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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 1, 2021 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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please check out my new show every saturday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. we've got a flaming height, caught monologue this week you won't want to miss. as always, thank you for joining me. the great, legendary broadbent arroyo, my good friend is in here tonight for laura. you have the confines, take it away. >> every monologue that comes out of your mouth is flaming hot beard i will be watching this weekend, thank you. see you soon. i am raymond arroyo and for laura ingraham tonight this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city. a bombshell report accusing kamala harris of running a abusive office beard we will bring you the details along with a dramatic reading. plus, the hacking or hijacking of july 4th and how we should all be resisting it. and alan dershowitz is here on the britney spears fight to regain control of her life.
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but first, the tough organization and its cfo, alan weisel berg, are indicted on tax fraud charges brought against them on the new york attorney general and the fda. accusing the former presidents company of organizing attacks avoidant scheme. he stands accused of avoiding taxes on $1.7 million worth of off the books income. it's important to note that the former president himself has not been charged. they say they are not guilty and a statement. they are saying, make no mistake, this is not about the law. this is all about politics. joining us now is eric trump, executive vice president of the trump organization. they say they avoided on 1.7 million worth of an compared we are talking about use of a
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company car, tuition payments for his grandchildren -- how concerned are you tonight as vice president of this organization? >> raymond, they've been trying to get my father since the second he came down the escalator. you know this better than anybody. they've been going after him for the last five years by the district attorney had subpoenaed three and half million documents. they don't care about adam, they care about one person, and it's taking down my father. they've gone through every single tax record that my father has had since 2005 and this is what they have, they have a company car. they have an employment perk. give me a break. they have been on a witch hunt. the new york attorney general has been going after my father. she swore to get him, she swore to try to take him down. and it's disgusting to have the manpower they've put on this -- >> ray: i want to share with people for new york attorney general's own words, okay? her office is prosecuting this
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case. basically she ran on a platform of putting your father, the former president, behind bars. >> he will never be afraid to challenge this a legitimate resident when our fundamental rights are at stake. >> please, do this for us. >> it's going to be up pain and the bleat. he's going to know my name personally. if you want your reaction to those comments? >> raymond, this is what we as a family deal with every single day and it's horrible. if you have a little girl who got shot in times square two weeks ago, a marine who got shot in times square two days ago. crime is rampant, people are leaving the city and numbers. it's dirty, disgusting. they have the entire office and attorney general's office that is focused on $3.5 million to
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take down a political opponent. i mean, this is what they do. this is new york state for you. this is worse than a banana republic. it's truly horrible. you know this better than anybody, they are afraid that my father's going to run in 2024 and they are afraid he's going to win. they don't look at hunter biden, they don't look at the fact that he's taking money from china, the ukraine, and other countries and selling his finger painting for $500,000 on undisclosed people appear they don't care about any of that. they care about going after innocent, great human beings. and taking out donald trump and going after political opponent. >> eric, the associated press just dropped a story moments ago and it says the trump organization is in trouble. do you believe you are in trouble tonight? they are clearly going to try to put the screws to your cfo to try to get him to say something, anything to implicate you and your father. >> raymond: of course they will come up after 3.5 million
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documents they realize they have nothing on donald trump yet again, adam was not the person they want to be they want to do a remote town. and after five years, they weren't able to get anything on him. and so guess what? they don't care if a nice, great human being gets caught in the cross fire. they don't care. that is what they want to do. they want to go after trump and everybody around him for their own political purposes. and it's horrible. you see it in that video, if there's one thing they are very transported about their motives. >> i want to play something for you. this is adam schiff, here's what he said about your dad on msnbc last night. >> this is a grifter from start to finish. he brought to his swamp from new york with him to the oval office. it's relatively easy to make a case against a corporation, but to be able to follow that criminal liability to the very top, you need people inside
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cooperating. that is why it's so important. >> it sounds like he just gave the game away there. he's just a pond to get to your father. that is why he's so important. >> that is exactly right. i mean just look at the democratic party right now. we've got a border that is absolutely out of control, we've got crime around the country. they want to defund law enforcement. the price of fuels, oils, and gas as skyrocketed. we have massive inflation. we've got real problems in this country. a lot of people are missing donald trump right now and i think this is going to backfire in a big way. people understand what this is about. this is about -- this is about a warped democratic party who will go after trump and they have every single day for the last six years. and honestly, i think they are handing him the win in 2024 if he decides to do it.
