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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 5, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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relationships with our service members. built on trust and mutual respect. josh is very much a part of our family. wife been proud to get to know his wife and his children. watch them grow. >> trace: thanks to have you on. thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: that is "the story" of monday, july 5. 2021. "the story" continues. i'll see you back here tomorrow. "your world" is right now. >> celebrating the red, white and blue and keeping an eye on your green. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is a special independence day edition of "your world." what a world it has been this year. americans are ready for a summer of freedom. but prices are going up. for now shoppers and travelers are dealing with the sticker shock and other bumps in the roads. but will americans hit a
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breaking point? we have you covered with anita vogel. >> hi, charles. we're near the finish line of the long july fourth holiday weekend. experts were predicting business as usual. almost. 3.5 million people were expected to travel by plane over the weekend. the most since the pandemic started, a lot of folks are flying home right now in the air as we speak. many experienced long lines across the country. airports were packed. the whole system, airports, rental car agencies and the like are rusty after a year off of the kind of crushing travel that we're used to. so what does this mean for the rest of the summer? first of all, there will be a shortage of workers everywhere you go. at the airport, the tsa is so short of employees that they're asking for volunteers and looking to hire 6,000 new workers. they're offering $1,000 bonuses.
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it's not a bad deal if you're looking for a new job. the tsa is predicting staffing shortages at 130 airports across the country and rental car agencies are having trouble rounding up enough cardinals. that could impact your air sport experience. airline travel is back. airports are very busy over the summer. so travelers plan ahead. think ahead and please don't forget your mask. you can't go through security without it and you certainly can't get on a plane without it at least not yet. charles, back to you. >> thanks, anita. demand picks up and travelers are being met with long lines and growing delays. what is causing this? mark murphy joins us now. mark a lot of frustration as people travel and looks like the airlines for some were caught
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flat-footed. >> yeah, it's interesting that they got caught flat-footed given that we've seen the demand ramping up and the restrictions are being dropped. i don't think that they expected so many people to come back so quickly. you also have the issue and you talked about this repeatedly, when you're paying people to not work, businesses can't get the people back that they furloughed. that's leading to worker shortages. we've had a multiyear pilot shortage and compounding and results in cancellations. that's what frustrating. now we're at the tail end, things will level out between now and the rest of the summer until we get to the end. at the end, labor day, it will get jammed up again. now a little bit of a break when it comes to those long tsa lines, the jammed seats on the aircraft. >> yeah, again, people frustrated additionally because
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they got bailed out to keep their people on staff so you wouldn't have to rehire them or look for them when the time was right. how you feeling about the rebound? the numbers are impressive so far. >> so travel is bouncing back huge. in particular, domestic travel. we're seeing record numbers of travelers departing in their cars this, which i think surprised a lot of folks. should be a record july fourth travel by car. i think people are wanting to discover the united states of america because there's so many places you can go. i traveled to 80 countries. last year during covid, i ended up getting in an rv and traveling around the country and spent eight months in it and there's plenty of places yet to see. the challenge is higher prices. if you are going camping, it's hard to find spots. you have to plan in advance. if you're thinking about getting
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away, get on it. >> so i'm sure you've been to more states than i have. i've been to 42. that's one of my goals. i'm envious -- i did rent an rv once. i had it for ten years. you have to keep it longer. where are people going? my friends have taken these trips, to your point and trying to get in before the ticket prices go up. at this point it's hard to evade all of the price spikes, whether it's renting a car, filling up a tank, buying an airline ticket. so we're the best bargains. where should we go now that we have to chance to see america? >> so one of the things you can do -- i say recommend use a travel agent. if you want to see america, a lot of people try to do it themselves. again, because of the price points and car rentals are through the roof, even if you find them, it's a challenge. if you have a professional, they have different write as to get you to your destination. the other key is flexibility.
