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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 3, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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a bunch of hot dogs. we are going to see you here tomorrow 5:00 for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starting right now. ♪♪ suspending search for victims in the rubble of a collapsed condo building the structure ready for demolition tropical storm elsa, it's a race against time. good evening, i don scott. the fox report. ♪♪ officials say demolition workers would bring down what's left of champlain tower south as early as tomorrow. the number of confirmed dead reason to 24. more than 120 people remain
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missing. the big fear now is tropical storm elsa could further complicate search efforts. the storm is battering the caribbean with strong winds and heavy rain. officials are worried if the storm does hit south florida, it could cause remaining condo structures to topple over on its own. we have fox team coverage, adam is tracking elsa the first, matt is live in surfside florida with the latest. >> who want to show you the tower we are referring to, remaining standing portion of the champlain tower's, this round building in the background initially officials were telling us the demolition perhaps could begin in a matter of weeks but now we have pending storm off the coast of florida and governor desantis and local officials here so the building could be demolished in a matter of days. there is reporting that perhaps
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search and rescue has been suspended in the tower could be taken down in a matter of hours. a short while ago i spoke to the mayor who said the storm which was hurricane tropical storm elsa could hit the area, it could potentially low the power onto the search and rescue site. hovering over the search and rescue crews so any effects from the tropical storm, there could be another catastrophe. the residence we evacuated not allowed to go back to belongings for the are using might have been in the tower, no reports of any animals found so far. hayden week later, they are still not giving up the firefighter of the search and rescue team might not look like a systematic search going on, scientists and engineers, humans
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coming with shovels and their hands. >> part of me has hope we can find a miracle, nothing would be more amazing with such gravity and despair than to find one person alive in the rubble but we will hold out hope as long as you possibly can our message to the family everyday is that no matter what happens, we are here for you. reporter: also miami-dade mayor ordered an inspection, all buildings older than 40 years old, one tower has a documented, hundreds of residents were given just a few hours to get out of there home. we are expecting a press conference any minute where we hope to get an update on this tower and we will bring up to your. jon: thank you. elsa has gone back to pakistan status after the first hurricane of the 2021 atlantic season.
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the haiti and dominican republic this week from a strong winds and heavy rain to florida as early as sunday night. adam from our talks whether center joins us live with details on elsa's path. >> continuing what once was a hurricane if it strengthens again, it will be a powerful tropical storm. just south of haiti, overnight going to run over cuba and i will tell us a lot what's going to eventually happen. you see the past over a mountainous country and once it hits you but, we will have indecision on where exactly the storm tracks. here are tropical models and you can see they are in agreement over the next several hours once i hit cuba, they spread out and receipt pass up the east coast and others running into the gulf of mexico but all areas where we could be paying attention to but it sees, likely going to see
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more impact on monday. this forecast shows it not very well circulated out of fans of rain hitting perhaps monday morning, it will only intensify over the day monday and then it's not just the rain which can be a problem but also the winds and you see the wind getting up in that direction monday morning, these are hurricane-force winds, 70 to 80-mile our went at the center but even outside even in some of the areas, winds are going to be 40 -- 50 miles an hour so this is the system we will be paying attention to the next couple of days. jon: thanks. hours long standoff between massachusetts police and a group of heavily armed men and peacefully with 11 arrests. state police say began early this morning during the traffic stop leading to a partial
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shutdown of interstate 95 outside boston. police say the group was heavily armed with long rifles and tactical gear. some of them live streamed on social media before several men lived manage the woods with their guns. they were told to shelter in place until the men were arrested. state police colonel said the group told officers they do not recognize u.s. laws but claims they are not antigovernment. >> we are conducting an article search in that area to see if there are additional firearms dumped or dropped out there so at the end of the day we still have significant amount of investigation to do. jon: the 11th suspects are due in court tuesday and investigation is underway into the motives and ideology. >> as a crisis at our southern border continues, home a security secretary mayorkas said to travel to guatemala next
