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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  July 3, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> i get e-mail for any to all the time it's not like we are twins but we have similar hair color similar skintone i do believe there is a southern charm we favor each other but it confuses everyone to this day. it has been such a pleasure. happy fourth. >> hi everyone happy fourth of july weekend welcome to the bank saturday show. here is what is on top tonight stick the time where we celebrate our independence many are proud to be americans and with the national and the outrage. lisa: you know that infamous
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castle of kamala harris it is no laughing matter and tonight the white house is doing damage control. >> raymond? >> shocking video emerges of an attack in venice beach as violence and across the country reaches a tipping point so why are so many in the media are dismissing concerns we will get into it. >> july 4th weekend typically fill the fireworks and food and while america celebrates its independence the white house is celebrating a whopping 60 percent savings on the cost of the july 4th cookout. tweeting this. hotdog the biden economic plan is working and that is something we can all relish. here is what happens when fox news asked the white house press secretary about the tweet. >> official white house
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account tweeted yesterday that the cookout is down 16 cents from last year? sixteen cents? >> there has been a reduction for those key components that is what it was noting. >> so the white house thinks 16 cents off of a barbecue has more of an impact than gas being one dollar more quick. >> i would say if you don't like hot dogs you know one - - you might not care. >> but there are real inflation cost that americans are dealing with everyday use cars are up 30 percent from 2020 housing and transportation two very important things up more than 10 percent each and the cost of clothing and food is also a and according to a recent fox news for more than 80 percent of americans are worried about inflation while the biden
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administration is celebrating the 16 sent drop in inflation the president gave all of us permission to gather in small groups for fourth of july. >> we do this together and by july the fourth there is a good chance that you and your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard in your neighborhood and have a cookout or barbecue to celebrate independence day. that doesn't mean large events but it does mean small groups will be able to get together. >> let's get into this now people are talking about the food gas is incredibly important i know my parents are visiting family today now it is $3.13 on average. that is up from $2.18 last
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year. tell me what folks in georgia are talking about when it comes to prices rising. joey: we love hot dogs we just cannot afford to cook them right now. i guess any kind of energy you still go back to do that. it shows you are grasping at straws. if they are on a fixed income in the middle of inflation they are utilizing what is handed out by the federal and state governments. every restaurant around me is either closed half the day or the hostesses are cooking in the back. cracker barrel is always busy the weight is 45 minutes because there is not enough people to serve you. and then to do something trivial about tweeting about 16 cents? don't get me started. >> that comments on twitter
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which is pretty savage which is why i quit twitter not too long ago but let's talk about the conversation we are still having. president biden said by july 4th we could celebrate with their families listen to what a reporter on cnn was talking about warning about covid and what you should be doing on the fourth of july holiday. >> here in l.a. county they are worried about the delta variant but we are outside and not everybody has on a mask but everybody has to have it on. going through security in getting on the plane you cannot make a movement without having a mask on. that's all airports right now. that has not changed. it doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or not and they are not social distancing.
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but that doesn't mean they can't make plans to enjoy the weekend. >> it doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or not but if you are, you are okay and will be fine from the delta variant. lisa: it is about control. the irony is tomorrow we celebrate independence from tyranny that yet it is on american soil. is not just the government telling us even if you are vaccinated you have to wear a mask but also the economy. look at the government dependence we are facing inflation because the government shutdown the economy and shuttered businesses and injected trillions of dollars to resuscitate the damage they had done so now they are facing inflation. now you have small businesses that are struggling to stay
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alive. how do you compete against the government to bring people back to work? let's push back against tyranny in support of free society. vaccinated or not go live your life. but let's get back to a point where we don't look like a socialist country and unshackle ourselves from dependency and the federal government. >> maybe we should start by not talking about hot dogs. [laughter] celebrating 245 years of independence a huge anniversary but people right now, tomorrow will not be celebrating our independence with a very different set of opinions. i want to share with you what georgetown students had recently why they are not proud to be american.
