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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 7, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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one good morning. tropical storm elsa lashing the west coast of florida. packing winds at 65 miles per hour, stronger guests hitting. turn it is possible. keeping a close eye over the morning. another fox news alert. the head of america's second largest teachers union doubling down over the fight on critical race theory. she says educators are being bullied for teaching "accurate
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history." i am bill hemmer. how are you doing? >> dana: on grade. i am dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." a growing number of states move to band critical race theory. they say they union is prepared to take the fight all the way to the courts. >> are union will defend any number to get in trouble for we have a legal defense fund ready to go. good morning. >> he got pretty fire yesterday. she says her union is adding millions of dollars to an already existing legal defense fund specifically to defend teachers who might get disciplined over what they are teaching. not speaking to teachers yesterday, she also said critical race theory was something only taught in college and law school and that it wasn't being taught. in school classes even though
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the -- it is all very confusing, but let's listen here to randy. >> cultural warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism, or discrimination as crt to try to make it toxic. they are building in teachers trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history. >> one month from ohio says her daughter is being after she complained about what she said was the schools woke ideology. unfortunately, when you are
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trying to say your truth, unfortunately, there are people who want to retaliate against you. in this case they are retaliating against our children, who are innocent. >> first lady, jill biden, also a lifelong teacher, will be touring a local elementary school in d.c. along with randi weingarten. there is also a report out this morning from the daily wire staying overnight the nea removes language from its website announcing their nationwide campaign to promote critical race theory after some negative press coverage. we are looking into that and hope to have more for you later today. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: the first lady is going to appear. that might not have been about critical race theory when they first put it on the schedule, but because of her statements yesterday, it certainly will be today. you start to think does the white house support this?
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>> bill: excellent point. he dropped the hands, and then we followed up with him and said this yesterday. >> i had listens to the testimony of the nominees by president biden. these folks are radical. they all believe in critical race theory. ask attorney general garland. i asked him if he thought the department of justice during his committee testimony was inherently racist. he wouldn't answer. >> bill: i want to be clear. we did not expect the answer yesterday. but now we see the context of the first lady and the head of the union, and on and on. >> dana: it might have been a scheduling saying, but now they are enjoying together. stay one there is a principle here where some are arguing that you can go ahead and talk about that at the college level and tn theory that you want to characterize it, but don't do it
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and kindergarten, which is what some of the unions are pushing. one gentleman who is very much against this is ian wright. he went to toted out with the children's school district overt critical race theory. we are going to play his sound bite coming up, and we are going to talk to him. meanwhile, three law enforcement officers in stable condition. they were shot by a moving vehicle earlier today. apparently, it happened right outside the precinct, not a lot more information coming in. we will give you some more information. chicago has been on the crosshairs of the story all summer long. >> dana: what is interesting is that these issues join. president biden will meet with lori lightfoot and illinois. the administration is facing criticism for its response to violent crime. >> hi, white house officials are
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concerned about some of the violent surges that we are seeing from los angeles to chicago to boston. president biden maintains that he has no desire to defund the police. he has said this many times on the record. instead, they say they actually wanted to find the police by taking coveted pandemic funds and reallocating them to different police departments across the country. he mentioned that president biden will be heading to the chicago area today, specifically crystal lake, to talk about his american families plan. speaking at chicago, the numbers of violent crime continue to search. you just heard that update. 108 people shot, including two police officers, that was just over the weekend from friday to monday. 17 people died from those injuries. that is the most people shot in the windy city over the fourth of july weekend since
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2017. >> secretary psaki: unfortunately, we often see spikes in violent crime over the weekends. that may or may to discuss this. >> that mayor is lori lightfoot. she blames the justice system on the violence, specifically the closure of courts. >> open up the courts. people need to get their day in court. justice delayed is justice denied. you are hurting not only those in charge but also those in the community, the victims, the survivors, and the witnesses, who need to have a measure of justice. our criminal courts have been shut down for 15 months. >> meanwhile, they have also been working with merrick garland on ghost guns. the justice department is putting out red flag model legislation for different states. that they key word is "model."
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that means no suggestions, no firm laws there. >> dana: of all of the news from the weekend, the one that they didn't cover was at 400 people were shot and a hundred 50 killed over the weekend. i'm glad we are doing it here. >> bill: andrew cuomo signing a disaster emergency in response to the surge of gun violence. the democratic governor also declaring a "border war" on illegal firearms that come in from other states. >> people can pass, but illegal guns cannot pass. it is a magic wall. that is what we need here in new york, and that is what we have needed. >> bill: carol, good morning to you. the initiative will do what today? >> apparently, it is going to a
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magic wall that is going to stop guns but not people. governor cuomo has a real problem where he has an election coming up in a year, and new yorkers are basing this giant crime wave, and he needs . this is what he is doing here. he says illegal guns should be illegal. i think everybody agrees with that. or that he knows they already are illegal. this anti-gun measure is aimed at the leftist flank of his party to show that he is one of them and he is not going to be a crime fighter and he is going to focus on the gun issue. speaking of a great way for them to carry political favor. a lot of money comes in from gun violence funding. he might be trying to go for that. he is thinking of running for a fourth term. when he signed the executive order yesterday, he is smiling. i think this is outrageous. there is a way to deal with this. it is called the anti-crime task force and they did away with that.
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>> absolutely. the idea that governor cuomo is going to have emergency powers over this is wild. i think anybody watching the last 16 months knows that he should never have emergency powers ever again, no matter what he thinks the crisis is. >> bill: what do you think new york voted for? i don't know why they did this ranked choice voting thing. that's a topic for another day. we are waiting for a winner for three weeks. get the people of new york voted to fund the police and to fight back on crime, do you believe? >> i wrote in march, when eric adams was one of the frontrunners but not number one, that all of the frontrunners were not addressing crime. but eric adams was the only one able to turn that around in time and make it clear that he found crime to be an important issue, just like new yorkers do. they are not for defending the police. the only people who are for defining the police live in
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wealthy areas of low crime. new yorkers know that that is going to lead to more crime. eric adams spoke to that truth, and he won the election because of it. i hope it is a way forward for the left new york city and in cities across the country that you can't be be for this ridiculous policy, especially while the politicians who supported have private security or nypd or police security at their homes around the clock. detailed that's a good point. if there are more police on the beach and they arrest people who are put back the street the next day, that's not going to do anything. thank you. >> bill: thank you, karol markowicz. it is time we reimagine and reinvent and did together. stage 25-year-old could have figured out the cause and effect here. even i figured it out. the one that's right. 12 minutes passed. president biden will start
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knocking on your door in an effort to get more americans a vaccine. it is not a good idea, or is not the government run amok? >> dana: new details on a shocking murder of a georgia golf pro. why police that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> bill: also, the fastest woman in america will not compete in the games in japan. the follow up from decision next. ♪ ♪ not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this.
