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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 6, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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flag. others joined in. one witness said it brought tears to my eyes. reminds you of the hockey team that stood there and sang every world and the fans did as well. that by the way is "the story" of tuesday, july 6. as always, "the story" continues. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: elsa is on the move right now. a tropical storm. bearing winds in excess of 65 miles per hour. could in fact prove to be a category one hurricane if it still follows that trajectory to hit the coast. key west, they're feeling its wrath. we'll have the latest from ron desantis or the storm as well as the on going rescue effort to surfside. we'll have steve harrigan as well in clearwater, florida, with the latest on this storm, adam klotz on the view of the
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weather and how long this hangs around, especially for a while. let's go to steve harrigan first in clearwater with mother. hey, steve. >> the heart of the storm is more than 15 miles away. we're starting to feel the beginnings of it. some of the rain and wind just beginning to pick up. still a few people out on the beach trying to squeeze in the last day. wind speeds approaching 70 miles an hour. could be a category one hurricane when it finally hits shore here. key west got hit hard in the morning. 60 miles per hour winds. here we are in tampa. no mandatory evacuations. some voluntary in low-lying areas. you talk to people here that have been planning and come for their vacation, they say most of them we talked to intend to ride this storm out. >> i hope it stays further offshore and doesn't strengthen. just stick to the planned
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vacation. >> we're on the fifth floor. we're not worried about getting flooded out. we're record -- worried about the rental car. >> we're going drink and say solve prayers. >> we could see as many as if inches of rain and a five foot storm surge. back to you, kneel. >> neil: thanks, steve. let's go to adam klotz, our meteorologist. what it might portend for the busy hurricane season. adam? >> well, neil, very powerful tropical storm. 74 miles an hour, this becomes a hurricane. very well could become a hurricane before it makes landfall and the most recent forecast does indicate it will. there's the center of circulation. heavy rain running up to naples, stretching up towards -- getting up to fort myers also. this entire system will be
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drifting to the north overnight bringing with it the rain, the storm surge. yes, a risk for isolated tornadoes. the red box there, the polygon, an area where you have the ingredients in place to see small tornadoes drift up. it's a rain maker. fairly widespread. we're going to look at 3-5 inches of precipitation as this runs north. isolated areas up to eight inches of overall rain. that could cause localized flooding. mostly tropical storm warnings in southern portions. get to tampa, you run up to the big bend. that is a hurricane warning. that's where they'll see the strongest winds. you'll see that in the next graphic. as this storm surge gets closer to the coast overnight tonight, getting up to tampa area and the florida big bend, that brings the stronger winds up to 75, 80 miles an hour for gusts. future radar. mostly overnight you see this hug the coast and hitting north
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of tampa and moving a cross the northern part of the state and likely weakening once it makes landfall. the most recent update takes this up to a category one hurricane before we make landfall. weakens and becomes a depression as it works to the southeast. we'll be watching it from now till then, neil. >> neil: all right, adam. thanks very much. let's go to the governor of florida. he has a lot to deal with the last couple weeks. ron desantis joins us right now. governor, very good to see you. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: how are things looking from your end, governor? >> so we've seen it pass key west, the further westernmost key.there were some power out timings, localized flooding. certainly nothing along the lines of a catastrophic storm which we've seen in our past. it will continue going up the west coast of florida.
