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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 2, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> check that out, great american city, kansas city, you have soccer, you have barbecue and you have jazz music, nothing like it. >> i think of the number of outfit changes abby needs to do. >> that's right. happy fourth of july to you and everybody at home. "fox & friends" start right now. >> despite the alarm in rise in crime, democrats continue to fight for the defunding of the police. this is outrageous. >> put politics aside as visit to collapsed site. >> we've had no bureaucracy. >> recall vote for democratic governor gavin newsom will take place. >> they are moving the election
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up. anybody in their right mind can see this. something is not right here. >> toward the left near the foul pole. no way. oh, my gosh. that is awesome. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: great day to start this friday july 2nd, 2021 as you look at the empire state building 10 blocks south of where we are sitting. as you listen to kobe keith, future performance in concert series because it is summer and that's what we do. brian: very good. steve: he actually did a sounder for us where toby keith talks
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about his favorite show in the entire world. brian: really? >> toby keith and you're watching my favorite tv show. "fox & friends". >> news that you can use. steve: thanks, toby. brian: he sounds repetitive. rachel: you've thinking about toby keith -- >> steve: we want people to tune in. rachel: weekends too. steve: rachel is brand-new host of the weekend show. you have to check her all week long. abby, in kansas city, looks like
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you're in union station for the big air show this weekend. >> exactly. i don't know how i'm supposed to follow toby keith. i will say standing in the station here, the colors of red, white and by, the patriotism runs deep. we got a look at what is best of the city, the sports, the barbecue and the music and look ahead of the air show. and i talked to pilots ahead of time to see what they go through and talk about the aircraft. i went up with one of the pilots. something that struck me, when we landed the pilot told me that if you want to find patriotic people, you go to air show. we will be in good company in kansas city and we will be covering all live for you through american coverage. brian: true or false, you play a little bit of soccer? >> i did. i took notes from you, brian. brian: i remember when he was a player and he was working you out. i can in the wait to see more of
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the footage. >> yeah, he was in the olympics and was in fifa world cup and coaches fs sporting. i have to make you proud of my soccer skills. brian: answer is yes. >> you're being too nice. we only put the good things in there. steve: live in kansas city. you saw the soccer thing. i saw her going upside in an airplane. to me that's a little cooler than kicking a ball. brian: she's an athlete as well. steve: runs in the family. democrats are renewing calls to pack the supreme court. that's not enough. they want lots more. brian: they are upset over the justice siding with conservatives on two key rulings. rachel: mark meredith joins us live from washington as president biden tells congress to repair the damage. mark. mark: rachel, steve and brian,
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the supreme court generated political controversy with the latest ruling. the debate over size of the court and scope of it and future will keep on going on well over the summer. 6 to 3 in favor of arizona and its decision to enact stricter voting laws. the state would be allowed to disband ballot harvesting and republicans are thrilled with the court's ruling. >> the u.s. stream court held that states can enact common sense election integrity measures to protect the ballot and protect the process. mark: president biden was much more critical in his reaction. the president saying he was deeply disappointed and says that recent rulings have meant lasting damaging to the voting rights act. >> the ability of a state legislative body to come along and vote, legislature vote to change who is declared the winner, i find to be somewhat
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astounding. but the supreme court rule did not rule that way today. mark: the court also struck down a california law which required some nonprofits to disclose who their most generous donors were but the aclu and conservative groups say the ruling will protect free speech and what's going on with the supreme court. some democrats asking president for supporting numbers on the bench. that debate certainly going to stick much longer. brian: quick question. joe biden, the president of the united states, keeps saying with this rule the legislator can change the outcome of a vote in a state. i don't know what he's alluding to, do you? mark: he has tried to pick and choose based on some of the cases. basically saying he had gotten a briefing down plane to florida yesterday. we got a more thorough reaction from the white house based on the california case as well as
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the one in arizona. the president seems to be speaking more in general terms. steve: i think you're exactly right. what the supreme court said about voting, essentially you have to vote in your correct district. ache rh in your precinct. steve: correct precinct and this is from the supreme court and you can't hand off your ballot to a third party. these are common rules across the united states right now and yet, you know, the democrats are damaged by this because this could have implications for all those brand-new bills across the country. rachel: which is why representative from new york wants to expand the court today. we will no longer have a democracy to protect. what are we waiting for? brian: you have that. no ballot harvesting, target about that. if you vote in wrong precinct,
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they will toss it out. you have to disclose your largest donors to the state government for law enforcement purposes. if you have a big donor you have to explain who it is. nonprofits. they said the arizona law judged by the supreme court. no, you no longer have to identify that because it gets into the freedom of speech where certain people will be political pay ramifications if you support a cause and you can be targeted by the opposite party or opposite group. steve: right. remember a couple of years ago, i won't say the person's name, they worked for a large tech company and then it was revealed that they had given the money to somebody who supported republican causes. next thing you know that person loses their job, so you can get what a shelling effect it can be if a nonprofit had to say, these are our big donors and the supreme court 6-3, you're right, you can't do it.
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rachel: it's ironic they are complaining about it and the left, they go after people and find their addresses and go after their employment, shame them socially. this has to happen because of them. brian: right, they don't like that. rachel: they want to be able to do that. brian: how is this different? well, this might be a moderate court after all. now up to this ruling it's meltdown time, example right here. >> at least what was left of it. >> that decision plus there's two today cut to the heart of democracy. >> this is why we need for the people enhancement act. we are seeing politicization of the court. steve: the best thing they could do now because it was a 6-3 along ideological lines, that's the way they are portraying, they need to dilute the conservatives and pack the court
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and make it bigger and there's some question about whether or not joe biden will be able to nominate somebody new right now because a lot of democrats are pressuring the president to get rid of steven breyer, too old they say, we need fresh blood. listen to this. >> i think justice breyer doesn't want the court to be politicized and i'm relieved to see the people shameful forcing his hand or attempting to aren't going to be rewarded with a seat to fill in the supreme court. it's disgraceful to have supreme court justice and empty the seat so they can put a younger person to replace justice breyer. >> ultimate goal to pack the supreme court and doing simply party vote. i don't see that happening. they want to make this seem so extreme. they have no choice. keep a watch for that. rachel: bernie sanders called yesterday again for the filibuster. brian: he yelled and he refused
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to comb his hair. steve: we call that thursday. brian: yeah. steve: it is friday, american concert series day with country music star toby keith, he will debut a brand-new song ahead of the fourth of july, you'll only see it on "fox & friends". favorite tv show. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief...
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] yes. ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪
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♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ carley: good morning, back with headlines, crews are searching for survival in the rubble of surfside, condo collapse, 18
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people are now confirmed dead. rescue efforts resuming after a 15-hour pause over concern it is rest of the building could collapse, plans under way to demolish that section. florida governor and president biden put politics aside as biden suggested a possible contributing factor to the collapse. >> how many of the survivors and how many of the families talked about the impact of global warming, how much and did they know exactly what they talked about sea level rising. carley: west virginia senator joe manchin says he cannot support any infrastructure bill if it is more than 4 this will dollars saying he will not add more on to the national debt.
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>> totally out of the ballpark. carley: manchin says he's never considered becoming a republican when asked about his political affiliation. she was called out on twitter for in the respecting the american flag and anthem even though she's competing for team usa. bare replied the point is to compete which i will be doing. she made the olympic team as hammer thrower after finishing third last week in trials. did you hear about this. richard brunson dubbed himself astronaut 1 as he plans to beat jeff bezos to space. take part in second of two test flights. virgin galacti founder to evaluate the customer flight experience. liftoff for next sunday, 9 days
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before billionaire jeff bezos' scheduled blastoff. those are your headlines, guys. billionaires in space. steve: the battle of the billionaires. brian: there was a time that balloons were a big thing. steve: jeff bezos, he's just rich, super rich. brian: awesome. thank you, carley. carley: see you guys. steve: we have a lot of news regarding crime. brian: none of it good. steve: minnesota, in minneapolis, in the wake of the defunding police business, somebody sued the city and said, we need more cops. yesterday a federal judge said, you're right, you need more cops so they're ordering the city to put more police back on the job. rachel: meanwhile here in new york there's disturbing video. we want to give people a warning here before we show it. this is showing you how bad the
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situation has gotten in new york. brian: a woman tackled from behind at which time the assault takes place. the woman knew she was being followed and tried to go to a crowded area. in san francisco where i think car break-ins are up 700% and one consistency is democratic-run cities where they really think cops are the problem, not crime especially in new york city where yesterday there was also 14 gang members were arrested over in brooklyn, so a major arrest took place, so from the few cops we still have on the beat. rachel: you see the video, for a woman watching the video, this is a nightmare, this is like you're nightmare that would happen to you. i've been traveling here for 5, 6 years, i always stayed within a block of here and i love to walk to work. not only walk to work but i had my safer.