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>> bill: the death toll of that florida condo collapse rising to 36 after four more bodies were bound. more than 100 people listed as missing.
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about two weeks since the building crashed down. the search and rescue operation is now sending gran about the prospects of finding anyone else. they said they have not detected any signs of life in the rebel. >> right now, we are in a search and rescue mode. it is an active investigation, and our primary goal right now is to bring closure to the families. >> bill: they had a press conference about 20 hours ago. if something happens, we will get you there with updates. >> dana: president biden facing some backlash after a new grassroots push to get more americans vaccinated. this comes after the more contagious delta variant has spread throughout the united states. >> president biden: we need to go from community to community and knock on doors to get help to people and protect them from the virus. >> dana: author of the book
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"panic attacks." when i heard that, i thought he is trying to give it a shot to get people more information. why the backlash? >> the president found himself in a bit of a dichotomy during that speech. he was declaring independence from the virus, and he is right. americans have the opportunity to choose to be vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones, but declaring that independence doesn't mean the pandemic is over. all of a sudden, he says we are going to send it low level government workers to your house. while some people may see this as a public education page, which is always a good thing, the more education the better, others may see this as confrontational. i can tell you that is not how you are going to reach that vaccine has attended population. they are going to already feel that you are invading their space. >> dana: dr. nicole, listen to this. "how about it don't knock on my
6:20 am
door. you are not my parents. you are the government. why is that concept so hard for the left?" in "the washington post," it also said in maryland 100 people died of covid engine. 100% of them were unvaccinated. that was one of the things that the president was trying to say yesterday, i suppose. >> that is not just maryland. that is many states across the country. the debts that are still occurring tend to be those that are unvaccinated. the best way to protect people is to get vaccinated. again, this is freedom of choice. that is what is very important. it goes to the core of our country. when you turn on other media outlets, you hear people calling for requiring them and mandates. you can't declare independence and the freedom to choose vaccination, and then require them as well. these are conversations that need to be had between physicians and patients, and not
6:21 am
by low-level people people knocking on doors. >> dana: it has been building, but a lot of the headlines are targeted and blaming anyone who voted for trump or the red states. they are the ones that are the problem. a lot of those places are brutal. some of them don't have that fancy freezers that can take the pfizer or maturing of vaccines. how would you persuade someone to get the vaccine? >> there is a lot of politicized nation throughout the entire course of the vaccination, but the best thing that the cdc and the administration could do is to reach out to those hesitance. that has to do with getting full fda approval. i think it will help people trust the safety more if they get that full approval. they need to be transparent. they can't be so myopic when it comes to the adolescent recommendations, especially as we see rising cases of myocarditis. they are continuing to neglect
6:22 am
natural immunity, and they continue to recommend phil does for adolescents regardless of risk and regardless of presence of natural immunity. if they did that, i think they would gain the trust of american people more. this has nothing to do with trust. you have to make sure it is available to the rural population, and you have to make sure that they have the education. the way to do that is to reach out to local public health officials. not send government to their home. >> dana: all right, dr. nicole saphier. great to have it is morning. >> bill: now with a murder mystery from georgia. police revealing new details. they are saying that the golf pro is not the target, but he was in the wrong place and the wrong time. shot in the head. what are we learning, casey? >> police are saying that this does appear to be a tragic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. golf pro jean siller was found shot to death this weekend at the pine tree country club in
6:23 am
georgia. investigators believe he happened upon a crime in progress after a stolen pickup truck drove onto the golf course and came to a stop right there on the green of the ten hole, where he was playing. authorities say that he likely went to check on the driver, but was shot dead next to the vehicle. by the time officers arrived, two additional bodies were discovered, and the driver was gone. police are still searching for that suspect. also trying to determine a motive for a crime that has sent ripples through that tight knit community. >> i pray that through all of this, it brings everyone else together and strengthens the bond between the members. we just take a step back and realize how precious our life actually is. i know that is what he would want. >> 46-year-old jean siller leaves behind a wife and two
6:24 am
small boys. he joined a country club in 2019 as director of golf. those who knew hands that he was one of those guys that had a way of making any person's day better. the investigation is clearly ongoing at this point. >> bill: it is not right. he is thinking about living a life and teaching the game of golf and having used together with his boys. thank you, casey. >> dana: crime going unchecked and san francisco as a shoplifter a shoplifter's head and other high end store in broad daylight. what can police do to get the situation under control? we will talk to a san francisco cop on the front lines. up next, meet the dad his as pushing critical race theory on his kid is like teaching them to hate their own mother. >> who are you to educate my children or any of our children and life issues? that is our job. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history.
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>> dana: according to the country's interim prime minister, the attack happened overnight at the president's private home. the first lady was also shot and in the hospital. no word on the attacker's identity. the interim will now take over. >> bill: now to a father in michigan calling at his local school board for pushing critical race theory onto his two kids in the classroom. he said this. >> teaching that white people are bad. that is not true. that would teach my daughter that her mother is evil. what is your criteria to educate the educators, and who are you to educate my children or any of our children in life issues? that is our job. the one that father is named ian rice. he joins me now. en, good morning to you. this got our attention yesterday. based on the argument you're making, you are not saying don't think about it later in life,
6:31 am
just don't teach it to my kids in grade school or high school. do i have that right? >> that's exactly correct. life issues that are taught in school, that should be left to parents and home. our kids need to be taught mathematics, english, reading, writing, science, those are the things that educated should be taking our kids. life issues are the jobs of the parents. >> bill: so here is your quote. "we don't have the proper educators to teach these kids." right now, the theory that is out there, it is supposed to stay in the collegiate atmosphere, not in the grade school or high school levels. teachers are not equipped. now that they can't be educated, but they are not currently equipped to educate our kids in that manner. nor do we want our kids to be taught and not nonunion. >> bill: why do you think they are pushing this? why do they want this?
