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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 7, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you don't grow up a black child in this country without being told you have to work twice as hard, have to be twice as good but i have been that. laura: not twice as good, just accurate. he was given tenure despite lacking any qualifications. embarrassing. gutfeld next. >> reporter: is wednesday july 7th, elsa churning up florida's gulf coast driving rain and near hurricane force winds. we are tracking the life-threatening storm as it approaches landfall with millions in his past. >> a door-to-door campaign to drive up the vaccination rate after falling short of the president's fourth of july goal but is that the right way to win over skeptical americans? >> culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism
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or discrimination as crc to try to make it toxic. neil: foul by the head of one of the nation's largest teachers union to defend the controversial curriculum in your kids classroom and in court if need be. "fox and friends first" on wednesday starts right now. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. todd: we begin in florida tracking tropical storm elsa after hammering key west be storm barreling toward tampa bay with strong winds and heavy rain. jillian: it will make landfall later this morning. in clearwater beach, florida what is looking like? >> reporter: we are experiencing relative calm, the other bands of heavy rain and strong windss
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earlier this morning but some wind but no rain. make no mistake emergency personnel in pinellas county are not out of the woods yet. they are monitoring storm surge. we are approaching high tide so conditions are right for that. they are expecting at least a couple of feet of storm surge. elsa has already dumped a ton of rain in the area in southern florida. officials warning people to stay off the roads in case of heavy floods until emergency personnel in this county, an unusual spike in 911 calls, no major reported damages. they are fortunate this hit overnight when a lot of people are home and not out and about. they weren't panicking, they are used to this severe weather but governor ron desantis has been urging folks to take necessary precautions making sure they have 7 days of food and water and following orders of local emergency managers.
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no mandatory evacuations and pitiless county. only recommendations for those living in areas prone to flooding or those with special needs to leave the area if they experience some floods. 33 counties are under a state of emergency with hurricane and tropical storm warning stretching through much of the state's western coast and the coast of georgia and south carolina as well. >> you will see impact across the west coast, up the west coast into the morning hours. >> reporter: as for power outages, duke energy says 2000 people are without power right now but the governor says 7000 personnel are on standby to address those power outages and 250 florida guardsmen on standby to respond to any emergencies. todd: thank you and be safe. jillian: tropical storm elsa barrels toward florida, the coast guard is searching for 9 people who went missing water south of key west.
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these photos show the coast guard rescuing people from the rough see earlier. at the time they were working across heavy rain and 70 mile-per-hour winds, 15 people were rescued. we will keep you updated on the latest search effort as the coast guard has more information. we to rescue crews uncovering eight bodies from the rubble of a collapsed florida condo, 36 people confirmed that the 109 still missing. officials say they've seen no sign of life. >> we are not seeing anything positive that continues in that sense. the key things we are looking for regarding livable spaces. we are not coming across that. todd: very else were held for 7 victims including two young girls laid to rest with their parents. >> may we be guided by the light, which shine too bright for this world.
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todd: the family were among the first to be recovered after the tower fell. jillian: america's crime crisis worsens with another tragedy in chicago. a 20-year-old college student hit by a stray bullet. max lewis was commuting home from an internship last week, riding on a city train. the bullet pierced the window and hit him in the back of his neck. he died sunday after being taken off life support. no arrests have been made. todd: the white house blaming the crime spike in the us on seasonal changes and long holiday weekends. i am not making that up. >> over the last 18 months around the country, we see spikes in violent crime typically during summer months. often unfortunately during holiday weekends. todd: jen psaki taking aim at donald trump claiming president biden has committed more money
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to hire police officers than the trump administration. the left's that policies are squarely to blame for the lawlessness we are now seeing in big cities across america. >> we have emboldened the wrong people. we have emboldened people who don't believe in an honest day's work, who don't believe in integrity, that everyone owes them something, they are all victims and everything they do is okay. that is who we have emboldened and they are fine because they are only attacking walmart and neighborhoods where they don't live. when they come to their gated community let's see if they change their tune. todd: according to the gun violence archive, 500 people were shot this holiday weekend, 200 of them were killed. jillian: the white house is deploying response teams to combat a surge in covid 19 cases in recent rising threat from the delta variant. the task force is made up of people from fema and the cdc and
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they will respond to areas with a large number of unvaccinated people at risk of catching coronavirus as the new lambda variance could be resistant to vaccines. officials expect 160 million americans to be fully vaccinated by the end of the week. todd: eric adams squeaking out a narrow victory new york city in the democratic mayoral primary. he holds 50% of the ranks choice vote with katherine garcia one percentage point behind. adams looking ahead saying, quote, we must focus on winning in november so we can deliver on the promise of this great city for those who are struggling, who are underserved and committed to safe, fair, affordable future for all new yorkers. curtis sliwa in the general this fall. jillian: richardson reacting overnight to be left off the roster. the runner tweeting the attention that is on track now because of very few names.
