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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 4, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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page and continue the conversation on twitter. check out my podcast. media buzz. subscribe at apple itunes, google podcast or on the amazon device. we have more of a rush to get everything in today because of the florida news conference. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. have a great weekend. a whole lot of news on this july 4th as the nation's capitol gets ready to mark the holiday after the pandemic celebrations last year. welcome to "fox news live." i'm griff jenkins. >> i'm alyssa acuna. florida is bracing for tropical storm elsa. demow crews preparing to bring down the remainder of the partially collapsed condo. phil keating is live in surfside,. >> reporter: the oncoming tropical storm elsa, once a
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hurricane, is looking a little less likely of a severe threat to this area of south florida than just a couple days ago but the pause has resumed in the search and rescue operation, all because sometime later today, that's expectly, the remaining part of the champlain towers, the only part that did not collapse, that is going to be demolished by explosives. that's the remaining section. it has been impeding search operations and it is fragile. it's been observed to be swaying or of shifting a little bit. so not only is it fragile, it also threatens the workers in the pile down below looking for either victims and hopefully in their minds, survivors. take a look at the weather radar right now, the satellite loop of this tropical storm. elsa is now blasting winds of 65 miles per hour and marching towards key west. the concern is surfside is that the winds could be perhaps too strong for what's left not to
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fall down. today is day 10 since the building plummeted into a pile. two more bodies were recovered saturday, bringing the total to 24 found dead, 121 still missing. >> as both the governor and i have made clear, our top priority is that the building come down as soon as possible no matter what time that occurs and as safely as possible. bringing down this building in a controlled manner is critical to expanding our scope of the search and rescue effort. >> reporter: no residents, zero, have been allowed in that building and their condos for their own safety since everything around them fell down 10 days ago and nobody's been found alive, rescued from the rubble, since that first day. since the tragedy happened, the miami-dade county mayor ordered all buildings in the county 40 years old to do a structural analysis. friday night, that led to a 10
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story north miami beach condo complex to suddenly be evacuated due to reported concrete and electrical issues. very similar to the suspected source of this disaster which remains under investigation. neglected repairs, he delayed repairs and cracking and corrroding concrete inside the structure, primarily observed in the garage, the basement, the base of this building, which if that fails, theoretically the rest of the building comes down as well. the ultimate determination is going to take months. alicia, no offense, back to you. you sound like arthel. >> none taken. it's an honor to be confused with her. phil keating, thank you for the update from surfside, florida. griff. griff: alicia, pope francis this a rome hospital today for a scheduled surgery on his large intestine. the vatican announcing the surgery early this morning and said they will announce when the procedure is complete.
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the 84 pontiff greeted the public in saint peter's square hours earlier. trey yingst is live in the jerusalem bureau with the latest. trey. >> reporter: good afternoon. pope francis is undergoing colon surgery today in rome. we know according to a statement released by the holy c press office the pope is having scheduled surgical intervention for diverticulitis. it can cause inflammation, discomfort and in some cases internal bleeding. it's a common medical problem for many aging adults. the 84 leader of the church attended the traditional sunday mass in st. peter's square before the procedure started. he said he would go to hungary in settlement and asked attendee -- september and asked attendee's to pray for him. the press office is expected to update the public on his condition after surgery. this comes after a busy time period for the pope. last week, he met with u.s. secretary of state antony
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blinkenen in rome and we know that he held a large mass on tuesday. griff. griff: trey yingst in jerusalem. thank you, trey. allysia. >> a big night in the nation's capitol and all across the u.s. as americans celebrate independence day with parades, picnics and pyrotechnics and millions are celebrating their freedom from pandemic restrictions. david spunt is live at the national mall as preparations are underway for tonight's fireworks spectacular. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, allysia, happy 4th of july. i'm on the national mall right now, a beautiful day here in our nation's capital. i'm a few yards away from the national archive which houses the declaration of independence and of course the constitution, signed several years later in 1787. back to what we're talking about here today, a lot of crowds expected from the national park
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service. people are celebrating their freedom, that is the theme from the white house today. people that are outside on the national mall, enjoying themselves. there's a lot of road closures, so people need to pay attention to those road closures. allysia, we stopped by the reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial for a taste of what things looked like when crews set up fire works. griff jenkins did that yesterday. 6500 fire work shells are used to set up, takes hours and hours, not easy work. things have to be precise. it's worth it for those who put on the show and for those who are watching the show. listen here. >> a year ago, we were out here. we did a fireworks show last year but we were actively encouraging people to stay home, enjoy it virtually, not come out because of the pandemic. so to be here a year later, no masks on, big crowd expected, it's really a good sign that the nation's capital is open for business again.
