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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 4, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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facebook, instagram and twitter. and buy the book. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ [playing of the "the star-spangled banner" ♪.
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♪. pete: that is our nation's anthem on our nation's birthday. happy independence day, america. so glad you're here. honored to be here with rachel and will. rachel: happy independence day. you guys look amazing.
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pete: as do you. rachel: we're all in rhett, white and blue. will: happy 4th of july all day long today. happy 4th of july. that was the quantico brass quintet performing the national anthem live on fox square. that is happy independence day to all much us. we'll celebrate all morning long celebrating our nation's birthday. we would love for to you celebrate with us. send your pictures to we'll be outside of the studio having a good time. you're somewhere out in america, barbecuing, hanging out by the pool with your friends and family. shows us where it looks like. rachel: we're in new york. across america in little towns everywhere there will be amazing parades and barbecues. we want to see all of that, definitely, definitely send that stuff in. as we celebrate our great nation today, we share a portion from the declaration of independence. we'll reflect on what those words meant when they were
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written. pete: that's right. here we are 245 years later. there is big news. there is plenty of news. there is stuff we'll talk about today. we don't often take a moment to think about the words written 245 years ago by a small segment of men and patriots who felt like they were living under tyranny and wanted something different and it's a miracle what they unfolded for us. so we'll read as a fitting beginning to the show today, the preamble to the declaration of independence. it is worth hearing. rachel: i love that. we'll be the only show that does that i'm sure. pete: guaranty that. listen to they're timeless. we hold these truths to be self-evident that all mean are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among those are life, liberty and "the pursuit of happyness." to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving the just powers from the consent of the
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governed, when any form of government becomes destructive of these ends i had is the right for the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government laying such foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them most likely to affect their safety and happiness. when you reflect on the gravity of those words, it was the was cascading of athens, greece, rome, italy, jerusalem, the gathering in the hall of philadelphia they wrote the words to abolish kings, monarchs, we the people can rule ourself. we understand human nature, and corruption, we're not perfect, we know that but we're giving our chance to govern ourselves. it's a pretty cool promise. rachel: so interesting when you read it, we don't read it enough. it is so timeless that could be written today. a lot of people that feel the
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same way those men felt right now. as you read those words. will: you know there is a great effort in our country now to define the united states of america, to redefine the united states of america. yesterday, pete, you shared with us john adams words what the celebration, what this holiday should mean, both at the same time solemn and celebratory. that is what this day should be. that right there what you read to us the definition of america. that what we will solemnly at times, celebratory at others thinking about. as you point out, rachel, those truths we heard are timeless and relevant. and in time in human history we gather at at time we can govern ourselves and its base are principles and freedom guide us hopefully into eternity. rachel: that is comes from god, not man. that is the most important aspects of that. we don't put our faith in men. we put our faith in god.
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pete: can't legislate them away. no pen and a phone can get rid of them for you. rachel: that's right. pete: john adams and thomas jefferson, you both do, both died 50 years to the day on july 4th on signing the declaration of independence. same day, within five hours. will: two political rivals. pete: two political rivals, exactly. will: as we move on through this day, we'll focus on the news this week, this day and spend time throughout the day to remember what this country and this day is about. we want to give that every bit of attention it deserves. >> today more than ever. i think people feel the words in those statements, they are slipping away. pete: we talked about that yesterday. rachel: i know. pete: we're celebrating but there is this eminent feeling it is all at risk. rachel: it is. pete: that we're still fighting for the spirit. they fought for it literally with their sacred honor and it
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is our charge to do that today. rachel: we're not imagining it is slipping away. will: now to some of the news of today. president biden making a campaign style stop in michigan. pete: he toured a cherry farm and cherry-picked his audience to promote the bipartisan infrastructure deal. rachel: david spunt joins us live from the national mall at the white house prepares for tonight's 4th of july celebration. david? reporter: happy independence day to you three. real quick before we get back to the declaration of independence, i'm looking at the building where it is housed, the national archives here in washington, d.c., the special place holding the declaration and constitution. president biden and the first lady dr. jill biden will hold a barbecue on the south lawn to honor 1000 first-responders, essential workers, those really on the front lines of covid-19. it will be a celebration from the virus. a celebration from that but the white house is not going to be meeting its goal of getting at
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least 70% of americans with at least one shot of the vaccine. that was the goal of the white house. they're going to be missing it by a few weeks. yesterday president biden as you mentioned visited michigan to taught infrastructure, the bipartisan deal made by congress. he visited a fruit farm. you mentioned cherries and cherry pie. he stopped for some of his favorite ice cream. with a message hopes to continue a bipartisan streak. back at washington on the national mall, he stopped by the famous reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial, what it looks like when crews set up fireworks. 6500 fireworks shells are used. to set them up it takes hours and hours of work. to be precise. it is worth it to put on the show and of course those who are watching. >> it will be the largest display in the nation. it will be really impressive. we have so many unique effects. fireworks like snowflakes, tough
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to describe. when you see something you haven't seen before then you will be excited. reporter: the national parks service has been putting on the show about 50 years. they do it very well tonight, the fireworks in washington, d.c., will kick off precisely at 9:09 p.m. back to you. rachel: thank you, david. i'm sometimes hard on joe biden. i will give him a pass on the vaccine, the 70% number. i think it is arbitrary. millions of people already had covid. many doctors and scientists think we already reached herd immunity. and he was in michigan with governor whitmer -- pete: lockdown whitmer. rachel: yeah, lock down whitmer. she has a lottery of sorts encouraging people to get the shot and entered into the sweepstakes to win cash prizes. i don't like that, because a lot of people already had covid. many doctors think that is a bad idea to get a shot if you
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already had covid. i think we already reached herd immunity. i don't think you have to worry about hitting the arbitrary 70%. pete: even though he hasn't hit the number is it defacto admission -- will: it wasn't truly sign tisk. the willingness to go along with the celebration reveals the farce behind the other enterprise. here is another topic. gwen berry, olympic hammer thrower, finished third at olympic trials compared herself to supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. tweeted this. is that the best they could come up with? i can relate to the associate justice of the supreme court, usa, brett kavanaugh, there is a lot of blank i don't do like i did when i was 18 or 20. i will say this, quickly. this is regarding her tweets that we talked about yesterday on the show. some 10 some odd years ago. she was making offensive jokes,
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statements about white people, latino people, asian people. rachel: people with special needs as well. will: the most offensive thing gwen berry has done is turn her back on the national anthem. the most offensive thing she has done turning her back on the podium that the world honors as one of greatest athletes. i have a mixed feeling about digging into everybody's tweets so we can sell them. how about judge gwen berry what she has done in the present which is highly offensive. pete: what she did is why we're talking about her. what she tweeted -- one of two options you say all right we forgive, look what they did to kavanaugh. we're going to forgive people what they said in the past when they were 18. we all said dumb stuff at 18. i go for that. that standard is never equally applied on other side. so i want to give her grace for that but ultimately the reason we're talking about it, is
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because of what she did and what she said she may do again at the podium in tokyo, not in tokyo. will: in tokyo. pete: in tokyo, what she may do again in tokyo. that is what matters the most. this idea now we'll compare yourself to justice kavanaugh doesn't really work for me. rachel: judge jeanine pirro was on her show last night. here is what she had to say about gwen berry. >> she is living the american dream and she doesn't have a clue. she is hurting every man and woman whose blood was spilled for that flag including patriotic black men and women who chose to enlist, an chose to fight what you find so repulsive. she is hurting every parent who lost a child, every spouse to lost a loved one. every child growing up without a father and every veteran who can't stand up because he lost his legs. she is hurting america on the international stage where other countries laugh at the
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disrespect and downright hatred people like her have for our national anthem and our flag. pete: that's right. love to get a comment from the tuskegee airmen how they feel. rachel: i also agree with you, will. i don't like going back looking at old tweet and doing that. if it takes for her not to get a nike contract, i'm down with that i'm sick and tired people profiting off of disrespecting our country. you look at her. you look at kaepernick. athletes we would not know their names at all except for the fact they disrespected our country. i'm kind of fed up with it. will: i'm kind of fed up with nike. rachel: i won't buy anything from them. will: check in with position nation host abby hornacek celebrating independence day live in kansas city with an airshow in gardner, kansas. good morning, abby. reporter: good morning, guys. you look very patriotic. pete i love the white suit. we have a lot to look forward to
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today. it is the calm before the storm. yesterday was completely sold out, 25,000 people. today is expected for today. we have exciting four hours coming up with "fox & friends." i will jump with navy leapfrogs out of a chinook. that will be coming to you guys, live. we have a special giveaway for one of our nation's heroes. again a lot to look forward to. i was walking around being talking to some people yesterday. everyone is excited for this independence day. the show of patriotism here in kansas city is unbelievable. it is a perfect place to be for our proud american coverage. we'll be here all day long. pete: abby hornacek jumping out of a chinook with the navy leapfrogs on 4th of july. i love it. >> you have the best job in the in world. reporter: i agree. pete: on the independence day, "new york times" questions the american flag. joe concha on the controversial
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the covid-19 vaccines are ready. and so is walgreens, with pharmacy experts ready to make it easy for you to get it safely, for free. because this is our shot... getting back together. ♪. will: "the new york times" under fire over an independence day weekend piece presenting the flag as divisive because of how it is embraced by conservatives. according to "the times" today flying the flag from the back of a pickup truck or over a lawn is increasingly seen as a clue albeit imperfect one to a person's political affiliation in a deeply divided nation. what was once a unifying symbol, there is a star on it for each state after all, is now alienating some. here to react, fox news contributor, "the hill" media columnist joe concha. happy 4th of july.
3:19 am
always great to have you. you canned i can sit here spend some time criticizing "the new york times" but i think this is the more important question. is "the new york times" accurately reporting on a mind-set out there in the united states of america that some people now see the united states of america's flag perhaps its anthem as well, as divisive? >> great question, will. no, there are basically reflecting a mind set that goes on in their newsroom which is the woke mob. the woke mob runs "the new york times" at this point. remember just last month we had a writer mara gay, who declared she found it disturbing her words, unquote, there were so many flags she had to witness on lawns and trucks just east of you in long island, disturbing the same "new york times" who asked not too long ago if "the star-spangled banner," and the national anthem, are they racist? those were literally the headlines they had to ask. is the same "new york times" now
3:20 am
defending gwen berry talked about in the previous segment. obviously she turned away from the national anthem, calling the playing of it a set-up, set-up. they she became third in the hammer, and they have been playing the national anthem at the podium ceremonies at the beginning of olympics. we see attack on american icons like george washington and abraham lincoln, the guy who won the revolutionary board, freed the slaves. the san francisco school board voted to remove the names from schools because they deemed these people as divisive. that is how crazy things have become now. will: joe, i will ask you a somewhat similar question in a little bit of a different way. if the united states of america flag is now a partisan issue, if it is now something democrats back themselves away from, that either spells the death knell of the democratic party in my estimation or the country, one or the other. it means we have no more unifying factors, no more unifying symbols.
3:21 am
to be clear what you're telling me, you think newsrooms, in this case "the new york times" are not just out of touch with america, they are out of touch with the democratic party. you do not believe most democrats feel that the national flag is at this point is a divisive symbol? >> i couldn't believe that, in other words the more moderate, more sane democrats can't possibly get behind something like this, defund the police. will: right. >> the far left-wing of the party, aoc, "the squad" wing they believe that, if you're a more moderate democrat, the kind that voted for bill clinton, jimmy carter you don't believe that at all. "new york times" is no longer the paper of record. it is a paper of propaganda. this is exhibit @. will: that takes us back full circle, joseph, criticism appropriately falls on these newsrooms not just out of touch but increasingly radical. that is what the story. reveals. hopefully it doesn't reveal
3:22 am
sentiment out there. happy 4th of july, you joe. >> i have flags, i have at least 400 of these in the backyard. will: nothing divisive about that. happy 4th of july. after covid forced the usa to go a year without visiting servicemembers and families they're back. one of those leading the charge, miss america. she joins us next. ♪.
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♪ ♪ ♪. pete: we're back with your headlines. search-and-rescue efforts are paused at the florida condo collapse. 124 confirmed dead. 148 are missing. they need to bring down what is
3:26 am
left of the tower. governor desantis declared a state of emergency for 15 counties. britney spears called 911 as victim of conservatorship. the call has been sealed because of the ongoing legal battle. brittany's mom lynn speaking out on the conservatorship first time. she told "the new yorker." i have mixed feelings about everything. i don't know what to think. it's a lot of pain. a lot of worry. a california couple transforms their lawn into an american flag for independence day. army veteran erin mckay shell wanted to do something special since 4th of july activities were canceled last year due to covid. >> i just want towed show a little little bit of patriotism since we haven't been able to definitely stop, take a pause and appreciate. reporter: the project took about seven hours and 40 cans of spray
3:27 am
paint. she says the community loved it so much, she might make it an annual tradition. look at that. rachel: i love that. that is awesome. i hope they don't have an awful neighbor who complains about it. will: like an end zone. pete: i want to do that. rachel: the usa made it their mission to keep the brave men and women who serve our country connected to their family home and country. pete: after more than a year without seeing servicemembers on a uso tour the uso teamed up with a star-studded group for in person visits to a military base. will: our next guest was along for the ride, miss america, kmele shroeder. tell us about it. >> happy 4th of july, what a great way to celebrate our independence by visiting men and women across the country. we got to go to seven locations domestic and international to
3:28 am
say thank you. one of uso mission es to give more than thanks. what a great way to do that, give our time and energy, to say thank you with our presence on those military bases so it is domestic and international. pete: absolutely. you're miss america. you can pick up any cause you want for our country. you have chosen to be a part of the uso why? >> i have a family member that is a service member who actually got to watch me be crowned miss america live from baghdad. so it was really important for me to be able to say thank you to women like her who have deployed and given their time to allow me to have the freedoms that i do to be miss america every single day. she is not alone. i was able to thank servicemembers and interact with military families, military spouses, military kids on this tour because we were in the united states interacting with families on bases. what an honor to do that.
