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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> it is friday july 2nd, democrats reigniting calls to pack the supreme court after the bench hands down its final ruling this session was a major win for election security that has progressives up in arms. todd: several children shot in chicago as big-city violent spirals out of control. the latest attempt from media to blame the gop. heather: shimkus, a fourth of july like no other, we are celebrating the flag and our freedom to help you kick off the holiday weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪
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>> toby keith is going to be on "fox and friends" which is exciting, the red, white and blue. the fourth of july. todd: we have patriotism covered. i am dressed like a flag and you look like the fireworks. carley: i will take the fireworks. we to explode into the sky. carley: a great fourth of july. people gathered, we hope everybody has a great weekend. "fox and friends first" on friday morning. todd: we begin with democrats renewing calls to pack the supreme court after justices side with conservatives in two killings. carley: one of the levels voting restrictions in arizona and president biden is calling on congress to repair the damage. mark meredith joins us with more on this important front.
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>> reporter: there is mixed reaction to the supreme court athletes ruling. the debate over the current size and makeup of this court will not go away anytime soon. the court ruled 6-3 to allow arizona to keep stricter voting laws in place. the state will be able to ban ballot harvesting and discard ballots people cast in the wrong precinct. the courts more liberal justices were furious with the decision. justice a lot are kagan issuing a 41 page dissent, arizona as republican governor is praising. >> reporter: we want to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat. if president biden wants to focus on election integrity maybe he should begin in new york city where they are having all kinds of problems. >> reporter: speaking of president biden he was less celebratory and more critical in his reaction saying he was deeply disappointed in the court's ruling and that the court has done severe damage to
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the voting rights act. the court struck down a california law requiring nonprofit disclose who their donors are. conservative activists are thrilled with the decision saying california was trying to limit free-speech. >> our first amendment rights are more secure now today than they were yesterday going into this decision. that is something we can celebrate going into the fourth of july. >> reporter: the latest rulings reigniting the debate over the size of the supreme court with some democrats calling for president biden to expand the court. this is a debate that is not going away anytime soon. heather: pressure continues to grow on court justice breyer, i am not ready to go yet. carley: a number of texas sheriff's and ice offices are suing president biden and homeland security over there immigration policies. they say the administration is preventing federal officials from arresting and deporting criminal illegal immigrants.
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ice officers who are part of the suit said they tried giving permission to apprehend the number of child abu of biden administration policies. overnight tweet 7 people are hurt in a chicago shooting including the one-month-old baby. todd: think about that. three men jumped out of the car and started shooting in several directions. several major cities struggle to crackdown on crime. a biden nickel for every time i said that an apostle over the next few years i would be a very rich man. >> reporter: multiple people including that one-month-old baby were hurt in a shooting on the south side of chicago. that infant and a man in his 30s in critical condition. hours before the shooting chicago mayor lori lightfoot blamed the rising crime on the covid 19 pandemic answer arriving gun laws. there have been 1500 people shot according to the chicago pd.
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lightfoot says her critics are motivated by two things. >> questions raised about your temperament and your reaction to criticism. how much of this has to do with the fact that you are a woman and specifically a black woman? >> about 99%. women and people of color are always held to different standards. >> reporter: mayor bill deblasio is downplaying the crime infiltrating the city, he defended his move to not hire more police with $6 billion in federal covid 19 aid. president biden said should go toward hiring more officers. >> what the president it is specialized that to certain cities dealing with challenges later than hours. >> reporter: in new york city there's an increase of 43% in shootings this year compared to the same year, same period in 2020 and along with 36% increase of shooting victims according to
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the nypd. meantime 14 dangerous gang members were arrested in brooklyn thursday and a woman was jumped from behind by a man in broad daylight. in minneapolis the judge ordered the city council and the mayor to immediately take action to ensure that they fund a police force was also this week the white house pushing the narrative that republicans support defunding the police, not democrats, something the media has jumped on board with. one headline from the washington post reading, quote, even the squad is more pro-police than these republicans. this morning the headline on the op-ed has been changed republicans have a new strategy, blue lives matter. carley: blue lies matter. todd: leo terrel says democratic policies are emboldening criminals.
