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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  July 4, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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you next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ >> good sunday morning, everybody. happy independence day this 4th of july. i'm jason chaffets in for maria bartiromo. straight ahead on sunday morning futures, republican lawmakers turning up the heat into the investigation of the origins of the coronavirus as china's president issues a stern warning to the west. coming up, kansas republican senator roger march call on what rowe -- marshall on what we know about the origins of covid-19 and if. carley: will be19 held accountable. and the supreme court upholding
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arizona's voter fraud protection that restricts ballot harvesting and the submission of provisional ballots outside of a voter's home precinct. we'll speak with arizona a attorney general mark brnovich about that decision and the humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold at the southern border. plus, president biden says he won't tolerate a nuclear iran, this as his administration works towards returning to the 20155 nuclear deal. coming up, former cia station chief and fox news contributor, dan hoffman, on what this means for stability and prosperity in the middle east. also, china's thirst for global power was on of full display during their 100 year celebration for the communist party. how can the united states counter china's continuing influence around the world? gordon chang, senior fellow at the gatestone institute, is sheer with his analysis. all that and more as we look you ahead on sunday morning futures.
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♪ >> but first, lawmakers demanding an investigation into what was potentially the world's first coronavirus super spreader event. the washington post reports more than 9,000 athletes attended the military world games in wuhan, china in october 2019. including 280 from the united states. many of them complained about covid-like symptoms two months before china even acknowledged the virus' existence. it comes amid concerns the coronavirus leaked from a research lab there. here's what texas congressman michael burgess told maria bartiromo last week. maria: will there be any accountability for the ccp allowing this deadly disease to escape its borders and covering it up? >> my opinion is there just simply has to be and whether that's done on the trade front,
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whether that's done on some type of remuneration that has to occur. with this illness, different from sars 1 20 years ago, remember there, there was a jump from a bat to a cat to then people. this one, there was no intermediary which really, really does point to the fact lab manufacturer, lab release. accidental, on purpose, that will have to be determined. >> kansas republican senator roger marshall wrote to secretary xavier becerra about whether they were aware of athletes falling ill after the games inn wuhan. we thank you for joining us. what do we know? what do we want to know? michael burgess that we heardbus a doctor. but candidly, china has not really been forthright in what's going on. >> you know, you're right, jason. i know if you go back to your
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days at chairman of the oversight committee, youan smell and coverup. this smells like a coverup. every day the timeline gets backed up. realizing that the middle of january the chinese, the world health organization were saying there is no person to person transmission. now, we know people in the united states had positive answereds in december of 2019 -- antibodies in december of 2019. we know wuhan was starting to cover up this particular incident in october of 2019, thousands of soldiers from hundreds of countries gathered in wuhan, china for a military olympics. several weeks later, many of them developed symptoms. additionally, they described wuhan, a city of 11 million people, as a ghost town. so really, since at least october, the people of china were covering this up. and what i want to know as a senator is why didn't the cdc check into this, why didn't the hhs check into this. why wasn't intelligence working on this? were they part of the coverup? did they have some guilt in the
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situation as well? so i'm just stunned to find out this new information every week. >> now, the biden administration is warning that we may never quite know with certainity what's happening but what are they doing, if anything, that you can see from your perspective as a united states senator to actually push the chinese regime to actually being more candid and forthright with our investigators? >> well, certainly not enough. they they do have an investigation underway but i'm not expecting them to find anything that we don't already know. jason, what this reminds me of, is you arrest the godfather and all the witnesses start dying. and in this case, the witnesses though are the genomic banks that we have setting of out b there. so in january of 2020, february 2020, the nih erased 500 genetic sequences from the bat lady that she was storing in the nih laboratory bay. going back to 2019, in september, the bat lady he
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erased a bunch of viruses from the wib laboratory bank that we had access to so the witnesses are all dying. there may be something on the cloud server that we can dig up, we're finding bits and pieces everywhere. what we have to do is start holding chinata accountable because certainly we can sanction them, we can seize their assets but what they need is public shaming. we have to shame them and not just the united states but we need other countries to shame them as well. we need to start bring manufacturing jobs back to the united states, do all those things to publicly battle them. >> what sort of confidence level do youfi have with the world health organization? china made a big deal, trying to get into the world health organization. but now that they're there, there are a lot of people that are concerned about the conflicts of interest that they have. >> the world health thorganization has a very bad reputation, that they've been bought and paid for by china. the leader of the world health organization is and-picked person from china. china's not dumb. they went in through -- tedros
