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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 5, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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happy that he didn't have anybody laid it on fire before he took that video. i'm glad that he respects a flag. look, can i be worth $128 billion and overboard or weak board or whatever with the american flag flying behind me? that's incredible. >> julie: and i will have take me home country road stuck in our head for the rest the day. thank you everyone, no here is "america reports." >> hello, i'm elyse and for sandra smith and i am benjamin in for john roberts. the keystone pipeline to a covert scare impacting the royals. there is a world to get to at "america reports." first, they hacked the gas line and now companies worldwide embracing for the next digital shoe to drop >> critical race
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theory may have a big impact on what is talk to your kids. >> alicia: a truck and a sand trap gets a golfer's attention before it gets him shot. even more disturbing? what cops found that truck carrying. >> and a senate seat as a pro-trump republican different from trump unfit to lead. "the new york times" got punched and the papers take on the red, white, and blue. that's all i had to. >> alicia: we begin with families in surfside florida where the chances of finding loved ones alive is growing dimmer enter there. speed to the mayor says that families know that there is a slimmer chance after the demolition of the remaining tower.
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rescue crews were back to searching after the demolition last night. at least 27 people have died and 180 more are unaccounted for. surfside mayor does that rescue teams have been able to move much faster. >> alicia: search and rescue efforts will continue 24 hours a day until april every person out of the rubble. this all comes as florida is bracing for tropical storm elsa. bill is on the ground at surfside florida for more. >> hello. the tough priority here at surfside florida is of course the search and rescue operation looking for the dead and potentially survivors. it is back underway and full speed. search and rescue crews were on the big pile of rubble behind me within two hours of the demolition.
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at 10:30 last night on independence day after the area had been cleared out after people pushed back, what was left of the shambling tower south came crashing down to the ground. joining the other half of the building which unexpectedly pancake to the ground 11 days ago while most people inside were sleeping. officials noticed the remaining section of the building shifting so to ensure it did not fall down and onto rescuers below, and with the threat of oncoming tropical storm elsa which, at the time was a hurricane, the city decided to demolish the other half. the search and rescue operation halted for the second time on sunday just so that the demolition crew could plant their explosives and prepare for the design to implosion. in the past 11 days, 27 bodies have now been recovered and 118 residents remain missing.
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>> to collapse an entire apartment building is a devastating decision in the demolition was in no way a decision that i made lightly. bringing the building down in a controlled manner was critical to expanding our scope of search. >> last night, neighboring cities in miami-dade county honored and pay tribute to the surfside disaster. residents ordered to shine a light for victims of first responders. many people do just that. it does this fourth of july weekend, while the city of miami beach canceled its wildly popular fourth of july celebration, fireworks and the ocean and off the beach, south beach, all because of a tribute to the fallen here insert side. back to you. >> alicia: we do continue to think of all of those families
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in florida and beyond. >> benjamin: the search of my content into our southern border in full swing over the fourth of july holiday weekend. agents are resting over 100 people as they tried to enter the u.s. this comes as former border patrol chief warned that it is the cartels that are benefiting from this search. speak out this urge has begun. it started in february and it is still with us. you are always going to have this problem with human trafficking and the cartels of benefiting from this. we have people come up to the border and people are smuggled in by the pipeline. there controlled by smugglers and cartel and they are the ones who are getting over because of this surge of the border. >> benjamin: live at the border at improvements? >> no, we are not. it is the same story that plays out every day here like clockwork. migrants are coming every single day and i can tell you that it
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certainly has not slowed down just because it's a holiday weekend. they are still coming and border patrol does not get a break. take a look at this video we shot here yesterday. the same pot where you're standing right now. this is 80 migrants who cross illegally into the united states and give themselves up to border patrol. this of those family units that are coming across and willing to give themselves up. border agents of a telling us since we got here late last week, they are starting to see a lot of these migrants testing positive for covid-19. many of which are coming from nicaragua. it is not all family units coming across, it has criminals as well. take a look at this mug shot right here. tucson border patrol officers pick this man up as well. he is a conviction for second-degree murder out of the state of north carolina. they were able to capture him near casa grande, arizona, after the cross illegally. these are out of hud state county texas. late last week, they arrested
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illegal immigrants after he had just broken into ranchers home. they stole two loaded firearms from that home as well as ammo, close, and food. border patrol was able to apprehend all three of those guys. as you can see in the photos, they still let the guns in their possession when they were taken into custody. the sheriff said that this border crisis is the worst that he is ever seen it. take a listen. >> i have never seen it like this. when my deputies are catching five, ten, 12 loads of smuggling cages in a week, we have texas state troopers here that are doing the same thing. we catch one and we missed three. we have it on video, body cam and we know we have trucks that are loaded but we can't stop them because we have tied up officers. we break-ins that are more than i've ever seen before.
