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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 6, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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amazing. that how we have grown. that is all-time we have to night. don't forget set your dvr every week night at 10:00 pm eastern, i hope you enjoy the long independence day weekend and i pray that you spend honoring our great country. see you back here tomorrow night. greg gutfeld takes it from here. jillian: tropical storm elsa sets his sights on the florida keys battering cuba on its way to the us, the storm's latest track is putting millions of americans in its path, we are live on the ground. the holiday weekend felt like a return to normal for many americans but will heightening concerns about the delta variance tab in our progress? we will tell you what the experts are saying. ♪♪
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>> it doesn't guess more patriotic than this. spontaneous rendition of the star-spangled banner breaking out in them being low for march. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ good morning ♪♪ good morning ♪♪ ♪♪ >> imagine being in that walmart. >> all of our local walmart singing the national anthem. >> you should start today, not a good singer, not a good singer. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. carley: let's get straight to it, band of tropical storm elsa reaching the florida keys after the storm dumped heavy rain over cuba. jillian: how are conditions
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there? >> reporter: we are in the southeast portion not far from the do fall street corridor, this storm is generating winds of 60 miles an hour, we are feeling strong winds, as far as the rain goes not torrential, we haven't seen any flooding yet but there's consistent rain. the storm is moving north northwest across the keys, it will hit the peninsula of florida, it is expected to make rainfall around tampa, florida. this is not a huge sense of emergency for this storm. monroe county did not board up its buildings, we talked to a business owner that decided to board up a lot of people were not concerned about this as this tropical storm was downgraded from a hurricane but that does not mean as it crosses the gulf that it won't pick up more speed or energy as it crosses the peninsula of florida, the death
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toll stands at 3, we talked to visitors from all of the country from arizona, europe, pennsylvania, iowa, lots of stories, people visiting for the fourth of july, some people on their honeymoon said they could not get a flight out or a rental car out. of the people said they are going to stick this out, stay inside their hotel rooms, some people said they would find a bar into what the locals do, wait for this thing to pass, we will keep you updated throughout the day on tropical storm elsa. jillian: matt finn, thank you so much. meantime we are following a fox news, houston police officers shot while responding to a parking dispute, the 11 year department veteran was hit in the arm and abdomen, houston police chief credits the bullet professed for saving the officer's life, he still unstable but critical condition. a second officer was able to detain and arrest the
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26-year-old alleged shooter, 16 people are dead and 76 more wounded in chicago shootings over the long fourth of july holiday weekend was according to a chicago database it is the bloodiest weekend in the city so far this year. is 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy are among those killed. a chicago police commander and sergeant were also shot while dispersing the crowd. the commander was hit in the foot, the sergeant in the side, both are expected to be okay. 1500 businesses around the world have been impacted by the single biggest ran somewhere attack on record. the ongoing attack is centered on florida-based it firm, the company's ceo says those hits are mainly clients of their customers. >> these people have small businesses, 10 to 30 people and this is serious. >> a russia link gaining is reportedly demanding $7 million
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to restore all the businesses data. a member of the house subcommittee on cybersecurity, congressman ralph norman will join us to discuss the attack. >> await security secretary alejandro mayorkas will visit guatemala. he will discuss shared priorities with guatemalan officials and meet with members of the dhs workforce which meanwhile ohio's governor is dispatching 14 state troopers to the border. the republican responding to a request for assistance from texas governor greg abbott. he says members of the ohio state highway patrol will be at the border for two weeks, law enforcement of the border surveillance, and the line has committed to sending more national guard troops to the border later this year. today president biden plans to
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address the nation on the fight against covid his concerns over the delta variant rise. mark joins us as pressure builds for the white house to lift international travel limits. >> president biden insists the us is making great progress against the pandemic but health officials are increasingly concerned and tracking the delta variant as it spreads in some communities nationwide. later today the president will update the nation on the pandemic. over the weekend the white house missed its own goal to get 70% of adults one dose of the vaccine, the cdc reports more than 150 million americans are fully vaccinated, 58% in the country but the cdc also admits vaccination rates have slowed down in some communities. >> approximately 1000 counties in the united states have vaccinations of less than 30%, these communities primarily in the southeast and midwest are the most vulnerable. >> doctor anthony fauci is
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strong criticism by suggesting some vaccinated americans should still wear masks in areas with lower vaccination rates, health experts are pushing back. >> reporter: not on this flip-flop by doctor fauci. if you've been vaccinated you are protected, 95% of the time. >> oversees the uk is prepared to end health restrictions, prime minister boris johnson said the rollout is allowing his country to get back to business. a number of different restrictions are expected to be lifted including facemasks, social distancing and capacity limits all expected to be lifted soon. closer to home in the us pressure is building on president biden to lift travel restrictions for international travel, the traveled and should expire faster as more countries worldwide get a handle on the pandemic. jillian: stay tuned. later in the show ohio congressman and cochair of the gop doctors caucus will join us live to weigh in.