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that's the new new york city. steve: what's telling about the video it's not a dark alley. it's broad daylight. one of the most traveled. brian: can you help us find him. rachel: mayor de blasio is downplaying all of it. rachel: don't worry about it. there's other cities that have more crime, here he is right now. >> my understanding of the fact that is the president did, he specialized that to certain cities that were dealing with challenges greater than ours, but what we did here was strike a balance, we had a lot of different needs to make sure we could bring the city back and think about bringing back jobs or bringing back schools and obviously the constant focus of
3:21 am
fighting covid and, of course, public safety. a lot of investments and community-based solutions and keeping nypd at strong levels. rachel: while he only gave 200 billion of 600 million of covid relief back to the cops which by the way he cut budget because the protestors told him to do that last summer. steve: remember last week, joe biden said crime is out of control because of the pandemic. and so i'm going to allow, cities and states can use the coronavirus money, $350 billion, to essentially hire new cops. he's not hiring any new cops. the city's new 2022 budget adds $200 million to police budget after they slashed a billion. in now police officers. when the president said you can't take the money because crime was a problem,.
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>> he was not talking about new york, he was talking about much more worst cities. they said, that mayor bill de blasio was incorrect. cities like new york experiencing spike in gun violence as a result of the pandemic, of course, that has everything to do with it, are eligible to use the money to hire for cops. the mayor said, no he's wrong. brian: they said republicans who didn't vote for the $1.9 trillion we didn't need are for defunding the cops. so when he was asked, how come -- were you told by the white house to use some of the money for the cops, no, that was for other cities with bad crimes and then the white house said, no, no, you're one to have bad cities, you're not helping me here, mayor de blasio, and i'm sure they would ask in brackets please leave. leo tarrell weighed in.
3:23 am
>> i want to put to rest a lie. democrats claim they care about people of color. black police chief begging a minority city to please don't cut the funding because he wants to protect people of color and they cut it anyway. so what does that tell you about the democrats? they don't care about people, they care about power and they will allow the cities to burn and even if you got people of color running the cities, they don't care and that's what's insulting about all of this. no one can defend the defunding the police. brian: you have seen the crime caught on camera in broad daylight because there's no hell to pay. meanwhile if you are outraged about statement from democrats saying it was republicans who wanted to defund the police which no one believes, i hope, now get ready for this one. it's the teachers unions that wanted the schools open. does anyone believe that?
3:24 am
rachel: unbelievable. >> this happening at the same time that randy -- first of all, the tweet where she says, we tried to reopen schools safely in 2020. other tweets from april 2028 where she says reopening this soon will bring more powerful second wave of covid-19. we have to be sure we are reopening safely and not rushing things. here are all of the tweets. countless interviewing of her saying that we need to close the school and on top of it the teachers union is trying to find new ways to close schools by saying children and all the staff have to be vaccinated by next year which they know a lot of parents are not going to want to do. they are finding new ways to close schools, no, no, we were the ones trying to open it. steve: in charge of number 2, american federation of teachers. that's a flat-out lie, for more than a year, her union try today keep kids out of the schools and
3:25 am
remember the irony, you know, the new york post, i think, filed a freedom of information request and we discovered that the cdc was talking directly to the teachers union and teachers union said, we really would make these suggestions. next thing you know, verbatim they are in cdc rules. >> the cdc was recommending that they open up schools. the kids were not spreading and they're not likely to serve -- the percentage of getting ill -- this is some of the language that we think you should use and they cut and paste it and used it and for them to come up and say they were opening for schools, parents have to be outraged. speaking as an attorney that went to federal court to open california schools last summer, you were the single biggest
3:26 am
obstacle, not gavin newsom, not fauci, not even covid. randi weingarten. school districts under randi's thumb stayed close. school districts not under randi's influence opened. this is not a coincidence. i ask you when it comes to defunding the police, is that even a debate whose fault that was. they want to do that in the democratic side. when it comes to opening up schools, don't pretend unions wanted them open. they must be teachers but they knuckled down to the unions. rachel: they are reversing course on that. it shows that they know that they look really bad. brian: you know the politics of it. rachel: politics are bad and they are trying to walk it back. again, you can't undo the tweets and can't undo video footage and can't undo the fact what you said about the cdc as well that they actually in an e-mail said
3:27 am
we want you to do this, we want you to close the schools. brian: control room wants us to go to break. straightaway abby going behind the scenes with the blue angels and thunderbirds. we will check in with her live as she takes flight, she promised to wave with both hands and she did. later she will do both.
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before they even start for 10 years. so, ask your doctor about botox® today. ♪ carley: good morning, back to headlines. tmz report it is company views the case as, quote, hornets nest. the move would leave her father jamie spears as sole conservator of her estate. take a listen. >> his first night, he wanted pizza. he stayed up until 2:00 in the morning telling jokes. carley: faces calls to be fired
3:32 am
from upcoming position as dean in howard university. students outraged over a tweet she posted showing support for cosby. court documents about the late maxwell will soon be unfield. federal judge ordered release saying it won't impact maxwell's right to fair trial. the documents are expected to include information about her and jeffrey epstein's ties to several clinton organizations. they're set to be released in the next two weeks. and a traffic stop ends with a heart warming moment, watch this. >> deputy reached out to wal-mart and he donated a car seat to you. >> thank you, guys, so much. carley: florida pd partnered after child was not properly restrained. they stuck around to help the mom install it. those are your headlines.
3:33 am
steve, you have to love that. steve: that is great. thank you very much, carley. we are gearing up for independence day on "fox & friends" weekend with behind the scenes look with the thunderbirds, blue angels, proud american correspondent and fox news host abby live in kansas city, missouri before the air show out there on what it really takes to take flight, hey, abby. >> hey, steve, yeah. those are 3 of the performers that you will see on sunday. other aircrafts will be a c1 30's, helicopters, and these are some of the nation's most most elite pilots, not only to catch up with them but go up with one of the squadrons, take
3:34 am
a look. ♪ ♪ >> we are going to go meet up with lieutenant to find out all about the blue angels. >> we are always practicing and that really start november and december with the new team. all of the forces we feel in the jet just become kind of normal and we are able to handle the g's we pull and number of flights a week. >> they all fly together, mom announces. i need to ask you. jeff, how did you guys actually get into this? >> dad was a pilot and taught the 3 of us how to fly. >> i'm feeling good. let's get to it. >> yeah, let's do it.
3:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> it was fun, abby. >> you're the best. thank you so much. >> the united states marine corps ab ab. >> what's your favorite part of the job? >> sometimes takeoffs and landing. it's an absolute blessing and good times. ♪ ♪ >> can you tell me about your past with the air force and then flying with the thunderbirds? >> yeah, absolutely. so i want today fly fast, we want today fly upside down and i chased the fighter pilot dream and saw f15's and ended up
3:36 am
getting them. ♪ ♪ >> what does that mean to you performing when such a big stage and such for an important day? >> a proud day to be an american especially on the fourth of july. to perform on the fourth of july is a dream come true. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: that's great. abby. >> speaking of together you saw the blue angels and thinned can only imagit
3:37 am
will be come fourth of july. steve: how did you like the loops. i've been to an open cockpit when they were doing the loops, i was glad to get down on the ground. >> yeah, it was unparalleled experience for sure. i still feel a little nauseous. i shouldn't have eaten barbecue before. no regrets, steve. steve: you'll be profiling some of the great kansas city barbecue and you'll be there all weekend long. abby, thank you so much. the big air show is this weekend. since it is independence day, check out fox news shops independence deal doing, use fox sport at can't beat it.
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wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. brian: border patrol apprehending immigrants that broke into a home in sierra blanco, texas. greg abbott setting aside $250 billion to begin border wall so as the migrant crisis continues to impact america. how is it living under the border conditions on the southern border, how do land owners handle it. texas land owner, mother of 3, allison anderson joining us now. can you give us an idea what it's like being you?
