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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 6, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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scratcher for sure. i'm afraid that's all we have time for. we have to run. sandra, that's an incredible story. it will be like batman calling to defund the police. >> a red and white weekend became liberal bash fest. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> thanks. >> sandra and benjamin, i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum, this is "the story." fresh reaction to the white house to the violent holiday weekend that ravaged some of the nation's biggest cities. the administrations said this didn't begin under the current president. placing the blame on guns and the summer months. >> the president continues to work to address violent crime. it has gone up the last 18 months around the country. we've seen spikes in violent
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crimes during summer months. unfortunately during holiday weekends. >> that in response to the release of staggering new numbers from the gun violence archive. 230 people were killed and over 630 injuries across the u.s. this july fourth weekend. a shocking number of victims, teens and children, including a 3-year-old boy in critical condition. shot while watching fireworks in buffalo, new york. and a 6-year-old girl caught in the cross fire standing on the sidewalk monday in chicago where the independence day weekend just became the city's deadliest and most violent of the year. that's where we begin today with mike tobin live for us on the ground. mike? >> trace, cops and children are among the victims as chicago endures the most violent weekend of an already violent year. the numbers are out from chicago police saying 100 people were shot, 18 killed, 11 shooting
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victims were children. five kids were shot in a nine hour stretch. a 5-year-old girl and a 6-year-old goal were shot eight hours apart. david brown, the chicago police superintendent, blame the courts for releasing criminals. today he says the media needs to share responsibility. >> i'd rather have media and no government than government and no media. it going to be the fourth branch of government that changes what happens in the courts. >> mobs were part of the problem. young people swarmed downtown. they danced on police cars, shot fireworks. 61 were arrested for disorderly conduct in a variety of charges. another group on the west side when police ran them off around 1:30 a.m. someone fired into the crowd, a police september and commandier hit. one in the leg, one in the foot. the police superintendent says an iowa man was a rested in a chicago hotel because he had a
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rifle, magazines and a handgun and a window sill of the hotel overlooking the crowds at navy pier. trace? >> thanks. now geraldo rivera, fox news contributor at large and ted williams, an attorney that has represented police officers and also a fox news contributor. thanks to you both. geraldo, happy belated birthday to you, sir. 230 people killed across the country. it's a stunning number. i want to put these "washington post" abc statistics poll numbers up there. it's asking how would you describe the crime problem in the u.s. 28% serious. 31% very serious. when you have 91% of the population saying some level of serious the crime problem, that is a crisis level. >> i absolutely agree, trace. i wonder where the outrage is. you have 11 kids and mike
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tobin's report? 18 dead in chicago alone. i heard 260 were killed across the country. this is the number 1 cause of death among young black men in america. where is the outrage? where is the movement? this is the civil rights issue of our time. it's so very distressing and part of it is the fact that we're silent about it. if you're not watching fox news or reading the "new york post" or the "chicago sun-times," you don't get it. no reaction, no reporting, no outrage. where is the passion on this movement, trace? >> it's a very good point. i mean, the concept of this, ted, is that, you know, we can't get the word out there. there's no marchs. if it doesn't make cable news, it's not being covered. the whole bottom line, you look at the retirements of police officers, minneapolis nearly 20% of police department retired. in chicago, 15% of cops in 2020.
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new york, 2,600 cops. that's 2020. could be -- i don't know -- higher in 2021. what do you think? >> first of all, let me wish my good friend, geraldo a happy belated birthday. >> honored to be on. >> i have to tell you, geraldo is right. where in the hell is the outrage? you have young kids being killed. what you have, trace, unfortunately is that police departments have been decimated by police officers leaving in droves to get away from police departments. and you need those police officers to be out there. so what i'm simply saying is it's a war. it's a war. guess what? the criminals are winning this war. the only way you're going to take back the streets is, you have to get citizens in these communities involved.