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>> reporter: and you can feel that it's really open for business here. crowds are only going to increase over the next several hours. the national park service has been at this for more than 50 years. the fireworks kicks off at 9:09 eastern time tonight. >> looks like a perfect day. david spunt, happy 4th of july to you as well. thanks. >> reporter: you too. thank you. griff: allysia, as americans celebrate independence days, the blue angels are celebrating their diamond anniversary, 75 years, marking the occasion with a demonstration at the kansas city air show. fox nation host and our proud american correspondent abby hornick is live for us. >> reporter: i do not disagree with you, it has been absolutely amazing here at the kansas city air show. you mentioned some of the performers. we're standing in front of one of the static planes, this is a
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carrier, it's the military's only short takeoff vertical landing jet in current inventory, a huge advantage as it requires significantly less runway for takeoffs and landings. >> doesn't quite hover when it takes off. the nozzles will rotate down. as it jumps off the deck, you nozzle aft and start to create lift over the wings. at that point we're flying like a normal conventional aircraft. >> reporter: yeah, you mentioned the blue angels as well. they are debuting their super hornet f-18 as they celebrate their 75th anniversary this year. it's 33% bigger than the legacy hornet and it's faster and much more you powerful, griff. also performing at the air show, you probably hear them right now, after a last minute trip to kansas city are the air force thunderbirds. it is quite a pay t trotic --
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patriotic scene here. people are really showing their red, white and blue and there's around 25,000 people here. they sold out yesterday. expected to sell out today as well. griff: abby, air shows are so much fun. my mother-in-law used to run one in pennsylvania. i got to go there. i never got to do something, we were watching you earlier this morning, jumping out of a helicopter and parachuting down. that must have been very exciting. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. that was the experience of a lifetime. i went up with the navy leap frogs. they are the navy's parachute team. they they were so gracious. they let me do a gainer off of the back of which is a helicopter. i would say i was tandem. as i floated down, i was under the canopy, looking around at the airplanes, all of these people, attached to some of our nation's finest and it really makes you proud to be an american. griff: let me ask you how
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difficult it was. allysia was pointing out to me how well you handled literally landing, going 100 miles an hour in a tandem parachute, you land, take the microphone and did a toss-back with pete, will and rachel on "fox & friends." >> reporter: well, allysia is way too nice. it did not probably turn out as well as i had hoped. but it was actually perfect because jim, who was the man that i was tandemming with, he's a former navy seal. he knew exactly what he was doing. i give all the credit to him. he landed in the perfect position. i had no idea how he made that happen. >> i'm not being too nice. this is allysia. that was flawless. when you put the piece in your ear and you explained how your hands were shaking and you managed to pull it off. what you've always done, ever since we've known you at the fox news channel, you show off what others do. that's what you were table to do, even in that incredible moment. >> reporter: that means a lot to
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me. what these men do, it's just so incredible and the women around and in every branch of the military. i'm so blessed to be here and like you said, the things that they're doing are really tough work. so if i can do that with them, just to show how a civilian would handle it, it puts into context what they do for our country. griff: abby showing us all how it's done at the kansas air show in gardner. abby, we'll check back in with you throughout the day. thank you very much. >> reporter: thanks, guys. >> she's the coolest. democrats renewing their calls to pack the supreme court with liberal justices after a big ruling on voter fraud protections last week. republican senator jerry moran joins us live on that and more, next. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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alicia: nearly a dozen men are now in custody after an hours long armed standoff, shut down i-95 north of boston. the 11 suspects reportedly claimed to be from a group called rise of the moores, a militia that doesn't recognize our laws. they told state police they were heading from rhode island to maine for training. police seized guns from the suspects, saying none of them appeared to have a license to carry those weapons. they are due in court on
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tuesday. griff: democrats blasting one of the final two decisions of the supreme court's term, upholding voter fraud protections in arizona. president biden accusing the justices of doing, quote, severe damage to voting rights. other democrats calling for action including packing the court. senator ed markey tweeting, quote, today's ruling is another blow to voting rights. we have no time to waste to protect the right to vote. we must abolish the filibuster and pass the voting rights act and must expand the supreme court. congressman jones tweeting also today the supreme court once again gutted the voting rights act. if we don't expand the courts soon, we will no longer have a democracy to protect. what are we waiting for? well, joining us now, senator jerry moran, a republican from kansas, who serves on the appropriations committee. senator, happy 4th of july. thank you for being here. >> thank you. good to be with you on
