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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 2, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> many businesses from struggling to find workers as
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we head into a holiday weekend with gas prices hitting a seven-year high and americans paying a whole lot more at the supermarket. >> dana: mark meredith is following this story from washington for us. good morning. >> new economic data from the labor department. the unemployment rate just unde from the month prior. good news. employers adding more jobs than what economists were expecting. government reporting some 850,000 non-farm jobs added last month. where were the jobs added? no surprise, leisure and hospitality. restaurants and hotels are selling out and professional businesses services as people go back to work. fewer jobs added in manufacturing than you may expect and some jobs lost in construction. one of president biden's advisors is calling the jobs report fantastic. the white house is still to insist the recovery has a long way to go. critics say the president's push to spend trillions of dollars could crush the
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economic growth after the pandemic. >> they want to spend so much money. they are trying to come up with any way possible to get it. it's a dangerous way to do it in terms of long-term interest of our economy. >> a lot of talk about what things cost now. a tweet the white house put out yesterday. if you can see it on your screen it says the cost of a fourth of july cook-out in 2021 is down 16 cents from last year. that tweet has generated a lot of mocking online but talk about inflation remains a real concern for so many people and we'll see what president biden has to say about all this. he will speak about the economy as well as the jobs report in the next hour. dana and trace, back do you guys. >> dana: when i saw that white house little meme last night that said you could save 60 cents i thought it was the babylon bee or onion.
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you know gas and meat prices are up. saving 16 cents? >> trace: as one of the presidents said famously that's fuzzy math. i looked at the same thing. beef prices are up and doesn't include hot dogs and other stuff. not quite sure where they came up with the 16 cents but hey. >> dana: this was one of the responses. can you all mustard up the courage to cancel student loan debt? i love a pun. i love savings. i don't know if 16 cents will do it for us. >> trace: meantime the hunter biden saga putting more pressure on the white house. the president has denied ever speaking with his son about his business dealings but fox news has now obtained new photos reportedly from hunter's laptop. those images raising questions about whether president biden knows more about those dealings than he says. jackie heinrich is live for us at the white house with more on this. jackie, good morning to you. >> good morning, trace. fox news obtained new images appearing to show then vice
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president joe biden posing with his son, hunter and four businessmen in 2015 at the v.p.'s residence putting a spotlight on prior statements from joe biden he never spoke with his son, hunter about his son's overseas business dealings which the white house maintains is true. the images were first reported by the "new york post." the context they report surrounding the purpose of that meeting alleging that hunter was pursuing overseas deals with these men fox news cannot confirm at this time. one image appears to show then v.p. biden standing with hunter and mexican businessmen. the time stamp on that image november 19, 2015, 10:05 a.m. coincides with the scheduled breakfast with dad according to an email found on the drive and supplied to fox news. third email from hunter biden's firm shows a political playbook
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headline corroborating carlos slim being in the washington, d.c. area that day the article head lined spotted yesterday morning in the georgetown four seasons. president biden stands by his previous statements that he never spoke with his son, hunter, about his overseas business dealings. >> president biden: i have never spoken to my son about overseas business dealings. i've never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. >> do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your son's overseas business dealings? >> president biden: yes, i stand by that statement. >> new images were given to fox news from a lawyer for former president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani. he says they came off a copy of a hard drive purportedly from
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hunter biden's laptop. >> trace: thank you, jackie. >> dana: some democrats are renewing calls for president biden to pack the supreme court after yesterday's ruling that upheld arizona restrictions aimed at stopping voter fraud. senator markey says there is no time to waste and others tweet still some people have the nerve to question whether court expansion is necessary. let's bring in katie pavlich. that's nervy, actually, when you think about it. >> it certainly is, dana. this is something, of course, that was brought up on the campaign tail to the president joe biden asked if he was in favor of packing the court he never answered that question because it's so controversial. democrats, because of this ruling, are renewing their call to solidify their power and to use the supreme court as just another political arm of the democratic party when we've seen in this own the department of justice arguing that the
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arizona law did not violate the voting rights act. and so democrats have long time been using the supreme court and their opinions to advocate on behalf of their political philosophy and we have been seeing for months a lot of pressure on kyrsten sinema and joe manchin to eliminate the filibuster in order to pack the court and now calling for justice breyer to retire early so joe biden can replace him when they have a democratic senate to get whatever nominee he may appoint through the senate. a renewed call for democrats to permanently solidify the political agenda through the court system and so far we've seen the filibuster is not going away based on the numbers democrats have in the senate. certainly the calls will grow louder as a result of them feeling they lost this case from arizona. >> trace: good morning. i was listening to political analyst tweeting something that was interesting.
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i want to share it with you. it says it's amazing how the supreme court can give just two decisions democrats don't like and it immediately starts demands from the far left that democrats pack the court. this after the obamacare ruling it is pathetic. it is. 9 their way and 1 your way it becomes like very political. >> yeah. you've seen a number of justices on the court say it as well. look, we don't want to be a political body. we aren't a political body. breyer gave a speech at harvard if you add justices to get political decisions you agree with it will destroy the credibility of the court. ginsberg felt the same way. she said it was a good number. democrats aren't necessarily interested in preserving the integrity of the senate or preserving the integrity of the court or credibility they are
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interested in political outcomes that they can use to quite frankly maintain power in washington, d.c. for years to come. but again going back to the ruling on arizona that everybody on the left, the far left is so angry about, the white house is putting out this narrative that it destroys voting rights across the country. they need to now pass hr and sr1, the john lewis voting rights act. the bottom line is joe biden's own department of justice lawyers did not argue that the law actually violated the voting rights act and so this is not something that is necessarily a win for them in terms of what his department of justice was arguing. on the other side, the california case that came out this week democrats are arguing that dark money is now going to take over elections as a result of the california law being struck down and people not having to expose their donors. the talking point this was conservative groups fighting against exposing donors. that is not necessarily through.
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aclu and naacp were all against the law that got struck down. one narrative coming out of the democratic party in washington, d.c. and another that is played out at the supreme court in terms of these rulings. >> dana: fascinating, katie. thank you so much. good to have you. thank you. what's interesting if you go to check out the column by shannon bream and they talk about how this was the first session that you had the new court and especially with amy coney barrett but what they argue is that 90% of the time barrett, brett kavanaugh and justice roberts voted together and they voted with the majority. that might be your center. might be a little -- shannon explains it better than i do but it's interesting. the democrats are overblowing this situation. >> trace: jonathan turley pointed out 60% of the cases were unanimous. that's astounding when you think about the makeup of this court and remember the democrats over and over during
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the confirmation of barrett said you'll lose obamacare. 7-2 it was upheld. there goes that argument. >> dana: and here we go with this. with our city in the midst of a violent crime -- we'll hear from the official leading the charge. >> trace: where things stand this morning after the search for survivors after a possible further collapse forced a pause yesterday. >> dana: july 4 was supposed to mark our independence from covid but biden administration is continuing its mixed messages on masks. ♪♪♪ interest rates drop to record lows while home prices have just gone up and up. giving you a once in a lifetime chance to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand.