3:29 am
rachel: i'm glad you talk about the spouses and children and families. i'm a military brat. i lived overseas all my life. when the uso came, we had the dallas cowboy cheerleaders came. it was amazing. we felt like it was a piece of america that came to us. we were home sick for america. what is it like to meet those families? >> i think right now it was especially needed because of covid. i think that often times being on a military base, either domestic or overseas can be very eyes lating, especially for children who are moving often times. so to be able to bring a littlee bit of joy and cheer to them, especially the kids, were thrilled to see us. they like to see miss america and her crown t was an honor to bring that joy to them, finally bring celebration back to the bases. rachel: i can imagine little girls, this is looking up to you. i would be in you know. >> yes. rachel: awesome. will: i can imagine little boys being in awe themselves.
3:30 am
rachel: [laughter]. will: well, it is a special day. pete: it is wonderful to look out at people who are role models in our country reflecting on and honoring proper things, things that really matter. thanks for the support of uso, the troops and for your perspective which is to needed today. rachel: good for you choosing uso. makes me proud. >> absolutely. happy 4th. rachel: happy 4th of july to you too. as summer heats up "fox & friends" is cooling down with a pool on fox square. look at the one-of-a-kind pool and a very special giveaway next. pete: when are we getting in it? ♪. ♪ welcome to allstate, ♪ ♪are you down, d-d-down, d-d-down, d-d-down♪
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pete: love it. the quantico brass quintet performing the coast guard song from the national museum of the maris we bring in independence day. we're glad you're here. we're outside, which i love. many americans may be choosing to celebrate by, staying cool in the pool. luckily the pool came to us this morning. you love it. here to tell us more about it, this uniquely converted shipping container, a very special reason why they are here, tom and sylvi pappas, home of steel water pools. thank you both for being here so much. >> thank you. pete: doesn't look like a normal shipping container to me but it once was. >> yes, sir, it was. pete: where did you come up with the idea? >> one friend told us great ideas happen when you were hanging out in a hot tub. that is what we were discussing. how people repurpose shipping containers for homes.
3:36 am
we're in a hot tub. why not create our own. pete: you have a hot to be inside of this as well. >> we have a swimming pool, hot tub inside. we have different lengths. this is our come pact size. we have the window. it is therapeutic. pete: can we get into later. >> we can absolutely. pete: it is 80 degrees. >> i swam in this water. pete: i'm used to 50 degrees on "fox & friends." they pump it in. i get in. when you thought the idea of turning shipping containers into pools you thought he was nuts? >> well -- pete: you brought it to life. >> yeah. pete: how long does it take to create a something like this from a regular container to a person's yard? >> depends. >> two to five weeks. pete: two to five weeks. >> depends how many orders.
3:37 am
the fabrication is two weeks. pete: if you want one of these, go to steel water pools. google it. >> we have some orders online, in right now we're about 14 weeks behind. pete: about to get a few more. because of our wonderful viewers here. what is very cool about this, is that you are, you are giving one away as well too our next guest, marine corporal scott nokes who is joining us on skype. thank you for being here. i don't know what you can see being over skype. this is a beautiful pool. you're going to have one. you will be swimming in it too. >> that's what imhearing. still can't see it unfortunately. i've been in a couple of boxes before, never thought i would be in one full of water. sounds awesome. pete: slept in a con-xbox. looked for supplies and now you
3:38 am
will lounge in one. >> again, full circle. pete: full circle all the way. why does it matter to you to give back to a vet like corporal nokes? >> first-responders and military people are important in society an important for our american culture. we want to support them so much. we have a lot of first-responders and vets that work on our team. after speaking with scott, he is just a tremendous guy. this is a small thing for to us be able to try to help him out. we just want to keep moving forward with this kind of thing. >> corporal scott has amazing resilience. pete: amen. >> he is incredible human being. despite all his challenges he wants to give back, give back to him, improve the quantity of life. pete: i've been to your house in the tunnel for towers special.
3:39 am
>> definitely not the dog but i will be. pete: you will be fair enough, fire up the hot tub. you're not far from my house. i will join you. >> thank you very much. pete: happy fourth of july. thanks for joining us. you guys heart for the country is evident. you are not moving out until the end of the show? >> pete, we'll keep it here. pete: rachel, will, you're on notice. >> thank you. pete: over the top lifting for their help making this happen -- sorry, thank you. thank you to thomas and corporal scott nokes. facebook unveiling a new feature to detect extremism. the new support feature is facing criticism more on that in a moment. j.d. vance has joined the
3:40 am
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if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling. could your story also be about ibs-c? talk to your doctor and say yess to linzess. ♪. will: back with your headlines. 11 men are arrested after an hour's long stand-off on a massachusetts highway. the men were armed and dressed in full military garb. they refused to identify themselves and ran off when back-up was called. they eventually surrendered. some are refused to give their names. the men reportedly are on a fringe group and were on to some sort of training in maine. a suspected bank robber is caught red-handed literally. surveillance footage shows the suspect leave a trail of red smoke after the dye pack hidden
3:44 am
in the cash exploded. he allege he had le stole $500 from a newark bank handing the teller a note he had a gun. he escaped with 2300 bucks after throwing away the pack with the dye pack. they're still looking for him. new york city is taking heat for taking a jab at cleveland. the twitter account posted a gloomy day in new york city is still better than a sunny day in cleveland. in response to an ohio addition played in times square. that said, quote, your buildings are taller, our taxes are smaller. ohio jobs campaign responded to new york city cam tweet, we sunny disposition, low cost of living, an amazing quality of life. those are the headlines. rachel: oh, snap. like that comeback. facebook appears to be trying to tame extremism with this new pop-up notification warning users they may have been exposed to extremist content but the rollout of the new message is
3:45 am
being heavily criticized as the social media giant faces accusations of censorship. here to discuss is research fellow for technology policy at the heritage foundation cara fredericks. welcome, cara. >> thanks for having me, rachel. rachel: happy 4th of july to you. >> you too. rachel: let's get right into this. mark zuckerberg made a pledge at the very beginning. he said that he would be, facebook would be a free expression platform. you say that he you know, basically not done that. that he has betrayed that pledge. >> exactly. so in october of 2019 it is what you're referring to, he strode out on the stage at georgetown university he set facebook up as a counterweight to china and their digital platforms. he said we're going to stand up for free expression. he encouraged all other american digital platforms to follow suit. he betrayed those values. this is be abrogation of the vas
3:46 am
he said facebook stands for. when i led to counter task force at facebook. he used to arrest radicalization of isis inspired would-be terrorists not americans. we didn't turn tools inward on fellow american citizens participating in the marketplace of ideas. this is beyond the pale. rachel: it is very interesting that you bring up he tried to make a comparison between facebook and china. it seems like facebook has taken, has become more like china rather than facebook setting an example for china. what do you think that we -- let's first talk about, this warning message, it is being used on american citizens. i mean i looked at, what they term as an extremist. i think i could fall under that. >> exactly. and this is sort of a harbinger of a very dangerous trend. it is conflation of conservatives with extremists and that in concert with the
3:47 am
expansion of a digital surveillance state, you saw recently released white house strategy for countering domestic terrorism. this really lays that groundwork for a more expanded domestic surveillance state with social media at its heart. so it is very important for conservatives to be very vigilant when this happens. it us time for us to act. we have to consider using other platforms. we have to build with every layer of the technology stack in mind being mindful what happened to parler around amazon web services, the lights can be turned out at anytime. diversify your platforms, conservatives. make sure you're looking at new digital platforms. it is imperative right now. rachel: you're absolutely right. we got a statement from facebook, they say, this test is part of our larger work to assess ways to provide resources and support to people. people who may have engaged with or exposed to extremist content or know someone at work. we're partnering with non-governmental organizations
3:48 am
and experts in this space around have more to share in the future. it is ominous indeed, kara, we're entering a new world of surveillance and snitch culture. thank you for raising the flag on this. giving advice what we need to do as conservatives to change this. thank you, kara. >> thanks, rachel. happy 4th. rachel: happy fourth to you. time to turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast, live from coney island, ahead of nathan's iconic hot dog eating contest. rick. rick: cold at the beach, 4th of july, going to the beach at coney island and it is chilly. i don't like it. we're here, nathan's big hot dog eating contest is one of the big 4th of july traditions in the country. joey chestnut, 75 hot dogs in ten minutes. he is back to defend his title this year. we'll talk about that later on. coming up, talk about the weather. we're watching what is tropical
3:49 am
storm elsa. weakened a little bit across the caribbean. close to the tip of haiti. bringing a lot of rough weather into haiti. it will continue. as we move the map forward, we'll see the storm pull over cuba, weaken a little bit more, get closer to florida. will see some impacts by tomorrow, tomorrow night, east coast, not impact yet but moisture everything going on in the surfside area. rachel, certain it back to you. rachel: rick we'll check back in with you. from hotdogs to america's iconic symbols of freedom. we have a tribute next a tribute to our great country next. ♪. se. ♪ ♪ after we make grilled cheese, ♪ ♪ then we're eating grilled cheese. ♪
3:50 am
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♪. pete: we are celebrating america all morning long on fox square and what better way with some red, white and barbecue. rachel: i love it. will: navy veteran, pit master anthony is outside on fox square. let's check in with him now. anthony, what are we looking forward to, what will we have now? >> how are you all this morning? we have pork steaks working. fire up some wings. a couple different sauces. peanut butter and jelly wing. pork rhines. we'll have boiled peanuts and corn salad and tomatoes. rachel: i'm on seed with pimento cheese. can't wait to get out there.
3:54 am
>> redneck caviar. rachel: take it over caviar any day. will: aren't any, see you soon as commercial breaks hit. rachel: you've seen his work honoring our nation's heroes. steve joins us with a brand new painting to celebrate the founding of our country. good morning. >> hey, how are you doing. rachel: tell us what you are painting this time? >> well, these are, well you could call them cliches of america. celebrating our independence, there is, nothing better than the cliches. that's right they're cliches that is why they work. i criticized in the past for being clicheed, derivative whatever words, i kind of took it as a compliment a little bit. rachel: good for you. >> these are the same images that have been timeless, from my point of view, always remind us why we're here, what america stands for.
3:55 am
hopefully we'll stay on the same path that got us to where we are today. pete: that's right, steve. i love what you're saying. >> got, right. so anyway, these are reminders to try to keep us on the right track. single-handedly trying to keep america on the right track. pete: you are. you've been on the show -- >> just kidding. pete: every patriotic moment, every opportunity we have you on we do because you stay focused, you call it cliche, call it what you want, core images, core values, that made our country so special. which one is it that you're painting or you painted today? point out the cliches which are not so cliche. >> these are the paintings that are not quite finished. all my work is never quite finished the way things go. like the lincoln memorial of course. and the capital dome i think of as these icons everybody, every american can relate to all the
3:56 am
images in some way. this is the seal again in the middle. i considered the moon landing the pinnacle of man's achievement on earth. i think that could only happen in america. i mean, at that time, with that technology, to achieve that, at that moment was, a moment of achievement i think is so symbolic of america in so many different ways. so that is why, so everything on here, and is just -- anyway, these are all just to remind us about the greatness of this country and celebrate independence. will: they're beautiful steve. we have them. we have you on every holiday. got them in evergreen room at fox news. pete: that is true. >> good. will: spirit of america any room those paintings sit in. >> honor to be there. will: steve, thank you. >> see you guys. will: in our next hour, a brand new country song is calling out the left's disrespect for the american flag.