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i like going on to google flights. i look looking at city pairs and putting in a date range. will show you city to city what a fare is and you can go out wider. you can pick places because there's so many places you haven't been. let's say you haven't been to austin, chicago, phoenix, you can look at those areas and say that's a great deal. if the air fare is down, you can probably bet that the hotels and resorts are down a bit. it's always better to go a little off-season versus everyone traveling at the same time. if you have kids, it's a challenge. shoulder season, september, october, november, fantastic time to travel and get great bargains. >> mark murphy, thanks. love your insight. always learn something. so from the skies to the shopping in those july fourth barbecues costing you serious green. doesn't lydia know it? she's joining us from a farm in
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new jersey with the latest. lydia? >> charles, we're at the ort family farms. it's been in business more than 100 years. they feel the pinch of rising costs. they have to pass them hahn to consumers now. a box of green beans was $3.50 last year. it's $3.95 now. >> unfortunately it's something that we have to reflect in our price structure. some of the prices are definitely being nudged up a little bit to make up for the changes. >> should try to absorb some of that but it's harder and harder over the course of time. >> not the string breens. it's everything produced on the farm increasing from price from tomatoes and lettuce. the main drivers of the cost, fuel. it's up 40% for the farm over last year. also baylor. it's hard to hire right now amid a labor shortage. the prices of produce are going up across the country.
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seeing increases of 2% and some up to 20% for strawberries, oranges and bananas. according to recent consumer confidence, people are as confident in spending as they were before the start of the pandemic. that's good news for the farmers here. but their cost is escalated so quickly, it's hard to keep up with. back to you, charles. >> thanks, lydia. and this sue leonard from leonard grocery stores. great to see you. you're always in front of this great supermarket with the fresh produce. the only problem right now and you know it better than anybody else, people are floored by the prices of everything, particularly fruits and vegetables. >> well, some things have gone up, charles. the question we all have is that supply and demand or is it
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inflationary? we're seeing like i've been in the business 50 years, our family back here at stu leonards. i haven't seen the confluence of events like this where you're short on supply and seeing inflationary things like the reporter mentioned earlier about fuel and the things that are affecting our local farmers around the new york area here. >> so one thing though that we don't know is that -- lydia also mentioned how consumers are confident. there's a certain amount of there. feels like people say hey, we're free, we understand what we missed and we're willing to pay it right now. are you getting that at your stores? >> you know what? don't forget we created millions of new chefs in america during the pandemic. everybody was cooking at home.
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we're noticing right now people are asking for better quality food. they want the center cut stakes, the ribeyes, the strip steak, the porter house and especially fish. people are requesting different kinds of fish. we have not seen these huge price increases except in the meat area. a lot of our cattle ranchers and says it takes us 18 months to raise beef cattle. they weren't prepared for this explosion of people wanting to have parties, traveling, events at their house. so a lot of this is driving up the prices. we have tips for you on what you can do. we're telling our customers, every store, charles, has specials going on this week. we have plenty of them here.
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buy on special. okay? we're usually not making money on it. it's a loss leader. buy those items now. we've all learned during the pandemic you can freeze things. so freeze the things on sale. you should not notice a price increase in your food bill if you can do that. >> right. right. you know, stew, you said everybody is a chef now. i made my first cake with my granddaughter and my first corn dogs. the ugliest thing in the world. tasted good though. i get it. some of the other changes and i sticking, this online shopping, curbside pickup. are they sticking around right now? >> obviously we had a huge peak last year, about 25% of our business was delivery and curbside. that has come down now about 35%.
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you've seen a lot of it evaporate. people feel comfortable coming in and shopping at food stores again. the big question in the industry and i talked to a lot of major retailers across the country, what is the stickiness of the home delivery business and what is the stickiness of curbside pickup. that's the big question. we're seeing like the delivery levelling off right now. >> right. >> curb side pickup has dropped off more than delivery. >> stew, congratulations. you run a fantastic shop. guy to the store. you have the best staff out there. have a great fourth, my friend. >> you got to check with me, charles, next time you come. i got something waiting for you here. i got one of these waiting for you. >> you got it. okay. for sure. prices on main street may be shooting higher but so far that is not stopping stocks on wall street from doing the same thing.
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>> charles: dow, wow. stocks rocking in the first half of the year with investors shaking off price hikes at the
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store. are we many store for more green? let's get for from scott, eddie and emma. scott, what does the second half look like? >> it's going to be bumpy, charles. it's great how we finished the first half of the year. a lot of anticipation a lot of sentiment increase. frankly, deliverance on the part of the economy. but now the expectations are high. we're expecting a big economic reopening. we're expecting a lot of folks to go back to work. oh, by the way, be productive and earnings to deliver from the s&p 500 companies. so for my money, it's more of they say watch and be more careful than we were in the first half of the year because of all the expectations out there, of which one or two are likely to fall flat in my opinion. >> charles: melissa, what is interesting, i don't know that we have -- well, once we've have five quarters in a row of 5% plus of gains in the market. happened one other time in 1954. the rest of the next year was up
1:18 pm
25%. can lightning strike again? >> i'll see this, the sumler be bullish. we'll continue to be on a tear. just ride it out is what i say. i think the second half of the year in the fall is harder to predict what will happen. and the delta variant that they're talking about with covid or any kind of shut down. >> charles: no doubt there a lot of things that normally investors don't have to worry about. it's dodging the events, things on the horizon, the federal reserve. it's hard to navigate it. what do you think will happen? >> so look, it's been a heck of a six months. the reason why my twitter handle is common sense bull, is when you have had a huge run-up, it never hurts to take it off the table.
