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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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but true. trey. >> alexander hamilton no longer worried the judicial branch will be too weak. >> bret: [laughs] all right, panel, thank you very much and thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid and we made it. posted by jesse watters starts right now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: you did make it, or appreciate it. >> bret: [laughs] >> jesse: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm jesse watters and in moments, donald trump jr. will be joining me with exclusive reaction to the trump organization cfo pleading not guilty to those tax fraud charges today. but first, joe biden has been dismantling america ever since he took office. we've been reporting on it extensively yet democrats seem to believe that uncle joe is doing a great job. until now. new survey out shows even
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members of the president's own party are losing faith in the self-described healer in chief. since april democrats approval rating for the economic agenda plummeted 12 points in the same can be said for just about every other issue, approving for his handling of racial inequality, taxation, immigration, covid, gun violence have all dropped. it looks like they aren't buying biden's bag of excuses for why nearly everything in the country is falling apart. immigration, kamala is taking care of that. high taxes. everybody needs to just pay their fair share. crime? get ready, if the republicans fault. you know. those republican mayors and famously conservative cities like chicago, the g.o.p. stronghold of los angeles and of course deep red new york city. i'm sure you remember last summer when thousands of trump supporter's marched to the streets chanting "defund the
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police" and "black lives matter" as the burned local businesses to the ground but it's not just republicans, it's guns too. ignore crimes like these. a postal worker getting pummeled by two bikers on busy new york city street in broad daylight. the suspects got away. the mailman was hospitalized with broken bones. i didn't see any guns there. and this shocking scene, a 35 your old woman walking down the street in the middle of the day gets pounced on by a sick pervert who allegedly reached down her shorts and groped her. this is new york. this is america and democrats are finally beginning to wake up to what's actually happening in their country. and who's behind it? now that his support is dropping, joe biden -- will joe biden finally address the problems his party caused? joining me now, republican senator from texas, ted cruz. all right, senator, so it only
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took, what, less than six months? people are starting to realize it's a total disaster. is this as long as you thought it would take or less? >> well, i will say it's been dramatic just how quickly joe biden and kamala harris lurched to the left. i mean, almost from the opening day of the administration. they made the decision to hand control of the democratic party over to the radical extreme and so the policy agenda is being driven by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and aoc and we are seeing an absolute disaster on every front. you went through and crying. when the radicals who advocate abolishing the police become two of the senior officials in the biden department of justice, that shows they've given into the crazy left on the border. when you hand control of border control policy over to the radicals who want open borders and don't want the laws in force, you create a border crisis that puts us on path to
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have over 2 million people cross illegally. this year. and when you propose $7 trillion of new spending, trillions of dollars in new taxes and new regulations that kill small businesses and kill jobs, well, the american people start to notice this and so the poll numbers you went through don't surprise me at all because this administration is lurching radically to the left and there is a natural undulant to politics. if you look at american history, when one party gets in power, often they go too far one direction. the american people pull it back and i think what is happening right now is a lot of people, their eyes are opening up and they're going wait a second, joe biden campaigned as a moderate, reasonable guy, not as a crazy lunatic leftist and what we are seeing now i think is setting us up to have a very, very good election in 2022 and an even better election in 2024. >> jesse: i would agree with that end your assessment that we are looking at a struggling
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puppet who has designated a lot of the problems to a vp who is not qualified to manage them, that's clear. she cackles like a wacko every time she's asked about it. do you think though the border issue -- was this by design? i talked to senator kennedy last night about this because it seems to me more than just rank incompetence. it seems by design. i don't believe the crime surge that they're ignoring. i don't think they want dead americans bleeding out in the streets. i don't think they want that. i just think they're dodging the fix because they're afraid and its political, but the border. the border seems by design. >> well, i don't know that the result is by design. i don't know that they envisioned the massive surge of illegal immigration, but the policy is by design. if you want to understand joe biden and kamala harris, on every issue, whatever the radicals are, the left-wing radicals, biden said all right, you're in charge of those