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>> it is happening in daylight, criminals usually operate at night but they are emboldened because they know they will not get prosecuted. i will put to rest a lie. democrats claim they care about people of color. the police chief, a black police chief begging a minority city to please don't cut the funding because he wants to protect people of color and they cut it anyway so what does that tell you about the democrats? they don't care about people. they care about power. they will allow cities to burn and even if you've got people of color running the city they don't care and that is what is insulting about all this. no one can defend the defunding the police. heather: fox news poll shows overwhelming majority of americans, 72% say they trust the police. carley: new overnight all us troops have withdrawn from bagram airfield in afghanistan.
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senior officials confirming it was handed over to afghan forces in its entirety. the airbase was the heart of us power in afghanistan for 20 years. the departure comes months ahead of president biden's promise to have the last american troops out of the country by september 11th. todd: five construction workers hurt after a building collapses in washington dc, they did through the rubble to rescue one of the workers trapped, he is expected to have surgery today. all injuries are non-life-threatening. the 5-story structure went down a severe weather swept through the area, no word on the cause just yet. west virginia senator joe manchin cannot support any infrastructure bill if it is more than $4 trillion saying he will not add more to the national debt. >> i don't think i could ever get there unless we throw caution to the wind, totally out of the ballpark. todd: manchin one of you moderates in the senate majority
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responding to questions about his political affiliation. >> i am fiscally responsible and socially compassionate. you can put me anywhere you want but having a d or an r by my name, i never considered that. >> reporter: donald trump winning every county in the mountain state in 2020. carley: the date is set for the recall election of california governor gavin newsom. it will be on september 14th and voters will be asked two questions, first, if they want to recall newsom, and second, if so, who should replace him. if 50% or more of voters answer yes to recalling him, the candidate with the most votes in question becomes the next golden state governor. the recall decision garnered 1.7 million signatures well above the threshold. september 14th is the big day. todd: sanders, former georgia
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bulldog and miami football coach mark clifton diagnosed with parkinson's, the statement reads, quote, i have been wallowing around lately of people asked me what is wrong. i decided to tell everyone at the same time, i have been diagnosed with parkinson's. so younger. two time champion added he still plans to enjoy all his blessings. we wish him the best. carley: an impressive foul ball catch, check it out. >> no way this could cut this ball. that is awesome. this kid is 8 years younger. what a play. carley: the move impressing the outfielder and former mvp christian yellen giving him a high 5, later tweeting life catch collected. the brewers won against the pirates 7-numtwo. all smiles in that section. todd: that is a professionally thrown ball, professionally hit ball coming down the fairmont of velocity, the kid stuck his glove out. we will write him a letter.
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todd: critical race theory strikes fear around the nation some question the potential threat on the future of the fourth of july. here with his take is jeremy hunt, great to see you. let me read a little bit of this piece from the late milliliter, critical race theory discusses the title. it is a wonderful time of year to muse on the freedoms, opportunities and blessings of the wonderful country we live in. however a great threat to those attributes now hovers over our nation and literally imperils all that our ancestors fought
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for. critical race theory is prevalent throughout high academic institutions and federal government and its agencies. how do you view the threat the author mentions? >> it seems like it is already starting to happen. i remember just last year my little sister-in-law, only a high school, was about to post on social media something celebrating the fourth of july but she hesitated. why did you hesitate? because my friends will make fun of me if i post something a little bit too patriotic, too celebratory. that saddens me. that is where we are right now. high school students afraid to post anything celebratory. last night one of my friends tweeted, just know i am judging every black person i see in red, white and blue this weekend. it is amazing we are losing any sense of what it means to be an american.