1:19 pm
july we'll see a bullish trend upwards. that's our catch-up train. a lot of people missed the move. jackson hole in august has our attention. that's when you'll see the markets sell off. we could see a pretty good size dip, 10 to 15% because i find it hard to believe that by august the fed is going to continue to ignore the inflationary pressure that is going to hit. it's higher than they're anticipa anticipating. they have to change. that will be the start of the short term correction that we will see and then hopefully we'll get the santa claus rally. 12 months out, we like it. that's our playbook here in the next six months. >> charles: scott, you mentioned earnings. they'll be phenomenal. like the last quarter is one of the best ever. i think the next one is going to be better. i hear what everybody is saying about the fed. they keep fooling everyone.
1:20 pm
jay powell will ignore the data. what happens if we keep the momentum going? you want to guess at where the top will be? >> jay powell has to ignore the data. that fits his narrative. he has to ignore the inflationary data. as far as the earnings, i'm expecting great earnings as well but so are market participants. so is the market action. unless they blow the doors off, the market might be ho hum. >> charles: let me switch gears here. more states over the weeking dropping the extended unemployment benefits before they run out in september. melissa, you think it's working? you see evidence that people are going back to the labor force? >> as far as new york city where i live it's not happening yet. i mean, it's a big problem in a city like new york where you have regular people that you need to do the job, the delivery people, people in retail stores,
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people are not back to work. it's difficult to get a cab. cab drivers are not even working. 15% of the yellow cabs in new york city. we have to get people back to work. people are not working, it takes longer to get goods, products and services. if you're ordering furniture, anything you want or even if you call on the phone and pay a bill, you're on hold forever. why? people are not working. they're not handling. the service is not there. productivity is low. people have to get back to work. >> charles: it's the greatest jobs market ever and being met with the greatest general strike ever. are people going back to work? >> i think they are. the jobs data last week, we started to see an up tick in the states that changed their stance on the extra unemployment benefits. as they roll off, you'll see an uptick. look, the labor cost is a big issue, which is another big inflationary thing that the fed
1:22 pm
is missing. my 14-year-old just got his first job. he's getting paid $15 an hour to scoop ice cream. it's insane what the labor market is going to look like moving forward. it's going to be a slow recovery, but i think you're starting to see the trend happen already in a short period of time. >> charles: $15 a day would have been phenomenal when i was 14. eddie, melissa, scott, thank you all very much. so with a calendar crunch facing the senate to save americans for more price hikes in the store. we'll explain. later, what would it take for you to break free from social media? you won't believe what some folks said they would rather give up instead. here's a hint. it's not great news for fido. you already pay for car insurance, why not take your home along for the ride?
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fresh rubble for victims of a south florida condo building. crews brought down the last of the structure. three more victims were discovered in the new pile. that raises death toll to several people. tropical storm elsa is battering cuba. the storm killed three as it churns through the caribbean islands. it's expected to hit florida where a state of emergency has been declared in several counties. congresswoman cori bush is taking severe backlash for saying african americans are not free and american is stolen land. now back to "your world." hope you had a great independence day weekend. >> charles: president biden making the case for the bipartisan infrastructure plan this summer. trying to get it passed by fall. will progressives from his own party get in the way? some saying the $1.2 trillion
1:28 pm
package doesn't go far enough and won't pass without additional spending. republican strategists here with me. crystal, so democrats are the biggest road block for the biden agenda? >> well, potentially. here's the thing. you know, president biden will need every single democratic senator to, you know, vote his way. that includes kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. we know they have been flip-flops in the past. so this is a game of margins. the president knows the senate well. he spent most of his career in the senate. he has to figure out the next six months how many senators he can get on his side and how many house members as well that will take ahold hoff this agenda and vote it so that the american people can get back to work and get back to business based upon the infrastructure plan that
1:29 pm
he's proposing. >> charles: lauren, a lot of attention has been placed on the senate and senator manchin and sinema. in the house, there's not a lot of room. that's where the progresses are giving president biden a serious -- a lot of heart ache. >> yeah, absolutely. razor thin margins in the house and the senate. one of the main problems with the infrastructure package is not the moderate dems that have agreed to support the bipartisan frame work that biden is on the road touting right now. we're seeing major resistance to voting nor that bill without what bernie sanders has called a $6 trillion social services bill that would accompany that. that's where the progressives are getting stuck. they say they won't vote for the bill regardless of the good it will do without this additional companion bill. that is where biden will have a hard time. the progressives are dug in saying that without one we won't do it without the other.
