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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 2, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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all right, set your dvr and every night so you don't miss a episode. thank you to our wonderful studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. >> welcome to "fox news @ night" . i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, american companies targeted and another cyber attack. likely emanating from europe an russia. hundreds of businesses affected here in retail. also breaking tonight, rising crime.
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the police force picks up a victory in court. panelists weigh in on that. plus an elementary school in washington state that a -- and parents fighting back. we will tell you what happens next wednesday fight back. we begin again in south florida where another just miles from the site of the condo collapse has been order closing evacuate tonight for safety reasons. search and rescue continues in the rubble of the tower collapse . 22 people ahead with 126 still missing. we have the latest tonight from on the ground. good evening, matt. >> this evening, the miami dade mayor said she signed an emergency order to demolish the remaining part of the towers. it is just too dangerous. is going to take at least a few
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weeks and the engineers can safely bring it down. they are willing to demolish th power even if there are searchers in the rubble better ongoing. and today fox news talked to th father and brother of 26 -year-old the call. cheater husband just moved into the tower a few months ago. they were recently married. nicole's father and brother sai they have faith that they could divide the conditions and come out alive. she is my baby. >> i know every day that my faith in my hope have not diminished one bit. it's all there and -- >> a seven-year-old girl's body was found, her own father part of the search and rescue team. we spoke to rescuers who said
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progress is systematic and is happening 24 hours a day. the miami herald is now reporting that the association of owners of the towers is trying to get approval for much-needed repairs to their building, but him e-mails allegedly showed that they may not have been quick to respond. the miami herald says representatives for the condo association did not immediately respond to comments on the story . the condo association which is already under heavy fire with several lawsuits fired releasin a statement today saying independent receiver should be appointed to oversee all the legal claims, also writing that the collapse of the towers is a unspeakable tragedy in his devastated our community. our gratitude goes out to the b emergency rescue professionals. and tonight hurricane else that is in that clip -- caribbean sea not too far from
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the coast of florida. emergency officials say that they are in the clear through saturday or sunday. heavy rain and wins could hit portions of the search and rescue site. we will keep you updated. >> matt been from florida. thank you very much, matt. >> the biden boom following 850,000 solid -- jobs in do with the unemploymen rate picked up too. we're taking into the numbers i for a closer look, what does it mean? >> as you know touting economic numbers is standard practice here in washington. all white houses do a come especially when the news is good . it can be pretty effective messaging going into long holiday weekend and even -- that's not exactly how landed for the biden white house today.
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>> today the job news brother something else to celebrate. it was about as close to a victory lap as you will see. the white house touting new job numbers as proof that the economic plans are working for the american people. instead of workers competing with each other for jobs that are scarce, employers are competing with each other to attract workers. the last an economy grew at thi requisite 1984 and ronald reaga was telling us it's morning and america. welcome it's getting close to afternoon here. >> biden boom to clear jen psaki . the white house even use its official twitter account to tak claim that the tip goal the typical fourth of july meal wil be cheaper this year that i was last year, 16 cents cheaper. oh, boy. and just like that critics pounced.
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>> i will say that what we are most focused on is the fact tha we created now more than three main job since the president took office. >> maybe but the new jobs numbers, amid higher than expected unemployment and risin inflation. the unemployment rate, for example, actually been up to 5.9 %. after inflation, used cars, housing, transportation, clothing, food, are all more expensive now than they were back in 2020. worse, gas prices are also way up, hitting a seven-year high, just as millions of americans prepare to hit the road for the holiday weekend. economist also point out that jen psaki's celebratory tweet overlooks the fact that the adjustment and wage numbers for the month of june have yet to b released and when they are, at the decidedly less rosy picture could emerge. >> we will keep an eye on that. meanwhile imagine if president
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trump did this. today mister biden seem to pretty irked with press questions about the afghanistan brought down. at one point he said he didn't want to answer any more on the topic because of it was a holiday weekend. not going to answer any more. i want to talk about happy things, he said. biden also told reporters that he would answer all your negative questions, not negative , your legitimate questions. paralyzed and network with 200 us companies. information technology --
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the potential attack in a widel used tools used by professional to monitor and manage servers and desktops, network devices for corporate networks all across the us. and an update tonight on a stor that we first brought you on "fox news at night" earlier thi week. federal agents with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms have recovered a 500- pound lead from the backyard in los angeles. it blew off and in a huge explosion and a bomb squad was trying to dispose of illegal fireworks on wednesday. officials are continuing their investigation of the blast that slipped and damaged cars, shattered windows and injured 1 people, including nine police officers and a federal agent. >> making up for lost time, celebrating this fourth of july weekend.