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you can't be mad at that. todd: richardson was taken off of the roster after testing positive for marijuana following her victory. supporters are calling on the international olympic committee to reevaluate its rules and i agree with them. if we are in a situation where some people can put in hormones into their body the turn them from a female to a male she is getting banned, very internally inconsistent. time is 8 minutes after the hour. a fox news alert, rocket fired at us troops for the third time in two days. live report from the middle east. jillian: major retailers are closing early amid concerns, one of the city of stop legal officials says that is racist. san francisco's republican party chairman response next. alzheim's is full of them.
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>> we are tracking tropical storm elsa as it approaches the forecast, the storm is expected to make landfall just hours from now. todd: take a look at video showing roads covered in water, cars abandoned, three updates throughout the morning. 12 minutes after the hour, crime searching in san francisco and a growing number of residents went out. shoplifters ransacking the neiman marcus and several retail chains announcing they will be closing due to lack of law and order. jillian: gop party chair joins us, appreciate your time. can i ask you something? when things happen like the video we just showed our people facing the consequences they need to to stop this behavior? >> hardly.
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the exact opposite is happening. nothing happens to the people who commit these crimes. as a result they tell their friends in the criminal community and they come to san francisco and go to town, that is why we see 18 walgreens close in san francisco and target reducing its hours closing at 6:00 at night. we have a district attorney who thinks everything is fine, he is gas lighting is pretending there is no crime or the crime has not increased but that is the reason why target is closing their stores. it specifically said so. todd: look at this number, 46% of san francisco residents plan to move out in the next few years. that is more - expensive to live
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here but it has only been expensive to live there. i remember when i was going through my time in california a lot of people moving in san francisco regardless of the cost so people accuse fox news of blowing things out of proportion, describe what it is really like on the ground with the video you are looking at, just can't show and why. >> it is also expensive if you compare it to what you are getting for it. i have a friend of ours, i don't mind paying the taxes if i got something in return. instead what i get is homeless people outside my door threatening me, filthy sidewalks. my car constantly being broken into. i do mind paying high taxes because it is expensive enough as it is but just this morning i was coming out and there was a homeless guy outside my garage pushing around a 10 speed bike
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that required cycling shoes but he wasn't wearing cycling shoes. it is evident he lifted that from a garage which is another huge problem we have right now. home invasions are up. i was with you before. the tenderloin, was called a third world country but i've been to third world countries and never seen anything like what we are seeing in san francisco. it is as bad as people think it is. jillian: your reaction to this tweet from the san francisco district attorney official who says, quote, husbands are scared for their wives. your mind the crime surge crowd shares the same ideology is the birth of a nation. the account is now private. >> she is part of the gas lighting crew pretending crime isn't up. they are ahead of schedule for
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the signature drive, that concludes the history, the people of san francisco pushing back against this. in san francisco republican registration is up. todd: we appreciate you keeping us posted as to what is going on, city by the bay. jillian: president biden thinks his economic recovery matches the boom of the 1980s but liz peek says not so fast, biden is no reagan. todd: the white house has nothing to do with the come back when we come back. ♪♪ and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation you take it on, by talking to your eyecare professional about restasis®... which may help you make more of your own tears with continued use twice a day, every day.