3:43 am
>> never asked that before. currently it's challenging because i am constantly concerned right now with my family's safe and especially of our 3 daughters. brian: so when people say, well, that's because you live on the border, has it always been like this, have you always been concerned about your family safety? >> i think our situation is unique because we used to live on a very large ranch west of del rio so we moved seeking nice, quiet place so our girls can play in and within the last months or so, it was peaceful. i was enjoying having peace of mind and allowing kids to play outside but they can't do that anymore, so activities have increased and even in the last couple of weeks they've increased dramatically. i have neighbors constantly calling me, elderly neighbors specifically that are concerned and fearful so we are kind of on
3:44 am
call and we are here to help our neighbors as well who are afraid. brian: i'm going to give everybody out there a sense to have numbers and what's changing on the border. in january 11,000 apprehensions, in may it's almost 30,000, it's supposed to be much higher in june. they said it was going to level off because it gets so hot, have you seen the leveling off? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. all we have seen here is an increase and what i can say in all of the years that i've had personal experience dealing with illegal aliens, we've never dealt with a single family unit. not a single family unit and the individuals that are coming through here, i mean, convicted rapist caught not too far from our property in route on a trailer that was leading him to our property. absolutely not. actually 3 nights ago there was a group at our next door neighbor's house circling the vehicles and tapping on their
3:45 am
daughter's bedroom window. brian: you said no family units. who are the people coming across? >> i can only assume but they are all males. there's in females out on -- we live west of del rio and there's no females out here. there's no children out here and there's absolutely no family units out in this way. it's all mostly single males that are traveling in groups. brian: the people we measure are people we apprehend and turned themselves and the people that you're talking about aren't getting processed, they are not even being counted. >> exactly. if you consider even what those numbers might be, i mean, it's unacceptable. no one here should be afraid of having kids play in the backyard and none of my neighbors should be fearful to water their plants in the morning and evening and being able to sleep at night. brian: what do you tell law
3:46 am
enforcement? >> i have always thanked them because we had a bailout on our property and border patrol couldn't respond and dps responded. it's just -- i'm grateful for the additional support that we are getting here with law enforcement, i wish border patrol was able to go and do their jobs and work out in the field. brian: what's your message for washington about what the reality is on living on the border in texas? >> it's -- it's scary. i want safety. my family personally has been dealing with illegal immigrants for years and nothing has been done. and we left a place specifically, moved to a place and it's worst here now than where it was and why we left. it's worst here. i bet by the end of this year, my encounters will year will surpass all of those that i saw on the ranch.
3:47 am
brian: you have to think that some of the people have evil intentions and unfortunately you have to deal with it alone. alis anderson, mom of 3 in the border. it is not right, thank you so much for sharing your story. >> thank you so much. brian: you got it. 14 minutes till the top of the hour. i would like to check with the power vested in me with the senior meteorologist, forecast that it was raining, i have to say it is not. janice: not right now but we do have rain in the forecast along the easthe east coast this weekt least for the first part of the weekend. let's take a look at it. we have elsa strengthening in the atlantic, we will see perhaps first hurricane of the season. this is the earliest fifth name store on record and there are the computer models, crossing over cuba and south florida and east coast as well as the gulf coast need to monitor the system. the forecast intensity is not gate when it comes to knowing
3:48 am
how strong the storm is going to be once it crosses over cuba. bottom line is make preparations, it's a listening season. early start to it, right. there's a forecast rainfall regardless we are dealing with a depression or tropical system, we are still going to see very heavy rain from south florida up towards the southeast coast with the current trajectory. all right, past 24 hours, you can see the showers and the thunderstorms lingering across the east coast. we have the chance throughout the day today into saturday and then the gulf coast as well. we will see the potential for the scattered storms. that's your forecast today. again, watching the gulf coast and florida and the southeast as elsa comes to visit us probably monday, tuesday and there is your fourth of july forecast, actually not too bad but we are watching the gulf coast and we are watching the path of elsa, unbelievable that we are talking about the fifth named storm this early. am i tossing back to brian with the power vested in me?
3:49 am
brian: tossing back. thank you very much. you can go back to battle station now. all right, up next, meet the mom who went viral for bringing her son to a job interview and then getting hired. how she turned her struggle into an inspiring story next. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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rachel: welcome to "fox & friends", many americans are opting to stay on unemployment. my next guest went viral. after explaining the situation the company told her, hey, don't worry, we are child friendly, mila suited up, prepared resume and cleaned stroller and joined mom for the interview and the video has been viewed more than 9 million times on tiktok. maggie and her son milo join me now. welcome, maggie. >> thank you so much. rachel: who had the better interview, you or milo? >> we all know it was milo. rachel: we saw his resume. he can take off his own diaper
3:54 am
and as a mom i can tell you that's the worst. [laughter] rachel: exactly, exactly. why did you decide that bringing milo was the right thing to do. you brought him because you needed to but you got him geared up and dressed him up for the resume -- for the interview? >> i was 100% inspired and message saying, hey, milo will be interviewed ready and i started thinking about what that really meant so just happened to have a little suit that a friend gave to me and decided that's what its purpose was for. rachel: well, he is -- >> i called my husband and brainstorming. rachel: what did you want the employer -- you said this is a wake-up call for other companies that they should be more child friendly. we have 3 million women who have left the workforce since the pandemic. what's your message to
3:55 am
employers, how do you want them to react to that? >> i would really like employers to take a look at how important this is, it's clear by tiktok that people are resonating with it and identifying with the feelings aye had throughout this. it's time to have a conversation about changing the way we work with parents and offering a little bit more flexibility. so, you know, starting those conversation on what child friendly looks like and their environment. rachel: what does that look like to you? >> i'm sorry. rachel: i know, you're having a hard time hearing me. what does the child presently environment look like to you, what would you like it to be? >> it depends on the business. every business is going to be different. you know, i think it's just starting that conversation and talking about what it means to have a child, family-friendly culture. that's where it start. i've had several people reach
3:56 am
out to me telling me that they started having conversations because of the video. rachel: yeah. >> it is really inspiring and exciting to me. i think it's not necessarily just bringing your child to work or bringing your child to an interview, it's going to look different everywhere, but what it means for your company is imperative to at least have the conversation and have the ball rolling. rachel: could be working from home or could be some sort of hybrid situation. you have 9 million views and i don't know if it's because of milo is so stinking cute. i have a feeling that's part of it. thanks for opening the conversation for a lot of parents. i think it's important. >> thank you. rachel: coming up country music star toby keith helps us kick off fourth of july with the lanewest single. ♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪
3:57 am
♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. with armor all, a little bit of this... welcome back, america. ...protects you... ...from a lot of that. keep your car cleaner longer. armor all extreme shield plus ceramic. ♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪ >> our team .. for a limited time, you can save more on flights, hotels and rental cars during priceline's freedom sale. and when you get a big deal... feel like a big deal. with the freedom sale at priceline, every trip is a big deal.
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4:00 am
>> democrats renewing their calls, blasting the justice's final two contentious decision. >> democrats continue to fight. >> this outrageous. democrats don't care about people, they care about power. >> president biden and former governor rhonda santos put politics aside when they visit the collapsed site. >> the cooperation is great. >> the recall vote for gavin
4:01 am
newsom will take place september 14th. >> they are moving the election up. anyone in their right mind would recognize something is not right here. >> the foul ball. no way, oh my gosh, that is awesome. ♪♪ when you hear the freedom start ringing ♪♪ steve: that is why you bring gloves to the game with catches like that. it is unbelievable but so common doing that. he will stand out in his little league team and toby keith played this song at the white house on the white house lawn on the back lawn with permission. he will be with us on our show in about an hour. just two hours. brian: great to have you here. a lot going on.
4:02 am
pete: we've been detailing a couple stories the other channels don't talk about and what is going on on the southern border. a couple days ago 20 republicans and members of the study committee went down at midnight to mcallen, texas, to watch what was happening and they saw a steady stream of migrants coming across, not like they were going to run away, they surrendered immediately because that is how they figured out how to gain the system to get into the united states free and clear. arthel: bob good from virginia said we have no operational control, no law enforcement control of the border, we are not enforcing our laws or preventing people, this is a willful and intentional on the part of this administration to facilitate illegal entry into the country of tens of thousands, 180,000 in the month of may, 700,000 this year, i
4:03 am
spoke to someone from border patrol when i was in arizona who said this is not a crisis, this is chaos, completely out of control. a great interview you had with the woman on the border and as someone who comes from arizona i feel arizona border communities, we are part of america, we are road that security, the idea that because i live on the border i choose to live there then i can accept that there's going to be rapists or illegal criminals coming through my property is not acceptable, these are americans too. brian: we don't have this problem if you live in buffalo, no one is saying that is what you get. pete: people who ransacked your house. brian: i don't know, we will hear shortly, what you are saying, on the northern border because of the pandemic. they totally shut down to the
4:04 am
chagrin of everybody. in mexico they technically shut it down except for illegals and title 42 says you are not allowed to come and stay because of the pandemic and now we have a situation where we are averaging 7, 8000 illegals coming involuntarily apprehended and processed into the interior of the country let alone everything else. allison anderson is in texas, a rancher that moved to get away, i can't control my property, so many illegals, i will relocate someplace where i will be safe, now she is being overrun again even though she moved. here's what life look like for allison anderson, mom of 3. >> there was a convicted rapist not far from our property on a trail that was leading to our property. our next door neighbor's house,
4:05 am
circling the vehicles, tapping on their daughter's bedroom window. it is scary. i safety. i want something done. my family has been doing this for years. nothing has been done. brian: one of the things she told me was people on tv are talking about it is family units, mothers, children, have a heart. she doesn't see any family units. she doesn't see any kids. it is all young men, single men and she does not feel safe and i don't blame her. rachel: senator ted cruz talked about the vice president's visit to texas and he said she was basically trolled into going. here is senator ted cruz. >> president biden will not be willing to enforce the border or stop the illegal immigrations. president biden hasn't been to
4:06 am
the border once in 5 months in office because he knows if he comes the tv cameras will follow. it is why kamala harris when she finally went to the border when she was gilded into it she went to el paso, beautiful texas city that is 800 miles away from the epicenter of this crisis in the rio grande valley, she did in 20 be cameras covering the biden cages with thousands upon thousands of children act in in dangerous crisis situations. there only solution. brian: how many stories will they be hiding from? afghanistan, handing it over to the taliban, the fact that inflation is taking money out of everybody's accounts, running from the fact the gas prices when you travel this weekend are going through the roof, they are not talking about the amount of debt we have in this country and couldn't run far enough after showing interest about the crisis at the border. they are giving everybody a passive passive pass and trying to focus on things that make president biden look good, his own pr machine.
