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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 2, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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can congratulations for the entire team, now come back to work. i am raymond arroyo sitting in for laura ingraham. i will be back tomorrow for friday follies and you will see a lot of me this weekend, i'm cohosting the big saturday and sunday show at 5:00 pm eastern and july 4th, prime time at 8:00 pm eastern, greg gutfeld takes it from here. good night from new york. jillian: shootings in broad daylight attacks are becoming a part of everyday life in new york city but don't expect accountability because the media is helping democrats to pin it all on the gop. neil: from the police is the motto, now it is about court packing, rulings that reunited calls for justices on the bench. >> foul ball.
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>> he is seated. particular field. the catch by a young fan that has the whole world buzzing. "fox and friends first" starts now. >> states can enact common sense -- raymond: i never heard a worse song than that. do not expect a record contract anytime soon whoever that was. >> a good catch by you. that was over the broadcast. >> is following the lead of that gentleman. i am shorter than you. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. carley: democrats renewing call to pack the supreme court after justices side with conservatives in two key rulings.
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todd: one upholds the restrictions in arizona and president biden is calling on congress to repair the damage. my parents joins us from washington. >> reporter: the supreme court is on it summer break but democrats are furious with the court's latest ruling and its conservative majority of members, on thursday the court ruling 6-3 in favor of arizona and its decision to impose tighter voting laws. the state will be allowed to ban ballot harvesting and restore ballots that were cast in the precinct, the court's more liberal justices furious with the decision, justice a lot of kagan issuing a 45 page dissent. arizona officials are thrilled and praising the decision. >> the us supreme court held states can an act common sense election integrity measures to protect the ballot integrity process. >> reporter: the court striking down the california law requiring nonprofits --
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conservatives are celebrating with the decision saying it protects free speech the democrats not holding back including majority leader chuck schumer who writes if you believe in open and fair democracy and the principle of one person, one vote, today is one of the darkest days in all of the supreme court's history. the latest rulings are reigniting the debate over the size of the supreme court, some democrats once again calling out president biden to expand the court. many people eager to see if justice stephen breyer who is 82 years old may retire allowing president biden to nominate a new younger justice. my money is on you guys for that. carley: a double duo on the supreme court, we come in a pair of two. todd: i would not be good on the bench. todd: we will talk to the vice president of legal and judicial strategy at americans for
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prosperity, a huge win in the nation's highest court, don't miss that. to the border crisis border patrol finding 35 illegal migrants in a stash house in el paso, 7 of the undocumented mexicans, 19 were guatemalans, 7 ecuadorians, one nicaraguan, 100 and according to border patrol, they were sent back under title 42. this bus coming just days after the borders are finally visited the region, conservatives calling out the democrats for visiting believe chaotic stretch of the border. four minutes after the hour, 7 people hurt in a chicago shooting including the one-month-old baby. jillian: three men jumped out of the car and started shooting in several directions. ashley strohmeyer joins us with more as several city struggled to crackdown on crime. >> 5 people including that one-month-old baby were hurt in
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a shooting last night on the south side of chicago and a man in his 30s in critical condition. hours before the shooting chicago mayor larry lightfoot blamed the rising crime on gun laws. so far in 2021 in 1500 people shot according to the chicago pd. lightfoot says her critics are motivated to things. >> there have been questions raised about your temperament and your reaction to criticism. how much do you think might have to do with the fact that you are a woman and specifically a black woman? >> about 99% of it. women and people of color are held to a different standard. >> in new york city mayor bill deblasio is downplaying the crime that is infiltrating the city, defended his move to not hire more police with $6 billion in federal maya millette aid that should go toward hiring more officers. >> he specialized to certain
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cities dealing with challenges greater than ours. carley: in new york city there's been a 45% increase in shootings compared to the same. go into thousands of the along with a 36% increase of shooting victims according to the nypd. 14 dangerous gang members were arrested in brooklyn thursday and a woman was jumped from behind by a man in broad daylight. in minneapolis a judge ordered city council and the mayor to immediately take any and all necessary action to ensure they fund a police force. this week the white house has been pushing the narrative republicans are in support of defunding the police, not democrats, something the media has also jumped on board with. one headline from the washington post reading, quote, even the swan is more pro-police in these, the outfit has been changed to republicans have a new strategy, blue lives matter.