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>> speaking of human smuggling as a share for stress stock to talking about a short time ago, a short trooper talk to us about a car chase. as you take a look at our drone out here, we are coming to hot months of texas. it's going to be increasingly dangerous for these migrants to take the trip. the big question is going to become a will this border surge finally start to slow down in this hot weather or is it going to be full steam ahead? that question remains to be answered. however, i can tell you based off of we have seen here as things and started to crank up in the heat, it has not slowed down from what we have seen. we will it back to you. >> benjamin: the temperatures are writing stomach rising and so are the numbers. down on the border for us, thank you very much. >> alicia: "the new york times" best-selling author is officially running for senate in ohio as a republican in a
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crowded 2022 race. the netflix movie based on it both became big hits. often cited to explain the mood of america's working class and many use it to explain and part former president trump appeal to voters who switched parties in 2016. the winner of next year's primaries will most likely face moderate democratic moderate tim ryan who declared his candidacy for the senate in april. thank you so much for being here and we appreciate it. before we get your campaign, i would like to hit on something talking about if we could go straight to policy. we know that republicans and some democratsnistration and itg of the crisis at the border. beyond criticism, what do you think that congress can do when it comes to the southern border? >> one of the things that congress can do is use the leverage and say, "if the biden
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administration does not get its act together, we are going to withhold funds from critical programs." the houses on fire. you are a ton of drugs and a ton of fire. it's time to stand up to the biden folks and make them do their job. they need to protect the american people and stop those crossing the border right now. >> alicia: your memoir and the movie that followed that made you a household name, many folks know if you are. you had and it's very crowded race with no name. you a lot of money behind you like the cofounder of paypal put $10 million behind a super pac to support you. how else do you think you will be able to stand out in this crowd when it comes to answering questions in debates? >> i'm karch folks to support my campaign. i am one of the most interesting
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candidates who is speaking about real issues. people do not want rnc slogans or talking points. they want recognition that the leadership in our country is fundamentally filled our country. it is felt security southern border and keep a save against the chinese. american children are taught critical race theory and every time come if you are a normal middle-class american, you complain about these problems you are called a racist, xena phone, and an idiot. i'm looking for somebody that stands up for what they believe in and their country. america is not going in the right direction we are not going to get on the right path with the same failed leadership. >> alicia: you met with former president trump earlier this year. it is a coveted endorsement in these primaries for sure. the reports out there that say that you have these deleted tweets that come from 2016
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review heavily criticized the president and that you were voting for something else. one, can you confirm for us that those were in fact your tweets and you did in fact delete them and if so, what is change? >> like a lot of people i criticized him and i ask post knox to judge me what i said because i regret them and i think i was wrong. he made good decisions and did a lot for the people. he took a lot of flak and i have taken a lot of flak myself for standing up to the presidents voters but also standing up to the agenda. i think that is the most important things. now you said five years ago, but if you're willing to stand up and take the heat and take the hits for actually defending the interests of the american people because that is what this business of politics should be about. >> alicia: are you concerned that this is going to be a gift to some of your primary challengers? >> i'm sure they're going to use that against me and i think that
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they have baggage of their own when it comes to president trump and other issues. my advantage in this race is that we are talking -- i am talking about real issues. that is the most important thing. when people get a sense of who i am, what i care about, and where i come from and where they see the country and its opportunities, i don't worry about what i said about president trump or anything five years ago and i don't think that's going to be the defining issue of the campaign. it's going to be how do we stop the elites from plundering the greatest country in the world and how do we get our ruling class to start reinvesting and rebuilding this country? >> alicia: that you so much for coming on today. we appreciate you talking to us. >> thank you so much and i can, go to jade >> benjamin: american was open for the fourth of july as life gets a bit back to normal but the covid dental strain has officials concerned about health as the country rebalance.
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and we're back baby. do more of what you love when you upgrade to xfinity xfi. baby ninjas? i love it. >> alicia: america was open for july 4th with parades, barbecues, and fireworks. that is even though the u.s. chart of president biden's goal of having 75% of adults
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vaccinated by the holidays. about 67% and that's people who have received at least one dose, not both. >> and afternoon. the white house missed its vaccine goal of president biden's says that there's plenty of reasons to celebrate this holiday weekend. >> president biden: thinks are heroic vaccine effort, we have gained the upper hand against this virus. we can live our lives and our kids can go back to school. our economy is roaring back. the latest numbers from the cdc show 157 million people in this country has been fully vaccinated and that's 47%. tomorrow, the president is going to be giving an update from the pandemic as well as controlling the delta variant of the virus. he's going to be hitting the road and heading up to illinois to talk about those two massive spending packages.
10:20 am
a new drudge report came out last week on where we stand. the latest unemployment rate taking up to 5.9% but employers adding more jobs than were inspected. republicans argue that it's not president biden who should be getting credit for this for any economic rebound. >> the recovering economy that we see right now is because of the states with republican leadership such as florida and ron desantis. the pro-economic growth policies which they have implemented which has resulted in the states leading the way for economic recovery. >> things would be back and forth on who gets credit. everyone is going to agree that there still economic problems facing the country including a shortage of workers and inflation that everyone was talking about over the weekend. >> alicia: thank you. >> benjamin: questions how
10:21 am
over the origins of covid-19. could they hurt the democrats in the 2022 midterm? that is apparently the case cording to a new political head case saying, "the virus theory dogs democrats." this comes as the g.o.p. hearings about whether covid originated in the wuhan's labs. thank you so much for being with us. it does seem to me that the democrats are in a bind. they said that they are more interested in pinning the blame for covid on the shoulders of president trump and they are on the communist party of china. does a spec for prayer for them in 2022? >> could well backfire. it is extremely important to find out the origins of the disease. it has killed nearly 4 million people worldwide. an enormous number.
10:22 am
600,000 americans. it is extremely important. the bottom line is, and on capitol hill, republicans are very interested in investigating the origins and democrats are not so interested. we have not seen a lot of passion and energy and anger among democrats to investigate the origins of the disease. president biden has said that he is given his order to his intelligence community to redouble their efforts to find out the origins. on capitol hill, you are not seeing a lot. what we have seen is republicans under academy mccarthy pushing hard for investigations on what happened at the wuhan institute of virology. gain of function research and u.s. aid to china and other countries. republicans have the momentum.
