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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 2, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that's the story of this friday, july 2, 2021. have a great independence day. thanks for being here. look forward to seeing you monday. have a great one with your family. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: the great rush is on for the july fourth long weekend. the scene at the philadelphia airport where we're told things are crowded, very crowded. and l.a. highway where they're even more crowded. wildwood new jersey, they're packing them in. and at the new york stock exchange, macy's helping to ring out the closing bell on what has been a boom week. keep in mind, they had fireworks there. a preview of coming attractions for the big macy's fireworks
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show july fourth. that big, that eventful, that now. that much relief to a country that wanted to get out of this pandemic and in this particular weekend they're doing so. some people say this could be back to prepandemic levels. it comes at a price. we're following that with 48 million americans that are hitting the road. if you combine that with those that are flying. and then the price you pay when you do get on the road. gas prices are moving up. anita vogel covering that and jeff flock on the road. keeping track of what is happening at the pump. we'll go to them momentarily. first, anita vogel on this great rush that is on and a record number of americans, at least records post pandemic, getting on to it as well. anita? >> hi, neil. the skies are expected to be very crowded this holiday weekend. we're not just talking about with roman candles and other
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kinds of fireworks. according to the industry experts that track these figures, air travel is already at 85% of precovid capacity. more than 3.5 million people will travel by planes in the coming days. travelers are being asked to pack patience. here's why. the whole system are rusty when it comes to the rush of travel. rental car companies are short on cars. airports are very short staffed. the tsa is offering $1,000 bonuses to try to hire extra workers at least 6,000. they're also asking for volunteers. they say at least 130 airports around the country are going to be super short-staffed. you know what that means. long lines at security checkpoints. don't forget to pack your masks even if you're vaccinated.
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>> people are required to use a face mask at the airport. they're not going to be able to go through the tsa without their mask and airlines are still requiring it. >> all right we have seen very long lines at airports across the country from seattle, texas, atlanta, especially in atlanta. a lot of people sayer that just so happy to travel again. they're willing to put up with all of it. >> i'm glad that they made up their mind to get it open. we did our vaccination. i'm sure people were ready for it. >> hopefully we'll see fireworks somewhere. spending time together is key and traveling. it's awesome. >> the other group of folks that are very happy about this increased airline travel, those very smart investors that bought major airline stocks at the height of the pandemic in may of 2020 when they were very cheap.
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neil, just a few numbers for you. american airline stock up 140% since may of 2020. united airline stock up over 160% since may of 2020. those investors in the green. neil, back to you. >> neil: yeah. they should get a priority spot online. we'll see about that. anita vogel, thanks very much. right now driving aimlessly. been doing this all day. right now he's driven to canada. anyway, the latest on what he's discovered along the way. hey, jeff. >> the tri-state tollway, neil. there's no priority spots. take a look at the traffic backed up here. tri-state is indiana, illinois and wisconsin, by the way. traffic everywhere. high gas prices. take a look at the numbers on
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this. highest gas prices since 2014. $3.13 the average gallon of regular right now. a nickel more than it was a week ago. almost a dime more than it was a month ago and almost $1 more than a year ago. but, you know, typically under some circumstances, maybe people wouldn't travel as much, maybe they would be madder. right now look at numbers from aaa. they said we're going to have a record number of independence day on the road. 43.6 million people will take to the roads this year. that's more than 32 million last year in the midst of the pandemic. even more than the prepandemic record. so we're all the way back as far as travel. the folks at aaa say it's because people have been pent up. they don't mind spending the extra money. maybe some other time they would, but not now. take a listen. >> no one likes to pay more at the pump.