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got to change the headline. >> happy tuesday to you. it is completely incorrect. >> senator ted cruz says the american people aren't fooled by the media spin being used to deflect from the administration's failing policies. >> it has been dramatic how quickly president biden and kamala harris lurched to the left. they made the decision to hand control of the democratic party to the radical extreme so the policy agenda is being driven by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and aoc was when the radicals who advocate abolishing the police become two of the senior officials in the biden department of justice that shows they have given in to the crazy left to create a border crisis that puts us on a path to have
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to million people cross illegally this year and when you propose $7 trillion in new spending trillions of dollars of new taxes, new regulations the american people start to notice this. todd: west virginia senator joe manchin cannot support any infrastructure bill if it is more than $4 trillion saying he will not add more to the national debt. >> i don't think i could ever get there, throw caution to the wind on the tax code, totally out of the ballpark. todd: manchin, responding to questions about his political affiliation. >> i'm fiscally responsible and socially compassionate. you could put me anywhere you want. having a deal iran are by my name, i never considered that. >> keep in mind donald trump won every county in the mountain state in 2020. jillian: the trump organization
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and see if oh alan weisberg pleaded not guilty to tax charges including fringe benefits awarded by the trump organization to the top executive. the manhattan district attorney alleges he failed to pay taxes on roughly $1.7 million in additional compensation. trump organization attorneys call it a political prosecution. new overnight all us troops have withdrawn from afghanistan. senior defense officials confirm it was handed over to afghan forces in entirety. the airbase was part of us power in afghanistan for nearly 20 years, the departure comes months ahead of president biden's promise to have the last american troops out of the country by september 11th. >> a possible tornado sweeping through the washington dc area. the storm leaving at half of destruction across dc, maryland and virginia, first responders rescuing a resident in dennis
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home, thousands without power, flights to reagan national diverted due to powerful windss, a young brewers fan with a foul ball catch. check it out. >> that is awesome. that is -- that it is 8 years younger. what a play. >> the only person who didn't like that was steve barton. the move impressing christian yellowi see giving him a high 5, nice catch, could, the brewers won against the pirates 7-numtwo. that kid became the coolest kid in his class. >> was you brewers fan if he was wearing a pirate hat? >> thought it was awesome. >> he could be a player.
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>> bill cosby is all smiles on his first night after leaving prison. how the comedian plans to move forward after his controversial release from prison. >> going behind-the-scenes with the blue angels and thunderbirds, a look at what it takes to soar the skies when "fox and friends first" on a big friday show rolls along ♪♪ you mastered the master bath. you created your own style. and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation you take it on, by talking to your eyecare professional about restasis®... which may help you make more of your own tears with continued use twice a day, every day. restasis® helps increase your eye's natural ability to produce tears,
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>> democrats renewing calls to pack the supreme court after two rulings including one that struck down a california law that required charities to disclose their donors names. joining me, americans for prosperity's casey max was a key
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line from the opinion, quote, the attorney general's disclose requirement imposes a burden on donors associational right and this burden cannot be justified on the ground that the regime investigates charitable wrongdoing or the state's interest in administrative convenience is sufficiently important, justice roberts summering summarizing the crux. it is not hyperbole to say this is one of the most important free-speech cases in recent memory. why is it so important? >> charities and the people who support them are part of what makes america great and we don't have to choose between because we care about and being harassed and intimidated and that is what people were being put in the position of because of this california rule. a critical decision to protect personal rights. todd: this is reporting
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disclosure requirements with bull's-eye regulated entities to avoid their obligations can do so by vaguely waving toward first amendment privacy concerns. i thought the court and majority strike that notion down saying there are other ways to regulate these charities. the strange bedfellows the aclu plus so many conservative organizations really drove the point home. what message did those strange bedfellows send? >> this is an unprecedented coalition of organizations at the supreme court. i've never seen the diversity of groups supporting the first amendment that we had here. the naacp, the aclu, a ds and other religious liberty organizations, groups who very rarely if ever have been on the same side of the case and it says something when the government is trying to do something and has that kind of coalition organizations all in one voice saying what you're
