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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 7, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hopefully, the photographs in that book do not include the nude beach and martha's vineyard. but i speak for many when i say i'm excited to speak read this book. here is "america reports." >> sandra: one of the top nations teachers unions vowing to put up a fight for critical race theory in american schools, even if she has to go to court to do it. the pledge coming as concerned parents push back against crt calling it indoctrination. how far will teachers go and pushing this? brian coming up on that. >> congressmen weighs in on that. laura logan gets us or take on the border crisis as more criminals are arrested trying to get into the country. the controversial white house
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plan trying to go door-to-door on its vaccine push. >> we begin first with president biden arriving in illinois just a few moments ago set to meet with the mayor of chicago as her city faces an alarming rise in crime. this is america reports. hello. >> good afternoon. i'm in for john roberts jay. staggering statistics coming from a crime pledge chicago will be on his mind. one of their own offices working undercover was shot while driving on the freeway. all are supposed be okay. >> sandra: the windy city is reporting its deadliest weekend over the air over the fourth of july holiday weekend. 18 people were killed in a shooting and 100 others were moved down like wounded. the death of a college student
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hit by a stray bullet that came through a train window. about 45 millionths northwest of the city where the president is expected to speak a short time from now. >> hello. air force one is now on the ground with president biden and chicago's troubled mayor lori lightfoot is taking place as we speak. what she has this time around is a democrat in the white house. if you remember back to the trump years, she resisted any federal intervention it or any help coming from the white house. now, she welcomes it is and resources. but she also has its a big crime problem. 100 people shot over the holiday weekend and 18 people killed. given that way that that people shoot so sloppily, people get caught in the cross fire. a third year at the university of chicago was shot when he was coming home from an internship
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at an investment firm downtown when a stray bullet came through the window of the l train where he was setting and hit him in the head. he survived for a few days on life support and ultimately, through communication tools, were able to signal to his family said he did not want to live that way. he was took off of life support and died shortly thereafter. the bloom the court saying that violent offenders are released too frequently. mayor lightfoot has blamed gun laws and neighboring states that allow the streets on chicago where we see so much of the bloodshed. back to you. >> sandra: up there in crystal lake ahead of a meeting from the president a short from now. benjamin. >> the american federation of teachers warning that it will defendant teachers if they get punishment for teaching an honest history about the u.s. republican states have been wishing to ban critical race theory in public schools with
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more than 5,000 educators signing to break from these laws. brandywine guard saying that these bands distort history that is radical and wrong. we'll talk with fox and friends host, but now anita will. >> her union is adding big bucks. more than two and a half million dollars to its legal defense fund and they are not afraid to spend the money and go to court. while she maintains a critical race theory's only taught in college, she wants to make sure that elementary and high school teachers have the flexibility to teach that controversial curriculum. this morning, she and first lady jill biden, toward a public elementary school here and elementary school. one guard noted that her union has the full support of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> together we can support each
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other because we also know that there is an administration in washington, d.c., that has our back. and in education department that truly respects your voices as professionals in classrooms. and frankly, that starts with the first lady. >> sandra: those comments just coming in and the last half hour. and welcome some while bankers are this whole battle over critical race theory across the country and saying america is racist and that is intentionally seeping into a public education is wrong. >> first of all, this is to racism. i grew up where we were taught at the time it to see each other from their skin color and we overcame that. >> sandra: there is reporting today that the education system adopted a few stated two coming
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for teams to share, publicize, and defend critical race theory. that appears to been removed or disappeared from the website overnight. perhaps after some negative reporting. more than 25 states are working on legislation to ban critical race theory and 6 states have already done that. >> sandra: the call was to fox and join us and what matic america great. art teachers in our schools have also made us great. but what is happening with the continued push from many parents who see this as indoctrination? why is the head of the second largest teachers union continuing to fight this and saying that you will all the way to the courtroom? >> this is what drives me nuts. she's not teaching. k-12, we do not teach critical race theory. but i am prepared and lawyered up in order to fight the teachers i get in trouble for teaching critical race theory.
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get on the same side. are you teaching it or not? maybe it's calling it something different. think about this. a few weeks ago on "meet the press" or his face the nation, she said "we can learn about all of the stuff. i grew up in birmingham in the 1960s. i saw the kkk. i know all of that. but we need to do that in a way that we do not vilify your race, one shatter, if you want to get things better. there's a lot that needs to be run. you don't vilify white people because inner-city schools are bad. "you don't say that it's their fault for saying something that happened 245 years ago. of course, 650 people died in order to get rid of slavery or jim crow in the civil rights movement. i hate to quote bill moore, there's no problems made. they think you're not paying
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attention and they think when you are saying we want to teach real history and i will fight or entity to the fights real history, real history is jim crow. it is winning the revolutionary war. his winning world war ii and world war i. you can talk about the failure of reconstruction. we are all learning that. you learned that, i learned that. >> sandra: why is this not open for debate? tim scott has spoken out against this that it further divides us. here's a "new york post" editorial piece that calls at a grave injustice. children should be educated about the stains of flavor and jim crow and american heritage, but teaching kids at the nation and all the way people are inherently racist is a destructive slaughter. >> talk about how this country came together as doing something that the world is never seen before. under one roof, one country,
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with a big melting pot. that was a big plus. there's a force out there, and i can't figure out who it is, that's trying to divide people. between men, between women. white males are the words like females are probably the second worst. let's were going backwards from there. when that these rankings come out? one of the coaches poll in that? >> sandra: one of the stories that is developing is a retaliation against parents and students who push back against crt in our schools. this is the columbus academy statements, this is the ohio school that is being accused of this. there's a public campaign and false statements and harmful attacks that is a clear violation of enrollment agreement that would be denied, reared and rolled for the previous school year. this is after group of moms there took it shoot as many parents do about what they see as indoctrination.
