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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  July 7, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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integrity, perseverance, some of the characteristics that need scholarship awards. all of the proceeds from freedom matters gear goes to a new charity every month. keep it up. that's all the time have tonight, greg gutfeld takes it all from here. >> here's my vision, it just came to me. picture the border, we build a wall, we've built a tall, big -- a beautiful wall. we have the wall go for miles. >> greg: it's a shame he didn't build a wall around the nursing home, you freak. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: happy, happy wednesday, favorite day of the week. >> i'm not biting. they went to the monologue, capitol hill made them ill. it according to vice news, which apparently still exists, the medias struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the january 6 breach of the capital. in fact, some reporters won't even return to the building, others are in therapy. if one longtime reporter, meaning he's old, had to retire soon after the attack, and others can't sleep. maybe they've seen their ratings. he feels unsafe in his house. which is weird, because he lives in d.c. where people feel unsafe when they leave their house. apparently seeing a clown in the viking hat knocking over a
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bottle of why don't is tantamount to being mauled by isis in your kitchen. there more than distraught the kardashians during a silken shortage. at the god we haven't had a war on our soil yet, how would they be able to cover it? there would be a run on scented candles and dream journals. when you hear about january 6, you are convinced it's worse than 9/11, perhaps it is, but to them. >> to me, there was less loss of life on january 6th, january 6th was worse than 9/11 because it's continued to rip our country apart and give permission for people to pursue autocratic means. i think we are in a much worse place than we've been in. i think we are the most perilous point in time since 1861 and the advent of the civil war. >> greg: he is just bad to [bleep] crazy.
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to him, it was worse than 9/11, tell it to the families of the 9/11 first responders you [bleep]. a sorry, our media. they never been good at priorities, a group of largely unarmed housewives and dads walk into the capital, somehow that's worse than three planes flying into buildings killing thousands. i condemn what happened on january 6th, i said when barbarians are at the gate, the republicans have to be the gate, not the barbarians. that day they went. at the medias beating the story to death like it's a teenager caught shoplifting because it's a nice distract her from the horrible leap they've caused over the last decade. the crime, violence, the poisoned education system. a january 6 is their shield from blame. i wonder what the angry white male thanks. thinks. ♪ ♪ >> hey guys, one more time?
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sure, why not. this is me, this is my brain. this is the media. this is me watching stories that the media does about themselves. any questions? come on, you've got questions, don't you? i got questions. >> greg: he never takes questions. i wonder what the angry black male thinks. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> go to sleep. ♪ ♪ >> greg: the best advice, the best advice if you can't sleep.
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i'm wondering, did any of these reporters experience any psychological trauma during the riots of last year? other than having to read or watch their own work. it you know who did suffer truly? the victims of the riots, the people who owned stores and homes that burned to the ground. it the media seems detached from all of that. who can forget this delightful moment? speak i want to be clear and how i characterize this, this is a protest, and is not generally speaking unruly. at the fires have been started, and the crowd is relishing that. >> greg: it's just too easy. at the crowds weren't the only ones relishing it to. meanwhile, the crime sprees that followed were denied by don lemon and joy agreed to because they or their imaginary friends didn't experience it firsthand. what a great journalism gig, report on what personally happens to you, then you never have to do anything. why the hysteria over january 6
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and opposed to the ongoing violence in portland, atlanta, l.a., new york, seattle? the crime spikes couldn't be used politically because of the racial component, but the january 6 mob was wider than the dave matthews band making snow angels. and that is white. they try to tie it to a phantom white a cu movement. let's look at the sky from january 6. does this guy look like an emblem of white white supremacy. look at his face, that's the opposite of supremacy. he's been in jail for six months, that's way less than the looters and arsonists who made a billions of dollars in damages. and no actors or politicians bothered to bail him out, he didn't even set fire to anything. his worst crime was scaring nancy pelosi, but then her eyebrows always look like that. clearly, the guy is unwell, as
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sick as matthew dowd, but no one cares, he's no political hero. he won't be on msnbc spewing nonsense about 9/11. not only do they not care about the suspects, the media creates a narrative that it's a deadly insurrection caused by the big lie, but the big lie was actually there for years pushing of the russian collusion delusion. when an unarmed protester gets killed, that's par for the course. imagine if it was a blm protester and not a trumpet. holy. it's not surprising how the media places, squeezing as much juice out of one event while ignoring a crime wave. the rise in crime implicate the media and the dems, they can't talk about it, they deny it. to some even laugh it off. >> democratic cities are in chaos right now. is this what you want from joe biden? they're going to take your country away, they are taking down the stretch use. crime is rising, it's so bad.
