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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 5, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> that does it for us this morning. enjoy the day. >> bye, everybody. >> a loud explosion in south florida last night as crews brought down what was left of that collapsed condo with tropical storm elsa approaching. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm griff jenkins. >> i have to remember the say the fifth. all morning long folks have been saying happy fourth. it is the fifth. i'm gillian turner in for dana.
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in surfside, florida, rescue teams have now gotten the all clear. they have resumed digging through that massive pile of rubble hoping against hope now really to find survivors. 24 people are confirmed dead. 121 still now unaccounted for. meantime officials are looking at the structural integrity of other buildings in the nearby area. charles watson is tracking that development from surfside. hi, charles. >> good morning, gillian and griff. what we mains of champlain towers south came down in a matter of second after a long day of planning. demolition crews imploded the 13 story tower. you can see the explosives go off and the building hits the ground. the plume of dust in the air was so thick you could see it nearly a mile away. miami-dade officials were racing to bring the building
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down as concerned grew over its structural stability. now with the building gone there is hope rescue crews can get toeathat up until now have been off limits. >> really we were stuck that we couldn't get to a certain part of the pile. i heard them say they think they are areas where they will be able to search and i'm excited. >> about two hours after the dust settled our cameras saw search and rescue teams heading back into the site to get back to work. this morning 121 people were still unaccounted for and 24 are confirmed dead including the 7-year-old daughter of a miami firefighter. he had been working at the collapse site when the young girl's body was discovered last week. we spoke to a heartbroken family friend. >> i can't believe what
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happened. >> this as miami-dade officials try to avoid another catastrophe. over the weekend two condo buildings, one in north miami beach and another in miami beach were forced to close and evacuate hundreds of residents after structural issues were discovered at both buildings over the weekend. if there is anything positive that you can pull out of this tragic story it may be this. a source working at the collapse site tells us the victims confirmed dead likely died quickly and peacefully in their sleep. back to you. >> it is something to certainly think about and hold at least for the grieving family members. stay safe out there. thank you so much. >> americans heading home after the holiday weekend with aa a & t sa reporting pandemic highs in road and air travel. life is getting back to normal despite high gas prices and
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airline delays across the country. david spunt is live in washington with more. >> if you want to travel home today and watching this on tv right now experts say do it as soon as possible. americans are always known to procrastinate when it comes to traveling. officials believe the busiest time for travel whether on the roads or whether in the air, even trains will be between 6:00 p.m. and midnight tonight. so you have a few hours to go. aaa of course has been tracking this for years. they say that traffic will be considerable today possibly tomorrow. this is despite rising gas prices and don't forget those expensive airline tickets. 47 million people are traveling, popular term used to describe this weekend travel you've seen it online over the past few days revenge travel. >> americans are not really taking that into account for their trips. they have pent up demand for
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travel and they're hitting the road. >> people have been stuck inside and socially distanced for the past 15, 16 months and they want to get out and celebrate. a chance to see family and friends. 157 million adults are fully vaccinated and why travel is picking up. there is demand for travel. the problem is the supply. many airlines including southwest are seeing staffing shortages which in turn causes more delays and problems. maintenance is another issue. american airlines cut some of its schedule to mid july to deal with changes. aaa says it is the second largest travel period. before that was 2019 pre-pandemic. experts are expecting next year to pick up even more. >> david spunt in washington thank you. >> president biden marked independence day yesterday with a large celebration at the white house. attendees were mostly maskless.
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the white house had everybody covid tested before entering the south lawn after the administration fell just short of their goal. that was to have 70% of american adults partially vaccinated by the fourth. dr. anthony fauci this weekend, though, still urging vaccinated adults to mask up even though the cdc says those people don't need to. take a listen. >> that area where there is a considerable degree of viral circulation i might want to be cautious enough to make sure i get the extra added level of protection even though the vaccines themselves are highly effective. >> let's bring in marc thiessen a fox news contributor and former speech writer for president george w. bush. happy independence day from yesterday, marc. >> happy independence day. >> something that they did not drill down on with fauci on
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"meet the press" yesterday was whether vaccinated americans who are now being told to wear masks when they go into unvaccinated areas should be wearing these masks in order to protect themselves or in order to protect those vulnerable and unvaccinated around them, a key distinction. >> you don't need it for either one. if you are vaccinated, you are at almost no risk of getting the virus. and you are almost no risk of giving the virus to anybody else. here is the cdc data. there have been a grand total of 4,427 breakthrough infection hospitalizations of people who have been vaccinated, got the virus and were hospitalized. that's out of 154 million. that's a breakthrough hospitalization rate of 0.003%
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and death rate. 0.003% chance of being hospitalized if you've been vaccinated and 0.0005% chance of dying if you're vaccinated. you have a bigger chance of dying in a car accident traveling home from independence day holiday than you have of drying from covid. a bigger chance of getting hit by lightning this weekend than you do of getting voefd if you've been vaccinated. for fauci to suggest -- this is why they didn't meet their vaccine goals is because they send the mixed messages. the message fauci is sending is vaccines don't work, you can't trust them. the only responsible message for him to be saying is get your shot and live your life. that's not the message we're getting from this administration. >> here is something. he also said yesterday that though there are 10,000 covid deaths in the month of june in the u.s. fauci says 99.2%
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unvaccinated of those people, .8% were vaccinated. something i think we're not talking enough about in this national dialogue surrounding vaccines is the potentially millions of americans advised by healthcare providers not to get the vaccine because of their underlying health conditions. somebody take up that cause and start explaining to the american people not really appropriate to shame a lot of those folks. it's not appropriate to shame them anyway but a lot of people have underlying health conditions to prevent them from getting the vaccine. can you identify like with your former policy making hat on for a second who might be a good person to get that message out from the administration? >> well, a good person to get the message about vaccinations would be donald trump. so if you look at the vaccine hesitancy around the country, the top 20 states that have been vaccinated are all states that voted for joe biden.