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>> really they're not going to be able to go through the tac -- through the tsa. >> jonathan hunt is previewing big weekend of holiday travel. >> good evening, shannon. as we celebrate independence day , will also be celebrating the freedom to travel and mingle . by the near up quarantine and social distancing. 47 million of us protected to take to the air or the road. that is a return to 2219 levels and increase over last year. the messages are the same, expect long lines.
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>> definitely leave an hour earlier. we were literally the last ones. getting enough crewmembers to fly and service the planes. cast on the road with almost certainty. huge traffic expected and wrote to the beaches and lakes all over the country and drivers looking at a seven-year high. according to aaa, the cost of regular unleaded is $3.12 a gallon. in california, the average cost is 4.28. >> this is not a good situation.
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and some gas stations are running low on fuel, not becaus there's a shortage with because there aren't a truck drivers right now to get the gas delivered. after more than a year of pandemic restrictions, neither the price of gas nor the length of airport security lines seems to be deterring travelers. america's rally to celebrate. >> yes, it is, jonathan. thank you so much. maja wiley, one of the top thre candidates in the mayors race i filing a lawsuit of her road to preserve her break to potentially challenge for salt that the chaotic choice primary. we have all the details and the the search in the filing violen crime in the big apple. >> 1-2-3 democrats about file lawsuits in new york city mayor race opening up the possibility of an unprecedented recount by hand.
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progressive maja wiley wiley one . after garcia and athens. in early counting error was followed by a recount, which revealed a tight race. alex currently leading garcia with by fewer than 15,000 votes. while he was eliminated the las round with there are more than 126 -- that are still not been counted yet. as is standard procedure, my campaign preserves the right an which we believe it is necessary . meanwhile pressure has brazen acts of violence raging on. all surpassing totals from this time last year. the city joining other large metros bracing for more violenc heading intoiday weekend . in chicago a one month old baby was shot in the head and this
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mass shooting thursday. to the counsel holding a specia meeting today to address the bloodshed. >> chicago has gone from a city of neighborhoods to a city of war zones. >> pushing back in criticism that she's lost control. >> the chicago police departmen is going to take 12,000 crime guns off the streets alone, which will be doubled new york and la combine. >> back in the exiting people will see a big police presence on the fourth of july and that includes the bomb squad and k-9 unit and even metal detectors. >> thank you. >> legal victory for a group of minneapolis residents who sued the city saying that the city council and the mayor violated the municipal charter by failin to keep an adequate number of police officers on the job. the mayor acknowledges that the
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uptick we are seeing is because police officers are needed. the first would be true too. when the police force is adequately funded and staffed violence decreases. let's bring in the panel to discuss. the former -- and national spokesperson. great to have people back with us tonight, gentlemen. >> great to be with you. >> okay, so this is something that is the headline. stop blaming crime rates on defunding the police picked up the fear mongers are successful many americans will treat racia equity for a false sense of security and that very well may be their intention. stop scaring people. >> we are not scaring people. it's a fact. you'd make cities like minneapolis and others with hig crimes and murders less safe. when hasn't it your door and yo
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pick up the phone you have an expectation that police are going to be there to answer the call and calm and protect and serve. when you do not have police doing that and you defund them coming you leave communities of color vulnerable. this is fact. >> let's talk but the stats in new york, chicago, atlanta showing the crime that has been rising. these are numbers that are data and other numbers, look at how people feel that president bide is handling this. 30% of adults overall approval how he's handling crime. 48% disapprove it goes on to sa the numbers are of course favorable to democrats and unfavorable for work publicans but it's a problem for him as well. that doesn't mean for the president looking ahead to 2022. >> that's a good question. that is why you saw the white house so aggressively with the
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president and attorney general last week talk about addressing some of the root causes of this violence. it's her perfect in our cities and suburbs and urban areas pla out and it is tragic and the daily news were seeing with thi spike in shooting. part of it is coming out of the pandemic in part is the economi situation that we are in. of course there is other root causes. we know that heading into the summer months we see more violence on the streets. that's why you saw him so aggressively talking about, cracking down on ghost guns and these weapons are used for gang violence and actually putting forward concrete solutions to tackle the problem because it i a critical issue with a different republicans on this problem too. >> i've got to say i've heard people say that they want to se the gun laws in the box and tha am number prosecutors income loss or other issues are lettin people go without charges.