10:23 am
>> benjamin: why are the democrats not interested? the select committee on covid rebuffed it and republicans have had go it alone. why don't they want to dig into this and where this one interested? >> the contrast is incredible. if you go back and look at the democratic interest in investigating allegations of collusion gets a trim campaign and russia, they got a federal law enforcement investigation of the written investigations in the house, in the senate, they were all for investigating every which way about the trump, russia affair. now it's not so much. as political noted, they are now interested in investigating presiden of 2020 and the
10:24 am
virus but not how the whole thing got started. i think that democrats see they are too easy to chances, are they seeing an important and paf that to keep the trump administration alive through january 6th administration and a coronavirus investigation question work they want to hang trump around the neck for all of the republicans were running for election and reelection in 2022. >> benjamin: the reason this investigation is going to go to lead nowhere is because they scrubbed all information. take a listen. >> there's an investigation underway but i'm not expecting them to find anything that we don't already know. what this reminds me of is you arrest the godfather and all of the witnesses start dying. we are finding bits and pieces everywhere but we have to do is start holding china accountable because we can sanction them, we
10:25 am
can see their assets, but we need public shaming. >> benjamin: what would you like to see and how should they be held accountable if that real evidence can be dug up because it disappeared? >> he does make a good point. if you remember up president biden's meeting over scenes at the g7 recently, they called for another investigation of the virus but they wanted the w.h.o. to do it that is already done that was found to be totally and completely inadequate. we do know for fact that china is stonewalling absolutely everything. our intelligence committee and congressional committees do have some capability in investigating this and they do, as you just heard, have the ability to sanction chinese officials for their role in this just as we sanctioned russians for their
10:26 am
role in trying to interfere with the 2016 election. that is something that has not been pursued yet. >> benjamin: without question, it seems like it's becoming more political than anything else now as are so many things. it thank you for joining us today and we really appreciate it. >> alicia: and a manhunt in georgia after a deadly shooting at a private golf course over the weekend. more head on pro golfer who was killed and why the discovery in the suspect struck makes finding the shooter even more urgent. >> benjamin: plus, parents across the country have pushed back against teaching critical race theory and schools. now the reverse. there is a major supporter and your kid's be one of them. >> to the parents of america, the nea only cares about the union. they don't care too much about the teachers. the anything that empowers the union is what they are focused on. parents, you need to be focused on what your kids are learning.
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>> alicia: some top stories we are watching this hour, a search is underway for a suspected triple killer in georgia. it pro golfer was shot and killed in a golf course when he went to check on a truck that pulled into a sand trap. police then found two other bodies in the truck. one of those bodies was the owner of the truck and the other has not been named by police. >> we are continuing to investigate off of the coast of hawaii. both pilots of the cargo plane were rescued by a coast guard helicopter. floating debris has also been recovered. >> alicia: to fill in speaking's freedom on the fourth of july. the parent going missing from a
10:32 am
texas prison. scan the qr code on your screen or go to the country's largest teachers union says it supports teaching critical race theory in schools even though parents are continuing to push back. they approved a resolution that claims it is reasonable and appropriate to include crt in curriculum and pledge to create a team of staffers to help teachers fight back against antisera to rhetoric. "the wall street journal" editorial page in fox news contributor joins us now. thank you so much for being here. you do know that those who are input port of crt say to deny it in schools are whitewashing history. what is your response? speak out no. it is not that at all. it is essentially an antieducational attempt to erase
10:33 am
history and to ignore the facts and create a narrative that serves this radical organization. part of this push is to get the so-called 1619 project created by "the new york times" into schools. we see liberal academics at institutions and historians saying that this track has the facts wrong. both about the founding and there was the initial claim that the american revolution happened in order to preserve slavery which was wrong. they had to amend that and say that some of the colonists created america for that reason. there's a little, if any, evidence for that reason. either gets a lot of facts wrong about the civil war. it basically slams lincoln by attributing racist comments to him that were made by the opponents that was fighting. it is an attempt to erase history and replace it with ideology.
10:34 am
>> alicia: does some of the still belong in the classroom if there are parents and families out there that believe our history lessons in school do not go far enough? >> part of the deception behind this movement of critical race theory is to say, "this is about teaching our history and reckoning with our history and recognizing the faults." it is not about that. that should be part of history. the flaws in the ways that those ideals that we celebrate from 1976 were not released for so long. that should all be part of history. this effort is is to essentially create a new narrative to say that america, at its core, is about racism and always has been. that is why it was created and to this day is what drives our society. it is a falsehood. you can talk about all of the
10:35 am
errors that they have made in history and many historians have. but you take it to the present day and this idea of systemic racism which is never precisely defined. that is because you cannot really explain. if you want to say that everything is about race and white supremacy, how i asian-americans have had such economic success in this country? how is it that we have had african-americans in such leadership roles? a two-term president, current vice president, attorney general, mayors, police chiefs running the system that we are told is fundamentally racist. >> alicia: this is something that has parents at odds with each other. we have parents that are upset with teachers, teachers were upset with the union. it goes all the way around and one of the questions that "the wall street journal" brings up is the long-term effects. what does this mean question were going to put up the headline here from an editorial in "the wall street journal."
10:36 am
"school choice marches ahead." the point of this editorial was that there are some estates out there now that are reforming systems in the school and the funding in the way it is going because a lot of it is going to more school choice. you are seeing more for charter schools and more options for parents because it, and this came out of the pandemic because were so many people were frustrated that the teachers were not come back. it crt pushes to other states? >> it is a dangerous time for the teachers union after a year doing everything that they could to keep classrooms closed. we saw what a disaster it has been for america's children and terms of lost education, lost income that comes from lots of education and mental health. disturbing data on illicit self-harm in medical claims
10:37 am
data. this is been terrible for children and it was driven by teachers unions. to come back and embrace this radical set of beliefs that is at war with the historical record, i think it will have a lot of terms. you mention teachers. i think that there was some whispering over here. i would like to be back in the classroom but the union does not want it. this might be another case -- >> alicia: we will continue to follow especially as a school year begins pretty soon. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> benjamin: the company behind the normal band and keystone pipeline is suing the feds after president biden shut it down. >> alicia: freedom at fireworks and insulting the flag. the gray lady goes after old glory claiming that the symbol
10:38 am
of the united states does not unite but divided. jason joins us with a reaction up next.
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speeches endured times arcing outrage after publishing a piece on the american flag claiming il of devices in this and alienated.