3:57 am
his song and message at the top of the hour. ♪. only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:01 am
will: that is the quantico brass quintet performing "america the beautiful," live from the national museum of the marine corps. we're here on the planter just outside of on fox square. will cain, rachel campos duffy, pete hegseth. happy 4th of july to you, as you take a shot of our studios here in new york city. you can see we're regaled with american flags. thanks for tunnels 2 towers. pete: tunnels to towers always delivers. it feels fantastic to be out here, will, who he hesitates is lost. notice my wing is here. we're cooking. >> can i tell what you happened? right before we got on set, eat before on set he was eating his
4:02 am
wing, he licked his fingers, wiped them on the strayer this is like having my kids here. pete: that is what they're here for. >> he said that is what the chair is for. will: that is how the staff feels, they were yelling at him like a child. i responsibly said we don't have time for the wing, pete. rachel: boy scout. boy scout. pete: i will say selfishly, the water slide should arrive ad the house. a pork butt is marinating in the kitchen and the smoker. >> 4th of july. will: that is how the hegseths are doing it. we ask you what you're doing on this independence day. we asked to you send pictures on we have a few coming on. rachel: stays say said bodacious the bulldog who loves america. i like him. will: like that. independence day celebration at
4:03 am
indianapolis symphony in the prairie. pete: that is the way to do it. fireworks with music in the background. cash celebrating independence day with grandpa and 12 year navy veteran bret. very cool. like the shorts. send us your pictures, we'll share them all morning long. thanks very much on this special day. will: just in time for independence day, country singer arron lewis has released a song slamming the left's leadership around activists who slammed american flag. this is first. i haven't heard the song. it is climbing the charts. take a quick listen, accompanied by a video here of arron lewis's new song. am i the only one. >> ♪ am i the only one here at night shaking my head thinking something ain't right, is it just me, am i losing my mind, am i standing on the edge of the
4:04 am
end of time ♪ ♪ am i the only one willing to fight for my love of a red and white and the blue, burning on the ground, another statue coming down and i'm telling you watching the threads of old glory come undone. rachel: that is so powerful, no genre of music more than country catchtures that story and sentiment. we've been talking about this all weekend. there is a feeling out there we're losing america. that song is so timely. we had toby keith on friday. he had another song with a message feeling like it is slipping away. it just makes me sad people are not as greatful.
4:05 am
i don't know what to think about it. will: pete: to your point, he is not the only one. rachel: you're not imagining it. pete: not imagining the things you're seeing around you, we'll talk about, read more portions of the declaration of independence today, are we living worthy of what those men and women did 245 years ago? when you look it up, five of the people who signed the declaration were captured bit british, were tortured and died. nine ever the 56 died from wounds in the war. what was gifted through us came through our own hardship. the question we have ourselves will we stand up in the moment? no, you're not the only one. how can you represent what our country represents here today? will: there is a view, it is certainly prevalent on the left, look at patriotism and the symbols as cartoonish, we create straw men. maybe the argument to arron
4:06 am
lewis we created a straw men. you don't have pay casual attention that is not true. "new york times" says the american flag is something people describe as divisive. we see story of a story and it is true, people are redefining this country meanings and this country owes founding. to extend freedom to more people than any country on the face of this planet and to rise more people out of poverty than anyone has ever tried and in the course of this human experiment. if that is divisive, if that can't be celebrated, well, then we are in a sad state and it is worth fighting for. pete: clip that, share it with your friend. amen. rachel: i think the people making us feel that way, the people who are tearing down america are really a small minority. and as a minority one of the things i really resent about that group is they're trying to racialize patriotism. somehow you are betraying being
4:07 am
black or being hispanic a minority in this country if you embrace america and it is wrong. i don't think it is representative of minorities. i got a text this morning from my cousin in arizona. she said, happy independence day. go out there and love america. give that message out and remind people who are ungrateful for america, what america stands for. and, i think a lot of people feel that way. pete: i think you're right, we had a debate, a mini discussion among us after steve penley on the show earlier, amazingly reknowned patriotic artist, at the beginning provided a caveat, these are cliche. my critics say these are cliche. we debated should you acknowledge or not. i don't think he is wrong to say that, ultimately they're cliche for a reason as he said, they are something bigger. they representative sent something important. rachel: i will embrace cliche. you're right. pete: to understand the
4:08 am
cognitive dissonance that he is in. i'm all in for it, my critics say i shouldn't be. that is the kind of moment we're in. will: we move to news of the day as we continue to celebrate the 4th of july, as we represent what the day represents and the for the nation represents, your news, a new harvard "harris poll" finds that most voters think biden's executive orders on immigration encourage more illegal immigration. 6%. rachel: you think? [laughter] will: that does in fact encourage more illegal immigration. >> said yesterday, we talked yesterday how the biden administration has been so good on -- pete: that is your alarm. one of your kids is up. rachel: i want to say, that you know, the biden administration will say illegal immigration, that is not happening. crime is up. no, that is not happening. you're imagining it. this poll is very encouraging, basically the american people saying okay, we know what you're doing here. we get that you're actually encouraging people to cross our
4:09 am
borders illegally. that you're sending them across the country. you have no idea who they are. using tax dollars to put them on airplanes, buses, send them across the country to different place, usually places you think might benefit electoral being there. pete: it has been underplayed, i don't know if we have it cued up, that interview of the smuggler recently, why are you coming here? it is easier to get in under joe biden. how was it under trump? we didn't try. patrols all over the place t wasn't open. the smugglers themselves are saying what the results of the poll are. of course it. will: when you won't deport around won't enforce and won't disincentivize you will get more of it. good to see the american people seeing that. will: on that note poll respondents asked was the trump administration right or wrong to undo president trump's orders on immigration, should he left the policies in place. 55% said leave them in place. don't down the executive orders. rachel: will, i bet if they did
4:10 am
this poll with border states, texas, arizona, california, i bet that would just be blown out of the water. 55% would go to 75, 80%. because those people are feeling it the most directly. will: right. pete: this is a miss me yet moment? you didn't like the mean tweets. you didn't like the fact that i took on the press in a combative way. now the tweets are written by someone else. joe biden is asking the press, can we ask me happy questions? just ask me happy questions. don't pay attention to what is happening on the border. i've got my vice president who doesn't really want the job, doesn't have the title, go to the border once for 20 minutes, she has the border on lockdown. will: ask me questions which ice cream i chose. they did once again yesterday. can't get enough of that story. pete: did they really? >> two scoops of chocolate. rachel: cherry pie. why do we know this about him? tom homan was on prime time. i was on with him.
4:11 am
i can't remember what show. hei was there when he said. this this is about kamala harris finding root causes. >> kamala harris went to el paso, stayed in an air-conditioned build, talked to managers, immigration attorneys hough to bring more people in. president trump went to the border. he went to the wall. he got his shoes dirty. he met with leaders from law enforcement. met with leadership and talked about solutions. we talked about solutions, what works, what doesn't. kamala harris keeps talking about root causes? all kamala harris has to do is walk down to the hall to the oval office, that is where the root causes of this crisis. biden's open border policies, promises, what he has done to the border. rachel: guys, well-said clip but it goes beyond that. actually what kamala harris is doing and what joe biden is doing with these policies are exacerbating the root causes she claims she is trying to get to
4:12 am
the bottom of. we know that human traffickng is a very lucrative business. it is more profitable for the cartels, than dope, drugs, running drugs across the border. the cartels are richer and more powerful than ever. that is one of the root causes of people wanting to cross the border. pete: we're facilitating it. we have stephen miller on the program. he was one of the architects how donald trump secured the border. 8:15. don't miss it. will: one hour from now. we'll turn to additional headlines for you. violence breaks out between dueling protests at a los angeles spa. the demonstrations were in response to a social media video the other day where a spa customer accused a transwoman exposing herself in the locker room, the women's locker room. fascinating video. you can see the customer protesting to spa management. now protesters on both sides of the issue were seen fighting in the streets as riot officers tried containing the chaos. the people protesting the spa
4:13 am
allowing this man into the women's restroom. you can see essentially antifa attacking women protesters upset about the spa's policy, absolutely fascinating. pete: take your shirt off. that will help. will: he is one protesting in support of the women who were offended. you can see here as the it is playing, look at that, what do you call it black style antifa members. pete: with a dumpster. that will go well. president biden says preliminary reports that putin was not behind ransom wear attack on a mime i.t. company. >> the initial they having it was not the russian government. but we're not sure yet. will: the president ordered a full investigation of the cyberattack as well as pledging to respond if russia was found responsible. america is all about competition. so this 4th of july let's see which state loves our country
4:14 am
the most. pete: i like it. will: wallet hub crowned montana, a great state, as the most patriotic state in the union, followed by alaska, maryland, vermont, new hampshire. new york was at bottom of the list. pete: i don't buy that. rachel: how are they deciding this? pete: pay no attention to the criteria. will: these are the criteria. number of active servicemembers. 2020 election turn out and so forth. pete's home state of minnesota was in 8th spot. rachel's home state of wisconsin was 13th. rachel: i don't believe. this i don't believe this. will: my home state texas is 41st? 41st. let me tell you what is going on. pete: i know what it is. will: let me tell you this rewarded smaller population bases. taking service member veterans into account, election turn out. smallest state you have more likely i think your percentages would be higher. pete: i feel like that is true. >> if you're texas, you think
4:15 am
you're your own country -- will: texas patriotism? pete: that's right. republic of texas allegiance to that doesn't count towards patriotism. that was a bogus poll. will: texases would be number one. pete: i give you that. will: you have a few seconds to get us out of here. rachel: j.d. vance joins us live as he launches his senate campaign in ohio. ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. so many people are overweight now, and asking themselves, welcome back, america. "why can't i lose weight?" for most, the reason is insulin resistance, and they don't even know they have it.
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4:18 am
♪. rachel: "hillbilly elegy author, j.d. vance is making it official, to replace senator rob portman who is retiring. venture capitalist is joining the already crowded race in 2022. j.d. vance joins us now. happy independence day. >> thanks for having me.
4:19 am
rachel: we talk a lot about the representation of congress. we say we want more minorities, women, veterans, business men, but we don't often talk about the need for more representation from the working class. you come from the working class. tell me why that is important, and what you plan to do representing working men and women across america as a senator. >> thank you. folks interested in helping us, go to j.d. that is our website. the way i look at it, a lot of normal americans have seen their country become poorer, seen their country become higher crime, they watch as china builds the middle class on the backs of the american middle class. whenever americans complain about the problem, the crisis at the southern border or decline of industrial base, they're called racist, bigots, xenophobes. we need somebody to take the flag from the left. they call us names because they know we are making winning arguments. we need republicans unafraid to
4:20 am
stand up for working class americans, working class americans warrant a better live in their own country and need better public policy to do it. >> one of issues the working classifieses and challenges is child care. they want to work, make money, enjoy their families, enjoy their children's childhoods. one of the things the biden administration is pushing hard for is universal child care. you say that is the wrong approach. talk about that because i have a lot to say about that too. >> yeah, absolutely. look, if you look at the polling, if you just talk to middle class and working class americans, they want to be able to spend more time with their kids. rachel: yes. >> especially working middle class women when the kids are younger. so they're are good republican proposals. one came from josh hawley. one came from senator marco rubio to actually enable people to spend more time with their own kids and not force them off to government day care centers which are not going to be as loving and nuturing supportive as a child's own home.
4:21 am
i find it really weird, basically democrats are trying to impose an elite family care preference on the rest of the country. most of just want to take care of our own kids. rachel: i sometimes wonder, i agree with you 100% on that. i sometimes wonder if they want to do that two additional years of indoctrination of government care. one last thing for you, jd, hispanic women, when polled are the hi wanting to be at home with their families and with their children and have some sort of balance and flexibility in child care. you are representing the views of the working class in that regard. so i look forward to what you have to say in the future and to your race, good luck with it and of course happy independence day to you. >> thank you. j.d. visit and check us out. thanks for having me. >> thank you, jd. today and every day we thank those who put their life on the line for this country. up next a retired marine bomb
4:22 am
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♪. pete: welcome back. search-and-rescue efforts are paused at the florida condo collapse. crews say they need to demolish what is left of the tower ahead of tropical storm sale. wow. charles watson is live in surfside as officials race to secure the area. charles? reporter: good morning, pete. rescue efforts stopped yesterday. miami-dade officials are now awaiting instructions from engineers who are inspecting what is left of champlain tower south. the building could be demolished today. but as of late saturday evening officials could not provide a
4:26 am
concrete timeline. >> preparation includes activities like drilling into columns in the unsafe structures. we will begin the search-and-rescue once again on any sections of the pile that are safe to access as soon as we're cleared. reporter: officials say they want to tear down the unstable structure ahead of tropical storm elsa's arrival early next week. there are concerns that the storm could bring strong winds and rains that would compromise the building and rescue efforts. governor ron desantis declared a state of emergency. so far 24 people are confirmed dead and another 121 are still unaccounted for as a 24 unit miami beach residence is forced to evacuate after a building inspector found a flooring system failure in a single unit. guys, we're expecting another update from miami-dade officials within a few hours. we'll see if they have any further details when champlain
4:27 am
towers south will be demolished. will? will: what a mess. thank you so much, charles. i lost both legs defending our country in afghanistan. on this independence day morning our next guest is getting a very special thank you for his service. abby hornacek is live in gardner, kansas, with retired marine bomb tech justin john and wounded warrior families president kate mccauley. abby? reporter: guys, i'm in very good company. with dustin's kids. guys, say hi. hi. happy independence day. dustin i will start with you. can you just tell me about your time in the service? >> sure. i spent about eight years in the marine corps working as an ud tech. i did deployments to iraq and afghanistan. and i was injured in 2011 in afghanistan while working with a marine unit. reporter: thank you so much for your service. that is what today is all aabout
4:28 am
honoring you guys because you made so many sacrifices for us. kate, can you tell me more about the wounded warrior family support. >> we're so excited to be here live from the kansas city airshow to grant this family and his family a brand new 2021 ford explorer. once he gets the vehicle we'll have it modified with controls and he will have a smooth, brand new ride. because all of you out there support what you're doing. we say thank you to our great americans. we're excited to give you this gift from all of the people that give us contributions for families just like yours. >> thank you. reporter: i could be wrong, but is this the car back here? should we, should we head over? look at that. [cheers and applause] wow. are you guys -- >> i like it. reporter: are you excited to ride in your dad's new car?
