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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 6, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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i think people should be cautious if this variant is in their area and they are subject to possibly getting it. just as precaution. jillian: congressman brad wenstrup with insight there thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate your time. >> absolutely. carley: "fox & friends" is going to start. jillian: right now. carley: good to see you today. jillian: good to see you too. carley: tropical storm else is a sets elsa expected to make landfall. >> as the country faces a major crime wave, democrats blame everything but themselves. >> their policies have shift wanted the pendulum in favor of the criminal against law enforcement and against ordinary people. >> homeland security secretary mayorkas is set to travel to guatemala. >> before this administration, we had a border that was secure. now, it has really turned into the wild west. >> the nation's largest
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teacher's union standing firmly behind critical race theory. >> it's really an attempt to erase history and replace it ideology. >> now anderson public utilities commission ahead gunning forever the net. ing scores. ♪ i feel good ♪ i knew that i would now ♪ i feel good. brian: you know it's tuesday. if it was a monday or sunday that beach would be packed already. the revelers have gone back to work in ocean city, maryland. that's pretty clear. for more on, this go to pete and ainsley. ainsley: pete worked the weekend. thank you so much for your hard work. you took yesterday off to enjoy the 4th with your family. pete: absolutely after the condition i was in at the end of the 4th. brian: on sunday? pete: i was home. between the pool and bought big inflatable water slide. i may have been screaming
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freedom at the top of it at 11:00 p.m. brian: supposed to be for the kids brian. pete: i know i couldn't resist it drinking like lincoln boozen vet. brian: for the kids pete no me, for the adult kids. are. ainsley: we had a great time. we were in rhode island. some of my friends live in this community. we went over to the community all the kids dressed up. they walked the whole parade. everyone sat in their front yards and clapped for all the kids. we ended up in the baseball field and everyone encircled the baseball field sang america the beautiful. god bless america and the national anthem. the lady who was singing god bless her heart. she forgot the words after the one point because she was so nervous the whole crowd chimed in like the islanders games. how about you? what did you do? brian: i was waiting for pete to call for an invitation. our whole weekend revolved around caitlin's graduation.
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130 of our friends gathered but the problem as it was saturday. it was an outdoor party and what was happening saturday? pete: it was raining. brian: pouring rain. we put together umbrellas on top of umbrella tarps so the neighbors quote in and able to tarp it up a little bit. ainsley: full disclosure on thursday chip bedell. brian: and skip. are. ainsley: he said can i take your tent home? did it work? brian: only for 20 people. i had another 110 that needed protection. but it was a lot of fun. everyone had a good time. and now it's back to this. not everybody was celebrating the holidays. it was a lot of crime and destruction. ainsley: a lot of violence. brian bribe look at the violence in major cities. amazing people think there is not crime or lack of punishment in our country. gun violence over 200 people
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dead. over 470 have been shot. from city to city from portland to los angeles to atlanta to philadelphia and new york city. it is crazy what's happening. ainsley: it is. let me read you some of these stats. 26 died, two died. 26 -- 26 shot two dated. fort worth 8 wounded when shots fired at car wash. philadelphia two young men killed at cookout. 16-year-old girl was shot. houston texas a police officer was shot responding to an argument over a parked car. ohio teen dead at a block party, 11 injured. 300 started fighting in the street. in chicago, two cops shot. setting off fireworks. dallas three killed and two injured. pete: what a contrast when i think about what we all shared wonderful patriotic moments if you are living in a place besieged by crime. feels a lot different. brian: are you exaggerating crime in america? a lot of people think you are
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exaggerating. pete: there was a tweet from an official in the district attorney's office in san francisco who said all this crime, all this violence, you are just exaggerating because someone else tweeted saying i fear for my kids and wife this official from san francisco responded about the crime this way on twitter. saying hundreds are scared for their lives. ainsley: husbands. pete: husbands are scared for their life. the surge crowd shares of the ideology birth of a nation film came out 100 years ago that many deem to be racist and certainly is in today's context. so suddenly now the crime is a racist thing? brian: is there anything race is not involved in and used as an excuse or some type of blame? ainsley: you can only read it now on twitter account if you are following her. she has locked her twitter account because she has gotten so much cism and backlash for saying that. brian: heartening some people
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have a head about them. lawler, a veteran, now a new york assemblyman weighed. >> what's starting to happen is the proponents of some of these so-called criminal justice reforms led to the crime wave. i don't think they are thinking the policies. i don't think they are concerned with the victims who tend to be poor and minorities. what he they're thinking about is a political backlash. and we warned our colleagues who were pushing for these things. you are going to cause a crime wave. you are going to have a long list of victims. many of whom are going to be minorities. and the victims aren't going to be the politicians who put these laws into place. the victims are going to be regular, ordinary new yorkers and ordinary americans. brian: who vote. and hopefully they are going to vote in 2022 and they are not buying the garbage. that republicans are defunding the police. you have got to be kidding me. i hope people are smarter than that i have faith in the american public. that the are not be effective.
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be. ainsley: tucker carlson addresses this on latest fox nation free to the military next year. he talks about how leaders and politicians are now protecting the criminals. he says this is how nations collapse. he says american citizens are now forced to defend themselves. that's why we are seeing the rise in people buying weapons now and guns. here's a little clip. listen to this. >> other parts of the city, the aggressively disarmed law-abiding citizen. it may have been the most aggressive gun confiscation scheme in modern american history. >> police, open the door. >> they took the guns away from them when they were most vulnerable when they needed them the most. >> rather than stop looters from ransacking new orleans police decided to confiscate firearms from people who broken no laws. it was illegal but they did it anyway. >> people will not be armed. >> they went door-to-door and went into people's homes and took guns. don't think it won't happen it can happen.
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pete: government systems break down you get lawlessness. survive and disorder. we watched it this morning before we came on the air it used examples like the rodney king riots in 92 in l.a. like we saw there katrina in new orleans. at the end of the day, it is lawlessness if law enforcement either can't be there, aren't there, or they are standing down because it makes no sense for them to intervene because their political leadership won't back them. the only opportunity you have as a free individual a law-abiding citizen to own a gun and defend yourself, defend your family, defend your business pro-- brian: do you know what's interesting, too. joe biden had to acknowledge two weeks ago there is a crime problem in america way of attacking it let's crack counsel on guns and gun dealers. really? is that the problem? is that why carjacking is -- car theft is up 70% because you have a gun? no they are stealing your car with you in it. pete what exchanged? ainsley: our country is so
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divided either on this side or that side. leading to violence and unrest. we are seeing that over the 4th of july weekend. a hurricane watch west florida as tropical storm elsa nears the florida keys. steve: residents and tourists are bracing for storm surge. brian: matt, what are the conditions like? >> we are definitely seeing some of that storm surge now. the water has been inching closer. the waves have been crashing over this wall behind us. the winds have been very consistent over the past couple of hours. national weather service says 0d winds. probably starting to feel that. here in key west, we have been here the past couple of days. not a major sense of urgency because this storm was downgraded from hurricane to a tropical storm. we talked to tourists from all over this country here from the holiday weekend from washington to new york iowa to pennsylvania. some of us told us they got on the very next fright to get out of here. some said they are going to
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stick it out. we talked to a chef on the beach they did close up and board up. this is what that chef had to tell us. >> we are doing all the normal hurricane stuff. we are emptying the coolers and putting things in freezers. generators here so everything is going to be safe and sound. we are taking down all the bolts and all the bar stuff. that you will stuff is going into the back. in general, most people here told us that they were going to prepare for the worst, hope for the best, try to ride this out. some people said they tried to get a rental car. honeymoon tried to find a flight. tried to get a car and couldn't. many people going to stay in the hotel room the next day or two. we will keep you up updated from key west. back to you in new york. brian: we notice the waves are getting bigger and bigger even during your report. incredible. 8 minutes now after the hour. i will be honest, 10 minutes. growing number of republican
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groups sending police and troops to the border. outlandish by some activists this amounts to insurrection. ainsley: brave police officer rushes towards danger to save a life. we will talk to later on this hour on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. jillian: good morning back with your headlines. search and rescue teams recovering four more victims of the rubble of the collapsed florida condo. v. and edward ainsworth.
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they just welcomed their grandchild. officials say crews will work 24 hour shifts until every victim is recovered. pope francis is expected to remain in the hospital for seven days after having half of his colon removed. is he alert in good condition after undergoing three hour intestinal surgery. pope francis has eaten breakfast, reads the newspapers and even taken a walk as he continues to recover. there just in, the house problem solvers caucus formally endorse the bipartisan infrastructure deal. this brings the framework endorsed by president biden one step delores to the finish line. however the 73 billion-dollar package is facing fresh skepticism from key democrats about plans to pay for the bill. two major stinging points plans to redirect unused unemployment funds and re-purpose 125 billion
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in covid relief funds. the canadians nearly avoiding a stanley cup sweep. check it out. >> anderson holds the public utilities commission as gunning for the net. off his netted. and anderson scores. will. jillian: montreal beating tampa bay light nic 3-2 in overtime. they still trail three games to 1. before game four a moment of silence was held for clackets killed in fireworks accident in the fourth of july. he was only 24 years old. that is just tragic. brian: details. that's all i keep hearing is fireworks. ainsley: that was the first one thing and then they changed it but they did honor him at the game. ainsley: he was young, too. so sad. thanks, jillian. brian: 17 minutes after the hour. i don't think we have to tell you we are in a border crisis if you are joe biden hold your ears
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there is a border crisis. look away because there is a video. left alone. new mexico democratic governor they won't say much. arizona, and texas are going through. it's so bad that you have about now how many. ainsley: 12. brian: 12 separate states have sent some type of state police or national guard to the border. you would think that would set a fire alarm to the white house. instead, there is pushback against the help that texas and arizona is receiving. ainsley: there is this major hispanic group called the league of the united latin american citizens. they have sent a letter to the white house and they asked joe biden to stop these states from doing that please block these red state governors they are saying, they are calling it insurrection because they say that governor abbott is fomenting dangerous racial hatred targeting latinos. pete: okay, so the federal government won't secure theward. so the texas governor and others say hey can someone help us out.
3:19 am
other law-abiding citizen states say we will send you national guard our nation's military. this is how that immigration group responded in part to the "washington times." they said we're being invaded by not migrants governors of the defeated confederacy. brian: of ohio. pete: to were at border against brown women and children escaping political persecution, hunger and death. what do you even say to that? it. ainsley: a mother of three landowner in texas. she is reacting there was a migrant that went into a house and took weapons out of this house. and she is reacting to that. what she is seeing down on the border and has a message for this group. listen. >> what wee we have seen here is an increase. what i can say in all the years that i have had personal experience in dealing with illegal aliens. we have never dealt with a single family unit. three nights ago there was a group at our next door neighbors house circling the vehicles and tapping on their daughter's bedroom window.
3:20 am
there is no females out here. there are no children out here and no family units out in this way. it's all mostly single males traveling in groups. it's unacceptable no. one here should be afraid of having their kids play in their yard or riding their bikes on the street. none of my neighbors should be fearful of going out to water their plants in the morning or evening or being able to sleep at night. brian: let's put newark third and focus on people from other countries and make sure they all get on social welfare programs. we have so much money. oops, i forgot we don't have money we are $33 trillion in debt. ohio come up big added state patrol officers about 14. and 158 members of the national guard that joins, alabama, arkansas, florida, georgia, idaho, georgia, nebraska, north dakota, ohio, oklahoma, south carolina and south dakota all have sent some type of troops to the border. because the federal government isn't. and this whole tactic not problems unbelievable. afghanistan the whole country about to be overrun.