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17 of the 20 lowest vaccinated states are states voted for donald trump. why isn'the biden administration giving trump credit for the vaccine? why are they not asking donald trump to do a public service ad urging his supporters around the country to get the vaccine? this is an operation warp speed is one of the greatest achievements in human history of the trump administration. the message to trump supporters should be this is donald trump's vaccine. this is the vaccine the trump administration brought to you both for your health and as an act of loyalty to your former president, go and get vaccinated. that would be a lot more effective in convincing some of those people than anthony fauci running around with his hair on fire saying you have to wear a mask if vaccinated. >> i like it. i'll take it. thank you so much for breaking
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-- i'm teasing you. thanks so much. >> a deadly holiday weekend in chicago with dozens of people shot. that's not the only democrat-led big city why gun violence keeps surging. >> the july fourth message from one member of the squad is black americans have no reason to celebrate u.s. freedom. republican congressman byron donald will respond coming up next. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
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>> gillian: folks in ocean city, maryland got to see a july 4 spectacular in broad daylight. crews were setting up and there was an accidental discharge. we now know one person did suffer minor injuries unfortunately. griff, i have to say this terrifies me. i had to go to bed early. i had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to be with you today. i heard fireworks going off until 1:00 a.m. in my neighborhood. all i could think was are these people setting off their own fireworks somewhere in washington, d.c. or is this accidental left over fireworks going off across the river?
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it scares me. >> griff: our heart goes out to the company. it is an annual thing and a great thing. i talked to the guy in charge of the washington fireworks, it is dangerous. fortunately it wasn't worse than it was. squad member cori bush setting off a new controversy as people celebrated independence day. she tweeted this. when they say that the fourth of july is about american freedom, remember this. the freedom they're referring to is for white people. this land is stolen and black people still aren't free. congressman byron donald is a member of the freedom force, gop counter point to the squad and joins me now. i hope you had a safe and wonderful fourth of july. i want to get your reaction to your colleague's tweet. >> my reaction is i just shake my head and move on.
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what cory tweeted was ridiculous. july fourth is to celebrate the freedom of this nation from british tyranny. that's the purpose of the celebration. we should all celebrate that. number two. black people are free in america. that is what has happened since 1865, the state of play in 2021 american. i look at her sweet and shake my head and i don't agree and most black people don't agree with that and most people don't agree with that. we live in the greatest country in the world. more black people have accomplished and achieved more wealth in the united states than any other country in the world. we should celebrate that and celebrate frankly the birth of the greatest nation man has ever known. >> griff: congressman, it is certainly divisive those sorts of comments. does the vice president or other leaders have a responsibility to push back on her tweet? the vice president of the united states is african-american so how can she
6:20 am
say that black people still are not free? >> i agree with you. i think they should ask her about what corey said and ask president biden about what coreee said. republicans are always having to answer questions about what one of our members said. they should have to answer what cori said yesterday. it is outlandish and ridiculous and flies in the face of reality that all americans see every single day. >> griff: this is not her first controversy. back in may she called mothers birthing people. in june called for reparations. is she and her squad a problem for democrats in your opinion come november 2022? >> oh yeah, big time. they are a big problem. the democrats know this. why they start to pull back off some of this rhetoric because they know independent voters
6:21 am
and even democrat voters don't support this kind of stuff. what most people want in our country is to have a free country which we already have where people live in harmony and peace which we have right now. that's what people want. they want a tax environment and learn and be educated appropriately. they don't want to constantly live in this deviceive environment. these comments hurt democrat prospects in 18 months. >> when you aren't on television with us, when she is not on twitter, when you are just by yourselves behind closed doors on capitol hill or in the capitol itself do you ever address her and say this isn't helping the problem in america with bringing people together? >> no, we actually don't talk that much. we see each other now and again in the halls. we are cordial. we never had an opportunity to get into that deep of a conversation. maybe we should. i'm trying to understand where stuff like this comes from.
6:22 am
in our normal ordinary lives, whether it's school, sports, you know we're trying to get a job and moving through your career we're free to do those things. her connotation of what she is saying is people are still in chains. it is not true. it is not true factually. look at your life and look around you. you are a congresswoman in the united states, for god's sake, let's be honest. >> griff: i want to get you on one other issue. critical race theory. we are talking about it for weeks. the nea conveying its support for it. do you think that is a bad mistake? >> of course, but the nea always makes bad mistakes and why nobody listens to them except for people trying to find the union line. the nea only cares about the union. not even about the teachers. anything that empowers the union is what they're focused on. parents need to keep pressure going towards the school districts because they'll listen to the parents as long
6:23 am
as the parents are there talking. don't let the union take back control of these schools. it's that simple. >> griff: happy july fifth and have a great day. >> gillian: now to our other top story of the morning. the crisis continuing at the u.s. southern border where patrol agents say migrant crossings have now reached a 20-year high. they also say that they expect next month's apprehensions will top a million people. bill joins us from la joya, texas. what are you seeing on the ground so far today? >> good morning to you. what i at the border just because it was the holiday weekend. we witnessed quite a bit of activity and we'll show that to you now. look at this video the drone crew shot on the fourth of july right here. a group of about 80 migrants apprehended by border patrol after crossing the rio grande and illegally entered the
6:24 am
united states. the family units and border patrol is telling us ever since we got here late last week that more and more migrants are showing up with positive covid-19 infections. many of them coming from nicaragua but it is not all family units. look at the mug shot out of tucson sector. this guy was caught on friday. he is from guatemala and he has a second degree murder conviction on his record. thankfully border patrol able to apprehend these and these photos out of texas big bend sector. border patrol arrested these three illegal immigrants after burglarizing a ranchers house. two loaded firearms from this ranchers house as well as ammo, clothes and food. thankfully border patrol able to respond and arrest those men. stealing guns from that ranchers house. yesterday on fox report montana
6:25 am
gop representative said all these immigrants coming across are going to end up being a huge burden on u.s. taxpayers. take a listen. >> and then worse yet the american public is being forced to accommodate the healthcare, the housing, the education for all of these people because they have come here illegally. they cannot work legally. they cannot provide for themselves. so we're being forced to take care of it and at the same time they are sending money, these folks are sending millions of dollars to the cartel on a daily basis. >> as you take a being live look at the fox drone now they'll show you the incomplete border wall in la joya, texas and why it's such a hot spot. the wall that was being built during donald trump's presidency. as soon as president biden took over construction halted. the big question now, what are the june numbers going to look
6:26 am
like if we go over 180,000 migrant apprehensions we'll set another 20-year record. we'll send it back to you. >> gillian: setting a record of over a million in one year. thank you so much live from la joya, texas. >> griff: major retailers feeling the impact of progressives policies in democrat-run cities. how walgreen's and target are responding. and general jack keane talks about the warnings of what our departure from afghanistan will mean. >> when we full rewithdraw the devastations and killings and women and fleeing to pakistan. president biden is going to own these ugly images. the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing,