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you cannot count on your politician. just look at chicago. 98 people killed, 100 people killed. the mayor isn't doing nothing. the commissioner of police isn't doing anything. the citizens have to take back their streets. >> i want to play this bite from jen psaki. the administration has said look, this started under trump. it's one of those things oh, yeah, the vaccine that is us. the crime, that's trump. it's one of those things the finger pointing here. listen to her. i'll get your response. >> you also continue to work to empower atf. he's proposed a $70 million increase over the last trump budget to ensure they have the funding and resources that they need to crack down on illegal guns. gun violence is the huge driver of the crime in chicago. >> yeah, the gun violence is bad but the zero consequences for crime in the united states is even worse. >> trace, i go back to the glory
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days of guliani and bloomberg here in new york city. they took draconian action. some of it was too harsh and had to be trimmed down by judges concerned about the constitutionality. they left the frame work that has been ignored. i think in chicago, for example, where are the traffic stops, road blocks, stop and frisk? where are the proactive measures necessary when you know if there's 117,000 gang members, let that sink in, 117,000 gang members, you have to take dramatic action. otherwise, innocent children will die. >> 10 seconds, ted. very quickly. >> you have to plug these neighborhoods. you have to coordinate. has to be a marriage between the citizens and police and the citizens have to help the police flood these neighborhoods and
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>> we saw some unprecedented situations where a number of very prominent scientists felt that they needed to write a letter to lancet, and that journal felt it needed to publish that letter, which basically said anybody that put forth the hypothesis that this virus may have evolved from a lab were promoting conspiracy theories. i don't think it's plausible
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that this virus went from a bat to an animal. >> a natural or manmade pandemic, the debate rages on after another article in the lancet journal argues against the wuhan lab theory. part of the article says -- >> trace: david asher appeared on capitol last week for a covid-19 origins forum. he led the state department investigation into the origins of the virus under president trump. he joins me now. great to have you now. you heard what dr. robert redfield said about the lancet article what do you think? >> it seems like a pop piece.
12:14 pm
i'd rather have a scientist respond to this letter. it's so devoid of scientific evidence, even though it's -- when i look as a laymen, didn't have a lot of evidence, a lot of conjecture and hyperbole. five factors cited as scientific belated ed of a lab leak in a hearing last week by scientists. the fact there was there was no preepidemic evidence. there was a spike mutation, a weird thing that allows it to get in to your lungs and blood and then optimized. the scientists presented facts at this hearing but they've been unable to get anything published in any peer review journals.
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>> trace: i read that with the same take-away as you. the evidence seemed to be a little lean on that thing. on the flip side, you talk about the wuhan lab leak. china has not allowed american investigators, international investigators in there with zero consequences so far. so you know, this is a little early in the game to be dismissing certain theories. >> of course. you can't rule out a lab leak unless you've gone into the lab and looked nor the leak. i mean, they won't give us access to the lab so you'll never be able to, you know, say yeah or ney definsively. the circumstantial evidence is substantial. and then there's some bizarre factors in the nature of the coronavirus, which i know a number of major science labs are looking at. the most significant one is the asymptomatic spread of it. we've seen other asymptomatic spreading of viruses but they're well known. when they transmit like the flu,
12:16 pm
the initial way when people are exposed to a new strain, they get sick symptomatically. there's no real precedent for this. this is something that dr. li, the head of the lab that created this thing as far as we can tell, the bat lady, she was working on how to develop asymptomatic spread to stop this from occurring. it's crazy. why would you do that? if it were not trying to create a bio weapon. >> you pointed us to the mit review that reads in part, now that u.s. officials have said the possibility of a lab accident needs to be investigated, the spot lot has fallen on funding of the less safe research. now scientists are coming forward to say this is a misstep. even if there's no link to covid-19, allowing work on bat viruses at dsl-2 is a scandal what is your take on the so-called gain of function
12:17 pm
research happening there? >> simply put, it is a scandal. it's funny that dr. xi, the head of the laboratory that discovered a year before that bat coronaviruses could spread to humans said in "the new york times," the reason we're doing it in the laboratory is because it could spread from bat to human. what is the truth? they're lying one way or the other. we know if the coronavirus research developed in the lab, seems to have leaked out, has killed 4.4 million people. that's more than enough proof that what they were doing is dangerous. >> trace: we have the proof that somebody is lying. it would be nice to get down to who. thanks, dr. asher. good to have you on. 32 people now confirmed dead in the devastating condo collapse in florida. 113 remain unaccounted for. the miami-dade mayor says crews have been searching through wind and rain but they had to take a break because of lightning.