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issues. so on the border, it's the open border radicals who are in charge. on israel, it's the anti-israel radicals who are in charge. on issues of the so-called equality act, it's the radicals who want to force biological men to play in girls sports and women's sports. on every issue, if the radicals who are driving the agenda so i don't know that joe and kamala necessarily anticipated this crisis, i think they're just naive. i think open borders sounds wonderful and nice and utopian and they don't understand that when you don't enforce the borders, that the cartels will traffic millions of people into this country and that the suffering will be staggering and right now i think their hands are tied because they've made the promises, they are not going to go back on those promises, i don't believe, so joe biden will not be willing to enforce the border or stop the illegal immigration, so his only solution to the border crisis is
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like an ostrich, stick his head in the stand and hope that the media doesn't cover it. it's why they don't like cameras in. it's why joe biden hasn't been to the border once in five months in office, because he knows if he comes, the tv cameras will follow. it's why kamala harris, when she finally went to the border, when she was guilty did into it, she went to el paso, a beautiful texas city that is 800 miles away from the epicenter of this crisis in the rio grande valley. the reason she didn't go to the rio grande valley, she didn't want tv cameras covering the biden cages with thousands upon thousands of children packed in in dangerous crisis situations. their only solution is hide from it. >> jesse: so they're unintelligent and they're too stubborn to pivot to fix the problem they started. victor davis hanson made an interesting point last night. when you have the democrats now managing these problems, the cities, the energy sector, the border, the nuts and bolts of
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civilization in the united states are starting to crumble, so it's almost like, senator, you don't really need to run in the midterms on ideology. it's not even about ideology, it's about results. the democrats have mismanaged horribly everything that they've put in charge of. the election in new york city, they couldn't even do that. we saw 2020, we saw the iowa caucus. they are just not proficient in what they say they are proficient in, so it's very easy for the american voter to understand that. you don't have to say socialism, you don't have to say anything like that, you can just say look, you're paying more here. there's crime here, people are dying, and i should be a slam-dunk case. >> well, i think that's right and there's an analog in relatively recent history and that's to jimmy carter and i believe joe biden is jimmy carter 2.0. we are five months into the biden administration. we already have a gas crisis, gas lines, and inflation crisis, war in the middle east and the
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same sort of ideology and incompetence that characterize the carter regime characterizes now the biden-harris regime and it took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. i think joe biden is setting up for this country to move dramatically back in the direction of fiscal sanity, back in the direction of the constitution and the bill of rights. >> jesse: when you marry incompetence with ideology, it's a disaster every time. and i'm curious now to see was going to be the next reagan out of this. could be you, senator, you never know. thank you for joining prime time. >> thank you, jesse, thank you, appreciate it. >> jesse: the media and the democrats have a good reason for ignoring violence in the streets. they've been busy perverting the criminal justice system. today the trump organization cfo pled not guilty to tax fraud and other charges brought by politically-driven prosecutors
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who spent two years turning the trump organization upside down in an attempt to find any wrongdoing. they are alleging he didn't pay taxes on "indirect compensation over the last 15 years like rent, a company car, and tuition. that's it. they made a big spectacle of the event, leading them through the court hallway in handcuffs as violent criminal's continue to roam free through the streets. donald trump jr. is the executive vp of the trump organization. he joins us now for a prime time exclusive. all right, "the new york times" couldn't even find a similar situation to this where anybody who was involved in anything like this was criminally charged and you know "the new york times" looked very hard. so i don't know, what is your reaction to what happened today? >> listen, jesse, this is the political persecution of a political enemy.
