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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 7, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: fox weather alert, tropical storm elsa bearing down on florida's west coast something wind and heavy rain, expected to make landfall in hours. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: millions of americans are still in the storm's patterns we are watching live team coverage with senior meteorologist janice dean tracking else's every move but we start with madeleine rivera in clearwater beach where the impact of the storm is already being felt. >> reporter: right now we are experiencing some rain, moderate wind. it picked up right before we went on air but that is how it
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has been all morning. we have those severe rain, heavy wind and moderate gusts, that is typical with those outer bands but one of the main things emergency personnel are watching for is storm surge. we are in a coastal area approaching high tide. they could expect to get a couple feet of storm surge. right now no major damage, no unusual spikes or 911 calls but they say that could change as we get more into the morning or later hours as people wake up and start seeing the damages, rain is picking up getting heavier. the other thing they are fortunate for or happy about is this is happening over night and early morning hours when most people are asleep. as you can see behind me not experiencing a lot of people on the roads so in order to avoid those floods, that is one thing
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they are fortunate for. another thing people are watching out for besides the rain coming down right now is risk of damages from trees. no major reported damages from emergency personnel. 33 counties under a state of emergency but at the same time people are used to this type of weather. they live here in southern florida, they are used to seeing these storms. they are taking precautions at the same time not raising any alarm. >> get me some beer. >> we put them up in the barn, picked up some things that could blow away. we are from south florida. i'm in fort lauderdale, we are used to major hurricanes.
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jillian: as for power outages the latest numbers from duke energy, 6000 people are without power. the governor says 7000 people are on standby to address these power outages. rain is getting heavier as it speaks, typical of what we've seen all morning, heavy rain and gusts of wind but as of right now no major reported damages and everyone is still sleeping for the most part. todd: let's bring in meteorologist janice dean tracking else's path. we got the 5:00 am. >> janice: weakening storm. i don't think it will become a hurricane again. it did briefly become a hurricane last night but it is set to make landfall, upper-level wind starting to tear the storm apart. not saying we won't see the same results with heavy rainfall, storm surge, threat for tropical
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tornadoes but we are dealing with a weakening storm, 50 mile-per-hour sustained wind, there is the track. we expect impact or landfall later this morning in the next couple hours and it was good quickly to the southeast still maintaining tropical characteristics thursday evening to friday as it moves into the southeast and mid-atlantic. we have hurricane warnings in effect as a precaution and tropical storm warnings for coastal georgia to south carolina. here is the wind field. we will definitely see in some cases hurricane force wind gusts but not sustained hurricane force windss. as they were mentioning florida is no stranger to tropical systems. this is a nice dress rehearsal for the rest of the season but we expect a busy one. not to say this isn't a dangerous storm but when i see a weakening trend that is good news. jillian: a good dress rehearsal, reminder to make sure you have
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everything in order in full swing. florida gulf coast atlantic coast need to be prepared. heather: the beginning of july, hurricane season goes to november 30th. >> janice: elsa is the earliest he named storm on record. todd: tropical storm elsa barrel stored florida gulf coast searching, coast guard searching for 9 people who went missing in the water south of key west. these pictures showing the coast guard wrestling people from the sea working against heavy rain and 70 mile-per-hour winds. 15 people were rescued. we will keep you posted on the latest search efforts. 5 minutes after the hour. rescue crews recovering eight bodies in the rubble of the collapsed florida condo. 36 people confirmed dead, 109 missing. jillian: charles watson live in surfside, no signs of life. what is the latest?
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>> reporter: miami-dade officials and first responders have been holding out hope that they could pull survivors from the massive pile of rubble but so far that is not happening. >> we are not seeing anything positive. the key things we are looking for throughout in regard to livable spaces we are not coming across that. >> reporter: yesterday eight bodies were discovered bringing the death toll to 36, 109 people unaccounted for though officials say the number could be lower because only 70 of those are confirmed to have been in champlain tower south when it collapsed. the latest victims to be identified, 76-year-old nancy, 52-year-old jake clement and 67-year-old francis fernandez, their bodies were all discovered earlier this week. on tuesday funerals were held for twee 7 of the victims
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including two who were buried together in the same coffin along with their parents. questions remain about the original construction of champlain tower south. engineers are looking at pictures of the building's columns and some say it appears there was not enough reinforcement in places. all of that is under investigation. todd: a sad shot at the coffins. jillian: america's crime crisis worsens with another tragedy in chicago, 20-year-old college student hit and killed by a stray bullet. lewis was commuting from an internship last week. he was riding on a city train, police say a bullet pierced the window and hit him in the back of his neck. he died sunday after being taken off life support.