4:29 am
>> we'll go look inside. come on. reporter: are you going to drive? he is six, going on 16. >> about. he is six. she's four. a lot of adventures await. >> don't want to forget our little kiddies. we got a nice basket, one for each of you. >> what do you say? reporter: thank you for you serving our country. kate thank you to you. have a wonderful 4th of july. guys back to you. will: abby, thanks so much for that. pass along appreciation to wounded warriors and kate and justin as well not just for his service but his sacrifice. just ahead, a fireworks celebration you will only see here on "fox & friends." that's next. ♪. about my grandfather. he...was a hardworking man who came to new york
4:30 am
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♪. ♪. rachel: good morning, everybody.
4:34 am
happy independence day and welcome back to "fox & friends." that was the quantico brass quintet performing keith's beloved army song, live from the national museum of the marine corps. pete: grateful to them for doing that all morning long. thank you, rachel. a few headlines. joe biden is standing by the ioc decision to suspend american sprinter richardson from the olympics over the positive marijuana test. >> rules are the rules. everybody knows the rules when they go in. whether that should remain a issue. the rules are rules. i was proud the way she responded. pete: sounded about right. richardson said she turned to mayor one to cope with her mother's death and other related issues. a pipeline burst in the gulf of mexico creating a raging ring
4:35 am
of fire in the middle of the ocean. rachel: wow. pete: the inferno dubbed the eye of fire, burned five hours before it was put out a mexican oil company that controls the pipeline says no one was hurt. mention co's agency said it did not cause any oil to spill. i don't buy that. will: we opened up the gates of hello. people pointed out to fault of capitalism. it is mexican state-owned oil company. 100% mexican oil company. pemex. allowed the gates of hell to open. pete: when there is fire in the ocean, you put more water on it. i didn't know that. it is amazing. i was supposed to read more headlines but we had nor interesting things. one of the ways for americans to celebrate is watch the favorite patriotic movie. >> i ran and ran like lieutenant dan told me to.
4:36 am
pete: research from comrai tech dot-com shows the movies by state. alabama, georgia, "forrest gump." "saving private ryan" and pennsylvania picked gettysburg. our favorite patriotic movies. mine is "saving private ryan." rachel, "mr. smith goes to washington." will, red dog. will: i love it. >> am i a bad person because i don't like "forrest gump"? i never liked the movie, because everybody liked the movie. i hate forest gum. will: i hear you laughing off this criticism it has to hurt a little bit. rachel: rick. nothing comes between me and ricky. rick: this is true. you don't say oh, i hate "fast
4:37 am
and furious 6" or something? you go to "forrest gump." pete: i agree. will: rick what are you doing in coney island? rick: coney island, 4th of july, hotdogs, right? nathan's, i'm here in front of nathan's. by the way it is closed so i can't get any hotdogs for breakfast myself. joey chestnut, last year he ate 75 in ten minutes. we'll see if he can do any better than that. that is today the big event. today a crowd coming back for it. which is exciting. last year not having the typical celebration you would have with the nathan's hot dog eating contest. coney island, 4th of july, guys. pretty amazing. pretty quiet here this morning. show you the weather maps. 4th of july. people want to be in the backyard with the family, at the beach, at the pool, something like that. temperaturewise things are looking pretty good. chilly start across the northeast. it will be much better today than yesterday.
4:38 am
a rainy, gloomy day in the northeast. things get a lot better. radar picture looks similar to what it did yesterday. it stalls out. sieve it across parts of north florida. south florida, tomorrow we get impacts from what is tropical storm elsa. today moving across parts of the northeast we'll see a few scattered showers from time to time throughout the day today. all right. guys, send it back to you. will: thank you, rick. pete: demand for fireworks as they say exploding but turns out consumers are facing a shortage in supplies on independence day. rachel: here with his reaction and a live display of fireworks on "fox & friends" is the regional manager for phantom fireworks in nevada. hi, happy independence day. >> hi, happy independence day. great to be here again. rachel: what have you got there? >> we've got all kinds of stuff. like he said we're having some shortages this year.
4:39 am
the fireworks industry in general is, which starts from lack of containers, lack of space on the ships. coming over and then to the ports on our side, lack of space in ports. so it has been a challenge but we've done, we've done a really good job. we have some of our best-sellers here available across the country. will: chris, is this related to the supply chain being broken through covid? everything takes forever. everything is rising in prices from furniture to fireworks. is that what is behind this? >> yeah. it really is. like i said, it is just kind of a perfect storm of the supply chain. even on the docks here, not enough workers to get things off, get them on the rail where we need them to go so we get them across the country. pete: i looked at the fireworks, one says strategic air defense. defend your driveway with a set of mortars.
4:40 am
will: life fireworks display. >> i think they started. here we go. pete: never too soon. ♪. ♪. pete: i feel like the first fireworks display of 4th of july. 4:39 a.m., pacific time. thank you, chris and phantom
4:41 am
fireworks. what a beautiful display this morning. pete: i love it. rachel: fix of the supply chain. pete: happy 4th of july. will: appreciate it. pete: may every american be holding a similar display from their driveway today. rachel: absolutely. the boys never get tired of fireworks,. pete: you get older and become the fireworks commissioner. that is what i am. more "fox & friends" after this. ♪ y pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:45 am
questions on afghanistan. look, it is fourth of july. >> on the -- >> i'm concerned that you guys are asking me questions, i will answer next week. this is holiday weekend. i am going to celebrate it. pete: i only want to talk about happy things. with video showing afghans looting the airbase hours after the u.s. pulled out. eddie gallagher served in afghanistan along with his wife andrea. so great to have you both. happy independence day. grateful to have you on the show. eddie, as someone who served in afghanistan before we get to your new book and your story, your reaction the way things are being handled? i presume you spent time at bagram, i know i did passing through. what do you think about afghanistan. >> bittersweet thing happening. i'm glad to see we're pulling out of afghanistan. it has been a long time coming. but i think things will fall once we pull out of there.
4:46 am
it is showing it already. they're losing bases we left behind. they have been doing that for the past decades. it will fall right back into the hands of the taliban. pete: unfortunate truth, those that have been there know it is coming. you don't want it. you're not wishing for it. you hope the afghan government security forces can hold out. the true power base for some time has been the taliban no doubt. i want to get to your book, "the man in the arena." it tells you what you both endured together, fighting isis to fighting for my freedom. andrea, we heard from you before we heard from eddie in a lot of ways when i went into the order dell. what will they learn about eddie gallagher and your story? >> they will learn quite a bit not revealed during the time frame, pete. thank god for people like you that did speak out and help to promote our story. there was so many things that
4:47 am
happened behind the scenes that no one has any idea about. we took a lot of intensive care. it is over 400 pages that really catalogs his service, the escalation of allegations that happened and everything that went on. we even gave qr codes that allow people to see "ncis" video of these accusers from the first interviews to the second, to the trial audio and even text message threads among all of them. we gave everybody the ability to make their own determination and not be led by any of the false narratives still prominent out there. pete: absolutely. true behind the scenes inside view of what you endured over two years. eddie, you were acquitted. you were tried. tried in the court of public opinion. the president ultimately intervened in your case. when you look back what you went through what is the biggest lesson you're taking away? >> that god is good and that he is watching over us and that you
4:48 am
know, anytime you're challenged with adversity especially the one you went through you come out on the other end stronger. we want to take all the help and support we received during those two years especially from people like you pete, pay it forward. pete: eddie to you, then to andrea, our independence day, a day that symbolizes freedom. you were looking down a future that may not have been free. you're free today with your lovely bride and family. what are you thinking about on independence day today? >> what i think about every day, thankful i get to live in this great country and get to celebrate its independence. i'm going to be out there in the great state of florida, having beers, barbecue, sitting on the water watching fireworks. pete: love it. andrea? >> well, yeah, we're definitely very fortunate. it was two years ago to the day yesterday we finally made it through the trial. believe me. we are grateful for what we've
4:49 am
been given. we're coming out the other side of and want to wish everybody a happy 4th of july and independence day. pete: if you think you know the story of navy seal eddie gallagher you don't. the behind the arena, what was done to him, fought for our country, fought against isis and come out the other way a free man. grateful for you both. thanks for being on the show. >> thank you, pete. >> thank you. pete: you got it. in honor of america's birthday we're celebrating with some red, white and barbecue. our next guest -- will: eat your heart out. pete: how did you get ahead of me. he fed navy sailors and feeding us. look at that. the best. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back.
4:50 am
an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement
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♪. rachel: we are celebrating independence day all morning long. what better way to celebrate than with some red, white and barbecue. pete: i love it. get this, our next guest spent four years feeding sailors own a submarine. now he is here to feed us. will: navy veteran, pit master, anthony bernardo. pig and swine in north carolina. emphasize that name. i've been eating it all morning. you trust me, you need to go there. >> boiled peanut, grilled corn, tomato salad. will: cracked in there. >> we did a couple different rings. we did dry rub, alabama whites
4:54 am
and peanut butter around jelly. >> is amazing. will: i ike the dry rub. rachel: pimento choose i've basically been eating it, i love it you are safing with pork rinds. i can't think of anything better. i asked you what was the most popular dessert. you explained the dessert. explain the dessert. >> peanut butter pie. grind them. take the shells, peanut butter, cream cheese. it is to die for. pete: what do you do on a submarine if you need more supplies. >> you're stuck with what you got. pete: stuck with what you got. what have we here. pork steak. i had these cut at my local butcher shop. give them a shout-out. pork steak from the butt. salt and pepper. put it on the smoker about 225.
4:55 am
be on there roughly four to six hours. different from a full size pork butt. we'll take this to about 180. we'll mop it every now and then with the vin far sauce. pete: vinegar. >> when you're done, you will have a pork steak that just slices instead of pulls. pete: i don't know i ever had a pork steak. rachel: on the submarine, what was everyone's favorite meal? >> anything and everything. >> it was -- will: beautiful. >> we did a situation steak that was pretty popular. we would take a steak. we would braise it with tomatoes, onions, peppers. usually serve that with some rice. will: we'll have some pork steak a little later in the show? >> well finish the show with the pork steak, salad, everything. will: i figure out what you do, take the pork rind, dip it in the is salad. rachel: the salad is amazing. look at the color. it is gorgeous.
4:56 am
we can't wait to try the pork steak. >> yes, ma'am. rachel: i can't wait to get out of here. will: i said do this. pete: that with that. will: i don't know what you did. big ol' pork rind. pete: everybody with barbecue, what is the secret to good smoking, grilling, how do you -- rachel: from a real pit master. >> take pride what you do. pete: love around pride. maybe i don't love my pork enough. >> no secrets in barbecue. if you put the time in, energy and pride, you will come out with a great product. will: we'll test all of this, pork steak later in the show. rachel: coming up, country music star john rich shares his message the next hour. anthony, thank you. >> thank you. ♪
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: welcome back to the 8:00 hour of "fox & friends." we're so happy to be here. welcome and happy independence day -- will: happy fourth of july.
5:01 am
rachel: absolutely. that was the quantico brass quintet, and they're going to be performing invincible eagle live -- pete: i'd never heard of the song. that is the character i become. [laughter] will: invincible eagle. rachel: i want to hear what will's name is. will: i don't know. we'll find out -- [laughter] send us your independence day pictures at here are some of the pictures of our families and how we have celebrated in the past. first here's rachel's family. rachel: we always do the boat parade if on july 3rd. i missed it this year, but my daughter dressed up as george washington -- pete: oh, right there. crossing the delaware. of. rachel: yeah, she's crossing the delaware. round lake, wisconsin. she was waving that flag. it was pretty awesome.
