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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 7, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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activity, also wore z about that in georgia and south carolina as well. we'll keep you up to speed on tropical storm elsa makes its way up the eastern seaboard. that's "the story" wednesday, july 7. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" right now. >> neil: thanks. we're on top of crime, job one right now according to most voters in the country. for today with the president in chicago and talking with mayor lori lightfoot, it was not the dominant concern. certainly not the thrust of his remarks later on talking about the next big stimulus measure and what he's going to do to spend more money still to help the american economy. and today, two attacks on atf
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agents and one police officer. this after record crime numbers in the chicago area. more than 100 people shot has a summer crime wave that has folks wondering will it ever stop? welcome. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." the focus is right now on crime. we're talking about chicago for the time being. we could be talking about new york as well where democrats have gone ahead and nominated for mayor a guy who spend 20 years in the police form and says the defund police movement is hurting. he won. he could be new york's next mayor. this was a guy elected by democrats. who cite crime as their number 1 issue. something to get into right away with mike tobin in crystal lake, illinois where the president was today. mike? >> neil, we have weather whipping up about the time that the president is expected to hid back to o'hare airport where air
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force one is waiting. he had a significant meeting with mayor lightfoot. she's troubled that she can't get control of the blood shed there. the white house said during the meeting, the president expressed support for two agents and a chicago police officer that were shot and wounded this morning. the president promised the department of justice would be in contact with lori lightfoot regarding a strike force that will be working with them for crime. the wounding of the officers was this morning. there was an ambush of the police officers in morgan park neighborhoods. a person of interest is being questioned. with the gun fire in chicago, innocence are caught in the cross fire and that's what happened. max lewis was riding the l train home when a stray bullet hit him in the head. he survived for days on life
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support. they took him off the ventilator and he passed away after that. another frightening case out of chicago. and iowa man by the name of key again castille has been arrested after his hotel room was raided overlooking navy pier bill. he had guns overlooking the crowds below. given all of the problems in chicago, mayor lightfoot blames gun laws and gun stores across the border. she said that she was going to ask the president for tougher gun laws and the white house says what he will get is resources. neil? >> neil: thanks, mike. joining us now is ted williams, fox news contributor. a former washington d.c. police detective, attorney. ted, we talk under these
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circumstances. i feel pad for that. i enjoy talking to you. but this spike is nationwide. we isolate it to chicago. i could be easily talking about new york or philadelphia. we're going to do through the big numbers. but they're getting bigger. some people feel better in some cases they're not as big as last year but they're still eye popping. what is going on? >> well, crime is out of control in the country right now. >> sandra: especially gun violence crime all over the united states. what you have are politicians trying to be politically correct instead of looking out for the public's safety of their various communities. as a result of that, the little criminal on the sideline there is watching them and he's the biggest cheerleader of some of this these politicians that want to just go about defunding police departments. they believe that that is the
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answer. >> neil: what is interesting, ted, neither of us like to play politics with us and it's a good thing. but i did see the response to at least talk about crime coming not on any of the statistics that you and are were going to talk about but a big one in new york city, eric adams was nominated for the major of new york city. democratic nomination doesn't mean he's guaranteed to be the next mayor but in democratic new york, it's a good bet. what did you think of that? that got the politician's attention. number 1 issue for the new yorkers, crime. >> absolutely. neil, i believe that he may win this general election down the road here. if he does, we can say there's a new sheriff in town. there would be someone finally that believes that defunding should be off the table.
