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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 7, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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they're catching up. we have to watch the chinese in space. they're doing well in the other atmosphere. >> good point. love to take in this video. okay. benjamin, great to be with you. see you tomorrow. thanks to all of you for joining us. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> sandra: been a pleasure. stove starts right now with trace gallagher in for martha. >> trace: thanks. good afternoon, everybody. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum, this is "the story." president biden in crystal lake, illinois, an hour outside of chicago the same day an officer and two atf agents are attacked with one local report saying it was an ambush. the president meeting with mayor lori lightfoot as the city reels from a violent deadly july fourth weekend. among the innocent caught in the cross fire, chris carbahal.
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his family said he was shot grabbing something from his shot friday night. he was six days shy of his 20th birthday. one month old terry anna smith. her uncle says she's doing much better and breathing on her own after being shot in the head by a stray bullet last week. another horrific story here. university of chicago students max lewis, just 20 years old, hit by a stray bullet while sitting on the train on his way home from a college internship. he was taken off of life support sunday. mike tobin has more on today's shooting as the crime surge continues. mike? >> and trace, president biden is here at mchenry county community college in crystal lake, illinois. 45 miles northwest of chicago, this is after a brief meeting with lori lightfoot. by brief a meeting on the tarmac. all of this as mayor lightfoot
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cannot get control of the blood shed in the city. punctuated by the federal agents, two atf agents and a chicago police officer that were shot and wounded that were working undercover this morning. wbbm is tweeting that a person of interest is in custody. not independently confirmed. mayor lightfoot tweeted this morning we woke up to a city that is reeling yet again from another night of violence, this time not just against our residents but against those that are sworn to protect us. gun violence is a public health crisis and we must address it. mayor lightfoot complains about gun laws. she told our fox affiliate that what she was going to bring up for the president is more gun control legislation. jen psaki indicated what she will get is more resources. a billion dollars to cook county, more than $8 million to the state and task forces to
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deal with urban violence. so the president is speaking right now. the spector of the blood shed in chicago looming overhead. trace? >> thanks, mike. we should note a suspect in chicago is being interviewed in connection with the two atf officers. we'll have more on breaking news. right now, tio hardman grew up with the devastating effects of violence in chicago and dedicated his career to community organizing for social change. great to have you. you say that president biden should not have melt with mayor lori lightfoot with her mailed administration but should have been meeting with the key players on the ground. expand that for us. >> yes. basically president biden should have met with the family members of the 1-month-old that was shot fighting for her life, the 8-year-old that was shot.
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lori lightfoot has a dismal track record in the area of reducing gun violence in chicago. i wouldn't be so hard on lori lightfoot if they would stop saying they have a plan. whatever plan they have is not working. we need help out here. chicago is like a war zone. and lori lightfoot is not the one to lead the charge. that's why president biden shouldn't meet with her. you have grass roots organizations doing a lot of good work on the ground and president biden should come to the valley instead of stop for the mountain. let me say this. we want lori lightfoot to do a good job. we want the superintendent to do a good job. right now they're failing in this area. >> trace: you mentioned superintendent david brown. he's blaming a lot of this gun fire on the courts. watch what he says. i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> in the other part, the courts, are not meeting out
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justice, to change the behavior. meaning more serious consequences for illegal gun possession and violent offenders, that's where the jut comes are deficient. >> is that a fair assessment? >> somewhat an issue. right now the homicide clearance rate is a dismal 9 to 14% in chicago. nobody is being arrested for taking a life in chicago. i think the police and the mayor and a lot of elected officials are looking in the wrong direction. the only solution to reducing gun violence is a black unity program. i say that because over 80% of the gun violence takes place in the black community. black men. it's the responsibility of black men to bring peace to their community first. then we'll talk about the special programs. that's why i say they're looking in the wrong direction. nothing appears to be working and something that we have never tried before. the police is not stop killings on the front end. they haven't been trained to stop it on the front end. they get involved once a tern
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breaks the law. no matter how much money they spend, you'll have high volumes of violence until men unify. >> ten children according to the "chicago sun-times" under the age of 15 have been shot and killed in chicago so far in 2021. it's july. there were three children shot in killed this same time last year. there was outrage when 7-year-old jasmine adams, who was sitting in a car with her dad at mcdonald's in the drive-thru was shot and killed. there was outrage but very little since then. are you surprised we're not seeing more people on the streets or boycotts and things that we should be seeing in chicago? >> i say that all the time. when a kid is shot, there should be sustained outrage like when the police shooting killed somebody. everybody is taking to the streets in big numbers. we should do the same thing when a child is killed here in chicago.