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week. a month after vice president harris was there to discuss root causes of the migrant search. there's a live look at the border from our drone team in texas. officials in the state say they are increasingly encountering criminals trying to get into the u.s. bill is live at the border. >> good evening to you, we spent live in texas for the past several weeks and the reason for that is because this area is one of the busiest, if not the busiest for migrant apprehensions along the entire u.s. mexico border and we will show you part of why that is here specifically. look up live right now, this is just over our shoulder, this is the incomplete portable in the area, the wall president trump was trying to build, and progress during his administration but as soon as president biden took over, the wall abruptly stopped in the middle of nowhere in the field that evening and opening, they
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don't have any trouble walking right around it running or giving up to border patrol so look at this video we shot with our drone this morning, these are family units who came across, walked around and gave themselves up to border patrol. while they were being processed, we heard on the radio's there were runners coming along the border and it didn't look like they had any resources able to get them. the agent keeping their distance with the migrants, they had n95's on, agents telling us the migrants have been testing positive recovered as they come across look at this video posted to twitter this morning by greg abbott, he made a big announcement, texas will build its own border barriers. what you're looking at is grown video out of the del rio area, the start of the texas bear system, private landowners agreed to give up their land to
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start this. this appears to be a chain-link fence, what they can do it but no trespassing signs on it and as migrant cross illegally, they can use local deputies to arrest them on local charges and the government is not happy with the federal government, texas has to take matters into his own hands. former director, tom on fox news today sending any barrier is a major help. take a listen. >> if anybody will look at the data on the cdc website, every place they go, a bear, illegal drug force drop, it makes sense, it's clear and a great tool but some can get over the wall, the wall is meant to slow people down so they can get over it but it slows them down, it's a small wall. they will respond and make an arrest. >> here wednesday along border
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patrol we forcibly apprehended three different sex offenders all of whom who tried to cross within a few hours of each other. one was on during rape, he raped a child under the age of 15. jon: bill, thank you. at the top of the hour, we brought you an update on the situation in surfside, florida by the champ lane towers south collapse, it still being excavated. authorities hope for some kind of miracle in the wreckage. officials are about to hold a press conference, we've been told the north tower there might be slated for demolition, they are fearful hurricane elsa, now tropical storm elsa could hit the area and perhaps bring what's left of the building down on top of the rescuers who are still digging through the pile hoping to find some signs of
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life so this news conference obviously is about to begin but the idea of bringing down the 12 story structure next to the remaining part of the structure already collapsed is obviously going to be a difficult order with the news conference getting underway, let's listen. >> good evening, i represent florida's third congressional district, north of orlando and i'm currently ranking member for emergency preparedness response and recovery united states house of representatives i'm here today as eyes and ears to help make sure every federal asset has been made available for surfside and the county and i cannot commend first responders here enough for the work they've been doing, it is truly an orchestra of epic proportions watching the local state and
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federal asset work in harmony together and i'd like to give a special shout out my own first responders from marion county, clay county who have made the journey down here as part of the urban search and rescue team, thank you to the first responders the mayor's, thank you for your tremendous hard work. >> thank you, congresswoman. >> good evening, everyone. it's the end of day ten in our efforts have continued throughout the day. i am grateful to the congresswoman for joining us, she has a role overseeing fema activities and she is super impressed, as are we all quickly incredible response of our fema team so thank you the number of
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confirmed deaths remains the same as last reported, 24th but now 23 of those next of kin have been notified. 191 people are now accounted for, that is good news. 121 are still unaccounted for. i want to remind you the detectives are continuously updating the list so the numbers are fluid, subject to change. as i mentioned earlier, we are continuing to move forward with duke diligent and specific time i for the demolition, we don't have that for you yet. search and rescue does have to pause temporarily while the demolition preparation is underway and there is threat to the standing building posed to first responders as we told you so preparation includes activities really and columns in the unsafe structure so it has
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been determined by our engineers and fire department in constant communication with the demolition team as the process is underway that we need to put a temporary pause and we are continuing to receive updates about the conditions of standing structure and we will begin the search and rescue once again on any sections of the pile are states access as soon as we are cleared. the decision to move forward with traffic control demolition has impact on the investigation which you heard about, a federal team rising to capture all possible information prior to this building coming down in fact going to be critical to research and investigation and final report about the building and the cosmos. the national science foundation has now joined our team, they are here with 3d imaging with