3:21 am
let's not talk about it. in our border it's nonstop chaos only getting worse. we're not just going to talk about it. no one reports it except us. steve: brian, you know more about history than i do. brian: and ohio. we did miss that got to show you everything all over again. know what happens? you bring up race and confederacy. okay, wait a second i guess i will stop talking now. not going to happen. ainsley: we were talking at the beginning of the show about the contrast and what we experienced on 4th of july and what other groups are experiencing so much violence. people talking about what our freedom really means and referring it's just for white people. senator ted cruz just excoriated congresswoman cori bush because this is the tweet that she put out on sunday two days ago. pete: 4th of july. ainsley: when they say 4th of july is about american freedom remember, this the freedom they are referring to is for white people this land is stolen land
3:22 am
and black people still aren't free. brian: you should leave if you feel like stolen land from 200 years ago you don't feel like you belong here there are plenty of other countries. there are plenty other countries. i don't see people hold are her back. she has a success story representing a major state in a fine community. i think you could be a great person to talk about how to you can seed in life in america. if you can't see the progress that america has made to this point while far from perfect, then you really are blind to our past and you should look up what booker t. washington and frederick douglass said about us living up to our constitution. declaration of independence. not running from it that's where we are getting closer and closer on daily basis. for people to look back 2021 and act like it's 186. pete: hateful divisive lieus. believe them when they tell you this. two years ago colin kaepernick
3:23 am
tried to it share the same lies. america is not perfect. far from it are we going to work to fulfill the values whether they weren't written down or scrapping it all and saying it's evil from the beginning and that's what the left is saying today. that's the 1619 narrative. it's all bad. therefore, shame on you for enjoying the 4th of july. your freedom, your independence, your second amendment rights as tucker showed in that original from the first block, it is that stark of a contrast. that's why when ted cruz says they hate america, he is being honest. that's where we are at. brian: sadly not just one tweet. you also have congresswoman barbara lee tweeting out something similar. jamaal bowman of new york tweeting out something similar. you have pundits everywhere writing about it you just have a huge pushback. there is a huge push. if i'm senator schumer and i'm nancy pelosi, i'm saying to myself either get on board and say america is terrible or stop this coming out from the left
3:24 am
because this is how your party is going to be labeled now. ainsley: what's beautiful about this country we have men and women like you who fought for this country and our freedoms. we have a choice to go to what church we want to go and what god we want to believe. in we have the freedom of speech. right to bear arms and right to protect our family right given to us by god. with that freedom also comes the fact that they're able to say this. we can disagree with them. but, we do have free speech in this country it's going to be interesting in the next elections what america is going to say about this. i think america are fed up with it. they are tired of this. gary sinise who started this foundation he goes and visit our men and women around the country who are fighting for us. and this is what he says. this is his meaning of independence day. >> hardly controversial to me. i mean, it's about freedom. and i having gone to places
3:25 am
around the world, the war zones of afghanistan, iraq, places like that where they don't really understand what freedom is, you value your freedom that much more and you value the people that provided it for you. that's the men and women of the united states military. that's why i started my foundation. i want to support them in every way i can because freedom is precious. and it has to be fought for. it has to be protected. and i thank god for the men and women who are willing to do that and i just want to help them out. brian: maxine waters is somebody else who went after the declaration of independence and constitution. living in a mansion in california. she has been a public figure since 1980s. and she still is not happy with this country. why are you here? i thought brit hume had the best comment. you keep on saying severing wrong here. name one country that lives up to the ideals you talk about we're not doing. pete: that's exactly right. lack of gratitude ignorance the
3:26 am
way the world has worked for thousands of years. amount of dictatorships that has happened that we overcame by the fulfillment of those principles in this country. you don't understand the way most people have lived, you don't understand how precious this is and fragile it is and how using race to divide us is as dangerous a thing. ainsley: you have been to these countries that don't have freedom. pete: we may not agree on every aspect how afghanistan is going to end. they don't have it and about to have it and they may not have it again. terrible place to live. brian: guess who is coming in? china. nobody in china has any freedom. pete: that's exactly right. a couple billion people. still ahead one of the largest teacher's unions in the country vows to fight back and speak out about critical race theory. talk to a group of parents who say they won't be bullied. ♪ ♪
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because it means everything to you.
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jillian: good morningenned welcome back. afghan military accusing the u.s. of not telling them they were leaving the air bass. afghanistan commander didn't know of the troop's withdrawal until two hours after it happened. confirmed it left the airfield but didn't address the accusations.
3:31 am
looters reportedly ransacked the base taking things left behind like laps and speakers. ohio neighborhood panic mode after fire explosion fourth of july park party. listen to this. [explosion] jillian: my goodness. a group of teens reportedly threw homemade explosive devices into a u-haul truck. the fire then spread to other fireworks stacked on the curb in toledo. four people were injured. but are expected to be okay. the initial cause of the blast is under investigation. that is frightening. okay. new overnight. britney spears long time manager larry rudolph has quit. according to deadline rudolph released a letter saying quote it has been two and a half years since britney and i last communicated at which time she informed me she wanted to take an indefinite work hiatus. rudolph clarified he was never part of the conservatorship battle. his comes after l.a. judge
3:32 am
denied britney's recent request to remove her father as head of the conservatorship and hollywood honors richard donner the original superman and the goonies. >> down here it's our time. it's our time down here. that's all over the second we ride up troy's bucket. jillian: steven spielberg paid tribute. donner died at the age of 91. no cause of death has been released. that's a look at your headlineds pete, send it back to you. steve: one of the leaders of the nation's teacher's union standing by teaching critical race theory. the national education it says cr. >> it is reasonable and appropriate for kids and fights back against critics of the ideology. this comes as critics everywhere are increasingly alarmed about what their children are being
3:33 am
taught in public and private schools. let's bring in flow of them. founding member of fight for schools and single mother of three in loudoun county, virginia cheryl. and new york city father andrew gutmann and working mom of four in orange county, california sydney. thank you all so much for being here. cheryl, let me start with you. some parents have been told this is, you know, don't believe what you see. there is no critical race theory in your classroom, in your curriculum. now the nea is coming out and saying no, no, no. we need to defend it. >> yeah. it's pretty interesting. especially right here in my backyard of loudoun county where, you know, they have been denying it for well over a year. even though we have received, we do our homework. we have foia documents showing that they are injecting this ideology in education. so i'm going to be really interested in to see how they spin this knew it's sort of out in the open and, you know, these unions have really showed us
3:34 am
their true colors over the past year with bullying the cdc and to putting out guidance to keep schools shuttered. and i had an opportunity to look at some of the agenda for the nea meeting that just wrapped up there was nothing on there about, you know, increasing literacy or remediation for all the learning loss over the past year. a lot about social justice though. pete: seems to be what they are all about. andrew, how can they deny it when it's in the curriculum and then now the unions are coming out to say this has to stay? >> i don't see how how they can deny it. our school is a private school. when we to do mandatory anti-race training for parents. we had to sign a pledge that we would support this not just in the school but in the home. and i real delay hope this puts to bed this argument that a lot of the left oriented media has been making for the past few weeks or months that this is not taught. this is the real issue i have heard from thousands of parents
3:35 am
since i have become one of the public faces for this. i have talked to many. there is a growing realization we need a much stronger effort. i think a national movement to fight this now. pete: absolutely. sydney, some will say it's not critical race theory because we call it something else whether it's antiracism. language seems to be important in how they cloak this. >> yes. the teachers unions are great at creating a propaganda. they dry to say it's all about diversity and inclusion. all about teaching kids the true american history yet the question is who decides on what is the real or true american history is. it should be called critical race training because one practice leads to discrimination victimhood by vitter do you have race. school districts to see what's in the curriculum. at my school district. unified school district we were told no plans to incorporate critical race theory. yet the kids in high white many
3:36 am
complex. we put a free come of information act request to the school district. we discovered that the school district was hiding the curriculum under ethnic studies curriculum. we are now fighting back. we have a website under give, go, send. if you go to website and search under energetic parent we are actively seeking contributions to help us fight back the school district. critical race theory is designed for us to not like each other. for to be divisive. we must fight back. it effects everyone. not just parents that have kids in school. if you don't so kids in school, those kids are our future generation. the best way is to organize locally and to get involved in your school board elections. do not support or vote for any kind of [inaudible] teachers union. pete: that's right. here is more evidence of that. here is what the national education union the teachers union has said about efforts you
3:37 am
three have led against critical race theory. they say the nea will research any organizations attacking educators doing anti-racist work and use the research already done and put together a list of resources and recommendations for state affiliates, local, and individual educators to utilize when they are attacked. so, real quick, around the horn. all three of are you fighting this. for our viewers out there. now you are hearing the unions are organizing to attack the groups and the individuals coming after critical race theory. what should parents and others being prepared for, cheryl, andrew and syndie. >> we already have the chardonnay antifa attacking us in loudoun county so it's going national now. every time they double double down our movement gets bigger and stronger. parents need localize. we're not going to be bullied. he this is the fight of our lives. >> andrew? >> a. agree. we can't be bullied. this is a minority of americans.
3:38 am
maybe a 15% of very progressives trying to bully the rest of us into silence. this is for our kids education and country. we cannot afford to be silent here. >> we have had the left come after me, my employer, my job, i'm still fighting. we are the future for our children so we must fight. pete: it is a small ideological majority but they sit in very powerful positions. if not for groups of parents they will continue to steam roll our classrooms like they have for so many years. cheryl, andrew and syndie, thank you for inspiring so many other people as well. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. pete: this is why we need our police. officer sprints towards a fiery wreck to safe a life. that hero will be here to discuss what was going through his head at that critical moment. lone star state show down lieutenant colonel adam west launched a primary challenge
3:39 am
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♪ brian: all right. retired army colonel and republican fire brand allen west launches his bid for texas governor. >> i am now drawing my sword and i will draw that line in the sand and i will ask to you stand with me to preserve the future, the legacy of texas, to honor the words of our state song to stand for something or as my mother would say, not fall for anything. that's why i'm running to be your governor of a lone star state. brian: there you go lulu tenant colonel allen west alluded to a big announcement. he has got one. former head of the republican party. and now a candidate for governor. colonel, you were a congressman. what makes you think this the moment 10 years later to get
3:44 am
back in. what is it about your fellow republicans, current governor, governor abbott that makes you feel as though you should really run. >> in well, it's good to be with you, brian, and first and foremost it's not about running against someone. it's about running for something. when i look at what is happening here in texas. as a matter of fact, after i made the announcement i flew down to the rio grande valley 2:00 in the morning, video on the banks of the river and i watched 80 illegal immigrants just come right across the river and be escorted up and get on a united states border patrol bus and no telling where they will end up. so we have an issue with our border. destabilization of sovereignty in the great state of texas. we need to have solutions and proven constitutional conservative leadership that will abide by the rule of law. brian: put money aside. asking for donations to build his own wall when joe biden wouldn't. isn't that enough? >> well, no. that's not enough. just building the law is not --
3:45 am
you need to have a strategic perspective on this issue called illegal immigration. first and foremost. you need to have a full mobilization of texas national guard. the texas military department those resources because the national guardsmen i saw on the border they were helping illegal immigrants to come across the border. they just reported that there are 80 illegals coming across border patrol to send a bus to pick them up. we are not deterring anyone from coming across the border. we need to be taxing the remittances of illegal immigrants to go back in these countries. that's how you border security system down there on our border. brian: considerable, also you take a look at the polls right now. matthew mcconaughey made kind of an interesting mini speech about the state of the country. he, right now, if he were to run for governor is within a point of governor abbott howble made the announcement after that pool. here is a little of matthew mcconaughey's view of texas.
