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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 8, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> thank you. jillian: one final story, an army veteran paralyzed from the waist down. july 4th help of skelton device given to him by the v.a. he was hurt falling from scaffolding while working a construction job. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ jillian: president biden gets a request from help from chicago mayor lori lightfoot. >> crime is the last thing that the biden white house wants to talk about. >> i hope if offer us sending a task force. >> elsa turns deadly in the u.s. spawn ago tornado that hit a naval base. >> a tropical storm watch is in effect for the coast of north carolina and virginia. >> dr. fauci had a message for those who don't want to get the covid vaccine. >> what is the problem? get over to. >> unless they really have a compelling case no one under age
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30 should be seeing any one of these vaccines. >> class action lawsuits against twitter google and facebook. >> there is no better evidence that big tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president. >> lightning strikes twice. the tampa bay it win their second straight stanley cup. ♪ ♪ brian: i thought it would be lighter in milwaukee. it isn't. i will get the sun up shortly. that camera we put on top of that building. you know the building i'm talking about in milwaukee. providing a great kaleidoscope shot. pete: congratulations to tampa. brian: lightning back to back the bucs and partial no hitter yesterday by theories. what going on? pete: the place to be. brian: right. ainsley: i was really proud of
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them. even though i'm an islanders fan. your area and janice's area. brian: adopted area. i grew up there for two years. ainsley: i like what they did with the national anthem. brian: that really effects you. how could you take that from me? i have very few things. i thought i could have long island. how dare you? ainsley: i will give you long island. brian: she has south carolina, it new york city and long island. how can she. pete: that would be like me adopting new jersey. brian: won't do it. don't each know how to get interest. ainsley: good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. we saw joe biden in chicago yesterday. he visited the crystal lake area right outside of chicago. talked to lori lightfoot the mayor right out there on the tarmac. really didn't address all the crime that we have seen in chicago and those numbers are just staggering. he went out to crystal lake which is a red area, one of the few red areas in that very blue state of illinois.
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he was trying to promote spotlight a political candidate there, a congresswoman lauren underwood who is a democrat. she only won by two points last time it's going to be a very tight race probably or contentious race as we should say in the midterm elections. anyway, there he is with lori lightfoot. and let me just give you some numbers. chicago shootings july 4th weekend at least 100 people shot, including 11 children were shot and 18 people were killed from the ages of 19 to 46. pete: that's right. the president was there to give a speech about infrastructure, which he himself called a boring speech. brian: which is crazy. pete: in the middle of the speech. brian: but it's important. ainsley: fell on the stairs the man had to help him. pete: just a slippery ramp. but, nonetheless, at the tarmac he spoke briefly with mayor lori lightfoot, he stated the obvious that in chicago when it comes to violence, they could do better.
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>> i've heard your pain and anguish, and i carry that with me. and your suffering seals my daily urgency to use every tool that i have and to urge every stockholder from the president of the united states on down to local, county, and state and federal officials. we must do better, all of us for you. brian: people were complaining last week, remember, she was saying part of the reason why people were complaining about the crime in chicago because she is black and a woman. not many people agree with that including raimondo lopez who happens to be an alderman in chicago. this is about policing. they have been hamstrung. they now have limitations on how they can chase down a would be suspects if they are running from them. if they get out of sight they have to stop running after them and for certain crimes they shouldn't even pursue it. listen. >> detectives in the city of chicago's second and third watches are basically being
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pulled off their duties and made to stand in uniform to provide presence in downtown and other neighborhoods. they should be out solving crimes and arresting those individuals that the superintendent and mayor late foot pointing the finger at every monday. in chicago you cannot chase after someone and cannot drive after a criminal. you can barely put handcuffs on them. that sends a message and emboldens criminal. it's going to be used as a back door bailout to save the city of chicago while not increasing safety on our streets. ainsley: he ignored the fact that there is so much crime there every weekend, every monday we talk about all the crime. this past weekend the 4th of july was the worst in crime that we have seen all year. and so far this year, 194 kids have been shot. and he ignored it when he was vice president. barack obama's hometown. they ignored it essentially. and these democrats politicizing so many different cases of people that were killed because
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they can politicize them. what about all these kids? we don't know their names. brian: ainsley, do you understand politically what has happened? he wanted to talk about how bad the cops were. how law enforcement reform has to take place and we are going to give a chance for minorities to shine for the first time and something happened along the way, reality, crime went crazy. cops were told to stand back. they left the job. they have put town their badge. they didn't want to respond when they got admission into the academy. now is he looking around and saying what is napping every major city? crime is surging? what is my approval among the american people, not democrats and republicans when it comes to crime? it is under 40%. in fact, i think it's under 35%. so now you are forced to go into where the crime ridden areas are and try to finesse your way around it and blame the gun not the shooter. pete: that's it. brian: the manufacturer, not the criminal. pete: all they do is talk about guns. chicago has some of the most absolute tightest gun laws in
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america already do. they ever talk about families? do they ever talk about fathers? brian: zero. brian: do they ever talk about gangs or education in. brian: it's racist to bring that up. pete: you can't bring that up. when they talk about police, they don't want to talk about embolding the police. they talk about holding police accountable. jonathan swan. brian: great reporter. pete: dialed in to what is going on at the white house, for the biden administration they don't want to be talking about this. >> crime is the last thing that the biden white house wants to be talking about. the only context in which they wanted to be talking about crime in biden's first year as president was in the context of criminal justice reform and, you know, increase accountability for police officers. but, the homicide rates that are increasing in cities across the country have forced this issue on to their plate. they need to get in front of this issue. this issue is salient with voters and, in fact, many believe who analyze the polling, that the defund the police issue
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helped republicans pick up seats in the house in the 2020 elections. ainsley: so, right before the president touched down, a few hours before, two atf agents and a chicago police officer were shot. and don't forget about that college intern that was shot, a stray bullet. also on july 4th, a 5-year-old was shot in the right leg just walking down a street on july 5th a 6-year-old was shot in the hand. her mother was walking beside her and was shot in the back on another street. then, on july 5th, there were two teenagers, a 16-year-old and 17-year-old that were walking, they were shot in a drive by shooting. 40 minutes later a 15-year-old was just sitting on the porch and was shot. brian: a lot of this is gang violence and caught in the crossfire because they don't care, period. which the gangs have become the family. pete: that's exactly right. i think about my own kids, my own boys, if they had no guardrails at home at all they will look somewhere else. that's exactly what is happening. they yell about the guns. they have been mugged -- they haven't been mugged by reality yet because they don't realize.
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they still only want to talk about criminal justice reform like bail reform effectively let criminals out of jail and hold police accountable. instead they demoralize them and not able to do their job. ainsley: to your point there was a movie i watched recently and an interview with guys who been incarcerated who were in gangs the title of the movie is the gang is my father. the gang was my father. brian: it here we go again. pete: remember when barack obama talked about that, at the very least he talked about fathers and families? not black, white, anything. but you don't even hear that today. it's not part of the discussion. brian: he also had that foundation my brother's keeper, i think, he asked bill o'reilly and other people to go down there. i thought that was an alarm to minority communities that family matters. pete: yeah. absolutely. in other news, we go to a fox news alert. tropical storm elsa slamming parts of the south as it heads up the east coast. south carolina taking the brunt of it right now.
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ainsley: the storm is on the move after hitting florida yesterday a massive funnel cloud was spotted in jacksonville. one person was killed there when a tree fell on two cars. the storm also hitting georgia. >> our got hit hard. there is trailers upside down. trailers in the lake. it's intense. ainsley: ten people hurt when a suspected tornado ripped through a naval base in kings bay, georgia. brian: janice dean has been tracking the storm. she joins us now. hey, janice. janice: a lot 6 people saying downgraded to a tropical storm. you know what? i mean it's still going to be with us today and tomorrow along heavily populated areas along the i-95 corridor and tornado watch still in effect for parts of north carolina up to -- sorry, south carolina towards virginia. we had the risk for tornadoes. tropical tornadoes that could cause structural damage. already reports of several tornadoes across the carolinas. i just want to make mention that is pretty rare to see a tropical
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storm warning all the way up to boston and the worse worst of the storm coming overnight towards the i-95 corridor. the northeast up towards new england. i am concerned that we're going to see power lines and trees down and the threat for those tornadoes as well across heavily populated areas. just because we are talking about a 40, 45 mile-per-hour storm doesn't mean this isn't going to cause damage. as it moves up towards new england it's going to be transitioning toward a regular nor'easter type storm. the winds are going to be bumped up. heavy rainfall as well all along the east coast up towards main. so we are not done with this yet. actually, we could see more damage as the storm hits heavily populated areas. brian, i warned you in advance, coming in tomorrow morning around 3:00 a.m. you know, it's going to be a rough ride. brian: okay. bring my kayak? [laughter] sound like what you are saying. ainsley: you are expecting high winds? janice: strong at least 40, 45
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mile-per-hour winds and heavy rainfall. you know, the possibility for trees down. >> tropical tornado as well. so i will keep you up to date, brian. brian: it's not going to be easy. a survival test just to get in to work for my hair i will need extra gel. ainsley: because i left long island i will stay in the city tonight. i already packed my bags. they are on the way. brian: first she calls me out not janice dean randy wine gatten the head of the second largest teachers union accusing republicans of bullying teachers. >> legislators mostly from the republican party who are currently bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching kids honest history. pete: what a victim. the outrageous accusation straight ahead. ♪ why the words you say ♪
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jillian: good morning, we are back now with your headlines, the search efforts in the condo collapse go from rescue to recovery. the difficult decision comes two weeks after the tower fell. 54 people are confirmed dead 86 remain missing. first responders held a moment of silence at the collapse site to remember the victims. miami-dade's grand jury has agreed to investigate building safety and issue recommendations to prevent a similar disaster from happening again. to a fox news alert. police kill four suspects and arrest two others in the assassination of haiti's president. this as new video shows a convoy of at least five vehicles slowly
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driving away from wednesday's ambush. jofl shot and killed. former president trump is taking big tech to court. is he suing the ceos of facebook, twitter and google, accusing them of wrongful censorship and violating free speech. listen. >> it will be a pivotal battle in the defense of the first amendment and in the end i'm confident we will achieve an historic victory for american freedom. jillian: the former president has been battling big tech for months after being banned following the january 6th riot. the social media companies dedecline comment on the lawsuit. the tampa bay lightning striking auto twice winning game 5. becoming back-to-back champs. check it out. >> have some room. they score.
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give the lightning a 1-0 lead in game five. the tampa bay lightning win their second straight stanley cup. jillian: the bolts shutting out the montreal canadians 1-0. the first golly since 2012 to win finals mvp. floridians as you can see taking to streets to celebrate tampa's second pro-title of the year. what with a time to be a tampa resident, huh? ainsley: that's so cool. jillian: congrats. brian: most of new york has left, too. pete: the islanders are down there. ainsley: hockey wasn't a huge sport and up here i realize all my friend's kids play hockey. it's a demanding sport. they are gone almost every weekend this team is down in florida and they're the champs. brian: expand packages about 20 minutes ago. 1 minutes now after the hour.
