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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 4, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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[♪♪♪] reporter: a live look at the national mall as we celebrate america's 245th birthday right here in the nation's capitol. welcome to the special edition of fox news live. i'm griff jenkins. reporter: i'm alicia acuna. you are in the perfect place, i can tell you. griff: for our viewers just hours from now we are told we'll
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have the biggest fire works display in the country. we'll have a package later. we interviewed the gentleman in charge of the -- 4th generation fireworks expert. they are happy to be back as we are starting to come out of the pandemic. alicia: on to more serious news. crews are getting ready to demolish the remainder of the champlain towers south. phil keating is live in surfsiding with florida. reporter: the tower behind me is just about all that is left of the tower, half of which collapsed two thursdays ago. a pause not for the storm that
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is coming, but in preparation for the explosives of the remaining part of the towers. not only is the structure fragile, shifting and a threat to workers down below. there is a concern that elsa's winds will be the final push. elsa is blasting winds at 60 miles per hour and marching toward key west. today is day 10 since the building plummeted into a pile. two more bodies were recovered saturday bringing the total to 21 dead and 140 missing. it's about 30% of the overall pile. local leaders co-say could drop in high wind. >> the governor and i head clear our top priority is the building come down as soon as possible,
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no matter what type that occurs. and as safely as possible. crito expanding the coach our search and rescue effort. reporter: no residents were allowed in the building and their condos where their personal items are for their safety since the building came down. no one has been found alive in the rubble since that day. the mayor ordered all building 40 years old and older to do a structural analysis. that led to this condo complex to be rack waited due to reported concrete and electrical issues. the same with another building in miami beach. both were reasons similar to the suspects cause of what happened with this disaster. cracked concrete, neglect
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repairs, delayed repairs. and plumbing issues where water was making the concrete weaker. reporter: thanks, phil. griff: police releasing more details about the 11 men who prompted a andoff on i-5 this week even. they say they are members of a sovereign citizen group that quote does not recognize our laws. the standoff lasts about hours. alicia: a sung of pie grants is overwhelming officers on the border. reporter: things have not slowed down at the border. we had a 8 trooper drive up to
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us to give us a head up that they are tracking a group of 80 migrants. we are looking to see if we can fine this group. we are seeing a large grouping of border patrol vehicle past the rio grande where some of these migrants have passed the are you and are working their way through the dense brush where we can't see them yet. but it looks like border patrol is aging in that area. here in la joya, they came past the gap in the border wall and gave themselves up in the ballpark. these are the family units from el salvador' and honduras who are not trying to run away. but it's not just these family
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coming across. take a look at this photo released by the border patrol. they apprehended a guatemalan national with a murder charge. former trump advisor stephen miller he the biden policies are the cause. >> it's the sole cow of the border -- it's the sole cause for the border crisis. the most effective and robust border security re jeep this --e has had. reporter: you are taking a look at our fox drone.
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we can see groups of migrants as they are being processed by border patrol. again earlier a state trooper did tell us it was a group of 80 that came across the rio grande. they are getting ready to process these folks. it's incredibly hot and humid. the question is, will the surge slow down. so far what we have seen the answer is no. the 4th of july holiday, these border agents don't get the day off. alicia: youd said there are 8 people beneath the trees. how long does it 8 before they get them up and moving. >> it depend on the size of the group. what we have seen is usually
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between 30 minutes to an hour depending on whether they have to get some of these big buses out here. they have to get groups of 12 to 25. that usually takes at least an hour or two. they try to get their identification, give them water, and process each person individually. then a bus comes out and they have to arrange transport. it can take an hour or two before they are transported to a holding facility. griff: a group of lawmakers joined former president trump to the border. >> under joe biden's leadership we have a crisis at the border. under trump's leadership we built a wall.
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let's complete that wall. griff: the man you just saw there joins us now. congressman buddy carter. happy 4th of july. the scene you recorded. you were standing in front of an uncompleted section of the border wall. you heard our reporter doing great work down there. but every day i was there this past week there were 2,000 apprehensions. now that you have had a chance to see it and visit with president trump. you are seeing the border patrol group in lajoya sector. 2,000 a day. on the day you traveled wednesday the rgb sector
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revealed 7 criminal migrants were apprehended. two were -- two were sex offenders. five were gang members. >> we have a humanitarian situation and a national security issue at the border. under the trump administration we have one of the most secure borders we have had. now the biden administration reversed the construction of the wall. they reversed the stay in mexico policy. now they are trying to reverse title 42. in the 93 days kamala harris has been the border czar we have had 500,000 people come across that
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border that we know of. we have had enough fentanyl in the first four months of this year that has been seized that can kill every american four times over. this is ridiculous. griff: you raised vice president harris. you point out she did go down in 2017 and decried it. but now is it your opinion she is choosing not to see some of the crisis? >> there is no question about it. she came back and said progress has been made. i was just there in the rio grande valley sector. i have seen no progress whatsoever. it's still a porous border. she went to el paso, 800 miles away from the epicenter of the problem.