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this is what vladimir putin does. just ask [indiscernible]. he's been sitting in a cell. they are not sure why but if no one's went to challenge him i know it's going to call it out, that's wha and that's what's happened in new york. they spent more than two years but they've been looking approximate five years because this is, what, the equivalent of russia, russia, russia. this is the 12th iteration, right? that field, mueller failed, treason failed, don, jr., perjury failed, they are going to get going. this is what they promised. if they joined -- the d.a.'s office joined, jesse, with the attorney general's office because she herself campaigned on "i'm going to take on trump, we're going to do this" before seeing anything. after five years, 3 million documents, countless witnesses and hours of grand jury testimony outside forensic auditors, this is what they come up with. they're going to charge a guy who is 75 years old on crimes of avoiding -- paying taxes on fringe benefit. people in corporate america get
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a corporate card. i'm sure you've paid taxes every time you've taken a car to or from work. it happens sometimes. this is what -- this is not what they promised the american public, but they have to do something. notice how they brought it thursday late afternoon going to fourth of july weekend, because it's nonsense but this is what they do to their enemies. no different than putin, no different than the speed 29, they can do it, they can tie you up, try to destroy a man's lifes reputation, that's all this has been in this is what they've got after all of that time. imagine the millions they spent had they done that actually trying to stop real criminals in new york, like the tens of thousands that looted in new york last year. hundreds of them were released without even a slap on the wrist just last week. penn station is like a war zone. the city is going to hell and this is where they are focusing. it's easy to go after your political enemies in deep blue states and cities like new york city. >> jesse: just to put into
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context for the american people, in 2008, the prosecutors didn't charge any of the bankers that caused the biggest financial collapse in about 100 years. not one banker was charged anything, all right? now they're trying to lock up an executive for not properly writing off a company car. so they are alleging $100,000 a year in perks over 15 years. this is a two billion-dollar company, the trump organization, so we're talking about pennies on the dollar, okay? pennies on the dollar. >> goes further than that. >> jesse: this is all they can find, this is all they can find after promising, white, illegal loans from moscow, illegal tax shelters. they promised us the world. so if this is all they can find, a mercedes that was improperly filed in a tax return, this is usually dealt with, from my understanding, may be fine, maybe just refile the tax, never had they charged anybody criminally like this before.
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>> correct. "the new york times" could not find a single case in the history of the irs, 230 years, not one case prosecuted criminally for fringe benefits. not one. but they make sure to save stefan when a political. it has nothing to do with political. they didn't charge the bankers that took down the global economy. they haven't done this prior into hundred 30 years but jesse, it's definitely not political, right? let's take the numbers even further, right? they are saying $1.7 million over 15 years. but it's not 1.7 million. that's income. the taxable portion of that to new york state is 8%. that's $136,000 over 16 years. that's ten grand a year. half of that, because my father is a good guy, he paid for this guy's grandchildren's education. our tax experts say that's not even taxable. you can pay for someone's education that way. it comes out to less than ten grand a year. it's about closer to five grand
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a year if you take out the education and that's what they got, but again, is this what they promised the american people? this isn't. this is a farce. it's a disgrace that they spent millions of dollars and years, instead of prosecuting actual murderous thugs on the streets of new york, they go after their political enemies and if we are going to pretend for one second this is anything other than a witch hunt that they can get away with, because where you go? another leftist judge that says go after political enemies. this is going on in america right now. this is banana republic stuff and if our press was even a little bit intellectually honest, they'd be calling at that, because this is not the story line that they have been sold and told by the ag and the d.a. over the last few years. this is nonsense and it has to be called out as such. >> jesse: and if they were honest they be looking at those wires from moscow to the biden family from beijing to the biden family, holding 10 for the big guy, no interest in that it all. it does look like political