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doing violates our constitutional rights so it was critical. it puts live to the california's argument that this was something california needed and consistent with the constitution. todd: what are the implications of this decision in cases currently before the court or just in general? >> the main thing this does is makes it more difficult for the government to violate the first amendment. first amendment rights are more secure now today than they were yesterday going into this decision and that is something we can celebrate on the fourth of july. todd: no doubt this original move by california was political. as a lawyer from california at least i was back in the day, california has so many regulations they can police these charities without this extra little, hold your horses
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and that coalition of first amendment bedfellows which i keep going back to, the aclu and a bunch of conservatives dry that point home, appreciate your time. thank you. jillian: 17 after the hour. leaders in san jose, california have a plan to address violent crime by taxing legal gunowners. we are talking to a san jose resident and gun safety instructor who says this is just another failed policy, we will hear from him next.
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or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. todd: bill cosby spokesman said the discrete tv star had an amazing first night after being released from prison. listen to this.
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>> his first night he wanted pizza. he stayed up until 2:00 in the morning telling jokes. >> he was spotted leaving his pennsylvania home yesterday flashing a smile and another piece sign. his prison release, the lawyer said she should also are free. david marcus writing in a daily news op-ed the jeffrey epstein's 2010 deal with florida prosecutors exempts maxwell from being charged with the rights, quote, when epstein agreed to plead guilty and go to state prison the united states agreed not to prosecute him or his alleged co-conspirators. this is in black and white. it comes as the judge in her case rules dozens of documents about maxwell at personal affairs including those of epstein's relationship with the clintons. those documents due to be released in the next two weeks. carley: crime is rapidly rising in san jose, california and the city's liberal leadership is looking to place a tax on the second amendment. you to discuss is a san jose
1:23 am
resident and firearms instructor. good morning, thank you for joining us. it became a lot more expensive to be a legal gunowners. walk us through what happened in san jose. >> what happened was the mayor recommended a number of measures, none of which will have the slightest impact on crime. that's important for everyone to know, not one. the city attorney has been directed to come back with a series of ordinances that will be provided to counsel to vote on next september so she only has a few months but i can't emphasize this strongly enough, not one single item in their will make the situation better. it will make it worse because it impacts especially citizens who are the most vulnerable, low income people and so forth, they won't be able to afford it and public transportation system
1:24 am
makes it illegal for them to have a firearm on public transit. >> the city is forcing people to pay gun insurance, this is getting a lot of attention, the city is paying folks to pan ownership fee. you have to panic attacks just to own a gun. a lot of critics are saying that puts a financial burden on the constitutional right. >> you can't imagine what this is. it is important to understand it is more pervasive than is popularly understood. if a firearm is stolen, it becomes liable for the impact of that gun. like someone stealing your car and running over another individual and all of a sudden we are responsible. he attempted to do this by providing san jose sponsored insurance and he wasn't able to do that in 2019, dropped from
1:25 am
the proposal, no insurance carrier will do that. they simply won't underwrite that type of policy. it is impossible for those people to obtain the policy. carley: i & crime is rising in san jose. look at the homicide numbers up 75% and a lot of people own guns for their own personal protection and the logic is you are going to tax people so they don't have a lot of guns but a lot of legal gunowners want to keep themselves safe amid this surge in crime. >> absolutely and it is also terribly important for people that are vulnerable, seniors, women. i could go on and on. it disadvantages the most vulnerable residents and make them defenseless. it is important to realize the san jose police department is
1:26 am
woefully understaffed, response time is double what they want it to be and no end insight. carley: i know you are involved in the community. will there be legal action taken on this front? >> there will absolutely be legal action. i've been in touch with some law firms and we are waiting to see how this develops from the city attorney and litigation will follow after that. carley: thank you, have a good one. raymond: are we months from another back-to-school showdown. america's largest teachers union meeting to debate whether vaccines should be required before anyone returns to the classroom. >> we are getting look at the brand-new gift from one of the people who helped bring a little lady liberty to our shores just in time for the holiday weekend. ♪♪
