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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 8, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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scholarship to high school students who may not otherwise be able to go to college, enormous determination against difficult gods, integrity, perseverance, the characteristics the scholarship rewards. all the proceeds from freedom matters gear go to a new charity every month so keep it up. that is all-time we have to make, greg gutfeld takes it all from here. jillian: thursday july 8th, '30 or police veteran gunned down in indiana, three other law enforcement officers shot in chicago, mayor lightfoot is asking the fans for more help his critics declares to be a war zone. >> a tornado hit a naval base, serious damage and injuries as we track the tropical storm alive all morning long. >> if they can do it to me they can do it to anyone.
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>> donald trump says he is fighting for free-speech, his lawsuit against three big tech giants after he was kicked off their platform. "fox and friends first" right now. >> new york city, not on jillian, basically saying, bungle which is the name of the band. are you biden all of a sudden, are you going to whisper the whole newscast? good morning? you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. >> i'm crying because i'm laughing so hard. a lot of seriousness to get to including said news, a 30 year veteran of the indiana police department is ambushed and
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killed outside in fbi building hours after another officer in two federal agents were shot in chicago. >> president biden touching down yesterday lauren blanchard joins us between the meeting between the president and chicago mayor lord lightfoot. >> the emotion indiana happened in broad daylight wednesday afternoon, a member of the police department and fbi task force was ambushed and killed, the suspect later shot by another fbi agent is in custody and in the hospital. they've not said what the motive wasn't are expected to release more details today. >> it's not a good time to be a police officer in america. this is an example of someone who died for the they are. we are not bad people. >> the same day 3 undercover officers were shot of yours in chicago while riding in an unmarked car. all their injuries are not
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believed to be life-threatening but it speaks to a broader issue, this year alone 36 chicago officers have been shot or shot at. in the windy city shootings are growing problem after deadly fourth of july weekend, the most violent weekend there this year. according to chicago police more than 100 people were shot, 18 were killed. chicago mayor lord lightfoot is facing increasing pressure from city and local lawmakers to get the violence under control, she met with president biden wednesday while he was in illinois, the white house is president biden expressed his support for the agents shot earlier in the day and will be working with mayor lightfoot on a strike force to combat rising gun violence normally there but in other us cities. >> whatever plan they have it is not working, chicago is not a war zone. they are failing. >> president biden's overall approval rating is at 50%, when it comes to fighting crime he only has about 38% of americans who think he's doing a good job.
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>> when it comes to tackling america's crime crisis byron york of the washington examiner says democrats are misguided. >> we just heard mayor lightfoot say she is doing absolutely everything that can be done and it is self-evidently not true but they are focused totally, democrats, mayor lightfoot, the biden administration on the question of guns. if you listen to president biden's crime address a while back it was just democratic same old same old. they've got to get assault weapons out of the hands of criminals but the fact is long guns play a very small part in the violence crisis. it is handguns all over the place. democrats do not seem to be equipped to deal with the problem they are facing right now. >> in new york, cuomo signing executive order declaring the
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first in the nation disaster emergency on gun violence. four minutes after the hour, tropical storm elsa slamming south carolina overlay within the rain, damaging winds and possible tornadoes. >> the storm is blamed for one death in florida and 10 people heard in georgia. ashley strohmeyer joins us with more as the storm moves along the southern coast. >> people in south carolina bracing for what is to come from tropical storm elsa, images just into the newsroom show damage in port royal, south carolina where two possible tornadoes touched down. the storm seemed to spare the state from any significant damage, still threatened flooding, downpours and caused several tornado warnings. >> there is a tornado right there. that is a big tornado. look at that tornado. i have never seen debris flying everywhere. jillian: a massive funnel cloud spotted over jacksonville, florida. authorities say at least one
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person was killed after a tree fell on his two cars, a tree falling during heavy rain and no one else was hurt. also taking aim at georgia. >> trailers upside down, trailers in the lake. >> possible tornado splits trailers wide open at a naval submarine base in georgia. the military says 10 people were hurt, no damage was done to any military equipment. tropical storm elsa remains weak and bus resilience at the national hurricane center says elsa is packing wind speeds of 45 miles per hour. a tropical storm watch is in effect the coast of north carolina, virginia before forecasters say it will move out to the atlantic friday. jillian: fox news alert police killing four suspect and arresting two others in the