10:43 am
it reads in part, "what was once a unifying symbol, there is a storefront for each date after all, is now alienating for some." it has made the celebrating of the fourth of july is strawberries and blueberries arranged into old glory celebrating a country that does not seem quite so indivisible and a flag threatening to fry. jason joining us now thank you so much for joining us today. i take personal offense to this because my family was rescued and world war ii from a japanese prison of war camp. my father remembers running towards flag in the philippines before moving to the u.s., getting a great education, and serving the flag in korea. we are seeing that flag denigrated by so many people on the left. this would not had happened ten or 20 years ago. what has changed? >> george doherty is like
10:44 am
millions of other americans and shame on "the new york times" fg into this anti-american socialist and far left wing propaganda. the left wing of the united states of america is the best in the nation and it does bring us together. then rick times suck at it. the democratic party today which was made up of the men and women who actually made up of working men and women come of those people have been disenfranchised because they have been co-opted now by the socialist part of the wing that does not believe in america as a symbol like the flag. they do not believe in what unites us and they do not believe, for instance, that all men are created equal. basic concepts and symbols of america are being corrupted by the radical side of the party and that's why democrats are in
10:45 am
the deepest problem ever because most of america does not recognize what they believe in. >> benjamin: treated out this saying, "apparently, nothing of our country's flag is so offensive. disgusting." this goes back about a month and i remember a member of "the new york times" editorial board wrote about how despicable it was to see some the u.s. flags in only island. they jumped to her defense saying this. they said "her argument has been taken out of context and her argument was that trump and many of his supporters have politicized the american flag." they are trying to blame president trump and his supporters behind the flag. do they not understand what patriotism is? >> loving the flag, if that is just republicans that are doing
10:46 am
it, they are further identifying and pushing out people that are democrats that also love their country. there are a lot of good democratic people out there. i don't necessarily agree with them and all of the policies, but they love the country. their independent soul of the country. but republicans have consistently supported our troops and the police. they have supported patriotism and the american flag. they believe in this country and that it is proposed more people toward prosperity and success than on the other countries in the world. go move to uruguay or go move to russia. i hope you get on a plane to do so. america loves america. >> benjamin: we don't have much time, but what you say that some of these things are being taught in school right now and pushing people to question their country or even that the media is now so biased in one sense?
10:47 am
is it we do where this leads in school and splashed all over the media? >> i grew up in a generation where every day when you went to school you said the pledge of allegiance to the flag. now you have some school districts that are afraid of doing that or they just tried to do it once a week. they forget that the foundation of this country was based on freedom. it was based on this belief of liberty and of self-determination. that is not being taught and i think a lot of conservatives and republicans think that they're going to need to pay a lot more attention to school boards and teachers and what is going on. there's a whole generation that grew up that feels entitled to. they do not understand that this country's worth fighting for and preserving. it does create prosperity and there's nothing wrong with prosperity. that's our country has achieved. the two i know for a fact you celebrated in true fashion over the weekend. thank you for coming on today
10:48 am
and all the best. i can't open a thank you, i go back 15 years and i have been covering war zones around the world. there hasn't been a person that i've met that says i don't want to be there. so many people back in the u.s. question that when they have so much without maybe realizing it. it said. >> alicia: it is sad, but i wonder how much in "the new york times" did for democrats. i passed a very democratic places with american flags. i don't know what the american flag was accurate describing all democrats and people in the left who no longer feel what the flag
10:49 am
means to them. >> benjamin: maybe it's what the minorities are being blown up that is making you think it is the majority. someone in that article was quoted as saying, he was a democrat saying, "i don't know what the fuss is about. no people are buying good ferments me as a farmer because i had a u.s. flag on the side of my truck." it's sad. if you saw some the patriotism that is coming out this weekend, you think that this would bring people together. >> alicia: you would think so. we'll keep talking about it. u.s. troops pulling out from afghanistan. warm at the white house say it's over? and this man suspected slashing a stranger in new york city. just one of many bloody incidents happening over the
10:50 am
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> alicia: this weekend marking the first fourth of july in nearly 20 years without u.s. troops at the airbase in afghanistan. guards stood on friday i have
10:54 am
american troops left the base effectively ending the war. despite the withdrawal, white house will not say that the longest war in u.s. history is in fact over. >> benjamin: jennifer griffin discovered this war since day one. is there hope? >> the top u.s. general in afghanistan and set it in an exit interview what is obvious to everyone observing the u.s. withdrawal. >> you look at the security situation and it's not good. the afghans recognize that it's not god and the patella banner on the move. >> they now control the northern border where the u.s. just spent $40 million to create a customs point. now they have a way to fuel the insurgency. >> we should be concerned. the loss of terrain and the
10:55 am
rapidity of the of the loss is a problem. it also has a psychological and moral component to it. hope actually manners and morale matters. as you watch the taliban move across the country, what you don't want to have happen. >> people of enough money to lead afghanistan and we see people lining up at the gates of passport departments at various embassy so they can leave sooner. >> in terms of those 9,000 afghan translators and their families, half of those that the u.s. promises visas who have been receiving death threats from the taliban, now the u.s. is no longer negotiating with kazakhstan as a base for them to wait for those feats of processes. we also learned that the u.s. government has begun negotiating
10:56 am
with uzbekistan to place a drone there. that is north of afghanistan with those icons of that negotiations you would've expected before those who his troops would've withdrawn. >> benjamin: covering the story from right the beginning. >> alicia: a hacking group released to demanding $20 million after attacking a firm in miami. >> benjamin: while we're having backyard barbecues in chicago andpa new york. feel better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to.
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11:00 am
>> benjamin: we begin a brand-new hour of "america reports." more blood and mayhem overtaking american cities this weekend. more than 80 people shot and that's just staccato. they have been in friday night alone.
