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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 8, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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america's police under siege, 30 or indiana police veteran ambushed and killed hours after three officers were attacked in chicago but democrat leaders still busy blaming guns. jillian: south carolina bracing for impact as tropical storm elsa wars across the east coast, the storm packing heavy winds and spawning tornadoes. janice dean tracking live. todd: a close encounter with the third kind, strange sightings on a nasa live stream. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ jillian: live look at jacksonville, florida. they might, it would be welcome to us. todd: happy thursday. it has been discussed that if
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you listen to pentagon briefings they said it is not all going to be fun and games. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. todd: i am todd piro, 30 or veteran of the police force & killed outside in fbi building hours after another officer and two federal agents were shot in chicago. jillian: president biden touched down in the windy city. here is more on the meeting between the president and chicago's mayor. >> reporter: terre haute police say a member of the police department and fbi task force was ambushed and killed in broad daylight wednesday afternoon outside in fbi building, the suspect later shot by another agent and is in custody in the hospital. police have not said what the motive was an are expected to release more details today. >> it is not a good time to be a police officer in america. this is an example of who they are. we are not bad people.
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>> his death, three undercover officers riding in an unmarked car were shot a few hours in chicago. all their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening but it speaks to a broader issue. this year alone 36 chicago officers have been shot or shot at in the windy city shootings are growing problem after a deadly fourth of july weekend, the most violent weekend this year. more than 100 people were shot. at least 18 were killed. chicago mayor lori lightfoot is facing increasing pressure to get the situation under control. she met with president biden on wednesday when he was in illinois in the white house as the two discussed the rising violence, president biden's overall approval rating is at 50%. when it comes to fighting crime a recent abc washington post poll says he only has 38% of americans who think he is doing a good job.
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>> whatever plan they have the plan is not working, chicago is not a war zone, they are failing. >> the white house is president biden expressed his support to mayor lightfoot for the agents shot earlier in the day and the justice department will be working with her and other mayors across the us on a strikeforce to combat rising gun violence. jillian: thank you. >> following mayor lightfoot's request for help, raymond lopez says it comes down to working with police, not against them. >> the detectives in the city of chicago at second and third watches are basically being pulled off their duties and made to stand in uniform to provide presence in downtown and other neighborhoods. they should be out solving crimes and arresting those individuals the superintendent are pointing the finger at every monday. we should not be forcing our officers to work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week with no strategy insight without being able to arrest people. in chicago you can't chase someone, drive after, you barely
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can put handcuffs on them. that is a very emboldening message to criminals. >> one of those shot last week, this individual right there. a college student riding home from his internship on a train. he later died from his injuries. horrific. jillian: tropical storm elsa pelting parts of the southeast as it heads up the east coast, south carolina taking the brunt of it right now. todd: comes after elsa slammed 40 yesterday, one person killed when a tree fell on two cars. the storm also hitting georgia. >> trailers upside down, trailers in the lake. >> look at this, 10 people heard when a possible tornado ripped through a naval base in georgia. >> janice seen tracking the storm for us in joins us with the latest fox weather forecast, where is it now? >> landfill yesterday across the big bend of florida but we are not them with it yet. it is going to affect more
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people in the next two days than it did making landfall across portions of florida. tornado threat will be ongoing especially across areas of the carolinas with the mid-atlantic, tornado watch is in effect, we had a tornado warned storm north of charleston that is expired. there is the forecast radar as the system continues to move northeast across new england. that is friday around this time to the northeast and it could be a stronger storm than it is right now. look at the latest track, 40 mile-per-hour sustained wind as it moves toward the mid-atlantic and friday at 2:00 pm it is going towards boston 50 miles per hour. that is significant and it could bring power lines down, trees down, we could see the threat for heavy rainfall and risk for strong severe storms, your flood advisories all the way towards maine, not done with the storm
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yet and we are dealing with heavily populated neighborhoods on the i-95 corridor. forecast rainfall several inches across the mid-atlantic region, up towards new england, so incredible this storm is going to endure and maintain its tropical status as it gets to new england. >> the water is pretty cold, pretty cold. interesting to see how it maintains that energy. >> janice: mostly inland but it will accelerate in the atlantic and become extratropical and that is when we see it ramp up. jillian: busy tracking it. >> police coming four suspected arresting two others in the assassination of haiti's president. the police chief says officers got into a gunfight with the assailants, 3 officers were held hostage but it has since been freed. he was shot and killed at his home, the first lady was hurt. she was flown to a hospital in
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south florida where she is receiving treatment right now. the political and economic and stability in haiti and a rise in gang violence. >> a judge finds the air force 60% responsible for the 2017 mass shooting, the gunman devon patrick kelly was discharged three years prior to the shooting for charges of domestic violence, the judge says the air force failed to submit his committal history, the simple move could have prevented him from purchasing guns. kelly killed 26 people and wounded 22 others in the sutherland springs shooting. he was later found in his car. >> fans could be banned from the tokyo olympics, just weeks from opening ceremonies japan's prime minister declaring a state of emergency amid rising covid cases in the capital.