5:02 am
pete: that's amazing. nothing that a boat parade with george washington on the fourth of july? will and i should just quit. rachel: another boat had a giant eagle, an invincible eagle. [laughter] pete: way to bring it, wisconsin with. that's a picture of my wife jen and our kids. that was two years ago. you like that tank top in. rachel: that was this year. pete: fireworks. that's our crew. you like that? that's trump on a tank with a flag -- [laughter] invincible eagle. rachel: where did you get that tank top? pete: we had a great time, fireworks going off with americana in the background. will: i feel like every year we have been somewhere different, hawaii one year, rome, we took america to rome one year. this was last year in wallen, tennessee, where we spent our fourth of july with the big bridge club. there's my beautiful wife and
5:03 am
our sons out there. sparklers, a disappointment on the fourth of july with sparklers. rachel: oh, looked at them, will. pete: strapping young men. rachel: yes, they are. good soccer players i hear too. with. will: they love their soccer. send us your pictures, we decided this morning we will be bringing you the news of the day, but we also want the bring you what this holiday is all about. we want to remind ourselves not just about those who fought for the country, but what they fought for. pete has picked one out -- pete: this picks up where we. [laughter] off last -- left off last time. why not? the minnesota laid it out for us -- the men late it out us. prudence if, indeed, will
5:04 am
dictate that governments long blushed should not be changed for light and transient causes x. accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. but when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object convinces them to -- it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security. such has been the patient sufficient answer of these colonies and such now the necessity which constrains that to alter their former systems of government. and i love that because it shows you how much they understood the weight of which they did which was revolution, but they knew revolution should be rare, infrequent. deferring to usually the way things are, but when it's
5:05 am
insufferable -- will: what i like abouts passage is it shows that our form of government is only a system through which we protect our principles. what matters in this country are the principles we hold dear. principles that we and and rights that we derive from our creator. and the form of government that we then institute to protect that which is right to the people, the best protecter or of those principles and freedoms is what really matters. rachel: you know, our former president, donald trump, was in sarasota, florida. he had a huge rally there yesterday, and he talked about defending this legacy e of july 4th. take a look at that. >> we will need young people across the country, the george washington, abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson, john adams, benjamin franklin, john hancock will forever be american heros. people want the take their names off buildings, can you believe
5:06 am
that? the mission for all of us here tonight to preserve the legacy of july 4, 1776. in just five months, the biden administration has launched an all-out assault on everything wear cherish and we value. pete: that's president trump giving voice to something we've talked about on air and off air, this feeling that here we are on the fourth of july celebrating it, revering it or feeling like it's fragile or being taken away by certain quarters of our culture. remember when he said what's next, abraham lincoln? we're see it right now -- seeing it right now. rachel: as opposed to people wanting to make it 1619. we talked earlier and, you know, i really believe we are, those of us -- we're the most patriotic network in america. we're probably the most patriotic show in america. and we have the largest
5:07 am
audience. we are the majority. it is a small minority of people who are trying to threaten this idea that we have of america -- will: good reminder. rachel: -- as beacons of freedom. absolutely. will: there is this movement to redefine america, but that movement is coming from a radical, small minority. one that has a lot of power. you look around not just this show, but at the people now gathering around this show, you remember the majority of the people in this country still love who we are, what this country is and what what it's meant to protect. pete: so true. and it is so easy to tear down and so difficult to build. you can hate on anything, point out its flaws. nothing is perfect. but to look at -- you said it so well last hour, we're the most free, most just, most prosperous if, most toll atlanta, most diverse -- rachel: most charitable. pete: -- nation in human history. our founders understood a biblical view of human nature, that we are fraud.
5:08 am
you restrain that by checks and balances. by giving people power but not too much. the certainly not one individual. that has unleashed this, what we're in right here. rachel: yeah. pete: and we should be appreciative of it. remember that. will: and we are. rachel: absolutely. will: now to this, president biden making a campaign-style stop in michigan. pete: he toured a cherry farm to promote the bipartisan infrastructure bill. rachel: david spunt joins us live from the national mall as the white house prepares for tonight's fourth of july celebration. david? >> reporter: it's going to be an exciting day here, the first fourth of july after covid-19 has finally settled down. a lot of people expected on the national mall today all the way from the capitol building to the lincoln memorial behind me. you can see the washington monument and the myth sewn january -- smithsonian. i want to show you video of firework withs being prepared yesterday. we went to the reflect ifing pool yesterday, we know that there are about 6500 specific
5:09 am
firework shells that officials were getting ready. that fireworks show going to kick off at 9:09 p.m. tonight. the president, first lady, others are going to be watching that tonight, and we have a little preview of some of those fire works. watch this. >> we have so many unique effects. fireworks are like snowflakes, they're a little tough to describe. when you see something that you haven't seen before, end then you excited. >> it's going to be the largest display in the country. >> reporter: president biden and the first lady will host a barbecue with essential workers and military personnel to thank them for their work. he was in michigan visiting senators, visiting other representatives in congress touting that bipartisan infrastructure plan, but there was a goal to actually get 70% of americans with at least one shot of a vaccine by the fourth of july. the white house admits that they
5:10 am
are a little bit short of that goal. they're probably several weeks away, but they are still touting successes there. but again, the big news here the president's in wilmington, delaware, he's at church right now. he'll head back down to washington, d.c., have that barbecue with mill a tear and essential personnel -- military personnel, and then at 4:00, we have a fireworks potential here this washington, d.c. where you can see more of that interview from griff jenkins. back to you. rachel: thank you the, david. what a great place to be on this fourth of july. still ahead, vice president harris is taking her fifth trip to los angeles in office, but what about the border where she only visited once and not the really visiting the border? we're going to ask stephen miller about that next. and a crowd is brought to its feet as a wounded soldier defies the odds and stands for the national anthem. that inspiring marine will join with us next. ♪
5:11 am
♪ ♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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from cover to core. helping you sleep cool, all night long. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses... ...and experience your coolest sleep this summer, with our best breeze savings of the year. ♪♪ will: kamala harris making another visit to los angeles this independence day weekend. it's her fifth since becoming vice president as she continues to face backlash for not visiting the u.s./mexico border on her recent trip to el paso. this as a new poll reveals most americans think the biden administration's policies actually encourage all legal immigration. no surprise. here to react, former senior adviser to purpose, stephen miller. stephen, good morning, happy
5:15 am
fourth of july. let's come back to those policies in just one moment. i'm going to share two stats with you. first, here's the number of southwest border encounters january to may this year. you can see it ticking up month by month to where we are in may, almost 200,000. 180,000 border encounters. but what's fascinating is, people don't seem to realize this, i want to share this number with you. voters significantly, according to a harvard-harris poll, underestimate the number of illegal immigrants coming here when they're asked, hey, how many do you think are crossing. the majority think, i don't know, between 10-50,000? almost all of them are under the 180,000 that is actually happening. why do you think people are so in the dark about what's happening along the southern border? >> that's a pretty stunning indictment of our media, isn't it? in other words, if you watch fox, you'll have a very clear understanding of what's happening on our southern border. but if i you, for example, get your news from any one of the
5:16 am
few major newspapers or your local news affiliate other than fox or maybe, for example, you get it from facebook or twitter and the stories that they're promoting, you would have no idea, no clue that that's what you were relying on for the situation on our southwest border. this is the greatest border disaster in american history. and it's not being covered. even an ounce of the attention that it deserves, in my honest opinion. will: yeah. it's just stunning that people don't understand the numbers and what's happening right now. for those that do, stephen, there's this poll. it shows that people think the biden administration should not have undone the trump administration's executive orders on illegal immigration. you can see 55% say they should have left those executive orders in place and, of course, joe biden did away with them on day one. we talk so much about root causes, steven. isn't this a root cause? >> it is the9 root cause. it is, in fact, the sole cause of the current border crisis.
5:17 am
president trump put into place -- and i know that that was there for ever single step of it -- the most effective and robust border security regime this country has ever had. functionally, zero people were caught and released at the southwest border. all of that was dismantled. you're talking about, for example, vice president harris' trips back and forth to los angeles over and over and over again. if you're the border czar, which she is, this should be all you're doing ever single day til this crisis is ended. how many americans, how many americans are killed because of the drugs pouring across our border that that is now open? will: right. >> what about our border agents and i.c.e. officers who are laboring under impossible conditions? who has their back in because it's certainly not this administration. will: hey, stephen, really quickly, you've been in the white house administration, you've been in these rooms, why do you think bind gave kamala
5:18 am
harris this job? why was she tasked with this job? >> my opinion is because they're throwing her under the bus. in all truth, i really believe that biden's staff understands their policies are a political loser. they felt they had to do it to satisfy their radical left base, and they want the vice president to take as much of the political damage as they can. but you know what? the buck stops with the president. joe biden can't run away from this. he cannot disown the crisis he created. and i just want to close by saying on this fourth of july, independence day, let's also send our thoughts to the border agents and i.c.e. officers who are keeping this country safe, again, with an administration that's doing everything they can to try to stop them. will: good sentiment. stephen miller, happy fourth of july, steven. >> thank you. will: up next, a wounded marine veteran stand for the national anthem. the man whoened the applauds of an entire arena -- amaze of an entire arena with us next. ♪♪ army, navy, air force and
5:19 am
marines ♪♪ voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement
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and we're back baby. do more of what you love when you upgrade to xfinity xfi. baby ninjas? i love it. ♪♪ rachel: back with some quick headlines. wildfires causing more devastation in northern california. authorities say the salt fire has already scorched 7,000 acres and destroyed 27 homes. meanwhile, the lava fire has destroyed more than 24,000 acres. police arrested 14 people for refusing to evacuate in nearby a neighborhoods. and take a look at this, insane lightning caught on camera in midland, texas, hugueting up the sky -- lighting up the sky during a severe thunderstorm. and flash flooding hitting parts of louisiana after a massive downpour bringing 7 inches of rain. pete in.
5:23 am
pete: thank you the, rachel. the wounded vet proudly standing for our nation's anthem. what he did is inspiring millions this independence day. >> please welcome and salute a true american hero, retired lieutenant colonel ty edwards! [cheers and applause] pete: you can hear the crowd roaring for 20-year veteran ty edwards during game two of the stanley cup final. that hero joins us now. colonel, good morning. so wonderful to have you on the program. thank you. what an inspiring moment. thank you. you were the head of a team as a lieutenant colonel with the marines in afghanistan. you were shot and wounded -- >> correct. pete: to go from that time frame to standing in front of an audience of a game, a national game like that and getting that
5:24 am
kind of reception. , what's going through your head? >> well, i was just extremely grateful and honored to be inviteed by the lightning team and mr. jeff -- it really -- mr. bennett does so much for veterans. pete: after what you've been through, the service you have given, what are you thinking about when you hear that anthem play and the flag fly after all you've been through? >> well, i'm thinking first and foremost about the men who saved me. my interpreter, my team, a navy corpsman and first lieutenant wesley who were with me during the ambush.
5:25 am
i'm extremely grateful to them, because they really, they were -- i wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. pete: of course. selfless to this day. colonel, we live in a moment where people are whether it's taking a knee or turning their back when the anthem is played. what are they missing? as you fight the stand, just to stand for that anthem after being wounded, what are they missing about what makes our country so special? >> well, i don't -- can i think they're misguided to some extent. i mean, if i'm able, i'll stand because i remember those that served along areside me and lost their lives, people like lieutenant colonel max galley, captain rob, star sergeant eric
5:26 am
mcif into be -- staff sergeant eric mcintosh. pete: if i'm able, i will stand. simple but profound words. lieutenant colonelling you were a leader then, a lea wonderful independence day. god bless you, sir. >> you too, pete. thank you. pete: wow. love it. so great. all right, up next, that man right there, john rich, joins us with his independence day message. and navy veteran anthony is cooking up a fourth of july feast. ooh, look at that. rachel look. you can smell it right here. ♪♪
5:27 am
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♪♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ pete: we are so grateful to the quantico brass quintet live from the national museum of the marine corps. or marine corps, as barack obama said -- [laughter] rachel: i forgot about that. will: we'ved asked you to send in your photos at , and you have obliged. rachel: that's right. this is from lorena, all five of her grandkids celebrating america in grand if pa's pool. try to beat that one. will: check out this patriotic pup showing off her outfit -- [laughter] pete: this one from the kelly family saying they're celebrating faith, family and freedom -- how do you pronounce
5:32 am
this, rachel? rachel: she boy begun! pete: we asked you to send your independence day pictures, you have delivered. keep doing it, we're going to keep showing them all morning long. will: we love the brass quintet in quantico, but we also love country music. bring in john rush are. john, happy -- john rich. happy fourth of july, share with us, if you would, please, your message. >> happy independence day in america to all you guys. i think about the greatest generation, you know? they've been on my mind a lot lately. my grandfather fought in world d war ii. you're going to remember a man or a woman who went and made that kind of a sacrifice for this country. you know, it's always interesting to me to think about what 17, 18 and 19-year-old people were willing to do and still willing to do now to
5:33 am
defend our country, and some of us are worried about getting kicked off of facebook if we make a statement they don't like. that's really not a sacrifice, you know in i think we need to remember why we have what we have. the price of freedom is real. and today we celebrate our independence from tyranny, our independence originally frommening land, right? we had -- from england right. we had to beat 'em twice -- [laughter] now here we stand with a free country. god bless america. rachel: god bless america, that's right. you have a fox news special tonight. it's fox news presents an independence day special from 8-10 p.m. can you tell us what we will expect to see on that special? >> well, i'm going to have the guitar out, we're going to be singing in downtown nashville at my bar, redneck the riviera, and i've got a really special guest that's coming, a 102-year-old world war ii veteran, mr. sydney, is going to be there. he was actually too old for the
5:34 am
draft when world war ii started, so he volunteered. and i asked him, why'd you volunteer, sir? here was his answer, to kill hit already. [laughter] that was his answer. and so i'm going to be singing a song i wrote about my grandmother called the good lord and the -- grandfather, called the good lord and the man. we're going to celebrate our independence tonight the in nashville. pete: real quick, will and i were talking about this, country music if's been writing a lot about patriotism in our country9 it always has. it's been always been a patriotic genre. is it a reflection of feeling like we're on the precipice of something here? >> i think the country music fan base, you know, they love the country. we love our events and active duty, a habit of ours to always say thank you for your service and find ways to support them beyond just a handshake like folds of honor, what i'm
5:35 am
wearing. i think the vast majority of the country music artists feel that way, and the artists also feel that way. so country music's great, and that still allows us to be patriotic and sing those kinds of songs. will: john rich, i like how you said it. had to beat england twice, undefeated in world wars. the united states has paid the price. great stuff. pete: thank you, john. see you tonight. >> thanks, guys. will: the egyptian man charged in the stabbing of a boston rabbi was in the country illegally. once his criminal proceedings finish, he overstayeded his student visa. the rabbi he's accused of attacking has been roadway released from the -- released from the hospital. miss nevada will be the first transgender to compete in the miss usa contest.
