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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 2, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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cheese melted over the top, can't go wrong. >> jalapenos, your family is so beautiful, too. i say hi to your data. joey? >> everything that goes on my girl used to have a heart beat. i will have multiple pieces of antlered animal. >> really quickly, tommy, what food? >> a good old-fashioned hotdog in knoxville, tennessee. >> i will eat everything. "america reports" now. >> john: harris, thank you. democrats reignited calls to pack the supreme court is the justice sides with conservatives and two major rulings. but because their attempted power grab back backfire? >> sandra: also one deck former state department spokeswoman morgan ortega's, fox news medical contributor and john's hopkins university professor dr. marty may carry. chief legal correspondent and fox news that might anchor shannon bream is here along with fox business anchor david
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osmond. and david osmond. >> john: would begin with alarming new numbers from the fraternal order of police, that group fighting ambush attacks on law enforcement officers are up 90% nationwide compared to the same time last year as crime searches across united states. welcome to the first hour. >> sandra: it's great to be here with you on the fourth. >> john: this is the first time that you and i have been together in the studio. >> sandra: i love it. startling statistics coming out of major american cities are, as democrats are trying to twist the truth about their support and calls to defund the police. and placing blame on republicans. in minneapolis a judge ordering the city council and the mayor to immediately take any and all necessary action to put more police officers on the payroll.
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>> john: this as in brooklyn two bikers are seen here pummeling a postal worker who ended up with broken bones and cuts to his face. those attackers are still on the loose. another disturbing video capturing and attacking brooklyn as a man tackles a woman from behind in broad daylight and gropes her and then takes off. police are still searching for that suspect. >> sandra: absolutely brutal. in the city of chicago to children are fighting for their lives after two separate shootings. the youngest victim is just 1-month-old. 28 others were injured in that city as it braces for more violence heading into the holiday weekend. >> john: at mike tobin starts us off live in chicago with more on all of this. it's shaping up to be a difficult fourth of july weekend. >> it certainly looks that way and given the careless sloppy nature of the gunfire and
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gangland, and inevitably innocence get shot in the gunfire. in this case a couple of little girls. a 1-month-old girl was shot in the head and she was in the car. three men climbed into a black cherokee and got away. the baby was in critical condition. also a drive-by shooting a 9-year-old girl was struck in the head and she is also in critical condition at comer children's hospital at last report. the mayor says people in the city are scared. >> they have been overworked, 17 hour shifts and weeks at a time. all the while not being able to arrest people, not being able to chase people and not being able to do their job. >> chicago mayor lori lightfoot has blamed everything from gun loss to courts being closed due to the pandemic. >> it starts with the court stepping up and holding people accountable and you can't do
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that when the court house doors are closed. so please, judge evans open up the criminal courts to trial. >> judge evans the chief a judge of cook county says it's not true. they have moved through cook county, 1,000 bench trials and a 25 jury trial since march. there's a backlog of cases but the chief judge says courts have been opened, resolving those matters and it is disingenuous to say the courts have been closed. at this moment there is an emergency hearing underway in chicago city council, and, ice officials are expected to give an update on how they are fighting to keep guns and cash from going south into mexico as a surge of migrants and drugs continue to come over our southern border.
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there are several texas sheriff's that are teaming up with ice officials to sue the biden administration. immigration policies are making it impossible to apprehend a number of criminals. demolition is light at the border for us and he's got the very latest. >> good afternoon. the reason these texas sheriff's are upset, they say when they arrest illegal immigrants abide in policies don't allow in most circumstances for ice to come and pick those immigrants up and take them into custody. what's happening now is five texas sheriff's are suing president biden and his administration. you take a look at this video, and we will explain to you kind of the nuts and bolts of this lawsuit. five texas sheriff's as well as some ice employees that are suing the president especially accusing him of not upholding federal law and advocating his duties of upholding federal law when it comes to immigration law by not allowing ice to arrest or
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deport criminal illegals. a part of that lawsuit states that since president biden took office i.c.e. agents are averaging only one arrest every two months. texas sheriff's department arrested a man who had a conviction on his record for battery of a child, and under bidens policies, ice would not come and put that person up. at that seated by the sheriff's department, and the enticing immigrants are coming here illegally. they are not happy about it, take a listen to what the kinney county sheriff had to say about it. >> wants we had to release him from the detention center, notifying ice and he said he doesn't meet our criteria, let him go. that doesn't set well with me or
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anyone in my county. somebody has to be held responsible and this is the only way we are going to get some of the tension that the biden administration is not doing their job. >> that is a video of the unfinished border wall. border patrol in the rio grande and just the span of a few hours they arrested three sex offenders, 100 and next, national and another with the sacks conviction out of the state of arkansas and another who is a sex offender in the state of wisconsin. needless to say all of those men have been previously deported and evidently trying to come back. it >> sandra: with a await that update from ice officials on the ground. >> john: the june jobs reports is repeating expectations as american slowly to return to work after being paid for months
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to stay home. the u.s. economy adding 850,000 jobs last month, with the unemployment rate taking up slightly a tenth of a percentage point. they some businesses struggle to fill record high job openings. david osman is a fox business anchor, and he joins us now. a lot of sectors have been very hard hit and we are seeing a lot of jobs. >> absolutely. and you need good news after those first two reports. this is great news, america is getting back to work. this 850,000 new jobs in june is equal to the previous two months combined. as he said it beat expectations. this is a job seeker's market. buyer's market and that's
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9.3 million open jobs available for people looking and that means people can negotiate with that year or sometimes year and a half block down, can give jobseekers a chance to negotiate better jobs and better income, all kinds of bonuses and stuff. if you are looking for a job, now is a time for you. >> sandra: and you might want to turn to the government. and that government in the united states is adding a total this month of 188,000. the state government added 69,000 jobs, local governments 124,000. the government seems to be getting bigger. >> does a lot of big government going on. in fact a lot of people are blaming big government programs for delaying people getting back to work for so long because they are getting more in many cases by staying at home and collecting all these unemployment benefits, then they
