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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 2, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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flagged dexter to me a couple of years ago. and said do "one more thing" about dexter. >> that would have been a great celebrity sighting. >> i don't want to know who you are going to say that was. >> "gutfeld!" tonight 11 p.m. that does it for us. >> happy 4th! >> ♪ ♪ >> welcome to washington. i am shannon bream in for bret baier. breaking tonight gas prices are surging and inflation fears are worsening. there is mixed news on the employment present. the economy produces more jobs but the jobless rate creeps up. we have peter doocy at the white house. we begin with william in los angeles tonight with soaring gasoline prices. >> no matter where you shop.
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we are paying more. coming off an artificial covid low. the national price is only a quarter higher than the 10 year average. perception is reality and the bad news is it will get worse. >> this is ridiculous! i can't believe this. over $100 to fill my tank. >> gas prices reach a 7 year high and 48 million americans hit the road this weekend. >> the prices are too high as it is. it's not a good situation. >> the national average: $3.12. a dollar higher than a year ago. lowest in louisiana at $2.75. in los angeles they play $4.79 for regular. supply is not an issue. in some cities there is no gas.
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why? a shortage of truck drivers. >> what is going on is not a gas shortage. there is plenty of gas this summer. refineries are churning out record amounts of gasoline. the problem is getting it from the terminal to the station. >> hauling 10,000 gallons of fuel requires certification and training. during covid many driving schools shut down leaving a shortage of tanker drivers. >> in denver i have seen this often. >> supply is not driving the price. the demand is. the u.s. economy is red hot. inflation in may 5%, the highest in 13 years. >> everything is going up. >> over the last year used cars and trucks up 29.7%. clothing and transportation and food and housing all more expensive. >> i don't understand why do we have these prices going high?
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>> i am told we don't worry. we have enough for this weekend and beyond. as the worldwide economies recover, there is pressure on oil drillers and many see crude prices going higher. that could be pose a political problem for president biden is prices reach $4 a gallon nationally. >> shannon: thank you very much. it was a big day on wall street with record closes for all 3 major indexes. the dow gained a percentage point and the s&p 500 and nasdaq was up too. president biden is focussing on the positive but there is more to the story. peter doocy looks at the facts and figures only. >> gad evangelical. -- good evening.
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the jobs number beat expectations. experts say it's just one set of numbers, the president is ready to call his economic plan a historic success. >> the last time the economy grew at this rate was 1984 and reagan said it was morning in america. >> 9.3 million job openings remain. a record. >> there is nobody coming in for a job. we are in need from a bus person, dishwasher. prep people. a cook. pizza guy. snow -- no one comes in for work. >> that's okay for now according to the labor secretary. >> this shows that president biden's economic plan is
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working. >> a republican congressman warns that president biden is falling short of the projections for his job plan. workers on the sidelines and wages are going up and prices are going up faster. the president said this is post-pandemic progress. >> put simply, our economy is on the move. we have covid-19 on the run. >> the white house's vaccination goal 70% of adults by this weekend will be missed but celebrations are okay. >> back yard barbecues. >> the cost of barbecue is down 16 cents. >> if you don't like hot dogs you may not care in the reduction of cost. >> [overlapping talking]. >> i will stay what we are most focussed on is the fact we
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created now more than 3 million jobs since the president took office. >> regarding the economy, the white house thinks they are on a roll. on the subject of hot dogs there, my line of questioning was not a grilling. i was just trying to be frank. >> shannon: you did not. maybe we can pool our 32 cents together and you could have a couple of bites of hot dog. peter, what are we other thanking about joe biden meeting with hunter biden's business partners back when he was vice-president? >> we have a picture of a 2015 email. when you look at the time stamps on there, there was pulled off the left behind laptop. it shows hunter biden trying to arrange a coffee meeting at the naval observe attory where the
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vice-president lived. it shows the vice-president and several other hunter biden associates. this could challenge the white house's assertion that said the same thing for two full years. they insist he has never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings. >> shannon: thank you very much. the death toll at the condos collapse in florida has risen to 22. two more bodies were found today. some listed as missing turned up safe. that leaves 126 unaccounted for. tonight some of the horror experienced by the victims and the responders. >> [shouting]. >> new cellphone video taken in the minutes after half of the condos pancaked shows the chaos
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and confusion and the concrete dust cloud that was like 9-11. when work resumed thursday night a devastating find of a 7-year-old girl and daughter of a miami firefighter who was on the scene. police officers formed a line as her body was carried out on a gurney. >> last night was uniquely different and more difficult for our first responders. these men and women are paying an enormous human toll every day. >> officials this morning confirming the new death toll stands at 20 and on day 9 that number is expected to rise. >> oh, my god! >> that's a resident homosexuality after the collapse. a resident of the tower.
