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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 6, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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not on it. she did it after losing her momism feel sorry for her. i lost both of my parents. but the sad reality is she knew the rules and chose not to abide by them. let not your heart be troubled. are you back from vacation yet? is that laura? >> laura: i was just on vacation from you. >> john: [laughing]. -->> sean: [laughing]. touche you win. >> laura: your comments. >> sean: did you have a good time? >> laura: it's great to get away but when you travel with children it's another level and
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type of stress. no matter what age they are, they pick at each other. >> sean: i am grateful my children are older now. for all of the reasons you are describing. going through tsa is 1 of them. >> laura: great show. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. tonight we will look into the real motivation behind the over the top expansion of what the capitol police are investigating. why are they moving into states like california and florida? also the two largest teacher unions are on the record, no question about it embracing critical race theory. raymond arroyo has that in "seen and unseen" and. but first the great liberal crackup. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." summer time for most americans means more fun and freedom to do the things they love.
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but for most democrats coast to coast it's a time to be miserable and focus on how much they hate the time honored american traditions the arrest of us love. they would rather define america around the horrors of slaver or january 6th. they want children to be taught that america is racist and evil. these are wretched people who would put trigger warnings on american flag. they celebrated statues being ripped down last year. they would rather nod along to the drones on npr or talk about how crummy life in america is. mingle with americans who come out to celebrate their country
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singing god bless america, never! case in point. one of the most loathesome figures on the political season freshman congresswoman cori bush tweeted that black people are still not free and it's a holiday for white people. she is literally a sitting congresswoman saying blacks are not free and refers to stolen yard. my question is: should st. louis be given back to the native-americans? does she think about the absurdity of these positions? of course not. bush's stock and trade is racial grand standing. last august when she won her primary against william clay she
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hinted at revolution. >> we are not going to wait any longer for change. if you did not understand what happened, that was birthed in st. louis, missouri, you didn't understand, we are about to show you. >> [cheers and applause]. >> laura: well, she hasn't shown us that she cares about what is happening in her own district. if you than on thursday, in 8 hours, 4 children were shot there. there were 3 separate incidents. according to the metropolice stats, of the 97 homicide victims in 2021 in st. louis, all but 5 were black victims. of the 44 identified suspects, all but 5 were black. that dynamic doesn't fit cori bush's racist, anti-cop narr
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stiff. -- narrative. she sticks to america bashing. and san francisco continues to be a living hell. target can't even stay open because time is so bad. luxury stores are hit in broad daylight with no consequences. you will see this video. we counted 10 suspects busting out of the neiman-marcus carrying the luxury good items -- expensive hand bags. and oakland's police chief said this 4th of july was among the most violent he's ever seen. we are talking about 24 hours of non-stop chaos. as americans of all backgrounds grow disgusted with the biden crime explosion the more
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desperate democrats are looking for scapegoats. on january 6th the only person shot was an unarmed protestors. >> breaking news and the videos from january 6th. >> look at all of their laptops and interview them and their friends. maybe the biggest fbi investigation ever. >> we have seen the growing trend of far right extremism in congress. >> it's a neo-fascism we have not seen in this country like what we saw in the 1940s in germany. i find great concern with that. >> laura: this is pathetic. obsessing on this faux insurrection has become a pretext for the democrats to do what they always wanted to do: crackdown on conservative speech
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and organizing. more about pelosi's new police state later on in the show. in nancy wants her party to hold the house, she better police her own nut jobs and disassociate herself from the american-hating activists she and her party have been coddling. remember when we told you it was not just the american confederate flag they objected to and not just the monuments? it was all a trojan horse for what they wanted to take down: america herself. starting with our national flag. there was this heart warming news story about a "new york times" reporter. marleen rodriguez once flew the flag at her only taking it down only in winter. but 3 years ago when spring
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came, rodriguez who is black and a democrat left the flag in storage. hasn't come out since. it felt like it did not belong to me anymore she said. the "washington post" columnist phillip celebrated july 4th by attacking lady liberty: then pbs oozed national unity when vanessa williams sang the black national anthem. >> ♪ ♪
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>> laura: a beautiful woman and a beautiful voice, but come on? this was never about some old monument to the confedderacy. it wasn't about the flag. it's about the ultimate hatred of the left of all things traditionally america. spreading that propaganda that feeds ignorant comments like this. >> you know the full song of the national anthem. [inaudible]. it's disrespectful and does not speak for black americans. there is no question. >> laura: there is a question. what she said is false. as much as the left despices our country patriotic core they have no problem with china showing off their national pride -- and
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they love how efficient and insightful they are. central authorities that not only restrict speech of the opposition but punishes anyone who trays in word or deed, the once reported reuters read like a press release -- a beijing resident wants the party to stay in power for another 100 years. as if that woman would day say anything else to an american media outlet and spect -- expect to live through the