5:36 am
if she wins the miss usa title this fall, she'll be the second openly trans woman to compete in the miss universe pageant. a live look at the white house as we take a look as a historian picks her best and worst president. here's c-span's survey of 142 historians x they ranked abraham lincoln as number one, george washington as number two and franklin roosevelt as number three. i don't cosign that ranking completely there -- rachel: me neither. [laughter] will: the bottom three, franklin pearce, andrew johnson and james buchanan -- pete: what did franklin pierce do wrong in. rachel: what did he do that was worse than jimmy carter?
5:37 am
will: ten factors, historians gave a 1-0 score for how effective each president was for an overall score. let's to do our own. rachel: yeah, sure. will: let's rank our own states, our own presidents, our own country music songs. rachel: i love it. best and worst president. pete: top three. will: i'd take roosevelt out, put jefferson in. pete: i would switch washington and lincoln, trump three. bottom three, biden, obama, carter. done. rachel: i would say same as you except my number three would be trump and reagan tied. [laughter] how could you forget about reagan? the. pete: i'm sorry. rachel: and worst i'd say biden. will: [inaudible] pete: maybe not enough to get in the top three. will: for you guys. doesn't mean the others aren't good. we didn't go to five.
5:38 am
rachel: are we going to get rick's list? will: oh, this'll be good. pete: give us your top three, rick. rick: hold on, let me say this. of the six that you guys listed that we put pictures up there, one of them i had never heard of. will: on the worst or the best? probably on the worst. rick: no, he's on the worst. don't you hate that when you go through the list of prime ministers, and you're like -- the presidents, i don't think i ever heard that name before, it makes you realize how bad i was in civics. will: you're good at meteorology. rick: i'm good with the top three that was there. there you go. we'll do my favorite three meteorologists next. let's talk a little bit of weather, and then i've got a really good guest. tropical storm elsa, yesterday it was a hurricane, headed to the wes of haiti, it's going to
5:39 am
move over cuba, weak withen a little bit, and talk a look at the track of this, we are going to have impact across parts of florida. there will be moisture rain coming in across south florida around the surfside area. that said, the worst of the impacts are going to be across the western side of florida, probably a mid-level tropical storm tuesday into wednesday. definitely the surfside area, we're going to certainly be concerned about however much they get, maybe a few inches of rain. all right, guys, real quick. you've had the quantico quintet, john rich, i just want to bring the coney island musician here. this is amos. he's going to perform at the nathan's hot dog eating contest, and i want you to just give us about 10 seconds of your hot dog song, amos if. ♪ hot dogs, hot dogs -- ♪ hot dogs, hot dogs, it's great
5:40 am
with soda pop. ♪ [applause] if. will: love this! [laughter] ♪ ♪ hot dogs -- will: all together now! ♪ hot dogs, good with soda pop. rachel: we love that! we need to have him on fox square. great job. pete: you know what i saw this morning in i'm going to coney island and i have no plans, and this is what he found. rachel: great job. will: rick, top three fox meteorologists, go! pete: janice dean, then rick then adams, but i could swap the top two. rick: that's a fair assessment. sorry, adam. [laughter] will: we got the that go.
5:41 am
from hot dogs on coney island, firecrackers and chili dogs down south, brian duffy shows us how he's serving up support to our heroes, plus we're heading babb out to poll. the "fox & friends" trophy will be back on the line. pete: what are we doing? [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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for bathroom odors that linger try febreze small spaces. just press firmly and it continuously eliminates odors in the air and on soft surfaces. for 45 days. ♪♪ rachel: it's america's birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by honoring the men and women who fight for our freedom? will: chef brian duffy is teaming up with a better known coney island company, the home of america's first hot dog for the second annual chili dog
5:45 am
competition benefiting our heros pete: listen are up, rachel -- rachel: i'm ready. pete: -- firecracker chili dogs. >> we got you covered, guys. we're down here in one of my favorite cities, fort myers, getting ready for the second annual hot dog for hero chili dog-eating contest. we've got a couple of our guys, thank you so much for your service, gentlemen if, down here from the 38th which is what this whole thing benefits. gold star family company has donated all of the hot dogs and is sponsoring this today, and i'm here to show you a chili dog that we're going to do. get yourself great potato e bun. back here, now, everybody wants to talk about the best way to cook a hot dog. i'm a water kauai. i like to let -- water guy. don't go directly to the grill. keep it hot a little bit, then
5:46 am
we're going to drop kit on the flat top or on the grill because we want a little bit of color to it. so we start with that, we've got some unbelievable chili that we're going to be doing for the whole event today, and we pop that right on there. now, this is where it gets a little bit weird, everybody. we're to going with pepper jack cheese -- rachel: that's not weird, that's good. sorry, i'm eating. [laughter] >> so we've got a little bit of that. now, these are super fun. i like to take a couple of chiles because that's the part that's going to explode in your mouth. literally explode, boys and girls, because these are super spicy. they've got unbelievable flavor. then we're going to add in anaheim and a chile, then we finish it off. this is the feldman's apple cider vinegar mustard.
5:47 am
there's cayenne end pepper in here, a whole bunch of fun things, and all we're going to do is finish that up just like that -- rachel: ray we have that mustard here, by the way, brian, and we're loving it. it's so so good. >> it's got apple cider vinegar. not only is it loaded with flavor, supposed to be really good for you. i don't drink it in the morning, but i know people who do. [laughter] will: chef, i just want you to clear up a debate, it's unpatriotic to put ketchup on a hot dog, yes in. >> that's such a tough thing to discuss. [laughter] i do love a little bit of ketchup on a dog -- pete: mustard. rachel: i love 'em both, but with i know you don't do that in chicago. >> absolutely. we've even got american flag hot dogs right out in front of you guys. we've got everything patriotic. the event starts tonight at 6:00
5:48 am
for the chili dog-eating contest. this beautiful car right behind us is going to be donated to a vet who does amazing things to orr people. so this entire day is all about patriotic, it's all about being together, and we're going to do as much as we can -- will: we appreciate you sharing some of your dogs with us. >> you got it. pete: really good. i wonder what the strategy of a chili dog eating contest is? do you eat the chili first? >> you literally are to eat the entire thing. we're going to have fun tonight. pete: coming up, abby hornacek is taking a leap of feint, jumping out of a -- of faith, jumping out of a plan for us. more "fox & friends" weekend. ♪ -- she was an american girl ♪♪
5:49 am
5:50 am
[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪
5:51 am
[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪
5:52 am
♪♪ the. pete: they are the official parachute team of the u.s. navy. the leapfrogs begin their day, even independence day, jumping from the back of a plane at 12,000 feet. rachel: and today abby hornacek is joining them. abby? will: abby's actually in the plane. what we're looking at, we're looking at a shot from the ground shooting up, and i don't think we can see abby's plane just yet. she's in there. she's already jumped out. but we're going to catch. abby here. pete: we're a little shy on details. there's no camera in the plane, and she's not micked, so we'll wait for her to get to the ground. will: abby is going to freefall into our screen screen is in, i would, hope, very soon. and we're going the see her parachute down.
5:53 am
in the meantime -- rachel: oh -- pete: that was me jumping with the golden knights. will: meantime, here's what we discuss. you've done this, i've done that as well, tandem. rachel said she would never do it. rachel: never. i would never allow, no, never. i'm afraid of heights. i don't want that experience. [laughter] i don't want to land like you just did right there. i don't want any of that. will: so, pete, i've done this -- here's the scariest moment, i'm assuming abby's doing a tandem jump. it's after the chute catches and you're -- the freefall is just all adrenaline, all screaming, there's no -- rachel: not even when you first, like, leave the plane? will: that's surreal. there's this guy on your back kind of helping you along. the scariest part, he has to adjust where you're attached to him, so he lets the straps go a little bit. so you scoot down on his body, and you're afraid the strap is going -- pete: oh, man, i forgot about
5:54 am
that. rachel: scary. pete: we've both done it tandem. i was not airborne quaffed, never went to -- qualified, i was always on the ground. we did air assaults, get off of a helicopter. the guys who do this on a regular basis, hundreds of jumps, thousands of jumps, they get to the place where it's all normal. and those are the guy we're strapped to, it's tuesday for them, and they're like, okay. will: right. pete: i don't know, we're going to keep checking in on abby -- rachel: we want to make sure she's okay. will: i think we had a shot of the blue sky. pete: in good hands. the navy leapfrogs -- rachel: i suppose, if you're going to jump with anyone -- pete: golden knights or the navy -- will: i hate to be the director, can we get the shot? pete: unless she's invisible -- will: nothing but blue skies. she's here? >> three minutes you are clear the drop.
5:55 am
pete: control there. will: there we go. rachel: there! okay, good. pete: wow. >> clear to drop, second pass. rachel: go, abby. pete: on that one, they're saying. will: is that abby? rachel: that's abby. pete: we're going to go with that being abby. rachel: i can tell. [laughter] will: that's, in fact, not abby -- [laughter] rachel: i was just going to say, i think i'd see her -- that looks like a solo jump per if. i don't know,. >> >> is she -- pete: a very impressive individual. it's not clear that she's a qualified jump -- will: well, i think that only takes a couple hours, to jump solo. we've got our first navy leapfrog coming in. touchdown. rachel: that's a beautiful -- pete: they make it look easy. rachel: i was going to say, that is an amazing landing. pete: i once went to a football game where they -- will: we've got three different jumpers.
5:56 am
i don't think that's abby pulling off the trick. abby's going to be last. last out of how many, i don't know. pete: welcome to fox and friends. rachel: poorly produced. [laughter] just kidding, guys. [laughter] pete: we're having fun. the flips though. rachel: top of the screen. top of the screen is abby. will: the one doing the twirlly bird? rachel: wow, i'm impressed. that's her. pete: you also don't realize how fast they're going. rachel: she is tandem, pete. so those tricks are maybe her but probably somebody else. will: so this one, we are being told, live reports here, i'm checking my earpiece, that one is abby hornacek. pete: that's right. i'm also being told we're going to move the commercial break by a little bit. we're not going to cut you off
5:57 am
and miss the landing. will: this is breaking news. we're rolling live here. pete: do you think abby knows how many people are waiting for her right now? will: do you think she'd feel awkward if she knew? rachel: she's going to remember this, who gets to jump out of a plane with the navy parachute team? pete: look at that. rachel: wow. will: i think we're getting close -- pete: now they're just showing off. will: abby hornacek coming in hot. i've got a 30-second count here. pete: all right. we're hearing, you know, communications with still the pilot, sounds like there's other people jumping. wonder what that thing behind -- will: that's going to, i bet that's something to help those tricks out ott. pete: tell me more, will. [laughter] pleasure. rachel: this is why -- pete: there we go, you see four pairs of legs.
5:58 am
will: that's a tandem. that's abby hornacek. she comes in for her landing -- rachel: going to do it as well as the other guy did? pete: here we go. will: this alabama but's first jump over? rachel: somehow i doubt that. will: hey! rachel: bravo, abby. pete: 12,000 feet, all that the space and they land right thissen front of our camera. will: now stick a camera in her face. get a mic and a camera on her as quickly as possible. see if she can hear us as well. pete: she might need an earpiece. look at that -- >> oh, my gosh, i don't know if i can formulate a sentence, but i know that was the best experience of my entire life, i'll tell you that much. i have so much appreciation -- pete: i just watched the whole thing -- >> reporter: my hands are still shaking. >> thank you so much for joining
5:59 am
us. >> reporter: jim, how's my hair? >> beautiful, beautiful. that's the wind blown look. we just jumped out -- first of all, i just want to reiterate what you guys do is just absolutely incredible. as we were coming down, you see everything down here. jim, that was -- jumping out of one of those in an airplane? >> the chinook is the workhorse for the army. that can haul just a bunch of stuff the, you know, artillery and people. so they use those for all kinds of different things, but a helicopter can land almost anywhere. but when we're up at altitude, it's really just another thing we can jump out of. but they're really nice, you know, they can maneuver a lot better, is so we're looking if t for timing, they're easier for timing. >> reporter: i just want to say thank you again. happy independence day to all of you guys. i mean, again, how long -- what jump was that for you? >> let's just say that was 21,500. will: abby, what number jump was
6:00 am
that for you? >> reporter: that was number three total or -- for me, but it was the best one because i've never jumped with the navy if leapfrogs, and i felt like we were going so much faster. i forgot to breathe this for a second. with. will: and you were doing tricks in the air. you were spinning around. >> reporter: we were. could you guys see that? he said, oh, we did a back flip out of the plane if as well. >> we did a gainer off the ramp. >> reporter: people are having fun here at the air show. will: we had fun watching you. pete: abby hornacek. >> reporter: they're not having as much fun as we had. navy leapfrogs, you guys are the best. pete: we'll check back in with you guys in a minute. the chinook, by the way, it's like a flying school bus. abby hornacek. so here we are, top of the 9:00 hour. we're going to reset here on fox and friends.