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no arrests have been made. todd: new york governor andrew cuomo signing two pieces of legislation to combat the surgeon gun violence. >> we went from covid to the epidemic of gun violence. new yorkers going to sign a law today that reinstates the public nuisance liability for gun manufacturers. todd: cuomo announcing the nation's first executive order declaring gun violence as a disaster emergency, the first of a larger plan to move money and resources to tackle gun violence in communities through new york state. the fox news host dan bonngino said they are ruining cities and dodging the blame. >> these liberal mayors and liberal governors that run the states in new york, not only have they decimated america's great cities and descended the country into crime chaos but they live your face about it. mayor lightfoot from chicago said in a press conference crime is trending down. that is totally ridiculous.
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there's record numbers of shootings and killings this weekend and they lie and blame it on the guns. todd: this weekend alone 99 people were shot in chicago. that includes two police officers and 11 children. jillian: on american sprinter richardson reacting overnight to be left off the track and field roster for the upcoming a lipid games, you see between talking about the attention that is on track. the decision not to let richardson compete came after testing positive for marijuana following her victory at the 11 trials last month. supporters call on the international olympic committee to reevaluate its rules on phc. todd: countries affected by the biggest rants where attack on record but is president biden taking it seriously. >> can you tell us if you believe it rises to the level of us retaliation? >> it appears to have caused minimal damage to us businesses but still gathering information. todd: congressman warren
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davidson reacts to that next. >> yes. really good. jillian: tom brady ahead of the match backs it up with a thunderous drive. what can't he do? we are coming right back. ♪♪ sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jillian: the latest trends where attack can you tell us if it rises to the level of us retaliation? >> it appears to have caused minimal damage to us businesses but we are still gathering information. jillian: president biden appears to downplay the latest attack on the us ahead of the meeting with members from the state department, doj and dhs.
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todd: former army ranger congressman warren davidson. thanks for being here. let's look at the stats. the impact of the latest trends where attack, 200 plus companies affected, $70 million ransom demands. does it continue the president biden inc. that is minimal? >> absolutely. president biden is a fairly weak president. i'm glad he is confronting vladimir putin but he hasn't shown enough resolve to change the course of events. jillian: jen psaki said the ransom where attack on record is not yet fully attributable to russia but that being said i am curious what you think russia is capable of. we have seen a number of ransom where attacks, seems they are increasing in number and it worries me if they increase in size. >> they are increasingly profitable for people who perpetrate them.