3:46 am
>> are we are going through pursuant in comparison to other countries. brian: do you think we are going puberty as a country. >> no. i don't understand his metaphoric call use of that two different ideologies. constitutional conservatism and progressive socialism. if matthew mcconaughey look at hamilton -- scottish political philosopher talked about the cycle of democracy. america is a constitutional public we have a democracy. starting to see dependency collapse more of a welfare nanny state. that's why i'm concerned about the flood of illegal immigrants coming through texas and what that will do to destabilize our economy with more and more free benefits having to go to individuals here illegally. brian: are you concerned that the governor might have a political machine behind him attorney general as well and going for re-election and you
3:47 am
are coming in here kind of the new kid on the block texas g.o.p. chair might you not have access to the power base he has? >> well, the power base is with the people. there are people that ask me to run for this position and that's what i'm doing serving people, not serving special interest and definitely not serving my own self-interest. i'm serving the interest of the people of texas. i think that when david took on goliath, he just had three little stones and he dropped goliath. i'm not worried about the size of anyone's war chest or who they have behind them. i'm worried about supporting the people of texas. brian: congratulations on the move. you go all in and the way do you your life and everything. i look to talking to you more on radio. congressman, thank you so much. >> appreciate it, thanks, brian. brian: you got it lieutenant colonel allen west we thank you. reached out to governor abbott's office for a statement. we have not heard back yesterday. we will keep you updated on that. i'm sure we will have governor abbott on.
3:48 am
let's speak with janice dean for the weather forecast. every is focusinged down south. >> hurricane elsa and hurricane watches have been posted for the tampa bay area. take a look at it 60 mile-per-hour. 46 makes it a hurricane. >> we have heavy rain along the keys and south florida. flooding is going to be concerned. tropical storm force winds we could see the potential for strengthening over the next 12 hours. expecting an impact around the tampa area tomorrow morning moving inland and affecting parts of the southeast and the mid-atlantic, even the northeast could get the remnants of this storm. but, for now, we are going to watch it over the next several hours. the next advisory we get will be at 8:00 a.m. flood advisories are posted for all of the cities here across florida in towards georgia. that's going to the situation. we're expecting 3 to 5 inches widespread area for isolated
3:49 am
amounts of 6 to 8 maybe 10 inches of rainfall. we will have to watch it. obviously, if there is a hurricane watch in your area, you need to pay attention to your local officials and know what to do if you have to evacuate because we might see some of those as well. all right, pete and brian or maybe just brian back. brian: sorry to disappoint you. pete is nowhere to be found. i think pete is in the gym. thank you very much, janice. let me tell you what's come up next. the cdc insists the vaccination is safe but dealing with side effect. the father of a teen is here next hour to explain what his son is coming through. the heroic officer pulled a man from a burning car joins us live next. ♪ when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪
3:50 am
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ainsley: a police officer in michigan is being hailed a hero after saving a 23-year-old man from a burning car. watch this. [screaming] ainsley: after opening the car door, officer luke pauley pulled the man out of the vehicle and dragged him out to safety. officer pauley joins us now. hey, officer, nice to see you.
3:54 am
>> nice to see you, too. thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. thanks so much for what you do. tell us what happened. >> you know, just like any other call for service, we were advised that there an accident on the freeway and that a vehicle was engulfed in flames. what was unknown to me though was that there was somebody actually trapped in the vehicle. so when i arrived, a large group of bystanders were yelling and screaming from above advising me somebody was trapped in the car. and the car was, in fact, on fire. so, you know, i ran up to the car, i saw the young man sitting in the passenger seat, and pretty much i didn't hesitate, i opened the door, he looked like he was trying to get out of the vehicle. but, you know, he was having a hard time because he was fighting consciousness. i was able to reach my hand in and unlock the door. he fell into my arms and that's when i drug him to the side of
3:55 am
the expressway. >> were you worried the car would blow up? >> i wasn't thinking about it at first. the only thing really i was thinking about if nobody acts to get him out, the car would go up in flames and he may not make it. so, later on after i thought about it, you know, it did cross my mind, yes. ainsley: well, you saved his life. what's it like this morning? you are a hero? >> it is starting to sink in now. it's been a good week and a half, but, it does feel good to be able to go out and do my job and, you know, it's good when we get result and can make a difference in somebody else's life. ainsley: tell us about the victim. i think you spoke to his sister? how is he doing? >> i did speak to his sister. it was a very brief conversation. she did let me know he was going to be okay. he did not really sustain many burns. so it does sound like he is recovering well.
3:56 am
ainsley: that's great. things could have been a lot different this morning if it was not for you. he is 23 years old. he has his whole life ahead of him because of you. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: a look at the disturbing trend that is hurting american businesses when "fox & friends" returns. ♪ ♪ among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. . jillian: today, president biden plans to address the nation on the fight against covid. >> health officials are increasingly concerned and tracking that so-called delta variant. >> a hurricane watch issued as tropical storm elsa nears the florida keys. >> the waves crashing over the wall behind us. the national weather service says 60 mile-per-hour sustained winds. >> the largest teacher union in the country vowing against against critical race theory. this we are not going to be bullied. this is the fight for our lives. >> we are the future for our children is so we must fight. >> allen west decided i'm going to rub for governor putting him on collision course against. >> this is not about running against someone but running for
4:01 am
something. >> are breaking out in the middle of walmart ♪ and the home of the brave. ♪ ♪ pete: sun not quite there yet. making its way. it has to do radio w. rotation. i don't know if if it's the earth and the around the sun or the sun around the earth. brian didn't galilee owe work this out? pete: i think he did. i didn't pay attention. ainsley: beautiful shot in cleveland. we have been there before. brian: ainsley at the last minute signed off. she was not going to be on until you checked the box. good news, pete, you can work today. pete: all right. brian: president biden plans to address the nation on our fight
4:02 am
against covid over his concerns against the delta variant rise believe it or not. pete: pressure is building to lift international travel. ainsley: mark meredith joins us with the latest. is that going to happen, mark? >> that's the big question. as you can imagine there has been a lot of tremendous progress made against the pandemic but federal health officials say they are still trying to figure out what's going on with the delta variant of this virus. we are even seeing uptick in the number of cases in some parts of the country variant the biggest factor. the cdc shows 150 million people are now fully vaccinated. even more americans have received one dose of the vaccine. the white house admits it missed its own self-imposed vaccine target and encourtrooming americans to roll up their sleeve. >> we are going to double down on our efforts to vaccinate millions of more americans across july and august. so, people get that protection
4:03 am
and can enjoy life returning to normal. if you are not vaccinated get vaccinated. >> meantime overseas in the u.k. officials are preparing to lift most of their health restrictions including wearing face masks and social distancing rules. we heard earlier today from prime minister boris johnson about his country's progress. >> given the massive success of the vaccine rollout. given the fact that this is a good moment to do it. >> here at home, president biden is facing more calls to lift some of the travel restrictions between the u.s. and other foreign countries that have made progress with the pandemic. we will see if the president has anything to say about that. he will be getting a if 'pandemic and will updating the country later this afternoon. brian: i hope he doesn't get any questions that he doesn't like coming up on holiday. try not to upset him, mark. just stay with the good news. >> absolutely. one day at a time here. stay with good news.
4:04 am
ainsley: thank you, mark. you are referring to over the weekend. brian: was that incredible? ainsley: question about this ransomware hack but he pulled out note and he was trying to answer the question was struggling. pete: even before that he was asked about afghanistan thursday or friday before the fourth of july come on folks it's the fourth of. pete: happy questions for the uncle government. ainsley: first colonial pipeline and beef plant and company called kacea locked down computers no. sure if it's hackers. hackers want $70 million to unlock. affecting 500 businesses. brian: that must have been effective summit russians aren't going to try that again. up wonder if this company was one of the 16 that he asked vladimir putin the country not to hack. we're not sure. and if you are not sure. don't feel bad because the president is not sure of who did it and what we're in the middle of. he loves ice cream [inaudible]
4:05 am
>> i will be pert better shape to talk to you about it [inaudible] i will tell you what they sent me. what i did i directed the full resources of the governor to assist in a response if we determine and i will know better tomorrow and if it is either with the knowledge of and/or cons sequence russia i told putin i will respond. the initial thinking it was not the russian government. pete: oh, boy, that was shortened for television pursuances. if you watch the entire thing, it has five, six seconds of pauses of just staring at i directed the federal government to do everything possible. he will be in better shape in a couple days. maybe he will let us know then.
4:06 am
ultimately ransomware attack the blog used to announce it was, of course, a russian linked blog that has long history of announcing their ransom of $70 million on that site. a lot of evidence. as you pointed out, brian, not a lot of evidence that russia is worried. >> we have to do something. we have the cyber technology to get that company and blink the lights in russia. if they don't do that on behalf of private industry and america around the globe this affected sweden so many links to ransomware company. $70 million. i don't want to hear that they paid it they can't keep paying this ransom. the price keeps going up. have you watched even the black and white moses when you pay the ransom? usually lose the hostage and money. they are not going to stop here. he has to have the cyber tools available right now to bring that renegade hacking company to its knees who are xgru joe biden
4:07 am
told which reporters can he call on. even told please don't answer questions. he is reading his notes just to say russians? brian: he directed to do something. ainsley: a lot of critics saying is he confused. it's embarrassing. pathetic. absolute disaster. pete: it's the easiest question of all time. he was just briefed on it because his notes are in his jacket. all tough do is say hey, we don't know quite yet. when we find out who is responsible for this they will pay for it that doesn't happen in the united states of america. when we get update. instead he paused. that is as clear a picture of his mental state right now as you can see. and it's unfortunate. you want a strong and robust american president. especially against vladimir putin. brian: if you watch other channels, you will see people say there is no critical race
4:08 am
theory they giggle. former president obama says get this, critical race theory is the new threat for those on the right. it's not a threat. it's anti-american training that vilifies white people and demands they apologize and they just structure it differently depending on how old you are from 7 to 17. if you don't believe it's happening. now you have america's largest teacher union backing critical race theory starting this fall or restarting this fall and they are doubling and tripling down. ainsley: there is an op-ed in the "new york times." the headline is anti-critical race theory laws are unamerican. the authors of this the progressive moderate, libertarian and conservative. they say they admire the 1619 project and their overarching concern the dangers posed by these laws to limit critical race theory because there are several states, tennessee, oklahoma, ohio, idaho, texas, they have all passed laws to restrict critical race theory. pete: quick lesson for the
4:09 am
libertarian and will on lots of theories in this world. critical race theory came from critical theory. critical theory came from marxists. marxists who ultimately want to key construct america. critical race theory says tear everything down everything fundamental criticize it and tear tear down. in america the most easiest avenue to do that is race. manifest as critical race theory. you can teach different theories in the classroom. hey, here's a theory it's real garbage because it's going to make us racist and hate each other. here is a theory. instead treating it as the theory. the truth of what your kids need to be if your kid is white. then he has got white supremacy and white privilege and therefore he needs to apologize for something he didn't even know he or she didn't even know they did. and creates the kind of consternation that the left wants in our classroom. again, it's not about censorship. that's what they're accusing. you are censoring our classrooms. limiting discussion and debate. no, they're ramming an i'd eagle down the throats of our kids and letting it happen.
