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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 7, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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it which means that her positive drug test cost her a chance to compete for gold this olympics. she said she did it after losing her mom and i feel sorry for her. i lost both my parents. the sad reality is this, she knew the rules. she chose not to abide by them, and i admire her incredible athletic talents. they have to be applied equally. let not your heart be troubled.? are you back from vacation yet? -->> sean: [laughing]. touche you win. >> laura: are you back from vacation yet? laura: i was just on vacation from you.
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and your snarky comments. >> you and the opening-night salvo. >> because i choose -- >> tell us the details that are private but did you have a good time? laura: it is great to get away but when you travel with children it is always another level entirely of stress no matter what age they are always kicking at each other. >> i'm grateful my children are older now for all the reasons you are describing. laura: thank you, great show. on laura ingraham, tonight we're going to look into the real motivation behind this
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over-the-top expansion of what the capitol police are investigating in california and florida, the two largest teachers unions are on the record, no question about this fully embracing critical race theory, raymond arroyo has that and a full breakdown in seen and unseen but first the great liberal crackup is the focus of tonight's angle. summertime for most americans means more fun and freedom to do the things they love but for most democrats coast-to-coast it is a time to just revel in being miserable or at least make others miserable and focus on how much they hate the time-honored american traditions the rest of us love. they would rather define america solely around the horrors of slavery or events like january 6th. they want american schoolchildren to be taught that aside from the civil rights marches and 60s and a few key milestones reached by minorities
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america is intrinsically racist and evil but these are truly wretched people who put trigger warnings on american flags if they could, people who celebrated statues being ripped down last year and wouldn't because dead at a fourth of july parade this year. they would rather nod along to the drones on npr or how crummy life in america is. so mingle with a bunch of americans who come out to celebrate their country singing things like god bless america, never. case in point one of the most loathsome figures on the political scene today freshman congresswoman from missouri corey bush, a bernie sanders buddy commemorating the nation's birthday by tweeting that black people still aren't free and it is a holiday for white people. she is literally a sitting congresswoman sitting blacks aren't free.
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my question is should st. louis be given back to the native americans kisses she think of the absurdity of all these positions? of course not. as with her pals in the squad like ilhan omar and so forth bush's stock in trade is racial grandstanding. last of august when she won of primary against william conway she into that revolution. >> we decided we aren't going to wait any longer for change. if you didn't understand what happened right here in st. louis, missouri and ferguson, we are about to show you. >> what she hasn't shown us is to give the dam of what is happening in her own district. did you know that on thursday in an 8 hour time span four
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children were shot there? unless you think that was all in one place that were three separate incidents. according to st. louis metro police stats of the 97 homicide victims in st. louis, all but five were black victims. of the 44 identified suspects all but five were black. of course that dynamic does not fit corey bush's racist anti-cop narrative so she simply ignores the fact that sticks to america bashing which she truly loves and san francisco, speaking of citizen decline continues to be a living hell, stores like target that can't even stay open the way crime is so bad, luxury stores are being hit in broad daylight, no consequences and of course you see this video, we counted 10 suspected busting out of neiman marcus all carrying
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these essential luxury good items. expensive handbags. it doesn't need those in oakland's police chief says that this fourth of july was among the most violent he has ever seen. we are talking 24 hours, he said, of nonstop chaos. as americans of all backgrounds grow disgusted by the biden crime explosion, the more desperate democrats will become to start looking for scapegoats or to change the topic altogether so they returned to the well of january 6th were the only person shot was an unarmed protester. >> begin with breaking news on those terrific new videos from january 6th. >> all their cell phones and laptops, fbi investigations. >> the growing trend of far right extremism in the halls of congress. >> neo-fascism more reflective of the 1940s and 30s in germany.