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we anticipate that it will become a category one hurricane. we think there's going to be impacts up and down the coast. it's going to obviously make a turn northeast and probably florida's big bend and continue through the northern part of florida. so there will be wind impact, storm surge along the coast. we've had a very, very wet past couple weeks, particular live north of i-4. so all of that area is going to get more rain in the storm. so you could have flash flooding even without that. then the combination of the two, we're bracing for that. so we think there will be more power outages. probably some shelters open up and down the west coast. i've spoken with county officials up and down the west
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coast. not huge demand right now. so that's fine. people know it's coming. we're getting out the information as best we can. >> neil: governor, this looks like it will security surfside, the other side of the state. i'm wondering whether it will complicate rescue efforts there. >> so what we did recently is tear down the remaining portion of the building. it was very unstable. there were certain parts of the pile that were effectively inaccessible because of the hazard posed by the building. we didn't know exactly what track this would take, even tropical storm gusts would potentially knock the building over. if it got knocked over on the pile, that completely complicates the search efforts. we brought that down and people
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are able to access the inaccessible. the building that was brought down can be carted off with heavy machinery where there is not the same value when you're trying to search for folks in the rubble. so we think we handled that the right way. there's been some rain and a little wind. certainly nothing that we were bracing for just a few days ago. the storm kept being pushed further and further west. so that as much as you don't want to see it inpact the other areas, for surfside, the track has been about as beneficial that we could have asked for. >> neil: i would like your take on how this rescue effort is going. we heard reports that among the latest victims, mostly count on the original rubble. can you update us? >> if you like at the whole original rubble, the part closest to the standing structure that was still
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standing, that had basically been inaccessible because of the hazards of it being so close. so they were searching other parts of the rubble. they were digging tunnels underneath. the fact that we could take down the building, that hazard was gone. so they've been focusing on that part of the original pile where they hadn't been able to dedicate a lot of rescue effort given the hazards involved. that happens to be the place where most of the master bedrooms were. so of course this building tragically came down when most of these people were sleeping. so they've been able to identify more and more folks. so you'll continue to see more identifications given that they have essentially 100% access to all of the areas of the original pile. >> neil: we're told, governor, that rescuers onside are not hearing the noises that they
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were the day or two after this collapse. is that so? among those at the site as well as families waiting to hear what happened to their loved ones. is it looking grim? >> neil, what i'd say, as long as people are missing, we need to account for everyone. the first day, any time that they thought they had a lead, they pursued it. unfortunately they weren't except from the very beginning, they were not able to identify anybody that survived. you don't have a lot of indications of that and it's a very unfortunate thing. that's the reality. when they search through rubble like this, they're looking for voids to have a survivor. unfortunately when you get out there close, this thing came down pancaked.
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there's not the types of voids that you hope to see. to the extend their found voids, they will send people, they will do video, they will do all kinds of tools to be able to rescue somebody, but they just haven't been able to identify anybody certainly in the recent time that has been alive. it's a tragic thing. it's not because of a lack of effort. it's was of a lack of luck and the fact that this was a catastrophic collapse. >> neil: governor, i know residents in the north tower were told to evacuate and clear their homes and did. is it your understanding that that will be permanently uninhabitable? it too will have to be demolished? >> it's too soon to say that i spoke with the mayor of surfside. they have not identified the same types of problems that had been identified with the south tower.
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that doesn't mean there's not problems with it. there's people inspecting every portion of that building right now. we obviously support it, if someone chose to evacuate, to make the relief funds available to those folks and we understand how that is something that is very scary to think that it's basically the same build, the same time a couple doors down. but there were serious, serious problems with the south tower. i think we know that now. i think we'll probably learn more as the days and weeks ahead go forward. my hope is that that north tower, the same level of defects are not found. but you have to be safe dealing with stuff like this. >> this is coming at a time that florida has been booming. one of the most successful states in the country. i'm wondering, you know, with this incident and certain counties in your state, not all but certain counties, miami died
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among them with the 40-year certification process, is it your understanding or would you want to see that certification statewide in all counties for all buildings of a certain age, maybe all buildings, period? >> i think we need to figure out what was the actual cause or causes of this. then i think once we know that, we can try to figure out what would make sense from a policy perspective. obviously people get involved in -- buy a unit here, you want to have a building collapse like a catastrophic thing. so it doesn't happen in the united states. it shouldn't. i will say this. we have the strongest building codes in the country, particularly in southern florida. if you go up and down that stretch, all of this stuff, particularly the newer stuff, is very, very sturdy. it's meant to withstand a category five hurricane. so i'm confident that we have a construction boom going on in
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florida. i'm confident that these buildings that are being put up now are very, very high standards and high quality. now champlain towers was in the early 80s. it's not very old, and there were pretty good building codes then. whether this was built according to the codes in existence at the time, i think it's something that will be investigated. obviously i've heard certain different things reported to me. we'll let that investigation play out. it's important why did this happen, what could have been done to prevent it and if it has implications for miami dade county, we have to understand that. if it has implications statewide, obviously we have to understand that as well. >> neil: governor desantis, thanks for your time. we appreciate it, sir. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: all right. the governor of florida, ron desantis. we'll explore that in more detail. the latest figures are what you
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the ante by increasing the salary rate to find the workers. now so many are doing so that it could lead to higher prices from the stuff they're selling. let's get the read from steve moore, former adviser to donald trump and best selling author. angelica joins us also right now. if i could first to you, steve, get your sense on what was revealed here. we know bosses have to pay more to attract workers. we know that they have to pass along those costs. they will try to absorb them and they are. >> look, the unemployment -- extra unemployment benefits have had the negative effect on the economy that a lot of us predicted that a lot of workers wouldn't go back to work. one of the positive things that you're starting to see some wage increases to get more workers back into jobs.