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when the prices go up, it's not good news for a consumer. you know, it's not impacting how we'll travel. we're excited to get out there. >> excited to be out there. yeah. i guess that goes a long way toward making you not as angry as you might about dollar increase in the last year of gasoline. neil? >> martha: just keep looking at the road, my friend. just keep looking at the road. you're the best, jeff. thanks very much. jeff flock driving aimlessly around the country taking a look at what is happening. you probably noticed it as well if you're intending to fly. it's tense up in the skies. they have all sorts of advice for us. i can sum it up in one word. patience. everybody will get where they have to go but they have to be patient. easier said than done. let's get more from emily, the travel expert. so emily, we need your help
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here. we've seen all of these videos of people going nuts on planes. some not keen on the mask thing. crying children, the parents get kicked off if the kid doesn't put a mask on. so you hear the horror stories that there are not enough tsa agents on hand to deal with the crowds, the long lines. help. what do we do? >> you know, it's a really exciting time for travel. if we focus on the negative things, we're missing that it's a really wonderful time for us to be returning back to travel. yes, things are not quite up to what we expected prepandemic. the infrastructure is not there yet. they're restaffing people. the rental car industry sold out more than 700,000 cars during the pandemic to keep their companies afloat. so you have to have your patience everywhere. one of the things i would suggest to you, if you're planning to go with a rental
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car, join the loyalty program before you get on the road or the plane because you'll get perks and benefits that will help make that less stressful for you. like a dedicated phone number to call a separate line to check in. you can skip the lines at the counters for rental cars and go to the kiosk. so arm yourself with information. it will help the entire situation. >> neil: yeah, i hear it's hard to get rental cars if you're so lucky. i am concerned though, i had a tsa representative with me earlier on fox business, which if you don't get, emily, you should demand it. i digress. one of the things that came up is you have to get to the airport earlier. more like three hours. i thought why not walk? whats going on? >> it's because the tsa is restaffing and getting up to speed. we're all rusty. some of the people don't know what they need to do once
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they're in the tsa line to be prepared, do i have to take my shoes off, do i not leave my shoes on? so get information from the tsa as well that will help you. truthfully, there's excitement, positivity and fun all around travel right now. so let's keep that as the focus and know you'll hit some speed bumps. it's a great time to travel. it's a great time to be back out there. >> neil: all right. i love your attitude. try telling that to the people in crowded planes. there's no liquor in coach. you wouldn't know because you're in first class. but how do you advise people dealing with the skies? >> i think you're a list mistaken. i don't fly first class. i fly coach a lot of the time as well. i really believe that your attitude and your energy is such
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an important thing to bring to your travel experience. people are going to be uptight, uncomfortable. i try to smile at people, be patient. not engage an aggressive level. i think we're all fortunate and less to be returning to travel and hopefully that's the attitude that everybody will bring. >> neil: not always. the guy that sits in front of me puts his seat back full recline. i'm so tempted, so tempted, emily, to kick him off the plane. i should calm down. thanks for your advice. thanks, emily kauffman. we have to look at the half full glass. i spent that looking at the half empty glass. it's the half empty glass so you know. meantime, did you see this? cooking up for a barbecue. the white house put this out. i know numbers, some numbers. they're talking about the fact that the cost of a fourth of july cookout is actually down. 16 cents from last year.
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i'm thinking to myself, wow! i should be very grateful until i started looking under the hood of the grill. it's not all the items that you would have. we're going to rifle through these that might have raised eyebrows with you. prices that have gone up markedly the last year. i might point out the comparisons the administration has been making was against last year when prices were already spiking because of the pandemic. anyway, liz peek is here. we're looking at every group of price hikes that go across the board on almost every item you buy. putting out a statement like this to make you think it's a bargain this year, i'm not taking anything away from bargains, but it's not a bargain. you'll notice that things are more expensive. what do you think? >> neil, taking the glass half full approach i think is great. we have a lot to celebrate, americans do this time of year. i think price stability is not
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one of them. we know that prices overall for consumers are rising about 5%. what is interesting, the focus has gone from goods, the kind of thing that the white house is uncomfortably tweeting about to wages. that's where you get into a really bad cycle. the tsa is not the only group offering $1,000 bonuses to hire people. all kinds of businesses are resorting to higher wages, bonuses, et cetera. we don't have a very good fix right now on what the wage hikes are going to look like for june, july and august. rumor has it and all the indicators, the ppis and the nfib that wages are going through the roof that means higher prices on everything. as far as -- >> neil: we have already seen it, right? >> yeah, we are. >> neil: doing a follow up on that. we're going through some of these. i don't think it something that i would pick up on. i notice it when my favorite
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italian sausage is doubled in price. for the administration, maybe to say let's celebrate your barbecue, that's good. thank you. but some of the items that they're talking about everything is so relatively cheap. it's not. it's not at all. so i'm wondering does this anger people when they hear that? are they shopping at the same store that you are or i am? >> a really good question. general mills came out two days ago and said they saw inflation of 7%. so whatever people are seeing is not being reflected in the data right now. by the way, the reason the biden white house did this is because they're really under pressure about this. there's a lot of concern that the big spending bills that already have passed and that the white house wants to pass are driving higher prices. that's going to be a big talking point as we get close to the elections in 2022. it's a big talking point now in terms of the fed policy.