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anticipating there will be more many lawsuits they want an independent receiver to be appointed. the board said our hearts ache for those lost and their families. they have our deepest condolences. one member of the condo board is one of the still unaccounted. the reason the number of misses plummeted by 17 is that officials are realizing now some of the missing were reported missing multiple times. the current number is 126. we learned moments ago two more bodies were pulled out of the rubble today.
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the death toll total is 22. churning out in the caribbean is a category 1 hurricane elsa with 85 miles per hour winds and south florida is in the target zone. if it comes close that could stop the search operation again for days at an even more critical time. >> shannon: yes, they are heroes working around-the-clock. the pentagon said the final u.s. troops left bagram airlifted in afghanistan. they are transferring command authority over the mission in afghanistan from general miller to general mckenzie later this month. president biden is confident that leaders in that country can sustain the government. as u.s. troops complete their withdrawal. the president said u.s. forces will provide only limited assistance. >> we have worked out an added
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capacity but the afghans have to do it themselves. >> shannon: the president is concerned that the afghan government has to deal with internal issues to generate nationwide support. president biden approved more than 2 dozen recommendations for changes in the way the military handles sexual assault. the president is stopping short of backing a congressional effort to strip commanders of oversight of all major crimes. there are increasing concerns about tonight about the threat posed by china. their president is threatening broken heads and bloodshed to any nation that tries to bully his. american officials call on beijing to negotiate over the rapid build-up of nuclear forces. here is rich. >> a celebration of a century.
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100 years of the chinese communist party. complete with a show of force and a warning. >> the chinese people will absolutely not allow any foreign force to bully or enslave us. anyone who attempts to do so will ends up with a broken head. >> we are aware of president xi's remarks. we won't comment on the specifics. >> the united states under the trump administration and now biden administration condemned china for its crackdown in hong kong and stone walling an investigation into the origins of the pandemic. in congress division over how to deal with china. democrats and republicans are arguing over a massive china balance bill designed to boost
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american economic competitiveness and give the administration funding and authority. republicans say the democrats version these much stronger language on taiwan and export controls. there are disagreements on comment change. -- climate change. democrats say this bill give the president the to address both issues. >> we have a more imminent threat with the rise of the economic and national security threat. >> we need to do both. i want to make sure he is able to lead. on climate and human rights. >> congress has much more ahead on this issue. the house foreign affairs committee reassumes in a few weeks. the senate passed a different china bill last month. >> shannon: rich, thanks.
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪
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♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ >> shannon: breaking tonight the supreme court won't take up the
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case of a florist who refused to provide services for a same sex wedding for a long time customer. it leaves in place a decision that she broke state laws. she joins us tonight with an attorney. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> i want to start with this. this is how the daily beast is reporting this. the supreme court says sorry, you can't turn the guys away. -- gays away. this is a long-time customer and friend of yours who you had served. why did you feel you could do not his ceremony? >> i have waited on him for 10 years. it was the fact that my faith teaches me marri between a man and a woman when we come back he came in to ask about his
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wedding, that's something i could not do. >> shannon: that launched this year long debate in the legal system. you have to get 4 votes to get on the calendar. you got 3 of the justices who said they would have taken on this case. you didn't get the 4th vote. something from the senior counsel who said this. the constitutional protections for religious freedom and free speech were never intended for weapons for those serving the general public. this case is over. where do you go from here? >> shannon, there are a number of cases that continue in the system that stand for the principal that no american should be forced to create art or participate in ceremonies that violate their convictions.