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carley: the painstaking search for survivors in a condo collapse is back on, crews shifting to the rubble for hand looking for 145 people still missing. 18 are confirmed dead. todd: new numbers come after 15 our pause due to concerns about the stability of the remaining structure. >> we are proceeding with planning for the likely demolition of the building while the search and rescue continues as our top priority. this is a decision we need to make extremely carefully and methodically. todd: demolition will likely happen in the next few weeks. >> the city of surfside is asking owners of 30-year-old buildings over 3 stories to conduct foundation testing to ensure they are safe. todd: president biden and florida governor rhonda santos put politics aside during a
1:31 am
visit to the collapsed site, desantis thanking the president saying he has been very conservative, there is no proof what caused the tragedy but offering up a possible contributing factor. >> how many of the survivors and families talked about the impact of global warming? they talked about sea levels rising. carley: the president and first lady toward the site and met with families of the victims telling them to, quote, never give up hope. todd: liz cheney need to the select committee for investigating the us capital right, cheney and congressman consider of the only ones to vote for the select committee, many gop colleagues argue it will be more partisanship. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says -- it is still unclear if any other gop members will be added. boxes are the remaining fencing around the us capital start
1:32 am
coming down next thursday. the other perimeter was removed in march. florida congressman byron donald says it is clear the left is in disarray and trying to distract the public by keeping the focus on donald trump. >> is what we need to figure out. that is a part of justice and fbi finished the investigation. they are in the process of doing that was all congress would do is play politics which is the last thing we should do with this select committee. of homeland security and oversight want to continue holding hearings, the relevant committee, let's do that but nancy pelosi understands one thing. they have to keep donald trump front and center because they've gotten so accustomed to attacking him all the time, they don't have anybody to do that with and their agenda is exposed, they can't get anything through the house. their ideas are bad. the american people know what so they have to go back to january 6th, the only thing they have left to do.
1:33 am
todd: she is only interested in playing politics. carley: the country's largest teachers program all debate mandating vaccines in schools, the national education association saying, quote, the nda will call for mandatory covid 19 vaccinations and testing for all students and half before returning to face-to-face instruction in the fall. the debate has not yet been scheduled. the union represents 3 million teachers. >> american sprinter richardson failed drug test, richardson has issued this tweet reading, quote, i am human. he could still run in the 400 meter race if she's only given a 30 day suspension richardson becoming a fan favorite to compete after being america's fast woman running 100 meters and 10.86 seconds. failing a drug test, in light of
1:34 am
recent rules. 33 after the hour, the statue of liberty's little sister appearing in new york all the way from paris in time for independence day, france loaning the replica to the us in a goodwill gesture. 135 years have the are the original lady liberty arrived. carley: here to discuss little lady liberty's journey, the co-organizer, general administrator of the national conservatory, oliver perrone. this is wonderful gesture. tell us about the statue and why it is an important gift for the united states. >> very good to be here. the sanction, the statue of liberty in the nineteenth
1:35 am
century, to do some original copies and one of them arrived yesterday to new york and for us it is important, american friendship. >> what are you hoping to accomplish when it comes to relations between our two nations? >> the statue was carved at the end of the nineteenth century. they the deepening themselves connected with the results of this independence all over the world. the statue of liberty is the most important symbol and
1:36 am
everybody in the world, freedom, all the values for us and the american people. carley: we are looking at images of it, it is in new york city and will move to the french embassy in washington dc for the next 10 years. tell us a little bit about the statue itself. when was it built and who created it? >> in the nineteenth century but valued with the end of it. one of the most famous in france and those two created this statue, the symbol for the
1:37 am
statue, the symbol of new technology and from boat to new york it was defying some species because it was a new completely new technology to do this and transport it. for us it is important. it is important. >> people trying to take down statues and attack our history it is awesome to see our friends over in france doing this especially on this crucial important weekend, fourth of july, independence day. it was great, thanks. carley: what a great gift. have a good one. the time is 37 minutes after the hour.