4:10 am
brian: and it will be on the test. pete: and it will be on the test. brian: foster one of the people here make it clear no one is running from jim crow the history of segregation the history of the failure of reconstruction. the civil war, how the declaration of independence fell short. how the -- we felt short of the constitution. no one is talking about not putting that slavery not putting that in the curriculum. we are just talking about not driving indoctrinated school of thought into the kids that want to pass that test think this is the way to go. believe everything the teacher is saying and next thing you know, i have trouble with it in colleges jamming this down your throat. let alone small growing minds who think this is the only way. ainsley: who don't even see race at a young age. brian: you are making them see race. ainsley: fighting racism with racism. the article goes on to say this. they're talking about the laws that some of these states are doing. passing these laws to restrict
4:11 am
critical race theory. these laws threaten the basic purpose of historical education and liberal democracy. censorship is the wrong approach. even to the concepts that are the intended targets of these laws. though some of us share antipathy of the legislation's authors toward some of these targets and object to overreaches that leave many parents understandably anxious about the stewardship of education we all reject the means by which these measure encode that antipathy into legislation. pete: we had parents on earlier play sound in a moment fighting back against this. i will tell you in some ways it feels like they are charging a fortified machine gun nest with pitch fork. it is the universities. it is now the nea the union has come out and said we'll defend critical race theory. it's the teacher's colleges training teachers to teach critical race theory. howard zen wrote a people's history you are familiar with it american history from the soviet's perspective. you don't have to have howard zen's textbook in your classroom
4:12 am
to have it in your classroom. they take snippets of it and viewpoint of it and put it into other books and textbooks and say it is u.s. history. it's absorbed into every part of it. still, larkly because of covid-19 and the zoom classrooms coming into people's homes parents are waking up to the fact it's right there in front of them in their class and teachers unions forming against them hoovmenter is a portion of what parents said about fighting critical race theory. it's unions have really showed us true colors over the past year. parents need to localize locally and make these so-called leaders realize that we are not going to be bullied. >> the teachers unions are great at creating propaganda. they try to say it's all about diversity and inclusion and all about teaching kids the true american history. yet the question who decides what the true history is. >> this is a real issue i have heard from thousands of parents since i have become now one of the many public faces for this. i talked to many parent groups
4:13 am
there are growing realization we need a much stronger effort. i think a national movement to fight this now. ainsley: he is the one who pulled his daughter out of the school on the upper east sighteddenned side and talked about starting own school. a lot of putting in catholic schools are. pete: they are telling us we are the crazy one. not in the curriculum. not only is it in there but we are going to find the organizations and individuals fighting back against it and targeting them because it needs to stay. brian: maxine waters and core bush. more and more lawmakers degrading 40 of july every single holiday. everything about us. even as far -- you might think extreme point of view. more and more the point of view. we have to stop it before we are the minority who love the country and appreciate where we came from. ainsley: all right. jillian has some more headlines for us.
4:14 am
jillian: maybe everyone enroll in the hegseth school of higher education. brian: go down the water slide. jillian: that looks like fun. get you caught up on a hurricane watch issued this morning for portions of florida's west coast. tropical storm elsa bringing strong winds and heavy rain to the florida keys as it makes its way up the coast. residents bracing for potentially life threatening storm surge. it comes after battering cuba yesterday leaving some areas with flooding damage a fox news alert now, auto houston police officer is shot while responding to a parking dispute. the 11-year department veteran was hit in the arm and the abdomen. the houston police chief credits the bullet proof vest for saving that officer's life. that officer now in stable but critical condition. the second officer is able to detain and arrest the 26-year-old alleged shooter. shoplifters rob a high end san francisco store in broad daylight. police say the suspects ransacked this kneeman marcus
4:15 am
around closing time. they smashed cases and took merchandise right off the racks before escaping in get away cars that were nearby. no suspects have been identified. it comes after a d.a. official raised eyebrows for linking fears of a crime surge to racism. kate chatfield reacted to a twitter user who said many of their friends are considering leaving san francisco because of the crime surge tweeting, quote husbands are scared for their lives. your reminder that the crime surge crowd shares of the same ideology as the birth of a nation. the birth of a nation is an early 20th century film linked to white supremacy. after months of trash talking track is it star also hit the links for a good cause. taking on brice dechambeau and aaron rogers for charity match in montana. brady has been ruthless in his trolling including this tweet of exsap per rated golfer koepka
4:16 am
rodgers realizing he has to spend the whole day with bryson. he shares the video of him sinking multiple putts in a row warning his rival quote better get used to seeing it. they tee off at 5:30 eastern. tom brady the biggest troll i love it. brian: criticized by charles barkley the last time he played. why is he bringing on the critics? jillian: fun. pete: seven reasons why. he can do whatever he wants. brian: all i can say if he does terrible, and people are critical of his game, he cannot -- he brought it up well, that's football, this is golf i have been eating the way he eats. have you read what he eats? pete: i have heard it it's interesting. ainsley: i feel great. i have been doing about a month. brian: wonder whether a kind of season you are going to see?
4:17 am
ainsley: i am playing tennis tonight. i will let you know how it goes. brian: no strawberries for her it brings inflammation. a father speaking out arson suffered a rare side effect from the covid-19 vaccine. he joins us next to deliver a message to parents who are on the fence about giving the slot to thirteens. ♪ ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement ♪♪ ♪♪
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from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. talk to me. what do we got? when you have xfinity xfi, with blazing speed... [ screaming ] a powerful connection. that's another level. and ultimate control. power us up. you can do more than you ever thought possible.
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yes! hold on. get a powerful and secure connection you can count on. only with xfinity xfi. and see f9 only in theaters. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: all right the cdc has confirmed hundreds of cases in
4:22 am
heart inflammation in patients under 30 after receiving the covid-19 vaccine but has yet to give any guidance because this happened. in fact, they don't even want to talk about it next guest son healthy 7-year-old set to play college soccer starting in three months when he received first pfizer vaccine on june 13th. exactly a week later started chest pain two conditions related to heart inflammation. here with more on family's experience fabio jerry along with dr. nicole saphier. dr. saphier, i want fabio to talk about his son what he went through and have you jump in and tell me what you think. fabio, great to see you. we know each other through soccer circles. you have soccer players in your family and you hear that the school is making your cleaning soccer players, everyone is going to get vaccinated. you guys had the virus already. everyone is okay. except your 17-year-old. can you tell us what happened? >> yeah. he required to get the vaccine for schooling. to, you know, with time running
4:23 am
out, we kind of waited and we had his first rack seen on june 15th. and i never thought anything of it. everything is low risk. everybody said it's fine. i kind of knew about the condition. a week later came home and started telling me that his heart was hurting him every time he had a heat beat. i thought maybe it was a pulled muscle or being an athlete. does it hurt when you modify or breathe? no it just hurts every time my heart beats. took him to the walk-in clinic get it checked out. did an ekg and everything looked great. look at the cardiologist tomorrow. get checked out. they did the sonogram. it looked great and then they did blood work. check out the blood and make sure everything is good. the lady said it will be two or three days to get the result. next thing i know next day i get a call bad news, your son has to get emergency room right away. i'm like today is his prom cevment go later? no he can't go his prom.
4:24 am
he needs to go to the hospital. it's levels were off the chart. what they told me was normal is like 50 he had like 9,000. so, you know, they rushed him in. they did all this checked out to make sure he is all fine and was there for a couple days. >> he missed his prom. barely made his graduation. pushing for him to get out the numbers went down which they did but still high. and now he has had heart condition answered can't, you know, he can't do all the things he loves to do. he can't go surfing. he has a surf board for the summer. he can't hang out with his friends and do the things that 17-year-olds do. the biggest part he can't play soccer in the fall which broke his heart and my heart. so, that's about where we are now. brian: he still has scar tissue, right? >> right. brian: damage? >> yeah. we went to the cardio last week. he has continued to have tests
4:25 am
and ekgs. ekg a little off. the oxygen doesn't get in those areas. so it has to heal. so he has to be very careful that he doesn't do anything strenuous so his heart rate doesn't, you know, increase and he can have danger of a heart attack. as a parent super concerned every time he goes out with his friends that even though we tell him please don't do anything you always fear that. brian: worry. dr. saphier, have you heard stories like this before? what are your questions for fabio? >> well, sure, brian. i can tell you it's really hard to tell with a 17-year-old boy that he can't go out and do any sort of strenuous exercises and devastating he missed his prom because of this. brian, fabio, what you what you see from the "new york times" the way they are presenting the data regarding adverse effects in vaccine adolescence is irresponsible. cherry pick the way they present the data. it's a all or none approach.
4:26 am
they say either adolescents fully vaccinated or every single one of them is going to get covid-19. that's the way they are balancing right now. i don't think that's the right way to be doing it what you have to look at what are the potential adverse effect from the vaccine, myocarditis, inprogram that nation of the heart. not every single adolescent is going to get infected with virus especially where case transmission is exceedingly low. they are not looking at decreasing the dose perhaps a single dose or giving it to select people at higher risk. brian: dr. saphier he had the virus. he had the natural immunity. >> he had some sort of -- well, unfortunately, they still continue to deny natural immunity having a robust protection. and the truth is it does. we have just as much data showing natural immunity having a strong protective effect as we do the vaccine. brian: exactly. >> they continue to not
4:27 am
acknowledge it and fabio for himself, his entire family likely still had positive antibodies. he likely didn't need the vaccine right now. here he is not even able to play soccer because he got the vaccine for soccer. it's irresponsible. it doesn't make sense and the fda needs to look closer at these vaccines before they continue having universal recommendations. brian: fabio, they still want you to take the second shot, right? >> the school requires to identify get a medical note saying that he can't. from what i read the cdc requires it after he gets healthy enough. i'm pretty sure -- my other son wants to play soccer and go to a school also and he hasn't had his shot and, of course,. brian: you are worried? >> yes. i'm worried. brian: fabio, you will stay up with this. i hope you get back better and maybe it's just the fall and he has eligibility for four more years. thank you so much for joining you. dr. saphier thanks so much, too. >> thank you.