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drones and capturing as much as they can about the structure while it's still standing, it's going to be 3d and it will help us as we continue to evaluate the evidence if they are evidenced patting and documenting as they are going on this is moving smoothly and we are grateful once again for the addition of this tremendous change. we continue to closely monitor the storm as possible impact from now tropical storm elsa, a tropical storm watch was declared for portions of the florida keys but not yet for miami-dade. that is good news so far and we are hoping we can hold. to our community, we urge you once again to ensure that you are prepared in the eventuality of a tropical storm here in miami-dade county, there remains uncertainty on the storms forecast path so stay safe
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throughout the weekend. this morning i signed an emergency order to ensure our county departments can mobilize everything they need in preparation for a possible storm arrival and you can access all updates and information, everything you need to prepare at our website miami-dade/hurricane and 311, our emergency line on the county open for expanded hours, anyone can call 311 to get more information tomorrow 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so feel free to call. temporary operation team will be temporarily relocating to emergency operations center and i will be there tomorrow morning as we prepare for the storm. this tent was broken down in preparation so you are free to remain here outside the secure perimeter which will remain in press briefings will continue as
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previously scheduled. so far 11:30 a.m. and 530 unless further notice that we will come here for media briefings and you can also come to the eeoc storm related briefing and we will let you know if there's anything else scheduled. i want to make a note related to the dump truck, many of you have seen transporting debris from here to another site, the trucks do not signify that we are no longer focused on search and rescue, every think they are getting out critical to our investigation, it is evidentiary debris so it is our way of putting it to a site where we can come through it and better determine what we need to do a deeper dive into what happened at the site coming through the evidence at another location so once again, i know you join me in thanking our heroes for extraordinary work they've done these last ten days risking their lives to save lives on the
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pile, in the community, coming from all over the state, the country and the world, we are so incredibly grateful for everybody standing with us and holding us in your arms. [speaking in spanish] jon: that is danielle, the mayor of miami-dade updating people on the situation at the champlain tower south, that's almost unprecedented multistory conduct collapse on surfside. twenty-four people known dead, 191 accounted for but 121 people are still unaccounted for, they are still calling it a search and rescue mission but obviously on this date, the chances of finding living people in the rubble grows faint indeed and they are talking about the possibility of having to bring
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down remaining portions of the building so it doesn't topple in the oncoming tropical storm elsa, formerly hurricane elsa. turning back to the border crisis, the number of unaccompanied migrant children at the southern border is also on the rise. for patrol resiliency video of 40 kids traveling alone trying to cross the rio grande dangerously high because of heavy rain. at least five of the children had to be rescued after they jumped into the water. for more on the crisis at our southern border, republican punishment on tennessee, chuck also on the house appropriations committee. congressman, what is the solution? >> the solution is porky biden administration festival to admit it mistakes in reverse policies and look at the commonsense policies trump administration had in place and to follow the law. let me be clear in my role as
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ranking member, highest republican on the appropriations committee for homeland security, it is existing in this fiscal year 2021 that the walk be funded and built. we did that, president biden is ignoring that. he did away with the mexico policy, we are seeing a situation that time and time again in order to placate his west wing base, biden administration time after time has abandoned policies working and policies object to failures so it's time for total recalibration to stop the politicizing of this, to the left wing base and serve the american people of the american public and get back to basic stop this crisis at several levels. jon: one of the things the biden administration is talking about doing is lifting something called title 42 preventing
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people who enter the united states illegally from getting in a silent hearing immediately because of the possibility we might be carrie, 19 or another illness, title ii to allow some to be sent back to mexico. the biden administration is talking about lifting and letting such people stay in this country for an a silent hearing. what you think about that? >> another pending mistake could be made by the biden administration this would be consistent with their failures. we've got to solve this problem is causing problems, humanitarian problems for the migrants and children or others, functional has been increasing at the border, the cpp has ceased more functional this year and all of last year alone, border crossings of 650%, it is