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that's not quite as far as chicago to washington, d.c. she went to the wrong place. i don't even think she made it to the border. but she didn't see the border at all. she has no clue whatsoever what's going on. either they are incompetent or they are dumb. i don't know which one it is or a combination of both. >> i want to ask you on independence day, many americans are celebrating not only our independence, we told the tyrant king george iii to stick it. and we are emerging from a pandemic. how do you see the country doing? are we doing well? >> president trump left the biden administration with a recovering economy and they squandered it at every turn. the recovery we are seeing is despite the biden policies.
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the states with republican leaderships such as florida and my former colleague ron desantis, the pro-growth policies they implemented which led the way for economic recovery. griff: thank you for taking the time to join us. alicia: democratic california congressman john garamendi joins us. thank you for being here. you heard him yourself. your gop colleague buddy carter calling the situation at the border a complete disaster. he went on to say and he mentioned and we are hearing from border patrol that they are overwhelmed. how would you characterize the situation at the border? >> this is an ongoing issue.
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it has been with america for many many years, in fact decades. our immigration law is more than 40 years old and doesn't take into account the reality of what we and the world are facing today. we need to write a decent immigration law that accounts for the changes out there. certainly people are leaving guatemala and the triangle because of the violence and hopelessness. this is not new. this is the 4th of july. this is a day when we celebrate america and the greatness of america which is the immigrants that have come here every year. i am going, we need to have an immigration poll i that is rational, that deals with the reality that some places in thele world are very violent. can we deal with those? kamala harris the vice president
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is doing that. keep in mind the aid that was posed to go to those countries to stable eye -- to stabilize, to deal with the economy cause dead stopped by president trump. is it a crisis? it's certainly a problem. it's not a crisis as big as many we face around the world. but it's a problem that need to be dealt with. alicia: 80 people right now apprehended waiting to be processed in triple digit temperatures which will be hard on everyone here. is there something the biden administration need to do at the border? what about on the border? >> that is happening on the border. the apprehensions are taking place, and many of these people are sent back once they are
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processed here. this is not a new situation. during the trump administration there was a period of time when trump was separating children from their parents and to this day we do not know how to bring those families back together again. this is not a new problem. it changes over time. and we are seeing this. keep in mind the border wall was mostly thus far not new wall but the reconstruction of existing walls in texas. do we need more? then come to congress and get appropriations, mr. carter. if you want to author a bill to spend whatever amount of money you think is necessary for the walls, introduce legislation and let us work on that. alicia: it does feel like aer in ending issue -- like a never ending issue. there was a better than expected
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jobs report with 850,000 jobs added by employer. that's good news. can you tell me, we have unemployment number that have gone up just a bit. what do you think the state of the u.s. economy is at this point? >> to understand where we are today we need to look where we were yesterday. 2020 was the worst economic year perhaps in america's history. the bottom:fell out of the economy and came to a stop because of the mismanagement of the covid crisis, the pandemic. biden came into office' and said his first order of business was to get the pandemic uncontrol. there are certain pockets where people are refusing to get vaccinations and the delta variant is raising in those areas.
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trump was able to get the vaccine developed, but not administers. so yes the economy will bounce back when we get this under control and we are well into that process and the economy is coming back strongly. alicia: , thank you for joining us today and happy 4th of july. griff: the kansas city air show roaring back this year. abby hornacek has a live preview next. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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[♪♪♪] griff: we are now less man 5 hours away from the fireworks show here in d.c. behind me on that mall near the monument americans already gathering. we went down there yesterday to speak to the team that's putting this show together, and it will be fantastic. watch. we are with chris santoris of garden fireworks.
