you might even say freaked out, because you have an administration that basically wants to end their business, they don't want to sink more costs in and if the green new deal was not scary enough, no xl pipeline, no and wire drilling, no dakota access line, no nothing. >> sandra: no keystone. >> here is the other thing, the corporate tax attack would be bad enough itself coming want to raise from 21 to 28, and on the corporate tax, originally said we would have a minimum tax in the u.s. at 15% which is bad enough, now it has been raised
10:34 am
to 21%, so the whole tax structure is rising, the oil companies can't depreciate an expense any plans and equipment, that is a killer for them, so they are not drilling. and you know it, if they were up to 12 million barrels a day, 12.5 million barrels a day, gasoline would be a dollar lower. >> sandra: so the answer is joe biden's policy. jen psaki was speaking from the briefing room, and was asked about the higher gas prices and her explanation seem to be that the american people just don't get it, they just don't understand sometimes why gas prices go up, listen. >> i think that there sometimes is a misunderstanding of what causes gas prices to increase, and so to convey to the american people that we are working on it and certainly the supply availability of oil has a huge impact, i would also say that ensuring americans don't bear a burden at the pump continues to
10:35 am
be a top priority. >> sandra: you have to explain that one to me. >> she got it right partially, the supply of oil has an impact. yes, ma'am, jen psaki got it right, absolutely, so i ask you, why is it that her administration wants to stop the supply of oil here which they are frozen as i said, 11 milliot they are calling for saudi arabia and russia and opec plus countries to increase their supply? so let me get this right, it is okay for them to produce more oil and got the world price down lowering gasoline, it is not okay for us to produce more oil supplies, so let me get this right, global warming is a problem here, no more fossil fuels, but it is not a problem in russia, and iran. >> sandra: there was no follow-up like that. >> that is hypocrisy if you ask me, and we are paying for it, by
10:36 am
the way, not only gasoline at the pump, but also home heating oil for example, propane, natural gas for air conditioning, all that stuff, it is at least a dollar to a dollar 52 high. liberate american oil producers, they need to be free, sandra. >> sandra: i want more thing i want to move onto, do you think that gas prices go four or $5 a gallon or do they level out? >> i think we have some upside, but i don't see four or five a gallon. >> sandra: we have these jobless claims that go up, 373,000 according to the labor department, don't we have nine or 10 million open job positions right now as we talk to restaurant owners, business owners, having a hard time to getting people to come and apply to jobs, so why are those jobless benefits, why is demand going up in this environment? >> the employment situation is better than you think, but not as good as it should be, the
10:37 am
benefits, the plus outcome of the federal benefits are too generous, we have all talked about this story as nausea. it is still out there and ends in september, about half the states have gone off the federal toll, so those numbers will start ticking up, a lot of things though, low-paying jobs are improving, hotels, restaurants, small businesses, so that's good, we need a lot of training, we need to lower, not higher taxes, am i allowed to say that? >> sandra: coming up on 40 years? >> make it pay to go back to work. and make it harder. >> sandra: really quick, a record high as we are falling from that today, what was causing this, the dow was down 500 points at one point today. >> a bad day in the market, long-term interest rates falling too, i have a theory about this, i think that people are worried
10:38 am
about this new covid strain, what is it? the delta? even if you get vaccinated, you are okay, but i think that there is a little worried creeping and that this is going to slow things down. it has in europe and britain. >> sandra: japan is on emergency, no fans at the olympics. >> marty mcclary says that the vaccines will cover it, so people should get vaccinated, but i think that there is an underlying anxiety about this that i might be deja vu all over again, i don't believe that for a minute, but that's it -- >> sandra: it's an expensive market, it can't go up forever. >> yes, it can. it will correct, but -- >> sandra: i will come on for that one. great to see you, larry. we will watch him at 4:00 on the fox business network, but the market has meant something today. a lot of people talking about those variants, benjamin, also a little anxiety about being at record highs as long as we have been and what could possibly throw these markets off? i don't know, a higher interest rate?
10:39 am
could that be coming? >> benjamin: something that larry said, it is true and fascinating that a biden administration can encourage the middle east and countries to pump more, but not do so at home in the same way that they can tell russia to compete building their pipeline, but cut off the u.s. pipeline and canada. >> sandra: hypocrisy. >> benjamin: and the gas prices in the u.k., $7. >> sandra: it is such a good reminder, absolutely. larry will jump back in here in a second, thank you. >> benjamin: u.s. troops withdrawing after 20 years in afghanistan, president biden remarks on the end of the longest war any minute at the white house. former green beret michael -- michael walter with reaction. >> sandra: the agony of defeat in the silence in the stands as covid forces tokyo to ban all spectators from the summer olympics. that is just brutal for those athletes. ♪ ♪ of life. the journey is why they ride.