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shocking and failing at all levels and the biden ministration is basically either oblivious or arrogantly ignoring real facts but it is a crisis at several levels. they got to do something, the american people need to be heard, we in congress are working very hard. my role as an appropriate or, we at home and security subcommittee for the republicans, we've got to be heard and do something. i don't understand this administration and again, president trump has done an outstanding job, we've heard from republican officials serving fear ministration earlier today, he stopped the problem in the flow, we are going in the right direction, these reversals by joe biden literally for political purposes happen failure after failure and hurting. >> and rachel worked. jon: at the start we talked about what he unaccompanied migrant children who were rescued trying to cross the rio
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grande but the members there are especially staggering in fiscal year 2019, 80634 unaccompanied minors were apprehended trying to cross the border. in 2020, that number dropped more than half, 33239, fiscal year 21 is already up to 79000, almost 80000 and we still have four months remaining in the fiscal year. staggering and heartbreaking to think that money unaccompanied minors are going across the board and one of the aspects of that you've seen in your own home state, he put out a statement regarding the chattanooga migrant facility after a woman who works for 35 years old charged with sexual battery against a migrant minor. he said it must be transparent and thorough investigation into the horrific allegations a sad
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situation and never should have happened in the first place. the biden administration's lawless policies at the southern border created a humanitarian national security crisis and led to the abuse and neglect of migrant children on u.s. soil. answers for something like this? >> ultimately the biden administration, but it's more, they continued to want to make the same stakes over and over again if they are not going to address the nation of the crisis crises as plural. the situation in chattanooga can you imagine neither myself nor senators who are elected officials were even made aware of it so in may we wrote a letter, the call went out and said let's work through this and have transparency, we are getting deaf ears at the level of the biden administration ultimately the president of the united states, joe biden needs to be held accountable for these failures.
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it's hurting our country, there are military crises going on about the drug crises with fentanyl, criminals coming across, it broken at all levels, it is time to come together as americans and fix the broken system forget the politics and for whatever reason, this administration is looking the other way. we finally got the vice president to actually go to el paso after month and what did we get? absolutely nothing of substance so congress needs to get up from if the american people he to stand up for the administration and say enough is enough, let's get this situation addressed we want republican of tennessee, thank you. president biden taking criticism for a strong june job numbers but his administration is playing defense over the tweet about fourth of july barbecues. lift to the white house, next.
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president biden weizen on controversial suspension of olympic hopefuls. >> the rules are the rules and everybody knows the rules, whether they should remain shouldn't hold that position. proud of the way she responded.
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>> richard suspension after testing positive for marijuana use as she adjusted for drugs days before the u.s. olympic trials when she learned about the death of her biological mother seen as the cold metal after finishing first in 100-meter -- richardson might be alive to run the relay if she's named u.s. team. president biden celebrating the june jobs report saying his administration made historic progress in the economy but the tweets from the white house grabbing a lot of attention or criticism. mark meredith has more on that. >> president biden is getting ready to host a party here at the white house for the fourth of july and says the vaccine rollup is on frank not to mention the latest jobs report, plenty of reasons to celebrate nationwide. as for the president today, he was in northern michigan with a chance to see what's going on on
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a cherry event to showcase the efforts to get back to normal after the pandemic latest jobs report has truly heading right now up to 5.9%, 850,000 jobs last month added, most in leisure and hospitality and job loss instruction and not many changes in the healthcare think the economic remains one of the top concerns. >> more work to do to get america back to back to work amy for full employment and that means keeping job growth including lack, hispanic and asian workers progress is testament to our limit to rome's economy. >> the only way they can grow the economy further is massive
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airport infrastructure addressing things like social programs, education, childcare, white house looking forward to getting the president on the road next week to sell the public on the need for these programs but remarking say can support it in their worried for unprecedented levels. >> wages going up but prices are going up faster. we still have way too many people, workers on the sideline so they are with troubling red flags. i wouldn't take a victory lap if i were them. >> the white house was sort of taking a victory lap but this week yesterday, the cost of a fourth of july cocaptain 2021 is gone to 16% from last year. fox news asked officials if that is something worth writing. >> there has been a reduction in some of the costs of keep components of fourth of july