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>> dana: we're hours away from an emergency city council meeting in chicago on efforts to control violence in the city. four people were killed and 2 wounded just yesterday. officials want answers on plans to keep the city safe over the fourth of july weekend. raymond lopez joins us now an alderman and lori lightfoot said about the special city council meeting public safety of our city is a serious matter and she thinks for some it's being used as a political wedge issue. i look forward to the special meeting on friday to provide another opportunity for alderman can be informed on public safety. why did you think you needed an emergency meeting? >> before she made that statement lori lightfoot has been saying that calls for answers about violence and how we're addressing the non-stop blood shed of our streets was a stunt, political and joke to her. a diversion. she has never taken this
6:18 am
seriously. 19 aldermen have asked for this meeting so we can get answers. our superintendent clearly is not up to the job. the mayor is not up to the job to keep the city of chicago safe and we want her on record not in a back room meeting. we want her on record to explain how she will keep chicago safe as we've seen mass shootings on the rise. we had a shooting in front of my house yesterday by gang bangers. it is out of control and we need to get results that keep people safe. >> dana: what do you hear from your con constituents? >> they're afraid. we see time and again we're standing in front of your own home can get you killed. they don't see a cohesive strategy. we see our police officers are being overworked. no days off, 12, 15, 17 hour shifts weeks at a time. all the while not being able to arrest people. not being able to chase people. not being able to do their job.
6:19 am
our residents want answers. >> dana: here is one of the things she said about the critics and what is motivating them. take a listen. >> there have been questions raised about your temperament and reaction to criticism and use the term irras able. how much might have to do with your a woman and specifically a black woman >> about 99%. >> we are minority ward. we're tired of all the cards being used to try to deflect from her inability to keep chicagoans safe. my issue is not about her being a black woman or first lesbian mayor. all i care about is keeping chicago residents safe and she refuses to admit it's an emergency is striking to me and
6:20 am
sad seeing our city in the hands of a leader who does not take the safety of its residents as priority number one. >> dana: last question. in chicago one of the things she points to things are as bad. murders are down at 28% and shooting incidents are down by 20%. that's looking at june of 2020 versus june of 2021. now, would you say the pandemic perhaps had something to do with that? >> you know, she is comparing month-to-month. if you look year-to-date we are higher than we were last year. an increase in shootings and increase in homicides and more importantly we've seen the resolving door of justice crank out criminals no sooner than they are arrested they're back on the streets. there are no consequences in this city anymore and we're seeing the effects of it every day. just last night we had a one month old baby shot. we had a 9-year-old child shot while the superintendent was giving his speech about how great he is doing. it is horrible what is going on.
6:21 am
the disconnect between them is striking. >> dana: i can tell you are going to demand some answers. keep in touch with us on the emergency meeting happening today. thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: rescue efforts are resuming this morning at a partially collapsed florida condo after teams paused for 15 hours over concerns the rest of the tower might fall. at least 18 people confirmed dead. 140 missing. loved ones are starting to lose hope. >> at the moment, we are hoping that my sister's remains are found. i personally don't think that my sister will be found alive at this point. i don't think any human being can last seven full days without water or nourishment. >> trace: phil keating is live in surfside. good morning to you. >> good morning, trace. and suddenly the resumption of the round the clock search and rescuing in the pile of rubble may have to be halted again due
6:22 am
to tropical storm elsa now becoming hurricane elsa. the category 1 hurricane is packing 75 miles per hour a wind and approaching martinique as we speak and could begin impacting south florida sunday as well as monday and tuesday. searching for survivors and bodies is back to round the clock. the remaining part of the tower that did not fall is eventually going to have to come down. >> and we are proceeding with planning for the likely demolition of the building while the search and rescue continues as our top priority. >> that building just too fragile at this point. president biden and first lady were here most of the day thursday meeting with state and federal leaders of this crisis including florida's governor ron desantis and two u.s. senators, marco rubio and rick scott, all republicans. the local and county mayor. biden also met with first
6:23 am
responders and members of the critical search and rescue teams who continue digging for survivors. the president and first lady also went table to table meeting with families of the 145 residents still unaccounted for. they also stopped by the memorial wall outside and paid their respects. 18 people have been found and confirmed dead. a number expected to rise exponentially. newly obtained cell phone video showing the dust cloud, chaos and confusion in the minutes right after much of the surfside tower fell to the ground last thursday. survivors rescued people out of the rubble and those standing on balconies screaming to be saved. today is day nine in the search for survivors in the rubble as well as the surge for dead. just now breaking locally here in miami a rescuer who was on the pile last night telling a local tv news station that another rescuer last night dug
6:24 am
out and found his deceased daughter. heartbreaking. >> trace: phil, thank you. >> dana: firefighters in washington, d.c. rescued a construction worker who was trapped for over an hour after a building collapsed yesterday. the trapped worker was buried under three stories of rubble but had eight inches of space around him. the worker is lucky to be alive. the worker and four others were hospitalized with serious but non-life threatening injuries. >> trace: many states are getting back to work by ending extended unemployment benefits early but not new jersey. that's leaving some business owners short on workers ahead of a very busy summer. we'll talk to a couple of them. plus hitting the road this weekend? you better get ready for a little pain at the pump. especially if you go out west where it's like $5. >> i can't believe this. over $100 to fill my tank. than you think! you cy
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>> trace: new jersey is extending covid unemployment benefits even as data shows more americans leaving jobless rolls in states ending the extra cash early. a pair of jersey piz qua place owners can't find workers and their business is overwhelmed. a tough summer ahead. johnny g's pizzeria and restaurant in towns river, new jersey. biden administration said there is no evidence these extended benefits are hurting the hiring process but i want to put this map up on the screen. 25 states have now ended the extended benefits and they the end to have better unemployment rates than the rest of the country. but johnny and michael, we don't have to tell you guys that because you are living it. what's it like as business owners, johnny, begin with you. >> you know, for the last 25 years we've never had an issue with finding help and now it's
6:31 am
just nobody comes in. there is nobody coming in for a job. we are in need from bus person, dishwasher, prep people, cook, pizza guy, just no one comes in for work anymore. >> i talked to a restaurant owner in california who said he has to walk his line cooks out at night to their cars because there are other restaurant owners coming to try to poach them to work for them. it is unbelievable. what do you think? >> oh hear that all the time and you hear places that are actually closing down for lunch and just opening for dinner because they can't get line cooks. the shortage is just like john said earlier, 25 years we've never experienced. both of us are back on the line ourselves at least three or four nights a week because we don't have the manpower to do it. >> trace: and then we mentioned in the intro, johnny, you talk