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warfare by prosecutors. they don't care. they really don't care. >> they could care less. >> jesse: i will give the last word, let me just ask you a quick question, are you worried at all about this weisselberg guy? you know what they're trying to do, they're trying to put the screws to him, so you know how it goes. are you worried? >> that's the point. everyone is talking about, well, they want to get him to flip. there has to be something to flip on. the reality is this. prior to politics, no one questions whether my dad built good buildings or ran a great business or had incredible assets or built, you know, exquisite hotels. that was never question, it was only when he took on the democrat establishment that all of these things magically came. they have to look at it very carefully now because it has nothing to do with politics. they were very clear about that. if that's what it is. we've seen more stuff about hunter biden that they haven't even looked at. that we know is real, that we know is accurate, that they won't even investigate. that is a thousand times worse than anything that they're doing
4:17 pm
so far and they've been spending five years, millions of dollars in countless hours and reviewing millions and millions of documents. this is what they come up with. give me a break. it's a disgrace. they drop it on a thursday night going into fourth of july weekend because they know it's a disgrace. they know that the people that they're playing too, you know, the rich liberal new yorkers, they're in the car, probably their corporate car, going up to their homes in the hamptons right now. so they don't see it and realize how much of an embarrassment it is. it's a disgrace and needs to be called out. of >> jesse: it's a joke, thanks for calling it out. we appreciate you joining prime time. >> thanks, jesse, have a good one. >> jesse: you too. up next, new threats from the communists in china. "tends will be bashed bloody against a great wall of steel." wow. don't worry, our military has a bold new plan to fight back, lowering the standards to qualify for battle. and getting very diverse as well. china, if you're listening,
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: today china's communist leader stood up in public and stated in the clearest possible turns he will not let americans get in the way of their plans for world domination. anyone who tries to, you know -- he's going to say this -- tries to challenge china will find their heads bashed bloody against a great wall of steel. so how's our woke military responding to this? well, today we learned some soldiers are being encouraged to attend diversity events in honor of pride month. some members of the navy were required to go on a hike in support of the lgbtq community
4:24 pm
and there was a dress code, colorful clothing. nothing wrong with that, just not sure that's a priority. i know joe biden isn't known for his great, but is this really our focus? here now, cohost of fox & friends weekend pete hegseth and former secretary of state and fox news contributor mike pompeo. all right, secretary pompeo, china, rattling their sabers over here. i don't like it, what are your thoughts? >> jesse, they see american weakness and they begin to act out in this way. we've seen this now for six months with this administration, unprepared to respond to chinese aggression, chinese threats even so much with a set of clear understandings about how america is going to respond. remember this at administration that doesn't even want to know where the will hundred hours came from hasn't done a thing to penalize the chinese communist party for its activities in hong kong and western china. the chinese can see weakness. they can see an administration
4:25 pm
that's not prepared to respond in the way the trump administration did with clarity and force and resolve. this is what it's going to take to deter xi jinping. i've had a chance to read a translation of his or marks. he is serious. he has confidence, he's aggressive. he things america is declining. he's wrong about that but it's going to take american leadership to prove him wrong. >> jesse: pete, what's your assessment of the u.s. military's posture when you hear about lowering the standards and diversity training and hiking in colorful clothing, did you ever used to go hiking in colorful clothing to celebrate? >> i did a lot of hiking as did the secretary in the infantry in the army. a lot of hiking with 75 pounds on my back but usually we were intended to not be seen in camouflage, not bright colorful colors is usually the standard. i will say this. jeez and paying said out loud what their ambitions have been for decades now. it's been quiet, they've been using other cultural media
4:26 pm
advantages, economic advantages to try to gain a place where they are at levity with the united states. some people there called it unrestricted warfare and what they're seeing now is china is conducting unrestricted warfare. whether it's a virus, whether it's their economy, whether it's their culture, whether it's the media, they are trying to undermine america and our military is conducting unrestricted woke-fair. it's a joke. it's a joke what's being done with the example useful, the air force said they are getting ready -- two figures that you have to run one and a half miles. that's just too much. how dare we ask that of young men and women serving their country. we are -- our elites in washington, especially right now after the trump administration don't live in history. they think america will be predominate in perpetuity and they don't recognize whether it's the chinese and the russians -- and the secretary knows this, they have the ambition to want to be globally dominant. they can't be right now but they are looking for every opportunity and when they see the silly stuff that we're
4:27 pm