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de blasio has taken millions away from the police department. i think that he will restore that meaning if eric adams is the mayor of chicago, i also believe that he's going to have to bolster up the police department and he has a police background. he knows how to let police officers be police officers. >> neil: you know, i was wondering, too, ted, i was surprised to see in all the concern about people returning to their offices, the number 1 concern wasn't the covid factor or the crowded train factor or the commute factor. it's crime. it's top and uppermost on those returning to their jobs. what did you make of that? >> you know, it is paramount. neil, you want to walk down the streets safely. we saw in new york where you had two little kids holding on to each other while these phis were in a gun battle and one guy was
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shooting to shoot out guy. we had a 10-year-old killed in new york. people say we need to be save. if we're not safe, then we can't have a job. so as a result of that, safety is paramount. >> neil: a lot of cities have gotten cash from these rescues. but a lot of them are not ear marking it for crime or police. you think that is a big mistake, right? >> i think it's a terribly big mistake. you know, a governor in new york has earmarked declaring violent guns that he's trying to get off the street. and something that he said this morning that was refreshing to me. he said to cuomo, where have you been? what took you so long? babies are dieing in hour city
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and now you want to come up with a gun violence initiative? politicians are playing politics and that's unfortunate. >> neil: i was surprised by the comments. think about it, governor cuomo has had a fractious relationship with bill de blasio. if eric adams makes to it city hall, could be more so. we'll watch that closely. thanks, ted. >> my pleasure. >> neil: we're keeping and eye on elsa, right now tropical storm. but pretty strong when it comes to pack being wind and rain. it's moving quickly out of florida but could be hitting the entire east coast, i kid you not, after this. eed. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five!
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>> neil, we've been seeing the gusty winds on clearwater beach. you can see the people behind me heading to the beach. state and local officials said they avoided significant structural damages and no deaths. governor desantis says the impacts are less than what they thought are reasonable but still asking floridians to use common sense. now slamming the state's sparsely populated coast with rain and winds and increasing floods in an area that has been saturated with rain. there was a category one hurricane before weakening into a tropical storm as it passed west of tampa bay early this morning. 30 counties were placed under a state of merge. the worst is over for pinellas county, there's warning for the big bend coast. tropical conditions are expected along georgia and south carolina later this week. for power outages, 20,000 are
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without power and 10,000 personnel ready tory respond. the national weather service reminding folks to avoid road with downed trees and power lines as the storm heads through georgia. >> have to be careful at night. the tropical rain covers the road. never driver your car where water covers the road. >> state and local officials say though they were lucky this time around, that might not be the case the next time around. so they're encouraging people to not drop their guard. we're still very early on in the hurricane season, neil. >> neil: thanks for reminding me. madeline rivera. adam klotz warned us about this. adam, this looks like a storm that could affect more than folks in florida. right? >> yeah, you said it. we're not close to where this will die out. just making landfall. ran up on big bend. now the heaviest rain moving to
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georgia, jacksonville even. so we're talking about the northeastern coast of florida. even though you see the previous path. this ran along the western coast. now a different area of the country will be dealing with this the next couple of days. we see the heavy rainfall battering georgia. wind 20 to 30 american. these are the gusts. we're seeing gusts at 60 miles an hour. this is our forecasted path. not running over water for a while. so we're running a cross georgia and south carolina and north carolina. taking you in to thursday before eventually we may run back out over water. it won't have time to strengthen again. when it moves that direction, it will bring rain and wind. we've seen widespread areas across florida, 3-5 inches. that same amount of rain will continue to run up the coast that could be a problem for flooding here the next couple days, particularly in some of
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those mountainous regions. very early in the season. so there's nothing else tropical behind this for right now. statistically, this is when we see the most activity. september, we still have a ways to go. it's a good reminder of what could come later in the year. >> neil: thanks, adam. well, certainly the flooding and everything else could have complicated recovery efforts over at the collapsed tower in surfside, florida. it did not. the reality is it also sped up the recovery effort to the degree that they're finding still more victims. 46 the latest count. 94 still reported missing. let's go to lieutenant governor of florida, janet nunez. can you have anything new? >> there's been a tremendous physical and emotional toll on
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the community, the first responders. we've been blessed that we had great task force members. as you mentioned, we've seen the recovery efforts begin to expedite. 46 victims this morning. when they brought down the rest of the building that was standing, that helped expedite the areas that were unable to be breached by search and rescue. so that sped up the process a little bit. clearly it's been difficult the last couple weeks here in south florida. governor desantis and i have been on site, focused and supporting every step of the way. >> governor, have we gotten anything like pings or noises or