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would be going to work. one reason the job numbers were so good in june where a lot of states, 26 in total including one state run by a federal governor are ending unemployment benefits at $300 per week from covid relief and that drew people back into the job market. you mentioned 130,000 government jobs, leisure and hospitality added to 303,000 jobs last month. that's a tremendous -- and it still, by the way, about 13% less than what we had before the pandemic. but the increase in wages for people getting jobs as waiters or bartenders or working at a hotel is up 7.9%. that's much better than inflation. so if you are in those, that leisure and hospitality business and you are looking for a job and you've been out of work for several months, you can get all kinds of deals for going back. >> john: if there is no
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shortage of blame and also no shortage of credit taken. listen to what the president said earlier this morning was behind the new jobs number. >> more jobs government created in the first five months than any presidency in modern history. none of this happened by accident and it's a direct result of the american rescue plan. >> john: david, just a few seconds left, group economy is recovering faster than any expected it to, we could be back to full employment sometime next year. do we really need the stimulus? >> i would say the real plant credit doesn't go to any particular plan, it's july 4th and let's celebrate the fact that americans want to work, americans are going back to work. we do have this 9.3 million unfilled jobs and we have -- but that's about equal by the way to the number of unemployed. we have this exact equal number of people looking for jobs and jobs available but because of the weirdness of the pandemic
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and stopping the economy, it's all got to put together now. a lot of people also like to being out of work and a lot of people are retiring early and changing jobs. it's going to take a few months if not a couple of years to get back to where we were, but we are doing it and it's because of the american people, not any government official. >> sandra: i think we can all celebrate recovery. jobs numbers are indicating things are getting better. it really quick heading into the high travel weekend to come up the gas price on the screen at the national gas price average, the highest in seven years. so if you are packing our bags and traveling this weekend you will see that you are paying almost a dollar more for a gallon of gas. >> the government can take credit, or can take blame i should say for that. >> but if you are in the stock market, throw that up really quick as we run into one of the last couple hours of trading. >> the market likes these numbers because as good as they
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were at some points there wasn't a lot of inflation in the jobs numbers. i did mention the higher wages for it leisure and hospitality workers and that's great but overall they don't think that the fed is going to start printing money. of course stock traders love it when they have free money and they don't have to spend a lot of money borrowing money. that's a whole other story but it's good news on this holiday weekend. >> john: david, if we don't let you go now you're going to miss your show. we appreciate it, have a great weekend. >> sandra: alcide, meanwhile, not talking about frozen. first official hurricane warning of the season. heavy rainfall and strong rains expected in those areas including barbados where the national hurricane center reported a sustained wind of 74 miles per hour with wind gusts up to 86 miles per hour this morning. puerto rico and jamaica are likely to get hit over the weekend as the storm moves
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closer to the florida keys. it still uncertain exactly when elsa will reach the sunshine state and how strong it will be. that is certainly a wait and see in this moment. be one there are lots of rescue operations underway in surfside, too. >> sandra: there is some weather heading towards new york city because here i am in d.c. and i just found out there some changes in flights. >> john: you came in yesterday just in time for torrential downpour is in a small tornado, and tore up trees. there were trees down everywhere, all the fencing for the fireworks display on sunday night. >> john: are you saying that anywhere i go the storm follows? >> john: you're a force of nature. >> john: it's great to be in this nation's capital and it's good to kind of reestablish
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yourself. if you don't spend much time here, which of course you do. >> john: this not a lot of people in town now though, typically in the fourth of july weekend it would be jammed. but we stopped a long time to spend together before you have to head back out. officials confirming 20 people have died in the condo collapse in florida and the search continues after a pause due to safety concerns and the remaining structure. now that incoming storm could hinder their efforts. >> sandra: plus, here we go again. democrats renewing their calls to pack the supreme court after the majority of justices sided with conservatives into major rulings. we weigh in on how that could backfire on democrats.
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>> john: fox news alert anagram update out of florida, two more bodies found under the wreckage of the condo collapse could bring the total people confirmed it dead now to 20. at 128 others are still missing. rescue teams continue to work against the clock as hurricane elsa threatens to hit florida. phil keating live in surfside with the very latest. any signs of hope at all today? >> the search and rescue team certainly still have it and they do believe there's a chance they will find somebody alive. keep in mind, the last person pulled out alive was last thursday, nine days ago, on the day of the collapse. more than 3 million pounds of concrete have now been removed from the scene, helping certain rescuers clear rubble, dig deeper and hopefully find more bodies and of course they hope survivors, searching for survivors and bodies it is now back around the clock and
10:21 am
tragically one of the two bodies recovered overnight was a 7-year-old girl. even more tragically sees the daughter of the firefighter who polled her lifeless body out of the rubble. firefighters carried her out on a gurney and police officers lined up solemnly on both sides as they carried her by. >> it goes without saying that every night since last wednesday has been immensely difficult for everybody, and particular the families that have been impacted. but last night was different. it was truly different and more difficult for our first responders. the cone of the end of the president and first lady's long day meeting with first responders and families of the missing, they stopped at the memorial wall near the scene and pay their respects. the newly exchanged cell phone video shows the concrete dust cloud, chaos and confusion minutes after much of that condo
10:22 am
file. there were many standing on their balconies screaming to be saved. those people were telling people below that the stairwells were gone so they were eventually rescued by firefighters snorkel trucks. search crews are saying they are finding a lot of the victims and their collapse bedrooms as most of the residents were sleeping as suddenly their world implementing down. today is day number nine of the search for survivors and the dead and they resumed searching, but they may have to pause again because as you mentioned at the top, what was tropical storm alcide is now as of today hurricane elsa. it's approaching the caribbean right now. wind speeds of 75 and it could start impacting south florida which includes surfside starting on sunday. >> john: it will be a tough fourth of july weekend for all those folks down there.
10:23 am
>> meanwhile some democrats bringing back their calls to pack the court with liberal justices. this after the court made their final decisions of the term yesterday where they ruled it to uphold arizona's republican back to voting laws. democrats blasting that ruling saying arizona's laws restrict building rights and republican say they help keep elections secure. some democrats also fuming after the court ruled that nonprofits do not have to disclose their biggest donors. rob smith, turning point usa spokesman and host of the rob smith at his problematic podcast and a leslie is here. is this a case of, here we go again? is this a good move for your party to continue to push for this? >> actually it's not my party as much as the other party saying we are going to do it. we have not come forward taking anyone's guns and no one is packing the court.