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you are bringing us a big show. what have we got? >> we have 50 feet of fireworks down this side of the pool and that side of the pool. it's a massive display. griff: compared to new york and other parts of the country how does this one stack up. >> it will be the biggest one in the nation. griff: talk me through some of the specific ones you are going to see and how difficult those are. >> it's a complicated display logistically. hundreds of man hours, getting a great team working in difficult temperatures. staying with it and getting all this product and equipment set here. the design phase before we get here. a lot of times choreographing the fireworks to the music and dialing in the fireworks to the
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music. griff: how long does it take to plan for something like this? >> it's a year-long process to order product, manufacture products. griff: how big of an operation are you? >> leading up to here we have 20 people at our facility. on location we come in waves. there are set teams, loading teams. between the different phases of people about 70 different people are involved throughout the setup. big production. griff: the excitement before the fireworks, a helicopter across the reflecting pool landing. the park police getting ready. also here it looks like -- i don't want to give away your trade secrets. but how does this all work together? >> these are our computer
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modules. we waterproof them with a protective bin. inside each of these locations is a computer modules connected to a control system that waits for the time signal to put the entire display in sync. griff: last year due to the pandemic we didn't have anyone here to watch it. now it returned to in person. it will be special for you. >> we love what we do. we love entertaining the audience. it's such an important day in the heart of our capital. griff: can you walk us through, when does it tart, how long will it go, and how does it compare to past ones? >> it starts at 9:09:30.
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it's 17.5 minutes long. there is so much fireworks here. it's such a grand display. it's a nonstop phenomenon. griff: is it the biggest one you have ever done or just the biggest one in washington, d.c. are you nervous? >> no. if you were here you would see me up'ing up and down running around -- jumping up and down, running around like a crazy person. griff: good luck. will you at least take a day off after. >> we jump right into the cleanup. we go right back to work. griff: thanks to chris and this family for giving us that
1:27 pm
preview. his great grandfather was a 4th generation fireworks display architect. he said his first generation great grandfather first started in 1890. i lived in washington, d.c. for 28 years. and coming out of the pandemic, i will be standing and probably jumping up and shouting, too. alicia: i envy you so much. it gave me a sigh of relief to hear him say he is not nervous. that was a cool look behind the scenes. griff: americans may have seen we had a little weather. an actual tornado touched down within 10 miles of that. he said he was worried it would get knocked off.
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but he says there was no damage and we are all good for tonight. alicia: as we celebrate our our freedom has become
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1:33 pm
supporters of former president donald j trump have embraced the flag so fervently that the left worries it has ceded to the right. >> it's heartbreaking. just 70% of americans in that piece are proud of the american flag. that's a horrifying statistic celebrating our independence day today. i hate to see another thing fall victim to the polarization of our time. we should be honoring and celebrating the great traditions of our flag. >> it's a celebratory piece of
1:34 pm
the "new york times" and the democrat party. they have not wanted us to unite over the things that unite us as americans. we should focus not on our country and that unification, we should focus on racism and sexual preferences. everything that divides us. now they do a study and say oh, wow, the flag and the country is divisive. they focus on the divisive things rather than the unifying things. alicia: after 9/11 we saw flags everywhere. they represented our collective grief and our collective pride. some of them decided to put them away because it was too much of a reminder of the pain. it can mean what you want it to mean. are some people on the left giving something up they really
1:35 pm
don't need to? >> i hope not, and i don't believe so. we saw a record number of veterans running as democrats who served this country in combat zones defending this country and our liberties. the congressman makes a good point that the left needs to take back that flag. democrats are just as patriotic as republicans and that should be a unifying factor in this country. >> as democrats, and leftists burn the flag and stomp on it. all of them should be outraged. >> there aren't democrats burning flags in this country. >> if you look at the streets, it's virtually all democrats who burn flags.
1:36 pm
it's democrats and republicans who fly the flag and respect it. alicia: we can agree the majority of americans don't burn flags. the national education association for the nation's largest teachers union approved a plan saying the teaching of critical race theory for kids is reasonable and appropriate. part of the plan, let me read. publicly, the honest and accurate teaching including age appropriate parts of history especially with indigenous people and people of color. i would like to get your thoughts on this. there are teachers and parents who oppose this. >> it's a good question. i'm with general mark milley who says we shouldn't whitewash our
1:37 pm
history. we should have an accurate telling of that story. in russia we see this. he see it? china trying to disavow, whitewash their history. that the tool of despots and dictators. we should have an accurate telling of our history in the classroom. alicia: sean: i'm being gain of hard wrap. i know you have thoughts on this. i'm being told i can give you time. >> i appreciate it. we are whitewashing the true history of america on selling us on the idea we are all racist if you are white. we should hate our country and our founders. critical race theory is a lying history of america. they want to teach marxism to our kids which is not who we
1:38 pm
are. we are a country of freedom. i would think more parents and teachers would stand up and push back on this history. mark milley is lying about what they are teaching. there is a mosaic of american history that is not encompassed in critical race theory. alicia: griff? griff: celebrating our country's heroes on this patriotic weekend. if you wanna be a winner then get a turkey footlong from subway®. that's oven roasted turkey. piled high with crisp veggies. on freshly baked bread! so, let's get out there and get those footlongs. now at subway®, buy one footlong in the app, and get one 50% off. subway®. eat fresh. to make my vision a reality my varilux progressive lenses
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foxnation's host abby hornacek is live from the kansas city air show. reporter: the blue angels are firing up their engines to take to the skies. but as you mentioned, the thunderbirds also did that. they performed in their f-16s at the new century air center. they showed off their training and precision of these air force pilots. the solo pilots highlight the capability of the falcon. that's michelle curran. she says that's a tradition that
1:44 pm
started in the 1980s. as the only female in the squadron. she pulls the most gs and doing vertical climbs and showing what that aircraft can do. i asked why do you want to be a fighter pilot. >> i wanted to fly fast and upside down. i did time in two different combat squadrons. i applied to the team, went through the interview process, and here i am. reporter: one of my favorite parts is she said one of the main reasons she joined the thunderbird is she wanted all the little girls to watch the show and take off her helmet and see her braid and say she looks just like me, and she just did that.
