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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  July 3, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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eating contest tomorrow in coney island brookland. that's how fox report this saturday july third 2021. thanks for joining us. have a very happy fourth of july. stay safe. we will see you tomorrow. ♪♪ this is life liberty and living. we have governor montesano south florida and senator tom of arkansas. before we get to our guests, let me lay the foundation. we talk about critical race theory, almost not at all about something called -- which is
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critical race theory. almost not at all about critical gender theory, we talked almost not at all about the move of climate change, so-called the green new deal. in this book i've written, american marxism would talk about all that and more because they intersect, that's a word i didn't invent, is a word critical race theoreticians the lustful and california invented, they intersect and what is the common denominator? white dominant american society must go. it must be destroyed from within one way or another all the progress made economically is not progress at all, the progress we've made is not progress at all, either and i want to talk about this before i bring guests on. i'm watching on msnbc lying through their teeth about what's
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taking place with critical race theory. they either don't comprehend what it means or they are purposely misleading the public. critical race theory is not about learning the history of america, it's not about learning slavery and segregation, it's not about learning about neo-nazis and the clan, it's about marxist movement invented by marxist. derek bell and many others and it attracts marxists like black lives matter founders who already said they are marxists and that is not coincident. this was hacked by professors as they attack society from a marxist perspective so when joy reed goes on msnbc and asked one of the professors involved in leading this movement some people are saying it's a marxist based movement and i've been saying about four some time and
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that professor never said no, it's not because she can't. do you want to know why? i read what she wrote she's written a lot i read what herbert marcuse wrote and he wrote a lot and i read what eric bell and he wrote a lot and they all say it, you can't deny what they want to embrace it. the problem is, this ideology isn't about teaching history, it teaching racism, it's considered a cooper french movement in the 1960s and 70s. now the u.s. military is promoting it, not every federal department and agency is promoting thanks to joe biden, now almost every school district is promoting to these administrators and school board members and national education association and american federation and we are going to continue to talk about this on this program and i hope you will preorder a copy, it lays out
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more than that. whoever heard of lat ? this is a latino/chicano movement that pulls into critical theory critical race theory idea. what is the bottom line? bottom line is americans, you are the illegal aliens, in fact the entire existence of the united states of america is result of imperialism and colonialism by white europeans who came into this continent and imposed and embraced this country. the real natives, indigenous peoples of this area are south of the border so they have every right to come to this country, they are not illegal aliens, you are an illegal alien so they do not accept or recognize the sovereignty of the grass because there is no united states. this is also being taught in
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colleges and universities in addition to critical race theory and that's what they mean by intersection l.a., we have always victims, be oppressed by existing civil society that's doing all the oppressing so everybody has a chip on their shoulder and their reason they want to overthrow and overturn the existing society so that is the notion, there are two americas, north and south america they argue there is only one america and the indigenous peoples of the people coming into this country, not the people who are in the country. it's an interesting argument from the radical marxist, when it comes to middle east, they forgotten about who the indigenous people are, they are jewish. they've only been there for thousand years but apparently they live on the territory but that's not all. you have critical race theory, what else do you have? you have what i call critical gender theory. what's that?