1:30 pm
>> charles: right. not only are the progressives dug in, but they have nancy pelosi on their side. president biden did the flip-flop. the sort of bait and switch initially. had a great press conference to announce the bipartisan plan and immediately said hey, we're going to hold it hostage until we ram this other thing through. he walked it back but nancy pelosi hasn't. she's providing this cover for the progressives in the party. i think they're going to keep the pressure going. >> yeah. so manchin and sinema should call their bluff and say we're not going to support a reconciliation budget inless we get firm commitment that you're not going to force something that could lose in the house and is the senate because of the razor thin margins. pelosi and biden are getting in their own way. it's difficult to understand what biden thinks about the budget he just supposedly negotiated since yeah, he threatened to veto it a few
1:31 pm
hours later. so if they want a bipartisan infrastructure deal, they need to commit to that instead of tying it to an even larger democrat-only bill. >> charles: so crystal, where she this going? the clock is ticking. mid terns are around the corner. maybe it could be a blessing if they don't get it through. we know the $1.9 trillion covid package added a lot to the inflation worries. we have a fox news poll saying that is the number 1 issue for voters out there. so maybe throwing another 3 to $6 trillion, be careful what you wish for. >> well, the president has to pass something before the mid-terms. voters will be going to the ballot box thinking about what did the biden administration get done in his first year in office. so as long as he can get something done through compromise, working with both sides of both parties, that's a
1:32 pm
win for him and the democrats in 2022. >> lauren, you know, i'm not sure what they're going to get through. we'll see. before you go, the republicans really have done i think a pretty good job in elevating particularly inflation. this is one of those issues that people sit around the kitchen table and say wow, the price of milk, the price of school, the price of gasoline. those things keep roaring higher and higher. so i don't think they're going to be eager to give him those wins that crystal just talked about. >> yeah, i think we're on a path in which we're going to have a really strong economic recovery in 2021 and a hangover in 2022 because of the inflation and the housing market busting because interest rates going back up as the fed has indicated that they may do. that will not bode well. the economy is something that voters always go back and end up
1:33 pm
voting on. it's highly motivating. biden has -- if he compromises too much, there is an enthusiasm factor. his polling is down in the democratic party with the progressives, with the progressive block. so there's a lot of peril for the democrats in the mid-term. i think we'll have to see how the year turns out. >> charles: yeah. nobody said it would be easy. ladies, thank you very much. as we celebrate our independence, what would you -- what would it take for you to break free from social media? see the shocking list of things people say they would rather give up instead. how about getting life back to normal? are we looking forward to being in this?
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>> charles: what would it take for you to drop social media? a new survey showing 40% of people would rather give up their cars, televisions or their pets. extreme or understandable?
1:38 pm
let's ask internet radio host mike gunzelman and brook rogers. all right, gunz, facebook over fido? >> i'm 100% of these people. i love on social media. i'm on facebook, instagram, youtube, tik tok and twitch now. i'm all about social media. i'm the type of person that if there's a sporting event on tv, i'm live tweeting it and arguing with the other team's fan. if i'm at a concert, i'm posting photos. if there's a new story, i'm arguing with people. i'm totally on board with this. you would have to so me a lot of money in order for gunz to get off of social media. >> charles: brooke? >> i'm the exact opposite. i disagree with everything he just said. i use social media for work.
