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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 3, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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fore taking it. don't take breztri more than prescribed. breztri may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. for real protection ask your doctor about breztri. >> celebrating independence day in the nation's capital as we honor america's history we invite you to mark this patriotic weekend. welcome to the proud american edition of fox news live, i'm griff jenkins honored to be live from the washington memorial. jacqui: i'm jacqui heinrich, what a beautiful day to kick off. griff: sure is, jacqui.
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and honoring our president dwight d. eisenhower, it was dedicated in september of 2020 during the pandemic, not a lot of americans knew it, but here we've got dozens of tourists on this gorgeous day coming down here to take a look at it, checking us out. it's going to be a wonderful saturday. jacqui: love to see it and last night got to kick it off right with a few hot dogs on my roof and hopefully nor cookout to come later on this weekend. all right, some tense moments in massachusetts this morning, we're going to start with you. a group of heavily armed men were just arrested a short time ago after a standoff with police that shut down part of america's busiest highway, i-95. lucas tomlinson is covering it from our d.c. bureau. >> hi, massachusetts state police say 11 suspects some armed, are now in custody after an armed standoff that closed i-95 outside of boston both directions on a busy holiday
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weekend. 95 is now open. 1:30 a.m., a group of heavily armed men dressed in military uniforms. two men were arrest this had morning and nine others hours later. some fled into the woods armed with rifles and body cameras. a shelter in place order has now been lifted for wakefield, massachusetts where this took place and nearby reading after suspects were detained by special tactical operations team. here is how the situation was described as the officers approached the vehicle. >> further inquiry was conducted with the individuals that had been stopped in the breakdown lane. at some point during this interaction, a number of those individuals, alight into the wood line with their firearms. >> the armed men yelled out they quote, do not recognize our laws. police say the leader of the group wanted to be known, they are not an anti-government group. still not clear what motivated this group of armed men to make this trip. the group claimed to have been
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going from rhode island to maine for quote, training. the group had allegedly been posting youtube videos from i-95 this morning. 11 men will be in court tuesday, firearms and other charges. a press conference, another one is currently ongoing and we'll provide an update at the top next hour, jacqui. jacqui: thank you for that report. griff. griff: and, jacqui, hurricane elsa has just been downgrade today a tropical storm, but search and rescue crews in surfside, florida are keeping an eye on the storm's track and potential to cause issues. this, as an official tells families that they will begin demolishing the rest of the champlain towers south tomorrow. and live from surfside, florida with the latest, hi, matt. >> and griff, that's a fairly big development. the remaining portions of the champlain towers could be demolished in a matter of days. officially officials said it would take week and now appears they're trying to move a little
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more hastily considering that that tropical storm could potentially impact southern florida here in a matter of about 48 hours. the remaining tower is a fairly large, 13-story tower and it's hovering directly over the search and rescue crews right now. so if any effects of a tropical storm or hurricane were to hit it, it could topple, another disaster. today is the second day in a row considered good for the search, not a lot of wind and rain, but it's hot. near 90 degrees, strong southern florida sun beating down on the rescuers, heavy humidity. we spoke one-on-one with one of the firefighters assisting after the rescue, more than a week in the collapse rescuers are intensely searching system matically. big machines remove large chunks and humans come in 24 hours a day and maximum number of people who can work on the pile are out there. >> i know part of me has hope that we can find a miracle,
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nothing would be more amazing with such tragedy and so much despair than to find one person alive in that rubble. so we will hold out hope as long as we possibly can, but our message to the family every day is no matter what happens, we are here for you. >> and the miami-dade mayor ordered the inspection of all buildings older than 40 years old and resulted in at least one condominium tower being evacuated and it was deemed unsafe. also the mayor tells they are searching for pets in the remaining tower using cameras, so far they have not found any. i've heard one story at least one woman who had to evacuate her condominium and leave her cat behind. we'll keep you updated, griff. griff: all right, matt in surfside florida. matt, jacqui, our thoughts and prayers go to the families there in south florida and our gratitude for the search and rescue, firefighters, law
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enforcement that have worked so hard during this and hopes, as matt reported there, hopefully the storm does not make things much worse. jacqui: no kidding, griff. you know the waiting has just got to be agonizing for those families and with the threat of a storm on the horizon, complicating the search efforts. of course, you know, adding another layer of just turmoil to this for all of those families waiting for answers and now that you have a demolition of this building on the horizon, obviously, have to wonder, does this storm impact the timing of that over the safety concerns? >> that's right, jacqui. turning now to the southern border where brave customs and border protection agents are risking their lives every day to save migrants during their dangerous journey to the u.s. i had the chance to speak with one of those agents while i was
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there earlier this week. a hero, jorge alvarado. watch. >> early on the morning of saturday, june 26th, agents are working along the rio grande river and hear cries for help from a nearby pond. one agent, jorge alvarado answered that call and went into the pond putting himself in danger. jorge, tell me what happened on that morning. >> we were patrolling the area and at the time i believe around 8:00 in the morning, and we heard cries for help. we approached the area and saw an individual inside and he was screaming for help, help, help, i don't know how to swim. and we tried to tell him to come towards our side and it was-- it was difficult, he went under, he had already gone under so during that time we had to make a decision, it was myself and the supervisor and so it's a remote area. and there wasn't any other
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rescue guards, anything of that nature. and we had to make it decision, it was a matter of seconds, if not minutes, that that individual's life was going to be put in jeopardy. the helicopter happened by at the right place and right time and overlink to communication and i was busy for water rescue, there was a lot of thick brush and had a hard time to have eye to eye contact with me they were a vital role providing radio communication to my supervisor to pull the rope and save us. we were both struggling at one point, because like you mentioned, an individual tends to fear and they try to hold onto anything they can. i gave him commands after a little bit after struggle, and managed to get control. individual and get to the rescue line and my supervisor was on the edge and he managed to pull us out successfully
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once we get closer to the edge. and like you mentioned since that happened, we both had to be hospitalized for further evaluation due to ingestion of water. this was actually my second rescue. the first rescue was an individual that fell off a cliff, he broke his leg, so there's nobody else in the area and i stabilized the wound and got emergency help for him, but border patrol does rescues from water rescues, dehydrations, people get disorientated in the brush, get lost so we do rescues on a frequent basis. >> and a steady flow of migrants across the southern border continues as border patrol agents and local authorities struggle to keep up. excuse me, griff, you know, this rescue has just really put a spotlight on all of the challenges that our law enforcement officials are dealing with, as they're patrolling the southern border
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on top of that we've got the heat as we get deeper into the summer, what did you learn in putting this together, this story? >> well, you know, i've been to that area a lot in the last decade and in the rgv this year, over 650 rescues, but it's so fitting on this fourth of july weekend, i think, jacqui to highlight the heroism of agents just like jorge alvarado because we have to put in perspective, they have had more than 100,000 migrants, 170, 180,000 for more than four months. they're overwhelmed. they're trying to stop narcotics, weapons coming into this country, and of course, the large number of migrants coming, but yet, this far into the hottest part of the summer, agent alvarado didn't think twice of jumping into danger's way to rescue this migrant's life and fortunate to tell. jacqui: grateful for all of our heroes, thank you, griff.