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: japan banning all spectators from the olympics in tokyo after the prime minister declared a state of emergency to covid infections, fans abroad were a ban a month ago as you will remember, the new order affects local residents. the games are still scheduled to go on with 11,000 athletes set to travel to japan. >> benjamin: any moment now, president biden set to speak on the withdrawal of u.s. troops ending the 20-year war in afghanistan, the taliban making rapid gains taking control and parts of the country, and stepping in as a power broker, michael waltz a former green beret who served two tours in afghanistan a colonel in the national guard and a member of the house armed services committee, thank you for being with us today, congressmen, you feel strongly about this and served in many parts of the world but also in afghanistan, let's pull up quickly on a map
10:45 am
of the taliban controlled areas and look at what is happening with the country in the moment, you can see how many territories they are taking over, that is now tell a ban control and the red is contested couple in circles as we speak. can you explain ws are with the taliban and takeover of the country? >> the intelligence community in the united states and the u.n. have been cleared that al qaeda, isis, and half of the world's terrorist organization that exists in the pakistani region still have the capability to come roaring back in the wake of the taliban and takeover and still intend to attack the united states and the west. so president biden has turned his back on the afghans calling out all support and i think that we are going to see a return of terrorist attacks either inspired or otherwise in the united states, and my fear is that this is a repeat of exactly
10:46 am
what obama did in iraq when he pulled everyone out too soon add to the of isis, and mass occurs across the middle east, hostages and attacks in europe and the u.s. and we had to go back again and shed more blood and treasure rather than keeping a small force, that's what we should have done here in afghanistan, and i'm afraid that this is going to happen all over again. >> benjamin: how about the strategic implications? the u.s. is giving up all of the key bases. >> that is an important point, that the administration just closed, the only base in the region, and no other agreements that i know of, hoping to hear one today from russia, china, iran, pakistan, and client countries of russia coming you have nothing. in iraq, at least we have the goal states, israel, and other to go over too. so when our soldiers, our
10:47 am
special forces, my fellow green berets have to go back again, they will have no basis and our local allies are being decimated as we speak. >> benjamin: lets come to the moral implications as well looking at "the new york post" headlines, the last thing we need is a rush to chaotic afghanistan pullout, and as a consequence, we leave allies in the lurch. >> that is absolutely right, everyone who worked with us the last 20 years who fought and stood with us against the extremism has a bull's-eye on their back right now, i had an interpreter that was beheaded because he was found with american documentation, but it is broader than just the interpreters. i do think you will see an announcement today from president biden on that, because the outcry has been overwhelming from a republican democrat, the veterans groups and others, but it is more than that. it is female politicians, it is
10:48 am
judges. it is those who took a stand for freedom and democracy against extremism that the taliban are going after, and they don't just go after them, but entire families. i want to see an evacuation announced today by president biden, time has run out. >> benjamin: and jen psaki saying that there were some plans to get them out by the end of august, but you mention all the negatives, 20 years of war with the leadership that is corrupt with an army that has not taken the training very well and a country divided, what more could of been done in the country? trillions of dollars has been spent there. so what else could have been done? >> i wrote a whole book on its, on the mistakes that we have made and things that we could've done better. but it is an easy sound bite to say just bring the troops home, the terrorism problem still exists and it will follow us home. we have to stay on offense and
10:49 am
keep our foot on our neck and right now the afghans are doing the fighting and dying. we were in a supporting role with air support intelligence logistics, we have not had a casualty and we barely had any in two years. so it is that supporting effort that the afghans still need and they are willing to go out and fight the taliban and al qaeda for their country in the world, but yanking out all the support with no plan and no backup is irresponsible and dangerous and i think it will cause a tax on the homeland again. >> benjamin: thank you for joining us today, president biden speaking quite soon and we will see what he lays out for the country. thank you, sir. speed one -- >> sandra: that should be happening soon, lawmakers in one state picking up the controversial bill so that led to democrats storming out of the session, will republicans win their fight and make for what they say are more secure elections? ♪ ♪
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> sandra: texas lawmakers today with an obsession called by governor abbott to address several controversial bills after democrats ended the regular session in may by storming out. one expected topic for today,
10:54 am
voting reform. a warm hot texas, right, casey? >> yes, quite sunny a monkey today, the special session by the way can last up to 30 days as long as it takes experts predict it could take that long because just as you said there are a very long list of controversial and hot button issues deemed of importance by greg abbott. 11 of them to be exact from voting reform and election and cover 80 -- integrity to critical race theory, transgender sports, and then of course you have border security, all of these issues are very controversial and democrats have pointed out that one of the larger items missing from governor abbott's agenda is the reform of the texas power grid, something that impacts all voters and not just the g.o.p. base.
10:55 am
>> it is to instruct to the electric grid regulator to undertake a series of initiatives. he is saying i'm going to do this through the regulatory process rather than bring this into the legislature. >> now remember the session was called under house democrats staged a walkout in the final hours of the regular session back in may which effectively killed the priority elections bill, that took aim at two voting practices called into question largely during the last presidential election such as drive-through voting and mail-in ballots. i can tell you an update now both the house and the senate have already adjourned for the day. they did not work very long out there on the floor, they will reconvene tomorrow, but as we said they have a lot to get through. >> sandra: absolutely and we will be watching, and casey stegall in arlington for us, thank you. >> benjamin: president biden set to speak any minute now is the longest war is coming to a close, but what is at stake as
10:56 am
the troops leave and to the tally ban gains ground, we will talk to you retired core joey jones on his experiences in afghanistan next. all that much more coming up in the next hour. ♪ ♪ here you go, let me help you. hi mr. charles, we made you dinner. ahh, thank you! ready to eat? yes i am! veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash
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— they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert, new way two cops on the hunt for whoever gone down a golf pro in the middle of the green. >> benjamin: his friend say they saw it happen, now speaking out live on the scene. >> sandra: and in the crossroads of the world, what we are learning about this teenager accused of shooting him including his reported record. >> benjamin: all that plus a close call on a baby monitor. ahead, the pulse pounding moments for mom and dad after a tree crashed onto their son's crib. >> sandra: more on that coming
11:01 am
up, fox news alert as america reports on the dual vision split between the future in the past, president biden set to lay out what is next in the rapid wind down of america's longest war while at the same time afghanistan flips back to the past when the taliban terrorized the afghan people and gave rise to americans enemies. good afternoon, i am sandra smith in new york at, we should hear from the president shortly. >> benjamin: i am benjamin hall in london, fox news global news, the taliban and return to power is long past what if american troops leave from a war general showing the taliban controlling the area and black, the red at risk of falling up 20 years of america at war. >> sandra: brand-new analysis for you, afghanistan veteran joey jones is with us in the national security correspondent jennifer griffin who has covered the war since day one, but first we begin with a reminder of what is at stake and who the taliban really gives according to human rights watch, their rise to
11:02 am