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the fed has not retrenched in their bond buying programs. the balance sheet is up $4 trillion over last year. any sensible person has 0 begin to wonder if it's not driving the higher prices. people are seeing it. the other thing, by the way, it's about to get worse. rents are accelerating. rents are a big part of the consumer price index. that will lead to bigger than expected numbers this fall. >> neil: real quickly. everyone else that looks at this in a positive way say it's transitory. that's why the markets are racing ahead. the dow and s&p racing ahead. nasdaq racing ahead. the nasdaq hit records today. so markets seem to be thinking that this is a short-term issue. you think it is? >> i don't think it is. by the way, the president of the st. louis fed doesn't think it is. there's a lot of people looking at this stuff. that's why i mentioned wages and say no, we're in a bad cycle.
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it's going to continue. >> all right. thanks very much. i think. you have to have a balance. half full and half empty. look at these estimates and they're small for your barbecue but eat up. you know it if you've gotten your goodies. the italian sausage thing is sticking to me. i'm not going the asparagus route. a lot coming up including the president not on touting how much you're going to pay for your barbecue but the fact that you're doing okay when it comes to jobs. in fact, things are so okay that he took time out to say we're off to the races. but are we? oh! don't burn down the duplex.
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>> neil: you know, i told you about records and the markets. the nasdaq at an all-time high. we got word of the june jobs reports. 850,000 more americans found jobs last month. that was more than almost anyone thought. the white house wasting very little time taking credit for that. peter doocy is there 20 the latest. hey, peter. >> no, they're taking credit because they see the numbers, 150,000 more jobs created in may than expected as proof that the
1:20 pm
president's plan for a post pandemic economy are panning out already. they're also pouring over other numbers including stats that show that the cost of a fourth of july cookout is 16 cents less. >> so does the white house think that 16 cents off of a barbecue has impact on people's lives than a dollar more this time -- >> you don't have to like hot dogs. but a reduction of -- i will say that what we're most focused on is the fact that we created 3 million jobs since the president took office. >> many of the other questions at the briefing and the president's morning event were about afghanistan. the president pledged a full withdrawal. by the end of august, troops will be home. the president talked about it today when asked. he apparently reached his limit.
1:21 pm
>> i'm not going to answer any more questions on afghanistan. the fourth of july. i'm concerned that you guys are asking me questions that i'll answer next week. there's great things happening. economy is growing faster than in 40 years, a report number of new jobs, covid deaths are down 90%, wages are up. we're bringing out our troops home. >> it is a holiday weekend. they have the south lawn set up or getting it set up for a celebration tomorrow that 1,000 invitations went out for. there's fireworks as well. before can start in the holiday weekend, he had remarks at a teacher's convention here in washington d.c. >> neil: thanks, peter. to the former labor secretary of the under, eugene scalia. thanks to see you, secretary. >> good to be with you, neil. >> neil: the administration took credit for this.