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they think that is an issue tha we've got to discuss. i want to discuss hunter biden as well. with some breaking news about these pictures that have surfaced. fox news reports that images from the laptop call into question joe biden the nile talking business with the son. it becomes a political albatros throughout his presidential campaign. he never discussed any overseas dealings with this son. he was also in the photo. harris. >> you just simply cannot trust anything that comes out of joe biden preston mouth, you will you have evidence before you it all the things coming out of hunter biden's laptop as proof of these things a counter everything that joe biden has been saying, the mainstream media, other networks refuse to cover it. joe biden is culpable for these things because there is actual evidence and proof on hunter's laptop. get the media doesn't want to cover it.
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think goodness we have fox news in and the show in particular highlighting these things. they cannot trust and the peopl they put an office. they do not have with joe biden and go back to the last election , you so many people said if they had known about hunter biden's dealings overseas , they would not have voted for joe biden. this is a major issue for his accountability and credibility. >> the issue but the media covering it. if these e-mails are false, that's a major story. if they're true, this is a majo scandal, presumably will result in not run for the nearest ice cream shop for coverage on the kirk frozen delight of the president. quickly, does the president all us some answers? the american people quick. >> i think anything coming from rudy giuliani's attorney, to be very clear -- i question anything coming out of that this bird rudy giuliani.
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it was the number one topic by president trump is on 2020 and joe biden got elected 8 million more votes than donald trump having adjudicated hunter all throughout the fall primary -- fall general campaign, for example. >> a lot was factual and maybe folks might've known that earlier. i don't know that he is disbarred. we will check on that. >> suspended, you are bright. you are right. >> kevin and paris, have a grea weekend both. >> happy independence day, shannon. >> things are going down at the walmart in wisconsin and an unwanted visitor.
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today president's viral videos is next. today's viral videos is next.
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this good boy has a special talent. check out this puppet walking o his site legs. two of his legs were brought over by a car, but that didn't stop him. check them out. he now turns his head wherever he goes. he's become a viral sensation with millions of foul is on social media. is fresh. things going down at a walmart in wisconsin, dedicated employe tackling a deer after it wandered into the store. sadly the creature is waiting for workers open the back door of the store.