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>> are you proud to be an american? >> no. i am embarrassed to be an american every day. >> not really in this climate. >> most of the time. >> it is a little embarrassing. >> now. >> i think it's a complicated question for me. >> most of the time, no over the past four years. it is tricky. >> what is so complicated about this especially to the younger generation? >> what we are hearing that the narrative of these young people for many decades but it is distressing to hear the top-tier catholic university in the country turning out students who think this way. the media critic had the great line we make our tools and later they shape us. we are looking at the results of what happens when you pump
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this narrative in that america is unredeemable, predicated on sin and subjugating colonizers people against their will, ignoring the progress that we have made, the great immigrant stories of america, the opportunity. what jon adams called the rays of light and glory in the only emphasizing the shadows we miss more than half of the story that asian people are missing out what america is really about. people like joey who risk their lives to protect these freedoms that joe biden think he can script by assembly. >> we can get together with anyone we choose. that is freedom and that is what we should be celebrating this week. >> joey? that was hard to listen to over and over again that they cannot see themselves to be proud of this country.
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joey: i am not an idiot. it's impossible to get that education. what i would love to do, did you see the shopping bags and those stores? i would love to see what the total value of the money they just that before they went on camera. they are so oppressed but they spent $185 with a shirt with holes in it. that is how oppressed they are going to college that is not cheap from g.i. bill and folk rehab and then you still had to buy some stuff. you are oppressed? okay. >> hopefully we can come together to be grateful for the fact we are here after the year that we have had and thankful for the vaccines at our companies can create to put us where we are today. hopefully we have thankful - -
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things to be thankful for a. lisa: freedom. >> freedom. >> [laughter] absolutely. still to come violence is escalating on venice beach shocking video as the famous beach town deals with the unprecedented homelessness crisis. and an update happening across the country next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, switch to xfinity mobile and get unlimited with 5g included for $30 on the nations fastest, most reliable network. >> welcome back to the big saturday shell but now it looks like california nightmare especially new footage captures a broad daylight attack on a homeless man in venice as residents have gone on - - grown frustrated l.a. county sheriff calls a homeless situation a
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crisis and says it's something the city of l.a. needs to take seriously. >> what are we going to do this is a crisis. these are existential threats to the livelihood of l.a. county residents and all i get from the architect that it's not part of their agenda or their woke rationale that we need to leave law-enforcement out of the homeless problem teefifteen it is a nightmare one of the most beautiful spots in america has been occupied the residents are terrified. l.a. officials are blocking the sheriff from clearing the boardwalk what should they do? they are claiming they would move them to temporary housing t16 there isn't a great answer because at the end of the day the people that live there are empathetic they are liberal
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that is california so there's not really a place the law enforcement can go take action and not get pushback from one side or the other kamala harris in the border either way 70 was should be a problem they should have allowed it to happen in the first place. i would be worried about going in there because there are lawsuits or riots or protest that will spark up because they been up on the different franchises ones the mentally insane attacks them. it will be a mess if they do clean it up and that is the problem. you have to get critical mass for the local residents are fed up and understand you have to take action teefifteen i think the residents are there but the l.a. government is not. because let me tell you if you walked on the boardwalk today it is like mad max meets the walking dead it's out of a horror movie and then
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nightmare. joey: i was in san francisco last week it is everywhere but they have the same narrative like my cabdriver or the person in target they all say the exact same thing they mistreated in the l.a. times it is sympathetic but we have to take care of these people. what about the kids have to be around these people and there are needles? teefifteen the most beautiful part of the country needs cleaning up i hope they find a solution. but a 1000 percent increase in homeless robberies? something is going really wrong and the sheriff is right to do what he is doing. but in new york city the de blasio is refusing to increase the police budget despite a 6 billion-dollar covid relief grant from the feds. this can be used to fund the police but here is how he explained his position. >> the money the president
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focus was for certain cities with much more profound gun violence problems we have a lot of work to do but a number of other american cities are going through much worse and understand the money was targeted. >> is 64 percent increase in this city. why is he refusing? >> i want to bring up the very interesting point. this is the same city that defunded by $1 billion last year or cut recruits but yet last week we have a tourist, a marine shot in the back while enjoying the day with his family they come into the city and enjoy their day. doing now what the mayor did about it? he held a press conference and announced he would put more officers into times square and in his own words he would
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flood the area with more officers. is interesting that work and tourist commencing people are getting shot in times square but for some reason we don't want to add more officers? everybody has an opinion what is happening in new york city but the opinion that only matters of voters. we had a primary ten days ago in a predominantly, the top priority was crying. talking to a young mother who said i am terrified to send my kids out into the streets to walk around alone. she has lived here for years. the voters want someone to come in that will succeed mayor de blasio to address the crime issue teefifteen have never seen new york in the state i've been my adult life your even around times square.