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they're defunding police. it's like -- >> greg: the only time this idiot was right about something, and he was being sarcastic. by the way, i wonder if they get a royalty every time i play that segment. at this rate, don could probably buy his calf implants. at the media are the most egocentric fools on the planet. only they can say they are traumatized by one day in january where an unarmed protester died as they ignore crime around them every day. if they didn't see it, then it didn't happen. especially if that happened to you. ♪ ♪ let's welcome tonight's guest! he's crushed more roles than a hot dog eating contest, actor daniel roebuck bed he started three new companies in the time it took me to read this, author of the great new books
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"woke inc.," vivek ramaswamy. she has a heart of gold, which she shoplifted for macy's, fox news contributor kat timpf. and all-you-can-eat buffet as tires insurance. on fox nation, tyrus. welcome to the show, haven't seen you in a while. >> nice to see you, thank you so much. just be when he's the allentown. there are about 100 people going, yes. do you think this compares to make sense? 9/11 to january 6? >> i think it's a bit of an insult to many people who perished. look, i asked him what he has ptsd, let's talk about that. when we start setting, i have
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ptsd because there was a goose that walked in front of my car, i think that there are people who really suffer from this, people who suffer from rate and all these terrible things, and they have it, but is this real? >> if you get ptsd from a goose, you can make the goose your therapy animal. that solves two problems. it's a good point. i've always been okay with these, i don't know why i picked them. >> geese are horrible. just be when they are terrible creatures. swans are worse. >> they look pretty, but -- >> greg: they use their necks to strangle other birds. >> is that true? >> greg: i made it up, but i learned if i say things with force people will believe me. >> worked on me. >> and are filthy rich, dirty rich.
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i'm excited about your book, your book is going to be -- it's all about how social justice has infiltrated corporations on their using it as a shield for nefarious behavior. >> you're right. at my parents had an arranged marriage, people put them together, knew them, met each other within a week they were married. that was one that worked. the book is about an arranged marriage gone awry. it's like mutual where you have the woke left and big business, neither of whom loves one another, they look down on one another, but they got married anyway because each was able to do what the other couldn't alone. the one that's not an arranged marriage. we jump into that thing. >> get myself in trouble tonight. >> greg: what do you make of how at the media look at these two instances of rampant crime
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in one day and a mob? >> this is classic media hypocrisy. if there was one point in there that i want to take a valid point, i don't think it's what they meant, but the reaction actually frightens me more than the reaction after 9/11, after 9/11, and i speak as a mom was civil libertarian instex come i didn't like with the military-industrial complex creating a surveillance state that has haunted us for 20 years. that's the military-industrial complex. that's not as bad as the book industrial complex, which involves private companies, no constitutionally unconstrained, as that is the military-industrial complex ones, at least it was constrained by this thing called the constitution. now, these guys in government are able to give their dirty work to the private sector and say, they are working as private companies, that's more dangerous. >> greg: exactly. they are private industry so they can do whatever they want.