6:32 am
about the cost of supplies and food. everything is going up. it will be passed on to the customers. it has to be. what is it doing to your business and what do you look for long term? >> well, you know, right now we've been absorbing all the costs. we try not to pass it onto the customer but it has -- it has to go on to the customer. we're right in the process of raising some prices and everyday goods. blended oil, frying oil, double in price. items go up, they go up double, triple. when they come down they never come down to the original prices. they are always inflated. we could go on and on. every product is so expensive now and we're trying the best we can to not pass it along to the customer, but between the minimum wage and the cost of
6:33 am
goods, it is inevitable weprice. >> trace: very quickly michael. i was at a restaurant last night. salad, entree and glass of wine and it was $100. you think what's going on here? >> i feel for the people but i like to go out with my wife and show -- i have to explain to her it's just the way it is. if a small business wants to stay in business, the only way they can is to raise the prices and it is unfortunate but that's the way things are today. >> trace: johnny and michael, best of luck to you. thank you both. >> thank you. have a happy fourth of july. >> dana: explosive "politico" report on kamala harris ignored by most places. abuse in the vice president's
6:34 am
office. the other networks there was no coverage. monitoring service found no coverage compared that to trump administration office intrigue that was covered a lot. howie kurtz is the host of "media buzz". it is not like this is a story. it is "politico", talked to 22 people and similar to an article that ran in the "new york times" back when her campaign ended in december of 2019. >> the networks love the narrative of kamala harris as vice president. the rest of the biden white house is so tight lipped when it comes to any internal dissent. they come off in the piece as a dysfunctional and unhappy place with aides and ex aides. the media lapped up the stories in trump world. the white house is taking this so seriously that this morning in axios are on the record quotes from ron klain and others saying vice president harris is off to a great start.
6:35 am
>> dana: a biden senior advisor said this is a whisper campaign designed to sabotage her from within her own office, howie? >> well, that has been known to happen. people who leak have their own agends. it says something that the vice president can't keep a lid on these leaks. we have to say in the last 48 hours some of it is drowned out by bill cosby walking out of prison. the trump organization indictment and the condo collapse. all the source were named a little challenging to follow up. a lot of reporters don't want to do anything to diminish their access to kamala harris. she is seen as the likely democratic frontrunner if she runs for president if 2024 or four years later. the media scrutiny here really matters. >> dana: it will only continue. they'll figure it out or they won't. governor andrew cuomo a few
6:36 am
months ago every day had another sexual harassment allegation and deeply disturbing policies sendsing the nursing home individuals back into the nursing homes where they spread the coronavirus and so many people died that didn't need to die. and yet this basically gets no coverage now. outkick media said the media doesn't cover the biggest stories, they cover the stories that further the points they previously made. think of cnn hosts as prosecutors. trying not to -- they are trying to persuade americas. why do you think that story went away with ko*em? >> that crisis goes far when you consider "the new york times" did an interview with the second accuser that broke the story open and cbs news put her on the air. initially the press stayed away from the allegations of sexual harassment involving governor
6:37 am
cuomo. when you have an investigation behind closed doors it tends to fade. why governor cuomo wanted a state probe to say it's under investigation. i won't comment. a way to buy time. the story will come roaring back when the attorney general finishes the probe. cuomo has managed to keep his poll numbers fairly good. he has taken a big political hit over both the nursing home and sexual harassment allegations. that's dimmed the political and media chatter will he resign tomorrow or next week. the story now is on the back burner. >> dana: the next story might be if he decides to run for a fourth term. we'll see about that. have a great weekend, howie, thanks. >> trace: you, too, thank you. >> trace: rising u.s. track star may miss the olympics over a drug test. sha'carri. the u.s. ant he doping agency says this disqualifies her trial results.
6:38 am
the time is out. 30 day suspension from the time of the failed test could still leave her clear to run in the olympics next month but really it's a math thing because you have 30 days and if the track and field events are pushed to the end of the olympics there is a chance. if not, it gets very -- >> dana: i hope she has a chance. i understand the rules. i'm a rule follower myself but i think she said i'm only human and remember when she won that race nobody knew her biological mother died the week after. she is a tough cookie and i hope she gets to run. with style, too. apparently keeping schools closed for most of last year was not enough. teachers unions waging a fight over mandatory vaccines. is it fair to america's kids? we'll talk to former surgeon general. now afghan interpreters are facing new threats from the taliban. is the u.s. doing enough to help? we'll talk to an interpreter
6:39 am
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>> dana: the date is set for the recall election of california governor gavin newsom. september 14th. do they want to recall him and who should replace him. if 50% or more say yes to recall the candidate with the most votes in question two becomes california's next governor. trace, what's going to happen? >> a couple of things going for him in california.
6:45 am
republican candidate, which so far we talk about caitlyn jenner and cox they're splitting. not that power force like arnold schwarzenegger back in the early 2000s. it is leaning more toward newsom. >> dana: september 14th we'll keep an eye on it. >> trace: california raising its gas tax for 15 cents. let's bring in william la jeunesse with more. good morning. >> good morning, trace, wherever you are you'll pay a dollar more per gallon more than last year. now the question here isn't can you get gas but can you afford it, right? $4.79 a gallon compared to the national average of 3:12. some gas stations you can't find gas with a shortage of truck drivers.
6:46 am
>> there is plenty of gasoline this summer. refineries are churning out record amounts of gasoline. the problem is getting it from the terminal to the station. >> driving an 18 wheeler hauling 10,000 gallons of fuel does require licensing and training. during covid, a lot of the driving schools shut down leaving a shortage of drivers. some stations in iowa, colorado, missouri had to shut down temporarily. however, the driver shortage should not affect prices nationwide. the price of crude, however, could. u.s. production is down about 10%. experts say gasoline prices could jump another 10 to 20 cents a gallon over the summer. the good news, we have gas. the bad news is it's not cheap. the federal gas tax 18 cents in california. 51 cents. it goes up every year with inflation, unlike most other states. back to you. >> trace: bumping up above $5
6:47 am
before we know it. >> dana: whether to wear a mask or not is getting confusing. they are still required for people traveling on airplanes and other public transportation. the white house is giving the green light for vaccinated americans to celebrate the fourth of july without facial covering. >> if you've been vaccinated the message we're conveying is you are safe. these vaccines are effective. we certainly feel comfortable and confident moving forward with our event at the white house and individuals having barbecues in their backyards this weekend to celebrate the fourth of july and america's birthday. >> dana: here is jerome adams. the "l. a. times" editorial. the public received confusing messages from experts and policymakers on mask. that sews division and makes it a political symbol some are fighting ov that ridiculous debate. where do you come down on masks?