10:24 am
there is a reason why -- quite frankly it's in the power of the senate. you are just not going to get the votes there, sandra. i think president biden also knows having been in politics so many years as most of us who haven't been, but the pendulum always swings back and that means those who have power today won't tomorrow and vice versa. i think the best thing that the democrats can do and most of my democrats who are centrist moderate degree is when they have full control of the senate, not just a 50/50 split, they can refuse to seat supreme court nominees that are republican puts forth and that's the best way. the people that are becoming hysterical if you will about packing the court, the more i see across the aisle. those asking for it in the party are certainly in the minority. >> sandra: did you see at the same way or do you see the september comic call to tax the court backfire? some of them are very blunt with their words.
10:25 am
montero jones, the democrat of new york, still some people have the nerve to question whether court expansion is necessary and he says expand the court. >> that's an interesting tactic from leslie right there is saying if it didn't come out of president biden's mouth, nobody on the left. i watch them basically do an entire press conference on why they want and there's one reason why those on the left say they need to pack the supreme court, because they are losing. they elected three supreme court justices which put the liberals in the minority and when democrats are not in power, and they are not going to get what they want to change the rules and try to many of you like the conversation people think that adding more justices to the
10:26 am
supreme court is a good idea. we see exactly what you are doing. that's remote independence and most centrists don't want that. >> the wall street editorial board weighed in saying the supreme court bolstered rights and the supreme court saves judges from becoming elected commissions. the justices are strengthening the voting rights act by stopping parameters from the lower court to prevent its political abuse. final thoughts? >> that's really where the issue lies. i think both democrats and republicans, the majority of them don't want to politicize the supreme court although where i sit it looks pretty political, and i do not see not only the president or the majority of people in my party, myself included, that's not the tactic, but in answer to a question. the president is reluctant and you won't see us taking your
10:27 am
guns away happening either. >> if it's not something everybody wants and why do you have sitting conference members saying that? and that's greasing the wheels. that's disingenuous, and i'm all set with john and to go on there, i quoted montero jones who is definitely calling to expand the court. then there is a long list including senator ed markey of massachusetts is in favor of that. hank johnson of georgia. he says he's at least in favor of democrats getting rid of the legislative filibuster to counteract the court's decision on the arizona voting laws. >> john: it was interesting as you had liberals yesterday
10:28 am
freaking out over that 2-6 decision, nor were they freaking out over the 8-1 decision on school free speech. so you have to pick and choose. it happens all the time. as politics. welcome to while washington. chinese president xi xing ping making some dangerous threats and warning other nations to stay out of china's way or things could get bloodied. that's after secretary of state mike pompeo says we should take that threat seriously. coming up, morgan ortega's as china really ramped up the rhetoric. >> sandra: plus as we all get dressed up in a red, white, and blue and had two holiday parties, the question is to wear a mask or not wearing a mask? for many that is the question that americans have after this busy holiday weekend. dr. marty mccurry is all micah academic marty may carry will
10:29 am
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>> john: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are frustrated with disease control and prevention and tsa to update the mask guidance for fully vaccinated americans on public transportation and airplanes. they want federal health and transportation officials to make that call soon. but dr. anthony fauci is insisting that the guidelines remain unchanged as a record number of americans are expected to travel this fourth of july holiday weekend. >> the cdc recommendation, if you are vaccinated, you have a high degree of protection. as the cdc has recommended is that there's a degree of flexibility, a broad recommendation that the cdc makes based on the high degree of effectiveness for the vaccine remains unchanged. >> john: this is the covid-19 delta variance and is expected to become the main strain of the united states of the next few weeks. let's bring in dr. marty mccurry, the fox news medical
10:34 am
contributor and one of the most rational voices that we have in this country on this whole thing. dr. macario, we haven't heard the updated guidance on whether the cdc would continue to wear masks on an airplane or a bus. where do you come down on where the guidance should be? >> i think it's here and it's not immune. if you have not been vaccinated and don't have natural immunity you need to be careful and may be even more so than ever because a delta variance is more contagious. if you are immune you don't have to worry about it, and people icing the hypocrisy of saying you can take off your mask if you're fully vaccinated indoors or in a restaurant but not in an airport. and you cannot have criteria to put restrictions in place without having criteria to remove them. we've always said when you get below ten cases per 100,000 then we would get back to normal. dr. fauci said that "free end clear" back to normal but we are
10:35 am
well below ten and 100,000, we are at two right now. >> john: if you look at that under ten is a metric and we a l get back to normal? >> the evidence is pretty clear that if you have immunity you are protected and you can have a safe and normal life. if not you do so at your own individual risk. you know longer pose a threat to public health and that's why i think we are seeing a divide right now and the united states. we have some people saying, we got to move on. at those who choose not to be immune to do so at their own individual risk and the rest say, they still constitute a threat to public health and i don't think that's correct. >> so i think with a lot of people traveling this week and a lot of people gathering for fourth of july barbecue is that people should just use common sense. those who are vaccinated can get together and those who are not vaccinated should take precautions? >> the only real dangerous combination is to not immune
10:36 am
people interacting close together especially if one hasn't any indication it might have been exposed. that's the only concern right now, you cannot have super spreading events, statistically you can't have them because roughly eight or nine out of every ten adults at every gathering has immunity. >> john: it's of the national education association appears to be may be on the verge of moving the goalpost again. after president randi weingarten said a few weeks ago, now there is a motion before the union to require mandatory vaccination for all students who are eligible as well as testing, testing, testing. and we are not talking about math and english testing. covid testing of course. as any of that necessary? >> is more and more discussions in the teachers unions about the mandate to have a vaccination requirement and a mandate to test. doing both is in violation of the cdc guidance. but how can the nra or any
10:37 am
teachers union make a decision and vote without the data? the cdc has never shown the state out on healthy kids versus kids with a comorbidity like obesity. we believe the risk is entirely different. mammograms save lives for women at risk of breast cancer so we will recommend mammograms for all americans, men and women. that's the same fallacy of logic that followed in the cdc's methodology. >> just to show where the cdc was back in january, there's more spread that happening in the community when schools are not open then when schools are open. >> we had a randomized trial of public versus private schools and how half of been close for no good reason. >> dr. macario, i hope you have a good fourth of july weekend. >> good advice and i think questions people have heading into the weekend, i was walking around the city here today at