6:01 am
will: it's set -- pete: oh, i thought we were going to play the quantico band. [laughter] sometimes when you reset during the weekday, they've got the video with that plays for a minute. will: hey, welcome to "fox & friends." will cain, rachel cam bose duffly and -- campos-duffy and pete hegseth. happy fourth of july. in new york city outside of our studios in fox square we have flags lined up, a swimming pool, we have a barbecue. we'd like to thank tunnels to towers for the american flags all across fox square this morning. rachel: we had a list earlier of the most patriot you can states, the least patriot you can, new york was ranked the least patriotic. but this corner is the most patriotic corner in all of new york right now. pete: yeah. we're holding down the fort. take a knee, drink water, we're holding down the fort on this tiny little square in manhattan.
6:02 am
we're so glad you're with us on america's birthday. and we'd like to think here at fox we're the most patriotic network, and i know hannity and tucker might take issue with it, but we know at "fox & friends," we're so grateful to god for this nation and its birth 245 years ago. and it's worth taking a moment on a day like this to recognize that. the first principle, the flag. the things that were fought for because they believed it was the right thing to do for men to live free. so we're going to read a small portion of the declaration of independence, the document that started all this, because these truths that are self-evident remain to this day. here's a portion of the declaration of independence. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unail a yen bl rights and among those rights are the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. to secur rights, governments are institutedded among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the
6:03 am
governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such forms as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness. such wise words from a group of people who knew when they signed that document, they were crossing the crown, traitors of the crown fighting for their own independence. rachel: right. yeah, it was under fear of death, and they knew that. they knew that their families could lose their fortunes. they did it anyway. and this moment is just, it's just so important because i think a lot of people feel like not only, first of all, these words are timeless, but they have meaning right now in a very special way. i know that we've been talking all morning about reflecting back what we feel,, what we know so much of our audience feels which is that this is slipping away and that this is the time
6:04 am
to fight for america. a lot of people when they hear those words, see these flags, they tear up, and they feel like is the next general ration going to tear up and feel the same way that you do right now. and that is what is at stake right now. you're not the minority, you're the majority. there's just a small group of people who are really, i think, putting this country under attack. will: yeah. and at the risk of sounding repetitive this morning, much of this day and what we wrap ourselves in, the flag, our traditions, they are symbols. they're symbols of something greater. the thing that is greater are the principles that you just read off that underlie this nation, that we have rights, that we're endowed by our creator. those rights have been fought and died for. for the first time really in the history of man, we embrace concepts like freedom and equality. often applied imperfectly throughout our country, but that does not undercut the importance of those principles, the eternity of those principles x. that, honestly, is what we should all feel so much pride in
6:05 am
today. while there are others who want to redefine america, this is a reminder of what is best about us. pete: it was an experiment from the beginning. our found ors studied athens and rome and jerusalem, they understood the bible, they understood human nature. they saw what spail failed for kings and queens and despots, and they said let's lets we, the people, govern, but we need to put constraints because we are corrupted. and then they unleashed the most free, the most to just, the most tolerant, the most prosperous nation -- rachel: the most generous -- pete: the one that has liberated other countries to allow them to live free. it's so easy to tear it down and point out the sins and flaws. no nation is perfect. north is ours, we know that. but my goodness, recognize and appreciate, be grateful for what we've been given because it's been gifted by people who fought for us. will: so easy to tear down, so hard to create. most revolutions fail. the united states' e revolution
6:06 am
succeeded. rachel: it absolutely did. "the washington post," you talk about focusing on what's good about america, the washington postfocusing on what's not so great about america according to them. they say maybe -- this is their headline, maybe it's time to admit that the statue of liberty has never quite measured up. this is "the new york times"' headline, a fourth of july symbol of unity that may no longer unite. will: and that was about the more than flag. i mean, are they symbols of unity? they're symbols of principles that unify if us. the symbols embody those or remind us of those principles that at one time we thought were unifying factors and increasingly in today's day and age, they seem to not be. at least for some out there. rachel: we played a clip earlier of former donald trump at a rally yesterday in sarasota the, florida. he talked about we're celebrating july 4, 1776, not 1619. it's so important that we we remember that. again, this idea that we are the
6:07 am
principles we gather around in 1776. there's a small group of people who say 1619,, but they have a lot of influence over our children right now, and they're trying to make 1619 and america's flaws the central point that we should think about. and they're trying to make people who with, as i ending manged earlier, tear the up or love our flag, make them feel like they're white supremacists or facebook says they're extremists or they're insurrectionists or, you know, if you're a minority, you know, you're bei take your race. no. these are unifying similar toll bolls. -- symbols. and if we're not careful, we're going to let that small minority absolutely indoctrinate the next generation. we've seen all these polls showing patriotism declining. so you're not imagining it, people out there. you're not imagining it. now's the time to fight for it. pete: who's lived up to anything ever? principles are meant to be aspired to. that's why martin luther king is such a great example. he stood and said black people in this country are treated
6:08 am
differently. that's a sin, and it needs to change, and the way we're going to do it is by fulfilling the principles we espoused at our founding which has never been properly instituted. as to opposed to today and the black lives matter movement which is tear it all down, burn it down, rip it down because it was bad from the beginning. that's an entirely different perspective. that's why they want to cancel martin luther king too. he was in on the experiment. everyone was in on the -- we know we made mistakes, but we're in on it together. that's the difference between 1619 and 1776. rachel: 1619 and the people -- that's a cultural revolution. that's a marxist ideology. of. will: back to the idea of whether or not this is a widely held idea on the left or a radical minority that has an inordinate amount of power, when it comes to saying that the more than flag is now divisive, we spoke to joe concha earlier about "the new york times" article saying now the american flag is a divisive sill. boll. here's what e -- symbol.
6:09 am
here's what he had to say. >> they're basically reflecting a mindset that goes on in their newsroom which is the woke mob. it's the same new york times that not too long ago asked if the star-spangled banner and national anthem, are they racist? literally those were the headlines that they had to ask. we see this attack, will, over and over again on american icons like george washington and abraham lincoln. you know, the guy who won the revolutionary war and the guy who freed the slaves. it's a paper of propaganda, and this is exhibit a. pete: yeah. and don't call it the mainstream media or the mainstream press. they have an agenda, they're pressing it every single day. 16199 project if's a great example, and shame on them. find other places to get your information. rachel: shame on them, and remember they're a very small group of very unhappy people, and we should all be happy because we are in america -- pete: what do you do on the fourth of july if you're unhappy? i'm going to -- will: ignore flag, tear down the
6:10 am
statue of liberty. rachel: claire mccaskill k remember her? people, hold on to your traditions. fire up that grill, play the star-spangled banner. if you have a boat, a fishing boat or a motor boat, you know, fly the flag on that too. this is our time to hold on to everything -- pete: that's right. i've got a box full of fireworks that i bought in wisconsin -- will: i wouldn't do that on air. [laughter] rachel: ray is that legal? [laughter] all right. we're going to turn now to your headlines. we might have a headline from booth tomorrow from those fireworks. search and rescue efforts are paused at the florida condo collapse. 24 people are confirmed dead and 121 are still missing, but the crews say they need to demolish what's left of the tower ahead of tropical storm elsa. it's expected to hit south florida with heavy rain and winds tomorrow. governor ron desantis has declared a state of emergency
6:11 am
for 15 counties. talk a look at this, this pipeline burst in the gulf of mexico creating a raging fire in the middle of the ocean. the inferno dubbed the eye of fire, burned for more than five hours before it was put out. a mexican oil company that controls the pipeline says no one was hurt, and mexico's environmental agency says it did not cause -- pete: uh-huh. rachel: you can decide to believe the mexican environmental -- pete: i want to know, why do you pour water on a fire that's in the water? anything? is that not water? will: i don't know. [laughter] pete: lawrence, you got anything in. >> i don't know. rachel: all right. well, america is all about competition. it's still here, so this fourth of july let's see a which statement loves our country the most. will: texas. rachel: crowning montana as the most pat patriotic state followed by alaska, maryland, vermont and new hampshire.
6:12 am
new york, not hard to believe, was last on the list which was based on things like the number of active duty service members and the 2020 election turnout. pete's home state of minnesota was number 8 while my home state of wisconsin was 13th and will's was 41st which make me absolutely question this poll. pete: correct. you flip those. texas should be first, wisconsin would be second, minnesota would be last. [laughter] will: coming up, rodney atkins is here to help celebrate america and perform live on "fox & friends." but first, lawrence jones touched down in earlier this week for the first time ever, breakfast with friends at mount rushmore. and even governor kristi noem showed up. here he is. ♪ ♪ you can tell everybody, yeah, you can tell everybody -- ♪♪
6:13 am
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♪♪ will: well, it may be independence day, but you won't see fireworks this year at mount rushmore. pete: that was one of the topics of discussion during the first-ever breakfast with friends in south dakota. and even governor kristi noem, he showed up. rachel: lawrence jones joins us now with more. >> reporter: good morning. it was a bucket list. i got to see mount rushmore, got to talk to the governor who is really salt of the earth. she is so down to %. the people love her -- down to %. and i got to ask them how they feel about fireworks being canceled. take a look. tell me about mount rushmore and what it means to this community. >> well, mount rushmore means everything to this state. it is what we're known for. we're called the mount rushmore state, is so that is really our
6:17 am
calling card to the rest of the country the come visit us because we love our history. we love our founders. we love this country. >> reporter: so where y'all from? >> we're from kansas. >> new hampshire. >> california. >> reporter: in your first time coming to mount rushmore in. >> yes. >> yeah, first time. very exciting. >> george washington, roosevelt, lincoln and jefferson. >> reporter: yea, there you go. why is it so important to you guys? >> we always look forward to coming to see this. for many years we've wanted to do this, and i think it represents something, like, beautiful for our country. >> reporter: what does the fourth of july mean to you guys? >> it's a celebration of our independence. >> forty of july is time the -- fourth of july is time to celebrate our country. >> it's a celebration of freedom and independence. >> i'm a former u.s. navy officer -- >> reporter: thank you for your service. >> thank you. and it just means so much to me.
6:18 am
>> american freedom, individualism, liberty. all the things that this country stands for and that people are trying the take away from us. >> reporter: what do y'all think about the fireworks show being canceled? >> we're extremely disappointed. that's why we picked the fourth of july, and it's very disappointing. >> yeah. >> we did this last year, and i don't understand why we're not doing it this year. >> i think that kristi noem knows how to make the right decision for that, and she should be able to. she's our governor. >> it's a typical washington, d.c. liberal bureaucrats think they know better than the people who live here every single day and get up to protect that monument to make sure our great, great, great grandchildren will still get to go visit e it. rachel: what was the excuse that the white house, the administration gave for not having the fireworks? the. >> reporter: they're using the environment as -- they say that it's going to start a fire. the governor said we did it last
6:19 am
year. and they have a game plan every single time they have these fireworks. if there's any suspicion that something may happen that day, they will cancel it, but they didn't give them the option to do that, which is why a lot of residents -- rachel: shameful. pete: you can't let a governor of a state make a call as to whether or not they're going to have fireworks? >> reporter: they don't even know, their canceled it as well. trump brought it back. i just want the say real quickly because on this day, people tend to be critical of america. often quote frederick douglass, july 1852, when he was critiquing america, he was telling america, look, we have a document. those are precious. we have to live up to them. and as someone who's a libertarian, when i show up to the scene, it's normally tragedy. i'm criticizing government officials for not doing their job. you can criticize people for not
6:20 am
living up to the document and also say that these documents are precious, and that's what today is about. our greatest defense is the document. pete: fulfill the promise that wasn't given to everybody at the beginning. >> reporter: exactly. and i think that's the beautiful thing. obviously, i'm here on "fox & friends," it's a beautiful thing. and i think there was an attempt early this year to separate america, to say, oh, juneteenth and then july, the fourth of july. no, we celebrate both of those things because both of them are a part of the marriage. will: because the principles inside the documents are truly unifying principles. they represent individualism and freedom. every single one of us regardless of race, gender, sexuality or whatever other divisions society wants to draw brings us all together. lawrence: remember, we're talking about men that were inspired by god. we are sinful people, so we weren't going to huff up to this. but it's our job to hold them
6:21 am
accountable. rachel: really quick, what did you think when you saw the mountain? lawrence: i will say, i thought it was going to be much bigger. but when i saw it -- pete: lawrence, you're a big dude. [inaudible conversations] will: here's the problem with lawrence being a big dude, he's going to stick around because we're going to battle it out. i'm told the teams will be interesting. it might be the two of us together. lawrence: rachel, i got you. will: "fox & friends" trophy in the pool coming up. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there we go.