6:32 am
>> i think they think it will help with racial tensions in the u.s. it is doing the opposite. they are going to continue to draw racial lines and divides and create those wedges. it is not a good idea to teach kids to look at different issues through the lens of race and these school settings. they can get along with each other just fine. let them lead life. let them learn how to live life through their parent's eyes as well. let the school's teaching the academics. i believe they think they are doing the right thing, but it is doing the wrong thing. it is causing larger issues and they are trying to help with. they wanted do you think you can stop it? >> i'm going to try. my goal wasn't to vilify anybody or have people lose jobs or any of that. it was more to bring the attention to the schools and let them see that although they think they are trying to do something good, they are doing wrong. it is actually causing more
6:33 am
issues in our school systems. my own daughter went through a similar issue and was vilified because of her biracial nature. those teachings, they don't work, not in the form they are being done now. >> bill: your wife is white. your comment is that you're going to teach my daughter that her mother is evil. did your child ask you about that? >> she has. she knows better. some of the comments that are made in the school systems about the history of white people in america -- we all know that there are atrocities across the entire spectrum of history, no matter what the races. multiple races have had multiple atrocities in their history. when you teach one fact of it, and when you break it down into racial barriers or racial contexts, that leads one to think that maybe this race isn't a good race or maybe not raise isn't a good race. we have to have conversations in
6:34 am
our home to dispel what is being taught in schools. when you constantly hit our kids in the head with "white people did this. white people did this. black people did this. black people did this. hispanic people to death. hispanic people did not." they tend to -- that is where we have to stop that. >> bill: randy weingartner said they are bullying students and teachers. to which he would say who is to say what history is accurate in this case. this is a very interesting argument you're making. we will see how this argument goes in your school district in michigan. thank you, sarah, for coming on. >> thank you for having me. speak to nancy reagan would have turned 100 years old yesterday. we are marking this with a new special.
6:35 am
it is called "nancy reagan." >> she wanted to bring a more glamorous style back to the white house. >> dana: joining us now as chris wallace, the host. good to see you. i am curious. you covered the reagan's. did you learn anything about the first lady that he didn't know? >> it has been a long time since she left the white house. she has written her autobiography and a lot of people have written books about her. in fact, very good but this year. she continues to fascinate. i think this is for a few reasons. she was an interesting figure. some of the first lady's are more than others. she had a very interesting arc of her time as first lady. she started off very much the
6:36 am
target of criticism, because the country was going through a depression and she tried to bring glamour back to the white house. people said that was tone-deaf. over the course of time, i think she got it. she got what the pedestal of being first lady was like and started the "just say no" program. she became widely admired. and she was also a partner in power with president reagan and played -- we understood it to some degree, but i think we understand just how influential a partner she was to her husband. stay to the "just say no" campaign and just works for me. that's for sure. >> going from being a governor's wife to the first lady is not 50 times different.
6:37 am
it is 5,000. >> bill: she learned that every time. i think your comment is well taken. a rocky start, but someone who figured out washington in due time, which shows you the skill that she had on the job. >> absolutely. she didn't get terribly involved in policy, but she got very involved in personnel. as the owner, to a certain degree, personnel's policy. so you had in that key job makes a big difference. she was instrumental in getting james baker to be the chief of staff in the very successful first time. she was supportive of george schultz. she and he played a big role in nudging the president -- the president is going to do what he wants to do -- but nudging the president and his watch turned out to be a momentous arms-control talk. she played a big role. if ronald reagan was one of the most significant president of the 21st century, you have to
6:38 am
say she was one of the most significant first ladies. stated chris wallace, thank you for joining us today. it is called "nancy reagan and american story. it is available on >> bill: active-duty service, which gives him a chance to go to training camp later this month. he signs to the tampa bay buccaneers as a free agent, and now he has a chance to make an nfl team and to catch a football from tom brady. >> dana: bad legislation was signed by president trump. and now it was like wow, that could happen? first she was suspended for testing positive for marijuana.
6:39 am
and now sha'carri richardson faces another setback. as the united states doing enough to save afghan interpreters from the taliban? michael wallace, who served in afghanistan, next. >> what they are saying it doesn't make sense. got shot fod i have survived many other attacks. nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors! to make my vision a reality. i have to take every perspective, and see clearly from every point of view. with my varilux progressive lenses i seamlessly transition
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>> bill: there american sprinter, sha'carri richardson's dreams have been. she has been left off team usa's roster after she tested positive for marijuana. she spoke last night. what did she say? >> nsn's sense, she said "if this is what fans want, she is going to on." in fact, his controversy is far from over. let me explain. there are two good here. one led by the anti-doping agency, which imposed a 30 day band. this actually ends up two days before the 100-meter event in tokyo. however, her victory and u.s. trials was invalidated. the top three move on, so she could not be on the team. she could have been on the relay team, however. here is the shocker. usa track and field chose not to
6:45 am
invite her. here is their statement. "all athletes must adhere to the current anti-doping code. our credibility as a national governing body would be lost if rules were only enforced under certain circumstances. while our heartfelt understanding lies with sha'carri richardson, we must also maintain fairness for all of the athletes who attempted to realize their dreams." it turns out that the u.s. had already selected the relay team before her marijuana test became public. it would have had to revoke their invitation. here is what richardson said last week. >> i know what i did and what i am supposed to do. i still made that decision, so i say don't judge me. i am human. i'm you, i just happen to run a little faster. >> the bottom line is marijuana is legal in 16 states, but it
6:46 am
remains illegal in most of the world. that is one thing for violating ioc rules, but the fact that she is not on the relay team was a u.s. decision. so you can bet this is not going to be over because of the controversy we already have the international side. now it was our choice to leave her off the team. >> bill: thank you so much for that. he points out that pot is legal in 16 states. >> dana: i wonder if she can appeal. that would be an interesting thing to find out. she says "i'm only human. i just run faster. "she runs a heck of a lot faster. and it's not like that was a performance-enhancing drug. she has a great future. an exceedingly bright future. maybe something can happen. also this. the pentagon is saying that the withdrawal from afghanistan is 90% complete. now there is a bipartisan push to help afghanistan
6:47 am
interpreters. one interpreter is asking why migrants at the border are greeted with open arms and those who risked their lives are given the cold shoulder. >> i have survived many attacks, and it is disappointing that somebody that is walking from the border has been honored more than somebody who has served his country and risked his life and getting a death sentence by the decision. >> dana: are not just served multiple combat tours. just in case people didn't see the show yesterday, when he was nine years old, he had an interaction with the taliban where he was told to get them a piece of bread. he went to his mom's house and took it to them. and his interview in order to get his visa to stay in the united states, they said have you ever had an interaction with the taliban? and he said i cannot say i
6:48 am
didn't. and that is why secretary mayorkas said that he had to be deported back to afghanistan, even though he has been here for seven years, has had an exemplary life. i cannot believe that there is no one in the administration who is in lighting their hair on fire telling them to pound sand. >> yeah, dana. i am banging my head against the wall here with this policy. frankly, silence from the white house. how do we have hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring across our southern border, from 50 to 60 different countries, and, as he said, they are welcomed with open arms. yet people who stood and fought with us and who were willing to take a bullet -- not only putting their own lives on the line, but their family's lives on the line. they are getting the absolute cold shoulder from this white house.