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randy wine gartden having virtually i guess. pete: a zoom conference. brian: i don't know why they are not there in person. it makes no sense. they are pushing back, 26 states have gone back to span critical race theory being taught in their states. and now, instead of saying okay, we got the message, they are doubling down saying how dare you. we are going to teach what we call real history and we won't be bullied. listen. >> we are committed to helping educators understand how to engage with diverse student populations to focus on promoting racial literacy to enable educators to advocate for racial inclusivity. there are legislators, mostly from the republican party, who are currently bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching kids honest history. maybe they're just trying to raise the temperature on race relations because of the next election, but whatever it is, it's not good right now.
3:21 am
they are not giving us a chance to engage with our kids in a way that we know we need to and we know that kids need. pete: so we should break out the decoder pen for that a little bit. brian: what is she talking about? pete: promoting racial literacy, notice the word she chooses, advocate for racial exclusivity. not inclusivity. we grew up with inclusivity. exclusivity is setting minority students aside for different training or separate groups. it's specifically exclusivity. and then we talked about this in the break, teaching kids honest history and helping them think critically about it. by the way, ebrim x. kinde was the speaker yesterday who wrote the book how to be an anti racist. you wonder how absorbed this is? jill biden the first lady was there touring a school with randi weingarten yesterday this is a white house totally in bed with the union and they're
3:22 am
wearing masks and both vaccinated. ainsley: randi weingarten represents the second largest the largest one. they looked at all these measures they have approved, they decided they need more attention. and one of the delegates want to implement responsive education for k through 12 and higher education. also want racial justice training for all school employees and similar training for students. brian: here's the problem. they also deny they are teaching it. so, on the promise we are not teaching it. ainsley: raising that you will money to sue. brian: suing and talking about how they are going to teach it this guy kendi who is their guest speaker says kids should be taught as early as 11 years old it seems to me they are teaching it. why are you fighting for something you are not doing? ainsley: these teachers in these five state that have banned it in their classrooms, if the teachers decide to teach critical race theory, then they will probably lose their jobs, right? pete: maybe, i doubt it.
3:23 am
ainsley: in these states said yeah you never know. this teachers union wants to come in and provide litigation, provide lawyers for them. they said they would raise the money. if they're not teaching it, why do they have a plan? brian: absolutely. the "wall street journal" has this editorial today and its headline is the teaches go woke. they go on to say in excerpt all of this shows however the teacher's unions have strayed from original mission of fighting for better pay and pensions the neaaft ideology vanguard of politics. they are a powerful wing of the democratic party and president biden and his wife jill, they have the most powerful allies. it's true. joe biden lone wolves unions and jill is a teacher. and combine it, if you want to raise a generation of democrats, do it when they are young. pete: the "wall street journal" is right, they are late to the party like all of us are these unions have been woke for a very long time and captured by the left. the national education association went 100 years without being a union? it was a conservative
3:24 am
organization. teachers basically give out scripture in pamphlets. then the unions took control in the 1960s, ultimately made them an arm of the democrat party and now critical race theory which was once taught as abstract marxist theory is front and center in our classrooms. that's how much they have a strong gel hold. brian: unmelting the pot. pete: unmelting the pot is a great way to but the it. ainsley: what do you make of them call it honest history. i'm fine with real history. i don't want my daughter or the children of america to learn that the color of their skin is going to dictate how they are are treated or how far they can get in life. pete meet when i teach my kids i did a library lecture last night on equal justice. when you teach them, you teach them the good and the bad, otherwise, they come back to you later and say dad, you were hood winking me here. there is a lot more to this. you have to teach it honestly about the mistakes that were made. this is not honest history, ideology a particular perspective that says that america is bad. and capitalism is evil. i mean, they are using every
3:25 am
avenue they can to deconstruct this country. that's the goal. brian: there is no doubt about it i think people are pushing back, waking up. ultimately show it at the box office -- ballot box. they are doing at the box office, too. on a side note, movies are coming back and people are welcoming that. just trying to make sense of my mistrip. i don't know if that really worked. i will watch the show back later. meanwhile, let's talk about the pandemic for a second. an all-out blitz to get everybody vaccinated. yesterday, there was a big push to knock on your doors. they are going to be knocking on your doors, i guess, with a cotton ball and needle. and look to put a needle into your deltoid. stop asking questions. for those of you who are wondering if my kid who has already had it or is not in danger of getting and suffering from it should get vaccinated. stop thinking. dr. fauci has thought for you. listen to him. >> this is not complicated. we're not asking anybody to make any political statement one way or another.
3:26 am
we're saying try and save your life and that of your family and that of the community. here we have a vaccine that's highly, highly effective. it's easy to get. it's free. and it's readily available. so, you know, you have got to ask what is the problem? get over it get over this political statement. just get over it and try and save the lives of yourself and your family. brian: how about this? if you really thinks politics has something to do with it and you really think interest republicans and democrats don't trust each other, how about saying i have to underline the fact that this vaccine was driven by the trump administration and conducted by and pushed forward by operation warp speed. it was put together by the previous administration and implemented by this one. as much as they want you vaccinated, they are determined not to let you know who came up with it. ainsley: obviously it's a purely political statement. does your doctor talk to you that way? what if you said.
3:27 am
brian: get over it. ainsley: get over it. you need to take this. should the families who have these teenagers that we have been interviewing that have taken the vaccine and they have enlarged hearts or heart irregularities. brian: it hurts every time his heart beats. ainsley: he can't play soccer anymore. should that family get over it it's insensitive. we as parents get to make the decisions for our kids. pete: exactly what i thought when i saw that soundbite. dr. peter mccullough on the ingraham angle why young people should think twice before getting vaccinated. listen. >> i think it's a giant mistake. overall, the equation is very unfavorable for vaccination of anyone below age 30. of the risks are myocarditis or inflammation of the heart and then with girls and women age 18 to 48 it's the risk of thrombosis in the brain. the vaccines actually have a dangerous mechanism of action.
3:28 am
they hijack the body's cellular machinery to produce the dangerous spike protein and that happens within sensitive organs the brain, the heart and circulates in the bloodstream. damages blood vessels and causes blood cloth. for those reasons, unless we really have a compelling case, no one under age 30 should be seeing any one of these vaccines. brian: evidently kids don't have to ask their parents if they should get it in washington, d.c. can you imagine that? pete: young healthy people .0001%. that's like me running out of my house and neighbor is about to get in his car don't get in your car i'm saving your life right now you could get in an accident. brian: i wish anthony fauci would focus on the origins of the virus to stop the next one. could you stop telling us to get vaccinated on channels nobody watches? 2 minutes after the hour. chicago mayor lori lightfoot asks president biden for help addressing violent crime surge in her city. are either of them serious about
3:29 am
fixing the problem. our next g.p.s. is the university of chicago's student calling out the mayor's policies. pete: and, remember, when parents defended a virginia teacher in a wild school board meeting after he was suspended for defending his faith? well now that teacher is back on the job. and the school board will it they don't fight everything, but they fight this and they are vowing to fight it ♪ ♪
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chicago o'hare mayor to meet with the surge of city and crime. the meeting came after a violent holiday weekend where an officer and two federal agents were shot and wounded in daylight. just days after this child right here, this student, a university of chicago student a rising junior died after being hit by a stray bullet on a city train. our next guest is also a student
3:34 am
at the university of chicago. and she wrote an op-ed calling out the mayor's soft on crime policies. her name is audrey and she joins us now. good morning, audrey. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. >> thank you so much for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. i know you didn't know max lewis. he was heading to internship at finance firm. he was from denver. his parents sent him off to college he is not going to come home. he was killed in chicago. how is the school reacting and what are your friends saying? >> we're all just so incredibly devastated. i mean, it's just so senseless and as you say i didn't know him personally but his face is familiar to me. his name was familiar. someone who i know. i passed on the quad countless times and everyone in the community just says he was such a light in their lives. like his friends have been speaking out saying he was just so humble and so kind. he was the president of his
3:35 am
fraternity. he was double-majoring. he had a really bright future ahead of him. he was so involved in the community. as you say, he was just viciously and senselessly gunned down on his way home from his summer southwesternship. intern. he was struck in the back of his neck, he was 20 years old and it's so devastating and i'm so, so very sorry. it's just heart breaking. ainsley: i want to read a quote from your op-ed. you said i are ridden the cta countless times. when we board train we shouldn't fear we will be murdered by a stray bullet. when we sit down on the bus we shouldn't worry that we will be knifed to death. that's absurd. thanks to the incompetent at the bus stop of light foot this lunacy has become a reality. joe biden was there shaking hands with her on the tarmac. do you think the two of them will do anything about this? >> i fear they won't. i hope they will. but i fear that yesterday was just more empty platitudes, more
3:36 am
promises that won't be kept. i mean, lori lightfoot had the nerve recently to say that crime in chicago is on the decline. that's a blatant lie. crime is not on the tee klein. hosm sides and shooting rates are up. and as we have seen, chicago had its most murderous weekend of the year over the fourth of july. over 90 people were shot. and i fear that that was just an opportunity for a photo op. yesterday with president biden and i don't have confidence in light foot anymore. ainsley: well, audrey, i know you are planning to go back for your senior year. god bless you and stay safe. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you for coming on you did an excellent job. you have a bright future. >> thank you. ainsley: standing up for his state may be forced to take his case to the state supreme court. >> i will not affirm that a biological boy will be a girl and vice versa because it's
3:37 am
against my religion. it's lying to a i would choo. it's abuse to a child. ainsley: that teacher is going to join us live with an update. stay with us. ♪ ♪
3:38 am
from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. school officials in loud down county, virginia are appealing an order to rehire a teacher who was suspended after voicing his opposition to transgender policy change. tanner cross was put on leave last month after saying it would violate his religious faith to address children by a gender that didn't match the one given at birth. >> i love all of my students but i would never lie to them regardless of the consequences. i'm a teacher but i serve god first. i will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa. it's against my religion.
3:42 am
it's lying to a child. it's abuse to a child. and sinning against our god. brian: after that, tanner got suspended. tanner cross joins us now along with tyson. welcome to both of you. five days before the school year ended, you were reinstated, thanks to go taking the legal path. how did that feel? >> it felt great. it was a very warm welcome back to cool by administrators to workers, students, parents, again, there was a lot of tears. we are very happy with the judge's decision that my rights were violated. it was unconstitutional what happened to me i was happy to see my students at the end of the school year. brian: tanner, what exactly prompted to you get up and make that speech and bring attention to your beliefs and what you have been asked to do? >> yeah. i spoke against two proposed policies noah were going to will
3:43 am
it will biological males could be females and females could be males. that would be lying to a child i simply could not do that in good con shep. brian: weren't going to back down on curriculum so they said you are suspended. tyson, what was your case for tanner and why is the school going after you again to suspend him? no public school teacher should be punished for sharing their beliefs in a public forum where the school board invited comment. they punished him for sharing his position on public policies. that's a violation of his free speech rights under the virginia constitution and free exercise of religion. and, you know, i'm really puzzled at their decision to appeal this to the virginia supreme court because the district court's decision was very well reasoned, based in longstanding constitutional law that the government cannot punish people simply for expressing their beliefs in a public forum. brian: tanner, are you worried?