1:19 pm
i'm in favor of that. it's good when workers get higher pay. there's two quick situations here. one is because inflation is rising so rapidly that the wages may not even be keeping up with the higher prices so for workers, they might not getting a purchase power increase in their pay. the second problem is if you're amazon or walgreen's or walmart or target with a huge work force and huge amounts of profits, you can afford to pay workers more. the businesses that are suffers right now are the small mom and pop shops and the restaurants that have eight or the ten employees that can't raise their wages. these higher wages would require a lot of them to go out of business. >> neil: professor, i believe in chicago today, $15 minimum wage was implemented. i'm wondering in this environment is it something that does have a spill-over effect? you pay workers more, the
1:20 pm
customers for those institutions will pay more. is that inevitable to you? >> for me, i think the pay increase is important. what it will do is will make your employees feel valued. they will also be more loyal to that company or that business. rather than going to another companies, they'll look for growth opportunities in that organization. and this is a spill overof what it will have. the companies will have more employees retention, have employees more motivated and give them a competitive edge. >> neil: doesn't it hurt the smaller guys that can't speed with the larger guys or the walmarts and targets that have a decided edge over the small business owner or small restaurant owner that cannot
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compete? >> yes, i agree. the small business owner will have a challenge competing. but at the same time, you employees are your super power. they're the ones on the front line and they create the innovation that will impact your bottom line and create growth in your business. >> neil: steve, you want to see if you can pass along the costs, your customers and have no problem with it. that's one thing. but sometimes they balk, they move on, they look for cheaper places. could that boomerang? >> that's right. look, i think the professor is right. obviously employers want ploy eyes and workers that are diligent, work hard and willing to pay more. the reason i oppose a $15 an hour minimum wage. the vast majority of people that
1:22 pm
make minimum wage is it's the first job. employers do raise wages. the nonperformers, they fire them because they're not up to speed. so the natural free market process is working here, a famous story in the 1970s when the uaw gave their workers an 8% pay raise. they were celebrating, such a great moment for american workers. turned out that the inflation rate was 10% so they lost money. so it's something to worry about. >> neil: we'll have to keep a close yoon on it, guys. thanks very much. it's a strong economy that is the wind at the back for all of this and propelling the higher labor costs and the other costs associated with them. if you have any doubt, take a look at how crowded airports are these days. jeff flock is there. hey, jeff.
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>> neil: grow up or pay up. if you don't behave in the skies, these two kids will get you to change that. if you don't, you're going to have to pay.