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has my facebook size is 58 varieties of gender is him things you do in your agenda. it's not what we call male and female and a male has this and female has that. no. why is that part of this so called marxist movement many of us leaders and scholars, i've read in the book. they believe this whole idea of a man and woman and biological genitalia has been imposed by social contract. early in the history of this country by the same people who are enslaved blacks, the same people who took over territories who believe belong to latinos and chicanos and fees people are trying to impose their morals and religious beliefs on society and who are they to do that? so this is the movement,
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particularly the trans movement as i call it, i suppose, that rejects it so you have facebook pushing 58 different varieties and others pushing different varieties and then you get on an airline and you can take male, female, other, whatever that means and you can see it pushed by the department of education and again in our schools. transgender is him, if somebody is transgender and of proper age, nobody cares, nobody says don't do whatever, people may have their opinion if you make it public but it doesn't belong in elementary schools. pushing it among students is the united nation as you will see an american marxism the book and they have a teaching plan being used now. happy checked about this movement? not the people are transgender, and movement. have you checked in your elementary schools lately? any of you may not know this but is there not getting the attention it deserves. critical race theory,
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transgender is him, what else? work on capitalism. they don't call themselves marxists, some of the honest ones do, their scholarships and public pronouncements but the rest of them pretend it's not a big deal. he saw obama the other day when it came to critical race theory he says, what is this? not a big deal. he knows better than anybody else, it's a big deal so the war on capitalism, the marxist, bernie sanders who likes to lie about themselves, democratic socialists, they hate capitalism because that does what? it proves marxism wrong. a perfect example -- would you rather be a factory worker assembly line worker general motors factory worker and assembly line worker in russia were under the old soviet communists or in china or north korea? in other words, there is no
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masses rising up and overthrowing society, they don't. it is really a relatively small group of people, most college educated trying to take over the society and impose their will as they are in this country. this great america never rose up. it's called the middle class. we have the greatest so-called middle-class with the greatest wealth, the greatest access to material goods than ever before in world history and now they attack back. america? 5% of the population of the world or 3% of the population of the world, 25% of the resources. they turn on a dime. first it was if repressive economic system that doesn't revise for most people, now it is an economic system of grotesque abundant stealing from the rest of the world, third world while people are encouraging themselves in the u.s.
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get it? whatever works. all of these forces and more, the notion of marxism, it's not a passing fad, it's not liberalism or there is the democrat party, no. this is here and now, it's in your face. your kids are being taught this, this is resonating throughout our culture. corporations are embracing this, media platforms are promoting it, democrat party is the home of all of these ideological views so that us why again i wrote this book. it comes out july 13, i hope you will preorder your copy and i must tell you, this book as i speak to you now, has won 50000 preorder copies. nobody has ever seen anything like this and we need to have more because we need to build a resistance movement like we did
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with the tea party, reagan revolution, the trump revolution, all of these efforts to protect society, they keep our country not because we are white but we are red blooded americans. what does the other side offer? oh yes, what does the enemy offer? marxism? neil marxism? what does that mean? tell me, where on the face of the earth has marxism worked? for hasn't not result in the slaughtering of tens of millions of people? imprisonment of tens of millions of people. silencing of hundreds of millions of people. is that really what we want? the greatest nation on the face of the earth? with got to call it what it is. it's an american brand of marxism, that's what it is. this isn't hyperbole, it's not a republican conspiracy effort, republican party is not even in the battle, they have nothing to do with this. they are people from the bottom
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up, parents who see what's going on in the classroom we need more, not just parents who see what's going on in the classrooms but everybody. put differences aside, put differences aside, it doesn't matter. if we love our country, who want freedom and opportunity for our kids and grandkids and we need to galvanize and rally, i mean peacefully. we need to do what great americans do -- save our republic and society. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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welcome back america, tom carlton, welcome, thank you for being here. i have a question for you. you look at history, the roman empire, they became weak from within and then there enemies struck and collapsed. there only about 250 years old, much younger than rome, communist china is on the rise, the intention of being most powerful country on the face of the earth bending a fortune on the military, extremely aggressive, geopolitically. and i see in our own country are