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yes! hold on. get a powerful and secure connection you can count on. only with xfinity xfi. and see f9 only in theaters. ♪ ♪ >> extremists targeting us troops in iraq for the third time in two days in a drone
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strike carried out. jillian: more on the escalating tensions, good morning. >> overnight and explosive drone in northern iraq at 11:00 pm local time. security officials told reuters they believe they aim to hit american troops house at the facility in iraqi kurdistan. the pentagon is aware of the attack though no injuries were reported. there are 2500 us troops still in iraq assisting in the continued fight against what is left of isis. this is the latest in a series of incidents in iraq and syria. a drone was shot down next to the us embassy in baghdad as the airbase in western iraq that houses us troops received 3 rockets. and iranian backed iraqi shia militia out to continue the attacks in response, president
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biden ordering strikes against his group along the iraq syria border. the americans are in a difficult position on the world stage leading the push to renew and iran nuclear agreement while at the same time officials in tehran are directing and supporting iranian backed militias in iraq that are targeting american troops. todd: thanks. the attacks in iraq come as troops are withdrawn from afghanistan, new video showing afghan soldiers surrendering their weapons following the exit of us troops. talent and taking possession of the american-made weapons less than a week after they left bagram airfield. stock miller overseeing the withdrawal is concerned about afghan forces as they try to maintain control. >> i don't like leaving friends in need. to look at the security situation it is not good. todd: more than 1000 afghan soldiers have left the country following clashes with the telegram over the weekend. jillian: president biden is no
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reagan, an argument in a fox news opinion piece after the president compared the economic recovery with the boom in the 1980s. >> last time the economy grew at this rate was in 1984, as ronald reagan was telling us it is mourning in america. it is getting close to afternoon, the sun is coming out. jillian: the offer of that op-ed, liz peek, good to see you. let's pull up the numbers and as we look at first quarter gdp growth you see a difference as well as a difference in the june unemployment. what do you say about this? >> the reason the economy is coming back has nothing to do with president biden and everything to do with the vaccine that started to roll out before he was president. we know this because in the fourth quarter of last year the economy grew over 4%. it was already beginning to
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accelerate, governors and mayors across the country began to lift restrictions. this was an economy ready to burst out. consumers had $2 trillion of excess savings ready to be spent and the minute they were allowed to go out of their houses and spend it that is what happened. for president biden to compare himself to ronald reagan who basically set off an entire decade of growth and prosperity and job gains by cutting taxes and lightning regulations on the american economy that had been in trouble for the prior decade is really ridiculous. by the way we are just beginning to see the potential problems that of come with biden's policies, $1.9 trillion enormous spending package which included
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the extra unemployment benefits, $300 a week incremental unemployment benefits that basically slowed hiring, hiring should be much faster than it is and also begun to spur inflation. inflation above 5% in the country. those two things can be ascribed to biden's big rescue plan which we did not need. jillian: you can read more in that op-ed. i want your opinion on this, i find this report interesting. there is this report from personal-finance the labor markets are healthiest in red states and the worst in the blue states. let's pull up the rankings and you will see on the left, the top states, the best states in the labor market, you can see one democratic state in kansas. the right side of the column is all blue. are you surprised to see this? >> i am not. what we saw throughout the
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pandemic is republican governors did not have such a draconian approach to shutting down local state governments. people were allowed to earn a living so unemployment was lower in the red states on average throughout the pandemic than they were in blue states. remember in the $1.9 trillion rescue plan states got hundreds of billions of dollars and it was a portion based on unemployment numbers, the blue states were reported because they had prior unemployment and the red states were penalized. it was quite intentional, money being funneled to democrat ron states and cities that really hadn't managed well and shutdown their economies for longer and under more severe restrictions. jillian: let's hope we are never faced with a situation like we have been where we have to shut down the economy and businesses
1:26 am
have to shudder but do you think in taking a look at something like that on top of everything we've learned in the last year and a half to you think some of these blue state officials have learned a lesson? where do we go from here? it seems things aren't changing that quickly. >> we just heard from your prior guest what is going on in california. it doesn't seem to matter what the evidence on the ground is. these officials have an ideological approach to governing whether it is new york or san francisco or atlanta or philadelphia. they don't seem able to understand that you need clean streets, safe streets for businesses to come and all the high taxes and things attending these blue states it doesn't work. where have the population declines been? new york, california and other blue states making it impossible for people to earn a living or for businesses to succeed. i am not sure the pandemic is going to be the magic your.