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>> raymond: break this down for me. these charges fall between 2005 and 2017. they claim it is $1.7 million that they are talking about innovated taxes here. that may be overblown in your estimation. why? explain. >> these are employment perks. these are a corporate car, which everybody has. i guarantee there's people on every company in the country that has corporate vehicles. this is what they are going after. this isn't a criminal matter. it's really interesting, after the financial crisis they didn't go after a single person on wall street despite the fact that these people were literally -- they took down the u.s. economy. but they will go after somebody after fringe employment benefits. it is thoughtfully what d.a. is focused on? they will go after a corporate vehicle and a corporate
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department? give me a break. the media has actually been very fair about this. so many of the different news outlets, they've literally said -- this isn't criminal, this isn't worse. >> this would normally be a civil complaint, eric, we would sit down with the person charged and he would hammer out some feed to be paid and then they go home when it's over. i mean, this is being amped up because of all the expectations. very quick question, is this an incentive for you, for the trump organization to leave new york city? >> i don't know why anyone wants to be new york state. people are fleeing out of the state for every reason under the thumb and this is one of them. if you are sitting on a different side of the political aisle, you will have people who will weaponize politics to take down here, to take down your company, to take down your life, to destroy lives read all the while the city totally rots. and it's horrible. i love new york, i was born in
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new york. i love everything that new york stands for. but it's not the same place because of radical politicians like these. and it's horribly sad. alan is going to win this and it's a sad day for america when this happens. >> we'll be able to keep watching the story. thank you for being here eric trump. for those who thought nancy pelosi would create a nonpartisan objective january 6 investigative committee, you were wrong. yesterday pelosi made her intentions very clear. >> today we are establishing a select committee on the january 6 insurrection. it will investigate and report upon the facts and causes of the attack. the underlying causes of white supremacist and anti-summits -- let's be on the right side, not only is history, but the right side of the future. >> raymond: now she is a time traveler. now she's on the right side of
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the future. pelosi already gave away with the conclusions of her select committee will be, that trump and his supporters have basically racist terrorists who need to be punished. this isn't an investigation, this is an anti-trump inquisition. but the key aspect of the pelosi committee of note is the select part. she stacked the star chamber with eight of her most trusted political cronies and trump antagonists, including this group. >> i am very proud to be able to announce the members of that committee. house administration -- adam shaft of the intelligence committee. jamie raskin, constitutional scholar as you all know. >> raymond: it's like the nursing home edition of the suicide squad. this is not serious but this is not fact-based investigation. this is the second trump investigation reunion tour. all three on the panel she just named not only voted to impeach
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trump, but were part of the prosecution. it's also hard to fact find and investigate when you come to the game with hardened opinions of those you are investigating. >> america has been through a civil war, world wars, a great depression, pandemics, and now a white nationalist insurrection. this is the single biggest terror threat to the american people into our public security right now. >> we don't need a long investigation to know the president incited right wing terrorists who attacked the congress to try to overturn constitutional government. speaker pelosi should've invited general anna reback to investigate. at least he wasn't part of the impeachment redo. pelosi also appointed someone laura has been warning about you for months. >> congresswoman liz cheney of the armed services committee has patriotically agreed to serve on the committee. we are very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve.
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>> raymond: and provide us with a fraudulent mask of bipartisanship. i'm surprised she didn't ask john kasich to join in. this has been investigated to death. her january 6th prediction has one purpose, to try to spin the crimes committed by a handful of nuts into an insurrection orchestrated by trump. we've seen this movie, it was the second impeachment. it failed. joining me now to respond to all of this is florida congressman, byron donalds. congressman, why doesn't pelosi trust the fbi and the doj? they are already actively investigating january 6th. speak up because she wants to play politics and everybody knows it. listen, the senate already went through an investigation. they came out with a complete report. the homeland security committee and the oversight committee, which i sit on by the way, has already had multiple hearings about this. but you know who she will allowed to testify in these
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hearings? the capitol police. she won't let capitol police testify. and here's why. the fbi has given intel to capitol police before january 6 talking about threats to the capital. on january 3rd or january 4th, 1 of those two days, president trump talked to the head of dod and mr. miller testified an oversight that president trump authorize national guard troops, as many as they needed, to secure the capital of washington, d.c. the day before, there was a rally up on capitol hill. president trump called director miller and told him, there's going to be a lot of people out there, do you have everything you need with the national guard? i don't know about you, but if you are fomenting an insurrection, why do you make sure there's more law enforcement capacity who is in the nation's capital on the day in question? the reason is because she can't let it go. this is the only thing they have left. spew on this entire committee
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seem strange, given pelosi claims to already know the root causes and what was behind the riot on january 6. listen. >> all of these institutions talking about... well, hit even go there, but it's what they've said in terms of white supremacy, anti-semitism, islamophobia, all of these attitudes that have contributed to what happened on january 6. >> raymond: congressman, do you believe that those people -- where they all driven by islamophobia, white supremacy, anti-semitism? is that what drove them there? >> listen, here's what we need needto know about what drove thm there. finish the investigation for there in the process of doing that. all congress would do right now is play politics. which is the last thing we should be doing.