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it is set to take effect monday and last through august 20 second. that means the entirety of the games will be held under this declaration. a decision will be announced today. we will bring it to you when we know what it is. >> the tampa bay lightning striking twice when in game 5 of the stanley cup be coming back to back champions. >> some room to the right. score! 1-0 lead. the tampa bay lightning winners. the canadians, winning 1-0. andre becoming the first goalie since 2012 to win the fight, temp the joining more fireworks just days after the fourth of july as they celebrated their second pro championship. todd: they are doing well. jillian: violent strikes in chicago to new york city governor cuomo targets taking guns off the streets but many questioning what about the
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criminals? giano caldwell reacts to the crime surgeon democrat led cities. todd: developing near silicon valley, get your bags packed and started moving. ♪♪ how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jillian: three undercover law enforcement officer shot in broad daylight in chicago. the image coming hours before president biden met with laurie lightfoot, to discuss the city's urging violence. we do that includes a blood independence the weekend when 100 people were shot. giano caldwell here to react. here is the statement from the white house, touches upon key
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buzzwords, things like commitment to working with the mayor and leaders fight against guns. there's going to be a strikeforce announced that will help deal with this. i feel like we are having meetings and strikeforce announcements and all this, how is it not abundantly clear by now that none of this carnage is going to stop unless we keep the bad guys off the streets? it is that simple, why does nobody seem to get that? >> i don't know. defund the police is popular and what is more unfortunate is you've got a cook county prosecutor, not just the mayor, the people of chicago, 25,000 people were let off felony charges dropped including murders and simply put they lost it. the community, let them know who is committing the crimes. this is something we have been talking about year after year. it is almost acceptable if you
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want to be honest, activists requesting to declare a state of emergency in the city of chicago and they don't want to do it because of optics. this isn't a good situation if you are a 20-year-old college student at the university of chicago riding a train when a bullet comes through a window, terrorizes you and you signal to your parents you want to be taken off of oxygen because you don't want to live on a ventilator the rest of your life. how could it not be considered a war zone? jillian: your referencing 20-year-old max lewis who was shot, the bullet pierced his neck when he was commuting from an internship which is devastating. we should never forget his name and face. you are from chicago. i'm curious what your friends and family members are saying. as you said a moment ago it is alarming to hear you say people
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are almost used to this by now. that is sad but dear friends and family who are still there talk about this increase or are they just that used to it? >> folks are talking about it. i have a podcast coming out monday. demetrius griffin junior, a 15-year-old boy was burned to death, burned alive and put in a garbage can because he refused to join a gang, talking about his situation, people are horrified to leave their house or be even be in their homes because you don't know if a bullet will come through your window or not. this is no place for a person to live. you can see the stress in people's faces because they literally do not know what is going to happen. it is a place you want to escape at this particular time, not the same great american city that i love and grew up in and mayor
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laurie lightfoot has shown herself not to be up for the job. interestingly enough biden goes to chicago, the suburbs of chicago, can he be going to the city to see for himself? how disrespectful. donald trump tried to have a rally and meet with people there and they refused to meet with him. how much political can you get with the lives of black and brown people, the white people in your city too being carjacked on a weekly basis in downtown chicago. this is insanity and why would anybody want to live in this is beyond me. todd: look at new york, not just chicago or illinois but new york city and new york state, governor cuomo going after guns instead of criminals with a first in the nation gun violence disaster emergency. pop up on screen what he is going to do.
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around-the-clock, round and round we go, isn't the real emergency of cuomo's own making, bail reform which puts bad guys back on the streets. >> exactly. bail reform was meant for nonviolent folks but violent people are getting out on the street. not only that but defunded new york city police by $1 billion leading to increased shootings of 160% and more and much more. this is going on across the country. indianapolis defunding their police departments, increasing homicides by 60%. this is a very making. the democratic party, those who thought defunding the police was a great idea for george floyd and the running away from it saying republicans were the ones who wanted to defund the police, to get back to the job they were elected to do and leave their post which a lot of them will be fired.