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griff: all right. . jacqui: all right. a steady flow of migrants across the border is continuing as border patrol agents are struggling to keep up with the challenges there. bill is on the ground in texas with the latest. bill, what can you tell us about what you have learned in your reporting at the border? >> well, jacqui, good afternoon to you, i can echo everything griff just said. he's been down here a lot more than i have and it will come as no surprise to him where we are in la hoya, texas already, it's another busy day with runners and family units coming across. take a look at the video our drone crew shot where we're standing this morning. a group of family members that came out of the brush. while border patrol agents were processing them, the radios went off about runners down the
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road and didn't appear they had resources to go after them and keeping more distance with some of these migrants, some of those agents telling us they've been seeing more of those folks coming over and testing positive for covid. but this is something that happens every single day out here in la hoya. rgv the busiest along the mexico border. take a look at the video governor abbott posted to video. and he says he wants to build a texas border wall and he says this is the beginning of a barrier system. texas has been able to obtain private land from private land owners who agreed on their property. it appears to be a chain link fence, while it doesn't appear to deter, they can put any no trespassing signs on, and if they across, they can can be
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arrested. and he feels that the federal government is not doing its job, this is up in del rio not in the rvg, this is in del rio. fox news has been in del rio since early to mid may showing remarkable images of groups of my grants crossing the rio grande and stepping into the united states led by a smuggler with no fear of being caught. groups of 50 to 100, and the second busiest. we've heard governor ron desantis sending those who help and one of the areas is del rio what is going to happen in the hotter temperatures, we're in july and august more hot, more humid, are the numbers going to slow down or keeping going up
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like a rocket ship? we're watching for june apprehension numbers, april and may were both record setting. from what we have been seeing the numbers are not slowing down yet. >> bill, i know this is your third or fourth trip to the border in the last few months so appreciate your reporting down there. >> thank you. jacqui: griff. griff: joining us now to discuss it further is fox news contributor and former acting ice director tom holman. tom, happy fourth of july weekend. new for taking time, you and i were just together this past week in the rgv, and you traveled down with former president trump and governor abbott when he toured that wall. as you heard from our great reporter talking about del rio and they may be building some form of a state-funded texas wall. what's your reaction? will that help? >> certainly, it will help, griff. if anybody were to look at data
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and the website, every place they've built a wall, a barrier, immigration has dropped and illegal drugs have dropped. it's a great tool. for those that argue some people can get over the wall, the wall is meant to slow people down. even if somebody was able to get over, it slows them down and it's a small wall and we'll know when someone crime that wall and have time to make an arrest. griff: what was your take away from the former president's visit this past week. >> i thought he was a president, more presidential than president biden. and when the vice-president came down air conditioned building talking about how to get more people in. president trump went to the border and to the wall and got his shoes dirty, met with
9:16 am
leaders to talk about solutions, we talked about solutionings what works and doesn't. president trump went down to the right reasons to work with the governor how to secure the border because the federal government abdicated their responsibility something about governor abbott. a true american patriotic. protecting the sez texas and protecting the entire country. 90% of those people coming in through texas don't stay in texas. they spread through the united states. the you heard from the sheriff's, crime is up. fentanyl overdoses are up, starts with the open border. one sheriff told me this county alone he's found 44 dead migrants in his county alone put in the hand of the cartels because of-- >> well, just in the last 30 seconds that we have you heard
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bill talking about months are getting hotter, but doesn't seem that this is slowing down. add to it some discussion that title 42 could lift. do you think the numbers continue to rise? >> look, if title-- if they lift title 42 they'll see numbers you've never seen before. i think we'll see between 178,000 and 180,000. and kamala harris keeps talking about the root causes. all kamala harris has to do is walk down the hall to the oval office, that's where the root cause is of this crisis. biden's open border policy and what he's done to this border. griff: all right. tom, thank you for taking time and it's good to see you, have a very happy and safe fourth of july. jacqui. >> happy fourth of july. jacqui: we want to go to the florida building clams. joining us is someone who was just on the seen, former congressman and miami-dade county mayor, carlos jimenez.
9:18 am
new for being with us. obviously the priority is the recovery of people still missing, but you've had stalls in the search and rescue efforts because of the integrity of the building and now the tropical storm on the horizon. how is this impacting the timing for the planned demolition of this building because it's so unstable? >> well, i think it accelerated the timing of the demolition. look, that building was unstable from the first night and the reports that i got is that-- and the incredible bravery of the rescue workers there, knowing that that building is very unstable. it needs to be taken down for their security and the security of the neighborhood. i'm sure that this tropical storm or the threat of the tropical storm and higher winds have accelerated the plans to bring it down. jacqui: you also had this other building in north miami beach evacuated yesterday and residents sent to hotels in the
9:19 am
area during this count-wide inspection of high rises. this has got to be concerning for anyone living in a building over three stories high. do you think that congress needs to step in and create some legislation to protect home owners residents, in case insurance companies turn around and say, sorry, we can't help you for one reason or another? >> these things are usually handled at the state level, but i think there's a role on the federal side because we have communities such as this up awn done the coast, and you know, it crosses the different states and so, you know, the condo in north miami, it's away from the coast. obviously, you had some kind of issues with foundation and electrical issues, hopefully that can be repaired sooner rather than later, but the certification process and how we inspect buildings, look, miami-dade and broward are about the only two in the country that actually have the 40-year certification and only looks at the building.
9:20 am
it may be that we need to look at subterranean issues and that could have been a participating factor in the collapsing of the building at surfside. jacqui: these tragedies sometimes can bring out the best of people. what have you seen in your time there that's going to stick with you? >> well, look, this community a resilient, a great community, that's why i've chosen to live here most of my life and we all come together, we come together as miamians and floridians and mostly as americans. you see rescuers putting their life in danger and searching for survivors and now searching for victims and so, you know, this community, like i said, always comes together. we're no stranger to that. we've had hurricanes in the past and i'm sure we'll have them in the future. these kind of events really, now, brings us together. jacqui: your heart just really
9:21 am
goes out to these families who have been waiting for answers now for days, as time goes on, you know, you have to realize that this is going to only get harder for them. so, prayers to everyone affected by this. all right, congressman thank you for being with us and your time. >> absolutely. jacqui: griff. griff: when we come back, a guided tour of the eisenhower memorial. that's next. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ wondering what actually goes into your multivitamin? at new chapter, its' innovation, organic ingredients, and fermentation.
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>> president eisenhower had a great impact on america as it is today. this massive memorial we are live from today is a testament to his service to this country. earlier this week, i had the honor to take an exclusive tour with d.c. parks and memorial communication chief. >> the dwight d. eisenhower memorial is one of washington's newest. it encompasses an entire city block and it honors our 34th president of the united states. here to tell us more, mike glitters spokesperson. >> griff, you're absolutely right. this is a memorial grand in scale, but it's entirely befitting of a man like eisenhower it was immense.