power means millions of girls brought the promise of education will be ripped from classrooms once again morality police will keep tabs on what people are wearing and measurements beards to make sure that they are not too long after years living with freedom. afghans under taliban control holding an iphone and a strict ban on any activity is considered offensive including a bird keeping or flying a kite even and under taliban rule, listening to music or dancing can and has been punished by cutting off people's heads. >> benjamin: team fox coverage begins with david sparks, but president biden is set to speak about afghanistan soon. >> just last week he was pressed multiple times by members and journalists of the press about afghanistan coming his head i don't want to talk about it now, ask me later. ask me later. now is later. he is going to be addressing this in some live remarks. we know that the cameras are in the east room and he should be walking out momentarily. the president will address what
11:03 am
he believes will offer some comfort to american forces and afghani citizens about the u.s. country, saying they will not completely abandon afghanistan. just a few weeks ago he met with afghan president in the oval office to pledge pledging to help them as they face the challenge from taliban. they may not even last a year before the taliban takes complete control, here's white house press secretary jen psaki about an hour and a half ago. >> we did what we wanted to do which was we got the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and delivered justice to usama bin laden usama bin laden and degraded their capacity where they did not present an active threat to our homeland. >> let's take a look back in time, senator biden supported the war and admitted that we need to stay the course, 2002, this was almost 20 years ago by the time he was vice president his tune changed, when he was president, he was chomping at the bit to get out of afghanistan. the pentagon says the remaining
11:04 am
military personnel will leave by next month. we know where you are right now, benjamin, u.k. prime minister boren's johnson said the troops in great britain will follow suit as soon as u.s. troops take off. >> benjamin: he did indeed and said that they were not going to assign exactly when they were leaving because i could be a security issue unlike the very set date of september 11th for president biden. >> benjamin: joey jones joins us now to reflect on his experience in afghanistan, a bomb technician, fox news contributor and host fox nation outdoors, good to have you here as we await the president and his remarks from the white house on this rapid withdrawal. your thoughts broadly on doing this so fast? what do you believe will be the result of that? >> this is this new perspective, so 20 years too fast? is 20 years really fast, or is six months of a presidential term fast? i will give president biden credit, i think when he was in
11:05 am
the obama administration it was pretty much his position then and as soon as he was president he started following through with a campaign promise, i give them credit for that as far as motivation, and if you really take a step back and look, like we just reported coming to tell a man is moving every day, what are his real options? keeping troops there without bringing in 100,000 other troops to push the taliban and back really an option? is he willing to do that? are the american people willing to let him do that? the overall move is political and strategic perhaps a way that he is doing it and the publicity or the press coming with it, though effective leaving in the middle of the night and turning off the generators, just not seeming to have a real strategic plan other than hey, we are going to leave, that is the problem, but i do say the way that d.c. works if you open the conversation up to a plan, it turns into we are going to stay there, that's what the generals want to and most the politicians that are attuned to this once,
11:06 am
because there is a pretty good argument and a difference between having an operating base and an ongoing war, and so my real question is not really a critique as much as what will the taliban do that will cause us to bring troops back and how are we ensuring that does not happen? i don't care if we have 2500 or 25,000 troops there, i care what is the threshold they will have to meet and what is their ability to do it? >> benjamin: thoughts that he will discuss a diplomatic solution, but you have been in the country, what does that look like? particularly as the u.s. lost leverage, what leverage does he have, does that involve getting iran involved, pakistan involved, what solution would that be? >> leverage is not something that we have right now, ultimately we were giving most of our foes what they want to see, us not being there. i mean countries like pakistan which has deep roots in afghanistan. we really screwed up when we drew lines through a mountain chain and said that these are two different countries, i say
11:07 am
we as in the world, there is a costume, culture that exist in mountains that transcend to the country border and the idea of nationalism or even a nationalized entity in afghanistan has not come to fruition is tribal and regional and when they are left to their own devices they operate with warlords. that's what they do. i think that but i keep reminding people which jen psaki to her credit just said, the original promise when george bush was standing on the rubble of the world trade center was not we are going to go free afghanistan and make it a democracy that everyone has rights, it's that we are going to fine-tune this and kill them, and in a lot of ways that's what we have done. they are probably some in guantanamo bay and even afghanistan that i would have preferred died on the battlefield and did not have a dependency plan to see if we capture them, but if that was the original promise, we have not had a 9/11 since we have killed a lot of them, maybe
11:08 am
that's what the american people wanted. >> sandra: the 32nd warning from the white house and should see president biden shortly come your thoughts on what he needs to do to clearly lay out a plan in order to not cut you off, i see the president walking in, let's listen and stay with us. >> president biden: i was briefed by our national security leaders on the u.s. forces and allied forces in afghanistan. when they announced our drawdown in april, i said that we would be out by september, and we are on track to meet that target, excuse me. our military mission in afghanistan will conclude on august 31st, the drawdown of proceeding and will secure in an ordinary way prior to reducing the safety of the troops as they depart. the military advisors advised me once i ended the decision to move the war, we needed to move swiftly to get the main elements of the drawdown, and in this
11:09 am
context, speed is safety. and thanks to the way in which we have managed our withdrawal, no one, no one u.s. forces or any forces have been lost connecting the drawdown differently will come with an increased risk of safety personnel. to me those risks were unacceptable, and there was never any doubt that our military performs this task efficiently and with the highest level of professionalism. that's what they do, and the same is true of the nato allies and partners who have supported, we are supporting and supporting us as well as they conclude their retrograde. i want to be clear, the u.s. military mission in afghanistan continues through the end of august where we retain personnel and capacity in the country and maintain some authority, actually the same authority in which we have been operating for some time. as i said in april, the
11:10 am
united states did what we want to do in afghanistan. to get to the terrorists to attack us on 9/11 and deliver justice to usama bin laden. and keeping afghanistan from becoming a base where the attack could be continued against the united states. we achieved those objectives, that's why we win. and we did not go to afghanistan to nation build, and it is the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country, and we have trained and equipped nearly 300,003 current servers of the national security force and many beyond those who have no longer serve. hundreds of thousands more afghan national defenses security forces trained over the
11:11 am
last two decades. we provided to afghan partners with all the tools, let me say, all of the tools of trained equipment of any modern military. we have provided advanced weaponry. and we are going to continue to provide funding and equipment. we will ensure they have the capacity to maintain their air force, but most critically as i stress my meeting this two weeks ago with president ghani and chairman abdullah, afghan leaders have to come together. and derived towards a future that have the afghan people want and deserve. in our meeting i also assured that u.s. support for the people of afghanistan will endure. we will continue to provide civilian and humanitarian assistance including speaking out for the rights of women and girls. i intend to maintain our diplomatic presence in afghanistan and we are coordinating closely with our international partners in order to continue to secure the international airport.