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what happens to a country that continues to go in that direction? i don't know. i do know patriots that love their country stand up and boldly celebrate the fourth of july. todd: why can't we all be for equality and at the same time be for america? i don't get that. >> that is what it means to be an american, to be for equality, to push to live up to our creed. that is why we celebrate the fourth of july. it helps us to evaluate are we living up to things? that is so important. that is why we have a country. we have to continue to be committed to celebrating the fourth of july. todd: the air force, creating walking instead of running tests allow easier push-ups.
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we will pop up the new traditional test versus the new tests on the screen and you see the comparison. make your. is or joke at the expense of another branch but then answer me seriously, should i be freaked out that we are lowering the standards of our fighting forces so much as you see in this graphic? >> this is pretty on brand, those in the u.s. army but in all seriousness this is something, the research, hope it is not something top-down from the biden administration as we've seen in recent months but i guess we will wait and see. todd: you are allowed to attack the air force. i will say thank you to all branches of the military on this fine fourth of july weekend. the overall point is true. you've got to fight and doing todd piro push-ups is not the way -- jeremy hunt push-ups is the way to go. a great weekend. see you soon.
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carley: the time is 17 after the hour. hitting the road and taking the skies, travel rates this holiday weekend could break free pandemic levels. the army specialist who will represent colorado on the miss america stage. check her out. ♪♪ american woman ♪♪ let me speak ♪♪ we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair.
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>> welcome back, new york state inmates are being offered care packages to get the covid 19 vaccine. less then half of new york's 34,000 inmates are inoculated. officials hope to boost that number by offering care packages
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which include food and barbecue cookout parties for inmates to attend. todd: country's largest will debate mandating vaccines in schools. the national education association saying, quote, we will call for mandatory covid 19 vaccinations and testing for all students and staff before returning to face-to-face instruction this fall. the debate is not been scheduled, the union represents 3 million teachers.inutes after of millions expected to hit the opening road to celebrate the fourth of july. jillian: cheryl casone here with what everyone should expect to see during your travels was very important. >> reporter: it is going to be crazy this weekend. 47.7 million americans expected to travel over the weekend according to aaa. 43.6 million are going to drive with 91% of travel by car, 3.5 million estimated to fly.
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the latter would be pre-pandemic levels for the nation's airports even as airlines face trouble getting employees back to work. as for gas prices no break insight. we are at a 7-year high at the gas pump across the country. todd: once you reach your destination if you want to play a fun drinking game turn on your local news and every time somebody says pack your patience you have to do a shot. a fun drinking game. in the 3 hours we get our latest jobs numbers. what are the expectations? >> reporter: the june jobs report is the strongest glimpse yet into whether the biden economic recovery plan is working. economist expect the country, 700,000 nonfarm jobs with the unemployment rate taken down to 5.7% from 5.8%. of the numbers are beat it would bolster the president's argument, despite rising prices with the threat of inflation and lackluster job gains so far, the demand is there for workers but
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the benefits may still be keeping many on the sidelines. that could give us a less than expected number which would be negative for the biden administration. we expect president biden at some point at the white house today to comment about the job numbers. we will see what he has to say. we will have them number on 8:30 eastern. carley: krispy kreme. >> reporter: hitting the market again, the second go around being public. they opened at 1630 a share. stock, 20% trading yesterday. although the debut was not what the company was hoping for, why do i say this? who doesn't love a donut? there is concern they are too focused on sugary snacks in a world where many americans have become more health conscious. let me point you to other vegan
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companies, that was a real thing, investors are following the trend. they give away a lot of donuts. i say never underestimate the power of the donut. >> who doesn't love a donut? todd: our producer katie has an interesting theory, there's a whole analysis and they glaze over some factors. todd: 25 after the hour, after the supreme court upheld arizona's voting law and the prompter changed. they went to georgia. >> back in april georgia native joey jones said the left was trying to gin up outrage. we will see if he thinks the same thing now because he joins us next. todd: that comment. ng mental health meds, and your mind is finally in a better place. except now you have uncontrollable body movements
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jillian: president biden and florida governor rod desantis put politics aside during the visit to the site of the surfside condo collapsed. dissenter thanked the president saying he had been very supportive. biden said there is no proof what caused the tragedy but offered a possible contributing factor. >> how many of the survivors and families talked about the impact of global warming? they talked about sea levels rising. carley: the president and first lady toward the site as 18 people are confirmed dead. they met with families of the 145 people missing in the rubble telling them to never give up hope. todd: nancy pelosi wasting those i'm shutting down a reporter's? congresswoman ilhan omar.