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nancy pelosi understands one thing. they have to keep donald trump front and center because they've gotten so accustomed to attacking him all the time that now they don't have anybody to do that with and their agenda is exposed. they can't get anything through the house, the ideas are bad, the american people know it. so they have to constantly go back to january 6. it's the one thing they have left to do. >> raymond: totally politically motivated -- your take on this? >> absolutely, it's all politics all the time. but what can you expect from nancy pelosi? she rules the place with an iron fist. >> as we approach independence day, a day that is supposed to unite us, we are seeing the radicalization of americans right before our eyes. i will explain in a moment. stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> raymond: i'm raymond arroyo, this is "the ingraham angle." and now america's birthday -- gloom or glory? there seems to be a determined effort to hijack or dismiss independence day. it is an effort that we as a
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people should resist. the president is having a party for first responders and the military at the white house this weekend, which is a nice gesture. but listen to his vision for july 4th. >> by the july 4th, there is a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout. where we not only mark or independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus. >> raymond: did our independence of her hinge on the spreader containment of a virus? i mean, we still have our liberties, those were given by god, not dr. fauci. now the national committee is continuing this independence from covid theme and a new ad. >> and this year, there is more to celebrate. the freedom to hug a grandchild. to come back together again. >> raymond: people hug their grandchildren and got together last year peter remembered that
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july 4th celebrations at mount rushmore? and that was when operation warp speed was still underway. reducing july 4th to a campaign ad or vaccine victory lap diminishes the importance of this holiday when we needed most. july 4th reminds us of our hard-won liberties. edit marks or independence as a people from a tyrannical overlord. historically, the british. beyond cookouts and monitor sales, john adams wrote a letter to his wife on july 3rd 1776 clearly explaining his vision of july 4th. "it ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to god almighty. it ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade with shows, games, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other." i'm well aware of the toil and
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blood and treasure that it will cost us to maintain this declaration and support and defend these states. yet through all the gloom, i can see the rays of ravishing light and glory." what has become of those rays of ravishing light and glory? adams would choke on a hot dog if he saw how cavalierly americans brush off their birthright. a new fox news poll finds that only 69% of americans now believe the u.s. is the best country in the world to live in. just six years ago it was 83% per the numbers are even worse among those under 45. the big question is why? part of the answer lies in the intentional racial division and the trashing of america's past. last year, people took to the streets, literally destroying the markers of our shared history. statues of lincoln, the great emancipator. even the saints who found that the missions in california
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ripped down the visual memory of these great american lives. what's the source of unity and pride have been physically stricken from public places. now in classrooms and pop culture, all memory of these lives are being replaced or reimagined. young people are taught that america is the eight irredeemable plays predicated on the sin of slavery and colonization which continues to this day. stuffed with deformed history and lukewarm marxism, the accolades dutifully repeat their catechism. >> do you believe in a book that was written by a man -- a white man? >> republicans blocking critical race theory want to keep miss educating their kids all in the name of patriotism. to speak of my 4-year-old just asked if she would could play with my dumbo trumped flag one.