9:17 am
independence day. kind of wish i was in kansas with abby today, in kansas city at least, where i was visiting with airman navy air force pilots yesterday in advance of the air show at new century airport south of kansas city. griff: we are certainly glad you took time to come here. we'll talk to abby and get you in that jumping out of a helicopter next year. let's talk though, because this is a day we celebrate the signing of the declaration of independence, we think about the greatest democracy in history and now we have this fight over packing the court. senator markey and congressman jones leading that effort to adjust is thes. your reaction? >> my reaction is we do live in the greatest country on netter the history of the world. we have so much to be thankful for. it doesn't seem that on independence day, the day in which we honor our history and our future, we recognize what we've come through and where we have to go, that the conversation is now packing the court. i mean, what we ought to be
9:18 am
doing is celebrating the constitution of the united states and the freedoms and liberties it provides and we ought to be celebrating an independent court that makes decisions based upon the words of the constitution and based upon the statute that congress passes. when we don't get the result we want from a court, the response should not be let's put a bunch more justices of on the court. the response should be we honor the fact we live in a country with the rule of law. griff: your colleagues on the other side of the aisle, democrats by and large, it wasn't just president biden, also speaker pelosi said that justices ruled in a way that was an you assault on democrat -- an assault on democracy. and particularly the rulings -- specifically the rulings the democrats are upset about, one in arizona upholding one about a ban on ballot harvesting, the other striking down a law in california over forces nonprofits to disclose their largest donors. what do you say to democrat colleagues that say that both of those decisions are perhaps
9:19 am
political activeism that hurts voting rights? >> i think that based upon the court decisions as i've seen them, as i've read them, it is interpretation of the law. my view is, we ought not have a court in which you can determine whether the justices appointed by a republican or democrat president, they ought to specifically interpret the words of the law, the words of the constitution as best they can, as best as they understand them, and if there's some doubt about those words, look to the intent and when we get a result that we don't like, and clearly i've lived through courts in which i have significant disagreements with their decisions, including this court, but the results shouldn't be that we have an uproar about the supreme court and adding more justices. it should be that we're going to work to make the laws better. you can come to congress and lobby. the last thing we need is for the court to be a legislative body. that's what congress is. that's what the constitution outlines for our
9:20 am
responsibilities. and the supreme court and our justice system has nothing more to do in these circumstances except to interpret the law even when we get a result that we may not like. if you don't like the interpretation of the supreme court, come back to congress and ask us to modify the law so they're acceptable under the constitution or the law cans be interpreted as they they were intended. he's he personally on end pens day -- especially on independence day, this isn't the time to criticize the court. we can criticize the decision but the justices are doing their jobs. griff: to americans understand, the court currently is a 6-3 makeup, favoring conservatives. to turn that over of, would you have to add four, you can't add do or three, you would only get a tie, you would have to add four and to get there you would have to end the filibuster. how likely is that to happen under this current administration that we will see the return of the filibuster -- overturning of the filibuster. >> the overturning of the filibuster would be a damaging thing, damageing to a cause i
9:21 am
believe in, including the ability for people that come from conservative states to have a greater voice in congress but really to protect the minority. whatever your position is on an issue, the 60 vote rule protects you and your ability as a member of the senate, protects my ability to advocate on behalf of my constituents, makes my vote count and i would tell you that what a sad day in our country in which we lose something that is designed to bring us together. 606 votes mean the republicans and democrats have to agree at least in part. we've never had 60 conservatives, 60 republicans in the senate. occasionally the democrats have 60. today in the evenly divided senate it clearly means there has to be bipartisan cooperation to get a result and it brings the country together, not pulls us apart. if we goat the point in which everything is decided by 51 votes it means that everything is designed -- will be decided based upon partisan politics. the country will be further divided. every time there's an election, we'll have new sets of laws.