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this denial paves the way for washington state and the aclu to ruin her. it doesn't set binding precedent. the question to the supreme court is again to affirm the basic principle. no matter what side of the marriage debate we are. >> shannon: you have employed and served people ever all backgrounds. what happens to your business now? >> well, our business is still here. we can't do weddings which is a financial burden. but our doors are still open. >> shannon: what do you hope to see in the future with possibly another case that may find its way to the supreme court for the decision on the martits. a -- merits. a lot of people feel this area is unresolved. they won't hear your case and
3:21 pm
the case baker. what do you hope to see? >> [overlapping talking]. >> i'm sorry. >> i didn't hear that. >> shannon: what do you hope to see moving forward? it's not your case but another case on this issue of the clash between lbgtq rights and religious freedom? >> i hope the supreme court realizes how important this is to each of us. what the government needs to understand that they faith is part of our constitutional rights. i can't drop that off at the steps of the church. >> shannon: i talked to folks today who said sometimes the justices don't take cases that are the best vehicle to decide these questions.
3:22 pm
do you think that played a factor in this case? is there one better out there? >> it's hard to speculate why they didn't take this case. this is a case we won in the 8th circuit that involves another graphic designer and film makers. but i do think it begs the question of how many years people like jack will have to litigate for their freedom for the court and the nation to stop activists from using the law, misusing the law as an arm of cancel culture. >> shannon: thanks for your time. the boy scouts of america reached an $850-million dollars
3:23 pm
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>> ♪ ♪ >> shannon: president biden is
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calling for bipartisan action on a pathway to citizenship for migrants. the president wants citizenship for immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children and for farm workers. bill is in texas. hello, bill. >> shannon, good afternoon. fox news has been reporting live right here in texas. the reason is this spot right here is one of the busiest of the spots along the u.s.-mexico border. look at what we got going on behind us. 35 minutes ago this group of 30 hi grants illegally walked into the united states before giving themselves up to border patrol. this happens every part of the
3:28 pm
day and often happens by the hundreds. part of the reason this is happening here. if we go live to the fox drone, a mile away from us this is the incomplete border wall. it ends in the middle of a field. as soon as president biden took over construction of that wall came on a screeching halt. you can see some of the sheet metal in the open field baking in the texas sun. these migrants can come through here. there is growing frustration with the local texas sheriffs who are suing the biden administration saying he is not upholding federal law and not allowing i.c.e. to deport criminal illegal immigrants. they said i.c.e. is only making 1 arrest every 2 months since he took office as president. the sheriff upset with what is
3:29 pm
going on. >> we notified i.c.e. and they said he doesn't meet our criteria. let him go. that doesn't sit well with me or anybody in our country. somebody has to be held responsible. the biden administration is not doing their job. >> there are growing security concerns with the border crisis. the folks coming over are not just always family units who give themselves up. sometimes there are criminal mixed. in the border patrol arrested 3 sex offenders and one man with a second degree rape conviction on someone under the age of 15.
3:30 pm
all 3 were deported and trying to come back. >> shannon: it's going to be a dangerous and deadly 4th of july in chicago. that's the epicenter of america's crime crisis. mike tobin shows us tonight from chicago. >> where the endless cycle of windeta is in coming. a little girl paid the price. she was shot in the head. a drive by resulted in a 9-year-old shot in the head. the shooter also got away. 30 additional people were shot thursday night. >> they don't see a strategy. of our police officers are overworked. 15 to 17 hours shifts weeks at a time and not being able to arrest people or chase people.