9:26 am
his role as supreme commander of the allied expeditionary force of world war ii, group of statues to my left and of course, 34th president of the united states. but we also commemorate the humble beginnings that eisenhower rose from. a farm boy from kansas who grew to a position of immense importance on the world stage, commemorated with a statue in the far corner of the memorialments ins where it begins, a young david dwight eisenhower. humble beginnings indeed. and his name is david dwight eisenhower, because his father's name w david, his mother changed it to dwight david. his parents raise him in an atmosphere of discipline, valuing the importance of hard work, they raised him in a religious home and all of those characteristics and qualities will help form the man that
9:27 am
literally the entire world would know before his death. >> such a fascinating layout. you see the young boy looking alt what his life would become and the start to his military career here. >> and young ike gazed across depicting the d-day invasion. as we mentioned eisenhower will attend the u.s. military academy at west point because it offers the opportunity for an education without tuition and he's a good student. he congratulations 64th out of 164 in the class of 1915. you say there's a detail that, that's a detail on the wall behind it. the scene of the statues is inspired by the very famous photograph of eisenhower addressing the 101st airborne on the night of june 5th right before they parachute into normandy to begin the invasion.
9:28 am
in the background is a stone bar relief of the invasion itself and above it is an excerpt from the general orders of the day that eisenhower issued to the invading force. here we see eisenhower, who has been to war. he has seen the worst that war has to offer, and as president, he tries very hard to preserve the peace he fought so hard to win. we see his role in sort of walking that fine line between being a former military commander and yet, dealing with the domestic issues of the day. >> and the positioning of the statue here with what looks like would be lawmakers, legislators, and we're just in the shadow of the capitol. >> right. the placement of the dwight d. eisenhower was by no means an accident. as you mentioned the air and space museum, nasa, were in the
9:29 am
shadow of the capitol and we're surrounded by the voice of education, department of health and human services, all agencies that eisenhower either established as president or played a major role during his presidency. as we get further back, you can take in the enormous tapestry. it's an abstract of the cliffs of normandy liberated by eyes hours troops on d-day. >> and thanks to the ability to create things, at nighttime it has a special sparkle. it's illuminated at night and the abstract art, the depiction of the cliffs illuminate. and they were looking to depict the amazing accomplishments of eisenhower's life and we know him as commander of the allied expeditionary force of world
9:30 am
war ii and his role following that as president to keep the world peace that he had helped to establishments if you were going to take a vacation to d.c., anyone across the country, why should they come to this memorial and see it? >> the dwight d. eisenhower memorial is the newest sort of must-see here in washington. as we mentioned it's one of newest memorials dedicated last september so folks who haven't been travelling the last year or so, maybe coming back to d.c., this is something new to see since everything was locked down. griff: it's an incredible memorial and historian jane hampton cook joins us with more on the amazing life of our 34th president next. ♪welcome back to that same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america.
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>> america's leadership and prestige depends not on military, riches and military strength, but how we use our power in the world peace and human. >> during the address, president eisenhower reminding the nation what american leadership is all about. now to discuss his life and legacy is historian jane hampton cook, the author of stories and faith and courage from the revolutionary war and among the greatest historians. great to have you here. it's pretty cool. >> it's amazing, you have the three different parts of memorial where he starts out as a farm boy and then the supreme commander and then he's president so it's really an astounding, it's truly an american story.
9:36 am
because he didn't come from wealth. he was on a farm in kansas and he went to west point, as an older student, he was older at west point. but he had great organizational skills and they realized that with world war i # and prepared him for world war ii to plan the invasion on d-day. griff: as a fellow, you're a texan, he was america's first president born in texas. >> right. he was born in texas before we had airplanes and before we had the technology that his law saw come to fruition. griff: jane, walk me through, everyone knows he was a commander in d-day, interestingly never serving a day in combat, but had an impact on the course of history. what else do people maybe not know about eisenhower? >> well, i think whenever you say the pledge of allegiance, you say the phrase under god, and that was eisenhower because that was very purposeful.
9:37 am
who we were fighting in the cold war? the soviet union. they had the word republic in their name, u.s.s. r. he said we're a republic that celebrates freedom of religion, and the soviet union, you can't have freedom of religion, so that was really important to eisenhower and i think what is fascinating, his mother was a minnenite. she was a passivest against war and that never left him. he was conscious of using powerful, but carefully and very thoughtfully and not just willy nilly, it was a very careful -- i think that's why we have this gorgeous sculpture behind us, with the men. he knew what destructive power could could-- do. >> and we have that clip from the address he talks about keeping the future of democracy alive.
9:38 am
here, take a listen. >> as we peer into the society's future, we, you and i, and our government, must avoid the impulse to live only for today, for our own convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. we want democracy to survive for all generations to come not to become the insolvent of tomorrow. griff: just in the 30 seconds that we have left, he really did leave behind a legacy that endures today. >> he does and it's all around us at this memorial. you know, and he talked about democracy for the future. he didn't want any insinuation of discrimination based on race. that was something that he did and he integrated the military and he did things like that, so, i think that he really carried that in his heart, democracy for all, in his lifetime and moving forward.
9:39 am
griff: jane hampton cook, thank you, we have to leave it there. in five seconds, you did in part become a historian because of him? >> i did because i heard susan eisenhower speak at the executive office building when i worked there and she inspired me to write about mamie eisenhower and i learned about ike because of that and i like ice because of susan? thank you for being here and we'll talk to susan eisenhower a little later. thank you, jane. jacqui. jacqui: a cool look at history. and some olympians are stirring things up, sha'carri richardson, and use of marijuana. and to discuss it tony katz and radio host leslie marshall. thank you for being with us. >> sure. >> good morning. >> so people are scratching their heads on this, saying, okay, marijuana is certainly not a performance enhancing drug, so should it be lifted by
9:40 am
the world doping or anti-doping agency of substance abuse. you have attitudes and law changing in the u.s. and internationally. it's legal in oregon where richardson said she used it. i'll go to you first, leslie. >> yes, for every reason you just mentioned, quite frankly. marijuana is becoming a legal drug, whether for recreational use in some states in the united states, for medicinal or both. and we've seen that in other countries outside of united states. because it's not a performance enhancing drugs, i don't think she should be penalized for having used it. there are a lot of people right now using cbd and people say it doesn't have thc, but there are people out there that have medical conditions that do smoke marijuana or use it in edible or pill form or tea form to reduce anxiety or to reduce pain from an ailment they might have. so, i do think that this is
9:41 am
unfair because this is not a performance enhancing drug and this is not keeping with the times as the olympic committee rules set forth in the past. jacqui: some people called it a racist policy, i believe aoc had comments on that, basically saying the war on drugs has often targeted people of color. what are your thoughts? >> i try not to respond to things representative ocasio-cortez says and what she says on twitter. the things that has people scratching their head, she knew it could keep her banned from the olympics. why did she smoke marijuana. and you had clarence thomas talk about this the other day you've got these mandates, federal statutes, you've got opinions from the court. maybe this is something we have to re-look at based on what states are doing. the head scratcher, you knew it was a banned substance and did it anyway.