11:12 am
and we will engage in a determined diplomacy to pursue peace and a peace agreement that will end this senseless violence. i've asked secretary of state blinken and afghanistan organization towards vigorously with the parties in afghanistan as well as the regional and international stakeholders to support a negotiated -- negotiated solution. to be clear, countries in the region have an essential role to play and supporting a peaceful settlement. we will work with them, and they should help step up their efforts as well. we are going to continue to work for the release of the detained americans including mark farricks so he can return to his family safely. and afghan nationals who work side-by-side with u.s. forces
11:13 am
including interpreters and translators since we will no longer have military thereafter this and not need them and they will have no jobs. we will also be vital to the effort so that they have been very vital and their families are not exposed to danger as well. we have already dramatically accelerated procedure time for special immigrant visas -- visas to bring them to the united states united states. inaugurated on january 20th, we have already approved 2,500 special immigrant visas to come to the united states. up till now fewer than half have exercised their right to do that. have have gotten on aircraft's and commercial flights to come, the other half believe that they want to say, at least thus far. working closely with congress to change the authorization legislation so we can streamline the process of approving those visas, and those who have stood up for the operation to physically relocate thousands of afghans and their families before the u.s. military mission
11:14 am
concludes so that if they choose they can wait safely out of afghanistan while their u.s. visas are being processed. the operation has identified u.s. facilities outside the continental united states as well as third countries to host our afghan allies if they so choose. and starting this month we will begin relocation flights for afghanistan siv applicants and their families who choose to leave. we have a point person in the white house and at the state department led task force coordinating all of these efforts. but our message to those women and men is clear, there is a home for you in the united states if you so choose, and we will stand with you just as you stood with us. when i made the decision to end the u.s. military involvement in afghanistan, i judged it that it was not in the national interest
11:15 am
of the united states of america to continue fighting this war indefinitely. i made the decision with clear eyes, and have been briefed daily on the battlefield updates, but for those who have argued that we should stay six more months or just one more year, ask them to consider the lessons of recent history. in 2011, that nato allies and partners agreed that we would end our combat mission in 2014. in 2014 some argued one more year, so we kept fighting and we kept taking casualties. in 2015, the same and on and on. nearly 20 years of experience has shown us that the current security situation only confirms that just one more year in afghanistan is not a solution, but a recipe for being there indefinitely. it is up to the afghans to make a decision about the future of their country. others are more direct, their argument is that we should stay
11:16 am
with the afghan -- and afghanistan indefinitely, they point to the fact that we have not taken losses in this last year. so they claimed that the cost of just maintaining the status quo is minimal. but that it ignores the reality, and the facts that already presented on the ground, afghanistan when i took office, the taliban was at its strongest -- is at its strongest militarily since 2001, the number of u.s. forces in afghanistan have been reduced to a bare minimum, and the united states last administration made an agreement with them to remove all of our forces by may 1 of this past year. that's what i inherited. that agreement was the reason that the taliban had ceased to major attacks against u.s. forces. if in april i had announced that the united states was going to back -- going back on that agreement against the administration, the
11:17 am
united states and allied forces remain afghanistan for the foreseeable future, the taliban would have again begin to target our forces, the status quo is not an option. staying with the u.s. troops taking casualties, american men and women back in the middle of the civil war, and we would run the risk of having to send more troops back in afghanistan to defend our remaining troops. once that agreement with the taliban had been made, staying with the bare minimum of force was no longer possible. so let me ask those who want us to stay, how many more, how many thousands more american's daughters and sons are you willing to risk? how long would you have them stay? already we have members of our military whose parents fought in afghanistan 20 years ago, would you send their children and to their grandchildren as well? would you send your own son or daughter?
11:18 am
after 20 years, a trillion dollars spent training and equipping hundreds of thousands of afghan security and defense forces, 2,448 americans killed. 20,722 more wounded, and untold thousands coming home with unseen trauma to their mental health, i will not send another generation of americans to war and afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome. the united states cannot afford to remain tethered to policies creating a response to world as it was 20 years ago. we need to meet the threats where they are today, today the terrorist threat has metastasize beyond afghanistan. so we are repositioning our resources and adapting our counterterrorism posture to meet the threats where they are now.