6:48 am
this is just l.a. it might become nationwide even though dr. fauci says right now no need to change. >> first of all, good morning from the nation's capital. let me frame it for folks. we have covid dangerous player variant composing up to 60% of infections in mississippi delta version against our defense. it consists of vaccinations and masking and testing and knowing who we are around and maintaining our bubble and social network. what i want people to understand if you're vaccinated, especially with one of the mrna vaccines, the studies show that you have 95% protection from infections from serious illness. but if you aren't vaccinated, the recommendations have always been you should wear a mask, socially distance, watch your bubble to make sure you can stay safe.
6:49 am
>> dana: even with the delta variant. >> even with the delta variant. especially. the challenge, the delta variant is spreading and causes new cases, represents the potential for a very real new surge in our country and the government pushed -- the biden administration pushed a lot of the responsibility on folks. we need to step up. representative scalise said this yesterday during house testimony i gave. vaccines are safe and effective and if we want freedom it is on us to take measures to make sure we can maintain that freedom. it is either masking, vaccinations or maintaining your bubble. >> dana: i also want to ask you about the u.s. teachers union who came out with the statement yesterday saying the nea will call for mandatory covid-19 vaccinations and testing for all students and staff before returning to face-to-face instruction in the fall. subject to medical exception in accordance with existing law. the fda has not done a full approval of the vaccines. nea already under a lot of
6:50 am
pressure and also some frustration across america because schools were closed in a lot of people's minds it was absolutely unnecessary. will this make it harder to get kids back in school in the fall? it seems unthinkable. >> dana, you know i have a 17, 15 and 11-year-old. and they quite frankly experienced far more harm from the shutdowns than they have from covid. it is important we get our kids back to school. but you brought up a critical point which i brought up in my testimony yesterday on vaccine hesitancy. many people are hesitant to get a vaccines until it is fully fda licensed or approved. that's a barrier for individuals and when you look at legal matters, a lot of schools, even the military have been hesitant to make vaccines mandatory until there is full licensure. so the fda needs to get on it. they need to either fully license these vaccines. under our administration five months from phase three studies
6:51 am
to eua. six months and going since the eua and we don't have an update on licensure. we need to know what's going on so people can make informed decisions personally and as organizations. happy fourth and stay safe, everyone. >> trace: thank you. fox news alert now. drugs streaming across the southern border at an as trom great rate. this man's partner was gunned down by a cartel member. he risked his life for our freedom. an american hero is waking up in a new smart home thanks to the tunnel to towers foundation. he joins us live next. ♪♪♪ address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably.
6:52 am
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>> trace: my next guest and family are waking up in a brand-new mortgage-free smart home this morning because of the tunnel to towers foundation. here to talk about it is austin reiss and tunnel to towers founder and ceo frank siller. austin, first, congratulations about the house in whitefish, montana. i hear it's spec lack you tar. if you could tell us about the house, tell us what it means to you. we'll put up some pictures while you're talking, austin. >> thank you very much for having me on. the house is just absolutely amazing. we just don't have the barriers that we had in our other homes. one of the big issues for my wife and i was always running into each other in the kitchen and last night making our first meal in here it was just wonderful to be able to move around and not have to worry about that. and hitting her or running into her or our kids or anything
6:58 am
like that. it was amazing. >> trace: a lot of big smiles on your family and give the audience an idea what the house has. some of the smart homes what they include. automated doors and lighting. special showers to accommodate wheelchairs. automatic door openers, cabinets, counters, stove tops raised and lowers and other things. everyone knows that tunnel to towers foundation is amazing. we talk to you every year on 9/11. you do yeoman's work out there. it's awesome. put up the numbers. $250 million raised, 450 mortgage-free homes delivered or in progress. that is applause worthy helping families like austin. it has to make you feel exceptional. >> it really does. look, austin is incredible hero. he gave his body for his country. over 2,000 jumps. he trained so many jumpers for america and so he deserves this
6:59 am
house. we delivered 20 mortgage-free homes for this fourth of july for our independence weekend because of heroes like austin. we live in the greatest country that ever existed, trace. we ask everybody to join us on this mission. go to tunnel to and donate as little as $11 a month and we can take care of all these great heroes. not just this weekend but forever. there are so many more than that 450 that we've taken care of so far with mortgage-free and smart homes. we need people to join us. austin, thank you for your sacrifice. >> trace: that's an important point. you've served your country well. we see your beautiful family around you. i hope this house helps you. your final thoughts. >> my final thoughts are i cannot say thank you enough to tunnel to towers, to frank and everybody on the team. we are just so blessed for this
7:00 am
opportunity and for this house. it is amazing and i can't wait for many more and many more memories. >> trace: austin, best to you. frank, best to you. we know you'll walk 500 miles for 9/11 the 20th anniversary. all of the 9/11, you are a good man and it's a good organization. austin, enjoy the house, god bless. >> god bless america. >> dana: new concerns over the flood of migrants and drugs coming across our southern border after republican lawmakers visited there earlier this week. virginia congressman bob good blasting president biden's handling of the crisis saying there is no operational control. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> trace: good morning, i'm trace gallagher in for bill hemmer. more than 180,000 migrants were caught at the border in may alone. perhaps even more concerning is a major spike in fentanyl coming into the country. ted cruz believes the biden
7:01 am
administration isn't doing enough to help border patrol with the crisis. watch. >> i think their hands are tied because they made the promises. they won't go back on the promises, i don't believe. so joe biden will not be willing to enforce the border or stop illegal immigration. >> dana: bill, you always have something going on at the border when you're there in the morning. what do you see today? >> good morning to you. we certainly do. literally three minutes before you came to you live we saw a group of migrants pop out of the brush down the road from us and give themselves up to border patrol. it happens every morning out here and show you part of the reason why it happens. look at the live video from our fox drone now. this is the incomplete trump border wall that was being built during his presidency in la joya, texas. it stopped as soon as joe biden took over as the president. there are still piles and sheets of metal sitting in the open texas sun going unused and
7:02 am
one of the hot spots where the migrants are coming through every single morning. take a look at this video we shot here yesterday morning. a large group of migrants who came through the gap. a very large gap. this is one of the biggest areas where they come through. all this happening as we learn that five texas sheriffs as well as some ice officers are now suing the biden administration accusing biden of not upholding federal law by not allowing ice to arrest or deport criminal illegals. according to that lawsuit ice agents have one arre two months and cited an incident where his policies kept ice from arresting him. the sheriffs out here are very upset by this. biden's policies enticing illegals to come here. here is what the kinney county sheriff had to say. >> we had to release one from
7:03 am
our detention center. we notified ice. they said he doesn't meet our criteria, let him go. that doesn't sit well with me or anybody in my community or my county. somebody has to be held responsible. this is the only way we'll get somebody's attention that biden administration is not doing their job. >> all of this happening with the context of the ongoing security concerns. just yesterday border patrol here in the rio grande valley reported on wednesday alone they arrested three criminal illegal aliens with serious records. one was a honduras national with a second degree rape conviction of a child under the age of 15 out of the state of new york. after that they arrested a mexican national with a sexual assault conviction and then another person from honduras a registered sex offender in the
7:04 am
state of wisconsin. that happened on wednesday alone in the span of a few hours. those men had been previously deported and tried coming back. send it back to you. >> dana: bill, thank you. >> trace: deadly day in chicago as multiple shootings across the city yesterday left four people dead, 28 wounded. police say a month month old baby was shot and listed in critical condition as city council holds an emergency meeting today to prepare for a potential rise in violence during the summer. >> 19 aldermen have asked for this meeting so we can get answers. our superintendent clearly is not up to the job. the mayor is not up to the job to keep the city of chicago safe. and we want her on record not in a back room meeting. we want her on record to explain how she will keep chicagoans safe as we've seen mass shootings on the rise. >> trace: let's bring in mike tobin live in chicago with the latest. good morning.