9:42 am
she had some personal tragedies in her life and nobody is telling her no on that. there are rules, we have a standard or standards are situational. if standards are situational, we have no standards at all. jacqui: i want to get to gwen barry after problematic tweets uncovered, decades old. she used a word to describe people with intellectual disabilities, and we no longer use, and referred to people, should we afford some grace here. >> i know that people don't like she turned her back on the american flag even though men and women died for decades, centuries for the freedom for somebody to burn the flag, turn their back on the flag not pledge their allegiance to the flag. at the end of the day, dan
9:43 am
crenshaw, she goes to the olympics and they're there to represent the united states. no, they're there to win medals for the united states and represent the united states and we should be cheering her on to win the medal, even if we don't like her tweet. jacqui: quick. >> of course they're representing the united states, an old tweets if we're going back in everyone's history for old tweets, no one is going to survive. what is the person she is now. the person she showed us turning her back, that's the part americans don't like. jacqui: tony katz and leslie marshall, thank you for being with us. >> take care. >> griff. >> when we come back, we'll talk to actor gary sinese and do it live from the eisenhower memorial. that's next. [ echoing ] some of us were born for this. to protect people. to help them save. with a home and auto bundle from progressive.
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9:48 am
traverse city, michigan. and he's talking about the battle on covid-19. we'll monitor his trip and bring you any news as it happens. >> many of the freedoms we enjoy today are thanks to the men and women of the military past and present. the gary sinese foundation is teaming up with bob evans farms this fourth of july weekend to support our military active beauty veterans. to tell us about it, and how they're partnering with the foundation. is gary sinese, happy fourth of july weekend to you. >> thanks, griff, good to be with you. actually i'm personally partnering with bob evans to
9:49 am
support the our farms salutes program. they've supported the gary sinese foundation in the past and uso and other military veterans and charities. so, wanted to support them in helping them to raise awareness for the campaign chain, our farm salutes. when you go to the grocery store if you look in your refrigerator section and look for the bob evans purple packaging and buy the products and help support the our farms salutes programs which support the men and women of our country. we've been happy in the past to have them team up with the gary sinese foundation. so i'm happy to support them in their work. griff: you know, gary, i want to show our viewers a picture just how important you are to the uso. back in november of 2003 i had the honor and pleasure of covering you, i was with ollie north and we were doing a special on the uso for war
9:50 am
stories and were you on that trip. now this is bob evans giving some 100,000 plus to support the uso. how important is this partnership? why do you still continue to do this for our troops? >> you know, griff, we can never do enough as far as i'm concerned for the men and women who defend our freedom and protect our cities, so i just try to do what i can. i use my public platform to do something. i try to show up and pat them on the back. i have vietnam veterans in my family, so it goes back to the veterans in my own family, especially the vietnam veterans who came home from war and were not treated very well when they did return, there weren't services provided to support them and i wanted to provide some services for the men and women who were deploying and who have served our country. so i team up with a lot of great organizations. one of the ways i wanted to get more done was by supporting a lot of military nonprofits, support companies that support
9:51 am
our military and that's one of the reasons i've supported bob evans in their work with the uso. >> well, our hat's off to you, gary, we have to leave it there and you also built more than 70 smart homes for our veterans. thank you. have a safe and happy fourth. more from the eisenhower memorial in washington. that's next.
9:52 am
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>> that is the plaque here at the memorial noting that dwight d. eisenhower was the supreme commander of the allied forces and led the d-day invasion more than 150,000 allied troops storming the beaches of normandy. had they failed, the course of history would have dramatically changed yet, thanks to his leadership, europe was liberated from nazi germany. if you don't get chills when you're here jacqui, i don't know how you get chills. it's a remarkable memorial. jacqui: it is and so important to express thanks to our men and women in uniform on a day celebrating our nation's independence. griff, this is our edition of
9:56 am
fox knauss live. and to see your friends and family after the pandemic, the sacrifice that people made and hard work from scientists, nurses, doctors, and to get us through this and all of the loss that we suffered during the pandemic, this just feels very good this year, griff. griff: it does, jacqui. and we have another hour, stay tuned. we'll be back from the eisenhower memorial, jacqui, on the rooftop here in washington. stay tuned. ybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo!
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♪♪ griff: a live look from the nation's capital as we kick off the holiday weekend at a memorial honoring one with of america's most consequential prime ministers. ministers -- presidents. i'm griff jenkins, this is "fox news live" from the eisenhower memorial. and i'm jacqui heinrich in washington. what a beautiful day it is to kick off fourth of july weekend. griff: it is the, indeed x. if as you were pointing out at the end of the last hour, so important that we are finally moving beyond the pandemic. and i've got a lot of tourists walking around this newest, one of the newest me morals here in washington. it was dedicated in just
10:01 am
september9 of last year. very new and honoring such a remarkable man for whom, had he not had successes like he did at normandy and as a president, might have changed the course of history. jackie: absolutely. griff: and we also have some news. a tense situation in massachusetts this morning after a group of heavily-armed men were arrested and taken into custody following a standoff with police that shut down part of i-95. lucas tomlinson has more on that story. >> reporter: hi, gruff. it wasn't a cookout, but a stakeout for the massachusetts state police this morning who arrested 11 is armed suspects after an hours-long standoff that closed i-95 outside boston in both directions on a busy july 4th holiday weekend. the i-95 has now reopened. a group of armed men were spotted by police in two cars that had pulled over in the breakdown lane of i-95 with their hazard lights on.
10:02 am
state police described what the first responding units saw when they arrived on scene. >> eleven armed individuals standing with long guns slung on an interstate highway at two in the morning certainly raises concerns. >> reporter: two men were quickly arrested, but others fled into the woods along with their rifles and body cameras. the shelter in place order has been lifted for the residents of wakefield, massachusetts, where the standoff took place. a special tactical operations team was called in to help end the standoff which yelled peacefully. the suspects yelled out, quote, they do not want to recognize the laws of our land. they are not anti-government, till not clear what motivated this group to arm themselves and make their way north. they claimed to be the heading to maine for, quote, training. police say they are still
10:03 am
combing the area. >> we're seeing if there were additional firearms dumped, dropped out there. so at the end of the day, we still have a significant amount of investigation to do. >> reporter: the men will be in court tuesday. they face firearms and other charges. the fbi is assisting in the investigation. griff? griff: lucas tomlinson with the latest and a reminder that while it may be a holiday weekend, law enforcement on the job. lucas, thank you. jackie: griff, thanks. officials are telling families they will begin demolishing the rest of the champlain tower south condo as early as tomorrow. this as the number of people killed in that collapse climbed to 24. matt finn is live in surfside, florida, for us. >> reporter: and initially officials were telling us it could take weeks to get the tower demolished, now golf desantis -- governor desantis telling us the tower could be demolished beginning as early as tomorrow.