11:19 am
significantly higher than south asia, the middle east, africa, but make no mistake, our military intelligence leaders are confident that they have the capabilities to protect the homeland and our interests from any resurgent terrorist challenge emerging or emanating from afghanistan. we are developing a counterterrorism over the horizon capability, and it will allow us to keep our eyes firmly fixed in any direct threats to the united states in the region and act quickly and decisively if needed. we also need to focus on shoring up america's core strategies. meeting the strategic competition with china and other nations that is really going to determine our future. we have two defeats covid-19 at home and around the world. make sure that we are better prepared for the next pandemic or biological threats. we need to establish international norms for
11:20 am
cyberspace and the use of emerging technologies. we need to take concerted action to fight existential threats of climate change, and we will be more formidable to our adversaries and competitors over the long run if we fight the battles of the next 20 years, not the last 20 years. finally, i want to recognize the incredible sacrifice and dedication that the u.s. military and civilian personnel serving alongside our allies and partners have made over the last two decades in afghanistan. i want to honor the significance of what they have accomplished and the great personal risk they encountered. an incredible cost to their families, pursuing the terrorist threat is some of the most unforgiving terrain on the planet, and i have been almost throughout that entire country. ensuring there has not been another attack on the homeland from afghanistan for the last 20
11:21 am
years. taking out bin laden, i want to thank you all for your service in the dedication to the mission so many of you have given. and to the sacrifices that you and your families have made over the long course of this war. we will never forget those who gave the last full measure of devotion for their country and afghanistan, nor those whose lives have been immeasurably altered by wounds sustained in the service of their country. we are ending america's longest war, but we will always, always honor the bravery of the american patriots who served it. may god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. thank you. >> reporter: is the taliban takeover of afghanistan now inevitable?
11:22 am
>> president biden: no, it is not. because you have the afghan troops that have 300,000 well-equipped, as well-equipped as any army in the world in an air force against something like 75,000 taliban. it is not inevitable. >> reporter: do you trust the taliban, sir? >> president biden: is at a serious question? >> reporter: it is absolutely a serious question. >> president biden: no, i do not trust the taliban. >> reporter: mr. president, will you amplify your answer of why you don't trust the taliban. >> president biden: it is a silly question, do i trust the taliban, no, but i trust the afghan military, who is better trained, more equipped, and more competent in terms of conducting
11:23 am
war. >> reporter: thank you, mr. president, given the amount of money that has been spent and the number of lives lost, any review with making this decision, over the last 20 years worth it? >> president biden: you know my record, i can tell by the way you asked the question, i opposed permanently having american forces in afghanistan. i argued from the beginning, as you may recall, it came to light after the administration was over last of our administration, no nation is ever unified afghanistan. no nation. empires have gone there and not done it. the focus we had coming in a strongly supported and you may remember, i physically went to afghanistan, i was up in that
11:24 am
past where usama bin laden was allegedly escaped or out of harm's way, we went for two reasons, one to bring usama bin laden to the gates of, as i said at the time. the second reason was to eliminate al qaeda's capacity to deal with more attacks on the united states from that territory. we accomplished both of those objectives. mack. that's what i believe from the beginning why we should be and why we should have gone to afghanistan. that job had been over for some time, and that's why i believe that this is the right decision and quite frankly overdue.
11:25 am
>> reporter: mr. president, thank you very much, your own intelligence community has assessed that that they will likely collapse. >> president biden: that is not true. >> reporter: will you please clarify what they are told you about whether that would happen or not. >> president biden: that is not true, they did not say that. >> reporter: what is the level of confidence they have that it will not collapse? >> president biden: the afghan government and leadership has to come together, they clearly have the capacity to sustain the government in place. the question is, will they generate the kind of cohesion to do it. it is not a question of whether they have the capacity. they have the capacity. they have the forces, they have the equipment, the question is will they do it? and i want to make clear what i make clear. we are not going to walk away
11:26 am
and not sustain the ability to maintain that for us, we are. we are also going to work to make sure that we help them in terms of everything from food and necessities things in the region, but there is not a conclusion then in fact they cannot defeat the taliban. i believe the only way there is going to be, this is now joe biden come in at the intelligence community, the only way that there will be peace secured in afghanistan is that they work out a motive with the taliban and they make a judgment as to how they can make peace, and the likelihood that it is going to be one unified government in afghanistan controlling the whole country is highly unlikely. >> reporter: mr. president, thank you, we have talked to your general in afghanistan telling abc news that conditions are so concerning at this point that it could result in a civil war, so if it falls to the taliban, what will the united states do about it?
11:27 am
>> president biden: look, you have said terrible things, one that if it could result in a civil war, that is different than the taliban and succeeding, number one, number two, the question of what will be done is going to be implicated, is going to implicate the entire region as well. there are number of countries that have a great concern about what is going to happen in afghanistan relative to their security. the question is, how much of a threat to the united states of america and to our allies is whatever results in the terms of the government or an agreement? that's when the judgment will be made. >> reporter: some vm and the use of veterans see echoes of their experience in this withdraw in afghanistan, do you see any parallels between this withdraw and what happen in vietnam? >> president biden: none whatsoever, zero, what you had
11:28 am
is an entire brigade breaking through the gates of our embassy, six, if i am not mistaken. the taliban is not the north vietnamese army. they are not remotely comparable in terms of capability. there is going to be no circumstance where you see people lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all comparable. go to the other side, hang on a second. >> reporter: how serious was a corruption to the government to the mission fail? >> president biden: first of all, the mission has not failed yet, there is in afghanistan -- and all parties, there has been corruption. the question is, can there be an agreement on the unity of purpose? what is the objective? for example, it started off they
11:29 am
were going to be negotiations between the taliban and the afghan security forces, and the afghan government, that didn't -- did not come to fruition, so the question now is where do they go from here? the jury is still out, there is a likelihood that there is going to be the taliban over ruling everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. yes, ma'am. >> reporter: will the united states be responsible for the loss of afghan civilian lives that can happen? >> president biden: no, no, no, no. it is up to the people of afghanistan to decide on what government they want! not us to impose a government on them. no country has ever been able to do that. keep in mind, as a student of history as i'm sure you are, never has afghanistan been a united country, not in all of its history, not in all of its history.