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and i feel like it's kind of profound. did he ruin the flag for anybody else? just need? >> raymond: if someone were defaming your relatives, your grandparents, he would be mad as hell. and this is what is happening here but this is not a sober reckoning with american history, but we owe our children the whole truth. good, bad, and ugly. a task force at your national archives of all places has a new report that the rotunda which houses the declaration of independence and the u.s. constitution is itself an example of structural racism. why, you ask? because the rotunda "lauds at wealthy white men in the nation's founding while marginalizing." but the task force has a solution. they would like to reimagine the rotunda put in place trigger warnings, content advisories, to
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forewarn audiences, and i'm quoting come of content that may cause intense physiological and psychological symptoms. you house historic documents and records. they recommend the creation and safe spaces at every national archive. thomas jefferson may need one of those safe spaces, as well as the other founding fathers. can we still use the term founding fathers? at the federal reserve, you cannot. avoiding constructions like founding fathers, bandmate, and those bothersome personal pronouns. it divides people by, race, religion. we don't even agree on a common language anymore per the consequences of those were dramatized vividly by the sad
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spectacle of olympic contender quintin berry. last year she made a big show of disrespecting the flag of the country she competed to represent. not only did she ignore the anthem, she threw a t-shirt over her head in protest. but this is her in 2015 for the first time she qualified for the olympics. she had no problem waving her flag and representing her country then. what happened between 2015 and 2021? clearly quintin berry, like many others, were repeatedly told about the gloom of america focusing on her problems and setbacks and sins. but like the people who make up america, that is not all there is. we are a good, inventive, and loving people. and this july 4th, let's rekindle john adams rays of ravishing light and glory and celebrate them, despite our differences, as one american people. jenny me now is conservative
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author, filmmaker, and host of her own podcast. and dr. carl swain, former princeton and vanderbilt professor. carol, i want to start with you. we are all for good inclusion and making every citizen a part of this ongoing american experiment. but talk to me about the habit of dividing people along racial,, and religious lines. and what that does to our unity, particularly now? >> i can tell you that i find it deeply offensive and i believe that it is destroying our nation and it is weakening our nation before the world. the only people who benefit from what is taken place are our foreign enemies. and i think that the american people are rejecting this. everything they seem to do seems to be about turning down america instead of building it up. they are bringing the american
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people together, because across political lines i believe that we've had enough. >> raymond: a very quick question, what your political hat on me for briefly, what do you make of biden trying to commandeer july 4th as a vaccine victory event? >> well, i think that for biden he is in a bit of a trap. i think there is a part of him that would want to affirm -- but he knows he can't do that. he now has a boisterous left that responds even to the anthem, the flag, the founder, as racist. probably biden even talked about a cookout. a cookout -- the whites are disproportionately known to attend cook outs. it's such a poisonous rhetoric from the left and biden is kind of captive to it. so just about the only unifying thing he can think of -- we are all trying to fight the virus,
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so maybe if i focus on the virus, that will help us find a common ground on july 4th. >> you are a naturalized citizen. i want to play you something. cbs this morning interviewed an author who was a natural citizen, roger bennett, and he explains what drew him to america and what appealed to him. listen. >> in the mark of 1980s england, and handling everything american that i could lay my hands on. the united states, the light in my darkness. filled with possibility and performance. becoming an american citizen is the single greatest achievement of my life. >> raymond: it's actually very beautiful. i think of my father. i was struck by the power of his witnessing to america as a sentiment 80s culture bread that was the luer for him. contrast that to where we are today.
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very quickly. >> i think that the dash all immigrants recognize that we have come to a country that was made before we got here. so even though people say america is a country that is built by immigrants, yeah, immigrants have contributed to the building of america. but america was invented by its original settlers. they in a sense orchestrated, set up this country that they subsequently were attracted to you. and that is why the denunciation of the original settlers, the people who made america, is offensive to every immigrant, black, white, or brown. >> and that's a great segue. we found something frederick -- he wrote the signers of the declaration of independence were brave men, they were great men too. i cannot contemplate the great deeds with less than admiration. they were statesmen, patriots, and heroes. and for the good they did and
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that the principles they contended for, i will unite with you to honor their memory. carol, it's important to note that douglas was an escaped and he has more reverence for the founding fathers than free americans do today. >> yes, and if you think about dr. martin luther king and others civil rights leaders, we have always believed in america. and the american people were across racial and ethnic lines appear they do not buy into the democratic parties radical vision to destroy this nation. and i are, as a black american, i love this nation. i see it as the greatest nation in the world and despite our flaws, i think we can move beyond this moment, looked back at this time, and hopefully learn from it and never let it happen again. >> raymond: that's a great point. the amazing thing is while we apologize for america and
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protest and attack the things that unite us, in china they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the chinese communist party. it looks like the olympics opening ceremonies over there with him sitting atop the wedding cake. but i'm out of time, we will leave it there. thank you for being here but there's trouble in camelot, or should i say kamala-lot. her aides are now want running to the media to complain about their toxic work environment. we will reveal the shocking testimonies next. stay there.