2:30 am
>> congresswoman ilhan omar -- >> i will answer that question. todd: the house speaker never circled back, this was over recent remarks, she said she does not regret comparing the us and israel to hamas and the taliban and claimed her jewish colleagues are, quote, not equal partners in justice. bill cosby's spokesperson said the disgraced tv star had an amazing first night home after being released from prison. listen to this. >> his first night, he wanted pizza, stayed up until 2:00 in the morning telling jokes. todd: cosby was spotted leaving his pennsylvania home yesterday flashing a smile and another peace sign. jillian: disney world visitors are noticing something different about one of the park's legendary greetings from its all works fireworks display. take a listen.
2:31 am
>> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, good evening. carley: the removed gender to make the announcement more inclusive but haven't released an official statement about the change. we are all dreamers. todd: they are not included. get rid of that. carley: those people are very offended. turning to extreme weather. possible tornado sweeps through the washington dc area overnight leaving a path of destruction across dc, maryland and virginia. first responders rescued a man pinned by a fallen tree inside his home. thousands are without power, flights to reagan national airport were diverted due to the severe conditions. >> janice dean has the fox
2:32 am
weather forecast. your map looks innocuous but that video we just showed, bad news. carley: we have this frontal boundary that will linger across the northeast and mid-atlantic, that was the catalyst for severe storms. we knew there was a designated area for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes over the mid-atlantic and the national weather service will assess the damage that you see the past 24 hours across the ohio valley to the northeast so we will see a rainy day today and into tomorrow and hopefully things will clear up for the better half of the long weekend. we will keep you up-to-date on that. tropical storm elsa 60 miles per hour sustained winds. we could potentially be dealing with our first hurricane of the season. we will have to monitor it as it comes close to hispaniola and over cuba. was it goes overland it has a better chance of disrupting the storm. we are hopeful for that though we don't want the system to impact anyone.
2:33 am
then we have to watch florida, south florida, west coast of florida, the eastern gulf of mexico because we could have impact tuesday and wednesday. here are the tropical models. i must tell you the euro model doesn't love this storm much, doesn't make it hurricane, disintegrates it but we have to watch because the gfs does make it into a hurricane and we have to watch florida and the gulf coast over the next few days. forecast rainfall if the storm does impact the southeast of florida we will see a lot of rain next week. early-season, this is the earliest fifth named storm and we are expecting a busy tropical season. carley: this is the storm that could affect the condo collapsed. carley: if it comes to florida, miami, it will hamper a lot of rescue efforts and relief efforts and cause damage. jillian: bad timing. thank you so much, appreciate it.
2:34 am
todd: look at this. the u.s. army congratulating the first active-duty soldier to represent colorado on the miss america stage. carley: miss colorado last month works as an intelligence analyst. she says her goal is health awareness and prevent servicemember suicide. congratulations to her. todd: an important mission and a great model. we will be right back. (upbeat pop music in background throughout) so many people are overweight now
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>> the us supreme court, shooting down a challenge from the dnc sending the left-wing media into a meltdown. >> pretty severe move to the right on voting rights. this is a getting of this landmark civil rights legislation.