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lisa, there was a tweet that says i've been on - - see more tv shows than actual anecdotes from friends in new york city or other big cities. summer is when kind always goes up. your thoughts? lisa: i would ask her why she doesn't care about the 8600 black lives that were homicide victims last year or longer going back to june 2020. 97 percent of shooting victims were minority so why do their lives not matter? someone like her she has her own show to get people like bill de blasio people are so shielded from the policies to defined the police that they push out and you know who the victims are? it is minority communities they say they care about these people but they don't but
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putting more police on the job or not get it done we need a cultural change and not supporting and rising up criminals and we need to support those who don't make enough money going out into the streets we need a change to stop demonizing them. >> just because your friends don't play neighborhood watch doesn't mean there's not a crime problem. up next the infamous castle the kamala harris the staff is no laughing matter tonight the white house doing damage control. ♪♪
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. >> welcome back to "the big saturday show" the white house and damage control mode former staffers the vice president kamala harris speaking out about a tense atmosphere the big headline reading kamala harris office rights the history.
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>> is that a socialist or progressive perspective? [laughter] no. i look back up and i said freedom. [laughter] [laughter] lisa: course now we are all laughing in response to that if you are reporting in the tense environment in the white house now from the defenders of kamala harris the first of course the white house chief of staff said the presidents trust and confidence in her is obvious when you see them in the oval office together. a whisper campaign designed to
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sabotage her. you have had your ear to the ground what he making of this story? >> what does my mind is that 22 people were willing to put their reputation and careers or risk of being canceled on the mind to talk to politico. usually reporters will run with the story after two or three people so the response to this is always telling how does the white house respond to a bad story? senior advisor she called the anonymous critic cowards. the other response can have been this is top news we are
2:30 pm
sorry people feel this way let's address it and make this a better situation and said she called 22 people cowards for talking to politico and as a journalist i know that people don't talk to us because they are bored but they are desperate in a situation they fear retaliation or they are harmed or will lose their career. that is likely speak anonymously. twenty-two people talking to an organization like politico unless there is really something going on. lisa: in 2018 she had an operations director who resigned publicly she said never size staff treated so poorly. we also have seen democrats to come to her defense. joe biden saddles are with the difficult tasks like border which is an impossible win. is it a set up?
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raymond: clearly she is giving - - has been given things that are difficult but she wants to be the historic vice president. when she was running for president against joe biden she was coming in under bloomberg. her numbers were really low. there was a big support but the reason and you see the whisper campaign there out to sabotage her because they know the numbers are soft today. jon mclaughlin released a poll with the head-to-head between trump and kamala harris trump is 49 percent harris is at 45 percent that is why they are worried he has even begun to turn fire on her. so they are very concerned about she being the torchbearer for the party of joe biden cannot run the given his performance he will be 81 i don't know how clear those speeches at the pep rallies will be.
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>> this puts democrats in a tough spot because they made such a big deal about the first female vice president and the black vice president propping her up as a significant figure but now a lot of democrat operatives are afraid she might not even be able to be put forward and also there is a quote that says maybe she should be the heir apparent. so what type of predicament does this put democrats maybe she should not be the person for 2024 of joe biden does not run? >> the president doesn't seem to be up to the challenge himself so maybe i don't know if joe biden remembers she called him a racist but if kamala harris specifically you have no good moves with the border because if you do anything about it then your own base will come after you
2:33 pm
and if you don't do anything then everybody else will come after you even the democratic lawmakers in the state of texas you know this is bad for their constituents may be in action and is her best action i can think it's a little bit different most people believe, harris will be president by the end of his term they believe that is what is at play by the deep state and it's hard to believe that they are putting kamala harris with these impossible tasks that whoever is in charge there is probably good reason for that. >> but she only called him or a racist because only it was a debate on the ghastly is not making any promises she will not protest the national anthem again.