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anything from under the rubble? >> sadly no, neil. there's no noise picked up by all of the technology that they've been using. unfortunately, no survivors to do. they'll continue looking and the friends and family awaiting news, it's been a difficult situation. >> neil: i'm sure. lieutenant governor, i'm curious, where are the loved ones as the search continues and how close are they to this? >> they get briefed twice a day. we provide them with all sorts of information. we answer their questions. there's some that are staying close by. as you can imagine, south florida international microcosm, we have a lot of family and loved ones that have come in from out of town, out of the country. so we have a whole host of individuals providing a cyst answer the. mental health counselors on
1:19 pm
site. fema is onside providing individual and public assistance. the red cross, the faith-based community. an outpouring of support unlike anything i've seen here in florida. >> neil: when i spoke to governor desantis yesterday, he left me with the impression that he wanted to go slow on the sweeping measures to look at high rises and the certification process going on right now for condo buildings 40 years or older. this was the governor talking a little bit about where he sees these studies going. i just want you to react. >> i think we need to figure out what was the actual cause or causes of this and then i think once we know that, we can figure out what would make sense from a policy perspective. obviously people get involved -- buy a unit here and you don't
1:20 pm
want the building to collapse. it doesn't happen in the united states and shouldn't. >> neil: he was clearly -- until we know exactly what happened here, let's not institute statewide policies that might not address what happened here. do you share that faith and confidence and structures, building codes in florida as a whole, governor? >> absolutely. governor desantis is correct in ascertaining that florida has the strictest building codes in the country. clearly here in south florida due to hurricane andrew in 1992. that was even further strengthened. what i think is incumbent upon those in office, those in a position to address building codes or change laws is to understand what occurred and why it occurred. a knee jerk reaction when something like this rocks your community. i'm not saying that there may not be an opportunity to enact
1:21 pm
new laws or regulations or code but it's important for us to understand what happened, how this could have been avoided. it's really unfathomable that a building could collapse before your eyes the way this one did. we need to take a moment to understand what happened. we have experts, engineers of all kids. we have lydar scans, everything that could be used to uncover what high school ben done. the county has gone through their auditing process to make sure there's no building with significant structural damage. the audit has been released that they indicated there's really nothing of concern in the county per se other than balcony issues and they have addressed that. i believe we need to take a look, understand what happened and address it if it needs to be addressed. these families clearly want
1:22 pm
answers, they want closure and quite frankly, they want a miracle. >> neil: i hear you. governor, thanks very much. lieutenant governor of the state of florida, janet nunez. we have more coming up after this and including somebody that joe biden said that got my attention and has to do with the filibuster and this age old rule. i think he's signalled maybe not for long. after this.
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>> neil: worried about inflation? the investors are not. dow and forward racing forward. nasdaq hit records. all on the idea that all this will pass. will it? next.
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because of the research that i've started to do on ancestry, with documents, with photographs, i get to define myself through the scores of people who lead to me. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at >> i'm here to make a case for the second part of my domestic agenda. in washington, they call it a
1:27 pm
reconciliation bill, a fancy way of saying for the filibuster that our friends in the other side use constantly, more than ever been used in history means you have to get 60 votes to get anything done. we're a 50/50 senate. the vice president happens to be a democrat. >> neil: just a point of correction there. that might be the president's view but the fact that both parties have used the filibuster to their own looking. the idea in the senate that you need 60 votes to get something big through, i found that remark to be remarkable. because it is the first clear sign that the president might be open to keeping out a simply that -- majority that allows democrats to get anything through. that worries joe lieberman because what it could lead to. senator, always good seeing you. i don't know if you thought --
1:28 pm
maybe i'm overstating what the president was saying. the clearest he's ever been about getting rid of this thing so we can get some stuff through. you think it's a mistake. why? >> yeah, i do, neil. i've had mixed feelings about the filibuster over the years. a time i thought it didn't make sense because after all, it's a country where the majority rules. 51 votes should be enough. the greatest problem in washington today is extreme partisanship. if you take away the filibuster, you're going to allow one party to do whatever it wants while they have the majority and then as soon as the next party takes over and gets a majority, they will change everything that happened before. i think today the filibuster requirement is one of the major incentives -- one of the few major incentives left for
1:29 pm
bipartisan work in the senate. you can't get to 60 almost never can you get to 60 without having members of both parties voting. that is in the general health of the country. so i hope the filibuster will be maintained. the bipartisan agree on infrastructure, which looks like it has more than 60 votes is and indication how it forces people to negotiate, compromise and solve a big national problem and get something good done. >> neil: i often wonder, i know you're a democrat by dna. i wonder if the roles were reversed, would democrats be complaining about a situation like this. i think not. but i understand how policies will play. so i want to get your thoughts on whether there's even enough support in democratic party for reconciliation measure on all of these spending plans.