9:22 am
the republicans will repeal what a the democrats passed, the democrats will repeal what the republicans passed. the country needs certainity. we see that with trump tax cuts that are threatened with repeal and they were passed by 51 votes. now they could be repealed with 51 votes. wouldn't we like to have a tax code that is something that people can plan their lives and this is -- the theme of this conversation is the saying process matters, constitution, laws matter and how we get to a conclusion is the way that we protect our freedoms and liberties and in the case of the filibuster, protect people who come from the minority part of the country or have minority points of view. bring us together. griff: we wouldn't want perpetual score settling. in the 30 sends we have left, i want to ask for your independence message. >> i would say use this moment. i would use this opportunity and now i'm the ranking republican, but use this opportunity to once again express gratitude to those who are serving today, those who served in the past and i would
9:23 am
add in this our country's history our strong support and encouragement for law enforcement. griff: thank you very much. happy fourth. >> thank you very much. alicia: president biden saying we'll retaliate from the latest huge cyber attack on u.s. businesses did indeed originate from russia. hugo girdon on that, straight ahead. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway.
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griff: the july 4th holiday weekend is not slowing the surge of migrants crossing the southern border. our cameras were rolling as some of them entered the u.s. today. bill malusian is live with more. hi, bill. >> reporter: hey, griff. good afternoon to you. that's right, the border crisis certainly not going to take a break just for the 4th of july holiday, as i speak we have a border patrol helicopter circling down the road from us, a bunch of units flew down the road and there's a transport van down there suggesting a group of migrants crossed the rio grande and are about to be apprehended. we had activity out here this morning. take a look at this drone video shot by our fox flight team this morning. this is what we've been showing you every day. you've seen this every day when you were out there, this ballpark where another group of about 30 folks gave themselves up to border patrol after crossing the rio grande, walking up the roads and presenting themselves here at this ballpark. again, these family units,
9:29 am
they're not the one withs trying to run away. they just give themselves up. they are typically families from el salvador, honduras and guatemala. take a look at this photo posted out of the tucson sector yesterday. they arrested this man, a guatemalan national, who they caught crosses illegally. he has a conviction for second degree murder out of the state of north carolina. so this kind of just goes to show you, they are apprehending quite a bit of criminals all over the u.s./mexico border during the border crisis and it highlights the ongoing security concerns that it's not just families coming across. take a listen to what stephen miller had to say on fox news earlier today, he said biden's decision to reverse trump's policies are causing this crisis. >> it is the root cause. it is in fact the sole cause of the current border crisis. president trump put into place, and i know because i was there
9:30 am
for every single step of it, the most effective and robust border security regime this country has ever had. functional hey zero people were caught and released at the southwest border. all of that was dismantled. >> reporter: and as you take a live look at our fox drone in mission, texas right now, the big question is going to be are the numbers going to slow down as we head into the holter summer -- hotter summer months. from what we've seen on the ground so far, doesn't look like that's going to happen. we already had 20 year record setting numbers in april and may. now we're waiting for the apprehension numbers to come out for the month of june. if it tops 180,000, we're going to set another 20-year record. griff, we'll send it back to you. griff: bill, thank you. alicia. .>> i'll know better tomorrow and if it is either with the knowledge of and/or a
9:31 am
consequence of russia, then we will respond. >> did you tell them already, sir? >> i haven't called. we're not certain. the initial thinking was it was not russian government. alicia: president biden yesterday on the latest massive cyber attack by a russian linked group, a cyber security group says the ransomware attack friday compromised hundreds of u.s. companies. the president also saying the u.s. will retaliate against russia if it is determined the kremlin was behind the attacks. so let's bring in editor in chief of the washington examiner, hugo gurdon. thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me. alicia: the president vows to retaliate against russia if they find out the kremlin is involved in this. what options does the biden administration have, what sort of retaliation, what would that look like? >> this is -- his response is weak and frankly deceptive.