4:28 am
brian: reached out to the cdc on a statement for their investigation but did not receive a response. president biden's department of energy considering a new woke policy that would award grants based on race. isn't that nice? and some people don't want the gravy train to end. more jobless americans are suing states for ending their federal unemployment benefits early. even the supplemental much jason chaffetz reacts. ♪ ♪ free and easy down the road i go. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble. shingles doesn't care. because if you've had chicken pox, you're already carrying the virus that causes shingles. in fact, about 1 in 3 people will develop shingles, and the risk only increases as you age. so what can protect you against shingles? shingrix protects. now you can protect yourself from shingles
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4:32 am
ainsley: rescue teams desperately search through the florida condo. officials bowing to not give up the search until every victim is recovered. charles watson in surfside as more bodies are found. you have been covering this since day one, charles, what's the latest? >> good morning, ainsley. nearly two weeks into this catastrophe and rescue crews continue to work around the clock this morning. we have seen big dump truck roll into the crash site add to the 4 million pounds of debris they have already collected. the death toll 28 more people confirmed dead after four more bodies pulled from the collapse sight. working around the clock as the
4:33 am
direct hit from tropical storm elsa diminishes here. crews are not out of the woods just yes. the search continues for 117 people who are missing. meanwhile in knot miami beach. inspection of the towers is expected to be turned in today four days after structural and electrical issues force the closure and evacuation of the condo building. and you can bet the residents of that building are hoping for some good news today. many of whom have been in limbo since there were reports to evacuate from that building. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, charles. all right, pete. over to you. pete: thank you, ainsley. the department of energy is the latest government agency to go full on woke by taking race into in consideration which when ad warding grants. saying it may consider whether a scientist is a minority. additionally grant applicants are, quote: required to describe how diversity, equity and inclusion objectives will be incorporated in the project.
4:34 am
here to react is biotech entrepreneur and author of the forthcoming book "woke inc."vindictive ramaswamy. thank you so much for being here is this inevitable if the biden administration embraces this, it's pushed throughout our government, isn't this exactly what we get? i come back to the idea way to end discrimination of race is stop discriminating on the basis of race. this administration seems obsessed with doing the exact opposite. infusing race consciousness into every aspect of life. it's unfair to for example black scientists at the department of energy. at the nih who may have gotten their position even in absence of affirmative action policy even on their own merit who people will unfairly look at diller when these racial preference based policies are in
4:35 am
place. it's bad at every level hurts every kind of american undermines culture of agencies superficial skin deep of university. pete: also strikes me as unconstitutional. is this the kind of thing that can be challenged and will be? >> absolutely, there is a wave of cases around affirmative action coming. a policy for distributing covid relief to farmer that was race conscious and done on the basis of race. already early cases which suggests that that may itself be in violation of the constitution and federal law. i'm proud of people stepping up, having the courage to challenge these policies on the basis of being racially discriminatory policies and i think that many of them are going to be challenged and challenged successfully in court. when i see this infecting a department like the doe at a moment when we have complicated energy policy challenges, the last thing we need to be doing is undermining public trust in the department of energy by making us think that politics is
4:36 am
actually infecting every way those agencies are run and that's what we are seeing today. pete: you mentioned race conscience. can this be get around likely unsuccessful as far as minority farmer? s we may consider. it could be a factor not and they use coded language like diversity, equity and inclusion. diversity plan. is that how they get around these things? >> absolutely. the same way colleges and universities get arranged it. after the famous supreme court case what effectively universities realized they need to be able to say and bollinger followed is that universities say they engage in holistic review race could be one of many factors and that's been constitutionally held on the correct side of the line. i think that's right to be challenged. the biden administration has been very careful in crafting quota based system in the language of holistic like review saying it may be one of many factors. don't buy it. it is makeup that is on the face
4:37 am
of racial discrimination on its core. and we need to call it out for what it is. pete: his book is woke inc. vivek ramaswamy thank you for your i object sight as always. >> thank you. pete: reached out to the department of energy for a statement and not hear back. we will wait. no time to find a job but plenty of time to sue. americans in several states are suing to get their federal employment unemployment benefits back what a great use of their time. jason chaffetz sounds off next. ♪ ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand. ♪ ...and i'm feelin' good ♪ start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler,
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centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look. brian more out-of-work americans suing their states for ending extended benefits supplemental despite a labor shortage. pete: face lawsuits as the judge says they must keep handing out
4:42 am
benefits until own lawsuit is decide. ainsley: chafin chaffetz here to react. >> good morning. ainsley: what's your reaction to this? i guess they have the right to sue. will they be successful? >> boy, i had to do a double take. if they can go out and shop for an attorney, maybe they should go out and find a job. there are millions of them that are out there. it's one of those stories when you think what in the world is this country coming to if we could have people go out and sue and tie up the court in these types of suit. brian: you don't have to pay back your student loan. you don't have to pay rent. and now suing because you don't get extra unemployment on top of your unemployment? what's going on here? >> i have got to tell you it's like saying hey, okay. so you want the cake but then you want sprinkles on it too? i mean, i feel for somebody who is actually looking for a job and having a very difficult
4:43 am
time. but there are millions of jobs out there most states in most regions are struggling to get out there. this is the wrong public policy. by the way, brian, i do believe that you are going to have people that were allowed to come into this country can tri undocumented who will then be piling on and saying hey, i'm here in this country. i can't get a job and i too should be able to get all these benefits. brian: in new york 2.5 million aside for unemployment benefits for illegal immigrants. ainsley: gaming the system. pete: how will the biden administration fight back when they afforded them the opportunity to get the benefits in the first place. i have got to get your take on one more thing as well, jason. the spike in crime. we see it it's evident in cities across america. joe biden has said repeatedly this is a gun problem and many democrats have. what does the democrat party do going into the 2020 midterms when they are saying it's a gun problem when voters and citizens they look at what is happening in the neighborhoods and realize it's more than that. it's something else.
4:44 am
>> it is a crime problem and they are not going after the criminals. if they're going to have a zero thols elle tolerance policy filling out forms and leaving a gun near a school. can you start with that also going after people who violate and are using guns handguns in crimes. but this administration doesn't do that. instead they are working on cashless bail. trying to get people out on the street as quickly as possible. getting rid of undercover police officers. defund the police. instead they say they want to go after ffls the federal firearms licensees. fine, if there is a violation there, go to for it. if n. a place like chicago more than 88 shootings just over the last weekend, get in there and get after the people that are committing the crime with these hand guns. don't put more laws on americans who just want to exercise their second amendment right. ainsley: because the criminals are still going to get their hands on those guns and we are
4:45 am
not going to protect themselves if they walk in our house. thanks so much, jason, for being on with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. listen to "jason in the house" because he was in the house as a congressman. pete: true. ainsley: at jason brian: i would like to check in with senior meteorologist janice dean? janice: i don't mind at all. you are awesome. we have got to tropical storm elsa there is potential to strengthen before it makes a landfall somewhere around the tampa area tomorrow. take a look at it. new advisory out just before 8:00 a.m. you can see that moisture moving into south florida and the west coast of florida. and that's going to be the situation for the next day or so as it moves through florida and then into the southeast and the northeast might have to watch thisself as well. so there's the past hour or so and you can see the heavy rain moving through the keys right now in south florida. tropical storm warnings all up and down the west coast. and then we have a hurricane
4:46 am
watch in effect just south of tampa. north of tampa around the big bend. so that means we could potentially see a minimal hurricane. we will continue to monitor that again. we will get update in next few minutes. we will give you the latest. colorado is no stranger to hurricanes or tropical storm systems but, of course, this could cause massive flooding and those winds are going to cause some damage as well potentially. tropical storm tornadoes with these landfalling systems, too we will keep you up to date throughout the day today and tomorrow and talking about this storm well into the workweek. brian and ainsley and pete nice to see you. pete: yanice, let me tell you this weekend we did a ranking of fox news meteorologists on the weekend show janice number one. brian: really in front of rick reichmuth? pete: in front of rick reichmuth. brian: he cried. pete: he did. ainsley: how did that conversation get started? steve steve we were ranking different things. why not meteorologists. brian: do you guys stay with the format at all? that was not in your run down.
4:47 am
janice: get an award for this. steve: maybe a "fox & friends" trophy. janice: i would like to thank my family and my mom. brian: normally one toss a block is enough for us but no. ainsley: hand it over to our favorite headline reader -- headline executor. jillian: i hope carley is not watching. relentless. carley, i love you. turning to headlines. the pandemic has thrown the internal revenue service into chaos. the national taxpayer advocate reports the agency is facing a backlog of nearly 35 million unprocessed tax returns as of may. the report also shows that only 3% of calls to the agency's customer support lines are being answered. president biden plans to increase the agency's budget to help deal with the challenges. and then to this. tense mommy's when a georgia state trooper reports a driver doing donuts.
4:48 am
watch. [screaming] >> turn the car off. >> the trooper shouts at the street race tore stand down in an atlanta parking lot. the trooper's cruiser pushed the suspect's car into the bushes. the suspect took off running. police were able to identify him. a warrant will be issued for his arrest. mexican state owned oil company says a lightning storm and gas pipeline leak set off this rather strange fireball in the gulf of mexico. a leak in an underwater pipeline allowed natural gas to build up on the ocean floor. once it rose to the surface. the company said it was probably ignited by a lightning bolt no. crude oil was spilled. work is now underway to repair the pump. but that my goodness,s is crazy to look at, right? ainsley: it is. thanks, jillian. 7:48 on the east coast, first it was called hysteria and now a senior official in the san francisco's d.a. office says crime concerns are racist. leo terrell is going to join us on that next.
4:49 am
pete: we have superman himself dean cain it insert woke politics to the latest captain american comment ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. ... .