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assassination of haiti's president, the police officers got into a gunfight with the assailants, three officers were held hostage but have since been freed. none of the suspect has been identified. they were shot and killed after calm. the first lady was hurt. she was given into a hospital in south florida where she's receiving treatment. the attack comes amid political and economic instability in haiti and the rise in gun violence. todd: a milestone in the coronavirus pandemic which according to johns hopkins university more than 4 million people have died from covid 19 worldwide. the united states has the highest number of deaths with 606,000 followed by brazil and india. the white house estimate 160 million americans will be fully vaccinated by the end of the week. >> donald trump taking big tech to court suing the ceos of facebook, twitter and google
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accusing them of wrongful censorship and violating free-speech. take a listen. >> it would be a pivotal battle in the defense of first amendment and in the end i am confident that we will achieve a historic victory for american freedom. >> the former president has been battling big tech for months after he was banned from twitter and facebook following the january 6th capitol right. the social media giants kept silent. jesse waters says this lawsuit is bigger than the former president and the target several things big tech has gone wrong. listen. >> he is an avenger and doing this normally for himself but on behalf of the american people and it is not just the shadow banning and censorship. there was a conspiracy involving these corporations to suppress the republican october surprise. they had the biden family out there exposed in terms of taking
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big wires from china and moscow. they also suppressed factual information about the lab leak, that was very wrong, they are engaged in attentive anti-competitive practices and antibusiness practices and need to be held accountable. >> the interim ceo of parlor will join us live in the next hour. meantime sylvester stallone celebrates a milestone today. ♪♪ that is not him. >> that is in taking a trip to philly, getting lost on the set. there's a picture, the afternoon for his role in rocky and rambo, can't forget rambo celebrating his 70 fifth birthday with his wife and three of his children, good-looking family, the picture
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on instagram calling his family. >> shared a photo of his cake given to him by his jim that red rock on 75. >> where's frank stallone in all that? frank not get to celebrate with his big bro or little bro or brother? we are going to get on that. producers are on it, 9 minutes after the hour. a suspect throwing lit gas canister at a washington state officer, the moment that led to that vicious assault. >> chicago mayor laura lightfoot asks president biden for help to deal with the city's raging gun violence. raymond lopez lays out what he wants to see next.
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jillian: president biden gets a request for help from chicago mayor lori leavitt is the city streets grow more dangerous by
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today. >>. reporting hundred people shot over the holiday weekend including the college student riding home from his internship on a train. that individual joins us now to react. getting sick and tired of meetings and meetings, what is this meeting going to magically change about the nightly massacre occurring on chicago streets? >> don't know exactly what lori lightfoot thought she could accomplish on her 20 second tarmac meeting with the president but this is clear. lori lightfoot does not have a strategy in place that will keep chicagoans safe. we had her superintendent before city council for 6 hours where he advocated doing more of the same and more of the same made our neighborhoods even more deadly. what i hope is president biden will do what donald trump offered a year ago and send in a
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task force to hold those magnets of violence accountable at the federal level because we clearly cannot count on our state attorney kim fox or the mayor to do the job. >> is what the white house says on that conversation between the president and the mayor, quote, president biden expressed his personal support for the two atf officials in chicago police officer who was shot earlier today. he reiterated his commitment to working with the mayor and leaders in chicago in the fight against gun violence and convey the part of justice will soon be in touch about the strikeforce announced a few weeks ago. that is the statement, these are the numbers, we will bring them up for you on the screen, at least 100 shooting victims over the holiday weekend, 18 murders as we referenced at the top, the 20-year-old max lewis who was commuting home from his internship shot and killed on the train, the numbers don't lie, to targets point seems like there are so many meetings and nothing is being done. what do you think police can do? is there an old-school policing that perhaps they need to go back to?
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>> great point, right now, the detectives in the city of chicago's second and third watches are being poured out their duties and stand in uniform to provide presence in downtown and other neighborhoods. they should be solving crimes and arresting individuals the every monday. we should not be forcing our offices to work 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week with no strategy and site, without being able to arrest people. in chicago you cannot chase someone or drive after a criminal, you barely can put handcuffs on them. that sends an bolding message to criminals. what worries me is the mayor meets with president biden, it will be used as a bailout to save the city of chicago while not increasing safety on our streets. >> i want to follow up on the same jillian read from the white house from jen psaki. we reported that jen psaki said the reason for this violence is the fact that it is summer.