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night. and on the issue of american gun ownership: that is true, chris, but no country better to be our moral gauge than one guilty of ethnic cleansing. it's tempted to revel in the liberal implosion hatching happening right now -- but there are real world affects from their embrace of anti-americanism. a new fox news poll shows today only 69% of americans think the u.s. is the best country to live in. that's down from 84% when obama was president back in 2011. our young people are bombarded
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by the most unbalanced, skewed vision of america both in the classroom and celebrities stuff on social media. most heard about white privilege than world war i. >> are you proud to be an american? >> no, i am embarrassed an american every day. >> that's a complicated question for me. i think most of the time, no. over the past 4 year it's been tricky. >> partly. there are certain topics -- i don't know. >> i would rather live somewhere else. >> laura: well, it's like the door is always open. good-bye. that would terrifying. it will be up to sane americans
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who can speak to turn this around. the solutions are not part of them. they are common sense. you cannot serve a country you loathe. you promote the value of the countries abroad you loathe and you can't unite a country you worked so feverishly to divide along racial lines. we can't turn this around by just appealing to the red states. new england needs to save itself and the west coast people will grow tired of rolling blackouts and sky rocketing crime. it's a matter of time. when that happens we could see a wipe out of the liberal lunacy that made the past 6 months seem like 6 years. that's the airj. join -- "angle." joining us now is victor davis
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hansen and the host of a podcast. eric adams won the democratic prime in new york. liberal guy but ran on a pro-law enforcement platform. but he is the exception in the party right now. >> yes, he is. every one of those issues you mentioned -- crime, inflation, race relations with china -- democratic polls showing that biden is not polling 50%. the only one he is on covid because he inherited the operation warp speed. the 3 things he is trying to use in lieu of being popular on the issues is what?
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he is not donald trump. people look at his cognitive challenges and they are thinking i would prefer him -- i am more scared of the president being joe biden than donald trump. the same thing for covid. for all of the hysteria the virus is waning. they are struck with january 6th and that narrative crashed. these are not just issues. if you are not safe or you are in union square in san francisco and they are looting the high end neiman-marcus and there are no consequences and you are playing $5 a gallon of gas and $100 for a sheet of plywood. and you have no idea who is at the border when you are told covid is still dangerous, that's not a sustainable civilization.
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>> laura: tonight on msnbc joy reid had an interesting take on the founders. >> this theft that has undergirded american society, it's been for so long accepting the bland narrative that made these founders a bed time story rather than confront the real pain in the history. >> laura: that was cued up for you. >> i would cite the example of frederick douglas the run away slave who knew about the real pain and gave what appeared to be a denunciation of the 4th of july. he stood before the ladies anti-slavery society. are you mocking me by inviting
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me to be here? but as that speech moves along, douglas turns and said the constitution, the founders are not implicated in these crimes of slavery. he called the constitution like the scaffolding of the building that is taken down when the building is completed. it's critical race theory and people like joy who want to tell only one side of the story as if racism was baked into the american dna. there is the racist side of the story, but they missed the emancipation tradition represented by frederick douglas who was a lifelong republican and he said all else is the sea. >> laura: the contrast between the way the media covered
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china's pride and the way they cover patriotism of their own country is stunning. i was awake last week. i was reading reuters. they are previewing the 100th anniversary speech of president xi in china. they wrote as the party strengthened under xi, public discourse is nationalistic with many chinese expressing pride." their pride is fine but american pride is not deserved. >> china resides -- reads the left like a book. whether it's a green agenda or
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high speed rail or dense living, they can enact change. they like the use and abuse of power. they don't like democratic discussions. they feel they are the guardians and will talk down to us. that i would have the quickness to get things done. that's why they admire chine. charles munger praised the chinese crackdown on mao. >> laura: exactly. thank you. why do they need offices outside of washington? senator tom cotton is here on nancy pelosi's expandinging police force and a few months ago this show highlighted an alaska couple who were raided by
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the fbi in the case of mistaken identity stemming from the january 6th riots. they are back with an update. it's important. stay there. and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: now, we just explained some of the real issues that the left is ignoring. instead of cracking down on
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crime, democrats are worried about crackdown on threats that haven't happened. the capitol police's job expand by the fences to field offices across the country with the first ones being in tampa and san francisco. convenient for nancy pelosi. capitol police told fox news florida and california are where the majority of the potential threats are. we have a few questions. does the capitol police need field offices? doesn't this make the fbi field offices redundantant? what are actionable threats. joining me is senator tom cotton -- this all seems -- it smacks of a crackdown on a political dissent to diswade