6:49 am
the defense department has said that they are ready to evacuate these people out. the governor of guam has said that he is ready to accept, as guam has done with south koreans, vietnamese, and others that have fought along side with us. to this decision states with joe biden. it sits at the commander in chief, and we are getting nothing but silence. it is worth noting, dana, that a 1975, senator biden voted against the inoculation of the south vietnamese people and didn't support it. he said we had no moral obligation to help these people. i just don't know if he doesn't care, doesn't get it, or what. we have a lot of democratic colleagues that are speaking out in support of these interpreters, particularly the veterans. that is a good thing. but they are silent when it comes to holding biden accountable. this decision rests with him,
6:50 am
and their blood is on his hands. >> dana: did not point, "washington post" opinion: it has something on that. he said the last time the taliban ruled, mass executions were carried out. if such themes are repeated and the victims are abandoned friends of the united states, that will be shameful, and the biden administration will not shame. it is hard to believe that they don't care at the right has. that is shocking to me. >> we are not seeing any action. and now with the closing of the main air base there, it is becoming that much harder. this isn't just a moral issue, it is a national security issue as well. the intelligence community is loud and clear saying that al qaeda will likely come roaring back in the wake of the taliban and take over, which is what we are seeing right now, the taliban is on the march. we have to send our special
6:51 am
operators back in to take care of this problem likely dead when obama pulled out of iraq too soon, and it led to the rise of isis. the difference in afghanistan as they are going to have no basis. we have no basis in the region. we are going to have no local allies. he would stand with us again after they have been abandoned? you know my own personal story. i had one of my interpreters that was found by the taliban with the documentation he needed to prove that he worked with america. they took him back to his village, beheaded hand, his brothers, and his cousin. they have a bull's-eye on their back. they are being hunted down as we speak, and the white house is doing nothing about it. >> dana: a tough story that you have to tell. we will stay in touch. >> we are doing absolutely everything that we can to stem the violence. we must do better, all of us, for you. stay one are they?
6:52 am
chicago's mayor set to meet with the president after another violent weekend. plus another major change for britney spears and his chaotic battle for control and her finances and her life. it tends like she is 0 for 3. we will explain that next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. congratulations. chances are the home you bought has gone way up in value. that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan. (man) i've made progress with my mental health. so when i started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... ... i ignored them. but when the movements in my hands and feet
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veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! td is not ok. banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. >> bill: more action on britney spears. another dramatic change in her life. her court-appointed attorney resigning hours after her longtime manager quit. trial attorney is back with us. i am reading that the attorney is out. the estate management company is out. yesterday, her longtime manager resigned. that sounds like 0 for 3. as the case falling apart? what's happening?
6:58 am
speak very difficult situation. i am not surprised that we did see this attrition happening, especially after her 24 minute statement. keep in mind that many of the people on this list were accused of potential misconduct by britney. let me take it from the lawyer's perspective. that puts you in a very -- not acting in your client's best interest. it is difficult if not impossible to continue representation. now they have also withdrawn. they are saying that there are changed circumstances. they realize that britney does not want this conservatorship to continue, so they stepped back. that leaves jamie spears, which exactly what she did not want. with larry rudolph, her manager, keep in mind she raised an issue that she was actually forced to perform. what was his role in that?
6:59 am
all of this coming on the heels of her statement and creating a thorny road moving forward as we go into this july court appearance. they want here is the quote from your hearing. "i have been talking to him three times a week now. we have a relationship, but i haven't had an opportunity to take my own lawyer by myself. i would like to do that now." you get a lawyer sorted and closed out. it seems like we are back to the very beginning of this case now. she has to start anew. >> the judge is going to have some decisions to make. now that she is requesting her own counsel, a judge is going to have to allow her to do that. she can't go out and retain somebody on her own because of the conservatorship. the court has to allow her to do that. that is step one. get that new at turning in, and have that attorney see what
7:00 am
has to happen next. the big question is where is this the attention to and they conservatorship? that is step one. that is where we go for her to get out of this thing if that is what she desires. >> bill: thank you, misty. nice to see you. thank you for your time. >> dana: that is the question. we will keep an eye on it. tropical storm heading for florida. they went also from georgia it appears that the golf pro was fatally shot because he saw a killer with two dead bodies in a pickup truck. a manhunt for the suspect is underway. >> bill: parents organize the critical race theory and woke agendas out of the classroom. more of those items throughout the hour.