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jillian: thank you for joining us. looking at that on the right side. todd: kansas for all intents and purposes -- jillian: the one blue in that column of already on the left. it is telling. todd: about 27 after the hour, two parents challenge the critical race theory curriculum at a private school in ohio and school took it out on their kids by expelling all three of them. those two moms join us with the story, do not go anywhere.
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todd: strong winds from tropical storm elsa slamming florida's west coast dropping heavy rain and land follows expected later this morning. jillian: janice dean joins us with the latest fox weather forecast. where is it?
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>> janice: it will make landfall in the next couple hours across the west coast of florida in the tampa area. it is weakening. last night it became a hurricane again. this morning dealing with a lot of upper-level wind and doesn't look as good on satellite radar imagery. we don't want a hurricane. we would perform a storm that is weakening as it makes landfall but we see the same results, heavy rainfall, some storm surge, the risk of tropical tornadoes. we are tornado watch in effect for parts of central western florida and you can see where the heaviest rain bands are coming on sure even inland toward the gainesville area. there is the latest track, new track comes out at 5 am and we will have that for you but potential impact landfall at 8:00 am this morning and it will
1:32 am
move quickly towards the southeast, it is going to weaken and parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast might deal with this storm as we get into thursday and friday, a weekending system. tropical storm advisory tweets, still a hurricane warning in effect in parts of the big bend from tampa towards cedar key of tropical storm warnings for parts of the southeast coast as the storm is going to go inland and remain intact, tropical storm by tomorrow and we will watch it as it exits the atlantic. it is going to move quickly but it is a tropical system that will bring dangerous conditions. jillian: 5 am advisory, we will have it. today president biden with several federal agencies to discuss solutions amid an ongoing wave of rents where attacks, strategies to protect critical infrastructure. a software group believed to be based in russia potentially compromise 1500 us companies.
1:33 am
the white house says the president reserves the right to retaliate. the biden administration moving $860 million in covid 19 funds to cover the cost of housing migrant children across the border. bloomberg news reports the cost of housing migrant children have gone up by $1.7 billion because of the pandemic. health and human services secretary xavier becerra says more space is needed for children to quarantine and ensure proper social distancing. first lady jill biden will store a washington dc school alongside teachers president who promised to fight culture warriors fighting to end critical race theory. heather: lauren blanchard joins us as thousands of teachers plan to break anti-crt laws. >> reporter: the first lady will tour pain elementary in dc along with the president of the american federation of teachers randi weingarten who says they have a massive legal fund ready to defend any teachers who break the law by teaching lessons aimed at critical race theory.
1:34 am
>> cultural warriors are labeling any discussion of race to try to make it toxic. they are bullying teachers. i will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history. >> reporter: group called the then education project has 5000 signatures from teachers bowing, quote, we the undersigned educators refused to lie to young people about us history and current events regardless of the law. at least 6 states have banned crt with many more looking at doing the same. the bills could impose fines on individual teachers or tightening state funding for their school. many republicans and anti-crt parent say the theory teaches white kids to feel guilty. >> it ultimately doesn't work because it is built on division, it is built on hatred. that doesn't build the country.