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ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. >> gillian: this is a fox news alert on a violent holiday
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weekend. nearly 100 people were shot in two of america's biggest cities alone. in chicago bullets hitting 82 people, killing 14 of them. just the latest grim statistics on gun violence that has been a problem there for years now. meantime across the country in new york city at least six people were reportedly shot over the weekend. one was killed, two are now in critical condition. >> griff: the crime wave having an impact on the west coast too. target says san francisco stores will close early over safety concerns and walgreen's shutting bay area locations permanently. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more. good morning. >> good morning, griff. the california retail association says juveniles and homeless people are often tapped by organized crime to do the dirty work these places and there is now so much retail theft in san francisco that some of the stores are permanently shutting
6:33 am
down or closing early there. target says it is reducing its hours in francisco because of the continuous theft. in response to the crime d.a.'s office told fox news it is not just petty theft they're trying to fight. these crimes are profitable because of the vast criminal network behind them which our office is dismantling. we have created an ongoing retail task force and working with multiple law enforcement agencies to disrupt and deter organized retail theft. it has led to the recovery of over 8 million in stolen merchandise. at this san francisco walgreen's a man was seen on video slowly riding a bicycle through the store as he stole stuff and put it inside of a trash bag. an example of the boldness of some of these people committing thefts here and now walgreen's, too, deciding to close some of its stores. the san francisco d.a.'s office charged the suspect from walgreen's with 15 charges from
6:34 am
grand theft to second degree robbery for eight instances that occurred in may and june of this year. california is now home to three of the cities with the most retail crime in america, los angeles, sacramento and san francisco. now residents are collecting signatures to try to get san francisco's d.a. recalled in part for what critics call his soft on crime approach. >> griff: scary stuff. we'll be following it. an update. christina coleman in los angeles. >> gillian: police departments across the nation are grappling with severe under funding, low morale and rising retirement as violent crime continues to surge in u.s. cities nationwide. departments are now reporting retirements are up 45%. one school is now working overtime to educate and try to inspire the next generation of law enforcement. we're joined by beth vasquez, a career teacher at the colorado
6:35 am
destination career academy. unique program. she joins us now. thank you for taking time with us this morning. we appreciate it. just so our viewers get sort of this setting the stage here, the big picture is that over the past year, year and a half a series of high profile deaths of americans in police custody have led to a nationwide call to defund the police. part of the aim of this program is to sort of counter that narrative, is that right? >> absolutely. we are preparing our students to go into fields in the criminal justice system and our students are excited and passionate about it. a big piece of that is opportunities that we provide them with. work-base learning opportunities. guest speakers from around the nation, f.b.i. agents, law enforcement officers, judges to provide them the realities of the job and the benefits of the job as well. >> gillian: it seems like these days the realities and the
6:36 am
benefits smack up against one another. i understand that students in the program along with their instructors sort of discuss and debate all this very openly and very up front about the tremendous liabilities of joining the uniform service today that come hand in hand with the prestige, honor and incredible responsibility. what is the number one concern you hear about become law enforcement officers >> just the realities that you mentioned of the job right now. as we bring in these guest speakers and they talk about the realities of the job they also talk about how they are making a difference. my students are excited about change and we spend a lot of time talking about civil liberties and justice and what that looks like. and they are passionate about being a part of the change and making a difference within their communities. >> gillian: now, interestingly enough you say that interest in criminal justice is on the
6:37 am
upswing among your students these days. is that an encouraging sign for the future? >> absolutely, yeah. enrollment in my classes semester to semester keeps increasing. and i think it's due -- a lot of kids are passionate about this and want to be a part of the team in the system and offer opportunities in the classes and students get interested and excited. we have criminology, forensic science. we also do a lot of hands-on learning. toured the colorado bureau of investigation. i believe it's a combination. >> gillian: for our viewers at home, it is the destinations career academy of colorado. check it out online if you are interested. beth vasquez, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> griff: gillian, devastating drought keeping its choke hold on the american west. farmers and ranchers worry it
6:38 am
will decimate their crops and one says things might not be so bad if california had listened to the trump administration. he joins us next. matthew mcconaughy's message on america's birthday. we're all right he says except for some growing pains. >> remember we're babies as a country. we're basically going through puberty in comparison to other country's timelines. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this is the sound of an asthma attack... that doesn't happen. this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment
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>> griff: a severe drought in the american west. ranchers and farmers are -- the
6:44 am
failures of california's water supply are due to the state resisting trump administration policies as much as a lack of rain. john moore is a central california farmer. he is in charge of things there. thank you for coming on and i hope you had a good fourth. i want to play for you a sound bite from comedian bill maher who talked about the drought and what he had to say. listen and i'll get your reaction. >> with the drought, really, a water shortage problem. it is more a where the water is going problem. we actually have enough water we give away too much to farmers who get their water subsidized by the government because we still act like it's 1890 and farmers are small and independent when they are mostly part of big ag. >> griff: your reaction? >> i'm glad that you showed that to me now and not the first time i watched it. i think the first time i watched it my response would
6:45 am
have been more -- it shows a disconnect and the disconnect between the actual consumer a and farmer. those statistics are wrong that he put out in front there. we actually use a lot less of that water. only 40% of the water goes to the farming community. what we like to say in agriculture is we're enhancing that water and making it safe and stable food supply. although it's an easy argument to point to the mean, ugly farmer, it is just inaccurate. what we do here specifically in the central valley goes to the benefit of the nation and there by the world by producing the crop that you can't produce anywhere else as efficiently as we can here. >> griff: you say that this drought could be alleviated if california would listen to trump-era policies specifically what do you mean? >> so we have this incredible infrastructure in california
6:46 am
for water conveyance. we collect water from the sierras, move it throughout the state and through the delta. we haven't been able to move water through the delta because of some species and the old biological opinion. the trump administration came out with new opinions for more water to travel south of the delta. the trump administration and california administration did not get along. they liked to sue each other more than have actual conversations. the trump-era decision has not been utilized to the fullest. i also want to point out that we built the system in the 1960s. there has been no meaningful infrastructure built other than the new dam in the 1980s. within that time the california population has voted for
6:47 am
proposition 1 that was supposed to go to water infrastructure systems and it hasn't happened. >> griff: let me quickly in the 30 seconds we have left, john, you saw that u.s. drought launcher for the u.s. 60 million americans are affected by it and you want politicians to take politics out of it. in the last 30 seconds, what specifically could the biden administration do today to help things? >> the biden administration can help allocate funding towards our existing water infrastructure projects, the bryant and that's encouraging the state to make common sense decision and encouraging our governor to pick the right people to serve on our state water boards to serve as water commissioner. these government and governor chosen positions are those that lever the power and failing the california population. specifically the farming population. >> griff: john moore, thank you very much, appreciate your time.