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i find great concern with that. >> this is truly pathetic. upsetting on this insurrection isn't just a deflection effort on their part. it has become a pretext for the democrats to do what they have always wanted to do, to crack down on conservative activism, speech and conservative organizing. we will tell you more about pelosi's new police state later in the show but if nancy wants are party to hold the house eu a job policing her own the jobs and disassociating herself with the america hating activists she and her party have been coddling. when we told you it was not just the confederate flag they objected to last year, not just the confederate monuments that they objected to, we told you that it was all a trojan horse
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for what they really wanted to take down, america herself starting with our national flag. there was this heartwarming news story by new york times reporter sarah maslin. marlene rodriguez said that she once regularly flew the flag in her home in freeport, taking it down only in winter for safekeeping but three years ago when spring came miss rodriguez who is black the democrat left the flag in storage. it hasn't come out since. it felt like it didn't belong to me anymore, she said and washington post columnist philip, got celebrated july 4th by attacking lady liberty, why not. it is ambiguous and ambivalent, meaningless or foreign, a symbol of hypocrisy or unfulfilled promises. then pbs to national unity when during the national fireworks
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display vanessa williams saying the black national anthem. >> i did indicate this phone to my ancestors, no new federal holiday, juneteenth. ♪♪ every voice and sing and let heaven ring ♪♪ in harmony ♪♪ of liberty ♪♪ >> beautiful woman and beautiful voice but come on, this was never about some old monument to the confederacy and it wasn't about the flag, the confederate flag. at about the ultimate hatred of the left of all things traditionally american and it is spreading that propaganda that feeds ignorant comments like this. >> if you know your history you know that. of the national anthem, that there are paragraphs about slaves in
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america, disrespectful and does not speak for black americans. there is no question. >> there's a question, what she said was false. as much as the left despises our country's patriotic core they have no problem with china showing of their national pride, how efficient and insightful the ccp is. sexual authority that restricts speech of the opposition but then punishes anyone who strays in word or deed. the once respected reuters published a story previewing china's 100 year anniversary that read more like a ccp press release, she has cracked down on curriculum, eroded the party's
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moral authority, the parties ranks well by 2.43 million members in 2020, the biggest annual increase since she became president. a beijing resident gave a resounding yes when asked if she would like the party to stay in power for another hundred years. as if that woman would dare say anything else to an american media outlet and expect to survive the night. rachel maddow doppelgänger and msnbc host chris hayes even found common cause with the ccp's news agency on the issue of american gun ownership. continue to become really fascinated by how much america's exceptional levels of gun violence figure in the perception of the country around the world. that is true because no country better to be our moral arbiter than one guilty of widespread ethnic cleansing. from soaring crime to racial bullying the democrat china crush, attempting to revel in the liberal implosion "happening now" and attempting to focus only on the political benefit to the gop but i'm here to tell you
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tonight there are real-world effects from their embrace, only 69% of americans think the us is the best country to live in down from when the media was happy in 2011. they are bombarded by the most unbalanced vision of america in the classroom and celebrity stuff on social media and world war i. it is having a corrosive effect. >> are you proud to be an american? >> know. i feel embarrassed to be an american every day. that is a complicated question for me. most of the time know at least over the past four years. it has been tricky to love to be an american. >> partly.