10:04 am
it's a 12-story tower hovering directly over the search and rescue crew, so any effects from that tropical storm elsa were to hit, there could be another catastrophe. all the residents have been evacuated, they're not being allowed to go back in for any belongings, it's just too dangerous. officials tell us they are also using a camera to look for any pets that might be trapped. so far no animals have been found. 24 people now declared dead, 124 missing. we spoke one-on-one with one of the firefighters a assisting in the search and rescue, and he tells us rescuers are out there right now still systematically searching. big machines come this first, then humans with shovels and their hands. the maximum number of people who can safely be out there are out there right now. >> we know who's missing, we know whose loved one is in that rubble. we know how it happened. and hearing them beg us to,
10:05 am
please, find my children, find my grandchildren, find my mom, find my sister, find my daughter, i mean, it is just heart-wrenching to have to watch them go through these motional roller coasters that they're going through right now and just waiting. >> reporter: also the miami-dade mayor ordered an inspection of all buildings older than 40 years old. it resulted in at least one tower being evacuated, and as far as any heavy winds or rain here from tropical storm elsa, officials tell us they feel they're in the clear through about sunday night, beginning monday they could begin to feel the impacts, so right now it is a race against time in this search and rescue. jackie: wow. heart-wrenching to think about how that news impacts the families of everyone who has not been recovered from that rubble. matt finn, thank you. elsa now downgraded to a tropical storm as it approaches the dominican republic and haiti.
10:06 am
it could headache landfall in florida next week -- make landfall next week. adam klotz has your forecast. adam: yeah, it was once a hurricane, now back down to tropical storm status, currently spinning just south of the dominican republic, winds at 70 miles an hour. the track is going to run it over the island of cuba taking you into sunday and early monday morning. and as it makes that move and can eventually works itself up into portions of south florida late sunday, early monday morning. we're still going to have a little bit of an indecision on where exactly the storm will track because once with it hits the island, that's going to shift it a little bit. here's several tropical models, a all in pretty good agreement until we run into cuba, and then there's a wider area, but we are still targeting it very early monday morning when you're going to start to see impacts in south florida, and that's something we'll be a paying attention to. otherwise the weather across the country, hot in the middle of the country. that's been the story for a little while.
10:07 am
quite a bit cooler in portions of the midwest, also up into new england. a couple of areas, heavy rain down along the gulf coast, showers across portions of new england and some rain into the intermountains taking you out west. for your fourth of july holiday, a lot of heat piling up back in the center of the country and the western states. if you're enjoying cooler weather in the northeast, that is going to linger into tomorrow's forecast. jackie: adam klotz, thank you. griff? griff: on this special edition of "fox news live," we are honoring the lives and legacy of president eisenhower from the site of this new memorial dedicated to him, and we are honored to be joined by the author of the book "how i led the principles behind eisenhower's biggest decisions,"
10:08 am
susan eisenhower. she was founding director. super, it is such an honor to have -- susan, it is such an honor to have you today. first, i have had chills all morning long here, i had chills last week when i was interviewing mike ritters of the national park service because if it brings out the incredible accomplishments of your grandfather. what are your thoughts here at the memorial? >> well, it's such an honor to be able to be with you today and also to know that the american people are going to celebrate the fourth of july with a bit of ike in their lives. you know, there are two things about the memorial that really stand out for me. number one is the location. it's right across the street from the aerospace museum. of course, the u.s. entry into space was a big, was a big moment in the eisenhower administration. and then, of course, across the
10:09 am
way is also the johnson building which is department of education. ike, you know, played a very big role and helped, what is today health and human services. it was known as health, education and welfare back in those days. but lyndon johnson was the majority leader in congress, so they had a very deep and, actually, cooperative relationship. if i may add one more thing, the other thing i love about the memorial is ike with people. this wasn't all just about him. it was also about the people he led and the people who advised him. griff: and that's such a great point, susan. the two parts of the memorial that we've shown here, first general eisenhower and the great leadership he had in the normandy invasion. and then, of course, the president, 34th president of the united states, and his leadership. in your book, "how ike led," you talk about the principles behind
10:10 am
these major decisions. what stands out the most to you about those principles? >> well, first of all, he really believed in surrounding himself with people who had a range of views. and i think it's a very interesting thing from a leadership perspective because often we hope that our own thoughts are simply going to be the amplified by everybody else in your circlement ike fed -- circle. ing ike felt that in order to make a really sound decision that would be sustainable over time that it would be important to know all facets of the issue involved. and the only way he could really glean that was both through staff study and also bringing into his orbit many people of differing viewpoints. and that helped him understand the dimensions of the issue he was dealing with. i should say quickly that, of course, this willingness to get lots of pushback from people helped a lot during the war
10:11 am
because those decisions had to be made very quickly. in warfare there's no time for lengthy deliberations sometimes. so this was a very helpful thing that he learned from that experience. griff: that is such a good point. and just the last minute i've got with you, susan, it's a gorgeous day here. there's a lot of young kids here, teenagers and perhaps 8, 9-year-olds walking around with families. what did you want them to know most importantly about your grandfather? >> well, i think he was a leader who really worked hard for rising generations. finish i'm so proud of the fact that in his eight years after he entered the korean war that there were no combat -- ended the korean war that there were no casualties under his watch and he balanced the budget three times and came close on another two occasions. he was working for the long haul, and if he had young people
10:12 am
in mind. he wanted to leave the place better than he found it. griff: the book is "how ike led" by susan sizen hour. i would suggest -- susan eisenhower. it's a holiday weekend, go pick if it up. susan, thank you so much for taking time, and thank you for the contributions of your family and, certainly, of your grandfather here. thank you, susan. >> thank you so much. very much appreciated. jackie: thanks, griff. safety first, that's what officials are stressing as millions of americans cast off from shore to enjoy summertime boating this weekend. alex hogan is live on the hudson river with a beautiful shot behind her. ing alex, what do people need to know? >> reporter: hi. well, rain or shine, the coast guard will be are out here this weekend and waterways all across the country not only to patrol if, but make sure that people are having a fun, safe holiday. during the pandemic we saw more people get with on the water to social distance, and that had a
10:13 am
pretty big impact on sales across the country. sales for jet skis increased by 8%, speedboat sales jumped up by 20%, and sales of fishing and pontoon boats increased by 12%. as a result of that, however to, boating deaths across the country increased by 25%. >> in to 2020 there was 767 fatalities, so a 20% increase from 2019. over 100 of those, many of those influenced by alcohol. >> reporter: the coast guard is launching its new campaign called operation dry water x they're working with local and federal agencies to patrol some of these more dangerous waterways. now, 75% of boating deaths were drownings. 36% of people were -- 86 of people were not wearing life
10:14 am
jackets. another big problem that law enforcement hopes to avoid as we head into this weekend. >> boating safety is something that we really stress especially with the fourth of july weekend. the fourth of july celebration brings an increased amount of recreational traffic to the harbor, so it increases the number of possibilities of something happening. >> reporter: now, of course, this is such a great site. as you can see, so many tourists here at the statue of liberty. but as a result, we're seeing more accidents in this lawyer alone -- area alone because of this beautiful view of the statue of libertiment something to keep in mind as we head into the holiday weekend. the coast guard is hoping people will be able to enjoy the holiday and do it safely. jackie: all right. safety first, of course, but i till think you got the cool assignment of the weekend. enjoy your time on the water, alex hogan. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. griff: the surge of migrants coming across our southern
10:15 am
border showing no signs of showing down. we're live there next. ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate, ♪ ♪are you down, d-d-down, d-d-down, d-d-down♪ where we're driving down the cost of insurance. ♪ ♪ are you down, down♪ ♪d-down, down? are you♪ drivers who switched saved over $700. ♪ allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call for a lower rate today. you're in good hands. hi, verizon launched the first 5g network, and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g by giving every customer a new 5g phone, on us, aha! old customers. new customers. families. businesses. in-laws. law firms. every customer. new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. and if you're not a customer, we'll help cover the cost to switch. just ask wanda. she's been with us since...