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is his name. they went into his country, loaned them money like a loan shark loans money and they got him the position as head of the world health organization. they certainly have failed. anthis is why we need, whether it's the quad or the g-7 or the g-20, but we need all nations looking into this and holding china accountable and starting the shaming in some way. they should be you ashamed they invented the bioterrorism weapon, that they leaked it from the lab and they covered it up. they should be ashamed they can't make vaccine right now. the public shaming has to come to fruition. >> the concern is that the biden administration is giving this some lip service but not doing anything. listen to what the former director of national intelligence, john ratcliffe, had to say about this when he spoke with maria bartiromo recently. maria: what should be the accountability that you would like to see as a result of the
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ccp allowing this deadly virus to escape its borders and why hasn't biden brought up the origins of covid with xi jinping, now six months into his term? >> yeah, as you know, maria, after the election i wrote ant d talked about as the person who has seen more intelligence than anyone in the country for the past year, how clear it is that they are not just an adversary but someone that wants to supplant us as the world's super power and my hope was as we shared continue tell jens with the incoming biden folks they wouldn't just have tough rhetoric on china, that they would have tough actions and t clearly that's not been the case. >> your reaction, senator? >> well, jason, your listeners need to realize that china wants to own the world. that is their goal right now. and as you pointed out many times, they steal $500 million of intellectual property from us
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every year, 90% of the counterfeits and fentanyl that comes into our country are made in china. it's maybe worse than i expected when i got into the house and now the senate as well. we do have to hold them accountable. it's going to be painful. it's going to be painful for this country and for the world to say, look, we cannot do business with you when you lie, when you cheat, when you steal from americans so we're going to have to have some really tough love when it comes to dealing with china. focused on, again, bringing these supply chains back to the united states. we have to start by doing that yesterday. >> very quickly, senator, before we go to commercial break. the eco health alliance that maria bartiromo talked about extensively, our government gave them an awful lot of money. there's a lot of suspicion there. >> you know, exactly. if i could call one witness to our bipartisan healthcare, health committee, i would like to call peter daszak who heads that. we do need to follow the money. it wasn't just money from nih but also the department of he defense was giving him tens of millions of dollars as well and
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really they were researching bioterrorist weapons. i think this coronavirus, this covid-19 fits exactly into a man made virus. when we look at the virus, it looks like something that frankenstein would have made so we've got some things to dive into. >> you're right, follow the fmoney. senator, stay right there because democrats are aiming to expand social programs and pay for child care, healthcare and climate change with tax hikes. will they be able to push it all through using reconciliation? we'll dive into that next with the senator. stay with us. ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts.
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♪welcome back to that same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. maria: do you think he has the support of all democrats? will he be able to push this through reconciliation, regardless of what the republicans say? >> well, i think it's going to be a long, hard slog for them to try to increase taxes by this much on the american public for
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things that really would go way beyond what i would think is in the scope of government. there's so many expensive. the whole green bad deal with the recyclable cafeteria trays. i think he's going to have a hard time doing it and it's not going to happen quickly. jason: that's wyoming senator john barrasso on president biden's spending plans and challenges they face in congress. a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure deal struck by a bipartisan group of senators has some potential butrt democrats also want to include a lot of items from a $750 billion transportation and water infrastructure bill passed by the house last week. we're back with kansas republican senator roger marshall. senator, are they going to be able to pass this through reconciliation? how do they justify all these numbers? because they keep adding trillions upon trillions. >> jason, first of all, you better grab your wallet because
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joe biden's administration wants you to write big checks to them. but look, i think they spent most of their political capital on this. you know a saying my dad taught me, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. the biden white house has fooled us three times and threw a bunch of sense s tosser under the bus including joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. kyrsten is one of the sharpest people i've net a long time, she wants to be known as a maverick in the john mccain model. she's been able to take notes, take some conversations with four or five senators at a time and then i would speak to her about a deep healthcare issue and she would be able to recite the whole thing back to us so it don't think kyrsten and joe and the moderates in the party are esgoing to be happy about the wy they gotab through -- thrown unr the bus here and they're not being to be happy about raising yourou taxes. jason: one of myy concerns is republicans seem to worry about the debt and deficit but only