1:30 pm
just getting 50 votes there because of kamala harris, that will be an uphill battle, right? >> yeah, i think it will be. look, it depends on what the president asks for. they're talking now in the second package, which is originally in the infrastructure bill and its been left out as bipartisan compromise, talking about trillions of additional dollars of spending which probably means trillions of additional dollars added to our national death. you have three different numbers out there. for additional spending on this measure, joe manchin said he could consider $2 trillion extra. bernie sanders has said he wants 6 trillion extra. chuck schumer says he will fight
1:31 pm
for 4 trillion. i'm too much. if they go over 2 trillion which joe manchin says he might accept that democrats will get 50 senators to stand by it. that ought to be separate. they ought to get the bipartisan infrastructure agreement passed. it's good for the country. president biden himself says that it will create millions of new jobs. help us in our competition with china. what more could you ask, really? >> neil: you know, i know how you feel about this. i'm often confused by what the president says. he was very, very vague on the whole idea that you want to bust up the filibuster. just like he was very clear on -- when dealing on the infrastructure package with the republicans that it was a bipartisan deal and then linking it and unlinking it and then he
1:32 pm
linking it again and busting up the filibuster. i don't remember him being such a vacillating politician. he's confusing people, isn't he? >> well, i don't know if i can unconfuse you. once years ago when i was in the connecticut state legislature, somebody said to me if you're not confused, you don't understand the situation. it's not quite like that now. but i think what you're seeing here is the president and the head of the democratic party trying to be the leader of a party that has at least two major wings. maybe three. but certainly a center left wing and then a left left wing. the center left wing are centrist swing is pretty happy with the current bipartisan infrastructure agreement and they want to get it done.
1:33 pm
the people further to the left want to spend trillions on a programs that are controversial. i agree. i wasn't totally clear what president biden said about the filibuster. i think his purpose today was to say to people who want that extra funding, i haven't forgotten about you. i'm for the bipartisan infrastructure agreement, but i have not forgotten about you to me the most important thing is to separate these two. right now speaker pelosi, leader schumer are saying they're not going to take up the bipartisan infrastructure agreement until the reconciliation votes are there for the extra trillions of dollars. i think that's wrong. they ought to do the infrastructure agreement while they got it, call a roll while you have the votes and come back and see if you can get enough votes to pass something more. >> neil: all right. i'm confused that we're both
1:34 pm
confused. we'll see what happens, senator. always good seeing you. >> take care, neil. >> neil: you too. we have a lot more coming up. if you're confused what's going on with afghanistan, you're not alone. our official pull-out date is on 9-11. we're 90% there right now. let's just say the taliban is not waiting for us to go after this. this is hal. this is hal's heart. it's been broken. and put back together. this is hal's relief, knowing he's covered by medicare from blue cross blue shield. and with coverage you can trust, backed by over 80 years of healthcare expertise, we'll be there when it matters most. this is medicare from blue cross blue shield. this is the benefit of blue. you love rich, delicious ice cream. but your stomach doesn't. that disagreement ends right now.
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one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪ >> neil: all right. we're getting word out of dubai that a container shape exploded in a huge port there and sent tremors across the entire area and the buildings were shaking nearby. we're told as well that the fire itself is under control. no report of casualties. all of this at a time that in the united arab emirates, it's been the hold out on oil
1:39 pm
discussions going on and policing simply. probably has nothing to to with that. but again, an explosion on a container ship, huge fire. that's all we know. they say they have it under control. we'll keep you posted. while we're in that neck of the woods, we're following developments in the afghanistan pull-out here after 20-plus years in that region, we're getting out. we might be running ahead of our time schedule. better than 90% of troops in the region have departed. the goal for this, president biden has to do so by 9-11. john kirby kind enough to joan us. welcome to you. you're probably familiar with these videos coming in of the taliban celebrating and getting guns from retreating officers, some of those soldiers, you know, fleeing afghanistan. is the president worried about this?