11:30 am
>> reporter: is this a mission accomplished moment, what is it? >> president biden: no, there is no mission accomplished. a mission is accomplished that we get usama bin laden and terrorism is not emanating from that part of the world. >> reporter: the safety as you just said in your remarks, are you satisfied with the timeline of relocating afghan nationals? is it happening quickly enough to your satisfaction? it may not happen until next month again? >> president biden: much of it as artie happen, now a thousand people have gotten on aircraft income to the united states already in a commercial aircraft, so as i said over 2500 people that from january to now have gotten the decisions and only have decided that they wanted to leave, the point is that i think the whole process has to be speeded up period in terms of being able to get these pieces. >> reporter: why can't the
11:31 am
u.s. evacuate the afghan translators to the united states for a way to repeat the processing as some immigrants to the southern border? >> president biden: we cannot allow that to happen, that's why we are asking the congress to change the law, but in the meantime, we can guarantee their safety if they wish to leave by taking the third countries and/or all the weight is taking place, to come to -- and hopefully while they are weighing there are to be able to bring them back to the united states if that's what they choose to do. >> reporter: a message for the afghan women in the future, because they are very concerned about the achievement. >> president biden: they are very concerned, with good reason, when i was in afghanistan, i've been there a number of times, i remember being at a school outside -- outside, and by the way, the schools in afghanistan are not fundamentally unlike schools in the west coast where they have,
11:32 am
you know, an area in the middle that looks like a playground and single-story buildings connected around it, and i remember saying to -- speaking to a group of young women, i guess they were roughly -- don't hold me this, but they look like they would be 14, 15 years old, and they are in school and there is a tiered classroom with single light bulbs hanging from the ceiling as i know you know, and i said, you know, the united states came here to make sure that we got usama bin laden and that terrorists did not amass again to go after our country. and then we are going to have to leave. and she said, you can't leave, you can't leave. it was heartbreaking. you can't leave, she said, i want to be a doctor. i want to be a doctor. i want to be a doctor, if you leave, i will never be able to be a doctor.
11:33 am
well, that's why we spent so much time and money training the afghan security forces to do the work of defending that if every work, well, anyway, so yes, i am aware. one more question. >> reporter: any taliban officials about the withdrawal? >> reporter: mr. president, thank you, the benefit of hindsight, you spoke to the fact that the tele- banner sort of militarily strongest point that you've seen in 20 years, how do you feel personally about that with the benefit of hindsight and all of the dollars in investments and american troops we were sending? >> president biden: relative to the training and capacity of the nsf and the federal police, they are not even close in terms of the capacity. i was making the point, the point was that here we were come of the argument is we could stay
11:34 am
because no one was dying, no americans were being shot, so why leave, once the agreement was made by the last administration we leave by may 1st, it was very clear that to the taliban that had always been a problem was even a more sophisticated problem than they were done before. not more sophisticated than the nsf, but more than they were. the point being that we want to increase the prospect that they would have been able to take more lives of americans if they decided they weren't going to go after it. that was the point i was making. thank you all so very much. >> sandra: president biden wrapping a news conference after receiving a security briefing at the white house on the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan. the set deadline was september 11th, largely complete saying speed is safety. one big headline, the u.s. military operations he said in
11:35 am
afghanistan will end august 31st. a couple of other headlines coming from this as he says it is highly unlikely one government will control afghanistan after this u.s. troop withdrawal and urged a deal with the taliban, he said that our message to those women and men is clear when it comes to the afghan interpreters and their families, there is a home for you in the united states if you so choose and we will stand with you just as you stood with us said president biden at the white house, we will have continuing coverage and analysis of the president's remarks live from the white house, please stay tuned to fox news channel and this fox station for continuing coverage of this story. thank you for joining us, i am sandra smith in new york. our affiliates are joining us for the news conference live from the white house, with us now is geraldo rivera spending tons of time in afghanistan, many assignments, 11, right?
11:36 am
we'll get his reaction to the president and just a moment, let's go back to joey jones, retired bomb technician and fox news contributor host of fox nation outdoors, he joined us before the president's remarks and we talked about what to anticipate from him, what did you make of what you heard? >> i want to say that was a fantastic job, i did not have the tv in front of me or who was asking some of the questions, but the right questions were being asked and i applaud the press for asking them in the first months that president biden has been president he has been pushed hard on an issue and i appreciate that. the main question that i wanted an answer from all of this because i believe that it is a political decision president biden said we don't know what is going to have been in afghanistan, but it's not going to be my problem, it's not going to be on my watch, and if that is his posture, that's fair, i don't think it does justice to a lot of the concerns that some of the guest on your show today, nancy mase brought up, but at the end of the day, that is the decision that has to be made, how much do we owe this among himself and how much do we
11:37 am
owe our veterans and country for the blood shed we spend to stay involved? he did go around the world a little bit, he said in the beginning of his remarks essentially the taliban is stronger than it has ever been. he said that that's what he inherited and why he either has to send more troops or bring the rest home, but then he got really kind of defensive against the press saying that to know, the taliban is not and never will be going to take over, it is one of the other, isn't it? either they are stronger than they have ever been in not safe to have troops there, and the only reason they have not been killed is the disagreement that the trump administration made, or if that is not the case, why is it necessary to bring 2500 troops home or however many created a strategic operation opportunity i guess in the region? so that's kind of the two powers of play. a list and come i said before we started, her promise was not to make afghanistan a free and democratic place, it was to find the people they did this and bring them to justice and stop
11:38 am