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when they're in the minority. so if you look back over the last 10 years, when it was obama/biden, if you look at the spending money and the base budget, that number is really up nearly -- more than 50%. this is the domestic base spending, doesn't include the stimulus and all the other things. that's the 10-year number. if you look at the debt, it's basically doubled in that 10-year period and, look, republicans had control for some of those years. and the concern is, we talk about how much more we're going to spend but, senator, when are we going to actually have a discussion about what we're going to cut and curb back? >> yeah, well, jason, certainly as long as democrats control the white house and control the house and the senate, thatha conversation's not going to happen. they've already borrowed, what, $2 trillion this year and they want to borrow another $6 trillion. so when i came to d.c. four years ago, i thought we had a
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plan. much like turning around a business that's upside down, the first thing we had to do was grow the business so we cut taxes, despite cutting taxes we actually grew revenue for the federal government and then you have to start dialing things down and where are you going to pick and choose. i guess have anybody call me up and say i want to cut my government subsidy. it's going to be a tough conversation of to have. this is a problem that keeps me up late at night and whether you want a strong military, strong schools, strong roads and bridges, the future of the balanced budget is what's going to impact it more than anything else. so i agree completely but it's a tough, tough political conversation to have. i think it will take a second term president with a lot of confidence. jason: well, senator, i think you're right when you actually cut taxes, the revenue to the treasury went up. but if you don't couple that with cutting spending, then you continue to exacerbate the problem. and americans are going to feel things here real soon. they're also feeling it at the gas pump where the price of gas
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is basically a dollar higher than it was a year ago. senator, i wish you nothing but the best this independence day. i hope you, your family, and the good people of kansas have an opportunity to celebrate like the rest of america because you know what, it's still the greatest country on the face of the planet but we've got to figure this one out. >> thanks, jason. great to be with you. happy independence day to you, your family and all your listeners. jason: thank you. thank you. all right, senator, appreciate your time. all right, president biden says he won't tolerate a nuclear iran, as the u.n. and european union push washington and tehran to get the 2015 nuclear deal back on track but should we actually do that? former cia station chief dan hoffman joins us next on that and much more. stay with us. ♪ ♪ we've got you taken care of, sgt. houston. thank you. that was fast! one call to usaa got her a tow, her claim paid...
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jason: the united states and iran are showing no signs of movement towards a nuclear agreement, despite several rounds of talks. the biden administration says iran is in violation of the 2015 nuclear deal and is calling on tehran to stop enriching nuclear weapons. meanwhile, iran is criticizing sanctions put in place when president trump withdrew from the agreement. dan hoffman is a former cia station chief and fox news contributor. he's here to weigh in. dan, thank you. first of all, thank you for your service to our nation. really do appreciate that. particularly on this 4th of july weekend. but i want to get your perspective on that and this iran nuclear deal and what you're seeing is happening right now. >> thank you. happy 4th of july to you and to all the viewers. iran wants us to get back into that very flawed jcpoa deal
12:23 pm
which even democrats did not support. that's why it never became a treaty. senator chuck you schumer was against it because of the nuclear sunset clauses, because it never addressed iran's ballistic missile program as well as iran's state sponsorship of terrorism. iran wants us to eliminate all the sanctions which eliminates the insense tip for them to come back and -- insec testify for -- incentive for them to come back and negotiate. the biden administration says they want to build on the deal with a longer and stronger deal that deals with the flaws of the jcpoa. i don't see that happening. i think we're at a crossroads here and there's no signs the deal is going to be made. jason: what would be the incentive for the united states to get rid of the sanctions? why would we even consider that? >> well, i think we do want to put a hold on iran's nuclear program. and if iran were willing to agree to a better deal without those sunset clauses, with
12:24 pm
inspections, but that's a very difficult thing to do and remember that iran has concealed weapons of their nuclear program, some of which israel uncovered, which we learned that iran had an enrichment facility that they never declared. we're in a mistrust and verify situation with iran and remember that two of the countries negotiating on our behalf right now for this new deal are iran -- i'm sorry, are china and russia, two countries that don't have our best interest at heart. jason: now, dan, i also want to get your impact or your perspective on what was going on in the syrian border because rockets have been flying and there have been some attacks and i want to get your perspective on that. >> so when the trump administration launched that lethal strike against iranian force commander qassem soleimani, we established escalation dominance over iran. and what we're seeing right now is that doesn't transfer to the
12:25 pm
new biden administration, we see iran testing us, launching attacks on our troops in syria. iran wants us out of the region. that's why they're doing this. we've gone back now to being in a n position where we really ned to establish this escalation dominance and the biden administration responded with a proportional kinetic strike which killed reportedly four proxy militia members. but at the same time, i don't think that this is the end. i think we're going to continue to see these tit-for-tat attacks again until we establish some sort of a dominant position in this relationship with iran and that has to happen concurrently with whatever diplomatic negotiations are taking place. if we're not strong against iran, there will be no stopportunity for diplomacy. jason: yeah. and this is also one of the byproducts of a rising fuel prices, the more fuel costs, the more energy costs, guess what that money goes into the coffers there in iran and they're able to fuel some of these. but i want to move on, dan.
