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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 5, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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praying for some sort of disaster he was stating the obvious. poor henry winkler going through the wringer on social media. >> griff: from the fonz to mcconaughey. carley has it all. great to be with you. >> gillian: we'll hand it off to julie banderas with "the faulkner focus". she is in for harris today. >> fox news alert. surge in deadly violence in the nation monday. as we mark our nation's independence tragic news to report in chicago. police say two officers were shot and wounded early this morning while dispersing a crowd. among 82 people reportedly shot in the city since just friday evening. 14 of the victims were killed. among the dead a 19-year-old
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national guard soldier. he was an aspiring police officer. family members say he was finishing his basic training. home only a few weeks waiting for his first assignment when he was shot and killed early saturday while getting something from his car. no arrests yet. he was just a week away from his 20th birthday. join us now joey jones, retired u.s. marine bomb technicians. such sad news. we're sorry this is what we're talking about today. and i want to bring up the fact that last fourth of july was also a turning point for new york city crime. of course we blamed it on the pandemic. we're coming out of that and this weekend it continues. what would you blame the continued rise on crime? >> pandemic played a role in it. it is a complex problem and a lot of things are involved, not the least of which is the economic turndown and rise back
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up. people not getting an opportunity to go back to work. that's the narrative the democrats hone in on and i give it relevance but we scaled back on police and how we police. one of the big statistics in chicago that stands out to me is the amount of people that are shot that are innocent bystanders. the person pointing the gun and shooting the bullet doesn't know that person is there and doesn't care. that type of disregard for life is something i don't understand but something that only policing can fix. you can't fix that with policy. that is a rotten human being at some point. >> gillian: you have to look to leadership when cities are in disarray like this, crime rates are going up you have to look at who is leading these cities. it happens these cities are being led by democrats. in chicago the mayor there is blaming racism for her being looked at as the cause or the reason why the crime rate is not coming down. yes, she is a black mayor but it has nothing to do with the
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fact that the disregard for the police, the men and women in blue. that's being stripped away by these democratic leaders whether they are black or white. the police on the street are also black and they are not being protected by their own mayor. >> you know, the broken record here. they always go back to one of two points. the first one being it's all about guns and access to guns. chicago mayor says that they only have a problem in this because guns are so easily available neighboring states. when you juxtapose that to texas the numbers don't add up. on top of that if guns were the problem why doesn't she have police roaming the streets confiscating guns everywhere, a giant push bringing in state and city police and full-court press to confiscate the guns? the problem goes beyond that. if guns are bad in her mind, then the person pulling the trigger must be evil. that's where the problem is.
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that is the problem. >> tackling to mental illness community and doing something about that, too, we could talk hours about that. i want to move on to this holiday weekend. it was supposed to be about unity, right? some democrats are now slamming july 4th. this is a first. our declaration of independence. apparently it is wrong to celebrate our country not. congresswoman cori bush tweeting when they say the fourth of july is about american freedom, remember this, the freedom they're referring to is for white people. the land is stolen land and black people still aren't free. meantime house financial services chair maxine waters also posting online july 4th and so the declaration of independence says all men are created equal? equal to white? only white men? isn't it something they wrote it in 1776 when
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african-americans were enslaved. they weren't thinking about us then but they're thinking about us now? first of all, we understand we have a stain on our american history. we understand that slavery was once actually sadly accepted in this country and abolished in the 1800s and it is a despicable part of our country. but we also if we recount this american history, right, this country was founded by immigrants of all colors and creeds, slavery a devastating stain was abolished in 1863. racism still lives on today but what do you say to maxine waters like says black people aren't free? >> it is hard take people serious that have a conversations with themselves within their own tweet or revive a 500-year-old argument to get stolen land. she wants to be talked about on fox news so her donors get
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riled up. that's what i think of these politicians. it is hard for me to take these people serious. just real quick i appreciate the fact that we acknowledge we have stain on our history. but if everybody has an asterisk there is no perfect union in this world. we're human beings and at some point we treat each other badly in our history and what we've always done. the difference is here in this country, we set a precedent starting with, say, you know, the fight for independence that the work would start then and we he would work to be a more perfect union. not a perfect union. i was born poor and sometimes i felt discriminated again. i don't think it was a systemic thing. human beings judge and make bad decisions and treat people badly on the flip side of the coin we also treat people with empathy and respect and help them out and those are the things this country stand for. we all have blemishes and to constantly talk about it is a