7:05 am
>> and trace that number has risen to 32 people who were shot in chicago last night. four dead and given the sloppy nature of the gunfire in these gang land shooting inoh center get caught in the crossfire. this time a couple of girls are paying the price for the violence in chicago. a 1-month-old girl was in a car in the inglewood neighborhood. three men got out of a car and opened fire and they got away and she was hit in the head and in critical condition in the hospital. southside a vehicle pulled up and opened fire and a 9-year-old girl struck in the head and in critical condition at the hospital. chicago mayor lori lightfoot pressed on this out of control violence has repeatedly blamed the courts saying they have been closed for the last 15 months due to the pandemic. the result is violent criminals out on bail indefinitely. >> we have to have justice for victims, the surviefrk family members and starts with the
7:06 am
criminal courts stepping up and holding people accountable. you can't do that when the courthouses are closed. please just open up the criminal courts to trials. >> however, the chief judge of cook county says it's not true. his office says there have been 128,000 criminal proceedings in cook county in the time period. 13,000 guilty pleas, 1,000 bench trials and 25 jury trials since march. there is a backlog of cases due to the pandemic but the chief judge says the courts have been open and resolving these matters. disingenuous to say the courts have been closed. city council in chicago is demanding an emergency hearing with the superintendent of police and mayor. it will happen later this morning to address the bloodshed ahead of the fourth of july holiday. >> trace: mike, thank you. >> dana: u.s. economy showing signs of life adding 850,000 new jobs last month.
7:07 am
that number exceeding expectations and we're waiting to hear from president biden on that. he is scheduled to speak in a few minutes. let's bring in our friday economic panel. steve moore and austan goolsbee. the unemployment rate ticks up to 5.9% and 10 million open job listings. what's going on here. >> first of all the economy is a rocket ship now, no question. it is a great, great recovery. united states is number one in terms of recovering from this pandemic so it's wonderful news at the beginning of this fourth of july weekend. so a lot going right with the economy. we're getting people back to work. you are also right that the biggest problem right now is getting people back into these jobs. there are 9.3 million job openings in the united states today. there is still 24 states providing these extra unemployment benefits. i think the evidence is pretty clear that's keeping people on the couch.
7:08 am
let's get those people back in the workforce. fill those 9.3 million jobs and we'll have a great economy for the rest of the year. >> dana: austan, we had a couple of guys from a restaurant in new jersey and they said nobody even comes in to apply for the jobs they have open and they're really struggling. while the jobs are added and it's amazing what's the policy to get people back to work? >> well, the three things that we balance out we're trying to figure out what drives labor shortage. one is people afraid of catching the virus. hopefully that one is getting better. two, they don't have childcare. schools were closed. hopefully that is getting better. three, people like steve moore think the unemployment insurance drives it. all of those are improving. you are seeing the same labor shortage in other countries where they are coming back rapidly like in the u.k. so that makes me think that it has nothing to do with u.s.
7:09 am
policy. i think the number one rule of virus economics is when you want the economy to boom you have to get control of the virus. we're doing that. i think this month's really strong job number, especially in the sectors like leisure and hospitality where the business owners have been complaining the most they can't hire people, to see them being able to hire hundreds of thousands of people is a great sign that steve is right that we're in a path in the right direction. >> we're in complete agreement on that. the vaccine has been the savior of our economy no question about it. operation warp speed was an amazing program. we have over a mill job openings in construction and manufacturing and trucking. dana, you can't get people back on the job because they are making more money on unemployment than going. by the way -- >> those are jobs that pay more than unemployment.
7:10 am
they pay more. >> hold on. if you look at the states with the biggest decline in unemployment in the last jobs report it is the states that have stopped paying these increased unemployment benefits. in texas i have a good friend lives right across the street from an employment agency. for three months people haven't been looking for jobs. as soon as the governor ended the unemployment benefits guess what there are lines outside the door people looking for jobs. >> dana: you don't believe that, austan? >> the search data from both job searches on google and from the online job search engines do not show that in places where they cut off the u.i. there has been increase in the amount of search activity. the balance of job creation is not in those places concentrated in those places where they got rid of unemployment insurance. it is not factually correct. >> dana: it might take us
7:11 am
awhile to find out more about that. i didn't ask you about inflation. i want to point this out. how concerned are you about inflation? 83% of americans are concerned about it. so that is also on the radar and we're running out of time. i need to have a podcast with you guys so i can have more unders thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> you, too. >> trace: they do deserve an hour. a win for the woke crowd at the university of north carolina as the author of the controversial 1619 project is awarded a tenured position at the school. what this says about public education in america. plus this. >> we have a moral obligation to individuals who shared risk and hardship alongside our soldiers on the battlefield. >> dana: afghan translators fighting for their lives as american troops withdraw from the country. how the rock band pearl jam is joining the fight to bring these interpreters to safety.