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barbecue from that was what the was noting. >> a lot of talk about barbecue here the white house demonic, because he posting a big party inviting military service members and families to celebrate fourth of july. jon: thank you. part of it by argued that if you have any law, the d.o.j.'s lawsuit, personal it has to have a substantial impact and causes the impact in the politics of minority groups, we felt if we get the law, we were going to win. jon: arizona attorney who has been a guest on this program celebrating the supreme court's decision to uphold two of the state new voting rules. that could spell trouble for the biden ministration after attorney general garland and announced the justice department
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suing georgia over his flock. george's secretary of state roethlisberger said i call on the u.s. department of justice to heat the decision and dismiss their raw and politically motivated lawsuit against roger. joining us now, constitutional attorney, senior fellow at king's college and former member of the 2016 transition trump team. do you agree the decision in arizona makes it very unlikely for the d.o.j. to be able to draw in court? >> i think the supreme court's decision was very strong and consistent with the constitution and voting rights act. what's interesting is the department of justice knew about this pending supreme court case and get they made the decision to go ahead and bring their lawsuit weeks ago knowing there would be a decision on the very
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question they are suing over imminently which seems to me to suggest was going on with the department of justice's they wanted to make a public relations/ahead of the storm cream court decision because if they were dramatic trying to win the lawsuit the way i think they should have handled it was wait for the supreme court to issue rulings layout new standards or whatever it is and then file foster and comply the supreme court decision but they didn't do that, they put it in front of the course and that is coming because it seems to me the lawsuit the biden administration brought against georgia may be more about public relations to encourage the senators on capitol hill to vote the way the biden ministration does than to actually win the lawsuit. jon: you use the term public relations are a couple of times so i was going to ask you about that because the statement from the justice department seems to have public relations aspect to it, they put up this remark. the department remains strongly committed to challenging
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discriminatory election laws important to use every legal tool available to protect all qualified americans seeking to pacific electoral process congress to enact legislation to provide money for every american to write about. when i use terms like challenging reelection laws legislation to remind the effective protection they are suggesting unfair election laws are rampant in the land supreme court identified pacifically said this this is elimination of voter fraud and maintaining the integrity of state elections is a very important state interest the laws we saw in arizona and probably analogy was on georgia are essentially election integrity measures and galatians designed to make sure naomi all about counted, but people have
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the confidence we have come of the elections are fair, accurate and likely done and it is interesting that the supreme court opinion does send a message to how the supreme court will view challenges to local election laws going forward so while the biden administration may enter this thing from there you you dream of you i think the u.s. supreme court does the same the future, i think what the supreme court is saying is going forward, they do not want unelected federal judges, micro managing elections should be set by state legislatures accountable to the will of the people. a critical message but they set forth in this decision out of
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arizona, elections are about the people and not on the unelected judges. jon: physically conservatives on the report are those appointed by conservatives versus liberals, is back going to raise the cry among progressives and democrats were more justices on the supreme court for court packing. >> i think you raise some excellent points, if there's a political decision on the term, donald trump as president fulfilled his obligation and promises to appoint constitutions following the law and not makeup given present trump and mitch mcconnell for a string following the law and not a cost some on the left upset about the fact that they didn't get judicial activists but the contrasting view is i think the conservative base should be
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pleased with the fact that you have judges following the law as written not trying to make it active. jon: mark, thank you. we americans celebrate nation's birthday from sea to shining sea this weekend, officials are urging people to put safety first particularly if you are a first-time voter getting out on the water. alex hogan is live on the hudson river in new york city. reporter: july is the busiest voting month of the year and this we can fourth of july is one of the busiest voting against a figure and all that translates to more accidents and we joined the coast guard overlooking manhattan and we stopped on some of the easiest waterways. >> by the statue of liberty, it is one of our busiest waterways