3:44 am
are you worried this whole thing is going to get reversed again? >> i'm not worried. i still have faith in the school board that you know, the first amendment is on our side and on the teacher's side, you know we care about our students and we hope everybody's viewpoint is looked into so we can be inclusive environment and educate children the correct way. brian: do you think there are other people that believe what you believe, tanner and you are just the one speaking up? >> no, i believe that there are other teachers and i know for a fact that there are teachers that feel the same way that i do. and this is, you know, convicting them, too. i just know that, again, you know, this is an issue. and i think that, you know, we'll see. we will have to see, brian. brian: right. can you give me an idea, tyson, what kind of schedule it's on? do you think that's going to be able to start school before this
3:45 am
would even be heard? september? >> yeah. i think that the virginia supreme court, there is no timetable for them. but i think we'll likely hear something from them in the next 30 days. buff then we actually have a trial scheduled before the district court for a final decision in early september. brian: real quick, where's the teacher's union on this. are you guys unionized? >> we are not unionized in virginia. we have something like that but, no. brian: all right. you are on your own and tyson is there to help you out. tyson continue to follow this sensational hearings are going on, but i think in loudoun county they are fighting for a lot of american school districts across the country. tanner cross, thanks so much. tyson lang hough, thank you. >> brian, thanks for having us on. we really appreciate it. brian: you got it have a great day and great summer. we did reach out to loudoun county schools a spokesperson says they do not comment on pending litigation. let's check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast and
3:46 am
the latest on tropical storm elsa. >> yes, brian, the northeast is going to feel elsa's wrath. 45 mile-per-hour sustained winds. it's still a tropical storm. had it will remain a tropical storm. made landfall big bend. tornado watch in effect for parts of the carolinas. earlier tornado warn storm north of charleston. we don't have any warnings right now. we could see the potential for tornadoes, tropical tornadoes later on throughout the day today. and there is the track. you can sees a we get into friday still a formidable storm. this is a tropical storm as we head into saturday for atlantic canada. take a look at new york and boston. it's going to be strengthening becoming extra tropical. in some cases even worse. tropical storm warnings are posted from savannah, georgia, all the way up to boston. that's going to be significant august along the i-95 corridor. can you expect wind gust in excess of 40 miles per hour as well as very heavy rainfall and tropical tornadoes as well. keep that in mind, we are not done with this storm yet and, of
3:47 am
course, heavy rainfall is going to cause the potential for flash flooding. you know, make sure you are listening to all your local forecasters, we will keep you up to dayton, brian. back to you. brian: you are contracturally will to do it. big problems with the postal police. why the department says they have been essentially defunded to stop mail theft. businesses are open and bass pro is hiring and helping veterans at the same time. a big nowvment announcement next. ♪ ♪ ♪ odyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. the country is facing a labor shortage and there are about 9,650,000 open jobs in the retail industry alone. outdoor sporting goods chain bass pro shops is known from hiring within the veteran community and business is booming. joining us now is the founder of bass pro shops is johnny moors shiloh harris national ambassador for helping a hero as well as retired marine corps sergeant joe bar tell. quite a set-up. looks outstanding. before we get to a very cool initiative you are partnering
3:52 am
on, johnny, i have got to ask you a lot of businesses in america are having trouble hiring right now. what's it like for bass pro shops? >> well, i think we have faced some of those same challenges, pete. we feel fortunate to have a lot of people interested in the outdoors and demand for our product. we have a lot of the folks that are passionate about what we do. but it is a challenge to find enough folks to serve customers. i think, across the board and most segments at least here in the ozarks. and from what we can tell, around the country. heck, we are feeling positive. it's getting better every day. pete: it's great to hear. johnny, you have always given back at bass pro shops. today you are announcing a big effort. tell us about this overall partnership you are announcing at bass pro shops. of. >> well, helping a hero is an awesome organization. how can we ever -- i mean, we are coming up on our 50th
3:53 am
anniversary in our company, and it wouldn't even be possible if it weren't for those who defended our freedoms. and for those who support conservation and those are two causes that we care deeply special about. and my dad was in world war ii in the battle of the bulge, our buddy served in world war ii as well. he has been in our company for many years now. anyway, it's a humbling great day to have the special guest that we have with us here today. pete: absolutely. one of them is staff sergeant shiloh harris army vet also a national ambassador for helping a hero. johnny has given a bunch of money to build a bunch of homes for vets. what are you doing at helping a hero? >> i'm the national ambassador for helping a hero and i was a home recipient back in 2011. meredith eiler with the organization contacted me and said hey, we want to give you a house. and honestly i don't know how to
3:54 am
accept that kind of generosity. i just wanted to do my part for the community and for my nation when we got attacked on 9/11 2001. and so, you know, i guess it's ironic that you are doing this, johnny, because this is our 20th year memorial for those lives that were lost on 9/11. so i can't thank you enough for your generosity, sir. >> how can we ever do enough? we can't, to thank you, sir. and all of our veterans who defend our freedoms. you mean everything to us and we are very grateful. that's not just from me. everyone in our company, our customers, we're proud to celebrate our patriotism. >> it's men like you and companies like yours that really give back to the community and help welcome veterans home. so thank you. pete: johnny, it's amazing. $2 million to build 10 homes and there is another gentleman there with you. his name is sergeant joe bar tell. i believe his family is there. is that right, johnny?
3:55 am
>> absolutely. a great family that loved to hunt and fish from what i hear. [laughter] pete: well, you know, we want to hear sergeant joe bar tell's story. sergeant, if you would, tell us a little bit about when you were injured. >> i was injured during the surge of 2007 south of baghdad near edge jabar. an ied that hit two of our vehicles. two of us were severe casualties. by the grace of god, i survived. and ended up walter reed, received some pretty good care, same thing with the folks balboa, medical naval center in san diego and so here i am. pete: you have been recovering ever since. johnny, i think you have a big surprise for sergeant joe bar
3:56 am
bartle. >> we are proud everybody from helping a hero from folks at bass pro to present with you a new home you and your family. >> oh my god. thank you so much, sir. the appreciate it. [applause] >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> one other thing real quick if we got another minute. pete: 20 seconds. go ahead. >> okay. 20 seconds. we want to -- i mean, this is just a little get started. we would like to pledge to build another chip-in for the next 100 homes. we would like to challenge people that we would pay 25% of that amount to help encourage others to get involved with this amazing project and to chip in. so, that's our kind of a little challenge grant this morning, shiloh and everybody. and the next home we want to
3:57 am
help with is right here, sir. and we appreciate all you are doing. pete: millions of dollars for vets. the website is helping a johnny morris, we have got run. >> right here in missouri. >> what generosity thank you it. thank you so much. more "fox & friends" on the other side. y bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime.
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today president biden will discuss the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan, putting pressure on the administration.
4:01 am
>> will be hard-pressed to find international agreement during the last administration that this administration has -- >> protocol. how about the agreements with mexico. >> democrat blaming republicans for defund the police. >> "the washington post" doesn't think that's true? >> three pinocchios there. >> you will see in the democratic party basically they have thrown up their hands. we have abandoned our cities. >> former president trump says is he fighting for free speech. >> we are demanding an end to shameful censorship of the american people. >> dr. fauci had a message for those who don't want to get the covid vaccine. >> what is the problem? get over it. >> right now we are seeing some fear-mongering to try to coax people into vaccination. >> lightning strikes twice [buzzer] the tampa bay win their second straight stanley cup. ♪ in the summer ♪
4:02 am
ainsley: brian, you are right. why is it darker. beautiful sky over nashville but the city looks very gray, doesn't it? pete: it does. if you would like me to i can explain time zones and sunrises and all of that. brian: that's for another time. ainsley: okay, do it. pete: the sun rotates around the sun or the earth rotates around the sun. brian: we still haven't found out. pete: i want the science on that one. it's still pending but we are glad you are here. ainsley: thank you for waking up with us nashville and all the other cities. we are glad you are here. brian: one of the things that always catches us by surprise is when a real question is asked at the state department press briefings or the white house press briefings that doesn't revolve around a fox reporter it happened yesterday. it's hard to take your eyes off the disaster which is taking place in afghanistan. at a break neck pace our decision to pull out on 9/11 telling them ahead of time to do so, the one policy that joe biden saw that donald trump did that he said i can't get out of,
4:03 am
everything else he just overturned on his head and we see the ramifications of it the way he is pulling out so irresponsibly. the pentagon is throwing up their hands sand and saying i guess we will just leave allowing everybody allied with us susceptible to beheading any time now. we have about 10,000 people looking to follow us out we thought they would have a country to go back to instead of they running to tajikistan instead of fighting. maybe six months of afghanistan, we are sitting by and joe biden when asked about this the other day wanted to talk about happy things. he didn't want to talk about afghanistan because we were going into a hollywood. pete: do you know what i suspect today when he is getting a briefing. the president is going to give a briefing. brian: is he going to give us a briefing. pete: first he will get a briefing it will not be a happy one. brian: might hold his ears. pete: taliban takeover.
4:04 am
going to be speaking to the country in the afternoon about the situation in afghanistan. ainsley: with your experience fighting for our country overseas, what's your opinion? do you think we need to bring our troops home? pete: it's been my opinion it's time to bring our troops home, yes. ainsley: all of them? pete: look at a place like bagram where you can project power from. we had rob o'neill talking about that yesterday you still have to maintain ability to reach out and touch. brian: like russia china or iran. pete: but ultimately our nation building project there needs to be over. if they're not able to defend themselves after 20 years of being trained by the greatest military on earth, time is up. ainsley: why is that? did we do a poor job not training them? why are we seeing a resurgence of a taliban. pete: brian and i could do a podcast three hours. totally different society. we built a national central government in a place where they have never had a history one up tensely tribal. as a result very little
4:05 am
allegiance to the afghan state from the afghan military. there is more allegiance to their tribes and ultimately the taliban has remained a coherent force even if kicked out for a while and people there are like who do i pick now? fledgely afghan government or the stronger taliban? brian: here is the interchange that took place between a.p. reporter matt lee and the state department ned price. watch. >> this administration inherited plenty from the previous administration that it absolutely reversed. are you saying that you're not -- you are not confident in your negotiating skills that you could have renegotiated with -- that you couldn't have renegotiated a deal with the taliban? >> yes. we changed quite a few u.s. policies across a number of fronts. but i think you would be hard-pressed to find an international agreement that the united states signed on to during the last administration that this administration has done away with.