1:38 am
morale is low in vice president kamala harris's staff, some say the problem is and the staffers but the vp herself. ashley: steve: gearing up for a high-octane holiday weekend. she spent the day with the thunderbirds. helping us bring in the fourth of july and the aforementioned bringing us in for okc after the break. ♪♪
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>> today we are gearing up for independence day on "fox and friends first" with a behind-the-scenes look at the blue angels.
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todd: abby has the story of the kansas city airshow before it takes flight. >> reporter: morning. those are three of the performers you will see on sunday. we had the opportunity to catch up with the pilots ahead of the big show but also to take a ride, check it out. ♪♪ >> reporter: the blue angels just arrived. we will find out about the blue angels. >> we are always practicing. that starts in november and
1:43 am
december with the new team. it becomes normal and we are able to handle the flights we fly each week. >> reporter: i am here with this squadron, they all fly together. how did you get into this? >> dad got us into this. he was the first pilot of the family and top of 3 of us how to fly. we take up a notch and see if we have some fun. >> reporter: i am feeling good. let's get to it. ♪♪ >> it was fun. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> united states marine corps. >> what is your favorite part of the job? >> sometimes take off, sometimes
1:44 am
good time. ♪♪ >> reporter: tell me about your past with the air force and flying with the thunderbirds? >> i tend to fly fast and upside down. i chased the fighter pilot dream and two different combat squadrons. i was deployed. ♪♪ >> reporter: you are performing on the fourth of july. what is that like? >> a proud day to be an american especially on the fourth of july. it is a dream come true.
1:45 am
>> reporter: to fear for america. >> the fourth of july brings people together to instill that patriotism in everyone. >> reporter: i still have goosebumps from yesterday. use of a thunderbirds and blue angels meeting there. it is rare to see them both performing, fans are in for a real treat on the fourth of july. carley: the first shot was so beautiful with a plane flying like a michael bay movie. it takes precision to do this. these planes are flying so fast, just feet apart from each other. how amazing is that? did you talk about how often they practice every day? >> reporter: they practice a
1:46 am
good amount, the blue angels in particular because they fly so close together they don't wear a g-suit so it is hard to manage your breathing. you are pulling a lot of ge's while trying to fly so close together. if they where the g-suit it could knock their hands when they are flying so something really unique about the blue angels. these men and women are truly incredible. todd: i've never been worse at something, i got sick three times when i flew with the thunderbirds but as i was getting ready for the show is looking and thinking about your piece i look to the photo i got with the thunderbirds and it reminded me of an amazing experience. >> reporter: you were little green but it was a patriotic experience. carley: thank you for bringing this to us. >> reporter: thanks. todd: congratulations to your dad's on this. it is a big time for your family. >> reporter: his children's
1:47 am
sons. todd: the white house is democrats aren't the ones who defunded police. how do you explain this? >> i support the defunded movement. not only do we need to defund but dismantle and start a new. todd: it is tough when you have to. the media jumping on the bandwagon and blaming republicans. carley: the federalist helps us break down the media bias coming up next. from our friends at fox but down the the super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000, predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show from entertainment to sports, free to play, download the fox but super 6 apps right now. ♪♪
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>> i support the defund movement, not only do we need to defund but to dismantle and start a new. >> this is the word that is coming from the street. >> reporter: despite democrats called to defund the police the mainstream media is backing the white house messaging saying republicans are the ones behind the movement. todd: here to react is any scary. if you're a fan of seinfeld and who isn't? this is the new narrative spelled out in all falsity by dana milbank's from the washington post, quote, even the squad is more pro-police than these republicans. republican leaders developed a new strategy for ousting democrats from their majority in congress, blue lives matter. the reason is. democrats at least at the federal level have been the ones funding police.