4:07 am
brian: the pr machine talking about it. rachel: the story nobody is talking about is what is happening in mexico. the cartels are so strong, this is so profitable for them, the human trafficking, they are becoming stronger. at pete: the new dope. rachel: crime is surging, they are getting shot at and executed. it is destabilizing mexico even more. that is a story that is not being told and it is important because the more destabilized mexico is the worst it is going to be for the women like the woman you interviewed in the border communities. brian: the mexican president seems available. he was talking to everybody. this is a migrant president, the message coming from the white house even though people are supporting. rachel: that kamala harris went to address the root causes is making the root causes worse with this policy.
4:08 am
brian: regarding crime which is surging all across the country a lot of people buying guns too, they feel if i pick up the phone and call the police is anybody going to come? the woman you just talked to in texas, who will help your? doing the best, she did say there are local officials who try to help her but in california what are you supposed to do? we told you a couple weeks ago how the city of san jose passed a bill where anybody who buys a gun would have to be videotaped because they didn't want buyers to buy guns and tell them -- soul into somebody else. now the latest thing they have come up with is they are going to require gun owners to carry liability insurance first in the nation to require that. it was approved unanimously by city council. the mayor says gun owners who do not comply with the new
4:09 am
rules shouldn't have guns. they have not yet figured out how much of a fee people who have guns have to pay but they do figure last year shootings in san jose cost $63 million so they will take $63 million, that will be the number. pete: here is what the mayor of san jose tweeted out, see if san jose is taking action against gun violence. the second amendment protects the right of americans to own guns but doesn't require taxpayers to suffer gun ownership. a san jose resident says it will not help when it comes to violence. >> i can't emphasize this strongly enough. not one single item in their will make our situation better. i could argue it will make it worse because it impacts especially those citizens who are the most vulnerable, low income people and so forth.
4:10 am
if a firearm is stolen, liable for the impact of that gun so it is like someone stealing your car and running over another individual and all of a sudden you are responsible. absolutely illegal action. i've been in touch with a number of law firms and attorneys and we are waiting to see how this develops from the city attorney and the litigation will follow after that. pete: gun owners have to carry liability insurance and pay a fee for the right to own a gun. brian: should your kids be vaccinated go back to school? the numbers are astronomical suffering severe illness or losing their life kids for the coronavirus so the question is is it worth the risk? we have a situation, anecdotal situations where kids get the vaccination and don't react
4:11 am
well to it especially in most colleges 17 and 18-year-olds going to college, almost every private institution is requiring them. the question, should grade schoolers to this? rachel: we know there have been adverse effects and the number of adverse effects we know of our greater then the young kids who have been affected by covid. this makes no sense. it makes, they said follow the science. this is not the science. this is what the national education association had to say. the call for mandatory 7 defective covid 19 vaccinations and testing for all students and staff people returning to face-to-face instruction in the fall subject to medical exceptions with existing law and widely publicized via social media. we will further call for and publicize safety measures such as social distancing, masking and proper ventilation be mandatory for all.
4:12 am
brian: the biggest teachers union in the country is calling for a vote on that. look at what it is. another way the teachers union is going to try to do remote learning for another year. we heard this last year. we are not going to put teachers back in schools with the kids until everybody gets shots. we heard that. the shots weren't even -- pete: teachers get shots. brian: then it became what about the kids? then it became we need new heating and air-conditioning. they've always got something. rachel: they gave the more money and still don't -- pete: with tucker last night she talked about her kids were vaccinated, one of her kids reacted negatively to it and she is really suffering now. in a wheelchair and had ventilation for her nose, gary last night talking about the
4:13 am
reaction of her daughter maddie to the vaccination. listen. >> the only diagnosis we've gotten for her is conversion disorder or functional neurologic symptom disorder, they are blaming it on anxiety. she also couldn't walk as one point and then she could and after an mri with contrast that affected her in some way, i don't understand why, she is back in the wheelchair and can't hold her neck up. her neck pools back. i'm so pro-vaccine, but i am also pro-informed consent. i feel like there is a possibility they knew this and everybody else should know about this. it is being pushed down and hidden. rachel: she was taken off of her facebook page where she had her story and other parents
4:14 am
weighing in about their child, they took that off. why don't they want people to have maximum information. senator ron johnson was trying to give her a platform. i suspect other networks are not -- trying to block parents from getting this information. pete: the best moderna, pfizer -- going to examine because pfizer or moderna i want to make sure i am not poisoning kids to find out what these -- i know the number is small but find out what is happening and see if it is constant. you can't -- if you are facebook you can't ban her. brian: interesting to see how the in ea votes. if it is let's get back to work that would be a pr coup for them, the teachers voted to go back to work whereas kids, not going to go back. pete: there should not be any masks. 11 agreed. pete: you are looking forward for a very good reason.
4:15 am
carley: because i will deliver some more news at the 7:00 hour, with your extreme weather. a massive storm hits the dc area overnight leaving a path of destruction across the district, maryland and virginia. the national weather service says it will survey the damage to determine if it was a tornado. first responders rescued a resident pinned in his home by a fallen tree. thousands of people are out of power. flight to reagan national airport were diverted due to those powerful windss. the date is set for the recall election of california governor gavin newsom. it will be on september 14th and voters will be asked two questions. first if they want to recall newsom, the second is if so, who should replace him? 50% or more of voters answer yes to recalling newsom the candidate with the most votes in question 2 becomes the next
4:16 am
golden state governor. the recall petition garnered 1.7 million signatures which is well above the threshold. disney world changes the greeting at its famous fireworks display. see if you can spot the difference. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dreamers of all ages, good evening dreamers of all ages. >> they change the announcement from ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the dreamers of all ages. disney hasn't released an official same at about the change that many believe it is to be more inclusive. how about this, for your fourth of july barbecue why not try some round hotdogs. flat, round, fit better on a hamburger bun than the traditional hotdog bun. they do increase service area for condiments and caramelization but many people on social media are calling out
4:17 am
the confusing twist on the american dish pointing out it is too similar to baloney. they are saying baloney baloney, can't decide between a hamburger and a hotdog, get both. it is -- ham dog. pete: did you just invent that? carley: i did. i want to try one. brian: we have been making those for years, take a hotdog, it is a flat dog. carley: like spam. brian: that is a lot of baloney. carley: all right, see you. brian: if you're just getting up 7:17 in the east, american forces hand over a key airfield to afghan forces yielding control for the first time in 20 years, general jack keane on deck coming up next. all-american summer concert series day kicking off the fourth of july weekend with
4:18 am
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4:22 am
>> or us forces withdraw from bagram airbase in afghanistan, sources say the united states handing the airfield over to afghan forces in its entirety after 20 years. the comes months ahead of president biden's promise to have the last american troops out of country by september 11th. who's idea was that? to react, senior strategic analyst retired four star general jack keane. the afghan forces are in
4:23 am
control of bagram airbase, some fear it is only a matter of time before the talent and fear have it. do they have a right to fear that? >> most differently. bagram airbase is the crown jewel of military presence in south asia. this is why the russians, the chinese and the iranian's are rejoicing and completely thrilled over our departure because our strategic presence on that airfield is significant and gives us huge operational reach and enhances our diplomats in the region, what we want in that region is stability and security. the vacuum will be filled by those other countries for sure. it is the crown jewel, sad to see. regardless how you feel about the withdrawal the united states does lose its presence and influence in south asia. that is a factor. brian: china and russia, we are getting intelligence about al
4:24 am
qaeda and isis. isn't it great to have that airbase stage near china and russia, that is now gone. what do we tell the president of afghanistan, met with the president and friday, what did he leave with? >> i do know what his concerns are, he needs intelligence support. it flowed in with all our resources around the world and national resources as well. we could flow a lot of that into the embassy if we want to make that commitment. hopefully we do. the second thing that comes with us air support, what is happening operationally with the taliban and they are waiting for us to leave, they have taken over some districts that are not really consequential. very consequential to the livelihood and welfare of the people under their rule. they are starting on the
4:25 am
provincial capital's major cities, and when they do that they are no longer an insurgency but an army kind of like when we saw isis invade iraq in 2014. when that happens they are very vulnerable to the use of airpower, they proved in 2001 when we supported the northern alliance that was attacking them. you is your support has to come long distance even if it is challenging and coordinated to make a difference. hopefully he will be given that despite no us airpower in afghanistan any longer. if we don't do that i fear those cities will roll one by one and eventually roll up from airbase and kabul itself with several months to come. brian: thousands helped us out. there was some glamour to do this.