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yes! hold on. get a powerful and secure connection you can count on. only with xfinity xfi. and see f9 only in theaters. ♪ ♪ ♪ griff: no sign of the surge of migrants slowing down. in the week i just spent in the
10:19 am
rgv, more than 2,000 apprehensions every single day. now we have bill melugin doing a great job down there. of he is on the border in texas on the ground in the hardest hit area of the entire border crisis. hey, bill. >> reporter: hey, griff, good afternoon to you. for the past several weeks now, we've been reporting life here in la joya, texas,9 and the reason for that is it's one of the busiest spots along the entire u.s./mexico border. watch as our fox drone goes just a little bit behind us right now, and we're going to show you what is the incomplete border wall here just about a half mile behind us. this was the border wall that president donald trump started building during his administration x then what you're going to see is that wall abruptly end in the middle of nowhere, basically, in an open field. that is as soon as joe biden took over as president, wall construction came to a
10:20 am
screeching halt. there's still even metal pillars showing just how quickly that construction stopped. and this is one of the spots where all those migrants are coming through every single day. they cross the rio grand, walk through the brush, and they're able to arrive right here in la joya, texas. take a look at this video from this morning, this is what happens ever day like clockwork. these migrants will come through and give themselves up near this ballpark and just present themselves to border patrol. these are the ones who are not trying to get away. as this family unit was being processed this morning, the border patrol radios were going off about runners elsewhere down the road, and it didn't appear that they were able to go capture those runners. take a look at this video that texas governor greg abbott posted to his twitter today. he says the federal government isn't stepping up. what you're looking at right now is drone video from del rio where he says that first barrier is starting the take place. they've identified private land
10:21 am
and private landowners who are willing to give up to put a barrier fence. what it looks like right now is just a chain-link fence. basically, they're going to put no trespassing signs on the fence for now, if anybody crosses, they're able to arrest them and charge them under texas law. tom homan earlier today said any barrier whatsoever will be a help. take a listen. >> if anybody would look at the data, every place they build a wall, barrier, illegal immigration drops and the illegal drug flow drops. it is clear. for those who argue, well, people can actually get with over the wall, the wall -- it's meant to slow people down. it slows them down, it's a smart wall. we know when people are climbing that wall, border patrol has time to respond and make an a arrest. >> reporter: and a reminder
10:22 am
it's not just these family units who are coming across the border. there are criminals mixed in as well. just on wednesday here this week, border patrol said just in a matter of hours they apprehended three sex offenders who all came across including a honduran national with a second-degree rape conviction out of the state of new york for a child under the age of 15, a sex offender out of the state of wisconsin and arkansas. all three of those men caught in this area on wednesday. they had all previously been deported and, apparently, all of them tried coming over again. thankfully, border agents able to catch all three of them. back to you. griff: bill, let me quickly ask you only because i think it's so important and you touched on this in your report a little bit about the fact you had the group of family units surrendering, but then youd had runners. try, if you can, explain what you and i have both seen, the situation that border patrol is in trying to handle both at the same time and just how difficult
10:23 am
that is when you have people evading being apprehended and those that want to be apprehended. >> reporter: yeah. so the smugglers and the cartels are smart, they know what they're doing. in the morning they'll send over those large groups of family units, sometimes 50-100. border patrol will arrive and start processing those families, the people not trying to get away. that sucks up their resources, so while they're processing all these families who are willing to give themselves up, the smugglers will send people elsewhere on the border, those are the runners who do not want to be caught. and border patrol cannot be everywhere at once. it's like playing a game of whack-a-mole. they'll process someone here, and they'll hear on the radio runners, runners, runners, and that's when we have what's known as the gotaways, the people who are able to get into the interior of the united states, and we have no way of knowing how many of them there are throughout this border crisis. griff: that's exactly right.
10:24 am
good report, bill, thank you v.. bill melugin for us in la joya, texas. one other thing for our viewers, i want to highlight when i was down there this past week, we exclusively spoke to an agent, jorge alvarado, who was doing the same work with the families surrender oring and then, of course, the people trying to get away. but then sometimes dangers happen. you see a migrant that nearly drowned. but for agent jorge alvarado, went in the water toes rescue this migrant. here is a little more of what he told the us as we look at the video shot from the helicopter. >> as the helicopter passes over, it's really quite shocking that maybe they're surveilling us. but the use of the helicopter the find these remote areas because a lot of people see that helicopter footage x they just think this was actually the rio grande river.
10:25 am
but this is actually a pond nearby, and there's a lot of these little water areas. makes this whole area pretty dangerous for migrants. >> yes, sir. there's a lot of, there's a lot of environmental challenges. it's real rough terrain that we work in, and like you mentioned, it's real difficult for the agents and people as well. >> reporter: jorge, thank you for your service. my last question to you, and this is a -- because i am a surfer, have you ever had any experience surfing in. >> a little bit when i was in san diego. i picked up a surfboard and learned basic skills there. >> reporter: help you at all, comfort in the water here? >> previous experience, being in the water definitely helped out a lot in that rescuement -- rescue. >> reporter: jorge alvarado, a hero. our hats' off to all the men and women of the border patrol, he is just one of many, in fact, in the rgv this year.