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now they are threatening these kids and threatening these parents. >> the kids are gone. they're expelled and they have to find another school. keep in mind, it is not just public. just because you're cool and dumb x get is in a private school, does not mean they are learning the right american history. i saw those two moms where kids were expelled because of their actions on tucker last night. i'll bring up something else that i think is important to bring out. i think was problematic in colleges and i talk about law schools. what about the problem with the third or fourth grader? i talked my kids all the time and they understand real history. they bleed red, white, and blue and they understand that their grandfather fought in world war ii. i was learning it in third grade. now there are learning at an fifth grade on their sponges. this is going to be on the test. they contradict you on what you know to be facts and the true american history, that's not going to get them in a and class. they are really divided and they are indoctrinated in this randy weingart is such an embarrassment to this country.
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she has done more harm to more kids than any single union in the country, i would argue, when she kept the schools close and lobbied the cdc to do just that. now she's pushing back with the real history and she will sue because of it? please. to use this as a template, the most anti-american book that is done more damage than anything else, they're going to have a celebration of george floyd birthday along with black lives matter. i don't want to be a part of that. >> sandra: those feelings are still so tough and who are so greatly affected by the decisions she made during the covert shutdown and the changing of the rules, the moving of the goalposts. schools still didn't go back and will session speak out 6 feet apart, 3 feet apart. we can put kids in class or zen
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she says i'm not ready for that. the cdc says 3 feet and do it. >> sandra: there's only great schools and so many great teachers that are all over this country. you talk about her, randy weingart, being the voice of this teachers union and you don't want to take away from the fact that there are so many great teachers out there. speak of the teachers are the best. they are under paid and i get it. even with their three months off, but they are hostage unions. obviously, if you see from across the pond, a very heated debate in america. >> ohio story where children are being punished because of the views of their parents. no matter where you come from, that's brutal. speech of those mothers had supposed to have pursued action and they have spoken out on
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behalf of their kids trying to get them educated in the best way possible without dividing them. >> no one objects to an honest appraisal of history when you teach at school. do it without an agenda. to teach the facts and let children learn them facts. the story's not going to go away anytime soon because he comes onto the education of our children. we are both parents and it is -- >> sandra: we want the best for them always. >> sandra: heavy rain and high winds as tropical storm elsa makes lance. the stars rejected pat's. >> sandra: alarming news coming from our southern border where the flow of migrants slows no sign of slowing down. what they're doing to present the criminals from getting in the country.
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>> sandra: the next mayor of the democratic stronghold new york city were just one year people were demanding to defund the police. could that signal a shift in politics. our panel will debate in a moment. tropical storm elsa weakening as it makes the land on florida's gulf coast just hours ago. the tornadoes are still possible and heavy rain and strong gusts are slamming the area. the hurricane center warning coastal georgia and some parts
10:19 am
of south carolina of considerable flash flooding as elsa moves north. >> benjamin: nypd captain, eric captain don mike adams, will mostly be the next mayor. he seems to show that crime is in a porton election issue even in a city like new york. let's bring our panel. thank you so much for being with us today. i want to pull up some stats from new york city first. i think it will frame this debate. these are the crime stats over the past year. year to date. murders of town of eight and per have percent. with that in mind and potential possible election, do you think it suggests that the voters in new york city are starting to
10:20 am
change? he is 22 years and a veteran of the force. perhaps seeing the consequences of those movements. >> absolutely. you see people who live in poor neighborhoods, minority neighborhoods, who are dealing with the stats you just mention but are shooting their way out. kids are getting shot with the sexual assaults and these beatings. rich liberals and democrats think that defunding the police is great. but they aren't in the community spirit their kids are not in danger of being shot or groped or breed up to my stomach beat up in the streets. everyone wants a law enforcement their communities keeping law and order and keeping them safe. this is a shot across four democrats on defunding. >> benjamin: do think they are
10:21 am
learning the errors of their ways? >> i'm very excited to see what eric adams is going to bring. the whole concept of defund the police which is something that which is yelled up in the crowd and there was no concept brought to it, unfortunately, what you saw was a lot of democrats hop on the bandwagon and then all of a sudden, defund the police turned into abolish the police. the message from the start was very, very poor. he is on the right track and making sure that people in the city of new york are able to have what i would say smart policing because he's talking about reducing the budget by $500 million and putting more of that money into crime prevention programs because he says a lot of police officers are not away spending their time fighting crime but a lot of time on paperwork and court appearances that he thinks can be listed by
10:22 am
technology. >> benjamin: we have to agree that eric adams is from the center of the party. what are about all of the progressives who are pushing for this agenda? will this hurt in the midterms? >> i don't think it will hurt them. i think that people like myself who is an independent, i think you have a lot more moderate democrats out there that listen to the defund the police rhetoric and there's no context to it. when we look at some of the incidents of lease brutality, let's look at george floyd, george floyd was not shot with a military style weapon used by the police. it was someone's knee on his neck. the issue of policing has to do with cultural policing. obviously we want to look at the bill of rights and those protections have police have. but defunding the police, i think it needs more contacts for and moderate democrats like myself to get behind.
10:23 am
>> i think it's hopeful but when you have the squad, another left-wing democrats who are not moving away from this mantra and you look at cities like minneapolis who are actually starting to defund their police and their crime is skyrocketingt the far left wing cannot walk away from these policies. i think they are embedded in the more liberal movement of the democrat party. i think the democrats might say, "hey, we have to reframe what we are doing." but it's going to be the same. they're going to take money away from cops. we need to take crime and misconduct seriously. that's what question mike that the republicans of been saying for the last year as cities have been burning in kids up and shot. the modern democrats that do not wanted defund the police are going to come the democrat way
10:24 am
to to republican way and say that they are not voting democrat any longer. >> benjamin: whether or not it's going to have handled the democratic party to those midterms, whether or not it's going to see the shift. the pandemic is behind these problems like crime, hacking, and so many more are coming back to the forefront. >> i just would like to add. it's remember that all of this is local. people are not going to be voting nationally in the midterms. people are going to vote within their district and i think we're going to see a shift in how people really feel about defunding the police. >> benjamin: 2022 is coming up faster than we thought. >> benjamin: to >> sandra: a jump in the death toll from that collapsed building in florida. officials say that time may be running out to find signs of life. >> benjamin: a found at the
10:25 am
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seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. >> sandra: sometimes worries to stories we are washing for you. the death toll rising after ten more bodies were found at the florida condo building that collapsed. more than 100 people are still missing and they are currently not seeing the signs of life. >> benjamin: the president of haiti assassinated over night. the attackers were highly trained and heavily armed. >> sandra: more than three months after he got stuck, the giant container shipped, the
10:30 am
ever given finally get out of the suez canal. it was black for six days back in march blocking one of the world's most important trade routes. scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> benjamin: to the border crisis in a live look at la jolla or texas in the rio grande. over the weekend, five more criminal migrants were arrested including a. >> all morning long we had thunderstorms and flooding out here but that did not slow anything down. we saw some of the most activity we saw ever. we shot all of this video with in minutes of arriving this morning.