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that is a horrible argument, wrong argument but let's assume for a moment that it is correct somehow. we knew summer was coming, it's been on the calendar since mayan times, why wasn't the strikeforce in place by summer? >> that is a great question and right now many democratic leaders particularly lori life and kim fox are trying to run out the clock which we've known summer was coming, they had a strategy, discussions in place since january of this year but as soon as summer arrives and memorial day happened they dropped the ball and have been dropping the ball every weekend as we see violence ratchet up weekend over weekend after weekend. there is no light at the end of the tunnel as long as these individuals are in charge. >> these are numbers to some people but these are lives in reality, these are people that are dead, not coming back and that gets lost thank you for your time. jillian: congresswoman rashida tlaib wants to stop funding homeland security.
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>> we must illuminate funding for ice and parent organization dhs. they continue to terrorize migrant communities. >> carlos jimenez says progressive policies put national security at risk. he joined us coming up. >> first lady jill biden buddy and up with the head of one of america's largest teachers unions. after the teachers union vowed to defend educators who teach critical race theory. we talked to one mother who has spoken out against the controversial curriculum next. ♪♪ i really love you ♪♪
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>> first lady jill biden and head of the american federation of teachers doing some bonding at a teachers conference just days after randi weingarten spoke in defense of critical race theory. >> cultural warriors are labeling any discussion of race to try to make it toxic. they are bullying teachers. our unions will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history. >> here to react, that statement sounds like she is gearing up for a battle but don't the teachers work for us paid for by our taxpayer dollars? >> the public school system, that is absolutely right and
1:23 am
miss one garden is not into semantics very much because they may not be teaching critical race theory but certainly practicing it and that is a dangerous position for us as americans to put all our students and regardless of their race or ethnicity. >> what is the reaction to crt when you discuss it with your fellow moms >> as someone who practices another way to talk about diversity and inclusion that still honors and recognizes everybody individually it is terribly offensive to put people in positions of offense or defense. we should be teaching our children to see one another for who they are, respect one another and respect everyone's individual value and worth at not place people's worth solely on their appearance whether it is their size, it is dangerous to create a space where people are made to feel shame for guilty or embarrassed wherever you live, whatever your ethnicity is. it is not helpful or
1:24 am
progressive. it is harmful, it is hurting our children. this is the exact antithesis of what martin luther king told us, judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin and unfortunately that is not what is "happening now". >> along those lines weingarten doesn't like culture warriors but don't you need to be a warrior when your culture is at stake? >> any time you are at war you are fighting and this should not be about fight, it should be about people coming together peacefully with love in their hearts, the idea that we can be accepting, respectful and anytime your anti-anything you are fighting against something was we need to change the way we think in this country, we need a perspective shift, understands the way we've been going about diversity the past several decades hasn't been working. if it had we would be much further along and i'm doing everything as a mother, as a
1:25 am
leader, as a speaker, to bring people together and get them to understand what is "happening now" isn't working, we need to go another route and we can. it is a possibility, people need to know it exists. >> don't have time to play the soundbite from jill biden but she things randi weingarten for her leadership during the pandemic on reopening of schools. was that your take? were you happy with how the teachers union handled the pandemic when it came to reopening? 30 seconds. >> teachers are doing the best they can under the circumstances. it is jill biden's job to thank people. she's in a position to do it. it is unfortunate there being left with the options that they are. >> you bring an interesting perspective, thank you for sharing it with us.