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joe we sat down with a group of veterans and what they think of the national anthem protest. next. zo♪♪ ♪♪ families. businesses. in-laws. law firms. every customer. new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. and if you're not a customer, we'll help cover the cost to switch. just ask wanda. she's been with us since... (gasps)... now. upgrade your phone. upgrade your network.
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including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at >> will come back to "the big saturday show" protesting the national anthem at the olympic trials cannot make promises she will not do it again she was asked if she is planning another protest if she makes it to the olympic podium in tokyo. >> we will see. the thing is everything is a spur of the moment it depends on how i feel and what i will do in that moment and what i will do whatever is in my heart. joey: i sat down with combat
2:39 pm
veterans regarding her protest. >> i am not here to beat up on her but that's something that i don't think the four of us understand but if anyone like to talk about that, what is your reaction to that? >> a little more in general on that. being part of a system that is so bad that makes you one of the richest people in the planet talking about economics, how is it that you can take part in it and then still we call the good parts? and those that say this is the worst place on earth are some of the people that are reworded by the worst place on earth it is irony. >> so what can i do for you?
2:40 pm
how can i help you understand what i see when i see? >> what is your message to the united states of america? and what is the one thing they need to know as an american? >> people must feel they have a free opportunity to be with a can be. it is they are. all you have to do is seek it and don't expect someone to give it to you. i don't know how to save money differently. america is wide open for everybody. america has bad spots. but it has a lot of good spots also. >> and then to do the things that we do and take the freedoms we take for granted every single day myself
2:41 pm
included is why we are resilient because of the grid and tenacity because you have to be. >> are you proud to be an american? >> i am. because america has given me everything. t16 those resonate with everybody that the african-american gentleman first in 1866 in vietnam then again and 71 and that's what he has to say. we could beat up on gwen very but just a few years ago is this more of a narrative she feels she has to ascribe to? raymond: that's what i wanted to talk about. in 2015 she probably held the flag the first time she competed. what happened between then and now? i think she has been fed the
2:42 pm
narrative that america is a horrible place and there is no progress in race relations or cohesion. i'm sorry. but to go from slavery to the white house, that journey is only possible in america that is a beautiful story and we need to tell the stories because the good stories if you don't tell them we will have a bad end and we see that in vivid color with gwen very. >> absolutely. >> don't you love something to make it better? don't you have to have the inherent love or patriotism? is she missing that? >> doing such a good job with that as well for those who know the country and have sacrificed, those
2:43 pm
are who we should be listening to. not just for years ago she was proudly holding up the flag speaks to the indoctrination i critical race theory or the 1619 project. vanessa williams will be singing the black national anthem. we are one america united under god. we have the star-spangled banner it doesn't matter your race or who you are. one america. one united country and people are forgetting that. we cannot be united with this mentality that will destroy the country from within. >> i believe we will take care of business but we're in a good place and people will see that. but on that topic did you really listen to her interview? she even has mixed emotions even now and specifically she
2:44 pm
said they play the end them only once a day during the trial so maybe she was just extra mad that's why she will dedicate herself to doing it again that put it aside. we talk about a nation of immigrants. there was a touching post today about your grandfather and your family went through hell to get here so what does that five mean to you? aishah: i tell my friends if you want to know what america is the truth and reality of america ask a veteran or immigrants that just got here because we talk about people who really have no connections can barely speak the language. my mom had to learn english from scratch. i did it is not my first ink on - - language my dad spoken have to get by. my grandfather migrated from what is now india to pakistan during partition my grandfather came to the united
2:45 pm
states in the nineties so i am from a family of migrants we move when we went to change and we want something better so from my perspective what i learned from my family and in my life this country affords you every opportunity to make the best of whatever you have been given my dad went from working at a jack-in-the-box on - - a jack-in-the-box to an engineer widely respected at general motors and if he can do that then you hear from the veterans you spoke with commute can accomplish anything and that is what we are celebrating this weekend. >> you are indiana girl. [laughter] >> indiana hoosiers. >> you will see more of the conversation tomorrow night a special starting at 8:00 o'clock. the extended interview drops tomorrow july 4th on "fox