6:48 am
the white house is still -- i was at the southern border last week and ahead i'll talk with border council president brandon judd about what his agents are seeing every single day. plus track star sha'carri richardson may not be able to run in the olympics because of a drug test. she is getting support from the president and others. more on that next. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ♪welcome back to that same old place♪
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>> gillian: pope francis is recovering at a hospital in rome after undergoing a sche the pontiff is doing well and awake. he had the procedure at -- he
6:54 am
suffered from a restriction of the large intestine. not uncommon for people over 80 years old. the pope is expected to be in the hospital for a week and then go home. >> griff: the duggar family is responding to the cancellation of their tv show. after josh duggar was indicted on child pornography charges. they say we've had the honor to save our lives, family and story and faith with you. we're full of deep gratitude for the love shown to us and the prayers of so many who have sustained us both now and through the years. >> gillian: track star sha'carri richardson is
6:55 am
apologizing after her positive marijuana test and she will probably not compete in the tokyo games. >> i will be your world champ next year. president biden now says he is, quote, proud of her response. let's bring in joe concha. fox news contributor and media correspondent for the hill. joe. let's take a listen to the president on sha'carri and i'll get reaction on the other side. >> president biden: the rules are the rules and everybody knows what the rules were going in. whether they should remain is a different issue. the rules are the rules. i was really proud of the way she responded. >> gillian: so i take that to me the rules are the rules but, you know. >> you know. the president is right. the rules are the rules. world anti-doping agencies wants to change the rules moving forward for the future let the body decide whether pot should be legal or not.
6:56 am
you look at the numbers. support for legalizing marijuana 34% in 2000. 68% now doubled. katie pavlich had the best observation on this. sha'carri richardson isn't allowed to use marijuana due to doping rules but men are allowed to compete as women in the olympics. well done, katie. here is the thing. richardson knew these were the rules. i know she is having a hard time but she knew she would be tested regardless of the excuse. why do all that training. my wife ran track it's brutal and huge time commitment and have it thrown away. you can't change the rule for the entire world one month before the olympics just for one athlete. >> gillian: her defendants are saying she is struggling with mental health issues, be those what they may. but again it seems unfair to
6:57 am
unilaterally even consider changing rules a month out based on the experiences of one athlete who has come forward and talked openly about this. >> sure. you have lawmakers like alexandria ocasio-cortez, democrat new york saying that the rule is racist because everything is racist in her worldview, right? it is hard to find a lawmaker in the history of this country who complains so loudly and so much and accomplishes so little in terms of law making. now you have people in sports media echoing aoc saying the rule is wrong. changed now, not next olympics and richardson should be reinstated immediately. it doesn't look like it will happen at this point to her. >> gillian: i was getting distracted of her running at the speed of light. to your point this is what aoc and jamie raskin tweeted. we urge you to reconsider the policies that led to this and
6:58 am
other suspensions for recreational marijuana use. please strike a blow for civil liberties and civil rights by reversing this course you are on. i fail to understand how this is a civil rights issue. do you get that? >> i do as well. it is simply you can't put foreign substances in your body before you compete on the world stage. that's what the world anti-doping agency says now. maybe they'll say marijuana is no different than alcohol. we don't test for alcohol so perhaps we can move on. but to make it a civil liberties issue, this is not how you win an argument and why aoc loses so many arguments when she tries to put forth actual legislation that never gets passed. >> gillian: i would be curious to find out from medical experts how smoking marijuana leading up to any athletic competition negatively impacts athletes. people should talk about that as well.