3:31 pm
>> the chicago mayor blames everything from gun laws and purchases of weapons out of state. >> for too long in this country, we don't take seriously the flood of illegal firearms coming into cities like chicago. >> to the pandemic closes outs leaving violent criminals out on bail. >> our criminal courts were shut down for 15 months. they need to reopen. please, open up the criminal courts. >> the chief judges office said the mayor is wrong. 128,000 cases have moved through cook county which included 13,000 guilty pleas and 1,000 bench trials and since march 25 jury trials. there is a backlog, judge evans says the court is open and resolving these matters. at an emergency hearing in city hall the police superintendent
3:32 pm
blamed the courts. >> too little consequences in the courts. there is an explosion of violent offenders being released back into our communities. >> the mayor told chicago public television 99% of the criticism she faces is because she is a black woman and not her job performance. >> shannon: thanks, mike. up next who is considered the greatest u.s. president ever? and what and what about the most recent leaders. first what our fox affiliates across are covering. salt lake city the lake is closest to reaching its lowest water level in history. the report shows 98% of utah is
3:33 pm
conditions and kansas city, missouri, the mayor jumped from an airplane to commemorate the reopening of the truman library and museum. it is reopening after a 2 year and $29 million rennovation. we'll be right back. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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3:38 pm
ranking of presidential leadership. former president obama joined the top 10 now. former president trump is 41st. reaction tonight from historian and author douglas. talk about how this is structured. it's every 4 years. who does this poll? who makes the choices? >> they puts together a group this year. we troll for 150 top historians. they fill out the evaluation. it's broken down into a left categories. it's not just a ranking. it's non-scientific. it's ment to be fun. you have public persuasion and foreign policy and on race and women's rights and military leadership. they are all broken down.
3:39 pm
we add them up and get the list. lincoln is always number 1. >> bret: the top 10 list. listenon number 1. washington, fdr. roosevelt. eisenhower and you said lincoln number 1. he has been and also the favorite president of presidents. talk about why listenon -- lincoln gets that honor. >> his writings and his inaugurals and the emanipation proclamation and our civil war. a country divided in two and lincoln pulled us together. his funeral was so dramatic. whether you are barack obama you said lincoln is my favorite president and george w. bush
3:40 pm
lincoln is your favorite president. he is in a category all to himself. washington of all of the reasons we knowledge. -- know. there is criticism of save owners and washington is number 2. >> bret: the biggest gain from the last time that this was taken. there is grant. plus 13. george w. bush moving up 7 points. eisenhower up 4 spots and coolidge 3. grant made a big move. >> i know you like grant. that's good news for you. you have a great book coming out soon i can't wait to get released. grant is getting better because people were talking about him
3:41 pm
more. there was a taint of corruption on his administration but we see what an incredible job he did trying to heal the nation after the civil war. this rise in presidential esteem is noticeable. and george w. bush. i was surprised that he moved up as much as he i thought there would still be the lingering effects of the iraq war and the great recession. but george w. bush is a beloved ex-president. scores high on people trusting him and believing in his morale art of persuasion. i think he helped himself. his books on immigrants and wounded warriors. not full of himself and a great sense of humor. 2-term presidency you have more to analyze than with one term. if i was bush 43 i would be happy with this rise in the
3:42 pm
polls. >> bret: it's interesting. these are historians making judgments. it's fun and we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> bret: shannon, back to you. >> shannon: that's sure to spark dinnertime conversation. up next the lightning round. we will talk about the economy and the supreme court decision and winners and losers. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪welcome back to that same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema,
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>> ♪ ♪ >> preparing to celebrate independence day. today's job news brought us something else to celebrate. this morning we learned that in june, our economy created 850,000 jobs. 850,000 jobs. the strength of our recovery is helping us flip the script. employers are competing to attract workers. >> shannon: our panel will talk about the economy. byron york and phil hayes.