4:06 am
>> how about the geneva protocol on. how about agreement with mexico? >> when the united states signs its name and gives its word, in the context of formal international agreement, especially one where the stakes are profound for the american people, including our service members, deployed service members, that is something that we take very seriously. brian: nailed. every single step. you reversed everything, remain in mexico. everything he did. ainsley: what about this? what about this? pete: that was his whole campaign. we will come in through executive order and everything else undo everything. when it comes to afghanistan, we're stuck. brian: so what he did says this is part of the deal that trump cut. he said start negotiating between the sitting government and taliban consistent basis and we will begin to gradually pull out and picked a date to do it. so the taliban just said just tell us when you are going to leave we are not negotiating. and you can question whether we
4:07 am
should have negotiated with them, period. they never negotiated. we just said we are pulling out on 9/11. joe biden made the announcement and the general miller is on the ground saying excuse me? we didn't even tell nato yet. nato had 5600 there. we had 2600 there. we were holding these bases allowing a generation to grow up and these people called -- i remember, women, to actually have rights and a chance to learn to read and write. ainsley: and drive a car. brian: they had a chance to do it. the taliban is not a popular movement. they are thugs, fundamentalists who don't mind killing and terrorizing the population. that's how they are gradually gaining power. ainsley: well, you know, i think about the moms and dads that have their loved ones fighting over in another country in afghanistan. it is nice that those soldiers are going to be able to come home. i'm so grateful for what they have done over there protecting our country from the taliban. if the taliban resurges how do they know they are not coming for america next? that's all of our fear. closed bagram air base only 600
4:08 am
of our men and women over there protect the embassy pete was telling me during the break. pete: other side of the argument is when you spend trillions of dollars and two decades trying to remake societies halfway across the world drowning in debt and you don't focus on the problems here at home, it seems like misplaced priorities. how long do you attempt to do that? pete: pete. brian: that's true. you could have a gradual takeover. you had contractors who were willing to continue to maintain the air force that we gave them. we pulled all them out. so the air force will be grounded probably within three minutes. because they don't have the funding to maintain or the knowledge to do so. and it seems like joe biden only who wants to talk about happy thoughts, has not thought about that. we will have a saigon moment when the taliban take kabul and our people and the people that have been loyal to us for the last 20 years are going to have to run for their lives. a but i'm not sure we'll have a chopper on the top of the building. i'm sure we will have to go in
4:09 am
ground. for those who say just do what we did in iraq go back in? forget it. it's a land locked area. there is no kuwait to stage from. we will have one aircraft carrier. this will be within six months will be joe biden's disaster, which he will have a hard time spinning his way out of. ainsley: let's talk about defunding the police because remember all the democrats, all the frozens that said they were tweeting out we want to defund the police? you had a.o.c. and rashida tlaib and kamala harris it will tee fund the police in california? no they said the republicans want to defund police because they realize through polling that message was not doing well for them. now, they are getting three pinocchios. because they are trying to pin this on republicans. and they can't get away with it. because everyone knows the truth. here's "the washington post." they say in this case there is not even a line item to attach to the white house's claim that republicans are trying to defund the police. what's more, voting against a one time infusion of cash is not
4:10 am
the same as voting to cut funding. so there is little basis to claim that republicans are trying to defund the police. pete: i will give "the washington post" little bit of credit i think the maximum number of pinocchios is four. should be seven. not a grain of truth they are giving it three because they voted against a one-time bill ultimately revisionist history is what democrats want because they fear 2022 and they have been yelling about defunding the police. crime is spiking across the country and big city near you they are trying to disown it and they can't. at least "the washington post" called them out a little bit. brian: right. this is not something the country buys. can you imagine how bad the internal polls must be for the democratic party them to realize so desperate just take over the policy of defunding the police and blame the republicans for it? eric adams, who has spent 22 years on the police force and seems to have won the democratic nomination to be the next mayor of new york because there are so many more democrats than republicans. curtis lee has the republican nomination.
4:11 am
said this yesterday about his party. >> we have abandoned our cities. what's happening in new york city is taking place in chicago's southside. it's taking place in california and atlanta. you are seeing gun violence and so pervasive. more than gun violence. if we don't educate, we will incarcerate. 65% of black and brown children in this city every year never reaches proficiency. and you are seeing in the democratic party basically they have thrown up their hands and continuing to see the same problems in our inner cities. why is it taking us so long? we are watching these babies die year after year after year and no one seems to care. pete: it's the right statement. and he has the background, obviously serving in law enforcement. if you combine that perspective with the willingness to back the police, gives a little bit of hope. we'll see. ultimately he is a democrat beholden to a very left wing base in this city and city council that's very left wing as well. he will be facing serious head
4:12 am
wind. ainsley: remember the marine shot in times square recently graduate of the citadel or attending the citadel. and a 16-year-old was charged with that. the guy in this video he is 16 years old charged with shooting and the stray bullet went into the back of that marine. brian: ricocheted off the building and hit him in the back. they were able to pull the bullet out and run him to the hospital for precautions. that happen in times square and these two felt totally comfortable shooting at each other. ainsley: about break dancing right over my turf it's not yours? brian: great reason. certainly worth shooting somebody that took place in new york city. i hate to tell you it wasn't flat out happening and it's not a new york story. that's a national story if you look at the numbers. they are stunning. ainsley: look at chicago. pete: another national story is whether or not our schools would reopen and when they did. state by state, city by city. it was very hamstrung by big powerful national unions who in many ways were collaborating
4:13 am
with the cdc to write the guidance for them. more and more restrictions cut and pasted. yes, if you watch the virtual conference of the american federation of teacher's unions yesterday, you would have seen a portion of that was our first lady jill biden actually thanking randi weingarten the head of the union not for being safe and keeping things closed, thanking her for leadership on reopening the schools. listen to this one. >> all the way back in april of 2020 aft released a plan to safely reopen schools and since then this organization has been as bold and tenacious about fighting for our nation's students and their families as you are in everything you do. you never give up, and i want to especially thank you and for how much your work for the aft has done to get educators and
4:14 am
families back to. as educator union member and first lady, i'm so grateful, are andi for your leadership. ainsley: back of in april of 2020 that's not what they were saying. the union walls saying we can't rush things. in fact, we found a tweet from april 28th, the end of april 2020 says reopening this soon will bring an even more powerful second wave of covid-19. we have to be sure we are reopening safely and not rushing things. brian: what leadership? ainsley: i will tell you why she is praising the unions. joe biden received the most money from the unions than any other candidate. he got $232,000 in 2020. the second highest was bernie sanders. he got almost 51,000. joe biden got, what, 8 times what bernie sanders did. pete: joe biden is literally in bed and figuratively in bed with the unions. it is absolutely their life, what they support. the unions put out a plan in
4:15 am
april of 2020 to reopen schools. that's like me writing a plan to be a world class body builder in april of 2020. i just didn't get around to it i had a lot -- the plan is right here. here is how we should reopen. here is the nine reasons in between why we shouldn't adding new excuses and new reasons but they keep pointing back to this april 2020 plan as if they were the leaders of reopening schools when you watch it from distancing to vaccines to masks, to ventilation, to extortion for money, the unions time and time again turned around and created a new excuse. just wait in your local school strict for the new reasons why they might have to close again? maybe it's the variant. maybe it's students aren't vaccinated. who knows what it is. they're always looking for a reason for more money and to hold back. ainsley: don't say april 2020. because how many of those times did we go to cities and we talked to parents and we had those panels here on "fox & friends." they were all furious because the schools were so closed. brian: nobody has hurt more kids
4:16 am
than that president of that teachers union made them suffer unnecessarily for months on end to take virtual classes. many of which didn't have a laptop to actually access let alone learn from. it's almost a year and a half of waste. and all she did was keep everybody on the sidelines, keep teachers at home, refuse to allow the distancing to decrease from 6 feet to 3 feet that would allowed her to fill up classrooms and she is taking a bow. and jill biden, whoever has loaded the prompter and read the prompter should be embarrassed by that speech. ainsley: these teachers unions were the ones sending out the guidelines to the federal government. we want you to say this about it. and then. brian: we found the emails. pete: there were always new caveats by which teachers could opt out and not be in the classroom. it wasn't let me write it to get easier in the school. every line here is a reason they don't have to go back. here is the reason they don't have to go back and cut and
4:17 am
pasted. ainsley: happens in politics on the right and the left, but you give them money, you give these candidates money if they win and you hope they do and you meet with all the candidates before if you are an organization, especially one this powerful to find out which one is on your team and you give that candidate the money when you go to them and you need help, they will give you help. brian: most teachers if they were given a choice would have went back to school especially if they were vaccinated. 17 minutes after the hour, jillian mele, you have the latest. jillian: talk about the weather and tropical storm here. tropical storm elsa is slamming south carolina right now. prompting multiple tornado warnings. it is expected to hit north carolina later today as it heads up the east coast with tropical storm warnings as far as north as boston. the storm slammed florida yesterday. a funnel cloud was spotted over jacksonville. one person was killed when a tree fell on two cars. and in georgia, 10 people were hurt when a suspected tornado touched down on a naval base. utah's black lives matter chapter calls the american flag a, quote: symbol of hatred.
4:18 am
the controversial fourth of july post reads in part, quote: when we black americans see this flag, we know the person flying it is not safe to be around. when we see this flag, we know the person flying it is a racist. the chapter told fox news the post was meant to highlight the lack of outrage when hate groups fly the flag. an army veteran potential g.o.p. senate candidate accuses twitter of flagging his july 4th post as, quote: potentially sensitive content. retired army captain sam brown shared a photo of himself saluting in his uniform. the purple heart recipient plan slamentsdz the warning was it my scars or the fact that i salute the flag? regardless, neither are going away and neither am i. brown's face is severely burned from an ied explosion in afghanistan in 2008. wow. wow. a new study shows fewer men have relationships like this.
4:19 am
♪ and we're the three best friends that anybody can have ♪ we are the three best friends that anyone could have. jill that never gets hold. researchers at the survey center on american life say nearly one in five american men admits to not having a single close friend. that number has jumped five times since 1995 from 3% to 15%. so what say you gentlemen on the couch? do you have some close friends? maybe three? pete: besides brian? [laughter] brian: sorry, will. pete: i have like one close friend. ainsley: really? pete: friends are not really my thing. ains haines that's why you don't understand my friend in south carolina my friend here. my friend there. if girls need them. brian: girls need friends? jillian: i keep my circle tight. ainsley: i have learned to do it. i didn't use to do that. brian brian notice brian hasn't answered. jillian: brian do you have
4:20 am
friends? brian: i don't want to be presume presumptuous. we are used to living in the woods. traditionally before civilization came men would be on their own. only get together in our 20's and supposed to gradually live in the woods and die on our own pete that's tradition if you look back in civilization. ainsley: i remember that the patriarch of the family has to go out in the woods? brian: and i think he got eaten by a lion. ainsley: please don't do that. pete: wow. brian: if you do that -- pete: i feel no need to generally keep in touch. if you see someone you know and you haven't seen them in a while you talk for a little bit and you then you see them in a couple years ago and everything fine. ainsley: pick right back up. brian: we don't check in. pete: how are you feeling? you doing okay? brian: up next, big problem for the postal police as mail theft skyrocket.
4:21 am
the group tasked with stopping them says they have been essentially defunded. we will talk to their president next. ainsley: former president trump big tech class action lawsuits against the internet giant still ahead. ♪ big time, big time ♪ ♪ we've got you taken care of, sgt. houston. thank you. that was fast! one call to usaa got her a tow, her claim paid... ...and even her grandpa's dog tags back. get a quote.