12:26 pm
i want to really talk about china for a moment because one of the concerns we just expressed with the senator is that with so much debt, second only to japan, china holds more than a trillion dollars of u.s. debt. we lean on them to actually purchase our debt. what do you see are the implications of that? what is the impact in the united states? >> well, i think economists have been looking at this for a while and i don't know that there's any concern that iran -- that china would seek to weaponize the debt holds. if they were to sell off u.s. dollars, it would drop the value of the dollar and increase the value of their currency, making exports more difficult for china. i think the debt in and of itself is a great national security threat for us. we need some fiscal sanity in washington. this massive national debt runs the risk of causing inflationary pressure and it also constrains us, diplomatically, militarily, all the things we need to do with or budget, not to deal with
12:27 pm
whatever crisis we have to deal with at home. domestic crisis, infrastructure and other things. the debt is constraining us, massively, and we need to deal with that. jason: yeah, the interest on erthe debt alone, we're spending about $1.5 billion per day, that's just in interest payments. we don't get anything for that other than paying off interest where rates are near zero. i've got to shift again to another part of the world and talk a little about afghanistan. because i know you've been deeply concerned about our withdrawal from afghanistan. and particularly what's going on in the bagram air force base. as soon as we scuttle, as soon as we pull out, some bad things happen. >> yeah, it's already been looted. and it was such a key strategic location. i've been there and it's a place from which we conducted a lot of aerial reconnaissance in after afghanistan and other parts of that region. look, if there's one thing we
12:28 pm
learned from 9/11 it's that terrorists take advantage of ungoverned space to plot and plan attacks against us and if we don't have a military capability, a finishing capability and intelligence assets in place to detect and preempt those threats, they will be visited on our shores. and i'm concerned that we're pulling out of afghanistan precipitously. we're planning to provide $4 billion in security assistance to the afghan government. without any oversight. without actually being there. i think that if we kept bagram open with 2500, 3,000 troops we would have retained counter terrorism capability that we sorely need. the taliban is not holding up to their agreement by breaking with al-qaida. they're allowing al-qaida to homestead on their territory. al-qaida and isis continue to pose a threat to us in that region. we were all honored to be there, especially on days like this. i served many times on a july 4th in a war zone and which were honored to be there, serving our country and i think
12:29 pm
we need our folks out there on the front lines like never before and it's a shame that, again, that i think we're repeating the same mistakes the obama administration made in 2011 when we moved our troops from iraq and we saw what happened there with the growth of isis and the caliphate. jason: let me take this opportunity, particularly being july 4th, to thank the men and women. it's a good segue. i know your heart goes out to the people overseas that are serving. to the men,, women, the families that are home this 4th of july, i hope they know how much the american people love and care for them and appreciate their service, particularly when they're away on a great holiday, a celebration like independence day. former cia station chief dan hoffman, thank you. >> thanks, jason. jason: the supreme court just upheld arizona's voter fraud protection laws. the ruling is expected to have national implications. we'll get into it with arizona attorney general mark brnovich,
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jason: a fox news alert. pope francis is scheduled to undergo surgery in rome soon. the vatican says it is a restriction of the large intestine, this comes hours after he cheerfully greeted the public in st. peter's square today, the 84-year-old asked the people to, quote, pray for the pope in a special way, end
12:34 pm
quote. no date has been set for the surgery yet. reaction now you to thursday's supreme court ruling on an election fraud case brought by the democrat's national committee. the justices upheld arizona's voting rules restricting ballot harvesting and the submission of ballots outside of one's home precincts. justice alito writing in the majority opinion, having to identify one's own polling place and then travel there does not exceed the usual burdens of voting. on the contrary, these tasks are quintessential examples of the usual burdens of voting. critics of the supreme court's decision fear it could set a dangerous precedent. here's white house press secretary jenou psaki on friday. >> just a reminder of how important it is to move forward on federal legislation, how important itrg is that congress