1:45 pm
alicia: that's pretty awesome. thank you for telling us that story. .griff: joining us to discuss te importance of honoring veterans. will, happy 4th of july. before we get into the withdrawal. as a reservist you were deployed in cabal, afghanistan. but abby hornacek at the cass *e kansas city air show. but you have a much more personal actually we are look now at the shot from gardner
1:46 pm
campus, the air show. that's the blue angels take onto the sky. we'll see the formation they will hold. that's difficult in its own right. but it's far from the most difficult when you have seen it up close and personal. >> i was on the firing rang in pensacola during training and the with blue angels came over hard and fast and it was amazing. those guys do amazing things like landing on aircraft carriers. carriers. griff: we were talk to the commander and he talked about what an honor it was to lead this group. they are also not just doing this. they are taking two years out of their careers to have this honor. but they are fighting.
1:47 pm
they were fighting before and fighting after. it talks about the exceptionalism of those who served like yourself and like these pilots. >> these service members, 800,000 service members served there and they dead a great job. the -- they -- they did a great job. that's where we get into the question, did we have the right strategy. griff: congressman mike mccaul and some military leaders say this is a bad idea. the timeline, it will cause the security to deteriorate far beyond what it is now. >> i think it's the right move. president trump thought it was the right move and they negotiated an agreement for us to have an honorable -- we took our time to withdraw and get out of the country in a responsible
1:48 pm
way. president biden decided rather than having biden's war, he was going to have trump's withdrawal. this is a trans-partisan issue. 2/3 of americans believe this is the right thing to do. only about 12% of americans are paying attention to news from afghanistan. we moved on. our national interests have been satisfied there. we punished the taliban and we killed osama bin laden. we expand our war aims, we tried to do nation building. and that's where we ran afoul. it's time to come home. griff: happy 4th to you. the blue angels are telling
1:49 pm
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griff: you are looking live at the blue angels at the kansas city air show in gardner kansas. it's the best of the best the navy has to offer. we are glad to wrap up this special edition of fox news live. we are joined now by nicky charles, the executive director of hero dogs, inc. >> this is norm. he's named for a veteran, captain norm man ream. all our dogs are named after veterans or first responders. griff: what do you do and why are you doing it? >> our mission is to improve the quality of life for our nation's
1:54 pm
heroes. so really just it's our desire to give back to those who sacrificed so much. griff: a remarkable number of veterans come back suffering from ptsd and traumatic brain injuries. these dogs are helping to make their lives better. how? >> it's our goal to teach the goals paths to help alleviate disabilities. mobility, hearing loss and to intervene in terms of psychological triggers and trauma. griff: you actually train and place the dogs at no cost to the recipient? >> that's correct. and we provide life-time support of the partnership. if the dog need a tuneup or needs to be taught a new skill, we place within a 50-mile radius. we can send a trainer out to
1:55 pm
worth them to make sure it many the best partner it can be. griff: it takes time to train these dogs for their duties. >> that's correct. norm is 18 months into his training. he's working to become a service dog and he will hopefully find a partner in the next six months. we train them to work for 8-10 years. griff: you can see here >> it will provide each veteran with a service dog. griff: i'm wearing my vans
1:56 pm
slippers. thanks for norm and for all the work he is doing and for our soldiers, sailors, marines, guardsmen. just last 10 seconds do you have a message for 4th of july? >> just be safe out there. we encourage people to have service dogs raising puppies for us to keep them away from fireworks. it could be problematic. griff: norm, thank you for being here. that's it for us. we want to end with a note of congratulations to our producer, gab yig go to bret baier's team. alicia: so happy she is staying with the fox news channel. guaranteed replacement cost,rs, your home can be rebuilt, regardless of your limits. (customer) that's really something.
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