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certain topics where it is very controversial. >> i would honestly rather live somewhere else. >> the door is always open, by. that is truly terrifying. it is going to be up to saying americans who can actually speak to turn this around. the solutions aren't partisan. they are common sense. you cannot serve the country you loathe. you can't promote the values of the country abroad that you load and you certainly can't unite the country you worked so feverishly to divide along racial, ethnic and class lines but we're not going to turn this around by just appealing to the
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red states. new england needs to save itself and at some point the good people on the west coast are growing to grow tired of things like rolling blackouts and i taxes and skyrocketing crime. it is only a matter of time. and when that happens we could see a wipeout of the liberal lunacy that is made the past 6 months seem like 6 years and that is the angle. joining us never today was anson, senior fellow at the hoover institution and dennis desousa, host of the dennis desousa podcast. eric adams won the democratic primary in new york, a liberal guy but ran on a fairly pro-law enforcement platform at least for a democrat but he is the exception in the party right now. >> he is. every one of those issues, crime, inflation, polls,
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democratic polls show biden is not pulling 50%. to tell us something, the only where he is coming he inherited the trump operation speed and on the other issues we have a secure, we were making progress, wouldn't have had inflation he would have been okay and a three things he's trying to do, being popular on the issues, people look at his cognitive issues and thinking i prefer -- i'm more scared of the president being joe biden then donald trump, same with covid that for all the hysteria the virus is waning and as you hinted they are stuck on january 6th, the narrative completely crashed. these are not just issues that if you are not saints or in union square and they are
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alluding the high end, there are no consequences, you're paying $5 a gallon for gas or $100 - you have no idea who is at the border when you are told that covid is still dangerous and get 2 million people are going to come through in 12 months, that's not a sustainable civilization, this can't go on. laura: joy read had a rather interesting take on the founders. >> the theft that has undergirded american society has been for so long accepting the bland narrative that lie own eyes these founders is a bedtime story rather than confront the pain that is in the history. jason: cute up perfectly for you. >> i would cite the example of
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frederick douglass, the runaway slave who knew something about the real pain and gave what appeared initially to be a denunciation of the fourth of july. he stood before the rochester ladies and said what to the slave is the fourth of july, are you inviting me to be here, but the trajectory of the speech as it moves along frederick douglas turns and says the constitution, the founding, they are not implicated in these crimes of slavery. douglas called the constitution the scaffolding like the scaffolding of the building which is taken down once the building is completed. douglas said it was a gloriously anti-slavery document. it is critical the spirit, people actually read who wants to do only one side of the story
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as if racism was baked into the american dna. there is the racist side of the story but they miss the emancipatory tradition represented by frederick douglass who was a lifelong republican, said the republican party is the ship and all else is the see. laura: the contrast between the way the media covered china's nationalistic pride at the way they cover patriotism of their own country is stunning. last week hannity was teasing me about it i was away, reading leaders, they are previewing the one hundredth anniversary speech from president xi in china and they write as the party is strengthened under xi and the rule for public dissent is narrowed public discourse has become increasingly nationalistic with many chinese expressing pride in the country's achievements crediting the leadership of xi and the party. so their pride is fine.
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american pride not deserved. >> china reads the left likable, they know every chapter and verse, they pose as this country that is a victim of discrimination and historic work racism with the united states but especially the left likes them because where there is a green agenda or mass transit or high-speed rail they can enact change by fear and they like the use of power because basically they don't like democratic discussion, progressives never do, they are going to talk down to us, if they just had the power they would have the efficacy and quickness to get things done. just this week we heard charles monger praise jack mott in line with what michael bloomberg said and bill gates when he told us how china was doing. ashley: i think i have that right.