10:31 am
migrants are showing up in groups all over the place. many of them family units with little children. we saw a group after group after group walking on the road behind us after they crossed illegally into united states. they were seeking out border patrol and looking for border patrol to turn themselves in. this is something that happens every single day out here, but you take a look at the second piece of video here as i was being processed. there were more than 150 migrants then that span when we were filming. border patrol needed for two entire buses to take all of those migrants away. it took over two hours for all of those migrants to be processed and i want to show you why does such a hot spot here. if we could converge on just a half-mile down the road from us, he what you're looking at is the incomplete border wall. it was being built during donald trump's presidency but as soon as president biden took
10:32 am
over, construction of that wall came to his screeching halt. there's metal in the field going on use. once across the rio grande they have no problem crossing the river to get to where they are now. it's not just family units coming across. take a look at the startling graph it here. border patrol, just here in the rio grande valley, over the holiday weekend they arrested five criminal illegal aliens. when a mexican national with a rapist convection. one a nicaraguan national with a sexual assault conviction and to active members of the ms gang. border patrol officials have been expressed in growing frustration with this ongoing crisis and just to put things in perspective, all of the video we just showed you was just in about a half a mile radius of where we are standing right now. this is one tiny piece of not
10:33 am
just the rio grande valley part of the state of texas and the border of as a whole. more than 150 people here just in two hours puts it in perspective. what else is happening elsewhere along the border, that's why we have the crisis and we do on our hands right now. >> benjamin: 180,000 last month and those are just the ones were apprehended. >> sandra: let's bring in laura logan, host of the fox nation show. she has expended this extensively. up so far this year, 6,918 is a number of criminals and noncitizens arrested by border patrol this year in 2021. there still four months to go but to their last point in the discussion there, we do not know how many of got away. how big of a threat does this close to our security?
10:34 am
>> this is probably the least supportive part of the border crisis. in one of the most significant. what has happened politically is that it is been forced into a conversation that defines the border only in terms of immigration. the political trap that has been set for all of us is to argue about whether or not people coming over the border are looking for a better life are good people, hardworking, they want to do the jobs that americans don't want to do, blah, blah, blah. it's undeniable that that is a part of this issue. whether what that is been use to do is stifle any conversation about national security and the criminal threat. you have more and more and more evil asking the question how and why has it been benefiting the biden administration to allow
10:35 am
some of the most violent criminals on earth, who are back by the way, by the most violent term criminal organization also known as the mexican cartels were no longer the cartels of old who operate in multiple countries across the world and control more than 90% of the world in narcotics. they are earning so much money on trafficking people and children that several cartel figures have told me in the last few months and in the last few weeks that they are making more money out of people than they are out of narcotics. these organizations pose such a significant threat to the united states. never mind how many americans are dying every day from opioid overdoses because of fentanyl, because of the narcotics that these cartels are making. this is not the marijuana growing out of the ground in the old days. it is even deadlier than the heroin that is killed so many
10:36 am
americans. not only that, the cartels have formed a strategic partnership with people like the chinese to undermine this country from within. there is a very, very serious question that the biden administration is not only not being asked, but they're also not addressing. when they opened the united states border and it tore apart the sovereignty of this nation and obliterated the laws of this country and prevented law enforcement offices and agencies from and permitting those laws and enforcing them, they did it knowing that these violent criminals, and the cartels would benefit the most. if you put in place policies that have facilitated this and made it easy. their actions show that they want this result because they've
10:37 am
not done anything to mitigate these policies whatsoever. every time that we find ourselves arguing about the decent people that are coming across with their children, as you reported by the way, so excellent he showed. great reporting from the border there. that is happening every day and it is absolutely right. there are tens of thousands of people coming over that border who are even stopped. they do not want illegal immigrants to be treated worse as americans. they want more accountability. i'm talking to ranchers every day that have people breaking into their houses, their farms, their barns. it is happening all over the southern border and it's not being reported. there's so much crime that is
10:38 am
happening and it is migrating across america and it will reverberate in every town and city across this country. >> sandra: as we show the images there and the reporting, you look at the facts that we are dealing with since joe biden became president and his stopping of the board border wall the first day in office. texas has so many in funds to extend the border wall. they've been taking private funds after seeing what's happened to ranchers on that state. two-thirds of those encountered at the border were singled adults. to your point on how we are reporting what is happening at the border, senator tom cruise said that joe biden created the border crisis and he has zero intention to solve the crisis. go back to your point on how does is benefit the administration? >> this is the question at the biden administration has the
10:39 am
answer. we can speculate, but i don't like to speculate. what i know for a fact is that on the other side of the border, the cartels are laughing all the way to the bank. there is a narco state in mexico. it is a failed state. the cartels are giving orders to the administration and the biden administration knows that. there is a very serious problem here and we need to look at it in the context of a country as a whole. not only are people coming over the border like that, the coming without vaccination and they are getting free health care and education when american kids are not being educated. there's all of those other issues. but the national security issue is the one that is the most pressing of all. one thing we know that the cartels do not want is to be characterized with other organizations because when that was suggested by the last administration, the government, they rose up and they were up in
10:40 am
arms. it was an instant reaction and they went out of their way to stop that from happening. that is a conversation that we should be having. it really is -- go with the ngos and all of these politicians and what they do is they look at the numbers as a whole and say oh, 1 million people came over the border and you only have a small number who are convicted criminals. if you break on those numbers, which were talking about is hundreds of convicted criminals coming across the border every day that you know about. the biden administration needs to answer how many speed 24s you want to living next to you? i'm not saying that everyone coping over the border is a speed 24s but i am saying that they are coming and that nothin. do they want rising? >> benjamin: that's a valid question based on the numbers that we are seeing and knowing who is coming over the border. the zero serious and important questions. great to have you. great to have you and we will follow up again.