7:12 am
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>> dana: a member of rock band perfectly jam is working on an international cause rallying fans to support interpreters in afghanistan as america closes in on its involvement there it comes at afghan interpreters worked with our armed forces face new threats from the taliban. the biden administration is facing heat to bring them to safety. >> we have a moral obligation to individuals who shared risk and hardship alongside our soldiers on the battlefield. not only that they risked their own lives and the lives of
7:18 am
their family members as well. the taliban generally know who they are. they are tracking them down and there have been a lot of assassinations. hundreds have been killed in recent years. they're in a desperate situation. >> dana: pearl jam is teaming up with former afghan interpreter to get more interpreters out of that country and they join me now. thank you so much for being here today and tell me how did you get involved in this organization in the first place? >> i just recently learned about the organization just a few days ago. emily from our team, we were going to release this song on the fourth of july and she reached out and said maybe we should check out partnering with this organization and she took a zoom call with them and they were talking about the importance of this issue. that really got our attention and we have been digging into
7:19 am
it ever since and happy to be here and support this. >> dana: the organization is called no one left behind. tell me what you are hearing from some of your friends in afghanistan now as they are extremely concerned about being targeted by the taliban. >> good morning, thank you for having me first of all. before coming to the question, we are their voices. this is not only my voice but this is the voice of all those interpreters awaiting vees yas. most of them don't have access to internet and they reach out to us. the main concern is the u.s. withdrawal. once the u.s. is out of the country and they will leave taliban people behind and they are waiting times. most of the interpreters have been waiting for only interviews for the past three
7:20 am
years as we say every time that we -- in seven months but the entire process only the paperwork takes 3 1/2 years, you know, to process those paperwork and it doesn't make any sense to me and it is killing our life. >> dana: you did great work there, of course, for the americans and we thank you for your service. i want to play a little bit of your new song. it will be released on independence day coming up this week called fourth of july and it is with painted shield. let's take a listen. ♪♪♪ tell me more about your efforts to raise awareness about veterans' mental health. >> this song was -- lyrics written by mason jennings, a singer in the band. and it was about six months ago
7:21 am
that we finished this track and the release date we just happened to have come up on the fourth but you know, i think mason has a lot of friends in minnesota that served. a lot of those people were signed up to get out of tough situations at home and ended up even having more tough situations after they got back. so it's really a personal song for him and his friends. and it just seemed to coincide that this is a perfect opportunity to raise some awareness about that. >> dana: where can people find that? spotify i imagine? >> yeah. and you know you think about a song. it is not really that important. what's important right now is what we are talking about. the seriousness of this and the ramifications of those people being left behind is very, very
7:22 am
frightening. so i urge everybody to please reach out to their congressmen and senators and put some pressure on the biden administration to get this done. >> dana: may i just ask you also do you feel that the americans would be breaking a promise to these interpreters who helped us? >> i hope not. i am looking forward to president biden's administration to expedite the process and keep their promise. we promised them and it is our time to keep the promises. >> dana: how do you plan to celebrate the fourth of july? >> i am trying my best, you know, to help those interpreters who are left behind and trying, you know, as many emails as i can send to my congressmen and women to ask them to expedite the process and bring our friends back home. >> dana: you don't take a day
7:23 am
off. this is how much it means to you. thank you both for being here. everyone should check out no one left and hopefully the administration is listening. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: controversial 1619 project taking hold at the university of north carolina after the school's board of trustees approved a tenured position for a founder of the project that challenges the history of slavery in america. jones is a "new york times" journalist who won a pulitzer for her work on the project focusing on critical race theory. steve harrigan with more live in atlanta. >> tenure battles are lengthy and bitter but rarely violent as was the case of unc chapel hill. members of the black student movement were shoved by university police after refusing to leave a closed-door session over tenure for nicole hannah jones. it has divided the university.
7:24 am
she is the creator of the 1619 project with "the new york times" the real focus on slavery throughout u.s. history. it has been criticized by some historians for being inaccurate especially the contention that american revolution was because of people who wanted to hold onto slavery. she says it is more than just a professorship. this fight is about ensuring the journalistic freedom. critics say it is replacing history with ideology at a publicly funded institution. >> they take public funds in the interest of the general public but all too often they serve the interests of an ideological minority that takes taxpayer dollars to fund their private political activism. >> the trustees voted 9-4 to award tenure. trace, back to you. >> trace: steve harrigan live in atlanta. thank you. breaking news out of hawaii. fox news confirming a boeing
7:25 am
737 cargo plane has crashed. made an emergency landing in the water off of honolulu. two pilots on board. they have both been rescued. it happened at 2:30 in the morning hawaii time after reporting engine trouble. this is a big deal. the ntsb will be on the scene. we haven't had a major airliner or flight like this land on the water since the miracle on the hudson. 737, one of the most widely-used aircrafts in the country, so the ntsb will be keenly aware or investigate what went wrong here because of the fact that everybody is flying 737s nowadays. remember, we had those problems with the 737 max aircrafts. they were grounded for the better part of two years, really just now starting to get back online, dana. so when you have a 737 that goes down. we don't know why. both of the pilots on board were rescued. it is a cargo plane.
7:26 am
no other passengers on board off the coast of hawaii. a very intriguing investigation. >> dana: yes, thankfully you know all about it. the 737 i couldn't pick you are it. i remember that's one of the ones used all across. thankfully they're okay. we'll keep you updated. drug smuggling becoming a major issue at the border. >> cartels have operational control of the border and the current leaders in the white house refuse to do their duty to secure the border. >> dana: a significant rise in drugs reaching the united states from mexico as the border patrol deals with the migrant crisis. what can be done to stop that part of it? plus a holiday weekend salute to america. the u.s. america's golden knights parachuting down with a huge american flag in america's hartland. more from kansas city coming up. ♪♪♪
7:27 am
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7:32 am
>> trace: federal agents along the el paso sector of the southern border seeing a huge spike in the drug fentanyl coming into the united states reporting a 4,000% increase in fentanyl seizures over the past three years. texas governor greg abbott warning of this dangerous opioid making its way throughout the country. watch. >> this fentanyl is deadly and dangerous. it is going throughout communities across the entire state of texas as well as communities in other states of the united states and the biden administration is doing nothing. >> trace: let's bring in a retired ice homeland security investigation special agent. his partner was killed by a drug cartel. victor, thank you for coming on. i want to put up this graphic because it really is stunning about, you know, the comparisons of fentanyl coming into the country in 2018, one
7:33 am
pound, two pounds in 19, 2020 nine pounds. look at this year so far and it's july. 41 pounds. victor, when you consider 2 milligrams can be lethal. this could take out tens of thousands of americans. your thoughts. >> this is all related to border security and the cartels have taken tremendous advantage. that's what the biden administration is basically aiding and abetting in having these cartels push this poison that i call it throughout our country. and it is killing our citizens and our youth. a lot of it is through counterfeit pills that the cartels produce with these pill mills in mexico. regular medication, types of drugs that youth are experimenting with but laced with fentanyl and it is killing them in record numbers.