7:01 am
but first the white house struggling to ease concerns about rising crime. president biden heads to chicago to meet with the mayor after a violent holiday weekend. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> bill: the story in georgia is so disturbing too. the truck and left on the course. he has got two young boys at home or left to deal with this. really disturbing. chicago's mayor, lori lightfoot, blaming the growing crimes are john cordes being closed. the white house has another explanation. here is jen psaki on that. >> secretary psaki: we are seeing rates going up over the last 18 months around the country, including the city of chicago. spikes and violent crime during summer months, often unfortunately during the holiday weekend. he will continue to advocate for this. the mayor will want to discuss this or not. increases in his budget, including an additional $300 million more for the cops
7:02 am
program. he will continue to work to empower atf. he has proposed an increase over the last trump budget. stay one so much for defund the police. jackie is there on the north line. >> that morning, bill. the point of today's trip for the white has is for president biden to tout the american families plan and make the case for extending universal pre-k, affordable community college, and family tax credit. he will first be greeted by lori lightfoot, who said she will plan to use every tool at her disposal, including time of the president, to raise concerns about violent crime. lesson. >> their suffering fuels my urgency to use every tool that i have and to urge every stakeholder from the president of the united states down to local, state, and
7:03 am
federal officials. we must do better for you. speak out over the fourth of july weekend, at least 108 people were shot in chicago, according to the "chicago tribune," including two police officers. 17 people died at their injuries, and it amounts to do most people shot over the holiday weekend since 2017. just this morning, three undercover officers were shot and wounded while driving onto the freeway on the south side. no arrest has been reported. >> secretary psaki: he is always receptive to what any elected official wants to discuss. i will note that the president continues to work to address violent crime. >> the administration has faced scrutiny for not vocally enough discussing the rise in violent crime. they point out that the budget proposal included more money for community policing than the
7:04 am
prior administration, an additional $300 million per year. they also talk about the american rescue plan which could be used for making up for pandemic driven budget shortfall. >> bill: thank you, jackie. >> dana: lieutenant tracy mccrae -- yesterday, we saw a smash and grab with getaway cars at a neiman marcus. and target stores are announcing that they are going to reduce operating hours because i have been experiencing significant and alarming rise and stats and security incidents and their stores. what do you see? >> you are right. you are correct. this is what we have been seeing. this is not new. now you have people his hours have been cut at the stores. they are going to miss out on money in their check for their daily living activities. paying rent, buying food, clothing, and not surprised. no one should be.
7:05 am
>> dana: that is a great point. the people who are working on honest jobs are going to be heard because now they are not going to be able to work as many hours. that's a great point. >> it is. that neiman marcus is seen was something outside of a movie. that happened at saks fifth avenue, louis vuitton. someone made a comment that these are only fancy places. but people are working at that store who depend on a paycheck. if they close, there is no guarantee that they are going to find another job or they are going to be able to pay their rent or do their daily living activities. this is much more than someone stealing a bag. >> bill: lieutenant, we first met you a month ago and that cvs was robbed in the middle of daylight. the guy was filling up an entire garbage bag and leaving the store on his bicycle. things haven't gotten better. >> no, but that has been
7:06 am
happening every day. they were just able to catch that one on video. that happened yesterday. that it probably is going to happen today. this is something that is going on that people know about, but you just sawed up close and personal. this is an everyday occurrence. >> dana: -- must be frustrating. here is a former san francisco police commission on what you are facing out there. >> a state of chaos and anarchy. if you ever lived here, you see it every day, and you come to expect it and hope that you are not in the line of fire when it happens. >> dana: i have always loved san francisco. it is sad, but it is happening all over the country. in your city, when you get a call about a burglary, what is the response? do we know that the prosecutors are going to turn them loose and not do anything about it?
7:07 am
>> if they steal under $950, you get a citation. there are no consequences to hold people accountable because excuses are what is given out by certain politicians. in a sense, i feel like that character's car from the lion king. i am surrounded by idiots. they say the most idiotic things to justify that behavior. chaos runs supreme here. >> bill: lieutenant, i want to read the statement from target. i don't know if i've ever heard a statement like this from an american company. "for more than a month, we have been experiencing a rise in incidents in san francisco. for the safety of our guests, team members, and community, we have temporarily reduced our operating hours and six san francisco stories." has that ever happened before? >> no, that is not a business
7:08 am
model plan. the boat john mackey's business to make a profit. and now you're lessening profits because people are coming to your stores and cleaning out. why would you stay open? who would do that in their right mind? >> bill: the tenant, come back soon. we really appreciate that scar reference. any time. these words were spelled on a letter board. "if i have to live like this, pull the plug. seriously." that was part of a letter written to doctors in the family of chicago student struck by a stray bullet while riding a train home from an internship. he was taken off life support and died on sunday. police say that he does not the intended target of the shooting that left him paralyzed and likely needing a ventilator. he was only 20 years old and the city of chicago. two hours ago, we reported on this precinct in chicago where
7:09 am
these three crops were shot. we are waiting on an update on the condition. >> dana: this crime wave is real. for anybody who says it is not, if you're watching some of these other networks, you're not going to see edge. i couldn't believe that last night. i was shocked. 400 people shot over the weekend, 150 killed, and not one mentioned. right now, president biden is discussing the recent wave of cyberattacks targeting u.s. companies. the big question is will he follow through on his running to crack down on cyber gains strength in the u.s. from russia. we are following the story live at the pentagon. lucas, that some it was only two or three weeks ago, and here we are. >> that's right, dana. president biden wrapping at his meeting in the situation room before leaving for chicago. the press secretary spoke about a new hack.
7:10 am
>> secretary psaki: i will say that the president takes malicious hyperactivity from any entity in the united states whether it is the rnc or any private-sector entity, very seriously. he did not mince words when he met with president putin in conveying that that would not be acceptable. >> the rnc stating that one of its software providers had been hacked. none of the date it was stolen. the russian intelligence agency is believed to have carried it out. this is a second attack this week -- carrying out a ransomware attack after hacking a miami-based software provider and committing $70 million. this just weeks after president biden met president putin in geneva. biden was asked yesterday if he plans to retaliate for that ransomware attack.