11:01 am
i'm benjamin. >> alicia: and i'm alecia. it's not just chicago but crime there is among the worst nationwide. among the victims, one man whose playing music. 22-year-old shop will be set at a red light. and a national guard shoulder was killed outside of a party. >> benjamin: stabbings including a tourist from michigan telling that the stranger lashed out after he was hitting on her. because the nypd is also releasing a video of a man quietly breaking into a home on the upper west side. investigators hoping that this footage will lead to an arrest. leaving the front door open, he creeps through a different room and he has no interaction with the resident, a 45-year-old woman come up but he stole a laptop worth $2400. it is that missing computer that
11:02 am
caused her to check your data in the first place. robberies in new york are up 12%, grand larceny increased by 33%, petty larceny by 22%, and car theft as much as 30%. in looking at the data compiled by the nypd, violence against protected groups, hate crimes shot up 250-cent compared to this michael esser. the city has also seen a dangerous of tech. >> what were not talking about is how dangerous how safe areas work. >> police are ramping up their presence in popular city spots especially in tourist attractions like times square. several victims have been shot
11:03 am
this year long. >> it is an unacceptable state of affairs. this is a place that is so precious and so important to our city. it has to be safe and we are going to be adding additional officers and additional mentors to make it safer, to make it better. >> alicia: will many people have it off today, it is a busy day for the nypd. just last night, gunfire rang out at a black player stomach party on long island. benjamin. speech of thank you very much. >> alicia: the crime so bad that some of the biggest names in business would rather close up rather than cashing. walgreens and target are shutting down earlier due to crime specifically shoplifting.
11:04 am
>> the california retail association says that juveniles and homeless people are often the perpetrators of organized crime here. they do the dirty work and see from these places. target is reducing the hours in six of the stores in san francisco because of the continue with theft. in response to the crime, a spokesperson from the d.a.'s office told fox news it is not just petty theft there trying to fight writing, "there are possible because of the vast criminal network behind them which are offered dismantling. we are crating an ongoing retail theft attacks first and we are working with agencies which so far has led to the recovery of over $8 million in stolen merchandise." a man was seen in video slowly riding a bicycle through the store as he stole stuff and put it in big trash bag. it is an example of the boldness
11:05 am
of the shoplifters. >> he was stealing a loaf of bread because he was hungry. i don't know how much eye shadow he needed but obviously, he needed a shelf full. >> alicia: san francisco d.a.'s office charging the guy from walmart with 15 charges reading from grand theft to robbery. california has no to three of the cities with the most retail crime in america. less ancho's is ranked number one, san francisco's number five, and sacramento, the state's capital, finishes off o. people are collecting signatures to try and get san francisco's d.a. recalled for what critical call soft on crime approach. >> benjamin: thank you very much.
11:06 am
joining us now is former nypd attendant and law enforcement professor. we expect to see a spike in crime over holiday weekends. the stats that we've been seeing, i just want to pull up the shooting incident over this year compared to last. chicago, 12%. new york, up 43% since last year alone. what is changing that has led to this rising crime? >> what is changing is democratic leaders, more specific to cities like new york and chicago, have failed to take action to prevent the violence. when we look at the july 4th weekend, we commemorated with a series of celebrations that being barbecues and things like that. unfortunately, it ended up being coupled with shootings that are happening in this city controlled by it democratically
11:07 am
elected mayors. you need to be proactive and not reactive. unfortunately, you are going to her statements and speeches from mayor lightfoot and chicago and mayor de blasio in new york. there is no execution strategy that is being rolled out. this is what manifests when you do not take appropriate action to defend and protect the citizens of the cities. >> benjamin: the fact that the mayor of chicago says this is all down to illegal and any criticism of her was because she was a black woman. what would you like to see a mayor do? >> and mayor lightfoot's defense, she has an incompetent individual. her being placed as the mayor of that city, this is a clear reflection in her having a plausible skill set to prevent violence in the city of chicago. i don't expect anything different throughout the tenure
11:08 am
of her incumbency as the mayor. we need a plausible solution for the eradication of crime. believe it or not, the practitioners and law enforcement, more specifically to chicago police, they understand the dynamic of how to eradicate and create drops in crime. however, mayor lightfoot is handcuffing the officers and taking the cuffs off of the criminals which allows the city to spiral out of control a crime. >> benjamin: the former police chief says that this is it for too long, the mayors have been focused on covid and ignoring the crime. take a listen to what he has said. >> let's focus on violent criminals. let's talk about targeting violent criminals with guns mullets talk about prosecuting the same criminals and incarceration. many officials keep talking about the pandemic and look past that right now.
11:09 am
>> benjamin: a mayor being distracted by the pandemic? >> give a lot of people being distracted by the pandemic but the truth is from a practitioner's perspective community to invoke something as we called targeted policing. targeted policing focuses on the places where you have the spikes in crime. that is where you deploy your forces of officers and that's when you can eradicate and you will achieve a reduction in crime. that is not happening. i'm tired of hearing excuses of it is the pandemic commits an assortment of other things. you need an elected official to focus on the deployment of personnel in the places where crime is reaching its peak. that's not what's happening. as a result, we are witnessing carnage in these large cities that are occupied or controlled by democratic mayors. >> benjamin: we've seen police becoming targets more so than they were in the past. to feel that some criminals have been emboldened by the d from the police movement and the
11:10 am
anti-police movement? we are seeing a significant increase. a national guard member was killed over the weekend. what effect of these movements have on policing? >> the psychological effect of the defund police movement has resulted in people being citizens that feel like they can act with impunity. we have elected officials that invoke legislation such as in new york. we see bail reform where they were operating a catch and release stream. when i see a catch and release stream, meaning people are locked up and are let out the same day. that being said, this is defined police movement has proved that it is in connection with bail reform. there is no end in sight unless you put plausible campaign in office that can solve the issues plaguing the united states of america. i do not see anything at site. >> benjamin: more police
11:11 am
officers are leaving their job than ever before. it's going to put tough to replace them. inc. you for joining us today. >> alicia: the death toll from the condo collapse from surfside florida is now at 27 after more victims were pulled from the rubble today. 118 people remain unaccounted for. it comes after demolition crews took down the remaining structures last night to keep rescue workers safe ahead of tropical storm elsa. governor ron desantis speaking about that. >> i think it was a good effort and with the right thing to do. i think it will help us move forward unimpeded and really be able to get the job done for the families, for the community of surfside, miami-dade, and florida. >> alicia: search and rescue efforts are moving faster than they ever had and they will continue to work 24 hours a day until they have pulled every person out of the rubble.