6:59 am
have some kind of dialogue around that before you tell the athletes it's totally fine. >> that would take logic and intelligence. that seems to be lacking a lot of public discourse. let's bring in the medical experts and weigh the options with good and bad. stop making so much sense on this show, please. >> gillian: certainly not a decision that anyone is going to come to in a month or a few weeks. >> no. >> gillian: thank you for joining us happy belated fourth. hope you are celebrating today fifth. >> you too as well. >> gillian: you bet. all right. so griff, my issue with this is as i just said. if you are going to allow drugs to be used recreationally by major athletes, you then have an obligation to educate and inform them about the potential negative side effects. for some people like sha'carri it might help her mentally but there could be physical
7:00 am
downsides. you know this from surfing. >> griff: rules are rules. however, in the reality we have with marijuana laws loosening across the united states she has an argument to be made to loosen the enforcement but rules are rules. it's been a great first hour. you want to do another one? >> gillian: i'll think about it. just kidding i'm here. a member of the so-called squad is getting backlash over her july celebrate independence day. we'll get into that all hour long. for now welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm gillian turner in for dana perino today. >> griff: i'm filling in for bill hemmer and here is representative bush's tweet. when they say that the fourth of july is about american
7:01 am
freedom remember this, the freedom they're referring to is for white people. this land is stolen and black people still aren't free. reaction to this from florida congressman byron donalds last hour. watch. >> i just shake my head and move on. what cory tweeted was ridiculous. july 4 to celebrate the freedom of this nation. number two, black people are free in american. that has what has happened. as the state of play in 2021 america. i look at her tweet. shake my head and don't agree and to be truthful most black people don't agree. >> gillian: we're joined by anita vogel here with us in the washington bureau following the fallout. what are people saying on capitol hill so far? >> different takes on this for sure. good morning. representative cori bush had quite a lot to say about the
7:02 am
fourth of july this year. in addition to the tweet that you read, she went on to say this, quote. we know what our own freedom looks like. end the slavery permitted under the 13th amendment. we are the experts on our own liberation and we won't stop until its won. the 44-year-old freshman congresswoman from missouri is a nurse and has made other controversial statements before including when she used the word birthing people when she referred to her childbearing experience. some were quick to criticize but she had some support like this tweet from congressional candidate who replied saying in part, quote, it's almost as if our entire country had been brain washed to ignore our history and how its worst elements continue today. but earlier at the white house, president biden himself struck a completely different tone with a fourth of july message of unity to the country.
7:03 am
>> president biden: the american creed. we use that phrase, the american creed. we're all equal. created equal. whether your ancestors were native to this land or brought here forcibly and enslaved. >> like the country electing the first black president not so long ago. he was overwhelmingly elected twice and now we have a female vice president who is also a woman of color. >> gillian: thanks for pointing that out. check back with you later in the show. appreciate it. >> griff: homeland security secretary mayorkas says there is no crisis on our southern border and that the numbers are misleading because some migrants are making more than one illegal crossing. 172,000 migrants crossed the border in april and may. four months prior to president
7:04 am
biden taking office. the average number was 70,000 a month. let's bring in brandon judd national border patrol council presidjust together last week when governor abbott and former president trump. last week they saw more than 2,000 apprehensions addae. it's up 558%. how is it that the secretary says there is no crisis? >> i can't -- you couldn't be more disappointed in his words. he is absolutely incorrect and worse off, he knows he is incorrect. he is using political talking points to try to deflect from this administration's failures. he knows that repeatism has existed since i've been in the border control. a condition that existed under president trump and now continues to president bidens term. the difference under trump's
7:05 am
term we didn't have the same number of crossings we're seeing right now. there was never 180, 170,000 crossings under president trump's administration. this is failures by this administration to come up with actual policies or actual programs that are going to work to help us secure the border. >> griff: talking about programs that are keeping those numbers which are at a 20-year high from going higher, is title 42, the health rule that is expelling mostly single adults because of the fear of covid. for example, in may of the 180,000 encounters, 112,000 were sent back. what happens if title 42 lifts? >> if title 42 goes away we are going to see even more people being released into the united states. right now of 170,000 people that are crossing the border illegally we're releasing into the united states approximately 65,000 of those people. so once title 42 goes away and
7:06 am
we can't directly expel them to mexico we'll have to start releasing those individuals as well. we will be releasing up to 80% of the people that are crossing the border illegally and that's where secretary mayorkas is absolutely incorrect. he is setting the stage for this issue to become even worse, for this crisis to become a bigger crisis than it is currently. he needs to look at policies and programs such as the policies that president trump put in place in order for us to control the border. >> griff: as we're looking at secretary mayorkas it is worth noting for our viewers under the trump administration he was the director of the citizenship part of our government and then the number two at dhs before that administration ended. so when we talk about whether it is a crisis or not, at one time he saw it as a crisis in a previous administration but now not. how does this get under control?
7:07 am
>> the only way that we can get it under control is if president biden recognizes that the vast majority of the american public wants the border secure and he comes up with policies that are going to give us the means in order to put the pressures on the cartels, put pressure on the mexican government and throughout the world. as long as we can put the pressure on those governments we can be successful. again, i harken back to what president donald trump did. he did all of those things. he was able to drop illegal immigration to lows that we had never seen before and this administration reversed all of those policies which has caused this problem we're currently facing. the american public, the polls show that they know that this problem has been caused by this administration because they are pandering to their leftist base. >> griff: brandon, last 15 seconds i got left what are you hearing about what we expect for june numbers?
7:08 am
>> the june numbers will look exactly like they did in may. maybe a little bit uptick more. again this crisis continues and mayorkas is ignoring the simple fact that we've got to do something to control the border. >> griff: brandon judd, thank you. gillian. >> gillian: the white house has narrowly missed its goal to have 70% of adults partially vaccinated by yesterday july 4th. president biden struck an optimistic tone last night addressing the country's recovery from the pandemic. mark meredith is at the white house this morning tracking all of this. >> good morning to you. last night president biden hosted a huge crowd here at the white house for the fourth of july. it was one of the biggest events yet we have seen from this administration and it seemed to mark a new era for the administration. a post pandemic lifestyle but last night the president talked about the still ongoing battle
7:09 am
the country faces with the virus. >> president biden: the virus hasn't been vanquished. we know this, it no longer controls our lives. it no longer paralyzes our nation. and it is within our power to make sure it never does again. and for that we can thank the scientists and researchers, the educators and all the other front line essential workers. >> the latest data shows 157 million people are fully vaccinated. 47% of the u.s. population. the president's goal as gillian mentioned was to get to 70% of one does by yesterday. the white house coming up short with 67% of adults getting one dose. there is concern with the delta variant where there has been an uptick. we hear from dr. anthony fauci some people in the communities not getting as much vaccine applied to their population
7:10 am
there they need to make sure to take extra precautions. >> we have a substantial portion of the population vaccinated. it will be regional. that's the thing that will be confusing. >> federal health officials say they won't let their guard down and have some covid response teams on stand by ready to deploy to any hot spot areas with the delta variant and expect the white house to keep up the public push to get more people with the vaccine. celebrities came out, lawmakers and financial incentives. the administration is trying to get creative when it comes to getting people to gret the vaccine. president biden will get a briefing tomorrow on the covid-19 pandemic. nothing on his schedule today. >> gillian: enjoy this beautiful day out there at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i think tomorrow it's going back to 100 degrees. >> griff: it can be hot under
7:11 am
these lights. the nation's largest teachers union says critical race theory is perfectly fine to teach to k-12 students. what could it mean for the heated debate over the curriculum? sean duffy is here to talk about it next. plus this. >> gillian: that's one cop who is being hailed as a hero after pulling a man from a burning car. we have more of the dramatic video that is coming up straight ahead. >> griff: matthew mcconaughey with a fourth of july message. >> we are going through puberty in comparison to other country's timelines. only pay for what you need.