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how are you doing? >> i am phenomenal, greg. i'm hood rich, it's all working out. he's a friend of yours that free whiskey. because the amount of times that man has got you drunk. >> brought you boots, your mother loves you and this is how you treat them? you, greg gutfeld. speaking of, can we just call this what this is? how many reporters were held hostage in january 6? none. if mike pence is okay, isn't he? they were literally calling saying they were going to come get him. the news was for pens, and he's doing stand-up now, he's doing fine. >> greg: you got chuckles out of westhaven. >> the point is, january 6 was
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bad, here's the awesome thing, the fbi caught the bad guys, they're going to jail, now they're going to catch more. that's kind of solved. we don't need a panel that, every time the senate -- we are going to get a committee together, why? you had a committee with russia and you came back with -- could be, could not. >> i had a committee for kennedy because they had one guy's home movie that lasted 14 seconds. we need more information about this. >> we have too much. >> they're like, run those four, we have 4 million cameras come around that. >> they are still hoping for that tight bomb, that somehow will implicate president trump. he literally tried everything, the fbi didn't question him because it wasn't about him. they knew who did it, who planned it, and they've arrested them. if they want what happened to the pipe bombs? that's a good question. >> they got them ahead of time
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and found them or whatever. the point is, that mystery is solved, we didn't have to look for who did it, we have it on film who did it. they dressed up in ridiculous outfits, they were pretty easy to spot the following day. >> greg: they were the opposite of antifa. they spend all their time trying to hide their faces while they hurt people, these guys were showing up for who they were because they thought they were trying to -- they were trying to change the constitution, thought they were trying to say that, they were wrong. >> obviously, we've all condemned it so many times, but in these interviews there's been no accountability. i haven't heard anyone who is really failed condemn it that i know, and also as you mentioned, 400 people and from 40 different states have been arrested already, so i think that going to jail is accountability. i think it is. in general, i just think it's
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bad to compare anything to 9/11. it's just bad form. i'm not going to say that, -- >> greg: that's true. analogies are a problem because they are never one to one. there's got to be space in between that thing into other thing. we got to move on because we got so much more. why is america's air force for america's course? it's a good rhyme. course? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> woke up like this? whatever, greg? >> greg: i've got to get rid of that guy. the courses they provided to create and military divided? in air force academy professor pushing for the military to
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teach critical race theory. it is vital that cadets understand the history of the racism that is shaped both foreign and domestic policy. the reality of the constitution as it upholds the rule of law, but also allowed slavery and has been used to perpetuate legal discrimination, yet nowhere in the article does she mention the 13th amendment, the one that outlawed slavery, or the one repealing prohibition, cat's favorite. meanwhile, defense contractor has launched its own antiracism program that promotes critical race theory. according to internal documents obtained by chris truffaut, the programs ask employees to do stuff like, identify their privilege, step aside to allow disadvantaged voices to be heard, no one actually quits her job, and to colonize their bookshelves, which has employees asking -- this is a bomb company, right?
8:22 pm
there's even a chart entitled, went out to say to your black colleagues right now i'm instructing white employees to never tell colleagues they pray things change soon or hope social tensions calm down. i guess it's okay to pray that tensions increased? even empathy is racist? hopefully all of this human empowerment gets a raytheon focused on their core business, making machines that kill people. that's what they are good for! this is the point. if we are not all of the pronoun's right, if we get all the pronouns right -- maybe they won't notice that we are selling arms to saudi arabia. >> he woke smoke is coming out of your gum. gun. if you're working at one of these companies, what happens to you if you defects from these ideologies? you may not get a bonus, i think
8:23 pm
a lot of this is downright illegal because it's basically a religion. it's the religion, like any secular religion, but if you don't bend the knee, he could risk being fired, i don't think we should force people to make a decision between expressing their true beliefs and putting food on the dinner table. want to talk about diversity? let's have true diversity of thought. let's not create this exclusionary culture where certain points of view aren't welcome. in the name of antiracism, we are actually perpetuating real racism, and with the muscle of corporate power behind, that's when he became unstoppable. i'm fine, it doesn't really matter, but when the stuff became unstoppable as when we mixed it with the pursuit of profit. >> greg: we are trying to figure out, where is the head on this snake? people are making money. >> there's multiple -- multiple heads.
8:24 pm
the whole idea of it to me is just a head-scratcher. just backwards to teaching the cadets. the whole point is a movie star force academy cadets. these are the smartest people in the world who wanted to join the air force. there are going to be rules. they should be well, they should have a well-rounded education. mentoring to that same teacher, she teaches some of course, george washington was a racist, but she teaches on marxism. i'd be very curious to know if karl marx was a racist, never comes up. no one's ever mentioned it. karl marx, if i'm right, he was russian, then he was like, i have no affiliation to any country. he hated prescience, i guess. he was a man without flag or whatever.