10:38 am
the capitol and it made my way over to union station and just talking to a lot of the police around there, what are you expecting, barry low tourism, we don't have a lot of people coming to the station and he said, you have to have it to enter union station. and then he set about half the people are entering without one. i think it was wink-wink, not not to come, not everyone follows the rules but, it still mandated and where it the station. >> john: i couldn't have taken the train today because i can bring a mask. >> sandra: underdevelopment in the conservatorship casework a britney spears a wealth management company task to help her look into her estate and now she says she wants it out. >> john: plus tool and pick hopefuls are not letting a global pandemic stand in their way. they will join us to talk about how they were able to train for the united states sailing team
10:39 am
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>> sandra: as we anticipate taking it all in over the fourth, disney world making changes to the classic greeting at its themed fireworks display. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, -- all ages. >> sandra: disney ditching the iconic latest sense of, boys and girl, instead it's good evening dreamers of all ages. disney has not released a special statement about the change but many noticed it and they believe it is to be more inclusive. at john, you've seen that display personally? >> john: i haven't it's a remarkable display, when they
10:44 am
project onto the castle it's like nothing i've ever seen before. >> sandra: you are never the message? >> john: i remember the "ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls." it was pt barnum who started that i think. >> sandra: and not tell anybody, come on. >> john: will our producers would appreciate it because that's shorter. a private management firm that named as coconservator for britney spears has already asked to be removed. the request came just one day after the judge denied her singer's plea to remove her father from a conservative ship which she claimed in court was abusive and let her "traumatized and depressed." we heard of clients firing their companies but companies firing their clients? that's a new twist. >> yes john and that's what this company as a purely trying to do. the wealth management firm added to brittany's conservatorship last year, bessemer trust, so they wanted to resign from the
10:45 am
position out of respect for britney's wishes. following last week's emotional hearing where the pop star is that she wanted the conservatorship to end the end described feeling trapped with no one to turn to for help. the 39-year-old said she feels ganged up on, bullied and alone after being forced to work, forced into rabbit and put on lithium. she also said she would like to be able to choose her own attorney, but right now she is working with a court-appointed lawyer. congressional lawyers also want to know more about britney's pleas for help and others who feel they have been next unfairly stripped of their rights and the conservatorship. democratic senator elizabeth senator elizabeth warren and bob casey it sent that letter to the department of health and human services and at the doj demanding more data to be collected to address potential abuses in the conservatorship system. and for house republicans including matt gaetz invited britney to address congress and share her story in hopes of inspiring bipartisan action.
10:46 am
in our letter they said what happened to her should never happen to any other american and that they would like to help. so britney's fight for her rights to possibly lead some changes in policy and give others hope. >> we will keep watching. it's interesting, the bessemer trust says it wants out because of britney's request but i've also heard that britney doesn't necessarily get rid of the conservator, she just wants her dad out. >> sandra: what are your thoughts on the story? must be one had some troubles in her life and she needs a management that she can rely on potentially. should it be our data? if you listen to her, it's a no. >> sandra: a young baseball fan may have a bright career out of him. we are going to show you video of an impressive catch from last night. >> john: he caught an f-18.
10:47 am
>> sandra: plus we will take a trip to kansas city with nation host abi horn effect. we are celebrating john, 75 years with the blue angels. coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> sandra: is a big holiday weekend for the blue angels, celebrating their 75th anniversary as an air squadron at the kc air show in kansas city, missouri, where they will debut a larger more powerful f-18 super hornets. abby horn in psych is live on the ground from there and she's kicking off our proud american coverage throughout the fourth of july weekend. abby looks off them out there. what have you been able to see and do so far? >> hi sandra. i don't think you have enough time to know every single thing we've done because it's been incredible here in kansas city. the people are extremely patriotic and we've been going to get barbecue, we went to the soccer stadium, experience the music. it's so great to be here with people who are celebrating the country and celebrating unity and of course the main event is on sunday.
10:52 am
lissa kansas city air show that you mentioned in the blue angels of course will be there. as you mentioned they are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year, debuting that super hornets. it's different than the legacy hornet which they use to fly, about 33% bigger, larger engines, faster and more powerful. so you can just really imagine what those pilots are going through out there because the blue angels don't wear g-suit's. so they are dealing with those forces while trying to fly close to one another and do these tricks in the area so the 50,000 people up that are expected to be at the airshow are asked in for a real treat. the thunderbirds made a last trip to kansas city and it's rare to see the blue angels and thunderbirds performing at the same event, so again a real treat. people have been teasing that there might be some surprise so we are hoping that maybe they fly together in the same formation. i guess we will have to see. >> sandra: that would be cool, to quote john roberts.
10:53 am
any opportunities to see the blue angels, it's a moment. we take that moment as proud americans, and that's such role models. i did fly with the blue angels for a vaccination special that i did but i was able to go but i passed out and threw up. never again. i experienced it firsthand. but we did go up the shutter release squadron which is a dad and his two sons. they are former military and they go up and do aerobatics, and they did an avalanche i believe it was called, and a
10:54 am
really awesome moment. we were about to land at people were flying in from the airshow, other talents and other acts, they got on the speaker and said hey guys, let's make a formation. the pilot told me they never do that so it such a unique experience to be able to do that. >> john: can i brag for a second? here's a picture of my wife cara phillips. she's flying back seat and the number seven plane during the show and she's going vertical and has the happiest look on her face. there's another, but i'm glad it you passed out and threw up, you got the real experience. >> that put it into context what they go through out there and i only have so much respect for both men and women who are flying those planes because it's a lot to manage and a lot, as i'm sure your wife can attest to, a lot to managed with the g forces.
10:55 am
a proud american, we are all proud americans. >> great to see you, abby fourth. >> we are honoring independence day, veterans and military members are free here on the platform. go to fox >> take advantage of that. meanwhile, the leaders of communist china threat to western bullies as the country plans to ramp up its military force. all of that and a whole lot more coming up. life from washington, d.c., we have more coming up.
10:56 am
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>> john: as americans prepare to celebrate the fourth of july americans are bracing for a weekend crime wave.