it from doing again we have not had another 9/11, so perhaps that's as much as the american people wanted and what we have done. >> benjamin: he said we did what we want to do, but he said there was no mission accomplished, i was interested in the time that he referred to the 300,000 who have been trained and give weapon in arms, i was there in december and it's hard to believe that they are this capable force he was talking about from your experience, do you think that they are capable of holding them back? as he referred to again and again? >> i would point it back to him saying that taliban is on the vietcong, fair enough, but neither were the ones who took over the embassy in libya, so it's not saying that there is a large forest that will be a problem of government when it is a civil war, everybody can be on either side, the idea that there are 300,000 loyal afghan he troops that aren't susceptible to the taliban is really a naive
11:39 am
way of looking at it. the calculation has a regardless of what happens in afghanistan is it time for us to pull out? i would like him to answer that question more honestly. >> sandra: he took some questions, that's for show for sure, geraldo with 11 assignments in afghanistan joining us on set, there was a lot that came from that, but you were watching with me and commented on the news conference itself saying that you thought it was his best yet. also went on to say that there was a defining moment, what was it for you? >> to me, i am humbled and as such deep respect of the service of joe and the sacrifice he made, so my commentary i want you to measure it with this much compared to his, but it came to fox 20 years ago to be a war correspondent in afghanistan, because 9/11 affected me so personally, friends and family of friends being killed in the towers when they went down, so i went to afghanistan because i wanted to watch the
11:40 am
united states avenge that horrible mass murder of her people. i wanted them -- i wanted to watch our war fighters take down usama bin laden. i think that we should've left afghanistan as soon as we got him. i was on the air and blessed to be on the air alive to break the news to the country that he had been killed by ours to poor -- superb warriors, to me that was the conclusion, he hit us, we hit him, america always avenges the night stabbings in the back. and we did it derek, and we did it superbly and ten years ago, sandra was when we should've left afghanistan. spin on the president said the same. >> and i agree absolutely with him, not one time seeing the afghan army do well in combat, not once. any time i have seen anything like a victory in a tactical encounter it has been because the united states has been
11:41 am
driving it. i believe that afghanistan is finished as a country, it will fracture immediately or semiimmediately, the taliban will control the south, the toshiba with their warrior god massoud in their minds and al sharif and the other people will be old fashions warlords, i think you can question some of the way that we left the airbase and all the equipment and all of that or a lot of it behind was disorganized and maybe not knowable that we did not notify the afghans that we were leaving that day, but it is done and over, we have sacrificed enough, a trillion dollars is enough, over 2,000 g.i.s lost is enough. we lost, it is like vietnam, don't in any way escape that conclusion, we are defeated in this war, and you can put icing on this cake if you want to, you can spend in any way you want to, we lost this war because we
11:42 am
stay too long. we should have left after we got bin laden. >> sandra: we were able to pull the sound. we were able to pull the sound coming here is joe biden on that. >> reporter: if this is an mission accomplished moment, what is it? >> president biden: no, there is no mission accomplished. >> sandra: obviously that was an important moment in what we just heard from the white house. >> benjamin: if the mission was to degrade al qaeda and stop them is afghanistan as a base to attack the west, u.n. and nato say that the al qaeda forces are embedded with the taliban and in parts of the country, so that is going against what ally said, and i wonder if either, perhaps, geraldo, you can speak to this. what do you think should happen if we get a base, they want at the moment? >> they were so much news out of that conference, obscured was the president mentioning though
11:43 am
over the horizon capability with our fleet now and our ability with special forces and drones particularly, i think that we can address, do you remember when al qaeda was near tora bora and we hit them with one of those super bombs that fractured home mountains and we killed 300 of them in a single sweep? we have capacity, we don't have to be in kandahar, we can be on an aircraft carrier, we can strike, we can make sure that they are degraded if they are plotting, we have deep now informants in that country, we can strike back. i think the tragedy, benjamin, to me when the president mentions the schools with girls, i have covered more schools being built in afghanistan and i would like to remember, and then as soon as we leave, a month later, that taliban would blow them up. it is a savage place, it is a
11:44 am
place where christianity for example is a capital offense, we can't make it france as joey said, it is enough, enough, how long are we going to stay there? 20 years now, they literally are sons of the original soldiers fighting now. for what? when does it end? at what point can you make friends between all these other factions, what can we do here? better now, we have done our best, the worst thing that is happening now is friendly fire killing afghan civilians because it is so difficult for us, you know, to tactically pick out who the enemy is. enough already. i am sorry for the sacrifice and all the rest. >> sandra: what we have been talking about is obviously the taliban gaining ground and you can ignore what that looks like
11:45 am
on the map, joe biden was asked when he took questions from reporters very specifically, i think it was the first question, will they take over the inevitable? he very firmly said no. >> that is a problem, because he almost very firmly said yes in the beginning of the remarks and that's a problem we are left with is i don't believe that he has faith that the taliban won't controlled the country of afghanistan. but really the problem here is they are terrible things that we need to look at, number one is al qaeda and the taliban are not the same thing, they had aspirations globally at least regionally for the taliban aspirations central to afghanistan in the area in which they lived, so when geraldo says that the war has been undeniably lost, fair enough and i understand where he is coming from, but we never really talked about what the war was four and we change the goal posts all along the way. as someone who was in ninth grade lifting very small weights watching the towers fall and remembering george bush saying we are going to find them
11:46 am
and kill them, that mission is accomplished. i think it is politics and generals aspiring to a career and politicians looking for something to stomp on that created all these other metrics at which we continue to fight ten wars every two years between midterms or presidential elections. and by that metric, that is a war that we needed to lose and learn a lesson from, i just hope that we learn a lesson from it. >> benjamin: there was another interesting place in the press conference when president biden was asked whether or not he trusted the taliban and got angry at the reporter who asked it, let's have a listen to that now. >> reporter: do you trust that taliban, sir? >> president biden: is that a serious question? >> reporter: it is absolutely a serious question, do you trust that taliban? >> president biden: no, i do not trust that taliban, that's a silly question, do i trust that taliban, no, but i trust the capacity of the afghan military who is better trained, better equipped, and more competent in terms of conducting war.