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when i brought up the idea of providing children under 13 with bulletproof vests, people thought i was crazy. if nothing is working, why not try to protect the kids. police officers are protected every day with bulletproof vests on. if the programs are not saving the children, comes up with different ideas and different concepts. there's a model out there. when black lives matter organize against police shootings, let's use the same model to bring forth the reductions of killing in chicago. there should be outrage on the streets. thousands should be walking the streets. a 1-month-old baby slot in the head. where is everybody at? with we've had thousands out there every day. it's crazy. a double standard going on right now. >> trace: a very good point. the fact that we talked about this earlier a lot of finger pointing going on in chicago listening to mayor lori lightfoot. i'll get your response on the
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back side. >> we're seeing historic levels of violence, homicides and shootings up 20, 30, 40% in some instances. dear god, there's got to be a sense of urgency at the federal level. what more is it going to take? people in congress sitting on their hands and not doing anything. >> you can't just sit around and wait for congress to come up with the remedy here. the magic elixir. you need to have something happening right now. we have children dying almost every week in chicago. >> mayor lori lightfoot is fishing for different type of excuses that she continues to make for her inability to lead the city. any effective leader would change strategies if their strategies are not working. if you're in the super bowl, down 21 points, we're in the third quarter in chicago now, you need to change strategies in order to win the super bowl of saving lives. i reached out to meet with lori
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lightfoot. she refuses to respond. i do not want money or a contract. i want to share my strategies. she refuses to meet because she's stubborn. people are losing their lives and fudging the numbers. those numbers are real people. they represent real people, not just numbers. they're playing a numbers game in chicago. >> trace: right now sadly it appears chicago is down more than 21 points. thanks. great to see you, tio. >> and senator tom cotton 20 the latest sign of wokeness in military. and will cain's answer when people call president biden's door-to-door vaccination push invasive next. joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating
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>> trace: 46 people confirmed dead in the condo collapse in surfside, florida. 94 people are unaccounted for. search crews getting in to areas that they couldn't reach before the rest of the building came down. officials say that this is still a rescue operation. >> our commitment to this commission is deeply personal, this is our community. our neighbors, our family. and our first responders have truly searched that pile every single day since the collapse as if they're searching for their own loved ones. >> trace: the miami-dade mayor says families are preparing for tragic loss. tomorrow marks two weeks since the collapse. well, former president trump suing twitter, facebook and youtube calling for an end to
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silencing, banishing and cancelling. the site suspended him after the capitol riots saying he would incite more violence. the former president is asking the court for damages and to restore his accounts. >> there's no better evidence than big tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the united states earlier this year. a ban that continues to this day. continues. so we get the word out, but it's not a fair situation. very bad for this country. very bad for the world. if they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone. >> trace: so far no comment from facebook, twitter or youtube. here's will cane, co host of "fox and friends" weekend. great to see you. i read a lot of legal opinions about the former president's lawsuit against big tech. most say he will lose. doesn't stand a chance. my question is it about winning for former president trump or is
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it about the fight? we know that he loves a good fight to bring light on some issues. >> yeah, trace but i don't think it's a fight for the sake of the fight. is it's about winning? that depends on what the definition of winning is. do you win in a court of law? do you win a lawsuit against facebook, google and others? do you win that lawsuit? i don't know. i would also count myself as someone that is somewhat skeptical in how that legal fight would play out. first, let's set the stage of this battle, if you will, of this fight. what does the ring look like? it's a tilted stage. a tilted battlefield. we know big tech has censored not just conservative points of view and the truth and the pursuit of the truth when it comes to the origins of covid-19, comes to appropriate mass guidance or therapy for covid-19 or hunter biden's story. they're not platforms but publishers.