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disservice to people who did go through horrible things and fought to reverse them. i don't know what i know, i'm just a marine that fought a couple wars but i would say we're living in a pretty good place. >> i'm glad you brought that up. what does it say for the men and women who fought for this country. patriots like yourself who have actually put their lives on the line to defend america's freedom. that's what the fourth of july is all about. that's what our leaders, that's the message the leaders of this country need to instill in their constituents. >> stolen land is imminent domain and national park service taking over land that we can't hunt on. a lot of stolen land in this country the citizens don't have access to. these two people are part of the government. maybe they could do their job and give some of the stolen
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land back to sportsmen and people who enjoy nature. as far as people in the united states military you know what? they go to work. they don't worry about this too much. when i served in the marine corps who the president wasilewski -- was wasn't what was important. those are the things that people in uniform care about. they don't care what some random representative or somebody who has been there for 40 years and voted the most corrupt member of congress they don't care about the things they tweet. >> cancel culture got out of hand but i swear we would never have this conversation targeting the statue of liberty. the "washington post"'s art critic writing maybe it's time to admit the statue has never quite measured up. i can't make this up. calling it a meaningless symbol
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of hypocrisy and unfulfilled promises and writing, quote, it is not a surprise the statue would mostly be absent in an exhibition of the i icon of other artists and groups whose immigration didn't flow through ellis island in new york harbor. it honestly does get worse. i don't even know what to say. the statue of liberty is a symbol of hope. it should remain a landmark. it is near ellis island where immigrants came to this country to seek a better life. what do you make of the "washington post" calling it a meaningless symbol of hypocrisy? >> well, what are you going to do, right? are we going to take sullivan from monster,, inc. and make a statue out of it? too much of a female or too
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much of a white person. here is what i've got. i've got the statue of liberty tattooed on my arm holding an ar-15. that's the statue of liberty i tattooed on my body. if we want to replace the torch with a gun. the torch represents more than a gun would. we could go down this idea of creating standards that don't exist, parsing out different pieces of symbolism and representation or we can appreciate things for the best of what they are intended to mean rather than the full context of when they came to be because those years don't exist anymore. we're in 2021. we have made progress in places and we will continue to. things we do and say today that won't be acceptable 100 years from now and let's hope they give us the grace to know our intentions were pure. >> happy fourth of july to you. we continue to celebrate regardless. sign up for fox nation now to
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watch fighting for america to catch joey joined by four military veterans explaining the meaning of independence day and in honor of the holiday fox nation is offering veterans and active duty military members a free year on go to to sign up for free. there is a lot of great content on there. don't miss out on that offer. so migrants are still flooding to the southern border as patrol agents say that they are making dozens of arrests each and every day and well, some are violent criminals. no surprise there. border officials are blaming the biden add min traition policies for this unprecedented surge. what's going on? >> the root cause of this surge that's on the border and this uncontrolled pipeline is the reversal of the policies that were allowing people to wait in mexico for their asylum claims. the accords with the northern triangle. the root cause of the problem and chaos is because they
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reversed those policies. >> bill is live at the border in la joya, texas. what is going on there today? >> we've talked to a lot of border patrol agents over the last several weeks. they are growing frustrated and their morale is at rock bottom. some told us they feel like a welcoming committee than border patrol and they were busy over the weekend. they didn't get a break because it was the holiday. we'll show you some of the activity we saw yesterday afternoon. late afternoon. it was a group of about 80 migrants who came across the rio grande and walked into the united states illegally and gave themselves up to border patrol. most of these were family units and border agents are telling us more and more folks in recent weeks are testing positive for covid-19 and a lot coming from nicaragua. not all family units. this was released on friday by
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border patrol in tucson, arizona. they arrested this guatemala national, convicted murderer in the state of north carolina. there are criminals in the groups. photos here. late last week border patrol in big bend sector arrested these three immigrants. three holding firearms because border patrol said they burglarized a ranchers home stole guns, ammunition, clothes and food. they had the guns when they were arrested. a sheriff said he has never seen things this bad with this crisis. >> i've never seen it like this when my deputies are catching 5, 10, 12, loads smuggling cases in a week. we have texas state troopers doing the same thing. we catch one, we miss three.