9:32 am
you have to remember that russia is a gangster state and it's led by a gangster president. nothing happens in russia or is done by russia of this sort without president putin having some endorsement of that, at least tacitly giving endorsement. what you have is president biden trying to make a distinction between the private sector criminal and the kremlin. it offers him a loophole not to retaliate. now, how one retaliates against the soviet -- you know, against the russians, against the kremlin, there's all manner of different ways in which biden could do that. there are sanctions he could use and the other thing is the united states has very good offensive i-cyber capabilities itself so there could be retaliation in kind. alicia: it appears that the president is trying some sort of diplomatic move in making these statements that are very careful. here's what the president had to
9:33 am
say shortly after meeting with president putin this summer in europe. >> i talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack, period. by cyber or any other means. i gave them a list, if i'm not mistaken, i don't have it in front of me, 16 specificen at entities, 16 he defined as critical infrastructure under u.s. policy, from the energy sector to our water system. alicia: so, i mean, presidents like biden in the past know that the russian president does not take cues from the united states. so what do those words mean really? >> i think that they're largely meaningless. it seemed to me extremely bizarre to give a list. it suggests that anything that isn't on the list is somehow fair game. president biden in order to have given a strong response to what is now developing into a pattern of russian attacks on american infrastructure, you have to remember that they shot down the energy supplies to the east coast, they shut down meat
9:34 am
supplies nationwide. there's a pattern that's developed here. and it's, to me, frankly, rather absurd to suggest that there are certain things which are off limits and then, therefore, there must be certain things where it's legitimate. what president biden should be saying to president putin is, look, you run -- it's not a democracy. you control this. we know very well that there are about 1,000 gangsters who run russia. and you control them. if our systems are attacked, we will retaliate against you and as i say, there's a range of different things that biden could do. alicia: what's really frightening about so much of this is this impacted not only private users but service providers, ransom being sought from $150,000 up to the multi million dollars in ransom. but what can we do here in the united states? because the biden administration has its own diplomatic front that it needs to fight. we also clearly have a problem here. where do you see the weak link?
9:35 am
what can be done? >> yeah, you know, the national security establishment has known nor several years that we have very, very powerful offensive capabilities. for example, our involvement with stock net which closed down the iranian nuclear experiments that they were doing. but we have not had very good defensive ones and a lot of this is still being left to the private sector as it should be and this is both a strength and a vulnerability. private sector obviously can innovate. new ideas can be developed faster. it's not a good idea for the government to be controlling everything. but it also means that there are all sorts of businesses which are vulnerable because perhaps they haven't done as much to defend their systems as they should do. in a free society, there are inherent problems, even though there are also inherent strengths. alicia: i mentioned these ransoms and this is happening worldwide. who is in charge of figuring out
9:36 am
where -- who is paying ransoms, if they are being paid? i know the u.s. government has been able to pull back some of the money that has been paid in the past. this just seems to widespread and hard to really get a grasp on. >> yeah, i think it is widespread and i think that we are vulnerable. this is a new form of crime, perhaps since the internet has made it available and as you know that's been around for a generation. but it's still pretty new and everybody is still trying to figure out how to do something about it. it's true that some of the ransom that was paid in previous attacks this year has now been recovered and recouped but the world is the cyber criminal's oyster and people watching this show will know they will probably have received themselves all sorts of scam attacks, you know, on their computers, on their phones, and