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♪ pete: violent crimes are not the only ones surging mail theft up 160% this year with nearly 300,000 complaints, but the group who could help with the problem, the postal police officers, claim they have been sidelined and essentially defunded by the u.s. postal service: president of the postal police officers
4:26 am
association, frank alvergo joins us now. frank, thanks so much for being here. it's not something i can say i have thought a lot about the security of people who deliver our mail who who ultimately investigates when it's stolen or not, you are in charge of that. have you been been defunded and what's the impact of that? >> well, about a year ago, the postal service pulled postal police off the streets. we were protecting mail and the postal infrastructure. we were protecting postal workers. and and they made a policy choice to restrict us to postal service real property. we sued the postal service. federal court ruled that if the postal service chose to put us out on the street again to protect your mail, the postal service certainly could do that. but, they have chosen not to do it. and it's inexplicable why they have done this is -- pete: that's the question. if your job is to investigate or
4:27 am
protect people delivering our mail across the country, why would you be effectively confined to postal property? >> well, the post office, when asked, they actually aren't very truthful about it. they say that postal police law enforcement authority is restricted to real property. this is simply untrue. postal police law enforcement authority is at the postal service's discretion. in other words, the postal service could put ppos which is postal police officers back on the street again to protect the mail. they just chose not to. so the postal service isn't being truthful. i mean, the postal inspection service believes that not being caught in a lie is the same as telling the truth. they should tell the american public why they pulled ppos off the street. pete: here's what they told us, frank, the u.s. postal inspection service gave us a statement at "fox & friends." they said postal police officers have not been stripped of their duties as permissible under federal statute they are
4:28 am
utilized to protect postal real property employees and customers within the confines of said postal property. there has been no reduction in force of postal police officers, and exir compensation and funding has not been impacted. your response, frank? >> well, it's not true. they just issued a notification that they're doing an assessment. they are going to close postal police facilities we have been protecting mail. pete: and mail carriers? >> and mail carriers being assaulted. they are sitting ducks out there. they are being assaulted. what happened was that those blue collection boxes were being phished out of. people were taking mail out of the blue collection boxes. the postal service decided to protect those blue collection boxes and now the thieves are attacking the carriers and trucks. trucks are being broken into. what happened was they deployed us to specific locations to protect the mail, protect postal
4:29 am
workers, and they gave us the equipment and now they pulled it all back. so i don't know what they are talking about. pete: you can't protect mail or postal workers from your base or from the property of the mail station. you have got to be able to go out. sounds like that's not the case which is crazy. keep us updated frank. >> thank you, thank you very much. pete: you got it coming up, dr. anthony fauci sparking outrage with this comment on americans who are reluctant to get the covid vaccine. >> what is the problem? get over it. get over this political statement. pete: get over it i'm going to save your life. dr. janette nesheiwat reacts to his kurt bedside manner you might say ♪ oh, baby ♪ better knock. >> the quiz show game on fox bet super 6. download the app. and enter the pop culture questions that have everyone talking. enter for free for a chance to
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janice? janice: hi, brian, yeah the east coast needs to be on alert because the storm is going to be quite formidable and actually strengthen as it moose up towards the northeast. taking a look at it now 40 mile-per-hour sustained winds. we still have gusts upwards of 50 and we have the tropical truthfully in terms of tornadoes. we had several tornadoes earlier this morning across south carolina and the threat will continue throughout the afternoon. there's the latest track. we are going to get a new track at 8:00 a.m. as you can see it strengthens as it moves up to boston. it's going to be interaching with a trough so it's going to become almost like a nor'easter and that could present a lot of problems for heavily populated areas from d.c. all the way up
4:35 am
to boston to see a tropical storm warning up towards new england is quite incredible. that's going to be a big concern tropical storm force winds and flash flooding especially in the overnight hours. brian keep you up to date back to you. ainsley, my friend. you look much prettier. ainsley: i wear pink. thanks so much, janice. dr. anthony fauci sparking outrage after seemingly admission concerns over the coronavirus vaccine saying those who are hesitant to get the shot are just playing politics. >> here we have a vaccine that's highly, highly effective. it's easy to get. it's free. and it's readily available. so, you know, you have got ask what is the problem? get over it. get over this political statement. just get over it and try and save the lives of yourself and your family. ainsley: this comes as the white house defends its plan for a door-to-door outreach arguing
4:36 am
that many americans don't know where to get vaccinated here to react is fox news medical contributor dr. janette nesheiwat. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning to you. what was your reaction to that because he is saying he is the leading expert on this. he is coming at this from a doctor's perspective. but, yet, is he making it political. i have never heard one of my doctors talk to me that way. >> yeah. well, ainsley, thanks to president trump's successful operation warp speed, we now have over 160 million americans who have had at least one vaccine. and that's because we approach it with providing education and information in a respectful manner and explaining the benefits and the risks of the vaccine versus the potential long-term side effects and consequences of picking up coronavirus. i think a better approach would be to explain the vaccine, explain the virus and it's a personal choice in allowing americans to make that decision that's best for them, their family and their community.
4:37 am
hopefully they will make the right choice with that information. ainsley: say get over it, don't make this political, that's a parent's decision. >> absolutely. that is correct. we do know children, although they can carry and transmit the virus, their risk of severe complications is extremely low. we only have, you know, small percentage of death in children versus what we have seen in the older adults, especially those over the age of 50. janice: what do you say when the white house is saying they are going door to door because americans don't know where to get vaccinated? >> well, i can tell you firsthand, i have taken care of thousands of covid patients. when i ask my patients kindly and respectfully why they're not vaccinated the small percentage that are not, they never tell me i don't know where to go. what i hear from my patients is they just haven't had a chance due to work schedule or family schedule or they want to go ton
4:38 am
vacation knowing that they have to take a day or two off. also, some of them still have a lot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed. i take that opportunity to answer and address those questions. and a very small percentage are just not ready and don't want the vaccine. so, again, it's important to provide that information, provide that education, and let them make that decision that's best for them and their families. ainsley: dr. nesheiwat, always good to have you on. thank you so much. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. coming up next trump vs. big tech, facebook, twitter and google now facing legal action accused of conservative censorship. vivek swamy says the former president has a strong case and is he going to explain it next. ♪
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4:43 am
shadow banning, a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well. there is no better evidence that big tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the united states earlier this year. if they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone. ainsley: that is former president trump taking on big tech with a class action lawsuit accusing the companies and their ceos of censorship and silencing free speech. pete: here to react biotech entrepreneur and author of the upcoming book "woke inc." vivek ramaswamy. thank you so much for being here this morning. the president announced this big class action lawsuit. he has been banned from social media. what will be the effect of this, do you think? >> i think if this case is argued in the right way, it has the potential to go all the way to the supreme court and potentially be one of the defining cases of our time, because the conventional wisdom says these are private companies
4:44 am
and, of course, somebody could bring a suit like this. but the heart of the legal claim here is that these private companies are not actually acting as private companies. they are acting on behalf of the federal government and they are protected by the federal government in the form of section 230 c 2 when they do it. that's the heart of this argument which is what makes this case different than when normal private companies behave as private companies. ainsley: that's interesting. because they are involved with the government? that would be your argument. >> exactly. so, there is two prongs to the argument. i have seen trump -- based on what i saw yesterday they are making one of the prongs pretty strongly and make both prongs strongly if they go to the supreme court. two prongs are is this one is basically i would like to see them argue that they are responding to government threats. congressional democrats and senators have threatened these companies to say that if you don't take down hate speech or misinformation as we, the party in power define it, then we will come after you and penalize you. when a private party responds to a government threat, they are not actually acting as a private party, it's just the government
4:45 am
acting in the clothing of private enterprise and here that same government has immunized these companies from liability in the form of section 230. it's a 1-2 punch a carrot and stick approach. it's a novel legal argument but these are novel times. we haven't seen in our history companies that act in concert with government in the way social media companies do. brian: don't you think noteworthy too this was all done looking for an opportunity to try to control number one customer and that was donald trump. they know the power that he had, but are a they take him down, i have heard leaders, we saw leaders around the world concerned that they did this. that these competitors, so-called competitors combined to wipe him out and then destroy parler, the up and coming competitor, the next day. >> you are totally right, brian. the thing is not only leaders around the world i want to give credit to somebody on the far on the other side of this issue politically. bernie sanders came out and said he was concerned irrespective of what he thought of donald trump that no company in the united states should have the opportunity to silence any president, including the 45th
4:46 am
president. and here is an easy way to think about it imagine if the facts were reversed and now you have a republican controlled white house, senate and congress and the same thing had happened in reverse to the outgoing president of the democratic part everyone who singing the praises of priority enterprise singing praises on the other side would be making precisely the opposite argument. ainsley: one of my best friends wrote me on the fourth of july she posted freedom isn't free with a picture of an american picture and tagged folds of honor. and they wiped -- they took it off her page. they wouldn't let her. i think they slapped her on the wrist for a few days and wouldn't let her participate. >> private companies can threaten liberty just as much as the imosmght that's what we are seeing today. pete: exactly right. vivek ramaswamy the book is "woke inc." thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: a 30 year veteran of the terre haute indiana police department is ambushed and killed outside an fbi building in broad daylight. detective greg was a member of
4:47 am
the police department and the fbi task force. the suspect was shot by police and is now in custody at the hospital. his motive remains a mystery. britney spears mom wants the conservatorship to end. lynn spears filed a petition asking the pop star to hire her own attorney and conservatorship without britney having to take a medical evaluation. she says britney is able to take care of herself. her capacity is certainly different today than it was in 2008 and conservative tee, meaning britney, should no longer be held to the 2008 standard whereby she was found to not have the capacity to retain counsel. school officials in loudoun county, virginia appeal a judge's order to rehire a teacher who disagreed with the board's policy on gender neutral pronouns. saying it would violate his religious faith address kids by a gender that didn't match the one given at birth. cross joined us earlier to discuss the legal battle.
4:48 am
>> we are very happy with the judge's decision rights were violated. it uncontroversial what happened to me. on our side. jillian: legal battle will continue in virginia supreme court. reached out to a spokesperson for loudoun county schools and they said they do not comment on pending. change the way people cook their lobster. >> live thing in the house. >> stop it. don't do that. >> maybe we should just call the police. dial 911. it's the lobster squad. >> come on, for god's sake. jillian: here's deal. a new u.k. bill wants to ban people from boiling lobsters alive and require the sea creatures be stunned or chilled before being placed in the pot. the measure says it's to protect the welfare rights of crustations. that is a look at your headlines, send it back to you. brian: i do feel bad boiling a lobster alive.