11:12 am
as a florida braces for tropical storm elsa, governor ron desantis declaring a state of emergency in several counties. the question now, as a state morning and potential of another deadly disaster? >> benjamin: russian linked attack is demanding $70 million after a massive hack attacked. we will talk about the fallout. >> alicia: squad member cori bush's comment abort the fourth of july continuing to elect backlash from her colleagues. >> she saying that people are still in change and that's not true. it's not true factually. ou've g♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700
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11:18 am
>> benjamin: a tragic hot the death, a michigan reporter said he did not kill as reported, but he died from a fourth of july explosion. he died yesterday and he was from latvia. he was in hot tub lead people to think that he was killed by one striking the goalie dead. tragic. >> alicia: miami-based technology firm is reportedly demanding $70 million in dollars which allowed a suspected russian linked gang to reach data from companies around the world. let's bring in a cybersecurity expert.
11:19 am
thank you for being here, but here we go again. he too seems like these bad guys are casting a wider and wider net each time. is there anything that he was administration can do to protect americans? >> yes, there something they can do. they can't do anything, but there is event. colonial bike line was a watershed event because it showed us the power of ransomware to attack infrastructure. these groups have figured out their brother rubbing an atm, they've gone after the banks. the biden administration needs to come up the policy, and model it after the bush doctrine. if you harbor terrorists or you harbor cyber criminals like these gangs in your country, you are now responsible for them. it is always a bridge too far, but this one got the attention of the world. this has global impact and i think this is the redline. this is the one that the gang
11:20 am
has crossed and i think we will see things start to change because of this specific attack. >> alicia: lets us know what the president at the say over the weekend about the specific attack. >> president biden: i will know better tomorrow if it is with the knowledge of or consequence of russians. i told putin that we will respond. i have not called him because we are not certain. the initial thinking was that it was not russian government. >> alicia: he is uncertain whether or not it was the russian government who was at was involved here. we do know that nothing really happens in significance in russia without putin being involved or given knowledge of it happening. what can the u.s. do? it's not like president putin takes his cues from the u.s.
11:21 am
>> this gang is behind it. he is the production of russia and one of the biggest problems is that we do not have a treaty with the russians. we do not have a legal assistance treaty. there is zero chance at criminals in russia will oversee the daily to u.s. courtrooms. we just are changing that. when they start treating the expedition treaties in russia and they could go after the kingpins, you saw things like el chapo. you have to start targeting these people go after the organization. nothing happens in russia with that the implicit approval of vladimir putin. that does not mean that the kremlin is involved, but that means they're turning a a blind eye and allows that these things to be taking place in their stomach borders. somebody is going to say that we have to do something meaningful >> alicia: i'm think about
11:22 am
folks watching this and it seems like i could alert on my phone every week about another ransomware attack. is there anything we can do as individuals to protect yourself? >> that is a tough question because the answer is no. one of my other roles, i am chief advisor for sentinel one. the lighter cybersecurity in history. the market is demanding. of what individuals can do is that they work at companies and their affected by these outages. they can start demanding that we apply modern technology to these solutions are these problems. we kept investing in legacy stuff. the legacy has failed us. we get to where we are today because of the failure of all technology that everyone simply double down on. we cannot hire our way out of this. we've a skill shortage and we cannot find the number of people that it takes to do this. the u.s. needs have a strong policy about investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning, quantum computing. those are the things that are
11:23 am
going to help us. on the other hand, we need to have our intelligence agencies. there were thousands of russians working on that campaign. why did we not find out about that? why don't we have spies? >> alicia: as we get better and better, the criminals get better better. we appreciate your time today. >> benjamin: truck on storm elsa now taking aim at florida after barreling through the tropics. matt is live in key west where it is expected to hit tonight. >> we are on the famed wall street here in key west. it simply tourists from all over the country are trying to squeeze in the last couple of hours and eating, drinking, and shopping here before the storm hits. the worst is expected to hit after midnight here in key west. they have asked all businesses appear to have storm prepped on by sunset. we driven around the island as
11:24 am
well and have not seen any major storm preparations thus far. tropical storm elsa, with sustained winds of 65 miles an hour, was a category one hurricane and is it cuba, dominican republic, and st. lucia. three people are reported dead. after it hits the keys, ron desantis is supposed to make in tampa. that is good news from the search and rescue crews working in the fragile debris working the condominium collapse. a chef is putting up plywood at this point in their preparing for the worse, hoping for the best. they do expect a few feet of water. >> as you can see, we've removed all of her bottles. we've removed all of our glasses. we are tightening down all of the microsystems. those are all going to be wrapped up and then moved into the back offices.