doing, they just lick their chops. they just lick their crops. >> jesse: secretary, are you seeing anything out of the bike demonstration that says they are to hold the chinese dominus accountable for the lab leak? are they going to do anything that actually has teeth? because right now i'm hearing a lot of "let's go back to how things used to be," which is let them steal our technology and let our corporations do whatever they want over there and then sell the cheap goods back here at a huge profit. >> jesse, sadly i haven't seen any evidence of real action and i think pete nailed it when he talked about the fact that they can see this too. they can see of our military is not focused on the one thing the military is supposed to do, be prepared to defend america. the president is going to allow folks to run across the southern border, surely they're not going to stop the chinese from running across the time when taiwanese border. these are the kinds of things that world proceeds, they are watching so closely everything this administration does and i'm not yet seen the actions that would demo straight resolve,
4:28 pm
demonstrate american resolve in a way that can prevent this effort that pete nailed. the chinese come his party wants a singular thing, they want global hegemony. we should believe what jeez and ping says, he's been out this for a while and while i use to hide their strength and by their time, they're now getting aggressive. it's going to require an american response that matches that. >> jesse: real quick because we do have to run, i'm hearing about this new push-up situation, you don't actually have to go all the way down. you can maybe put your arms out and then you don't actually have to run them all, you can do a shuttle run or you might be able to walk. was that how it was when you were there and when you think the chinese see that, what you think goes through their minds? >> well, he always had people, jesse, who tried to be a sham on the pt test. an injury, i can't run -- that's always the reality and the secretary knows that. it's there. but when the standard gets lowered for everybody -- take your pick. you can do a plank or push-ups. you can just sit-ups or leg lifts. you can do a shuttle run or a one point -- a 1.5-mile run, if
4:29 pm
you can't do that, you shouldn't be in the military! what is it, able as an? is able is a more problem no? >> jesse: i could get into the military. and you know what, i'm better serving his country by being on tv. gentlemen, thank you guys. >> happy fourth, jesse. >> happy independence day. >> jesse: a new season of pete's show untold patriots revealed is now available on fox nation and fox nation is offering veterans and military a free year on this platform, so go to to sign up for free now. so how do democrats manage to get filthy rich on a government salary? or with no job at all? three years ago stacey abrams was in debt up to her eyeballs. now she's a millionaire. we are going to look into that next. ♪ ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: democrats have a new get-rich-quick scheme. are you ready? just run for office. there's no better example than stacey abrams. the failed georgia gubernatorial candidate. in 2018, she started her campaign with over $200,000 worth of personal debt, personal debt. because that's what you want and charge of your state apostate b.s. finances, someone who can't handle their own pocketbook. she's been raking in the dough, making so much money that she recently purchased a new million dollar home and you add that on top of the $400,000 house she bought in 2019 and she's just a regular real estate mogul. so where did all this money come from? she hasn't been working a 9-to-5, so how do democrats continue to get so rich without really doing much to jones, former democrat now running for governor of georgia joins me to explain. vernon, is there any conceivable
4:36 pm
way she amassed this type of money this quickly smack >> i think we all know that she's probably been intellectually dishonest. you failed to mention one thing was also. supposing she had all that debt, owned i think $50,000 in state income taxes when she decided to run in 2018 but mysteriously she loaned her campaign $50,000. how can you loan your campaign $50,000 when you have an outstanding debt of income taxes? that's interesting. and as a matter fact, did the $50,000 actually go into her bank account? i would like to see a transaction with the $50,000 went into her bank account as she loaned herself. did it come from her bank account or did it come from somebody else? nobody's ever asked that question and i think you and i both know she's been literally the sacred cow. nobody can touch stacey abrams, nobody can say any thing about her. >> jesse: we are saying some things about her right now, so she's not that sacred on this show.
4:37 pm
vernon, this is just my gut instinct, so when people run these nonprofits, she's doing a bunch of nonprofits stuffed with this voting deal, you can pay yourself a salary if you're running these nonprofits, so perhaps that's what she did the last couple years, she starts raking in all this money and this money is -- you know, this is tax-deferred money from people who donate to protect the vote and maybe she's paying herself a nice hefty salary when she sees an investment opportunity, buys herself a little home, just happens to be a million. does that ring true to you? >> obviously there's a dead cat at the end of that line. remember, she and senator warnock, they had a thing going on supposedly going on to register people to vote. they were getting paid for that. most people want to help people registered to vote don't get paid to do it because it's their civic duty. secondly, you're absolutely right. she has ties to a company and i stand to be corrected called "pay now" where there is a
4:38 pm