1:27 pm
. >> neil: if you're flying this long holiday weekend, airports are more crowded. volume-wise, building towards the best levels we've seen since the pandemic began. jeff flock at o'hare with more on that. hey, jeff. >> neil: the only good things, neil, i'll say for those of us that flew during the pandemic, during it, the airports were easy. you don't see four guys like
1:28 pm
this carrying everything by themselves. this poor fellow. beautiful daughter though. and the tsa lines were not a problem. have to put my mask on. that is the rule. look at this tsa line now. yeah. backing up, this is not even a busy day. i'll show you what a busy day look like. these are the latest tsa numbers that we got this morning for yesterday. and then we had the numbers for friday, which was a record. as you point out, 2.19 million people, also three times what it was last year. even more than it was in 2019 before the pandemic. so what do you get when you get all of those people? you get delays and you get cancellations. take a look at the numbers for sunday. 4,000 plus delays across the u.s. 2,000 plus cancellations. if that wasn't enough for the
1:29 pm
travelers to deal with, what about unruly passengers? today the faa announcing new fines of more than $100,000 to nine people who were believed to have been causing a scene and being inappropriate fighting with people and all sorts of things on the aircraft. the faa today also unveiling a psa, a public service announcement that employs young children that were perhaps smarter than we are about how to behave on an aircraft. >> fighting is not good when you're on a plane. >> i would be really scared. >> i would not like if someone did that to me. >> they should know better. they're adults. >> 3,271 complaints since the first of the year about unruly passengers, neil. the faa has shown that if you want to play, you have to pay to
1:30 pm
the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. >> neil: so maybe, jeff, when you fly, you should be calmer and nicer. maybe that's the problem. >> a smile works for me. >> neil: thanks, my friend. jeff flock. that one kid is not buying this whole behave thing. you're feeling it on the ground, too, in case you didn't check for a while this morning. we had gasoline prices, oil prices at a six-year high. the problem is opec and the so-called opec countries that can't agree. there's more than enough demand to keep prices going higher. don't think you're out of the woods. patrick knows at the gas buddy analysis. he's been on the trends. the trends don't look good, right, patrick? >> they don't, neil.
1:31 pm
it's a little hatfield and mccoys with opec. everybody wants to increase production. everybody wants a bigger slice of the increase in production. came to a boiling point yet with the uae walking out of the meeting. everybody agrees that more oil production is needed. then there's bickers and oil prices touched nearly $77 a barrel. we closed down slightly today. that doesn't end it. the sky is the limit. $80 could be coming shortly and maybe beyond that. we are just starting to get to the peak of the american driving season. >> neil: you think about it, the fill-up is $15 more than last year at this time. i'm wondering gas-wise, what do you see happening? >> well, price-wise, neil, we could go up another 5 to 15 cents a gallon the next couple weeks. there's no telling if that is
1:32 pm
the peak. if opec does increase oil production, we'll see a peak in the next few weeks. until this economy really slows down and demands slow down, we won't see any break at the pump. that could not -- may not happen until later this fall. even then, neil, the question is do the american commuters start taking back as officers reopen, that could delay a downturn in demand and delay a decrease in price. >> if opec can't do anything, can't agree, all things being equal, they don't budge on supply, prices are growing to keep moving higher. that is unavoidable. >> looks to be that way. look for shale producers to ramp rates. so if oil prices can advance,
1:33 pm
this gives a wide open door to u.s. producers to fill the void. >> neil: what is wild though and you talked about it before, it's not stopping consumers. it's not that they don't notice but they're still filling up and going out. i wonder what they'll do in the fall. >> great question, neil. people will return to the office this fall. american commutes will come back. to touch on your point about july 4, a 7% increase in gasoline demand according to gas buddy data from memorial day. 7% over the last holiday. we're starting to see demand kick in to high gear. the last thing we can afford is for opec to be dragging their legs behind on this. >> all right. glad you say drags their legs. patrick, thanks very much. the gas buddy petroleum analysis. we'll monitor that and monitoring what is happening on the border in case you didn't hear. of course you heard. governor abbott wants to build a
1:34 pm
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>> neil: his poll numbers have not changed much but when it comes to the border, most americans disapprove of the way president biden is handling it as the number of migrants flooding in continues to rocket. bill is seeing up up front and personal today. hey, bill. >> hey, neil. good afternoon to you. it's been thunderstorming out here all day long. that hasn't slowed down any of the activity. they a look at this video this morning. in my four trips during the surge, this was the largest single group i've seen apprehended. at least 100 people apprehended
1:39 pm
at one time. mostly moms and kids. i saw some of these breast feeding. some of the ones i talk to with from nicaragua, guatemala and honduras. and now reinforcements are showing up. this is del rio. florida state troopers and nebraska state troopers working with texas state trooper. more states are on the way. iowa, idaho, arkansas and south carolina. a group that is not happy. that is called lulac. they sent a letter to president biden on the fourth of july urning him to top the states from sending law enforcement to the border with the leaders writing in part "we're being innovated by governors to arm the border against brown women and children.