1:35 am
unity, common values build the country and divisiveness always destroys. >> reporter: president biden will be in illinois to promote his $1.8 trillion american family plan for free community college and tax breaks. republicans say it is too expensive among other issues. the president will be in a northwest chicago suburb which went red last year. todd: the same fight about crt leading to three students from elite private school in ohio, columbus academy saying two moms breached their contract by leading a campaign against the woke curriculum. here to discuss those two ohio moms, amy gonzalez and andrea. thank you for being here. i am a new parents. i have a few years before i have to worry about this but this infuriated me to think something
1:36 am
i did could impact my kids in such a negative way. what is going through the mind of an adult to punish innocent kids like this? >> i feel like it is unfortunately when you are speaking out and trying to say truth there are people who wants to retaliate against you. in this case they retaliated against our children who are innocent. todd: it is sickening. here is part of the letter expelling your kids, quote, you have engaged in a campaign against columbus academy for a sustained and inflammatory series of false and misleading attacks. your actions cost pain and even fear for physical safety among students, faculty and staff. i will play lawyer here. did you say anything that was false? >> know. we tried in the best way possible to represent and speak up not only for our children but also our teachers.
1:37 am
at a private school. i believe a lot of it is coming from the national association of independent schools. we've never been about banning speech. we like to expand speech but our students are normally not supported the teachers as well. we feel like how are they going to come forward? they have 1-year contracts if they have any grievances, they have to take back a set of schools as well. it was denied to. todd: did you threaten anyone's physical safety? >> my goodness, not at all. todd: nevertheless. the school doubling down on the expelling of your kids, quote, any parent who waged a public campaign of false and misleading same and inflammatory attacks will be in clear violation of the romans agreement and the
1:38 am
denied reenrollment for the following school year. i read that a different way. is in that saying if you dare question us regarding your kids education we will explore your child. >> yes. i think that is normally what they said but what they did. todd: what is next in your fight? where do the kids go in the fall which is fast approaching? >> that is the unfortunate thing. they did this a couple weeks ago. we received a letter. we also asked for an appeal. they sent us a letter saying we were not entitled to, be provided any documents. they have two large law firms representing them one of which the signature of that attorney is one on our board and making a determination that our kids would be expelled. we are scrambling to figure it out. todd: both figuring out the legal process from here on out
1:39 am
and where your kids are going in the fall, correct? >> that is the most important thing, to make sure our kids are settled. todd: it is an unbelievable situation, sorry you have to go through it but appreciate you speaking out and being warriors in this fight. please touch base with us again and let us know how the kids are doing. thank you so much. jillian: president biden introducing controversial new effort after failing to meet his july 4th vaccination goal. >> we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and often door to door knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people. jillian: he wants to show up at your door and not everyone is into it. todd: i missed this a most in my room by myself. from our friends download the fox that super 6 apps and play
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jillian: the president could be headed to your doorstep. in a new effort to get americans vaccinated. todd: i saw that in the prompter. jillian: wasn't sure i was going to read it but decided to go for it. todd: carley shimkus here with reaction to the president. carley: let's see if president biden can sell these vaccines to the american people. he announced the government will
1:44 am
be going door-to-door to increase his chances of getting that 70% vaccination goal among americans. take a listen. >> we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and door-to-door knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people protection from the fibrous. carley: this news not sitting well with conservatives. texas congressman dan crenshaw posting a tweet, how about don't knock on my door, you're not my parents, you're the government, make the vaccine available and let people free to choose. why that concept so hard for the left? colorado congresswoman shining in government now wants to go door-to-door to convince you to get an optional vaccine. the medical professionals not keen on this idea including doctor nicole saphier who tweeted vaccine conversation should be between doctor and patient, not by a grassroots government door knocker lose the biden administration is calling
1:45 am
this nothing more than an outreach program to give people the information they need to get vaccinated. two sides of that story. todd: you are my work wife, you're my work sister. if i showed up at the door with that be -- even though we are very close and we know each other. >> very different. todd: i am not coming to your house. jillian: a lot of drama at espn. carley: this espn drama is all over social media involving long time host rachel nichols who was pulled from her sideline hosting duties at the nba finals after the new york times released audio not really criticizing but basically saying her colleague maria taylor was given a promotion for diversity reasons. she was upset because maria taylor would be taking over one