7:12 am
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>> griff: check this out. a dramatic rescue caught on video in michigan. a rollover crash causing a car to burst into flames, trapping a man inside. officer luke pauly risking his own life running up to the vehicle and pulling the guy to safety. two nurses stuck in traffic the ending to the man until an ambulance arrived. the crash is under investigation. unbelievable, gillian. that officers luke pauly, 30 years old. he said it was perfect timing he was there in time and training kicked in to save that man's life. >> gillian: that's a recruitment video ad. police officer saving a man's life. looks like body cam video
7:18 am
footage. truly incredible. >> griff: a testament to law enforcement officers work on holidays. >> gillian: it is. for something completely different now. the largest teachers union in the nation is making moves to back critical race theory in academia. the national education association has now approved the resolution that lets them publicly convey for the honest teaching of social study topics and teaching of unpleasant aspects of american history. in teaching topics it is reasonable and appropriate for curriculum to be informed for interpreting the impact of the past on current society including critical race theory. we'll bring in sean duffy a former u.s. congressman and fox news contributor. happy belated july fourth to you and the whole family, sean. one of the things i wanted to
7:19 am
just pick your brain about here real quick is it seems something missing from this national conversation about crt is any kind of working consensus on what it actually is, right? we hear some people who argue it is focused on government systems like democracy versus communism and socialism. other people say no, this is strictly about race and the impact of race on america's history. how do you see it? >> i think you only have to look to where is the nea looking for information. who are they partnering with to see what they are trying to teach our kids and partnering with the zin foundation and blm. marxist organization. they aren't talking about the whole history of america but teaching one version and vision of america, a leftist hate america version and doesn't tell the whole story. it is a real problem. the fact that the teachers
7:20 am
union would say we'll give tools to our teachers and administrators to fight parents who are opposed to critical race theory is a real problem. the fact that you have teacher colleges indoctrinateing young teachers that come out. 24 states have banned critical race theory you still have teachers come into the classroom and even though critical race theory is banned they'll still come in and bring in the radical equity principles. not equality principles but equity principles. one suggestion i think we should do. you played a video at the end of the segment of a burning car and cops running up to the car. they have body cameras on and how we had that footage. parents have a glimpse into the classroom over the course of the last 18 months. let's put body cameras on teachers or cameras in classrooms so we can see what our kids are being caught. they're our kids and we have to right to know what they're being taught. they aren't the teachers union kids. >> gillian: i haven't heard that idea proposed anywhere else. so this statement from the nea
7:21 am
says that really what crt and what they're trying to do here is include truthful and age appropriate accountings of unpleasant aspects of american history. but we also know that's not really the sum total of what they're trying to do. i went to school 100 years ago grade school and i was taught many unpleasant aspects of american history from the founding of the country and killing of native americans to the civil rights, to the civil war and civil rights movement where african-americans died every day in u.s. city streets. i was taught all of that but at the same time i was taught an accompanying version of american history that is patriotic, that focuses on the good, the valuable that is there in america's history. why do we have to now choose? you know what i'm saying? >> i do. if you were 100 years ago i was probably 150 years ago in school and i was taught the
7:22 am
same thing. it is important we have a full telling of american history. if some people believe that we need to further tell about the slavery or the civil rights movement okay, let's have that conversation. but the problem with critical race theory it's an ideology that teaches young people to hate america and why you see so many people kneeling or turning their back on the flag or disgusted to be americans. my kids are friends with and i am embarrassed to be american and white. if you only teach the negative side of this country and not the beautiful aspect of freedom and liberty not just in this country but what we've spread across the globe, what we've done here, how we've defended freedom in other countries and given our lives to defend that freedom and we can't celebrate that, too. that's the real problem with the ideology and teaching racism that we should be divided on color not united as
7:23 am
americans and why so many par interests are pushing back on this. as a parent it is our responsibility to make sure we, too, are teaching our kids a true history. we have to teach it to them in our homes i parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles, it is our job. >> gillian: now more than ever before. thank you for taking time fours. >> griff: -- for us. >> griff: the manhunt underway in georgia for a gunman suspected of killing three people on the golf course near atlanta. the course director was shot and killed saturday after confronting the suspect for driving a truck onto the green. the truck's owner and another victim dead inside the truck the next day. a frightening situation in georgia. the atlanta or georgia golf association putting out a statement about that much-respected gosiller.
7:24 am
our thoughts and prayers going out to him and his family. >> gilliathese days. >> griff: everywhere violence will reach. >> gillian: china has tough talk about president xi. how should the u.s. respond? we have general jack keane coming up next. a disturbing home invasion is caught in new york city. the rising crime sweeping across the big apple. as we celebrate america's independence some americans are changing what freedom and the flag really means. >> the flag represents freedom. that's the intrinsic desire that we as human beings have.