11:00 am
welcome to our number two of "america reports." i'm john roberts and hello to you. >> sandra: it's great to be here and washington, d.c., with you. as america reports, the push to get back to normal life, starting with backyard barbecues, fireworks just elevate elevator independence day, the police are saying they are having to step up patrols from dallas to the big apple to help curb the violence. on more than 30 people were shot in chicago yesterday alone. the tensions between china and the united states rented higher all the time. >> sandra: china's president putting it bluntly, if you mess with this country there will be broken heads and bloodshed. >> john: sharpen graphic language, more likely to come to expect from small rogue nations like north korea. that takes on new meaning. >> sandra: morgan ortega says
11:01 am
here standing by to weigh in. rich edson is live from the state apartment as we kick things off this hour. >> good afternoon, sandra. this is part of a more aggressive tone from china's government, the state department refused to respond to those comments specifically and they say that officials here were certainly watching president xi jinping's speech. >> of course we are aware that the chinese communist party kirk commemorated its hundredth anniversary today. we are aware of president xi's remarks, and we've taken note of them but we are going to comment on the specifics. speak of the state apartment says reports of china's nuclear are seminal growing more quickly into a higher level than expected were consuming. it's a speech marking the communist party and president xi also warned adversaries would face a great well of steel. the rhetoric between the u.s.
11:02 am
and china has intensified. especially over covid-19, vaccine distribution and china's refusal to allow a transparent investigation into the origins of the virus. the u.s. has also criticized china's crackdown in hong kong, trade practices and repression of uighurs. congress is working on legislation to counter china although it stuck in the house. republicans claimed that democrats building stronger stronger language on taiwan and technology exports to china. at the two sides are also fighting over climate change provisions in the bill. the last month, the senate did pass of a bipartisan version of that bill too, as they put it, compete more aggressively with china. >> sandra: thank you for that, i have a great weekend. >> john: morgan ortega's joins us now. let's start off by listening to what it was that xi jinping says is a mark the 100th anniversary of the communist party. >> we will never allow any foreign forces to bully, oppress or enslave us.
11:03 am
anyone who dares to try to do that will have their heads bashed bloody against the great wall of steel. >> john: at that sound like fairly aggressive link which they are as china seems to want to increase its momentum to become the world's dominant superpower. what do you think? >> if we look at this from a strategic perspective, you have to say, what was chairman sheedy, what was he trying to get out of that 100 euros speech that he gave? if you look at the 80s and 90s or even the early 2000s, chinese strategy, the communist party strategy was sort of to buy their time, be quiet and slowly rise and not make too many waves on the international stage. what i see the chairman doing here is sort of saying we are here now, where a powerful nation and you are not going to bully us around. it was sort of their coming out party so to speak on the international stage. >> john: there are thoughts that it might be dominant power but it looks like its global
11:04 am
inventions now. absolutely. what we dealt with at the beginning of the trump administration is not just in the united states, and we talked about this before. also in europe where the world has sort of accepted the premise that china's rise was inevitable and they were going to be major economic and military power of the world and we somehow, president blunt, obama's philosophy was we need to manage american decline during that process. that made no sense to us. we looked at that and said we are not accepting that. we don't believe that china is going to overtake us and we are in inevitable decline. that is really important because that framing now, i think that biden administration has taken a lot of that on. i think they are making strong moves against china against the chinese communist party and it's in important to remember this is going to be the challenge of our
11:05 am
ideological perspective by just one party. i think it's important for all of us in washington to wake up and except the new reality that president trump has seen before anyone else. >> john: xi jinping talked about many other things during the speech but a couple of notable ones, on-call and in the old hong kong democracy that we all knew for a so many decades has all but disappeared. we also talked about reunification with taiwan saying that china would smash and here's what your former boss mike pompeo said about it last night. or maybe not. >> they see american weakness in the begin to act out in this way. he is confident, aggressive and he thinks america has declined. he's wrong about that but it will take a make and leadership to him wrong. what do you think?
11:06 am
>> i think they were testing not only america but hong kong. at they took away at democracy and took away commitments not only to people's hong kong but every country in the world. when they took that freedom and democracy away the united states and trump administration stood up to that meant it sanctions. really, it's not like any western or european or even american companies left hong kong. we declared a and the ceo of nike said they are going to continue to produce in china. so they haven't been held accountable in a way that is going to require all of us government private sector to stand up to them, but jon i think it's important. it's a 100 year anniversary of the chinese communist party and our viewers cannot forget that that means over the last 100 years we have seen over 45 million chinese that died because of a -- forced abortion in china, and as much as
11:07 am
chairman she wants to talk about the great success of the chinese communist party and threaten taiwan and threaten hong kong and threaten us implicitly, we have to remember what the chinese communist party stands for. we have atrocities against their own people. >> john: and of course the beijing olympics next year will be the big cap to all of that. happy fourth of july to you and your family, good to see you today. >> thanks john. >> sandra: as americans prepare to head off and celebrate the fourth of july weekend, some cities are dealing with a serious searching crime. chicago seeing one of its bloodiest days this year with four people killed and 28 others injured in shootings stuff yesterday alone. nationwide police are already stretched thin while facing record retirements and shrinking budgets. ted williams is a former d.c.
11:08 am
detective, defense attorney and fox news contributor. that's heartbreaking. when you see what happens over the weekend in the city that you know i know i love, and chicago, it's brittle. a 1-year-old baby was shot in the head and she sat at her home in roseland. a 9-year-old girl was shot in the head as she sat in her car in grand crossing. how can we get these cities to ramp up their police departments rather than the city's call to defund a police? >> hi, sandra. let's be candid here. the crime is out of control and the criminals are winning in these major metropolitan cities. the sad commentary is, just as you just said, the young people who we love and embrace are
11:09 am
dying as a result of criminal, violent criminal activities in various cities. the only way that you are going to get the crime under control is to unhand cough law enforcement. as a result of the george floyd killing that we saw in national tv, law enforcement agencies have been paralyzed. and that's a defunding police departments which is ridiculous and in age of crime. the criminals are on the sideline, and they are smiling and laughing at us because they are idiots, because we talk about defunding police. if you want to reform police, fine. but the funding should be taken off the table and it isn't. >> sandra: it really is
11:10 am
incredible. these press conferences that police superintendent david brown was giving, and there was a huge number of shootings. from reporters to families and relatives who were affected by this, and why can't the authority do more to protect children? these are the nationwide it police staffing this statistics and as we continue to support, morale is down. resignations are up 18% and look at the number of retirements. it surging up 45%. they see the way that they are being treated and we called them officer friendly and we thought and believed that they were our
11:11 am
friends. and it appears as though and as a result of that we are saying, we are not going to put up with this. and we are right. police officers have to make split-second decisions and if you tie their hands they may not even go home to their families and that's one of the sad commentaries about police work. when we see that police officer making an arrest of someone resisting arrest, it's not an easy process and we need to get away from this, that every police officer want to brutalize the citizen in this country. that's not true. police officers want to serve and protect their communities but their hands are handcuffed at this time and that's the sad commentary of what's going on.