1:46 am
of her own jobs, reaching adam silver who reacted saying both of these women are fantastic at what they do. this is a really unfortunate situation. larry elder was on hannity last night with a different take. >> they will tell you until tonight i didn't know who these two people are and at least we are talking about them. can we get back to sports? when did we get into all this politics? >> my suspicion is what is going on his jealousy. carley: she should an on-air apology for her remarks, she didn't know she was being recorded at the time and she said in a private conversation she west maria taylor all the success in the world. jillian: racial nichols has never been involved in any drama or anything and she was contractually obligated for that job. we will see how this continues to play out. todd: like an onion with many layers but also very stinky,
1:47 am
that is what it is. jillian: like an onion. todd: obviously eyes were on tom brady. jillian: yeah. carley: the big match golf tournament involving tom brady and aaron rogers took place yesterday and people on social media cannot stop talking about this moment, crushed a drive so far it went 390 yards and landed feet from the pin, not enough to win. defeated phil mickelson and tom brady 3 to 2 in the match on tnt yesterday. a beautiful golf course in big sky, montana. todd: not to take away from the shot but it was at a higher education. jillian: are you good at everything? carley: can you beat that? todd: what is that is beating our teams in super bowl's. carley: shots fired. you ended the segment strong. todd: you were happy with one
1:48 am
and 2. coming up, a horrifying thing especially for a parent. take a look. >> oh my god! todd: a tree crashing its way home barely missing a sleeping 5 months old, details next. jillian: spontaneous rendition of the star-spangled banner breaking out in the bill of walmart. the man who captured the patriotic moment joins us live. ♪♪ the rockets red glare ♪♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪♪ gave proof policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry
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♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪
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neil: video catching the moment a tree falls into louisiana
1:52 am
homecoming inches from a 5-year-old asleep in his crib. oh my gosh. violent weather causing the tree to come down. video from a baby monitor showing the new mother rushing in to save her little boy. i can't imagine that. that is horrifying, debris from the tree littering his room. that 5-month-old thank god was not hurt. jillian: we brought you the story yesterday and now meet the person behind it. doesn't get more american than this. todd: walmart shoppers spontaneously belting out the national anthem over fourth of july weekend. ♪♪ and the home of the brave ♪♪ todd: cody uploaded that video, joining us now. did you ever in your wildest
1:53 am
dreams envision that your video would take off like this? >> not in 1 million years never thought that. i just posted it because it was very patriotic and i was glad to be there in the moment. jillian: tell me what that moment was like. >> i was waiting on my wife to the checkout and i thought it was coming over the loudspeaker and no, that is not the loudspeaker. i moved around the corner and that is when i saw everything happen. it was awesome. todd: here is the reaction online. can't believe we have to go pro and on but as a canadian i have only seen this happen once appear during the olympics at the food court. wish we were more patriotic on a regular basis. another individual, other people
1:54 am
thankful, god bless america and then there is this. this individual saying something that is in so-called but feels like a cold, whatever. that the next person it is bizarre and cultlike. what message does your video send to those basement dwelling trolls in the last two comments? >> it upsets me because with everything going on in the world today, it was upsetting to hear comments like that. there were several and i don't know what to make of it. i don't understand it. ever since i was a kid, when those people were kids they celebrated the fourth of july and independence day and just upsetting. jillian: what does the national anthem and the flag and patriotism means you?
1:55 am
>> freedom. i am proud of all of our veterans that have fought and died for this country. to hear that kind of stuff and see the negative comments are ridiculous to me. i don't get it. i don't understand this day and age. there is a lot of stuff going on in the world that is upsetting to me. jillian: we are glad you uploaded it. we love seeing that moment. i wish i was there to see it in person. thank you for joining us and bringing us that wonderful moment. trouble from elsa closing in on the florida coast which we have fox weather team coverage coming up in the next hour. todd: also on deck, phil mcgurn and arizona's attorney general, do not go anywhere.
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todd: fox weather alert, tropical storm elsa bearing down on florida's west coast something wind and heavy rain, expected to make landfall in hours. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: millions of americans are still in the storm's patterns we are watching live team coverage with senior meteorologist janice dean tracking else's every move but we start with madeleine rivera in clearwater beach where the impact of the storm is already being felt. >> reporter: right now we are experiencing some rain, moderate wind. it picked up right before we went on air


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