10:26 am
they've had over 650 rescues. jackie: the newly-released june jobs report is providing unexpected results as the economy recovers from the covid pandemic, and concerns over inflation are rising. mark meredith joins us live to break it all down for us. >> reporter: good afternoon. the june jobs report was something of a mixed bag where we saw the unemployment rate tick up ever so slightly, but more jobs were added than what economists were expecting. president biden, he started taking a victory lap at owl of this which shows the unemployment rate at 5.9% for the month of june and some 859,000 non-farm jobs added last month. so where were all these jobs? no surprise, they were in the leisure and hospitality industry where we've seen hotels sell out, restaurants packed, a lot of people going back to the office, business services picked up. jobs lost last month in construction. the president himself says the
10:27 am
vaccine rollout is providing a big boost to the nation's economy. >> this is historic progress. pulling our economy out of the worst crises in a hundred years. driven in part by our dramatic progress in vaccinating our nation and beating back the pandemic as well as other elements of the american rescue plan. >> reporter: still, the president is urging congress the a pass two massive, separate spending bills costing trillions and trillions of dollars. it is a tough sell given the concerns of inflation as well as the national debt. republicans say this latest jobs report is far from a slam dunk for president biden. >> wages, you know, are going up, but prices are are going up faster than that. we still have way too many people, workers on the sidelines. so there are an awful lot of troubling red flags in this report. i would not be taking a victory lap if i were them. >> reporter: the white house also drew a little bit of mockery over this tweet that came out, i believe on thursday
10:28 am
afternoon. fourth of july cookout in 2021 is down 16 cents from last year. the white house saying that the cookout is actually just a bit cheaper, but a lot of people online and twitter giving them a lot of heart ache over that 16 cents people will be saving. as for president biden, he's up in michigan today talking about the vaccine rollout. he's going to be back at the white house tomorrow where they're expecting to welcome thousands of service member ands their families to celebrate the fourth of july. jackie: there was some savage twitter chatter following that white house tweet, thank you. ing for more on the latest9 with the jobs report, macro trends advisers founding partner and visiting research fellow at university of san diego school of business, mitch roschelle. mitch, thank you for being with us. >> happy to be here, jack key. jackie: we just had the strongest jobs report in ten
10:29 am
months, the economy has recovered 70% of the jobs lost in march and april of 2020. could this rapid pace plus the rising inflation create an overheated economy? >> i think we, we're seeing an overheated economy. and, by the way, i was one of the people trolling the people on twitter about the barbecue. [laughter] there's a perfect example. the cost of propane has doubled, the cost of corn has doubled, the cost of chicken wings is up two and a half times. i think everyday americans this weekend are feeling the pinch of inflation. and the point that congressman brady made is a relevant one which is the inflation is eating up all the wage gains. it's great that hourly wageses grew 3.6%, but inflation is more than that. and we're in this vicious cycle of inflation which is driven by wages. in fact, the root cause of a lot of the inflation we're having is the tight labor market, the 9 plus million job openings out there more than the number of
10:30 am
unemployed. so we've got to get inflation under control quickly. jackie: yeah, and people are a starting to feel the in their wallets. some of the numbers here, all items 5%. food is up more than 2%, energy, 28.5. apparel, 5.if 6%. new vehicles, 3.3. so how do you expect people to alter their behavior? are they going to have businesses raising prices or wages to keep up, and does that create sort of a self-fulfilling cycle where people, their responses to this could make what could have been a temporary thing permanent? >> well, i think, the only fix for getting people to get off the couch and get back to work is -- once you get that wage increase, that drives up prices. the free market response is going to be the lack of consumption. people won't go out to eat as
10:31 am
often, won't buy things when the prices are too high. but if we continue to print money and we have too much money shopping around the economy as we have in some of these rescue bills, that is, in fact, inflationary. so the government can fix it with less money printing. jackie: all right. mitch roschelle, thank you so much for being with us. >> you bet. griff: -- famous photograph, general eisenhower with the troops on the moment of d-day. it was a moment that changed the arc of history. be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ karma-karma-karma- karma-karma chameleon ♪ ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ you come and go-o-o ♪ ♪ loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams ♪ ♪ red, gold -- ♪ [ tires screech ] [ crickets chirping ] for those who were born to ride there's progressive.
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up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at ♪ griff: as we prepare to mark 20 years since the 9/11 attacks, the tunnel to towers foundation is working to honor all those who were lost. for more on what they have plannedded, we're lucky to be joined by the chairman and ceo of the tunnel to towers
10:36 am
foundation, frank siller. he has been honoring for two decades his brother stephen siller, firefighter in new york who laid his life down. frank, thank you for taking time to join us. happy fourth of july weekend to you. tell us what you're doing to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11. >> well, we're doing a lot of things, and most importantly, we want the make sure we never forget. so i'm doing a walk called the never forget walk. i'll be start on august 1st from the pentagon. i'll be walking to shanksville, pennsylvania, where, of course, you know flight 93 where the famous line, let's roll, the saying, and then from there i'm going to be the walking in to new york city, to grown zero, arriving on the morning of september 11th, 2021. and i'll be walking through that tunnel like my brother ran through 20 years ago with 60 pounds on his back the go save people. he came out the the other side d the people and our tunnel to
10:37 am
tours foundation want to come out of the o side and help people -- other side and help people. and we're doing a hot more, but that is one thing. griff: wow. that's just amazing. that's some 500 miles. going to take you more than 40 days. let me ask you, frank, why are you doing it? >> because we have to make sure that people don't forget. what happened 20 years ago, they're not even really teaching what happened in schools. so many young kids weren't even married that day. i see a picture that you have of my brother and my other brothers, we were supposed to play golf on 9/11, and he decided, no, i'm not going to play golf, i'm going to run to the towers where he gave up his life. we have to tell the story of 9/11 to our children and our grandchildren and forever. and that's, this walk is a journey. it is to bring people together, it's to make sure that we shine a big light on what happened 20 years ago.
10:38 am
griff: and for 20 years, you've been helping a lot of families, veterans as well. tell us what you're doing this weekend. >> well, this weekend, you know, every 4th of july we honor our military. we just gave away a smart home. it happened in montana. he gave his body to his country. we do it for the most catastrophically-injured service members. in this weekend we're delivering 20 mortgage-free homes, 20, to the greatest of all americans. go to tunnel 2 and donate as little as $11 a month. hey, griff, if i had a million people to join us on on this mission, we could take care of ever military personnel that dies in the line of duty and leaves a family behind. we could take care of every catastrophically-injured service member, every first responder that dies in the line of duty for our freedom and safety that leave young children behind.