11:12 am
>> sandra: he blames proliferation of guns in chicago, and the murder rate there while already high is maintaining far this year, 326 i believe. already at 1,489 and as of 12% compared to the same time last year. it's a huge problem, and this trend of rising crime continues. ted, thank you and nice to see you. >> my pleasure. that's chicago over the weekend, senseless killings and senseless shooting. >> that's things like chicago or new york, but an obelisk? but we ago a mother was dropping her son off at the naval academy, she was at the hotel sitting at a outdoor patio and a stray bullet from asserting a block away hit her. she was had a couple of times actually and it killed her. >> sandra: it's awful.
11:13 am
>> john: if it concerns research team safety as crews continue to dig through the mountain of debris and that florida condo collapse. today's heartbreaking update is just ahead. >> sandra: plus a u.s. sailing team putting in the work overseas. hoping to make it to the old picks and how they are getting creative up while training amid up mobile pandemic and they will for sure head to the olympics. >> john: and capitol hill is closed this holiday weekend but the extra fencing left over from the january riot might finally be coming down soon. details on that, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need.
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♪ all of this innovation could lead to some inspiration ♪ ♪ and you might be the next one to represent our nation ♪ ♪ this summer on your tv, tablet, or any screen ♪ ♪ xfinity is here to inspire your biggest dreams ♪ >> john: as america gets ready to celebrate the most patriotic of holidays, the u.s. capital still close to busy it will make
11:19 am
visitors. the fencing that was put up around the capital around the january 6th riot may come down this week. chad program reporting live for us live on capitol hill. what's the status there? >> we are told that fence should start to come down next thursday, longtime congressional observers don't like the optic of the spence are especially around the fourth of july. >> it's very difficult to say we want to build trust in government. between the governmental building which is our symbol of democracy. and the american people. >> will make us a defense makes a capital resemble baghdad and pushes people away from the government. >> this will be the american people. always part of this facade that they have to continue to be able to justify with proxy voting. >> the house instituted proxy voting for the pandemic let's
11:20 am
see where members can phone in their vote. many members leave remote voting should go away as the pandemic dissipates but many others disagree. >> i could see personally with my own mother situation i still have caregiver issues there might be days where i need to use the proxy. >> house speaker nancy pelosi extended proxy voting through mid-august on the house and senate still conduct remote hearings and, as for security congress still owes the national guard $521 million. >> john: it's had program for us with the latest from capitol hill and happy fourth to you as well. you saw the fence today while you are up and walking around. >> sandra: i talk to chad as well. >> john: i took a wheel around the reflecting pool but no one was there. >> sandra: i have to tell you this is a first time i've been back since the fencing one up. >> john: it's not quite the green zone in baghdad but it's close. >> sandra: it's unbelievable.
11:21 am
i should have turned in my pictures for this chat but the obstructive view of the capital, that beautiful view you are used to, it's -- let's hope they will be gone. search and rescue efforts meanwhile starting again in florida after work stopped for more than 12 hours yesterday due to concerns of the rest of the building could come down. officials say they have recovered two more bodies, bringing the number of confirmed it dead to 20. more than 100 still missing. phil keating is live in surfside florida but the latest from there. >> the search and rescue operation resuming late yesterday afternoon help search and rescue teams overnight discover those two new bodies. tragically, more on one of those in just a second because the searching may have to stop again, possibly for a few or several days, and that's because the tropical storm in the atlantic that we've been talking about is now a hurricane.
11:22 am
and it's called hurricane elsa. the cat one hurricane now a 75-mile-per-hour winds approaching barbados, st. lucia and martinique, then to the caribbean possibly making an impact in south florida beginning sunday. that includes surfside. searching for survivors and bodies as for now back on the round-the-clock schedule. tragically one of the two bodies recovered overnight was a 7-year-old girl, the daughter of one of the firefighters who was on the scene last night when others hold her lifeless body out of the rubble. as firefighters carried her out on a gurney, police officers lined up solemnly as i carried her by. >> every night since this last wednesday has been immensely difficult for everybody, particularly the families that have been impacted. but last night was uniquely different. >> before the president and first lady left miami were
11:23 am
surfside they stopped by the memorial wall and paid their respects. 20 people have not been farm comic found and confirmed it dead which is a number expected to rise exponentially. 128 remain missing. a newly obtained cell phone video showing the dust cloud, chaos and confusion in the minutes right after much of that surfside condo tower fell to the ground, survivors rescue people out of the rubble and those standing in their balcony screaming to be saved. today is day number nine of the search, and last thursday at 1:30 a.m. was one half of the tower crumbled down. that remaining tower is definitely according to the county mayor also going to be demolished sometime likely over the next few weeks, just not structurally sound. >> sandra: of the community has been through a lot there in surfside and it has been a long nine days for all. and it continues. >> john: and it's not going to end anytime soon. it looks like the longest war in
11:24 am
history is almost over. the base that was used in the heart of the war enough afghanistan is now under control. what's next and when the final crews could be home. >> sandra: and at the supreme court will not take up the case of a washington state forest who has fighting a discrimination suit. is this a blow to religious freedom? it andrew mccarthy is on deck and he will join us live, next. wacky be happening right now? we thought people could use a break. we've all been through a lot this year. -that makes sense. -yeah. so... ♪♪ now's not a good time 3/5ths of nsync. are you sure? you have us booked all day. -read the room, guys. -yeah. right? (realtor) the previous owners left in a hurry, -read the room, guys. -yeah. so the house comes with everything you see. follow me. ♪
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11:29 am
>> sandra: u.s. troops have left the hub for u.s. troops in, to withdraw all u.s. forces in the country in september. this move is speeding up the timeline even if as a taliban gains background. they have covered this war since the very beginning and she is reporting live from the pentagon for us. >> the top u.s. general in afghanistan scott miller left
11:30 am
the country today and i'm told he plans to return at some point and it would just of defense secretary lloyd austin lentz to make a statement about all u.s. forces now being out of bagram. even with that information, even the afghans were surprised to hear that u.s. troops had left the bagram air force base. looters we are told broke through the base again but were pushed back by afghan troops. during their bill stated, ever since they u.s. invaded afghanistan since 2011. it was a visibly flustered president that indicated as much when peppered with reporters questions today. >> president biden: i'm not answering any more questions about afghanistan. look.