7:25 am
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>> griff: the nypd releasing video of a disturbing home break-in showing a suspect walking into an upper westside apartment to have a look around. that person is still on the loose. it comes as officers deal with an historic rise in crime across the big apple. alex hogan is live in new york with the latest. good morning, alex. >> good morning. one new york woman couldn't find her laptop in her home office so decided to take a look at her security footage finding something entirely else. this video showing door open. the man creeps through different rooms before taking a computer valued at more than $2400. investigators say the unidentified man wearing a mask managed to manipulate the lock on the central park west home to let himself in but had no interaction with the resident, a 45-year-old woman. the nypd is hoping this footage will lead to an arrest.
7:31 am
comparing data from this month to this month last year robberies are up 12%. grand larceny increased by 33%. petty larceny by nearly 23% and 30%. the most drastic of all is the number of hate crimes that shot up nearly 250% compared to this month last year. the city has always seen a dangerous uptick in gun violence and leaders pronounced major changes to protect manhattan, especially times square. >> the bottom line is we are going to flood the zone in times square with additional officers to make sure this situation is resolved once and for all. we are going into the summer of new york city. >> now while many people have off today it is no calm weekend for the nypd. there have been 21 shootings and 26 gunshot victims just over the holiday weekend so far.
7:32 am
>> griff: frightening stuff. alex hogan in new york. thank you. >> gillian: china's president xi issued new threats fresh on the heels of the communist party celebrating its 100th year in power. anyone who tries to bully or enslave us will face bloodshed. beijing is doing more than just talking. >> we're seeing an arc of instability. chinese officials are talking about taking great parts of russia away. also parts of -- xi's thoughts he should be the only ruler in the world. basically no other country has sovereignty. >> gillian: we're joined by retired four star general and fox news senior strategic analyst jack keane. happy belated july fourth for
7:33 am
you. thank you for taking time for us this morning. xi has long operated under the principle anything that matters in terms of communist party's power is maintaining the economic power across the world. is it still his motivating principle now? >> what xi is thinking certainly and we've discussed it before is regional as well as global. he believes his autocratic capitalism will win out over democratic capitalism. as a result of this he is much more reprensive at home than his predecessors and more than he was just a few years ago and considerably more assertive abroad as well. his social compact with his people is simply this. you can have economic prosperity and you can take
7:34 am
advantage of the personal attributes and participate in their economic system of autocratic capitalism but you must submit completely to the control of the chinese communist party. they dominate and control their lives. that's the social compact. that is why this speech that he gave, while he was certainly bombastic and full of bluster when it came to our adversaries that speech is motionly about nationalism and mostly designed for his domestic audience. he wants their willingness to submit to the control of the chinese communist party and so far he has it. >> griff: general, that's not the only hot spot we're dealing with right now. on friday we handed the keys to bagram airfield in afghanistan. yesterday on "fox news sunday" congressman mike mccaul says it's troubling. listen. >> we are going dark in
7:35 am
afghanistan and there will be consequences long term to this. at the end of the day, mike, when we fully withdraw, the devastation and the killings and women, humanitarian crisis, fleeing across the border to pakistan. president biden will own these ugly images. >> griff: add to that, general, commander in afghanistan scott miller saying the security situation is deteriorating and we could be heading for civil wars. your thoughts. >> we're pretty much on that path. what is really happening here, when we pull out our intelligence and that's the system of intelligence as well as the platforms, particularly drones and others, to be able to know where the enemy is and what the enemy is doing, a lot of that for the afghan security forces is now gone. the second thing we have pulled out and stopped. this is extraordinarily decisive and what the president of afghanistan was talking to biden about. i spoke to him about the night
7:36 am
before he spoke to our president with other people and have had multiple phone conversations with him. what he wants is u.s. air support. hold back the advance of the taliban. the problem is we don't have that capability in country anymore. it has to come from outside the country. here is what will happen. the taliban are now taking districts around the country. they are avoiding going into major cities and the capitals. they won't do that until the united states leaves. then they will mass. they will no longer be an you are surgeon see and then go into the cities. they're vulnerable to air strikes and drones spotting where they are and what they're doing at that time. i hope that the biden administration will firg out along with the pentagon how to support them in the air. if it doesn't we'll see the major cities just start to fall and they will consolidate their
7:37 am
defenses around kabul and keeping the airport open is the only way the government will stay in power. if that airport starts to be threatened, everybody is going to leave. it will be an ugly situation to be sure for the afghans to deal with and americans to bear witness to. >> gillian: especially tragic considering the number of american lives lost during the last two decades, the trillions of dollars in taxpayer money funneled to that country. general jack keane, thank you for taking time for us today. we appreciate it. >> great talking to you. >> griff: the ufo report is in but one democratic lawmaker wants more answers. house intelligence committee member andre carson calling on congress to hold additional hearings on the suspected ufo sightings. he says the intelligence community's report to congress is inconclusive. the public has a right to know
7:38 am
about the sightings. i printed out the report and the one thing i noticed on it is most, it says unclassified but in a footnote there is a classified annex, maybe congressman carson is right, we don't know everything they're telling us. >> gillian: we don't. intelligence sources have been telling us over the last couple of weeks even the classified version of this report remains inconclusive. they don't know. the u.s. government according to intel sources does not know the origin, who is behind these unmanned aerial vehicles. that's the scary thing not because they are afraid it's alien life but they are afraid it's america's adversaries, russia, china, north korea operating with this capacity we didn't know they had. that's the real national security threat. >> griff: the truth is out
7:39 am
there to quote a great american tv series. >> gillian: it is still out there. president biden is focusing in further on gun control in order to combat rising crime in u.s. cities. he is going against some now in the democratic party, his own party calling to defund the police. how will all of this play into democrats' chances in next year's mid-terms. henry winkler is stirring up controversy on twitter. his tweet plus the reaction. ♪♪♪
7:40 am
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>> gillian: the company behind
7:45 am