12:18 pm
they are keeping an eye, of course, on tropical storm elsa. let's get to phil keating in surfside with more on this. phil, good afternoon. >> trace, good afternoon. today had been pretty good for the search and rescue operation. it was cloudy. but then about an hour ago, tropical storm elsa's heavy rains and winds started to impact the area here and the search site behind me. obviously that hampers the efforts of the search teams. they're still looking for victims, still hoping to find a survivor, maybe more. however, miami-dade fire chief, the county fire chief, says they have seen zero signs of life going all the way back since a few hours after the collapse 12 days ago. the first out or band of tropical storm elsa brought heavy rain and winds to the pile yesterday. clearly making things more challenging. the teams persist finding occasional bodies and removing
12:19 pm
tons of debris. a heart breaking funeral service is this afternoon for a family of a father, a mother and two little daughters, ages 10 and 4 all died in the collapse. today all are being buried. two little girls will be in the same coffin. more than five million pounds of concrete has been hauled away allowing crews to search deeper, a u.s. geological survey team is on site and lydar is being used to explore the pile. the most emotional site is the memorial wall crowded with flowers and people stopping and saying prayers. trace? >> trace: thanks, phil. live on the scene. back to you as the news breaks. moments ago, a threat from randi weingarten as the debate over critical race theory in schools
12:20 pm
heats up. >> mark my words, our union will defend any member that gets in trouble for teaching honest history. we have a legal defense fund ready to go and we are preparing for litigation as we speak. >> trace: oh, that's not all she said. jonathan turley breaks down looming legal challenges next. this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪
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>> trace, things are going from bad to worse in afghanistan. the taliban continue to seize more and more territory. they control a third of the country. new gains in the north where they have not been strong. afghan soldiers surrendering, fleeing. the departing general in charge has warned that the country could fall in six months. some consulates look at evacuation plans. the biggest symbol, bagram air
12:25 pm
base. it's standing empty extent for a relatively small number of troops trying to send off the taliban. they complain that the americans didn't give them any warning that the last troops left in the night leaving it open to looters and worse, john kirby, defense department has just commented on this and he says that the u.s. did give afghanistan the proper warning. is the same government said they're surprised by the taliban. russia says they're concerned. >> trace: greg, thank you. general jack keane here with us, a fox news sister strategic analyst. you call this this way in 35, 40 days ago. your thoughts, sir. >> yeah, well, certainly that's the case. about 90% of our troops are out of there now. the taliban will likely -- before they conduct mass attacks
12:26 pm
to take down the major cities, the provincial capitols of the 14 provinces, that's something that they have a plan to do. they'll not likely do that until all the u.s. and foreign troops are out of there. they don't want to us come back with decisive air power, which is why the taliban is having success. they have been -- the afghan security forces have been the ground force, the combat force since 2014. we have not had that real for seven years. but we had a decisive role in two areas. intelligence to the ground forces and used our drones to pinpoint the ground forces and used coalition air power to defeat the forces. the fact that that capability is no longer there is why the taliban is gathering this
12:27 pm
momentum. >> the taliban is changing the framing of this entire issue saying it's not them that is behind the up surge in violence. the taliban commander quoting here, all people want peace here, but the government doesn't want peace with us. what do you make of that statement? >> well, that's an absurdity. the trump team's decision to conduct unilateral negotiations with the taliban around get supposedly get their cooperation to provide security and make certain that the al-quaida and isis will never rise again was misguided from the beginning. we knew full well the taliban wouldn't buy into that. they don't want a cease fire because they have so many fighters that are exhausted. they don't want to come back to the fight. that's a well-known secret in
12:28 pm
afghanistan. yeah, this is a dire situation we're facing here, trace. conditioned call it any other way. huge potential for the afghan government to collapse. i know. ganni here personally. i spoke to him when he was here visiting president biden. i've had many conversations. they're very concerned about this situation what he wants is still for president biden to give him some u.s. air power particularly when they mass to take down the cities. that would be very helpful to them in terms of taking this momentum away from the taliban. >> i wanted to play this quickly, a former afghan interpreter. talking about people walking through and he can't get asylum in his on country. watch this. >> i sacrificed my life, my family life. i got shot for this country and