9:26 pm
nobody including the deer was hurt. another visitor night, woman opening a filing cabinet to a terrifying surprise, a snake. she meekly slammed the door shot . pretty common in australia. check out the very long -- of watch this whole video going to have nightmares. they finally pull them out of the drawer. i don't want to think about any of that tonight. if you have any crazy animal encounters, you know we love them. whatever you do, did not have bad dreams. best of luck. >> the supreme court making headlines for case that will no here. it stems from the legal fight centered around washington stat who found a violation of state law because she declined to do the flowers for a same-sex ceremony for a long time customer. i asked about the decision
9:27 pm
earlier tonight. >> the government needs to understand that this has been part of her constitutional right . i can't drop that off at the steps of the church. >> there disappointed that only justices thomas, alito, and -- it takes four votes. that the court will take anothe case on that front. it stems from eight wishing program. that bars public money from being used in religious schools. the case of be on the docket fo the fall term and we will delve into two hot button issues, school choice and religious freedom. that could change if a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers gets flagged. chad shows us the fight to get arguments before the high court
9:28 pm
on today's tv screen near you. >> shannon, the supreme court i a secretive institution. only a few hundred feet for visitors, no cameras inside. would justices and of the decisions, though worlds words about the ruling in a very old-school way. the washington bridge will dub the running up the interns as breathless careers get the decisions outside the building. it's possible they could conver it into a tv studio. >> for the first time the senat panel voted to televise high court proceedings. >> i've been years trying to ge it done. the time it's arrive. i do believe that better understanding of all the three branches of government is very, very important and the only one that people know least about is the judicial branch. >> in an op-ed grass they
9:29 pm
brought the televising the tria of convicting -- bit easier for people to grasp the verdict with the plan has its opponents. >> all of us are concerned abou the supreme court, in particular , being overly politicized. givers of the supreme court -- >> cameras trouble supreme cour justices. >> what about the lawyers, do they ever perform for the cameras, do you think? >> of course they do. what happens is you have this frenzy of the press. attorneys love it. >> trial lawyers are by nature actors. i've been a trial lawyer. is a form of acting, in some way . and the trial is a form of play inevitably, but the camera doesn't make it more so. i think it is simply for the
9:30 pm
public. >> supreme court observers say there's one big concerns with televising proceedings of the high court. >> the grandstanding it would have come at this sort of my cousin vinny said -- mile. and have sanctions. passion of the bill stoked optimism that they could approv the plan. to the campus of the supreme court could bring the institution into the 20th century with not perhaps yet th 21st. >> all right, thank you so much. now time to bring back kevin fo this. we talked about this a little earlier, july for this usually big thing for blockbusters. there are predictions for a strong weekend at the box office . new films, boss baby 2. but nothing like three covid times just yet. so is anything out that will ge you back in the theater? i'm most the going for the
9:31 pm
snacks. >> i'm an enormous film fan. the matter what i have amc has the special deal worth you pay money because you're such a frequent filmgoer, so i love it. going back many years, isa limited neighborhood in denver and i would go see movies on my days off and i would go see movies every monday and tuesday sometimes two weeks straight. here's the truth, i think with streaming services right now, that is the real rub because if i can get a film, hbo max at this d+, and the going to spend the extra minute to go to a theater. i would but i don't think it's many people would probably be doing that. >> for me it's all about the -- we cannot get those. a lot of the storm have it. they are old-school snacks, but i thought the film like what reads will carry it. i fill of this snacks that woul
9:32 pm
be like i was at the movie theater. one thing that keeps getting prop's top gun to back. that that that was big when i was in high school. they keep delaying and delaying it. now i'm told is going to be november but that is one that i would go see. see what is going on with boos. >> maybe we will go to dinner and make a plan. >> deal. >> see you in just a little bit. >> all right. >> and elementary school some books on publisher wouldn't recommend for that age. and the. said she was a political before. now a sleeping giant. first, we are monitoring the outset tonight. the first hurricane of the season. the storm over barbados tonight. search and reps rescue efforts are still up the collapse conduit it could be there by tuesday. tection, more sun, more joy.