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not providing resources to aggressive military. we are seeing elements within the democrat party who are propagandists on the communist chinese and then i watched during a hearing earlier this week embracing critical race theory i don't believe they understand what critical race theory is, a marxist race theory no doubt about that, the founders of critical race theory a critical theory, they come out of this school in berlin, they were communist professors and brag about it so i am wondering, i feel we are getting weaker from within and i'm not talking about rank and file military, i'm talking about our leadership while the communist chinese are getting increasingly aggressive, i am concerned. do i have reason to be
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concerned? >> i think we always have reason to be concerned about the future of america. problems reagan, never more than one generation away from extinction. as you cite, we are only 250 years old compared to great republican empires of human history. i want to make sure we drive another 250 years and more. one reason i am so concerned about making sure military is adequately funded which the biden budget does not do, it can't it after the biden inflation but even straight up dollars, it is so far below what welfare programs or other social spending programs, i'm worried about adding another $4 trillion to our debt he wants an eccentric pandemic adding public debt to where we might not even be able to pay the debt off interest rates going back to normal. these are big consequential matters. we have in the american people, resource in our country to keep a prosperous and free but we
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need confidence in them and i don't think democrat in our leaders in washington have that confidence and that's one reason why i've been speaking out in a hearing with secretary a couple of weeks ago putting him down on the fact that military shouldn't be critical race theory and certainly should be using it in training, they should focus on tactics and operational excellence. military needs to focus on real wars, not cultural wars. mark: the military was the first to integrate when it comes to the federal government, it's always been ahead of the curve when it comes to race and treating the tri- personnel as individuals, every institution has imperfections throughout history but i am saying as people came to grips from military among the first institutions to come to grips, you serve in the military, extraordinarily brave soldier as
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you were, did you find white supremacy in the military when you were serving? >> not at all. you're right the military was one of the first major institutions in american society to integrate in the 1940s alongside major league baseball with jackie robinson and those who came after him and it's been a place the last 70 years were americans from all backgrounds and races whether rich or poor, no matter who their parents are can join and be judged solely on the content of their character. not the other factors, just on how you perform whether basic training or candidate school other front lines in combat, they had a saying in the military talking about a vehicle when the ramp drops, the bs stops because once the ramp drops and you deploy from your
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vehicle to start fighting the enemy, there's no time for talk boasting or anything else than judging everyone solely on their performance and skill and bravery in all soldiers did not see each other as north or south, black, white, rich, poor, they saw each other as a batter, comrade in arms fighting alongside willing to lay down their lives to save another life and that's what we should want everyone of our troopers to see and that's why it is so corrosive to indoctrinate our groups at the front might as i've heard was a blower complaint in my office with the notion of critical race theory somehow they are inherently oppressive or privileged or other races are inherently victimized or oppressed, the military does not need to fight
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major wars, and needs to focus on finding real wars. mark: last time i checked we have the military in afghanistan and iraq, the military in africa southeast asia, most of these places last time i checked are not majority white and the fact is, there is a fable, fiction, a big lie told about this country and the united states military and what we are about and what we do. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott. search and rescue operations suspended of the collapsed condo building in surfside, florida and demolition workers have begun boring holes in the building for explosives. demolition work could begin as early as tomorrow due to increasing concern the rest of the structure could collapse on it own in the winds of tropical storm elsa. two more bodies were part of the rubble today bringing the number of confirmed deaths to 24. earlier today tropical storm elsa raced through her baiters as a hurricane damage in homes, gripping down trees and power lines. it is a little more than 100 miles from haiti, sustained winds down to 70 miles an hour. tropical storm watches and warnings are in cuba and florida he is. back now to life, liberty
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living. ♪♪ mark: senator tom cotton, violence in this country is through the roof, murder and not just murder, not just on crime, it is through the roof and the president of united states give a speech the other day which was almost incomprehensible that he was addressing issues in life you will have absolutely nothing to do with reducing violence in this country but he is upset as his his party and surrogates and attacking theories part of the rights including the second amendment, what say you? >> an astonishing speech by joe biden last week in which he tried to grapple with the crime wave across the country. as the president said, murders increased in the single highest rate in any year on record posture and continue to increase in 2021 not just murder, it is
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serious and violent crimes of all sorts. joe biden's answer was basically, surrender. the crime goes up in the summer so we should expect crime to continue to rise over the next three months as if he's trying to apologize in advance for what he knows is going to be a dangerous summer. i guess his policy as well, i hope we don't get shot when you go to a restaurant with your husband or wife this summer and then he turned and started talking about gun control, taking away guns from law-abiding citizens, harassing law-abiding responsible gun store owners mostly focused on rifles. rifles are responsible for a number of primes committed crimes every year from your more likely to be murdered by a blunt object like a hammer or skillet or someone's fist than a rifle. the crime wave we see in this country is almost entirely the