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speaking as a true multinational list globalist thank you. why do the capitol police need offices outside washington. senators on cotton on the expanding police force announced today and a few months ago this show highlighted in alaska couple who were rated by the fbi in a case of mistaken identity stemming from the january 6th rights. they are back with us with an update. it is important. stay there. 'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry direct. they explained life insurance is a valuable asset that can be sold. we learned that we can sell all of our policy or keep part of it with no future payments, who knew? we sold our policy. now we can relax and enjoy our retirement as we had planned. if you have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call
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30 dollars per line per month when you get four lines- or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: now, we just explained some of the real issues that the left is ignoring. instead of cracking down on
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crime, democrats laura: we explain the real issues the left is ignoring but instead of cracking down on crime democrats are worried about cracking down on threats that haven't even happened yet. the capital police jobs expand beyond the fences to field offices across the country with the first one being in tampa and san francisco. capital police telling fox news at this time florida and california are the majority of potential threats, the keyword is potential but we have a few questions. to the capital police need field offices? doesn't this make the fbi field offices redundant? what exactly will be considered actionable threats? joining me senator tom cotton on the senate judiciary committee, this all seems -- it smacks of a
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crackdown on political dissent or an attempt to dissuade people from becoming active even in a peaceful way which we support in political causes. >> this is news to me and critical we get answers to the questions you raised. let me say i have the deepest admiration and gratitude for the frontline capital police officers who keep a safe every day. in my time in congress in addition to january 6th we've had a craving bernie sanders supported tried to shoot a congressman, nation of islam supporter ~capital police officer a couple months ago. the capital police are there to protect the capital. they do work with us in our home states and i can tell you that the capitol police have a productive and cooperative and professional relationship with
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their counterparts in arkansas, secret service, us marshals and local police and local sheriff departments. those are the police forces here to help us in our home states into districts. the capitol police need to focus on the capitol and nancy pelosi needs to explain why these offices should be opened up, the first was proposed to be opening in san francisco given the skyrocketing crime rates there that people can walk into walgreens, maybe nancy pelosi should focus on the san francisco police and especially on her doorstop -- shoplifting. laura: this dovetails what i said in the angle the crime is skyrocketing especially in blue states across the country. it is out of control. friends of mine message me about what they were seeing and our
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focus is on people in a group that has the word constitution in it, this is very convenient to not take responsibility but i've got to get your reaction, governor cuomo of new york where crime is skyrocketing made this announcement today. >> first state in the nation is going to declare a disaster emergency on gun violence. we know how to deal with an epidemic. what we want to say is we want to do with gun violence what we just did with covid. that is what we want. we want the same level of attention, the same level of energy. laura: they might not be able to do lockdowns but they could abuse executive authority to take away basic constitutional rights which i argue they did throughout covid. that was their dry run for climate lockdowns or whatever they are going to do here.
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>> the epidemic andrew cuomo should try to handle with sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations, adult woman who used to work on democratic politics but this is a piece president biden propose a couple weeks ago to confiscate the rifles of law-abiding citizens but in part in many cases to protect themselves from the breakdown of law and order in our cities. it would do nothing to stem the flow or stem the violence of soft on crime policies all of which crimes are committed in cities with handguns, not with rifles, the government is turning a blind eye in some cases releasing criminals on the street to terrorize and victimize our citizens while trying to take away the means of self-defense from law-abiding citizens. laura: speaking of the expanding police state we brought you the story of paul and marilyn hubert, the alaska couple that said they were at trump's rally
12:30 am
on january 6th, walked to the capital at one point but never went inside the building but despite that the fbi busted in their doors and accused the business owners of stealing nancy pelosi's tom. carlos and jim jordan first fbi director chris ray over their treatment. >> when you kicked in the door help them at gunpoint, handcuffed and interrogated them for four hours, took the phone or laptop and took a copy of the pocket-sized constitution. why did you take the constitution, >> i can discuss a specific investigation. >> is it a happy of the fbi to take constitutions from people interrogating. >> it is not a habit to pursue any particular thing, we sees the evidence relevant to what is in the affidavit. joining me ise went through that affidavit to see where the pocket-sized constitution would fall as far
12:31 am
as relevant evidence goes. under information to be seized by the government among other things any info that indicates state of mind regarding intend related to collectivity. is this where we are in our country that reading the constitution and even knowing the constitution produces a criminal mindset? >> i think it is indicative and frightening for us as americans, it should be frightening because this is the copy they took, there's no markings in it, nothing, it is completely blank and empty, the binding wasn't even broken because i'm embarrassed to say i hadn't read it. not even sure, given at a parade or something, you can get them for free from most government offices so i think if they are
12:32 am
giving away something for free, and encouraging us that we should know these things and their circling back to collect the menus with very giving to us as a reminder of our heritage and rights and using that as evidence against us i think it is very concerning. >> like something you would think the ccp would do, reading something before the great leap forward. thank god they didn't seize your john phillips is a cd. that would really produce criminal mindset. congressman jordan and revealing exchange with the fbi director at the same hearing. >> he returned the phone to them but the data on the phone, you have copies of the text messages, did you keep all that? >> when we returned peoples information my impression is
12:33 am
that we don't keep that information but it depends on the circumstances of the investigation. >> the fbi director doesn't seem to know a lot. they have all your text messages obviously. what does that make you feel like? >> not good but we are seeing evidence of them refusing to let this go even though it is so obvious that we were not the people they were looking for, we just traveled recently, had every piece of our luggage torn apart because three flights trying to get to san francisco for a wedding and a funeral, they went through everything, held us up, went through items piece by piece by piece, met us down at the runway -- >> where was it? >> this was in anchorage and seattle and san francisco. >> this just happened? >> two days ago.