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like silicon valley, we use it for good mostly, in russia they have a network effect for accuracy and the united states, the real proof is russia does not cooperate with our investigations. they will not cooperate. they are providing a sanctuary. todd: you wonder why the ransom where meeting is "happening now," seems it should have happened by now. air force academy professor pushing for military academies to teach critical race theory. here is part of this individual's washington post op-ed, quote, is a professor of political science at the air force academy i teach critical race theory to our nation's future military leaders because it is vital cadets understand the history of the racism that has shaped foreign and domestic policies. as a military guy how worrisome is it she things cadets and the entire military need to
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understand crt to be part of a lethal fighting force? >> military academies need to understand history. i was a history major at west point. they taught history. they could have taught some topics more comprehensively but critical race theory is not teaching history. teaching it academically as a way to understand critical race theory, working to train people, people who come wanting to serve the country, an honor to nominate folks, young people who serve the best and brightest we have to offer and to poison their mind with an ideology that is critical theory marxism with race inserted in between, the purpose of critical theory is to tear down, deconstruct. that is what you have to do when you want to fundamentally remake america. this is an ideology that is hostile to unity and is not there to promote unity or healing, it is there to promote
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division and tear down, a professor at one of our service academies to try to pretend that is not what this period is about is concerning. todd: congressman warren davidson, appreciate your time and service. >> thank you both. jillian: 17 after the hour. knock knock. the biden administration wants to go door-to-door to make sure you got your vaccine. todd: bill mcgurn. jillian: wake up. todd: joins us live. ♪♪ one way or another ♪♪ i am going to win you ♪♪ i will get you ♪♪ one way or another
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪
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♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ and we need to go community by
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neighborhood and often times door-to-door, literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people, protection from the virus. todd: the biden administration launching a door-to-door effort to get more americans vaccinated but not everyone is happy with the new initiative. here to react is our friend bill mcgurn. is this the right move? >> you are going to have to do something because everyone knew the more vaccinations you give out, the last marginal vaccinations are harder to do because people don't want them. not just that they haven't gotten around to it. the government is going to have to be imaginative. normally when you do this kind of campaign you marshall churches and other civic institutions. we will see. todd: dan crenshaw among many conservatives not happy with this. he writes the following, how
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about don't knock on my door. you are not my parents, you're the government, make the vaccine available and let the people be free to choose. why is that concept so hard for the left? a good question that dan crenshaw asked. why is that concept so hard for the left? >> i don't know. because they tend, modern liberalism seems to come down to bossing people around and not letting people make their own decisions. i know at my daughter's college they are not saying you have to get it but they have a lot of if you don't have the vaccine, you have to wear masks and so forth. bill deblasio was offering cheeseburgers. so much is based on force and americans bristle at the idea of force. it would be a lot different if we were using churches or groups that people knew but if it is
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going to be the government i am not sure people -- i'm not sure it is going to have the effect they think it is going to have. todd: this isn't anti-vaccine. that's not what we are talking about. we are talking about antigovernment control of every single thing in your life which is much much different. i want to switch gears, the 6019 project creator nicole hannah jones rejecting 10 year. remember that first? opting for a job at howard university. listen to nicole hannah jones in her own words. >> my tenure was not taken out because of political opposition, because of discriminatory views against my viewpoint. i believe my race and my gender after weeks of protests and national scandal. it's not something we want anymore. todd: your reaction to that soundbite? >> of course that is what she
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would say. the university of north carolina, embarrassed itself two ways. first it is giving into the pc after initial resistance. it has so little credibility and the prevailing assumptions, this is the beauty of structural racism, it is racism, there can be no other issue. the many historians that have questioned her version of history and so forth is always racism or gender, never any substance. north carolina comes out looking really bad for this and she's accusing it of racism. i'm not sure she comes out looking much better. todd: let's read a statement from unc chapel hill, new challenges like this present opportunity press to do this, i'm committed to pressing on and partnering with all those to make carolina a more welcoming place. is this a lose lose for north carolina?
2:25 am
did they buy being wishy-washy and documenting a position right off the bat in this situation? >> they put themselves in a lose lose situation by surrendering. they took a stand and failed to defend and she said that is not good enough anyway. it is a disaster all around. todd: wishy-washy and woke do not mix. appreciate your time as always. jillian: the head of one of the nation's largest teachers unions thousand defend critical race.. the culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism or discrimination as crt to try to make it toxic. jillian: how far she's willing to go to protect the controversial curriculum still ahead. bad karma? billionaire mark cuban says