4:26 am
and and 100 years of communist rule. one of the quotes that is noteworthy, the chinese people will never allow foreign forces, and à wall. and you better not try to help. how concerned are you? >> thesees, and the nationalist
4:27 am
army, they are designed for domestic audience, former bluster and bombastic statements as you referenced, and what president xi wants to get across, almost in this robotic fashion in unison, phrases and hand-picked people in response, it is an indictment of the system itself with autocratic control over the people and don't see the irony of it. what he is celebrating with some rationale is economic and prosperous success, technology, superiority they achieved through the years and the amount of military the provided testimony, the only reason we have that, the only reason you have a better way of life is the chinese communist party. the fact the chinese communist
4:28 am
party killed 20 million chinese, the cultural revolution killed thousands in tiananmen square, crushed hong kong democracy and committing genocide against the leaguers and deceiving the world in terms of the spread of covid 19. that is all covered up and used this information campaigns to work against them. pete: that is your business partner is, congratulations, general jack keane, thanks so much, we will continue to care about afghanistan, the administration does not want us to talk about it but it is too important not to. >> have a great fourth of july your self, good seeing you. brian: coming up, get cuomo out, the message for the majority of new yorkers according to a new poll, new york us will: ron kemp and janice dean, fierce critics of the governor will react.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> the search is back on in surfside, florida, crews sifting through rubble in the collapsed condo after a pause over safety concerns. phil keating with the latest. >> reporter: very positive news
4:33 am
late yesterday afternoon for the many dozens of distraught families hoping their loved ones will be found alive in the rubble after the 15 hour stoppage in the entire search and rescue operation and did. because of the remaining part of the surfside condo tower was observed to be swaying a little bit that night. after they of assessing it further, structural engineers concluded it is still safe enough for researchers to dig through the rubble. it is happening around the clock. dramatically obtained cell phone video after the condo collapse shows the chaos and confusion on the scene. the president and first lady spent the day meeting with first responders and families of 145 people still missing. >> what you are doing here is incredible dealing with
4:34 am
uncertainty and worrying about families. >> reporter: local leaders say biden met with, talk to and consoled everyone in the ballroom. the bidens stopped by the memorial wall and paid their respects with 18 people have been found in the rubble and confirmed dead. that number expected to rise exponentially. president biden was welcomed by 3 big florida republicans, governor desantis and senators rubio and scott. notably there was 0 political rancor at all, just unity in the mission at hand. pete: meanwhile a new poll reveals a majority of new yorkers want governor andrew cuomo gone. more than 60% of voters say he should either not run again or resign immediately. as he gears up to campaign for
4:35 am
a fourth term what does it say about his chances that reelection? let's bring in janice dean, outspoken critic of governor cuomo after losing in-laws to covid in the nursing home last year along with ron kim who lost an uncle in the nursing home. great to have both of you. clearly people are saying he probably cost to get out of here. rather than calling for him to redesign immediately 40% are saying let him serve out his term and get out. >> ron will say that 60% are saying they don't want him in office and gave us a glimmer of hope because we have been shouting for over a year now. i feel the message is finally getting through.
4:36 am
pete: we had you on talking about how governor cuomo manipulated numbers that did appear, for the polls to be like this how do you interpret it. >> new yorkers are sick and tired of cuomo's dishonesty, incompetence, corruption and abuse of power, people want accountability so we can move new york forward in the right direction. we need full account of what we did wrong, what we must do better in the future. that is what this poll reflects and i agree with it. pete: they say today's see a poll surprisingly positive because new yorkers only heard one side of the story and haven't heard the truth and remarkable that only 13% of democrats say the governor
4:37 am
should resign even though all democratic politicians call for clearly democrats fully the governor more than the politicians. janice, the governor paid for spin and that is the spin. >> janice: he is intimidating some of the women who have come n one case. i think he should stick to the script and say let the investigation play out. pete: we were talking about how 170 people showed up for a fundraiser in midtown, manhattan for him, paying 10,$000 ahead which is extraordinary and at the same time democrats in state legislature authorized an investigation about impeachment. there are big storm clouds on the horizon but he is humming along as if there is not a degree in the world.
4:38 am
>> the industry leaders who benefited from cuomo's corruption continue to support him. they should cut ties with him immediately and join the public and holding them accountable. whether you are representing big business, labor or whatever, your constituents are telling them to hold cuomo accountable and they are not paying attention to the people, about time they cut their ties with cuomo. pete: thanks for joining us. congressional democrats are ready to shell out hundreds of dollars to deal with the border crisis. problem, it is a border in the middle east. "fox and friends" weekend coast pete hegseth and will cain are here coming up next. bit of thi. ...protects you... ...from a lot of that. keep your car cleaner longer. armor all extreme shield plus ceramic.
4:39 am
from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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>> some states are stepping up and since national guard troops
4:43 am
to the southern border to help in texas and elsewhere. they decided to send hundreds of millions of dollars to help with the border as well. these borders are in the middle east, not in the united states. jillian: $870 million reimbursement to enhance their border security. >> pete hegseth and will cain, is it is hard for you to believe or do you expect this? >> i had to look up where the borders are for many countries receiving border funding, jordan, lebanon, egypt, tunisia, $870 million. what doesn't surprise me as it is because 10 years ago when i was in afghanistan upsetting over the afghan pakistan border after spending tons of money totally ignoring our own
4:44 am
southern border that was a bipartisan policy consensus until donald trump who shook our nation and set our borders have to matter, how about we do something real, not fake border security bill or the types of reforms they talked about for years. what misplaced priorities, they have forgotten america first as they haven't been putting it first from the beginning. pete: we are talking in the middle east, money to do actual border security. it is about security. they don't have what we've got, no security but also a migrant crisis. >> i am tempted to think this is a start, a good place at which we can both acknowledge at least the borders matter and you can have a border crisis and maybe you need to devote funds to solving the border crisis but the truth is that sort of idea, positive view of this present the other side
4:45 am
doesn't understand those things and they do. there is no convincing to be done. you need to take action on your own and that is why i take part in people, the american can do attitude, the backing of a billionaire in tennessee, get out of the way. we have a problem and we will do something about it, the governor of texas diverting $250 million, get out of the way. if you are not going to do the job we will do the job. that is the american spirit. the federal government should be the one setting out to do the job but if they are not going to, they don't want to be convinced or step up, americans, leaders will and good because that is the american spirit. rachel: the people who were supposed to be building the wall and president biden not funding all those people lost their jobs, great infrastructure jobs, really quick, i want to talk about patriots revealed, i want to talk about a session on the other side.
4:46 am
>> americans enjoy unprecedented freedoms today. earned by colonists brave enough to stand up and fight for them. these are there untold stories. this is untold. patriots revealed. that is available today on fox nation. >> the promo clip from last season, season them to, 5 new characters, patriots from the revolution, the miracle of the revolution, stood in front of the congregation quoting ecclesiastes, said there is a time for peace and a time for war, he threw of clerical guards and underneath is the
4:47 am
regiment uniform and led his congregation of the doors to fight for the revolution, stories like that that our kids should know on fox nation. five episodes, season 2, don't watch the trailer. >> a vintage promo people pay a lot of money for. a great college day in pennsylvania, not many people know this. pete: you see what we talk about all over the place, naming counties and towns and people don't know where it came from. rachel: they might remove those names from the statues soon. now's your chance to talk about it on pete's special. if we don't learn our history the right way, there's a problem getting these kids in school so thanks for doing this.