7:34 am
tens of thousands throughout the united states directly related to the cartels. >> trace: and a sheriff in texas echoed that he said even the low level dealers have large quantities of fentanyl. not only do they use it in a pill press machine, which makes it look like a safe drug to the young people, but they are also lacing it with heroin, meth and other drugs. he also notes, victor, that the prices of fentanyl are dropping rapidly. >> this only makes this drug really accessible throughout the united states and we must do something to stop these cartels from coming in in the first place and pushing this poison to our communities. and some of the solutions that i can talk about here is finally designating some of these cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, which is what they are. and that would give us a lot of new resources to attack them and finally take them down. i know congress and chip roy
7:35 am
has put a bill forward to do just that but we have to now change our tactics because our old tactics of investigations and long-term investigations are no longer working from the cartels that have grown and are highly sophisticated. >> trace: the problem, is it your assessment that we're so overwhelmed on the border that the border patrol and cpb have their hands full trying to deal with this crush of migrants that comes across every day? >> yes. as you know, the border patrol is overwhelmed in these areas taking care of unaccompanied children and family units that the rest of the border is wide open for the cartels to come in not just human smuggling and trafficking and fentanyl, methamphetamine, the super labs in mexico with china. i've been to the area and it is something chaotic down there that we have to really address.
7:36 am
if the biden administration won't do it the state of texas needs to step up and take care of it. >> trace: the state of texas is doing just that. good to have you on, sir, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: the u.s. army golden knights are kicking off the holiday weekend with a parachute jump from america's heartland. we're live in kansas city, a bright light in the fox lineup. what's going on, abby? >> very sweet of you to say. it has been a great week in kansas city so far. the reason we're doing our proud american coverage here the city is coming alive with that red, white and blue. the main event is on sunday. the kansas city air show. as you mentioned the golden knights kick things off with a very special moment. what you are looking at is staff sergeant diaz jumping out of a plane with an american flag. look at that. this was his 386th jump and
7:37 am
said it was amazing to fly the national colors ahead of the fourth of july. the golden knights are one of only three department of defense sanctioned aerial demonstration teams. the other two are the navy blue angels and air force thunder birds, both of which are also performing on sunday. now it's fairly rare to see both of them at the same event. fans are in for a real treat. in terms of the golden knights the team is composed of 95 men and women which includes four chair chute units, aviation unit and headquarters. as part of our proud american coverage i had the opportunity to speak with some of the pilots ahead of the air show to find out more about what it's like to fly these aircraft and what it means for them to perform on a day so monumental for our country. >> a proud day to be an american on the fourth of july to be able to perform on fourth of july is a dream come through and to be in front of such an awesome crowd on such a patriotic day. if you stay tuned we might have a surprise coming at the end of
7:38 am
it. fourth of july is a big day for the military, obviously. >> we'll be at that air show coming to you live with all the events that are happening that day. you know what? i have a hunch that maybe what he is referring to that surprise could have something to do with the fact that the blue angels and thunder birds are performing at the same time. maybe we'll see if they do a formation or something together. >> dana: i'll be paying attention. >> trace: that would be fun to watch. farmers out west struggling with a historic drought. our next guest calls it a slow moving national disaster on the scale of hurricane katrina. >> any rain we got yesterday. look at that. just powder, nothing. ey can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five!
7:39 am
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>> dana: disney world changed the greeting for its iconic happyly ever after. they are opting to go with good evening, dreamers of all ages. disney officials haven't stated why they made the change. executives made a similar move at their tokyo resort in march in an effort to be more inclusive. >> trace: i always thought ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls covered it all. >> dana: not anymore. tox -- fox news alert. >> trace: farmers out west are suffering. the water shortage is threatening to drive up food prices. my next guest says it is a disaster. a cattle and dairy farmer. when you equate this with
7:45 am
hurricane katrina, it is not a fast moving disaster but a slow, evolving disaster. explain that for us. >> well, when we look at the amount of impact that this disaster will have on the country, it will equal or surpass the amount of people that were impacted by hurricane katrina. what i mean by it's a slow-moving disaster, this one has been building. the effects we're feeling today were pronounced when we didn't get the storms this winter that seven or eight months ago. that's what i mean by slow moving but it is very serious. >> trace: we see pictures of the reservoirs drying up in the west and it is much harder a visualize the impact it is having on farmers. it is tough to visualize the impact. what would you explain to people when you say how desperate it is.
7:46 am
>> the american west is where most of our cattle are raised and calves are born and they are moved toward the food chain. if we don't have that initial start where the cattle can be born and get started, we aren't going to have that beef for us to eat. so that is the main thing is we've got an infrastructure here that is really damaged and it is a very important part of that food chain. >> trace: it is interesting. you talk about cattle. a lot of people think about crops and cattle need things to eat. a cattle farmer in utah says if the drought doesn't break we'll end up selling just about everything. maybe a few mother cows that we can start over again if and when the drought breaks. when this happen, all the supply goes into the sale barn so demand goes down and prices are horrible. is that a fair assessment in your understanding, ron? >> it is absolutely the right
7:47 am
assessment. basically the thing is, there is just no feed. in the past we've had dry areas in the west but i've never seen, and some people are telling us it is since 1930 since we've seen anything like this. so what we're talking about is our cattle, there is no feed to bring in. so if utah dry, we can't go to idaho or colorado or new mexico and bring the food in for the animals. there is nothing to feed the animals. >> trace: is this mainly affecting in your estimation family farms, small farms, or is big agriculture also getting hi >> well, it's hitting all sectors. but 96% of all farms in the country are family farms. and so when you think about this i want you to think about the family farms that are in your community and they are the ones that are struggling so bad and they are the ones that are just at their wit's end.