7:11 am
>> president biden: it appears to have caused minimal damage to u.s. businesses, but we are still gathering information. we will have more to say about this in several days. that is what i can tell you now. >> they say those red lines are being challenged. >> dana: i was just thinking that. is it red or pink? what is it. >> bill: thank you, lucas. we are watching tropical storm allison now. it is going to be with us for several days. >> dana: plus a fire at her home in michigan and setting off a huge blast. how a family mentioned to escape. >> bill: and manhunt in georgia for a triple murder suspect. three people found dead on a golf course. this is just north of atlanta. what the police are telling us about the killer. >> went to go see what was going on. and then either five or six bins go off. ayin the navy, that the toughest job in the navy is the navy wife. and if you've made the deployments,
7:12 am
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>> bill: check this out. officials say it started with a fire in the garage where at the stored a propane tank. incredibly, no one was hurt. quick action on behalf of a paper delivery man he saw the fire and alerted the family that was sleeping inside. that is something else. >> dana: that is so scary. it shows it is a good thing to get the hard copy newspaper in your area. i had begged on on that. in denver, there were two papers. we got both. i'm glad everyone is okay there. also, tropical storm elsa is such to make landfall in a few hours.
7:18 am
heavy rain falling on the coast while a 5-foot storm surge as possible in tampa bay. that is where we find states. how's it going there? >> dana, it is breezy, but people are starting to come back to the beach. it's got some families and servers and young children in the heavy surf. this as the storm is approaching landfall about a hundred miles north of here. the biggest waterfall all across the northern part of the state. 3-5 inches and some real chances of flooding. three different counties have declared states of emergency. no deaths reported yet. and no major structural damage. about 26,000 people without power, but shutdowns of schools, colleges, government offices, and roads. already signs of things coming back to life here. then storm omega's across northern florida and heading to coastal georgia, where we expect more flooding.
7:19 am
back to you, dana. stay 1 >> bill: please now say they believe the death of a pro golfr happened because he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. here is the quote. "detectives have learned that mr. seller happened upon a crime in progress. it does not appear he was in any way targeted, but was rather killed because he witnessed an active crime taking place." the former assistant d.a. and legal advisor to georgia's sheriff department. he has two young sons at home and a wife. some sad stuff here. can you draw a connection between the owner of the pickup truck, his body was found in the bed of the truck, and the other guy who is with him. how did this all come together?
7:20 am
>> good morning, bill and dana. this is very disturbing. it happened just a couple of miles from where i'm sitting right now. in fact, i have played about golf course. the big question is who are these victims? the two in the back of the track, and what were they doing prior to their death? there is probably multiple crime scenes where this case ended up on the golf course is not most likely where it began. this is not a high crime area. this is an uncommon type of shooting. shootings in the metro atlanta area are not uncommon, but this one does not have the typical earmarks or the criminal signature that we normally see. investigators are going to have to work backwards from this event. they are going to have to look at security videos, phone calls. there are lots of homes in the area that probably have doorbells or things at that nature.
7:21 am
they need to figure out what happened prior to this truck and the dead bodies winding up on the golf course. >> dana: how did the police know that he witnessed a crime? how do they know that? >> in georgia it is a crime to hide a dead body. what we know that has been reported is that these bodies were in the bed at the pickup truck. just because this was an active crime scene doesn't mean that the other murders occurred on the golf course. if somebody has killed somebody and they are traveling with dead bodies in the back of the stolen truck, that is still a crime in progress. what it appears to be used... that is what is golf pro came upon. there was some additional violence as a result. >> bill: paul pearson owns the pickup truck. he is dead. does he or the other guy in the back of the truck had any connection with the golf course?
7:22 am
>> no, they don't. it has been reported that mr. pearson was from out of town. of note is his age. he is around 76 years old. the question is what is his business here? what was he doing in the area? what brought him to atlanta? they're going to have to work backwards to see where he was killed. they're going to have forensics to do on the truck. things are going to come back from the crime lab to start filling in the gaps and answering some of the questions. right now, we have a lot more questions and have answers. they are going to be at least two more crime scenes. stay one the name of the other slain man has not been released. but the shooter apparently walked away. how far can you get in that part of atlanta? >> that is a great question. you are right. i guarantee that police know who it is, but it has not been released. that is what is so alarming about this case. how could this shooter and
7:23 am
killer just blend in to the woods. this is a very rural area, although it is a suburb. where did he go? and what direction? was there another vehicle involved? did he get into another car? these are questions that are going to be answered through some of the security videos that i was mentioning. >> bill: is started to say something. you say there could be two other crime scenes? why do you say that? >> we know that we have at least two other deceased persons in addition to the golf pro who was killed. >> but they could be killed in the same spot. speak up perhaps they were. but you also have a theft of a vehicle, and you may have a kidnapping. this may have not even happened in this county. we are in cobb county, georgia. this is near the county lines of a couple of other counties. we don't yet know where the crime scene more crime scenes were or where this started. that is why i say this is about
7:24 am
working backwards. we know where it wound up, but they have to go backwards and see how it wound up at the tenth hole of the golf course. stay to thank you for staying on top of that for us. new data on the number of mygrands testing positive for te coronavirus. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs.