10:41 am
>> benjamin: launching a legal battle against big tech. fighting what he says is censorship by social media. >> sandra: one state paying for plane tickets to tour them using taxpayer dollars. we'll tell you where they are rolling out the red carpet to bring in the vacation crowd and no, it is not the city, new york. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save.
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10:46 am
conserve devices has been silenced. because we are calling in and for the shadow banning, a stop to the silencing, and the stop to the blacklisting, is banishing, that you know so well. the censorship is unlawful. >> sandra: ranking member of the judiciary community dealing with the spirit you are on the front lines of that very message. what are republicans specifically doing about this? we hear the objections to what is going on with big tech? >> he makes a good point about the shadow banned, canceling, and the censorship. it is in all of the above strategy. we need to ship to mike change section 2:30 in the u.s. house
10:47 am
and hopefully have president biden change that. we have to work on that and president trump decided and broadly after rally, we need to break these tech companies out. we have introduced 6 bills and they've gone through a markup of the judiciary committee. going to the floor of the u.s. house and the senate is working on similar legislation at the same time to make sure that we introduce competition into the marketplace and make sure that we have 5-6 facebook's, 3-4 googles and enough that our message is conservatives can get out. the liberals should be scared to death about censorship because they are next. they will be censored also so you need to see a bipartisan effort against big tech companies. >> sandra: what is your warning if former president donald trump does not prevail with this lawsuit and if
10:48 am
republicans do not get their way with him to stop censorship and break up these enormous companies? what is your warning about what this could all look like if it continues and the way that it is. >> these companies apple, amazon, facebook, google, have a large avenue stomach revenue. the power that these companies exert on americans is enormous. my warning is very simple. these companies are something to be very, very afraid of and something that we need to take very seriously. i understand that there are my fellow conservatives out there that say, "well, we don't want to make big government beggar and an attempt to deal with big tech." we have to deal with big tech because they are going to hurt america in the rock long run. >> sandra: it's the g.o.p. leader tweeted out that g.o.p.
10:49 am
is giving proposals to get the s d.c. more power. using that to stop big tech. there is more money tied to members of congress and their taking the influence that they have over the influence of congress. not naming names, but are you confident that there's an agreement and general consensus push within your party to get something done on this? >> we need to make sure that there is. i have to tell you, i am working very hard to bring unity on that issue. i believe that we will unify both on section 2:30 speech issue as well as the trust issues on the committee. i feel that strongly that we will unify and all but the california democrats are on board with us. we will prevail and we will make
10:50 am
dramatic changes in the law. >> sandra: i want to end with us. mike pompeo has said that he is visited countries where freedom of speech has not been permitted. the first amendment is our most precious amendment and i will never stop fighting to protect it. we saw president trump advance that push the day when announced a lawsuit. great to see you and will follow-up you soon. >> benjamin: stores forced to claire's early following a shoplifting surge in one of biggest cities. where's all that merchandise ending up go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair®
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>> benjamin: san francisco is experiencing a shoplifting skirt mx surge. live in san francisco with more. >> you were right. target now cutting back hours at all five of its san francisco stores to combat a surgeon shoplifting and a booming black market stolen goods. the crowd of thieves just pulled off a smash and grab at a neiman marcus store this week got away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of handbags and other designer goods that will
10:55 am
be resold online where the retail thriving. hardware is a hot one too. home depot shared photos with stolen nail guns, and other tools that are now in high demand. organ is retold crime is a $50 billion a year visit they were third point sellers can remit stomach remain anony. at c and e they are pushing back with privacy concerns. they were preserving important consumer protections. lately, more than 1,000 pharmacies have close here in recent years and target hoping to avoid that by opening to go hours later and closing four hours earlier than normal. >> benjamin: thank you very
10:56 am
much. >> sandra: president biden meeting with mayor lori lightfoot as her city reels from one of the deadliest weekend of the year. what is behind the violent surge in the windy city? plus cdc director joining us on set. all of that coming up on the brand-new hour am era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪ ♪ you've got the brawn ♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700 click or call to switch >> sandra: police say he went to figure out why a pickup truck was in play when somebody put a bullet in his head. who gunned down a pro golfer on the green and why? hello, and welcome everyone. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> benjamin: and i'm benjamin n for john roberts today. the murder on the tenth hole. the search for a killer over what exactly happened that got him killed. we'll talk to man who knows a case very well. >> sandra: a knock and a shot after falling short on his own vaccine goal.