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jillian: elsa turns deadly as the storm pushes up the east coast. janice dean tracking its latest path next. mexico lobbying to end covid restrictions at the border but can agents handle even more people as they battle the migrant crisis. brandon judd says ending the restrictions now would be another unforced error by the biden administration. he explains next. you mastered the master bath. you created your own style. and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation you take it on, by talking to your eyecare professional about restasis®... which may help you make more of your own tears with continued use twice a day, every day. restasis® helps increase your eye's natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye. restasis® did not increase tear production in patients using anti-inflammatory eye drops or tear duct plugs. to help avoid eye injury and contamination, do not touch bottle tip
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jillian: tropical storm elsa shaking up the southern coast several possible tornadoes reported across florida, georgia and south carolina. at least one person died and 10 others are hurt as the storm takes aim at the east coast. >> it wasn't as bad as it could have been but anytime you have a storm like that bad stuff can happen. >> janice: this is a tornado producer that will affect millions on the i-95 corridor,
1:30 am
we are not done yet and doesn't take a hurricane to cause a lot of damage. this is still a formidable storm, 44 my mold per hour sustained winds, tornado watch is in effect for parts of south carolina into north carolina and we have tornado warnings storms right now, tropical storm warnings in effect from the southeast all the way up towards the mid-atlantic and the northeast so we will feel the effects of the storm on the i-95 corridor tomorrow so let's take a look at the latest track still a tropical storm for the next two days or so and then finally moving out to atlantic canada but we will feel the storm in new york city tomorrow. tornado threat will continue through the rest of the day in part of the california toward the mid-atlantic to the northeast and there's the tornado threat and north of charleston is where we have a tornado warned storm, sometimes with these tropical systems we
1:31 am
see on the weaker side of tornado spectrum but still could cause some structural damage and the flood advisories, heavy rainfall with this not only today but tomorrow. we could see some extensive damage across heavily populated neighborhoods because of the storm system. not done. >> turnaround, don't drown. >> janice: more people get killed by flooding with the storm systems than anything else. >> police apprehending more members of a notorious drug cartel attempting to sneak across the southern border. the arrests come as mexico lobbies the us to lift the nonessential travel ban put in place because of the pandemic but can outstretched border officials handle the strain. president of the national border patrol council brandon judd joins me to discuss, thanks for being here. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> here's what mexico said they lobbied senators to reevaluate
1:32 am
these board rules, quote, we from the working group and hope the senators will support mexico's desire because the impact has been very big and there is no reason now. it doesn't have to be the entire border, it can be according to region. when you argue there is no reason now, tell me the importance of title 42 and what it is doing along the southern border. >> we have to understand the biden administration may know they are the cause of the current border crisis, they won't publicly admit it but they know their actions have caused the unprecedented surge we are seeing now. of the end title 42 they also recognize that will encourage more people to cross the borders illegally and restrain our resources even further, resources we don't have right now to properly protect the border, they want to open up ports of entry to nonessential travel but if they were to do that they're going to invite more illegal immigration to take place.
1:33 am
>> for those watching who don't know exactly title 42 means the only people allowed to enter are those designated as essential travel and if you look at these numbers the southwest border encounters from may 180,000 180,034 migrants encountered, of them one hundredth 12,302 were migrants expelled under title 42. you are along the border, you have the experience those watching at home don't have. do you think this is something our border patrol agents would be able to handle? not saying they can't handle it because they are not capable of doing their job but in terms of the numbers in themselves. >> we want to do the best job we can. we can patrol the border but we have to have policies that are going to allow us to properly go
1:34 am
after the criminal cartels, the organizations that are bringing so many people into the united states and we don't have the resources right now. when you start a shift with 40% of your personnel already in processing and by the end of the shift you've got 50% of your personnel in processing we just don't have enough people on the border to go after the couple cartels and to cut into the human trafficking that is taking place. we cannot do what we need to do if the administration is not going to tackle this problem head on. >> house the morale of our agents working day in and day out as we talk about these shifts? >> i've never seen it worse. we know that we don't have the support of an administration that we needed because of that agents wonder why they get up in the morning and put on the uniform. >> he did it because they work so hard for us. thank you as always for joining us this morning. we appreciate everything you are doing, thank you. todd: the florida condo collapse
1:35 am
goes rescue to recovery. the decision comes two weeks after the tower fell. >> with profound sadness, this afternoon i am able to share that we made the extremely difficult decision to transition from operation search and rescue to recovery. todd: 54 people confirmed dead, 86 remain missing, first responders held a moment of silence. the state attorney's office announced grand jury will investigate the collapse and recommendations on how to prevent it from happening again in the future. a shooting suspect surrendering to police, the alleged gunman only 16 years old. he opened fire over an argument with the break dancer that started the night before but a bullet ricochet grazing a marine in the back. he is expected to fully recover, the team was charged with attempted murder, assault and more.