12:35 pm
restore the voting rights act and reminder of what the stakes are at here, that our democracy is on the line. jason: arizona attorney general mark brnovich, a republican, he joins us now. he's been right in the middle of this fight and mr. attorney general, i've got to tell you, i want you to explain to people p what ballot harvesting is because democrats took a he position in california that they were in favor of it but in north carolina they were opposed to it.f now they go to court and they lost, in addition to the voting -- making sure you vote in your own he precinct. >> jason, thank you for having me on, on july 4th. happy birthday, america. in a nutshell, this case was really about do states have the ability to enact common sense election integrity measures. ballot harvesting involves a practice where you have candidates or political parties that go out and try to collect votes, sometimes put pressure on vulnerable populations to vote a certain way and arizona like a inlot of other states has onlimitations on that and so thn democratic national committee
12:36 pm
sued. we fought. i successfully argued that case myself in the u.s. supreme court and we won. what's important for all the viewers to recognize is the hypocrisy of the left and the biden administration. t the biden administrationat theye consistent with s voting rights act and now they're going around bashing them and saying how terrible things are. we know that states like nevada have similar restrictions and yet the dnc isn't suing nevada. there's a logical inconsistency. i remind folks that no less than jimmy carter co-chaired a commission that said one ofha te greatest threats to election integ gritty was third -- integrity was third parties holding and collecting ballots. this shouldn't beld a partisan issue. for political game and try to get support for s1 and hr1 they're trying to make it a racial issue or they're trying to set the narrative that somehow this is disenfranchising voters. it's not. jason: the democrats would have you believe that our democracy is going to fail and our country is going to fall apart if this
12:37 pm
is in place. look at what these two congressman had to actually say about this. congressman pressly in tweets that they put out, if we put up the graphic, i got to tell you, today's scotus decision is yet another attack on our voting rights. congress must act, abolish the jim crow filibuster, pass the for the people act, pass the john lewis voting rights act, expand the court, that's how they want to tackle this is change the court and save our democracy and again, another congressman, congressman jones, look at what he tweeted out. because i got to tell you, he wrote today the supreme court once again gutted the voting rights act. don't expand the court soon we will no longer have a ademocracy to protect. what are we waiting for? their solution, mr. attorney general, is to actually just change the court. they're not attacking the ruling per se. they're just saying hey, we've got to have liberals in there, otherwise our democracy will not
12:38 pm
survive. >> shame of the left's attack on an independent judiciary. an independent judiciary is the bull work of liberty in our country. it represents the rule of law and every time the democrats don't like a case, what they try to do is essentially change the rules in the middle of the game and we know that this case was tethered in the constitution and we know that packing the court or changing the court is a bone-headed idea and don't take my word for it, jason, bone-headed was the term joe biden used on the senate floor in the 1980s when he was talking about court packing. i think what this exposes is the hypocrisy of the far left. we know there are states like arizona, we have a case right ot curing periods. the left challenged that. connecticut, new york, new jersey, other states have similar laws. my question for those members of congress or for joe biden is why is it that in states with
12:39 pm
democratic leadership they have done absolutely nothing to change their laws that are more restrictive than places like arizona or georgia that provide more options. i think you know the answer, is it's because it's all about scoring cheap political points, trying to nationalize our elections and packing theio supreme court which are one of the greatest threats to our liberty here on july 4th, and in at least the last 50 years. jason: i think the ruling by the supreme court was really just common sense. but i've got to move now to immigration with you while we have you because arizona is right in the thick of it and you as a attorney general are in the middle of the fight. i want the to listen to sound now from brandon judd who is the president of the national border patrol council. listen to what he had to say about what's going on at the border. maria: what can you tell us about the number of people who aref getting away and not gettig apprehended? >> well, the first thing we have to understand is president trump had this issue solved.