11:31 am
fourth of july. i'm concerned that you guys are asking me questions, and it has been the worst-kept secret in washington that the withdrawal of u.s. troops would take place this july on before the september 11th. scott miller met with the afghan president in kabul before leaving today and has been giving farewell interviews and warnings about the strong probability as the u.s. leaves and the taliban continues to make gains. >> do you continue to mark the end of the afghan war? is there a ceremony planned or are you just going to go out quietly in the middle of the night? >> we will find a way to market unofficially and to state it unequivocally for the american people at the right time.
11:32 am
and in an appropriate way. >> even though the u.s. withdrawal is virtually complete, no one wants to end of the war, or for the end of the war to fall on independence day for the united states. back to you sandra. >> sandra: jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. >> john: at the supreme court declined to take up the case of a washington state florist who refused to make flower arrangements for a same-sex wedding because of her religious beliefs. the state find her and she has been appealing the decision, but her fight may end up at the nation's highest court. let's bring an anti-mccarthy. the supreme court let stand at the washington state supreme court decision that she was violating discrimination and consumer protection laws. so what does this now mean for her? one attorney in washington state called this a huge victory for inclusiveness. >> it really is a huge victory for that side of the litigation. this is why even among my conservative legal lawyer colleagues i have always been a naysayer as far as the
11:33 am
masterpiece kick decision is concernedf the supreme court residence, and deciding the core religious liberty issue in the case. these litigants like the baker and masterpiece kick, the little sisters of the poor and this litigant in washington, they don't get their rights vindicated. they did it on masterpiece kick and they did it on very technical process oriented grounds. >> one case that we did decide west arizona voting law case. that allowed arizona to uphold the new voting rights legislation that is put in place regarding absentee ballots and that is not renewing calls from some on the left to pack the supreme court.
11:34 am
but at the same time they are forgetting that it was an 8-1 decision recently and a 7-2 decision. >> on monday, wednesday and friday and that's a nonpartisan legal institution. and neither caricature of the court is correct. and more importantly the constitutional and conservative court, they want to imposed by court packing, the supreme court didn't say that couldn't ratchet up voting requirements the way that progressive would like to do it.
11:35 am
but the issue is what does the law say now and not what would progressive like to say? >> there is also justice stephen breyer stepping down from the court so it younger justice can be approved and put in his place. the white house even sweeten the pot here today. >> it's up to the justice system to decide whether there will be an opening. something that would be history making and if there's an opportunity he remains by that commitment. >> saw jen saki is saying, we are not telling him to step down but if he does we will nominate an african-american woman to the court. and that's a dig even further. >> the trump administration was kind of hoping that justice kennedy would step down, and i think that's apt to be, it depends on the individual justice but i think that's a lot
11:36 am
more effective than this kind of public pressure which is just someone like justice breyer who still feels like he can do the job fine, that's just going to get his hackles up. >> john: by november 2022 they may have lost at least part of their ability to get a new justice in it is why we would like to happen now. eddie mccarthy, a happy fourth of july to you and yours as well. >> happy independence day to you and sandra. >> john: it we saw that with ruth bader ginsburg, maybe it's time for ruth to go. speak to have you seen these billboards in d.c.? that's just brutal. john roberts must go. >> john: . i knew we were going to think that way. now this john roberts, we want
11:37 am
him. >> breaking a short time ago, bill cosby's next steps. a new report just out that the newly freed a prisoner might be planning a common comedy tour. details on that and his first days out of lockout coming up next. >> sandra: there will be some action to that. plus the creator behind the controversial 1619 project and it getting a permanent teaching gig. critics have made sure they voice their opposition at a meeting and you will hear from them. >> john: plus inflation hits your wallet this fourth of july so why is the white house saying that prices are down? sean duffy will join us on that coming up next. ♪ ♪
11:38 am
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11:42 am
>> sandra: just days after bill cosby walked free from prison, his spokesperson is hinting that a comedy tour may be in the works for the 83-year-old's future. in an interview with insight addition, andrew wyatt said comedy club owners have been calling and that people "want to see him." cosby was released from prison wednesday after a judge throughout his sexual assault conviction. we saw this pop up a few minutes ago and i know this news broke, and i said john, you got to look
11:43 am
at this. here's a headline that he may be planning a comedy tour. >> john: if people want to see him. the white house getting grilled over a tweet about the price of your summer barbecue. the pun filled post reads it "planning a cook out this year? i catch up on the news. according to the farm bureau, the cost of a fourth of july barbecue is down from last year and it's a fact that you mustard. it's a fact that the biden economic plan is working on something we must all relish. the inflation is driving up overall costs in the tweet true. i beg to differ as well, because i went to my local costco yesterday and got baby back ribs for my fourth of july barbecue and paid 20 bucks more for a pack that i paid just a couple of months ago. >> i just got back from walmart
11:44 am
and had a huge bill. credibility matters in politics and telling americans to not believe there are lying eyes when they go shopping this independence day doesn't bode well for joe biden's credibility. if you look at prices, the average grocery prices up two or 3%. and if you are going to drive anywhere this independence day, and if you want to stay home and invite your family over to her house and wanted to build a deck on the back of your house, lumber prices have doubled over the last couple of years. if you could find someone out there to build your deck. this is totally bogus by the administration and doesn't bode well for the credibility. >> can i just tell you you are enjoying the presence of two men who spend so much time in grocery stores and walmart shopping for the kids? i love it. barbecue prices have changed,
11:45 am
pork prices are on there. and how much longer can they deny this is a reality especially continuing into the holiday weekend, and people are filling up their gas tanks to make road trips. they are seeing gas prices go up, the average price was $3.12 a month ago, and they are paying almost a dollar less the pump. >> i think most americans look at this and shake their heads and say joe biden is out of touch. joe biden doesn't feel the pain that i feel with these rising prices, and americans who actually shop and deal with these prices that deal with budgets and deal with fixed incomes, actually know that their money, there dollar goes less far than it does this year than last year. it's not just when you liable up
11:46 am
the place of prices of food in the store and at the gas pump, you lose with a lot of things because people don't trust you or believe you. and this is very personal. john and i were out shopping for the weekend celebration, right? and it's real. i was like what's going on these prices? i know my bills and what they are and what's going on. i want to come back to costco because their ceo richard gulati told cnbc "inflationary factors abound. and increased demand, we are talking about that, and webber is that due to increased business pressures globally including raw rising raw material and transportation costs, weber will make a small average adjustment to its product pricing in 2021. it was as much as $200 in a
11:47 am
small adjustment. >> this is common sense. when governments borrow a lot of money or when they print money, they are doing both of them. you see sky high inflation and so this is going to be the future and they say this will be transitory. and we have horrible monetary policy where we are printing and borrowing, and that will be a long road of in the stomach inflation. >> that's nine children that you have, right? >> that's nine beautiful children, and both of you guys are out shopping for your family.