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there's tucker carlson he's said these things are antitrust violations. bick tech companies that don't allow nor competition that is legitimate conversation as well. the point being, they shouldn't be treated with a libertarian point of view oh, it's another private business. we have a problem. whether or not it's breaking up big tech or suing them in the court of law, winning is going to have to take all forms. i believe that president trump is willing to take on that fight and maybe not get a judge to say you're right, reinstate the judge but maybe over a longer term, help the american people understand you have a corrupt media institution at your hands here. >> trace: i think you're right. i'm not saying there's not a reckoning coming. look at the big tech companies saying the hunter biden information was disinformation. look at the wuhan lab leak. until "the new york times" and "washington post" said maybe we should at it, it was fringe
12:18 pm
conspiracy stuff. i could go on and list them. there's no doubt there's a reckoning coming. i wonder if the former president's lawsuit is going to -- >> really quickly on that. looking president trump is the most fascinating figure of the last 21 years. the most fascinating figure that the history books don't understand and will take time to reckon with. when we look back at president trump, one thing will be true. he was a wrecking ball. a wrecking ball to so many things that had true institutional rot. he's wrecking big tech, too, which is rotten under that service. so wreck it and build something virtual in its place. >> trace: i want to move on. running low on time. hello to door-to-door vaccine pushers. listen quick to jen psaki on the plan. watch. >> it's up to every individual
12:19 pm
to decide whether they'll get vaccinated but especially as we're seeing reports from the cdc about the rise of the delta variant, this is about protecting people and saying lives. that's the role we're going to play from the federal government and use any tools and tactics that we think will be effective. >> trace: from the government here, have you gotten your vaccine yet? >> i'm not going to go well, trace. it's not going to go well. i'm assuming if you haven't had the vaccine, you have a couple of things playing into that, a good chance that you had covid and nobody factors that in. you do would value your privacy, don't like being told what to do. so the government knocking on your door doing those exact same things, invading your privacy and hectoring you to get their vaccine isn't going over well. a, it won't be persuasive and it could be destructive to the entire movement. >> trace: ronald reagan said the government is at your door and
12:20 pm
we're here to help. >> it's a scary thing to hear. >> neil: thanks, will. america's crime crisis strikes the suburb of atlanta where a golf pro is gunned down for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. the shocking story ahead.
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club where he worked. police say he didn't like a target but a witness to a crime. casey stegall live with more on this. casey? >> this is a little confusing. police say it appears to be a tragic case of simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. golf pro gene siller hat been at the pine tree country club when out of nowhere, a white pickup truck plowed on to the links and ended up on the tenth whole green. authorities say that he likely went on to check on the driver but happened to win another crime in progress so he was shot in the head. by the time officers arrived, two additional bodies were discovered in the bed of the pickup and the driver was gone. one of the deceased males was the registered owner of the truck. police are still searching for their suspect all while trying to determine a motive here.
12:25 pm
>> there's probably multiple crime scenes where this case ended up on that golf course is not most likely where it began. this is not a high crime hear. >> 46-year-old gene siller leaves behind a wife and two small guys. he joined the country club in 2019 as director of golf. those that knew him said he was always that kind of a guy that tried to make your day better. an investigation right now is clearly ongoing and in the infancy stages. trace? >> trace: awful for that family. thanks, casey. let's bring in mark eiglarsh. former prosecutor. i'm not sure if you heard casey's report there. the idea that gene siller just happened upon this, that he was not a target, that he witnessed a crime in progress and taken out because he was a witness. you tend to be a skeptic on these things. do you buy that? >> yeah, i do. first of all, my heart goes out
12:26 pm
to his family. what a tragedy. seems reasonable. when i pieced it together, something happened before the golf course. for whatever reason, this abhorrent human being drives the pickup on to the golf course. i know the deceased confronted the guy like what are you doing? a guy that has already killed two people chose to execute somebody else. >> trace: it's amazing. the odds are, we look at these crimes all the time. this happened in an upscale area. the suspect here will be caught. then you look at chicago, mark, what is happening there. look at what happened here in georgia. you think wow, none of those people or very few of those people in chicago that opened fire on 100 people in the weekend will be caught. the odds are that they'll catch this guy. seems like crime is rampant everywhere. >> it's -- yeah, it's nothing