12:34 am
so you're being treated, everyone in the country needs to know this, you're being treated like you are on a terror watch list almost because you actually attend a rally and walked to the capital and didn't even go into the capital, you're being treated like a domestic terror threat, that is what it makes you feel like? >> absolutely, we feel like they are completely harassing us, they know they've got the wrong couple and jillian: let it go, they are constantly digging digging digging, putting us on these terrorist lists and all that, checking over to make sure we don't have any bombs on us twice over, they sent us through security, sent us back to security a second time and then met us at the airplane and went through our stuff through a third time. >> -- oh my goodness. this story keeps getting weirder.
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we will check back with you to find out what the latest is. two of the nation's biggest teachers unions are going all in on critical race theory. botnets new obsession is covid variants. raymond arroyo has all seen and unseen next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for "seen and unseen" where we unpack the big cultural stories of the day laura: time for seen and unseen where we unpack the cultural stories of the day and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. the american federation of teachers making headlines at their annual fascinating conference. >> this is why we cover cultural issues because these are the things most directly touch our lives and our children's lives. days after the largest teachers union voted to publicize critical race. and, quote, fight
12:41 am
back against anti-crt rhetoric, randi weingarten today vowed to take on not critical race theory but the parents who oppose it in the classroom. >> cultural warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism or discrimination as crt to try to make it possible. they are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history. our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history. we have a legal defense fund ready to go and we are preparing for litigation as we speak. >> what we have are the two largest teachers unions in the
12:42 am
country vowing to protect the notion that racism is systemic in all facets of american history and life and no matter what parents think they are determined to bring it to the classroom and dragged his parents to court. >> she's a hateful person and apparently just doesn't like much about america and parents who are the clients of the schools and actually paying the salaries of teachers many of whom don't want to go back to teach she wants to insult them as well. hateful woman, it will bring down the democrat party, that is my prediction. >> the in ea investigating any grassroots organization opposed to critical race theory and randi weingarten is in power, 20 teachers to cookery a curriculum to teach about misinformation and january 6th coming to a school year new you. what is disturbing the politics at play with these unions, the two teachers union spent $35 million in the 2020 cycle mostly with democrats and democratic candidates and doesn't look like that will
12:43 am
change anytime soon. is what teachers at the union conference will hear later this week. >> to hear amazing speeches such as professor candy on anti-racist teaching strategy and stacy abrams on saving our democracy. >> is adam kinzer gary going to show up to give the conservative view? this is a horror show. >> visiting professor -- >> a teachers conference or a dress rehearsal for the dnc? >> we will check. i think you need to do a teachers union townhall. he has covid receives the president wants kids to be vaccinated. the where the variants. >> the delta variant is responsible for half of all cases in many parts of this
12:44 am
country. it is more easily transmissible, potentially more dangerous. it should cause reconsideration especially in young people who may have thought they didn't have to be vaccinated to worry about it. >> the delta variant is my flight getting delayed. biden said the delta variant is potentially -- to adolescents. skateboarding and fencing are dangerous but the feds are not shutting that down going door-to-door. i spoke to two epidemiologists about this variant, both said natural vaccine immunity and kids have a lot of natural immunity, the science is clear, it is slightly more infectious but not more deadly. laura: hospitalizations and deaths are down 29%, 33% of the united states, but all this
12:45 am
hysteria is causing families to make insane decisions. a couple proudly shared their decision to vaccinate their infant. >> the decision was very easy. particularly for a baby, much more difficult. it became abundantly clear the benefits of vaccination far outweighed any risk irrespective of age. >> that's not true. we hear a lot about science but only gets referenced to make political points. the american academy of pediatrics says of the 0.03 child covid cases, 0% ended in death and severe illnesses are very rare. infants have robust immune systems, let them work. >> most of the tessera good