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we've got it on video, body cam. we stopped one car and we see two more right behind it that are loaded and we can't stop them because resources are tied up on the one. i've seen more break-ins than i've ever seen before. >> and back out here live as you take a look at fox drone. what will happen as we go deeper into summer? is this surge going to slow down or not? it is becoming increasingly dangerous for the migrants to make the journey. you can see the thick brush they go through and the incomplete border wall there. it is getting incredibly hot and humid in texas. border patrol officials believe they'll start finding more bodies out here. what will we see when the june apprehension numbers come out any day now? if it's above 180,000 we'll set another 20-year record. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you.
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so recovery efforts resuming after crews demolished what was left of the collapsed condo in surfside, florida. next where the search for victims goes from here. plus president biden says the battle against covid-19 is nearly over despite missing his july 4th vaccination goal. so how does the president convince the rest of the public to get the shots? >> president biden: today we're closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> julie: president biden celebrating independence day with an optimistic take now the nation is fairing with covid-19.
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narrowing his vaccination goal that was 70% of adults getting at least one dose by july 4th. dr. anthony fauci warn about outbreaks in areas with low vaccination rates. listen to the president last night. >> president biden: today all across this nation we can say with confidence america is coming back together. [cheering and applause] 245 years ago, we declared our independence from a distant king. today we are closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. that is not to say the battle against covid-19 is over. >> julie: mark meredith is live with the latest from the white house. we haven't hit 70% as the president hoped? >> actually the country is doing well and thing starting
8:22 am
to get back though normal. there is the risk of new illnesses and death thanks to the delta variant. it was much more of a celebration at the white house as the president was welcoming military service members and families. a sign of a post pandemic normal. the president himself says there is plenty of celebrate. >> president biden: just think back to where this nation was a year ago. think back to where you were a year ago. and think about how far we've come. silent streets -- [cheering and applause] >> president biden: silent streets to crowded parade routes lined with people waving american flags. >> who should get the credit for something like this? ronna mcdaniel said it should be the former president. as trump and republicans were leading operation warp speed biden was spreading doubt about the vaccine efficacy.
8:23 am
he should thank trump for providing a vaccine in the nick of time. 157 million people vaccinated, 47% of the total population. when we talk about adults 18 and over gotten their first dose we're at 67%. administration says it will continue to push the public to get the vaccine. offering things like financial incentives, public awareness campaigns. officials remain optimistic they can reach skeptical americans. >> we will double down on our efforts to vaccinate millions more americans across july and august. so people get that protection and can enjoy life returning to normal. if they're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. >> there was a party at the white house last night. today a president biden's schedule. tomorrow he will give an update where we are with the thank you.
8:24 am
let's bring in dr. nesheiwat. thank you for talking to us. what would you say to the president's remarks? would you agree with his assessment we are closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus? >> absolutely. thanks to operation warp speed we made incredible progress in six months. if you combine over 150 million americans fully vaccinated and those with natural community we're in a really good place. now today we have less than 300 deaths a day versus back in december and january, february, we were having over 3,000 deaths a day. and that's because of the vaccines and natural immunity. we need to continue to vaccinate those unvaccinated especially if they are in an area of the country where there is a low vaccination rate or the delta variant is spreading.