12:29 pm
i have survived many other attacks on me. it is very disappointing that somebody that is walking from the border will be honored more than somebody that has served this country and rescued his life and getting a death sentence by their decision. >> trace: what do you make of that decision, death sentence to interpret to help others. >> president biden made the commitment that he would get is interpreters out of there. they've been talking about flying them to guam to vet them from that location. anybody listening to that has great empathy for this individual. we have people from 30-plus nations walking across our border. some of those are from the middle east, some are from africa. they're not just the so-called triangle down south of mexico. a horrific situation. we have to take care of the interpreters, get them out of
12:30 pm
there. they will be killed, trace. there's no doubt about it. taliban spokesman said we're not going to do that. they lie about everything and will do that. >> trace: they saved lives in the process. general jack keane, thank you. >> great talking to you. >> trace: president randi weingarten says her union is taking a stand on critical race theory. that's next. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes
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12:35 pm
middle schools or high schools. it's a method of examination taught in law school and in college that helps analyze whether systemic racism exists and in particular whether it has an effect on law and public policy. the cultural warriors are labelling any discussion of race, racism or discrimination as crt to try to make it toxic. they're bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history. this harms students. these cultural warriors deprive students of robust understanding of our history.
12:36 pm
>> trace: jonathan turley joins me now. you can see they're changing the framing of the whole issue saying children are being prevented from taught learning about racism. i want to play a few more seconds, if i can, of randi weingarten and get your opinion on the other side. watch this. >> mark my words, our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history. we have a legal defense fund ready to go and preparing for litigation as we speak. >> trace: here come the lawyers, professor. >> well, thank god the lawyers have finally arrived. you know, the fact is that this has been sort of a spin put on by proponents of these lesson plans to say well, this isn't technically critical race theory. and it's a matter of nomenclature. what is being taught is in fact
12:37 pm
components of how critical race theory is taught, exposing what is viewed as racist underpinnings. yes, technically the subject of critical race theory is taught in law school. but these parents are not objecting to the term. they're objecting to the lesson plans. we taught race and segregation and all of those parts of our history for years. what happened recently are these lesson plans that create this sharp racial divide for students. i've seen some of those lesson plans. they are disturbing in my view. so i think that there has to be a level of honesty. these parents are objecting to specific plans. take-home assignments that have these disturbing divisive points to make. >> trace: yeah. we did this interview with a mom in rhode island yesterday to find out if her school is going to teach her kindergartener
12:38 pm
about critical race theory. she couldn't. so now they're involved in this legal battle. she had to sue the school to get the information about whether they're going to teach this or not, this is where you see us going? >> unfortunately this will end up in the courts. a lot of deference is given to the school boards but the school boards are elected. parents have a very great voice in who is on their school boards. the most compelling objections have been the very specific plans that go overboard. i don't know any parent that doesn't want to children about our shameful history of slavery. i don't any parent that doesn't want to teach about segregation and racism. what they're objecting to is something very different from what we've seen in the past. all of my kids went to public school. i went to public school. we're big believers in public school. so i think it's wrong for the teacher's union to say oh, well, they're just completely wrong, this is all made up.
12:39 pm
these are actual lesson plans the parents have objected to. when i looked at them, i find them disturbing. >> trace: with good reason. professor, good to hear from you. thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: well, some officers tasked with keeping americans safe over a violent holiday weekend now victims of american's crime crisis. tomi lahren with us next. alright, guys, no insurance talk on beach day. -i'm down. -yes, please. [ chuckles ] don't get me wrong, i love my rv, but insuring it is such a hassle. same with my boat. the insurance bills are through the roof. -[ sighs ] -be cool. i wish i could group my insurance stuff. -[ coughs ] bundle. -the house, the car, the rv. like a cluster. an insurance cluster. -woosah. -[ chuckles ] -i doubt that exists. -it's a bundle! it's a bundle, and it saves you money! hi. i'm flo from progressive, and i couldn't help but overhear... super fun beach day, everybody.