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companies are having higher issues because they cut off employees during the pandemic but what about small business owners who put workers first and still can't compete? the panel next. ♪♪ cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®. if you've been financially impacted by covid-19, janssen may be able to help. jillian: strong wind from tropical storm elsa slamming florida's west coast, this is clearwater beach, the wind picking up, landfall is expected on the northern gulf coast later this morning. todd: janice dean tracking it now with the latest fox weather forecast. >> janice: still seeing the result of the storm system. it is weakening, that is good news but the results are kind of the same, heavy rain, 3 to 5 inches across a wide swath, isolated total fire than that. 65 mile-per-hour sustained
2:30 am
windss, 74 make record-breaking, it was briefly are working last night and we will see rain -- landfall this morning and it will continue to ride up the southeast coast bringing tropical storm force wind, tropical tornadoes. a tornado watch in effect for parts of north and central florida and hurricane warning in effect, could see some hurricane conditions over some areas, moving up to the southeast, still tropical storm by tomorrow evening friday we have to watch the storm move closer to the mid-atlantic and the northeast. there is your tornado watch the next couple hours including tampa close to daytona beach. we could see some week tornadoes and structural damage, that happens when these tropical systems come close to land, we have to watch for that along the other impacts. todd: thank you. jillian: as businesses suffer from labor shortages billionaire
2:31 am
mark cuban slamming them for laying off workers during the pandemic tweeting companies kept paying employees during the pandemic aren't facing labor shortages adding compassion is good for business. the owner of pizzeria in california, in new york city, and the northside and concorde, thank you for being here. i want to start with you, your business had two rounds of ppp money, you did what you could at the maximum but it wasn't enough to keep people around and compassion while i understand what he is saying in some sense that it is good to show that but it is not going to pay your bills. >> agreed. you have to have a compassionate employer and fight for your
2:32 am
employees, we thought really hard for our employees and even sued the state to bring them back to work. easy to have a net worth of $4.2 billion and wrap it up in compassion and say i pay my employees and that is why i still have them. we did everything we could with ppp money but when we didn't have ppp money we didn't have the cash flow to keep everybody working all the time. i would not call what mark cuban did compassion. jillian: i am curious what you think about this. your story is different. your business was saved at as a result of the barstool fund and you tried everything, put every last penny you had into this in an outdoor area. what do you think of what mark cuban had to say?
2:33 am
>> you have to have compassion with your employees as well. they are always compassionate. and i was blessed enough for the pp loans and the boston fund and very blessed for that. so if i didn't have a lot of money, the same amount of money before covid. >> you have an interesting perspective about this because you say the time you were showing compassion, you were reported, but that is still in itself not enough to find labor
2:34 am
reinforcement. >> completely correct. i was one of the businesses ideally functioning because i'm a strictly to go business, a full kitchen and craft beer market but that was really good. i saw very quickly that my community needed to help, they needed positive role models how to carry on the support and we stayed open and that is great, our business went up but the country has reopened, labor reinforcement handle the workload it is not showing up very quickly so easy to say, compassionate businesses didn't close, kept their employees, no more available. >> your opinion on this. a personal finance company put
2:35 am
out this report and so interesting, we put it on the screen, the labor market thrives in red states and suffers in blue states, you can't see the screen but i will tell you the top 10 states where the labor market is thriving include new hampshire. 9 out of 10 of those are red states was on the right column of the screen those suffering most are blue states, that includes california where you are located and new york, the bottom of the list coming in at 49. with that in mind you have to wonder it is not the business owner's fault. how much of this comes down to your government officials. i will start with you. >> definitely government official, we did our best. the only employee that wants to
2:36 am
work. jillian: you are preaching to the choir. people are having an issue across the country trying to find workers. are you surprised to see california at the bottom of the list? >> not surprised. many economists have reported on this and the labor shortage is multifaceted. there's childcare, migration from one industry to the other, from one state to the other. the unpredictability of roller coaster of mandates is california that caused the labor shortage for us and it is not about compassion. with your compassionate or not, unless you actually apply for the job without getting applications. it is a complex issue and isn't just one thing but i am not surprised california is in that loop because it is unpredictable.
2:37 am
jillian: are you surprised to see new hampshire where you're located on the top of that list coming in at number 6 when it comes to the labor shortage because you said a minute ago you're having an issue finding work. >> i was born in new hampshire and we are a stubborn lot and we had low unemployment rate, one of the lowest in the country before the pandemic so i am not surprised it has come back the way it has. my problem is i'm in a select industry as far as the restaurant industry, finding talent wasn't easy before and now that everyone is in the hiring free-for-all, offering bonuses and things like that it is not easy for me. jillian: good perspective from each of you, thank you, have a good day. todd: 37 after the hour. it is not bail reform or soft on crime policies.
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the white house blame the crime spike on something else that might surprise you. tom brady back with this incredible pride and the match. carley shimkus is the only person i know who can outdrive tom brady. ♪♪ - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l.