financial arrangement or possibly a loan -- and she can verify this, let's let the fax checkers check this, did that company loaned money to another company called happy faces, which is the company that has throughout the country -- they provide temporary services, temporary employees to cities and county governments where they are actually used to count ballots. >> jesse: okay. >> so that is interesting. >> jesse: maybe they should call this company "pay me now" because i'm sure, vernon, the fact-checkers over "the washington post" are going to be right on this. you laid it out for them. i know they watch. they probably hate-watch what they should be looking at this. you know, there's pinocchio, though the pinocchios up there. you know they are so concerned about the trump cfo's finances, just wondering how stacey abrams got a million-dollar house in that short a time with no real job. you know what, we're just raising questions, right? we are just raising questions,
4:39 pm
maybe they can look into it and you raise good questions. we have to run, vernon and i want to wish you a happy independence day weekend. >> thank you so much and your viewers can go to jonesboro,georgia,.com. >> jesse: there it is. what kind of legal system lets bill cosby go free? and keeps britney spears locked up? how awful lawyers are corrupting this great country and everything we stand for next. ♪ ♪
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4:45 pm
an innocent and successful pop star is shackled for life. what kind of legal system is this? bill cosby spent less than three years behind bars before being released yesterday on an overturned conviction. meanwhile, 39-year-old britney spears is denied control over her entire life. a judge deciding that her father will remain her coconservator in charge of her body, her money, and all of her assets. so britney hasn't been freed, but cosby has buried what the hell is going on here? joining me now, mark. i don't like you but i don't like lawyers. i think lawyers are destroying this country. i think technically cosby had to walk but that's only because both sets of prosecutors screwed up and then in the britney thing, it's two teams of lawyers basically feeding on this poor girl's carcass and putting her in a straitjacket her whole life. what kind of sense does this make? >> first of all, i don't think that you can plausibly analogize
4:46 pm
the two cases. the only thing a britney has to do with bill cosby is her love of putting pops. they are completely separate and legally one has nothing to do with the other, so let's focus on one -- let's talk about cosby, okay? the judges had to do it no matter how much it made us sick because actually we know what he did to those women. he told us in the civil deposition, but legally one a prosecutor makes a deal, they've got to stick by it. >> jesse: i agree with you, but it was a bad deal. it was a bad deal from the jump and then the other set of prosecutors just trashed the bad deal and ended up screwing the victims because it gives them a false sense of justice. on the britney thing though -- on the britney thing -- one more thing. on the britney thing, here's why it's so similar. because lawyers have screwed this woman just like they screwed the women with regards to cosby. those victims. they are making a mockery of the judicial system by keeping this woman down.
4:47 pm
she's clearly not incapacitated. she's on to her. she's making millions for people, but they're forcing iuds inside her body and won't let her get married. it doesn't make any sense, you know it, everybody else knows it, but the lawyers are just billing by the hour year after year after year. >> let me make some sense of it legally and how it all pertains to us. you can't go into court and get something unless you ask for it. britney talking about ending her conservatorship when that wasn't even in the petition is like walking into mcdonald's and asking for filet mignon. it ain't on the menu. >> jesse: she didn't even know what was on the menu, she's an innocent naive girl, she's a country girl -- >> jesse: i don't disagree with you. >> i director through this and didn't even tell her she could end the thing. it's interesting though how much you claim to know without really being there and knowing. there is so much that we don't know what's going on, and i'm not saying that that justifies keeping her in the legal hell that she's in, but what i'm
4:48 pm
saying is we don't know what we don't know. that's first of all. and second of all, she spoke for 24 minutes and never really established the sole issue that was in the petition, that her father screws her over financially. that was the issue, and it wasn't established so the judge had to roll that way. >> jesse: that's just because her court appointed attorney isn't on her side. she's paying him, she's paying her father's lawyer. it's a racket. you know that -- he's a court-appointed guy. he's not a sophisticated guy like you. you know -- they just walked into, you know -- you know what i'm talking about. >> you may be right. first of all, because you called me a sophisticated lawyer and i like that. and secondly, okay, secondly her sophisticated lawyers might have said to her we want you out of this conservatorship too but you're going to have to be evaluated by psychologists first just to show the judge that you're okay and you hurt her during her 24 minute rant and she said no, i'm not going to be
4:49 pm
evaluated. >> jesse: was got to run, but i would just advise 50% of the people that are applying to law school don't go. there is enough. we are good. we have enough lawyers. >> succumb tv host. >> jesse: we like you, we like you but everybody else it's causing a lot of drama, thank you. up next, dagen mcdowell goes on the clock after the break. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter.