11:25 am
>> we have talked to tourists from arizona, pennsylvania, iowa, new york. one said that they have to cancel their charter boat and others say they are flying home as soon as possible. some say they are waiting it out. >> we were chartering a boat's we're going to be out here for a few days and island hop around the keys. >> a lot of the area is shutting down for two days. we are going to hunker down in our room. >> are you nervous question marks become know. maybe we should be, i don't know. >> the local say you find a bar and you stay there and drink a lot of alcohol. >> sandbagging is normally not done and a lot of businesses in the area have built in storm doors and shutters. we'll keep you updated on the status of the storm here in key west. back to you. >> benjamin: looked pretty calm behind you at the moment. amazing. i hope you found a bar to
11:26 am
shelter and too. >> there's plenty to choose from. we do thank you so much. >> alicia: missouri missouri congresswoman getting slack saying that people are still not free. >> benjamin: in the supreme court's ruling on arizona's election laws and what it could mean for george's new voting laws. more on that coming up next how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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every customer. new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. and if you're not a customer, we'll help cover the cost to switch. just ask wanda. she's been with us since... (gasps)... now. upgrade your phone. upgrade your network. >> benjamin: the company behind the keep stone pipelines that president biden canceled is asking if u.s. taxpayers for over $15 billion in damages. they scrapped the 9 billion project last month and the canadian company saying that they suffered from the breach of
11:32 am
conversation. and also cost the company 1,000 paying jobs. >> alicia: member of the so-called squad cori bush getting backlash for this tweet on independence day. "when they say that the fourth of july's about american freedom, remember this. the freedom they are referring to is to white people. this latest eliminated and black and black people still aren't free." >> the tweet is prompting reaction from those who agree with her and those who have quite a different take. let's take a look at what else she said. she went on to tweet, "we know when our own freedom looks like. and the slavery permitted under the 13th amendment. we are the experts on her own liberation and we won't stop until it is won." she's a nurse and has made other controversial statements before including oozing the phrase birthing people when referring
11:33 am
to her own childbearing experience. when other colleagues came to her support over the tweet, other say that her words do not make a lot of sense. >> i shake my head and i move on. what she tweeted was ridiculous. yes, july 4th, independence day, is to celebrate the freedom of this nation. i look at her tweet and i shake my head. i do not agree and to be truthful, most black people just do not agree. >> worth noting, outspoken congresswoman from california put out a similar tweet yesterday before cori bush's tweet. she said, "july 4th and so the declaration of independence is, all men are created equal. equal to what? only white men? isn't that something that they wrote this in 1776 when african-americans were enslaved. they were not thinking about us now, but we are thinking about us and out!" meanwhile, president biden took the high road this weekend from the white house. he told the nation, "the
11:34 am
american freedom, we set phrase, the american creed. "to paraphrase, it still holds true today. >> alicia: thank you. >> benjamin: experts are now saying that the doj's lawsuit against george's new voting laws face long odds of succeeding past the supreme court voting to uphold provisions in arizona. jonathan, thank you so much for being with us today. this is a huge decision and also a huge blow for the democrats. you've written out add in "usa today" titled, "joe biden a merrick garland vetted themselves up for disaster in georgia case." it was clearly time to beat them to the punch but there is a haymaker delivered to block such
11:35 am
laws and magnifies the concern that the georgia challenge is more of a political than legal standpoint appeared more political than legal. what ramifications does this have moving forward? >> it will be interesting to see how this varies in the court. i don't believe it is going to fare particular while. it was a difficult case to make and it's more difficult now as was admitted in the dissent that it significantly impacts the scope of what is called section two of the voting rights act. as the very basis on which the biden administration is suing. they got this out before the court would be heard on the question. one of the interesting things as whether president biden's own words are used in the litigation much like president trump's words were used on the immigration litigation. president biden said a number of things that were factually
11:36 am
wrong. he was called to account for them. he said for example that the georgia law limited or reduce the number of hours for people to vote. that is untrue. it does the opposite. even "the washington post" gave him for pinocchio's for that. he also said that the law bars people from getting water while standing in line. that is not true. it simply bars campaigns from giving people food and water. the law says that you can have receptacles with the water for people waiting in line. it will be interesting, of course, take note of that. in some ways, the white house went all in in this narrative of president biden that the georgia law is, "jim crow on steroids." what the court will now have to decide is whether that's true or not. >> benjamin: based on the decision we just heard, they can't possibly rule in that direction. one would lead to the other, wouldn't it?
11:37 am
>> i think it will be very difficult. this is a number of a series of decisions that has been narrowly interpreting section two of the act. much of the georgia law overlaps with other states including blue states, including states like delaware. i think it is unlikely that the court is going to make such a hard turn on this issue. you have to keep in mind that the framers left these elections in the constitution to the states. the biden administration filed this after their efforts to federalize election rules stalled in the senate. i'm not too sure that courts are going to give the administration when it couldn't get out of congress. >> benjamin: i want to get your views on another issue. the post is reporting that they have obtained emails from hunter biden's laptop in which they say that it makes clear that former
11:38 am
fbi director has set up trust funds for president biden's grandchildren, beau biden's grandchildren, $100,000. what does it say? >> this is another disclosure from the hunter biden laptop. what's fascinating is that during the same period, it's asking from work from the biden administration from hunter biden to his father. these are going on roughly the same. which has raised a lot of eyebrows. just one week earlier, more disclosures were released including the fact that hunter biden was trying to get business deals in mexico including from carlo swim. he flew to mexico with his business partner on air force two with his father to seal it. that is a pattern we've seen in other deals. all of this -- it is overwhelming evidence of a
11:39 am
scheme to influence by hunter biden and his uncle, the brother of president biden. also contradicts his denial that he knew nothing and had no involvement. there are additional picture showing vice president i didn't it's now president biden standing with his business associate. >> benjamin: standing is armed s arm around the richest person in mexico. you wonder what would happen if the trump children would have happened with this. >> alicia: a member of the british royal family now forced into isolation after a covid scare. details on that ahead. >> benjamin: plus the 84-year-old pope recovering from an intestinal surgery. an update from the vatican when we come back.
11:40 am
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>> benjamin: kate middleton isolating herself at home after coming in contact with someone who later tested positive for covid-19. she's not experiencing any symptoms. she will not be able to attend upcoming events honoring the 73rd anniversary of britain's health service and will miss the wimbledon finals after attending earlier. her husband is not self isolating. we have royal news and for today and i think on this dayafr julyr that today is very different. they've to live like the rest of us. >> alicia: they absolutely do.