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(upbeat pop music in background throughout) jillian: as crime rates skyrocket across the us the us facing blame on holiday weekends. todd: carley shimkus here with more. jen psaki or as i call her the contortionist pretzel. carley: jen psaki was asked about the staggering prime rate yesterday and had this to say. >> over the last 18 months around the country we see spikes
2:42 am
in violent crime to believe during summer months, often unfortunately during holiday weekends. carley: while that may be true, crime across the country is unseasonably high. the numbers are staggering. auto thefts up, 299% in philadelphia. jen psaki says the president will work to address violent crime and advocate for additional $300 million for the cops program. there you have it. jillian: there are no words. carley: the charity golf tournament took place yesterday. you are looking at tom brady. we will show a video of him that social media can't stop talking about, he crushed the drive so far it went 390 yards, landed feet away from the pit. wasn't enough to win. aaron rodgers defeated phil
2:43 am
mickelson and brady 322 in big sky, montana. i know this golf tournament is about golf charity but i think it is about trash talk. they do a lot of trash talk before the tournament. todd: the losses they have had. jillian: i can't get enough of it. i am really jealous of the golfer. todd: carley shimkus's trash talk. what she has to say to pete hegseth, carly and pete, amazing you are on the same screen together. >> i thought we were friends. troublemaker todd piro. troublemaker todd piro. great show this morning. coming up on "fox and friends," afghan troops fleeing their countries, the talent and takes control of a huge swath of the
2:44 am
country less than one week after us troops left a bagram airbase. we talked to the man who killed usama bin laden about the situation in afghanistan and the white house plans for a door-to-door vaccine campaign sparking a lot of backlash. doctor mark siegel joins us on that and the growing woken us in the military and jeremy hunt and texas hospital sees a baby boom delivering 100 babies in a 91 hour span. we will meet one of those mothers. the president of the largest teachers union coming out swinging at critics. first he will talk about it in a moment and what she had to stand on "fox and friends" we will get more specific because she took on a lot of folks including yours truly. we will tell you more coming up. don't go anywhere. oh! are you using liberty mutual's
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80 joe biden will tour washington dc school alongside the american teachers federation president who promised to fight culture warriors trying to end critical race theory. jillian: thousands of teachers pledge to break anti-crt laws. >> reporter: the first legal tour pain elementary with the president of the american federation of teachers randi weingarten who says they have a massive legal defense fund ready to go for any teachers who break the law by teaching lessons considered critical race theory. >> culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race to try to make it toxic. they are bullying teachers, our unions will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching
2:49 am
honest history. >> those in education projects that there are 5000 signatures for teachers on the petition writing, quote, we the undersigned educators will not be bull lead vowing to teach the lessons regardless of the law. the 6 states that band crt with many looking at doing the same, the bill will impose fines on individual teachers or cut state funding for their schools. many republicans and anti-crt activists say the theory teaches white kids to feel guilty. two ohio moms said when they spoke out about crt their kids were expelled. >> when you're speaking out and trying -- there are people retaliate against you into this case not they retaliated against us but against our children who are innocent. >> reporter: president biden will be in illinois to promote his $1.8 trillion american families plan that calls for
2:50 am
universal preschool, free community college and tax breaks. republicans say it is too expensive among other issues, the president will be in a northwest chicago suburb which went red last year. jillian: thank you. todd: virginia's school board appealing after a judge forces the district to reinstate a gym teacher. byron was suspended after voicing his opposition to a transgender policy change saying his religion prohibited him from that. the attorney says there is no reason for the virginia supreme court to hear the case. jillian: chicago public schools adopting a controversial new plan. condoms will be made available as part of a new sexual health policy. fifth grade and above will be required to provide access to free condoms. the chicago sun-times, a step in the right direction for student health.
2:51 am
i read this headline earlier in a commercial break at the two of us were like fifth grade? todd: like a commercial or something, shocking. jillian: this is my shocked face. todd: high school i get it. it is going to happen, get the kids the protection they need. fifth grade you are still a child. todd: i would like to hear what parents of fifth-graders have to say. todd: a pitch we have already done coming up, the judge shouting down arizona's bid to speed of the deportation of illegal immigrants. jillian: mark meadows led the effort and joins us live next.