3:47 pm
employers also have to compete with federal benefits extended to workers. >> exactly. the body line is 850,000 jobs. that's good news. presidents awn take credit for economic developments even if they didn't have a lot to do with them. president biden took a victory lap today maybe two or three and didn't take note what have we are seeing. that job competition led to rising wages in some places. the price of gas is not in this victory lap the president took attributing it to himself and the massive stimulus bill
3:48 pm
democrats passed a couple of montes ago. >> shannon: steve, the white house put out a tweet about saving 16 cents at this year's cook out. people are struggling with gas. >> this was a curious decision that, tweet. people know what they see at the gas tank and the grocery stores. people feel that inflation is affecting their own reality. they won't be persuaded by a white house tweet about a 16 cents saving. the role of the federal government and the role of state in ending these $300 per week unemployment benefits, republicans ended them in may or
3:49 pm
in early june. there is more to learn as we dig into the numbers. i suspect that we will learn it's no coincidence we saw a jump in jobs at the same time these 2 dozen states cut those off. it's important to note too. 350,000 of those jobs came in the hospitality industry which had been struggling to find workers because of these additional unemployment benefits. that's parts of the equation here. >> shannon: and to put up the hard data. great news adding 850,000 jobs. it was unexpected that the unemployment rate went from 5.9. it was going to be 5.6. charles, your thoughts? >> i think that 5.9 is a puzzle. i see it as a statistical noise. the broader unemployment rate
3:50 pm
that include people who are discouraged from seeking jobs, that number went down. there was a mixed picture there. the big picture on the u.s. economy is positive. we went into a deep hole in 2020 and thanks to a huge amount of federal stimulus and bank stimulus we are zooming back out of it. by all accounts that will continue through 2021 and into the first half of 2022. most of the problems we have seemed to be the kind of problems you have when you are growing so fast that you can't keep up. factories can't find enough input. especially semi conductors and can't find enough workers. that's showing inflation. i will be curious to see whether this in 2022 is the issue people
3:51 pm
vote on or whether people regard this comeback as something inevitable once the vaccinations occurred. we can argue the wobbles in the data. the big picture is positive. >> shannon: a very quick comment from you guys about the supreme court wrapping up its term. it hasn't performed as some of the best and worst predictions for the court. i got a list of all of the clerks that everybody hired for the fall. it doesn't look like anybody is going anywhere. charles, we will start with you. >> on the point you were alluding to. the non-retirement of justice steven briar. i think some people are demanding that he quit ought to do soul searching.
3:52 pm
was it a smart ideal to humileate this man in that way? >> what we learned about dividing the court in partisan terms doesn't fit in here. >> shannon: byron? >> well, on this flower shop case we discussed tonight. it's consistent with one thing with the supreme court. they don't want to solve the issue here. in the cake shop case, in colorado, they should a very, very narrow opinion. now they have ducked this one. at some point they will have to come out with a ruling on this. but so far they are ducking it. >> shannon: yes. very quickly. your winners and losers.
3:53 pm
byron? >> well, my winner is ncaa athletes. rules kept them from making money off their name or image. the rule has been changed. they can make endorsements. they have been making millions for their colleges for years. now for their own. my loser the unnamed woman who caused that terrible accident at tour de france. >> my loser is kevin mccarty threatening to punish republicans who worked with the partisan commission. my winner is the milwaukee brewers. 2 spectacular wins from behind against their rival chicago cubs. >> my winner is california
3:54 pm
governor gavin newsom who will get an early september 14th recall election and is cruising to victory. they loser is lord's town murders. -- motors. it was an electric truck company facing an investigation and plunging stock surprise. >> shannon: when we come back notable quotables. ahhh! ♪♪ don't flex your pecs. terminix. for a limited time, you can save more on flights, ♪♪ hotels and rental cars during priceline's freedom sale. and when you get a big deal... feel like a big deal. with the freedom sale at priceline, every trip is a big deal. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy.
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3:59 pm
won't mean a safer community. >> it's critical we make the distinction between voter suppression and suspension. >> this is a version of covid-19 that is far more transmissible than any variant we have seen to date. >> if you are vaccinated you have a high degree of protection. if you are not, you are at risk. >> i don't think it's too much when athletes compete to wear the stars and stripes. >> [cheers and applause]. >> thank you chuck grassley for taking it easy on me. >> we don't expect anything to come from the house to be easy. we have to cool it off. >> this is a holiday weekend. i will celebrate it. >> shannon: watch fox news on
4:00 pm
sunday. thanks for watching "special report." join me for fox news at night. but fox news prime time will start in a minute. his final night and he might have something to say about a new book out next week. jesse watters. have a great weekend. >> my new book. happy july 4th. welcome to fox news prime time. >> ♪ ♪ >> i am jesse watters. independence day is this weekend. most americans are celebrating freedom, joe biden is business celebration himself. specifically the great economy he claims he created. our commander-in-chief said cookouts are 16 cents cheaper than last year. and that's prove his