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carley: meantime let's get to sports. the montréal canadiens narrowly avoiding a stanley cup sweep. >> anderson from montréal coming to the net. anderson scores. >> montréal beating the tampa bay lightning 3-numtwo in overtime, still trail in the series, 3 games to one. before game number for a moment of silence was held who was killed in a fireworks accident on the fourth of july. he was only 24 years old. jillian: now to this, touching patriotic moment, walmart shoppers spontaneously out the national anthem. listen. ♪♪ over the land of the free
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♪♪ and the home of the brave ♪♪ >> one shopper started the impromptu performance of the star-spangled banner before dozens of others joined in. you can see the texas store filled with men, women and children holding their hand over their hearts. >> never been anywhere where that has spontaneously happen. >> have you seen a more -- we were talking texas, the american flag in the background, star-spangled banner in walmart, doesn't get any better. the time is 9 minutes after the hour, from bail reform to defunding the nypd new york city's crime wave a perfect example of politicians thinking they know more than the police, state assemblyman says he warned his democratic colleagues this would happen and he joins us live next. clash of the titans. after months of trash talk two nfl greats team up with two of
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>> new york city's recent spike in violent crime triggering the benevolent association to second-guess changes to racial justice policing in the big apple. joining us to discuss, karen lawlor. obviously new york has a huge problem on its hands. what is the conversation like in albany right now? >> what are starting to happen is proponents of some of the so-called, justice reforms that have led to this crime wave, i don't think they are rethinking the policies or concerned about the victims who tends to be poor and minorities. what they are thinking about his political backlash, this is
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going to hurt them in 2022 in a way that it didn't in 2020. they will lose seats in the state legislature, congressional seat, they lose control of the house of representatives because of what is happening in new york another blue states. it is being rethought. for political reasons. >> reporter: new york city detective admitting to the mistake, quote, no one is being held in jail and there's a tremendous amount of guns on the street, they are not man enough to change them back the way they should be. they made a mistake. how big a statement as it to say they made a mistake when a lot of people have known this from the beginning and we are talking new york city specifically but this conversation reverberates all across the country. >> a lot of these policies like changes to bail reform when there is no bail except the most extreme crimes, on the floor of the legislature and assembly and
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the senate, we word our colleagues who are pushing for these things you are going to cause a crime wave. you are going to have victims many of whom are minorities, the very people you represent and claim you are trying to help and it gets back to the ronald reagan truism the most terrifying words needlessly which are i am from the government and i'm here to help. they thought they were helping people, turned out not to help them. they didn't heed the warnings, didn't concern themselves with the unintended consequences and now they are afraid to pivot because they are married to their ideology. their ideology is a religion, the left-wing ideology is a religion and not going to break the tenets of their religion and change policy. the victims aren't going to be the politicians who put these laws into place, they will be regular ordinary new yorkers and ordinary americans. >> the video here, the nypd released video for new york city break in amid this historic
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spike in crime, this is central park west, we will get to that video but it shows somebody brazenly breaking into a person's home and a lot of police, there is the video, one of the biggest issues is police officers are arresting somebody and they go to jail and get left out because of bail reform in rearrest the same person, you mentioned some lawmakers are being forced to rethink their policies, is bail reform one? >> absolutely. not only do you have a revolving door where someone is arrested and back on the street in an hour but police officers say anytime you interact with somebody our lives are in danger, 2, if there's an altercation someone could fill the altercation of us trying to
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lawfully subdue the perpetrator and take it out of context, have us prosecuted. we are going to be reactive instead of proactive because we don't want to get killed, we don't want to have our lives destroyed, we don't want to be accused of crimes and that leads to more crime. our biggest warning is it is going to embolden criminals, the video circulating of walking into someone's house and walking around and seeing if you can see what is in there is a great example of emboldened criminals because of policies that have shifted the venue in favor of the criminal against law enforcement and against ordinary people. jillian: this is the upper west side we talked about at length during covid, put in place where you have a lot of homeless
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people because of covid and what was going on in the city saying at hotels on the west side, that was a hotspot throughout covid. i am not saying that -- a lot of people on the upper west side, that neighborhood looked very nice but things have changed in new york city, nowhere is safe, that was before 1:15 in the morning. thank you for joining us. appreciate your time this morning. it is 18 after the hour. the land has been in his family for four generations and a south texas rancher says he doesn't have a single head of cattle because illegal border crossers are trashing his property. hear from him next.