1:40 pm
>> we're all concerned about the security situation on the ground. no question about that. all the more reason why we continue to push of the a negotiated peaceful settlement. that's the way forward here. we said a long time, a military solution is not in the best interest of the afghan people or the region. we're still pushing and believe in the security situation augers for and argues for a peaceful negotiated solution here. >> neil: the taliban doesn't want a peaceful negotiation and they might have been in talks before keeping things calm before because our troops were there. you think this is happening because they're not and soon none of them will be there? >> we certainly don't want to see a full-on taliban military solution here to the future of afghanistan. that's not in anybody's best interest. there's a path forward for a settlement a peaceful political solution to this conflict and that's where we want everybody's
1:41 pm
attention to be squarely focused on. that's ours from. a military perspective, our focus is completing the draw down and making sure that as we do that, we transition to a new relationship with afghan forces and afghan people so they can continue to defind their country and their territory. >> neil: it's clear right now they can't. that might change. if the country is overrun by the taliban, what will that say about our 20 years there? a waste? >> i don't think we want to get into speculating and hypotheticals here about what may or may not happen. we're watching the concern situation with concern, in is why we're putting so much diplomatic energy to try to find a diplomatic solution and fashioning a relationship with the afghan forces that allows them to stay competent in the
1:42 pm
field. we're mindful of the situation and it's concern. but we have as i think you heard me say, we have the next few months until the draw down is complete, we still have capabilities and still have the authorities to assist the afghan forces in the field if we need to. >> neil: i guess looking at it down here closer to this than i am and obviously the taliban doesn't think that any of their provocative actions and moving so early before we formally pull out that we'll do anything about it. anything that the president or the pentagon will consider if the taliban get too aggressive? >> without speaking to future operations that haven't happened yet, have to be careful here, the commander on the ground will transition authority to general mckenzie, the central commander and generalmackenzie will have the same authorities that general miller has in kabul. those authorities right now permit for the united states to come to the assistance of afghan
1:43 pm
national security forces. that is a case by case situation. we have to evaluate it before it happens. we do have those authorities. i would say again that we're going to continue to assist the competency after the draw down. it will include financial support, logistical supports, aviation support to help them with helicopters and aircraft. we're not turning our back on our afghan partners. there's still space for a negotiated settlement and urge the taliban to return to the table. the other thing is, neil, should the taliban have governing aspirations, if they want to be represented the in the national community, they have to behave in that manner. there's international community pressure that can be brought to
1:44 pm
bear. >> neil: we'll watch it closely. i'd be remind if i didn't mention the other huge development in the world, the assassination of haiti's president. his wife was injured badly enough to be flown to a miami hospital. that happened at their home do we know anything about it, who was behind it? great upheaval in that country. it's as poor as you can get. it is running but it's a mess. >> i don't have details about the actual crime. you heard the president condemn this earlier today. we extend our condolences to all the haitian people in this particular situation and certainly to the first lady of haiti who you mentioned is going to get some medical care. we stand by to continue to support the haitian people as we have. i don't have any additional information about this horrific crime. >> neil: do you know whether the
1:45 pm
pentagon, the state departments, any other officials saying americans shouldn't travel to haiti? >> i'm not aware of any travel advisories and for dod, we have not been requested or asked for any support at this time. we'll just have to take this as it comes. >> neil: john kirby, thanks very much. good chatting with you again. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: a couple other developments we're following of the virus. it might be under control in the united states and indeed it is, but in other countries where overall vaccination rates are surprisingly low, they're forcing the issue. in france they're requiring all health workers get vaccinated. now there's talk that it would expand way beyond health workers. the fallout after this. limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something
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>> neil: and in surfside, florida, it's now a recovery operation. rescue effort to recovery operation. we'll keep you posted on that.
1:50 pm
and now more on the virus. concerns about low vaccination rates including france. they're considering a law that will demand vaccine shots for all healthcare workers. other countries are looking at varying degrees of doing the same. dr. bob lahida is here with us. doctor, what do you make of this, they're trying to force it, to lift the numbers up? we kicked around the idea of door-to-door vaccinations to get the numbers up. not forcing it but strongly suggesting it. what do you think? >> i don't think that that will work well. the people that we talked to are hunkered down and they're not going to get vaccinated. there's a lot of vaccine hesitancy out there.