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politicians, that is. jillian: thank you for joining us and i'm interested to hear that story, check that out. good to see you, have a good day. todd: donald trump says he is fighting for free-speech, his lawsuit against three big tech giants after he was kicked off their platforms. jillian: you can download fox but super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000 is all you need to do is predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show, topics range from entertainment to sports and is free to play. ♪♪ you can take your home along for the ride. allstate. better protection costs a whole lot less. i've pricked my finger click or call to bundle today.
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and we're back baby. do more of what you love when you upgrade to xfinity xfi. baby ninjas? i love it. >> we are demanding a end to the shadow banning, a stop to the
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silencing, a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and cancellations that you know so well. our case will prove this censorship is unlawful. >> donald trump taking big tech to court. >> ceos of facebook, and -- cheryl casone has the first amendment fight. >> reporter: this is the big one. donald trump is accusing the facebook, twitter and google ceos of censorship. he says they ceased to be private. >> it will be a pivotal battle in the defense of the first amendment and in the end i'm confident that we will achieve a historic victory for american freedom. >> reporter: these are class-action lawsuits are filed in the southern district of florida seeking to restore his
2:23 am
twitter and facebook accounts but asking punitive damages since they are class action, there are other plaintiffs. alan dershowitz says it is about more than just the former president. >> what is "happening now" is big tech is depriving us, the american citizens of the right to hear and see information because if it is banned from social media we have no access to it. that is why this is such an important case. >> reporter: facebook and twitter declined to comment. mark meckler of parlor will be here to discuss the case further that is coming up in a little bit. jillian: if you love facebook you can live there kind of. >> reporter: commenting on the lawsuit, they are building their own city. the company is behind plans for willow park that will feature 1700 apartments, 320 are going to be affordable housing, 120 units for seniors.
2:24 am
there will be a supermarket, café, hotel, parks, even its own square. there will be new office space, 1.25 million, adjacent to the menlo park campus, the company owns the buildings on that land so this should be smooth sailing but we will see. todd: is it like potterphil harkening back to its a wonderful life, that is what i am thinking about. >> reporter: talk about living at your job literally. todd: it is getting chaotic in the friendly skies. >> reporter: a jungle in the skies. the chaos does continue as the nation's airports are suffering and you have a pilot and tsa worker shortage, flyers took to the skies this holiday weekend but hundreds of flights were canceled and still getting canceled, airline struggling to keep up with demand, southwest, american, united, jetblue, all canceling flights. the numbers are not in 2019 levels as farce travel but
2:25 am
pretty close to pre-pandemic levels. when you furlough tens of thousands of pilots and flight attendants, not going to reappear and remember they have to go through training was a pilot can't just sit around for your and then say i will get back in the cockpit. they have to go through recertification training is to flight attendants, and the backlog to get new pilots hired in particular but also to get the other guys recertified. businesses for 20 years, how do airlines not know this is going to happen. how do they not think about this? jillian: they should have been prepared for this. >> reporter: they should have. i am awestruck by the flights that have been canceled because 't have enough bodies, horrible thing to say, to get in the cockpit and fly the flight, come on, guys. jillian: thank you. she rests her case.
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we think. it is 25 minutes after the hour. rejecting calls to wear a facemask as the delta variant spreads. we to encouraging vaccinated people to wear masks, fear mongering, he joined us next. .
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(upbeat pop music in background throughout) i booked our hotel on kayak.