1:36 am
jillian: a man through the late can of gasoline at a washington state police officer. watch this. >> both hands. there you go. >> my goodness, the officer was attempting to pull over a stolen car, body camera video shows him running away as the fire rose in the middle of the street, the man who had a run-in with police just last year was taken into custody. >> would you like to be president joe biden's neighbor? ♪♪ i've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you ♪♪ so please ♪♪ please won't you be my neighbor ♪♪ >> just to clarify that is not president biden. that is fred rogers otherwise known as mister rogers, lives in a neighborhood. not this one. this one you can buy for
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$2 million, property next to the president's wilmington, delaware home on the market. dimension bigger than the president's, 5 bedrooms, 5 and a half baths. security checkpoints prevent unauthorized guests from entering the area. anybody but the people who live there. all those friends coming over to drink wine would not be allowed in. jillian: i also don't have $2 million for that house but wishful thinking. todd: 37 after the hour, supporting britney spears, the pop star's mom speaking out defending her daughter plus. >> i love you. i'm not embarrassed. i love you. why don't we say that every day? why can't we set more often? i love you. i want to go to the rooftops and scream. >> friendship, what some men had to say when asked if they have
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any close friends. that is next. >> download the super 6 apps, play for a chance to win 10,$000, all you need to do is predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to play. are you okay? both super 6 apps, jillian is going to giggle for the next hour and 20 minutes.
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>> britney spears's mother speaking out about her conservatorship, lynn spears telling the court britney is able to take care of herself. todd: carley shimkus is here with more. carley: a big development. let's dive right into that court petition, lynn spears filed this week saying now and for the past
1:42 am
many years, conservative meaning britney spears is able to care for her person and in fact has inside the perimeters of this conservatorship and literally hundreds of millions of dollars as an international celebrity. her capacity is certainly different today than it was in 2008 and conservatorship no longer be held to the standard whereby she was not -- he was found to not have the capacity to retain counsel. the motion asked the court to respect her wishes to choose her own attorney. she had a court-appointed lawyer but resigned after britney spears told the judge that she wants the ability to choose the person who referees are. this is an ongoing case but the news from yesterday is all good
1:43 am
considering mama is now on the free britney bandwagon as well. jillian: this is interesting because the white house is trying to say republicans are trying to defund police and the washington post has something to say about that. >> the washington post gave that claim three pinocchios, the white house said republicans are the ones who want to defund the police because they did not support the coronavirus relief bill that could have been allocated locally to police department, the washington post fact checker gave that claim three pinocchios saying going strictly by the bill's text lawmakers had no guarantee that police would get a slice of the pie, voting against a 1-time infusion of cash is not the same as voting to cut funding so there's little basis to claim that republicans are trying to defund the police so the washington post fact checkers confirming what we all already knew. >> get your beer, get your
1:44 am
wings, set your dvr to lifetime for the mason movie. >> lifetime just released a trailer for the movie called harry and megan escaping the palace, the drama, the intrigue, watch. >> i am a person who is strong and get things right. i can't lose you. >> i can't lose you. >> there you go. wi-fi promoting the film as you saw, calling it the movie event of the year. the network has not announced the release date yet but we do have a trailer for the upcoming movie, we know what the characters are going to look like playing harry and megan all respect. >> is it supposed to be funny? >> it is not supposed to be funny. it is supposed to be a drama.
1:45 am
>> maybe we will watch it together. >> that could be fun for you guys. >> very good idea. >> a new study shows fewer men have relationships like this. >> >> the three best friend anybody could have, the 3 best friends anyone could have. >> researchers at the survey set on american life say nearly one in 5 american men admit to not having a single friend, that number jumped 5 times since 1995 from 3% to 15%. i have a number of close friends. i'm not really popular, i just made a concerted effort to keep up relations with the guys from high school and i have some guys from college and some guys from law school and guys here. do you have many male friends? >> yes.