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>> trace: as major cities across the u.s. recover from a violent holiday weekend, we're learning about the victims wounded in the cross fire and while on the job. at least nine police officers were shot or injured this july fourth weekend. more than 500 shootings across
12:44 pm
the country. tomi lahren is here with more on that. first, to casey stegall. he's updating us on the conditions on the officers. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. let's start here in texas, a 11-year veteran shot twice responding to a disturbance call yesterday, a woman claimed that a man spat in her face after they fought over a parking spot. when the officers went to the man's apartment, he opened fire from the doorway. the other officer jumped into action and took down the 26-year-old suspect. he's now in jail. the officer is in stable but now critical condition. >> a lot of guns out on the streets. a lot of guns in people's possessions, their apartments. this appears to be a situation that officers are responding to a disturbance call and then all of a sudden this individual started shooting. >> elsewhere two metro police
12:45 pm
officers were hurt in las vegas. one shot with her own service weapon but will be all right. it happened a live music event at allegiant stadium. the suspect got into a scuffle with an officer, managed to take his gun firing a shot and grazing the officer. colleagues regained control arresting the 28-year-old suspect. in milwaukee, two officers were hurt there yesterday, rushed to the hospital after 1 hurled exploding fireworks after them on the street. the injuries not life threating but no arrests have been made. in chicago as you heard, two police officers were hurt there. some people were dancing on top of police calls. >> trace: celebrating the injuries to the police officers. casey, thank you. let's bring in tomi lahren, host of "no interruption" on fox
12:46 pm
nation. i want to play you this sound bite. it sums it up for us. >> when police don't have any tools to use anymore, they feel pretty helpless out there. you take away loitering laws, pursuit, ability to pursue vehicles -- you don't have to stop for the police in minneapolis anymore. >> trace: if you do stop them, prepare for assault charges and you might end up in courtney way, tomi. >> yeah, this is the culture that has been created. ambush style attacks on law enforcement are up 90%. 158 officers shot, 28 killed. this is what happens when democrat leaders from the top all the way down placate to the marxist groups like blm whose
12:47 pm
transparent mission is to defund the police. >> trace: these are retirements. minneapolis down 20%. some of this them took a leave of absence in chicago. 15% more cops retired in 2020 than during the previous year. new york city, 2,600 cops retired in 2020. a 72% increase from the previous year that is 2020. we don't know what 2021 brings. my guess is it's going to be worse. >> it absolutely will be. our officers need to know they're appreciated, they need to know that they have tools and resources. it's not just the defending, it's a multistep processing, decriminalizing acteds of lawlessness and all of the ds and the d for democrat, you get what we're seeing now. we've seen this play out in the birth of the blm movement.
12:48 pm
tomorrow is the five-year anniversary of the dallas massacre where five officers were ambushed and killed during a blm protest by a man that set out to kill white cops. it's no coincidence this is happening. we'll see the war on cops continue and it's disappointing, disgraceful and needs to stop. >> trace: i remember that massacre well. watertown, massachusetts police chief held and event for new recruits and six people showed up. he said this job has changed. nobody wants this job anymore. the following question is why would you? >> yeah, for officers, this job is a calling. it's always been dangerous. they always put their lives on the line. many are okay with that. this is what they set out to do. when you don't have tools at your dispoal and support from the leaders or community, you don't feel like you can protect and serve the way you signed up to do, that's why retirement up and recruitment is down.
12:49 pm
it needs to change. we all have to see the ramifications of this. >> trace: i have nephew is a police officer and he says it's not easy. tomi lahren, thank you. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: the u.s. women's soccer team sets critics straight after uproar erupts over team members who appeared with their backs turns on a 98-year-old world war ii veteran, a significant twist in this story with pete hegseth and marc thiessen is next.