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>> welcome back the judge that oversees the britney spears conservatorship is allowing 100 billion-dollar hedge fund to resign as a co- conservator of her estate. there resigning after the bombshell testimony during an emotional 20 minute speech to the court and said "i have been so angry i cry everyday it concerns me i'm told i'm not allowed to expose the people who did this to me including her father by the way. this free britney movement continues to grow even in the psychiatrist testified he doesn't know why she is still in this thing. >> what kind of parents want their kids to be famous but
2:51 pm
then in 2007 is when the public incident happened 2008 she was held involuntarily on his psychiatric called one year later they had an international tour doing 97 shows i don't think this is ever about what was in her best interest one year after in such a vulnerable state? #free britney i am in the movement. >> there are two conservatorships the one that governs her life and in the financial and on the other side. what about your thoughts on her mental state? we don't know everything clearly the judge know something the public is not in on. aishah: mental health is a serious matter i have had family members go through this and friends right now. but at the end of the day if someone who can work and make millions of dollars and be apparent to her children and
2:52 pm
can have meaningful relationships, there is absolutely no reason why this should still be going on. i think we also need to talk about how this is a much bigger issue than the lawmakers at try to put a bigger spotlight on this because we still have amanda binds out there under a conservatorship also but kanye west is not so what is happening and the thousands of other americans out there that are dealing with disabilities are mental health issues that have lost their legal rights. >> also with the members of management team but the father seems to be central. joey, i read a story today that the legal team using britney's money to keep her in the state have earned $900,000 in the last four months.
2:53 pm
is money at the core of this? joey: it would seem that way that is what they are arguing about we have the right to go broke we can be bipolar and manic there's three sides to every side both sides in the truth we've heard one side for a long time i'm glad never hearing britney's. >> what is the fourth of july with the hot dogs maybe on your grill a round hot dog this is still baloney? next. [laughter] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today.
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welcome back this weekend, 75th anniversary of the angels of the air show in missouri and approximation host and proud america correspondent, abby is live right now for american college like you got. >> oh my gosh, it's beautiful here. we think here about, you can see the people here at the national what is gearing up for the air show where the 75 it 75th anniversary of the angels and a special surprise, air force thunderbird made a visit to kansas city, they were supposed to be here. they are expecting around 50000 of the weekend and they will be able to seek this to two quadrants perform which is rare because it is the 75 anniversary
2:58 pm
of the blue angels, they gave you there f-15, about 83% figure, the engines are bigger, more powerful so you can only imagine up in the air as they don't wear a suit, they are dealing all of that but also trying to keep it from each other. a lot to look forward to hear ahead of the fourth of july season. >> brought a hot dog. july 4 barbecue round hotdogs are selling, faith been created, they are flat and put it on a hamburger bun. take they are pallone, what do you make of it? >> it looks like throw up to me, i'll be honest. get a hot dog and bryant like normal. if you want something ground, we have them. they are called hamburgers. >> would you eat this? >> no, so weird.
2:59 pm
why does everyone try to mess with the classics. leave the hot dogs alone, leave the hamburgers alone, it is lay off the dogs. >> i'm sure you're cooking this weekend, you are probably a really good chef on the growth there. are you cooking these up? what are you making for us? >> i don't always cook on the dinner plate, i don't know if i could confirm that last month. >> what cummaquid got 20 seconds left, what are you doing for your july 4 holiday? >> we are working. [laughter] >> the hot dogs, not the baloney. celebrate july 4 with us tomorrow night, we'll be here fox news present in independence day pressure, live fireworks from the nation's capitol and west sonic tomorrow night 8:00 eastern standard time here on the fox news channel in fact does it for all of us.
3:00 pm
a bunch of hot dogs. we are going to see you here tomorrow 5:00 for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starting right now. ♪♪ suspending search for victims in the rubble of a collapsed condo building the structure ready for demolition tropical storm elsa, it's a race against time. good evening, i don scott. the fox report. ♪♪ officials say demolition workers would bring down what's left of champlain tower south as early as tomorrow. the number of confirmed dead reason to 24. more than 120 people remain


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