8:25 am
>> julie: at the same time the president was praising how far we come falling short of the 70% of the first vaccine happening by july 4 as he predicted dr. fauci is coming out with a warning with the variant. what do you say to skeptical americans? >> especially if you are e past, you are at a higher risk of becoming ill. keep in mind that 99% of those hospitalized and 99% of those who have passed away recently from covid are unvaccinated. there is more virulent and contagious and more likely to make you sick and put you in the hospital. if you are in a high-risk situation or have high-risk background disease like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, you are at a higher risk and you want to protect
8:26 am
yourself. if you are not going to be able to get the vaccine, maybe you have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients wear a mask until we can get the covid cases down. >> julie: how does the vaccine protect you from the delta variant? it is highly contagious more than the original covid-19 was not as contagious. it was the most contagious virus, how does the vaccine protect you from the delta variant? could this >> that's a really good question. the latest data that we have, julie, shows pfizer, if you get both vaccine doses, not just one. you have to have both. you will have 88 to 90% effectiveness against the delta variant. johnson & johnson show it is protective against the variant and putting you in the hospital
8:27 am
and severe complications and that's what's important. how long with these vaccines protect us? if we have new variants that emerge that could be a different story down the road and want to get everyone vaccinated before we give this opportunity -- give the virus an opportunity to further mutate. as it is now the data we have shows it is highly effective and safe and so if you haven't had your vaccine yet go out and get it. it is free and keep you and your loved ones protected and the community to resume a normal lifestyle as we've begun to do so. >> julie: thank you very much. happy fourth. fox news alert now from surfside, florida. we are awaiting a news conference soon on the search of that collapsed condo. three more people were found dead in the rubble this morning bringing the death toll to 27 with more than 115 people still missing. rescue efforts resumed early this morning after the remaining portion of the condo
8:28 am
was demolished last night. crews feared what was still standing was unstable with tropical storm elsa approaching. charles watson is live in surfside. charles. >> good morning. rescue crews are back on the collapse site after the rest of the tower was demolished late last night. they imploded what was left of the 13 story tower just after 10:30 sunday night. it happened in a matter of seconds. you see the explosives go off and then the building comes crashing to the ground. the plume of dust was so thick it could be seen from nearly a mile away. officials were racing to bring that remaining section of the building down before any impact of tropical storm elsa could be felt. the building completely demolished there is now hope rescue crews can finally get to areas that up until now have been off limits.
8:29 am
>> i feel relief because this building was unstable and hampering our search efforts. we were stuck that we couldn't get to a certain part of the pile. they think there are now areas that they can search. i'm excited. >> about two hours after the dust settled our cameras caught search and rescue teams heading to the collapse site to get back to work. as questions continue to swirl around what caused the initial. they are pushing back that town officials are responsible for the delays in repairs. saying there was no indication emergency action was required by the town of surfside and we are expecting an update from miami-dade officials in just a matter of minutes with the latest details on numbers and efforts of search and rescue at
8:30 am
that collapse site. we'll keep an eye on it. back to you. >> julie: we're expecting to hear from the florida governor desantis at the presser. it should happen any minute. a big part of the migrant crisis you don't hear about too much. the deportation backlog. the staggering numbers and how they impact border security. the power panel on that next. and on the nation's largest teachers union throwingrt's critics next. but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels
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(upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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8:35 am
search and rescue operation mode. to collapse an entire apartment building is a devastating decision and the demolition was in no way a decision i made lightly. bringing the building down in a controlled manner was critical to expanding our scope of search. truly, we could not continue without bringing this building down. the area closest to the building was the area that we had not been able to access and that is where we needed to go. and previously it was not accessible due to the enormous risk to the team of first responders because of the instability of the building. and as we speak the teams are working on that part of the pile that was not accessible before the building was demolished. the standing structure also posed a threat to public health and safety particularly as the
8:36 am
storm approached given that the tropical storm force winds could have brought it down in a manner that could not have been as controlled and predicted. so i'm extraordinarily grateful to the demolition team, the engineers, the miami-dade fire rescue team, the miami-dade county police department and pl part in executing this operation safely and successfully including the town of surfside. i also want to take a moment to acknowledge and reflect on the great tragedy that this has been for those who survived the building and have had to evacuate. the world is mourning for those who lost their loved ones and for those who are waiting for news from the collapse. to lose your home and all your belongings in this manner is hard as well and my sympathy goes out to all the families who have had this tragedy.