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first up, disney world is changing its iconic firework show changing ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to dreamers of all ages. facebook asking for some in his becoming an extremist and black and two others if they've been -- offering links to get support, saying the notices are larger effort to prevent radicalization . and document show public school in the urban area. upwards of $34,000 for equity leadership coaching and related services last year. the training encouraged addressing once whiteness and understanding that braces concepts have permeated institutions, contrasting
9:39 pm
individual individualism with collectivism, freedom of information act requests period after promoting a transgender book featuring top surgery to its young students. the elementary step set it was pride display month is at the library that feature the title felix ever after a 17-year-old black weird transgender teen ha her to have removed. the publisher to start recommen the book for readers under 14. the school has removed it from the display. print. that the show box radio host jason's reporting on the story. let's start with that story. >> thank you. happy fourth. >> we're about to have a lot of independents and celebrating. these parents want some transparency from the school about it but they thought was way too advanced for elementary
9:40 pm
school kids. >> very clearly it was too advanced for these kids are maturing this kind of content i front of 5-11 -year-olds goes way too far and in this case actually it wasn't parents who originally complained, it was staff members who complained saying that this principle in particular is going way too far and what he was promoting for the month, and included talking about polyamory and asexuality, all these things that to an elementary kid. if you want to talk to a 16-17 euro kid that i suppose you can have these conversations with most valleys were saying, okay, no. you're going to let us have these conversations when we are pretty to have them with her kids and not have exposed to them at school. >> okay. so that book is out. let's talk about this. the super denver public construction out there washington state, you can
9:41 pm
correct me on the name if that' not right. critical praise there is not being taught in washington schools. he says we talk about the civil rights movement we talk about the causes of the civil war, we talk about the experiences of black america or white american in comprehensive history with i is not critical race theory. he dug into this as well. >> it is critical race theory. here is what he is doing. so many parents have momentum o their side pushing back. they are now we framing the conversation. he% to fit in this interview when he said, no, we are not teaching it as we are not teaching crt 101, they are not doing a course on the history o crt and how it would change crt. no one is arguing that. the only way you could argue that crt isn't getting in the classroom is completely, completely change what the parents of the kids are actuall saying. in the case of washington state comedic a classroom after classroom after classroom and
9:42 pm
it's not just in seattle where you kind of expected. they are brimming the conversation using the principles of critical race theory, so what they're talking about history and talking about the civil rights movement, they're talking about it with a fact-based approach to white supremacy being embedded in all of our institutions. i had a storage is three weeks ago with a classroom with got our hands on some video of the remote learning and the teacher literally tells their eighth grade class that you are learning these concepts of oppressor versus oppression see and dismantle systems of white history. that is that history or civil rights. this was a science class. so this was a mistake and i think was an activist redick sh right now to completely try to take back this argument. >> as we've been talking about, a lot of issues seems like they are playing semantics and talking past each other with th words. i think that what you're talkin
9:43 pm
about is the essence of the conversation and a lot of peopl are finding out about that, including this mother in loudou county in suburban dc. she's fighting for open schools and intellectual freedom of the classroom. she says school districts reall shot themselves in the public keeping schools close as long a they did because they they've awakened a sleeping giant and parents in a much more aware of what's going on in public schools. she said she's not politically were showing up to fight to get the schools open she started hearing about the crt and everything else and now she say a lot more parents are aware of what is going on. your comments on that case. >> that was one of the only upsides to the remote learning situation where parents were able to overhear some of the courses being taught in the living room another kids laptop and say what are we teaching. we would've never understood this and the good news is not a the end they know it's happening , they know what types of questions they can ask their kids what they come home from school before they go back into the classroom. >> i think a lot of parents are
9:44 pm
talking -- finding a lot of freedom of information act request to getting information that is trickling down to the rest of u we can talk about what the kids are learning in the classroom. i think every. has a right to that information. you did dig up interesting stuff . come back again soon. have a great weekend. >> you as well. >> a gold medal caliber olympia suspended for pot. can she appeal. our legal eagles are on the cas next. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations all have one goal — to make you smile, today. start now. call 1-800-aspendental or book online at