4:49 am
you don't? ainsley: they make a crying noise, too. brian: freezing them alive is not much better. pete: or shocking them. ainsley: a chef he stabbed them he said they die very fast verses putting them in boiling water. jillian: this is why i don't cook. be like me don't cook. ainsley: i can't cook the lobsters. i can't do it. i eat them. brian: someone else is cooking them. ainsley: i can't throw them in water. i can't do it. brian: if you have a good way to eat a lobster and kill a lobster, write us. ainsley: it's called have a dad like my dad my dad would be like you are going in. pete: you guys are not coming over for my annual lobster boil? ainsley: i will be there i just won't cook. i will participate. you do the same thing with the crabs you throw them in the water. brian: that's true. why don't we fight for the crabs? why are we not fighting for crabs? brian: i would like to fight for
4:50 am
crabs fight for something. pete: crawl dads? they get boiled. they have feelings, too. ainsley: tell us what's next? brian: i didn't see my name there. up next will hometown heroes parade getting blow back from some is i cities first responders. this is not the way to say thanks, thanks. ♪ the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement [relaxed summer themed music playing] ... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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brian: new york city mayor bill deblasio celebrating the essential workers of the pandemic in a hometown heros parade yesterday but some of the cities first responders say the event scaled back because of the heat was not what they were hoping for here to explain 13 year veteran of new york city's emergency medical services paramedic, leonna espinol. what is your complaint about yesterday's very hot celebration >> good morning so my complaint about yesterday's celebration is it's a clear sign that we needed to be celebrated, that we put in a lot of work. the first responders and all of the essential workers, but giving us a parade just shines light on how much we need a raise, we need more money. the thank you and the praise and the parade is nice but it just doesn't put food on the table
4:55 am
and allow us to take care of our families. brian: they didn't give you a day off to attend right? >> no definitely not. brian: so you lose a days parade to go to a parade in honor of you. what's it been like for you in the last year in particular? >> working through covid was very difficult for many reasons , difficult because we saw more deaths than we had ever seen before and difficult because some of us were separated from our families, it was difficult for a lot of people because they couldn't separate from their families, they risked putting their families in danger. they lost family members, you know, it was very mentally and emotionally and physically stressful for us as a whole, not just for myself. brian: if you want to see appreciation, show us in the pay, not with a parade. >> show us in the pay, not with the parade, allow us to be able to take care of our families without having to work 80 hours a week. you can't take care of your family and not be there for them because you have to be at work
4:56 am
so much. brian: absolutely, i know cops have the same thing i got to go home but stay away from my family because i have no idea what i was exposed to a mysterious virus we still don't know where it came from. the mayors office was asked to respond to the criticism they say gathering for essential workers through the darkest times, it was the least we could do for our hometown heros this parade was about them but they didn't give you a day off so they haven't increased your pay. we appreciate you and i hope you feel a little of that because you certainly deserve it. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. brian: all right have a great day. meanwhile still ahead president biden says he will take his message on ransomware attacks directly to vladimir putin but didn't he already have a chance to do just that? that story at the top of the hour. >> ♪ was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone?
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5:00 am
>> president biden gets a request for help from chicago mayor lori lightfoot. >> the fear is that yesterday was just more. brian: dr. fauci on americans who are reluctant to get the covid vaccine. >> what is the problem get over this political statement. >> it's a personal choice in allowing americans to make that decision best for them and their families. ainsley: former president trump is taking the fight against big tech to court. >> big tech is out of control. if they can do it to me they can do it to anyone. >> this case is argued in the right way it has the potential to be one of the defining cases of our time. >> officials in loudoun county, virginia are appealing an order to rehire a teacher suspended after voicing his opposition to
5:01 am
transgender policy. >> government cannot punish people simply for expressing their beliefs. >> first amendment is on our sides and on the teacher's sides >> we're coming up on the 50th anniversary and our company and it wouldn't be possible if it weren't for those who defended our freedoms and we're proud of the folks to present you with a new home. >> [applause] >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ♪ i'm blinded by the light ♪ pete: well, brian, ainsley, your wish is my command the lights are on in colorado. the sun is out. brian: howed you do that? pete: i have a lot of connection s. brian: we start off really dark , darker than i thought, got a little bit lighter, and then it turns out, the sun really does come up in the third hour of our show. ainsley: [laughter] that happens at 8:00. pete: it has a tendency to do so i do have an update by the way on boiling lobsters crabs or c rawfish. a friend in louisiana says
5:02 am
growing up we were told never eat crawfish, this meant they were dead when they were put in the pot and could be bad. you want maximum freshness. brian: maximum freshness means you're boiling them alive. pete: cool. brian: they make that lloyd pitched noise. ainsley: they're crying. brian: somebody said i put lobsters in wine, put them in there before boiling it and they don't notice they are boiling it pete: so they're drunk? brian: get the lobster drunk. that's what we got. pete: that's better. i'll do that one. ainsley: let someone who doesn't care cook them for you. pete: that's true well thanks for being with us on thursday morning i'm in for steve, grateful to be here, and you know, we transition from topic to topic and this one is a tough one and joe biden was in chicago yesterday, saw mayor lori lightfoot when she greeted him at the tarmac, ultimately he was there to talk about infrastructure, and gave a self- appointed boring speech as he said from the podium. pete: he said that himself.
5:03 am
i'm sorry this speech is boring but the mayor deblasio bring up to him what's on the top of everyone's minds who actually paying attention, that chicago violence is out of control. what do you need? here is basic stats and over the 4th of july weekend, 100 people shot, including 11 children, 18 people killed, yesterday or the day before biden's visit you had two atf officers shot as well as a chicago police officer and then yesterday at 7:30, after joe biden left, you had three people shot including two women on a sidewalk, ultimately what did they discuss? most of it was gun violence, of course. guns taking away guns. ainsley: on july 4th weekend, it was the worst weekend they've seen as far as crime is concerned, all year, and this year total, 194 kids have been shot in chicago, on july 4, a 5-year-old was shot in the leg on july 5 a six-year-old was walking with her mother. they were both shot. on july 5 a 16-year-old and a 17 -year-old were walking and
5:04 am
they were shot in a drive-by and then 40 minutes later a 15- year-old was sitting on their porch and also shot. brian: not necessarily targeted , really crossfire between gang violence the breakup of the family in the inner city seems to be a constant. the lack of caring, and the lack of law enforcement the letting out of places like new york, of no cash bail, has allowed criminals to continue to offend, making up rules where you can steal up to $950 worth of material, and when your supposed to be prosecuted that's led to chaos in the streets. mayor lori lightfoot of chicago who is failing on a daily basis and blames her gender and her race for anyone who criticizes her, said this yesterday. >> i've heard your pain and anguish and i carry that with me and your suffering feels my daily urgency to use every tool that i have and to urge every
5:05 am
stakeholder from the president of the united states on down, to local, county, and state and federal officials. we must do better, all of us, for you. pete: you think? ainsley: i don't understand what's going on in chicago. it's happening in big cities all over our country but its been happening in chicago for a very long time, barack obama's hometown, and they virtually ignored it. joe biden was vice president then and he goes there, doesn't even talk about it when he gives his speech he talks about infrastructure, but we need to address this crime and figure out you want to talk about root causes we need to find out what the root causes are, are they the games, because many kids don't have fathers? are they going to church, not in school, are they not going to work? what's the problem here? pete: i'll tell you what it's not. it's not whether or not they restrict gun laws, chicago has the most strict gun laws in the country. brian: they blame indiana. pete: you can't buy a gun inside chicago, of course you can't stop every car coming in like you couldn't stop every gun from coming through the lincoln tunnel if you wanted to in new
5:06 am
york city that's a fact of life but you guys both pointed to it. families, fathers, faith, gangs, drugs, none of those are brought up ultimately. it's always we've got to get at the guns which means legal gun owners hand them in and criminal s keep them. brian: and blame cops. last night, two were killed in chicago and 19 wounded. something tells me they aren't on top of this. audrey ureferth spoke to earlier today. ainsley: she is a student at the university of chicago. very well-spoken she wrote an op-ed about the crime. she's still going back-to-school next year she's a senior but she was remembering her fellow student, the rising junior there is his picture. he was the one heading to his internship at a financial firm and had a bright future, president of his fraternity she said everyone on campus is talking about a great heart he had, such a leader and a wonderful person. he was shot on the train heading to his internship by a stray bullet. listen to this student.
5:07 am
>> he had a really bright future ahead of him. he was so involved in the community. he was just viciously and senselessly gunned down on his way home from his summer internship. he was struck in the back of the neck. lori lightfoot had the nerve recently to say that crime in chicago is on the decline. that's a blatant lie. homicides and shooting rates are up. i fear that that was just an opportunity for a photo op yesterday, with president biden and i don't have confidence in lightfoot. ainsley: well the democrats they continue to mention these high profile crimes, and things that are bad, that are happening, and then they take it to the press, they politicize them, but what about all of these individuals, what about the almost 200 children killed in chicago? we don't know any of their names , they aren't talking about their names. where are the democrats when it comes to what's happening in these big cities? they have to address the crime
5:08 am
issue. brian: blaming the holidays i don't think resonates with the american people. pete: it's warm out. brian: certain minutes after the top of the hour one of the big stories been with us the last two years is covid-19. the origin is the top story, but the focus of this administration on vaccination is mind boggling. listen, many cases, they've done a very good job getting the word out and getting the vaccine out from johnson & johnson to pfizer to moderna, they are available if you want them but that's not enough. now you need to be berated by none other than dr. fauci because you're playing politics. that's the reason you may have not gotten it. listen. >> this is not complicated. we're not asking anybody to make any political statement one way or another. we're saying try and save your life and that of your family, and that of the community. here we have a vaccine that's highly, highly effective. it's easy to get. it's free, and it's readily available so you've got to ask
5:09 am
what is the problem? get over it. get over this political statement. just get over it and try and save the lives of yourself and your family. brian: presumptuous to think you're not getting the vaccine if it is indeed the case because of politics. maybe you had the virus already. maybe you know you have the antibodies. maybe the fact is emergency use doesn't make you feel comfortable. why not give people credit rather than trying to berate them into doing something and claiming it's playing politics. ainsley: does your doctor talk to you that way? he's clearly -- brian: get over it? ainsley: you have to take this shot? no. you talk to your doctor about your choices and you get to make those decisions. what if you have a 15-year-old and watch fox & friends when brian interviewed the dad whose son it hurts every time his heartbeats he tells his dad after he got the shot. he can't play soccer anymore and no telling how long he will deal with these issues. i'm not saying don't get your kids vaccinated. that's your choice as a parent
5:10 am
but you have to know all of the facts and when fauci says get over it what do you say to that dad, dr. fauci? do you tell him to get over it his son can't play soccer any more? pete: get over it we're saving your life. doctors give you recommendations and information. if i go in and i'm morbidly obese and he says stop eating so much steak, pete, i get to choose what my next meal looks like. same thing here. we have a lot of information, you know what your health background is, age, responsible for your kids, to shame people to get a vaccine is not effective and it worries people that that will turn eventually into a mandate when this is no longer emergency use, when schools are reopening, that's when i think we'll have a real crossing. brian: are they going to mandate schools have to get the shot and how are they going to prove you got the shot? so and if you don't get the shot are you told to get off campus? and then we'll have to see how that goes, but dr. jeanette nesh
5:11 am
wat talked us to earlier about the patients she's seen and the reasons they don't get the vaccine. >> when i ask my patients kindly and respect fully why they aren't vaccinated, the small percentage that are not they never tell me i don't know where to go. what i hear is they just haven't had a chance due to work schedule or family schedule. also, some of them still have a lot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed. i take that opportunity to answer and address those questions, and a very small percentage are just not ready and don't want the vaccine , so again, it's important to provide that information, provide that education, and let them make that decision that's best for them. pete: personal choice. i believe, you know, i'm fine with leaders saying please, please, that's fine. i'll make the choice then as a result. you've given me the information and that's reinforcement. ainsley: they know where to get the vaccine. every drug store or grocery store across the country. brian: there's no doubt about it. ainsley: we have all of these pop-up doctors, small little on