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people of becoming political activity against the democrats. >> this is news to me today. i have the deepest admiration and gratitude for the front line for capitol police officers who keep us save every day. we have a crazed bernie sanders try to shoot up republican congressmen in a baseball field. the capitol police are there to protect the capitol. they do work with us in our home states. the capitol police have always had a productive and cooperative and professional relationship with their federal counter parts in arkansas -- the fbi, secret
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service and local police department. nancy pelosi needs to explain why these offices should be opened up. it's convenient that the first one is to be opened in san francisco given the sky rocketing crime there. maybe nancy pelosi should focus on the san francisco police and the prosecutor who refuses to prosecute shoplifting. >> laura: that's the whole point. that's where this is all going. crime is sky rocketing especially in blue states across the country. it's out of control. friends of mine in san francisco tonight messaged me about what they were seeing there. our focus is on people in
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a group that has the word constitution in it? this is convenient to not take responsibility for their own cities. governor cuomo of new york made this announcement. >> the first state in the nation will declare a disaster emergency on gun violence. we know how to deal with an epidemic. we want to do with gun violence what we just did with covid. that's what we want. the same level of attention and energy. >> laura: senator, they might not be able to do lockdowns but they could abuse executive authority to take away basic constitutional rights which i would argue they did throughout covid. that was their dry run for climate lockdowns or whatever they will do here. >> yes, laura. the epidemic that andrew cuomo
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should handle is the epidemic of sexual harassment allegations against him from all of the young women who worked for him. joe biden proposed to confiscate the rifles of law-abiding citizens. it would do nothing to stem the violence in cities with hand guns and not with rifles. the government is releasing criminals on the street while trying to take away self-defense from law-abiding citizens. >> laura: thanks. we brought you the story of paul and maryland, the alaska couple who were at trump's rally on january 6th and walked to the capitol but never went inside
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the building. but the fbi busted in their doors and accused the business owners of stealing nancy pelosi's laptop. jim jordan pressed the fib director over their treatment. >> you kicked in their door and held them at gun point. took their phone and laptop and a copy of constitution? >> i can't discuss -->> is it a habit to take the constitution? >> we just seize the evidence that is relevant to the search warrant affidavit. >> laura: joining me is marrilin and paul.
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it said any info that indicates state of mind regarding intent related to criminal activity. is this where we for our country. reading the constitution and knowing it produces a criminal mind set? >> i think it's indicative and frightening for us as americans. this is the copy they took. there are no markings in it. it's blank and empty. the binding was not broken because i am embarrassed to say i had not read it. it was probably given at a parade or something. can you get them for free from most legislation offices from our government offices. if they are giving away something for free and encouraging us that we should
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know these things and circling back to collect them and use what they are giving to us as a reminder of our rights and using that as evidence againsts. that's very concerning. >> laura: it's something the ccp would do. us. that's very concerning. >> laura: it's something the ccp would do. congressman, jordan, paul had a revealing exchange with the fbi director at that same hearing. >> did you keep the data from their phone? >> hmmm. well, when we return people's information, my impression is we don't keep that information but it depends on the circumstances
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of the investigation. >> laura: is he actually the fbi director. doesn't seem to know a lot. paul, they have all of your text messages. what does that make you feel like? >> wow! not good. we are seeing evidence of them refusing to let this go but it was so obvious we were not the people they were looking for. we traveled recently and had every piece of our luggage torn apart. we missed 3 flights to get to san francisco for a wedding and a funeral. they went through item piece by piece. met us down at the runway -- >> laura: wait, wait, where was this? >> in anchorage and then seattle and then san francisco. >> laura: recently? this just happened? >> yes, two days ago. >> yesterday. >> laura: what? everyone in the country needs to know this. you are being treated like you
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are on a terror watch list almost. >> right. >> laura: because you attended a rally and walked to the capitol and did not even go into the capitol? you are being treated like a domestic terrorists threat. that's how you feel? >> absolutely. they are harassing us. they know they have the wrong couple and they won't let it go. they are constantly digging and putting us on terrorists lists and all of that and checking to make sure we don't have bombs on us twice over. they sent us back through security a second time and met us at the airplane and went through our stuff a third time. >> laura: what would happen if you didn't wear a mask on the plane? >> oh gosh, we would number jail right now. >> laura: this story keeps getting weirder.
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we will check back with you to find out the latest. just like we warned you two of the nation's biggest teachers unions are going all in on critical race theory and biden's new obsession with the covid variants. raymond arroyo has it all in "seen and unseen" next.
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wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for "seen and unseen" where we unpack the big cultural stories of the day with raymond arroyo. the american federation of teachers making headlines at their annual fascinating conference. >> yes, this is why we cover these culture issues. these are the things that most directly touch our lives and our children's lives. days after the largest teachers union voted to publicize critical race theory and fight back against anti-rhetoric.