12:27 pm
new. but i have to believe with this heavy heart that i have for this family and the tragedy that has occurred that they will find him. i have toe believe that his fingerprints is all over that truck. it's hard to believe this was his first crime. i have to believe he's in the system and i have to believe it's a matter of time before georgia catches him. >> trace: one of the residents say it hit me like a ton of bricks. crime is not a respecter of neighborhoods or zip codes. it can happened anywhere. the neighborhood is concerned because the perpetrator is still out there. you're a lawyer, mark. you hear these stories all the time. and when it happens in these neighborhoods, people are really -- they're stunned. >> that's right. which is why every day when your life is not affected by crime, focus on gratitude. it can happen involving people that you never expect and in
12:28 pm
areas that you don't expect it. >> yeah, the 14-year-old sentenced, the uber eats driver was sentenced to seven years. she's 14. she was 13 when the crime happened. seven years, people a little outraged by that. what is your take on that, mark? >> it's fair if you look at what the co-defendant got. the co-defendant was 15, got the maximum sentence, which is 21 and she got the maximum sentence. had she been tried as an adult, she would have been eligible for a more severe penalty. i'm not sure that you do at 13. that's young to try as an adult. >> trace: thanks, mark. good to see you. >> take care, trace. >> trace: senator tom cotton has been out front on wokeness in the military. his response to an air force
12:29 pm
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not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. >> an air man said their unit was forced into a racist exercise called a privilege walk. members of the wing were ordered to separate themselves by race and gender in order to stratify people based on their perceived privilege. mr. secretary, do you believe that our military is a fundamentally racist organization? yes or no, please. >> i won't give you a yes or no answer on that, senator because it deserves more than a yes or no. the military like any organization will have its challenges but i do not believe it's a fundamentally racist organization. >> trace: our military has one mission, the defense of the nation.
12:34 pm
it's a place where individualism is secondary and teamwork is everything, a professor at the air force says racism is engrained in the institution and critical race theory is critical for cadets. lynn garcia writes here -- >> trace: republican senator tom cotton from arkansas haas been pressing press for wokeness in the military. he serves on the armed services and intelligence committees. senator, thanks for being here. so this political science professor is saying and arguing that racism was engrained in the military from the beginning and still is even though she cites
12:35 pm
no current evidence. your thoughts. >> i remember the op-ed. it's clear she knows very little about our constitution. so typical of colleges these days. she has no business teaching the constitution or political science to cadets at the air force. secretary austin has testified at least twice that our military does not teach, instruct, condone critical race theory. so miss garcia should is that right looking for a different place of employment in my opinion. furthermore, it shouldn't require in an op-ed in "the washington post" for a united states senator to make these inquiries over what is being taught to our cadets at the service academy. so i suspect general clark and i will have a conversation soon about this. we should not be teaching and
12:36 pm
indoctrinating our cadets to believe that our military is a racist institution. who will want to take an oath to defend our constitution if you believe what professor garcia is teaching about it. >> trace: i found it fascinating when you asked secretary austin about this if you think the military is racist. he said ultimately no, i don't believe it's fundamentally racist. they go on to say -- >> trace: this was not a battlefield of robust ideas. it's because of the color of
12:37 pm
their skin. what are your thoughts? >> that's one of the problems with critical race theory. this is not like teaching karl marx and the history of western philosophy. it's unheard of that someone teaches critical race theory instead of indoctrinating people with it. it's clear from the tone and the argument that professor garcia is not presenting some academic theory and letting her students choose among them. i'm sure that she's trying to indoctrinating them with it, that hour constitution is racist and has been from the beginning and remains so today. that's the opposite of what we should be teaching our young cadets that are the air force's leaders. they'll be in charge of troops of all races and serve under the commands of troops in all races and the one thing they need to see is a fellow american that raises his-her hand to defend the oath and laying down the
12:38 pm