5:12 am
every corner. you know where to get a vaccine if you don't you could easily ask your friend who got a vaccine where do i go? brian: plus they are knocking on your door soon so go home and check your ring door bell, dr. fauci might be there next month, and a cotton ball. we'll see how that goes, have your deltoid ready to go. pete: you always do. brian: or when you're not on the show, no sleeves. pete: most of the time at home i'm wearing a tank top. ainsley: you're a tank top kind of guy. are you? pete: i don't want to take that characterization. ainsley: you could pull it off. jillian and i had this conversation one-time. we're not into the tank tops on guys, but, if you have them it's okay. pete: what if it's a basketball jersey? ainsley: those are good. brian: very similar players. let's talk about ransomware. $70 million -- ainsley: we've gone from tank tops to ransomware. brian: that's just the transition. ainsley: let's go to russia. brian: that's whose responsible for this last ransomware attack they hit countless countries and
5:13 am
i find it alarming they hit a tech firm in miami and this administration is saying well, i understand, according to my notes it hasn't hurt america so bad so what about some of the people hooked up with a miami company and felt secure they were secure. again the ransomware attack from russia theoretically shouldn't have happened after we had that mini summit with vladimir putin but it has. the question is, what are we going to do to vladimir putin and the ransomware company that keeps attacking? let's listen to president biden 's variable responses. >> i've got a brief, and i'll be in better shape to talk to you about it, hang on a second. i'll tell you what they sent me. first of all, we're not sure who it is. >> it appears to have caused minimal damage to u.s. businesses. >> is putin testing you, sir? >> mr. president, at what point
5:14 am
will the united states respond and take action? >> what's your message? >> any message? >> at what point does the united states respond? ainsley: yeah, i don't like these question, i'm just going to walk away. brian: it's a holiday, day after a holiday. ainsley: he's got to be tough and take action against russia or else they will continue to do this to us and people doing it will get paid this ransom money. pete: brian you said it, i'm doing everything possible. brian: he actually read that and said i'm ordered government to move, they are giving him cards. this should be his number one thing. you shouldn't have to read a card on that. pete: it's not hard at all and i don't know why i give you so much credit, brian, but what you said yesterday is true, don't punch me in these 17 places, as he said these are the 17 or 19 companies or industries you can't hit. what about the other thousands? those are open season? this is absolute weakness, this is about slight where he was going to be the guy tough on russia and the summit was the place where that was
5:15 am
recalibrated, clearly, vladimir putin knows, we know these, they're able to trace the digital footprint of these attacks back to groups that if not directed by moscow, moscow understands exactly what is happening and we're not doing anything about it. ainsley: what if you're connected to the colonial pipeline or one of these beef companies or this company, this it company down in miami or one of the 1,500 companies that it affected and then he says oh, it's just minimal damage and he's not doing anything about it. we're all americans we're all affected by this , and it's affecting our economy, and it's going to continue to affect our economy. they went after the mta, the subways in new york, the steam ship authority, the rnc, what happens next, what if they hit even bigger? this is serious. pete: testing, testing, testing. brian: we invented the internet and we understand how to protect the internet and we understand cybersecurity as well as anyone and cyberattacks we can do it. pete: my notes tell me al gore
5:16 am
actually invented the internet. brian: which he is an american. pete: it says i should toss to jillian. brian: so do it. pete: jillian it's time for your headlines. jillian: good job, thanks, pete. ainsley: everything they tell him to say. jillian: it's all right there. brian: he's doing everything in his power. >> [laughter] jillian: let me do everything in my power to get you caught up on your headlines starting with the latest on tropical storm elsa. right now heavy rain and strong winds slamming the carolinas as the storm barrels up the east coast. it hit florida yesterday, with torrential rain causing widespread flooding. one person was killed in jacksonville after a tree fell on two cars. ten people were hurt in georgia after a suspected tornado touch ed down on a naval base. elsa is moving toward the north east expected to hit southern new england states and new york by tomorrow. >> a fox news alert now, police kill four suspects and arrest two others in the assassination of haiti's president. this , as new video shows a convoy of at least five vehicles slowly driving away from wednesday's ambush.
5:17 am
jovenel moise was shot and killed at his home. the first lady was also shot and she was flown to a hospital in south florida where she is receiving treatment. >> five properties owned by brad pitt's non-profit "make it right " sit empty amid a lawsuit. the class action claims the organization knowingly built poorly-made homes with bad products. make it right aimed to construct affordable housing in kansas city, new jersey and louisiana, but the organization no longer has a website, phone number, or functioning office. attorneys for the group did not comment. >> how about this? portland, oregon, apparently has the best pizza in the u.s.. that is according to an upcoming back titled "modernist pizza" and new york pizzas were ranked as mostly disappointing and the authors of that book ate almost 400 pies from "coast to coast." social media users were very quick to react as you can imagine one writing as a
5:18 am
portland native this is completely false. i've never, um -- brian: whoa. jillian: i did not know this is happening. brian: these are a sliced by a professional slicer. chris you're an honorary italian didn't your people, was it magel lan that invented this? or was it da vinci? jillian: wait this isn't portland pizza though, right? brian: no. ainsley: this is around the corner? pete: i won't say anything about the germs on the floor. jillian: don't eat that. ainsley: pete don't eat it. pete: i can't do that. jillian: i'm going to say something not a popular opinion. i'm not impressed by new york pizza. ainsley: really? jillian: i'll leave now.
5:19 am
brian: you have no mic, why are you talking so much? >> i like it when it's a thin crust and real cheese and then when you fold it up, right? the oil is just dripping down. jillian: i like it super crispy. ainsley: really. brian: move over. >> [laughter] jillian: we should get his opinion, dave portnoy. brian: that be great, we think new york pizza remains the best. ainsley: we don't. jillian: i love domino's and papa john's. brian: this is the one who wants a sponsor. pete: pizza hut, pizza. ainsley: thin crust? i like the bread that's why i like the thick. brian: i don't feel comfortable telling my personal taste on television. >> [laughter] pete: pizza hut pizza, number one. brian: still ahead, former president trump doing 10 points better with latino voters in 2020 compared to 2016 but don't worry this is how hhsmsnbc
5:20 am
explains it away. >> there is a cultural identity crisis that we are undergoing as a community. ainsley: rachel campos-duffy has a much different take. she's going to join us live. brian: we think so. ainsley: i'm trying to swallow pizza. >> ♪ ♪♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... my symptoms were keeping me from being there for her. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for people with crohn's disease. the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief in as little as 4 weeks. and many achieved remission that can last. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
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>> look republicans are very good at staying on talking points of who says defund the police, but the truth is, they defunded the police. >> if you oppose funding for the cops for something that was dramatically cut by the prior administration, and many republicans support it, and then you vote against a bill that has funding for the cops program, we can let other people evaluate what that means. brian: really? the biden administration did get
5:25 am
evaluated and they got through pinnochios from a very friendly washington post from those ridiculous claims that republicans tried to defund the police. dallas police sergeant trey penny is running for congress in texas. trey you had to laugh when you heard about this jujitsu, right >> absolutely it's ludacris. we in law enforcement, we saw across the country as the george floyd riots just progressed through this nation that the democrats called for de funding our police. we saw it. it's not like it was something that was just hidden from plain sight. they called for it and you had liberal cities across this country that actually put fourth measures to defund the police agencies, and look, officers suffered and we suffered the whole time. we each saw with this stimulus bill the $350 billion that was supposed to go to these cities, none of it never even mentioned
5:26 am
support for law enforcement. never even mentioned giving police officers more, giving agencies more police officers to patrol and then with these violent riots across the country , let alone set aside a crisis fund to support our police, all of them that were injured in all of these riots so look it's not even a secret. we know that the democrats are not supporting, they aren't doing anything to support law enforcement this is all a strong republican agenda from the beginning, in terms of advocating for the interest of the police. i think we got to start changing the narrative. brian: absolutely because criminals are inspired and they feel as though the cops are on their back foot and that's why we have these horrible stats, violence against police 150 officers shot so far this year, 28 officers lost their lives, 51 officers shot and 40 ambush- style attacks, so that's a little what you're dealing with who are able to record on a daily basis and i've talked to so many police officers. they aren't going to forget how they've been abandoned.
5:27 am
sergeant, can you echo that? >> yeah, no, you're absolutely right but we got to get to the central cause of these issues. look we're talking about 35% increase in violent crime nationally. our officers we understand. completely on the front lines dealing with this nonsense and central located in the inner city and we know that there are not legitimate programs or ideals being put fourth in these inner city communities. that's why our officers are experiencing the greatest threat against their own interest, those inner cities and i think it's important for us to start talking about it. let's tell all of the politicians we don't need more tax rebate programs. we don't need other government programs to support the inner city. look, we need to change the culture in the inner city. we have to deal with the way that young people think. i spent a significant amount of time in the black community talking to our young people trying to inspire them to do something different with their life. we talked about earning it. we can't get out here and allow these so-called activists to come in and have ideas of the
5:28 am
critical race theory and make everyone believe they are victims and oppressed by government. that's what's causing these people to come out here and attack our police so we have to get control of this narrative, we have to get it front of it and we need to be the ones telling everyone we're here to support you. this is the same system now, the same system that provided someone like me a way out so i want to give everyone the same inspiration. brian: absolutely, and if people want to attack the inner city, it be a help if they weren't being called racist if they just point out that's what the stats are that need the most people and sergeant, there's got to be hope with this generation. we can't keep putting it off. thanks so much for joining us today. when you talk about numbers, shootings are up 41% in atlanta, 533% homicides are up in portland and in new york city shootings are up 38%. those numbers don't lie. sergeant thanks so much. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. brian: best of luck with your run. first lady jill biden buddies up with the head of one of america 's largest teachers union after the union boss vowed to
5:29 am
defend educators who teach radical, excuse me, critical race theory, which by the way, they say they aren't doing. lara trump will try to make sense of it. limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him,
5:30 am
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ainsley: a fox news alert right now, tropical storm elsa is slam ming the carolinas as it's heading up the east coast. it already hit florida with high winds and torrential rain at least one person was killed in jacksonville, florida. a tree fell on a car and 10 others were hurt in georgia. meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm she joins us with the latest fox weather forecast. >> hi, ainsley moving up the east coast, let's take a look at it because the mid-atlantic and north east are in for some tropical weather as we get into today, later today, and into tonight, tornado watch in effect for parts of south and north carolina, we could see some tropical trouble with some damage with some of these tornadoes and then there is the latest track so as you can see it moves up towards the
5:34 am
mid-atlantic and north east actually getting stronger so we'll feel the strong winds as well as heavy rainfall the worst coming overnight so just be aware and listen to your local forecasters we'll toss it back to pete. hi, my friends wave to pete hegseth. pete: thank you, janice tell them i say hello, please. first lady jill biden touring a d.c. school with the head of one of america's largest teacher's unions after it warns anyone opposing critical race theory. >> we're committed to helping educators understand how to engage with diverse student populations, to focus on promot ing racial literacy, to enable educators to advocate for racial inclusivity. there are legislators, mostly, from the republican party, who are currently bullying teachers, and trying to stop us from teaching kids honest history. maybe they are just trying to raise the temperature on race relations, because of the next election, but whatever it is, it's not good right now.