11:01 am
the biden administration is now promising to go door to. but do you need or want big government paying you a visit? former cdc director will join us coming up. >> benjamin: all of that plus avoiding armageddon. nasa is working on a plan to stop an asteroid for ending life as we know it. could science fiction become a reality? >> sandra: we begin with a fox news alert. one minute past the hour and president biden right now in chicago trying to sell the max of tax plan for infrastructure. the concern in that city not roads and bridges but family. an entire community that is crumbling. >> benjamin: the shock of sheer number of shootings over the holiday weekend, we are now hearing about the people whose lives will never be the same or were ended altogether. >> sandra: it is easy to dismiss it as gang warfare but it's much more than that to the
11:02 am
family of that 9-year-old girl who was shot in the head while in a car on city southside. or another girl shot over a fourth of july party over the weekend. the constant crime saying that young children are be going extinct. >> benjamin: a college student writing a train over the weekend when a stray bullet struck him in the neck. he became paralyzed from the neck down. his mom said that he would've never eaten or walked again and would've spent the rest of his life on a ventilator. when he found this out, he spelled out a message saying if i have to live life like this, pulled the please. he was 20 years old. >> sandra: city leaders are awol. one person demanding answers and resignation. but first, breaking news out of the windy city. it has been overshadowed by all of this tragedy. it is the potential shooting
11:03 am
that did not happen. police warned that it could have been a disaster. >> benjamin: a housekeeper at a chicago high-rise hotel comes across the screen so disturbing that joint terrorism threats course race to the scene. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you that the president is here in crystal lake, illinois, just about 45 miles northwest of chicago. after meeting with chicago's mayor lori lightfoot who has a lot of problems, and there is an alarming amount of bloodshed over the weekend even by chicago standards. 18 people killed over the weekend and it is common over the rough parts of town. what she wants from the president with a democrat and off it is more resources and money. jen psaki indicated that she will get it. $1 billion and more than $1 billion for the state of
11:04 am
illinois. most of the bloodshed is gang related, but as you mention, there was a frightening case from over the weekend. it divides an i owe man who rented a room that rented a room looking over the navy appeal to my peer. he was overlooking the beach and the pier where the crowds are. he has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon and here's superintendent david brown. speak out we have reports of an employee of the hotel with a rifle and a handgun in a very suspicious position inside one of the rooms. >> superintendent brown has blamed the courts for the violence in the chicago wild mayor lightfoot planes gun stores and gun laws in the neighboring states. >> benjamin: those guns on the windowsill make you think of the
11:05 am
las vegas incident. thank gosh that the housekeeper was there and she found it. >> benjamin: even with a attack foiled, there's no sign of help. mayor lori lightfoot. fox tweeted that it is not the time for finger-pointing and in the very next line, blamed police saying that, "cops need to make a arrest before he reaches the court's door." thank you for joining us and as you probably know, this is a city that i know very well and i dearly love. this is happening all over and the crime continues to worsen. we are seeing from the leaders is finger-pointing. you are looking at the situation and you are pitching changes. what you be done to fix it?
11:06 am
>> i said before and i will say it again. if you're not ready for the job, you to step aside or step down. and how we say that it starts at the top and it starts in the judicial system. it definitely falls on kim fox. she's going to blame the police because he is been an inadequate state attorney. she is the highest rate of released prisoners from prison and she has everyone on home monitoring systems. she doesn't want to prosecute and she ran a campaign on being more for -- less event comic against crime and more for justice or social justice. this is the downturn. she has the effect of not arresting anybody. >> benjamin: don't ask me to present biden's on the ground there northwest of the chicago area. he was asked and jim saki was asked if he was going to play tonic pay a visit to those police officers that were shot
11:07 am
and the reporter was told that there was no change in schedule. is that a missed opportunity for this white house visit those on the front line and affected by the spike in violence of those who are just shot in a city? >> yes. these are heroes of people who are putting their lives on the lines that are being ridiculed across the entire nation and yet they're going out doing the job every day of the week. this is a chance to tell everybody that we are backing or police officers and we support you as you were in a crime filled city. you should stop in there and tell them thank you, i apologize for being on 12 hour days, and help us get more police on the street and bring federal help as well. >> sandra: it's brutal to see what is happening. jen psaki on air force one making their way to the midwest there and was asked about the spike in crime in that city. her answer to the crime was cook county getting over $1 billion in the state of
11:08 am
illinois getting over $8.1 billion is a gun reduction strategy. 15 jurisdictions nationwide are helping them invest in evidence-based community based strategy. your reaction to that? >> here's my reaction. everybody wants to blame the gun. you're going to blame the inanimate object. it's like me blaming the spoon because i put so much weight on. if to go after people. we the people problem in the city of chicago. we've gangs raising children. you want to blame surrounding states where the guns are funk, coming from but they don't have anywhere near the gun violence that we have. you need to point out what is going on in a community and don't worry about being reelected. you will not have a city to run or govern over anymore because it's being destroyed. you have to start calling it what it is and pointing people out and calling them to stand up
11:09 am
or step out. >> sandra: it is hard to believe that a city that can be so beautiful and great is going through this. i know that you have hope that there is a another side and that it can come out of this. you are suggesting a change in leadership would do. what of the resident saying there? you're looking at a city that is been bankrupt in crime is spiking. they've quadrupled property taxes on anybody who has remaining place in that city. almost every neighborhood is hit. what is the thinking of residents on the ground there? do they feel safe walking a block or two knowing that there were 100 shootings over the fourth of july weekend alone? >> they don't feel safe. my children want to explore the city. my 15-year-old wants to go out and i refuse to let her go. i was at cubs games when i was her age but i won't let her go. we need to step up and do something. we need to make it more feasible and put a municipal want in place were these criminals are
11:10 am
hit with fines now and we can make back some of these money instead of putting it on the court system where state attorney lets everybody go. if we could do it at the municipal and local level, maybe we start packing price tags on these crimes, we could fund these pensions and bring back some civility in the city. >> sandra: and perhaps attention drawn to that city and what is happening on a grander scale when it comes to media coverage on it. why are so many democrats ignoring this crisis in chicago? lori lightfoot, the mayor, saying that she is failing that city and its residents. it is a horrible story and it's horrible to see what is happening. we will see what happens next. thank you for joining us. >> benjamin: while chicago's leadership points leaders at procedures and law enforcement, and seems that democrats in new york city are fed up with defund the police. disorganized primary race finally called today and one
11:11 am
year after the anti-police protests, new york democrats have picked a former nypd captain as a candidate. it is a stunning rebuke of anti-police rhetoric coming from a literal city. there is a live reporter. is this the rejection you think of the defund the police movement? >> yes. i would say so. he does not support cutting the police budget. that was appealing not only to those in the center, but also conservatives. perhaps even the thousands of republicans who switched their party to throw support behind a more moderate democrat like him. he ran heavily on the proudest stomach promise to provide focused on fighting crime and he said this, "if black lives mattt
11:12 am
needs to work on this crime ripping through a country. as we head into the november election, and murder, felony, salts, hate crime, they're all up from this time last year. here is adams. >> we are not going to have a city with violence and we are going to give them opportunities where they do not live up to those opportunities and we will use the police department to stop violence in our city. >> crime is key and he faces off with republican curtis key who is of the guardian angels. new york city is a deeply blue town and many expect adams to be elected. he can expect a lot of pressure coming at him from all sites. >> benjamin: thank you very much. i can't help but think that while this might not be the end of the defund the police movement because there are progressives that are pushing for it, there's certainly
11:13 am
reminders that the pandemic is in the rearview mirror and people are playing more attention to crime, border control that are going to be in effect at midterms. >> sandra: former caulk the likely nest mayor of new york city. covert shutdown has been brutal and crime here has been brutal. we love the city and want to see it thrive. a change of leadership could do it. the white house said that anyone blaming resident biden for the high price of gas does not understand how it all works. other than avoiding blame, how do you plan to help people struggling to up their gas tank? >> benjamin: present biden says that they will go door-to-door to make sure that everyone gets a vaccine. the backlash from people saying big brother has no issue, place.