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carley: and ohio neighborhood% into panic mode after a fireworks explosion blue up a until truck and left four people injured. watch. a group of teens reportedly through homemade explosive devices into a u-haul truck, the fire spread to other fireworks stacked on the curb on the fourth of july block party in toledo, those injured are expected to be okay. the initial cost of the blast is under investigation. a georgia state trooper getting into a tense confrontation with the driver doing donuts. watch this. the trooper shout at the street racer to stand down in the
1:23 am
atlanta parking lot, the cruiser pushed the suspect's truck or car rather into the bushes. he took off running. police were able to identify him. a warrant will be a issued for his arrest. not a good idea. jillian: texas border ranger -- rancher richard garrett says he has no head of cattle on his 8000 acre ranch saying this is one of the damages caused by the increasing amount of illegal immigration. good morning, thank you appreciate your time. >> this is richard, good morning. >> tell me why you do what you do. it has been in your family four generations was obviously you've got to love it. >> i'm proud to be fourth-generation on our property and it is my duty to preserve and protect the property. we've been in the cattle business for years and i intend
1:24 am
to continue to do so but under the present circumstances it has been rather difficult. >> tell me what has been happening. >> what has been happening a lot of it has to do with the change in administration. before this administration came on, we had a border that was secure, not completely but pretty much in place. now with the new policies of the new administration, it is really turned into the wild west. >> what is happening on your property? we showed pictures, people have been damaging your fences him a that allows a lot of your livestock to get out. is that in the biggest source of problems for you? >> it has been. it has been a real source of problem for us because the fence is being foreign down and cattle get scattered.
1:25 am
one of the biggest problems, fever tech which comes from mexico and cattle and horses that come across the river contaminate our property and some of these illegals carry the fever tech with them. once contaminated then i am quarantined and that is one of the big expenses coming along. i have to gather my cattle for 14 days, it is an economic problem for me more than anything else. jillian: what do you want the president to know? change right now i understand the governor of texas has new proposals that would include some fencing that perhaps might be in order, something that i would be supporting because as it is the border wall was
1:26 am
stopped and the governor proposed perhaps texas can show in the gap so to speak. that would be very helpful. the governor is proposing wherever we have damages on our property there might become an station for that. also the farmer, trespassing is a huge problem in texas. what the governor is proposing is a good thing to do. a good proposal and see what happens. jillian: we will be following that. i hope the ranch stays for a fourth-generation and beyond, keep us updated. carley: the time is 26 after the hour.
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american troops left afghanistan and the taliban and is taking over. is this the best for the us? the secretary of state robert charles joins us next. the so-called divisive for its, on capitol hill. king, “ what?” febreze fade defy plug works differently. it's the first plug-in with built-in technology... to digitally control how much scent is released... to smell 1st day fresh for 50 days. it even tells you when it's ready to be refilled. upgrade to febreze fade defy plug.
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>> tropical storm elsa's out of bands reach key west, florida bringing strong winds and heavy rain. janice dean here with the fox weather forecast, the latest track. >> janice: also was a category 2 hurricane, made its way across
1:31 am
cuba weakening a little bit but 60 mile-per-hour sustained wind and time to strengthen a little bit which we think it is will, we might have a hurricane, it will parallel the west coast of florida over the next 12, 18 hours. there it is, just emerged into the waters of the florida straits and possibility for strengthening, feeling gusts up to 70 miles an hour. tropical storm warnings in effect for all of the keys, key west to marathon towards the panhandle of florida and tropical storm watches as we expect tropical storm conditions to move well inland. tuesday and wednesday, landfall tomorrow morning and it will move to the southeast coast of the mid-atlantic and make it may be strengthen in the atlantic, we will deal with the storm for much of the week i think. flood advisory is in effect for south florida towards georgia and the forecast rainfall upwards of 4 to 6 inches, 8 to
1:32 am
10 on the west coast of florida. we will continue to monitor that wednesday and thursday, we will see the rainfall moving to the east coast. we will feel hurricane force windss on the west coast and have to keep watch on the intensity of the storm. we have a little bit of time for to strengthen again so people need to monitor the storm across the west coast of florida. keeping you up to date all morning. okay. as the storm causes headaches for rescue teams as they search through the rubble of the collapsed florida condo officials vowing not to give up the search and delivery victim is recovered as more bodies found, this has to be devastating for the families to know they are watching the storm and its effect. >> absolutely but search and
1:33 am
rescue with complete demolition of champ lane towers south, the remaining tower was included, four more bodies found in the massive pile of rubble bringing the death toll to 20, two of the victims discovered yesterday identified as 66-year-old and her husband who had just welcomed a new grandchild the day before the partial building collapsed. rescue crews working around the clock, the threat of tropical storm elsa diminishes, miami-dade officials able to access areas that until early monday were off-limits. this is 117 people still unaccounted for. >> the equipment is fully engaged for the entire cycle. the operation moving faster and