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7:30 am
u.s. over the holiday weekend. covid is still a serious concern with more than 7,000 cases in migrant facilities and the month of april. bill is back at his huffpost and la joya, texas. bill, good morning. >> good morning to you. this is my fourth trip back to the border. this morning has been the busiest i have ever personally witnessed. more than 150 apprehensions in this spot in the last couple of hours. you take a look at where we are. this is part of the fruit left over. believe it or not, their two border patrol buses here. one of them just laughed. it has been raining and thunder storming out here. nothing is slowing down. take a look at this video we shot here. within seconds of arriving, we saw numerous groups of migrants who have crossed illegally and are looking for border patrol. i had a chance to talk with some of them. all of them are telling you from honduras or guatemala, many moms
7:31 am
with little kids. again, thunderstorms and floods out here. it is not slamming anything down. another group came right after that first group. this was a group of about 30 or so. we saw groups coming every 10 minutes or so over and over and over. border officials have been telling us that more and more of these folks have been testing positive for covid when they come across. let us show you why this is a hot spot. take a look at this video we showed with our drone the other day. about a quarter of a mile away from us is the incomplete border wall. this was being built during donald trump's presidency. construction came to a screeching halt. now it is just a metal sheet while in the middle of the field in the middle of nowhere. they are able to just walk around it and end up where we are right now. it is not just family units. border patrol arresting five criminal migrants over the weekend. a mexican national with a rate conviction. a nicaraguan with a
7:32 am
sexual assault of a child in florida, and just to solve the doran nationals who are both active ms-13 gang members. this is a scene that plays out every single day. i know that i told you yesterday was the busiest day, but that was eclipsed. unbelievable. >> bill: we wonder what we'll look at tomorrow. thank you. speak to the head of the country's second-largest teachers unions and the organization is ready to defend its members in court over the fight over critical race theory. also accusing critics of grabbing onto the curriculum as part of an effort to whitewash history. >> cultural warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism, or discrimination as crt to try to make it toxic. they are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history.
7:33 am
>> dana: joining me now is the associate editor at "reason." at first, a lot of people on the left were saying that this is just a fringe theory. it is a small group of academics. it is not a big deal. all of a sudden, you have randi weingarten saying she is going to go to court to defend teachers so that they can teach critical race theory. >> admits really quickly. the national education association, the other teachers union group, they just took a boat to defend her to go race theory in schools and defined it very broadly as a bunch of crazy stuff that parents don't want their kids exposed to. we moved quickly from people on the progressive left saying that critical race theory isn't being taught in schools to it is being taught in schools, and that is a good thing, and we are going to defend it. obviously randy weingarten's organization will defend teachers in a variety of situations, even if they are not teaching reading or math at any
7:34 am
acceptable level or are not good at their jobs. that is a bigger problem then critical race theory, but i understand why parents are frustrated. it is simply not true that this is about preventing any discussion of racism and discrimination. kids learn about the civil war, about slavery, about all of that -- about the really ugly parts of american history. that is being taught, and it should be taught. that is not what is being objected to hear. >> dana: do you think they would defend teachers who don't want to teach critical race theory? >> that is a great question. i don't know that they would with as much zeal. it is so funny that randy weingarten says it is her opponents who want to have this culture war. she absolutely wants to have it. there's is a political organization. think of all of the work that they did to prevent schools from reopening. there is no one more responsible for schools not opening, for delaying the reopening of schools even when we knew it was safe, then randy weingarten.
7:35 am
they want to have this fight. they want the battle in the culture war. our kids are caught in the middle. it is a shame. there is a lot of nonideological problems -- are loosely ideological problems with schools. reading and math -- our kids are way behind. some of them go through 12 years of school when they are not better. they are falling behind their peers and other countries. why can't we concentrate on that? >> dana: you wrote a piece yesterday. it is critical race theory taught and k-12 schools? and you notice something on the nea website after this was posted? >> yeah, they immediately took down the page that had their motion to proceed with this measure and everything else. i guess they didn't want people reading about it or finding out about it. this boat they took -- they take a lot of votes are there yearly annual conference that is going on for the past two days. in previous year, they voted on
7:36 am
a motion that said children are the -- the education of children is the main purpose. they voted that down. this year, they voted to do a study to defend critical race theory and defining it -- again, very broadly. not just as being aware that racism still exists. i agree that it exists and it is fine to talk about with our students, but they are also talking about able is m and capitalism and hetero patriarch. all of these very far left things that they are saying are confined to college. it is not just confined to college if you are saying that we are going to have this in schools and we are going to defendant. >> dana: thank you for joining us today. check out his peace. >> bill: in the meantime, president biden is pushing a plan to get more people vaccinated by going door-to-door. details on that and the backlash
7:37 am
and a moment. gas prices are hitting record highs. we have not seen it this way in seven or eight years. why is the white house looking from help from opec instead of focusing on the supplies here at home. >> secretary psaki: the opec discussion happening on the international level are going to have an impact. we are engaged with actors who are involved in those discussions. need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. years. ensure complete! making monthly mortgage payments doing the right thing. well, that investment can give you tax-free cash
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>> dana: a 14-year-old who pled guilty to killing an uber eats driver will be in juvenile detention until she reaches 21. she is one of two girls he tried to carjack. they crashed the car and it slipped on that side. the driver died near the wreckage. the other girl is also 15.
7:43 am
she received the same sentence last month. stay one president biden now ramping up efforts to get americans vaccinated against covid. he is launching an effort to go door-to-door to get shots and arms after falling short of the 70% goal by the fourth of july. the new push to literally knock on doors a spiking backlash. fox news contributor, molly here. good morning to you. what do you think about the door-to-door campaign? will that work? >> i am not sure at such a program actually exists or if he was confused. it's a problem with vaccine acceptance is that people are fearful of the government where they don't trust the government, going door to door by government agents is not the way to handle it. more importantly, vaccination rates in the among the vulnerable populations, older people, and people with comorbidities, is really high. he needs to take the win. i know he missed his personal
7:44 am
goal, but we have done a good job, and he should accept that and keep going forward. >> bill: we will probably get there pretty soon, actually. and then meantime, keystone, no, opec, yes. gas prices are up, right? seven or eight years, and we haven't seen in this high. "the wall street journal" says the president wants the cartel to pump oil that the u.s. to pump less. americans pay more for energy. the way out of such contradictions is to lead u.s. citizens respond to more prices without new political obstacles. how do you see this? >> that is absolutely right if your goal is to have energy independence or if your goal was to have low gas prices. unfortunately for americans, that biden administration be as high gas prices as a feature, not a bug. that is why they shuts down the
7:45 am
pipeline and why they wanted issue permits for producing oil on american land. they actually wanted to lower the prices, they would have not taken the actions that they did so far. they want people consuming less of the energy, and they don't mind the reliance on foreign actors. and actually fits into policy as well. stay one night it is climate change. the decisions that one country makes can have an impact on another half a world away. jen psaki was asked earlier about it. she said this. >> secretary psaki: we have had a team of our officials. we are not part of the opec negotiations. they will have a big factor on the price of oil, which has a factor on our gas prices. we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to get the price of gas flow. >> bill: lee showed you the numbers. today the prices are 3.14.