11:14 am
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11:19 am
>> i don't think we need to allow biden to blame on our door with a syringe yet and say that this is the vaccine. who is it that you should have a conversation with about whether to have the vaccine or not? who? your physician. >> sandra: the door-to-door vaccine pushes getting black last. the plan is hitting a little bit too close to home. cdc director is standing by. but first, let's get to david who is a line from the white house. >> good afternoon. talking about knocking on doors, he made this talk yesterday
11:20 am
during a covert response meeting. the white house is trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible and as quickly as possible. white house officials, they believe that the president's response to covid-19 only helps them in the eyes of the public and it is a passion of his. he does well when it comes to that of a 19 response. the administration wants to boost vaccine numbers even higher. >> president biden: we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and knocking on doors. we need to get help to the remaining peoples that were all protected by the virus. >> some doctors are pushing back on that grassroots idea. fox news contributor tweeting that vaccine a conversation be between doctor and patient, not grassroots government. that is about 47% of the overall population and that is a number that is totally vaccinated.
11:21 am
the white house wants to move as quickly as possible to get shots in arms with as many people as possible. >> sandra: thank you. >> benjamin: let's bring enough former cdc director tom. thank you so much for being with us this morning. he wasn't terribly pleased with the idea of people showing up at your door. there's been a backlash also saw him some conservatives. i want to reach you saying don't knock on my door, you're not my parents mayor the government. why is that concept so hard for the left? i think everyone agrees that the vaccine's remarkable particulars in front of the vulnerable. but it is it not the choice of the people with that they get it or not? >> absolutely. the bottom line here is the rapidly spreading delta variant in many states of the u.s. it is most strains in the u.s. we've seen increases in other parts of the world even with
11:22 am
high vaccination rates. it is a risk of the variance against the vaccine. what works for each person works for them. for some people be their doctor, some will be the drugstore, some will be a local community site. if identify the messages that will work. there's only one enemy and the enemy is the virus. we work together and the more people will conquer the virus. the more we divide, the more that the virus divides us. this is not a win for the political party, this is a win for humanity against the deadly virus that's already killed more than 600,000 americans and could kill many thousands more if we do not further increase vaccination. >> benjamin: you mentioned one enemy there. but if you read about all of these variants coming out, you would think that there's lots of different enemies out there we have to act different for each
11:23 am
one. we have the lambda coming out of peru. nyu researchers doubt that they are resistant. should we worry about every strain and variant comes out or are we blowing it out of proportion? >> the virus adapts. we better adapt too or it's going to stay had bus. the really good news here is that all of the sound data we have seen shows that the vaccines we are using is working very well against the other variants. there's hardly a new day and out, but the delta variant which is the dominant one here is effectively stopped at least four severe diseases or death. every single person who died in from covid and marilyn last
11:24 am
month was not vaccinated. it might not just save your life but someone you love like some one who is older and has health problems. you may not know that your spreading the virus but yet so you could spread and someone could die. vaccination will just be in your body to teach your immune system how to fight your own immune system and then your own immune system will be stronger, primed, and you can avoid not just covid and the deadly disease that causes, but long covid which tens of thousands of americans are suffering from. >> benjamin: there has not been a lot of discussion about people who had covid and recovered from the antibodies or whether that could do just as well as the vaccine. that seems to be ignored. there must be a large percent of the population 20%-30% to have had it. should we start looking at that more and saying if you had covid you may not need the vaccine? >> that has been looked out and what is clear is that the immunity that you get from getting the disease is not nearly as good then the immunity
11:25 am
you get from the vaccine. it gives you antibody levels that is much higher and a protection that lasts longer, protection that is more complete. even though it is true that if you've had it before you are somewhat protected, you are much better protected, including against those new delta strain that is now spreading around the u.s., by getting a vaccination. >> benjamin: thank you so much for being with us today. we appreciate it and we will see you again soon. >> sandra: i think it's hard for everybody when we hear the stories i can tell mike about the other variance out here and the threats that they pose and whether or not the vaccine wille effective or not. >> benjamin: the vaccine is the way out of this. if you are vulnerable, you have to take it. there's no doubt about it. remember how fast that was rush through, operation warp speed. nothing like that has happened
11:26 am
before. in this case, it's something that you could congratulate the trump administration on that. and then the biden administration for pushing on i had with the vaccine. let's try not to be so partisan about that. >> sandra: is we'll try to get back to the new normal of life. >> benjamin: for hotshot heroes like derek jeter, they go to people who you don't know. there's a chance that they have saved your life. >> sandra: that is new york city's first parade and two years celebrating the first responders for them putting their lives at risk throughout the pandemic. the heroes looking a little bit different than in parades past. without the thousands of downtown workers cheering for a windows like nurses and other essential workers, they can work from home.