1:34 am
continuing 24 hours a day for the indefinite future. everybody has pulled out of that site. >> inspection report in north miami beach is expected to be turned in sometime today four days after structural and electrical issues forced the closure and evacuation of the condo building and a lawyer for the condo association says there is optimism the residents will return to the building while repairs are made. >> thank you. a manhunt intensifies for triple homicide suspect in georgia, pine tree country club after driving this pickup truck onto the green. two bodies were found in a truck bed including the vehicle's original owner, tried to confront the suspect but was shot in the head and killed was the pga said was heartbroken to
1:35 am
hear about the senseless murder. they for revealed the motive but believe he's armed and dangerous. the 11 suspects shutdown part of massachusetts interstate during a standoff are due in court. police arrested them in a boston suburb, suspects say they are part of a pro morocco group but had they are not antigovernment or anti-police. they face a slew of charges including unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition. jillian: recent analysis from the us intel community says afghanistan's government could collapse within 6 months after troops withdraw from the country. president biden is facing criticism from lawmakers who say he's more focused on hitting his september 11th deadline than he is with what is happening on the ground. >> when we fully withdraw the
1:36 am
devastation, the killings, the humanitarian crisis, fleeing across the border to pakistan president biden is going to own these ugly images. >> reporter: here to react, former secretary of state and formal naval intel officer robert charles. us troops have left bagram airfield, is military action in the country essentially over? you heard criticism of president biden but this is something donald trump started, part of his platform. the question is now that the wheels are in motion this is going to happen. what will the outcome be? will the us be less safe because of this? >> i think things would have been very different if donald trump had secured the peace accord he was on track to secure. this is a layered security failure. the first thing that will happen is you hold the tripwires of the
1:37 am
level of deterrence you had against that acts by the taliban, isis and al qaeda is gone. the second is they think they can secure the situation in the withdrawal with one carrier, the ronald reagan they pulled out of the western pacific, don't secure countries over an extended time. the third problem is pulling the carrier out of western pacific which means for the first time since 2003, the south china sea and western pacific, opening the door to china and i will add the biggest long-term problem beyond terrorists reestablishing a platform for a potential 9/11 again and pray we never have that again but that is what happens when the terrorists control afghanistan. the last big issue is you about china to move in which they are planning to do, they are working with the talent and to control $3 trillion worth of minerals including 17 rare earths that are in afghanistan.
1:38 am
a public relations disaster, physical security disaster and foreign-policy disaster. i would argue they didn't think this through. the notion of pulling out on or by 9/11 seems like iron he. 9/11 was a formidable life-changing event for the united states, the last thing we want to do is open the door to terrorists in china commensurate with anniversary. jillian: for folks who say we have to end endless wars, the counter is we are not there to win this war, we are there to maintain the status quo. now the troops are leaving, us troops and european troops, how long will it be until we see a significant change and what happens to america if the taliban does take over afghanistan's government? >> you are asking a poignant question both for the region and
1:39 am
the united states so let's get right to what you asked. ultimately if you reestablish a terrorist government or taliban government the on the influence of a strike with china, china has a border with afghanistan and they want to create a border between kabul and pakistan and assert influence. the impact isn't just china. the impact is you reestablished essentially a base for power projection by people the power projected for 9/11. the iron he is after world war ii and anywhere from the philippines to europe we established tripwires. it is easier to keep a finger and advice than it is to lose it after rebuilding it. this is tantamount to having won world war ii at great cost but pulling everybody else, the ultimate fact, this is a
1:40 am
misfire, a strategic misfire, they need to think hard about the messaging and reality on the ground because this ultimately, endless wars we don't want, tripwires are deterrence. jillian: you make an excellent point when it comes to china, what is going on in afghanistan as it relates to terrorist organizations, also china and other countries want to undermine us interests as well. we appreciate it. jillian: after months of trash talking four sports stars hit the links for good cause, phil mickelson and tom brady taking on aaron rogers immaturity match in montana. brady has been ruthless in his trolling including this tweet of bruce casca representing roger's realizing spending the whole day with bryson. he also shared this video of him sinking multiple parts in a row
1:41 am
warning his rivals get used to seeing it. they tea off at 5:00 pm. feel like he is the ultimate troll and it took him a while to get social media now that he has it. first it was hysteria but now a senior official in the san francisco da's office says crime concerns are raising. jillian: the us women's soccer team back in the headlines not for their win against mexico but for allegedly turning their backs on a world war ii veteran performing the national anthem. that is next. ♪♪
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>> >> fears the crime surged to racism.