8:25 pm
i'm glad she is so concerned about america, but what about marxism? the one he's a dead white male, he's the worst kind. >> because you have -- they are creating a hatred against -- you know, the oppressor, right? which i've noticed in the article now, a white christian man is in the presser. which i guess as i get out of jail free card. i believe in god, those guys. it's ridiculous. >> greg: it's george washington is racist, and if u.s. foreign policy is racist, and if math is racist, which many in the woke education movement are saying, it may not be the worst thing in the world anymore to be called a racist. we can't import the connotations of pernicious racism of the past. if you defect, you will be tarred with a scarlet letter are, we can't play that game, if
8:26 pm
it means nothing, we don't have to end conversations because someone played the racist card. it being racist includes practicing the pernicious practice of math >> greg: should i have a list of things i can't say to you? >> yeah. i think the buffet joke was one of them. he makes her write it, he's mean to her, who knows. the idea that if i drop my child off at school, and the teacher kneeled down to the other students and says come he can't tell little tigress dominic tyrus t short and he's not good at catching the ball, you can't tell him anything he does wrong because he can't handle it becat teachers leap in the parking lot. imagine coming to work and i see a list -- what's on that paper?
8:27 pm
things i can't say to you that might trigger your savage responses. >> this is one of them. >> you asked about my day? who knows what you're going to say. drug dealing was a little off. by the time i didn't raise my kids, i was about 15 minutes late. it's going to grab some watermelon and orange drink and be back, deuces. the most racist [bleep] you could say was, please don't say this to this group of people because they can't handle it. we have to take care of them, they are like children, he got to raise them. i'm good with him calling me and bomb as he drives away in the truck then having to deal with that. it's pathetic. >> greg: what do you make of this? it doesn't seem to be going away. >> it's tied to profit now, which also prevents anyone from having any real axle
8:28 pm
conversations about issues like race, because everyone's going to say, okay. i've got to be really sensitive, i'm going to get paid to build this bomb. i'm going to say what they want me to say, it makes no sense. i hate the gaslighting that goes on from some of the people. it what's wrong with teaching kids about racist things that have happened in this country? that's not the part people have a problem with. i have a problem with you saying i was born a very racist baby. it gets a little ridiculous and absurd. i think it's harmful because it prevents real conversations, and also it's really stupid. a lot of people say they are -- they really say stuff like that. objectivity is white supremacy, stuff like that, this is stuff you need. >> you know who's loving this? the communist party of china. or there's a word for woke white people in the united states, and they use it.
8:29 pm
we talk about hydra, this isn't just a three-headed hydro with big government, big business, and the woke left. it is the biggest most powerful had it of all, the ccp. they understand the game so deeply and use it to exploit us. they tell companies, go criticize the united states, talk about injustice over there, don't just take a peek over here and what were sterilizing. that's great, do it in the united states, criticizing slavery today, off limits. that works in their favor, because other countries think they are the equivalents. >> greg: this is a meeting wednesday. a lot of had spared a lot of heads all over the place. it's gushing to the soul, that smoking pot ruined her goal. ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪
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because she lost her place on the relay race. it left off the 100-meter relay team, meaning she will not be going to the tokyo olympics at all. many hope she would be selected for the relay which takes place after the month-long band has ended, but like someone who watches synchronized swimming, they were disappointed. at the u.s. olympic committee put out this statement, and it's long. while the fully agree that the anti-doping agency rules related to thc should be reevaluated, it would be detrimental if they amended its policies following competition only weeks before the olympic games. where is the white on this customer good question person who didn't ask me a question. >> we have to respect the role of the anti-doping agency and the decisions they make. they are sad, and we look forward to seeing her running for years to come.