1:22 pm
these three million new jobs since taking office. it's all them. what do you think? >> it's a good job report adding 850,000 jobs in a month is strong. the president is right to celebrate it. what it reflects is a reopening of the economy. that's a result of some important decisions and investments made more than a year ago in operation warp speed and elsewhere that has led to this very effective vaccination program, which president biden has faithfully and effectively implemented. he gets credit to that. the number is not to his economic policies. a couple quick points. it's a good report. no report is perfect. one thing that jumped out to me about this record is that we added jobs back in the places that you add them back when you
1:23 pm
stop shut downs. so we reopened schools, had a lot of jobs in education. we reopened restaurants and bars. a lot of jobs in leisure and hospitality. laundry services are hiring again. that's good. it's a direct result from reopening. in terms of the policy impact, what we don't see is jobs being added back quickly in manufacturing last month. construction. healthcare. i do think that the $300 a week federal unemployment plus-up which the president put in place through september is keeping people on the sidelines. this number could have been higher actually as could the reports for april and may. >> neil: it's interesting you mentioned that, too. this idea that much of the improvements might have been coming from states where they dropped those extended federal benefits and almost forcing people to find work. many have been arguing that that
1:24 pm
was a big cat least here. you agree with that. >> neil, this monthly report is very important closely watched report on the national unemployment picture. my view for nearly one year now has been that in some ways the state unemployment report that comes out later in the month is more telling and more interesting because we've seen huge variances in state's ability to put people back to work. three states that we watched closely were new york, california and florida. what we saw last time we saw state job reports is that new york and california's unemployment is nearly 8%. it's 2 points higher than the national average. florida under governor desantis is below 5%. a full point below the national average. so we'll learn more about the national -- the state by state picture later in the month. i think we'll learn from that, whether those states that are
1:25 pm
eliminating the plus up will see that and see whether regulatory high tax states like new york and california are still having a hard time getting the economies going again. >> neil: we shall see. eugene scalia. thanks. have a safe fourth of july weekend. >> thank you. >> neil: meantime here, the count and the rescue still goes on in florida. now complicated by a hurricane barrelling down. we're on top of that after this. some say this is my greatest challenge ever. but i've seen centuries of this. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;)
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>> neil: it's early but we have the first hurricane of the season, elsa. it's barrelling towards florida. why is this a worry? after this.
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i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> neil: all right. day 9 of the rescue effort in southern florida after that condo collapse that complicated
1:30 pm
by a major storm potentially coming south florida's way. let's go to phil keating in surfside. hey, phil. >> hi, neil. more than 3 million pounds of concrete has been removed from the scene allowing search and rescuers more access to remove rubble, dig deeper and look for bodies and hopefully survivors. two more found overnight, bodies, that is. tragically one of the two was a 7-year-old girl, the daughter of a firefighter on the scene when here lifeless body was pulled out of the rubble. she was carried out on a gurney. firefighters lined up as they carried her by. >> every night since this last wednesday has been immensely difficult for everybody, particularly the families that have been impacted. last night was uniquely different. it was different.
1:31 pm
different and more difficult for our first responders. >> at the end, the president and first lady's day-long meetings with first responders and families, they stopped at a memorial wall near the scene and paid their respects. new video shows the concrete dust cloud, the chaos and confusion in the minutes after much of the surfside condo tower fell to the ground. survivors rescued people and those on their balconies creaming to be saved. telling those people below, the stairwells that they could have gone down were gone. they were rescued by firefighters. crews say they searched in collapsed bedrooms where most of the residents were sleeping when they and the building plummeted to the ground. day 9 of the search and rescue operation for the survivors, the
1:32 pm
dead and the family members that are starting to believe their loved ones are dead. they at least one proper funerals and need the bodies. and the search could have to be pause add again. that's because what was tropical storm elsa is a category one hurricane and barrelling through the caribbean soon and will be impacting south florida, which includes sun rise sunday. neil? >> neil: incredible. thanks, phil. what are we looking at with elsa? how dangerous will it be? rick reichmuth has more. what are we looking at? >> in general, this is early to get a major hurricane, a little early, especially in the eastern caribbean where this storm is right now. it's an area that is unfavorable for hurricanes this time of the season. there's a lot of wind shear that
1:33 pm
breaks these storms apart. an 85 miles an hour hurricane became a hurricane just about ten hours ago in across parts of the eastern caribbean. symptom track, a good feeling of what will happen. very close to cuba, hispaniola, haiti. the mountains rip storms apart. if it gets close, we'll see the storm weaken. if it stays over water, more timetables to organize. things are in quite good agreement it's running over or parallel to these islands here and makes this right-hand turn. a lot of disagreements still a big spread in the modelling that we look at here. the official track is that when you see the red, the official track to the national hurricane center, that would bring to it the west coast of floor, not to the east coast where sun rise is. that said, we'll get moisture out of parts of southern
1:34 pm
florida. neil, last thing worth pointing out, this is the earliest we've gotten to five named storms. this is a young hurricane season. just started june 1. this is the average of storms. here we are in the season. you can see this low amount of storms, the bulk of the energy for hurricanes yet to come. five named storms doesn't bode well. neil? >> neil: thanks. we'll be monitoring these developments live tomorrow morning and the status of elsa and how it is affecting the recovery beginning tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. we won't leave you waiting on holiday weekend. we'll be there to follow every step of it. a move to find more money for the progressives. because taxing the rich isn't enough. why going after the 400,000 and more crowd is a problem for
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>> neil: the line with problem with socialism is you run out of other people's money. i'm conflating things here. the problem with progressives that want to see more spending is they think the president is limited their ability to raise money for that spending by just going after the very rich. the $400,000 and over crowd. the president so far is not in this camp. they are or at least urging him to look at lowering that threshold. kevin brady, from the ways and means committee. congressman, what do you think of this? >> already though what is interesting, the president is breaking that pledge according to the liberal tax policy center. now they're showing 75% of
1:40 pm
middle class families will see a tax increase last year. that is just president biden's crippling tax increases already. liberals know that they can't pay for this spending especially if they drive the entitlement costs into the tens of trillions. they're going to have to search for revenue everywhere. make no mistake, if the president sticks with this current plan, middle class families and workers will pay a steep price here. >> neil: as the administration responded to this study by saying that they're surmising that a wider group of people will be affected by tax hikes because of corporate tax hikes. your point is well-taken. what i'm asking is whether this is going to be a problem. so far no tax hike has taken effect. i'm wondering if it's getting pushed back. is it your sense that a tax hike, whether it comes to pass, doesn't come to pass this year?