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>> raymond: turns out vice president kamala harris isn't just with you and when it comes to delivering positive results to the american people. she's not being accused of presiding over a toxic workplace. a bombshell report in political exposes at all. to give you a feel for the atmosphere and the vps office,
7:39 pm
we thought a dramatic reading was in order. cue the music, please. harris' team is experiencing low morale and diminished trust among aides and senior officials. 22 current and former vice presidential aides and other associates describe an intense office. it all starts at the top, said one of the officials. people are thrown under the bus from the very top. people often feel mistreated. it is a place where people feel treated like... joining me now is chris bedford, senior editor at the federalist and lisa boothe, fox news contributor. chris, is this a sign that they are fed up with harris and her failures? >> there was very different that it was with the trump white house when there was basically more leaks than the
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iraqi navy. they hate began to leak as soon as the trip started to go south when she was down south and they started to put some distance between her and them and let the world know that president biden was certainly interested in running again. kamala harris' office started to snipe back and say that the bar was higher because she was a woman of color, which of course identity politics is such a major player and why you even get selected for the vice presidential job in this arena after calling the president raises. i think the democrats are starting to line up opposition research against each other because they realize that with joe biden and the politically weak kamala harris, it could be open in four years' time or in three years' time. >> the ladies over at the view think that any complaints about working for harris can be easily explained. watch. >> i just hate the fact that this is coming from inside our vice president's house. this also has a lot to do with the fact that she is a woman of color and a woman, because we
7:41 pm
know that things that are acceptable for men are not acceptable for women. it's because she's not alone. simone sanders says that we are not making rainbows and bunnies all day. what i hear is that people have hard jobs and i'm like, welcome to the club. lisa, what do you make of this explanation and where does it lead? >> that was also a terrifying bedtime story. look, i think her stash consider themselves lucky, lucky than enough to work for amy klobuchar, who of course braided a staffer who didn't bring her a fork and then proceeded to eat a salad with a comb. so there's that. it could always be worse. i don't think anyone should be surprised that kamala harris is over a toxic work environment. she called joe biden a racist, said that she was a harasser, then proceeded to sign up to be her vice president and then chalked it up to politics. she also led the witch hunt against brett kavanaugh which was completely without any evidence that this is not a nice person, this is not a good
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person. i think joe biden has really walked democrats off a cliff because if she is going to inherit the democratic nomination, she's a terrible candidate, she's a terrible politician. we are seeing that over the past few months with her as the vp. then during the 2020 race she won one of the most expensive and least effective primary races. i think they're going to be in trouble with her. >> people forget that that collapsed as well. speaking of joe biden, the big question on everyone's mind right now is how is biden going to react to these revelations? he is what he said back in january. to speak i'm joking when i say this, if you are ever working with me and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talked down to someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot. on the spot. no if annes or. >> do you expect them to march into the old executive office
7:43 pm
building until, law to pack her product? >> i don't think so at all. here she is -- here she is calling people a racist and a success for attacking her. she did that first with republicans, she did it with republican spirit she sensed on it with the white house with the president's team and they were on to her now she's seen it about her own staff, the people who work for her. she says the bar is higher because she's a woman of color, but the reality is the bar is high because she represents -- he is the vice president. she has an important role. when she's abroad for her first international trip from this white house, she is representing all of us. and she needs to hold ourselves to that standard appeared she hasn't done a very good job. she finished at last, even behind amy klobuchar. maybe the most unlikable politician in america during the primaries. she needs to try to convince americans that she is worthy of this job because she definitely wants that mantle after president biden president biden. >> raymond: lisa, they say for up kamala harris has been thrown
7:44 pm
these difficult problems to solve, and that's why she's got difficulties but she's got immigration, voting rights, it's too much for anybody. you say what? >> does raise questions. his joe biden try to throw her under the bus. by dismantling all of the policies that deter illegal immigration in the first place and then he said kamala harris, give her that in her portfolio as being the borders are. so does kind of look like she's may be throwing her under the bus. i wonder what those existing tensions may look like. >> we will leave it there. chris, lisa, thank you. i can't wait to join you on juls special at 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. we are going to be cohosting together. pop star britney spears is fighting to regain control of her life from her conservators. alan dershowitz breaks down the latest developments. stay right there. ental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now,