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4:53 am
ainsley: a brazen robbery caught on camera, san francisco shoplifters ransacking nieman marcus in broad daylight yesterday and it comes as fears of theft, even forcing target to shut its doors early, but according to an official, in the d. a.' office it's all tied to racism. her name is kate chatfield, and she fired back at a worried twitter user tweeting husband's are scared for their wives. you'll reminder that the crime surge, crowd shares the same ideology as the birth of the nation referring to that 1915 white supremacist film. fox news contributor and civil rights attorney leo terrell is here to react. good morning to you, >> good morning, thanks for having me. ainsley: what is your response to that, because many people around the country are worried about crime in their cities. >> and they should be, because the video that you just displayed don't lie. democrats are masters at lying about the race card, and they
4:54 am
are masters at blaming others. look, let's be honest. it's sad. in democratic cities there is a large majority of people of color based on percentage number , the problem is simply this. you can't talk about black on black crime. you can not talk about this crime, because if you do, then you're accused of being a racist and the democrats are not going to claim that they are racist but that's what's going on in these cities right now, ainsley, and it's happening every city, every metropolitan city, run by democrats. ainsley: i know, almost 200 shot across america during the holiday weekend. we are seeing statistics going up and up and san francisco d. a .potion office we reached out to find out if they wanted to comment on this and we didn't hear back. let's talk about critical race theory, daily beast had an op-ed out and it said the right critical race theory panic is to a projection and the gop is continuing to project its own extremist impulses end game, the latest tactic is the manufacture threat of
4:55 am
critical race theory. they are saying it's not really a threat, just manufactured that's what the right wants you to believe. what do you say? >> i want to be as clear as possible that is a lie. just yesterday the largest teacher union stated publicly that they are going to implement critical race theory throughout all the school districts. it's a lie. the key here is this. there is tremendous blowback on the critical race theory because it basically lies about american history, premised on racism. that people are oppressed, just by race. it is true. critical race theory exists. that's wyatt fox news and other stations have had programs where parents have come plated. they don't want this lie taught to their kids. this is not education. this is indoctrination of the critical race theory. ainsley: we had a group of parents on earlier on fox & friends and they are fighting back against it in loudoun county, listen to this. >> right here in my backyard of loudoun county where, you know, they've been denying it for well over a year, even though we have received --
4:56 am
>> this is a real issue i've heard from thousands of parents. they should be called critical race training because one practice leads to discrimination , disempowerment and victimhood by virtue of race ainsley: what do we do about this problem? >> very simple. you keep showing these parents fighting back, because critical race theory is racist. it's not history, and it's designed to divide this country based on skin color. we fight back and we continue to fight back. ainsley: leo thank you so much for coming on. coming up, morgan ortegas, chris wallace and jessie waters all live when fox & friends returns.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> explosion of deadly violence over the holiday weekend, as the country faces a major crime wave. >> it is a crime problem. they aren't going after the criminals. the administrations are working on getting people out on the streets as quickly as possible. >> homeland security secretary mayorkas is set to travel to guatemala. >> before this administration, we had a border that was secure. now, it has really turned into the wild west. >> tropical storm elsa sets its sites on the florida keys. >> governor desantis is expect to make landfall around tampa,
5:01 am
florida. after receiving death threats congresswoman nancy mace is taking security into her own hands by arming herself. >> it's very empowering to know that i can defend myself and my family if i have to. >> michigan is being hailed a hero after saving a man from a burning car. >> the car would go up in flames so it's good when we get results and can make a difference. >> ♪ ♪ ainsley: does that take you back to your childhood when you were going to the beach with your family? brian: really in the 1950s? ainsley: my dad played it for us brian: but it wasn't new what he was playing. ainsley: that's louisville, kentucky have you all been there that's how you say it. pete: said it wrong a number of times before. ainsley: me too, before i was corrected several times. brian: i do not think i've been ainsley: you've never been. brian: i don't want to get into this song too deeply but is
5:02 am
buttercup the nick name for a girl? because know anybody that calls their girlfriend buttercup? ainsley: i have a dog and my daughter named her and her name is rosie tiny buttercup. brian: that makes sense. it's definitely a dated nick name in a relationship. pete: i think you're right, yes. brian: buttercup, hand me the keys. ainsley: [laughter] brian: doesn't really work. unless you still use buttercup, you can still use it. pete: e-mail us at friends@fox brian: buttercup. ainsley: all right, well good morning to everyone. thanks so much for joining us it's 8:02 on the east coast we're preparing for that tropical storm elsa we'll be talking about that and have a lot of coverage tomorrow because it makes landfall eventually. brian: if you want to see what's going on in america and if you want to have a commonality with other major cities it is crime. if you look at what's happened in san francisco where car thefts are up, burglaries are up 700%, some of the other stats where shootings were up 22% in
5:03 am
new york city, if you see the other major cities with other shootings and murders and homicides the numbers are going through the roof but it seems as if you complain about that you are? pete: racist. that's right. ainsley: so over the weekend, holiday weekend in new york, 26 shot, atlanta a large fight, one dead a 14-year-old, fort worth eight wounded when shots were fired at a car wash, philadelphia two young men killed at a cookout, 16-year-old girl was shot, houston, the list goes on and on, ohio, chicago, dallas, san francisco, and what happened also in san francisco, someone tweeted out this. every single one of my friends right now is considering leaving my friends are scared for their children and their husband's are scared for their wives. well then kate chatfield works for the far left d. a. out there and she fired back and this is what she put out on twitter. husband's are scared for their wives, you're a reminder that the crime surge crowd shares the same ideology as the birth of a nation, referring to an
5:04 am
early 20th century white supremacist film. brian: yeah, the kkk is depicted in the birth of a nation, without sound and you consider 2021 like 1901. pete: uh-huh. brian: i don't get where this mindset is coming from but it comes at us from all angles. to me, we could agree, crime bad we can't even agree on crime being bad right now in america. pete: no and we can't agree on police officers who give their lives in many circumstances for our own security good. so crime, not bad. police officers not good, and then you try to defund them and demoralize them so they pull out of certain places, i mean, do you know there are one bordering on two independent autonomous zones in minneapolis, minnesota right now? they can't clear them out, because effectively, the leadership in those democrat -led cities are scared of the woke mob on the left, black lives matter activist and others and as a result crime is absolutely speaking and whose hit the most? not the gated community crowd.
5:05 am
not the media crowd, not the activist crowd. it's the average folks who have businesses and homes in these communities, and they are ravaged by crime right now. there's nearly 200 shootings on the 4th of july weekend of people trying to celebrate and getting shot. brian: instead of these people standing up saying it's bad how do we get on top of it, you right now have the washington post abc poll that said about joe biden's handling of crime in america, only 38% approve. so if that, i just want them to act. if that doesn't get them to act, nothing will. ainsley: well and we love our cities. it's just so sad, because we're seeing crime up so much here in new york city, and it wasn't like that when we all moved here pete: self-inflected. ainsley: exactly that's why you'll see the gun dealers selling out of their guns. leo terrell was on with us earlier and he reacted, listen. >> democrats are masters at lying about the race card, and they are masters at blaming others. look, let's be honest, it's sad. in democratic cities there's a large majority of people of
5:06 am
color who are committing these crimes based on percentage numbers. the problem is simply this. you can't talk about black on black crime. you can't talk about this crime because if you do, then you're accused of being a racist and the democrats are not going to claim that they are racist but that's what's going on in these cities right now, ainsley, and it's happening in every city, every metropolitan city, run by democrats. pete: it was the broken windows theory, the belief that you police the small things to prevent the big things and now the windows are broken and they are keeping them broken and it's a catch and release program with criminals who go out and re offend and the police say why are we arresting these people three, four, five, times. ainsley: they are protecting the criminals it's so disheartening. brian: six minutes after the top of the hour illegal immigration is a flat outcries us at the border we know that and it seems as though the democratic white house wants to ignore it. although you have your secretary of homeland security whose going to be going to the root of the problem, guatemala, again,
5:07 am
where they basically blamed us for that and i don't blame them by saying that if you come to america, you'll get to stay in america, and that caused the exodus but you have over 100 countries represented at our border. ainsley: and you have 12 states sending national guard troops into help texas because the governor of texas wants to build a wall many people are going to the state to help, you've got south carolina sending, florida, georgia, there are 12 different states here is the map. see if yours is on it, and there's one group there, a major hispanic group called the league of united latin american citizens, they sent a letter to the white house, asking joe biden to prevent this from happening, to block these governors, these red state governors from doing this. they are calling it an insurrection. pete: you made one mistake you called them national guard troops according to that group they are national guard insurrectionists by protecting our border. here is another portion of what that group said their texas director said this to the washington times. we're being invaded by, not migrants, but by governors, of
5:08 am
the defeated confederacy to arm the border against brown women and children escaping political persecution, hunger and death and brian i brushed up on the break on the confederacy and i still don't see north or south dakota or iowa. brian: do you see idaho? pete: i didn't. brian: right? so they aren't the confederacy either so they might be wrong with that statement. by the way try to come in from canada forget it. they sealed the border on the north right? are we anti-canadian now in this country? we let everybody in down south, the ones we're talking about how many came in last month? 17, we haven't gotten the number for june yet. ainsley: you interviewed a lady on friday and she said some scary things that one of the migrant workers knocked on a little girl's window at her house, listen to this. >> all we've seen is an increase and what i can say in all the years that i have personal experience in dealing
5:09 am
with these illegal aliens, we've never dealt with a single family unit. three nights ago there was a group at our next door neighbor 's house circling the vehicles and tapping on their daughter's bedroom window. there's no females out here, no children and there are absolutely no family units out this way. it's all mostly single males traveling groups. it's unacceptable. no one should be afraid of, you know, having their kids play in their yard or riding their bikes down the street and none of my neighbors should be fearful of going out to water their plants in the morning or evening and being able to sleep at night. pete: how dare she use the phrase illegal aliens. it's undocumented migrants remember we got to whitewash the way we talk about this in every way if we're being politically correct. this woman bought property because she wanted her kids to be able to rome free and instead , they are locked down inside, because single males hopping the border are threatening their livelihood. brian: how about this? mark kelly has to tell the people of arizona he's doing a good job for them.
5:10 am
arizona has been at the border and not stood up and said anything. krysten sinema at least admits there is a problem. mark kelly could not be more vulnerable now, because he does nothing to help his own state because all he sees is a party. how do you represent arizona and not say this is a problem? so far, the same washington post poll they asked how is biden handling immigration between at the u.s. mexican border? 33% approve, so good luck with that. you continue to keep ignoring this , i just want to see the act. i did the most disturbing images i've seen is our flight team, our drone flight team, are showing images that we have not seen before of people just coming across in huge numbers. we can't handle it, we can't afford it. they disappear into the middle of the country. be don't know where they're going. ainsley: you've got that critical race theory being taught to our kid, you've got what's happening here on the border and they support them instead of the homeowners and the people to your point have spent their whole lives building
5:11 am
up a nest egg to buy their house so their kids could have a backyard to play in and now they are worried for their kid's safety. this is richard garrera, a ranch er in south texas. >> we had a border that was pretty much secured. now, with the new policies and the new administration, it has really turned into the wild west one of the biggest problems roanne sones that fever tick which comes from mexico and cattle and horses that come across the river contaminate our property and none none the least, some of these illegals they carry the fiver tick with them so once contaminated then i'm quarantin ed and that's when the big expenses come along. i have to gather my cattle every 14 days, rail, hire helicopters, in other words it's an economic problem for me, more than anything else. pete: bill time you mentioned that footage on the border how
5:12 am
about the footage that was done with the coyote of the cartel who openly said joe biden is in charge we can get across. he said what about under trump? no too many patrols too much going on we couldn't do it and you mentioned what we're seeing but what we don't see is potentially as powerful as well, these kids, families, put on flights, from mcallen and elsewhere, flown to other communities and then flown, i mean, there's a network of middle of the night flights where these people are being placed into communities and members of those communities have no idea what's going on. ainsley: well the administration doesn't want you to know. pete: okay. brian: right a lot of people think they are flooding into red states to try to purplize them and then make them blue. lt. colonel alan west is upset with his governor of texas to the point where he's running against governor abbott. he says he was too slow with his border, too slow with getting troops. he was too slow asking for money to rebuild wall, let's listen. >> down to the rio grande
5:13 am
valley, at 2:00 in the morning, and 80 illegal immigrants just come right across the river and be escorted up and get on a united states border patrol bus, and no telling where they end up , so we have an issue with our border patrol that's the great state of texas so we need to have solutions to deter people from coming across the border and taxing the illegal immigrant s that go back into these countries so that's how you have a border security system down there on our border. ainsley: matthew mcconaughey might be running too but he hasn't made an announcement. brian: pretty bizarre speech he gave the other day and says we're in puberty as a country. pete: i'm not one to normally defend matthew mcconaughey but his phrasing was off, but his point is true. we are a young country, historically speaking with a lot and we're going through a lot and you would know, brian i don't know what it's like to raise teenagers. brian: since i went through
5:14 am
puberty? i thought you were heading there with that. i have been through puberty. ainsley: [laughter] you're older. brian: it's going to be just around the corner. pete: that'll be a heck of a governorship. brian: will matthew mcconaughey run with his shirt on and just do every campaign without his shirt on. right now he takes his shirt off he'll get two points. ainsley: it's 8:13 here on the east coast, 8 #:14 now turning to extreme weather, hurricane watch is issued for parts of west florida as tropical storm elsa lashes the florida keys. pete: residents and tourists are bracing for potentially life threatening storm surge. brian: that is live in the key west, matt, what do we see now behind you? reporter: we've been here for a couple hours and this is now the worst of the conditions here in key west, very strong consistent winds, the waves are getting larger, crashing against the shoreline. the storm broke up a little bit after passing over cuba, but it's expected to make landfall on the peninsula of florida up near tampa.