1:46 am
carly is one of mine -- >> carly is not a man. still ahead, the squad at it again. congressman to show rashida tlaib calling to defund immigration agency she says terrorizes communities. >> liberals claiming there's an identity crisis among hispanic voters after a rise in support for donald trump. carlos jimenez reacts to both top stories next. ♪♪ because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪
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♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪
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jillian: the drawdown in afghanistan will be the top of president biden's agenda as taliban fighters target key
1:50 am
cities. >> president biden will discuss the true patrol from afghanistan. he will be joined by vice president kamala harris in the situation room where the two will be briefed by their national security team, the president is expected to address the american people about the drawdown which is 90% complete. the taliban is showing significant gains across the country intense fighting reporting wednesday in northwest afghanistan as the administration is getting serious questions whether they are concerned about the capital of kabul being captured. john kirby address the situation saying this. >> we are all concerned about the security situation on the ground. a military solution will not be in the best interests of the afghan people or the region. we still believe in the security
1:51 am
situation that argues for peaceful negotiated solution. >> the developed out of afghanistan, as us troops in iraq remain under heavy pressure from iranian backed militias there. there was another rocket attack in baghdad's green zone and yesterday two us troops were injured in western iraq during a separate incident. all these things taking place in the middle east putting pressure on the biden administration. we saw a back and forth at the state department between ned praise, the spokesperson and an ap reporter, the administration being pressed on the issue of afghanistan and what they inherited from the trump administration. the biden administration arguing it is a difficult position having to inherit peace deals, specifically one with the taliban and the ap reporter asking whether or not they have free will over their decisions. jillian: squad member rashida
1:52 am
tlaib voting to defund every agency tasked with protecting our borders. >> we must illuminate funding for ice and their parent organization dhs, these agencies are inept, humanely guiding migrants through the immigration system. instead they further continue to terrorize migrant communities. >> congressman carlos jimenez, great to see you. the ramification of what she's asking for. if we did what she is asking for or in the alternative, open borders chaos exactly what she wants? >> open borders chaos is exactly what she wants. she can't be that dumb to think that if you take funding from those agencies that protect our borders that somehow you are not going to have chaos at the border so i think that is exactly what she wants. she wants to open all the jails, defund the police, basically she wants chaos in america and that is why hispanics and growing number are rejecting the
1:53 am
democrat message. we, a lot of us came from countries escaping this kind of chaos and this is what democrats are trying to sell us. >> she says these agencies are terrorizing migrant communities. in your estimation what doesn't see understand? >> he needs to go down there and see what these agencies are actually doing, they are dealing with a very difficult situation in a very humane way, doing the best job they can, they are just being overwhelmed, she doesn't understand. it is not that she doesn't understand, she just doesn't care, it is her ideology and that's the problem, the ideology comes first, reality comes second with her and members of the squad. >> you mentioned a shift in latino voting patterns. msnbc contributor on that very topic is not happy about it. >> what we see on those numbers is there is a cultural identity crisis we are undergoing that is
1:54 am
completely splitting and dividing latinos. >> is into statement like that selling latinos short? >> it is insulting to latinos and hispanics all around the nation that somehow we are some monolithic block that will blindly follow the democrat and democratic mantra. like i said the democrats are for open borders, open jails, defunding the police, moving this country toward socialism which is exactly what we left. i have no crisis of identity. i know exactly who i am. the fact that democrats somehow think they can count on hispanic vote simply because we are hispanic is insulting to hispanics and more and more hispanics are turning away from that message, rejecting that message.
1:55 am
in my district donald trump lost my district by 16 points in 2016, won by 5 points in 2020, that is a 21 point swing. why? because hispanics in my district reject the notion that somehow we want to move toward socialism, communism, that we want chaos, the we don't want to fund the police. all that stuff doesn't sell with us because we've seen it before, censorship, all of that, we've seen it before and we are rejecting it in greater and greater numbers and i'm happy that we are. >> we pull up this poll here of the swing you talk about, 10 point difference here in hispanic voters for trump in 2016 and 2020, what does this mean for 2022 about 10 seconds. >> i think it is good news for the republican party, more and more hispanics are rejecting what the democrat party is trying to sell, what you saw, the reporter's heads exploding is well laid plans are blowing up in front of their face. >> thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate your time. a big show still ahead.
1:56 am
>> giano caldwell and mark meckler on the big trump lawsuit will join us live in the next hour of "fox and friends first" on the 5 am hour. ♪♪ sail away with me ♪♪
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i hated sticking my fingers, then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my phone, and there's my glucose number. wow. my a1c has dropped over 2 points to 7.2. that's a huge victory. >> thursday july 8th.
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america's police under siege, 30 or indiana police veteran ambushed and killed hours after three officers were attacked in chicago but democrat leaders still busy blaming guns. jillian: south carolina bracing for impact as tropical storm elsa wars across the east coast, the storm packing heavy winds and spawning tornadoes. janice dean tracking live. todd: a close encounter with the third kind, strange sightings on a nasa live stream. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ jillian: live look at jacksonville, florida. they might, it would be welcome to us. todd: happy thursday. it has been discussed that if


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