1:39 pm
obviously in the industry, you want to keep up to date on things. if i could just log off forever, i would pay someone to do that for you. to delete everything and get all my social media off my phone and my computer and be free of it, it would. it's a toxic presence for our life and a net negative. i don't think we need it. >> charles: i have fun with it but i'm not sure i would give up fido. it's close. want a good night's sleep in try the great outdoors. a new report showing people are opting to sleep outside during the pandemic partially for health benefits. mike, would you do this? >> charles, we call this camping. i'm not going camp. i would by the way at the marriott or four seasons. i'm not one to go camping. so no, i don't need to do that. give me real air conditioning. i don't need to be using leaves as toilet paper. you know what i mean?
1:40 pm
i'm beyond that in my life. so i don't need that. >> charles: yeah. especially in the fall. gets rough then. i did camp once, brook. i was in the boy scouts. we did that. my wife has talked about doing it in the back yard for ten years. still hasn't done it. what about you? >> i think your wife should do it. i'm from wyoming. camping is a huge part of the culture there. being out in nature. i would camp in the back yard when i was growing up. it's good to get outside in the fresh and and sleep under the stars a few times. i think this is one of those situations that regular people already doing and being repackaged as a trend. yeah, lots of people would do this. this is not a new thing. something that we've been doing for centuries. it's good. get out of the house a little bit. >> charles: i hear where you're coming from. if i had the grant tetons in my
1:41 pm
back yard, i'd do it, too. >> yeah, i don't need that in my life. >> charles: how about this one? getting excited about getting back to normal. another segue out there. this finds that two and three americans are looking forward to every day routines including commuting to work. brooke, that's the one thing i don't look forward to. how long do you think this will last? >> those people must not live in new york city. i take the subway to work. half the time it's late or there's some catastrophe on it. you never predict what's going on. i think that the commute will be the first thing that i get tired of once we get back to normal. if you live in a rural air and turn your radio on and driving, maybe. but i don't look forward to sitting on the train an hour every day. it's crazy. absolutely not. >> charles: i question a lot of
1:42 pm
surveys. this one i survey. i don't think it's that high. we kind of want to go to the office. a lot of people aren't going. but commuting? come on. >> yeah, we want to go until we actually are forced to go. then we're going to rethink it all. you're right. the biggest thing we're seeing right now is more companies and corporations returning back to work around september. it's going to be happening all across the country. the hybrid schedule. within run people want a starter hybrid schedule is because they're worried about the commute, whether it's 45 minutes to 90 minutes that time can be better spent doing something somewhere else. or just being home and productive. you're lying if you say you enjoy your commute. nobody enjoys their commute. i think we want to get back to a routine like we had before the pandemic.. the commuting part? that's not part of it.
1:43 pm
no way. >> charles: yeah. i do get in quality music time. brooke, mike,nks very much. what if i told you that using a credit card could help you with a down payment on the american dream? you're going to meet the ceo of a company making that happen and trying to give millennials a bonus from one of their biggest expenses. stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off! easy, no? no. no. no. no. but with freestyle libre 14 day, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need.
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>> charles: so you know now how you can get credit card points for shopping. how about getting points for paying your rent? a new start-up company offering a credit card that is offering a rewards program for paying rent. and the points you accumulate can be used for a down payment. we have the caros founder and ceo. thanks for joining us. tell us how this works. >> hey, charles. i was listening to you earlier about the rising prices of travel. i have good news for everybody, which is up till now, you can earn points every time you use your credit card on groceries, booking flights, even earn miles when you're getting on a plane. the single largest expense for americans has earned you nothing. so the last few years, we've been building out and we just
1:48 pm
launched the first ever rewards card program that let's you earn points on rent for free. now by paying rent for tens of millions of american as cross the country, you can earn free miles and free points so coming into this summer you can finally book flights for free. then we took it a step further. we said could we use these points that you earn from rent not just for free flights, charles, but to give people a path to homeownership. so you can also use these points to redeem to the down payment on a home for every young american. >> charles: all right. so the next question that everyone has asked you so i won't be the first is what is the catch? how do you pull this off and what is the catch? >> i think you have -- the straight answer, there's no catch. there's been loyalty programs in airlines. you have american advantage. you have hotels, marriott
1:49 pm
bonvoy. took us bringing together the largest real estate owners like black stone, avalon, starwood, all the groups you rent at to create the first loyalty alliance and make this possible. and then mastercard came on board as well. so there's no catch. rent has been the single largest expense for americans for so long and neglected because everybody has been so focused on airlines and hotels. the first time renting actually can earn you points and get you that free trip for a path to homeownership. it's really exciting especially coming from covid. i know everyone wants to get back on the road and build their credit. knowing your single largest expense can do that for you for free will be an exciting moment as you head into the summer. >> charles: it's a brilliant
1:50 pm
idea. no doubt ant it. glad you mentioned the wall street firms. there's been some anxiety about all of the apartments that they've been buying, this is a way of maybe giving back. i want to real quick -- you're like a silicon valley wonder con. you've done well. you've been on the 30 for 30 list. you're taking on rent, taking on healthcare, housing, transportation, child care and seniors. you know, with all of these sort of innovative ideas, that is a big tall order. so i guess you apply this same imaginative innovative way of trying to help all of those areas? >> yeah, charles. i have to tell you being in silicon valley the last decade was exciting but so frustrating. you have some of the smartest people in the world a and billions of dollars and people are putting that toward stuff like crypto kiddies.