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result of handguns. he probably seen the videos, i've seen them, your viewers have probably seen them as well, people treat each other with handguns, rifles and joe biden turns a blind eye to the crime wave, is going to take away your rifles to defend yourself in your home. it's no mystery what caused the crime wave. democrats like to say it was the pandemic and people are lovely, lonely and isolated and unemployed. the pandemic is over and other countries face the pandemic as well and didn't see spikes in murders and assaults and other crimes. i can tell you why we have the crime wave. first it's because democrats, unfortunately some are republican, letting serious criminals out of jail, because radical prosecutors and governors refused to send serious criminals to prison in the first place and third, democrat for more than a year now have been attacking police
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calling for defunding police or abolishing police, discouraging stem from vigorously doing their jobs to keep communities safe, and that together and it's not a surprise we are see biden crime waves across the country. mark: it's important you put it that way and even last year when president trump such federal law enforcement went to protect federal courthouse, nancy pelosi called them storm troopers so they have a movement within third-party which is so radical and out of touch that they have caused enormous damage to this country and i'll say this, joe biden is a coward. he won't tackle that movement, it is radical elements of the movement, it's anti-semitic movement, anti- american group of people, aoc, bernie sanders and others, it is like the military. $6 trillion but the military
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won't get one nickel out of the $6 trillion spent so i am concerned, we undermine police at home in military overseas, is that the biden presidency? >> i think biden is afraid of the far left and one reason you see the biden ministration focusing on things like eliminating legal protections for police brought the criminals they are trying to protect the rest of us from. $6 trillion to raise taxes on every american either directly or indirectly but with this question of crime in particular, this is a far different biden he saw in the 90s, he used to try to take credit for the 94th crime you in his own party, where was he last summer for rioters and aren't arcus attacking the courthouse where was he in seattle, you literally had emcees blocks of downtown
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seattle and seattle's hoover's mayor until i guess the break-ins and assault and battery again and i think more people were shot, two people murder, they were all black victims. where were they trying to protect their own citizens, where was joe biden calling for an end to all of this was scared. his vice president encouraged people last summer to contribute to a fund bail rioters and looters out of jail, this is just mainstream opinion of the democratic party these days and satisfy we are going to see joe biden unfortunately increase crime in the months ahead because they are not tough enough to stand up to criminals. mark: it's shocking how this administration has but thank goodness there's people like you and others standing up for our
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country. thank you for your service. god bless you. it we'll be right back. ♪♪
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walk back to america, we are here with border governor rhonda santos, first of all let me just say what took place surfside, the collapse of the link is horrific. doesn't this demonstrate why we should be behind our police, firefighters, emergency personnel? in the end, it's not about race or gender, it's not about all of these ideological movement on the left and with the democrat party, it's about red-blooded americans helping each other. >> that's right and when you have something that such a tragedy for you have a belly condominium complex partially collapsed in the middle of the
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night, these people called upon the scene they were on the scene within minutes and they didn't know whether the billing would collapse further, they were able to shepherd people to safety and save a lot of people's lives so when you're in those tragic situations when people's lives are on the line, those people wear the uniform put their lives on the line in order to protect us so we need to support them and their efforts. mark: they sure do deserve a lot more respect than they normally do. you've created something very interesting as a government by don't think we have seen it certainly not on the conservative republican constitutional side and let us this. you're not going to operate just within a small box, your want to protect your estate, liberties of the citizens of florida, federal and state constitutional rights sovereignty of your estate against the president and administration that has
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abandoned traditional customary institutional governance and i think you are allowing new ground in this regard whether it water, the virus, critical race theory and on and on, is this what you are intending to do, showing how governors despite back? >> you have so many threats to freedom nowadays and what we are doing is essentially borrowing for to protect floridians and their freedoms and opportunities and you see a number of different ways. obviously we were the leading state fighting against coronavirus lockdown, we had kids in school and present for the entire school year. i believe florida has not done that, you wouldn't the other state following. canada is still blocked down and i think that's what a lot of these bureaucrats want to to seat in the united states and we made sure we lead in a different direction.