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it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. todd: search efforts in the florida condo collapse switching from rescue to recovery. jillian: the difficult decisions comes two weeks after the tower fell. charles watson joins us with the latest. >> reporter: after two weeks of searching, first responders are giving up hope of finding anyone alive at the collapse site. it has moved from search and rescue it is focusing on recovery of human remains. >> in the end god is still in charge and while there seems no chance of finding life in the rubble, a miracle is still
2:30 am
possible. >> reporter: before the formal transition from search and rescue to recovery first responders and miami-dade officials holding a moment of silence for the 54 people who are now confirmed dead and 86 others who are still missing, presumed dead under the pile of debris. crews pulling out 18 bodies from the amount of heavy concrete and metal. the highest single day total since they started the search more than two weeks ago. grieving families joined by rescue workers and miami-dade officials holding a vigil outside the nearby memorial wall as they look at pictures of the growing list of victims. miami-dade fire and rescue showing support, hugging distraught family members and hanging up this banner reading miami-dade fire and rescue mormons with people. earlier in the day miami state
2:31 am
attorney katherine fernandez announcing a grand jury will look into the tragedy and offer recommendations to prevent such a disaster from occurring again not just in surfside and condominiums but all buildings and structures in coastal and surrounding areas, and the florida bar is assembling a task first of experts that will review florida's condominium law and based on their findings will make recommendations to lawmakers and governor ron desantis so tragedies like this collapse never happen again. the bar will meet for the first time on friday. todd: don't be surprised if investigations happen in other states as well. people paying a lot of attention, thank you. jillian: more than 4 million people around the globe have died of covid 19. the world marking the harrowing
2:32 am
milestone facing new concerns about the delta variant. some cities like los angeles are even looking to reinstate mask mandates but in a recent op-ed doctor marty met carrie calls the move excessive. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. jillian: the delta variant is dominating in the us, 51.7% of new coronavirus infections, let's take a listen to what doctor fauci has to say to hesitant americans when it comes to vaccines. >> you've got to ask what is the problem? get over it, get over this political statement, just get over it and try to save the lives of your self and your family. jillian: what do you think of what he has to say about people needing to get over it, who should be concerned and should we be wearing masks again? >> i think right now there is this attempt to do whatever it takes to get every single
2:33 am
american vaccinated and i think it is a noble cause, just we don't necessarily need every american vaccinated. people with natural immunity already have immunity and good scientific justification for not getting vaccinated. we are seeing some fear mongering to coax people into vaccinations. i am pro vaccination but i think right now you are seeing a reinterpretation of scientific information to try to make the claim to people. the risk is not evenly distributed in the population. the case is different in a different person. jillian: should we be wearing masks in areas that want to reinstate some of these mandates? >> los angeles asked people fully vaccinated to wear a mask indoors. this was a step backwards. this affects public health credibility. we will need that credibility in
2:34 am
the fall. we will ask people to wear a mask in the fall if they have symptoms. we don't want it to be acceptable for people to show up to work coughing and hacking and slobbering sitting next to somebody. we want people to wear masks in the fall so we want to that credibility now. jillian: there is a study that finds this is helping the epsilon coronavirus very and even they vaccine immunity, specifically the pfizer and moderna vaccines, this variant is out of california. what do you know about this? >> epsilon is the california variance. it has been circulating. every covid infection out there is a variant. it is not as if the infection has mutated and those mutations -- every infection, every covid virus has different mutations, we just give us a cluster of those mutations the name. if you look in the laboratory they don't produce as many of the neutralizing antibodies but we still believe it confers clinical in the unity. be careful of the studies you read that suggest antibody levels are not as high.
2:35 am
jillian: what do you know about the efficacy of vaccines, moderna and pfizer and even johnson & johnson when it comes to the epsilon variant? what you are hearing is the findings say that the vaccine wouldn't be as effective, do we know anything about that? that is a concern for a lot of people. >> we don't. there was another variant in peru, peru very and and researchers say it evaded immunity. turns out they were referring to the chinese vaccine. in the us we see slightly lower antibody levels in the laboratory but there is no clinical evidence yet of immunity. we don't see reinspections after covid 19, out of every infection which are very infections we've not seen reinspections. jillian: at the end of the day people would not be surprised if
2:36 am
we are told we do have to get this booster shot because we've heard about the potential of having to get that to cover some of these other variants. we will stay tuned. good to see you this morning, thank you as always. todd: president biden vowing to deliver a message to vladimir putin amid a wave of cyber attacks. >> at what point does the united states respond and take action? any message? at what point does the united states respond? todd: biden's tough talk was tough to hear after last week's hack the crippled hundreds of companies around the world. the russian cyber criminal group is suspected of being behind it, the white house has a range of options when it comes to a response. a new bill wants to change the way people cook their lobsters. change bring a live thing in the house, don't do that. >> just call the police, dial 911, the lobster squad.
2:37 am
todd: the movie clips today, they stayed up all night watching movies. the uk bill would ban people from boiling lobsters alive. it would require that sea creatures be stunned or chilled before they are dropped into the boiling pot. you're going to freeze them to death before you boil them to death? i have questions. jillian: a bad visual. 37 minutes after the hour. backing britney spears, the pop star's mom defending her daughter. move on over, new york. there is a new pizza favorite. the best pizza in the country. carley shimkus joins us with those stories next. ♪♪ anything? i've got nothing. perfect.