1:51 pm
people need help. markets is where we should innovate. we put $120 million towards building solutions to housing, healthcare, students loans. this builds rewards. the thing i'm most excited about because we can take rent and boost your credit score for free. give people a way to travel the world for free. most importantly, a path to homeownership. i mean, that is going to be the thing that helps our generation get out of this inequality loop. if only a small handful of people have homeownership, we'll see bad inequality. if we can give every young person a way to own a home one day, that will change. if you're a higher end renter and you want points to travel -- >> charles: i have to say, ankur, i'm -- we're very impressed. really amazing.
1:52 pm
rooting for you. you have to come back and give us an update on this. it's an amazing idea. glad you put it in portion. folks, as we celebrate america, let's also take the time to salute our troops who give up their lives to protect our freedom. we have lieutenant general jerry boykin joining me next.
1:53 pm
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>> charles: it could be hard to keep up with all of the ever-changing news and events we have seen in the world. but as we are also putting america, we want to reflect and salute those who continuing to fight for every dump. with me as we honor the troops, lieutenant general jerry boykin. general thank you so much for joining us. >> glad to be with you. >> charles: this is one of those years where we are so thankful. we are coming out of covid. i think it is easier than normal to forget about those who are still out there. putting their lives on that line every single day to keep us a free. what are your thoughts about that? >> yeah, indeed it is. and i think that what americans need to realize is that what we celebrate there are still brave men and women in different parts of the world. and we need to remember them.
1:57 pm
we need to think about them. par and hold them up in prayer. >> charles: there are of course, attempts to went down certain engagements in the middle east. and of course, we have heard that before. we have bogged down, particularly in afghanistan for so long. some of the things we did initially, sending the troops care packages, those because of things, should we be trying to find a way to reinvigorate those things and not just sort of say, okay, we are almost done there and forget about it? >> charles, our nation is divided today. we all know that. we are divided along many fault lines right now. but the one thing that should be common ground, we should be able to unite around our sons and daughters that are serving this country, whether they are deployed overseas, into a battle zone, or whether they are right
1:58 pm
here in the, middle united states, we should be able to rally around the fact that these people have taken an oath to our constitution. we are a constitutional republic. they have taken an oath to support and defend that constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. in my 36 years in the army, i kind of see the special people because i have spent a lot of time around. >> charles: i grew up in army bases as a child and i was the -- in the air force myself. one of the big things inertia all date was just the lack of people going back to work. pop up for whatever reason. it is a big crisis. how is the man and woman power in the military today? are enough american stepping up right now? >> well, i think that we are on
1:59 pm
the precipice of seeing a retention and a recruiting problem within our military, and i think it reflects the division within our country. it reflects a declining pride in being an american among today's generations. and i must tell you, charles, as far as i'm concerned, my generation slept through about that the last four decades as our education system has really robbed our youth of the privilege of being proud to be americans. and that really bothers me a great deal, and it is something from my perspective that we have to restore that pride in being an american. and part of the way we do that is by reflecting on the sacrifices that young men and women have made throughout the now 245 years, in fact,
2:00 pm
historically, tomorrow is the key date because that is when the vote was taken in philadelphia by those 56 men to that separate from the crown of england. we need to reflect. >> charles: general, i hope we do. i really do. it is men like you that we are able to celebrate. thank you for your service. happy independence day, and thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everyone, i am jesse watters. it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ welcome to our july 4th fan mail special. we know you are enjoying the long holiday weekend, celebrating america puppets independence with your friends and family. we are entering your social media questions


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