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look at things about going against the biden administration, they shut down our cruise industry with the cdc, they didn't have authority to do that. all these experts said he just have to do whatever the cdc said, we sued the cdc in florida and we won an federal district court and now the crews lines are going to be able to resume, sailing for summer. you talk about critical race theory. as soon as we started to see that throughout the country, i immediately said we are teaching the constitution, we are going to teach american civics and american history and we don't have room for ideologies like critical race theory based on false premises so week band critical race theory in k-12 schools and we were able to do that quickly and people are happy we are doing that because most parents do not want their kids indoctrinated with a lot of these ideologies. mark: i think you triggered a movement of sort that a lot of
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constitutional conservatives having neutral over and should have which is bringing cases against corporations, the famous case vba versus massachusetts versus epa were massachusetts with environmental laws and bring us so-called climate change laws and so forth but it strikes me as you are looking for opportunity through governance to extend what we view as liberty to extend what we view as republican small arms and it something beginning to catch on with other governors, you talk to other governors about this. >> we do but i think a lot of it, i tell people what i believe and i tell them what i'm going to do and then i do it. i think what happens, when you're doing the right thing and
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people see you fighting for them particularly in an era where we have so many problems throughout our country, so few people willing to stand up, when you do that, people respond and i get correspondence in my office, obviously from a lot of floridians from all over the country people say before his doing is giving them inspiration and a lot of it is responding to leadership preserving their freedoms and that's what we have tried to do in florida across a range of issues and we have other state that have done a good job doing similar things and that is how you build a strong movement. mark: why won't joe biden managed the border? force federal immigration laws, why won't joe biden put in place policies for people to apply coming into u.s., why is the
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border "mayhem and horror going on, what is joe biden's intention? >> i think it's intentional and i don't know how much biden has engaged in this but on a day-to-day basis, i believe they believe an open borders. the public strongly is against what's going on so it is taking a toll on them politically but they knew by undoing donald trump's policy which were succeeding what happened, but they show a disregard for the problems as a result of this. all drugs pouring across the border, lawlessness so it's got to where texas is doing it on their own from arizona and other state for help, florida stepped up and we are going to send them to help stem the tide of the southern border but is a clear
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failure of leadership but i do believe it's an intentional policy rooted in an open borders ideology. mark: how could it not be intentional, right? purposely reversing roles, forcing the head of border patrol to resign and things of that sort, none of this is coincidental or by accident. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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get a powerful and secure connection you can count on. only with xfinity xfi. and see f9 only in theaters. ♪ ♪ governor desantis, joe biden give a speech the other day at least it was supposed to be about crime but it was about gun control. thinking to myself, nothing he said will curb crime. wants to go after law-abiding gun dealers and gun owners, same thing doesn't address what's going on our inner cities prosecutors refused to prosecute, he doesn't address obama like liberal judges that people off easily. people come in the front door and out the back door in the summer is all but silent. vice president assisting
4:49 pm
so-called bail reform in rioters getting out of jail, he's not going to address the high rise in crime in any effective way. >> what he's doing is using that as a pretext to try to infringe upon people's second amendment right in a long time opponent of the second amendment and even suggested the other day only guns is futile because the government can nuke you or use an f-15 to come, it was incredible to hear that and jarring the president of u.s. would say that but you hit on the head, why do you seek crime going up? you do have prosecutors in the election but they won't prosecute a lot of prime so you have people many crimes all the time and not how to account. you have judges more liberal in putting people back on the street. you have policies against bail work people are set out without
4:50 pm