8:35 pm
it's been one way to make a stand. i've seen pasta noodles with sturdier vertebrae. if all of our politicians are wimps, mr. richardson will have to wait until 2024, which might make it even more dramatic. like what what my dad said, absence makes the heart cofounder, which is why he's probably stealing all those hearts from hitchhikers. >> you're not supposed to drink the bound water, you are doing it wrong, maybe. look, the rule is the rule, and i get it, but it's a dumb rule. when jen psaki says, we have to respect the rule, why? just because it's a role? inspecting a role just because it's rule makes you a sheep, and i won't do it. >> greg: this is a great opportunity for republicans and democrats to back the same thing, and nobody did. >> and they shouldn't. absently not. i can tell you how many friends
8:36 pm
of oscars because they couldn't stay off it, rules are rules. especially in athletics, he can't smoke, it sucks, but it's the rule. and be a curse, jr reid writers crew would be. world's greatest athlete, you got to do it. she's excepted it. it move on come of course they wouldn't take you on a relay team, you let your team down. >> greg: this is problematic because i disagree with tyrus, but i'm scared of him. >> i know -- i'm a father, i don't really care for the marijuana. >> the marijuana. it say that when you talk to your kids. >> the point is, you don't change -- you can't change the rule now, because that's what happens in our country a lot, doesn't it? we have a show, and we get mad
8:37 pm
about it. the point tyrus is making is she let her team down, and that's why she's not on the team. she's not running alone, she was part of a relay. she wasn't picked because she let the team down. >> greg: i think there's -- 's because she was cool about it, she owned it. she said, i knew the role , she could've played the victim card, but he didn't. she defected from the pack, and said, i own the decision come i'm still young, i can do this again. aoc saying this is evidence of systemic racism, she could've played that card, but she didn't. i'm proud of her, i think it's okay she can't go to the olympics, but she won a fan out of me. i'm rooting for her the next time around. just because she could be the fastest woman in four years. >> a role can be a rule and also be dumb. >> greg: at the fastest woman
8:38 pm
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all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so what's causing all the fights on all the flights? glad you asked, it's the mask. nearly 75% of unruly passenger complaints came from mask mandates. it sounds. back on the ground, dr. fauci says you should still wear a mask in certain places even if you're vaccinated, the biden administration is launching a door-to-door campaign to encourage more americans to get their shots. >> we outlined five areas, focused on two get more americans vaccinated. it targeted american dominic communities by ensuring
8:43 pm
the information they need. >> we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes door-to-door, knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus. >> greg: you know who else knocked on doors? i don't know. so is this plan a well-intentioned effort to save the lives of americans or is this an orwellian intrusion to the american people. shouldn't we be able to make up our own minds about the government interfaces on our doorstep. can you imagine jen psaki going jen psaki going door-to-door? who knows who's she's run into. >> can i hope you? >> i'm here to talk to you about the importance of vaccines. it's very important for all of us to protect ourselves. >> you have to come back later, i'm really busy.
8:44 pm
>> greg: tyrus, how would you handle someone knocking on your door? >> i wouldn't answer. it's like, call me on my landline, do that. you know what i'm saying? no one's going to answer the door. that they have a thing called a brain, and are going to see a lot of videos of people going, i know you're in there. is that we need to, what's going on? give me 5 minutes to talk to you about vaccinations. they just keep running the doorbell. who's going to be doing this? will he get celebrities to do it? we get the girl scouts, we answered the door for them. we don't answer for jehovah witnesses. >> i do. >> i believe you would bear to give them a cup of water. >> whatever they want. >> you are a better man than me, and i'm okay with that. i just open the door and go, --
8:45 pm
>> i don't think -- the census comes to her house. we've been doing this for 57 -- >> you talk to the census? you are a saint. because in pennsylvania when they were knocking on the door. it's time, if you want to get a vaccine, get a vaccine. i don't find it as a big intrusion come i got a call in l.a. the other day, someone called to see if they needed to set up an appointment. i wasn't offended at all. it didn't bother me. >> greg: it's like getting that phone call about your car insurance -- it's like someone on the door saying, can i come in and use your bathroom? that's the thing, i don't mind, but if they want to use my bathroom, no. i hate it when people show up at your place and then you got to get rid of that business before you come to my house. it's because it's a pretty good answer. >> is the thing i'm thinking of,
8:46 pm