5:35 am
they're not giving us a chance to engage with our kids in a way that we know we need to and we know that kids need. pete: giving them a chance fox news contributor lara trump is here to react. lara, thanks so much for being here. earlier in the program i was preparing for this segment and i misread the quote from randi winegarten as enablin g educators for exclusivity but she clearly says inclusivity but some could be forgiven for confusing some of the language being used on the other size as they racialize our education. what's the take on how the teachers union is talking about critical race theory in our schools right now? >> well good morning, sorry i'm having a bit of a connection issue, so having to hold something here, but look, i think the reality is that anybody that thinks that critical race theory is positive is really just dead wrong. the bottom line is that anything that would teach us, anything but loving our country and lov ing one another and judging people based on the content of
5:36 am
their character solely is just flat wrong, and so for us to see the head of the teacher's union promoting critical race theory, i'm not surprised by the way to see jill biden there with her touring around schools it is her husband whose also the president of the united states, pushing critical race theory, not just in our schools, also in our military, and it's, by the way, of course we want the truth. we want the true history to come out but for anybody to suggest somehow that critical race theory is positive, to teach our kids to judge one another on the color of their skin, first and foremost, is wrong. it's a really scary thing i think a lot of parents have taken this very seriously. i think i've been very excited to see how many parents around the country have come out against this and have said look, enough is enough. we are not going to stand up for this. we're going to stand up for our kids and we're going to pushback on critical race theory. really a shame to see this.
5:37 am
pete: indeed, and they try to deny it. they have an entire fund that they say they be prepared to defend teachers who still teach the truth even though they deny that critical race theory is being taught and the national education association has said they'll teach critical race theory so we know what they are doing they just don't want us to believe our lying eyes. i have to take you to loudoun county where critical race theory has been a big fight there and also a teacher in one of the schools there, tanner cross, has said hey, because of the transgender policies and his religious beliefs, he doesn't believe that he should be misrepresenting gender to his students. we had him on the show earlier. tanner cross, talking about his fight for the first amendment and here is what he had to say. >> i'm not worried i still have faith to the school board and that the first amendment is on our side and on the teacher's side. we still, we care about our students and we just hope that everybody's viewpoint is looked into so that we all can be an
5:38 am
inclusive environment and just educate children the correct way. pete: lara he spoke up at a school board meeting and said i believe boys are boys and girls are girls and that's my religious belief. is that not a protected view in this country? >> well it actually is a protected view in this country, you wouldn't know it by listen ing to a lot of these school boards you wouldn't know it by listening to the mainstream media, by and large, but yes this is his first amendment right. he should not be punished for this , i was very happy to hear about this decision that the judge made to reinstate him. i'm afraid though, we might see this go to higher and higher courts. who knows where this ends up, because ultimately, this is about the constitution and it is unconstitutional to see what happened to this teacher, and so whether you agree with him or whether you disagree with him doesn't really matter, pete. the bottom line, it is his first amendment right, and nobody should have that take epidemic away from them, based on a decision of a school board,
5:39 am
period. pete: right the unions have appealed this. it's going to a higher court. what they appeal is so revealing o of what they prioritize. bad teachers aren't doing a good job in the classroom they can't get fired trying to get rid of him. lara trump thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: all right, up next, congresswoman tallib wants to de fund the department of homeland security claiming its agencies are terrorizing migrant communities by, i don't know, enforcing the law. fox & friends weekend co-host rachel campos-duffy sounds off, after the break. >> ♪
5:40 am
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>> we must eliminate funding for our cpp, i.c.e. and their parent organization dhs. these agencies are inept to humanely guiding migrants through our immigration system. instead they further continue to terrorize migrant communities. they rename this kind of
5:44 am
targeting in a very inhumane way of our immigrant neighbors. it is the same thing, which is targeting communities of color, in a way that is, to me, very much violates the human rights. ainsley: that's congresswoman rashida tlaib, calling to defund every agency whose protecting our borders. fox & friends weekend co-host and my friend, rachel campos-duffy is here to react. rachel: good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning i'm sure i know what your reaction is but i wanted to get your take. she's also tweeted in the past to do away with policing and called it government-funded murder. your opinion? rachel: yeah, i mean, it's slandering. we know that our border patrol, for example, is the greatest humanitarian organization in the western hemisphere. they rescue little children, that are abandoned in the desert by cartels, they rescue countless people from the rio grande, and they treat them with dignity and humanity in a way
5:45 am
that no other country would treat migrants, especially those who have come illegally. i think what we're seeing here is that the current policy, the current biden policy is to basically neuter the border patrol, for example, and i.c.e., so basically, they have either fired or retired any border patrol leadership or i.c.e. leadership who actually wants to enforce the law and they've tied up our border patrol with processing detainees and turn them into social workers and babysitters so they can't actually defend our borders and then the migrants are handed a notice to appear with no court date, so this is worse than catch and release that we had prior to trump. there's no court date which means essentially, you're free. what rashida tlaib wants to do is go a step further and eliminate all of the law enforcement just have a social worker there handing a welcome packet to the illegal immigrant who comes in which of course is an insult to anybody who has gone through the immigration process legal legally. ainsley: so rachel i want to talk to you about the latino
5:46 am
voter 38% of hispanic voters voted for donald trump in 2020 that was a big increase from four years before when he ran, and palo ramos, a guy that was on msnbc, i'm sorry if i mispronounced it and she says, she was a former deputy director of hispanic press, and worked on hillary clinton's campaign as well. she's saying that latinos are in a cultural identity crisis. listen to this. >> after hearing about the wall , after seeing family separation, after hearing the words "go back to your country" how is it possible that donald trump did 10 points better with latinos in 2020 than he did in 2016? what we're seeing right now in those numbers is that there is a cultural identity crisis that we are undergoing as a community. ainsley: she also goes on to say latinos feel like they have to be one of two different groups. either as close to whiteness as possible, because of trump, or get as far away from white
5:47 am
ness as possible. is that true? do you believe that? why did trump get more hispanic voters? rachel: because the hispanic voter is getting more sophisticated and nuanced and they aren't responding to the at the are all racist thing the democrats are trying to say. hispanic voters are looking saying which party is going to protect my wages and neighborhood and my family and christian values, my pro-life values. it is the democrats who are a secular party, a woke marxist party that protects oligarchs, and people who are going after american jobs and the american hispanic community is on to it and they are responding and the left is mad. ainsley: they also hate the socialist message thanks so much for coming on. rachel: that's right. ainsley: 8:47 on the east coast coming up as the country opens backup fox nation taking us inside america's greatest national parks, abbey hornacek is going to share the latest season coming up next but first let's check in with bill hemmer. bill: do we have any pizza
5:48 am
leftover? ainsley: i'm sure we can find some. bill: dana and i have agreed to eat cold pizza so send it up. his niece was shot in chicago she's a month old. he has solutions to ending this barrage of crime we'll talk to him live coming up. texas might lock in its voting laws today, will democrats walk out yet again, we'll check in there and a triple murder mystery in georgia is still just that. it's a mystery. plus senator tom cotton, ted williams and more, they join dana and me in 12 minutes we'll see you then. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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5:52 am
jillian: good morning welcome back a self-described earth watchman describes what appears to be a fleet of ufo's near the international space station on july 3rd. take a look. >> this is a screen grab from the international space station, of 10 unknown objects traveling with the space station, above planet earth. jillian: fascinating the orb- like object could be seen hovering in a circle on nasa's live feed, and spacex reveals that it's planning for launch the largest rocket ever into orbit. a prototype star ship is set to take off from texas attached to a super heavy booster. the booster puts it at just under 400 feet tall. it should be ready by next month but no launch date is confirmed.
5:53 am
send it outside, pete. pete: fox nation is taking a trip down south to explore everything our national parks have to offer, in the latest season, of "park." >> this is where it's going to get cool. are you guys ready? >> i'm so excited! >> [laughter] all right, everybody, welcome to the grand canyon. >> what? oh, my gosh! ainsley: so beautiful fox nation host abbey hornacek joins us with a preview. >> hey, guys. oh, my gosh it was such an amazing experience. the reason i was so embarrassing ly excited there is because we go to the grand canyon, usually, you have to choose if you go to either the north or the south rim because it's probably 10 miles away but if you want to drive it's more around 215 miles so like five hours, but a long time in the car but when we went up in that helicopter, we were able to get this unique perspective where you can see both the north and the south rim. we explained how the canyon
5:54 am
actually developed, and that's what i hope that people watching at home can gather from this season of "park" is that unique experience, it's something that you can't see anywhere else, and hopefully we hit you with some fun facts and that's just one of the five national parks we went to. we also want to guatelupe mountains, great smoky mountains, new river gorge , our 53rd and newest national park and then biscayne, i know a lot of people are moving to florida so if you want ideas to see there, we actually went fishing and i think we have a clip of that as well. >> let it go, let it go! >> i said let him go. >> look at him jumping out there, guys? keep tight, keep tight! >> look at him jumping, guys, look at him go. we'll go chasing him. look at him. wow! look at him go. ainsley: were you the angler? did you catch that? >> i caught it. i'll take some of the credit. alex our captain, he's full-file firefighter in miami, so he set
5:55 am
it all up for me and i reeled it in which it was hard. i didn't realize, it was catch and release, it was a sail fish, it was huge. i tell everyone it was like 15 feet long and i think it was close to like seven but people don't know that watching at home , but again, hopefully we can bring the beauty of these national parks to viewers who are on their couches and inspire them to go out. pete: you might have the best job at fox & friends. brian: you are so jealous. you're not even happy for her you're jealous. pete: happy jealousy. somebody gets to do this. >> well you guys can come along next time. you never ask to come along. i'll do it for free. you guys can get paid how about that? you get paid with the beauty of the national parks. ainsley: it's great to show your kids and educate how beautiful america is. >> these are our national treasures and we're mixing where we went fishing was right outside of sally rocks white house so is a historic structure within the national park so you don't only learn about the history but the ecology,
5:56 am
nature and the ideas of things to do with your family. brian: stream the season, season number five of "park" good job. >> thanks guys. pete: fox nation is giving a free year to military members on the platform go to to sign up now. who has more seasons? brian or abbey? abbey is catching up more "fox & friends" after this. we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about. aaaand welcome back to guess the price. sal. what do you do? oh, i'm a retired postal worker.
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>> it is not a good time to be a police officer in america. >> bill: a strong reaction from police after the killing of an officer in indiana, who was ambushed and broad daylight. now among the nearly two dozen american cops killed in the line of duty. good morning, everybody. i am bill hemmer. >> dana: good morning.


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