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american sprinter sha'carrie richardson is apologizing for a positive marijuana test pitch got a 30 day suspension which means that she will likely miss the 100 sprint for the olympics which she was expected to be a gold medal contender. a cannabis suspension in 2021 i a legal. let's talk about it with kelly and sarah. great to have both of you with us tonight. >> happy friday. >> so speaking to usa today, he has the us anti- doping agency ceo. he set the world anti- doping agency says the world rules for all of us, which of us includin
9:50 pm
the united states has to follow whether we'd like it or not. even in cases like this woman might take a different approach. the she have any other options at this point? >> it's going to be interesting to see what happens because i think we're going to have to take a different approach in general and i think the olympic are going to take a different approach and even the world around us. there's three considerations that are made when they made this decision to defend her and that is whether it was a risk t her help and this is an enter endurance truck and whether or not this will violate the spotlight of the overall book o the olympics. when you click the first view, athletes take marijuana because this is for anxiety and muscle briefly, pain relief. that's really close to what aspirin does. when you're talking about the way in which we view the olympics, we have to shift our
9:51 pm
mindset when we talk about marijuana because there are 18 states where this is legalized. there's also a disposition that is adjusting internationally towards this and finally i thin we're going to have to look at this very closely, just why we get with caffeine and 2004. >> so, kelly, she said that she is not trying to make an excuse. she was struggling with the depth of her biological mother, which happened shortly before. she inspired many others going out there and having these incredible trial braces. the fact is it is a banned substance and she knew she woul be tested, so why should she ge a pass. >> well, she's only human and she made a mistake and she is taking accountability for her actions. she said i made a mistake and i'm going to do better by that. but we have to think about the fact a lot of people are scratching their heads thinking smoking pot is legal in my stat but a lot of states whether it
9:52 pm
is for recreational use or for medical use them at been wise i considered a banned substance i some sports people can use marijuana and it is not banned. so i think we put it did to think about this going forward, should it be a banned substance are not and should be let athletes get a pass. >> it is for now at least with the olympic races and events. there's a letter out tonight to members of congress, writing to these two organizations and sin this. this punishment is not supporte by any scientific evidence. the ban on marijuana is an unnecessary burden on civil liberties. is there any chance that if the change the rules at this point, they may down the road and mayb this case will influence that but before the olympics it doesn't seem like there is a great argument for getting out of this.
9:53 pm
>> again, i think that there is a point to be made that there i a shift in the you around marijuana. we seated in the nba, mlb, nfl. they're looking at this from a benefit with the way that its therapeutic for athletes and their ultimate testing them anymore. so i think olympics are going t get a lot of pressure here you're going to see a shift eventually. >> a quick final word to you, kelly. >> it's possible that the rule is going to change but i don't bigots going to happen for the tokyo olympics and unfortunatel the us is going to lose a great person because of the competing but hopefully in the future she's young and 21 a will compete again. >> my understanding is might be up to do it at a group event an a little bit later, we will track it. kelly and sarah, thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> thank you. you too.
9:54 pm
>> check out this house in new jersey all decked out for independence day. it is asleep to america's 12,00 light display and distinct to music. spectators are tuned into our local radio to listen. they can focus on promoting patriotism because their son is joining the army this year with this me inspiration for the show . i'm a big and up christmas and all the lights on display. so why not another display. maybe this could be a trend we can start of the there are independence day displays. >> i'm a neighbor of that family :were to try to get involved and say, okay, you get a little bit this year i'm goin to compete with you next year. let's take you to the ice for this good news. retired colonel ty edwards had grim prognosis of with a jury would ever walk again after
9:55 pm
being wounded in 2008. wednesday the 20 year marine veteran did just that, 17,000 tampa bay lightning fans at the stanley cup finals game salutin him and we say salute as well. co lightning and go colonel. we appreciate you. >> thank you for your surface, serve. >> thank you so much but have a great weekend. we will see you back here next week. ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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you can preorder it right now if you want. some great stories in there. i'll see you guys. ♪ ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." in one of her first official acts as vice president back in february, kamala harris decided to declare what she called a national emergency. o and right away that seems strange. normally it's the president's job to declare national emergencies. the vice president's job is to oversee "vice." just kidding. we're not sure with the vice president's job is, but it is certainly not that. but kamala harris did it anywayy in


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