11:46 am
no matter where you live. speech about one thing that's absolutely quite funny is that it will not be the same men a few weeks. boris johnson announced that this was the u.k.'s independence day from covid and his listing all of the measures, mask wearing, work from home on july the 19th. it's moving forward, the masks, and the stories will no longer e much longer. >> alicia: we will find ways to talk about the royals. pope francis is recovering after plan surgery. the vatican says that he is recovering well after the three hour operation. >> this is the first time that
11:47 am
we've heard of pope francis being hospitalized during his tenure and despite the fact that he lost part of a long when he was a young man and suffers from sciatica, the 84 pope is considered to be in very good health. yet this procedure that involved removing some of his: in rome. it was for a narrowing of the intestine which is not uncommon for people over 80 but how many saw this coming and he did not even mention it in his sunday prayer. >> a few hours before they vatican announced that the pope had gone into the hospital, he said his sunday blessings and his address right here to thousands of people in saint peters square. he looked normal, quite healthy, and he joked. it was surprised when it was announced.
11:48 am
>> before the surgery, he's showed no sign of slowing down. he announced the trip to hungary and slovakia in the fall instead. vatican indicted ten people on charges of embezzlement and abuse of office and fraud with $400 million real estate deal in london. those included include a high ranking cardinal. it is not a late surgery and it is expected that the pope will remain in the hospital for about a leak dominic week. he will be laid out, it seems that he has not going to let the grass grow under his feet. >> alicia: absolutely not. so good to see you. >> benjamin: did president biden jump the gun when celebrating independence from covid? some say that with less than half the country vaccinated, we are not out of the woods left. fox news medical contributor joins us next.
11:49 am
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>> today we're closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. we never again want to be where we were a year ago today. so today while the virus hasn't been vanquished, we know this: it no longer controls our lives. >> president biden at an independence day event at the white house celebrating freedom from the worst of the pandemic and calling on more americans to get vaccinated. his remarks come as the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread rapidly throughout the country and is just over 47% of americans are fully vaccinated and children under 12 are not yet eligible for the vaccine. dr. marty makary joins us now. a fox news medical contributor and a professor at johns hopkins
11:55 am
school of public health and school of medicine. good to see you, doctor. i want to begin with a piece from "the washington post" with regards to what the president said. it reads -- >> doctor, where do you believe we are and what level of comfort should americans take at this point? >> first of all, happy fourth. you know, using the percent of americans fully vaccinated is not the right barometer. the risk of covid is not evenly distributed in the population. it's heavily skewed with
11:56 am
comorbidity and older folks. we got 75% of seniors in america vaccinated by the first week of april. roughly half the unvaccinated have natural immunity. so we're doing well. the idea that we have to vaccinate every six month-year-old in order to declare victory ignores the reality that the risk is not evenly distributed in the population. i thought it was a reasonable speech and a step forward shaping public opinion that we need to move on. >> this is happening against the delta variant is spreading in different places including state of colorado where i am right now. we're at 70% vaccinated here, the population in this state. how concerned should folks around the country be concerned, those that are vaccinated as well as those that aren't vaccinated with the delta variant? >> okay. here's the deal on the delta variant. you'll hear a lot of fear mongering around it. if you have immunity from
11:57 am
vaccination or natural immunity, which is about 85% of u.s.a. adults, you don't have to worry. the contagiousness is based on the background of incidence and the population, which is very low. it's about 5%. so it's not more deadly. we have no evidence of that. it's more contagious. if you're not immune, it's something to be careful of. >> as we just came off of this holiday weekend and happy fourth to you as well, thanks very much. you see the big crowds. people enjoying themselves what is your biggest concern right now as a physician? >> well, first of all, we're overtesting. look what happened at the fourth of july gathering at the white house. they tested about 1,000 people. almost everyone was fully vaccinated. people were still wearing masks outdoors. if you test people fully vaccinated, not only are you violating the cdc guidance, you
11:58 am
detect virus particles that have no meaning. that is they're not transmissable, they don't cause illness. the simple message is this: if you not been vaccinated and you don't have natural immunity, something the administration has ignored, then you still are at risk. that risk for someone young and healthy is comparable to seasonal flu. for somebody with a comorbid condition, it's a real risk. >> dr. marty, thanks. we appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thanks so much. >> if you were on social media yesterday, you have plenty of barbecue picks or maybe the hot dog eating competition. 76 hot dogs, i think. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg attempting to one up the post. wake boarding with the american flag with john denver playing over it. it spread across twitter. one person said he may have
11:59 am
united the left and the right in america but not the way he planned. another says, omg, why? why? why not? i don't hold that against him one bit. if i could be doing that, i would in a heartbeat. >> i can't not watch it. looks like fun. he's doing a good job. i guess folks will always find something to be upset about. but that looks like a good time, especially if you can do it. i don't know. >> i don't think that that is wake boarding. it's called foiling. it's very hard to do. i'm sure on his private lake by hi private yacht, he has all the help he needs to do it. that's not how i spend my july fourth. how did you spend it? >> i spent it eating dinner and going to bed early because i had to get ready for the show today. when i knew i was going to be doing this with you, i thought i
12:00 pm
have to do. my husband a couple years ago was talking to a friend of his in the u.k. prior to the fourth of july weekend. as they wrapped up, he said what are you going to do for the fourth of july to celebrate? his friend said we don't celebrate that here. >> the britts choose to forget it. i'm a passport-carrying american and i had bear and brisket. had i watched the film, it would have been -- >> thanks. good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. this is "the story" as july fourth celebrations continue across america today. the ways in which the holidays are being covered but certain media outlets and criticized some in congress garnering a lot of attention. among the media coverage, this tweet from npr igniting a twitter storm for stating that the declaration of independence contains "flaws" and deeply


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