2:52 am
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federal judge striking down an effort a.g. mark been very much speed up deportation. >> the judge did acknowledge the state is spending more money on supervision due to a change in policies by the biden administration. arizona attorney general mark been very much joins us now to discuss thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on. released from state prison and unremoved non-citizens have being added to the ranks under those under community supervision which almost certainly increases the overall cost to arizona. your reaction?
2:56 am
>> it was unfortunate the judge didn't rule entirely in our favor. she did recognize that the state did have standing to bring the lawsuit. there are harms to the state of arizona by the biden administration to follow existing immigration law. we know there interest all sorts of costs not only costs to taxpayers to house and provide social benefits to folks here not legally but there islights this cost whether it's criminals being released or people having to being supervised there is definitely a cost. the judge said she did not believe she had the authority to order them to follow title 8 which says they shall be deported we are appealing that to the ninth circuit of appeals. todd: keep us posted on 2456789 the white house expected to reopen the border with mexico in the coming weeks. title 42 put in place by the trump administration to prevent people with covid from coming across the border. that's expected to be lifted as well. how are you that this will
2:57 am
overwhelm a border crisis quite bad and quite frankly the biden administration has not shown over the past six month that it has a handle on? >> todd, i think if you look at the facts objectively whether it's the 2 million expected to cross the southern border illegally, whether it's the cartels enriching themselves, whether it's the hundreds of millions of dollars spent trying to address this problem. we are already at a crisis. we have already reached that point. the fact now that they are going to rescind that i think is going to be throwing more fuel, more gasoline on to a fire that's burning. i think it's dangerous for our country and exposes the inconsistency of the biden administration when it comes to public health. on the one hand they are so worried about covid but packing people into these detention centers and at the same time, they are creating a situation allow more and more people to come in regardless of the health consequences there is a complete inconsistency there. todd: democrats are launched legal blitz voting laws accusing the g.o.p. trying to suppress
2:58 am
voters and change the rules. but you got a big win in the supreme court. they just upheld your law there in arizona. how far will your case go, do you think, as precedent as other states raise this issue? >> well, i'm very proud of the fact that i personally order that case brnovich vs. the dnc. the department of justice the left is trying to take on undermine election measures. the state court said ensure the integrity of their elections and confidence in their results. the left is cherry picking states. they don't go amp states connect cut, new york, all that's northeast states that actually have more restrictive laws arizona does. so, really, todd, they are being so hypocritical and i want electric actually inconsistent. if the democrats want to do something about voter and franchising more voters go after democratic strongholds with more restrictive rules and less early
2:59 am
voting than states like arizona? jillian: well, to the point that you just made, go ahead and take a listen to what democratic panelists have to say about this. >> now you are forcing minorities to decide whether or not they are going to invest money, gas money to get to the polling places that are now further away. >> what kind of dirty tricks is being played about closing polls, swishing where you are supposed to be, it's kind of shocking a lot of people don't have the same access to votes as other americans. jillian: 30 seconds to the end of our show and what does it mean for 2022? >> the democrats need to stop inflaming the situation by rhetoric that's just inconsistent with the facts. can you have enfranchisement with voter integrity. arizona provides more opportunities to vote no. excuse be a tennessee voting. mail-in voting. up to a month before elections. democrats states can't claim the same thing.
3:00 am
there is a complete hypocrisy and lack of intellectual consistency by the left. ed to sod is this a winner or loser for republicans 2022 midterms. >> i think we need to do everything we can to fight for the rule of law. todd: got. >> it people need to have confidence in the rules. jillian: okay. thank you for joining us. have a good day, sir. thanks for watching. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. todd: elsa churning up florida's gulf coast with hurricane force winds. >> 16 counties are under a state of emergency. >> you will see impacts all across the west coast. >> we need to go knocking on doors to get people protected from the virus. >> if people are hesitant to take it, particularly if they are not in the vulnerable category that's not unreasonable thing and should be respected. >> big cities pee sieged by violent crime, the white house response it's all cyclical. we see spikes in summer crime often during holiday weekends. >> culture warriors trying t


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