11:47 am
>> benjamin: you cannot trust iran or pakistan who would become the big players in the country, what happens next? being realistic, do they move in quest mark and surely that is a foothold to the countries who are frankly adversaries? >> i don't see iran playing any meaningful role, may be a bid in the western part of the country, remember they are the shiites country, that taliban is a sunni, radical islamic sunni based organization, they are archenemies coming iran had plenty of opportunity to move in across the border, that taliban told them, you will pick the time that you come into our country, we the taliban will pick the time when you leave, i don't see them as being a player at all, pakistan has been a mischief maker throughout, pakistan has always been a backstab or as far as the united states is concerned, they have been our friend shaking her hand at the same time supporting the taliban against us, you
11:48 am
know, pakistan did is absolutely no favors whatsoever. i think, again, i believe afghanistan is a failed nation. remember the present and only alluded it very briefly. alexander the great, the british empire at its peak, the soviet union and its peak, all went into afghanistan with her mind and arrogance and there of all of the military, and all left just the way that we are leaving now. i think the best thing we can do, and i know how sensitive we are about immigration in this country, but we have to be generous, anyone who helped us, our allies, our interpreters, the people who have worked in and around our embassy, my brother and i craig know them by their first names who call ushor futures, what we have to do is send them the hand of friendship and a visa in that hand.
11:49 am
in you go, come on to the united states, we remember our friends, just like we go after our enemies, we remember our friends. that's the best i think the united states can do to redeem our honor. >> sandra: must respect to you, joey, someone who served in that country, we will give you the final thoughts on what we just heard in the direction this all goes in next. >> i appreciate geraldo's remarks, i know he did not mean it this way, but the honor is intact, the politicians have really not done us right on this. as someone who fought in the war, we fought it honorably and took a lot of pain and treasure to do so. i gave up my legs, i know, geraldo, i'm not saying you are saying anything else, but the final words for the veterans that came home from this fight, don't let the narrative over politics stop you from appreciating what they were able to accomplish even when their own for working against affects us quite heavily. >> you know i love you, joey. >> benjamin: if we can now
11:50 am
bring in fox news security correspondent jennifer griffin who has covered the war from day one until the very end, you are listening to that, what are your thoughts? i know that you care deeply about the interpreters in the story and you have been talking about that, did you get from president biden what you want to do here? >> thank you, benjamin, and i just want to say to my colleagues as i have been listening to geraldo and joey, you can hear the passion and their voices, because they like me i spent the last 20 years covering this war and the ins and outs of the pain of no good options when it comes to afghanistan. i first started going to afghanistan in 1992, and if you go back to that time, that was three years after the soviets had pulled out, and we arrived when they took over kabul as a civil war that took out, and they took over the capital, when you hear joe biden, and then four years after that is when
11:51 am
the taliban took over and they were coming in to clean up the civil war, and that's when the leader who had been left behind by the soviets was killed by the taliban and left hanging from a light post. so i have been there since 1992, and i can tell you that what joe biden the president has just spoken of in terms of the taliban and immediately marching into kabul will take time. you are saying that that taliban are having incredible success is in the countryside in the north, we just learned today they had taken over a border crossing to iran and the border crossing to lose pakistan, that's going to allow them to control a way to make money to charge customs to people passing on those key roads, that taliban are the momentum is on their side, but i heard the president say in terms of those say we should stay one more year are ignoring the fact that that is a recipe for being
11:52 am
there indefinitely, because as he said, that taliban, the u.s. had been negotiating with the taliban for the last year and a half, that's why they had not been attacking u.s. forces, but may 1st, that was going to change. and so, the losses that the u.s. has experienced in afghanistan, one last point about over the horizon capability, we don't have over the horizon capability right now and afghanistan, right now the drones that serve bay -- survey afghanistan is because they are no longer there and we don't have the bases in the country, they are flying eight hours from the gulf to get there to be on post for two or three hours, we have lost our cia base by not having a military or an air base to protect. we will be going dark in afghanistan and it is a very big strategic loss, so those who say that 2500 troops could have stayed longer and kept things together so that we could at
11:53 am
least have an intelligence gathering capability, and think that that is what is being missed in the discussion today. >> sandra: jennifer griffin, we appreciate your coverage as he just mentioned, you have been on this war from the very beginning. thank you. next up, new questions over the teen accused of shooting a marine in times square. ♪ ♪ n't you just love the look on the kids' faces... yea, that look of pure terror..., no, the smile... ...and that second right before the first tear comes... ...what?! pizza on a bagel-we can all agree with that. do you want a hug? veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®.
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i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> there's so much going on today including a shocker, sandra, in new york. >> sandra: yeah. a teenager charged with shooting a marine in america's most favorite square and turns out the teen has been behind bars many times before. aishah hasnie has more. >> that teenager turned himself in to police. check out the video showing moment when the suspect started firing the gun in the middle of times square in broad daylight.
11:59 am
samuel poulan was out with his family when he was shot. the suspect charged with reckless endangerment. the "new york post" said he had five prior arrests and the shooting was sparked by an argument the night before with a street performer. crime across the city is down slightly for the month of june. year to date, murder, felony assault shootings and hate crimes are up. mayor de blasio admitted the numbers are not where they're supposed to be. there's been 41 shooting suspects under the age of 18. kids with guns. a 70% jump from 2020. sandra? >> sandra: aishah hasnie reporting live from new york city for us. capping a news filled two hours. thanks, aishah. benjamin, a summer thursday for you. a lot going on. a live news conference from the
12:00 pm
president. a lot to take in as we head into the end of the week here. >> big news from afghanistan. we've been waiting to see president biden speak about that. he laid out why he thought leaving was the right move. it might not be long until we see what happens there. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. >> i'm benjamin hall. trace gallagher is in for martha. >> thanks. good afternoon, everybody. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. general jack keane is here as president biden addressed the fallout from his decision to end america's longest war. >> trace: after 20 years, the taliban is closing in and threatening a civil war. a human rights group as the taliban forces men, women and


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