8:37 am
our teams are doing everything possible to help those who lost their homes begin to rebuild. fema is here and has been from the beginning and they've been doing an incredible job to sign up families for individual assistance and we're working with insurance companies to streamline the process of submitting claims as much as possible and we've raised generosity of people in this country and all around the world. their generosity has been overwhelming and it is going to be very, very important to put these funds into these family's hands to help them to rebuild and meet their unmet needs. they have already been getting this assistance. i also want to stress once again that we took every action that we possibly could to search for any pets, any animals in the building prior to the demolition. in the days since the collapse
8:38 am
the miami-dade fire rescue team conducted multiple full sweeps of the building in person including searching in closets and under beds and other hiding places. in the areas of the building that were not accessible to the teams they used ladders on high-lift cranes and placed live animal traps on the balconies at great personal risk to our first responders. also doorways were opened, other means for the pets to escape the building if they were able. we deployed drones with thermal imaging for search and rescue teams. as clearly as i possibly can i want to say and urge our community to understand that we went truly to great lengths to take every step we could at
8:39 am
great risk to our first responders to insure that all of the pets that were beloved family members, that none of them were left in the building prior to the demolition. since the first responders were able to resume their work on the collapse last night, we have very sadly recovered three additional victims. the total number of confirmed deaths is now at 27. the number of those accounted for is 191. and unaccounted for 118. please join me in praying for those who lost their lives, the families who mourn, and for all of those who are still waiting. we continue to monitor tropical storm elsa and expect that miami-dade will experience heavy rain and some winds throughout today and tomorrow. i was grateful to have the opportunity to speak with some of the first responders on site
8:40 am
last night right after the demolition before they headed back out to the pile. on day 12 these men and women have continued their mission. they have the same determination and strength as when they got out on day one. it is a true honor to serve alongside these heroes from the state, from the federal, and from the international teams. all of our partners have made this historic effort possible. [speaking spanish] >> julie: we're listening to the miami-dade county mayor cava giving us an update on search mission that has been going on. she also talked about the surfside collapse site and the
8:41 am
demolition that just occurred in the evening hours and the exhaustive search that the search crews put their own lives at risk on searching the building properly to make sure there were no pets possibly hidden in some of the apartments to make sure that the entire building was absolutely clear. they even used drones and nighttime cameras in order to really make sure and assess that the building was ready to come down and they needed to speed up the process with the tropical storm elsa fast approaching. in miami they're expecting heavy rain and winds and everything that comes with a tropical storm. certainly that was something imperative that needed to be done. charles watson joins us in surfside, florida. apparently the search will resume at the surfside collapse and the demolition most importantly, one might look at that video and think wow, it seems as if that will just make the search teams' efforts harder, but in fact it might give crews access to new areas of the debris pile that they
8:42 am
once couldn't access. explain to us how this might help in search efforts. >> certainly it will help crews at that collapse site. throughout the day on saturday, they had engineers and demolition crews at that site strategically placing explosives so they could complete that controlled explosion. what it did was allow the building to fall straight to the ground and it did not impede any of the areas that search crews have already been searching in. now before when that building was up there was some concerns about the structural stability of that building. now with it gone search and rescue crews are able to access other areas of that collapse site that they were not able to get to in the days that they've been searching this collapse site because it was too dangerous for them to get to.
8:43 am
with the building structurally unsound at the time. just a few days ago we saw that search and rescue efforts had to be halted because that building shifted some. with it not there now crews think there are some holes that they can possibly look in and maybe find some survivors. so they are back at that collapse site and been out there since 1:00 this morning searching for victims in that collapse site and hoping they can pull some good news out of there. >> julie: thank you for your reporting and we'll come back to you as news warrants and going back to surfside, florida as we expect to hear from the florida governor, ron desantis, who will be speaking among other officials an the latest on the search. stay right here on fox news channel and we'll be right back.