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because it's a national symbol of freedom, everybody wants to come out of the water the statue. fortunately, it brings a lot of people into a small area and sometimes they're looking for a statute than each other. >> adding fossils to the water in 2020 jets crease jet skis jumped, pontoon boat went up by 12% causing boat debts to spike the 5% compared to the previous years. >> coast guard mission to keep the water's safe for both kayaks and paddle boards, more people made out onto the water during the social do something but because of the access to training classes much less feasible resulting in more accidents on the water. >> nearly 80% of drivers and pastors have never taken a class. if you% took place on motorboat,
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50% are prior and 9% on pontoon yet. as a result of drowning, among the victims nearly 90% of them were not wearing lifejackets. this weekend into the holiday, the coast guard will be out with local and state agencies to help verizon bilotta there will be checkpoints to watch out for to make sure everyone stays safe. jon: have fun and stay safe. u.s. pulling troops from one of its major basis and afghanistan. president biden pushes back on questions about a potential telegram take over there. withdrawals from next. ♪♪
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some of the other headlines from around the globe, japan at least two people reportedly dead in 20 missing after my five sweeping around hoses. heavy rains the water and debris. vatican city, a judge indicted ten people including one italian for alleged financial crimes. cardinal accused of being involved in the purchase of multibillion-dollar building paperwork with church funds. he denied any wrongdoing. in france, airport with chris locke as a colonel charles airport network said there are 20 layoffs dropped in present during the spring, hundreds of pounds. test palestinian authority president and hamas.
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hamas is coming during the territory has declined during the conflict hamas militants continues to grow. president biden using plus and afghanistan as u.s. troops withdrawn were not going to answer any more questions about afghanistan. i'm concerned you're asking me about questions i'll answer next week but it's a holiday weekend and i'm going to celebrate. great things are happening. answer all of your negative -- not make hours on the control of the main military base, was on friday, the main u.s. base in afghanistan security forces
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troops in afghanistan unexpected ahead of september 11 deadline. the country rightly after 20 years, part of fragile way, you must have 2001 u.s. forces changed the country on those responsible for the 9/11 attacks. around 100,000 u.s. troops. the question now is what lies ahead for afghanistan. their concerns afghan government not provide month after u.s. troops civil war if the government should fall. chauvin making gains from afghan forces under pressure friday, welcomed u.s. withdrawal, much depends on whether the afghan security forces can stand their ground against the telegram while remaining u.s. forces depart. jon: thank you. that is our look at stories from
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around the globe. in honor of our nation's birthday this weekend a special look at presidential history next we will take you inside the smallest plane ever to carry air force one. ♪♪
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪
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brought american experience, look at president biden air force one, fully restored taking to the guys. oxidation host and correspondent with more. >> this air force one plane is not the kind who are used to seeing, 747 around 900,000 pounds, is that this is carol commander around thousand pounds and ozzie mentioned, it belonged to dwight d eisenhower. it is not decked out with the equipment that current president have but i was told it is a stable safe airplane. in the 1950s, helicopters reliable yet president eisenhower wanted a plane to fly to his ranch in gettysburg so he asked to find a twin airplane so
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they put them up to meet air force but five of them planes we got to see is the last one of the five step flying today. >> the way it came off the factory assembly line and modifications were not made, it was painted the color when it came off the assembly line, the only thing the government, they put the stripes on it u.s. air force on. >> the instruments inside are still rational and i got an up close look this is where president eisenhower would typically sit, first lady would be here in front back from the smallest airplane to ever have been called air force one. now is in the cabin eisenhower had pilot fights and, he would see him fly his own air force one plane. today the owners offered rewrites for veterans at no cost. jon: ferry whole. thank you.
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we'll have more box report in a moment.
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a broker battle of the sexes in our nation's capitol yesterday, annual burger eating champion ship to winners, molly and dan kennedy both managing to inhale 34 patties in ten minutes. the competitions sponsored by fast food chain z burger ahead
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of the famous nathan's hot dog eating contest tomorrow in coney island brookland. that's how fox report this saturday july third 2021. thanks for joining us. have a very happy fourth of july. stay safe. we will see you tomorrow. ♪♪ this is life liberty and living. we have governor montesano south florida and senator tom of arkansas. before we get to our guests, let me lay the foundation. we talk about critical race theory, almost not at all about something called -- which


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