the canceled keystone pipeline project is seeking $15 billion in damages from the united states. the company is canada based call tc energy and they claim they suffered massive losses due to the cancellation. it says it breached the u.s. government's nafta obligations as well. the pipeline would have transported crude oil from canada to nebraska and president biden canceled its existing permit in january on his very first day in office citing environmental concerns. >> griff: the curb violence in america's cities president biden is calling for stricter gun control and encouraging cities to hire more police. in a new article some political analysts say biden's gun and police policies could threaten democrats 2022 mid-term prospects. executive director jessica anderson joins us now. thank you for taking time on
7:46 am
this monday after the fourth of july. let's talk politics. security issues usually play well in politics and in a campaign coming up here pretty much already started you are seeing defund the police rhetoric. people like aoc doubling down saying defund the police means defund. some republicans say we need to refund police but yet we can go on social media now and see people being attacked in the streets in new york and elsewhere. how significant of an issue is this? >> safety and security is a huge issue. it is incredibly important that voters tune into the saga that the left has had around this issue. if you recall this time last year everyone on the democrat candidate ticket was shouting defund the police and actual local cities did that. look at the billion dollar cut in new york city. and now a year later we're seeing huge rise in crime, huge
7:47 am
spikes across the country, not just in major cities but lawlessness in communities across america. as a result, voters are paying attention. we have a new poll out today saying 64% of voters are rejecting the defund the police movement. i think politicians need to pay attention to this. >> griff: national report shows that in 34 cities homicide is up 24% compared to last year. 193 more homicides than this time compared to last year. are the numbers really on the anti-defund the police candidates? >> no, they're not. i think what you are se biden's secretary coming out and saying wait, democrats were never supportive of the defund the police movement. the republicans were. it is a classic liberal flip-flop. we want to see if biden is serious about supporting law enforcement and promoting safety and security in
7:48 am
neighborhoods. let's see if he'll commit not to defund the police and restore safety and community in our communities. >> griff: that was our own white house reporter peter doocy pressing psaki on comments made by senior white house advisor rich edmonton who asserted it is republicans blamed for the rising crime. is this a sign that the white house is feeling threatened next november? >> very much so. they have realized that their stark anti-police rhetoric is impacting policies at the local level which then have a huge spike in crime and they are back pedaling. they don't want anything to do with the movement and how it -- they say doing enough to support law enforcement.
7:49 am
they will need them if they want a second term in the white house come 2024. >> griff: just in the last 30 seconds or so we have left is this a double edge sword. if they pivot can they alienate progressives? >> very much so. i think what you'll see as the press secretary playing both sides saying republicans are supporting defund. they are not. at the same time trying to position biden administration to be supportive of law enforcement across the country. >> griff: jessica anderson, heritage action executive director. thank you for taking time today. >> thanks for having me. >> gillian: actor matthew mcconaughey is leaving some people dazed and confused with his tweet about america. coming up next we have carley shimkus to break it all down. mark zuckerberg spent his july 4th on an electric surf board.
7:50 am
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make your new sink work a little harder. make your home everything you need it to be. and make it yours. oscar will love that. [ bark ] however you make it, make your home like no other. >> griff: here is mark zuckerberg trying his best to be patriotic this fourth of july. ♪ country road, take me home, to the place i belong ♪ >> griff: the facebook founder posting this video of him with an american flag in hand. it caused many on social media to cringe in embarrassment. i have to say i surf and have
7:56 am
ridden a foil board. i have to tell you, i kind of liked it. i think he did a good job. >> gillian: he looks very fit i must say. everybody looks fit to me these days because i'm about to give birth in a couple weeks but i was impressed by his lower body strength. so on to another celebrity. matthew mcconaughey is giving an interesting take on america's independence day. >> as we celebrate our birth as a nation that kick started a revolution to gain our sovereignty let's admit this last year's trip around the sun was another head scratcher but also we're babies as a country. we're only in puberty in compareson to other country's time lines and we'll go through
7:57 am
growing pains. >> gillian: let's bring in celebrity tea leaf reader carley shimkus. the other thing that's a head scratcher is the hairdo in the video. i have to comment. i don't mean to be judgey. >> not my favorite hairstyle for him. but he can look good in a paper bag. anyway, about what he had to say about the fourth of july. i highly recommend everybody watch the full 2 minutes 30 seconds. and why people like him. he has this very unique, colorful, philosophical way of stringing a sentence together and he is right the country is young. 245 years is a blip on the radar. think how far we've come from july 4, 1776 and we're finally living up to the declaration of independence, the great document that shows us who we are as a country and yes, all
7:58 am
men are created equal and we all have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and fought a civil war and went through the civil rights movement to get to this point but we are a young nation. >> griff: are we sure he isn't channeling a character in an upcoming movie. the hair and sunglasses and hand gestures. is he in a drug cartel movie coming? >> gillian: and griff knows all about that. >> clearly. the next character that he might want to play is the real life governor of texas and there was a recent poll that came out that shows that he is neck-and-neck with governor abbott and that headline there is that he actually used to far succeed governor abbott. abbott has gained ground in the poll. texas senator ted cruz said
7:59 am
during a recent interview he is hoping matthew mcconaughey doesn't run because he is a big fan of governor abbott and considers him a mentor. as a hollywood actor who is charismatic it could be a lethal combination. abbott and o'rourke, abbott came out on top. for beto he might need another debate stage to speak spanish on. >> gillian: henry winkler tweeted yesterday we're so divided as a country only a cataclysmic event can give us back together. >> that one didn't -- >> gillian: a global pandemic. that was pretty cataclysmic. >> there is controversy on social media over this post. further proving his point we're so very, very divided. he posted an apology tweet on
8:00 am
this front saying he wasn't praying for some sort of disaster he was stating the obvious. poor henry winkler going through the wringer on social media. >> griff: from the fonz to mcconaughey. carley has it all. great to be with you. >> gillian: we'll hand it off to julie banderas with "the faulkner focus". she is in for harris today. >> fox news alert. surge in deadly violence in the nation monday. as we mark our nation's independence tragic news to report in chicago. police say two officers were shot and wounded early this morning while dispersing a crowd. among 82 people reportedly shot in the city since just friday evening. 14 of the victims were killed. among the dead


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