1:40 pm
this is an insurrection that must be stopped." i spoke with the texas bps spokesman. take a listen. >> that logic won't help us. what governor abbott has done is provided the resources to the state. my question would be to those organizations if you don't agree with what the governor is doing by providing the resources for this crisis, what solutions do you have? >> a recent "washington post" abc news shows that president biden is under water on his topic of immigration. a poll between june 27 and june 30 showing 33 percent of respondents approving 51 disappearing. that a survey of more than 900 adults, this is after v.p. kamala harris's trip to the border showing that trip had an impact on people's perception of
1:41 pm
the handling of the border. we have talked to a lot of border agents on the ground. a large majority of them do not approve of the job the administration is doing. now back to you. >> neil: all right. thanks, bill. the fact of the matter is that a lot of governors want to help out governor abbott in finishing that wall. ohio is the latest to send troops to the border to do that. the devil is in the details. not a word out of the administration legally how to respond to this. you can expect since so much of this area would include and covers federal lands. mark joins us. the wall would includes federal lands beyond their jurisdiction. how does this process move
1:42 pm
forward if it can? >> first of all, can it. there's going to be an avalanche of legal challenges. the supreme court has made it extremely clear that the responsibility of regulating both immigration and border control lies exclusively in the hands of the federal government. i checked because i do my research for your segments. there's no texas exception. so states can't decide what they want to do individually. be careful what you wish for, governor of texas. if another state now or the future said instead of a wall we want to build a red carpet, a vip red carpet so immigrants can come in regard of their background, if he's fighting for the concepts that states can do whatever they want, you have to be ready for that. >> neil: one of the things that
1:43 pm
bothers critics of joe biden, to shelf the building of the wall that had the monies committed. he's arguing i'm going to complete what the federal government was obligated and set out to do under donald trump. does that not hold any legal water? >> no. that's politics, chatter chatter. when we get to the court of law, the decisions are in the hands of the federal government. let's get passed that for a second. there's many other legal challenges. people that own private ranches and property that may have said in theory, yes, let's build the wall. they see the plan and say wait? where is that going on any property? no way. so the same way trump's administration faced enormous lawsuits, you're going to get the same thing here. whatever they think it's going to cost, triple it because you have to add on the legal fees.
1:44 pm
>> neil: amazing. mark eiglarsh, thanks very much. we talk about the time about the rising crime going on here but it gets fashionable. dangerous but fashionable. did you see this? a heist with the best stuff after this. limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪
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>> neil: i don't know if any of you have seen this. a middle of the day theft going on in san francisco at neiman marcus. broad daylight. then we wonder why stores like target and walgreen's are limiting hours in california because of this. this is popping up everywhere. joe is not surprised, the former nypd lieutenant with us right now. i'll tell you, joe, when i see this, it's crazy to put it mildly but it's increasingly common. what do you think? >> well, the stores themselves allow it by not getting the please involved because they can't accepted the way police want to do their jobs. their own security guards watched them go out the doors with this. you're down to provide security for your customers, but how are
1:49 pm
you doing that when you allow this to happen in front of your customers? who wants to shop? a store where you're spending thousands and thousands of dollars for these items and then somebody is walking in, running out the door and nobody is challenging them. it's bizarre. it is bizarre. this is the climate that we live in today, this is what is created. these stores create it for them. they don't challenge them at all in the store where it should be happening. the security should be holding them and they should be prosecuted. the other end, nobody wants to prosecute them because they're victims. >> neil: i was wondering, too, when i watched this, joe, whether anyone at the store was notifying police of what was going on. even if they own security people weren't doing anything. maybe you can well understand the targets and the walgreen's and the others that have said
1:50 pm
either we cut back on hours or this is going to really cost us. neiman marcus isn't a mom and pop shop, this is a major international retailers. what do you think? >> absolutely. think about it. you don't think criminals will change their hours to coincide with whatever hours target and everybody else does? think about it. that's what they do. they go in because they know they can get away with it. now you're talking about high end stores. it's unbelievable that they can get away with this. where is the the security number 1. number 2, what if the police are called? what will happen when they get there? can they do their job? is somebody going to prosecute or a waste of time saying we did call the police and we're going to -- are they going to prosecute this if they identify the criminals? i doubt it especially in california. i doubt it. >> neil: it's incredible, joe.