1:52 am
break down all the ways that is egregiously false. >> we have seen local governments in the biggest cities across the country all run by democrats over and over voting to defund the police, went through it actually or not but in some capacity they said they were in favor of that. the main point the white house is trying to make which the media picked up on his republicans voted against this welfare bill called covid relief package. this massive welfare bill the republicans voted against had some funding for police. if you were my son is came back from the grocery store and i bought a bag of carrots but also chips, soda, candy, all this junk food and i said take it back, are you anti-healthy food? anti-vegetables? republicans have always been the ones who said we are not doing this anti-police stuff, we are
1:53 am
not defunding the police and democrats believe it and did that. if there ever was an instance of gas lighting this country that is it. carley: federal spending on law enforcement is like a fraction of a percentage, most is allocated on the local level. the democrat led city councils defunding the police on a small scale level. >> in portland, seattle, new york, over and over you have democrat-controlled local governments that over and over again said we are going to invest in social work, we will have social workers come into talk to these crazy people on the streets that are acting violently and see what happens, cry went up astronomically into
1:54 am
the stratosphere, we always knew this was going to happen but democrats, this is what you wanted and now they are going to present with the ones who wanted to fund the police, they had this massive giant welfare bill sometimes called covid relief and now they want to say we were the ones going to fund the police all along, that is an absolute lie. todd: kamala harris's staff contending with internal tensions. here is part of a quote from the political peace, people thrown under the bus from the top, short fuses, and abusive environment, not a place where people feel supportive but where people feel treated like i can't say that word. to the american people see this inability when kamala's numbers were solo she had to drop out pretty early on? >> this politico piece tries to make it sound like this is about the staff and inner strife but person says it in the piece that this all starts at the top. of course it has to do with
1:55 am
kamala harris herself. she's in this job because she is a black woman, president biden said he was going to have a running mate who was a woman, the year of black lives matter pressuring him, it has to be a black woman so this was affirmative-action in its purest form. we find out what happened. someone willfully in over their head, 0 qualifications for this job, the job is not that hard, you have one responsibility, to break ties in the senate but they want to saddle her with all these responsibilities because she wanted them and she's not doing a very good job. they put her in charge of the border, not really her job, over and over you are seeing she is in over her head. carley: simone sanders said we are not making rainbows and bunnies all day, people have hard jobs, welcome to the club.
1:56 am
it is hard to work in an administration but this politico piece was not a flattering look at the vice president's office. thank you for joining us. more from your book, privileged victims, thank you so much for joining us. pick up that book. todd: a lot of trophies and that. in the next hour of "fox and friends first" we are taking off the fourth of july weekend with veterans, two of them, jeremy hunt and joey jones. carley: stick around all morning long because toby keith is performing on "fox and friends" for the all-american summer concert series. you don't want to miss that. ♪♪ i will always do what is right ♪♪ i am out here on the front lines ♪♪ american soldier ♪♪ i am an american
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>> it is friday july 2nd, democrats reigniting calls to pack the supreme court after the bench hands down its final ruling this session was a major win for election security that has progressives up in arms. todd: several children shot in chicago as big-city violent spirals out of control. the latest attempt from media to blame the gop. heather: shimkus, a fourth of july like no other, we are celebrating the flag and our freedom to help you kick off the holiday weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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