11:27 am
that is a welcome sight because remember during the darkest days of the pandemic, new york city hanging out windows at 7:00 p.m. everybody raised a toast and a pod stomach applauded those workers that worked at each and every day to save lives. it gives me chills. >> benjamin: it really does. and that happened across the pond as well. everyone came out and bang to their pots to celebrate. particularly when we didn't know much about covid and people were so afraid and doctors are still going on. every day. still to come, murder in the green as police hunt for whoever killed the pro golfer in the middle of a course. >> sandra: plots, prices skyrocketing on everything from groceries to fuel but the white house claims it's not on them and it says that americans should do their homework. what? david has something to say about
11:28 am
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11:33 am
>> sandra: fox news alert on the second half of the hour as americans are stuck with soaring gas prices. the white house says it is not their fault. >> benjamin: they claim that americans who blame them don't know any better and don't understand why they're paying more. david is moments away on that. >> sandra: i can't imagine he has anything to say on that. meanwhile, questions adults were lying over hill killed a pro golfer. what police are revealing about a murder mystery. >> benjamin: and nasa's plan to save the planet from an asteroid. >> benjamin: if you're in the market for a home, good luck. purchase continue to sort. it is the third month in a row that the rate for home prices
11:34 am
has hit a record high. the average u.s. home is now worth more than $33,000 since the beginning of the year. and since the start of the pandemic, they are up $63,000. >> benjamin: supermarkets apparently stupid dumb x stocking up on must have groceries before prices go up any further. the idea is to keep their shelves full as demand rises. in may, compared to the same time last year, gas prices spiked more than 56% and bake things like bacon has shot up 60%. same thing goes for oranges, milk, bread, and much more. >> sandra: the white house deflect blame saying that americans don't understand what causes him to rise. >> things are misunderstood about what causes grasses prices to rise. to convey to the u.s. people to work on it has a huge impact.
11:35 am
>> sandra: americans understand how much they're paying at the pump. according to aaa, a gas for average gallon today is $3.13. it was $2.19 a year ago and you're paying almost a dollar more. let's bring in david. you are a guy that does understand and i believe most americans understand what causes gas prices to go up what is everybody getting so caught up on? >> it is an incredible insult to americans to suggest that only the folks inside the white house understand what is going on. americans do understand that gas prices are way out. that's obvious. but they also understand that the most basic rule in economics in supply and demand. if the administration is decreasing the supplies specifically trying to kill the fossil fuel industry, supplies decrease and they're shutting down these pipelines and forbidding certain exploration that would provide more supply from the united states. demand is going way up.
11:36 am
after the pandemic is over because everybody wants to go out and drive again. you've lower supply, increased demands. that leads to higher prices. it is very simple. meanwhile, by the way instead of trying to increase the supply here which would help americans who have jobs in the fossil fuel industry of which there were about 6 million before, now we are losing hundreds of thousands of job, they're going to opec. please, please, have more oil. were asking them to pump more oil and asking our producers to pump less oil. it does not make any sense at all. remember, president biden said that he was never going to increase taxes on the middle class or the lower class. inflation is the cruelest tax of all. it hits hardest the people who can afford at least because everybody needs bread, everybody that is driving to work needs to fill up their car with gas. this is a middle-class tax hike by the biden administration.
11:37 am
>> sandra: every american understands inflation. if your wages are going up, like the white house likes to tout right now and the jobless late is going down, but if you're paying more for all of those goods, opec and fighting and fox business is running a line today that this could mean for dollar gas prices. we were looking at $100 oil. people were paying $500 at the pump. are we returning to the days of 4-$5 at the pump? >> opec was being killed that we became an independent country under donald trump. we were producing more energy than we could consume here. that is flipped 180 degrees and who is the big beneficiary of all of this? the oil-producing countries outside of the united states. russia and opec.
11:38 am
venezuela is a member of opec so they're pretty happy. all of our mnes and adversaries are doing pretty well and we are doing worse while they're doing better by putting the squeeze on u.s. producers. >> sandra: you cannot shake away from the fact that there is an economic boom happening right now and there's a record-breaking stock market. the dow is up at today. you are talking about something that could derail this recovery? >> that the stock market, i'm very happy for someone with a 401(k) and most americans have one and are interested and an investment's going up, but that's where investors put their money right now. if you have bonds, you've 1% interest rate over a five-year period. that's making money so people think that you put your money in stocks and that's the only place to put it. stocks are being used as a savings account right now. >> sandra: if you are, you are seeing that number go up to record heights. great, great to see you.
11:39 am
>> benjamin: coming up next, the urgent search for whoever gone down a pro golfer and what he might have seen that lead to somebody putting a bullet in his headte. e to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need!
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11:44 am
>> sandra: please say whoever killed pro golfer golf course did not set up to murder him. but the killer had a secret that the victim accidentally stumbled upon. keeping him quiet meant taking his life. katie has live in dallas with his bizarre mystery. >> bizarre indeed. he was found shot to death at the pine tree country club in georgia outside of atlanta. this all started when a stolen pickup suddenly drove onto the course there on the golf course and came to a stop this weekend on the green of the tentpole. authorities say that he likely went to check on the driver witnessed a crime in progress so he was ultimately shot and killed. police found two additional bodies in that truck. one happened to be the vehicles registered owner. detective saint nothing ties him to the club or the golfer.
11:45 am
the motive remains a mystery as does the identity of the government. >> it brings everyone together and strengthens the bond of the members. we take that step back and realize how precious our lives are. >> 46-year-old jean siller joined the country club as a director of golf. police are asking anyone in the public who may have information to call them. >> sandra: what a story. thank you. >> benjamin: for more and that's, let's bring in jay. he is a criminal defense attorney in atlanta. i also happen to know that you are a golfer and you've played this course. we'll get to that in a moment, but what a mystery. this pickup on the tenth green and three bodies found.