1:41 pm
>> yeah, i don't think, neil -- the democrats don't have the votes in the house certainly. i think more and more -- the moderate democrats that run as pro business back home, they can't defend these tax increases on main street businesses, on local investors that invest in the community. they certainly don't want a tax rate so high around the world that we'll drive u.s. jobs, companies, research overseas again, which the biden tax plan will do. so and ironically while progressives are searching for more tax revenue, many are them are blocking the salt cap, which is predominantly goes to households making a million dollars and more and the tax policy is a tax shelter. there's a lot of cross winds going on in congress. these tax increases are not a done deal. >> neil: let me ask you, you mentioned the salt thing.
1:42 pm
i want to raise it with you. bernie sanders hopes to find middle ground here where the salt thing goes away for the 400,000 and under crowd. over that, it remains. what do you think of that? >> effectively in the tax cuts and jobs act, we did that when we changed the marginal rates brackets to accommodate some of those high tax states. then we drove the child tax credit up and from a lower threshold. that's why in most states, that salt cap affects 1 to 2% of taxpayers net. >> neil: congressman, i was raising with the former labor secretary, jim scalia, the administration is taking credit for the jobs boom of 850,000 new jobs. better than three million that they say out of their stewardship. they're the reason for that and
1:43 pm
i guess by extension, what they're saying not you or your tax cuts. what do you think? >> yeah, they couldn't be more dead wrong. also, look, let's look at this month. thank goodness it's improving. april and may were disasters. secondly, the president's job plan is almost 700,000 jobs short of what he pledged to create wages are going up but prices are going up faster than that. we have way too many people, workers on the sidelines. unemployment long-term went up in today's report. unemployment and workers with less skills worsened this week as well. there are -- there's a lot of troubling red flags in this report. i would not be taking a victory lap if i were them. >> neil: congressman, very good seeing you. have a safe fourth and a peaceful one at that. kevin brady, the house ways and
1:44 pm
means ranking member. the tax cuts were his work. he was slaving on that for a long time and they got it done together working in concert. we have a lot more coming up, including billionaires in space. it's not your imagination. some of the richest guys on the planet are keen on leaving the planet for a little while. why? are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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>> neil: you know, billionaires and their toys. they're expensive toys and not just any billionaires. richard branson and jeff bezos racing to get into space. so far branson with the lead here. he plans to blast off into the heavens briefly july 11th. the 50th anniversary of the apollo moon landing was the date for jeff bezos. but looks like branson will beat him. my italian american that made it in the big heavens, he's a great example and a very 2020 guy. mike, it's very good to have you here. >> pleasure, neil. thanks for having me. thanks for the great introduction. >> neil: you deserve it.