5:15 am
we've been here for a few days now and while the conditions are pretty rough right now in general, most people were not too concerned about the storm, because it was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. some people told us that they were nervous they got on the next flight. other people said they were going to stick it out. here is the people we talked to shortly before the storm made landfall. >> there was no cancellation policy. that's why we're here. we actually found a rum bar right around the corner and she invited us and said ride the storm out here. >> they wouldn't cancel our hotel so we lost that money and our flights, it was i'm thinking like almost 300 a person. reporter: the wind and the rain picking up right now. we'll head more inland in a little bit to see if there's any flooding and keep you updated here from key west. back to you guys in new york. ainsley: thank you, so much. brian: got a lot worse in an hour. ainsley: yeah. brian: let's go over to jillian jillian: hey good morning. okay so let's go ahead and continue our news out of florida
5:16 am
because search and rescue teams recovering four more victims from the rubble of the collapsed florida condo. the latest victims identified as the couple had just welcomed a new grandchild. there are now 28 people confirm ed dead and 117 still un accounted for. officials say crews will work 24 hour shifts until every victim is recovered. >> today 191 suspects who shutdown part of a massachusetts highway during an hours-long armed standoff are due in court. police arrested them in a boston suburb. the suspects say they are part of a pro-morocco group, but add they are not anti-government or anti-police. they face a slew of gun-related charges. >> let's go to the family cup. the nhl holding a moment of silence for a player killed in a fireworks accident. he died over the 4th of july weekend he was 24 years old. meanwhile the canadians were
5:17 am
able to narrowly escape a sweep. >> now anderson from montreal goes ahead and for the net and off his stick! anderson scores! jillian: montreal beating the tampa tampa bay lightning 3- 2 in overtime. they still trail in the series three games to one. >> and parents could be spending more on back-to-school supplies this year, due to rising inflation. spending is expected to be 9% higher this year according to a survey from accounting firm kpmg consumers anticipate spending $268 versus $247 anticipated last year. i'll send it back to you. brian: used cars up, housing up , transportation, clothing, food, and it's called inflation, and guess what we plan on doing jillian? passing another $4 trillion on top of the bipartisan infrastructure bill so it makes total sense. no one talks about inflation. ainsley: and passing out these
5:18 am
federal dollars to all these people even though most people are able to go back to work, if they want to. pete: the white house did talk about it over the 4th of july and pointed out your hot dog your barbecue will be $0.16 cheaper this year. brian: that took a lot of guts. pete: big savings while you drive 20 miles and spend -- ainsley: right another good point. good point. pete: more expensive a gallon. all right, u.s. troops almost fully out of afghanistan now. china is making its move. brian: shocker. pete: to fill the void. morgan orgatus joins us. ainsley: plus he's waters and has a brand new book out today explaining how he saved the world. jesse waters is going to join us live, later this hour. limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual,
5:19 am
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brian: afghan military official s accusing the u.s. of not telling them they were leaving the air base the african commander was an aware of the overnight withdrawal of two hours notice and former state department spokesperson morgan orgatus joins us and the way we're leaving looks totally irresponsible. do you disagree? >> well i would certainly hope that we would leave a very small counterterrorism presence there, to have the ability to conduct i sr which is intelligence gathering so we have the ability to conduct strikes on al qaeda but i think the military had to leave in this way, brian, in order to protect our troops, right? if we felt like we could tell our afghan security partner that we were leaving, if we felt like we could have a tradition tradition all hand-over ceremony we would have so we did this to
5:24 am
keep our troops safe. it's unfortunate. brian: do you think the american people are prepared to have the taliban in charge of kabul in the country in six months? do you think we're going to, do you really think we're going to staff an embassy with the taliban in charge and what are people going to be saying in six months when the taliban continue to roll up provinces? >> i think it's going to be very difficult to operate the embassy under this environment, and certainly, as you said, brian, our intelligence community has assessed that the taliban will take over probably before the end of the year. the real question is would this have happened if we left five years ago? would the taliban still take over if we left in another five years? i think there's a lot of americans asking if we should still send their sons and daughters to afghanistan with a large troop presence and that's fair to ask. brian: right. 2,500 troops is not large. we've lost two in afghanistan in two years. more in domestic accidents than we would have been able to give them additional time to move
5:25 am
away from the taliban, which is remarkably unpopular and supported by terrorist forces. do you believe that beijing is preparing to fill the vacuum right away? >> i'm skeptical of the reports they will certainly from a diplomatic perspective, the chinese have benefited from america being in afghanistan for the past 20 years because they do share a tiny border and its been a secure state, not a failed state. remember that the chinese have gone after, in fact they've conducted a genocide against muslims so they have been very afraid of any terrorist from afghanistan coming into china, so the chinese have certainly been reluctant militarily to get involved anywhere and they've tried economically to have projects in afghanistan, you know the belt and road initiative. afghanistan to pakistan, this is a crucial place, crucial country that they are to have if they are going to still have the belt and road initiative so afghanistan is important to the chinese but i'm inherently skeptical they are going to get
5:26 am
involved militarily. brian: they love the fact we're no longer going to have an american base between russia and china and they are loving that and high-fiving each other no question about it so let's talk about russia. remember if vladimir putin was given a list of places not to hit with ransomware attacks, that we would react aggressively well, the biggest one yet has just hit, and they want $70 million in ransom from a private business and it effects businesses here all the way as far as sweden. here is president biden when he was confronted by the ransomware attack over the weekend. >> i've got a brief and i'll be in better shape to talk to you about it. i'll tell you what they sent me. first of all we're not sure who it is. brian: come on.
5:27 am
why do you need a card to tell you what's going on number one and number two, it says that i acted aggressively. he had to read how he acted. come on, morgan. >> yeah, that video was very painful to watch. this hacker group is the same hacker group that took about 20% of beef exports in the united states off line i think it was in may of this year so they've attacked multiple times. i don't understand the president 's strategy here. vladimir putin has the ability to stop these cyber groups on his soil, and we keep giving putin a pass by saying oh, it's not the russian government. it's just troops, excuse me just hacker groups in afghanistan. in russia, excuse me. it really makes no sense. we need the demand from vladimir putin that he hand over the cyber attackers to the united states and we haven't done that yet and why, i don't know. brian: or it's going to happen again. we better not pay that ransom back and someone should put that on a card for joe biden to read outloud a little bit later. all right, morgan, we need your
5:28 am
expertise over and over again. a lots going onioned our borders , morgan orgatus, thanks so much. >> thanks brian. brian: coming up straight ahead , captain america claims the american dream is a lie as he takes on politics in a brand new comic so what does superman think of the marvel hero abandoning the truth, justice and the american way? dean cain. >> ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. ♪♪
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jillian: good morning we're back with some of your headlines. congresswoman nancy mace is taking security into her own hands by arming herself. this after she received death threats and someone vandalized her south carolina home. she joined me earlier on fox & friends first, on how carrying a gun makes her feel. >> i'm so glad and grateful that i haven't had the opportunity to be able to carry a gun, just about wherever i go. it's important, but the biggest thing for me is feeling safe, and feeling empowered. jillian: she goes to the range almost weekly to practice shooting. >> a police officer in michigan is being hailed a hero after saving a 23-year-old man from a burning car. watch this.
5:33 am
oh, my goodness officer luke pol ly pulling the man out of the vehicle dragging him to safety and he shared the experience with us earlier on fox & friends. >> i ran up to the car. i saw the young man sitting in the passenger seat and pretty much i didn't hesitate. jillian: the driver was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay. >> and new overnight britney spears' long time manager larry rudolph resigns. according to deadline, rudolph released a letter saying "it has been over two and a half years since britney and i last communicated at which time she informed me she wanted to take an indefinite work hiatus. rudolph clarified he was never part of the pop star tosses conservatorship battle. that is a look at your headlines i'll send it back to you. ainsley: hasn't talked to her in two years, really? pete: if you say you're on hiatus not much to manage.
5:34 am
ainsley: true. brian: true. pete: details. appreciate it. all right, captain america getting political and anything but patriotic in the latest marvel comic series released right before independence day. ainsley: the issue claims, "the first american dream is the one that isn't real. it's one some people expect to just be handed to them when the truth is it never really existed in the first place. other cultures, immigrants, we're at our best when we keep no one out. a good dream is shared, shared radically, shared with everyone, when something isn't shared, it can become the american lie." brian: well are you confused so what does superman have to say? dean cain played that role and took great pride in it. dean does this really bother you more than most you would think? >> brian, i am captain america, you know, i love captain america , i love the concept of captain america, but i am so tired of all of this wokeness and anti-americannism. we just celebrated our 245th
5:35 am
birthday. in my opinion, america is the greatest country in history. it's not perfect. we are constantly striving for a more perfect union as we all know but i believe she's the most fair, equitable country ever, with more opportunity than anyone ever seen, and that's why people are clamerring to get here from all over the globe i agree with senator tom cotton who was on a couple days ago who said that perhaps captain needs to be demoted to lieutenant, because i think it makes good sense. we're here, you know, america has its founding principles which i firmly believe in. i believe in individual freedom. i believe inequality of opportunity, not outcome, competition, the ability to compete fairly, hard work, which brings you success and brings you material wealth, which in turn, gives you self-reliance. that's what everybody wants on the face of this planet. that's what everybody strives for , that's why they are trying to come here, and i find, you know, this wokeness, it's pervasive and it goes through everything and it's in our school system.
5:36 am
the cool thing to do today is to bash america, the comic books do it, the schools in doctrine indoctrinate our kids and they do that and our movies and television shows are full of it, celebrities, actors, athletes media they love to bash america. i don't get it. i wonder to myself often do these people ever travel outside of america? do they go to other countries where they have to deal with governments who aren't anywhere near as fair as the united states? i don't think they do. i do it all the time. i kiss the soil when i get back here. pete: you're exactly right. more of a demotion, private first class america, whatever you want to call them but you're right if anybody would have traveled the globe it's superman and captain america and you remember the comic book for superman when he disa vowed his american citizenship and said he was now his allegiance was to the u.n. this is everywhere and if captain america can't love america, then who can? what can be done about it because the counter cultural view now is to be patriotic.