9:37 am
it's extremely difficult to control. and it's going to take technological innovation to make sure that this doesn't keep on happening. alicia: hugo gurdon, thank you so much for joining us today. appreciate it. have a good one. >> thanks a lot. alicia: thanks. griff. griff: alicia, stepped up security in new york city for the big fire work extravaganza tonight. the nypd out in full force after the recent surge in violence across the city. this year, macy's is promising its 4th of july display will be the largest ever with the fireworks lighting up the skies above the east river and the empire state building. alex hogan is live in new york city for us. hi, alex. happy fourth. >> reporter: hi, griff. happy 4th of july to you as well. after canceled celebrations during lockdown, this year the big apple is welcoming back big celebrations and of course the show-stopper is the 4th of july fireworks that macy's is
9:38 am
putting on later tonight. this is a practically year-long event to plan this process. it begins with the music, composers match the melody with pyro techniques, then comes the design stage and finally the grand finale of all of the process, the execution of the show itself. fireworks get set off from the empire state building and five floats that are sailing down the eastiver. >> we'll have 65,000 shells and effects over the course of 25 minutes. so it's approximately 2600 shells that are going of to be going off per minute. so it's a really exciting show and full of fantastic spectacle. >> reporter: at the same time, the nypd will be out in full force. viewers will need to pass through metal detectors to keep the event a safe one. this as the city has seen an alarming increase in crime including several gunshot victims in times square or the pair of children in the bronx
9:39 am
caught in the middle of gunfire while walking down the sidewalk. leading up to the crackdown on crime, the nypd launched an investigation to curve the trafficking of illegal fireworks into the city. the teams have made 22 arrests, found six handguns and confiscated $64,000 worth of illegal fireworks. now, at the event tonight for the fireworks, drones will not be allowed. they are banned by the ffa -- faa but to make sure that people do not use them, the nypd will also be using technology to interfere with drones to make sure, griff, that people keep those away from this event. griff: alex, i look forward to watching the new york fireworks. the organizers here in washington told me yesterday that the one here in the nation's capital will be the largest in the nation. we'll have to compare notes after tonight's displays. alex hogan in new york. alex, thank you.
9:40 am
alicia. alicia: president biden among those weighing in on the shocking one month suspension of american track and field star shakira richardson after she tested positive for marijuana. she was considered a gold he medal hopeful after her performance in the women's 100 meters at last month's olympic trials. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: president biden acknowledged there are guidelines to be followed but also questioned whether they should be changed. >> the rules are the rules. and everybody knows that the rules -- what the rules were going in. whether that should remain that would be a really issue. i was proud of her, the way she responded. >> reporter: during an interview, the 21-year-old, u.s. sprinting starks said she ingested the marijuana to help cope with the loss of her biological mother. she learned her mom died from a reporter and days before her olympic trials. >> i want to take responsibility
9:41 am
for my actions. i know what i did. i know what i'm supposed to do. i'm allowed not to be and i still made that decision but i'm not making an excuse. people don't understand what it's like to have to go in front of the world and put on a face and hide my pain. >> reporter: her suspension has turned into a controversy with some saying it's time for the international olympic committee to change its rules. democratic house reps jamie raskin and alexandria ocasio-cortez in a letter to the u.s. anti-doping agency urging them to reconsider suspension for recreational marijuana use. and aoc tweeted in part, quote, the criminalization and banning of cannabis is an instrument of racist and colonial policy, the ioc should reconsider its suspension of ms. richardson and any athletes penalized for cannabis use. the u.s. anti-doping agency is sticking by its stance, in a statement the ceo said the rules are clear but this is heart breaking on many levels.