12:40 pm
if we would have stuck with those policies that were working, we wouldn't be in this situation today. this is a man made disaster and it's a disaster that's been made by the current administration. if we continue to let got-aways get away, we're going to continue to see the lawlessness that exists in these cities. jason: this really is a human tragedy that is totally avoidable in my opinion, but what are your thoughts, mr. attorney general? >> well, jason, as you know, we actually have three ongoing cases, in fact we just filed an appeal in one of our cases where we sued the biden administration over its policies on deportion is a. there are 1.2 million people deportation orders including people with felonies, people released from prison that aren't being deported. that case is on appeal. i wish the biden administration cared more about hard working american taxpayers than they did about root causes in central america. literally, a few blocks from where i'm sitting right now,
12:41 pm
right near the high school, a senior center, there's a detention center that's just been opened up in a luxury hotel. so the biden administration is subsidizing, they decriminalized and they're empowering the cartels and we've seen a huge spike in fentanyl, jason. this is goings to affect not only arizona. it's going to affect the entire country. the clip you played on got-aways, what people should ask themselves, we know there are hundreds of thousands, 2 million people estimated crossed the border illegal this year. if they're voluntarily coming in and surrendering, was about the hundreds of thousands of got-aways, the people that don't want to be apprehended, that want to slip into our country. that is a national security and criminal justice threat. it is a tragedy. it is preventable. the biden administration created the problem. they're trying to ignore it but it's not going to go away. jason: even the people that were deported or were denied entry into the country are now invited back into the country instead of going through the
12:42 pm
normal process of applying for a visa. we legally and lawfully bring in 1 million people a year into our country but the priorities that have been given by this administration, to brie or ties those that -- prioritize those that are willing to break the law and break down the barriers is untenable. thank you for joining us on this important ofor day, independence day here in this country. best to you and your family. all right, arizona attorney general mark brnovich, thank you very much. tough talk from chinese xi jinping, warning the west to stay out of china's affairs as he reconfirms the mission to take back taiwan. gordon chang is up next with more of chairman xi's hostile message a. hostile message. ♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪♪
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12:46 pm
administration and stop telling people not to invest in these companies that are tied to the chinese military, expanding their opportunity to acquire america? >> look, if this -- the origins of the china virus have not woken america up yet, i don't know what will. i can say this. the main thing that we have to understand, the chinese want to become the world's reserve currency, that's why they're now investigating and investing in crypto technology. jason: that was house intelligence committee ranking member devin nunes on the show last week, giving a warning about china's widening influence on global interest. last thursday's ceremony, celebrating 100 years of the chinese communist party, president xi jinping struck a menacing tone, saying, quote, the chinese people will never allow any foreign forces to bully, coerce and enslave us. whoever attempts to do that will surely break their head on the steel great wall built with the blood and flesh of 1.4 billion
12:47 pm
of chinese people. let's bring in gordon chang, senior fellow at the gait stone institute, author of the great u.s./china tech war and the coming collapse of china. thank you so much for joining us here. gordon, that was a pretty mess menacing tone on the 100th anniversary. how didt?t? you read that? what was your perspective on what president xi said. >> it was menacing, talking about cracking skulls and spilling blood. you've got to remember that china believes that it has the right to take territory from others and indeed it believes that it is -- should be in india, we're seeing an arc of instability because of chinese aggression from india in the south, to south korea in the north. chinese officials are talking tabout taking great parts of russia away, also parts of jajikistan. this is something we have seen
12:48 pm
before something else, jason. that was -- the words you said were not the worst from xi jinping's speech. he actually talked about how the chinese people were good at taking down the old world and building a new one. and that's a reference to xi jinping's thought that held shod be the only ruler in the world. that basically no other country has sovereignity. china should rule everything on the planet. jason: so what are going to be the key he metrics or factor asy president biden, who has been fairly soft, i just have not heard the rhetoric, i have not seen him tackle things directly, he can't seem to directly challenge him on what happened in the wuhan labs and getting core g information that we need there. so what is president biden -- what should he be doing? >> well, president biden should be composing the greatest costs on china right now for deliberately spreading a disease