7:46 am
>> they have gone up precipitously since january. that is what happens when you decrease americans apply and when you have an approach to economic regulation that increases costs on people. this is not a surprise. this is what they have moved toward. actions have consequences, and the administration it seems to want some of the benefits that can nba tromp administration even though they are meeting away from the policies the policies. >> bill: how do you see the irony here? it's something else, right? >> again, they want energy prices high. it does fit into some of the climate change is. they think of it is heart donna carter for beetle develop their tanks, it will help with some of their goals. it is hard for average americans to afford. >> bill: let's keep them down, if we can. we hope to talk to you again soon. >> dana: new york city is throwing a ticker tape parade for essential workers who are on the front lines of the pandemic all last year. they will take you to the canyon
7:47 am
have heroes where it is all happening moments from now. plus, one golfers efforts to help raise money for veterans. how close is he do his money raising goal, and what started this tradition? >> what hole are you on? >> 55. >> that is awesome. ash now, whie mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise.
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>> dana: there is a ticker tape parade moments from now i new york city to honor essential workers for all of their efforts during the pandemic. brian is live in new york city. quite a celebration today. >> good morning. quite a celebration indeed. at 11:00 a.m., the hometown heroes ticker tape parade honoring our front-line workers and essential workers will begin making its way out the legendary canyon at heroes here on broadway moving from battery park up to city hall.
7:53 am
this is an honor reserved for the best among us. olympians, and war heroes, veterans. presidents, popes, and championship sports teams. today, we honor our every day covid-19 heroes, those who kept working despite the risks to themselves and to their families during the pandemic and, of course, through the lockdown. the ticker tape parade is set at 2:00 p.m. on the largest in the city's history. we are talking about 14 floats representing 14 different categories of essential workers and front-line workers. thousands of whom died treating those infected with covid-19. transportation workers who made sure that those front-line workers made it to work every day. grocery and delivery records, sanitation workers, and first responders, the police, paramedics, and firefighters, who showed up day in and day out on their own record 911 emergency calls. the grand marshal for this
7:54 am
parade is sandra linsay. she is a nurse from queens and also the first to be vaccinated in the u.s. >> look how far we have come. 15 months ago, we were in a different place. here we are today celebrating our hometown heroes. please get vaccinated. we cannot go back to where we were before. >> of course, there is some controversy. thousands of people are boycotting. they have been demanding a pay raise and feel undervalued and underappreciated. all in all, nothing but great feelings today for our heroes. >> bill: cool stuff. we could use some good images. i think if you look back on covid in the city, one of the moments you will remember is people coming out of their windows and banging their pots and pans and blowing their horns and everybody applauding for the nurses and doctors. we will take you there live. meanwhile, check out this guy.
7:55 am
while millions of people spend time shooting off fireworks, this guy spent his holiday raising money for veterans. he played 114 holes of golf in a row. he has a sore back. he is a board member for higher heroes usa. he has been part of this event. how do you feel? good morning to you. >> i feel great. i played golf with my son. i love to be able to do it. the one you're in defect -- >> how did this come about? 15 years ago, i played golf because my wife and kids were out of town. i ended up -- my friend's wife said i'm going to do it for veterans charity. over the course of the following year, he hired a gentleman by
7:56 am
the name who was a veteran he lost his leg. they had a chance meeting. that led to him hiring justin. at the end of that week, i saw john and said i can't thank you enough for the opportunity. i've got one question. what about the rest of the guys? with that, hire heroes was started. last year during a pandemic, they placed 11,580 and brought out cost replacement down to below thousand dollars with four offices across the headquarters. >> dana: what kind of feedback you get from employers who hire the veterans in terms of work ethic and capabilities and even beyond what they imagined they
7:57 am
could do. >> one of the things that hire heroes does is it helps translate a military career. what does employers gain is someone who is disciplined, is going to get you ten hours of work for eight hours of pay. people who can deliver great value. i believe firmly that every veteran who has served our country deserves i rights to be at the front line for every job they are qualified for. >> bill: well stated. i understand it took you ten hours. based on the weather in wisconsin, you need a lot of daylight to get this done. >> bill: i.t. off at 4:50. i finished at 3:00 in the afternoon and went for a swim, which is good for the muscles. >> dana: what else would you say to employers out there or for people who might want to do
7:58 am
something like this in terms of getting back? what does that mean for you, personally? what has it done? >> i've gotten great pleasure out of knowing that i have held veterans directly through what we have done. i hundred and 30,000 so far and closing in on 150. that will help between hundred and 3950 veterans getting a salary starting 60,000. that makes a big difference in their lives, and it gives me great gratitude to know that we have been able to help in some small way. >> bill: you are our american of the day. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: i am up for teeing off at 4:50 in the morning. >> any time you to come out, i will join you. >> dana: speaking of golf, former president george w. bush
7:59 am
is -- he shot a 74 on his 75th. he posted "i am feeling good on my 75th birthday. thank you for getting me a chance of shooting my age with the strength to spare." i think that is very impressive. >> bill: really good. speak a what would you have shot on that course? >> bill: i don't know, 98? that was from the state of maine, i believe. we had this from the midtown manhattan. before they go, you had a special day yesterday. >> dana: yesterday, we had a live animals are great. these great gals brought the dogs there. the tenth anniversary going on all week.
8:00 am
i believe today we have a big feeding frenzy. it is a blind taste test, as i understand. you're going to want to watch because one, i don't know how everyone is going to handle it. >> bill: that could be some cicadas and they are. >> dana: i don't think it is going to be that, but you're going to be surprised by what it is. stay one "defiance" turns turns tan all >> fox news alert, we are waiting for her president trump said to speak soon from his golf course in bedminster, new jersey. axios is reporting he's planning to file a lawsuit against the twitter ceo, jack dorsey. facebook ceo rex zuckerberg. any moment now we expect an update on the deadly condo collapse in surfside florida. the mayor and the miami-dade fire rescue chief are among those who are slated to update. we will monitor both of them and bring you any


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