11:46 am
the pro golfer found shot in the back of the head. what you make of it? >> it's a very interesting case because where this happened is a quiet idyllic suburb of atlanta. it is not a place where there's a lot of violent crime. it is on a country club and as you said, i have played the course. i think that the police -- it is a pretty good police force and i think that they will use a lot of technology and forensics to catch this person or suspect. they are going to use -- they're going to obviously collect ballistics from the scene and they're going to comb that truck for your dna and fingerprints. in addition, i think they're going to use a lot of technology to catch his person. going to get cameras from the street, from local businesses, and even residents security cameras that surround the golf course to identify who is coming and going during that
11:47 am
time. it also they're going to pull data from the closest cell phone tower to triangulate any cell phones over in the area so in case there was a cell phone, there will be able to identify what number that is and figure out who done it in this case. >> benjamin: paint a picture for us of the people in the community there. it doesn't seem like it is a crime heavy area at all. how often does a murder like the same? >> it's out of place. no suburb and no area is perfect but it's not constantly dealing with murder cases. as a slight side note, in the 1980s it waslt in notoriety for being the town that passed the law requiring homeowners to have a gun if they lived there. it was in response to gun-control laws that are being touted in the 1980s.
11:48 am
it is very conservative community and it's very quiet community. this is a private country club so it's a very. my expectation is when they do catch the suspect, this is probably something related to gangs or drugs. something of that nature. it's pretty out of place. >> benjamin: interesting. if you look at the wider picture and you look at the crime, we talk a lot about crime on this program. what you think another crime happening and what does a community like this need? how do you react after this? >> i probably have an unpopular opinion, but i've been on the front lines of the criminal justice for 26 years. if you want to stop all of this violent crime that has been up taking in the past years, a simple solution. new york did in the 1990s. we have to increase the number of police on the street. you have to double the police force. the only way to effectively do that is to raise taxes. you're going to have to raise funds in order to get more cops on the street and give them
11:49 am
better training, more training, and increase their numbers if you want to push those crime rates down. there's not a lot of other ways you were going to solve this problem. the number of guns in america, that cat is out of the bag. i'm not weighing in on the gun control debate. good gunter trolls and make a lot of sense to me, but that's not going to solve this problem. we need good police. >> benjamin: i'm afraid that's all we have time for today. at the core, this is a tragic story about a man who is left behind two sons and a mystery still. we will let you know if we find more. >> sandra: straight out of hollywood, nasa testing ideas on stopping asteroid from crashing into our planet. we wonder if it involves bruce willis?
11:50 am
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for the last time jimmy carter was single, we were celebrating world war. president and first lady's 77th wedding anniversary. they got married in their hometown in 1946. he was fresh out of the naval academy and the couple said they developed a full partnership early on. after three quarters of a century by each other side, they've never gone to sleep with differences between them. remarkable. >> benjamin: 96 and 93 years old, they are the longest married presidential couple. the former first lady said that there are always looking for things to do together. from arriving in the white house and traveling the world, they're all back in georgia where began. 75 years to the day, the former
11:56 am
president called at the pinnacle of his life. >> sandra: and the best decision he ever made he said. she was rosalyn smith when he proposed to her and she said no because she made a promise to her dying father that she would not get married until she graduated. >> benjamin: that's great. i'm only at six years for five seems like an awful long way. >> sandra: easy breezy, right? >> benjamin: he also said every day that the key to success, there needs to be reconciliation. they've invited to many people to the event coming up and they're hoping that some people will not show up. >> martha: and i know you have three beautiful daughters as a result of that wonderful marriage so congratulations to you. now this.
11:57 am
>> you think we'll get hazard pay out of this? >> bruce willis will be proud. nasa getting a chance to knock an asteroid off of its orbit before it causes havoc. first of all, welcome. what is the plan here? >> this is literally the stuff of science fiction turned reality. in the late 80s, congress tasked nasa to categorize what they deemed hazardous asteroids 3,200 a feet across or larger. most of the earth is hit with debris that burns up. we saw one that burned up in the atmosphere and burned up. there's been a few strikes that
11:58 am
were catastrophic. think about the dinosaurs. enter the double asteroid dart mission. it reads like it was ripped from a sci fi film. dart is the first kinetic technique. it will change the direction of an incoming asteroid. it was crash into an asteroid to next it out of its orbit so slightly. the satellite launch from vandenberg in california on a spacex rocket. also on board a smaller craft that will take video of the event. >> sandra: amazing. >> very cool. so much -- you know, you look up in the sky. there's bills of stars. a lot of them are heading for us. that could be problematic. it's the stuff of science
11:59 am
fiction movies. we've seen armageddon. we won't send a space shuttle with bruce willis. >> nice to be talking about this again. >> sandra: it is. >> now that we survived a pandemic, let's worry about asteroids. no, nasa has their eye on the sky for us. >> sandra: a remarkable plan. great to see you, brat. welcome back. good to have you back. more space soon. >> soon. >> sandra: okay. benjamin, that's a remarkable story and a remarkable plan. >> i love that story. i grew up with those movies. this is like my childhood coming true. let's hope it works. one day there would be an asteroid. the chinese have said that they've got a similar technology that they're working on. we have to keep our eyes on the space race. they just launched their own space station. they made their first spacewalk.
12:00 pm
they're catching up. we have to watch the chinese in space. they're doing well in the other atmosphere. >> good point. love to take in this video. okay. benjamin, great to be with you. see you tomorrow. thanks to all of you for joining us. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> sandra: been a pleasure. stove starts right now with trace gallagher in for martha. >> trace: thanks. good afternoon, everybody. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum, this is "the story." president biden in crystal lake, illinois, an hour outside of chicago the same day an officer and two atf agents are attacked with one local report saying it was an ambush. the president meeting with mayor lori lightfoot as the city reels from a violent deadly july fourth weekend. among the innocent caught in the cross fire, chris


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