10:39 am
that's what $31 can do. -- 11 a month can do. please join us on this. this past year, 20 years, you know, 95 cents of every dollar, 95 cents of every dollar goes to our program. i don't get paid, my family doesn't get paid, and we're proud -- griff griff yep. well, frank siller, happy fourth of july weekend to you. thank you for all that you're doing and all you have done, and the most important message, we must never forget. frank siller, tunnel to towers, thank you, sir. >> thank you, gruff. jackie: a homeless man being violently attacked on the venice beach boardwalk at the homeless crisis in that area is growing. christina coleman joins us now with more on the story. >> reporter: the homeless crisis has gotten so bad at venice beach that some people are now calling it the second skid row. violence seen all too often. and yesterday's case several homeless people are seen in this viral video punching another homeless man repeatedly in the
10:40 am
head. now, this comes just days after l.a. city council voted to draft up new rules to keep people from sleeping and lying near schools, parks and libraries and storing their possessions in these places. critics don't believe the rule would be enforce thed or it would just lead to homeless people picking up and moving their tough to another location. not really solving this complicated problem. the measure still needs a final vote. fed-up residents say it's about time especially since it's not uncommon to see homeless people lying on the ground here to the restrooms at hoping parks full of kids, human feces on the sidewalk or piles of trash or stuff like an empty grocery cart or a kid's pool full of heaps of clothes in the middle of a busy intersection s. >> this should have been taken care of. it's taking way too long. and it's turning off, you know, it's hurting the economy down here, and people are afraid. >> reporter: afraid of the
10:41 am
surge in violence. just last week a homeless man was found do dead inside a tent along the beach boardwalk. officers say he suffered blunt force trauma to the head, possibly during a fight k. if as of the end of may, venice experienced a 13 if 2% increase -- 132% increase in assaults involving a homeless person as a suspect. there's als a whopping 1900% increase -- 1100% increase of homeless victim people being the victims of robbery, as you can imagine. last month l.a. county sheriff alex villanueva asked county leaders to declare a state of emergency to deal with the raging homeless crisis here. he calls it a national disgrace. jackie: wow. christina coleman, thank you so much. griff? griff: while many of us enjoy the sights and sounds of fireworks this weekend, many of our furry friends sum my don't. we'll have some tips from an
10:42 am
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♪♪ jackie: welcome back. while many of us enjoy colorful and loud are fireworks this weekend, it can be scary for some of our pets. according to amber alert -- pet amber alert, rather, around this time of year animal control sees a 30% spike in calls about lost pets. joining us with tips the keep your pet safe and calm is president of the american veterinary medical, so, dr. pratt. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. jackie: what can pet owners do to keep especially dogs comfortable during fireworks? pet parents will consider medicating, but are there alternatives? >> being prepared. if they don't have to be around the fireworks, if you don't need
10:47 am
to take them to the party, keep them at home. if there's fireworks around your area, take them to a quieter area, maybe turn the radio or television on so there's some background noise and they can break that up. i think the biggest point is you hit a great that statistic of ds getting nervous and running away. be prepared for that. are have an upto date photo of your pet, make sure they have tags with current information, and i recommend pets being microchip just in case they get away. they can get back to their families and their loved ones. jackie: are there any products on the market that you like that are effective? >> i think, you know, there's some of the clingy shirts or the tighter shirts that can make our pets feel a little bit more comfortable with that. there's also some calming collars, but the fireworks are only one portion of it, you know, everybody celebrating and having a good time. there's other risks for our pets with the grills going on and the
10:48 am
rich foods expect other things there. so i want people to enjoy the weekend, a little bit of common sense can keep our pets a lot happier and safer during this holiday season. jackie: so you have a dog yourself, if i'm correct here. how does your dog behave during fireworks, and what are some of the techniques that you've used, what kind of safe places does your dog like? >> we actually have three dogs, and they all react very differently. this one sitting down next to me, he gets very anxious. he went out far good, long run this morning with my wife when the temperatures were cooler. he's laying still the right now. that's what we do with those ones. he's in a room now that's quiet, be away from the fireworks, we're going to have the television on. our other two are fine. they'll be perfectly fine with it. tomorrow where we go and exercise the dogs, we're going to be careful that fireworks weren't lit off so there aren't any wrappers or sticks that the dogs may get into.
10:49 am
jackie: you mentioned you took one of your dogs for a run. is that something you would suggest, tucker them out earlier in the day so they might sleep a little bit easier? >> traditionally, tired pet pets are happier pets. we're getting into the hot part of the day where i live, so that wouldn't happen anymore. but we went out this morning before it really got warm and got them tuckered out. but i always recommend that. if there's things that may make them anxious, let's get them for a good walk, whatever they enjoy doing, and then they'll come back and be ready to relax for a little bit. jackie: all right. those are some great tips. hopefully, you can keep it enjoyable for everyone this holiday weekend. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. if you guys have any more questions, has a lot of great tips on the website. jackie: sounds great, thank you. >> thank you. terrorist griff from the eisenhower memorial to abby hornacek who will give us a look inside a plane that was used by president eisenhower called
10:50 am
ike's bird. that's next. ♪ ♪
10:51 am
♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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♪♪ jackie: mounting the steps the a huge boeing 747 may be the image most americans associate with the presidency and aviation, but
10:54 am
our fox nation host and our proud american reporter abby hornacek has the story of a much smaller and much more historic plane, ike's bird. hey, abby. >> reporter: hey. you said it exactly right. this is not the air force one plane we're used to seeing that weighs around 900,000 pounds, but instead it's an aerocommander that's closer to around 6,000 pounds. it still carried a president. nicknamed ike's burden, it belonged to president dwight d. eisenhower x it's the smallest plane to ever hold the call sign air force one. it's not decked off with those defensive systems and communications equipment our more current presidents have, but i am told it's still stable and safe. i asked the pilot why couldn't eisenhower use this type of plane. here's what he had to say. >> back in the '60s helicopters were not too reliable yet. so president eisenhower wanted a
10:55 am
plan he could fly down to his ranch in gettysburg. and he, he told his generals to, hey, find me a twin engine airplane that you can land on the grass strip that's reexpliebl safe. >> reporter: yeah, and the airplane as you see it today is the way it came off the factory assembly line all the way down to its color. and often times it had a unique pilot at the helm. president ooh eisenhower had his pilot's license, so often he would fly his own a air force one plane. he would typically have a colonel or safety pilot here, but what's also really neat about this plane is a lot of these instruments are still original. yeah, and ike's bird is stilling being put to good use. since it's easy to get in and out of, unlike some other old war birds, the owners of the plan offer free rides to veterans at no to them. jackie: wow. such a fun segment.
10:56 am
abby, thank you so much. much more high-flying action tomorrow, she takeses us inside the kansas city air show. so we will look a forward to that. and that does it for our proud american special. griff, this has been such a fun show, and i've been thinking about, you know, on this independencing day weekend we have so much to be grateful for, especially our men and if women in uniform who always defend our freedoms and liberties. but this july 4th weekend compared to last july 4th weekend, freedom to not wear a mask, to get together with friends and family if you've had a vaccine. so much sacrifice and hard work from teachers, participants home schooling -- parents home schooling their kids, griff. griff: that's right. and our thanks to the national park service for letting us be here. great show, we've got -- three blocks from here! choose better, be better.
10:57 am
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♪ alicia: rescue efforts take on new urgency at the collapsed condo site in florida as tropical storm elsa becomes a major concern for crews digging through rubble for survivors. hello, everyone, and welcome to "fox news live." i'm alicia acuna. >> and i'm anita vogel. a police standoff with armed men shuts down an interstate near boston this morning and ends with 11 arrests. the 9-hour standoff began early this morning when state police say they stopped to help two vehin


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