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advil targets pain. acetaminophen blocks it. advil dual action. fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours. >> jesse: time now for "on the clock." for topics, 60 seconds each, the emojis be our guides. this time, highlighting the then vp joe biden attended meetings between hunter and his mexican business partners and an effort to secure a "gigantic deal." it's late, i thought the vp never asked his son about his business affairs? >> he's a grown man, remember jesse?
4:55 pm
i don't know anything about his business dealings. you can, china, new mexico. at the vice president's residence, including business interests meetings, and there are photos for us. one email sent from air force two on the way with his papa to mexico city where he plead with the founder of a budget airline new mexico. i really appreciate you letting me stay at your resort villa, but i brought every single person you've ever asked me to bring to the blanket and white house and the inauguration and then you go completely silent on me. it's an exploding septic tank. >> jesse: he flies on air force you to cut a deal, and everything's clean, sticks out. olympian gwen berry who is now known for snubbing the anthem as posted a photo embracing the flag. this is causing a big p.r.
4:56 pm
nightmare for her team who had to take down the whole website just to destroy any evidence of her not hitting the country. >> this photo to me says, superhero! >> jesse: she loves america. >> you could be cast in the film, but guess what? you choose petty grievances over american greatness. to quote kyle smith, she chose to ride to the public contempt for fame rather than her actual athletic achievements. by the way, she's complained about the third verse of the national anthem, which no one knows. >> jesse: she didn't know about that first when she was doing the flag, probably. >> i'm in your shot, sorry, that's my hand. >> jesse: shaquille o'neal is giving lebron a sobering wake-up call. after calling him out for his constant whining about the league not giving him enough days off. >> you're living in a world where people, 40 million people
4:57 pm
have been laid off. i'm making 200 million, you won't hear no complaining for me. >> jesse: he did miss the dash didn't he get bounced from the playoffs? >> the phoenix suns against either the bucks or the hawks. >> jesse: there are some rest come if you want to rest, he could do it like that. >> it was a very short turnaround this year, i'm not going to challenge shaquille o'neal, although maybe lebron wants to challenge shaquille o'neal. i think shaq struggled to play a full season, he's never had a quick turnaround. >> jesse: i'm going to disagree with shaquille o'neal on anything, and that's my policy. that's a smart policy for my physical well-being. there's one thing we can all look forward to, it's a patriotic budweiser commercial.
4:58 pm
speak of the has come for us tot fresh, gather the crew, and eat veggie and meat burgers until we sweat. and then, let's work together towards a future where everyone can come to the party. >> jesse: was that supposed to be patriotic? what was that. >> independence day the movie from the 90s, there is a bit of a boom. he gave this famous speech, it's one of the worst movies of all time, they are recreating it, he is talking about meat sweats in america. it's kind of okay, however, i drink miller high life. >> jesse: you are not a bad girl? even with the clydesdales and all that? >> horses and dogs, i don't need that from budweiser. miller high life cold, while you
4:59 pm
are fishing. >> jesse: i don't even believe that. i think you are a rose all day type of lady. i think this is all a sales pitch to work on your brand. at the you are this good old country girl who drinks or miller high life while she goes fishing with her grandpa. >> my grandpa's dad, both of them. i do love miller high life. >> jesse: i walked right into that one. it god bless your grandfather, and thank you so much. we love your dead grandparents. thank you for watching fox news prime times, i'm jesse watters. it don't forget to get a new copy of how i saved the world. i rode a book and many people have heard about it at this point, and it goes on sale. you can get it in an actual bookstore on tuesday. go to the bookstore, or you can order it right now, and you can get it at your doorstep before that. if you want a signed copy, i have all of this right here, how i saved the world, and
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i will sign it, put my john hancock on it, and it will be very special. put it on your bookshelf, it will be very impressive. you are very well read. we hope. i will be back here tomorrow night at 7:00, tucker carlson is up right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" for a full year, our children never saw one another spaces. if they didn't see their teachers or their playmates. they were cut off, masked. masks were mandatory in schools and most public places. masks were the key to fighting the great global pandemic, they told us again and again. authorities repeated that every day. so our children complied with that, they had no


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