2:38 am
>> we have to have the advancement act. advocates like myself and other organizations are enforcing this issue. jillian: carley: will beef's be a repeat of the attacks on georgia's voting law? here to react is joey jones. you heard the reaction to the supreme court decision a polling arizona's voting law, people calling in a civil rights violation. what say you? >> if you know anything about the georgia voting unit the majority of things they were upset about were the changes made to opportunities to vote. they came through emergency power. everything complained about was not institutionalized, things like drop boxes and absentee ballots without any excuse. the georgia voting law was much ado about nothing. we had someone here called stacy
2:39 am
abrams who knew how to craft the narrative and make a big thing about it. will the arizona law be the same? know. there is the mouthpiece, the loudspeaker on the left. the law itself, what the supreme court upheld is not really something you could argue about. you have to have a narrative and someone to control it or don't have much to argue about. todd: someone who is not happy is democratic operative posing as someone who cares about your voting rights, mark eli is said the following. is any big business issued a statement about the supreme court ruling or are they no longer even offering thoughts and prayers for our democracy? we will pop up the companies in the woke april time of our lives when they were like we need voting rights and all that. i look at that and say mark eli us knows he is licked. he lost in the supreme court,
2:40 am
precedent is not on his side anymore so he will resort to shaming companies and try to get the power for blood pressure on his side because when you don't have the facts, what say you? >> it is ironic when you juxtapose this with the citizens united verdict that the corporations have the opportunity to lobby and any to campaign so democrats don't want corporations involved when they put money to republican candidates but they want them involved when they can use them, doesn't make a lot of sense but the objection to these voting laws goes along the same lines and they resent -- justice alito whose objections to dissent was basically that you are not showing the victim in the case, specifically discriminatory towards any group or individual and not even showing people they can't vote with the restrictions of this law, bringing in
2:41 am
hypotheticals saying they didn't even have statistics to argue their case against the arizona voting law, they are not showing the data is what i am saying. if that is the case this is more narrative driven, this is more in the minds and hearts than on paper and at the end of the day our political system needs to argue about anything and everything it can. carley: we are heading into the fourth of july weekend, a patriotic weekend for the country. olympian gwen barry is getting a lot of attention for her national anthem protests. it doesn't represent her or black people in this country and it is becoming quite a trend among a lot of people particularly young people finding it cool to not be patriotic. what is your reaction to this?
2:42 am
>> don't know what lines along which she objects. i heard one interview where she said there's a line in the fog would lose to slavery that she objects to. i believe that is in a verse we don't thing. beyond that, if you know the details of what happened we don't play the anthem every time someone takes the podium in these trials. it plays once a day. they had it scheduled to play and it happened to be it played that day at the time of her event took the podium. in a country where you can throw an inanimate object as far as you want and doing that activity can pay for your college which can take you from generational poverty to generational wealth and we have a flag that stands for that opportunity i guess it also provides the opportunity to make a fool of yourself and as far as i'm concerned that is all she has done. todd: joey lost his life to do what that individual has done. >> that is really irrelevant in my opinion.
2:43 am
i am an american and we all are and we can see that flag represents the best of us, not the worst thing that ever happened to us. i appreciate that but that is not relevant to the conversation in my opinion. this is about common decency. todd: have a great weekend and thank you. carley: charles keating and christopher horton, you need to know some. they gave their lives for our freedom after their break. the parents join us live to help us honor them. todd: let's check with steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: in 17 minutes, the border crisis is getting worse as undocumented migrants are caught with loaded handguns, ammo, and more from a texas ranch. what could possibly go wrong? we will talk to a texas landowner who is witnessing a crisis on her doorstep. 4-star general jack keane, new
2:44 am
york assemblyman ron kim and offer j the fans with a big announcement, this one we are waiting for. stay tuned. the fourth of july weekend with country music superstar toby keith debuting one of his singles to celebrate america right here on "fox and friends". ♪♪
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carley: this independence day it is important to remember those who gave everything for our freedom, here is like us navy seal charles keating and army specialist christopher d horton.