4:48 am
>> you resent pete's series. steve: i don't resent it, tell you what i do resent, we have a big show for you this weekend, watch me transitioning to the plug. a lot of names, hard for me to remember. rodney atkins and the one i did remember, this is where my recent of pete comes in, paula dean. i cannot tell you how excited my wife was not going to get to interact with paula dean because she makes her all orange blossoms and we had are on the show and all she could do was say is that pete in their? my friend loves pete and so that was what i reason, the disappointment i had to tell my wife we have paula dean but she didn't care about me, she loves pete. pete: if you can work this out on the weekend. >> resent my american flag hat on the fourth of july. no one does the fourth of july like "fox and friends". steve: check out fox nation with pete's series patriots revealed in the weekend show
4:49 am
tomorrow. meanwhile janice dean joins us with a map with a lot of rain. >> janice: we have this front that brought a report a tornado in the dc area and the national weather service investigating the damage and then this tropical system we have to watch, elsa, 60 mile-per-hour sustained winds, it just became a hurricane. 8:00 am advisory, this is our first official hurricane of the 2021 season, the earliest e named storm on record and it is going towards the lesser antilles. hurricane warnings will be up and then we have to monitor the system as it moves close to the southeast coast in south florida and the gulf of mexico. it is a big deal, hurricane already. just tell you the computer models are not sure when it comes to the intensity but we need to watch this over the weekend. >> 20 of hot water in the caribbean firing it up. thank you.
4:50 am
how does 10,$000 in your pocket sound? how you can get that this weekend with the fox bet super 6 quiz show, the exact questions coming up.
4:51 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: you need the fox bet super 6 app on your phone because it is now giving you another opportunity to win
4:54 am
10,000 bucks in a quiz show game for this weekend. all you have to do is answer 6 questions correctly on a wide varied of topics and, in fact, right now we are going to give you as many of the actual questions that have not yet been answered on this show. brian: holiday edition. fox nation host tom is here with more. he's the host of fox nation happy hour. episodes streaming now. fox nation, exclusive access to original content, events and your favorite personalities, exclamation point. rachel: good morning, tom, exclamation point. >> last week i got the scores here. steve had won and brian had zero. brian: are you kidding? >> brian got 3 connect and steve got 2. it's all tied between you guys. steve: fantastic. everybody gets a trophy. brian: thank you. >> i did. question number 1, how many hot dogs will joey chestnut eat at
4:55 am
fourth of july, 71, 72, 73, 74 or 75 or more. steve: 75 or more because he did 75 last year. >> you're right. the stomach shrunk during the pandemic. >> how many minutes of fireworks will you get under 21 minutes? , 21 to 22, 23, 24, 25 or more? steve: bottom one is the most popular answer, so i will go with that, more. >> yeah. rachel: i say 22 minutes. brian: i'm going to go with f. >> f, 25 or more. >> which of the country singers will be highest on the itunes top 100 country songs nelly with florida, warren, old dominion
4:56 am
and luke holmes. steve: i think i will go along with you on that. >> who will have the best finish at the road america track, elliot, kyle busch, logano or william byron? steve: joey logano. >> can i do another question? steve: no. go to fox bet app. brian: or knock on his door. rachel: still ahead the all-american concert series rolls on with country music star toby keith, yeah, he will be here.
4:57 am
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>> this morning democrats, they are furious at the court's latest ruling and conservative majority. >> far left saying it is time for steven breyer to retire. >> it's crazy to have this kind of pressure in the supreme court justice. >> tax legal gun owners. >> it really disadvantages our most vulnerable residents and makes them absolutely defenseless. >> border patrol apprehending 3 illegal immigrants that broke into a home in sierra blanco, texas. >> all u.s. troops have
5:01 am
withdrawn from airfield in afghanistan. >> a crown jewel, the russians, chinese and iranians. >> it's a great day to be an american. rachel: good morning, top of the 8:00 o'clock hour at new york city as we start off the independence day weekend and i'm starting it off with steve and brian, welcoming you before the weekend show. brian: we have to get you ready for will. the resentment between them. obvious. steve: as we look at clearwater beach, good morning, everybody. it's friday and summer, all american concert series, today our featured performance toby keith, the superstar is going to
5:02 am
be here and have the national debut of a brand-new song called happy birthday america. so perfect for this weekend. brian: hope it doesn't go like the normal happy birthday or beatles happy birthday song. you have no idea. toby keith and lee bryce have one thing in common. steve: they have been on the show. rachel: what is it? brien: football players. it's worked out for both of them. steve: to by been joining us from oklahoma, one state up, kansas city, actually in kansas is the big air show and abby is there today to preview that and so much more. abby: we are in kansas city for proud american coverage because the patriotism here runs so
5:03 am
deep. like you mentioned, we have the air show playing out on the fourth of july. very excited for that. i was able to catch up with some of the pilots ahead of time just to ask them, you know, what does it take to fly the jets and what does it mean to you to fly on such an important day to our country. you know, also we are in kansas city so we have to immerse ourself in the culture, it's all about sports, barbecue, music, you know, steve, i know that you are a kansas city guy. we went to joe's but only 7:00 a.m. here and we are right above jack sack, you can't see it in the shot but they are starting to fire up the smokers. did we make the right decision going to joe's? steve: you know, you can't go wrong with kansas city barbecue. rachel: you put him on the spot. [laughter] steve: 35 years ago this week my wife and i got married in kansas city and we had our rehearsal dinner at gates barbecue which is a place where we still fly the sauce in by amazon every
5:04 am
couple of months. abby: the barbecue here you can't go wrong. joe's was amazing. you will see that coming up at the bottom of the hour. steve: thank you very much. live from kansas city. brian: she's dominating the city. turning to washington as democrats renew calls to pack the supreme court after a decision came down. rachel: that's right. they are upset over justice citing with conservatives on two key rulings. steve: mark meredith from washington as president biden tells congress to repair the damage. mark, what does repair the damage mean? mark: well, the president will be talking a lot more about that, rachel, steve and brian. conservatives they are cheering the two new rulings by the supreme court. democrats are also crying foul. they are arguing that the right-leaning court is essentially making it harder for people to vote. this all comes after on thursday the court ruling 6 to 3 in favor of arizona and its decision to enact stricter voting law and
5:05 am
band ballot harvesting and discard ballots if people vote in the wrong precinct. arizona's governor saying he's thrilled with the latest ruling. >> we want to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat. i think if president biden wants to focus on election integrity maybe he needs to begin in new york city where they are having all kinds of problems. mark: president biden deeply disappointed in the court's latest actions and plans to speak more about voting and reform efforts in the weeks ahead. we did get a statement from the president, though, it says it is no longer just about a fight over who gets to vote and making it easier for eligible voters to vote, it is about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all. also on thursday, the court striking down a california law which would require nonprofits to disclose who some of the most generous donors were, conservative activist as accused limiting free speech and one
5:06 am
house democrat many urging the president to support efforts to expand the supreme court with plenty of liberals furious over the court's current makeup. guys, back to you. rachel: thank you, mark. brian: they have to get rid of the filibuster. steve: and joe manchin says no, but that's joe manchin. you know, the president very disingenuous with the quote that mark just read where he said it's all about who gets to count the vote and how. no, what the supreme court said yesterday essentially you can't have a third party or ballot harvester take your vote. you have to do it yourself and you have to do it at the right place. these are common sense laws that are all across the country. so for democrats to say, their hair is on fire right now talking about how republicans and conservatives on the supreme court are stealing your right to vote. that's simply not true. rachel: there are very reasonable measures, the reason you can only vote in your own
5:07 am
precinct is because you can vote in your precinct and another precinct. steve: vote in all of them. rachel: exactly. we don't want george soros funded or mark zuckerberg funded group going around and collecting other people's ballots in nursing homes or whatever. the new ruling says you have to vote yourself or a family member or caregiver can do that for you. again, very reasonable and for them to say that this is racist, that somehow, minorities are having trouble voting in their own precinct or showing id -- >> steve: which they could not prove in courts. >> rachel: of course. brien: i don't think they have to get to the supreme court, today the supreme court wants to gut the voting rights act. we will no longer have a democracy to protect, what are we waiting for? we didn't feel that way when
5:08 am
obamacare was held that way by the supreme court. overall a mischaracterization of what the arizona rule would do. listen. >> that decision plus these two today cut to the heart of democracy. >> this is precisely why we need for the people act john lewis advancement act. what we are seeing politicization of the court. steve: well, you know, it's in the news, what are they going to do? the low information voter is going to hear the mainstream media say, look, you're taking the right to vote and who is going to count the vote, it's all up in the air. not true. read the story. get educated. that's what we are trying to do right now. rachel: i like that mark had earlier -- the reporter had the clip from -- from governor doocy saying, listen, why don't you take care of the problem in new york where they have problems of the election. democrats who are saying, there's no cheating and then we see right here how many hundred thousand -- >> steve: hundred thousand.