9:42 am
hopefully her acceptance of responsibility and apology will be an important example to us all that we can successfully overcome our regrettable decisions despite the costly consequences of this one to her. also richardson could end up competing at the olympics in tokyo. she could be named to the 4x100-relay team depending on a selection by. alicia: track and field gh tropical storm elsa turning deadly as it heads for florida. we're tracking the storm and the impact it's having on the search and rescue operations at the site of the surfside condo collapse i so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there's an america we build
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9:47 am
track. hi, adam. >> hi, alicia. this storm weakening overnight, the last 24 hours, also slowing down. yesterday we saw the winds up to 70 miles an hour, before that it was a hurricane. still spinning just to the south of the island of cuba. it's going to have to pass over the island, run into mountains and that leaves a little bit of indecision on where exactly the storm will go and how long it will take to get there. this is our current of forecasted path, look at running up the west coast of florida. it's also slowing down. this is one particular model. a future forecast, you see as it moves over the island, gets a little bit messier, and it's really slowed down. you start to see out i bands of rain running into south florida on monday. we're now getting into tuesday around lunchtime before you talk about the center of circulation getting a little bit closer to south florida at that point. so even though early rain, those winds that kind of come at the center of the storm, the strong winds, those are a little behind it. again, i'm taking you up into tuesday morning, tuesday early afternoon before you see the real powerful winds start to work their way up the west side
9:48 am
of florida. again, there's a little bit of time for this to move as we see what eventually happens here as the storm system moves over cuba. the forecast across the country on this 4th of july, a lot of heat piling up in the center of the country. it's part of the extreme heat thats was on the west coast a couple days ago. now shifting into the center of the country. cooler in the northeast as we've seen rain and there are a couple of systems we've been tracking, i'll leave you with those, still very heavy rain across the gulf states. this has been the case for a little while. we've seen flooding along the coastal gulf states. low pressure is bringing cool temperatures to the northeast. we're going to continue to watch that kind of soggy, cooler and rain there for the 4th of july getting up into maine and new england. alicia. back to you. alicia: fox weather meteorologist adam klotz. thank you. griff. griff: alicia, america's birthday comes as the blue angels also mark their own anniversary and the group is taking to the skies today in kansas city. their commander joins us live,
9:49 am
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9:53 am
the blue angels executive officer and commander todd royals joins us now. todd, it is an honor. you've been doing some amazing things. thank you for taking time. first, happy 4th of july to you. tell me about being in the air show there in gardner, kansas today. >> happy 4th of july to you as well. thank you for having me on. what an you amazing opportunity to celebrate our independence day with an air show in kansas city, celebrating our 75th anniversary. we were formed in 1946. as well as in 2021 we are unveiling two new platforms, the boeing fa18ef super hour nest as well as the lockheed martin super herculese. it's an honor to be part of this organization. in 2021 on the 4th of july, also there in kansas city with the united states air force thunderbirds, so a very historic day indeed. griff: and when you talk about taking up the super hornet, debuting a few aircraft, how
9:54 am
difficult is that? because you guys already have the most difficult, precise training and maneuvers. how much more challenges dust add to have the new plane? >> we had a transition team that was stood up for several years, going through the unique differences of the super hornet. so they they were former blue angels that flew the aircraft and we have a very extensive winter training syllabus, over 120 training flights that we do out in california before we start the show season. so due to covid, and the loss of a season last year, all of our air shows were canceled. we actually froze the team. so all the demonstration pilots are returning so it really helped the transition that we had an experienced team, an experienced crew of maintainers to unveil the new flat. howie: platform and -- plat -- platform and we absolutely love it. griff: my mother-in-law ran an air show in pennsylvania where
9:55 am
you guys flew and i got to see up close and talk to you guys about what goes in to becoming a blue angel. are you the best did navy has to offer. talk for a moment about how hard it is to become a blue angel. >> you know, we are just a cross-section of the fleet. we come from the fleet and we're going to go right back to the fleet when we complete this. this is only typically a two to three-year tour for us. it's a strenuous application process. most of the pilots on the team have 10 years of flying fleet f18s. so your reputation is built in the fleet and you interview, you come down here, meet the team in person, travel to a couple air shows to see what we do behind the scenes and we select a team and then you come here for two years. and it's a grueling tour. we go to roughly 30 to 35 cities throughout the summer every single weekend, demonstrating and representing over 800,000 sailors and marines who are deployed around the world but it's an honor for us to be able
9:56 am
to drop into america's backyards and give the american taxpayer a glimpse of the teamwork, the professionalism, the pursuit of excellence that exists across the navy marine corps team. we get to do it as blue angels on a weekly basis. griff: i've got about 15 seconds. what does it mean personally to you to be leading us? >> this is a tremendous group of professionals. we have 150 sailors and marines on the team and it's truly an honor to be part of the leadership team. our commanding officer and flight leader is the commanding officer, to be the deputy commander and help guide the organization is truly an honor for me. griff: commander todd royals in the blue angels, thank you and happy fourth. alicia. alicia: pope francis is in the hospital in rome for a scheduled surgery. the latest on that coming up next. top of the hour.
9:57 am
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