2:48 am
on the fourth of july we honor them both. let's bring in our goldstar panel, charles's mom crystal joseph and his dad, david horton. it is an honor to talk to you both. i would love to get to know your son. talk about christopher. what was he like and why did he want to join the military to serve our country? >> christopher was a great son. you couldn't ask for a better person to be your son. we were always so proud of his accomplishments and all he had done. to answer the question about that, when the twin towers fell, still in school and all that. joining the military and help
2:49 am
defend the nation, we said you can't drop out of school but when you are done with school, and he did go to college and in that program he was in, he said i am going to do something to help defend the nation and he did. he became an army sniper and he went to serve the country. he was killed in action on september 9th, 2011, in afghanistan. he was laid to rest in arlington national cemetery and that, to us, is a greek sacred hallowed ground that serves as a reminder that freedom is not free and that is the message that comes through to me on this july 4th holiday.
2:50 am
carley: freedom is not free and that is the message on the fourth of july and what we should be remembering as we have fun with our families barbecueing, freedom isn't free as your family pay the ultimate sacrifice. i love to hear about your son charles, he was 31 years old when he died. tell us about him. >> he was a character. he had a great sense of humor but also wanted to do something so hard that no one else could do. decided to become a navy seal. not only does he like fireworks, if you are a seal what you like to blow things up but he enjoys fourth of july. he would be in the parade and in a small town where they love to celebrate the fourth of july, one of his favorite holidays. they would have shows in coronado and they would talk to the kids. it was always good for him. in the back of his mind and he
2:51 am
did it, he loved it and i see the national anthem playing, i think of the sacrifice that he made and really proud of him. of course i miss him and i will our country because he loves our country. >> god loves your family. you product the national and some. a lot of people view the national anthem differently than i am sure everybody you and chris do. what is your reaction to this sort of trend of the anti-patriotism movement in our country? >> i think - carley: i am so sorry. you are cutting out. thank you so much for joining us. i know you have a book about your son charlie, don't be a hero. you can learn more about your
2:52 am
son charles. thank you for your service and sacrifice, a full family effort. thank you so much and happy fourth of july. god bless. we will be right back. and hotdog buns for a chance to win a flavortown-inspired hawaiian getaway. can i get another restock on king's hawaiian bread? again. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what happens when you make power your thing... above everything?
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>> our team plays a style that's entertaining to the fan base. >> you have been a part of the family for quite some time. the longest tenured head coach in mls and kansas city professional sports. >> it's all about the players at the end of the day. >> the stadium is gorgeous. >> it's a great place to watch game for sure.
2:57 am
the fans, it's their home, they enjoy incredibly. >> i can imagine being in the center of this and seeing all of the fans. >> one, perfect. ♪ ♪ >> excellent, your technique is big time. >> you're a good coach. >> right on your toes. yeah, back to me. good. a little juggle. unbelievable. >> let's go, coach. >> that was unbelievable. >> coach, you're the best, thank you so much. >> great job. >> i worked up an appetite, kansas city offers 150 barbecue assignments and joe's kansas city is a must. this place is rocking. when we said we were coming to
2:58 am
kansas city, everyone told us to get barbecue. >> really goes back to low and slow. >> great timing, i would like to help you out. how many times do you burn yourself? >> quite a bit. >> what's in the seasoning? >> pepper, sugar, brown sugar. >> peprika. all right. >> a little drizzle. we don't want to soak the ribs. >> okay. should we go sit down and give it a try. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> oh, my god.
2:59 am
this should be criminal. i think i need to try it again. we are full from the barbecue but there's one last thing we have to do and it's immerse ourself in the tradition of jazz that runs deep and that's why we are in the historic phoenix. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i think music in general brings music together and sort of withstand the test of time. to be part of music in the city feels like such an honor. >> kansas city here i come.
3:00 am
>> check that out, great american city, kansas city, you have soccer, you have barbecue and you have jazz music, nothing like it. >> i think of the number of outfit changes abby needs to do. >> that's right. happy fourth of july to you and everybody at home. "fox & friends" start right now. >> despite the alarm in rise in crime, democrats continue to fight for the defunding of the police. this is outrageous. >> put politics aside as visit to collapsed site. >> we've had no bureaucracy. >> recall vote for democratic governor gavin newsom will take place. >> they are moving the election


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