5:37 am
everyone in your line of work, it's a boring take to hate the country, because that's what they are all doing. >> well exactly. that's the whole point and today the cool, the fashionable thing t do is to bash america and hate america and i'm on the exact opposite side of the fence. i love this country. i'm a full complete opt you mist as well and i believe the pendulum will swing back to openly appreciating american values, the constitution, the bill of rights as soon as people start studying them in school again i think we'll get people understanding them and appreciating them, so today, me being sort of a counter culture guy, me supporting the flag and the red, right, and blue and united states of america makes me a revolutionary in some terms, which i'm fine with. ainsley: dean thanks for coming on with us. pete: we're back to that. >> you look good in pink too. pete: thank you, dean. ainsley: thank you. pete: i didn't get the memo. we'll still be wearing pink tomorrow. ainsley: coming up parents rejected an apology for a new york city prep school after
5:38 am
their eighth graders were shown a video mocking white women. >> do you think this matters? ainsley: jesse waters is going to react to that that anti-woke revolt coming up, next. >> ♪ my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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5:43 am
one was moving. brian: who wants to bring in jesse watters? ainsley: you do it. pete: i think you should, brian. brian: i want to bring in jesse watters now, he also hosts watte rs world named after him and his brand new book is " how i saved the world" jessie, congratulations, big day, it's finally here. i didn't even know you had a book out i've been watching and i barely, you barely mention it on the show. >> it's a big secret, and been shamelessly promoting it, but guys, why are you putting me after dean cain? very handsome, i'm very insecure about this , please. i talk to the producers already. brian: how do you feel about being hosting with pete hegseth? i'm up against the same thing, jesse. ainsley: you are a super hero after all you saved the world. >> i did, how does it feel ainsley, does it feel good? ainsley: this book is hilarious you're very honest. >> thank you, some would say too honest we had to cut a lot out of it. ainsley: we've all been there.
5:44 am
pete: page by page, dan hates me already, i'm very good at sensing when someone hates me. >> [laughter] pete: so i've got to ask, jesse, how did you save the world, how does one do that? >> you'll have to finish the book, pete, and i know you read a little slower than most people so i'll give you a little bit longer time but honestly it was about how i saved myself, because it is my world, and you'll hear stories about me kind of going behind enemy lines going to cannabis festivals and going to martha's vindicated yard and nude beaches and through those travels, i kind of consider myself a cultural anthropologist. i study liberals, and by studying liberals, i've come to understand what makes them tick, what makes them angry, and i will share with you these stories about all of their insecurities, some of my insecurities as well. that's about half the book, and you'll get a good sense of where we are in this country. ainsley: the cannabis story when you went to the cannabis festival i was shocked to find
5:45 am
out you ran into jonathan morris >> [laughter] so father jonathan was in tellu ride at a mushroom festival. he swears he was there performing a wedding ceremony but you got to see the look in his eyes. brian: he started in the tape room, works his way up. ainsley: we believe him. brian: then the five and then the rest is history, and now he's doing a national tour on his life. pete: true. >> yes i'm 42 and i wrote a memoire. >> [laughter] pete: jesse and barack obama. >> yes that's the one thing we have in common, thank you, pete. pete: you're welcome the washington post says jesse watters is officially out of control. >> [laughter] >> in the blushes on the back in said of sucks up asking hey, pete, hannity, can you guys write a blurb on the back about how great of a writer i am even though you've never read anything? i just put a bunch of quotes in here from people who actually hate me. a human yager bernie sanders
5:46 am
bomb, bliss fully ignorant by salon and i think people like watching me get my teeth kicks in, i think people say i have the most punchable face in el at the vision. brian: you do open up with a fight and you do punch somebody. >> that's right because the person that tried to attack me actually thought i was pete hegseth. they confused me with pete it's because we're so handsome, right , pete? pete: it's true. ainsley: these chapters crack me up. you say journalism, you saved primetime, the internet you saved d.c. nightlife, nude beaches and christmas. >> ainsley, a lot of people don't know this but i'm a veteran in the war on christmas, very much like pete. i have the battle scars to prove it, and we went behind the scene s and found all of these schools that had banned candy canes and they had put up in great barrington a bunch of christmas lights and they had to be removed because it was contributing to global warming so these are stories about how i
5:47 am
went and fought the war on christmas, fought the war on women, obviously on the side of women, ainsley, and we talk about what that was like. brian: all right let's see if you can save schools. do you know about this expensive school right here in manhattan that everyone wants to get their kid into until recently. well here is a little clip that something has aired on showtime. it's satire that was shown to all of the parents and kids, shown to all these kids about i guess satire on the evilness of white women. let's watch. >> what percentage of white women do you hate? and there is a right answer. >> there's no right answer. i actually never thought about this. i would say that i am less concerned with race anywhere. >> it has become a term for some reason. >> then it became like calling cops. >> i think the point is though with all of the videos that have come out is how common places
5:48 am
behavior is among certain white women. >> do you think karen's lives matter? >> i think that karen's lives matter because of karen's lives don't matter, nowhere matters. pete: that was shown to eighth graders, jesse on their graduation day. >> so is jesse jr. getting in? brian: no. >> i don't think so, so all right here we go. do you guys remember the war on women? remember that during barack obama? you couldn't even say anything about a woman back then or else you were a sexist. you couldn't even say nice shoes that was absolutely a micro- aggression at the university of north carolina i talk about that in my book why liberals need micro-acreageses to stay relevant. mitt romney had a binder full of women he wanted to hire and he was called a sexist but we don't have the war on women anymore, now we have race, the democrats destroyed the war on women, remember the me too movement?
5:49 am
poof, avanati gone, joe biden's allegation about sexual assault, that's gone. brian: governor cuomo, 10 accusers? >> right, so they realized now race is a sharper battle axe, so now, race is everything, and you can say anything, you can even say anything about white women and i'm sorry, white women. i don't know if i can save you perhaps ainsley can save you, but this is where we are today. ainsley: so jesse, the school sent out a note to the parents and said this video is not part of the curriculum, our teach ever and the school acknowledged that sharing a video that made fun of white women was a significant mistake and it's never acceptable to ridicule anyone at any time and it's contrary to everything that we know about our mission. well then a parent wrote a letter to the principal and said while i was upset after hearing what happened the e-mail from bo dy, the principal, that followed really pushed me over the edge. further that the board has not weighed in on this matter, gives the impression that the board
5:50 am
shares the opinion that racism is indeed acceptable as long as it fits within the climate of the time. choosing to label the video is s attirical, and it made fun of and rid you calls is a gross understatement. that you fully trust the professional, professionalism of your dedicated faculty and will be strengthening protocols is not an acceptable response. your reaction? >> i tried the satire line excuse on a few of my controversial things. they didn't buy that, so that's convenient. listen, we didn't do this when i was growing up. we learned about the constitution and things like that, so i just think that, i just now i know why jesse jr. will never get into spense. ainsley: well it is an all girl school. pete: he could identify. new world. >> you know what, he won't, pete, he will not be doing that.
5:51 am
pete: bill deblasio says keep this guy off tv. we had him on. >> he had a point. pete: how i saved the world, out today, jesse watters congratulations. >> thank you so much. brian: meanwhile today be the 100th birthday of nancy reagan, chris wallace wants to talk about it all about fox nation special, it's going to be great, so is chris. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love. stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off! easy, no? no. no. no. no. but with freestyle libre 14 day, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪
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bill: america was a shooting gallery over the weekend what do our leaders plan to do about that. dana: critical race theory has now been embraced by the teacher s union where does that lead? senator john kennedy has thoughts. bill: why did a teenager die three days after getting the vaccine. dana: what were some of the players doing on the women' soccer team during the anthem. bill: we'll see you shortly. good to be back with you. dana: six minutes. bill: bye-bye. pete: thank you, bill and dana let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> pete we are definitely watching florida let's take a look at tropical storm elsa, we'll be getting updates but already seeing heavy rain looks like we've got a burst of convection meaning that the storm could be strengthening , so we're going to wait for that 11 a.m. advisory that's going to bring us the latest coordinates of the storm and where it is going. we do know it's going to potentially make a landfall tomorrow morning, north of the tampa area, and with it bringing heavy rainfall, three
5:56 am
to five inches we have a hurricane watch also in effect, because it does have the potential to become a hurricane again, so we will continue to monitor that throughout the day today, and into tomorrow, but hurricane force winds and certainly tropical storm force winds really from today through tomorrow and then the southeast coast is going to have to watch this system and we'll keep you up-to-date. pete, back to you. pete: thank you, janice, she was an actress, first lady of california, first lady of the united states. today, on what would have been nancy reagan's 100th birthday, fox nation is taking a look back at her life and legacy for a brand new special hosted by chris wallace. >> nancy was by her husband's side, as he slowly moved away from hollywood and into the political arena. she was there, when he taped a speech called a time for choosing, in support of the 1964 republican nominee, bar ry goldwater. it made reagan a national figure in politics, and changed nancy's
5:57 am
life. pete: fox news sunday anchor chris wallace joins us now with more. chris congrats on the documentary. fascinating life lived with nancy reagan. >> it sure was. i have to say one of the treasures of my long career at this point was that i spent six years covering the reagans, covered the 1980 election in six years in the white house, and i really would say that she was a partner in power, that she really played a big role in the reagan presidency. she didn't get tremendously involved in policy but she got very involved in personnel and as anybody whose covered politic s knows, personnel is policy, so she was one of the key players in naming james baker the first white house chief of staff. she was very supportive of george schultz as the secretary of state and i think there's no question that she played a role in the negotiations and the successful treaties that were concluded between ronald regan and gorbachev to limit the
5:58 am
number of missiles fired at each other at the height of the cold war. pete: i know she was a fierce defender of our husband you didn't want to cross nancy reagan as it pertained to him for sure. here is another clip she talked, you talk about the difference between being first lady of california, first lady of the united states. watch. >> the country had just said goodbye to roseland carter who attended her husband's cabinet meetings and spoke out on policy now, the public was curious about the new first lady, and nancy wanted to bring a more glamorous style back to the white house. >> she said to me once, going from being the governor's wife to the first lady is not 50 times different. it's 5,000 times different. pete: recently we've talked a little bit about how we say magazine covers cover joe biden differently than the trumps. how is she treated as the first lady? >> she was treated pretty well, and as a first lady in terms of coverage, but she had some bumps
5:59 am
, that's one of the things that makes her story so interesting, because for the first couple of years, she got bashed. she got coverage but it was negative coverage, and i think she would say that she played a part in that, at a time when the country was going through a severe recession, she remodeled the , redecorated the white house, she spent $200,000 on china wearing fancy dresses, but as time went on she got washington, got what was expected of her and not only in terms of influencing the president, but it became very involved in the just say no anti-drug movement and became a very admired figure in this country in her own rights, so it's a very interesting story , a rocky start as first lady, and then a very successful ending to her time. pete: the film is nancy reagan an american story on fox nation right now, chris wallace congratulations. thank you so much. >> thank you, pete. pete: you can sign up for fox nation now to see nancy reagan an american story plus get exclusive access to original content, personalities on any device and of course right now free for military and veterans.
6:00 am
ainsley: what a beautiful interview. i love nancy reagan. she did have quite such style, and remember just say no when we were growing up? that really influenced my life. brian: a republican in hollywood mix? do you believe that now? pete: with some positive coverage. brian: we have seven seconds left. ainsley: you're going to head to radio? we'll listen. brian: i'll be on fox nation. ainsley: have a great day.


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