5:09 am
they forgot to take out the test ballots. brian: they are still not done counting the votes on the democratic primary. is this embarrassment, it's been over a week. >> i think justice breyer doesn't want to see the court politicized and i'm relieved the people who are having sameful forcing his hand or attempting to aren't going to be rewarded with the seat to fill in the supreme court. it's disgraceful to have this kind of pressure put on a supreme court justice for purely partisan reasons of trying to empty that seat so they can put a younger person in to replace justice breyer. brian: that's what democrats are pushing for. for breyer, liberal supreme court justice to leave now in case they lose the senate and in case they lose the presidency. rachel: that's right. steve: meanwhile, we have been telling you, we are the only channel who tries to cover this every day because it gets worse every day. there's some video of a woman who was beaten on the street in
5:10 am
new york city. just watch. surveillance video. she's on a very busy seat. she felt like somebody was following her and the guy grabs her and beats her up just like that, right next to city bikes which could indicate that's a very trafficked city street in new york city. rachel: he assaulted her after he did that. you see the video. as a woman it's just terrifying and i can tell you, steve and brian that for myself, i changed hotels around here because i am afraid of that happening to me in new york city. you come to new york city as i have been over the last 5 years, you have seen a deterioration of -- of the safety and, again, look -- that happened in broad daylight. that isn't some dark alley that some woman was walking in broad daylight. mayor de blasio downplaying the shootings and here is what he has to say. >> my understanding of the facts the president specialize that to
5:11 am
certain cities that were dealing with challenges greaters than ours. but what we did here was strike a balance, we had a lot of different needs to motorcycle mo bring back city jobs, obviously the focus of fighting covid getting rid in the city and public safety. a lot of investment and community-based solutions and keeping nypd at strong levels. brian: he said crime is not really big a problem. it's other cities. crime is up at almost every category because you have defamed and defunded the police and when you got the huge payout, you did not put it to getting more cops and increasing the academy and recruiting or the pay and you did it other ancillary things surrounding law enforcement and not reinstating the anti-crime women which puts plain clothes men and women in the streets to find out where the crime before it struck. steve: what the administration
5:12 am
said last week, you know what, take some of the coronavirus money, you got $250 billion, take some of that and hire more cops if you want to. of course, there's not one word in the bill about police, but it's, you know, it's create a spin. he was asked, the mayor was yesterday, why don't you take the money, $6 billion, well, that is for cities with a crime problem unlike new york, we have it under control. brian: no, you don't. steve: no. i saw this morning. nancy pelosi's home district is in san francisco. san francisco car break-ins have risen 750%. and you know what, a poll of people who live in san francisco says that 40% of the people there want to move. i wonder why. rachel: i wonder why. in new york city they took a billion dollars away from the police because the protestors said they had to do that so they defunded them. he got $6 billion in covid relief money, bill de blasio
5:13 am
did, and he only gave $200 million back and he said we are not going to hire any more cops. brian: that's what you get, city that's not safe and tourist that is won't come here because they see the video, honey, i think i want to go to kansas city where abby is and seems a lot better. steve: the message is watch your back. brian: you're on your own. steve: we are not on our own. carley joins us with news. carley: good morning, guys, very important update to bring you right now. the search is back on i florida condo collapse. crews are looking for 145 people still missing in the rubble after efforts over 415 hours over fears the rest of the building could collapse, plans are underway to demolish the section. minutes ago, tropical storm elsa upgraded to a hurricane and is expected to make landfall in florida next week. hurricane expected to hamper rescue
5:14 am
efforts even more. the private hedge fund appointed by the judge to help manage britney spears' 60 million-dollar estate is already looking to resign. tmz reports the firm views the case as a, quote, hornets nest and is seeking an emergency hearing today. the move would leave britney's father as sole conservator of of her estate. could miss tokyo olympics after reportedly testing positive for marijuana. she's reportedly banned from competing in that race, but could possibly compete in another event richardson appeared to, i am human. check it out. >> time has come for us to get
5:15 am
fresh, gather the crew and eat veggie and meat burgers till we sweat and then let's work together toward a future where everyone can come together to the party. carley: ad is called go forth america. modern-day spin on the iconic presidential speech from the movie independence day. probably the best movie speech of all time. brian: except for the fact that they tried to destroy the world and burn the white house. carley: it was a good speech at the end. steve: it was a good speech and he flew one of the jets toward the bad guys. carley: i will watch that movie this weekend. steve: watch that ad. carley: we may have to because i think it's going to rain. rachel: all three of us will give a list of favorite patriotic movies. carley: i will be watching "fox
5:16 am
& friends". steve: her message, drink a beer this weekend. carley: bingo. good advice. brian: and a veggie burger. now the city's liberal leadership looking to tax legal gun owners for the violence affecting their area. can you believe that? steve: from appalachia to congress, officially running for senate from ohio, how he plans to stand up for the middle class straight ahead on "fox & friends".
5:17 am
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brian: climate is rising rapidly and i could have inserted any city with that statement but i
5:21 am
will focus on san josé, the city's liberal leadership to tax legal gun owners should they think they are the problem. gun rights activist colion noir. colion, it's your fault, you're the problem. that's what they are saying. >> yeah, no. i think at this point we really have to sit back and pay attention to what they're trying to do. they're trying to -- this is punitive in nature and also it's design today prevent anybody who doesn't already have a gun to not want to get a gun. it's a pure direct attack on gun owners and second amendment and honestly, i think it's a disgusting attempt at trying to generate revenue for the city as well because even the mayor said it himself, this isn't going to do to stop the shootings but yet somehow he still wants to do this. hmm, i wonder why, maybe because it's great revenue generating scheme for them. brian: hey, when you buy a gun, you need to be video taped, we are worried that you buy the gun
5:22 am
and giving it to other people. do you have a problem with that? >> i generally do have a problem with that. by in large, they are stacking one law on top of one law on top of one law. they are trying to build the wall to effectively push out the second amendment altogether. and we've been saying this for years. you give them an inch they take a mile. california has pretty much every gun law that you can think of in the country but yet somehow they still try to come up with more solution that is aren't doing anything because they don't want to sit down, roll their sleeves up and do the hard work and figure out why it's happening in the first place. their default is always let's find a way to make it harder on gun owners. >> here is the mayor weighing in on why owners should have liability insurance and should be taxed. listen. i will read the tweet out loud. while the second amendment protects the rights of americans to own guns, it doesn't require taxpayers to subsidize gun ownership, landmark decision for taking action against gun violence.
5:23 am
really, subsidizing? [laughter] >> again, like i told you, i think this is just a back door way to generate more revenue, period. because what do you mean subsidizing firearm violence in the country? you will have to pay the money for those services anyway. that's what the taxes are for but yet somehow you think charging gun owners an additional fee is going to do what exactly? put more moneys in your pockets, i can tell you that. brian: 15 seconds. this is what the president said two weeks ago to solve crime. he will focus on gun owners and gun dealers, gun dealers? >> you know they have been a problem. why is it now that you are just deciding to do these things. it's all red herring. it's not an issue at all. it's a way to find a reason and i have to keep repeating that over and over again because people aren't understanding. brian: legal gun owners aren't the issue and they want us to take a lazy approach to it and
5:24 am
there's a huge pushback for that. >> agenda. brian: agenda too. they are coming after what you like to do. straight ahead abby arkansas city and the all-american concert series with country music superstar toby keith, he's got a brand-new song that he wrote just for you. it's about freedom and it's good. ♪ ♪ ♪ t eargo.
5:25 am
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♪ you are rocking that grill. family: guy fieri? but that pulled pork could taste even better on king's hawaiian slider buns.
5:28 am
thanks, guy! (whispers) thank you. my work here is done. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. rachel: good morning, welcome back to "fox & friends". right in the heart of the country, kansas city is famous for its sports. live music and also lots of barbecue and this independence day weekend, "fox & friends" is kicking off our proud american coverage with the taste of it all. fox nation host and proud american correspondent abby
5:29 am
joins us live with more. abby. abby: yeah, rachel. i had the incredibly difficult job of doing all the best things in kansas city. take a look. for professional sports and now kansas city has been touted as the soccer capital of america. >> our team, i think, plays a style which is very entertaining to the fan base. >> you've been part of that family for quite some time. you're the longest tenured head coach of mls and kansas city professional sports. this stadium is gorgeous. >> it's a great place to come watch a game for sure. our fans, it's their home. they enjoy it incredibly and so do we when they are here. here we go. really simple. we will knock it back and forth a little bit. one, perfect.