7:48 am
my farm has been in our family 152 years. it is normal for farms in the west to be like that. we've been here a long time. we've got tremendous amount invested there. >> trace: i think people don't realize the snow pack was low throughout the west and spring was hot. that runoff was evaporating which exacerbated the situation. desperately need rain out there. your final thoughts what we should know about the drought. >> well, you know, this is something that is important. you look at the idaho potatoes and california tomatoes and the dairy products that are produced in the west. and utah beef and utah lamb. all those kind of things are going to affect the country and what we have to do is we have to find ways to get the resources from the parts of the country that have that feed that we can get to our animals here in the west. >> trace: ron gibson. good analysis. best of luck to you and the
7:49 am
farmers out west. >> thank you, see you later. >> dana: god bless them. president biden is going to be making some comments any moment now. we'll bring it to you live as soon as he begins. he will be talking about the jobs report, 850,000 jobs were created last month. that's a big jobs number. no doubt he will come out and tout that. we'll bring it to you live as soon as he is ready. >> trace: a big jobs number but you talk to people like johnny and michael who can't get people to work for them. the same all over the state and country. and what happens is you have people even in los angeles they had the playoffs in staples and downtown and the restaurants around the playoffs couldn't get people to work and they were shut down. biggest time of the year. >> dana: we'll be right back with all this. the deployments, and you've been the wife at home, or you've been the spouse at home,
7:50 am
you understand what i'm talking about. your spouse has earned the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday 100 loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so, if you're in a situation where you need some help financially, give us a call. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! president biden speaking on this morning's job report. here he is. >> president biden: 600,000 jobs per month. we've now created over 3 million jobs since we took office. more jobs than have ever been created in the first five months of any president in modern history thanks to the work of the entire team. this is historic progress. pulling our economy out of the worst crisis in 100 years. driven in part by our dramatic progress in vaccinating our
7:51 am
nation and beating back the pandemic. as well as other elements of the american rescue plan. today the u.s. is the only major advanced economy with the oecd projections of future output are higher today than they were in january 2020 before the pandemic hit. america was ranked first in bloomburg's covid resistance ranking. none of this happened by accident. again, it's a direct result of the american rescue plan and at the time people questioned whether or not we should do that even though we didn't have bipartisan support. well, it worked. in february the congressional budget office projected 2021 economic growth would be 3.7%. yesterday they doubled that number to 7.4%. in large part thanks to the american rescue plan and our work to defeat the virus. the last time the economy grew
7:52 am
at this rate was in 1984 and ronald reagan was telling us it's morning in america. well, it's getting close to afternoon here. the sun is coming out. at the time the cbo revised their long-run deficit projections down as a shared gdp they just have done. so the american rescue plan is strengthening our financial position and grows our economy. the recovery is helping us flip the script. instead of workers competing with each other for jobs that are scarce, employers are competing with each other to attract workers. that kind of competition in the market doesn't just give workers more ability to earn higher wages, it also gives them the power to demand to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. more jobs, better wages. that's a good combination. put simply, our economy is on the move and we have covid-19
7:53 am
on the run. yes, we have more work to do to get america vaccinated and everyone back to work. we're aiming for full employment. that means keeping our pace on job growth including for black, hispanic and asian workers. but this progress is testament to our commitment to grow this economy from the bottom up and the middle out. american rescue plan provided resources to get shots in people's arms and checks in people's pockets. schools are struggling to reopen so we made vaccinating teachers a priority. getting schools the much-needed support. in march we've added just in the month of march we added 364,000 education jobs to the roll. small businesses and restaurants are getting crushed, now we're delivering loans and support they need to reopen and stay open. this morning we've learned that jobs in some hard-hit sectors such as restaurants, hotels, amusement parks were up by
7:54 am
343,000 last month. over 1.5 million in the past five months. more help is on the way. to give families just a little bit more breathing room. starting this month, families will receive one of the largest ever single-year tax cuts, the middle class families have ever received. and it is called the childcare tax credit. here is how it works. in the past, you paid taxes and had a zb income you could deduct $2,000 per child. that would come off the total amount of taxes you owed. if you had two children and you owed $10,000, you would take off $4,000. in the american rescue plan we expanded that. now a parent will get $3,600 for each child under the age of 6 and $3,000 for dependents they have between the ages of 6
7:55 am
and 17. instead of just being a credit against the taxes you owe, it is now fully refundable credit. half of which will get paid out in monthly basis. look, what that means is this year middle class families with two young children can expect to receive a $7,200 rebate, in effect. a tax return with the monthly payments of $600 a month starting this month until it's paid out. eight out of every 10 families who use direct deposit will get their refunds. they'll be able to get a monthly payment on the 15th of every month from now until the end of the year until they get that paid out. help when families most need help to make ends meet. it is important. i've said for a long time it is time to give ordinary americans
7:56 am
and working class americans a tax break. this is the type of tax cut that can help our economy because it will go to families who are going to spend it. it will also help lead wrist -- historic reduction in child poverty. excuse me. historic reduction in child poverty, which will have long-term benefits for our economy and delivering $39 billion to help childcare providers serve more families. help parents, particularly women, get back to work. last month our economy added nearly 25,000 childcare jobs. again, none of this happened by accident. we're proving to the naysayers and doubters that they were wrong. none of this is guaranteed to continue unless we finish our work. now is the time to accelerate
7:57 am
the progress we've been making. now is the time to build in long-term foundation that we've laid and build it in for long term. economists of all stripes agree that my plan will create good jobs, drastically strengthen our economy in the long run. so we have to continue to make the investments that will allow our economy to build back better and get everyone in. we took a significant step in that direction last week when a bipartisan group of senators forged an agreement with me to move forward on key portions of my american jobs plan. it was -- i was just in wisconsin where i highlighted how this agreement will pave the way for a generational investment to modernize our infrastructure, create millions of jobs according to the experts and what will mean -- it won't just be in the center cities, it will be every corner of the state and our nation. we will create jobs repairing roads and bridges.
7:58 am
replacing 100% of our nation's lead water pipes. making our power grid more reliable. delivering high speed internet to every american home rural and urban. put people to work building electric vehicle charging network. transitioning from diesel school buses and transit buses to electric buses. and bringing in world class rail service to more americans by reducing and in the process reduce our carbon footprint. when i was up in wisconsin, i said i pointed out the governor was there. governor, i know it takes how many people, a couple hundred people in the audience, it takes 4 1/2 hours to drive from here to chicago. with the money we have for mass transit here, you will be able to do that in 2 1/2 hours. it shows that when it's easier to get someplace by rail than by automobile it is cheaper and it generates a lot less carbon
7:59 am
footprint. we'll create good paying union jobs capping hundreds of thousands abandoned oil and gas wells to stop methane leaks that are devastating and protect the health of our communities. these are good jobs. taken together these investments will position america to compete with the world and win the 21st century. as you bring home key parts of my american jobs plan i will make the case for equally critical investments we still need those that i introduced at the same time my americans family plan. i put forward an aggressive plan to provide childcare and universal prek for 3 and 4-year-old. free community college and extending the childcare tax cite for another five years that will benefit working class families. that human infrastructure is as
8:00 am
essential as our physical infrastructure to ease the burden on working families and strengthen our economy. strengthen it in the long run. these investments are critical. and as the plans i put forward tackle our climate crisis, which are broad and deep, i'm going to fight to see them enacted and signed into law. we have a chance to seize this economic momentum of the first months of my administration, not just to build back but as i've been saying build back better. this is much already -- this much is already clear, we're on track and on the right track. our plan is working. we aren't going to let up now. so i want to thank everyone. wish you all a happy fourth of july. we'll be able to go to ballgames. you will be able to sit in stadiums. you'll be able to be with your families and backyard barbecues as we hoped and we'll make more progress.


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