having to post bail and not cause them to reoffend and the anti- police sentiment an attack on law enforcement and guess part of it is putting from law enforcement but even public as informed as the anti- law enforcement sentiment that shows the people that wear uniforms they don't have support to go to high crime areas and stick their neck on the line because they will have the support you have all those snowballing men some parts of the country where there are stiff increases in crime. we are used to having relatively crime low crime rates the last couple tickets, or policies going back in the other direction and now we are seeing results about the think it has been catastrophic biden is not going to address that. he's just talking about taking people's guns, august that would work and it's not good policy but it certainly wouldn't work in highest crime areas in the u.s. with the strictest gun
4:51 pm
control laws in place. mark: their response is the areas around them don't have strict gun control fought so guns come in. i think to myself okay, we secure the border from ms 13's coming in, from guns coming in and drugs coming in, those are your policies and then we have criminals going out the back door in these communities, those are your policies, how about that contribution to crime x is nothing, i look at the border and massive spending and redistribution to wealth, explosion of the welfare state and i looked at the massive crime increase and gunning the military because we are not covering the cost of the military while communist china is on the rise to the middle east with the iranian regime after progress has been made that and it's an adversary, he kat has to communist china putin, i can't think anything
4:52 pm
positive coming out of this administration, what you see? >> if you missed his sleep for nine months and someone woke you up it didn't tell you who was president but they told you all the policies being pursued, he would think bernie sanders had been elected president. this is a candidate joe biden who basically said he would be uniter, a centrist that was a fraud on the american people because he's basically hijacked into going with the left-wing agenda and it's even more than barack obama's agenda and he is pursuing that and obviously the people around him are pushing him to pursue that i think and the effects of the country, it's already proven to be negative and i think some of these problems will mount more and more as we go forward so it is a failure of leadership, not policies popular with the american people. this is not policies he was
4:53 pm
promising to implement we've got a lot of problems on our hands as a result. mark: do you think the people feel they are motivated enough to go to the polls during midterm elections in virginia and other state and house and senate, you think this will manifest itself in a electoral act from? >> i do think so. i think people are getting fired up not just with biden, that's part of it by some of the stuff happening locally with the coronavirus lockdowns, walking kids out of school trying to get critical race theory into these classrooms these four districts, a lot of parents are upset about it so i think there's a whole bunch of things brewing and i think it's going to be people on our side willing to walk over barefoot to vote in midterm elections not just for governors but up and down the ballot for congress and u.s. senate.
4:54 pm
mark: i think you are right, and overwhelming electoral victory for the republicans, certainly not the democrats. certainly time will tell. governor, thank you for all you are doing and for coming on. god bless you. mark: we'll be right back. ♪♪
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[♪♪♪] mark: welcome back, america. american marxism, my new book that will be out soon. thomas payne. you are familiar with him. here is a paragraph read from that pamphlet. i call not upon a few, but upon all. not on this state or that state, but on he state. up and help us. lay your shoulders to the wheel. better have too much force than too little. let it be told to the future world when hope and virtue could
4:59 pm
survive, that the city and the country came forward to meet and repulse it. washington ordered payne's words read to the exhausted troops at the battle of trent. it quickly spread through the the colonies. our challenge today is more complicated. we did not ask for this confrontation, but it is here. like the early days of the revolutionary war, we are losing. most of the country has been caught flat footed and remains unengaged. the marxist movements are agitating, overtaking and rioting to accomplish their endd counter pressure or agitation.
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that is no pushback. that must change today. this is a call for action. and in american marxism, this is a cause for action. the silent majority shall are silent no longer. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. it's the year of cancel culture. the world mob is coming for you and they are never satisfied. a new york time column any of the accusing the cartoon pepe le pew a race culture. saying it


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