the reason why they want to do this is because i haven't had their own targets for the population that is in vaccinated. why haven't they hit that target? the real answer is that the public doesn't trust what the government has to say. at the public doesn't trust it. if they are knocking torch to door, do you think that's going to help or hurt public trust? i think it's going to hurt. instead, they should say, here's what we screwed up, we know we screwed up, instead of lying, we were wrong about a lot of things. we were wrong to suppress the origins of this pandemic, and there's a lot of reasons why we betrayed trust. that's the first step to rebuild public trust. stay when they're not coming door to door to your place, what time should they be there? >> because i'm out doing drugs all night? >> greg: and the daytime. >> i spend the daytime doing
8:47 pm
things to get money for the drugs. the net then at nighttime, i get the clean syringes, how do i have time to work? it's awful hustling lifestyle that i'm living. if they came to my door, i wouldn't answer the door. of course not. i don't think anybody is going to be convinced by this. >> why aren't they bringing the shot to your house? do you want to? we've got it. >> greg: there needs to be a seamless, post meats, or who were shots where they -- >> i've got a number. >> greg: you can always count on her. up next, dudes losing mates at alarming rates. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: it's a new sad trend, men lacking friends. why making friends is even harder than ever for men. it turns out, guys are going to church less often, marrying later in life, working longer hours, not coming into the office at all. after covid took away gyms, bars, and highway rest stops, where are men supposed to make friends? a recent survey found only 27% of dudes have at least six close friends. backup dancers don't count, tyrus.
8:52 pm
30 some years ago, 55% had six or more good buds. just meeting the bare minimum for pallbearers. even worse for single fellows, one in five don't have any close friends at all. it for more, let's check in with our single correspondent joe mackey. why wire guy struggling so much to make friends? >> hey, do you want to hang out later? i guess he didn't hear me. it's tough out here, man. i'm doing everything right, i know everything about battle star galactica, affect check conversations, and to talk about myself. i don't know what's going on. i could use a wing man, what are you up to this weekend dog? >> greg: even i'm not that desperate. it's friendship different now? >> it has, all my best friends were my best friends for many, many years. i collect memorabilia and monster toys and things like
8:53 pm
that, it's embarrassing. my best friends are from that period of that was -- i want things to go while later, and my wife is my best friend. >> greg: to my wife is my best friend, who needs friends? >> there's a certain church of akamai i'm admitting that. when i first saw the story, my first reaction was, everybody's a victim. people of color have been victims, women have been victims, menelik, victims sounds pretty good come i want depression. i thought about it a little more, and i think that we've talked about masculinity as toxic, we talk to people and men about how they're not supposed to behave. they got the story had some legs, whether they might be dashing the masculinity and wouldn't be so down about being like a man. the on the way men behave is
8:54 pm
often seen as a joke or stereotype in sitcoms? >> you're wrong. it likely for me, she doesn't watch, i will keep it real. 150% being stuck in the pandemic with their wife or your girlfriend, the first thing they do is criticize your friends, criticize, criticize, criticize. everything's wrong with you because of sean kromah because of rico. you get home by 6:00, you don't need to hang out with your friends, visit your friends. what are guys doing? we are stuck, where wearing a mask, you have to say, see you later. it lay low, we are fine. she doesn't want to come he can say it. i get it. >> it was harder for single guys, which i think is because single guys have with all of your friends. because a wing man is alone right now because the dude can get out of the house.
8:55 pm
because they've been out there. >> greg: here's what's hypocritical. if the wife can tell you, but you can't tell the wife. you can tell your husband that you don't like alan and jerry, but he can't say come i can't stand your annoying friends, that's hypocrisy. >> i didn't realize that. >> it's true though, right? you can't tell you to stop it, but you can tell him. >> i should start telling him. there's a few that i would not be sad to -- >> greg: but he watches the show. >> let's talk about it, babe. >> greg: be right back, we will talk about something, after this break. and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is
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pennsylvania, allentown, pennsylvania, your old stomping grounds, july 20th, and i need your help. >> greg: excellent. get his book. kat, tyrus, our studio audience! "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream's next! i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america! ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking senate, former president trump back in the national spotlight taking on big tech. to his lawsuits stand a chance? our legal panel weighs in on what it means for your free speech rights and claims blowing censorship, the viewpoint big tech doesn't want you here. new questions about resident biden's o


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