7:41 pm
vowing to take on not critical race theory but the parents who oppose it in the classroom. >> they are labelling race discussions to make it toxic. they are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching studentsacat history. -- accurate history. our union will defend any member who is teaching honest history. we are preparing for litigation as we speak. >> we have the two largest teachers union in the country vowing to protect the notion that racism is systemic in all facets of american history. no matter what parents think they will bring it to the
7:42 pm
classroom and drag the parents to court. >> laura: she is a hateful person and doesn't like america. parents who are the clients of the schools and paying the salaries of teachers who don't want to go back to teach. she wants to go after them. a hateful woman that will bring down the democratic party. >> they approved investigating any organization opposed to teaching critical race theory. they have a curriculum to teach about misinformation on january 6th coming to a school near you. the two teachers unions spent $35 million in the 2020 cycle mostly with democratic candidates. it doesn't look like that will change soon. teachers at the union conference will hear this later this week.
7:43 pm
>> tune in to hear amazing speeches off as a professor on anti-racist teaching strategies and stacey abrams on saving our democracy. >> laura: is adam going to show up to give the conservative view? this is a horror show. >> who knows? >> laura: is it a teacher's conference or a dress rehearsal for the dnc you? can't tell? >> we will check. you need to do a teachers union town hall down there. as covid recedes the president wants kids to be vaccinated. why? beware the warnts! -- variants. >> the delta variant is responsible for more than half
7:44 pm
of the days in this country. it's more transmissible and more dangerous. young people who thought they didn't have to be vaccinated or worry about it. >> the delta variant i am concerned about is my flight getting delayed. he said is potentially more dangerous to adolescents. so is skate boarding but they are not shutting that down. i spoked to 2 epidemiologists about this variants and they said it doesn't evade natural immunity which kids have. it's more infectious but not more deadly. >> laura: deaths are down all over the united states. they are just looking for another excuse to keep the teachers home. all of this hysteria is causing families to make insane
7:45 pm
decisions. a couple proudly shared their decision to vaccinate their infant! >> the decision to get ourselves vaccinated was very easy. deciding for our kids, particularly for our baby, was definitely much more difficult. it it became abuntantly clear that the benefits of the vaccination outweigh any risks irrespective of age. >> that's not true. we hear a lot about science -- the american academy of pediatrics said of the .03 child covid says 0% ended in dating. infants have robust immune systems. let them work. >> laura: the lockdowns it's
7:46 pm
a crime against humanity. raymond, thank you. and the left wants to control everything from where you go and what you say and think and now your thermorstat. climate alarmists could target your home thermostat next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: okay, the climate crazies are coming for your a/c. a new piece hints where this is going. the air-conditioner's power to separate by: here now is steve maloy, founder of junk is this where the smart thermostats are tricky because you can keep them at uncomfortable 78 degrees in 100
7:52 pm
degree weather? >> that's right. when a utility comes to your house and offers you a free smart meter, just say no. what they will be able to do is control your air conditioning and your another appliances. the utilities can control when you use what. >> laura: they are not just adjusting thermostats. utilities are aware of the strain the hate wave will put on the grid and when people return home from work around 6:00, they switch on their systems. wouldn't it be a lot easier if we kept our energy independence? >> that would be a lot better.
7:53 pm
they want to make it worse with the electric vehicle. during the heat wave california issued a warning for people to pre-charge their vehicle because there would not be enough electricity. keep our fossil fuels and keep our grid going to keep everybody happy. >> laura: a former oil executive i talked to last week told me when you cap an oil well, the idea you can just turn it back on if republicans take power again, he said no, it's very complicated. wells to be continue to be utilized and the oil has to continue to come out. if it's a $60 a barrel. you can't recap a sealed well. he said people have no clue what this will do to the economy?
7:54 pm
>> yes, there is no screw on cap. oil prices are going up. the fracking industry is not eager to get back into this because of the current political climate with joe biden. joe biden put the screws to fraccers. they are not eager to get back into this business. there is no money to be made with the way the epa will regulate them. >> laura: would you tell people to go back to the old dial thermostats? >> when the utility came to my house i told them to get loss. i like the old dial thermostat. >> laura: last bite is next.
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>> it was humiliating. it was harmful and enraging. as you know, you don't grow up
8:00 pm
a black child in this country without being told you have to work twice as hard to get half as far. i have been that. >> laura: not twice as good. just accurate. she was given tenure despite lacking any qualifications. "gutfeld!" is next. >> we heard from the governor ever washington talking about climate change as a permanent emergency. how does the news media cover a permanent emergency? >> greg: treat it like your ratings, bozo. >> [cheers and applause]. >> [applauding]. >> greg: so excited. well, well, well. i hope you enjoyed our 4th of


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