constitution to defend each other. >> trace: i want to change gears here. you have to be baffled at the "washington post" saying -- let's put these headlines up. they're worth it. >> trace: really, senator? >> yeah, "washington post" says welcome to join the party 18 months late. anyone with an ounce of common sense can look at what happened in wuhan and say a good chance that the virus came from the lab. there's no bats in the city. it's larger than new york. it's down the road from where they conduct research. there's still questions out of wuhan. frankly, we need answers up in washington as well. i mean there at least a real
12:39 pm
chance that this virus escaped from that lab where they performed research, how to make coronaviruses more dangerous funded by u.s. tax dollars that were approved by tony fauci. still a lot of answers that we need from tony fauci and others involved in sending your tax dollars to that lab in wuhan. >> trace: sir, i have to go but i want your take on the former president filing a lawsuit against big tech. a lot of legal experts say it's a long shot. >> i think president trump feels like a lot of conservatives across arkansas and the country do that you'll be censored. if you suggest that this virus may have originated in a lab down the street from where it but ported lit originated. if you say something negative about hunter biden, you'll also be censored. president trump is saying what a lot of americans feel if they
12:40 pm
have a conservative viewpoint when they go on social media. >> trace: the sad thing, the hunter biden lab top was not disinformation or the wuhan lab was not a theory. they censored something because they thought it was political. thanks, senator. the head of the heritage action said message not found on the national education association website. she sent a link to the recovered page from the way back machine website. it includes a business item from the union's annual meeting mark "adopted as modified that says" the nea will share information also available on critical race theory. what it is and what it is not
12:41 pm
have a team of staffers for members that want to learn more about fight back against anti-crt rhetoric. so far no comment from the nea. and what president biden just told a crowd outside of chicago that he wants to make free. more free stuff next. this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart.
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>> trace: the white house releasing details about the president's tarmac meeting with lori lightfoot and the violent crime crisis.the president expressed his support for the atf officials and the police officer that was shot. he reiterated his commitment to working with the mayor and the department of justice would be in touch about the strike force announced a new weeks ago that would be working with cities like chicago. well, while he was there, president biden paying a visit to mchenry county college about an hour outside of the city with a build back better sales pitch that gives all americans two years of community college for free. some critics say there's a hidden price tag with that.
12:47 pm
edward lawrence is live at the white house. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, trace. maybe not that hidden on the price tag. the president brought his spending plans to the american public here. he wanted to talk about colleges and child care. he pickeded mchenry county college because it has on-site child care. you can see he's getting a visit there. talking about a lot of taxpayer money. the president wants two-year community college free for everyone. that cost, $109 billion. he talked about expanding pell grants. he didn't mentioned it would cost $80 billion. another $39 billion for subsidized tuition. $228 billion in spending there. so if you to the math, that means every man, woman and child in the united states would fork over a check for $690 to the federal government. so some of those people that
12:48 pm
qualify for the benefits can get it. the president says it's worth it and more. >> that puts america's rescue plan in our work and move forward to do a lot of things including we're close to defeating the virus. the last time energy -- the economy grew at this rate was in 1984. ronald reagan was telling us that it was an american mortgage. this is an american century. >> republicans are saying we don't need this level of government spending here. the white house is saying that the president is the explainer in chief on this trip, explaining why the federal government needs to spend this much money. what he did not do is explain exactly the fees and taxes that will have to go up to pay for all of the free stuff, trace. >> trace: thanks, edward. good to see you. joining me now, bill mcgurn, editorial board member and fox news contributor. great to have you on, bill.
12:49 pm
joe biden has been pushing this for years. i want to play this sound bite from 2015, joe biden calling for free college. watch. >> we need to commit -- we're fighting for 14 years. we need to commit to 16 years of free public education for all children. we know that 12 years of public education is not enough. >> trace: we bring smart guys like you on this for just this reason. what are we saying here? are we being sold it's junior college right now and then we're going to public for public universities to be free as well. is that your sense? >> we learned from the previous report how free free can be. free isn't free. it means someone else is footing the bill. in this case, the taxpayers. this is part of a vision from the obama years, life of julia, cradle to grave benefits and dependency on government.