1:51 pm
as far as countries like france, australia and africa -- in africa, less than 2% of the populations has been immunized. here in america, we're approaching 70% of the population vaccinated. so that's a big difference. i can understand the efforts in these other countries. >> neil: i'm wondering, are we safe when you get to a certain number of people -- we're 65, 70% of people that have had one shot. i'm surprised that these other countries it's lower than that. what level do you think immune, you know, herd immunity steps in? >> yes. well, we're saying that herd immunity steps in between 70 and 80% of the population being infected or vaccinated. now, i've spoken to some of my virological colleagues that say that herd immunity is out of the question.
1:52 pm
it's not going to happen. we're seeing the fact that the vaccines have worked. the numbers of infected people are really super low. that is really a good sign because it just means that you're not going to see it take off in this country just because of the fact that we vaccinated a good portion of the population. >> dr. lahita, thanks very much. just want to let you know before we take a quick break out of surfside florida, news you expected to come but confirmed that the search of the collapsed condo has shifted from rescue to recovery. recognizing the bitter reality that after close to two weeks, the odds of finding anyone alive don't look good. more after this. okay, we're not gonna ask for discounts on floor models, demos or displays. shopping malls can be a big trigger for young homeowners turning into their parents. you ever think about the storage operation a place like this must rely on? -no. they just sell candles, and they're making overhead?
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freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free. >> we are following up on an story out about the search of the collapsed condo, almost two weeks ago has shifted to a from rescue to recovery operation, the thinking is that at close t 14 days, the odds of finding survivors under that rubble dramatically shrunk, we are trying to get authorities at th scene to update us on what this will mean as they move forward now with rescue to a recovery operation.
1:57 pm
covered her share of tragedies just like this one coming and it's a tough moment to think about it when they have to make that shift. >> it is so tough, and it's heartbreaking when you hear the difference that comes in the tone, we knew we were headed here when we moved from rescue to recovery. even when it's something that officials and family members an those who are waiting know we may be headed there, when that moment comes, everything changes . i interviewed the mayor of surfside over the weekend and h was, you have interviewed him multiple times, he was still holding out a sense of hope for the families who were there because at that point, he didn' feel it was his place to do anything other than provide the anything he possibly could and this was as they were leading u to the demolishing of the let
1:58 pm
rest of the building. this has been tragedy upon a tragedy upon a tragedy. and now we are here at this moment where the families and all the officials, and the people that have been working this for the past two weeks hav to take stock of what has happened in the past two weeks and move forward as they tried to begin the recovery operation again it's just incredibly heartbreaking. >> diggy were also learning wha might have prompted this decision, seeing the rubble and getting access to it in ways they hadn't before the demolition, the part of the building still standing, everything was compacted to the part where there are no pockets allowing for potential survivors . it's a very remote possibility of may be there are in there, but to make this decision, a closure for families, but not necessarily happy closure. >> it's not. very it's the turning of a corner on a journey that has
1:59 pm
just felt impossible for so man of them, and this moment comes just in the days after they had to demolish the second half and they had to do that, a reminder because of tropical storm and then ultimately hurricane lsat that landed on florida earlier today. they had to do that because the winds we're going to do it in a less controlled fashion. once they were able to do that, bring down the other half of th building that had been standing there so precariously, but it did is it provided them actuall more access to the entire area. once they did that, they were able to see into trying to hear what else was left, and that wa the part that was so hard because once they started to search the remaining area the rescue workers who had been there this entire time were no longer hearing noises they were before that were giving them some sense of hope. someplace to search, so that dissipated and move the
2:00 pm
investigation further along because they could access the entire area that had been too dangerous for them to approach. >> thank you very much. we are going to surmise here it was the lack of and the apparen inability to find pockets and that rubble that had prompted the decision to say no it is a recovery operation, 46 known dead. ♪ >> hello, everyone. it's 5:00 p.m. in new york city and this is the five. >> another big day of celebration, surprises and a lo is coming your way if you haven't heard, the five turns ten this week for the show is amazing for so many reasons. a lot of laughs, a lot of memories and we're going to mak a new one that i have been worried about for ten


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