1:45 am
a twitter user said they really consider leaving because of the crime surged. and they share the same ideology is the birth of a nation, she locked her twitter page from public view. and early twentieth century film linked to white supremacy. senator ted cruz hitting back at corey bush, and the texas republican tweeting in part hateful divisive lies, they believe them when they tell you this. progressive democrat sided with bush praising her claim. political analyst had to say this. >> the one thing you never hear
1:46 am
critics of this country site is some country which measures up to their standards. you never hear about a country that is doing a better job than we have a there's a reason for that. i can think of no nation on earth and perhaps no nation in history that has tried harder or done more to bring its minority population into the mainstream of the country with all its freedoms and advantages. jillian: anti-woke revolt at manhattan's parts than school, students were shown a video that marked white women. the school's principle called the incident a, quote, significant mistake. the new york post reports parents written a letter calling the apology a gross understatement saying the fact that the board has not addressed the incident gives the impression that racism is acceptable. the us soccer federation responding to claims that the us women's national team protested the national anthem by turning their backs on the world war ii veteran who was performing it. some players can be seen turning
1:47 am
around with pete dupree playing the star-spangled banner on his harmonica. the team denying the allegation. player carly boyd saying we turned because we face the flag. the women played on monday. it was the team's final match before the tokyo olympics. >> look how great he was sounding playing the harmonica. still had another massive ran somewhere attack blocks the us but president biden is checking his notes when asked who is responsible was when it comes to russia is the white house in over its head? jillian: ralph norman joins us to weigh in next. ♪♪
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hundreds of companies digitally paralyzed after a russia linked cybercrime gained carried out ran somewhere attack, president biden checking his notes before commenting on the situation. >> i got a brief and i will be in better shape to talk to you about it -- let's see. i tell you what they sent me, we are not sure who it is. >> janice: congressman ralph norman is a member of this committee on cyrus coming to -- this is a big deal, we're dealing with the single biggest global ran somewhere attack ever encompassing 17 companies, it is expected to be a russia linked hacking group and they are demanding $70 million to restore data they are holding at ransom. what is your assessment of the situation?
1:52 am
>> when you into president biden, he is confused and it is obvious if he has to look at his notes for something we have been put on notice about not just with this, look what happened with the meatpacking company this isn't something new and for him to not make this a priority is astounding. on the oversight committee where the meetings should be going on right now, this is a top priority, shows his naivety and doesn't understand it or whoever his handlers, informing him what is going on. >> don't know about you or anyone at home watching but replaying through your mind when you hear this, the conversation we heard about between president
1:53 am
biden, what is off-limits to cyberattacks. how do you go back from that now. >> somebody in charge in so many cases with this administration somebody that knows what they are doing, has ramifications on punishment, not just say the assets to do things. it is nice to accommodate. with the colonial pipeline, the amazing -- congress, the house and senate is not connecting. it is amazing we had a focus. to see how it plays out in the
1:54 am
olympics with everything else going on, the dollars being paid out is money that is not circulating back into our economy and they are not going to stop with just asking. that the most damaging part. we've got to be right 100% of the time. the criminals doing things they are doing have to be right one time in cybersecurity. >> janice: carley: we mentioned the other pics, cyber security experts are worried the other pics could be the next target. if that happens what does it mean for the safety of our athletes? >> they are vulnerable like every one of us. russia is mad because they are banned until 2022 because of dopeding of their athletes but we know, dating back to 2018, it shows you america is under
1:55 am
attack and for this administration not to take it like everything else, the money is about to be used to cure this and stop it, if not it will keep on, it will have a devastating impact on this country. jillian: thank you for joining us. have a good day. we have a big show coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first". >> joe consa, join us all. ♪♪
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>> tropical storm elsa set to the florida keys better in cuba on its way to the us. the track is putting millions of
2:00 am
americans right in the path. we are live on the ground. carley: will heightening concerns about the delta very and hinder progress? we will tell you what the experts are saying. ♪♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪♪ jillian: doesn't get more patriotic send this. spontaneous rendition of the star-spangled banner breaking out in walmart. "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: if you're just waking up good news and bad news. bad news is the holiday weeken


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