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- [narrator] at walmart, target and other fine stores. >> julie: the largest teacher union in the country announcing it backs the teaching of critical race theory in schools and saying it will fight back against critics of the controversial curriculum. the national education association, which by the way has 2.3 million members just passed a resolution to promote critical race theory and assembly a team to teach it to
8:49 am
the union members. the resolution urges members to share and publicize through existing channels information already available on critical race theory, what it is and what it is not. have a team of staffers for members who want to learn more and fight back against anti-crt rhetoric. the nea calling for a national day of action october 14th. george floyd's birthday, to have a dialogue of systemic racism. alex vogel and laura fink. thank you both for talking to us today. alex, as of june 29th, 26 states have introduced bills or either that or taken steps to restrict teaching critical race theory or limit how teachers can discuss racism and sexism
8:50 am
and so what. so far nine states have enacted complete bans. are we whitewashing history here? >> well, i think it's really unfortunate that the nea has decided to focus on this issue. it is clear a lot of parents and families have concerns and coming out of a pandemic when millions and millions of children have been unable to go to class, that really seems to me focus the nea should have. what is troubling is that they'll use the ideas to use union dues to push back on people who don't like this program. i find that very problematic. >> julie: do you find any of this problematic? >> i find it problematic if we teach history that oh mitts large swaths of truths. we need children to understand that the good and the bad. we need to teach them about our victories, we need to also teach them about the inherent racism that has led to many problems that we face as a
8:51 am
country today. we need to have that knowledge so that we can solve those problems. >> julie: thank you very much. we have to go to breaking news coming out of florida. we are expecting ron desantis to hold a news conference. >> closest to the remaining structure was effectively inaccessible by search and rescue people. when i went out there this morning the whole building is now down. they were on that pile that had been difficult for them to access so they are making a lot of progress with the search effort in that part. when they drew this up and told me what was going to happen obviously the miami-dade was made the final call. we were supportive of it. we funded it at the state level. they explained to me how it would happen. it would fall down in place and low and behold it fell down in place. if you look around there, there wasn't a lot of debris right after it coming down. you could drive a vehicle down the road and now you wouldn't have even know if you hadn't known if it was there that
8:52 am
something just came down within the last day. it was a good effort and the right thing to do and i think it will help us move forward and really be able to get the job done for the families, for the community of surfside, miami-dade and state of florida. we are at least in terms of the surfside with this storm elsa, the news is pretty positive. they continue the 11:00 a.m. update from the national hurricane center advisor moved it further west so i will be signing a revised executive order later today and we'll likely remove miami-dade from the affected counties. we will likely be removing de soto and hardy who are interior florida in the southern part of the state. we'll likely remove them because the track is pushing it further out into the gulf of mexico. on the other hand we'll have to add a lot of counties in the northern part of the state particularly in the big bend region.
8:53 am
you are looking at counties that we had in there north of places like dixie and leavey county and also some interior counties. we're working on that but we'll have that done very soon. so the impact, the landfall impact of this storm is likely to be north of tampa bay and probably north of citrus county at this point. again they'll continue to monitor the track. it will start passing over cuba today and once it gets on the other side of cuba we'll have an even better idea what the track looks like. our plan is the same. we understand it is part of living in florida. we anticipate some power outages. if you do have them and using a generator, please make sure that generator is exhausting outside your home and outside your garage. if that is inside a garage or inside a home, you will have
8:54 am
carbon monoxide poisoning and that has caused more people passed away in florida in the last four years from carbon monoxide poisoning than from direct impacts of the storm. so just be smart. understand that's a risk and then listen to folks on your local community about if there is a need to do any type of evacuation. we don't anticipate the need for any type of widespread evacuations based on this storm. it will be a strong tropical storm. if you are in certain areas, you may have local emergency manager recommend an evacuation. if that's the case, heed that. i think we're really looking at folks who are special needs or power dependent and likely wouldn't see that for a broader section of the community at this point. we'll continue to provide updates. >> julie: florida governor updating on search rescue efforts in surfside but also
8:55 am
talking about the storm and how the pathtropical storm elsa is actually not going to impede the search efforts as it seems to be heading toward the gulf of mexico meaning the impacts will mainly be felt in the northern part of the state sparing miami-dade county so search teams can continue their efforts there. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". i'll be back with "outnumbered" right after this break. at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations all have one goal — to make you smile, today.
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