12:50 pm
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♪♪ >> trace: the u.s. soccer federation says no members of their soccer team turned their backs on a world war ii veteran while he played his harmonica. this happened in connecticut. ♪♪ >> trace: some players are facing forward, others turned to the side. u.s. soccer tweeting here, no one turned their back on a world war ii veteran, pete duprey. some players were looking at the flag on the pole at one end of the stadium. the players loved pete and thanked him individually and signed a ball for him which they did. we have pictures to prove it. let's bring in pete hegseth, a
12:55 pm
"fox and friends" co-host and marc thiessen, fox news contributor. gentlemen, welcome to you both. carlie lloyd had a couple of tweets. she said we turned and faced the flag. get your facts straight before you assume anything like the twitter world always does. marc, to you first. maybe they didn't turn their backs on pete. but didn't look good. they were turning everywhere. didn't look respectful. your thoughts. >> yeah, if they say they weren't turning their backs on pete, i'll take them at their word for it. why would people assume that? maybe it's because before there was gwen berry, it was the u.s. women's national soccer team that was pushing nor the right to protest the anthem and the flag? it was megan rapinoe, the captain, that refused to put her hand over her heart in compliance whether the u.s. soccer policy and said i will never sing the anthem again, i will never put my hand over the
12:56 pm
heart for the anthem again. maybe it's because last year the u.s. women's soccer team demanded that u.s. soccer repeal their regulations requiring players to stand respectfully during the anthem and u.s. soccer gave in and repealed it. as a result, half the team facing in different directions, most didn't have their hands over their hearts. so excuse me. if we assume that you are doing what you've been demanding to do the last two years. >> trace: it's a fair point, pete. you look to the mexico side. they had their hands on their heart in one line, sang every word of their national anthem. if they're not just respectful, are we hyper sensitive and looking for any sign of disrespect? >> we're not looking for a sign of disrespect. there's already been plenty signs of disrespect. i agree with what marc has to say. it's not hard having stood on many friends, in many courts, it's not difficult to honor the anthem properly.
12:57 pm
you know where to look. you know where to put your hand. you know to be respectful. then you have a 98-year-old word war 2 veteran, not only should they have faced the right direction, there was clearly defined there. they got caught. they're saying what they need to say because it's a -- they should be running over to him, high fiving him and putting him on their shoulders. if you understand what men like him did, you don't have this game. so if they don't -- if america doesn't represent them, they shouldn't be representing america. >> trace: mark said if you want to protest the american flag on your own team, feel free. you shouldn't be allowed to protest the stars and stripes wipe you're wearing the stars and stripes. marc? >> exactly. look, if you look at their statement, they said very carefully, none of us were disrespecting pete duprey. all of the players leave pete duprey. notice they didn't say none of
12:58 pm
us would ever protest the flag. we love the american flag. they didn't say that. what they don't understand is if they disrespect the flag, they're disrespecting pete duprey. they're disrespecting pete hegseth, disrespecting all the americans that fought on the battlefield so they can play and all of those that gave their lives so that they could do that. we have the olympics coming up. there short be a hard and fast rule, if you want to play for the united states of america, you stand for the anthem, put your hand over your heart and if you're not willing to do that, go play for somebody else. >> trace: by the way, we just had the video on the right-hand side of the screen of them signing the ball for pete. the u.s. soccer team waited for their opportunity to come up to pete postgame before getting on the bus. said hello, thanked him and signed this ball. final word to you, pete. >> looks more like a communications director in panic
12:59 pm
mode saying please go talk to the world war ii vet now, this looks bad. only one flag that pete duprey wore on his shoulder in to combat. it's the american flag. he loved it for all the right reasons. they disrespect it because they don't understand the cost and the price of what put them as mark said it so well in that child's game, being childish themselves. give some perspective.if you don't love the country, don't play for us. i'll put my 10-year-old in. i don't care. anybody else but you. >> trace: i'm guessing in next game, they're in one line looking one place. pete, thanks. >> thank you. >> trace: well, an impromptu show of patriotism from shoppers in a walmart. ♪♪ bombs bursting in air ♪ >> trace: a woman started
1:00 pm
singing the anthem under a giant flag. others joined in. one witness said it brought tears to my eyes. reminds you of the hockey team that stood there and sang every world and the fans did as well. that by the way is "the story" of tuesday, july 6. as always, "the story" continues. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: elsa is on the move right now. a tropical storm. bearing winds in excess of 65 miles per hour. could in fact prove to be a category one hurricane if it still follows that trajectory to hit the coast. key west, they're feeling its wrath. we'll have the latest from ron desantis or the storm as well as the on going rescue effort to surfside. we'll have steve harrigan as well in clearwater, florida, with the latest on this storm, adam klotz on the view of the


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