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todd: the nba delivering its business dealings in communist china, commissioner adam silver says the league will retain its relationship with beijing despite his human rights record. jillian: carley shimkus with serious xm 115 has more. carley: adam silver addressed the league's relationship with china and says the nba is helping foster international relations and bringing people together. during a press conference he said it doesn't mean we are blessing everything that happens in china by any means. it is my expectation that we will continue to distribute our games in china and we can play a productive role in helping the people of the united states and china have a better understanding of each other and see that we are all human beings and there is a commonality between us. he did not mention in a statement that the nba makes an estimated $500 million a year in china and that is a conservative estimate.
2:42 am
todd: britney's mom. carley: big developers. britney spears's mom is speaking out on her daughter's behalf and says britney has been well enough to take care of herself for years. during a court petition this week, she said now and for the past many years, conservatively, meaning britney spears, is able to care for her person and is inside the parameters of this conservatorship, literally hundreds of millions of dollars as an international celebrity. high-capacity is different today than it was in 2008 and conserve any show the longer be held to the 2008 standard. the motion ask the court to respect britney's wishes to choose her own attorney. she had a court-appointed lawyer who resigned after britney told the judge she wanted to be allowed to choose the person who represents her.
2:43 am
jillian: when we teased this story this is not what i expected. carley: talking about which city has the best pizza. is it new york, chicago, newhaven, connecticut, apparently it is portland, oregon, that according to two authors of the book that is coming out called modernist pizza. they tried 400 pizzas across the country, portland, oregon is the best but social media users:twitter user responded to this new saying boston reported as a portland native this is completely, this person loves the big apple. >> new york city pizzas overrated.
2:44 am
>> 8 a bunch of people in new york and some disappointed him and other pizza described as terrible. >> the person most suited to answer the question, grew up in new york and live in connecticut, the answer is connecticut. don't write any letters, this is truth. thanks. the pizza on long island, check out brian kelly reporting on that. >> they got the cauliflower batter across which is cutting age that facebook is responsible for. jillian: where do you go? >> when the robots attack back is what we are looking at now. this is the shot, let me tell you what is covered over the next 3 hours, president biden
2:45 am
stopped at chicago o'hare airport and the tarmac conversation with mayor lori lightfoot. as violent crime surges the last thing the white house wants to talk about his crime. they want to blame the guns. we will talk about crime because they won't end. republicans want to defund the police, we don't think that is true. the washington post doesn't think that is true. three pinocchios. speaking of law enforcement the postal service say they've been sidelined and can't do their jobs which is to stop mail theft. more on that story. lara trump will be her live, rachel campos duffy, one person 3 names, a big announcement, vast pro shop the fish don't want to hear, put your fins over your ears. back in a moment. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble. shingles doesn't care. because if you've had chicken pox, you're already carrying the virus that causes shingles. in fact, about 1 in 3 people will develop shingles,
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>> tropical storm elsa rumbling into south carolina bringing heavy rain, damaging winds and possible tornadoes. todd: ashley strohmeyer joins us with more. >> reporter: the store moves inland and weakening but packing a punch. at least two possible tornadoes in port royal, south carolina. heavy rain and high winds leaving damaged homes and downed trees behind. elsa tour through florida first, the storm seemed to spare the state from significant damage, still threatens flooding, downpours and caused several tornado warnings. >> there is a tornado right there. that is a big tornado. look at that tornado. i have never seen debris flying everywhere. >> reporter: massive funnel cloud spotted over jacksonville florida.
2:50 am
at least one person was killed after a tree fell on two cars. the tree falling during heavy rain, no one else was hurt. elsa taking aim at georgia. >> rv park got hit, trailers upside down, trailers in the lake. >> reporter: possible tornadoes split trailers wide open and enable -- a naval submarine base in kings bay, georgia. the terry says 10 people were hurt but none seriously and no damage was done to any military equipment. the storm is slowing down but still resilient. the national hurricane center says also use packing wind speeds of 45 miles per hour. a tropical storm watch is in effect in north carolina and virginia. forecasters say it will move out to the atlantic by friday. todd: democratic squad member rashida tlaib goes beyond defunding the police and wants to defund the entire homeland security department.