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muck. ♪ ♪ ♪ muck. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." that was the quantico brass quintet, and they're performing the navy song live from the national museum of the marine corps. pete: this is that quartet i was looking for. we've still got barbecue because it is independence day and we are celebrating it fittingly. look at that. kids, get out, we're coming in. rachel: this is the most patriotic corner in the all of new york city. pete: we're glad you're here, and we're really glad our next
6:26 am
guest is joining us as well. he served 20 years in the military, and he's here with an emotional independence day message. will: former navy seal team commander, jacques -- jocco, what do you want the shower on this independence day? >> being a military pensioner i hear the star-spangled banner, i always looked at it from the perspective of francis scott key, they're getting bombarded at fort mchenry, and yet the flag remains through the night. it's not just a military thing though. when you look at all the challenges that america's gone through and going through right now with the virus and political unrest and civil strife and the economy, we've got all these challenges, but through all that the flag remains, america remains, and we will remain free and strong. rachel: jocko, you're such an
6:27 am
inspiration to so many people. i'm always amazed at how um young people -- how many young people, especially young men, look up to you. i think our young people are are get a very different message if about america today, very different from what we grew up curl culturally. what's your message to young people about the decisions they're making about what to believe about america in. >> first of all, i just want to let you know i do talk to a lot of young people, i talk to a lot of military folks, those young people in the military. they're as patriotic as they come. and sometimes i see people disrespecting the flag or dis. respecting america and, sure, that hurts. but i've also learned not to take it personally. and simply put, the reason for that is because they know not what they do. when i was in the military, i traveled the world. i've seen real tyranny. i've seen actual terror and injustice and brutality with my own eyes.
6:28 am
and because of that, i know what the flag represents, and i know when a america is, and i know that -- i know what america is. and as people get older, they start to understand that. as you see the rest of the world, you start to understand that, and then you become filled with9 gratitude and appreciation if at the blessings that we have to live in this great country. will: you know, i way of puttin. so much of the criticism or even the redefinition of america is driven out of a place of ignorance and not knowing what else exists in this world. they don't see the worst everywhere else in the world. but you know what the flag represents, you know what you fought for. sell us -- tell us, what does the flag represent in. >> listen, as far as i'm concerned, the flag represents the most consequential of all human ideals, and that is, that's freedom. and freedom is the deepest intrinsic desire that we as human beings have, and it's a right that, well, endowed by our
6:29 am
creator. the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. and no matter what these tyrants around the world that try to subdue the gift of freedom, they can't subjugate the will of the human heart. that's how america was built on those ideals x that is what we strive to protect, and that's the ideal we strive toward every day, and no force in the world can stop that. pete: yep. and every day strive to be as tough and cool as jocko, and every day we fail. rachel: we fail. pete: i love what you said. forgive them, they know not what they do. rachel: and our hearts are made for freedom, you're so right. will: we appreciate what you do, jocko. pete: thank you, appreciate it. rachel: you're the best. >> happy fourth of july. will: as summer heats up, "fox & friends" is set to cool down on fox square. we've got the top pool toys for kids this summer. plus a battle for the "fox &
6:30 am
friends" trophy. there it is the on the table. isn't she beautiful. but first, we're celebrating the red, white and blue with a special performance from country music superstar rodney at kins. ♪ it's america there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪
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6:34 am
♪ will: it's your independence day shot of the moment, abby hornacek jumping 12,000 feet out of a plane with the u.s. navy parachute team the leapfrogs. rachel: had a beautiful landing, pretty spectacular. it's going to be pretty good. pete: the sailor she jumped with was 2,500 jumps? will: 21,000. pete: i stand corrected. i think you're right. some beastly number -- will: number three for abby, we got the watch it live here on "fox & friends." let's go to our fox weather forecast live from coney island, rick reichmuth -- rachel: wow. pete: there you go. rick: get ready.
6:35 am
hold on, let's talk weather really fast, then we'll get to hot dog. take a look at the weather map, temperature wise pretty good. a nice cool day across parts of the northeast. it's going to warm up a little bit, be much better than it was yesterday with. radar picture, psalm stalled-outing cold front across parts of the deep south. parts of florida, northern part of florida you're going to see some showers again with that front stalled there and then by later on tomorrow, moisture coming this from tropical storm elsa. all right, guys, i've got jack -- no -- >> james -- rick: i almost called you johnnie walker. >> by the way, i'm not a professional weather forecaster, but i do think today's weather calls for nathan's famous hot dogs. rick: this is the day, how many years? >> we go back to 1916. so you can do the math, over 100 years of the amazing spectacle of the hot dog eating contest. are. rick: last year, joey chestnut,
6:36 am
who's the legend in the competition, ate 75 hot dogs in telephone minutes? >> 75 -- ten minutes? >> 75 hot dogs and buns. rick: all right. bring me that right there. there's a technique to in that joey does, and he eats hot dogs -- >> so two at a time in three bites. you're already behind. all right. two hot dogs together and then dips the bun in water. some of our professional eaters use water, they'll use kool-aid, between tea. now -- green tea. now all you have to do is do that about 75 more times in the next 9 minutes and 45 seconds, and you too can be a champion. reduction. rick: -- >> it is what champions do. rick: man, that was awful. will: that's the thing, the bun,
6:37 am
the water thing -- >> bring you down? will: you all right? rick: yeah. [laughter] will: do one more. rick: i'm not doing that again. [laughter] pete: come on, go for gold. >> get the close up. will: please zoom in. rick: that's so awful. that is so -- will: rick, you doing a great job. i think 74 more to go. we'll see. it's an all-american independence day here on "fox & friends," and we're celebrating our great nation with none orrin okun music star rod -- other than country music star rodney atkins. >> happy independence day. rachel: right back at ya. [laughter] pete: rodney, where's your head at today? it's been quite a year. we're in a much different place today than we were even a year ago. today on the fourth of july what are you thinking about? >> man, you know, i'm grateful that we're back out on the road playing music. [laughter] are.
6:38 am
rachel: yeah. >> we're in south carolina for the her taj festival and, man, we've plaid a handful of shows now. and there's this spirit that i can't believe among people that we're all just so grateful to get to be together and see each other smiling faces. really, ever show especially today, our freedoms -- [laughter] felt like they have been sort of under attack, out of our control for a while. so it's like a breath of fresh air finally getting to be out and among other human beings. rachel: that's such a great point. i think the pandemic has made a all of us appreciate our freedoms and rethink how easily we let some of those go over the past year. on this show, rodney, we're so proud to be, like, the most patriotic show. we're so proud to be unabashedly
6:39 am
patriotic. country to music is the last genre in america to be unapologetic to love america, and your songs are part of that in my mind that the i think about on fourth of july. what does that mean to you? and is country music going to stay that way? because it better. >> i agree it better. it's kind of, you know, it's an honor, you know, to get to sing songs that are patriotic and for folks to not do that is, i don't know, it just seems crazy. this opportunity to go and kind of lead the charge singing these songs. when you said that, what i thought of, i can't sing the song it's america without thinking of the first time that i got to go to afghanistan. and i was playing fobs, the first fob that we played surrounded by marines and army medics. man, i started singing the first
6:40 am
verse of it's america, and an ied went off, i don't know, 300 yards from where we were. and now every time i sing that song, it's just -- the gravity of that song is so much more than what the song says. will: the bombs literally bursting in air there. you got to experience that. country music was born in america, it embraces americana. go to rodney for upcoming shows and tickets. rohdeny, don't go -- rodney, don't go anywhere, because when we come back, he's going to show a special independence day performance with us. rachel: thanks, rodney. ♪ ♪
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will: we're back celebrating independence day with a patriotic performance from country music star rodney atkins. here he is. ♪ ♪ driving down the street today, saw a sign for lemmed maid. ♪ they were the cutest kids i've ever seen in this front yard a. ♪ as they handed me my glass, i was thinking to myself -- ♪ man, what a picture perfect postcard this would be of america. ♪ high school prom and springsteen's song -- ♪ the man on the moon and little
6:45 am
kids selling lemonade. ♪ -- can one nation under god. ♪ it's america. ♪ later on when i got home, i turned the tv on. ♪ saw -- a 'twasser tore apart. ♪ -- twister tore apart. ♪ people came from miles around just to help the neighbors out. ♪ and i was thinking to myself, i'm so glad that i live in america. ♪ it's a high school prom, it's a springsteen song -- ♪ it's a --
6:46 am
♪ it's the man on the moon, it's like -- ♪ it's kids selling lemonade. ♪ -- one nation under god, it's america. ♪ might not always get it right -- ♪ there's no orr place i'd rath -- other place i'd rather spend my life. ♪ -- it's a rock and roll band, it's a -- ♪ it's a big, black --
6:47 am
[inaudible] >> puck it up, boys, come on! ♪ high school prom, it's a springsteen song, it's a welcome home parade. ♪ man on the moon -- kids selling lemm gnawed. ♪ -- it's -- one nation under god. ♪ it's america, it's america. ♪ ♪
6:48 am
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♪♪ if. will: as the summer if heats up, we're cooling down while celebrating independence day, and we've got pool toys right now everyone needs. rachel: and we're going to ask maaed runs buckley from the toy -- madeleine buckley from the toy -- we're bringing in -- >> it's right here. rachel: i can barely read, by the way. lawrence: it's the sup. pete: hey, madeleine, how we doing? >> doing good. so i think everyone can agree blowing up the float is the most tedious part, but we have a
6:52 am
special valve that all you do is blow into it like this, it takes a third of the time to blow up. of you're not going to be out of breath. this is her for our teens, our adults, we can't forget our youngest swimmers. this unfacilitate bl baby -- inflatable baby float, it'll get kids so excited to get in the water with some of their favorite characters. and it's going to keep baby's skin safe. so this is a fun game for the pool. these float and then it's kind of like frisbee but in the pool if -- pete: hey, kids -- >> you toss these into the pool, they skim over the water. try the see who gets closest to the pin. great for all ages. who doesn't love water slides? why not combine them? there's a bunch of balloons. you get more than a hundred water balloons that fill and
6:53 am
self-tie in 60 seconds. so easy. you put 'em in -- can be. when you go in, it'll -- there you go. [laughter] an 'em pick blast at the end. oh! will: yes, sir. now you've got this. >> so then haas but not least, water blasters, of course, the classic way to beat the heat. let me just show you, you're going to -- here you go -- [laughter] so it makes these cool, they're so easy to fill. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] [laughter]
6:54 am
[laughter] ♪ ♪ so we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us. ♪ >>'s will? [inaudible conversations] >> you're welcome. i'm glad you enjoyed it. pluck you. ♪ limu, you're an animal! ♪ ♪
6:55 am
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problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. for real protection ask your doctor about breztri. ♪ you are rocking that grill. family: guy fieri? but that pulled pork could taste even better on king's hawaiian slider buns. thanks, guy! (whispers) thank you. my work here is done. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. ♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends." we're here with navy vet and owner of swig and pint, anthony debernardo. he's been out here all morning, grilling that incredible food. now it's time to taste the pork
6:58 am
steaks you put on a while zag dig in. we've got some sliced there for you. >> tell us what you did. >> pork shoulder steak, two inches thick, salt and pepper. on the smoke over direct coals at 225 for four to six hours. >> how do you know when it's ready? >> you feel it. >> oh, my gosh. >> it its tender. >> you can feel it. >> there's vinegar sauce throughout the process. >> that is not tv compliment good. that is really good. >> what's the sauce on top? >> that's our vinegar sauce. white vinegar, lemon, crushed red pepper. >> you can buy it right here, right? >> you can go to swig and swine barbecue, dot-com. we're getting ready to open a fourth location in monk's corner south carolina. this is the big debut. that's coming along next year. we have two food trucks on the road. >> you made our independence
6:59 am
day celebration complete. it's not complete without barbecue, pool, fun, music. family. >> the only thing we're missing so far is beer and we're about to remedy that. today on "fox & friends."here you have the last bite in. >> yeah. >> what happened, they made you get out of the pool? >> they made me get out of the pool. >> we didn't decide who won the contest yet, did we? >> no, who won? >> it wasn't a water contest. it was a male beach body contest and lawrence definitely won. i know everybody had a great time with the water toys. the official verdict is we don't have a winner, the trophy is up for grabs. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> should you go back and fight more? >> if you'd like to. >> they stole the competition. >> i want a cannon ball. >> okay, let's go. >> that's going to do it for us
7:00 am
on "fox & friends." happy fourth. >> happy 4th of july. ♪ ♪ i've been flying my country flag. ♪ yeah, i've been flying, i've been flying, i've been flying my country flag. ♪ yeah, my country flag. ♪ >> good sunday morning, everybody. happy independence day, this 4th of july. i'm jason chaffetz, in for maria bartiromo. straight ahead on sunday morning futures, republican lawmakers turning up the heat in the investigation into the origins of the coronavirus as china's president issues a stern warning to the west. coming up, kansas republican senator roger marshall on what we know about the origins of covid-19 and if china will be held accountable. then, the supreme court
7:01 am
upholding arizona's


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