5:30 am
♪ ♪ >> excellent, your technique is big time. >> thank you, you're a good coach. >> we will keep moving here. right on your toes, back to me. good. ♪ ♪ >> a little juggle, let's see. unbelievable. abby: let's go, coach. you didn't think you were going to get me with that. i worked up a bit of an appetite, kansas city offers over 115 barbecue accomplishments, the consensus is joe's kansas city is a must visit. wow, this place is rocking. >> kansas city's barbecue goes to low and slow. >> if you want to help me out with that. abby: great timing. ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: what is in the seasoning, are you allow today tell me? >> salt, pepper, sugar, paprika,
5:31 am
cayenne, brown sugar. >> abby: original barbecue. should we sit down and have a try? this should be criminal. i think i need to try it again. >> i think i do too. ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: we are full from the barbecue but one last thing that we have to do. it's immerse ourselves in the tradition of jazz that runs deep here in kansas city. that is why we are at the historic phoenix. ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: why do you think jazz is so important in kansas city? >> music in general brings people together and sort of
5:32 am
withstand time. ♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: that looks like a lot of fun. abby: rachel, it was a blast. you know peo argue about politics but here in kansas city, they argue over what is the best barbecue. we went to joe's and it's hard to beat. i'm going to tell you that. rachel: sounds like barbecue is good wherever you go in kansas city. that's what steve said, at least. abby: absolutely. rachel: all right, thank you, abby and happy independence day. steve. steve: she's out there for the big air show that she will be covering with you, rachel. 28 minutes before the top of the hour on friday morning. fox news alert. june job's report was released 2 minutes ago and the united states has added 850,000 jobs last month. that is a good positive number and it is more than economists expected and the unemployment rate rising to 5.9% but
5:33 am
nonetheless, the number of jobs added is a good number as people get back to work. all right, straight ahead. author and venture capitalist jaidi advance is now officially running for the senate out of ohio. we will talk to him about his plan to fight for the working class which is where he came from. and it's a friday, all american-concert series with country music superstar toby keith, he's going to debut his brand-new song ahead of our independence day weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:34 am
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5:37 am
carley: good morning, we are back with your headlines, starting with a live look at bush intercontinental airport in houston. tsa expecting 2.2 million people to fly before sunday as
5:38 am
48 million americans begin holiday weekend travel by train, plane or car but drivers will face the highest july 4th gasoline prices in 7 years due to that fuel shortage. in california gasting them at o0 cents. the hike has brought the average price of a gallon there to 4.28. shaquille o'neil challenges lebron james, claiming nba's schedule this season didn't give players enough time to rest. listen. >> 40 million people have been laid off. i'm making 200 million. you won't hear complain from me. mom is internet sensation thanks
5:39 am
to son. last-minute call for a job interview but she could not find child care for her 1-year-old son milo, she suited him up and prepared resume and brought him along for an interview. maggie put the whole thing on tiktok. here is what she said earlier. ♪ ♪ ♪ carley: the video there had got 9 million views and guess what, the best part maggie got the job. [applause] carley: a young baseball fan makes an impressive catch, catching that fly ball, watch this. you're going to want to keep applauding. >> no way this kid caught this ball. no way. oh, my gosh. that is awesome. carley: look at him. there's the catch. he did it. the move even impressing
5:40 am
milwaukee outfielder. the catch, guys, stole the show. steve: if he would have been further over, would that have been interference? brian: very interesting especially since the wall was closed. you can't really blame them. i don't know, there's no -- >> carley: this is a positive story. steve: he made our highlight real. brian: can i see that? nobody around him. foul ball. foul ball. nobody there. no downside. rachel: you know the kid is getting scouted right now. brian: at this moment. steve: i wonder if his mom is going to want to take him along to a job interview. [laughter] steve: meanwhile big news in the
5:41 am
weather, janice, it happened inn the last hour, we have a hurricane heading our way. janice: yeah, we do. intensity forecasting hasn't been great on this. we were thinking it was going to be a weak tropical storm, 24 hours later, rapid intensification and we have a hurricane moving towards the lesser and this is dangerous system that will move into the caribbean and then perhaps impact puerto rico, espanola and cuba and we need to watch because it can move to florida, the keys, the gulf coast as well. it's all going to happen this weekend. we think potential impact tuesday into wednesday and, of course, all eyes are on south florida, in miami where they are still doing the rescue mission there. so we don't need a tropical storm or a hurricane in that neighborhood, but we will continue to monitor this through the weekend. best advice i can give you hurricane season has started and it's an early one and if you live along the east coast and
5:42 am
florida, gulf coast, you need to know what you're going to do if there's a tropical system on your doorstep. today's forecast, showers and thunderstorms along the east lasting tomorrow. stormy weather for the gulf coast. remain hot for much of the country. there's your fourth of july forecast. all eyes will be on florida and we really need to monitor the path elsa, obviously, because it rapidly intensified. we weren't expecting it and that sometimes happens but the trajectory looks like it's going to impact florida probably but along the southeast coast and gulf coast you need to pay attention. i cannot stress that enough. brian: big news on your map, canada celebrating fourth of july. janice: it was canada day yesterday. steve: it's the fourth of july in canada. it's just not independence day. brian: i had no idea. steve: all right, jd, thank you. next up we are kicking off the fourth of july independence day
5:43 am
weekend with country music star toby keith with new song to celebrate america that he wrote last year on independence day on the back of a boat. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:44 am
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>> good morning, chicago's mayor will be in the hot seat and says her city is safer but 4 people killed and 28 shot yesterday. a member of band is here to talk about afghan translators that risk their lives to help american troops. plus kirk bush on how he's celebrating his weekend. we will see you at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: should have been a cowboy and american soldier. toby keith is out with brand-new music to kick off independence day. steve: happy birthday america. latest track, written on the back of a boat last year when toby was watching the fireworks on the fourth of july.
5:48 am
brian: i hope somebody else was driving. let's go to toby keith. did you have your driver? i have a pen in hand. >> yes, i wasn't driving. i didn't need to be driving. 500 boats tied out there and they started playing -- all the boats had radios and you could hear the same thing and synchronizing with fireworks. courtesy of red, white and blue came on and everybody was honking their horns and screaming and singing and i was like, wow, fireworks were going off and it was in the middle of last summer and this country felt like a dumpster fire about them. i was like, wow, this is pretty
5:49 am
neat. i said, happy birthday america, whatever left of you and i was running a few days later and i wrote that song and it's not my single. my single is out is called old school but it is the fourth of july. we want to put this out. rachel: i'm looking forward to hearing it. i don't know that you could have topped american soldier for patriotic soldier. i'm a military brat. my husband is very jealous that we are here with you today. you are absolutely hands down favorite musician in the whole world and you actually brought my son up on stage once you played at the gop convention and that was a highlight for my family. there he is. my son, jack. so, i mean, tell us about this song that you've just come out with? >> well, it just feels like -- i live in the heartland, everybody i talk to has the same worries.
5:50 am
feels like democracy is in double and everything feels like you hear people talk, separation of states and it just feels like the politicians aren't getting the job done on either side and it just feels like democracy is in danger. steve: sure. you are like frankie scott king, writing the song from a back of a boat, fireworks go off and stuff like that. by the way on the fourth of july, do you just drink out of red solo cups? >> absolutely. don't everybody? [laughter] steve: all right. ladies and gentlemen, head to for tickets. brand-new song, national debut of happy birthday america. toby, take it away. ♪ ♪ >> happy birthday america.
5:51 am
it's the fourth of july. ♪ ♪ >> wake up in your freedom but sometimes i wonder why. happy birthday america, whatever is left of you. ♪ ♪ >> burning flag in the city
5:52 am
streets, more than anybody else. ♪ ♪ >> happy birthday america. it's fourth of july. get to wake up in your freedom but sometimes i wonder why. seems like everybody is ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:53 am
♪ that's a helping hand. your days are numbered, my old friend. ♪ ♪ ♪ happy birthday america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> happy birthday america, whatever is left of you. ♪ ♪ >> happy birthday america. ♪ ♪
5:55 am
[cheers and applause] we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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5:58 am
>> live from oklahoma. absolutely great. we had a technical difficulty and why vance is unable to appear. >> maybe we'll have him next. >> this is happy birthday
5:59 am
america, america's birthday we're celebrating it. what made america great. series i was able to do. 31 features, one about the greenbriar, west virginia. here is what you'll see when you double click. >> it was away from washington, 240 miles. you don't want to be close to washington the assumption is washington is the primary target so you want to be out of town. >> one of the reasons they put it at the greenbriar it's private property.
6:00 am
>> many businesses from struggling to find workers as


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