2:51 am
>> we must eliminating funding for cpp, ice and dhs. they further continue to terrorize migrant communities. we to carlos jimenez says her comments wally hurt democrats. >> he wants open borders, to open all the jails, to defund the police, she wants chaos in america, that is why hispanics are rejecting the democrat message. todd: she says every agency tasked with protecting our borders should be defunded because they don't, quote, humanely guide migrants through the system. jillian: early for independence day? a self-described earth watchmen spots what appears to be a fleet of ufos near the international space station on july 3rd. >> this is a screen grab from the international space station, unknown object traveling with the space station above planet earth. >> the objects could be seen hovering a circle on nasa's live feed. no word from as on what they
2:52 am
could be but they are coming for you. todd: what do you think they are? jillian: i don't know. todd: now you are being i am not going to answer. jillian: i believe in their being life outside of us. todd: got to send her to roswell. >> anytime we talk about this my feeds online are flooded with people. todd: may be this afternoon. former president donald trump suing facebook, twitter and google after he was kicked off the platform. jillian: mark meckler reacts to the lawsuit next. ♪♪
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♪ >> there is no better evidence that big tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the united states earlier this year. if they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone. >> former president trump filing a class action lawsuit against facebook, twitter and google following their censorship of his social media pages. here to react parler ceo mark. great to have you here. some say this case has no shot some say this case could fundamentally traps form big tech. where do you fall? >> look i would say i fall right in the middle. i agree with him that the existing law says that the first amendment protection do not apply in censorship by private companies, but there has long been a theory budding in
2:57 am
academic communities that companies like this google, facebook, twitter, youtube, these large all encompassing social media companies act as essentially a state actor when they censor people. they essentially have the same power as the government. sometimes influenced or pressured by the government to do these things. theoretically you could apply the state actor theory to them and impose first amendment restrictions. it's a developing area of the law. it's possible this could break new ground. todd: the other side of that, playing the chess match in my head here, could this be backing big tech in a corner to say look, no, we are private. we are 100 percent private we can do whatever we want thereby eliminating section 230 immunity which is something that they have sort of hid behind for so long? >> yeah. i think this is an interesting maneuver. i do think it places them in a difficult situation. section 230 immunity protects them from litigation by private litigants. and so removing section 230 immunity would put them in a world of hurt.
2:58 am
we would be talking thousands upon thousands of lawsuits against these folks. that is a possibility. they will struggle to straddle that line in this case. todd: talking arguments, let's listen to the lead attorney in this caves detailing his argument. take a listen. >> one of the things that's really sad is this is prior restraint. the supreme court hates that donald trump is on the prior restraint every hour of every day now for six months and another two years or whatever it is. todd: let's get into prior restraint pulling out for a second, looking at the first amendment argument which is definitely going to be front and center here. it's a weird first amendment argument. who has the first amendment protection? the person making the speech or the person ie the companies in this case, big tech, controlling what speech they put out on their platform? what's your reaction to all this? >> i think the first amendment protection applies to the individual speakers and originally the first amendment was designed to protect freedom
2:59 am
of speech in the public sphere. if you go back to the founding the public sphere literal lear meant the soapbox standing on the street corner talking about whatever you want handing out pamphlets. where this starts to get murky today the only place to speak publicly is on the cyberspace on the internet. the companies control that world with an iron fist. where is public speech and who now has first amendment protection? this idea of prior restraint normally applies when the government prevents somebody from speaking now we are talking about a private entity and the extension of that doctrine of freedom of speech first amendment private person on private entity would be extension of extension. todd: it is going to put big tech in a tricky spot. what do they admit? what do they argue that could potentially hurt them down the road? we will have you back to discuss once we see the briefings in this case. mark meckler, thank you, sir.
3:00 am
>> thank you. jillian: one final story, an army veteran paralyzed from the waist down. july 4th help of skelton device given to him by the v.a. he was hurt falling from scaffolding while working a construction job. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ jillian: president biden gets a request from help from chicago mayor lori lightfoot. >> crime is the last thing that the biden white house wants to talk about. >> i hope if offer us sending a task force. >> elsa turns deadly in the u.s. spawn ago tornado that hit a naval base. >> a tropical storm watch is in effect for the coast of north carolina and virginia. >> dr. fauci had a message for those who don't want to get the covid vaccine. >> what is the problem? get over to. >> unless they really have a compelling case no one under age


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