1:51 pm
you outlined it not long ago. this what happens when you turn the other way with crime. thanks, joe cardinale. this is more violent and we're seeing more and more signs of that. just consider what they're doing in new york. teaming up with the atf and the nearest police department to try to deal with a problem that is just as close as you can get to out of control. bryan llenas in new york city with more. hi, bryan. >> neil, good afternoon. over 250 people were shot and killed nationwide over the july fourth weekend. seven police officers at least wounded. over 100 people shot in chicago. 26 people shot here in new york city as gun violence continues to surge in the double digit increases this year in the major cities. the gun violence is so bad that nor governor andrew cuomo declared today a statewide disaster emergency saying gun
1:52 pm
violence is a public health crisis in his state. >> we went from one epidemic to another epidemic. we weren't from covid to the epidemic of gun violence. and the fear and the death that goes with it. it's been all over the newspapers, it is undeniable. it's so bad. >> here in new york, the atm and nypd are partering in efforts to trace the crime guns and to find elicit gun traffickers. neil? >> neil: bryan, thanks very much for that. you probably heard separately there's been another ransomware attack. a big one. all fingers are pointing to russia. the administration has made it clear there's a price to pay for that. so what is it?
1:53 pm
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>> neil: just reporting on, a minute ago, that spike and cripe in california. we told you about target and walgreens among retailers saying they will cut down hours because of the spike in crime. we will show you some video. kmart was not involved in that. target and walgreens are the ones considering cutting their hours. as a result of this crime. just want to clarify that if you are confused. also, if you are confused about this latest ransomware attack, keep in mind, so too as washington officially, no
1:57 pm
arguing that in the case of the president, we don't know the exact situation of all of this. >> it appears to have called minimal damage to u.s. businesses. we are still gathering information. i will have more to say about this in the next several days. >> neil: all right. minimal damage, but i did affect some 1500 different companies here, of those who were behind it, demanding a $70 million ransom payable through bitcoin, even though we can trace that sort of thing, they are still going to have it paid in bitcoin. cybersecurity attorney. you know, when we talk about this, these incidents pop up so frequently, they are getting more common, invariably, they point to russian fingerprints, and maybe not solely, but in coordination. if that is the case again, and the administration has promised to respond, what should it be?
1:58 pm
>> this is not a small attack to overlook. as you said, ransomware has been growing exponentially throughout the world and this attack is the single largest global ransomware attack. so biden, the united states, and the international community need to come out strong here. we have seen from the biden administration that a patch executive order earlier this year, trying to be proactive about cybersecurity, throwing money at the problem, also trying to get threat sharing information going between public and private entities. but we need to see serious proactive action against what russia is doing, which in essence is harboring these types of cyber criminal syndicates. >> neil: so why can't we -- you are the great lawyer, i am just sort of an angry in american citizen hearing this -- why can't we hack them back? we are pretty good at their stuff too, we don't do that, but is that the only solution? >> many cybersecurity experts including myself are angry about it as well.
1:59 pm
the united states does have different federal agencies that are attempting to hack back. this is something that goes on much like the cold war did back and forth and we are gaining intel, for sure. we will never have exact insight into how the government agencies are doing this but we are certainly understanding that the u.s. does have the capabilities here. the problem is, we are operating by a different moral and ethical code then russia is. the kremlin is basically allowing these operations to continue, many would argue, because it is politically beneficial for them. these are highly sophisticated criminal groups that have the ability to not only for espionage, but also for political reasons. that's not to say this hack is for political reasons, it is certainly a moneymaking machine, but there are reasons to get going with ransomware attacks. >> neil: thank you very, very much. we are waiting to see what the biden administration's response will be to all of this, i do want to pass along some news, still going on in surfside, four
2:00 pm
more victims bringing the total deaths from that condo collapse 2:30 six. we have talked to governor desantis at the outside of the show, it is much easier trouble particularly where all of these bodies are they have discovered have come. four more just ♪ ♪ >> greg: hello. i'm greg gutfeld with katie, geraldo rivera, jesse watters. dana perino, "the five." ♪ ♪ so, this is a big week for us. yep, it's bigger than dana finally potty training jasper, who now flushes twice as a courtesy. and it's bigger than jesse finally getting a hair transplant. thanks for donating the minx. "the five" is


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