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♪ ♪ speak of the next question is, am i okay? yes, i'm totally fine pit i'm extremely happy. i've a beautiful home, beautiful children. i'm taking a break right now because i'm enjoying myself. >> raymond: sadly that wasn't true. in court testimony last week, brittany spears told she lied,
7:50 pm
i'm shocked, i'm traumatized, i'm so angry, it's in st. pete shouldn't stop there, she added, my father and anyone involved in my conservatorship and by management to played a huge role in punishing me when i said no, they should be in jail. today, the company that serves as coconservator of her estate to petition the court to withdraw from overseeing her financials. her father has done no such thing. jody me now alan dershowitz, harvard law officer and author of "the case against the new censorship." there are actually two conservatorships here. the financial one and then this odd personal one run by someone by jodi montgomery paid what is going on here? >> this is a personal human tragedy and the law has not proved itself capable of dealing with these terrible human tragedy is. the one thing that is clear is that the current situation is unsustainable. she can't continue to be controlled by her father, who
7:51 pm
she doesn't trust and doesn't like. she can't continue to be controlled by people who she doesn't get along with. in the end, remember she hadn't capped petitioned for removal of guardianship. her lawyers indicated he will do so in the next few days. and i suspect the court will have no choice but to eliminate the guardianship. but that doesn't mean she will be completely free. the court may try to appoint somebody else to take care of her financial issues. the harder one is the personal one, because she's an adult. she's almost 40 years old. and she has the right to determine her own destiny and to make your own mistakes. and unless they can improve that she's she's so mentally ill that she belongs in a mental hospital, the law generally should opt in favor of letting an adult deal with her own problems. >> raymond: yes, this whole conservatorship, i've been told from professionals, it's bizarre to have someone who has all their faculties subjected to something like this.
7:52 pm
so the question is, does the court know something we don't about britney's well-being, her mental state? might they be something here that we are missing. remember, she tried twice to remove her father. and petitioned the court. >> there's probably a lot here we don't know. a lot of the materials almost certainly confidential. i think two things are very clear. she has problems, she's not just an ordinary entertainer. she's been through all kinds of serious problems. and may continue to have problems. people who exploited her, that's number one. number two, the current situation is worse than not having a conservatorship at all. so i think in the end, the court will resolve it by removing the current conservators, particularly her father. perhaps trying to find some professional, a professor, doctor, or somebody who has only her interest in mind who isn't paid -- who doesn't earn money from this where there is no conflict of interest but there are conflicts of interest all
7:53 pm
over the place here. and the court has to be sure that they are taking only her interest into account. and when in doubt, let her make her own mistakes. that is the way america works. if you are an adult, you are entitled to make your own mistakes. >> very briefly, this wealth management company -- they asked to be removed from the conservatorship. do you think that is going to happen? they haven't apparently done anything about her finances since they've been appointed. >> absolutely. she has to have somebody that she has complete trust in and complete faith in. so i think we are going to see a change in the circumstances. but it is not going to be a complete elimination of all conservatorships. i think the court will still maintain some role, but a less intrusive one and they have today. >> i want to turn quickly to the charges brought against the trump organization. your legal take on this? clearly they had something on trump. why would they go after his cfo
7:54 pm
for a puny $1.7 million? is this a political prosecution? >> first of all, it's not 1.7. it's a tax on 1.7, which is a small percentage of that. they wouldn't go after this guy he didn't work for trump. and for the reason they are going after him obviously is to get to trump. it is the domino theory. it was originated in large part by rudy giuliani. >> raymond: allen -- >> the dominoes -- they will try to gun. >> raymond: we are out of time, but i think you for your concise analysis. special announcement will return. stay there.
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>> raymond: i wanted to congratulate our own david coston's wife carla on the birth of their new baby girl, little dakota rose. she was born on the morning of june 26. isn't she adorable? david, carla, from the bottom of your hearts, congratulations on
8:00 pm
from the entire team. i met raymond arroyo, laura, thanks for letting me keep the seat warm. i will be back tomorrow night and do us a lot of me this week impute i'm cohosting the big saturday and sunday shows. 5:00 p.m. eastern and then july 4th, prime time, 8:00 p.m. eastern. greg gutfeld takes it from here. i'm raymond arroyo, good night from new york. ♪ ♪ >> there's been questions raised about your temperament and your reaction to criticism, and editorial used the term "irascible." how much does a soft effect to do with you are a woman, specifically a black woman? >> about 99% of it. >> greg: the other percent was too busy getting shot in your city. ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪


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