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percentage of the deaths our past life expectancy and covid so the lockdowns, all of it is a crime against humanity. thank you, great to see you. the left wants to control everything from where you go, what you say, what you think and now your thermostat. we will explain how climate alarmists could be targeting your home thermostat next. here in israel and the former soviet union the jewish people are living in very difficult times. there are now thousands of destitute elderly jews who are desperately in need of basic food. the international fellowship of christians and jews is on the ground with survival food boxes but the need for food is growing. call or go online now and say, "i will bless these children of abraham." it's the elderly widows who are hurting the most. many of them are also holocaust survivors who are once again crying out for help.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: okay, the climate crazies are coming for >> coming for your ac. a new y piece in time magazine hints where this is going say we must reorient ourselves the meaning of air-conditioning and comfort. privatized air-conditioning survived the ozone crisis but separated by class, race, nation, ability and survive too. comfort for some comes at the expense of life on this planet. it is time we become more comfortable with discomfort. our survival may depend on it. steve malloy, is this where the smart thermostats are tricky for people? because there could be some way to keep them at an uncomfortable
12:52 am
78 degrees in 100 degree weather? >> that is correct was the way for president biden to meet the parents climate accord is to start rationing electricity and that is the smart thermostat is for. when the utility company offers you a smart meter just say no. what they will do is come for your air-conditioning and other appliances. the utility will control when you use what and that is not what people want in america. laura: electricity providers are not just adjusting thermostats during these extreme weather events, utilities hour of the strain on those ac units, they can predict how demand will fluctuate during the day as people return home at 5:00 or 6:00, switch on their system, this -- utilities can generate only so much power in a given time. wouldn't it have been easier if we kept our energy independence and used all that natural gas
12:53 am
and oil before capping these wells? >> that would be a lot better they want to make it worse with electric vehicles during recent heat ways, people to precharge their vehicles because when you get home and demand goes up there is not going to be enough electricity to charge the vehicle. we should keep our fossil fuel nuclear power baseload, keep our grid going that would keep everybody happy and prosperous and healthy. laura: a former oil executive told me when you and oil well the idea you turn it back on if republicans take power again, he said it is very complicated. wells have to continue to be utilized and the oil continues to come out at $60 a gallon, you can't just a sealed well.
12:54 am
people have no clue what this will do to the economy. >> oil prices are going up and the fracking industry is not eager to get back into this because of the current political climate with president biden, big oil, president biden put the screws now but reinstating the obama methane full, they are not eager to get back to this because there is no money being made, the epa to regulate. laura: would you tell people to go back to the old dial thermostat? yes or no? >> i told them to get lost. that is what i have. laura: a lot of people are listening. the 1619 project cofounder was handed tenure for nothing. i will tell you about it next.
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>> it was humiliating. it was harmful and >> it was humiliating. it was deeply hurtful. it within raging.
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you don't grow up a black child in this country without being told you have to work twice as hard, have to be twice as good but i have been that. laura: not twice as good, just accurate. he was given tenure despite lacking any qualifications. embarrassing. gutfeld next. >> reporter: is wednesday july 7th, elsa churning up florida's gulf coast driving rain and near hurricane force winds. we are tracking the life-threatening storm as it approaches landfall with millions in his past. >> a door-to-door campaign to drive up the vaccination rate after falling short of the president's fourth of july goal but is that the right way to win over skeptical americans? >> culture warriors are labeling any


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