12:49 pm
beyond itsts borders and killing at last count 604,000 americans. xi jinping, they lied about the transmissibility of disease, they told the world it was not contagious when they knew it was highly contagious and while locking down their own country, they pressured others to not impose travel restrictions and quarantines on arrivals from china and it was nose chinese passengers that spread a disease that should have been confined to the central part of china, to the rest of the world. so jason, this is the first time in history that one nation has attacked all the others and the biden administration is not concerned at all. they are not concerned about the origins of this disease. biden spent two hours on the phone with xi jinping in february and didn't raise the issue once. and he was only forced to order that investigation by the intelligence community when there was an uproar that he had spiked an investigation in the state department into the origins of covid-19. jason: yeah, i think it's interesting that president biden likes to talk about how much time he spent together with him
12:50 pm
rather thann the policies that the united states plans to implement to help prevent the expansion of china and what he's going to do to protect the united states of america. gordon chang, stay with us. i've got many more questions. we're going to be back in just a moment. back in just (customer) movie night. (burke) should have been watching the stove instead. (customer) tell me something i don't know. (burke) with your farmers policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost, your home can be rebuilt, regardless of your limits. (customer) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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jason: more now on china with gordon chang, senior fell load at the gatestone institute. i want to get your take. you were talking about the buildup of china. there are tens of thousands of troops amassing, more than we've seen in a longg time at the border with india. what's your take on what's going on there? >> china committed an act of aggression last may when it sent
12:54 pm
its troops into indian controlledht territory. china has been skirmishing with india. it looks like they're preparing for a bigger invasion and it's not only in ladok, there are chinese troops in india's cikim and chinese encroachments into napal and butan, so across the himalayas china is trying to take away territories from neighbors. jason: does china perceive that biden is just weak? because one of the concerns is according to intelligence reports that we've seen, some public reporting, china has 100 more nuclear silos that they've been building up. i mean, it's always concerning when they're doing that, right gordon? >> well, of course. because what we have right now are 145 more holes in the ground. they plan to put in, i believe, the df41 missile. each df41 has 10 warheads, that is basically the number of
12:55 pm
warheads that that the u.s. is permitted in total under our arms control agreements with russia. now, china of course has nukes on submarines, it has land based mobile missiles. it has air launched missiles. so china could very well end up with a larger nuke arsenal than the united states and then of course there's russia and china and russia cooperate. in a conflict we could find ourselves with an inadequate nuclear deterrent. jason: again, do we think this is because they perceive biden as weak and won't do anything? or was this part of the natural trajectory anyway? >> well, i think it's both. but they do perceive that they can push the united states around. which is one of the reasons why there was that harsh rhetoric in xi jinping's speech on thursday because they don't think that the united states will do anything. and we have seen this in a number of different things that china has done since the biden team took over. so, yes, we've got to be
12:56 pm
concerned that biden will not be able to deter the chinese. so this is going to be a problem going forward until there is some confrontation and that is going to be exceedingly dangerous when you show strength like we've had in prior administrations, the chinese leave us alone. when we show that we are weak and this should be common sense, but apparently many people in washington don't understand it, but when you show weakness, they they actually engage in extremely provocative behavior. jason: yeah, it's amazing how that ronald reagan addage peace through strength is just more true today than ever. agordon, thank you. appreciate youro joining us. well, that does it for sunday morning futures. this sunday. independence day. i'm jason chaffets in for maria bartiromo. i hope you have a chance to czech out my podcast, called jason in the house, anywhere you're looking at podcasts, jason in the house. i hope you have a wonderful independence day, one of the
12:57 pm
greatest holidays of the year, 4th of july. i hope you have a chance to be with your family and your loved ones and i also hope you take a moment, say a prayer and thank the men and women who make it all possible and keep us safe and protected every single time. they're out there they're away from their family. god bless them and may god bless the united states. thank you for joining us thisim day. hope you enjoy it. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! .. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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