12:50 pm
the community colleges could play a crucial role in education. but i don't think funding them by the federal government is the answer. >> mitch mcconnell said this quoting here about free college. he said "what will the tuition be if they keep raising the amount of money? seems like it's an endless pit in to which you would fall" that seems like a fair statement. listen to what edward lawrence was saying about money, you do the math and you think that's a bunch. >> yeah, as i say, there's a lot of things the community colleges could do and a lot of reforms that we could make. one of the biggest ones is to ensure that students are getting the bang for the buck. they're taking out a lot of loans and it would be nice if community colleges and regular colleges would be more transparent. what is the average starting salary nor a kid that majors in this particular major? some people propose on loans.
12:51 pm
making the colleges have some skin in the game. if i take out a loan, i don't finish school or i forfeit on the loan, maybe the school should be on the hook. right now, the universities get all the money and there's no accountability. we need more accountability and transparency so people know what they're getting paid for and what their getting paid for is a real benefit. >> trace: if you think we're pushing this to public universities, what happens to be private universities? if the federal government will pay for everybody to go to college for free to a public school, private schools have to get hurt in some capacity. >> not the best private schools because they're this best schools. there will always be people applying to harvard and yale and prince on this and the top schools because they get something of value and they get the networking. but i think will make it harder for marginal schools. as i say, there's a large
12:52 pm
community college network. some of them are doing great things in partnerships with businesses. you teach kids that help them might get a job. throwing federal money at it, i don't think that will make them more transparent, more accountable or more excellent. >> trace: last like your take on infrastructure. what do you think? are we going to see a bipartisan bill that will go through followed by a number of reconciliations pushes to make up the rest of the funding? >> that's my fear. i fear too many republicans will go with it. it's a bad bargain for the republican party to go along and a bad bargain for the united states to go along. look, on a few little things like gas prices, we're already seeing that the biden agenda has real life impacts that are not very pleasant. i don't see pushing this through just because it has a name
12:53 pm
"infrastructure" on it is going to be a good thing. >> trace: yeah. worth noting. outside the door here, gas is $5 a gallon. thanks, bill. thank you. >> thanks, trace. >> much of the east coast bracing for severe weather as tropical storm elsa makes landfall. we go live to florida after this. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save.
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veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! now helps the places you go too. banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. >> trace: breaking news. elsa headed to georgia and south carolina after hitting florida. it was a hurricane a short time over the gulf of mexico but came ashore as a tropical storm. let's get to steve harrigan live in clearwater beach, florida which is sunny and bright. steve? >> no deaths reported in florida from this storm. no major structural damage either. that's because the storm moved
12:58 pm
along the west coast, stayed about 50 miles out. when it did make landfall, it hit an area that is sparse live populations. the rain was the real story so far of this storm. more than eight inches in some places. enough to shut down roads, schools, some airports and government offices as well. more than 33 counties declared states of emergencies because of those conditions. when you talk to people out here on the beach, may were determined to not let a tropical storm derail their vacation. >> we were not even a tad bid concerned. in arlington, we have hail this big that comes through your roof, your windows, windshield. kills your pet if they're outside. this was nothing. >> as the storm move as cross florida, it's not over yet. it headed to georgia and the carolinas where they're
12:59 pm
preparing for heavy flooding. trace, bark to you. >> trace: you know, you and i have been covering hurricanes for a time. do you know -- as it moves to south carolina and georgia, are we worried about major flooding there? >> i think especially in georgia. they had more than 90 states of emergency declared in counties in georgia. so i think florida dodged a bullet but georgia could get hit hard with flooding. >> trace: thanks, steve.and what about a twister? under the sea. a scuba diver captured this video of a tornado of fish while swimming after a japanese island. the diver said he's seen it before, but it's tough to get on video. he called the site a masterpiece of fish, a tornado under the
1:00 pm
water. big concerns and tornadic activity, also wore z about that in georgia and south carolina as well. we'll keep you up to speed on tropical storm elsa makes its way up the eastern seaboard. that's "the story" wednesday, july 7. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" right now. >> neil: thanks. we're on top of crime, job one right now according to most voters in the country. for today with the president in chicago and talking with mayor lori lightfoot, it was not the dominant concern. certainly not the thrust of his remarks later on talking about the next big stimulus measure and what he's going to do to spend more money still to help the american economy. and today, two


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