1:49 pm
let me ask you about this. as an astronaut, you went through hell. all the training and everything. think about what branson and bezos want to do is open this up to everybody. you don't have to go through all the nonsense that you did and education and everything else. if you have enough money, slap it down. you're going to space. does any part of that bug you? >> no, i think it's great. i do. i think it's always been a goal of nasa to open up the opportunities for people to fly in space. this is being done outside of nasa but the two entrepreneurs that you talked about. but it certainly was a goal when nasa first started and trying to encourage this. so a government program could lead to economic -- i don't know
1:50 pm
the first thing about becoming a billionaire. i went to road that worked for me. >> neil: i couldn't handle it, people walk in and get the comforts of everything -- like people that go into my business. i spent years training on the prompter. you think you can walk in here? that's a separate issue. so let me ask you about getting into space. both of these flights, particularly branson's, 30 minutes up and down. you're technically in space when you are up 50 miles. can you explain that? it's different what bezos is saying. when are you in space? >> they set the boundary of space -- it's two standards. the american standard is 50 miles. the international, european standard is 100 kilometers. they're nice round numbers. when they started thinking about this decades ago is where there's no more atmosphere. you're really of the atmosphere of the planet.
1:51 pm
no traces of the atmosphere. that happens at 50 miles. if you can find a way to get above 50 miles, you're technically an astronaut. there's some test pilots that got astronaut wings by flying the x-15 50 miles above the planet. that's the goal. if you can do that, you're an astronaut. >> neil: for get who was first. looks like branson will be. does it matter? is this the future? >> i think it's the future. they're very different. there's a little difference in the -- it's almost exactly the same but a little different. branson goes up with a mothership and his space ship takes off and lands on a runway. jeff bezos -- the space ship is new shepherd. jeff bezos is a space of the
1:52 pm
space program. he named his craft after alan shepherd. he's doing the same suborbital flight that alan shepherd did. so i don't think these are competitive programs. i think they're complementary and i think it's great that one is going before the other because we can get excited about one going up and then the blue origin space craft. very happy for the teams. a lot of people have worked hard to make this happen. >> neil: you worked harder. you're not holding grudges. that's fine. >> no. neil, you need to go up, man. find a way -- >> neil: i might be. they don't require any physical workout. i might sign up for that. mike, thanks so much. good having you. thanks for all you have done and the great pioneering work. we're at vegas, baby. did you hear about this huge casino opening up? the first one on the strip in the better part of a decade.
1:53 pm
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1:57 pm
anyway. it served as a shameless plug for our next guest who runs resorts world las vegas. it's the latest casino. a long time coming. the better part of a decade. it's a monster. not scott but the casino. scott, very good to have you. >> great to be here. >> neil: how can the reception so far? >> it's been overwhelming. we opened a week ago. thursday night. we had over 20,000 people visit us the first night. exceeded our expectations and we have been busy ever since. a great opening. >> neil: it's like a leader for the rest of the strip in las vegas and vegas wants to get back to business. you have a lot of rooms to fill and one conference room. tell me about that. >> yes, we have a lot of conference space here. we have a 5,000 seat theater and 250,000 square feet of
1:58 pm
convention space and 40 restaurants and a lot of attackses. -- attractions and led boards everywhere. las vegas is coming back. we wanted to be ready for the 4th of july. it will be a big weekend for us. >> neil: there are already a lot of advance bookings when people heard about that. it's clear to me because we heard from other casinos, saying no doubt vegas is back. you are waiting on the corporate conferences and that sort of thing to complete the deal, right? >> exactly. the weekends look great and we are starting to get conventions to come back. the mid week business going into next year will pick up. i hope by the second quarter vegas will be close to where it was before the pandemic. >> neil: how are you handling the buffet thing?
1:59 pm
>> we don't have a buffet. we have over0 restaurants and 16 stalls with food from all over the world. it's been gang busters. exceeding our projections. >> neil: that countered the casino culture. who is coming? >> right now it's the leisure casino customer. the states that surround us, we are getting a lot of visitors. we see the 61 -- convention business coming back and i think vegas will be back on track by the second quarter going into the middle of next year. >> neil: you have 8 pools? >> we want to be best of class in everything. we have a pool deck that is 5.5
2:00 pm
acres. you take the elevator. there are seven pools there. from is an infinity pool overlooking the strip. a variety of everything. >> neil: i wish you well. i know vegas is pleased. the crowds are back and vegas is back. maybe we will plan a business trip there. >> ♪ ♪ >> hello. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> ♪ ♪ >> huge outrage after a u.s. track star has her olympic dreams crushed. sha'carri richardson just got suspended for one month and may miss out on the tokyo games after testing positive for
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