11:48 am
they get the max, but a renaissance man if ever we saw. >> thank you. major fallout after chapel hill gave tenure to the critical race theorists behind "the new york times" controversial 6,019th project. all of americans funding as racist, and protests by the school were removed by police as you and now for seeming to honor nicole hannah jones. steve hanna has more on all of this. >> that was not the case wednesday, and they are pushed
11:49 am
by police and that the 1619 project through the system of slavery and its been criticized by some historians as inaccurate especially for the assertion that the american revolution was fought largely to preserve slavery. this battle is bigger than a single preceptorship and this fight is about ensuring black writers, researchers and teachers and students. that's a publicly funded institution. >> in the interest of the general public all too often they serve the interest of an ideological minority that takes taxpayer dollars to fund their private political activism. >> after a month-long battle in
11:50 am
the end of the trustees wrote 9-42 grand tenure. sandra come back to you. >> steve, thank you. >> john: olympic training during a global pandemic, a feat worthy of a champion. luckily team usa was up to the task and to olympic hopefuls hope to sail into history after the break. ♪ ♪ at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance.
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>> sandra: the tokyo olympics drawing closer and athletes are forced to be creative with their training. stephanie roguele and maggie shea have medals on their mind. they made a quick stop to join us live on fox news channel. it's great to see you. we're so pumped for you. this has been a challenging
11:56 am
experience, i'm sure, stephanie. how have you adapted your training to stay in shape for the olympics? >> yeah, it's been an interesting year. we learned a lot about making plans on the fly and just adapting quickly. we've spent a lot of time in europe this year. so we just got back from portugal saturday. we spent six months over there in europe over the last year now. so we've been really fortunate to have that opportunity and we're super grateful to have been competing and training over there and making the most out of it. >> sandra: you never carry what? >> more luggage. we have more gym equipment in our bags. we don't travel light. >> sandra: a great point. maggie, we're showing images of you guys on the boats. what sailing class are -- we see
11:57 am
you flying as you hike out the pictures you provided us. you don't sail boats. you're flying over the water. it's incredible to watch you. >> we love doing the 49er fx. it's a lightweight boat designed for spf. and steph is the dare devil one. she's fast. i'm cautious. we have a good dynamic and love pushing the envelope and wiping out occasionally. it's fun. >> i love that. you guys have a great spirit together. you've been sailing awhile together now. stephanie, i know your a wisconsin girl, right? >> yeah, maggie and i are both from the midwest. i'm from wisconsin, maggie is from illinois. we've been competing against and with each other for almost 16 or 17 years now. so going to the olympics with maggie by my side is incredible.
11:58 am
>> sandra: it's amazing. i was a midwest girl. i learned to sail on lake michigan. there's big lakes there. i'll bring in john roberts, this is fun, this is a big moment for you guys. big moment for our country. this has been so challenging and there's been so much anticipation. you don't know what to expect day to day, what will happen next. it's been brutal, john. >> john: yeah, the hassles you've had to go through getting a place to train and living in a foreign country and health rules than you would here in the united states. it has to have been tough. >> we've learned a lot this year. learned a lot about the documentation process and everything. but like i said, we focus on adapting and communicate and focus on what matters. you know, when we have a good
11:59 am
hard -- i don't want to say deadline but something like the olympics, you can make anything work. might be longer than we want to stay on trips and we don't see families as much as we like. we're working toward a big goal. the goal is getting close. it's worth it in the end. >> sandra: going for the gold. >> john: as a recreational sailor on lake ontario, i love what you're doing. >> sandra: my sailing looks nothing like that but you guys are so impressive. go u.s.a. go team. go get'em. >> thank you. yeah. go u.s.a. >> john: win one for the country. >> sandra: super happy. we'll be watching you guys for sure. that does it for us. live from d.c., john. >> john: didn't i tell you how great it has been to be in the
12:00 pm
studio with you? you should move to washington. >> sandra: i'll pack my bags. headed this way. great to connect. we'll do it time to time. >> john: i love it. been great. hope you and your family have a happy fourth of july. hope you get storms. there's storms. >> sandra: yeah. happy fourth of july. that does it for us. i'm sandra smith live from d.c. this time. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts now. >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. so of course, preparations are underway nationwide for the fourth of july. for most, they're happy post look-down plans and we're going to get to the miracle of that today. first, it's ever more clear that our greatest american cities are in deep trouble. here's a stark sampling of what is happening out there. here's a few looks at some of these horrific incidences. this sexual attack in broad daylight in brooklyn in the


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